MAITREYA, Conversation With


Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Satsang Room, or Conversation Room. We usually read an introduction to the start of this Conversation Room. Since we were late today and started the room late, we will forego that process. Basically it is an introduction that asks everyone to be courteous and keep the energy to the highest level so we can all have a very good conversation together and discuss this new Revelation, the state of the earth, and how we can bring peace, unity, and the Kingdom of God to humanity and the earth.

This is the Mission of Maitreyas room; the aim is to bring a greater awareness to humanity that we need an expansion of consciousness and realization that they are on the brink of either annihilation and complete destruction, or expansion of their consciousness to a global realization that we are one, we have one planet, we have one home, there is only One God, and we are all His Children.

We have to expand our consciousness from being narrowed by nationalism, by religious dogmas, by separation of man from man for any reason, and to recognize and realize that God has created all humanity and the universe. We are from the same Essence.

We cannot say one Essence is worse than another or which Essence is superior to the next Essence. We are from the same Essence of God, and this realization and recognition has to be conveyed, understood, taught, and brought to humanity so eventually every man, woman, and child can look at each other as a flame, an Essence, as a Spark of God.

With this realization, we will look at each other as the citizen of the Planet Earth, even better, a citizen of the universe. And God is everything. There is nothing that is not God. The only thing that is not God is ego, and that is also an illusion of separation from God.

The truth is, the ego and we, do not exist. God only exists. If we can make humanity understand that and also lead them to reach to space for a greater degree of resources, then we will have infinite resources on hand to be able to satisfy every level of lifestyle or betterment of the human condition.

So with this true realization and recognition, and by teaching humanity that they have to go beyond narrowness of the mind that has created so many problems on earth, we will be able to further human evolution in a greater degree. Either we already know this and have been taught, or we have to teach this to humanity in a very clear way. Otherwise we will separate one another with the narrow interests and bring a lot of destruction before the same realization eventually comes to humanity and they realize they have no choice.

That is the Plan of God. That is where humanity will be taken and God will take humanity to that point to realize, There is only One God; there is only One Spirit who has brought us all these Revelations. He has already told humanity that is the way He will do it.

Twelve thousand years ago also people would not listen to God, His Spirit, and His teaching, and they would not follow the Eternal Divine Path. That is why their third eyes were closed, and they became completely disconnected from the Spirit to a point that most humans do not believe that God exists.

If you ask them where they come from, they do not know. They absolutely have no idea how they are actually connected to God all the time.

So this is the Essence of the Message of the Mission of Maitreya: to teach, to raise human consciousness in a greater degree, to free them from the narrowness of the mind and the disease of being narrow and separating human from human and therefore bringing so much destruction, separation, wars, and all the ills and sicknesses that come with it.

We can see that all humanity wants peace but the more they say, Peace, Peace, the more they are going toward destruction and wars. The only Being that can bring Peace is God and His Plan that He has already told them that He will do these things. He will send Seven Prophets, Seven Revelations, seven religions on earth, and no one knows the truth about them until the Seventh Revelation.

It is just like in the seven chakras, in the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth, you are still bound with the external world. The only time you realize the whole is when you are in your seventh chakra; then the whole truth of God will be revealed to you, and you and God are One. That is exactly what the Seventh Revelation is; it reveals the whole truth. None of the Revelations before this one will make sense unless and until you recognize and realize what this Revelation is and how it unifies all humanity.

So we will see, or we can see, or we should see, that we have a great Message for humanity and a great Mission for all. We are all called to reach everyone. As we reach out, we can teach them and make them realize and recognize the oneness of God and the unity of all, and guide them toward that expansion of the mind and going beyond the narrowness that has created so many problems on earth.

The more they try to bring peace with their means, which is war, the less they will succeed. No one will succeed in any of these endeavors that they are trying to bring to humanity because that is not the Will of God. The Will of God clearly has been given to man in His Scriptures, and now it is revealed what it is.

His Will is to bring His Kingdom on earth. He showed His Will in the Old Testament. He is the King, and His Laws are the Laws that humanity has to follow. If they do not, they are going to have what the last six thousand years of the history has shown and taught: wars, destruction, and no peace.

They have not had peace for the last six thousand years. There has been a temporary peace here and there but not a global peace that they all say, OK, just stop this destruction. Stop these wars. Lets all sit back and meditate on what we are doing. We are bringing destruction to ourselves, and there is no peace among us.

God says, The only way to bring the peace is the Eternal Divine Path, are the Communities of Light, is the recognition and realization that God exists and He has been sending all these Revelations to man, and now He has put them together and shown how they fit so well with one another and reveals a Path that is a Path to salvation, physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, individually, and collectively.

It absolutely makes sense. It is from God. He has created the universe, and He knows best how to bring peace also to man.

If humans want peace, they should not listen to the politicians; they should not listen to anyone on earth. They should come and listen to God, and see how God is going to bring peace. He has shown how to bring peace with individual progress, expansion of the mind, meditation, and realization of the Eternal Divine Path, creation of the Communities of Light, communities based on Gods Laws and acceptance of God as the highest authority to bring to the human an environment that everyone can grow physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Eventually we can create men, women, and children that are God-conscious, and they recognize and realize that they should put God first in their lives and in every endeavor they do.

