MAITREYA, Conversation With 12/06/2003


Maitreya:  Sal-OM everyone.  Welcome to the Mission of Maitreya’s Conversation Room.  Again we will be spending an hour and a half together.  Hopefully we will learn something new and discuss in a greater degree the very Revelation that humanity has been waiting for, unifies all religions, and explains how God is only One, and there is no other God besides Him.  Therefore humanity has to realize that there is One World, One Humanity, One Spirit that sends the Revelations to man, and there is only One God.

This is probably the most urgent Message we can bring to humanity and something that every person should realize in the deepest way.  Now it has come to man to realize that they have to come together as one humanity and become one.  That is what they really need at this time.

We are here to give this Message to you again and hopefully more people will hear these wonderful things that God has done because man has not been listening to His Revelations so far, and many have been in the process of becoming more and more perfect to this point.  Now they are much more perfect than 12,000 years ago.  They are the people who are seeking the truth.

They do not want to be right but they are looking for the right answers.  There are a lot of people out there who want to be right, when they do not really have the Words of God and they just follow the preachers, dogmas, cultures, or religions they have been born in, or they have been told by someone else.

This has created a lot of problems, and it is related to ego because when we have ego we want to be right.  When we do not have ego, we seek the truth.

Therefore as usual the ego is the true problem and an obstacle between man and God.  If we can recognize and realize what ego is, which is the delusion or illusion of separation from God, then most of humanity, or at least those who have progressed, will be connected to God and we will be One.

There is no way for us to become one individually with one another.  The only way we can be one is if each of us becomes one with God, and then we will be one because we are one in God.

That is the way the human has lost it.  They are looking to become one with each other in many other ways but the only way that works.  They seek companionship.  They seek a way to fill that emptiness.  They seek everywhere in the world but where it really can be found, and that is within you.

When it is a self-realization or within you, it does not mean that you are going to find it within only.  But as you progress, your action actually shows how realized within you are than thinking you are great within, when your actions without do not reflect something that is great within.

Therefore we have to watch our actions to see if really we are following the Eternal Divine Path.  Do we really try to know ourselves and understand our relationship with God?  Are we willing or able to create the Communities of Light and at least reach out to spread the Message to humanity?  Are we really willing to sacrifice for the community, to surrender and submit to God, and become a universalist?

The more we can manifest those qualities, the more we have realized our Essence and closeness to God.  So the Eternal Divine Path again is the Path of individual and collective salvation, because individuals will recognize how much they have progressed.  As they progress and they create Communities of Light, sharing is a part of the Communities of Light.  Only by sharing can we create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Those who say, “No, every one, every individual, should be as selfish as much as they can,” works to a point.  It is just like everything else in human consciousness or that is man-made; “Yes, it works, for a while.”  Everything that man has made works to a point.  But when that point is reached that is when the Paravipras, those who watch the society, realize that approach has reached its limit in the manifested world and we need a new period, a new approach, and a new way.  Therefore they bring the next period of human progress as it is explained in THOTH, the cyclical movements that have clearly been explained how the Paravipras or the leaders of society will use to continuously make human progress in a greater degree in an accelerated rate.

So we can see that the human is not completely void of the truth.  But they have lost the knowledge that what they say is true only to a point.  When they reach to that point they have to go further and bring the next cyclical movement to human progress socially, emotionally, spiritually, etc.

So again we have given humanity, or God has given humanity, an understanding of social movements or cyclical movements that have never been explained before.  Each of the people who have explained social set-ups have explained only one part of the whole elephant.

Some people say, “It is just capitalism.  The innovation and competition makes the economy work.”  And it does in the beginning.  But then it reaches a point that they say, “No, it does not work anymore.”

Some people say, “No, we have to be socialists and everything should belong to everyone.”  We can see that, that did not work either.

So what is the answer?  The answer is that each of them are correct to a point, and when they reach that point they have to go to the next step and bring the next way to progress.  We again can see that this Revelation not only unifies all religions, it also unifies all social movements and how they work.

God indeed exists.  He had promised that He will reveal His Mystery at the end time.  Now amazingly that Mystery is finished.  In all levels of human existence, the Revelation has come and the guidance has been given.  No other religion can claim this perfection that has come with this Revelation.  Each of them are a part of a greater truth and the people are fighting out there with one another for supremacy of their own ideas and religion, when God clearly said that He is a Mystery and no one knows that Mystery until the Seventh Revelation comes, when the Holiest Of The Holies will be revealed to humanity.  And it has.

The Holiest Of The Holies indeed is on earth.  Only the Holiest will realize this truth.  They have great responsibility to carry this Message to every corner on earth and to make the human realize that what we say is the Word of God.

Usually after we finish this room and people have come here, then another couple of rooms will be opened, which try to refute what we talked about with this Revelation and teaching.  Why don’t they come here and discuss it with us, and try to refute the truth that we bring compared to what they believe?  Why don’t they come here and tell us why we are wrong?

Actually, we have been trying to find something wrong with this Revelation and this approach for the last twenty-five years.  No matter what problem we discussed, when we put it in the context of the Communities of Light and Eternal Divine Path, the problem is solved:  The relationships, marriage, the community, finances, emotional problems, psychological problems, individual problems, collective problems, etc.  No matter what problem you look at, you will see that God’s approach is perfect.  God’s approach works.

That is what the thinkers of this Mission, the people in the Mission, are to meditate on and recognize:  The perfection of God’s Ways, and how imperfect man’s ways and understandings are.

