MAITREYA, Conversation With


Maitreya: Good morning everyone. Welcome to the Missionof Maitreyas Conversation Room. Again we will be together for an hour and a half, and we will discuss the Mission. I hope you will have questions for me that I can answer. Of course, if you do not, that is OK.

We have been answering the questions for the last twenty-five years, and many questions have already been answered. Probably there is not much left to answer. But if still there are points you want to clarify about the Mission and these teachings, you are welcome to raise your hand and ask your questions.

If you are a newcomer and you do not know about the teachings, we encourage you to go to our website and study them, become familiar with them, and then bring your questions here. Of course there are many ways in the website to have your questions answered. Probably during the week many people have told those who are new to the Mission how they can find those answers.

Indeed the world needs our teachings, and they have lost their ways. No matter where you look you can see that they are not following Gods Words. It is a time of amazingly falling away from the truth, Scriptures, and the Word of God. No matter where you look, if you look at the TV, if you look at the world, if you look at the state of the earth, you will see that definitely something has gone wrong. Humanity will go toward self-destruction if they do not stop, think, and say, Why are we in this state, and why are we not in peace and unity, and have a wonderful place that everyone can grow physically, mentally, and spiritually?

Of course our human part does not like this because our human part wants unity, peace, tranquility, respect, and every aspect of human life that we long to fulfill. But when we look at the world, we see there is no respect, there is no love, and there is no unity. There is a lot of destruction, and people do not understand each other. Even those who claim to be the guides of the humans and spiritual people act not according to the Scriptures and the Word of God. Therefore they are not taking people to God but to a different direction.

Now this Revelation has come and teaches humanity that they are united, they are unified, they are from one God, and there is One World, One Humanity, One Savior, and One God. There is the Spirit of God that has brought all these Revelations to humanity and unified them.

He has sent the Path that guides man to salvation, physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, individually, and collectively. Still the human resists this Revelation and these teachings, and we are struggling to spread this Message to them.

But they are so attached to so many things, their teachings, their cultures, their languages, their teachers. There are so many things the humans are attached to that they cannot just shake them off and say, OK, I am free from all this narrowness of the mind and smallness, and I will not listen to humans but I will listen to God. It is no wonder that God has been struggling to return humans back to the Godhead. They have been resisting it all along.

Our work is to spread this Message. Our Message is very simple, I have found the Messiah. The Messiah is here. That is all you have to do, tell them. Of course they will think you are crazy.

They thought the disciples of Christ were crazy. They also said the same thing to the world, and the world, of course, could not believe it. Instead of listening to Christ, they crucified Him. They had a hard time to make the human to follow the message that Christ brought.

This time is different. God has promised for sure that this time is the time to bring the Kingdom of God on earth. This upheaval and destruction is a part of that Plan. The only thing we have to do is let the human know that the last Revelation of God has come to humanity. All religions of the world are unified. We are here to observe this with all our hearts, minds, and spirits, and be mindful that we have been given a Mission, be concentrated on that, and not be wavering to other attractions or pulls that take us away from the main purpose that, we have been called to serve this Mission.

If we are wavering, we will waiver forever and we will not be able to completely dedicate ourselves to the Call. Therefore the number is few, but we are also strong and dedicated.

There are people who are here now that will see this Mission and the Message, and see the Vision right away. If people who come to the Mission do not see the Vision right away and they have a lot of resistance to seeing it, probably they will not see it for a long time.

We have to help them as much as we can. But we have to reach in even a greater degree to those who will listen.

So the Message is the same thing. The Message is Eternal Divine Path. The Message is the fulfillment of the prophecies. The Message is that we have a viable Revelation and miracle of Message for humanity. This Message unifies all religions together and shows how God has been sending them to humanity. Now we are here to let them know, Yes, God indeed exists.

In the first place He has said a special way to live, to grow, to dedicate ourselves to the community, to our family, to our God, and not follow everything that is not Godly and at the same time believing that we are following God.

If we accept His Ways, then we purify ourselves. We will not waiver from His Ways, and we will teach other people also what the correct way to go to God is. It is to be a good person. It means to be in the family, in the community.

No matter how you heal, how much power you have, how much you think you are spiritual, if you are not setting up families and setting up communities, if you are not a good person, if you are not dedicating yourself to the Eternal Divine Path, all those things are not from the Spirit of God. So there is a lot of attraction going on in the world.

There was a program on TV that these people were healing people, one after another. But the spirit in it was not the Spirit of God. It reminded me of the Scripture that says, Many will come to Me and tell Me that, I healed in Your Name, and I will say, I know you not, because they are not doing the Will of God.

This human, these people, should be guided, should be told that they have to follow the Eternal Divine Path. That is Godly. That is the way to do it, not create the emotional environment that makes people become emotionally involved and not understand the deeper level of Gods Ways.

So we have the correct Way of going to God. The Way of God is not to gain powers. The Way of God is become a good person, to create the Communities of Light, to create pure marriages, and then dedicate ourselves to the communities, to God.

These are not just words that come here, go to the air, and vanish for nothing, but they are the bread of life and the truth of life.

We have to go back to family, to a good environment, to community, not only in one nation, in one culture, but all over the earth. We have to create places where people will feel safe and peaceful, without all the destruction, wars, and problems that we have on earth right now.

