MAITREYA, Conversation With


Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Missions Conversation Room. We did not read the introduction today since you already know the introduction and are familiar with the Mission and procedure here. So we will go right into the Conversation. As usual we are mostly here to discuss the Mission and any aspect of the Mission with you.

If no one is asking any questions we will repeat the Revelation and discuss why this is the only true and viable Revelation from God, and there is no one in the whole universe who can claim to be what we claim we have here.

We can see the desperation in the humans on earth at this time. They take anyone with a little truth or with a realization as to be what we have been claiming for more than twenty years. They accept such a claim without even realizing that the claimant has not really fulfilled everything that has been foretold the claimant should have or should fulfill. So they are desperate, and they hang onto any small light they find as the beacon that this Mission is.

Therefore it is our responsibility again to reach out and let everyone know the beacon is here. Do not stop by the candle or a small light, but go to the Sun, which is more truth than anything that has come to humanity to this point.

Of course maybe that is too much, too much light, and it blinds those people whose eyes are not used to so much light. They might not be able to see anymore because it is too much. But that is OK, we are looking for those whose eyes are used to light and they want the Sun, not a candle, not a lamp, but the whole truth, which is based on all the foretold prophecies of this coming.

We will be patient and we will wait until everyone sees that they have to become a productive member of this community, and if you are not reaching out, if you are not dedicating your life to this cause, if you are not completely dedicated to spread the Message, then your faith will not be strong and the Kingdom will be delayed.

I was talking to someone the other day and the discussion was, When will the Kingdom come? The conclusion was, really a lot of it depends on the human. God adjusts Himself according to the humans response to Him. The sooner people come together, create the Communities of Light, become productive members of the community, and the community and Gods Revelation becomes first in their lives, and reach to those who have also been called to come to this truth and join together, the less delay there is going to be in the coming of the Kingdom.

The person said he cannot believe that Gods Revelation is based on human response. Of course, that is not true. Man has free will. They can choose to come here to see this truth. They can go to our website and see the Revelation, opening of the Seven Seals, revelation of the Book sealed with the Seven Seals, fulfillment of all the prophecies, and even more that we have already revealed that they can learn.

No matter what prophecy you read, you can see, This is also for this Mission, no matter what, where, or how.

So there is even more to find in our teachings, and there are treasures that humanity has not dug up yet. What we have already is too much. Still humans are hanging onto their dogmas, when we can see all the signs on earth are pointing to the end time: Material tendencies, the decline of the great values, etc. The prophecies clearly say that when human values are based on their material possessions and no longer are their higher values respected or encouraged, then it is the end time. When the justice is not important, truthfulness is not a virtue, when you can get away with anything you can get away with, and everything that has been prophesied at the end time will be there, it is the time.

Therefore a sensitive person and a spiritual person feels completely cut off from this set-up. That is exactly what has been prophesied will happen at the end time, and it is then that the Seventh Angel and Revelation, the last Revelation of God, will come to humanity and unify all the religions of the world, call on the Elects, bring them together, and create a society that these new Elects are going to become the seed of the coming of the Kingdom and the Golden Age.

We are in it, and we are in that time that this Call has gone out to humanity.

But Maya has also become strong and powerful, and forces against the Seventh Angel and this Revelation is great. From economical reality, from social movements, from spiritual understanding, from dogmas, from separation between religions, you name it, the opposition is there and fighting against this truth.

That is why we need the Elects. We need to Call those who are not affected with this amazing Maya that has swept the earth and has absolutely taken over all aspects of human life.

The values are no longer encouraged. The great values are not taught. That is when Krishna clearly said, My Spirit will arise on earth and bring the truth back to humanity. Eventually the Essence of Gods Plan and Will, will come to man, and it has. Our teaching is the Essence and the most direct Path to God. This is the Message that we have to give to humanity at this time.

Do not worry about wars, destruction, and all the Maya that is pulling you out to the world, but concentrate on the Revelation, the teaching, the Message, and seek those who are also called to see this Vision. Do not see just the Vision, but become the Vision, become the truth, become the Mission and our teachings. Seeing the Vision is great, but becoming the Vision is even greater.

If you have not seen the Vision, you have not been called for it. If you have seen the Vision but you are not It yet, you still have a long way to go.

Becoming the Vision means that the Vision is paramount in your life and that Vision is what your life should be based on. If you become the Vision, then you seek to follow the Eternal Divine Path. You meditate, you concentrate, you contemplate, you read, you search, you understand, and you will see that the salvation of man individually and collectively is based on the Eternal Divine Path. That is the Essence of Gods Will.

If humanity realizes that Essence, then they have a great grip of the truth, the relationship with God, and the way back home, back to Godhead. So indeed when you go to God you do have to leave everything behind. If anything is in your way to God and it is not coming with you, you indeed have to leave it.

Cheer Energy: But didn't the Bible say, "leave your parents, wives and children...

Maitreya: You are right; leave your parents, wives, and children. Indeed that is a personal decision, and those who become the Vision, if those who are with them will not come with them to fulfill that Vision, they have no choice but to leave them to God and continue toward the fulfillment of Gods Calling for them.

That is the individual understanding of each persons life. Those who are absolutely dedicated to God and His Will, will drop everything and go to God.