The human is so emotional.  Men are so attached to their cultures, to their understandings, and to their religions.  Who else can overcome all those emotional attachments and go beyond them but the Elects, those who have been seekers of the truth for many lifetimes?  In this lifetime it is very easy for them to overcome all those pulls that keep the human from going beyond the narrowness of the mind and being attached to the small things in life.

It really makes sense that we are looking for people who want the truth, no matter who brings it.  The most important thing is:  That is what God said He was going to do.  He was going to send Seven Revelations, and only the Seventh One is going to explain what the rest meant.  Now we know what the rest meant.

This is the best news for humanity.  So we have not only the good news, we have the Best News.

The good news was, “Christ is here!”  The Best News is that the Revelation of God is finished.  He has revealed the whole truth.  Now we have the whole picture.  Now we know what the elephant looks like.  It is not only the leg or the ears, or the trunk.  It is a combination of the parts.  Of course the whole elephant is greater than the parts.

That is exactly what this Revelation is, it is greater than each part, and only completes you if you see the whole Vision.

If you see the Vision then I am done with you.  You are connected to God and the Vision, and you are another Maitreya who has to take this Vision and give it to everyone else, but not to split the Mission into fragmentation but bring everyone also to become united under one Banner, and that is The Greatest Sign.  The Greatest Sign is humanity’s banner to be unified under.

The Temple is the way for all to come together in the center of the Temple and there again become united and unified.

Therefore be united with one another and bring humanity to the unity of God.  The more we are united and bring the unity, and spread this Message to humanity, the sooner God’s Kingdom will come.  That is the most important part of our Mission:  To make the people to see the Vision.  If they saw the Vision, then from then on no matter who they are, they know the truth of God.  We can leave them alone.

If they do the rituals, come to the Mission, do The Reminder, and follow all the things that have been given, they will benefit greatly.  Those are helpful and disciplinary ways to make them become closer to God and see the Vision in a greater degree.

But if they saw the Vision, then we are done with them.  They are all a part of this truth.  They are close to God and the only thing left for them is to follow that Vision.  It sounds like that is the hardest part.

A lot of people seem to see the Vision but to follow the Vision is the part that makes you really progress.  When you meditate, you awaken your spiritual forces, you are connected to God, and you experience that, “Yes, I am one with God, my Essence is God.”  No one can take that away from you.  No one can say you are from this race, from this culture, from that language, from this or that.

“Which one are you talking about?  I have been born in so many different cultures and places in so many lifetimes that I do not consider myself belonging to one culture, or let anyone to limit me in any way.  I am unlimited.  So you cannot limit me at all.”  You overcome any inferiority, if there is any, or anyone wants to put on you.  You are the Essence of God.

With this we can free a lot of people out there that might have that inferiority complex because they believe they are from one race or another, or superiority complex because they think they are from one race or the other.  They will become more and more equal because no one looks at any one as their body but as the Essence of God.

That should bring a lot of unity to humanity.  A lot of egos are going to be humbled.  A lot of egos who are too humble will become more balanced and they will recognize that they are as much a part of God as anyone else is, and therefore they can free themselves in that level.

This healing power that we bring to humanity is the humility for people who have created big egos, and the freedom and relief for those who have created inferiority complexes.  So they each can become closer to what exactly they are.  What is the truth of my being?  Is it related to my race?  Is it related to my religion?  Is it related to where I have been born, my culture, my gender, my race, or whatever that I relate to?  Am I that?  Or, am I the Essence of God?

If I am the Essence of God, all those things fall off.  I am free.  No one can take that away from the person who really has had that experience and oneness.

As we said this Revelation is for healing the whole humanity, the whole universe.  Maybe two thousand years ago we healed a few people and that made a big splash.  But now this one is for you to heal yourself.  It is for you to heal other people by teaching them this Revelation.  It is for healing the whole humanity to see, they are all the Children of God.  They have come from the same Essence.

Some people are a little lighter.  Some people are darker.  Some people are richer.  Some people are poorer.  But it does not make any difference.  Still all of them are the Essence of God.

Now if we start sharing with each other, the gap between people will decrease in the material things.  By reaching to the universe and utilizing the infinite resources, everyone is going to have a better standard of living.  We do not even have to fight over the material things because the universe has infinite material things that the humans need.  So we can go beyond every reason or excuse that is used these days to wage wars, or terror, or the destruction that is on earth.  Those who are Godly, let them be Godly, and those who are not Godly will not be with us soon.

That is God’s Promise:  His Kingdom will come.  Who do you think is going to be incarnated in His Kingdom?  It will be those who are Godly, not those who are not, or at least not many of them.

Who is going to be there?  Those who have realized and recognized, and saw the Vision, and are seekers of the truth, not the dogmas, not their own religions.  But what did God say?

Did God say that only one Revealer is the ultimate Revelation?  Did God say that Prophet Muhammad brought the last Revelation?  Did He say that Christ is the only way, or the Jews are the only chosen people?  No, He said, “I am a Mystery until the Seventh Revelation, and only after the Seventh Revelation will you know My Mystery.”

OK, who is an Elect?  The Elect is the person who follows the Eternal Divine Path.  It is not a race.  It is not a people.  It is a quality.  But it is the only way.  The only way is the Eternal Divine Path.  Again it is not a Revelation or an individual; it is a way that you have to take steps and follow it.