Who is going to do that? You are going to do it. We are going to do it. We have to reach out in every way possible to spread this Message.

The Message is simple. There is One God, One Humanity. The Spirit of God is One who sent all these Revelations to man, and we have only one planet earth to live on. The Planet Earth is really a dust in the universe and it is not that important in the scheme of things. But at the same time that is all we have, one Planet Earth. If we reach to space, we will have unlimited resources and we can even improve our standard of living.

Therefore all the ways are given for humanity to progress themselves. Even science is coming closer and closer to what we teach.

We talked about the new theory they have come up with called the string theory in science, that they have come up with something that they say is even smaller than quarks and other elements that they have found in atoms, which they call strings. They are millions and billions of times smaller than the atoms themselves.

Then with those strings, according to the vibration of those strings, different elements are created. That is what we were saying all this time, that the whole universe is vibration. According to different vibrations, different elements are created.

They came up with five different theories for the string theory. That did not work. There has to be, if there is an absolute Oneness in the universe, there should be only one string, one theory. So they eventually realized that those five theories are a reflection of one string.

Therefore they are reaching God. They are reaching that unified theory of the universe that there was one string and when it resonates, it reflects like it is reflecting on different mirrors with the different angles. It sounds like there are five but there is only One Source.

So they eventually have reached to the understanding that there is One God (Source). There is one Law in the universe. The interesting thing is that they called this last realization the M theory. I am wondering why, from all the letters in the alphabet, they chose M?

Does anyone know what that M stands for? Does it stand for the Mission of Maitreya? Or does it stand for Maitreya? [laughing] Even that is interesting that from the whole alphabet, the twenty-six letters, they chose the M theory that exactly explains our theory that, Yes, there is Consciousness, one unified theory. That Consciousness created everything. Everything is created by vibration because vibration comes from raja guna, and raja guna is the movement or the element in the universe that creates vibration.

Now science also has reached to the same conclusion that there is One Source that everything has been created from. From that One Source, five theories have been vibrating in the universe.

What are those five theories that they have come up with? Can you say they are: ether, air, luminous, liquid, and solid factors in the universe, because the original vibration or string reflects five vibrations in the universe, which creates the five elements in the universe? By this we can see that science is coming so close to the theory that we have been talking about for the last twenty-five years.

Now, not only are they coming so close, they call the theory the M theory. If you look at The Greatest Sign, in the middle of The Greatest Sign, there is a dot and an M in the middle of it, which is OM. That is the original sound created in the universe.

We can see science is closer to God than many of these religious people out there who believe in dogmas, misunderstandings, man-made theories, and narrowed religions that they think their religion is better than the other religion, although they all say it came from the same God. They say, My religion is the only one. How can all come from God, and your religion is the only one?

When you look at the Scriptures, most of them are based on the Bible and the Revelations before them. God clearly has set the stage for other religions to be based on what had already been revealed in the Bible. Also in The Revelation in the Bible, it clearly says that there are going to be SevenChurches, Seven Revelations, Seven Truths that will come to humanity. Only then, when the Seventh Truth is revealed, is the whole mystery of God finished.

We can see that even science is confirming that, Yes indeed, the Mission has revealed the truth about the creation, and science now confirms it and calls it the M theory. That again should make a lot of scientists think that they should listen to this Revelation and see what we say about the creation. How has the creation been created?

They had a problem with unifying the quantum theory with gravity for years. We solved that twenty-five years ago, and we explained how gravity is the collection of the mass, which creates the gravity. God created the mass, and that is where the gravity comes from. In a smaller scale, the quantum theory is the creation of the Consciousness, atom, and everything that is there. It was solved twenty-five years ago.

Now they are coming to the same conclusion, Yes, OK, there is one string, or one vibration, which reflects itself to five that the whole creation is created from, and they are millions of billions of times smaller than the atom. And of course they are having a hard time to see the atom. So the conclusion is, you can never see, probably, you never will be able to see these strings because they are millions and billions of times smaller than the atom itself.

In another way, You cannot explain God. You cannot see God.

Again even in the scientific way, we can see the Mission has explained the universe and has revealed the Mystery of God to humanity. The Mission has explained all the religions of the world and many truths. Anytime you look at any lecture, or any Satsang from previous times, you see that there has been so much truth revealed in the Mission that it is amazing that we have so few people still in the Mission when the Mystery has been given to humanity and the way to peace and unity has been revealed to them.

Still we have people who come to this room and they say they know better than us what is correct and what is not. They continue to resist us and try to tell us that we are wrong, or come here and disturb the peace. They indeed do this to their own Souls because they are opposing The Holy Ghost, the very Spirit of God here. They do not realize and recognize this. They think it is fun, or it is something they do that is correct, which it is not. They are doing it to their own peril.

If we really look at the Mission, we can see that there is nothing that has not been revealed by God in this Revelation, that the Mystery of God indeed has been finished. The only thing left for us is to understand the depth of what has been revealed to humanity.

[something typed in text]

Yes, God is everything. You want to refute that; that is fine. You can say God is not everything. It does not make any difference what our opinions are. The truth is that even science, as we were just explaining, is coming to the same conclusion that there is one unified theory in the universe and everything has come from that unity.

