MAITREYA, Conversation With


Maitreya:  Sal-OM everyone.  Welcome to the Conversation Room of the Mission.  In the Name of the most Compassionate, the Merciful, the Lord of the universe that we gather together to hear the Word of God and realize that the Word of God has come to man again.

Humans are still working in the world and are absolutely destroying one another, and still for selfish reasons having wars and destructions when the way to peace has been given to them.  But the Words are not heard or given enough attention.

Humans, after the flood of Noah, have been living for 12,000 years of history.  Most have not reached the highest realization that they are brothers and sisters, that God has created them all equal, that they each have the Essence of God in them, and that man has to become civilized, to become Godly, to become One with the Essence.

Again God has given humanity the way out of their destructive tendencies, disunity, and small vision.  They have to expand their vision and see that there is only One God, One Humanity, and One Revealer, from One God.

This is the Message that all have to bring to their hearts, to their lives, to their minds, to their understanding, and realize and recognize there is only One God, and we have come from the same Essence, from the same beginning.

They are not separated in any way, shape, or in any possibility.  The only reason we separate us from each other is our ego, our destructive tendencies, and not realizing that when we separate ourselves from the rest of the universe or humanity, we separate ourselves from our own Essence or Self.  When we bring suffering to other people, or other people bring suffering to us, it is we who will suffer for it, no one else.  The Law of the universe works fine and is just, because God is Just.

Therefore, humans have to realize this truth and bring these things in their hearts, in their lives, in their relationships, in their communities, and on earth.  That is when the peace comes.  That is when the unity comes.  That is when we will have an earth that has a greater Vision that will expand their little egos to cover the whole universe, and therefore, go out of this disunity and little visions, and expand as has been revealed in this Revelation.

Not only are we from the same Essence, also all the Revelations of God have come to humanity from that same Essence.  There is no separation between religions.  There is no separation between man and man, and there is only One God and One Humanity.

This is the Message they have to understand and become one with.

They have to create an environment that every man, woman, and child has their physiological and safety needs taken care of.  Therefore, they can concentrate on higher things to know themselves, to know their Essence.

Knowing the Essence is not really something that you sit in your room or go to the top of the mountain and you feel good about yourself and therefore, you feel that you have progressed.  It shows by how much you give in your life for a greater ideal, for a greater reason, for a greater Vision.  The more you are attracted to the greater Vision and you are willing to work for that Vision, the greater realization you have and the more realized person you are.

The less you see the great Vision and the less you participate and help with the great Vision, you have not progressed in your spiritual life.  That is why God said, “You know them by their fruit.”  Simple!  Right to the point.

If they give fruit, they have progressed.  They have come closer to God.  Those who have not or do not give fruit are like the fig tree in the New Testament that was full of leaves but had no fruit on it, and it withered away.

The Path has been revealed.  The Revelation has come to humanity, and they have been called to come, join, and see, and those who have progressed in their lives for many, many lives are willing to see the Vision clearly and understand that this is the Path to salvation, for them, for their neighbors, and for the whole earth and the universe.

Therefore, look at our website.  Come here, ask questions.  Let us reason and see the truth.  Expand your vision to a point that you can become a great, realized person for God.

We have been given the highest truth and the guidance for us to progress and tread the Path to Pure Consciousness or salvation.

Now it is our decision again, to go with the ego, separatism, and destructive ways of man, or to go to the deeper level, see this unity, and come together and also teach others to come and see this unity and Vision.

We will give this Message over and over and over again to humanity and with our last breath, so maybe the seed will fall on the good ground eventually and those good grounds will give great fruit, and will come together with us, reason together, see the Vision, and become coworkers and friends so we can manifest this wonderful Truth that has come to humanity.

Those who separate themselves from one another with anything on earth, they indeed are separated from God.

Those who see this unity and work toward the betterment of life for man everywhere, not only on this earth but in the whole universe, because they want to create an environment that the whole universe marches toward the unity and Pure Consciousness, and they work for it and are willing to go through the Eternal Divine Path, they indeed have a very good grip of the truth, the reality of life, and why they have been created in this universe.  That is why they are here, to see this Vision and to understand the Plan of God, and because they are Great Souls, they are willing to forego everything for it and progress toward that ultimate goal and realization.

Those who want to fight and say things that we can right now see on the screen, have no understanding of the truth and have not seen how God has foretold of the coming of this truth.  And our resume of Godliness is impeccable.

Those who really want to know the Truth, they will.  Those who do not will further fall off from the Path and will go to a greater degree to delusion of separation from God.  Their egos are satisfied by coming here, yelling, and then leaving the room, instead of staying, discussing, and reasoning with us why they feel the way they do.

We have availed our self in this media for everyone to come and discuss with us.  That is why this room is called the Conversation Room.  The whole idea is to converse with me.  Come to the mic; let us talk about why you think I am “a big fake.”

Prove it to me that I am.  I will be the first person who will drop this Mission and what I do if someone proves that I am a “big fake.”

But just saying it does not make it the truth, when truly it has been revealed through all those who have seen the Vision that this is from God.  This is the fulfillment of the Revelations, the Word of God, the opening of the Seven Seals, and the Revelation of the Book sealed with the Seven Seals, backed up with the prophecies, genealogy, etc.

So prove it to me, what you say.  Come here and prove to me that this is a “fake Mission,” this is a “fake Revelation.”

Audience:  The one talking asked, why did he not discuss, and I say, he could not.  It is very simple.

Maitreya:  OK, well we agree with you.  If you want to discuss, that is why I am here.  Let us discuss.

Come and discuss with me.  Let us see what the Scriptures say, what God’s Words are.  Let us bring the greater degree of God’s Realization and let us see.  It is based on the Scriptures.  It is based on your Bible.  It is based on the Word of God.  I have not added anything that is not based on God’s Words.

Therefore, those who see this Vision are the Chosen Ones.  Those who do not will fall off in a greater degree.  They just yell instead of discussing, realizing, and recognizing what has been given to them.

This is what humanity has to realize.  They are not trying to realize at all.  We are way, way ahead of them.  We have to make them recognize and realize that there are not such things as Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists, etc.  They are killing each other as a Hindu, as a Buddhist, as a Christian, as a Moslem, as a Jew.  Why?  You are all from God.  You are all the Essence of the same Being.  You have been made from the same material.  Why are you doing this to each another?

Why don’t you just recognize and realize that Essence, create an environment that everyone can grow and progress physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, individually, and collectively.  And that is fake?  Of course, if you have a big ego, it is.

Go ahead Shirin.

Shirin:  Sal-OM Maitreya and everyone.  We were reading in a Satsang one day this week and the enormity of a line in there hit me, as we see the world as it is now and people coming in and saying these kinds of things.

The line in the Satsang was about explaining the difference between Esa coming and releasing The Grace back to the world and how Christians say He took the sin of the world away, at that time we know.  But the Satsang said at this time, the time of the Seventh Angel, the time of the Seventh Seal, the karma of the whole world would be dissolved.

The enormity of that really hit me.  I would like to understand that a little bit better.

Maitreya:  Sure.  Well, as you remember at the time of the Garden of Eden, God took away The Grace.  Adam and Eve, or the first humans, failed.  As we know, there was not only one Adam and Eve, there were many of them.  There were many humans that were made male and female.  Both parts were in the same body.  God separated the male and female, and He made two separate beings that they then were not as perfect as they used to be.

Now they feel inadequate and they seek the other part.  In the process, man fell further and therefore, The Grace was taken away.

God struggled with man all through the period before the flood of Noah, and man will not, and would not, listen to God and would not return to Him.

Also, if you remember, there was darkness in the beginning, and that darkness still exists in the universe.  When man fell, The Grace was taken away.  At the time of the flood of Noah the decision was to destroy the old man, make the new man who does not have the direct relationship with the Spirit, so they cannot use the Spirit with their egos for their own selfish desires.

After the flood of Noah, God does not have to struggle with man.  He had enough of man.  He clearly said at the time of the flood of Noah that, “I am not going to struggle with man.  The heart of man is evil.”  That is exactly what God decided to do.

He said, “I will let the wheat and the chaff to grow together to the end time;” and of course, He chose Abram (Abraham) and promised to both of his sons, the children of Isaac and the children of Ishmael, that there would be great people who will come through them, and there will be the Messiahs or Prophets coming from both of them.

Christ came as the Messiah from the Children of Israel and the son of King David, and He fulfilled all the prophecies for Him.

By the coming of the Christ and He being crucified as the unblemished Lamb, He pleased God and therefore, God released The Grace back to man.  That is why the Christians are correct.  Whoever believes in Christ, understands His Mission, and follows what He said – not what Paul said but what Christ said – then they will receive The Grace.  They will return to the Garden of Eden.

But He did not bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.  That was not His Mission.  That was not the reason for Him to come.  He just came for the reasons that are explained in THOTH as what was His Mission, and of course, one of them was to release The Grace back to humanity.

He took the karma of a few people, healed them, and made them walk and see, etc.  He walked on the water and did all those miracles with less exaggeration, of course.  He healed them and established His teaching.

But the process continued.  The wheat and the chaff continued living together.  Still they had their karmas.  They killed each other.  They destroyed one another.  They made and created more karmas.

Prophet Mohammad came.  He brought the revelation of surrendering and submission to God.

Then Bab and Baba brought the universalism and who is an Elect.  Each of these Prophets brought a part of the Eternal Divine Path.

But this is the time that really the wheat and the chaff are going to be separated.

After 12,000 years, after the flood of Noah, the prediction of God is coming true.  He let the chaff and the wheat grow together.  Now is the time of harvest, is the time of separating the chaff from the wheat.  Therefore, those who have not burned their karmas will fall off, will suffer for a thousand years, and will not be reincarnated.

Those who have burned, or at least are close to burning their karmas will reincarnate and therefore their karmas will be less and less and less and less.  Therefore the purification has come now.  That is what that sentence means.

Christ brought The Grace, but He did not finish the karma.  He did not take the karma of the whole world.  He took the karma of a few people whom He healed.

Now we are taking the karma of the whole world and guiding those who have reached the point of evolution in their spiritual progress to go a little further, come together, create the Communities of Light, and live a productive, Godly life in the Communities of Light by following the Eternal Divine Path.  They will awaken their spiritual forces, create an environment that everyone can meditate and bring the higher-level of consciousness and understanding to themselves and the community, to sacrifice for it, and surrender and submit to God and His Will, “Not my will but Your Will, will be done,” and become a universalist, realize that God is everything and everything is made of the Essence of God.  Therefore there is no separation between man and man.

This will make them become great sources of spiritual understanding for humanity, and they will progress toward Pure Consciousness.

They will become the wheat.  They will become great beings that God promised He would bring.  Now is the time for them to realize and recognize that is the only way, to create the Communities of Light.  Any other way, any thinking or any way you think is a good way, or explain things to yourself, is not what God had in mind, was planning, and was making to progress to this point.

So at this point we see that the whole karma, the whole history, has been created or has come to the point that the karma of the whole earth now will be shifted.  They will be healed.

Hopefully, one day we would not have any blind or lame or anyone like that.  Or if they are, at least they realize and recognize why they are like that, because of their karma, and they can heal themselves.  So in this time the karma of the whole world is taken on the shoulders of this Revelation, and they will progress toward purification and unity with God.

That is why we do not heal individuals anymore, and we ask people to learn how to heal themselves.  Even Christ realized that when He healed people, it did not last very long.  That is what He said, “When the unclean spirit leaves a man, he goes out and finds seven more vicious then itself and says, ‘Let us go back.  The house is clean and we can take over.’”

That is because the man who Christ (or any healer) heals has not learned how to heal themselves.  Therefore, the spirit comes back.  In the first place the man could not stop the spirit.  The spirit was in the man and was not going anywhere.  But now he goes out and finds even worse than himself, and they all come back and the state of that man becomes worse than it was before.

Again, this is in the Bible.  This is the word of Christ.  It is right in the New Testament that Christ said clearly that healing other people is not really recommended but that they have to learn to heal themselves.

How do you learn to heal yourself?  It is by meditation, understanding yourself deeply, and realizing your bad habits, your ego, your resistance to God, the spirit that is not clean and is not willing to follow the Eternal Divine Path.  By doing that, you heal yourself.

So the Path is given.  The way has been given how to heal yourself and take the karma away from you.  That is why this Mission is for the whole earth, the whole world, to realize these things and purify themselves toward that ultimate goal.

I hope that makes sense, Shirin.  If it does not, go ahead and follow up.

If you have other questions and/or if anyone wants to discuss about the Mission, raise your hand.  I hope you understand the teaching first very deeply so we can discuss it very deeply.  But if you want to talk about your religion and why and where it falls in the Mission, of course, you can do that as well.  We can discuss that also.

Otherwise, I have to continue just telling you about this Revelation, how wonderful it is, and how it fulfills the prophecies.

Bradedp7:   Could you please explain what the desire was (movement of raja guna) that caused the operative powers to be released in the beginning?  Was the desire self-expression or companionship?

Maitreya:  As we discussed before, really it is just all speculation, what that desire was.  That is because as we said, before the creation there was no awareness of the ego.  These are all questions of really ego asking these questions, “What is my motivation of doing something, or what is my desire in this situation?”

But there was no awareness of I know, I do, and I have done.  Therefore, there was no witness to clearly tell us what that desire was.  The only thing we can speculate is that there was a disturbance in the equilibrium in the universe.  When the universe is in equilibrium and has no tension or imbalance in it, it is the state of “be-ness.”  It means that it knows, it does, and it has done without really creating the ego of separation, and the unity is in the consciousness.

Therefore we can speculate, we can say, the desire was… Well, I do not think it was a desire.  Some of them we can probably eliminate and say, “Well, surely the desire was not for companionship,” for example.  That is because God is self-contained and does not depend on any other being or the desires that we feel in the body.  Ego needs companionship because we feel lonely when our ego is separated from God and also we are separated from other people.

If we are one with God, we do not feel lonely at all.  We do not really need companionship.  It does not mean we do not enjoy a good companion, the companionship of other good Godly people.  We enjoy them but we do not need them because God is self-contained and He does not really need anything.

Self-expression, probably It expresses Itself in a collective oneness of the universe, and again that is another desire of, “I have to self-express myself and that feels good.”  So what was that desire?  Hum.  The only thing you can say is that there was a disturbance in the being-ness, the Collective Consciousness, and that made everything go out of balance and the chaos started.

It does not matter what you say that desire might have been, someone might not agree with you and say, “Well, maybe it was not that,” or “Maybe it was something else,” and that makes sense.  It is just like asking, “Explain to me what God is.”  There are things you cannot explain.  Just like, “Where did God come from?”  “Before God was, what was there?”  “What is eternity?”  “Does eternity really exist?”

It is beyond the human conception, of eternity and a Being that has been here forever.  What does forever mean?  Forever has to start somewhere.  Where was that before it?  So we can see that these questions only can be answered when you experience it.

When you experience eternity, when you experience infinity, when you experience oneness, then you do not even ask questions.  You say, “Yes, OK.”   You can see that question again falls into one of those questions that we do not have the answer to.  We can speculate.  Any speculation, of course, will not be accepted by everyone, and we are going to be at square one again.

It is intellectual curiosity that asks, “What was that desire?  I want to know.”  But there was no one there.  There was no feeling of “I know,” “I do,” and “I have done.”

And also as we create the Communities of Light, as we create an environment where everyone can meditate, they can experience those states and they can come and say, “Yes, I understand.  I do not need to know because those questions do not arise in me any more.  I know the eternity.  I know the unity.  I know the oneness in everything.  And that makes sense.”  I can discuss it with you but I can tell you, “Yes, eternity exists, God exists.”  If I am going to try to explain it to you I can explain it for the rest of my life intellectually but it will not help you or anyone.  The only way you can realize It is by experiencing God.

I hope that makes sense.  I know intellectually it is very hard to accept something that you cannot explain.

Bradedp7:   I was asked that question during a spiritual meeting and told the group I would ask you today.  Thank you.

Maitreya:  Sure, you just tell them that spiritual realization is not an explanation.  It is an experience.  That is why we recommend everyone to meditate, to awaken their spiritual forces.  Tell them to follow the Eternal Divine Path.  Tell them that if it were easy to know God and His Ways, He did not have to prophesy and eventually send these Revelations to humanity over and over again.

So we can study these teachings and come to that conclusion ourselves.

Humanity at this time needs more to recognize and realize this unity.  Humanity needs more to come together and become one in the Essence of God.  That is what the Plan of this Mission is.  These things have been explained again and again for the last twenty-two years.

Now, we would mostly like people to come here and discuss with us.

Alpha772:   Are you saying, Maitreya is Yehoshua, Christ, the one who was crucified, sent by God?

Maitreya:  That is the One that you have to prove or disprove to yourself.  Do not take any man’s word for it.  I can tell you that He is, and you might not believe it.

They asked Him, “Are you the Christ?” and He said, “If I say yes, you will not believe me and if I say no, I am lying.”  So the best way to understand if Esa was Christ is to prove it to yourself.

Did Christ fulfill the prophecies?  Did Christ come from the Tribe of Judah as was prophesied to come?  Did He teach the teaching that God said He would?  If He did all those things, therefore He was Christ.  So you do not even have to ask Him, “Are you the Christ?”

You say, “Yes, I know you are because you have fulfilled the prophecies.”  So we can see those questions are on your shoulders to prove it to yourself.

Christ proved it to Himself that He was the Christ.  He knew He was the Christ because it came to Him from God, He received the Revelation, and He fulfilled the prophecies.

We can see, no one should ask a question from another person, “Do you think you are the Christ?”  But they should go and find out if he is or not.  If he has not fulfilled the prophecies, if he has not brought the Revelation that God said that he would, then he is not.  It is as simple as that.  If he has, then He is.

So it is really up to each individual to prove it to themselves.  If you cannot prove it, then either the one who you are trying to prove is not Christ or you are not an Elect.  It is very simple.

God is very simple.  He gives the directions very simply to humans how you can know the Christ and how Christ knows you.  You know Christ by His Revelation and fulfillment of the prophecies.  Christ knows you by your fruit.  Isn’t that simple, very simple ways, to know each other?

I know you by your fruit.  You know me by my Revelation and fulfillment of the prophecies.  Then we can come together and do the Will of God.

This humanity needs.  This is what humanity was waiting for.  That is what has come to them clearly.  Now all can hear it all over the world.  It is simple, a couple of clicks, go to PalTalk or the Internet, go to our website and you can hear it there, you can see it there.  Come here and you can hear it, you can see clearly that it has come from God.

Edocsky2001:    “For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.”

Maitreya:  Indeed, you are right, Edocsky.  How many Christs are there?  How many Maitreyas are there?  And ask those Maitreyas, “Have you fulfilled the prophecies?  Have you opened the Seven Seals?  Have you revealed the Book sealed with the Seven Seals?”

Probably most of them will say, “No, but still we believe who we think we are.”

So, “For many shall come and call themselves Christ,” one of them is the correct one.  That is your responsibility to find out which one, which one is the correct Christ.

If you prove it to me that I am not, I will walk out away from this Mission and from what I do.  But if you cannot prove it to me and you prove it to yourself that I am correct, then it is your responsibility to follow me, to follow this teaching, to follow this Revelation, and to follow God’s Words and Scriptures.

So we do not put the claim on you without any teaching that proves it.  You have to search.  You have to ask.  You have to know.  That is the way of the Elects.  They will knock, they will ask, and they will understand.

Alpha772:  "For as LIGHTING cometh out of the east, and shines even unto the west, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be."  Matthew 24:27

Maitreya:  All those things that you are typing, Alpha, are already fulfilled.  These things are explained in the website.  It has been explained many times to this group or the people.  He will come from the East to the West, exactly.  He will be born in the East, but He will shine, or the Revelation, the Lightning, will be revealed in the West.

That is again a great portion of the prophecies that this last Revelation will come in the United States.  This is the only time a major Revelation has come to the West.  All the Revelations, all the Prophets before this, have come from the East.  All of them come from the Middle East, all the Great Revealers of the Revelations.

That has exactly happened here too.  It came from the East, and shines in the West.  Now the Revelation is here for the western, eastern, northern, and southern people, for the whole earth.  Let all come and see that indeed God is the God of His Words and the Revealer of the truth.

All of us, we have to stop our dogmas and our own understandings, and understand God, His Words and Scriptures.  They should stop uttering these Scriptures without understanding that they are already fulfilled.

It is done.  It is gone.  It is time to recognize that God has fulfilled all the promises that He has given.  It is now your time to understand, search, and realize that it is the God of the whole universe.

It is not only the God of a special or specific group.  It is not a God of the people who think they are the chosen ones or they think they have the only way, or they think they have the last word.  It is God that has created all of us.  We are all a part of the same Essence.  If we stop our cultural influences, if we stop our religious influences, if we expand our consciousnesses to a point that we go beyond the narrowness that these things bring, then we become a universalist.  We expand ourselves to a point that we can say, “Yes, there is only one Essence.  Everything has come from it.  How can He send all these religions separately, and we fight one another and kill each other because we think our religion is better than other people?  It is only an ego trip.”

Therefore these things are given to humanity now.  Those who are here, or your family or friends, or anyone you know, you have the obligation to tell them, to expand them, and to make them realize these things.

Brad asked:

Bradedp7:   Last week we talked about chaos.  I read in THOTH that when the Universal Consciousness was divided into infinite unit consciousnesses, this resulted in self-centeredness.  Would I be correct in saying that the self-centeredness and ego caused the chaos because the unit consciousnesses were in an illogical state without a system or Path, and this is why we have the Eternal Divine Path?

Maitreya:  You are correct that ego is the essence of the chaos and destruction.  Ego is the illusion of separation from God.

It is just like the people on earth right now are in illusion that their religions are separated.  There is One God.  All of them say, “There is one God, but He only sent a Revelation to us,” or, “We are the best one.”  That is ego.  That is an ego trip that separates man from man, and that brings chaos.  That brings destruction.

The destruction on earth right now that we hear about is that we destroy some people, and they destroy us.  Then we wonder why they do that, and they are wondering why do we do that to them.  The question is, why can’t we just sit together and talk about it, and realize how we can improve the situation for all of us, and with peaceful means and understanding one another bring an environment that we can live all together in peace?

They cannot do that because their egos do not let them.  “I have a bigger gun, I can blast you away.  Therefore, I am right.”

“Oh, you are blasting me away so I can terrorize you.  Therefore your big gun is not working as well as you think it does.”

But if you say, “Let us see.  I will put my big gun down and you do not terrorize us.  Let us come together and see how we can resolve these problems.  We are the Essence of God.  We are from the same place.  Your religion has come from the same God as mine, and we can come together and bring the peace to humanity.”

But they cannot do that.  They just go right past each other, because they have ego.  The ego does not let them.  That is chaos.  The chaos and all the problems on earth can be traced to ego, to separation from God, disunity, and feeling that I am different than they are, or I am better than they are, or separation that creates that disunity and destruction.

So you are absolutely right, the darkness, that original darkness, was the separation from God and that brought the disunity and disease in the Body of God.  That is what God has been trying to heal.  God is struggling with that darkness to heal it, to bring it back to Godhead, to bring that back to unity.

Now this Revelation is a step to make humans realize that there is only One God.  There are not two, three, four, five, ten, or a hundred.  There is only One God, Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal:  F-I-N-E in abbreviation is FINE and Divine.

Therefore, humanity has to recognize and realize that now in this Revelation, this lets man in a greater degree to understanding this truth.

For the last 12,000 years men were in illusion.  They were receiving these separate Revelations and they thought, “Oh, I have the best Revelation.  This new Revelation is better than the old one.”  Now God says, “No, it is not.  You are all My children.  You are all My Essence.  You are all here to progress physically, mentally, spiritually, and come back to Me and heal that darkness, that diseased body that I have.”

Of course, 12,000 years ago, He let the chaff and the wheat grow together because neither the chaff nor the wheat had enough power for understanding or had the direct connection to the Spirit to create any problem for God as they had before.  They had the direct relationship to the Spirit, therefore, they could manipulate the external world for their own selfish desires and create even greater chaos, destruction, and darkness.

So God closed their third eyes.  We do not even know that we have the third eye.  We even do not know we have another eye, which is more open and understands in a greater degree than these two eyes.

With these two eyes we become attached to this external world.  If we study our culture, if we understand our religions, the preacher tells us what is correct.  The mullah tells us that what we believe is correct.  The rabbi says what is correct.  Then we come here and blurt out all these verses of Scripture without even understanding what they really mean, when it is already explained in THOTH what they mean.

So this is chaos. That is again ego that, “My religion is better than your religion.” See, exactly, separation.  The moment you say this is better than that, it means, “I am separated from you.”

That is, of course, again the ego, which creates destruction and separation, and makes the ego to feel good about itself.  Ego feels, “If I follow this person…”

Christ said you have to come and take your cross and follow me.  Now it has become, if you believe in a name (which is not really His Name, it never was His Name) you are saved.  So, “I am better.  I do not have to do anything.  I do not have to take my cross.  I can have a miserable life and all that, and not be pure and Godly, and at the same time I am saved.”  How more delusional can you be than that, to not to see the truth of Christ’s teaching who brought The Grace?

Of course, He brought The Grace.  If you believe in Christ and you understand His words, and you follow, you will receive The Grace.  He is the releaser of The Grace.  But you have to follow what He said.  And you have to know His real name.  If you are not pure enough, if you are not Godly enough, you cannot even hear the name.  You cannot realize and recognize His True Name, The Word (which is not utterable in this external world) to guide you.

So absolutely humanity does not know the truth about God.  Now, however, it has been revealed to you so clearly, so precisely, so beautifully.

Yes, you are saved by his name but his name is within you.  You can only hear it if you are pure.  Even after I reveal it to you, if you are not pure enough, if you do not follow the Eternal Divine Path, you will not hear it either.

So we can see that, “Yes, you are saved by His Name,” but His Name is a sound vibration, a subtle vibration within you, which is the name of the Father and the Son and The Holy Ghost, and that vibration can only be recognized if you purify yourself.

Therefore, we can see the human with their egos have brought a lot of untrue things to humanity and they think they have the truth, when it is clearly revealed now to them that His Name cannot be pronounced or uttered in the external world.  You cannot heal anyone without that Word.  That is why Christ said, “Many of you will come and call me a name and tell me that you have healed with that name and I will say, ‘I know you not,’” because the name you are using to heal is not the name of the Christ.  It is the name of Zeus.

So we can see that man has gone astray.  He has absolutely lost the truth of God, and therefore it is necessary for him to receive this truth and guide him back to understanding the depth of God and His realization, His Revelations, and His Work all through history to this point.

We can see that man does not know the truth.  He has speculated.  He has created dogmas.  He has created things that are not Godly anymore.  They are explained clearly here to man.  Of course, we will say these things over and over.  We will have our website ready for you absolutely free.  The Revelation has been given to you freely.

The only thing you have to do is to click a couple of clicks, and go there and read the truth of the name of Christ.  Who was He?  The name of Prophet Mohammad, how and why did He come?  Was He the devil?  Was He the person that God never said to come?  Was He a pedophile?  Or was He from God?

Did Christ have wives and children?  Did He stay in the belly of the earth for three days and three nights as He said?  Now they say He stayed only Friday to Sunday, which is not three nights and three days.

There are many, many things that are given to humanity in the wrong way, and they are still following them.  They are going their merry ways and they think they will be spared, especially after this Revelation and explanation.  Still they are hanging onto their own little world, which is OK.  It is up to God when and how He brings His Kingdom on earth.  But He will.  It will come by more and more people understanding this truth in the depths of their Souls and willing to let their Souls take over their desires, their physical bodies and longings that ego brings to man.

Therefore, the only way for your guidance is the Word of God, this Revelation, this understanding of the depth of His Truth.

OK, there is a question from Madhava.

Madhava:   Hindus don't eat meat, as said in the Bhagavad-Gita, how come you do Maitreya, if your teachings are supposed to be in line with everything?

Maitreya:  That is, of course, a Hindu philosophy.  We do recommend people eat vegetables and become vegetarian as much as possible.  But it is not something that is greater than not doing sin.

You can eat meat and be sinless.  That is better than eating only vegetables and sinning.  If you have a pure heart and you eat meat, that is more preferable than a person who has a dark heart and eats lots of vegetables.  So God searches your heart, not your food.

If your heart is pure, work on that.  That is the goal of life, to be(come) Divine, to let God come through.  It is not the goal that I watch my diet all the time and if I did something that is not according to one religion, I am doomed.

There is nowhere in the Scriptures of God that condemns you for eating meat.  Therefore if you understand this explanation you will not be that much attached to it.  But it is recommended that vegetables, if you study our teachings, it clearly says vegetables are for consciousness and meat is for flesh.

Actually even in the Bible it was recommended that people eat vegetables in the beginning, and then men fell to their lower natures and become more and more flesh, and God said, “OK that is OK, now you can eat meat too.  Meat is OK.”

In one thing, Paul might be right, that he said those who do not eat meat do not have strong faith, and because their faith is not strong, they think by eating vegetables they become more spiritual.  As I said, yes, vegetables are more for spirit, are more for consciousness.  But if your faith is strong, eating meat is OK.

Actually there is no Prophet that has come who did not eat meat.  All the great Prophets of the religions and founders of great religions, even Christ, at least He ate fish.  We know that for sure.  He made thousands of people eat fish with a couple of fish.

So that is a Hindu belief and not every religion believes in it, and it is something that has some truth and everyone should consider it.

If you are a Hindu and you want to eat vegetables, and you do not want to eat meat, that is fine.  You can do that and still follow the Eternal Divine Path.  We are not going to hold that against you.

If you are not, you are a Christian, or Jew, or Moslem, and you eat kosher food, we will also accept you because that is what you want to do.  But in the Bible it clearly says that that the pig and the other un-kosher foods are not good for you.

Even science knows now that they are not good for you because they have disease in them.  But also they are very low, they bring the low consciousness when the people eat them or they eat them a lot.  So the only place that God says what not to eat are the un-kosher foods like the pig and all those things.  They are garbage collectors.  You do not eat garbage either.  But there was no great Prophet who did not eat meat.

Eating too much meat also is not good because the meat is tamasic, and we should avoid tamasic things as much as possible.  But even tamasic foods become satvic or rajasic in very cold weather.

If you are in the north of the earth and you live in Alaska or Siberia or the very cold weather, first of all you cannot grow vegetables.  There is no ground there to grow vegetables.  What are you going to do, starve to death, because somewhere in some Scripture someone said you should not eat meat?  Or you have to eat seals or whatever you can get your hands on in that area.

The Mission is very flexible about food, and it does not condemn anyone in a situation that you have to be a meat eater, you have no choice, and you have to eat meat.  So that probably works for India, which has a lot of tropical weather and you can grow beautiful vegetables, have a very juicy sweet mango, and all that.  But how are you going to apply that to the North Pole?

So think, reason, and understand.  Do not just accept whatever you have been told.  It is just like a Hindu comes here and tells us what the Brahmins told him or her, and the Christians come with whatever the Father told them.  The Moslems come with what the Mullah told him.  Think yourself!  You do not need them.

You have to go beyond those dogmas and narrow understandings of each religion and the preachers that they follow those religions and bind you by illogical explanations of the things that might not apply in other places.  Expand your mind.

How can a person in the North Pole live on vegetables?  Huh?  Madhava, I am asking you.  Come to the mic and tell me.  Or, put it in the text.  How can a person in the North Pole live on vegetables?

Madhava:  If everyone did not eat meat, there would be no world hunger.

Maitreya:  That is the argument that I have heard before, “Oh yeah, because a cow has to eat ten pounds of vegetables to create one pound of meat.”  Yes, but that one-pound of meat has a greater degree of protein and more concentrated nutrition for the body.  So that argument does not hold.

Also that is fine, I agree with you to a point, yes, OK.  It is good to be vegetarian and eat more vegetables.  But if you are vegetarian you should not condemn those who eat meat.  You should say, “OK I do it myself because I want to.  And they do not want to eat vegetables only.  Fine.  I am not going to condemn them.”

God never said, “If you eat meat or you are not vegetarian you are going to go to hell.”  But if you sin, you are going to go to hell.  So which one is better, to eat vegetables and sin, or eat meat and not sin?


Madhava:   If you are an Eskimo and you are devoted to God, then you will get your food.

Maitreya:  All right, that is not an argument.

OK Imam Mahdi, go ahead and ask your questions.

OK, well, apparently people in the room during the week know Imam very well and they are telling me that he is not a person who is really seeking the truth or understanding, but he has been here and he has not been very nice.

I will let him talk.  I want to see what he has to say.  Why don’t you write in the text?  Go ahead Imam.  Although I have been recommended not to let you do this but I will go ahead and let us see what you have to say.

Go ahead Imam Mahdi.  I did not know there was more than one Imam Mahdi but go ahead.

If you are a Moslem you would know in our teachings that it clearly explains that Prophet Muhammad was not the last Prophet.  He was the last in the sense of He brought the highest spiritual realization, and He is the Seal of the Prophets because He finished the spiritual realization for man.  At the same time His sign in The Greatest Sign, Islam, is at the very top, like a seal in a ring.  So you can go to our website and understand about Islam.

Imam Mahdi2003:  I was Muslim but I am not Moslem.  I am Zoroastrian now.

Maitreya:  OK great.  How could you become Zoroastrian, Imam?  Zoroastrians do not let anyone to join them.  That is interesting.  Can you write how Zoroastrians let you in?  Because I heard the Zoroastrians do not accept any new converts.

Imam Mahdi2003:  Because ayatollahs kill a lot of mankind, I changed my religion.

Maitreya:  How could you…  OK that is my question, Imam.  How did you change to Zoroastrian?  Because Zoroastrians do not let you become Zoroastrian unless you are a Parsi or born in a Zoroastrian family.  Of course it was not so in the beginning, they would let people convert to their religion but because they went to India and the Indians did not want them to convert anyone to their religion, they made a pact with the Indian government to not even try to.

Imam Mahdi2003:  I believe Shah Bahram will come and make peace.

Maitreya:  That is Him, Imam Mahdi.  If you go to our website again and read about the prophecies from the Zoroastrian religion, you will see that that prophecy is already fulfilled.  You can see our prophecies page.

Yes that is it.  Imam, go to our website and see the prophecies by the Zoroastrian religion and you will see that that is fulfilled.  It has been fulfilled, and Zoroastrians also are all called to come and join the Mission.  You do not have to be a Zoroastrian, you do not have to be a Moslem, or Jew, or Hindu, or Buddhist, or a Christian.  You should become Divine.  That is the goal of the life, to be(come) Divine by following the Eternal Divine Path, by realizing that you are One in the Essence with God.

Imam Mahdi2003:  So are you like Baha’is then?  Baha’is say same things you say!

Maitreya:  No, we are not.  That is another misconception that is brought up here many times.

Baha’is say that all religions basically are the same.  We do not say that.  We say each religion has a specific Revelation, a specific message for humanity, and it is absolutely different than what the Baha’is say.  We are not the same as Baha’is.

Actually Zoroaster did prophesy of the coming of this Revelation.  He clearly said that 1,200 years after the coming of the Prophet from Arabia there will arise the Shah Bahram, the One that you are talking about.

He had prophesied, and the timing is exactly the same as Zoroaster said would happen and it has happened.

Imam Mahdi2003:  Where is Mr. Maitreya?

Maitreya:  This is Him.

Imam Mahdi2003:  Why can we not see Him?

Maitreya:  You can see me.  My picture is in the website.  It is there.  My videos are there.  My words are there, etc.

Of course, if you prove yourself to be an Elect, you can even work with me closely and be with me very closely.   But you have to be an Elect.  You have to be called for this Mission.

Imam Mahdi2003:  Are you saying that you are from Iran?

Maitreya:  Yes, I was born in Tehran, Iran in 1944.  I came to the United States in 1973.  I have been here since then.  Now I have been here in the United States longer than I was in Iran.

Imam Mahdi2003:  So are you Imam Mahdi?

Maitreya:  You can say that.  Again go to our website.

Imam Mahdi2003:  Or are you Quim Allah Mahdi?

Maitreya:  Yes, that is who the Moslems are waiting for.  Again, go to our website and study about the teachings and prophecies of Islam, and you will see that it has been fulfilled.

Imam Mahdi2003:  Quim Allah Mohamamd?

Maitreya:  Yes, I am from the genealogy of Prophet Muhammad.  That is also fulfilled clearly to this point.  You will see the amazing things that God has done for humanity to make it very clear that God exits.  All these things are not for my ego to sit here and say, “Yes, I am all these things.”  They are for glorifying God.

Indeed this Revelation is the Revelation of the Glorification of God.

Imam Mahdi2003:  Sunnis believe that the second Imam was Hussain.

Maitreya:  Yes, my name also is Hussain.  Actually my name is Mohammad Hussain.  Also that fulfills that part.

So we can see again anything you believe is fulfilled.

Imam Mahdi2003:  Are you the fifth Buddha?

Maitreya:  Yes, that is who is called Maitreya.  Maitreya is called the fifth Buddha.  And Buddha said that 2,500 years after His Revelation and teaching, Maitreya will come to humanity and will teach not only man, also gods will benefit from His teachings and from His Revelations.  That is exactly what is happening here.

Imam Mahdi2003:  Are you Bab or Baha’u’llah?

Maitreya:  I am Bab.  Baha’u’llah was the twin Prophet who had been prophesied to come and further the Revelation by Bab.  Bab went through a lot of tribulation and destruction.  If Baha’u’llah had not come, we would not have known about the Baha’i Teaching in the West.  So the mission of Baha’u’llah was to bring the teaching of Bab, or whatever was left of it, to the West.

Now it is here and it is a part of our teaching also.  So we can see all of those things that have been fulfilled.

Imam Mahdi2003:  Do you like Baha’is?

Maitreya:  Well, I like everyone.  As long as they are Godly and they do God’s Will, and they understand they are the Essence of God, I do not discriminate.  I do not look at them as a man, woman, child, male, female, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, Baha’i, Parsi, or Zoroastrian.  I look at them as human beings, as a part of God.

If they are good, good people, then I like them.  If they are good Jewish people, if they are good Baha’i people, etc., it makes no difference to me.

Imam Mahdi2003:  So you do not kill mankind?

Maitreya:  No, I do not kill mankind.  Actually I am trying to stop mankind from killing each other, and stop having all these destructive tendencies that are going on all over the earth.

Imam Mahdi2003:  Where is your location now?

Maitreya:  It is in the United States, in North America.  Where are you at, Imam Mahdi?  Are you in Iran or are you somewhere else?

Imam Mahdi2003:  So in Islam they say when Quim Allah when comes there will be…

Maitreya:  There will be what?

Imam Mahdi2003:  I am in Iran, in a chah.

Maitreya:  Ah, why are you in chah, because you are a Zoroastrian?  “Chah” means a well.  So are you in a chah, and you have a computer in the well?  Are you connecting to us through the computer from the well?

Imam Mahdi2003:  I am scared of Mullahs.

Maitreya:  So you are running away from the Mullahs in Iran?  OK, how can you have a computer in the well, in a chah, Imam?

I hope you get out of the chah and start preaching this teaching to Iranians and let them know that Mahdi is here.

Imam Mahdi2003:  Mullahs have access in the computers.  They will kill us.

Maitreya:  But I thought the Iranian government accepted the Zoroastrian religion as an accepted religion because it was before Islam.  I have not been in Iran for many years, so I do not know too much what is going on there.  But I thought they accepted the Zoroastrians.

Anyway we will see that even people in different countries are in trouble because of their religion.

Imam Mahdi2003:  Well, it still is the same.  They kill all minorities.

Maitreya:  That is terrible because the humans again are killing one another.  Minorities also are a part of God.  They also have the Essence of God.

Imam Mahdi2003:  We are so scared of Ayatollahs.

Maitreya:  That is too bad.  That is really sad to hear that humanity still kills each other because they believe a little differently than another person.  This is the end of those who call themselves whatever religion they are in.  Any religion that does not have the tolerance and ability to see the Essence of God in everyone else and realize that God is everything, that religion has reached its end.

They still do not realize that, and then they continue believing they are the chosen ones and God is with them when God has left them a long time ago.

Imam Mahdi2003:  Can I ask you a question?  Since you are Imam Mahdi, can you tell us when the Ayatollahs will be killed in Iran and the Iranians will take back their government?

Maitreya:  I do not know if they are going to be killed.  If we do that, then we are not going to be better than them, if they are the killers.

It will happen when the tribulation comes to humanity, which is coming fast.  It will happen when most of humanity accepts this new Revelation and creates an environment that all can live in peace.  Then we will have enough backing of humanity so we can bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

When that happens, of course, Iran is a part of it and that will be the benefit.  Then maybe even Ayatollahs eventually will realize that there is more Revelation to come after Prophet Muhammad.  As He said, He did not reveal everything.

Imam Mahdi2003:  Will Iran become a democracy?

Maitreya:  Well, it will become God’s system.  Democracy is not perfect, as theocracy is not perfect.  The West is not perfect, as the East is not perfect.  The only perfect system and way is God’s Way and God’s System.

Imam Mahdi2003:  So you are Baha’u’llah?

Maitreya:  Well, in that incarnation I was Bab.

Imam Mahdi2003:  So you are Imam Madi?

Maitreya:  Yes, that is what the Revelation and all those who believe in it, know.  As I said, these things you have to prove to yourself, Imam.  You can go and prove it to yourself through our website and see the truth of our claim.  So the claim is, Yes I am.  But am I or not is up to you to prove it to yourself if I am or not.

It is really saddening to see that humans in the 21st century are still afraid of each other and create an environment that the people have to be afraid of the authorities and the government.  The government is supposed to create an environment that the people can flourish, progress, and become greater people than have such fears of them.  When a body or a system comes to that point, that system or body is not good any longer.

Imam Mahdi2003:  Mr. Maitreya, can you tell us, do you work with Baha’is or Babis?  What is your view of Baha’is?

Maitreya:  Baha’i, Bab was prophesied to come.  He brought the message of universalism.  If you study our teachings, there are Seven Messages that will be sent by God, Seven Seals.

The First Message is the awakening of the spiritual forces, which is Mystical Paths, like Buddhists, Hindus, and all the Mystical Paths like Cabbala, Saints in Christianity, and Sufis in Islam.

The Second Seal is the creation of the Communities of Light.

The Third Seal is sacrifice to create communities.

The Fourth Seal is the surrendering and submission, which is Islam.

The Fifth is universalism, which is Baha’is.

The Sixth was the Seal of the Elects who follow these Five Steps.

The Seventh is the Revelation that we now have brought to humanity.

Therefore they are a part of the Revelation of God.  So Baha’is also have some truth.  But they are as dogmatic now as any other religion.  We have a lot of Baha’is that even oppose us instead of realizing that we are their friend.

Imam Mahdi2003:  Do you believe in Sufism?  I read books of Diamond Heart, by Ali Hamid ghalbeh Almaasi.

Maitreya:  Sure, yes.  Sufis are the mystical part of Moslems.

When Islam became very rigid and legalistic, there was a branch that was created or emerged from it as the Sufis who meditated and sometimes they say, “Anallah.”  It means, “I am God,” and they also recognize the oneness of the universe together.

So you, Imam, should take this, now that you have access to the computer, and go to our website.  I am sure people have posted the website for you many times.  You can click on that, go there, study, give the good news to the people of Iran, and let them know that indeed they will be freed one day when everyone else is also freed.

This Message is for the whole of humanity.  You and everyone else in the room, thanks for coming.  God Bless you all, and see the Vision.  See the Truth.  Expand your consciousness.  Reach out.  Again reach out to humanity and give this message to every man, woman, and child.

I leave you all to God.  I will see you next week.

Sal-OM everyone!


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