Who has the last word?  God did not say that He who would bring the concept of surrendering and submission is going to have the last Word or reveal the whole truth.  He said the Seventh Angel, the Seventh Revelation, would.  Did Prophet Muhammad ever claim that He was the Seventh Angel?  He even said, “I have not revealed everything to you.”  How could He be the last one if He did not reveal everything?  So we can see exactly that God did as He said He would.

Now we have the Revelation of the Seventh Angel.  We indeed are blessed that we have been called and have seen the Vision.  We are a part of this great Revelation.

Man needs it so badly.  Humanity needs to understand this so badly right now.  They are revamping their securities and trying to repair the holes in their systems.  It is just like an old dam that it is time for it to go.  No matter how much you revamp it and repair the holes, another hole starts somewhere else.

The time is up.  It is not the time to repair, but to realize that you need a new dam.  You need a new world with a new understanding.  That is exactly what this is.

We are way, way ahead of humanity.  They are still fighting over their individual religions and dogmas, and we tell them, “No, those are gone, they are done.  God no longer cares about those dogmas and what is already an old skin.”

You cannot put this new reality that is coming to humanity in the old skin.  The old skins are dry, and they are going to burst if you put new reality into them.  They are still hanging onto their personal understandings, and they do not want to let them go.  That is why each time they try to repair one part of the skin, some other part of the skin will create another hole.  We are the pioneers, and we have to tell this to them, “It is not going to work because you cannot put the new wine into the old skin.”

Why did Christ say that?  It means the skin is done.  It is finished.  No matter what you put in it, it is going to create more holes, and it is not going to hold the wine or water, or milk, or whatever you put in that skin.

So you can see the old world is rotten.  It is finished.  It is done.  It is time for a new world, a new way of thinking, a new Revelation, a new truth.  Humanity has to recognize that their ideas, their systems, and their wars all have a limited time of effectiveness.  When that effective time is finished, that no longer will hold the water.

But they do not know it.  That is the problem.  They do not know this truth, and now this truth has come to them.

We have to spread this truth.  We have to talk to people.  We have to reach out.  We have to let them see the Vision of this new understanding, how all the religions have been sent with the same Spirit, with the same God, with the same Savior, to the same humanity, how the humans have been on earth and have been born again and again for many lifetimes, for the last 12,000 years, and how God says there is going to be an end.

The less humanity listens, the more destruction is going to come to them, until they reach a point that they all throw up their hands and say, “We do not know how to fix this, how to fix this earth.”

Then we will say, “We do.  We do know how to fix this earth.”  First of all, this is the Revelation of God, this is how God sent all these truths separately and now He put them together.

Second, that is the system you need to create the Paravipras who understand the cyclical movements in human society and how they can make things progress in every cycle and transfer to the next cycle with a greater degree of improvement in an evolutionary way.  It is not a revolution, because revolution does not work.

How many revolutions have we had in human history?  Which one really brought anything better than before?  Eventually revolution falls back to the old ways, or brings a new reality, which ends to a point, and again a new way needs to be devised.  This, humans have to understand.

This is what humans should know and how it will work.  If they can bring this new reality to humanity, if we can make them to see that the only way is the Eternal Divine Path, social cyclical movements, sharing, and reaching to space for a greater degree of material improvement, then little by little the standard of living of everyone will improve, and the Godliness and recognition that God is within every one and all of them in Essence are One, will be understood.  Then man will stop looking at each other as the races, as genders, as separate in religions.

How can I separate anyone from anyone?  The moment I separate in any way, I no longer know God, because you cannot separate God into the fragmented human egos.  The moment I separate man from man then my ego is present.  The moment the ego is present, you are separated from God.  That is the only thing that separates you from God.

Ego likes to categorize.  Actually ego is very upset when it cannot categorize a being.  That is why the moment you talk to someone, they ask you, “Where do you live?  What kind of job do you have?  What is your background?  Where are you from?”

Every answer you give them, they put you in a special category in their mind, according to where they have come or how they have been brought up.  They categorize you and put you in their cabinet that they have in their brains, and they file you there.  “There it is.  That is how he has to act and react.”

After a while they not only try to categorize you, but you categorize yourself.  You say, “OK I belong to this cabinet of everyone’s mind or brain.”  However, if you do not have ego anymore, not only they cannot categorize you, you cannot categorize yourself either because you are beyond categorization.

It is just like God, can you categorize God, “What is God?  What is the gender of God?  What is the race of God?”  There is not any.  He does not have any of these categorizations.  So will not you, if you recognize God; you also go beyond categorization.  People with ego become very upset because they cannot categorize you.  Therefore they cannot understand you.

Maybe that is why they even killed the Prophets, crucified Christ, and they said, “Does anything good come out of Nazareth?”  That was what the categorization was, “Nothing good comes out of Nazareth.”

But He was good.  He was Christ.  He was the Chosen One.  He was sent by God, and He came from Nazareth.  Therefore good things do come out of Nazareth.  You see, their category was, “Nothing good can come out of Nazareth,” but not to God.  In God, God said, “Yes, good things come out of Nazareth.”

Therefore they could not categorize Him.  Their egos became very upset because He would not succumb to their ways.  Therefore they crucified Him, … or Prophet Muhammad, or Bab.  Bab, they shot at him, and killed him.

So we can see that ego is limited, ego is separated, ego categorizes, ego is very separated and disconnected from the Spirit and God.  And how are things in the world and on earth?  They are mostly based on ego, categorization, seeing things separated from each other, not seeing the whole picture, and not recognizing, “It is all from the same Essence.”

