MAITREYA Calling Elects



Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Mission and our room. For those who are new to this room, we gather together here every month and discuss the teaching that has come to humanity as the unifying force that has been prophesied to come at the end time. All the religions of the world have promised that at the end time the confusion will be lifted and humanity will see for the first time that there is only one God for all, and they should realize and recognize that they are the children of the same Creator.

These prophecies are all now fulfilled, and humanity is called to come and see how God has sent parts of a greater truth to man. And when this Revelation explains to you how each of them have a part of a greater truth, then everything becomes so clear, and no confusion will be left.

This Revelation is here to glorify God and make the people who do not have God in their lives (or they think they are god themselves instead of recognizing that they have the potential to manifest Gods Qualities), and those who put God out of everything in their lives and have intellectual explanations, will eventually see that God indeed is the Creator.

He exists. He is Intelligent. He is Powerful. The only power that He cannot use is the power over the free will of man. That same free will was the reason for the darkness in the beginning that the Bible clearly says, In the beginning there was darkness. Therefore God moved and eventually implemented the Eternal Divine Path and revealed how He could help that darkness to turn around.

He could not just snap His fingers at that time and say, Darkness become Light. He had to go through a long time of creation and history to bring us to this point. He sent the Prophets who glorified God, and God glorified them. Whoever glorifies God and the Prophets will be glorified.

Therefore, there has been a Plan for the creation and the coming of all these Revelations to guide men to the Light and make them recognize that they have to accept Gods Revelation with complete free will. You have the choice not to accept this Revelation. You have the choice not to accept all the Prophets. You have the choice to follow your own understanding, or eventually read THOTH, understand this Revelation, see the words of God that have come through all the Prophets, and that there is no contradiction in the Essence of their teachings. If there is any contradiction, it is the misunderstanding of man, dogmas, and separative ideas from ego. Therefore, ego has the choice to not choose God.

He who has no ego will connect to God directly and will be one with their Essence. Such a person cannot lie. Such a person cannot accept dogmas. Such a person indeed glorifies God because they are one. There is no separation between the two, and they are directly connected, and He and God become One. As Christ clearly said, The Father and I are one. Of course, the human mind concludes that as, only Christ is One with God and you cannot be one with God if you do not accept that indeed you have the same consciousness as Christ and you can progress, you can overcome, you can get rid of all the dogmas, misunderstandings, and egos, and eventually one day say, The Father and I are One.

Saying it is not enough. You have to manifest Gods Qualities: Compassion, Mercy, the ability to see the two sides of each story, judge clearly with no attachment to anything in this external world that clouds your judgment, the ability to see the universe as your home, God as your Father and Mother, and shatter any narrowness of the mind, hate, destructive tendencies of the ego, and be able to see everyone as the Essence of God.

These are the people that God has created the universe and creation for. For the last 12,000 years they have been meditating, they have been awakening their spiritual forces. They have been with every major Prophet that has come to earth. They are the ones God calls Elects. Those are the ones that Christ called the salt of the world.

This salt of the world are the ones that indeed see this Revelation clearly, and glorify God and the Prophet so they will be glorified themselves. Clearly God said that My Prophets glorify Me and I glorify them. That is one step that they will take. Other steps are revealed. They are the people that are meditative. They have a deep understanding of God.

They are representative of the four classes that have been revealed in our teachings. They have the ability to solve problems. They are the people who dedicate their lives completely to God and are flexible enough to fit in any situation and manifest their qualities and their abilities to further Gods Revelation.

So there has been a Plan of God. There has been a creation for a purpose, for a reason. That purpose and reason is to turn man around, to baptize him with The Holy Ghost and tell him, Your way is not toward the world but toward the Spirit within you. Turn around the energy that is going outward, inward. Close your eyes and meditate. Look at yourself, your life, your attachments, your desires, your ego, your wants, your inability to have great faith, and your inability to go out on a limb for God and see, What is keeping me from understanding that I am a part of the universe and God? Fears, desires, attachments, and wants, these are all the qualities of the lower nature.

You cannot have these things and say, I am God. My Essence and God are One. Yes, your Essence and God are one. But your Essence is under the influence of the lower nature. So be brave. Be a Paravipra indeed and overcome any fears.

Of course, there are things in the universe that have to be provided for every person. Those are the physiological and safety needs. Emotional and psychological wants, those God has given a way to satisfy without doing too much or becoming too worldly or letting the world become your master. That is what we call the Communities of Light.

