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Maitreya: Good morning everyone. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreya’s Conversation Room. We will be together for an hour and a half, and we will be discussing the new Revelation that has come to humanity. You can raise your hand if you have any questions for me, or you can type in the text so we can discuss how all the Revelations of God have come to humanity to this point and now they have been unified.

In this last Revelation of God, He is showing He truly exists. He is here. He has been here. He will be here forever. He is in control of the universe and the Revelations for man.

Now He is revealing to humanity that all the Revelations, teachings, and religions to this point have been a part of a greater truth. That greater truth is now on earth and humanity has an opportunity to come together and realize that there is only One God, One Humanity, and One Earth.

Therefore they can come together and create the Communities of Light based on the Eternal Divine Path and bring the Kingdom of God on earth. With this Revelation, humanity is taking a great leap of evolution. As has been prophesied and foretold, this Revelation and this teaching will come at the end time. We are at the end time at this time. All the prophecies, Revelations, and teachings that God wanted to send to humanity have been sent to man. We are at the time after the Revelation of the Seven Seals.

The tribulation has started. We can see all over the world the religions are not the original Revelations that have been sent to humanity. They have lost their strength and truth. They have come up with a lot of dogmas, and therefore with these dogmas, separation has been set up in human society. Humans are divided more than ever before. They are headed toward very destructive tendencies. They have to recognize and realize this new Revelation and come together.

Humans have been in the process of being perfected, or at least are coming closer to becoming perfected in the last 12,000 years. Now there are many people on earth who have progressed to a point that we can call upon the Elects to come, to see this Revelation, to see this truth, to see this unity of all religions, to see how all the prophecies are fulfilled and the Revelation of God, the last Revelation is here, the Seven Seals are opened, and the Book with the Seven Seals has been revealed.

Now humanity is again called upon to come and see the wonderful work that God has done, and why they are so separated, and why the religions of man are not united together because they each have only a part of the truth. It is just like the five blind men and the elephant. Each blind man had a part of the elephant and was insisting that he or she had the whole elephant. And they did not.

We can see clearly that the whole elephant looks differently than any other realization or understanding to this point. Now we have presented the whole elephant to humanity and are telling them, Here is your part that you have belonged to. But your part is not the whole elephant. You have to come and put all the parts together. When you put all the parts together, then you recognize the whole elephant and what the whole picture is.

That is exactly what God has revealed to humanity in The Revelation, chapter 10 verse 7 that, Until the Seventh Angel comes, until the Seventh Revelation comes, until this last Book is revealed to humanity, God is a mystery.

Mystery means we do not know exactly what it is. We have to have more information. We have to receive more understanding in order for us to see what that Mystery is and follow it.

Now this information is given to humanity. Now man has the opportunity to realize and recognize how each religion of the world is a part of a greater truth. So the Revelation is based on Gods Words and was foretold to come. The Revelation is based on the fulfillment of the prophecies. The Revelation is based on the Scriptures.

When the Seven Seals are opened, we are at the beginning of the end time. That is exactly what the Word of God says.

However, the end time does not mean it is going to happen in a couple of days. It might take many, many years. Before that happens, humanity has to be prepared and go through the process that has been foretold will come. Then eventually the Kingdom of God will come.

But the blueprint has been given to man, how they can bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. The blueprint is the Revelation that we have brought to humanity, the formation of the Communities of Light and the following of the Eternal Divine Path, which covers all the religions of the world and unifies them. At the same time, it not only unifies them, but it shows a Path.

It is a way you walk. It is not something, You believe in such and such a name, and then you are saved. Do not worry about anyone else. Now you can be selfish as much as you want and do whatever you want. It is not that at all.

It is to meditate, to awaken your spiritual forces, to direct your energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light, to sacrifice for the communities, to surrender and submit to God, and to become a universalist. Those are the five steps.

The first step is related to the Far East Philosophies or awakening of your spiritual forces, which covers the Mystical Paths like Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Saints in Christianity, Sufis, and many other religions or beliefs that say, Know thyself. That is the first step in the Eternal Divine Path.

That is the first step in your spiritual path, Know thyself. Do not let any fear or destructive tendencies or anything that keeps you from becoming Godly and do the Will of God, to be in the way. That first step is the teaching that says, Meditate, think, contemplate, concentrate, and do the things that make you realize that this life is temporary, this universe is temporary, nothing in this manifested universe is permanent.

The only permanency is the Essence of God. And that Essence is in you, in me, in everything. It is everything. Therefore it is closer to you than yourself. It is yourself.

By recognizing that, all fears will vanish because you no longer belong to this manifested universe. You belong to the Essence or God. Therefore anything temporary is not worth being attached to because if it is temporary it will not be there forever. But God and your Soul and your Essence will be.

In this room we teach or we discuss the new Revelation that has come to man. It is called the Eternal Divine Path. It is a Path that includes all religions of the world.

Now the cycle of Revelation of God has finished. It is the time for humans to understand the deeper level of Gods Doing and come together and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

First of all, go to our website and study it. If you have a question, you can come here, raise your hand, and we can discuss what this Revelation is all about. I have been giving this truth to humanity for the last twenty-two or twenty-three years. At this time we have many tapes and lectures etc., which many Divines (the people in the Mission) read them in the other room that we have, which is called All Religions Unified.

You can go there and listen to the readers. Therefore the Gospel, the Revelation, is preached to humanity through this wonderful tool that God especially made so we can reach every man, woman, and child all over the earth. No matter where on earth you are, you can connect to the Internet and receive this Revelation. Therefore everyone can hear us all over the earth.

If you are not on the Internet, if you do not have access to the Internet, we have many other ways that we can reach you, we can teach you, we can help you, and we can assist you in understanding this Revelation. There are many people who are in touch with us, with letters, by phone, with faxes, with everything that God has provided for us that we can assist them, reach them, and tell them about this teaching.

This teaching is the Revelation of the Seven Seals. The Seven Seals are opened. As you know, in the Bible when the Seven Seals are opened, when the Seventh Angel comes, when the Book with the Seven Seals is opened, God says, It is done. It is finished.

That is the only time that God says it is finished; it is not for any other religion. No other religion before this had the whole truth. Now we have the whole truth and the whole picture. Therefore it is our obligation and responsibility to go to this website, to understand this teaching, to realize it, recognize it, and then reach humanity all over the earth and let them also know that the Seven Seals are opened. If you want to know the Plan of God, this is it. You can understand the Plan of God now very clearly.

What was He doing? Why did He promise Abram and Abraham a son, each of them? How did He promise that a Prophet would come from them, and a great nation and a company of nations would come from them? How did He fulfill those promises? How did He struggle with the Hebrews in the Old Testament? What was He trying to accomplish?

He was trying to create the Communities of Light and therefore create the Kingdom of God with the very few and specific people.

Why did Prophet Muhammad come? Why did Christ come? What were their missions? What did they come for? Do His prophecies finish with Prophet Muhammad, and there is no new Prophet that will come after Him?

This Revelation explains how He is the last Prophet in the sense of the highest spiritual realization because when you are surrendered and submitted to God, He is doing things through you and you are One. Therefore that is the highest Spiritual recognition.

What is the goal of spirituality? To become One with God, to become a pure channel for Him. If we receive that stage or state, then our spiritual journey is really finished. The only thing left is to expand our minds and become a universalist and recognize that God is everything.

How can I separate any part of God from any other part? If I separate any part from any other part, I have not recognized God, and my religion is just an intellectual or dogmatic belief and therefore I separate myself from them. I am in the delusion of Maya. I am on an ego trip. I am in ego.

That is because ego separates. That is the only problem in the universe, the ego, which thinks this temporary universe was created as a permanent thing.

Luminescentessence: Sal-Om, my question is this: Do you expect to become more of a public figure eventually, and if so how and when do you expect this to happen?

Maitreya: It is really up to humanity how well and fast they will respond to this Revelation. The more they hear it, the more people respond to it, the more people come together and try to create the facilitating body, the more we can create the body of Elects in this lifetime and the more we accomplish in this lifetime, the sooner we will bring the earth as close as possible to the coming of the Kingdom.

This Revelation, this teaching, comes as a thief of the night. In that period of time, it will be very quietly preached only to the Elects, and the Elects will be called to come together, join this Revelation, and eventually create the facilitating body.

Then in other parts of the Scriptures it clearly says that the Kingdom will come, and eventually the peace and unity will come to humanity.

So it could be interpreted that there is a period of time, maybe thirty or forty years that this Revelation will be very quiet. Then suddenly many people will hear it, see it, see the Vision, come together, and then after that everything is going to be accelerated and the Kingdom of God will come very fast.

Another interpretation can be that maybe it will be more than one lifetime. Also that goes very well with the prophecies about the Kalki Avatar in the prophecies in the Hindu religion, that the Kalki Avatar will reincarnate three lifetimes. After three lifetimes, the Kingdom of God on earth will be created. So it could be interpreted that way.

If you compare what the Bible and other Scriptures say that He will come as a thief of the night with that He also will come as the King of the Kings, the conqueror, and all that, it can be interpreted that there will be more than one lifetime.

So far this Mission has been very quiet. It has been reaching to humanity very quietly, like a thief of the night. By understanding this explanation, we can stretch this Mission to more lifetimes. That is why there has been some set-up that if I left my body in this lifetime and the Kingdom did not come, and the things we wanted to do were not accomplished, there are people who are assigned or have accepted to look for me, in case this Body can be expanded, can be purified, and can be further made ready without changing any of the teaching. When I come back in the next lifetime, they can find me again and we can come back together and continue to do the Mission until the Kingdom comes.

However, we are not going to go with the idea that it is going to happen in the next lifetime. We go with the idea it is going to happen in this lifetime so we can put as much effort as possible, without thinking, Oh well, it is not going to be in this lifetime, so we can take it easy, and then we relax.

We will not do that. We will just continue with the idea, this is going to happen in this lifetime. We have to create the Facilitating Body. We have to reach humanity. We have to reach every corner of the earth and let them know, they do not have to fight. They do not have to destroy each other. There are cultural differences between humans because they have lived almost separately, for thousands of years.

If someone wanted to go from one part of the earth to another part, some parts would take one year or more to reach, just to travel with the available transportation. But now we can see that humans can go to the other side of the earth. If they go with the latest technology, it is going to take them a couple of hours, or at the most five or six hours.

There is a prophecy that at the end time, the cities will come closer together. You can see that now it has been fulfilled. Of course a lot of people thought in that time the cities would actually physically become closer together. But we can see now that with the inventions of the latest technology, we can reach a person on the other side of the earth, just the way we are doing, in a couple of seconds.

We can send e-mails. We can have a voice conversation. We really have shrunk the earth to a distance of seconds of communication, and physically we can be anywhere on the earth (maybe not even with the latest technology), in sixteen or eighteen hours. So it all has been prepared for this Revelation to reach humanity in the fastest way possible.

Another prophecy is, Everyone will hear Him. Many people thought He was going to overshadow people telepathically, etc. We can see that Gods Way is absolutely different than the humans way of thinking.

Now you can hear me. No matter where you are, if you have even a very cheap computer somewhere on earth, almost anywhere on earth there is an Internet connection, there are satellites, and there are cell phones. They are all ways of communication. Then we can easily reach the Internet, our website.

You can even see me there. My picture is there, etc. We can see Gods Way is different than humans understanding.

A lot of people are still waiting for someone to come and they physically are lifted from the earth and are caught in the sky, in the clouds. Of course, sky or heaven means Pure Consciousness or a state of unity with God. Cloud means confusion.

When we compare this Revelation with the revelation of the Bhagavad-Gita, we see that Krishna clearly said, When there is confusion and mans morality falls, My Spirit will arise on earth and again encourages, again reveals to humanity the way of God, the way of purity, the way of unity, and brings them back to Gods fold.

So therefore cloud means confusion. They are still waiting for the clouds to be caught into. Now we can see we are caught into confusion.

Also we have the clearest Revelation for humanity for the last 12,000 years. Still there is so much confusion ruling earth that they cannot hear this clear message. Many people are fighting with each other. The Moslems are fighting the Christians. The Christians are fighting the Moslems. The Moslems are fighting the Hindus. The Hindus are fighting the Christians, and this and that. All over the earth we can see that the cloud is already here, and that confusion exists clearly for humanity on earth.

And at the right time, the Spirit of God will arise, and now it has arisen.

It has revealed the Revelation of the Seven Seals and now is inviting and encouraging and asking humanity to go, to see, to read, and to understand. When they see the Vision that, Oh yes, my religion is OK, I just had a part of the elephant. I had the leg. I had the trunk. I had the tail. I was a blind person and I just could have one part of the elephant and was thinking that I had the whole thing. I was talking with the different people who had different parts of the elephant and telling them, No, the elephant is like a cylinder because I had the leg. Or the elephant is like a leaf because I had the ears. Or it is like a broom. I had the tail.

Now a man with the eyes would come and tell them, Look, you all are right. You all are correct. It does look like a cylinder if you have only the leg. It looks like a leaf if you have the ears. Or it looks like a broom if you have the tail, and on and on. He explained to them the whole elephant. When they see the whole elephant they say, Oh yes, OK, thank you. So we do not have to fight any more. I have only the tail. Now I can know that the elephant also has legs and ears, and trunk, and all that. And my eyes are as good as your eyes, which have seen the whole elephant.

Therefore I am no longer in ignorance. I am no longer in separation from God. I am no longer in darkness. Also I cannot see very well but because you saw and you tell me, my eyes also have been opened. Now I can see also clearly that I cannot stay in one religion. I cannot believe anymore that the elephant is only a leg, or a tail. The elephant is the whole thing. The elephant has eyes. The elephant has ears, and the elephant has a body. I have seen the vision through your eyes, and I can see the elephant in my mind and see the vision clearly. Therefore I can see the elephant as well as you do. Therefore we both now know what the elephant looks like.

We are one and this is what this Revelation is all about. In this Revelation we can see clearly the whole Revelation of God. We can see clearly how He has been sending these teachings one by one by one, in seven major Revelations. Now it has come to man that, Yes, they all are a part of a greater truth. Now that greater truth has been given to humanity clearly, and now we are calling man to come together.

We are calling the Elects. We are calling the people who have been progressed close to perfection during the last 12,000 years. They have been meditating. They have been the founders of the mystical religions like Krishna, Buddha, Shiva, etc.

They have been with Christ. They have been with Moses, Abraham, and all the great Prophets. They have been with Prophet Muhammad, Bab, and on and on. They have come now to a point they are ready to reach a greater degree of perfection and they have been prepared for this Mission.

Now the Call is out to them to come and join. Let us create the Communities of Light. Let us create the facilitating body. Let us come together and choose the twenty-four Elders. Let these twenty-four Elders become the kings of this earth and the knights of the Round Table, and come and bring God within themselves, create an environment that they can reach the very bottom of the society and earth, preach, and spread this message so the eyes of all humans will also see the whole elephant and they will see the Vision. They will wake up from their slumber and their eyes will be opened. They will say, Yes this makes sense. This indeed seems correct because it is based on the Word of God.

God has sent all these Scriptures. That is what He meant when He told Abram that his son would inherit a very huge inheritance. That is what He meant when He changed the name of Abram to Abraham and gave Him the promise of another child as Isaac, and gave the same promises for him. That is what He meant when He changed the name of Jacob to Israel and promised Him many things.

No, it is not a recording, Luminescentessence, it is Maitreya, live here with you. Actually this room is the room of Conversation of the Mission of Maitreya.

I have been giving lectures and preaching this teaching and the new Revelation for the last twenty-three, twenty-four years. It was time for many people who have been here and heard this message to go to our website and study it. Now we have reached a point that we felt that maybe the people who have read our teachings can come and have a Conversation with me because the Revelation has been explained.

If you want to know about the Revelation, if you know about the previous lectures or tapes, go to our website. They are all there.

You can search for any question you have. So really there is not any question that has not been answered. This room is mostly for people to come and talk to me, talk to me about their concerns and about the Revelation that we have already given to them.

It is a more informal setting for us to discuss things that have already been given. Apparently I did a good job because almost no one has any questions anymore, and that is good. That is a good sign that those who have been with the Mission have recognized, realized, and received all their answers. That is a good sign. I do not mind at all.

But at the same time you can come to this room and bring your questions, bring your concerns. However, keep it in a very high energy, a high level of Spirit, so we can go in a deeper level in seeing how this Revelation is truly from God, how this Revelation reveals that all religions have come from God, that God truly exists, and how the universe went out of balance and this chaos has been created. The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine.

Now we know how God, the creation, and the evolutionary process are helping man to go back to that balance again. Man is in amnesia and has forgotten who he is or who she is. They think they are this body.

You are not this body; you are the Essence of God. You are one with God, and your Essence is One. Do not let anyone put you down that you are nothing or you have no worth. No, you are the Essence of God.

Of course do not create ego either that you are the only person who is god. Everyone else also is god. By understanding this you will not create ego but become a flowing person with the rest of the universe and One with God.

Therefore this room is for you to come and raise your hand and discuss with me. Actually if you do not agree with me, that is great also. You can come and disagree, and we can discuss things together.

Rakhsh79: Maitreya, Sal-Om, what is faith and how can I improve it?

Maitreya: Faith is the great connection to Spirit. The greater your connection is to Spirit, the greater your faith will be.

The faith and Maya, or this external world, are two opposing forces. The faith is the lack of ego. The Maya or unfaithfulness is the presence of ego.

There are many people who can create great faith. One of them is as the Bible says, by hearing The Word. That is why we encourage people in the communities in the Mission to talk about God with one another, to encourage each other in the faith and understanding of THOTH and this Revelation so they can have greater faith.

But eventually the greater faith is not an organization, it is not a religion, it is not a church, it is not a Mosque, it is not a temple, but it is something within you, in you, and you will cherish it and meditate in the temple of your body. Eventually you will recognize, realize, and experience God.

That is the first step in the Eternal Divine Path. You have to have a direct experience with God, otherwise you have a religion. If you do not have a direct experience with God, if you never felt God directly (not your ego and you take your ego as the truth, as God) but the true experience with God, that oneness of Spirit that you recognize that you really do not exist, your ego really is not there, then you will not have great faith.

God is there. God exists. It is not really anymore a faith. It is an absolute knowingness that, Yes, God truly exists. I do not have to struggle with faith and have a blind faith because the preacher tells me or they create an environment that I become attached to my church, my religion, or my culture. But you know in your heart that God truly is there, and you have a direct relationship with God.

That is why I said, Drop all the religions. Drop all the preachers. Drop all the people. Even drop me if I am in your way to God. But go to God directly.

That is the preaching of every Prophet. The Prophets came and taught people, Go to God directly and experience God, and know that your Essence and God are One. That is the greatest faith you can have.

But if you just believe in a couple of names or your preacher, or your church, or your culture, then you have not recognized and realized God yet. That direct experience with God is the Essence of faith.

That is why we encourage people in the Mission to meditate, to contemplate, to concentrate, to directly come closer to God. Go beyond the preachers. Go beyond the teachers. Go beyond their culture. Therefore they can become one with God.

That is the ultimate understanding of faith. In that state you no longer have to struggle with your faith but you have absolute oneness with your experience and relationship with God, and therefore you no longer have to really hear The Word but The Word comes through you. When The Word comes through you, it will strengthen you even in a greater degree because you and those Words are one, and those Words are the Word of God. Therefore God and you are One.

We can see in our teaching and in every teaching it is clearly stated that you have to have a direct relationship with God and experience Him. That experience is the most important thing in the beginning of your spiritual Path. After you experience that you should teach the Word of God to others.

This is the first step, the Mystical Paths. Hinduism, says what? It teaches to meditate and understand God.

Of course in Hinduism it says you become like a drop of water, fall into the ocean, and you become one with God, and that is it. You can see in the Bible that God clearly says, No, I am going to spue you out of My Mouth. I am going to send you back to earth. We have a lot of work to do. We are here to help the whole universe to go to Pure Consciousness.

Clearly the Bible says, The first will be the last and the last will be the first. It means the first one who reached Pure Consciousness, the First Begotten Son, the first one who recognized God, will be the last one.

He is not going to work for His own salvation. He is not going to say, OK, I made it, bye-bye everyone else behind me. You guys are on your own. No, He says that He is going to come back.

Again that is exactly what happened and will happen. The first begotten Son, the one who went to God after the chaos, will come back again and again, and He will be the last one at the end time who enters the Kingdom.

People say, OK, so, am I working for my salvation? We are not working for our salvation. We are working for the Will of God. The Will of God is the creation of the Communities of Light and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

So we can see that with this, we again understand the Scriptures in a greater degree and we follow the Eternal Divine Path. Our faith will increase as our work also increases.

So the first step is to meditate and awaken your spiritual forces.

The second is to let God come through, and create the communities.

In every religion, in every Revelation, God gave this message very clearly: Create communities based on the Spirit. Create Communities of Light. The entire theme of the Old Testament is that God wants to choose a people as His own people, and they will accept God as their King and His Laws as their Laws.

OK, Ocean 90,

Ocean_90: Maitreya, Sal-OM,

Maitreya: Sal-OM!

Ocean_90: How can we overcome our selfishness and become closer to God?

Maitreya: By follow the Eternal Divine Path, by following our teachings, by following and recognizing that the First Begotten Son also went through that struggle that man has. He came to earth.

Actually Christians are correct in the saying that God came to earth and went through the suffering of man, and Christ is the symbol of that suffering that the First Begotten Son came and sacrificed Himself because coming to this earth is not much fun and is not as much fun as being with God and in His Bosom, and being in absolute Bliss and unity, which is beyond human imagination how wonderful it is.

Therefore He really sacrificed Himself to come to the earth. Not only that, they also crucified Him. Also, they did all things to Him when He was Krishna. Someone shot at Him and killed Him. When He was Shiva, people did not understand Him. When He came as Buddha, a lot of people did not recognize Him, etc.

Prophet Muhammad was stoned; He was rejected. When He was Christ, He was crucified. When He was Bab, He was shot at and killed.

So we can see in every lifetime He has suffered tremendously. Maybe some people would wonder, Well, you are not really suffering in this lifetime.

It has not been prophesied in this lifetime that this will happen, because the Elects are here. God has created an environment that the freedom of religion and expression is accepted and protected. Therefore we can come here and express ourselves with very little fear of persecution. Also it is prophesied that in this lifetime it will happen this way.

So we can see that God has already given us the Path, the Way, of not being selfish, the way of sacrifice, the way of meditating and realizing that this is a temporary place.

The only things you really need are your physiological and safety needs. If you are physically taken care of and you are not afraid of being bombed or destroyed or killed, or this and that, the next thing left is to, Know thyself, to meditate, to awaken your spiritual forces. Then the next step is to direct this to the creation of the Communities of Light. So become involved.

As long as you just meditate and you are OK with your little life or with your little state, you are not going to progress. You become a pond.

Have you seen when the river is going toward the ocean, it jumps of Joy? It jumps from one stone to another. If you listen to the river, it is laughing because it says, I am going to the ocean. I am going to my goal. I am progressing. I am going somewhere that I belong to. I do not belong here. I want to go to the ocean as fast as I can. I cannot go to the ocean until I water the trees, help the birds, and feed the fish. At the end I will reach the ocean. And there is a Joy.

Now take that same water and put it to the side as a pond or something that it stays and no longer is going to the ocean. It becomes still and if it stays there and does not progress anymore, it will spoil. The water becomes spoiled. The frogs and all the germs start growing in it. No longer there is Joy, but the water becomes absolutely spoiled.

It is like the human way. If we do not progress, if we stay in one place, if we do not follow the Eternal Divine Path, if we just meditate and say, Well, I am satisfied just meditating, we will spoil and create many problems.

That is exactly what happened to a lot of Mystical Paths, like the people who say, Well, this world is illusion. You do not have to become involved with it. Just meditate. Do not worry about it.

You can see that for many of them, their lives become miserable, their society becomes diseased, they fall, and they will not progress because they have lost the Joy of going to the ocean. God said clearly that even if you come to Me, I will not accept you, and I will spue you out of My Mouth. You will go back to the earth.

So we can see that all has been given to us and now the Eternal Divine Path has been revealed that it cures all the problems of humanity physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, individually, and collectively.

This is the answer. This is the answer to human selfishness. When you meditate, you start recognizing and coming close to who you are. Then you see everything is temporary in this life. Everything is temporary in this universe. It is a creation. It is not the ultimate. It is not the Essence.

Do not become attached to it. Do not become bogged down into it. Do not think this is the only reality. If you think this is the only reality then you are in deep delusion and illusion. When you recognize that you say, Oh, OK, now how can I go back to the Godhead?

God says, Become involved. Become engaged. Preach the preaching. Go to humanity and let them know what this truth is.

By preaching you will understand this teaching in a greater degree then only coming and listening when I talk about it. Become involved. That is the only way you progress. That is the only way you accelerate your way of going back to God.

Of course, God is not selfish. God is not self-centered like the unit consciousnesses are. When you become involved you create Communities of Light, you put effort to create Communities of Light.

Therefore, the next step is, how can I create the Communities of Light? You sacrifice. Sacrifice is the antidote to selfishness. If you are a selfish person, give of yourself to other people. Then you realize and recognize the Joy of giving rather than the loneliness and separation you feel when you are selfish.

Therefore the goal is to give of yourself. That is the Third Seal. The Third Seal or step is the message through Christ.

What did Christ do? He sacrificed Himself. He was not selfish. He did not say, OK, I can just sit up there, enjoy myself, and not preach the Word of God. And, I am afraid that they are going to crucify me or stone me. He said, Well, God gave me this Revelation. I have to give it to humanity, no matter what. So the antidote to selfishness is the Third Seal, sacrifice.

Still you might not have expanded your consciousness to create the compassion and understanding for the whole universe. You are still attached to your religion, your culture, your city, your country, or even the earth.

Then you have to expand yourself to become a universalist. When you become a universalist you see that God is everything. There is nothing that is out of God and therefore how can you separate yourself by nation, nationality, religion, gender, or anything that does not let you recognize that you are a part of the universe?

With that you expand your consciousness. You go beyond all this bickering and destruction that is coming to humanity because every culture and every environment has evolved separately, therefore they have differences. So because of that (before this Revelation) they were so separate from each other. People in the West did not care what people in the East were doing, or visa versa. They were a universe away from each other. The distance of traveling from one part of the world to another would be more than a year.

For thousands of years they were separated from each other this way. Each of them created a unique culture, a unique way of thinking, a unique picking up of the habits in their lives and then suddenly in fifty years God created transportation that makes it possible, OK now you can go to the other side of the earth in a few hours, that it used to take a year or so.

Now, of course, there is the clash.

As the story goes, I put the butter on the top of my bread, now I look at these people and they put the butter on the bottom. So we have to fight. We have to let these ignorant people know, that do not understand that the butter has to go under the bread, not on the top of the bread, and vice versa. Therefore they are fighting with each other like cats and dogs.

They do not want to sit back and say, Hey look, we have been separated from each other for thousands of years, now we are thrown at each other. Of course they eventually will learn because it has been clearly shown in history that when the cultures fight with each other, when the cultures mix with each other, eventually a greater understanding will come to them.

That is another process for the Mission, for cultures and humanity to come to recognize and respect each others ways and at the same time purify their ways and come to a greater understanding of this separation and the differences because they have been far away from each other for too long. That is why they created different ways of doing things.

So that does not mean you are bad, and unholy, or things like that. But at the same time each culture has their own problems, their own impurities, and their own misunderstandings. Now the Eternal Divine Path and this Revelation purifies those parts and clearly makes every culture become a greater culture.

This is the beginning of the Great Human Culture, which is coming to man. This is the Call for man to progress, to go in a greater degree of following the Eternal Divine Path.

So by following the Eternal Divine Path, the first step, meditating, awakening your spiritual forces, realizing that you are the Essence of God, going beyond your religion, preachers, and teachers, but directly to God, you will have an experience of God. That experience of God is the greatest asset in the Path of every aspirant.

OK, there is a question from Lord Bogbrush.

Lord Bogbrush: Who opened the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Seals?

Maitreya: The Fourth Seal was opened by Prophet Muhammad. He brought the Revelation of surrendering and submission to God. Surrendering means for you to do your work, and you do the work of God. You understand the Will of God for you in this lifetime and try to do it. But you surrender the result to God.

It does not mean that you do not expect any results. Yes, everyone expects results when they do something, but you are not attached to the results.

If the result was not the same as you thought, you will surrender to God and say, Well, I tried to do Your Will, God. Maybe I am not doing Your Will. How can I improve? How can I do Your Will? and then at the end say, OK, I will do my best. I really meditated on that. I improved myself. I reached out and I was not successful. What did I do wrong? Where did I go wrong?

So you improve yourself. Eventually you do whatever you do in a more perfect way. But at the same time you are not attached to the results. The results belong to God.

Greater than surrendering is submission, which is again the message of Prophet Muhammad. That means that you let God come through with absolute submission to Him. You do not exist. God only exists. And He is perfect. He will do the perfect job. Because you did not do anything, you are free from being attached to the results of your actions, and therefore you are free from karma.

After you surrender and submit to God, still you might become narrow. You might say, Only my religion, and this and that. You might separate yourself from the rest of humanity.

The next Revelation, the Fifth Seal, came from Bab, and eventually Bahaullah came and tried to perfect what Bab had brought. Those are the twin Prophets that have been prophesied to come. They brought the message of universalism.

Universalism means that you recognize and realize that God is everything. There is nowhere in the universe that God is not. You expand your consciousness, and you recognize and realize that, I cannot separate myself from any part of the universe. I cannot say that my religion, my culture, etc. is better than theirs, and therefore you expand. Or anywhere, We are better than the people in the moon, or Mars, or anywhere in the universe. No, everyone is a part of God.

Therefore expand your consciousness to understanding instead of fighting and finding faults. Instead of being a faultfinder, you become a compassionate one.

Compassion means understanding other views, opinions, and ideas, and seeing if they are Godly. If they are not Godly, you help people to become more Godly. If they are different than you but still are Godly, you accept it.

Therefore you expand your mind to become a universalist.

If you follow these first five steps: Awakening of your spiritual forces (knowing yourself), the First step; directing your energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light, and engaging yourself after meditation (by just meditating and not becoming engaged to create the Communities of Light, you will not progress as well or as fast), the Second step; then sacrificing, the Third step, which was the message of Christ for the Communities of Light; become surrendered and submitted to God, the Fourth; the Fifth, become a universalist; and the Sixth is that you become an Elect.

That is what God was talking about in all His Scriptures: My Elect, My Chosen People, those whom I have Chosen to follow Me. They are the people who follow the five steps of the Eternal Divine Path.

The Sixth Seal or Revelation, came from a gentleman in India. He brought the concept of Sadvipra and explained who they are.

Of course we expanded on that in a greater degree and call them Paravipras, which Para means beyond and Vipra means intellect. They are beyond intellect.

Lord Bogbrush: How will you unite Christians and Muslims when you claim that Mohammed was a reincarnation of Jesus, Christians claim that Jesus was the son of God, and Muslims claim he was a Prophet of God and that He was never crucified and did not die and that Mohammed came after Him and was the last prophet?

Maitreya: This is explained in our teachings, in other lectures and Satsangs, and in other rooms, many, many times.

What you are asking is more than one question. First of all, How will you unify Christians and Muslims when you claim that Mohammed was a reincarnation of Jesus?

The name Islam, if you read it and play with the word, you can say it as Is Lamb, His Lamb, it is the Lamb. Well this is just a word, but it is pretty interesting.

But at the Garden of Gethsemane, Christ did not want to go through the crucifixion. He did not want to be nailed on the cross and die there in agony. That is why He asked God, Can you take this cup from me?

He immediately recognized and realized that He was going against the Will of God and said, Your Will be done, not mine.

So even Christ had a doubt, or did not want to really go through that agony. At that moment before going through the crucifixion He recognized the Will of God and He absolutely surrendered and submitted to it.

That is why the next time He came as Prophet Muhammad, His message was surrendering and submission to God. Therefore we can see many signs that very clearly state that they were the same Spirit, the same Revealer that came as different Prophets or Messiahs.

That also goes very well with Gods promise to Abram and Abraham. If you read our lectures, go to our teachings, and read THOTH, you will see these questions have all been answered clearly.

God promised both of them, Abram and Abraham, that the Prophet or Messiah would come out of each of them. And they did. Christ came from Isaac, and Prophet Muhammed came from Ismael.

So we can see there is a lot of evidence that there is only One Spirit, and that Spirit of God comes to humanity as the Prophet, as the Messiah.

Then you are asking: When Christians believe that Christ was the son of God and Muslims [people in Islam] believe that there is no Son for God, just a Prophet, and He was only a Prophet.

That is in the explanation of who is the Son of God. Is it really that God had a relationship with Mary and they had a son? Was it a physical relationship, or does it have a spiritual significance and the meaning of it is different than both are interpreting as a regular physical relationship between God and Mary?

The explanation is that the Spirit comes to earth, and because God is Spirit, It needs a body.

It is just like a radio station is sending radio waves. If you do not have any radio that picks up that station, you cannot hear it. The Messiah is a Body; it reverberates, receives the Revelation, and receives the waves and God talks through Him. I am like a radio station, sending the waves and giving them to you, like now I am sending waves and giving them to you.

In that moment the Prophet is a channel for God or receiving the waves and giving them to humanity, in that moment He and God are one. There is no separation. That is why Christ said, The Father and I are one.

And I am His Son. What is Son? Son is in the image of God. This is the image of God right now coming through to humanity. Therefore with understanding that, you understand that the Son of God means in the image of God. He has the Spirit of God in Him. He and the Father are one, and that is the Messiah.

Many Moslems say that Prophet Muhammad was not the Son of God, that He was only a Prophet. What is a Prophet? Prophet Muhammad clearly said, Listen to the Prophet, whatever He says are My Words.

Isnt that the same thing as, The Father and I are one? It is the same thing in different words, The Prophets Words and My Words are one, and The Father and I are one, as Christ said. So we can say that Prophet Muhammad was the Messiah. Prophet Muhammad was the Spirit of God. Prophet Muhammad was the Son of God.

Therefore with this understanding, we can say that it is not a physical thing as a Son. If Christians understand it was not a physical thing, then we can say that Prophet Muhammad was also a Son of God.

Muslims have to recognize that it is not a physical thing; it is a spiritual thing.

Then we can say that Christ was also a Prophet because He had a message for humanity and brought it to man. With this explanation, the problem is solved. Both of them were Prophets, and both of them were the Son of God.

When we recognize that, then the unity is there already. You guys have been beating each other up for the last 1,200 years or 1,400 years with a misunderstanding of the meaning of Gods Revelations. With this understanding, you have no problem anymore.

Then the next question is, Moslems claim He was a Prophet of God and that He was never crucified, did not die, and that Mohammed came after Him and was the last Prophet.

Well, that is another point of controversy between the Moslems and Christians that He never was crucified.

That is the same question that came last week that the Koran said there is a similar person put on the cross and he was not crucified. I checked different parts of the Koran and it says, It seems to them he was crucified.

Moslems are not the only group that believes that Christ did not die. No one disagrees that He was on the cross. He somehow was nailed, or at least someone was nailed on the cross and suffered.

But did He die on the cross? That is the point of controversy and contention.

Even Rosicrucians do not believe that Christ died on the cross but that He lived. He did not die. They added to the Bible that part that the Roman soldier pierced Him to the heart so it made it clear that for sure was he dead, because if he was not dead, the whole thing is off [laughter].

The Moslems say, He did not die, and other groups also say He did not die. But that is not important. That is not the point if He died or if He did not die.

The most important point is, what was His message? If we go beyond this little bickering, misunderstanding, and explanation, etc., His purest message is sacrifice.

Also very few people know that Christ existed at that time. Historically He was a very obscure personality and very few records are on earth about Him. How can we know exactly what happened?

So those are the points that are not even worth being bogged down with. But what did He say?

What He said was sacrifice, love your neighbor more than yourself. Give up of yourself and go beyond bickering.

So, this Revelation will solve all the problems.

With this explanation, you all do not have anything to argue against one another. With this explanation, there is nothing you have to discuss or disagree because Prophet Muhammad was the Messiah, Christ was a Prophet because both of them were the Spirit of God on earth.

Lord Bogbrush: How do you know you are a reincarnation of Jesus?

Maitreya: That is a personal experience. God has already given many other signs to humanity.

First of all He has clearly revealed that only the First Begotten Son, only the first Spirit who reached Pure Consciousness, the Spirit of God, has come to human over and over and brought all these Revelations and religions to humanity.

Therefore this Spirit also is the same as the Spirit of Christ, the Spirit of Muhammad, the Spirit of Bab, the Spirit of Moses, the Spirit of Abraham, and Jacob, etc. He is the Spirit of Adam. Those things have to come from One Spirit because that is the One God who has been sending all these Prophets who represent that Spirit. And that Spirit is the same as the Father. There is no separation between them.

Also we have been given some physical evidence. I have some signs on my hands and my body that clearly indicate that I am the Expected One.

But these are not important. The most important point is that the prophecies are fulfilled, the Revelation that is given to humanity is the Revelation of the Seven Seals, and the Seven Seals are opened.

Also in chapter 5 in The Revelation it clearly says, The only person who can open the Book sealed with the Seven Seals is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. And who was the Lion of the Tribe of Judah? He was Christ. He was Esa.

Of course we do not call Him Jesus because there is no J in Hebrew and His name never really was Jesus. That is another thing that God made clear to Christians to understand that they have even forgotten His Name. God said, Many will come at the end time and say, I have healed in Your Name, and I say, I know you not, because the name you are using is not even My Name.

My true Name is a Name that cannot be pronounced in the external world. Therefore if you recognize this, then you realize your religion even in a greater degree.

His earthly name was Esa. They knew Him with that name in Islam. They know Him by that name in India. They know Him by that name in most distant cultures and countries. So His name really was Esa.

His Spiritual Name is something that cannot be uttered in the external world. One of the beliefs in Christianity is that, He said you are saved by My Name. And you are using the name Jesus and that never was His Name.

Some people say, Jesus came from the name Yshua. But Yshua actually is a corrupt pronunciation of His real Name, which cannot be pronounced.

How can a name that cannot be pronounced and is corrupted already, be translated to Jesus and used as His Name? So we can see that there are a lot of things humanity has to go through for purification and understanding. Then you realize that what I claim makes sense.

OK Luminescentessence asks,

Luminescentessence: What is the difference between Maitreya and Christ, if any?

Maitreya: There is a saying that Christ, or Esa was Christ ben David. He was the son of David. He was the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. And Maitreya is the Christ ben Adam, which means he has gone beyond even Jewish teaching only, he has a universal teaching, which unifies all humanity, goes even beyond King David, and is a Jewish interpretation of how Christ will come.

By Maitreya being Christ ben Adam, He has covered all humanity because Adam is the father of all men on earth. It no longer only belongs to a group of people or religion. It belongs to everyone.

So that is the difference between the two. Christ came for the Jews and the lost tribes of Israel who came mostly to Europe and the United States. But I have come for the whole of humanity, covering them all.

I did not come even in my culture. I did not receive this Revelation when I was in Iran. I received this Revelation when I was in the United States. So God took me out of my culture, etc., and revealed this to me.

That shows it is not just for one people. It is not just for one nation. It is not just for one religion. It is for everyone.

But Christ came and went to the Jews. Prophet Muhammad came to the Arabs, and Bab came to the Persians. All of them started their religion where they were born.

So there are some differences there but the most important point is that this is the Revelation foretold by God to come at this time. And it has. It shows God exists. It shows that we are at the end time. It shows that the truth of all religions has been revealed to man.

This makes it very clear to man that they have to recognize and realize this Revelation. Go, seek, knock, and understand this, and start following the Eternal Divine Path.

The more people follow the Eternal Divine Path, the sooner the Kingdom will come.

OK Lord Bogbrush is asking:

Lord Bogbrush: Jesus taught us to love our enemies and to turn the other cheek, but Mohammed who came after, went to war.

Maitreya: Yes, it is because Christs teaching was a more personal teaching. That is why in our teaching it says, If someone did something bad to you, forgive them. But if they did something bad to society, that should not be forgiven. Because first of all, this is your personal decision, it is your personal forgiveness.

Actually we recommend you to forgive AND forget, if something bad is done to you, and do not become revengeful and create a spirit of enmity, a spirit of struggle, and destructive tendencies that, I have to get back, and create vendettas toward other people, but to try to understand them, try to reconcile with them, and try to turn your other check, if it is a personal thing.

But when it comes to the society, when people are doing things that hurt the society, rot the society and bring destruction and ungodliness, the rule for social behavior is, Good people should have the greatest say in the society, and the whole society should be based on creating an environment that gives the good people, the spiritual people, the high people, enough peace, quietness, and unity that they can meditate and awaken their spiritual forces.

So any thing that disturbs or destroys that goodness and the Kingdom on earth should be eradicated, opposed, corrected, and purified. Therefore we can say that was what Prophet Muhammad was saying. He was more socially-oriented in that lifetime. He brought the Laws. He brought the Kingdom for a short period of time.

The whole Islam and His Laws are geared toward creating a peaceful environment where people can concentrate on God instead of creating an environment that good people are pushed down and bad people are in control.

So we can see again that there is no conflict between those teachings. They both have had their own mission to bring to humanity. If you understand that, then we forgive the things that are done to us so we are not bogged down in our little lives. We concentrate on greater things, which is the Kingdom of Heaven.

In the Kingdom, the good people and their wonderful environment in the society is paramount. Therefore we have to destroy impurities mercilessly, completely, with the power and bring the peace to humanity.

That is what Prophet Muhammad was trying to do. He was trying to create a society. But actually He created an environment that one time a person came to Mecca and they were all in prayer. Everyone had left their jewelry and cash out in the open, and their places were open. This traveler came and was surprised that no one was stealing all those things lying there all over the place.

That is the society we have to create, where the people are not afraid, instead of a society where people close their doors and put five or six padlocks there so no one will come to rob them. That is the problem in many societies now that do not purify the society and the criminals sometimes have more rights than the good people. That is what Prophet Muhammad was bringing to society. Therefore He was not against the teaching of Christ. He also forgave a lot of people.

Actually when he went back to Mecca, He forgave all those people who had thrown Him out of Mecca and confiscated their belongings. So He personally forgave everyone who did badly to Him. He followed Christ. He was Christ. For Christs sake, He was the same person. So we can see that He did exactly what Christ did. He forgave them.

But when it comes to society, there is no forgiveness. We have to create an environment where people feel safe, people feel comfortable, people are taken care of, children are nurtured and brought up in a greater degree, and women and men and children are nurtured and safe. They can grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. When they are old they are provided for. They do not have to fear that they are going to be left out in the street and no one cares about them.

Therefore we have to create a society that reflects God. We can do that by bringing the Laws that purify society. Therefore we can see Prophet Muhammad was also right.

The other question is:

Lord Bogbrush: Do you have memories from that life?

Maitreya: You sure do have experiences. You sure do feel the crucifixion, the nails and destruction, the pain and agony, etc. You might not feel in this lifetime that I have suffered, but I have. There is always suffering with a Revelation from God because people do not accept, do not see, do not follow, and they have their dogmas. Of course that hurts emotionally and intellectually, and sometimes even physically. So that also comes with bringing a New Revelation from God.

But of course in this lifetime it is not prophesied this will happen. Actually it has been prophesied absolutely opposite to this.

Lord Bogbrush: Does God want us to love our enemies or to fight them?

Maitreya: Well, it really depends upon your situation. But at this time God wants you to follow the Eternal Divine Path. God wants you to understand this teaching. God wants you to see this Revelation and this Vision. God wants you to come, become involved with this teaching, and recognize this is the last teaching.

That is the best way anyone can help themselves, they can help the society, they can help their neighbors, they can help their nations, and they can help the earth, to realize and recognize this Vision and see this Vision clearly, teach it to other people, bring everyone together, create the Communities of Light, and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

So this is the best way you can follow Gods Will. This is Gods Will. If you want to follow Gods Will, this is it. Anything else you do will be tainted with your culture, your background, your religion, and your understanding, and therefore it is not pure, it is not perfect. You will make mistakes.

Why do you want to follow something that is not perfect? This is perfect. And that is what everyone should hear and follow.

Lord Bogbrush: Or love them as we kill them?

Maitreya: [laughing] Well, actually sometimes that might happen. You might have to correct someone or something, or situation, and some people might become hurt. But you have compassion for them. You have love for them.

It is just like a surgeon. There is a tumor and you say, Well, there is a tumor and I do not want to cut you because it hurts. And if I hurt youb, I do not want to do that. The patient is going to die.

The best way is to take the knife and remove the tumor. It hurts, it might even kill him. But the tumor is out and he might live longer, happier, and healthier.

So we can see that sometimes the surgeon has to do the surgery. They have to take the knife, cut the wound open, and remove the tumor. But who makes that decision? That is the most important thing. Who makes that decision, that there is a tumor that is going to kill that person?

That is when the concept of Paravipras and the Christ and the Kingdom of God comes in. Only those who are guiltless can make that judgment. It is just like what Christ clearly showed when they accused Mary of being a prostitute and they caught them in the act. According to Jewish law they were supposed to stone them and they still do that in some countries, Moslems stone adulterous people.

Now who is the judge? Who makes that judgment? That is what Christ said, If you do not have any guilt, if you are absolutely pure in your heart, then if you want to go ahead, judge, and stone her. He did not say, Do not stone her. He said, OK, go ahead if you want to do it. But look first, are you guiltless? If you have the slightest guilt then you cannot sit in the seat of judgment and you are not qualified.

Therefore we have first to find those who can sit on the seat of judgment, those who are purified and are pure, those whose hearts are guiltless. Then they can say, Yes. If they decide such a woman needs to be crucified, then it is OK. But what was the situation? Did she have enough to eat? Did she have enough, did society provide for her physiological needs and did she do what she did because she had to support herself?

The third thing is, you have to bring justice to humanity and society. Then if someone stole, they might cut their finger off, as the Moslems do. But if the Moslem society is corrupt to the core and then someone steals a loaf of bread, what justice is there?

First, if those people in the Moslem countries who cut off the persons hand bring a just society, if their leaders are just and they bring justice to everyone, then if someone goes against the laws of Muhammad, they are just. But before then they cannot do that.

So we can see God is very clear. Justness is closer to His Heart. The only way you can implement Gods Laws is when we will bring the societies based on justness and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. His Laws, those things before this Revelation, all have not worked because they did not have the basic understanding of Gods Way.

Last question from Rakhsh.

Rakhsh79: Maitreya, everything is God, even my thinking and decisions, but why do I think I have the ability to choose? Who is making decisions inside me?

Maitreya: If you study THOTH , there is an essay in one of the Essays that is called, Predestination or Choice. That is a great discussion between humans.

Some people believe they are predestined. That is it. We go through life because it is already set up how to go through life and how to act or think or make decisions.

Some people say, No, we have all the choices, we make our choosing. We decide. We have no connection to any other beings to make the decisions for us. There are some people who find out they cannot make all the decisions themselves and eventually realize that a lot of decisions have been made for them in their lives. They eventually realize that they have no choice but to follow Gods Will.

Other people go through their lives and make the decisions all the time. They die without even realizing that God exists.

What is that? What is the difference? The difference is the closer you come to God, the less choices you have. It is just like a king who has a kingdom. Who has more choices, the prime minister, or a peasant or regular person that has no closeness to the king?

The person who is not close to the king can do whatever they want. But the Vice President or the Prime Minister has to follow the will of the king.

If you understand this explanation, you understand some people have all the choices they have but they are not close to God. They do not have the Joy of the Spirit of God.

But some people go through their lives and they live a very small life, and that is all there is in their lives. They make decisions. So that also has been answered.

All right, that is the end of the questions and that is the end of time. It was good to have all you here.

Listen to these words again. These words will be in the website in a couple of hours from now. You can go to the Satsangs and there is a part in the Satsangs that it says, Conversations With Maitreya. You can go there and find the latest tape. It is going to be in audio. You can go and listen to these words again and again and understand the truth in them.

Let the fire of this Revelation ignite you and put fire in your heart also, and you become another Messenger of God, reach to humanity, and let them see this Vision so we can bring the Kingdom of God on earth as soon as possible.

Have a good week. God be with you. Sal-OM everyone.

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