How can I categorize anyone?  That is why if someone asks you, “Where are you from?” if you say, “I am from God,” it absolutely throws them out of their center.  They cannot categorize you anymore.  If they have a very big ego, they do not want to talk to you anymore, which is fine.

But if they have a little realization or recognize that they cannot categorize you, they will say, “Well, I am from God too.”  We say, “You see, we are from the same place.  We are already related.  We have something in common.  We can build our relationship based on that:  You are from God, and I am from God, therefore our Essence is one.  We are one already.  We do not even have to try because we have something in common.”

When I say to someone, “I am from this country,” and that person says, “Oh, I am from that country too,” we have something in common.  We build on that and come closer than if we are not from the same country.  So that is a limited way of being one.

In a greater degree we are all related and family because we are all from God.  Then we can build on that truth.  Again humans have to categorize themselves.  We are all from God.  We are all brothers and sisters, no matter what nation we are from, no matter what gender, or color, or religion you are from, your Essence is God.  That is where you originally came from.  That is why we all have something in common to build on.

If you bring any other category, that is from ego.  That separates us from each other.  “You are from this country.  I am from that country.  I am from this gender.  You are from that gender.  I am from this race.  You are from that race.  Therefore we are different.”

The more we build categories and make each one different than another, the more separate we will become.  “Oh, I am from this country, but I am from this part of this country, and you are from the other part of the country. “  OK, now we lost the common ground again because we are from two different parts of the country with two different sets of values, with two different categories.

Knowledgeable:  Do you know Portuguese?

Maitreya:  No, I do not know Portuguese, Knowledgeable.  The whole Revelation has come in the English language, the universal language for humanity at this time.  That is why everyone is encouraged to know English.

That is not even my first language.  I did not start to speak English when I was growing up.  Everyone is encouraged to learn English so we can communicate in one language.  Of course other people tried to create a new language for humanity but it did not work.  The United Nations tried, but God had another language in Mind.

Actually if you listen to the English language you will find that it has been affected with French, and French in turn has been affected with Arabic, which has a common root with the Jewish language.  Both have come from the Semantic languages.  Moslems had Spain for two hundred years, so Spanish has a lot of Arabic words in it.  Probably Portuguese also has been affected with that language.

But English has been chosen as the international language.  It is the only language you can find anywhere you go.  Even if you do not know the language of a country and you go to a hotel there, they will find someone who can speak English and you can find your way around.

So that is why we recommend all to learn English so we can communicate in this language together.  If I spend my time to learn all the languages then I would not be able to concentrate on the Mission.  So we can say that God chose the English language in this time.  As the time goes on and new words from other languages will be added to English, after a while English is not going to be the same language it was fifty or two hundred years ago, or two hundred years from now.

For example, words like, “daharma,” “karma,” and other words, were not originally from English but now they are part of the dictionary.  If you pick up a dictionary from fifty years ago and a dictionary today, you will find many words have been added to it.  Therefore English is expanding, is becoming more inclusive with words from other languages.  As the time goes on, this will transform the language to an international language more and more.

So if you do not know how to speak English, we recommend you to learn it.  If you speak English and you also know another language, we encourage you to translate our website to your language so other people can understand this Revelation in other languages as well.

As we have the website translated into French, we would like to see it also translated into Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish, and Portuguese, and any other language, so people can at least receive the Revelation in their own language and see the Vision.

Oh good, Knowledgeable.  Just continue learning English better, go to our website, listen to the Eternal Divine Path, and recognize that all the religions of the world are unified.  God has promised that there would be a last Revelation that would reveal the Mystery of God, and now the Mystery of God has been revealed.  He has sent all the religions to humanity.

Yes, we are in the USA.  And of course not everyone here is from the USA.  Some people are from other countries.  That is a wonderful thing that God created the Internet and we can have people just like you from Brazil, other people from France, other people from Canada, the United States, even Africa, and Asia, etc.  They can all come to this room and recognize that they are already one because God has provided this facility where people can come together.

[some typing in text here]

Christ, or whatever you call Him, Jesus, is a part of our teachings, and He brought the Third Revelation.  He clearly stated that other Revelations would come and He shall return, and He has returned four more times after Christ.  Those who call themselves Christians are still hanging onto Him when He came 2,000 years ago.

So they have not progressed to recognize Him in the next four incarnations or Revelations He brought to humanity.  If you want to know the truth, then you have to forgo your dogmas and your religious understandings, and understand God and His Revelations.

Guest:  Do you know the date when you are going to become the leader?

Maitreya:  Well, the future belongs to God.  God has already revealed that His Kingdom will come.  Also in Hinduism it is believed that the Kalki Avatar will establish His Kingdom in three consecutive reincarnations.

Probably in this lifetime this Revelation was what should have been brought to humanity, and that prophecy is also supported with the Bible because the Bible says He is going to come as the thief of the night in one part and in another part it says He will be the conqueror and will bring the Kingdom on earth.  It sounds like there is a contradiction, doesn’t it?

If he comes like a thief of the night, how can He also be the conqueror and bring the Kingdom?

But if we believe in reincarnation we can say, “Look, in one lifetime He comes like a thief of the night.  He brings the Revelation to humanity in a very quiet way.  As more people see this Vision, in many other lifetimes eventually humanity will be prepared to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.”

That seems to be the case in this lifetime.  This Revelation has been here on earth for twenty-five years but as you can see in our room, probably only around fifteen, twenty people are present, and not all of them are completely dedicated or are in the Mission.