Communities of Light are the gathering of the people together in close proximity, those who are willing to meditate, those who are willing to examine their own motives and understandings, those who are willing to change, to progress, to evolve, those who are willing to create an environment that is good for everyone. By understanding themselves and others, after a while they understand their own Essence and be(come) closer and closer to God. The more they overcome their lower natures, the greater the manifestation of their higher selves. Such an environment that helps these people to progress is called a community.

The first step of awakening your spiritual forces is related to meditation, contemplation, concentration, realization, progress, etc. That is the teachings of all Mystical Paths like: Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Saints in Christianity, and Sufis in Islam. We can see all the Mystical Paths, anyone who says, Know thyself to know God, is a part of these Mystical Paths.

The second level, the creation of the environment or the community, is related to the Old Testament. All throughout the Old Testament, the idea is that God is trying to find a people who will listen to Him, follow His Laws, and become the Elects, the Chosen People. It is an example for the rest of humanity.

Now we know that an Elect is, He who follows the Eternal Divine Path. The concept of Elect is expanded to cover all of humanity. It does not belong to any specific religion or race but whoever follows the Eternal Divine Path: meditates, creates the community, and follows the rest of the Eternal Divine Path.

Therefore, the second step in the Eternal Divine Path is to come together, meditate together, do the rituals together, start understanding one another, see where each person falls in the community, how men, women, and children can get along together, how men and women might be different in their approach, how they can bring these different energies together and create a more beautiful environment, and how they can share their resources so that there will be less pressure on everyone in the external world, therefore to be in the world but not of it.

That brings us to the third step in the Eternal Divine Path, and that is the New Testament. If you read the New Testament, Christ symbolizes the ultimate sacrifice. He was willing to go to the cross for his own ideal and the fulfillment of the prophecies.

Therefore the third step, to create the Communities of Light is sacrifice, sharing. Of course sharing does not mean that, I will not do any work. I will not do anything that will make me a contributing member of the community but I will come and share whatever you have. That is what Maitreya said, share. You have to give it to me. I do not have to do work or be a part of the community or contribute in the wealth and well-being of the community.

That is not sharing. That is freeloading. That is not to be able to become a part of the vibrant community. In the vibrant community, each individual pulls their own weight and more.

Therefore, they become prosperous, but their prosperity is shared. If a group, or individual, or couple has more and is willing to share with other members in the community, therefore the pressure to be in this world will be less than if you by yourself are living out there, or you are a couple trying to make it.

Of course in the communities, with this privilege, not everyone has to work. Probably two or three people can stay and take care of the cooking, or cleaning, or children. So you do not have to take your children to baby sitters, or to someone who has a day-care center that you do not know at all. So you have to trust your most precious, your children, to the people that you absolutely have no idea who they are.

But in the Communities of Light you can trust your children with the people who at least you know some, you can talk to, you can eat with, your can create rapport with, and after a while you know them very well. You can see that is one benefit of the Communities of Light. Another benefit is sharing with each individual, recognizing that sharing does not mean, You give what you have to me but I do not do anything.

Also old people, they become old and need some help from the community. The two or three people who stay behind can take care of them. You do not have to put them in the nursing homes with people that you do not even know who they are. Of course, we have heard terrifying stories of what some of these nursing homes do to older people. They get sores. They are not attended to. They just sit there and are wasting their lives to die. That is all they are waiting for.

But the elder person, who is in the Communities of Light when old, can be useful. She can take care of children. She can cook. She can carry a little thing around. Of course if you are really a spunky old person you might even participate quite well in the community instead of sitting on your chair and waiting for when you are going to die. Even that is going to be fine and better for them.

So it is a time for humanity to create the compassion, to create the ability to see that the Word of God and the Way of God is much better than egoistical and self-centric ways that the world is following now. That needs the expansion of the mind. That needs that we accept Gods Will and Gods Way and say, Your Will be done, not mine. Show me the Light. Teach me the true way, the natural way, and the way that You have created the universe, and I will follow Your Way and Your Will.

That is the part that the individual surrenders and submits their will to Gods Will. OK. I am meditating. I am recognizing and realizing more and more my shortcomings, my problems, my understanding, my desires, and my ideas. I read THOTH. I read the Koran. I read the Bhagavad-Gita. I read the Upanishads. I read the Buddhist teachings. I read the Sufi teachings and the Cabbala. I study the lives of the Saints. I read the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the writings of other Prophets, and more and more recognize and realize Your Will. I can see how You created this universe, men, women, and children, and how they each are necessary for this creation and where they each fall. I give up my will. I will let Your Will be my will.

That is called surrendering and submission to God. Then you surrender and submit your will to Gods Will, and you indeed become a channel. You become a connected person who can bring the Will of God not only to yourselves but also to others. The very words surrendering and submission come from the word, tasleim, in the Arabic language. And Islam comes from that root.