Therefore they can have pure marriages based on Gods Laws, come together and forego their egos, wants, desires, and attachments, and purify themselves to create an environment that everyone can grow in all levels.

It is the Call that man has to ponder on, listen to, meditate on, understand, and act upon. If you are not acting upon the Call of God, you are not really doing the Will of God, because faith without action is dead. It is something that you think you really are Godly or you are a good person but actually the only way you know if you are a realized person or not is by action. That is because you can sit at the top of the mountain and think you are a realized person, but if you are not acting upon what you claim or believe, you will never know.

That is how you know if you are a realized person or not: If you do go to the limb for your beliefs, if you truly take steps toward manifesting what you say you believe in or you have realized, and if you are not taking those steps, it is just a dead belief or realization, which is in the ethereal level and you never really know how realized you are unless you take action.

That is why the Mission of Maitreya recommends that the next step after meditation and awakening your spiritual forces or realizing this Vision, is to act, is to create the Communities of Light, to come together, to facilitate each others lives and make it easier for everyone to be able to obtain their physiological and safety needs. Therefore they can concentrate in a greater degree to manifesting this Mission in the Communities of Light and reaching out to humanity.

Communities of Light do not mean you are becoming lazy, come together, and have your physiological and safety needs taken care of and then say, OK I have my physiological and safety needs so I am not going to do anything now, I am fine, or become lazy about doing the Mission or the Call of God, to create an environment that it is not too much burden on anyone in reaching in a greater degree to their higher self.

Therefore this Mission not only is the recognition and realization that we have to expand our consciousness, the next step clearly is to take action, to go to the Communities of Light, to create the Communities of Light, to put effort to create the Communities of Light.

If we stay individually in the world, it is going to destroy us because we have not really listened to the Call of God. We are still in the mundane world, and the mundane world demands that we get a job according to the external world; we have this or that, and try to keep up with the Jones. We can see that after a while we believe (or we are in delusion) that we are in the Mission of Maitreya but we are not really taking action toward the spread of this Message and creation of the Communities of Light.

So the next step after meditation, awakening of the spiritual forces, is taking action toward reaching and creating Communities of Light. That is where you will see who manifests and who does not manifest; who is realized and who is not.

That is what separates the Elects from the people who just like the Mission, which is fine. You can stay in that state if you want to. But if you want to listen to the Will of God, that is the next step, to take action and go toward the Communities of Light.

In creating the Communities of Light, it is impossible if everyone in the community strives to obtain only what is important for them. That becomes the delusional world. That is the mentality of the world out there that, I should get as much as I can, and I do not care about anyone else.

In the Communities of Light you are taught, you are asked, you are helped to realize that you are a part of the community. You are a part of a greater body. You have to come into that body, become one with that body, and help that body to heal itself, to become strong and powerful. Therefore the members in the community eventually become powerful and healthy because they have the support of a greater body than being out there by themselves feeling lonely and being absolutely cut from the Spirit.

After a while the Spirit dies because you have no choice, you have to put more effort to the world than to God. But in the Communities of Light, you will put more effort on God than the world.

As people come together it becomes easier and easier not to be completely overcome or overwhelmed with the external world, but in the community people will help each other to minimize the effects of the external world. Therefore after a while the community becomes a refuge for humanity. When we create communities all over the world and eventually bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, the whole earth is going to become Communities of Light. The life will be easier, there will be more sharing, there will be more caring, and there will be more understanding.

Actually if there is only one person on earth who is hungry or uncomfortable or not given enough to eat and able to progress, that is the responsibility of the whole earth and the whole universe to realize something is wrong. They are not creating the ultimate Communities of Light in which every individual will progress in all levels possible.

This is the mentality we have to bring to humanity, and therefore bring them in a level of consciousness that they recognize that what they are doing together at this time is not from God, no matter what religion they are in, or they claim to be Godly, that if they create suffering for others, no matter where they are or who they are, they are not following Gods Will.

Gods Will is to create an environment that every man, woman, and child progresses physically, mentally, and spiritually to the highest level possible. That is possible if we use the resources in space that are saved for us, for humanity to go, extract them, use them, expand, and move and live in many different planets and bring a higher standard of living for everyone.

If we think we can stay on one earth and our population explodes, and at the same time use the same resources, we are wrong. Although we have not really utilized all the resources on earth in the maximum degree, still at the end they will be limited for the number of the population we can have. We have not even explored the ocean yet. We have just recently recognized that there are animals that live under the water that we did not know existed.

So we can see that the human still has a long way to go to completely utilize the earth but really their aim should also be to reach to space and understand the Laws of space, and come to recognize that they can move out and the explosion of the population is not a problem. It is only a problem for those who have a very limited consciousness and vision, and they think the earth is the only place they can live. It is not. There are many other places where they can live. They can expand. They can prepare to move on and go to different planets, and have even a greater number of people living there. So we have to expand this understanding and consciousness of the human and go beyond the limited resources that we have, but also bring the human to the recognition that God is everything.