So you can say that this Revelation is to come here like a thief of the night and is very “quiet” in number, and hopefully will increase in the years to come.  Maybe we should come back next lifetime and continue this teaching and Vision in a greater degree.  As it becomes a social movement from the grassroots, eventually we will reach a point that we can create the critical point or the critical mass.

When the critical mass is achieved, it easily can be effective in bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

So in answer to that question, when am I going to become a leader, God has already chosen the Leaders and Elects, and they are already Leaders in their Spirit.  Now when will they be manifested in this external world?  That belongs to God.

We have to do our best, reach out, and let humanity see this Vision.  The more people become involved, the more people reach out, the more people send this teaching to humanity, the more people will come together and see, “Indeed these are the Words of God.”

Gerson:  Acts 4:12:  “Neither is there salvation in any other:  for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.”

Maitreya:  Acts are not all truth.  They have been written by the disciples.  They are not the words of Christ.  They might have some truths, but they do not have the Words of Christ Himself, Gerson.  You have to seek the truth of God and the Words of God, not your own understanding.  You are relying on things that are not from Christ.  You are falling on Paul, Gerson, and Paul was not Christ.

Christ was the One who brought the Revelation to humanity.  He chose Peter to build his church on.  Yet now His church is built on Paul.

Peter was the one the church of Christ should have been built on, and what happened that now it is built on Paul?  Did Christ change His mind?  Did God decide, “Peter is no good?”

What was the vision that Paul had anyway?  When Christ had already chosen Peter, suddenly Paul, who was adamantly opposed to the Christians, came and said, “No, I am going to build Christ’s church.”

What was that vision?  Can we trust that vision that it really was from Christ?  Is the word of Paul the Word of God?

God said there are going to be Seven Revelations.  Paul said, “No, no other one will come after Christ.”  So think about your religion, your understanding, your dogmas, and see what Christ and God said.

He said, “Peter is My stone.  I am going to build the church on that stone.”  He did not choose another to build His church on.

Therefore think carefully, think deeply.  Do not judge because God is only the Judge, and you will create great sin if you judge the things that are beyond your judgment.

OK.  Go ahead, Judge Edward.


Judge Edward VI:  Thank you.  OK, I am wondering, where is it in the book of Acts that this is brought up?  And I heard you say that not all of the book of Acts is inspired by God?  Now that contradicts the Bible when the Bible tells us that all Scripture is given for reproof and for understanding, for knowledge.  All Scripture is given for doctrine.  Just as in the book of Isaiah, it says that, “Precept shall be upon precept, and line upon line.  Here a little, there a little.”

It is clearly telling us that the whole Bible is the Word of God, not just the gospels.  The whole Bible is the Word of God.

So I cannot understand really how you decide what parts of the Bible are of God and what parts are not.  Now we know not all of what was written, was written by Jesus or was written by the disciples, of the Old Testament and the New Testament.

You cannot say that because of that, that only part of the Bible is of God and the others are not.  Truly, the Bible, the whole Bible, was written by Paul, or was written by Isaiah, or by Jeremiah, and it was God, because they were all inspired by the same Holy Spirit.

So there is one author, because they were all inspired by the same God to write down what they wrote.  So the whole Bible is the Word of God, and you cannot just pick and choose what you would like.

Maitreya:  OK, you made a point.  That is a good point but there is an explanation for it.

Who brings the Word of God to humanity?  Can anyone come and say, “I have the Word of God, and therefore listen to me?”  You are right; all the Scriptures are the Word of God.  But Scriptures means the Words of the Prophet of God chosen by God, who was prophesied to come and then when He comes He cannot say anything but the Words of God to man.

Now was Paul a Prophet?  Was he prophesied to come?  Did God say, “I am going to send someone after Christ,” after He chose His rock and He said that He would build His church on that rock, and then God changed His Mind and said, “Oh, forget about the rock; another person is going to come?”

Yes, the Scriptures are the Words of God.  But the question is, are Paul’s words the Words of God?  Isaiah was the Prophet of God.  All those Prophets in the Old Testament came with the clear signs that they have come from God.

But Paul had only a vision that we do not know what that vision was.  Was that from God, or there were other spirits in the universe that pretend to be God but they are not?  Therefore that is the question every Christian ought to ask himself, “What happened?  Christ said, ‘Peter is my rock, and I am going to build my church on that rock.’  Are we following Peter, or are we following Paul?  Are we following the Words of the Scriptures, which came through Christ (in the red font) or are we following Paul that we do not know?”

If you think about it, if Peter was supposed to be the rock and the church was to be built on him, how come now we follow Paul and we build our church on that person?  So the very question, if you ask this, you will find an answer, “Hum, maybe we are following a wrong guide, a wrong person.”

Christ did not choose Paul and say, “Here he is.  I will build my church on you.”  No, He did not.  He clearly said, “Peter is the one I will build my church on.”

So question your religion and beliefs.  Ask, seek, and knock, and you will see clearly that God said He was going to send Seven Revelations, Seven Angels, and only the Mystery of God would be finished in the Seventh Revelation.

Therefore your understanding is based on your dogmas, and your understanding is based on your religion.  Your understanding is not correct.

The truth is that Paul was not the one that Christ’s church should have been built on, but it should have been built on Christ’s Words.  And Christ said, “The Spirit, a Comforter, will come after Me.”  He meant that there would be other Revelations, and they would deliver the truth.