Then, everything is pure and Divine even what in the human mind might not look Divine. And it is. There is nothing that is bad in the universe. It is human conceptions that think something is impure. Even if they use whatever is impure and they analyze it in the laboratories, they find it is just chemicals, minerals, and atoms.

If there is nothing bad, then where is the devil?

Atheist Refuter: Your people are telling me to be respectful.

Maitreya: Being respectful is an attitude of humans toward other humans. Not being respectful is not being Godly. Those are the only beings in the universe that cannot be Godly, and those are humans. That is because we have a choice to choose God or not.

If you choose God then you are Godly. If you do not choose God, then you are not.

Atheist Refuter: But it is not bad to you.

Maitreya: Bad to you what?

Atheist Refuter: How could it not be Godly if everything is God?

Maitreya: Yes, that is true. That is a discussion we have been saying that, the only thing that is not Godly in the universe is ego. Ego, of course, really does not exist because it is the illusion of separation from God. If it is the illusion of separation from God, then how can it exist? Because illusion, it really does not exist.

But that illusion, which is called Maya, or separation from God, is so strong that it is true to those who are in that illusion.

Yes, everything is God but the illusion of separation from God.

Atheist Refuter: Then you cannot say that everything is God.

Maitreya: Yes, I can.

Atheist Refuter: You are contradicting yourself.

Maitreya: No, it is a very fine understanding of God (which is everything) and the illusion or delusion of being separated from Him, which is so strong that it seems true to those who are in it. Therefore ego, although it does not really exist in the sense of a material thing, is that separation from God. Therefore to those who are in it, it exists.

Atheist Refuter: How can something be separate from God if God is everything?

Maitreya: Well, if you were listening, it is a very fine understanding that illusion means, although it does not exist, we think it does exist. Therefore we do not believe it does exist for people who are realized. But for those who are not, it exists.

Atheist Refuter: What does everything mean?

Maitreya: Everything means the creation, the elements in the universe, you, me, your being, this computer, the water, the air, the luminous and solid factors. Everything in the universe that has been created and is tangible or intangible, like air and ether, are God. There is nothing that has not been created by God and with God, and all the elements in the universe were created by Him.

Therefore that is what we mean by everything. We do not mean the illusion of separation from God. That is the only thing you can say that is not God, is that illusion that is called Maya in many religions. It is so powerful that it seems so true to humanity.

It is just like, you are looking at an atom and you look at the solid factor. The reason it is solid is because the electrons and other elements that move around the center move so fast that it makes it look solid. The faster they go around the nucleus, the more solid the matter looks or feels.

Therefore it is an illusion. It is not really solid. It is scientifically proven. But we think it is solid because there is such a deep delusion of the reality of the universe. If you had told someone a hundred years ago, Know this solid table is not really solid; it is made of atoms, which has much space between the elements that go around the center that really there is more space even in solid factor than there is solidity, they would not have believed you.

So we can see that we are in illusion, even in this state. It was only recently that we realized that the universe is created with atoms. For years they thought there are only electrons, protons, and neutrons, the three elements in the atom.

Then recently they started smashing them and they found even smaller parts. Now, as the person in the room is saying, he is watching an interesting series on the string theory called, The Elegant Universe, and he says, It was cool. If you watch that series, at the end they called the last theory, or the last realization, the M theory. From all the twenty-six letters in the English alphabet, they chose M.

What does that M stand for? It is the theory that we brought twenty-six years ago, twenty-five years ago. So we can say, that has been resolved.

We can see that even our understanding of the atom and the things we thought were solid were delusion because we did not know the truth behind them, and now we do.

That is exactly what ego is. Ego thinks it exists. Ego thinks it is separated from God. Ego thinks that God does not exist. That is why we said, God is an experience, just like science is an experience.

Einstein did not do it. He was not able to come to that conclusion. Why do you think they came up with the letter M from all twenty-six letters?

[typed in room] M stands for Maitreya.

Of course they do not know it. I am not saying they came and said, Oh, M means Maitreya. But probably God inspired the person who put that name. Why M? Why not something else? But anyway Einstein was not able to unify this.

We have talked about these theories for the last twenty-five years. But they cannot call this God. They cannot say, This is the God Theory, but their theory and ours match.

It is not that I am ecstatic if they put it after my name. That is again Gods doing. That again reveals to humanity that this Revelation has explained this theory twenty-five years ago. Now they are coming up with this explanation, which was explained twenty-five years ago. That is another confirmation for you and humanity to realize this Revelation is from God, and stop opposing the Mission and fighting this Revelation. Come and realize that you have come to the correct place that God is telling you He exists.

He is doing all these things. He said He was going to do all these things, and He did. He said He was going to send this Revelation that will unify all religions and explain everything He has done. Therefore if you are from other religions or if you are an atheist, you can see that God is telling you, I do exist.

You might have rejected the religions, the illogical religions that were on earth before this religion. But now that this logical religion is here, which even explains science to you, you have to say, Yes, OK. I am no longer an atheist because God said He is going to do these things and He has done them, because what Maitreya says is based on science and logic. Therefore I have to meditate. I have to experience God. Then I will know God exists.

God is not an intellectual discussion. That is what your problem is, Refuter. You are trying to refute something that cannot be discussed intellectually but has to be experienced. We can discuss this to the end of the universe and still we will not come to the conclusion of who is right and who is wrong, because we are trying to explain something intellectually that cannot be fathomed.

It is just like telling a scientist, Show me the strings.

He already said, I cannot show you the strings. It is a string theory. Theory means it is just an idea that sounds correct.

Of course in the case of God, it is not a theory because many people have experienced God. Many people have connected to God. Many people have come to humanity and said, Yes, there is a Spirit. Know thyself to know God. Meditate.

Therefore you want to argue or refute something that is not arguable, is not refutable. We have to experience it. The only thing I can tell you is, start following the Eternal Divine Path.

First of all read our teachings and see how God said He was going to do many things, and He has done them. If you have the slightest logic, if someone says they are going to do something and they have done them, then you will come to the conclusion, Yes, such a person exists.

If I say that I am going to move this cup from here to here, and then I do move it, the conclusion is, I do exist. If I exist, then the only way for you to know is to go and find out.

Atheist Refuter: I am not an atheist.

Maitreya: Then why do you call yourself Atheist Refuter?

Atheist Refuter: I hate atheists with a passion.

Maitreya: Well, you do not have to hate them. As someone is writing there right now, even God created atheists. So how can you hate atheists, if God is everything? You cannot hate anything because even atheists are a part of God.

There are a lot of questions on the screen. So we have to go slow if you want to

Atheist Refuter: According to you, hating is not bad.

Maitreya: Well, there is a time to hate. You should hate the bad action but not hate the person. The person, the Essence of the person, is God, therefore we cannot hate that. But if the person is a bad person, or doing something ungodly, you have to hate the action of that person.

Atheist Refuter: You said nothing is bad.

Maitreya: I did not say, nothing is bad. I said everything is God.

The bad things only come through ego. Yes, in the creation, there is nothing bad in creation, in the manifested universe. In God there is nothing bad.

The only thing that is bad in the universe is ego, which is a delusion of separation from God. From ego comes bad action. So you have to recognize and realize our teachings. You have to understand the depth of what we are talking about, then you will not argue but will rejoice that such a wonderful Revelation has come to humanity.

Atheist Refuter: It is the deed, but the bad action is not ego.

Maitreya: Yes, the only way you can have a bad action is if you have ego. If you do not have ego you will not do bad actions because you and God are one, and God does not do bad things.

Atheist Refuter: Doing and it exists.

Maitreya: Yes, it does exist. When you act something through ego, it does exist. It is not Godly. That is why ungodly things exist in the universe. Therefore the only thing in the universe that is bad and you should hate, and try to rid yourself of, is E G O. That is all. You cannot hate anyone, their Essence. You can hate their actions, which come from ego, and you can hate their ignorance, which creates disunity and destruction.

Atheist Refuter: Did Maitreya ever have a spiritual teacher, a master?

Maitreya: Yes, when I came to the United States, I joined Ananda Marga. The founder of Ananda Marga was Shrii Shrii Anandamurti. He is called Baba. He is the Sixth Seal in our teachings. I do not know if he was my master, as God is the only master.

But He did teach me many things. The first thing He taught me was that God is everything, actually. I recognized that in my first meditation. That is what I said, you recognize these things with experience.

You cannot argue about them.

Atheist Refuter: God is not everything.

Maitreya: OK, that is an opinion. There are many people who have experienced God, and they say that God is everything.

Atheist Refuter: Say that God is God, and you say that it is God because it exists. Does ego exist?

Maitreya: OK, you mean if ego is God? No, ego is not God. The only thing in this universe, which is not God, is ego. Ego really does not exist. It is an illusion. Illusion, just like in a desert, when you see water and it looks so much like water. When you see a mirage, you think it is really water. If you have ever been in the desert, you look at the lake. Then you go, and you try to have some water, and as you come closer it vanishes, it is not there anymore.

So we can see that although it seems it exists and is true, when you come close, it is an illusion.

Atheist Refuter: Actually I am not able to express myself. I believe that God is not like anything.

Maitreya: Yes, OK you can keep saying these things, but they are your opinions and ideas, Atheist Refuter. You have to listen. Stop blurting out these words, instead of sitting back and realizing the truth. The truth is that people have recognized and realized that God is everything.

Atheist Refuter: I have heard of Anandamurti, I think.

Maitreya: OK.

Atheist Refuter: He is not everything.

Maitreya: All right. We are not here to argue with you. You can keep your opinion. But the truth of it is that He is everything. [something typed in text]

No, I did not study in India. I came to this country. Actually I was an atheist myself when I came to this country because they could not show me God. I asked them, Show me God and I will believe. They could not.

God was up there. I was born in Tehran, so it was an Islamic country but they could not show me God.

But then I became initiated with Ananda Marga. With the first meditation, it was very clear that God was everything. I was in a dormitory then. I came downstairs. I was grabbing people and saying, Can you see God is everything? And they could not see that at all.

Yes, I was initiated with a teacher from Ananda Marga through Anandamurti.

So understanding that God is everything is an experience.

Atheist Refuter: This is a great contradiction on your part.

Maitreya: No, there is no contradiction, Atheist. It is a realization that has to come with experience. It is just like asking, explain God.

God is not explainable. People have been trying to explain God for centuries. They have written books, volumes of books. They have not succeeded.

But a yogi, or a priest, or a saint, or a sufi, or a cabbalist meditates and suddenly jumps of joy and says, Anallah, God and I are one. There is no separation between us. I have no ego left. We are one.

See, it is just like that person in the laboratory. He puts something under the microscope and looks at it through the microscope. He says, Yes, look, there are things in the water we could not see before. Now we can.

Can he explain to you what the atom is? Yes probably, but you have to look in the microscope to see it. You say, Oh, yes, I can see it. You were right. That water seems so clean but there are so many things moving in it. I did not know.

That is exactly how God-realization is, you have to experience God. That experience is through meditation, through closing your eyes, through quieting your senses, through rhythmic breathing with a mantra.

The mantra, the Universal Mantra that we have, is Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam. Breathe in Haree Om Shrii Hung; experience the stillness between breathing in and breathing out. Breathe out, Om Nam Kevalam; experience the stillness between breathing out and breathing in.

Then again breathe in Haree Om Shrii Hung, breathe out Om Nam Kevalam. Experience that stillness. If you experience that stillness, that stillness is God. So we have given you the way to experience God. But we cannot prove It to you in an intellectual way.

God is not a discussion; It is an experience by a person.

Atheist Refuter: You say God is everything, and then you say ego exists. But then to say that ego is not God is not

Maitreya: You are not listening Atheist. I did not say ego exists. We said ego is an illusion, does not exist. It is a mirage. OK? In a mirage it seems so true. You think yes, there is water there, but when you go there you see it is not there.

Atheist Refuter: Maitreya, was J. Krishnamurti also a person with the understanding?

Maitreya: Krishnamurti had a lot of truth like everyone else. But he was not Maitreya, and he was not the Seventh Angel. He realized that himself and refused to follow the Theosophical Society. He backed off from their misunderstanding, which wanted to groom him as the Maitreya.

Maitreya has to fulfill the prophecies. Maitreya has to come from God. He should know the Scriptures. He should bring the unity of all religions. He has to have a Revelation. It is not something that people can groom someone and say, Yes, you are the one, but He has been chosen by God.

So the Theosophical Society was trying to replace God by themselves. Krishnamurti realized that and said, No, I am not going to do this. It is just not correct. And he was right. He was absolutely correct in that. He was a good high Soul, and actually even taking that step (not accepting their assumptions) shows he was a Great Soul and a Great Being, and he had a lot of truth. But he was a very intellectual person, and that is why he appealed to many intellectual people.

He has revealed a lot of truth to humanity. But he did not open the Seventh Seal. He did not reveal the unification of all religions. That has been done here with this Mission. Now it has been given to humanity, the truth of everything you want to know is in this Revelation.

Atheist Refuter: People knew atoms existed before they saw them with the microscope.

Maitreya: Yes, but at the same time, many people did not believe in them and they said, No, you are incorrect. There are no such things as atoms, until they were shown. Then of course everyone said, Yes, now I can see them.

That exactly happens to you. If you meditate and you continue in meditation, eventually you will see that you do not exist. What existed was ego.

God exists. God is everything. Then you see there is no place that God does not exist. That is exactly the same conclusion that scientists have come to, that everything has come from the same vibration, the same source, and everything is vibration in the universe. Everything is movement. That is what we have been saying for many years, that vibration is the raja guna in the universe, the movement, the mutative force. We have been talking about the mutative force for years now. By understanding this, you understand creation.

Audience: Are you the incarnation of Christ, of Jesus?

Maitreya: Yes, I have the stigmata in my hands, and there are signs on my body that show that there is a relationship between Christ and this person.

In our belief, only the Spirit of God comes through the Prophets and Messengers of God. There is only One Spirit. That is why we say, One World, One Humanity, One Savior, which is the Spirit of God, and One God.

With this realization we are One Humanity. There is One World we are living in. We have to come together and protect it; One Revealer of all the Revelations, and One God.

Actually the idea of atom was known to the Greeks, Aristotle and his followers. All were talking about that there is an element in the universe called the atom, and everything has been created from it. But it was a theory. It was a philosophy by them. Many people did not even think about it and did not accept what they said, until the twentieth century that they eventually were able to see the atom and they said, Oh, OK, now we can see it. Yes, they were right. Those Greek people were not absolutely crazy. So there were a lot of people who did not accept or believe in the theory of the atom from the Greek philosophers.

It is just like the string theory. Some people call it a philosophy. It is a theory. It is not really proven. There are some people in quantum physics and gravity studies that still say it is a theory; it is not something proven.

Later on, who knows, maybe in a couple of hundred years, or a couple of ten years or something, a half a century or something, they might come up with a special instrument that they can look at the strings and vibrations, and they will eventually realize, not only is there a string theory, they are also made of Consciousness and the three creative forces. They are not there yet.

They say, It is a string. But what is that string made of? They have not gone beyond that. We are already beyond that. Of course they cannot call that God because the moment it is God, they say God, then they are not scientists any more. They become mystics.

Atheist Refuter: Many thanks for letting me enter today, because usually I am restricted from typing, but I am glad to be here today.

Maitreya: OK. [Maitreya quickly reading text]

StillBlissThis: Maitreya, can you talk a little about sensation perception, interpretation (via thought) identification, reaction, behavior, and therefore conditioning? Electricity has tremendous order.

Maitreya: OK we can talk about sensation. There is a book in THOTH called, Universe and Man. It talks about the elements, electricity, the senses, and sensation, how they are carried from our senses to our brain, and how eventually they are perceived, perception. The next one of the sensations is touch, smell, sight, and those things are carried from our senses with electricity, which actually electricity is very intelligent. It has intelligence in it.

That is why they can create computers because electricity can be programmed to zeros and ones, and then they can come to the computer and write programs, etc.

So sensation is carried by electricity to our brain, which the Chitta in the brain forms the formation of the sensation, and the Ahamtattva or raja guna takes that sensation or formation of Chitta and takes it to the Mahatattva, which is the satva guna. The Mahatattva is the decision-making part of the brain, and it says, OK,

For instance, if you touch this table, this desk, your sensation is sent to the Chitta. Chitta forms the sensation; raja guna takes it to the Mahatattva. Mahatattva says, Oh, this is the surface of the table.

Then according to your chakra interpretation, it is according to your chakra or level of your consciousness, then your Mahatattva decides what to do with it. If you are an intelligent, intellectual person you say, OK, I can put my paper on it, take a pencil, and write a story, or use it for a good purpose.

If your consciousness is low you say, Well, I can take a knife and cut my name on it. It depends upon your consciousness that your interpretation comes from the level of consciousness or chakra you are in. And you react, or Mahatattva decides what to do.

Therefore you identify yourself with that action or who you are. It is your perception of who you are. If you are in lower consciousness you say, Well, the only thing I can do is just carve my name on the tree or on the table.

If you are in higher consciousness you say, OK, I can use the tree for creating better air for my environment and put more trees in it. So you can see different reactions. Again it depends upon your level of consciousness, because where your consciousness is, you behave accordingly. All those things are related together.

If you go to that book called Universe and Man, you will understand these things in a greater degree.

Go ahead, Macc.

Macc88gt: Who wrote THOTH?

Maitreya: God wrote THOTH. God has prophesied that there is going to be a Book sealed with the Seven Seals, and the only person who can open that book is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

Of course everyone knows the Lion of the Tribe of Judah is the person whose genealogy goes to King David and Adam. My genealogy does go to King David and Adam. Therefore every person who has that genealogy has the potential to open that Book.

Not only that person has to have that genealogy, also He should have fulfilled the prophecies of His coming. There is a huge section in our website that talks about the prophecies that are fulfilled through Maitreya, through Me, and through the Mission. Therefore God has given everyone all the necessary credentials to recognize that, Yes, indeed, what I say is from God, and that this Revelation is revealed by God to humanity and they have no choice but to accept it.

And first, God exists because He said He was going to do these things, and He has done them. Now it is here. It is up to you to go prove it to yourself, prove the Spirit and eventually realize the truth, Yes it makes sense, it is logical, it is based on logic and science, evolution, and everything that humanity has realized or brought to the human to this point, and beyond.

We are even beyond scientists. They have not recognized the three gunas and Consciousness, yet. They are still behind us but they are coming close. They are coming very close. They cannot call what they realize God because, as I said, they cannot be scientists anymore. The moment they say, All right, it is God, they are mystics. They no longer can say they are scientists.

Bradedp7: I know Him by the fruit (THOTH).

Maitreya: If I had brought THOTH and still have not had those prophecies fulfilled, you might not accept who I am. But some people, as Brad said, know me by THOTH. He just loves THOTH. He read THOTH and he said, That makes sense, and he accepted. He did not need all those prophecies and genealogy. That is another way to recognize who this person is. This Revelation makes sense.

So in brief, it has been prophesied that this Book will come. It is in the Scriptures. God said the Lion of the Tribe of Judah will open it. God said when the Seven Seals are opened, all the Mystery of God will be finished.

They all have been done and are done here for you to recognize, realize, study, progress, and eventually accept, Yes, it is, and then answer the Call. To answer the Call is to purify yourself, recognize and realize our teachings, start practicing the practices God has given for you, progress in your spiritual journey, follow the Eternal Divine Path, and come and join the Mission in a greater degree and the capacity you can. Therefore become a Child of God, become an Elect, become one of the people who are the solution of the problems of humanity on earth, and spread this Message to other people.

Awaken them to realize that, yes indeed, God has sent another Revelation and truth to humanity and is calling them to come, gather, and bring the Kingdom of God to earth, and with joy and unity understand the wonderful earth that God has created. He has prophesied, and He has sent all these religions separately. Now we have put them all together.

Macc88gt: Where does negativity come from?

Maitreya: OK, negativity comes from ego. Ego is negative. Ego is separated from God. Negativity comes from not being united by God and therefore you feel separated from God. When you are separated from God, you feel helpless, you feel abandoned, and you feel everyone is not good. Therefore, you become negative. You see negativity in life, you see negativity in other people, and therefore you cannot see the truth.

So yes, the problem, the whole problem in the universe and human life, is ego. If we can rid ourselves of ego, then God comes through.

When God comes through we are not attached, we are not afraid, we are not negative, and we are not fearful. Even some people come here and say they are afraid of death. Death is just a very deep sleep. Really that is all there is into death. Death is when you really fall asleep in a deep level.

Are you afraid of sleep? Have you ever seen anyone who sleeps, and when he wakes up he says, Well, it was terrible. I had a good sleep. Have you ever heard anyone say that to you that, I slept so good, like a baby. That was terrible. [laughter]

If you would realize that death is really a deep sleep, and when you come back as a child, you had the deepest sleep you ever had and you are refreshed, young, and your body is ready to grow up and be positive. Of course as we grow up more and more, we become more and more tired. Eventually at the end we reach a point that we have to leave this body because it becomes too tired and it has done its job.

We have to fall in a deep sleep again to come back later and be incarnated in a new body. So we take a good deep sleep.

Look at death as a deep sleep. Actually, practice this, when you want to go to bed, say, OK sleep is really death. I am going to die. I am going to go to sleep and die for eight hours or five hours or whatever. Do not try to put yourself to sleep but go to sleep with that ideation.

You will have a very good sleep. You will wake up and actually you will be surprised, Well, I was supposed to be dead! You will say, That was a good refreshing sleep. So even death is not something to be afraid of. It is a deep sleep and no one is afraid of sleep, of course, unless you have nightmares. Then that is something you have to meditate on.

If you cannot sleep and you have a nightmare, the best thing to do is to meditate. Meditation itself is a deep sleep. It is a deep sleep with the awareness of what is happening. That is why after you meditate for a while you become more aware, and you need less sleep, and when you sleep, you sleep very deeply.

So we can see that self-realization, God-realization, and realizations of these teachings, and all these things that God has revealed to us help us in our lives to become positive, to not be afraid of death, to live a productive life, to come and join the Communities of Light, to help one another, to create an environment that everyone realizes and recognizes these things in a deeper level, and to teach this to humanity and let them know this is a wonderful universe.

Let us come together. Let us come together instead of scratching each others faces and destroying one another and creating such a destructive earth. Let us come and realize these things in a deeper level and see how wonderful it is, and create an environment that we can bring God, or Spirit, to our relationships, to our community, to our brothers and sisters, to the whole earth, and create an environment that people can see these things very clearly, very nicely. Let us create an environment that everyone has their physiological and safety needs taken care of so they can meditate more, they can understand these things in deeper levels, and they can share with each other these teachings.

Instead of talking about mundanity and lower things, talk about God and this realization. Always give the credit to God. God is the Doer. God is Everything. Therefore the ego does not become involved that, I am the doer. I am the person doing this thing, and it has a big ego, becomes separated, and falls off and feels disconnected, negative, and destructive to themselves and others.

They want to be praised for the little things they do or know. With that, the separation becomes greater between people and in the community. It creates a greater degree of self-centeredness and falling away, and disunity will occur.

Therefore if they pray to God and understand that such a wonderful Revelation is on earth for us to recognize, realize, and bring to ourselves and humanity and unify ourselves as one, they can solve the problems of disunity. Learn the Path of unification. See what actions or what expectations separate you from other people, and when you do those things you do not feel the unity anymore. You feel that you are falling away from them and you cannot become one.

You will realize this teaching helps you. It teaches you how not to become self-centered, how not to take the credit, how not to be clinging to other people and expecting them to fulfill your desires that ego demands.

If you become self-sufficient and receive your desires, longings, and clinging from God, and God makes you self-sufficient and you no longer need to receive your attachments and desires from other people, you will become free from those clingings and desires. Therefore you see the reality and your relationships with the people clearly and in a crystallized way. You can have a very beautiful relationship with other people without trying to bind them to your desires and wants.

If it is your desire to bind them and to make them do what you want them to do, it is not their thing. It is your clinging or desire that you want them to do what you want them to do, and that is not Godly.

If you let God come through, you will ask for the people to do what God wants them to do. Actually you help them to do their duties, their calling, instead of taking them away from their duties and their calling because it is your desire to have friends, to have someone for companionship, or to not let them do what they are supposed to do.

If you fulfill yourself by God, absolutely fill yourself with His Spirit and Love, you do not need those clingings, desires, and wants. You give the credit to God and you ask yourself to do Gods Will. You ask other people to do Gods Will, and therefore you will have a relationship based on God, not on personal longings and desires. That brings unity.

Again we can see this Path brings the most wonderful way people can have relationships with each other based on God, based on His Will, Not my will but His Will be done. With this realization we can have a beautiful environment that everyone is helping everyone to become more Godly, more aware of their own duty and calling, and receive help from other people also to do the Will of God. After a while everyone is supporting everyones calling and Godly actions.

If you have an environment based on a wonderful dance instead of creating an environment that is a struggle between little egos with each other, it is heaven. Ego separates. Ego brings negativity. Ego brings destruction. Ego brings separation. Ego destroys any community or relationship between humans.

Therefore we can again see, the only problem in the universe is ego. Ego is the illusion of separation from God but that illusion is so strong, so powerful, that most people are not even aware of it. Actually they sometimes think they are doing the Will of God when really they are following the longing of ego. That is 99.99% of humanity. They do not even realize their actions, their desires, their wants, and their longings are in the way of God.

By meditation and becoming more aware of self and realizing ones calling, no one should be at your back to tell you what should be done for God. You should see your calling clearly, and everyones calling is different than everyone elses. Everyones capacity is different than everyone elses.

Some people can do a little and their calling is little. Some people can do great and their calling is great. There is no one higher; no one lower. The only difference is, What is my capacity, what is my calling? But do your best; you do the best you can do in your calling and the capacity that God has given you.

So becoming aware of self, becoming aware of the ego, becoming aware of our longings, and becoming aware of our ungodly part that is not pure enough, is a great understanding of all these things. The Eternal Divine Path does help and brings a realization to humanity, and It shatters ego.

The first step in the Eternal Divine Path is meditation, awakening of your spiritual forces. That is the Mystical Paths and that covers Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Christian Saints, Sufis, and many other religions or teachings that say, Know thyself to know God. Be still and know that God is in you, and you are one with Him. You really do not exist. God exists.

After that, create Communities of Light. Communities of Light will help you to progress amazingly. If you really create an environment that the people can come and see their egos clearly, they can be helped tremendously to realize their longing for companionship, their longing to create an environment that their will is done instead of the Will of God to be done. After a while they will see themselves very clearly because living with other people is not easy. That is because they also have egos and the egos clash, and egos come to modify themselves in the environment that other egos exist.

After a while egos become very modified. With these teachings and understanding of ourselves, we even become in a greater degree aware of how we are in the way of God.

Ego is in the way of God, because we do not let the purity of God come through and therefore we will be in the way of God. We do not follow God. We have our own will and we leave, even some people left the Mission because their egos could not handle it. They wanted to change everything according to their understanding, according to their will and not Gods Will. Therefore they felt, I am going to take my ego and go.

Some people even thought they were dying, which really that is the death of ego. A lot of people when they meditate and they progress in their spiritual path, they have a feeling they are dying. That is not really death; it is the death of ego and it is another trick of ego to make you afraid and not follow and eventually rid yourself of it.

So be aware of these things and let all the obstacles in the way of God go away. Open yourself to His Energy and Spirit.

You have seen the Vision. You have seen the truth of this Revelation. You have seen, This indeed has been prophesied to come to earth. All religions are unified. The Path is given.

Even science now is close to what we have been saying for the last twenty-five years. So we can see everything is covered in the Mission. All the questions have been answered.

For the last probably five, six periods of these weekly Saturday discussions, we have not had any questions and there are not many questions left. Those who have been here, they have asked the questions already.

The people who recently have come and asked the questions are new people, and they have not studied our teachings or have not gone to our website to see if their questions have already been answered. Their questions are mostly repetitive questions, which is OK; we do not mind to repeat the answers to their questions. But you can see, even their questions are answered. Science is explained, the religions are unified, the prophecies are fulfilled, and the Seven Seals are opened.

We are on the brink of the next phase of Gods Plan. This is the end time. This is when humanity will be sundered. Those who have been Called will be incarnated again and again. We are going toward the creation of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Do you want to be a part of this? Do you want to come and join this wonderful journey that we will have together? Or do you want to keep your ego, your little religion, or your little understanding? Those are really the questions that all of us have to ask ourselves.

Are you afraid of the little things in your life? Or do you say, No, I am going to go to the limb, jump on the bandwagon, and become a part of Gods Plan? If you decide to do that, you know the procedure, how the Mission asks you to go step by step toward it, and create the Communities of Light wherever you are.

Spread the Mission. There are many books that have been bought, donated, and much information given out about the Mission. The question is, why is there no response? Why are not these people responding to such a wonderful Revelation that they have received?

So we have to find out why this is happening and follow up with the things you do. If you donate a book or something, follow up about what happened to it. Who has it? Are they using it? How are they using it? Who is using it?

If you see who is using it, contact them to see how they like it. What part did they like? What part did they not like? How did it affect them?

So it is kind of an intelligent way to spread the Mission, at the same time follow up on the things that you do, and let the Elects see the Vision. Of course we do not expect everyone to see the Vision but those who are the Elects or who have been called for this Mission, they come, they see, and they say, It is wonderful! I love it.

They will see it, and they will say it is wonderful and they love it. They should not become discouraged if not very many people come and join. This is OK. It is Gods Plan. It is Gods Revelation. It is Gods Mission. We have to recognize and realize that there is no compulsion in religion. People have to take it, study it, become one with it, and eventually come and join it.

We are asking them to rid themselves of their ego. That is not easy. Ego is so tricky. It is so subtle. Ego is very powerful, a delusion. Those who even think they are in the Mission and are Godly, still have their egos with them. They admit it themselves actually. Most of them say, Yes, I know ego is still left. But the whole idea is to eventually rid ourselves of it and see that our will is so strong that it is in the way of Gods Will.

With understanding these things, you will progress tremendously. You will become an Elect. You will eventually become the son of God. That is the promise that God gave to every man, woman, and child, Those who overcome will become My sons, and My children. They will be with Me in the Kingdom. They will be with Me forever one, with absolute oneness, no separation from God. That is the promise that God has given. That is the promise that the Mission gives you, that if you overcome you will become a son of God (Rev. 23:7).

I leave you all to God. Be well. Meditate on these words. Go to our website. Understand our teachings. And if God Wills, we will see you next week again, Saturday at 10 AM to 11:30 AM.

Sal-OM everyone.

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