Cheer Energy: Who is God?

Maitreya: That is the question that is like explaining God. God is Generator, Operator, and Destroyer. God is everything and beyond. God is not explainable but it is an experience. If you have experienced God then you do not need an explanation.

How many people have been trying to explain God for centuries and thousands of years and how many books have been written to explain Him? Still the question remains, Who is God? Why have they not been able to explain? If He was explainable, it should have been explained by now and everyone would know the meaning of God, who He is, and what He is.

Therefore the conclusion is, God is not explainable. But those who have experienced God have come back to humanity and said, Yes, there is God and you are a part of Him. The Spark of God is within you. If you meditate and purify yourself, with The Grace, you also will experience Him, or Her, or It, or whatever you want to call Him.

So we can see that the only way to really know God is to experience Him. That is why the first step in the Eternal Divine Path is meditation, awakening of your spiritual forces and knowing the Self, Atman, which is the same as God. That is the first step. When you experience God, then everything else in this world will fade away and you say, Yes, I know God, and I do not need explanation. He has created everything. He has sent all the Revelations, and He has revealed the Scriptures to humanity. What you say is the truth because you also said that there are going to be Seven Revelations, Seven Seals, and no one has opened the Seven Seals but this Mission.

Therefore no matter who is out there and they are claiming to be the Seventh Angel, the Kalki Avatar, the Maitreya, this and that, you simply ask them, Did you open the Seven Seals? Have you revealed the Book God sealed with the Seven Seals, because only one person can do that?

If you see that clearly then you have a good grip of the truth, and you will not be confused with the amazing confusion out there and the pulls that are in all levels of human existence, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We are bombarded with information, with claims, with pulls that really need a strong person to be able to withstand them and say, No, I will not be pulled by all this Maya.

So the Maya is even stronger now for humanity. The pull of the world is stronger, and all levels of human existence have lost it, lost the touch of God and Spirit.

Yes, Cheer Energy, we were just explaining that yes, God is unexplainable. You asked me who God is, and the answer was that you have to experience God.

Cheer Energy: Who is for us humans? Who is He for us?

Maitreya: What do you mean by that, Cheer Energy? Who is for us humans? Who is He for us? OK, if anyone understand what Cheer Energy means, please type it in text.

Cheer Energy: May I please take the microphone?


Maitreya: Yes, if you want, you can raise your hand and I will let you have the microphone.

Cheer Energy: What is He for us?


Maitreya: Oh, you mean, What is God for us? OK, what is our relationship with Him? If you want to take the microphone, raise your hand and I will give it to you. That is what this room is all about. It is a Conversation Room. We are here to talk about the Mission teachings and give guidance to humanity to realize that indeed God has sent all the religions of the world, and now they are unified.

We are all a part of God. We were a part of God in the beginning. There is no separation between this creation and God as the Spirit behind the creation. But somehow a part of that original balance went out of balance. As the Bible clearly says, There was darkness and the Spirit of God moved in that darkness.

Therefore in the beginning some imbalance happened to the universe. God decided to help this darkness return to Light and Balance as it was before. So, the whole purpose of creation is to guide it back to balance or Godhead or oneness, and God to us is a Guidance who has been sending Prophets with the clear Revelations and fulfillment of the prophecies to guide man back to Godhead.

God to us is a Guiding Light. He is the Creator. He is the Being who has been sending the Scriptures to guide man to return home.

Cheer Energy: Is this an Islamic room?

Maitreya: It is not an Islamic room. It is a room that is connected to the Mission of Maitreya. This is a Revelation that includes Islam, but also includes all other religions on earth.

It reveals that God has foretold that there are going to be Seven Revelations on earth. These Seven Revelations are: the Mystical Paths, which include, Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Saints in Christianity, Sufis in Islam, and all other teachings that say, Know thyself to know God, or as the Bible says, Be still and know that I am God.

The second step is the Old Testament, the Hebrews, which clearly shows God has been trying to find a people as His community who will accept God as King and His Laws as the Laws for the community. Therefore after the awakening of your spiritual forces and meditation, you try to create the communities based on Gods Law and Will.

In order to do that, you have to sacrifice. That is the message of Christ or Christianity. Christ taught that you have to sacrifice in order to create such communities, and He went to the cross for his ideal.

After you sacrifice for a while, you might become attached to the result of your actions and you might fall and either become egoistical or discouraged. Therefore the next step was brought by Islam. It is surrendering and submission to God.

Surrendering means, I surrender the result of my actions to God. Submission means that I let God come through me, therefore I do not exist. Only God exists.

That is the goal of spirituality, to realize that God exists. You as an ego, do not.

Cheer Energy: When I look at myself in the mirror and look at the sky, I know that the Almighty God created us.

Maitreya: Great! So the next step is the expansion of the mind. That means to expand, to realize that you are a part of the universe, just exactly what you said, when you look at the sky and you say, Yes, God created me.

Cheer Energy: When I look through the microscope at an ameba or a germ, I know that God created them too.


Maitreya: Exactly. God created everything.

So with these five steps, which include: Mystical Paths, Hebrews, Christianity, Islam, and Bahais, you will become an Elect. That is what God has been talking about in all the Scriptures, My Elects. We are looking for those who follow this Path. Not only is this a Path; it also unifies all religions.