Judge Edward, I will let you go ahead but make it brief and get to the point briefly.  Go ahead.

Judge Edward VI:  That is fine.  The problem is that I am not following Paul, no Christian is following Paul.  I will follow Jesus, OK?  Knowing that Paul followed Jesus so what Paul tells us in the Bible is what Jesus told us.  This is why the disciples followed Jesus, and they learned many things from Jesus.  The things that the disciples tell us in the Bible, they learned it from whom?  From Jesus, because they followed Jesus.

So it is not that we follow Paul but that we follow Jesus.  And we take their opinions and what they say into consideration.  They were there.  They got it there.  They were actually there.  They know what was taught by Jesus.  So what they say is important.

This is why the Bible says, “Let every man be a liar, but let God be true,” because the Bible tells us that all Scriptures can be interpreted on their own.  The Bible does not encourage adding to it.  It is like we see here in Isaiah, “Line upon line.  Here a little, there a little.”

All these prophecies?  OK Shirin.  All these prophecies in the Bible can be explained with the Bible.  Let the Bible be its own explainer, OK?

Well, my point is that the whole Bible is inspired.  Whether it is written by Paul, whether it is written by Luke, by Matthew, or whether written by Jesus, it is all inspired because they all followed Jesus.

Therefore we cannot get on and say, “Oh well, there are only bits and pieces in the Bible that we should take into consideration and others we should not,” because then that would mean that the Bible is not inspired.  And the Bible tells us that it is inspired.

Maitreya:  You cannot judge that, what part of the Bible is from God and what part is not.  The only person who can judge that is the Prophet from God who has fulfilled the prophecies, who has been foretold to come.  If you find such a person, then you can ask Him, “Is this a part of the Bible, or is it not?”

That person is here today and is telling you that that part that Paul brought to humanity, not all of it is from God.

The Bible itself has been changed and translated more than twenty-seven times.  They have added to it.  They have subtracted from it.  There are books that used to be a part of the Bible that are not now.  That is why God had to send seven Major Manifestations, as He promised.

If you read the Koran and the Revelation through Prophet Muhammad, He clearly said that the Bible has been changed, added to, and subtracted from.  I say the same thing, that the Bible has been added to and subtracted from.

You keep calling Him, “Jesus,” and His name never was Jesus.  He was never called that.  Actually there is no “J” in Hebrew to begin with.  The Bible clearly says, “You are saved by His Name.”  You even do not know His Name.  And then you claim you are saved?  You are not, because His True Name cannot be pronounced or uttered in external world.

Your religion has been greatly affected with the pagan Rome, OK?  They were the ones that were following the Mithra religion who believed in the sun god and Mithra as the son of God, who would be born from a virgin.

So you can see, you have to read about your religion more and understand that not all parts of the Bible are inspired.  They are not all of the Words of God.

Yes, the Bible said the Scriptures are from God, and the Scriptures are only written by the Prophets of God who have fulfilled the prophecies, they know the truth, and they are the judge.

So you have to expand yourself, you have to really search, go to our website, understand this truth, and realize the Word of God said that there are going to be Seven Angels, and only the Seventh Angel is going to tell you the whole truth.  If you understand that, then you will not insist that only one of the Angels is the only way.

He promised both to Abram (his children were the Arabs, or Ishmaelites) and Abraham (his were children were Israel) that there was going to be a Prophet to come from each of them.  If you just understand that, you realize that Prophet Muhammad also was prophesied by God to come.

If Christ is the only way, then God is a liar because He said there is going to be another Prophet from the Ishmaelites.  You do not know that because you do not know our teachings.

We know your teaching.  We know Christianity.  We know Christ.  We know His Teaching.  We know the Word of God.  Everything you are saying here is not new to us.  It is absolutely something we already know, we wrote about, and we revealed to humanity the symbolic meanings of the Word of God.

So what we have to ask you is to go to our website, go to our teachings.  Read them.  Understand them.  What you are doing here is not really seeking the truth; you are here to preach your dogmas, which we already know.

Why should we listen to something that we already know, Judge?  I will give you one more chance.  If you start preaching and not getting to the teachings of the Mission then we have to ask you not to ask questions.

Go ahead.

Judge Edward VI:  That is fine.  But I am just not allowed the question because you seem to be contradicting what the Bible says.  All right.  The Bible says, the Bible encourages us, to read the book.  Now the Bible tells us that the Scriptures were not broken.  This contradicts what you have said.

It cannot be broken.  And there can be as many translations as there have been.  You can do a simple study that shows the translation is accurate in the English language.  But that means nothing because the Bible tells you that the Word of God is here forever, as you can see in this verse.  So you seem to be contradicting what the Bible is saying here.  I do not understand why.

Second of all, Muhammad is… [his mic was cut off here]

Maitreya:  We could not hear what you said about Muhammad.  But there is no contradiction here.  It is the explanation that I am giving that you do not, apparently, understand.

The explanation is, “Yes, the Scriptures are all from God.  But the Scriptures only can be revealed with the Prophets of God, with the Messiah, with the Person that God prophesied would come, and then He gives Him the Word of God to bring to humanity.”

Paul was not a Prophet.  Paul was not the Messiah.  He should not even be permitted to put his words in the Bible because he was not a Prophet.  He was not the Messiah.  Therefore his words should not even be permitted to be added to the Bible because only the Words of the Prophet and the Messiah from God should be added to the Scriptures.  And God said there are going to be Seven Revelations, Seven Scriptures, which will come to humanity.

Yes, if you put the Upanishads and Hindu teachings (the base of their teachings), if you put the Old Testament (the part that was not changed), if you put the New Testament (the Words of Christ), if you put the Words of Prophet Muhammad, if you put the Words of Bab and Baba, and the Seventh Revelation, which is The Holiest Of The Holies, then you have the Scriptures.  Those are the Words of God.

If you understand this simple truth then you have no choice but to exclude Paul from this Revelation and see that Paul was not a Prophet of God.  Paul was not the Messiah.

I hope you understand this point.  If you understand this point, you will not listen to Paul at all.  As Christ said, “The disciple is not greater than the master.”  You should not listen to the disciples at all.  You have to go to the Source.  You have to go to the Messiah alone.

Any disciple who acts like a Master, is a false prophet, is a false teacher.  The moment the disciple acts like he is Christ, he is the Prophet of God, then you cannot listen to him and you are not following the truth.

Ravenspiritwalker asks,

Ravenspiritwalker:  Do you believe Muhammad was greater than Christ?

Maitreya:  No.  No one is greater than anyone in the Revelation and Revealer of God’s Revelation.  Each of them had a part of the Eternal Divine Path, and they brought it to humanity.

No Major Manifestation is greater than any other.  They are all equal.  They are all the Revealer of the Revelation from God.  They were all sent by God, and they brought the Word of God to humanity.  Therefore, if you understand this simple truth that has been revealed to you through this Mission, you will have a greater grip in God, His Revelation, and the Truth.

Now let us give Judge one more chance.  I hope he understands this simple truth and it helps him to further progress in his Spiritual Path.  You cannot add to the Words of God.  Go ahead, Judge.

Judge Edward VI:  What I was going to say about Muhammad is that the Bible makes it very clear that there are many false prophets and many false Christs at the end time.  As for Muhammad, that is a whole different religion; that is Islam.  They have their own Prophet.  So do Buddhists and all other religions.  They have nothing to do with Christ, and they are trying to pretend that they are taught by God,

God told the Israelites how the heathen worship their gods, and how to worship God.  God warned them, “Do not worship Me the way they worship their gods, because their gods are false.”  Their religion is false.  There is only one religion, and that is Christianity.

Maitreya:  OK Judge, apparently you want to just go ahead and talk about your understanding instead of listening to what I was telling you, or knowing exactly what this Revelation is all about, that this Revelation will tell you why Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Christians, Moslems, Baha’is and all those that they have some truth, they are all from the same God.

There is only One God and they are from Him.  He sent them all to humanity.  But just like many Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and all the religions, you are hanging onto your understanding and you just do not see and understand my explanation, which I thought I made it very clear:  This is the Seventh Revelation.

God said there are going to be Seven Revelations sent by Him, that God gave a promise to Abram, whose children were the Ishmaelites or Arabs that there was going to be a Messiah or Prophet come from them.

He also gave the promise to Abraham, the father of the Hebrews, and He said that also a Messiah or Prophet would come from them.  He would come from the tribe of Judah.

He prophesied that there were going to be Seven Revelations, and the Book sealed with the Seven Seals would be opened with the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and that Revealer will bring the Mystery of God to an end.  And now it is done.  It is finished.  It is here.  It explains to you in a clear Revelation what the Word of God means.

Now you come here and again repeat the same things over and over.  I am telling you, “You are wrong.  God’s Revelation is not your interpretation.”  Your interpretation is your dogmas, your religion, and your understanding.  The Christian understanding, Jewish understanding, Buddhist understanding, Hindu understanding, Islamic understanding, Baha’i understanding, and all other understandings, are not correct or perfect, until the Seventh Angel comes.

Until the last Revelation comes, you do not have it.  You cannot have it because God said, “I will be a Mystery.”  Now you insist that you do have it.  You go on and what you said that you know.  You do not.  You cannot.  No one can.  No one could.

That is the Word of God, read The Revelation chapter 10, verse 7, or when the Seventh Angel opens the Seventh Seal.  Only then will it be finished.  It is done!  Only when the Seventh Angel comes will it be explained to you what My Words mean and that there is no Mystery.  You are talking about the Mystery.

You are still living in the past without realizing that your religion is already done.  It is finished.  It is time for a new wine in a new skin.

So we can see that again people who have ego, or do not want to understand the truth, or want to hang onto their own understandings, will create a lot of problems because they believe that their dogmas are the truth, and their dogmas are not the truth.  They do not want to give up because ego is very stubborn, ego does not seek the truth; ego likes to be correct and right.

And of course they are not right because Christ clearly said, I will build my church on Peter, not Paul.  Most Christians follow Paul.

What happened?  God changed His Mind?  He suddenly said, “OK, Peter you are out; Paul come on, you are in?”  And Peter was His close disciple; Paul was not even a disciple.

What was that vision Paul had?  Is the word of Paul the same as the Word of God?  Did God prophesy that he would come as a Prophet and change Christ’s teachings to some of his own understandings?

This is the question every person should ask themselves.  All Christians should ask themselves and seek the truth.  Every man, woman, and human has to seek the truth, not the dogmas.

If you do that, then you are an Elect.  You are a Chosen person.  You have been called by God to know the truth.

If not then we love our own words.  We love our culture.  We love our religion.  We love our dogmas.  We are not seekers of the truth.  We are seekers of the approval of man.

So we can see again that a lot of truth has come to this room today and humanity has a long way to go.  Maybe that is why it has been prophesied that there are going to be three consecutive incarnations before humanity is prepared and ready to receive the whole Revelation and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

We indeed have finished this Revelation in this lifetime.  It is perfect.  It is complete.  It is revealed to humanity in whole.  Pretty soon probably there will be another announcement that will reveal that we indeed have perfected the religion of God and now we can know the truth.

There will be a Declaration, the third and final Declaration, that God indeed has perfected His last Revelation of the Seven Seals, after the opening of the Seven Seals, and now it is for humanity to see this Guidance, this Truth, this unique Revelation that has never been on earth before.  It explains how all these religions have come from the same Source, have come through the same Source, and have come to all of humanity.

There is no separation between humans and humans.   There is no major religion that God is not behind it.  This is the truth that humanity has to eventually see clearly and overcome other explanations.  It is as clear as day, and they are wrong. 

They do not think.  They just accept things and they throw those words out without even knowing the truth behind what they are saying, without even knowing our teachings and how God promised all these things are going to happen, and now they have happened and still they are hanging onto something that is dead, is finished, is no longer there, and they are not letting go of the dead religions.

But our religion is alive, it is vital, it is here, and it explains everything.  It explains that His Name never was Jesus, and the New Testament clearly says, “You are saved by His Name.”  If you do not even know His Name, how can you be saved?

Why can’t man ask these questions, which are so clear, so obvious, to us?  Why don’t they ask themselves, “How could I be saved if there is no ‘J’ in Hebrew and I am calling Him a name starting with a ‘J’ and then I am going to be saved, yet the Bible says that you are only saved by His Name?”

The explanation is that His Name cannot even be pronounced or uttered.  If you could utter His Name, how come when the disciples were healing, that magician came and offered them to give His Name or The Word that they healed with?  If it was the name of Jesus, he did not have to give them money to reveal to him what was The Word that they used, or the healing Word that they used to heal the sick and the lame, etc.  They would have known.  They would have said, “In the name of Jesus,” and that would have been it.

The Scripture clearly says, “They will come to me and say I healed in your Name,” and He will say, “I know you not, because my name never was what you healed with.”

What Word did they use to heal?  These things people have to realize.  They have to understand.  Also Christ said, “If you heal and the unclean spirit goes, seven more are going to return because the person did not know how to heal himself.”

There is so much truth here, so much reality, and so many things that have been given to man.  It is amazing, and still they resist it.  It is amazing that they do not see the Words of God so clearly being revealed here to man. 

Therefore, go to the world.  Let them know.  Preach this wonderful truth to them.  Do not worry if they do not listen.  Just explain to them and leave them to God.  They will never be the same when they hear this Truth.  Do not worry if they do not accept it in the beginning.  This time God promised that His Word will come to man.  He will absolutely be behind this Revelation.  He will not let another Paul come and destroy this truth.

He clearly says, “Yes, Scriptures are the Word of God.”  But who can reveal the Scriptures?

Yes, Christ said the disciple is not greater than the Master.  Who is the Master?  The Master is Christ.  The Master is the Messiah, the Prophet.

The most a disciple can do is to become as the Master, as the Christ, as Pure as He, His Revelation, and His Words.  Otherwise the only thing they can hope for is to understand Christ and what the Revelation clearly was.

If they add anything to it, if they subtract anything from it, they are false teachers.  They are not good disciples.  They are not good channels for God.

Now this Revelation is clear and precise, and it has been written down.  It has been talked about for many years, and we will talk about it hopefully for many years to come.  Eventually a few people will clearly understand it and preach it as precisely as it is, and they would not accept anyone else to build the church on but the Word of God and the Scriptures, which were typed, edited, put in the website, and distributed all through the earth in the life of the Prophet.

It has never happened before.  Never.  We never had a Revelation, which came, has been put down, was corrected, published, and reached out to humanity in such a scale.  That is the base of this Church.  The base of this Church is on THOTHThe Holiest Of The HoliesThe Greatest Sign.

It is not based on Paul or Peter or anyone.  It is based on the Word of God.

If you understand that and you follow it, you will benefit from it, others will benefit from it, and this church will be built on the stone that is not even a man.  It is a Revelation.  It is the Word of God.  Whoever follows the Word of God, he is Peter, is the rock.  He is a cornerstone of this building and this Revelation.

They will not split the Mission into branches.  If such people have disagreements, all should return back to the Eternal Divine Path and become unified.  No Paul can come and take that away from them because they will firmly hold onto the Words of God, the Scriptures, and understand, “Yes, the Words of God have all come from the same Source.” 

But the Words of God do not come to everyone.  They come only to the Revealer who has been chosen by God, who has been prophesied to come, and who brings the Words of God to humanity.  No other man can come after this Revelation who can claim to have, or can have, this station.  That station is fulfilled.

Now the only thing man can hope for is to understand this Revelation and have a great grip of the Word of God, and not to deviate from the Word of God, no matter what the situation.  They will understand that God indeed exists.  He has revealed all these Revelations.  He has sent all these Scriptures and religions.  Now they are all here for man to see clearly, and to see their way out of the confusion on earth.

There is no confusion for those who understand our teachings.

Be with God.  Have a Godly day.  Again think about these things.  Understand these things, and dedicate your life to the Words of God.  Do not deviate and change or split or become a false prophet.

Let the Spirit of God come through by understanding His Words, His Revelation, so you become as clear as the Spirit of God is.

Sal-OM everyone.  See you next week.


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