We are all a part of God and we all have His Essence, and therefore we cannot hurt each other. If I hurt you, I am hurting God. Since I am a part of God and you are a part of God, then really I am hurting myself, and that is what the Law of Karma is.

We do not realize that God is everything and we do actions that are hurtful, are not Godly, and are not according to the Will of the universe. Therefore we create karma, we create destruction, we create separation, and we create wars. Then we are wondering why suddenly some people suffer so hard when they have been going against the Will for many, many lifetimes, and they have created such a great karma that in this lifetime some will suffer.

But this suffering that is coming to humanity, this tribulation that is approaching us, is also purification. It is a time for those who have greater karma to go through this destruction and go through this upheaval and tribulation. When we come out of it, it is the time to bring the Kingdom of God on earth and minimize the karma that humans make individually and collectively. Therefore we can create an environment that there is very little karma left.

They can come and bring the Kingdom on earth, peace and unity to humanity, and good will to man. We need to realize and recognize this truth in a very deep level and in a greater degree, and understand that this is the way out. Every man, woman, and child should recognize and be taught from the very childhood that you should not hurt other people, because if you do that, that is not the Will of the universe; that is not the Will of God. Therefore you will create bad reaction for yourself, for your community, and for your earth, and you will pay for it.

That is not a fancy thinking but that is the Truth. The Law of Karma is a Law. It is not a theory. It is not something that you can discuss to see if it is true or not. God has shown that to us for the last twelve thousand years, and now He is confirming it in this Revelation that, Yes, you have been creating a lot of bad reaction to earth and you did not pay for it. Now you are paying for it at this time.

So we can see all the trends are coming together. The tribulation and upheaval is working toward that Will, which is the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, creation of the Communities of Light, and bringing the Kingdom of God to humanity.

Therefore if you have even the slightest Vision of this new Revelation, you will realize and recognize that we (who have been meditating for many lifetimes) have a great responsibility. We have been praying to God for many lifetimes for peace to come.

We progress, we bring the Kingdom of God on earth, and now God tells us how it can be done. It can be done through the Eternal Divine Path, the Communities of Light, and our Revelation.

We sacrifice for the community, and after a while we realize and recognize that we are attached to the result of our actions. We sacrifice and we expect something in return. That is human nature. Actually it is not human nature; it is the nature of ego. Ego is attached and wants things in return. It cannot just come and say, Well, the result belongs to God. It does not really belong to me.

That is the Fourth Seal. The next step in the Communities of Light is that we surrender and submit the result to God. Therefore we free ourselves from that attachment.

Then the next step after that is to become a universalist. As we said, if you have any narrowness of the mind, any separation of any part of the universe from any other part, you will not be manifesting or representing the Spirit of God. Because the moment that narrowness creeps in or comes in, we separate ourselves from any part of the universe, and therefore we are not really representing the Spirit of God.

If we meditate, if we create Communities of Light, if we sacrifice for them, if we surrender and submit the results to God, and if we become universalists, we have a very good grip of the truth of life, the Will of God, the realization of Scriptures, and the Message that God has been sending to humanity for the last twelve thousand years. Now we realize and recognize that yes indeed, we have progressed to the point of being the Elects, the Chosen Ones, the ones that God has been talking about in every Scripture, My Chosen People.

Therefore if you are a Chosen person or a Chosen One, you will follow these recommendations, Revelations, and the Eternal Divine Path, and you will manifest. You will take the steps. You will take action. Without action you can never recognize and realize the depths of God and His Revelation as He has revealed to us.

Then we can manifest great things.

So we can see that humanity and God are progressing together to this point, and here is really the only Good News on earth. There is no other good news. This is the only Good News, that God has said He would send this Revelation to humanity at the end time, and we are at the end time.

Even if you have the slightest sensitivity you feel a great upheaval is going to come to humanity very soon. Therefore we have to prepare ourselves to teach humanity how to come out of this upheaval and destruction that is coming to them. That is again the Communities of Light and the teaching that has come through this Mission.

We have been talking about this for the last twenty-five years or so, and now we are reaching more people. And I have been doing it. Now it is up to you to also reach out more in a greater degree.

If I have attracted twelve more or fifteen, or twenty people, and each of you attract fifteen, twenty people, and they attract fifteen, twenty people in six or seven levels, we will reach the whole humanity and we have given out the Message.

But I have been doing that myself, alone mostly. Now is the time for the rest of you also to do this as well. You should become Maitreyas; you should become the mouthpiece of God. You have been with me for a long time, most of you. Now new people are also joining. They are listening. They are going to the Satsang room, to the reading room, to the meditation room, to the chant room. According to their temperaments, desires, and spirits, they like different parts of the Mission.

The Mission has many, many different parts, as all of you know. We do not expect everyone likes or is attracted to all parts of it. But eventually those who stay with the Mission will start liking the parts that seem strange to them, like chanting and dancing. Some people are uncomfortable to perform kirtan or follow it because it is so alien to them.

But it is very simple or accepted in other cultures. For instance chanting and dancing is accepted in Hinduism and the American Indians, in Africa, and with the Sufis, etc. Or chanting is accepted in Buddhism. Or doing The Reminder, like Namaz, is accepted in the Moslem countries. Or meditation is accepted in the Hindu religion.

After a while, if you really do everything that is recommended by the Mission, other cultures would not look so strange to you. If we had done The Reminder ourselves, when we see a Moslem going up and down doing the Namez, it is not strange anymore, especially since we know the meaning of The Reminder in a greater degree. When we do The Reminder, it is yoga. Yoga is a way of opening your chakras and spirit, and it brings greater health and realization to the self. So when you do The Reminder, you are not just saying the words (which is helpful) but also you are progressing in your physical progress.

Again the Mission has brought so many aspects to human life, and it covers everything for the human to become Godlier and direct the consciousness toward being with God twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and being Holy in their lives. All these techniques are given for these purposes.

We can again meditate on these Words and this Revelation, and recognize that indeed this is from God and this is the Call to humanity to come together and become one.

Brad: In the Buddhist prophecies, one of the five disappearances is that of the loss of men who follow the Dharma. Would an example of the loss of the teachings of Buddha be that they now consider themselves atheists?

Maitreya: Yes, that is what Buddha said. Buddha said, When my teaching will no longer teach Daharma, or its truth will no longer be there, Maitreya will come. That is in the prophecies of Buddhism. The prediction was that it is going to happen 2,500 years after Buddha. We are in that period, 2,500 years later.

You are correct in that they say, There is no God, and Buddha never said that. Buddha never said there is no God.

He came from a Hindu background, and He realized that Hindus have so many gods. They created so much separation, which brought a lot of destruction, disunity, and untruth to their religion. Therefore He said, Ah, forget about God and just meditate and know thyself. That is where God is. God is within you. If you know yourself, you know God. If you know God, you know yourself. You are the same Essence.

Later on, or in this century and now, they are saying Buddha said there is no God. He never said that, that there is no God, and they are atheists because they do not believe in God.

Not all the branches in Buddhism, do not believe in God. There are some branches that they do believe in God, and there is a great debate between them, which one is correct: Is there a God or not?

But the most important thing is, OK if I have many gods, or I do not believe in the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal, I will separate myself from you.

The moment you give physical attributes to God, for example, My god is not going to be the same as yours. My god wears a turban. Your god has a hat. Another god has nothing on it. Another god shaves his head. And another one has long hair. Which one is God? See right there, when you give attributes to them, we are separated from each other.

Therefore Buddha, just like us, was talking about the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal, which eventually in Essence is Consciousness and the three gunas. You cannot see It, you cannot touch It, you cannot feel Him, and you cannot smell Him. That is why we call Him, What should we call Him? We call Him, FINE. Buddha called it, Nirvana.

Now they say, Nirvana means nothingness. That is not what Buddha meant, nothingness. That is something that they are trying to realize nothingness. How can you realize nothingness?

If there is nothing there, what is there to recognize or realize? Therefore they have created a great intellectual discussion around this misunderstanding, and they have come to a point that their religion does not make sense anymore. It is just like everyone elses religion, because they have lost their original understanding of Buddha. As we know, Buddhas teaching was not put down on the paper, in the books, for five hundred years. Five hundred years after Him, they decided to write it down.

You know what happens in even a couple of years for a teaching. Therefore even Buddhas teaching was not put down by Buddha Himself, and some people eventually wrote it down, not the people who were close to him, or his disciples, but the people who came much later, and they wrote what they thought He said. They had not even known Him or seen Him.

Again you can see our teaching is put down this time. I wrote them down. I put them in the Book. We put them in the Internet. So this time, hopefully, it is not one hundred seventy years later, as Christianity, or five hundred years later like Buddhism, but right now, here, written down and published to humanity at the same time that the Revealer is here with you.

So you are absolutely correct, Buddhism is like every other religion. All other religions no longer have their original truth.

That again fulfills the prophecy that Buddha Himself told Buddhists that, When the truth of My teaching is no longer on earth, that is when we will see that Maitreya will come. And that is exactly what happened.

Again, you are all welcome to the Mission of Maitreya. This is the new Revelation. This is the Conversation Room. If you have a question and your microphone is working, go ahead and raise your hand. You can come to the microphone and ask questions. We will try to have a Conversation with you.

In the beginning, before this room, we used to have Satsangs or Discourses. I just came and talked about the Mission mostly and answered the questions. In this room we would like to have a Conversation with you. If you have something to converse with me about, come on and let us have some Conversation.

I guess there are some questions.

Haresh_jiwnani1: What does this mean: Haree Om Shrii Hung?

Maitreya: Well, Haree Om Shrii Hung means, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. That is our Universal Mantra: Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam. And Om Nam Kevalam means, God Is Everything.

Haree Om Shrii Hung: The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine.

Even if humanity just recognizes that meaning of the Haree Om Shrii Hung, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, they would unify. That is the goal of the life. The goal of the life is not to become a doctor, or professor, or a lawyer but to become Divine. If you become Divine, then you become a Divine Doctor, a Divine Professor, a Divine Lawyer, or a Divine Sweeper of the floor.

If everyone becomes Divine, Godly, therefore we have a Godly people and Godly society. A Godly society knows All is God, and they are all from the same Source and One.

Al Fajr: The goal of the life is to follow what the Creator wants from you, not what mans version is, as they only distort.

Maitreya: It is the same thing. If you were here before, we were talking about this. The whole teaching in the Mission is based on that truth that the Will of God is that the Seventh Revelation or Seventh Seal will be revealed to humanity and the Eternal Divine Path is manifested on earth. That is the Will of God, and that is what humanity has to go toward, toward the understanding of the Will of God.

But what is the Will of God? Everyone says, We should follow the Will of God, we should follow the Will of God. But what is the Will of God? The Will of God is in the Scriptures, in His Words brought to humanity by the Prophets, by His Messengers, by the people who have been prophesied to come for a long time and when they come they say the truth. They bring the Revelation of God to humanity and man. Therefore, that is when we know what the Will of God is.

And of course in this time, in this end time, the Will of God is THOTH, is the Revelation brought to humanity in The Holiest Of The Holies.

That is why any other religion, they have their own will, they have a man-made will. That is why the Will of God in different religions is different. The will of Christians is different than the will of Moslems. Each of them says, No, we have the truth. We are the only way. We have the last Word. We are the Chosen Ones. Therefore you have to listen to us, or listen to our religion.

But what does God say? He says there are going to be Seven Seals, Seven Revelations, Seven Truths, Seven Religions, and none of them have the truth or know the Mystery of God until the Seventh Angel comes. Therefore any religion, any truth, or anything before this Revelation, no matter who it is or what religion it is, does not know the Mystery of God.

Now we do. We do know the Mystery of God. We know what God meant with the Seven Seals and Seven Revelations and what is the Will of God.

The Will of God for every individual on earth is to follow the Eternal Divine Path: To meditate, to awaken their spiritual forces, to create the Communities of Light, to sacrifice, to surrender and submit to God, and to become a universalist. Those are the five steps, which are the Will of God, which make you to become Divine.

That is the Goal of the life. The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. When you are Divine, what do you recognize? You recognize and realize: That Divinity, God Is Everything.

If that is true, then you are also a part of God and you are also god, with a small g. God, which is the Collective Consciousness of all things in the universe and beyond, is God with the big G. You are from the same Essence, and therefore you will work toward bringing the Kingdom of God on earth, unity, and the great Peace that will come to humanity and the earth.

Therefore we can see that our Universal Mantra, the Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam, has a universe of meanings and brings great realization to humanity if they really recognize and understand it. The depth of its meaning is many lifetimes of progress for every yogi, or anyone who comes toward God and the recognition and realization of God.

As I stated above, our Universal Mantra by itself can take you to salvation and great realization of God, and bring you closer to His Will. Therefore the Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, That Divinity (God) Is Everything.

That is why that Mantra is called the Shrii Shrii Paramaha Mantra. It means the greatest Mantra that humanity can use.

Bradedp7: In THOTH, Holiest 1, tablet five, verse 40: Through intensifying his engagement in helping others to reach higher consciousness, little by little, he dissolved his ego into the Universal Ego. How would we define Universal Ego?

Maitreya: Well, Universal Ego is really the same as the Universal Mind or Universal Consciousness.

The difference of the Universal Ego is the recognition of the Universal Mind being manifested in the external world. As we talked about God, God is in different levels. In one part of God, He is absolutely unconscious and there is no awareness of this universe or this creation. He is absolutely in Bliss and eternity, and completely absorbed by Itself, having no feeling or mind or thinking, just He is not manifested. Therefore He has no memory, no action, and no decision-making process.

It is again what Buddha said, Nirvana. And they say Nothingness. Really it is not nothingness, there is still creative force and Consciousness there but it is in that unmanifested state instead of beingness.

The second state is the state of manifestation and absorption or observation, which is, He is the observer of the universe. He is not engaged to it but He just observes it. In that state still He does not have any ego; It is a witness entity.

In the next level is the creation, which is God by Himself and He is everything, and creation is made by that Creator. That is when the Universal Ego comes in. It is engaged in the universe. He sees everything in the universe through the witness entity but at the same time He is concerned, He is in the world. He creates. He destroys. He guides. He sends the Prophets, the Messengers, and the Scriptures, and helps humanity toward the perfection and going back to God. In that level, it is the conscious mind and unconscious mind (memory or the Akashic Records) which creates the Universal Ego, and that really means the Universal Mind in the manifested level.

If someone who meditates and awakens their spiritual forces takes action in creation of the Communities of Light, they sacrifice, surrender and submit to God, and become a universalist, such a people are those who eventually will have the ego of the Universal Ego, and that is to help the whole universe to reach back to God because they recognize: The Goal Of The Life Is To Become Divine, to go back to Godhead.

That is what that Universal Ego is referring to in THOTH, because you are still in the body and you still have your ego. You eventually manifest the Universal Ego. They have the same feelings. You are a universalist.

You cannot just say, I am from this country, I am from this gender, I am from this religion, but you say, I am from God.

People ask me, Where are you from? I say, I am from God. Where are you from? They say, Well, I am from God too. I say, Well, see, we are from the same place. We are not from this country and other countries, and this culture and that culture, and this nation or the other nation, or this religion or that religion, or even gender. If I am from God and a woman is from God, we are all from God. There is no separation in that level. We do not have to fight, we just have to realize and recognize, What is the Will of God for each of us?

Each of us have been created for a reason, for a purpose, and therefore if we fulfill that purpose and reason, we can live together fine. We do not have any fight or separation or any war between male and female that is going on in many countries and have been going for a long time.

So by intensifying your engagement in helping others and following the Eternal Divine Path, you will create the compassion, love, and helpfulness that God has for the whole universe.

I hope that makes sense. If it does not, Brad, go ahead and continue, and we will have a conversation in that level.

Of course the highest state of realization of God is: Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. That is the goal of humanity to reach there, to the state of absolute bliss, which is called Ananda in Hinduism. That state is beyond even Ananda, Joy, Being, and having no mind at all, being One with God, because it cannot be explained.

People call Him many things, but you cannot explain God. You have to experience God. If you experience God once then you will know, That is where I want to be. I do not want to come back to this body.

It is a place that you know you have been there before; you belong there. You do not belong to this body. This body and this universe is full of suffering. As Buddha said, being in this body is suffering.

The goal is to go back to that Consciousness and unity with God, which is Joyful and is absolute knowledge. You do not have a decision-making process, but you know everything at the same time. You do not have to make a decision because you know what the best decision is. At the same time you know everything in the universe. It is beyond human concepts and beyond the human mind.

That is why you cannot explain it intellectually until you experience it. When you experience it, you do not want to come back. But if God wants you to come back, He sends you back and pushes you back to this world. Then you come here and you preach the Eternal Divine Path.

I hope all of you have that experience and will see God, and He will Call you to your Calling. You will see that He wants you to do things for the Mission and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, and you will reach out to humanity in a greater degree than you have been.

Of course we have progressed much in the last twenty-five years, and we have a lot of good workers who are doing the Will of God and working for this Mission. But we need more workers to come forward, more Divines to become the contact people, wherever you are. Reach out to your community.

Religion and the Call of God are not compulsory. Religion is not something that can be forced on people. It should come from them by recognizing and realizing God. But believing and having faith, and then not taking action are not a very strong belief and faith. Belief has to come with the action, which is our part.

If I have received this Revelation and still continue whatever I was doing and follow the call of the society instead of the Call of God, you would not know about this Revelation and what is the Will of God. I would be doing things that I wanted to do. But of course God wanted for me to do this.

So that is why I brought it to you, and now you have seen the Vision as I have. I hope. I hope I have conveyed this Vision clearly to all of you and made it very clear how all the religions of the world are unified and are one, and how we can bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

Therefore if you also keep it to yourself and do not share it with other people, those people who might have heard, recognized, and realized this Vision through you, will not. So that would delay the spread of this Mission and this Vision to humanity. Therefore, we have to accept the responsibility when we receive this Vision and recognize that in order to progress in a greater degree is to act, to become dedicated, to recognize that our faith will be greater if we combine our faith and our Vision with our actions. After that, we will see that our faith is the manifestation of the Vision and helping the whole universe to reach higher consciousness and Pure Consciousness.

Brad has another question:

Bradedp7: This Universe itself has an innate nature. Is that nature to be creative? Were we created with free will to be co-creators with God?

Maitreya: If you look at the meaning of our Universal Mantra, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, that is the innate nature of the universe, to be(come) Divine. The Goal Of The Life (The Goal Of The Universe) Is To Be(Come) Divine, to return to the Godhead, to become one with the Essence. That is the Daharma of the Universe.

One thing I have seen that happens often is that many people forget the original chaos in the universe. They all think God created the universe, There was no chaos before that, just one day God decided to create the universe, OK, I am going to create this universe for My pleasure.

Therefore their concept and understanding based on their previous religion always brings them to this recognition or realization, So, what was the purpose of the universe? Why did God create it? Therefore they come with all these ideas about what the purpose or the innate nature of the universe is, with that wrong original assumption that God created the universe with no reason. They forget about the chaos that the Bible clearly starts with.

The Bible does not start with the assumption that God just created the universe. Even before He created the universe there was a chaos, there was darkness. That is when God moved upon that darkness and decided that, Let there be Light.

So we have to always go back to that original point in the universe when there was chaos. Something went wrong. Something was not the same as it was before.

If we realize and recognize that, then we realize that God wanted that darkness to be eliminated, that anomaly to be corrected. That is when God said, Let there be Light.