So in answer to your question, Is it an Islamic room?, Islam is included but Islam is not the last Revelation of God as clearly explained in our teachings and in our website. If you go to our website, you will see that many things have been explained clearly.

Cheer Energy: Are you Divine?

Maitreya: Am I Divine or not? That is what you have to find out. You have to recognize. Each person has to search, ask, knock, and understand that. Is Maitreya Divine? Is Maitreya who He claims to be?

Cheer Energy: So is He 3, 2, or 1?

Maitreya: God is everything. God is the numbers too. Actually there are numerical studies and many mathematicians tried to prove that God exists. Some of them say they succeeded.

Cheer Energy: Could He be 4 in the future?

Maitreya: I do not understand what you are trying to accomplish by these questions. But if you have a question that you want to ask that is directly related to God and our teachings, go ahead and bring it up, to this understanding, teaching.

Cheer Energy: Do you believe God can be three?

Maitreya: Anyway.

EmoBloom: Then why worship? Worship what?


Maitreya: You worship not for God. God does not need your worship. You worship for yourself. When you worship, you direct your attention and intention from mundanity, from the external world, from Maya, to the higher level of your being. Instead of talking, thinking, and acting on worldly things, which the human mind loves to do and occupying yourself with mundanity, you direct your energy and thoughts to the higher things. That is what worshipping is for.

So when you worship, you do not do it for God. God does not need our worship. God does not need our praise. He is just content and One with Himself. Therefore you have to realize that when we worship Him or do anything for God, we are really doing it for ourselves, not for God.

That is what the Eternal Divine Path and all the rituals in the Mission are for, to recognize and realize that this world is a temporary place. It is not the Essence of God. Attachment to anything in this world will not lead you to the highest level of consciousness. But by understanding that God has been revealing all the truth and Revelations to this point, and the goal of the life is to be or be(come) Divine by following the Eternal Divine Path, you have found the Essence of the truth from God.

Cheer Energy: What are our commitments toward God?

Maitreya: Our commitment to God is to recognize and realize that we are a part of God, to return home, to understand His Revelation, and to realize that God indeed has been sending all these Revelations to humanity and now they are unified.

Our commitment to God is to recognize that the goal of the life is to be Divine, going home, back to Godhead. Therefore you have to know thyself and follow the Eternal Divine Path. That is our commitment.

Still that commitment is not for God. Again it is for us, for ourselves.

Cheer Energy: Then after realizing that He is god, then what?

Maitreya: Well, first of all He is not God with a small g. We are gods with a small g. God is God with a big G because He is the creator.

After we realize that God exists and He has been sending all these Revelations to humanity, then you have to ask yourself, why did He do that? Why did He create the universe? Why did He send all these Revelations and Prophets to man? What is the purpose or reason for it?

He has done all these for a reason. [something was typed in text] Yes, exactly, for a purpose. What is that purpose? What is that reason that God has been sending all these Revelations to humanity?

Then you realize that there is a reason for this creation. What is that reason? That reason is clearly said in the very beginning of the Bible, that there was darkness. There was something that went wrong. There was chaos, exactly. And God moved and tried to guide this darkness back to equilibrium, to Godhead, to return home.

It is then that His Spirit moved to that darkness.

Cheer Energy: Do you think He will treat us all the same way after our death?

Maitreya: No, every person has karmas and many things they have done in their lives. When we die, we will be leaving our ego and going to a place that we are cleansed and shown our mistakes. When we come back, we take our ego and karma and come back to the body. Hopefully in the next lifetime we will do better.

EmoBloom: The word GOD carries too many distractions.


Maitreya: Why does it carry too many distractions?

EmoBloom: No GOD, just is-ness.


Maitreya: God is is-ness, Emo. Actually if you study our teachings, in the beginning God just was. According to our teachings, God just Is. Put anything in front of Is, and He becomes it. That is why God is everything.

You probably are talking about God as the dogmas that many religions follow. If you know our God that we teach here, He is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. He is FINE. F I N E: Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal.

His only Real Name cannot even be pronounced in this external world because it is so subtle that the moment you pronounce it, it loses its subtlety and becomes corrupt.

So I probably agree with you, if you are talking about the God of the present religions in the world, on earth, they carry a lot of dogmas with God and a lot of man-made ideas have crept in their religions, and therefore their God is no God anymore. Their God is corrupt.

If you really want to know God, know the God that we teach here, and He is the Real God. He is the Consciousness and the Creative Forces in the universe. Therefore He does not have any dogmas, He does not have any form, He does not have any name, and He does not have anything that creates destruction as the other gods in their religions have.

Cheer Energy: So where will those who died as children go to? Hell or heaven?

Maitreya: Well, hell and heaven are not places. Hell and heaven are states of consciousness. If a child is born and dies, it does not mean that this is his only lifetime. Probably he had some karmas, and he has come back for a very short period of time to experience some experiences in this lifetime and then he leaves the body.

Then he goes back to the consciousness that he came from, or he learns his lessons so fast that he does not need to stay around anymore. He either goes to heaven or Godhead, which is not a place, really, it is a state of consciousness or he goes back and will be born again somewhere else to continue his lessons to learn.