When your will and Gods Will become One, when you meditate, when you join the Communities of Light, when you progress, and when you are willing to share your excesses with others, then you become submissive to Gods Will. Then you recognize that Gods Way works. It makes life easier. It makes relationships deep. It makes the communities peaceful. It includes everyone. And little by little you see that Essence in the whole human race and the universe.

That is when you recognize and realize that God is Everything. That is one of the things that the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Bahais have a hard time to accept. They say, How can God be Creator and at the same time be Everything? Simple! God used His own Body and the darkness to create this universe.

The very teachings of the Cabbala, Saints in Christianity, and Sufis teach that. Cabbala teaches that, indeed we are a part of God. Our Essence is One with God, and the goal is to reach the highest level of the tree of life, which is Oneness with God.

The Saints claim that, I die every day, and God, or Christ, is more in me than I. It means that God is replacing me. I am no longer there because my ego is dissolving to the ego of Christ, or God. Therefore, we are becoming one. Again, God is Everything. I am a part of God.

Sufis jump of joy and say, En Allah. It means, I am God.

Christ said the same thing, The Father and I are one. The Jews were petrified because they thought that God is sitting up there angry all the time, yelling at everyone. Then this person says that he is God.

Of course, if Christ had said that to a Hindu or a Buddhist, they would say, So am I. That would have been the end of the story and no one would have crucified him. But that to the Jews was blasphemy because they did not understand that God is Everything. When you reach a point that you recognize that the universe is indeed created by God and you shatter every narrowness of the mind, of mine, thine, nationality, gender, and anything that separates you from the rest of the universe, then you become a universalist.

That is the message of the Fifth Seal, the Bahai Teaching, that all religions have brought the same truth. Of course, we know that, that is not quite correct. Yes, they brought the same truth but also each of them brought a very specific message that now is revealed in this Revelation.

These are the people who have reached a point that they have the potential to become an Elect. They meditate. They close their eyes. They turn the energy around, instead of going outward, going inward. They look at themselves squarely, honestly, completely, bravely. So it is the Path of the brave, the Path of the people who really want to face themselves.

It is the scariest thing for a person who truly wants to turn around and face himself. I mean honestly. Honestly see, What is my problem? What do I have that is keeping me from dissolving my ego to God? What are my attachments, desires, wants, cravings, fears, which keep me from the holiness? What are these that keep me from completely dedicating myself to the goal of life, which is to be(come) Divine?

They live in a community that they know is going to be helpful to them. They easily can be in the world but not of it. But they should want to be in the community. They should have the desire. They should have the ability. They should be community people.

You can come to the community but if you are not a community person, eventually you will not stay long. If you still want to keep your ego in the community, it is not going to work.

But in order to dissolve your ego, you recognize the Third Seal, sacrifice. You have to give of yourself some. You do not have to give too much but you have to give. You do not have to give to those who want to take advantage of the community, but you have to give to those who are a part of community, those who do pull their weight and you pull your weight and therefore, you all are satisfied that everyone is indeed a part of the community, that all work for its wellness, wealth-ness, and being.

Of course, you start knowing the Mind of God. You eventually accept His Mind instead of your mind. You become surrendered and submissive, and become a universalist.

You become an Elect, the Sixth Seal in the Eternal Divine Path. You become a Chosen One, he who God calls, My Elects. And they are the most Blessed.

They are the ones who indeed have a strong grip of the Truth of God and religions. They can read the Koran. They can read the Bhagavad-Gita. They can read the New Testament, and the Old Testament. They can read every Scripture of God, see the thread of Truth in them and realize that all of them have been sent with one Mind and there is no contradiction in them, especially after they understand this teaching and Revelation. Now they can see where each of these revelations falls.

Then you have no choice but to utter that indeed God exists. He created the universe. He created the history. He sent all the Prophets. And the Essence of every man is the same as God, and God is Everything. You shatter all narrowness of the mind, and you free yourself from this world and the ego that is running it at this point.

Then you feel so sorry for those people who fight, kill, who are killed, those who separate man from man, and the religions from the religions. You look at them with sorrow and a wise eye, and you long to also guide them to see this truth and the light, and free them from the bondage that they live in.

This is where humanity is going. They are going toward this Vision, toward the shattering of all the bonds and boundaries that exist between humanity.

We called them. We sent them an e-mail. We sent them a letter. We told them come together. This is the last call, Nineveh, earth, the time of Noah. The time is up. It is the end time.

Look at the Revelation, the unification of all religions. That is the miracle. No one has been able to unify all the religions of the world but this Revelation. Look at the prophecies, look at all the evidence that has come with no doubt that this Revealer is the Prophet of God, is the fulfillment of the Revelation at the end time. Come! He is giving you the last chance, the last call.

You, as the people who have heard my voice and Revelation, are responsible to send that letter to every person you know, to your family, your friends, and whoever else there is out there. You can see that Gods Work is flexible. If people come together tomorrow and say, Yes, we heard your Message. We were wrong, if they put the ashes on themselves and wear sackcloth, and come and join, we can stop this tribulation that is coming. It can be stopped.

See, God is not inflexible and says, I am going to bring this destruction even if you turn around and say, We repent. We understand. We are wrong. Our understanding is faulty. Our systems are based on ego. Our world is based on separation and destruction.

If they come together and implement the Eternal Divine Path and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, we do not have to go through this tribulation, through the destruction. But this is a promise that all the intellectuals and those who do not accept the call of God, and those who indeed resist this will eventually recognize that there is a God, He has created all things, and He will bring His Kingdom on earth.

It does not matter what they might do to the Prophet, or be angry with the Messenger. The action has been put into motion. As Christ said, The axe has been put to the root.

I am not here to scare you. I am not here to make you afraid. God has already shown where the safest place is on earth, and He has shown the way is the Communities of Light.

The response has not been favorable. The letter has not been answered, or heard, or accepted. But we have to send it to everyone so those who will accept, will be saved, and those who will not, will have no excuse to say, We did not hear it. No one sent it to us.

So we can see that there is a Plan. There is a creation. There is a God.

This is the end time. This is the Revelation of the Seventh Seal, the opening of the Seven Seals that God said would come at the end time. Only after the Revelation of the Seventh Seal, the mystery of God will be finished. No other revelation, religion, Prophet, people can claim they have the whole truth and they know the mystery but those who understand these teachings.

Therefore, it is an easy work for us because Gods support is indeed with this Mission and us. We have warned everyone of what is coming. Of course, God has been warning them for thousands of years. But our effort should be doubled, tripled, and made much stronger to give this Message to humanity, Turn around, man. Turn around, humanity. A great fall is in front of you that if you do not turn around, you will fall into it.

I tried very hard not to be a Prophet of doom and gloom. But that is the truth of it. That is where we are going. Just look at the Global warming. Look at the destruction between religions and cultures. Look at the clash of humanity that is going on.

I feel responsible to warn, to tell humanity, This is coming. I do not like it. I would rather talk about the coming of the Kingdom, the Communities of Light, the peace and beauty that it will bring. I would like to talk about the Eternal Divine Path and how wonderful it is. But it is time, and the time has come to emphasize and bring this to the humans attention that the time is up.

Of course when we say the time is up, Gods timing is different than ours. It is probably not going to happen in an hour from now. Or maybe it will happen. I do not know. The future belongs to God. But it will happen.

We can see the signs. The signs are all over. We should be pretty blind not to see that earth is in upheaval and great disasters are approaching humanity.

The only thing they have to do is to listen to that letter, to listen to this Revelation and teaching, and to understand there is no separation between religions. They still are fighting over religions. When we look at their fights, we just shake our heads. They do not have to fight. They are all a part of a greater truth.

So this is going to happen. But blessed is he or she who is a part of the Kingdom. Blessed are the Elects, those who will be glorified by God. Indeed, I am here to glorify God because He is full of Glory. Our concentration on that Glory takes us away from our ego and therefore we become a part of that Glory, and God indeed glorifies us. Not glory in the sense that ego longs and craves for, but the Glory that we do not even ask for and it comes to us.

Therefore, glorify God. Glorify the Prophets of God. Listen to their words, which are the Words of God. See how your life will change, you will change, and the whole earth eventually will change because the whole earth will be glorifying God.

That is when the Kingdom will come. We will have the Communities of Light all over the earth. The children will be happy and grow with laughter and beauty. The old people will enjoy their lives with no fear of old age. The only thing we have to give up is our ego.

If you have any questions at this time, go ahead. You could have asked questions anytime you wanted. But if you have anything from what I just talked about, which is the Essence of the Revelation of these teachings, go ahead and type in text. If you have been in our website, studied our teaching, and know the base of it, you can raise your hand and ask questions.

In general that is what the teachings are: the teaching that is based on the Word of God, the teaching that unifies all the religions of the world and fulfills all the prophecies. It comes at the end time and is calling for humanity to recognize that there is no separation between religions, and we are all the children of the same God. We have to stop looking at each other from our point of view, culture, religion, and background, but submit our will to the Will of God, which is Everything.

Therefore any ideas, any teaching, any understanding that separates any part of the universe from any other part, is not from God. It is from ego. We shatter any ideas that separate any part of the universe from any other part, and we teach that the Essence of God is even in our enemies. But, of course, if enemies try to kill us, we might fight back. That does not mean that we will not defend ourselves.

It is just like that story of the man who sat by his teacher and the teacher said, God is everything. The man was in the bliss of recognition and suddenly, Yes. God is this tree. God is this water. God is this stone.

As he was in the blissful state of walking around and seeing God is in everything, suddenly someone yelled, Mad elephant! Mad elephant!

The man looked around and saw the mad elephant coming toward him and he said, Look at him. God is him too. But the mad elephant came and put his trunk around him and threw him in the bushes with the thorns. He broke a couple of limbs and bones, and was all torn up in the thorns. He was really mad with his teacher.

The next day he went to his teacher and very angrily he said, What are you talking about God is everything? See what happen to me? I was looking around and saying God is everything and I heard someone say, Mad elephant! Mad elephant! I saw it but it was God, because God is everything. This mad elephant came and did that to me.

The teacher said, The one who was yelling mad elephant was also God.

So we have to be wise and use our wisdom although we accept God is everything. But as we teach everyone that God is everything, as we bring humanity to this recognition more and more, there will be less enmity among people because they will see each other as a part of God and they will create a peaceful attitude toward each other. Therefore, eventually we can bring peace and unity to the earth.

Humanity has to learn these lessons because of the coming of the Kingdom. Humanity has to become one and create an environment and system that creates peace, unity, and the Kingdom on earth. They have to recognize more and more that there is only one people and one God. Even if there are aliens out there, those who are not against us, are not our enemies, are also a part of God.

So this expansion of the mind, this evolution of human understanding, has to come. Indeed, it is already here. But those who even have seen this Vision and understanding are caught in this world. They do not know how to get out of it.

They are afraid to commit themselves to the Will of God. But blessed is he who will overcome and will commit himself or herself to the Will of God, those who shatter their own narrowness of the mind and attachments, their own ideas and will, and let the Will of God to come through them. They will become great teachers and great leaders. They will become great supporters. They will become great. They will be(come) Paravipras.

These are the ones who will teach other humans, will provide the ability of these teachings to touch humanity all over the world, those who reach and send that letter to everyone they can think of, no matter how small or how big those people are. Also do not worry if someone has already sent a letter to such or such a person. Send it again and again and again to the same person if it is necessary to be done.

Give this teaching to every human. Forewarn them of the coming of the wrath of God, I can say, really, it is not the wrath of God but it is the result of the resistance of humanity to the purpose and the reason this creation has been created.

So submit your will to the Will of God. That Will is not my will. It is all in the Scriptures. It is all in THOTH and our teachings.

As I said many times I am not the head of the hierarchy, I am the heart. You revolve around this point, or center, or Noghteh, as Bab called himself in the Bahai teaching. This center creates a circle, which is the tightest shape.

Therefore, submit yourself to the Will of God. Submit yourself to the Revelations and the Prophets. Listen to them. Understand His Will. Know that the Kingdom of God will come. With us or without us, it is going to happen.

But blessed is the one who will be a part of it, who will come, who will join, who will sacrifice, lead, teach, help, he who will send that letter to every being they can find. Blessed indeed are those who are called the Elects. And at least there are 144,000 of them.

Just imagine if we had 144,000 Maitreyas, and they were giving Satsangs and teachings all over the earth and sending the warning letter to everyone. Eventually even the leaders who do not see their way straight might see that this is the way of salvation and helping humanity to come out of where they are. Great events are coming to humanity, and the sooner we jump on the bandwagon the better off we are.

Of course I have no doubt that when the tribulation and disasters come, many people will join and want to be in the bandwagon. But I am not sure if the bandwagon is going to have enough room for everyone.

Indeed, we were discussing with a few people about, what are we going to do if suddenly a rush of crowd starts coming and joining the Mission? How are we going to support such people? There were beautiful ideas there. So we are preparing ourselves, but being in the bandwagon now, or sooner, is going to be easier for everyone and it is going to be more Godly as well.

I do not see any question. I hope again that all listen to these Words of God and Wisdom and Truth and Unity. Contact your leaders, religions, preachers, and teachers. Let everyone know there is no separation between religions. There is no separation between humans. There is only One God, and He sent all Revelations to humanity.

Sal-OM everyone. Be with God. See you next month.

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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