That is when His Spirit came to the darkness and went through the Eternal Divine Path, and eventually God said, Oh that is a good Path, and there was Light.

I want to strongly bring to everyones attention that creation was not just created but there was something wrong that creation was created to correct. Then we should realize that the goal of the whole creation is to bring humanity back to Divinity. Therefore The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. That is exactly what the meaning of the Haree Om Shrii Hung is: The Goal Of The Life, The Goal Of The Universe, The Goal of us being here, is to be(come) Divine, to go away from darkness and go to Light. That is the goal of the life and that is the goal of the universe.

So it is very important for everyone to remember all the time that creation was not created before that darkness came. The goal of the creation too, is to return that darkness to Light. If we realize and recognize that, then it is very simple and easy to see what the Daharma of the universe is.

Being creative and co-creators should be based on that Daharma, should be based on that innate nature and the reason for creation. If we are creative in creating the Communities of Light, if we are creative in bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, if we use our creativity to help humanity to recognize and realize why we are here on earth, then we are co-creators with God, and He will bring His Will to earth.

But if we are creative and we use our creativity to stimulate the lower nature of man, we are using that creativity of God in a wrong way. That creates karma, that creates separation, that creates destruction because we are taking humanity away from the Light to darkness.

Therefore the very important point that everyone should remember clearly is, there was a chaos. There was darkness before the creation was created. If we recognize and realize that, then we go away from our religious teaching or our own understanding that God created in the whole universe so we be here and be creative.

Creative for what? What is the reason of being creative? If we learn that, then, yes, we are co-creators based on the Will of God.

I hope that answered your question Brad. If you have something else, go ahead.

Bradedp7: That explains it very well, thank you.

Maitreya: OK, great.

Haresh_jiwnani1: Do you believe in the next birth?

Maitreya: Yes, if you mean reincarnation, we have discussed reincarnation many times.

The very idea of reincarnation shows the justice of God. If God gives us one lifetime and tells us, You have one lifetime to make it, and we did not make it, how can He judge us? How can He say, Well I gave you one chance. Can you give a person one chance and if he did not make it you punish him? That is why we believe strongly in reincarnation.

Of course as you meditate, you will have an experience with God and reincarnation and remembrance, and therefore it is not a theory anymore but it is a truth.

Go ahead, Lou.

Lou: Sal-OM Maitreya. Sal-OM to all. You said that the chaos existed before. My question is where did that chaos come from?

Maitreya: That is a good question, Where did that chaos come from?

There have been many speculations where that chaos came from. Even the Bible does not explain where that chaos came from. It just started with that chaos.

As we have said many times, God in His Essence is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. He does not have any memory. He does not have any decision-making part. He does not have the crudification part of the mind to see things or form the shape of the things.

Therefore when the chaos started there was no witness entity really there to be able to witness it and say, That is how the chaos started. The only thing we can do is speculate what that chaos was and how that chaos was created.

One possible explanation is that, a desire arose in the unconscious mind or absolute unmanifested universe, and that is when the chaos started. Or another way to explain it is that there was an imbalance in the creative forces in the universe and that imbalance brought the release of the creative forces, and because they were no longer in be-ness or balance that chaos started and the first feeling that came to the universe was, I know. Before that He did not know. He just was.

He absolutely was aware of everything at the same time but He did not have any name for it as, I know. There was not knowness but just Be-ness. Therefore the first feeling was, I know.

I know, and therefore the first state of ego evolved, of knowness.

If you look at the human, everyone wants to make proof for everyone else that they know better than them, They know. That is the trademark of ego that I know; you do not have to tell me anything, I know myself everything I should know.

That is the trend of ego, instead of saying, No, I am a seeker of the truth. I want to know the truth.

Therefore we can see that the first step was, I know. Then of course the raja guna, or action, or energy, was released so the feeling was not only, I know, but I do, I can do things, I can move, I can perform, I can manifest.

So the next feeling was, I do. And the next was, Oh, I just moved or I did. Memory was evolved, so the ego was created in the universe and became separated from the unconscious mind and no longer had the ability to know everything at the same time and be, but it became a separated part of the unconscious mind.

It was then that the Universal Mind, or the Witness Entity of God realized, There is chaos. There is darkness. There is some part of Me that is sick. Some part of Me is separated from Me. Therefore the Universal Ego, the part of God that knows, does, makes action, and creates, saw the darkness and sent His Spirit to that darkness.

As we know, that Spirit went through the Eternal Divine Path and realized that is the way of salvation and that is when He said, We have to guide this part, this darkness, to go back to God, toward the Eternal Divine Path and God. Or, the Universal Ego in the manifested universe tried to help that darkness or unit consciousnesses, that part that was separated from God, back to Godhead. But it was very hard in the unmanifested world.

That is why it was decided, or God decided, to create the creation, to create this body, to create the history, and to create what He taught between that darkness and the choosing of Abraham, which took place around 12,000 years ago and the flood of Noah, etc. The flood of Noah was 12,000 years ago, and the choosing of Abraham a little later.

So we can see that the whole reason for the Universal Ego, or God in the manifested level, was to bring that darkness back to Light.

Now what was that original, whatever you want to call it, the original reason for God going away from that unmanifested way to the darkness? There was nothing. It is just like that question of, what happens when a tree falls in the forest? Does it really make a sound? If you are not there, you do not know.

There was nothing, no mind, no witness entity, anything that could really explain what it was.

That is one of those questions like, Explain God, or, Who was before God was? Where did God come from? Those are the questions that the only way you can answer them is to experience the eternity, God, and eventually you say, OK, yes, it really makes sense. I understand it now. But I cannot explain it.

But the verse most probably and the correct explanation is that somehow the balance between the forces was disturbed. Now what disturbed it? That is the question that cannot be answered.

Bradedp7: Did the first manifestation have no direction?

Maitreya: Yes, it did not have any ego. Ego seeks direction. Ego sees north, south, up, down, west, east. If you do not have any ego and if you are absolutely in Pure Consciousness, you are everywhere at the same time.

How can you have a direction at all or make a decision for any worldly way of thinking? The whole idea of Pure Consciousness is beyond human consciousness. That is why we cannot intellectually explain that state. The more we try, the more we are going to go away from it because it is impossible to explain that state of consciousness.

That is why Buddhists call it, nothingness. We know nothingness does not make sense. What is nothingness? There has to be something there. But it is kind of playing with the words, Nothingness, really, can you explain nothingness?

Maybe that is why they choose the word nothingness because you cannot explain nothingness and because they have explained God so many times and still it would not explain what they tried to say, so they eventually said, Nothingness.

You do not have any questions anymore for nothingness because it is nothingness. You know nothingness cannot be explained. That is exactly what God is; It cannot be explained.

God and that state are not explainable. Therefore if you can imagine, if you close your eyes and just imagine, there is a state where there is no memory, there is no decision-making part, and there is no separation, or willingness to do, to move, or anything. But in that state you are absolutely aware of everything at the same time.

Can you imagine that intellectually? Can you explain that intellectually, such a state? Therefore we can see that intellectually we can go ahead and try to explain this state, but truly we cannot because intellect is incapable to explain it.

That is why again we want to create the Communities of Light, we want to create an environment that the people can meditate, can awaken their spiritual forces, and can experience that state of consciousness. Then, of course, they come to the rest of humanity and say, Yes, I have had an experience with God but I cannot explain it.

Also that is another good way to recognize between a correct experience with those who come and claim they have had an experience with God and they try to explain it to other people what that experience was, or they actually can explain their experience and then say they had an experience and the experience was a gift, and therefore God is this.

The moment you say, I cannot explain my experience, if you explain it then you will see that, Well, it is not a correct experience from God, because you cannot explain your experience with God.

That is when you say, Oh, OK, he can explain his experience, therefore he is a false teacher. He is not of the highest possible.

But the most important thing to intellectually recognize is, it was an imbalance in that state of be-ness, and when that imbalance occurred the darkness or the separation between the whole body of the universe or God occurred, and then the whole problem started from there.

Therefore this whole universe is created to correct that problem, that separation. If we recognize that then we can correctly realize, Yes, this life and being in the manifested world, is suffering because we are disconnected. We are separated from the Essence.

So we are living in a relative truth, not absolute truth, and therefore we suffer and we have to go back to God and we have to return to that oneness of one body and consciousness, and correct this darkness that we are living in. A lot of people think this darkness is the light or the truth. It is not. That is why so much suffering is there.

The closest thing the human can come to that original state is the Communities of Light. With creation of the Communities of Light and by following the Eternal Divine Path, we can create something very close to that state before the chaos and darkness, and eventually help many people through their meditation and through progress to go back.

As the number of the people who recognize this Vision increases and they go to Godhead, the faster the progress of the whole universe will be. Eventually the whole universe will go back to that state, and the darkness will no longer be there.

The beauty of it is that every man, woman, atom, and the universe has that Essence in them. That Light is in them. That is why it says, The Light shineth in the darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not. It means we have that Light within ourselves; every atom has that Light within itself. Therefore their salvation is guaranteed if they recognize and realize that Light, meditate on It, and become One with It.

But the decision has been made; no one can go back to that Light from this darkness unless all of us go at the same time. Therefore the individual progress to Godhead is blocked and we have no choice but to recognize this truth and help the whole universe to march toward that Light. Each of us are a part of this march, and the more and faster we recognize that, help one another, create the Communities of Light based on the Eternal Divine Path, realize Gods Words, and realize this Revelation that has unified all the religions together, we will accelerate our return to that Light.

All right, we have reached the end of our time together. We will see you next week.

Again you can find this Conversation in the website in a couple of hours. You can download this audio in a couple of minutes; they are very small files. You can listen to it and remember what we have been talking about in this Conversation and the ones before it.

God be with you. Sal-OM. My Salutations to the Divinity within all of you. You have the Essence of God with you. Meditate on that.

See you next week. Sal-OM!

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