So where does he go? He goes back to where he is supposed to, and he comes back when and where he is supposed to.

EmoBloom: God isnt a being; its just things.


Maitreya: OK.

Cheer Energy: Where are we going after death?

Maitreya: We go back to the state of consciousness that we came from. If we have learned our lessons and progressed, we go a little higher. If we did not, then we will either go where we were and hopefully we will not go any lower. Usually that does not happen. It rarely happens, but usually you progress a little bit in each lifetime hopefully, and so you are going to go to a better place.

EmoBloom: Know yourself.


Maitreya: Exactly. That is the first part of our teaching, Emo. Know thyself to know God.

However, that is not the end. That is the Mystical Paths. Many Mystical Paths teach that is the end. Know thyself, and that is it. You fall like a drop of water in the ocean of God, and that is the goal.

But the Scriptures clearly say that God will spew you out of His Mouth. You have to return and help those who have not reached that state as you have.

Those are actually the Elects. The Elects have reached a point that they are not attached to this external world. They are here to help the rest to go to God. As He said, The first will be the last, and the last will be the first. As we help others to go to God faster and faster, eventually our time also will come, and we also will go to God.

Therefore knowing thyself is the first step in the Eternal Divine Path. Again, understand our teachings and see that you are correct, but what you say is one seventh of the truth. There are six others that you have to add to that statement.

Guest: Symbolically there are places.


Maitreya: Well, they are not really places; they are states of consciousness. If anything has form, shape, taste, smell, and it appeals to your senses, it is not the ultimate. It is not the Essence. It is not the goal.

If it is a place that you can see, you can feel, you can be, then it is still not the ultimate; it is still made of some material, of some consciousness, and therefore it is not the goal. The goal is to return to Godhead, return to equilibrium, return to the state of the unexplainable Godhead. Therefore it is not really a place.

When you die you do not go to a place; you go to Pure Consciousness. The ultimate state of Consciousness is when you are beyond remembrance, beyond doing, and beyond knowingness. You just are. Whatever they put in front of you, you become it.

Some people say, God is Love. God just IS. God is also destruction. God is also Creator. God just IS, put Is in front of Him and He is that also.

Guest: You think that after death we keep our personality?


Maitreya: It depends on what state you are at. If you have realized God and reached Pure Consciousness, in Pure Consciousness there is no personality. Personality is the accumulation of many lifetimes of experiences. When your experiences are no longer there, and you have gone beyond this world and experience, then you and God become One, and Gods characteristics include every characteristic in the universe. Indeed God is the sum of all characteristics and manifestations.

If a characteristic is displayed with anyone, it is a part of God also.

Cheer Energy: According to what else we go to hell or heaven? I know that I would go to jail if I commit a crime or a felony. So how do I know when do I go to hell?

Maitreya: All right. You are comparing the external world and creation with the internal world and Spirit. It cannot be compared.

You can compare them to a point, yes. You will suffer for sins and for committing things that are forbidden in this manifested world. You create karma; you create (whatever you want to call them) sins; you create burdens on yourself, and you have to pay for them.

Sins, karmas, and all those things are there for you to learn your lessons. If you learn your lessons, if you follow the Laws of the Universe, then you do not create any karma, you do not commit any crime. Therefore you are not going to suffer. It does not have to be a place. It is a state of consciousness.

People who go crazy and have multiple personalities or some psychological problems, are not suffering because they are in a physical place called hell. They are in hell in the state they are in. Actually many humans are in hell here and now. So everything is here and now. Either you are in heaven here and now, or you are in hell here and now by not understanding God and His Revelation.

So it does not have to be a place. It does not have to be hell and heaven. Unless you say, hell is the state of mind that is separated from God, and heaven is the state of mind or being One with God. When you are One with God, you have The Grace of God, you have the Oneness with God, you have the understanding of God, and you have the realization of God and therefore you are in heaven.

When you are separated from God, you are in Maya and you will not receive The Grace. You are cut from The Grace, and you are in hell.

Adam and Eve were in heaven when they were connected to God. God said, Do not do this thing. They did it, and He sent them out of heaven and cut The Grace from them.

EmoBloom: First sense Ive heard on the net.


Maitreya: [laughing] All right, Emo. Indeed one of the things we are very proud of in this Mission is, it makes sense. It makes a lot of sense. If you have the smallest sense, and common sense, you will realize that this teaching makes a lot of sense, and you will find a lot of truth here.

Cheer Energy: How come comparison is leading to use the logic?

Maitreya: Hummm. I do not understand your question, Cheer Energy. How come comparison is leading to use the logic? Can you elaborate on that?

EmoBloom: Karma in life, not in death. Cool! What do you call this religion?

Maitreya: OK, this religion is called: the Eternal Divine Path. It unifies all the religions of the world and explains how all of them have been sent by God. Those who follow the Eternal Divine Path become the Divines. Those who follow the teachings are called Divines and because they become Divines, they are the Elects of God. Therefore it is called the Eternal Divine Path, and Divines, Mission of Maitreya, etc. So really the name can be the Divines, the Eternal Divine Path.

Cheer Energy: Do you believe all people need Jesus as a Savior?

Maitreya: Yes, everyone who believes in Christ. Of course His name never was Jesus. You have to realize that. If you understand that there is no J in Hebrew and Jesus was not really His name, you will know the truth.

I do not know if they really need Jesus because he never was on earth, a man by that name. But if you are talking about Christ, or Esa the Christ who came 2,000 years ago, He was the Son of God and He came to release The Grace. Everyone who believes that He came and He released The Grace, will receive His Grace.

You do not have to be a Christian but understand that He also was a part of Gods Revelation that was sent by God. If you realize that, you indeed need Him because without Christ you will not receive The Grace.

So Christ is a part of our teachings, without all the dogmas and many things that have been added to Him.

EmoBloom: No teaching required!!! But nice to hear some sense instead of dogma. It is a shame you call this a religion.


Maitreya: Well, you can call it a religion if you want to. Or you do not have to call it a religion. You can call it the truth. It depends on your definition of religion. If you mean a bunch of dogmas put together and it is called a religion, it is not.

But if you mean religion is a Revelation by God, which reveals the truth to humanity, then it is.

So take your pick. If you want to know the truth, this is the truth. But if you mean religion like all other religions on earth, it is not. It purifies all other religions, throws away all the dogmas, and clarifies the confusion between them.

Therefore, I do not call it religion in that sense. We call it religion in the sense of the Revelation foretold by God to come and now it has.

Probably the word religion carries a lot of other meanings with it. So you can say it is the Truth; it is the Revelation that has been prophesied to come and God now has sent it to humanity. Therefore if you want to know the truth, if you want to know how God foretold this will come, you have come to the right place.

But if you have your own ideas of religion and you resist the truth of it, then you cannot find the truth and you will go away with the wrong impression. So I do not want to give you the wrong impression that it is a religion in the sense of having dogmas.

Cheer Energy: If He is everyones Savior, what is the Mercy of God for?

Maitreya: That is the Mercy of God because there is no separation between man and man, and humanity. For God, everything is a part of Him and because everything is a part of Him, therefore His Mercy is for everyone. If you separate any part of the universe from any other part, you do not know God and then you are separating God from God. That is not acceptable.

EmoBloom: It is hard to get over the word GOD and Christ.


Maitreya: OK.

Cheer Energy: Which book are you reading to realize what God recommended and what He forbid?

Maitreya: You can go to our website and a Scripture is there called, The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament, and it explains the Plan of God. It reveals some of the things that have been forbidden. But of course other Scriptures clearly have come to humanity. They are a part of that new Scripture that I just told you about. In the section Essays 3 in that Book, there are the Fifteen Commandments and many other things that teach you some forbidden things.

In our teachings and Satsangs, you will realize what is acceptable and what is not.

Cheer Energy: Please, do you think Gods Mercy stopped and has gone with Jesus death?

Maitreya: No. Gods Mercy was here from the very beginning, was at the time of Christ, and continues to this point. He never withdrew His Grace for those who seek Him and want to be with Him.

There were many Great Prophets before Christ came, and there were many Prophets after Christ came.

Cheer Energy: Guess that drinking is allowed, and abortion is acceptable.

Maitreya: No, you guess wrong, and all those things that you say are not allowed: Drinking and alcohol, although they have some benefits in some situations, if it is overdone and used excessively, will lead to disease and illusion and it creates an environment that you will not be sober, and therefore you will not be able to perceive the life exactly as it is.

Cheer Energy: So everyone is free to make his own guess?

Maitreya: This is you who is guessing these things and adding to our teachings. Abortion is a decision between two in a couple and it should not be taken very lightly. It should not become a political topic. It is between God and the couples together. Both in the couple have the right to that fetus, and they have to decide together what to do with it in a bond of marriage.

Cheer Energy: Arent we free to guess?

Maitreya: No, you are not. You are free to guess and to act, but the result belongs to God. Therefore you have the freedom of choice but you do not have the freedom of result.

If you do what is forbidden, the result will be against you and you will pay for your indiscretion. You are free to choose Gods Way or mans way, but you are not the owner of the result of your actions.

You act; God gives the result.

The truth is that God exists. God has sent all these Revelations. If you want to know the truth, it has been revealed to humanity.

Cheer Energy: My questions are bad?

Maitreya: No, you keep going and asking questions, Are my questions bad? You are just imagining; you are not questioning. You are injecting your opinions and ideas without knowing what our teachings are. That is why we always recommend that you first know our teachings, and then you can come here and we can discuss it.

Cheer Energy: What do you mean, you said no books? So now you are contradicting yourself.

Maitreya: Who said there is no Book? There is a Book called, The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament. There has never been a Prophet who came without bringing a Revelation and eventually that Revelation was written down as a book, like Prophet Muhammad brought the Koran, Bahaullah/Bab brought the Bayan, the Old Testament came with the old Prophets, Christ revealed the Revelation, which became the New Testament, and Krishna and other Revealers of the truth in India have their own Revelations and books.

Therefore now the Book is Revealed as The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH).

EmoBloom: There is nothing in books worth learning.


Maitreya: Well, that is an opinion, Emo. The learning from books and the Revelation of God in Scriptures are a part of the spiritual progress. Do you want to seek the truth or do you want to have your ideas and opinions? What you say is not according to God and His Revelations.

Cheer Energy: And laws of marriage and divorce?

Maitreya: The law of marriage is a marriage between a man and a woman in the bond of marrying one another, becoming one in God, and creating wonderful children in the family environment, in the Communities of Light, which is the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Cheer Energy: Are all the verdicts listed there?


Maitreya: All right, well, what do you mean by verdicts?

Cheer Energy: It sounds like the questions that are not in this Book?

Maitreya: You have to elaborate in your questions, Cheer. You are just saying very short sentences without elaborating what you mean by your questions. It is very important for everyone who comes to this room to first go to the website, understand our teachings a little bit, and look at THOTH and read it. If you think that the truth is not in books, then you miss it greatly, because the Revelations of God are in the books, are in the Scriptures. And the Scriptures are books.

Go ahead, Ishvara.

Ishvara: Sal-OM Maitreya, and Sal-OM to everyone. I would just like to know a little bit more about the life. I would like to know more to understand, The Goal of the Life Is to Become Divine. Could you explain to us, what means life? When was life created, before the creation, at the same time, life has already been, a different kind of unit consciousness? Please, could you tell me?

Maitreya: OK. What is life? Life is energy. Without energy there would not be any life. Energy was, is, and will be in the universe forever.

Actually it is funny; some people say life starts at the time of birth.

Life was there even before the fetus was conceived. Life has always been there and will be there forever. There is nothing in this universe that can be destroyed. The only thing you can do is convert from one level to another level. You cannot destroy energy. Energy can be converted from heat, to mechanic, to light, to different states, but never can be destroyed. So it is with consciousness, or human.

When you die, even your body is not destroyed. Your body is broken down and will become the basic elements in the universe, and will be reused and recycled in the universe for other purposes. It is just like food. When you eat the food it is broken down to the digestible elements, which we digest in the body and then is used to rebuild the different parts of the body.

There is nothing that is destroyed in the universe. When we realize that, then we realize we have been here and we will be here forever.

And that is eternity. That is what is so hard for a lot of people to understand, what is eternity? That is eternity; you never will be destroyed, you have been here, and you will be here forever. God just used the material in the universe to create whatever is in the universe.

Life has been here and will be here forever. Life was here before creation but it was in the state of equilibrium with the other forces in the universe.

The Consciousness and the three creative forces were all in the balanced state. That is why it was not manifested. It is not that life was not there but it was not in the state that now is released in order to create the life as we know it.

So that is the goal of that energy. The goal of that life is to become Divine.

How do you become Divine? By following the Eternal Divine Path, by following our teachings or understanding that you have to awaken your spiritual forces, that you have to realize that Communities of Light are where the great society of the human will be created.

In order to create such a society or communities, you have to sacrifice, you have to give up of yourself, surrender and submit to Gods Will for you, become a universalist, shatter all narrowness of the mind, and realize that you belong to the universe. You do not belong to a gender, to a nation, to a religion, to anything that narrows the mind of the human. Therefore you can absolutely free yourself from any narrowness of the mind.

Then you become a Divine. That energy, that life-form, that life has been given to you, no longer is bound with the dogmas, with the narrowness of the mind, with the selfishness, and with the human will. It will be crowned with Gods Will, and Gods Will is to follow the Eternal Divine Path and to bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

If you realize that, then you indeed have realized Gods Way.

With this understanding, you realize God in the greater way, and the truth.

Of course if you do not understand those things, like this gentlemen here, yelling all these words without even knowing the truth and the Will of God, then your energy will be very limited and you will refer yourself or connect yourself to one religion, one understanding, one culture, many dogmas that have been imposed on you, and without knowing the truth you come here and say all these things that you do not even understand the meaning of them.

Then such a person even does not know the true Name of God. Such people will not be reincarnated; they will not bring the Kingdom because they do not open themselves to the Word of God that clearly has come to this Mission and the humans. It is unfortunate, and we have to be very sorry for such people that they do not open themselves to Gods Way, when their Scripture clearly says that there are going to be Seven Seals, Seven Revelations, Seven Truths. They do not understand and follow Christ and his teaching. They follow Paul, a false prophet.

Therefore they do not understand who is God, who is the devil, who is Consciousness, what is heaven, what is hell, and what all these things mean that were sent by God. We can see again, as I said, we are struggling against so many oppositions and misunderstandings in all levels of human existence.

But the Elects do not mind. The Elects know the truth. The Elects understand that, Yes, God indeed said there are going to be Seven Revelations and Seven Truths coming to earth, and this Revelation has come by God and now it is fulfilled. It is the end time. Those who oppose the Prophet, are opposing God indeed. We are sorry for such a display of not wanting to know Gods Will.

Therefore the Goal of the Life, which has been here forever, is to return back home, go back to Godhead. Go to that equilibrium. Bring the chaos, which we can see right now in the text section in the room, back to God. As we can see, there is a darkness that is emanating from misunderstanding, dogmas, religions, narrowness of the mind, and not knowing thyself.

Everything in the Eternal Divine Path is manifesting right now there. If you have the slightest sense you will see, This is chaos. The only way this chaos can be stopped is by understanding the real Word of God and His Revelation as the truth. The only way you can find that is the Revelation by the Seventh Angel or the Revealer of the Seven Seals.

If you do not know our teachings, you do not know. That is what God said. He would be a mystery until the Seventh Angel comes. When the Seventh Angel comes, the Mystery of God would be finished. These things that these people are saying right there in text are the things that they have learned before the Seventh Angel comes.

Now the Seventh Angel has come, and they do not want to go, find, search, and know. But that is OK. Our salvation is God and His Revelation.

Cheer Energy: What you are teaching is not new.

Maitreya: OK. The reason you say that, Cheer, is that you do not understand our teaching. It is new. It has not been on earth for the last 12,000 years. So you have to go to our website and read The Holiest Of The Holies.

The very base of our teaching is that there are Seven Revelations that were sent by God in the last 12,000 years. These Seven Revelations have come to humanity in the form of religions. The First Revelation that came to man is called the Mystical Paths, which include Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Saints in Christianity, Sufis in Islam, etc.

Cheer Energy: One word can summarize it all.

Maitreya: No, one word cannot summarize it all. You have to study it, and there is no way you can understand Gods Revelation with one word, OK? It is a 600-page Revelation, and you have to put effort and understand these teachings.

Tawanda9: Can you tell me who is Abdu'l-Baha?

Maitreya: Abdu'l-Baha was the son of Bahaullah. He was the person who brought the teaching of Bahaullah to the West. He made the Bahai teaching to flourish in the West.

He was supposed to be the person who was chosen by Bahaullah to succeed him. There was a struggle between him and his older brother of who should succeed Bahaullah.

Abdu'l-Baha as the interpreter of the teaching of Bahaullah, taught that there is going to be the Seventh Angel and the final Revelation that will come later on. So even Abdu'l-Baha himself had predicted the coming of this teaching and Revelation. So that is who Abdu'l-Baha is.

This teaching is based on the Seven Revelations in The Revelation in the Bible. It clearly says that God is a mystery until the Seventh Angel comes. In The Revelation in chapter 10 verse 7, it says that. Also later on when the Seventh Angel comes it says, It is done. It is finished. It is now finished with this Revelation.

This is the last Revelation of God that has been prophesied to come at the end time. And we are at the end time. There is no doubt about that.

Cheer Energy: Can you summarize your belief?


Maitreya: Cheer Energy, I just summarized it for you. Apparently you are not listening. So you should go to our website and read our teachings there in a greater degree. It is not a Revelation that can be summarized in one word, as you requested. You have to put some effort in it, go there, and study the teachings in order to understand them.

Basically there are Seven Revelations, Seven Religions on earth that have come to this point. They are the Seven Seals that have come. Now the Seventh Angel has brought this Revelation of the Seven Seals, and now it is done.

Cheer Energy: You are supposed to be a missionary and a teacher?


Maitreya: OK. As I said all your questions and all these objections you are having, Cheer Energy, is because you do not know our teachings.

We are looking for the Elects. We are looking for the people who are willing to put effort, to study and understand our teachings, and then come here and ask questions about the teachings.

You are not doing that. You are just going on and on with these objections.


Cheer Energy: What will I gain if I believe the same as you?

Maitreya: You will gain your salvation. What will you gain? That is the gain. Every human will gain that by understanding our teachings.

Cheer Energy: Can you give a reason to me, what is the need for it?

Maitreya: Yes, the reason is, God said that is the way it is going to happen, and those who understand our teachings only will be saved. Those are the Elects, and they will go to heaven, to God, to God Consciousness, and reach Pure Consciousness.

If you do not understand our teachings, you just will not understand Gods Plan.

Cheer Energy: But why do I need salvation?

Maitreya: Because you are in the body. Because you are a unit consciousness fallen from Grace.

Cheer Energy: I do not drink.


Maitreya: Not drinking does not mean you are going to be gaining salvation. So all those things you are saying mean nothing. Many people do that. That is good. That is good that you kept yourself clean and pure, and you do not do all those things.

But it is just like a man who came to Christ said, I do all the commandments, what else should I do? He said, Drop everything and follow me. But the man could not because he was very rich.

Cheer Energy: No drugs.

Maitreya: That is exactly what I am telling you. You do not do those things, great.

Cheer Energy: I have to ask God for forgiveness.

Maitreya: Well, you really have to forgive yourself first before asking God for forgiveness. Those who have a problem to forgive themselves also ask for Gods forgiveness.

Cheer Energy: So what do I need more?


Maitreya: You need to follow the Eternal Divine Path. So, What do I need more? You need to understand our teachings.

Cheer Energy: Forgive myself for what?

Maitreya: If you have something to forgive yourself, Forgive myself for what? If you do not have anything to forgive, then do not. You do not need to forgive. You are forgiven. That means that you do not have any sins, and you are free. Therefore, you should not be in the body. You should be one with God.

If that is true and you are a sinless person, then you understand our teachings well, and you will come, join, and help Gods Plan to be manifested. Therefore you still have to understand and realize what God has been trying to do.

Cheer Energy: I'm a human.

Maitreya: So what? OK, you are human. Everyone is human. But that does not mean that you do not have the opportunity to salvation.

EmoBloom: To follow is wrong.


Maitreya: No, to follow is not wrong, Emo. To follow is what God said you have to do. You have a lot of your own ideas. Some of them are good, and some of them are not based on Scripture. If you understand the Scriptures, you understand that you have to follow Gods Words. And God Words come through the Scriptures, through the Prophets who fulfill the prophecies and bring the Word of God to you.

You love your own words, and that is the destruction that is wrong. That is not going to lead you to the higher consciousness. If you follow God and His Words, then you will have a good grip of the truth, and you will go back to Godhead.

Therefore this teaching that everyone has their own ways and path, and they do not need God, Revelations, and Scriptures is based on human understanding. And therefore it leads to ego, just like

EmoBloom: There is only me.


Maitreya: There is only me what? What are you going to do? Did you create the universe? Are you God? Did you create this universe?

EmoBloom: I am God; I am Godhead.


Maitreya: OK, if you are Godhead, how did you create the universe and why? And can you create more?

That is what I mean. With that teaching you are following, that is where you fall. You think you are God and no one else is God. That is when your fall comes, and you will greatly fall into your ego. Ego is the destructive force that will bring destruction to you and those who believe in such a teaching.

You did not create the universe. God created the universe, and you are a speck, a very little speck, of that universe. Therefore, you are not God with the big G. You can be a god with a small g only, and only if you manifest Gods qualities: Compassion, Love, Understanding, Realization, and following the Eternal Divine Path.

This is ego that you sit there and say, I am God, just like, I am God but no one else is. Everyone has that Essence or that spark of God in them, and you have forgotten that other people also have that spark. You think you are the only person who has that spark, and that is big ego. That is absolutely destruction. That is absolutely separation from God.

Unless you are on drugs, or, if you are not, later on you will feel miserable because you are so separated from God. Therefore it is a sorry state a lot of people are following. They think they are God. They actually are not even feeling or knowing that they are a part of God because they have fallen to ego and destruction. That is a sad state of realization.

Hopefully such people eventually will hit the bottom and realize, Yes, everyone is God. Everything is God. They are a part of God but they have not realized to manifest Gods Compassion, Gods Love, Gods Understanding, Gods Qualities. They eventually will realize, "Oh, OK, I have the potential to become god. I have the potential to manifest Gods Qualities, but I am not there yet. I have to become Divine."

Then they ask themselves, How can I really become god with a small g? How can I become Divine? How can I realize God is everything and I am part of Him, and I become a part of His Plan and Will? Then you realize, "Oh yes, Maitreya was saying something about the Eternal Divine Path. What was that?"

And you may go to our website, read THOTH, and understand,Oh OK, the only way to become a part of God is that I have to follow the Eternal Divine Path. I have to meditate, awaken my spiritual forces, understand that Gods Will for me is to join the Communities of Light, or create one, sacrifice in it, surrender and submit to the Will of God and His Laws, and become a universalist. Then I become an Elect. I become a god with a small g, a part of the big God. Then I can see that Divinity within everyone that they also can become the same as I am.

Then I tell them, Sal-OM! I pay my salutations to the Divinity, which is God, within you, and therefore I am a part of a greater truth. Then you say, OK, now I understand I am a god with a small g, not even a big G. I never can become a God with the big g because He is the only One who has created the universe.

Therefore you realize our teachings and you will go away from this delusion of grandeur that, I am God, I know everything, when God said in the Scriptures, You do not know everything and you have to know greater truth to become one with God.

That delusion, many people have fallen for it. Actually I myself heard, God is everything and I am God. That was pretty gratifying that, I am God; I forgot that everyone else also is God. Then, of course, Gods Spirit has been kind to me and it was revealed to me very, very fast that, Hey, everyone else is also God. They have the Essence of God in them, and therefore I cannot only be God. God is many, many people, and on and on.

Therefore you have to recognize this delusion and come out of that destructive sphere, and humble yourself.

EmoBloom: I feel that I am god and so is everyone else. I am a drop in the ocean, a drop to the ocean, one with the ocean itself. Therefore, I am god.


Maitreya: Yes, we understand what you are saying, Emo, that is great, that is good. Yes, but God said more than that. That is the beginning of progress. That is good that you realize that you are just a part of God and everyone else also is a part of God. That is good.

But the way you were talking it sounded like you were saying you are God with the big G, and no one else is. I am glad that you recognize that everyone else also is God.

But even in that God clearly revealed that He will spew you out of His Mouth. When even you realize that, you have to go to the rest of the Eternal Divine Path in order to eventually stay in the ocean with God.

This is the point that we are trying to make here that, Yes, a lot of people know a lot of truth, but God clearly said, He is a mystery. No one really knows the truth until the Seventh Angel comes. Now also you might know a lot, you have to know and understand our teaching and the way God sent this teaching to humanity, and further your understanding of Gods Plan and Will.

That is the whole point, if you understand you are a part of God, you are just in the beginning of the Eternal Divine Path. You say, God is Love. God just IS, Emo. If you put anything in front of Him, you say, Yes, God IS Love. But He is not just Love. He IS everything else, every emotion, every understanding, every characteristic, every trend of thought in the universe, is God.

Also He said, Do not try to come to Me without following the Eternal Divine Path. I will spew you out of My Mouth. I will send you back and say, Go back and help the rest of the universe to come to me.

That is the point of this Mission. That is the point of this Conversation, to make everyone realize, You are OK, what you have. