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Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome from all over the world to our room, to our Conversation Room. I hope we will have a very good Conversation, and we will discuss the latest Revelation of God that has come to humanity and has unified all religions of the world together.

Even scientists are now confirming what we have been teaching for the last twenty-five years, and they have come to the conclusion of the "String Theory" that everything, every atom, has a string in it that is millions and billions smaller than an atom. Then according to the vibration of this string, the atom manifests in different levels on earth, or in the universe, and creation is created with these strings and vibrations.

Now if we can go ahead and call that "String" Consciousness or God, then scientists are pretty close to exactly what we have been teaching, that the whole universe is vibration. Vibration in different levels manifests itself in different forms of creation, and therefore has been revealing the truth that scientists are now coming very close to. They say you cannot see it with any microscope or with any instrument in this level of human technological advancement, or maybe never because it is so small. It is millions and billions smaller than an atom.

That is exactly what we are saying again, that God is an experience; He is not an explanation. The way to experience God is meditation, going deep inside, and realizing that you and God are One. There is no separation between you and the Spirit, God. Therefore, with that experience, you realize what scientists cannot see in their instruments.

That is another confirmation that science, religion, and the Golden Age, which is coming, is coming together very fast. Humanity is confirming more and more that this Revelation, indeed, will cover every aspect of the human, from the very lowest to the highest.

Science can eventually realize that, Yes, there is a Spirit; there is the unified theory of Consciousness and the creative forces. They call the creative forces the strong force, the weak force, and the electromagnetic, and of course, no gravity, which so far to this point they could not explain why gravity and the quantum theory could not exist together. With this new theory they say they can explain it.

But we had explained it a long time ago. If God is behind everything then He has created the smallest thing to the greatest thing, and basically there are three creative forces and Consciousness. They are coming to this point of realizing that they cannot see the Consciousness.

Consciousness is even subtler than ether, that even the ether, scientists have not been able to verify and see it in this creation.

Therefore, our teaching and science are coming closer and closer together. Even science is unified with religion. Of course our teaching also unifies all religions of the world, and it explains how God has been sending all these religions to this point. Now He reveals what He had sealed from the previous Prophets and from the visions that He gave to those Prophets and told them, "Seal them, do not reveal them. It is not going to be revealed until the end time.

At the end time the whole Plan of God will be revealed to humanity. After the Seven Seals are opened, after the Book sealed with the Seven Seals is opened, then the Plan of God will be revealed to man.

Therefore, no one before this Revelation, opening of the Seven Seals, and the Book sealed with the Seven Seals, knew the Plan of God. They all speculated, they all thought they knew, but God clearly all through His Revelations revealed this: That no one knows the truth until this Revelation comes, and now we know the whole truth.

Actually if you know our teaching in the deepest level and see the Vision, it explains so many things. We just talked about science. But it explains economy, it explains sociology, it explains human relationships, it explains community, it explains family, it explains how the family and pure relationships between couples create pure communities, and the pure communities manifest Great Beings who can lead humanity or their community in a greater degree.

From these Great Beings, the whole hierarchy of the Kingdom will emerge. Eventually the Kingdom of God will come to earth

The whole package, the whole vision, the whole truth has been given to humanity now. We knew all along that also science will eventually come to these conclusions and will be based on Spirit.

The science based on Spirit does not create pollution, does not create ecological disturbances as the conventional science is doing now, because we will use the science based on the nature, based on what we can use and reuse and make it in a very flowing way in the nature instead of using it and creating destructive by-products.

We can see again in this level, the Mission has given the answers to everyone and scientists should realize that Spirit behind their scientific discoveries has to be realized and recognized, and how to use these vibrations that they call string vibrations in a way that will not create the by-products that we have now.

They also have to realize that God really exists because God said that He is going to do these things, He is going to give this Vision, He is going to send these Prophets, He is going to send these Revelations and religions, and each of them has a specific message for humanity. If there is a Being who said He is going to do that and He has done it, therefore God exists. No one can deny that God truly is in charge and has been doing all these things.

His Will is to create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, to bring the Communities of Light, to understand the Eternal Divine Path and bring His Kingdom on earth, and to bring the peace and unity that humanity has been longing to happen.

He has also revealed His Name to be given to those who will be initiated to the highest level in the Mission initiation. Therefore you are always going to have God with you. He is never going to leave you. It is always there, and those who have received this know it in their hearts that it is the truth.

As you go on and create the Communities of Light, you will see all the problems that we have now will little by little be lifted. These destructive forces, these wars and rumors of wars, will go away, and the peace and tranquility will come to earth. That is The Way. There is no other way. The politicians are not going to be able to do it. The scientists are not going to be able to do it.

But God who has brought humanity to this point, can. We each are a messenger of God. This Message has been given to us to disseminate, to spread, to give to everyone, to discuss it with them, to make them understand that their religion is a part of a greater truth.

We are not here to say, No, your religion is no good. Our religion is the only good one. But we say, Your religion is a part of ours. God has sent your religion as a part of a greater truth.

Therefore we are not here to destroy your religion, but we reveal to you a greater truth which includes your religion as well. You have to see the Vision of God, not your little religion or dogmas. You have to expand yourself and if you really believe in your Scriptures, if you believe in your Prophets, your Prophet clearly said that the Vision of the end time would be sealed, would not be revealed until then.

So anyone who comes and says, Yes, I know what is going to happen, all those preachers who have all those ideas that they bring to humanity, all the mullahs and rabbis, and all the brahmins, etc., none of them know the truth of it until the Revelation of the Seventh Seal. After the Seven Seals are opened, then everyone can know.

And now you know. When you read THOTH, when you go to our website, when you understand our teaching and you see the Vision, you have seen the Plan. You have seen how God will eventually manifest His Kingdom on earth.

You become a messenger. You become a channel for God to reach everyone. Reach your friends. Reach your family. If they did not listen, reach other people. If they did not listen, reach new people. Do not become upset if some people did not listen to you.

It is just like right now, you can see some people come to our room and they leave right away because they are not ready for this Message. But you have heard it. You have seen it. You have seen the Vision. Now you are here, and you come and you stay, because you know it is the greatest Revelation that has come to humanity for the last 12,000 years.

When you come and stay, when you hear this, read THOTH, go to our website, and see the Vision, then you become a channel, a messenger of this Message to reach to find the Elects in your area, in your country, in your continent. Wherever you are then you become the second Maitreya, the third Maitreya, the fourth Maitreya. Eventually we will have one hundred and forty-four thousand Maitreyas that have seen the Vision, have understood the Plan of God, and they become the preachers and the teachers of mankind. The more we have these people, the more there is greater outreach in the Hand of God.

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Yes, this is Me. This is the Missionof Maitreyas, Maitreya Himself, Trumpet. I hope you have gone to our website and you have seen the Vision and the teaching. If you have any question about the teaching, you can raise your hand.


Trumpet7: I have seen the site.

Maitreya: Great, OK Trumpet. If you have seen the site and if you have a question, go ahead. That is the first step for everyone, to go to the website to study our teachings. When you go to the website, a lot of people just stay in the first page or the second page, and they decide, Well, that does not teach what I am looking for.

But that website has hundreds of pages and probably thousands of pages, because we have the whole Holiest Of The Holies in that website that you can read or download. There is no charge to do that, and you can read them on the screen, or print them to read later, etc. That is the first step to go there and see the Vision.

Go ahead, Open Eye.


OpenEye2003: Yes, good morning, Maitreya. Just a question, when the Seventh Seal opens, the word mystery is a mystery to all, because the definition of mystery throughout the whole Bible is confusing. Could you explain that better?

Maitreya: Yes, mystery means something that is covered. It is not revealed. You do not know about it. You cannot know about it until it is revealed to you, or you solve it. So that is exactly what the word means in the Bible, like everywhere else.

It means no one knows until the Seventh Angel comes, until the opening of the Seven Seals. It is a mystery. It is unknown.

That is exactly what happened. To this point every religion took their religion as the best religion, or the last religion, or the only way, or the chosen one, or the last Revelation in a string of Revelations. But none of them really knew because God said no one will know until the Seventh Seal is opened.

So the Seventh Seal now is opened. That is why now we know the mystery of God. It is no longer a mystery. It is in THOTH. It is written in the Book, which is sealed with the Seven Seals.

Now when we look at it, it is all there. It explains how all religions of the world are parts of this truth, and when you put them together, it becomes a Path, which is called the Eternal Divine Path. That is the faster way to go to God. That is the fastest way to purify yourself. That is the fastest way to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, and it makes sense. It is perfect. It answers all the questions you have. It solves all the problems that humanity is longing to solve. It is amazing that so many times we discuss so many problems and always the Eternal Divine Path answers the questions and solves the problems.

So that is why God is Perfect and His Path also is Perfect. His Way is perfect and His Way is revealed now to humanity. It says that the Eternal Divine Path is the way to the salvation of man physically, mentally, spiritually, individually, and collectively. If we understand this teaching, if we understand the Eternal Divine Path, not only we no longer are opposed to any religion, we no longer say, Oh, we are better than other religions, but we say, We are a part of the whole.

Go ahead, Open Eye.


OpenEye2003: Very definitely, Maitreya. I believe that also. Hallelujah! This is a question on what I was speaking about and sharing, on the opposite of good is bad. Where is the ultimate like you? There has to be an opposite ultimate. Could you explain a bit about that?

Maitreya: There is always good and evil. Good is God. God is good, and evil is opposite of what is not God. Since God is everything, there is no such thing as the opposite of God.

The only thing that is opposite of God is ego, and ego is the illusion of separation from God. Therefore ego is when the human is in illusion that it is separate from God and acts not according to the Laws of the universe but according to the egoistical, self-centered, selfish desires of man.

If we look at the problems on earth, we can see that the whole reason for destruction, wars, and what we see happening on earth, is ego. I have a bigger gun and a better gun. I can beat you up. My ego is bigger. If you do not listen to my ego and my way of life, then you are no good. It is all an ego trip and related to human ego.

If we can understand that ego is that illusion of separation, which some religions call Maya, then we can understand that illusion is so strong, so powerful, that they actually feel that is the truth; that is life. They do not see God. They do not have any feeling for God, and they cannot realize God at all because they are in that illusion.

Therefore evil is not a being, is not something with big horns and a fork that is deceiving you, but that is probably a good symbolic way to put it. In reality it is your illusion of separation from God.

So in truth, ego or Maya does not exist but it is an illusion that is so powerful that makes people do ungodly things and they do not know that God exists.

They do not believe God exists. Ninety-nine percent of even religious people just do a couple of rituals, go to the church, or mosque, or synagogue, but then they come out and that is it. A couple of hours a week they go and the preacher tells them what God is, what they should do, and how they have to believe, and they do. The rest of the week they just go back to their delusion of self-centeredness and selfishness, and they do things that are not Godly.

So we can see the more we realize that we are in delusion, the more we know that we are separated from God, and the more we realize that we do not exist, we become closer to God. Therefore we can see evil is just that delusion of separation from God.

Go ahead Mr. Disc.


MrDisc: Hi Maitreya. This is me again. Thanks for listening to me once again. Very interesting answer and I believe that what you say is true.

Could you apply it for me to the story of Job in the Old Testament? This is one side I was trying to figure out. Was he indeed deluding himself, and if so, how was he being punished then?

Maitreya: The concept of evil is a very powerful concept in the Scriptures. That has been created because the humans have a hard time to understand the concept of ego and illusion of separation from God.

What we just explained is over the heads of maybe 95% of the humans, unless you are educated, you have studied psychology, and you know about delusion and in a deeper level and if you are a deep person, you might understand.

The easiest way to create a concept of evil that opposes God is, there was a war in the beginning between God and evil, and eventually God threw evil out of the Garden and evil became a menace for humanity. It is always trying to tempt them and take them away from their correct way.

In the case of Job, he was rich and he was powerful. He had everything he needed, and he was put to a test. How much do you love God? How much are you really with God? Are you with God because you have a lot of riches and money, and you have gained the world? As we know, when you gain the world you lose your Soul. That is opposite of losing the world and gaining the Kingdom within.

But can you gain the world and not lose your Soul? That is why he was put to a test. He lost all his possessions, his family, his health, and he became completely destitute. Still he did not give up on God and said, No, it does not matter what you do to me, I know God exists. He loved God with all his heart, mind, and being.

At the end God provided everything he had before, even more to him because he proved himself that the money, possessions, and the world would not sway him from loving God, or being one-pointed to return home. That is what the message is.

However, because the people in the Scriptures believe in the devil, it is easier for them to relate to a being that is as powerful as God. That is exactly what Maya is. Maya is as powerful as God. Therefore it creates the separation and delusion of being separated from God.

Job came out from the test with flying colors. He did not change his mind about God, His Grace, etc. Therefore that shows the perseverance of the humans toward God, how one-pointed you have to be in order to go to God and eventually win the battle between the lower nature and higher self.

That is another thing you can look at, the struggle between the lower nature which wants to go to the world and fall into Maya, and the higher nature which wants to go to God, become Godly, and follow God. So you can again see that Jobs struggle is between the lower nature and the higher nature of man.

I hope that makes sense. If it does not, this is a Conversation Room and you can always come back and tell me why it does not make sense or maybe elaborate more on your question, and we can go ahead and answer it.

Go ahead Mr. Disc.


MrDisc: Thanks again. That was a very good answer. Thank you. One more question, this one is in regards to the rosary. I believe we should only worship God and we should revere His Prophets. In the rosary, we have prayers to hail Mary, the Virgin Mary. Two questions: Is it right to be praying to her because I know they kind of mention that she is the mediator for us to God. Is that necessary?

The second thing, in the Old Testament, when we talk about a virgin it can either be deciphered as a young girl, or a virgin, and this, because I think she was a very young girl. Were there other examples in other religions of virgins giving birth to great people?


Maitreya: OK, your first question is, Is that OK to worship anything else besides God? No, it is not. The only thing you should worship is God, which is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. With that, you will go to the Source, to the highest.

Anything that has shape, has taste, has touch, has sound, or has any attribute of our senses is not the Essence, is not God in the Highest. As we just have been discussing, even scientists have reached a point that they look at the particles in the atom that are millions and billions times smaller than the atom itself. Therefore the Essence or Ultimate is something they cannot see. If that vibration creates the whole creation which they call string theory, even scientists are admitting it is not seeable, it cannot be verified in the laboratories and in the places that they do scientific experiments. So we can see even they have come to that conclusion that God is not really explainable in a scientific way.

Therefore anything that takes us from that highest level is not the Essence. Some people still worship statues in some parts of the world. That is not the highest.

They worship a name, like Allah or Krishna, etc. The Name of God is within you. It is not utterable in the external world. If you give Him a Name, a shape, or anything that is not the highest level and is the corrupt way of worshipping God, it is not going to take you to the highest. It is going to attach you to the preachers, to the mullahs, or to the people who teach you what God said, according to what they understand.

Therefore to go to the highest is not to worship anything but the highest, which is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal.

Can you repeat your second question about Mary? I guess you were saying if it is possible or not. Go ahead and ask again.


MrDisc: I just wanted to know because in the Old Testament they were talking about a virgin giving birth, and there are two ways of interpreting it. One, she is either a very young girl, or two, she is in fact a virgin, or I guess another way of interpreting it, is that she is pure in mind and spirit. That is my second question. I guess you will answer it a little later.

Maitreya: Becoming pregnant while you are a virgin, it was not the only time it has happened in history. There have been many incidents or stories that there have been virgins who became pregnant. Of course Marys pregnancy you can say was a miracle.

The first time in the history of humanity that they were talking about a virgin who would have the birth of a savior, was in the Mithra religion. It was a branch of the Zoroastrian religion, which became very prominent in the time just before the coming of Christ and spread all through the cultures, and even went all the way to Rome.

In Rome and Palestine, it had many followers, and in the Middle East, Europe, and everywhere. So you can say that in one way that story had a great effect or influence on those religions, and the whole theory of the coming of Christ, the Virgin Mary, etc.

We just had a Feast of Tabernacles, and there was a lecture that I gave about the First Seal. It is still going on in the other room, the Discourses Room. Probably you can go and listen to it about how the idea of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost has evolved from Nimrod, and how Nimrod called himself God. His wife later on said that miraculously she has become pregnant and the child in her womb was Nimrod himself. So Nimrod was God, Semiramis was the Holy Mother, and her son was the son of god. So that is the low level explanation of the Father, Son, and The Holy Ghost.

But in our teaching, in the Mission, we explain how Father is God (the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal) and Mother is the creative force, or The Holy Mother, and son is the Messiah, because God as the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal, and the Mother as the Creative Force, cannot manifest themselves. They need a body to manifest in the manifested world as the Messiah.

We just said even scientists cannot see them in the laboratories. The only way He can manifest Himself is through the Son, through the Messiah, through the Prophet, who comes to humanity with clear fulfillment of the prophecies. God makes it very clear who that one person is that can bring His Spirit to humanity. When such a person comes, He becomes the Mouthpiece of God and the Spirit of God comes to humanity and brings the new Revelation to man.

That includes all the Prophets in the past. It includes Christ. It includes Muhammad. It includes Bab. It includes Moses, Abraham, Adam, and all the other Prophets. They all came with a specific message or with the fulfillment of the prophecies, and then that becomes the Son of God.

Many of the people who join us will, in a thousand years, become sons of God. As the Bible said, You will become My son after you overcome. (Rev. 23:7)

So we have to understand where they went wrong to see the truth of the meaning of the Father, Son, and The Holy Ghost. If we can see that, then we can clearly overcome following the teaching that is man-made. The Father is not a human. The Mother is not a woman. The Son is the manifestation of the Mother and the Father. That is why they call Christ, Full of knowledge and Grace. Knowledge was the Father, and Grace was the Mother.

Go ahead, Openeye.


Openeye2003: Yes, I just want to ask a question about the final destiny. So many people are talking about it. What I am talking about is the royal family in the history of the British people being crowned by the Son. That is in Genesis basically, 28:18. Could you talk about that, please?

Maitreya: Openeye, can you explain a little more? Where in Genesis does it say that the Son will crown the kings of England? Can you explain a little more to us?


Openeye2003: In the past, over the years I have read that it speaks about the coming of Christ, especially for the British people or the monarchy. Genesis 28:18 emphasizes this. They always say for the Irish, the islands, we may think that someone will be crowned. Is there any connection to that? His final destiny is in Jeremiah; that is where it comes from.

Maitreya: You have to read the Scripture if you want us to answer. But in general I do not think that is related to England and the Kings of England. Of course there is a great movement and there is an attempt to connect the royal family in England to King David. They might have a connection. It is not something that we either accept or deny.

There are many people who are connected to King David and a lot of people are claiming to be the king or the Messiah, but the only way you can know the True One is the one who has fulfilled the prophecies.

Of course my genealogy also goes to King David and Adam. Also there are prophecies that it is impossible for the people in Europe to fulfill, as the expectation of the Christians is that, or the people in Jerusalem is that, he will come from the East, and the expectation of the Tibetan and Indian people is that He will come from the West. Europe is not East of Jerusalem.

Therefore you can see that claim can only go to the person who was born East of Jerusalem and West of Tibet, and many other things that you can easily find in our website about the prophecies and how they are fulfilled.

I did not write those prophecies. I did not know about those prophecies. I just received the Message and it made sense. Therefore I gave it to humanity. Other people came, they found these prophecies, and they put them in our website.

There has never been a Prophet or Messenger who has fulfilled as many prophecies as was fulfilled through this Mission. Therefore God has made it very clear who is the Mouthpiece of God and the Opener of the Seven Seals.

Also, did they open the Seven Seals? Did they open the Book sealed with the Seven Seals?

So you can see that the only person who can be regarded as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah is the one that God has chosen. Therefore the royal family in England should see this clearly also and relent their power and kingdom to God and His Messenger, and become a part of Gods Revelation. Then they also will become a part of the truth.

Those verses that you referred to probably are talking about the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. We have to understand and find who the Lion of the Tribe of Judah is. Really is there anyone who can claim they are, or are connected to King David, or is it more than that?

It is the One, it is the only One, who can open the Book sealed with the Seven Seals. If we find that One, everyone else, even the kings and queens should recognize and realize that and understand those verses are about that Revealer and He is chosen by God.

I hope that answered your question on that. If you have any other question, go ahead and raise your hand.

Go ahead Openeye.


Openeye2003: Yes, as I am in Australia, I am happy to spread the Word, which I am already doing. I am having a lot of resistance, so far no response. There are a few people interested to hear but not many people coming as yet. We are hoping for more.

Maitreya: One of the things, Openeye, you will realize that every new Revelation, especially this one, has come in a time that most of the people have their own religion, they are not understanding, and they believe their religion is the best religion. They believe in their dogmas. Also Maya or the attraction of the world is the strongest at this time as has been revealed in the Scriptures that at the end time the Maya or the illusion of separation from God is even stronger than before.

We have many more toys or attractions to take us away from God. We have television. We have games. We have Cube, or Nintendo, or television, and many things, many attractions with a lot of wonderful things you can watch, or go places, or be together in a greater degree in the Internet and do things, which are not according to God.

So we can see the attraction toward the world is even more powerful. Their religions are binding humans more and more. They do not want to be different. That is one of the things they are teaching, and Maya is making people more and more not to rock the boat or be different.

They are afraid to be different. They are afraid to say the truth. They are afraid to be Godly, because not being Godly is more fashionable. Therefore it is very hard to come and listen to this Revelation, and say, Yes, that makes sense. I want to change my religion. I want to be different than my neighbor. I want to bring a new understanding of God to man. Therefore there is a great resistance to this Revelation, and of course it has been prophesied.

That is why those who hear this Revelation, understand it, come and join, they are pretty great people. They have been meditating and progressing for many lifetimes in the last 12,000 years, and their number is very few, Many will be called; few will be chosen.

Of course the choosing has already been done; for the last 12,000 years was the process of choosing. Now those who can hear this Vision clearly and are willing to be different, are willing to be Godly and spread the Word of God, sometimes they feel lonely and alone, and it is hard to attract people to come to you. But know that God is with you.

This is the correct Revelation. It is based on Gods Scriptures and Word. It reveals the truth that has been sealed to the Great Prophets in the past. Even Daniel could not reveal what was going to happen.

But it is going to happen because it is the Word of God. He said He is going to do many things, and He has done them. Therefore it is going to happen. There is no doubt about that. That is our salvation.

I have been at it for the last twenty-three, twenty-four years, and giving these Satsangs and teachings almost every week or every month. We have not thousands, we have not millions, we have a handful of dedicated, good people who have heard it and joined us. Therefore do not lose heart. Do not feel that you are alone.

With this PalTalk, you have a family, you have a community here. You can come and join them anytime. We are here three times a day. People here can encourage you, give you the Spirit, and pull you up from feeling alone and lonely in the world.

But this is how it is. We are a minority, a small group at this time. The world is very powerful, and there is a lot of Maya and many separative ideas that exist. So we have to teach, we have to educate, and we have to reach out. We have to do our best possible to reach as many people as we can but at the same time not to be attached to the result.

Remember, one of our teachings, the Fourth Seal, is to let God come through, or surrender the result to God. The result is not ours. Ours is to try. Ours is to reach out. Ours is to go and do our best. After we do our best, the result belongs to God.

There is only one God; He is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. We are free from any attachment to the result. We can do our best and not be attached to the result, and be free in what we do. That makes us not become depressed or unhappy as to why people are not joining.

But if we can reach the critical point in this Mission, if we can make enough people to see the Vision, if we can find 144,000 people who see this Vision clearly and are the chosen people, and will come and join us, and we create the facilitating body, and that is another part of the Mission, to create the facilitating body, the Round Table of the twelve Elders, and create a system that reaches all through the earth and spreads this Vision to humanity. When we reach that critical point, humanity will see the only way is Gods Way.

They are right now drowned in Maya, in ungodliness. Ungodliness actually is more acceptable. If you say you love God, in many cultures, they look at you very strangely. We have a brother here from France and he was telling me, it is so hard for him to talk about God. That is what the state of humanity is.

But with the tribulation, with the things that are coming, eventually humans will realize that the only way is Gods Way. Their religions are limited. Their religions are not the last Revelation. Their religions are a part of a greater truth.

The Chosen Ones are not a nation but the people who follow the Eternal Divine Path, create the Communities of Light, and the Kingdom is based on the Communities of Light. Therefore more and more people will see this Vision clearly, but it is up to us to spread it.

OK, there is a question from Carizma.


Carizma_17: Well, I know we all come from somewhere, but someone tell me where did God come from?

Maitreya: OK, that is a question like asking, where is infinity, where is eternity?

Where does God come from? All these questions. as we said, God is not explainable. God is experienced. That is why you have to meditate, Carizma. You have to continue knowing thyself, and eventually one day you will realize that you do not exist; the only thing that exists is God. Then in that state you will realize what eternity, infinity, and God is, and you will have no question left.

You see, that is the question that has been asked for centuries and thousands of years. As Mr Disc says:


MrDisc: The question of all questions. No answer is available.

Maitreya: It means that God cannot be explained. Some people say, if you make all the trees of the world in the universe to pens, and the whole universe as the paper, and you start writing about your questions, at the end all the oceans and water are ink, if you wrote on the universe, as the paper, and all the pens are broken and all the oceans are dried out, you havent even started explaining God because you cannot explain God.

But in your meditation, when you experience God, when you had that connection, you have no doubt. For instance I had a dream one night when I was in Colorado Springs. In that dream, it was so clear, God is Everything. He knows even the destiny of the smallest fish in the ocean. He knows everything at the same time. It is absolutely mind-boggling in that moment of connection to the Universal Mind and God. It is beyond human experience.

It is just like asking the fish to talk about quantum physics. A fish cannot even understand the basic mathematics in order to come to become a quantum physics theoretician. Therefore we are asking something to be explained to a being that does not have the ability to recognize or realize that state.

That is why we encourage everyone to meditate, encourage everyone to concentrate, encourage everyone to know thyself. It has been revealed that you yourself, atman, and God are one. So if you recognize and realize your Essence, you see it is really God already there. You did not know it existed all this time.

So we can see that the only way to God is self-realization, surrendering and submission, and experience. When you have an experience with God, you know God exists. Intellectually in our teachings, you can understand God exists because God said He is going to do all these things, and He did them. Therefore He exists, because a being that does not exist cannot say, I am going to do all those things, and He does them.

There are many things that God said He was going to do that in our Scripture, which is called THOTH, The Holiest Of The Holies, clearly God said He was going to do them, and He did them. Therefore, God exists.

That is the intellectual understanding. But if you really want to know God, you have to experience Him.

Go ahead, Openeye.


Openeye2003: Yes, I am amazed with that explanation.

How does one identify future Prophets after the Seventh Truth, according to the Scriptures?

Maitreya: The Seventh Seal or the Scripture is the last Revelation from God. It reveals everything. After that, there is no Major Manifestation for 1,000 years. After 1,000 years is the time that God will reveal how and who are the sons of God. The sons of God will know what the next step is after 1,000 years.

During these 1,000 years there is not going to be any Major Manifestation to come. There will not be any because, to come to do what? It has already been revealed. The Seventh Seal is opened. In the Scriptures there is no prediction of the coming of any Great Manifestation or Prophet anywhere after the Seven Seals.

But of course there are going to be teachers. There are going to be Messengers. There are going to be people who might come and emphasize different parts of our teachings to humanity. Their coming might also be prophesied.

However, if they come and say something that is not according to our teachings and not according to our Revelation, they are not a Messenger of God. Most probably we can see Great Teachers will come and will further explain, or expand on, what is in The Holiest Of The Holies.

The Holiest Of The Holies is a Revelation that one can write a thousand books for every sentence in that Book. So there is a possibility for the people to really write, dissect, and explain.

I have been talking about this for the last twenty-five years, and still we are talking about it. So there is much to talk about, much to understand, much to realize. But all is in THOTH. There is nothing you can add to it after this Revelation, plus the Supplements, like the Satsangs and these Conversations, and the other books like the Golden Keys, The Plan, The Map, and all those things that have been given as supplements to THOTH to explain this further, in more depth for humanity. Therefore there is no expectation really after this Revelation of the coming of any Prophet or any Manifestation for 1,000 years.

Of course after 1,000 years probably I will return. In that time we will have, not only the Elects, we will have the sons of God. They are the ones who have followed the Eternal Divine Path for a thousand years. They are the ones who have created the Communities of Light. They are the ones who have been walking the Eternal Divine Path and have brought the Kingdom of God on earth. In that time we are all going to go to Godhead together. No one can go there by himself.

Therefore there is not going to be any Great Prophet or Revelation to come after this. This is it. This is the last Revelation of God. There is no Prophet who ever claimed so many times in so many ways that this is the last Revelation.

They said Prophet Muhammad was the last Revelation, the last Revealer of the Revelation of God, but He just mentioned it once at the very end of His life and He meant His Revelation, His teaching, His book, and His mission, not the last Revelation.

That is where the Bible says, It is finished. It is done. When the Seven Seals are opened, it is finished. When the Seventh Angel comes, it is done. There is nothing to add. How can you add to what is perfect? Therefore we do not really expect a Great Prophet to come after this Revelation.

For a thousand years humanity has to understand this teaching in a greater degree and implement it in their lives, individually and collectively, and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Again, welcome to the Mission of Maitreya, Eternal Divine Path. This is our Conversation Room. You are welcome to go to our website that has been posted many times in text.

You can raise your hand and ask the different questions you might have. We encourage you to go to our website first, listen to our other rooms, like All Religions Unified, or Discourses by Maitreya. If you want to meditate, go to our Universal Mantra Meditation, or if you like chanting, go to our room called, Chant with Me. So a lot of rooms are provided for you to see what we do in the Mission.

The most important part is the Book called: The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament. Even in the Book it clearly says, This is the Last Testament.

The Last Testament means that is it. It is finished. The Revelation of God has come to humanity in a last manifestation of God. We will come back to this Mission in the next lifetime, again and again, until this Revelation is fulfilled, eventually the Kingdom is established on earth, God is the King, and His Laws are the Laws that humanity will follow.

Everyone should recognize and realize that. Therefore come, and surrender and submit to Gods Revelation and His Ways, and understand this is our salvation. Salvation is the Communities of Light, and the Communities of Light are based on the Eternal Divine Path.

You can have community, but community only can be Communities of Light if they are based on the Eternal Divine Path.

The base of our teachings is the Eternal Divine Path. It shows how there have been Seven Revelations, and each of these Revelations have come as a part of a greater truth. But you have to recognize it is a very hard part I have found for humanity to accept that this is the Last Revelation, this is it!

Read the Bible. Read the Scriptures. Read what God has said, and put your understanding based on Gods Revelation in His Scriptures.

When the Seven Seals are opened, that is it, it is done! In The Revelation it clearly says, When the Seventh Angel pours the last plague, or vial, that is it, it is done, it is finished. Or when the Seventh trumpet is sounded, that is it, it is done, it is finished. The mystery of God is no more.

We have seen in this Mission how many questions have been asked and always the answers have come clearly. I have not seen anyone so far to come and say, No, your answer was not correct. I did not like it. It did not make sense.

For twenty-five years all the answers were perfect. That is from God because God is perfect.

Go ahead, Openeye.


Openeye2003: A person can be good, can be bad. Now when a person is bad, he has a lot of ego that is in him. Now would there be such a person have the highest ego, which is bad, go manifest and control the world?

Maitreya: All right, well, they already are ruling the world with the ego, Openeye, control the world. OK well, they are already controlling the world with the ego. That is why we have such destruction. We have such wars and all the things that are happening on earth.

The only thing we can refer to, probably you are talking about the anti-Christ. Anti-Christ, a lot of people talk about, especially in Christianity and in Catholicism, in the Catholic Church and other people who believe in dajjal in Islam, etc.

Such a thing is not a human; it is not a being. It is Maya or the attraction to the external world. We do have an essay in our website, Who is the anti-Christ? It explains there is a fallen angel group that is leading humanity to go astray. Actually they brought a lot of confusion even about Maitreya and our Revelation.

Could they control the world? They are already controlling the world. Maya is powerful, strong, and the people are following it all over the world. A lot of people do not believe in God. They believe that they are God themselves. They do not listen to the Scriptures. Actually they shun the Scriptures and Godly things, and ungodly things have become even more important and more acceptable than Gods Way. That is exactly what the anti-Christ is.

Anti-Christ is ego, is the things that we can see related to ego on earth. He is in power, and he is controlling the earth already.

We do not have to wait for him to come. He is already here. He has been here. He has been leading humanity to this point, and at this time actually he is really powerful.

We are very few people struggling to spread the Word of God to humanity, and the world is not listening because that anti-Christ, the ego, the Maya, the illusion of separation from God is so powerful that he rules the world. Therefore we can see anti-Christ or ego is not a person. It is not a being. He is not a person that the Scriptures say is going to fulfill this prophecy and therefore this is anti-Christ.

Anti-Christ is a state of consciousness. As Pure Consciousness is a state of Consciousness and oneness with God is a state of Consciousness. Therefore we can see there are egos that they are controlling the world.

Even individuals that are very powerful and they are controlling the earth, these wars and all this destruction is happening because of their egos and what they want to do on earth, not because of what God wants to do on earth.

God wants unity. God wants Communities of Light. God wants purity. God wants people to meditate, awaken their spiritual forces, direct that energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light, sacrifice for them, surrender and submit to God, and become universalists.

Ego wants to be self-centered, selfish, and use the resources for individual glorification. When we have infinite resources in the universe and if we reach to the universe, we do not have to fight for a little resources that we have on earth and then pollute the earth to the point that it is going to be destroyed. We can reach the universe and have all the material longings that we have by using the resources in the universe.

But that is another problem with ego, the vision of ego is very small. It just sees what is available at this point and, How can I get it for myself? The vision is not expanded to say, Oh, the whole universe is out there, and there are infinite resources that I can reach. I can have everything I want without destroying other people to have it.

But ego says, No, you are alone, you are lonely, there is no connection to God, there is no connection to the universe. This is the only earth. These are the only resources. If you want to have a better life, have more. That is a very destructive force that has come to us and is controlling the world at this point.

Therefore anti-Christ, that ego you are talking about, is already ruling the world. You do not have to wait for him to come.

By understanding this, you can understand that we have to rid ourselves of that ego. We have to teach people to come together and create the Kingdom, reach the universe, bring all the material longings that the human has, and bring a greater standard of living for everyone. But use that standard of living to meditate more, to progress more, and to become in a greater degree close to Spirit.

Go ahead, Youdaassema.


Youdaassema: Yes, if Revelation ends at some point in whatever your Revelation is, why does it end somewhere? Why cant it end in any particular place sent by God? For example, about the Bible, will the real Jesus please stand up? I do not think your Jesus can stand up. And Jesus said I am the door. In Revelation 23:20, Anyone who knocks and opens the door, I will come in. No mere messenger. He has to be more than a messenger. He was absolutely sinless, Who here convicts me of sin. He had to be absolutely sinless.

Maitreya: OK Youdaassema, if you have a question, go ahead. We know about the preaching of Christianity. We know about your belief about Christ and all that. What you say is correct, is true. We do not deny that.

Jesus was not His name. He never was called Jesus. There is no j in Hebrew, and you are saved by His name.

If you even do not know His name, how can you be saved? Your religion is saying the correct thing. It has been influenced with many other powers and teachings. In Rome, it has been influenced with a lot of Roman beliefs. Therefore you have to understand our teachings.

You say, your Revelation, probably you do not know about our Revelation and our teaching. So we encourage you to go to our website, read our teaching, and understand that what you believe is a bunch of dogmas and they have been imposed on you.

You should know His Name. His Name cannot be pronounced. How can you believe that you are a Christian if you do not know His Name?

Go ahead. But do not preach, OK? We know about your dogmas and everything. If you have a question, go ahead.


Youdaassema: OK, well, just to reply, just to explain in the most sincere way I can, sir. I have been listening for over an hour at what you and your ministry or whatever Revelation is. His name was Yeshu, translated means Jesus. It is translated into Jesus. So I am just calling him a different translation of his name. Oh like Jesus, Hey-sus would be in Spanish. It does not matter. You are worshipping the same person. OK so that is irrelevant. There is no false doctrine or dogma. The Revelation ended with Jesus, I am the way and the truth and light. He who comes to me will not perish but has everlasting life. No mere messenger like Moses or Isaiah could say that. He had to be much more. And I just think you need a dose of Christian theology.

Maitreya: [laughing] OK. First of all, His Name even was not Yshua. You do not know our teaching again. His Name cannot be pronounced. His Name is a vibration, an energy within you. That is what Christ was talking about, that you will be saved by His Name.

If you do not know His True Name, His Name is not Yshua. It is not Jweh, and it is not transliterated from Yshua to Jesus. I have heard that before. Many people have come to our room and said exactly the things you are saying.

You have to realize and recognize that His Name cannot be uttered in this external world. In this Mission we reveal the true Name of Christ, the name of the Son and the Father. When the name of the Son and the Father become one, then Yshua and Yahweh (which you call him) or Ywehshua become One, which is the savior of Yahweh. If you know His Name then you are saved.

But you do not know His Name because the moment you say it is Yshua, or Jesus, or whatever, Allah, or Mohammad, or whatever you call Him, it is not Him. It cannot be pronounced.

Now about the only Way, I say the same thing, that I am the only Way and the truth. No one goes to the Father but through me. That is the claim of every Prophet and every Revealer all through history when they bring the Revelation, they are the way, and there is no other way. If you do not follow their way, you will fall and you will not make it to God.

Now this way has been revealed to humanity through the Eternal Divine Path, and no one goes to the Father but through this Revelation and the truth. Therefore it is not something new. Prophet Muhammad said the same thing. Moses said the same thing. Bab said the same thing. They are the only way, in that time and moment they came.

Prophet Muhammad said the same thing, Listen to the Prophet. Whatever He says are My Words. They are the Words of God, and you cannot go to God but through Him.

Christianity does not have the monopoly of that saying. Now it is true in this Revelation, No one goes to the Father but through this Revelation and the teachings. Therefore that saying 2,000 years ago no longer has the validity because the other Revelations came, expanded, and furthered that Revelation before it. Recognize the truth of God and your Scriptures.

Our teaching is based on the Bible. The Bible is the major base of this Revelation. Go read our teaching; you will understand it better. Do not preach please, Youdaassema. If you have a question, go ahead. If you start preaching I have to red-dot you. You are not here to preach but to ask questions. Go ahead.


Youdaassema: OK, I wont preach to you and I am sorry if I did. I just want to in fairness let me say my reply, humble reply, and then I will go and look at your website.

First of all because of theological presupposition and philosophical assumptions, that is why you cannot pronounce the name of Jesus. Because no one can see God or pronounce the name of God, like Jews would. That is just that theological presupposition. OK it is not a historical one.

The name of Jesus is Yshua. That is what He has been called; that is what He was called in first century Judaism.

First of all you say that further Revelation like your Revelation expands and solves the problems, solves all these problems. Yet, why does Revelation have to quit, why does it quit with yours? Why couldnt it quit with the Bible?

I certainly think it did. I think it certainly makes that point. If anyone adds to this Revelation, I will translate, you are going to go to hell in a hand basket. OK, Jesus was the only one, He said He is the truth, the Light, that gives everlasting life. No man has everlasting life except through Him. No Prophet ever said that.

You can look at the Koran, the Hadiths, the Old Testament, anything, nothing was close, no one claimed to be God himself. In that it is a historic position, you have to come to grips with.

The question is, will you follow Jesus right now? That is the question. Will the real Jesus please stand up? And I think the biblical Jesus has been vindicated by His resurrection.


Maitreya: OK, we have heard these things before. Again the name is not Yshua. That is corrupt.

Actually in the Old Testament when the Hebrews could not utter the Name of God and uttering the Name of God would be considered blasphemy or taking the Name of the Lord in vain, they would have been stoned. They would have been crucified if they had taken the Name of the Lord because they knew It cannot be pronounced. It cannot be uttered.

Your explanation that His Name was Yshua at the very beginning of your logic is faulty because His Name is not pronounceable. You cannot say the Name of the Lord in vain, or pronounce it. That is the first step that you have to recognize and realize, and it is explained in our website and in our teaching why His Name cannot be uttered in the external world.

Also He is the only way, the truth, and no one goes to the Father but through Him. As I said, He is the Light; He is the Revealer of the Revelations. All the Prophets said the same thing. There is no Prophet who did not declare that He is the Prophet from God and He has the Word of God, and the only way to go to God is through Him.

We understand you. You are emotional. We understand you are a Christian. You are probably a pretty strong Christian, which is OK, and you believe the things that have already been answered.

No matter what you say and ask, Christians have been to our room many times and they have been answered about the crucifixion, about Christ, His Name, His claim, and everything. And of course according to you, Christ is the only way.

But according to the Word of God there were going to be Seven Revelations, Seven Seals, Seven Revealers who would bring all of them and then would open and explain the Revelations. I know your truth. You are saying the truth; in The Revelation it clearly says that if you add anything to the The Revelation, you will go to hell in a hand basket. But the only person who can explain and reveal The Revelation is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Messiah, the Chosen One, He who has fulfilled the prophecies. He can add to it. He can explain, and He can reveal it to humanity. He is not going to go to hell because He is already in Heaven.

If you understand that The Revelation is based on the Word of God, the prophecies have been fulfilled through this Mission, and I am the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, then you will understand this Revelation is from God.

So please do not preach. Just ask questions. We are out of time anyway. But go ahead, I will give you one more chance. Go ahead.


Youdaassema: OK, first of all, I do not want to argue, that is not my purpose in that I am a Christian, you are right. I am not an ordinary Christian though. I am a Christian apologist. I have dealt with all these issues before and still continue to learn. Let me just say again, the concept of your theological presupposition and your views of God, that is why you will not pronounce the name of Jesus, Yshua. But if you werent so, you would say Yshua, or the translation of it, Jesus.

So it just because of your presupposition of the truth of your Revelation that you sway to your position on that.

Now the Seven Seals in The Revelation were not, they were seven warnings, they were not Revelations per say. Note that the final Revelation lived amongst men. He was Jesus of Nazareth. He rose from the dead. None of the other so-called Messengers or Prophets rose from the dead. He was the one who rose from the dead and so He also None of the other Prophets said they were the Light, the truth, the way, and through Him was Eternal life. None of the other Prophets said this.

They said, Thus saith the Lord, the Old Testament Prophets did.

Maitreya: OK, I have to red-dot you because you are going on and on again, and preaching, etc. And about the meaning of The Revelation: You just added to The Revelation by trying to explain to it. You did exactly what you said I should not be doing. Therefore you go to hell in a hand basket because you are explaining and you are not Christ. You do not have the authority or backing of God to tell us what exactly the Seven Seals mean in The Revelation.

And we do. We have come with the authority of God, the Revelation, the explanation, and the prophecies. Therefore my explanation is more valid than any explanation anyone else gives.

Again we encourage you to go to our website and study. Everything you say about Christ died and rose, that is a controversial topic that many people believe He did not. He did not even die. Some people even believe that He was not even crucified. Some people say it seems to them He was crucified.

Rosicrucians believe He was not. He lived for more than forty years after He was apparently crucified. So were you there? How do you know that is exactly the truth? And you believe in it. That is your faith. That is fine. But even that is possible because God can do whatever He wants, and He might have risen because that is the symbol of rising from your lower nature, the first to third chakras, to the higher self. That is the real resurrection, going from the lower nature to the higher self.

Anyway, I am glad that you were so nice and polite about it. But you have to study our teachings and listen to Satsangs. These answers all are given. There is nothing that you brought up here that was new.

There were a lot of good questions today. Go to our website. It is the responsibility of everyone to go to the website and see that this is the Revelation that God has sent and given to humanity. Any explanation or speculation is not the correct one. See the Vision. When you see the Vision then you know there is no doubt that this is from God and what we claim is correct.

It is Gods Revelation, and God already foretold this to come. After you saw that, you become a messenger to reveal this to the rest of humanity.

Let us bring Gods Kingdom on earth, and let us expand humanity from their dogmas and small little religions they are so attached to. Expand them to a greater degree to bring the Kingdom of God on earth. He is the King indeed!

Sal-OM everyone!

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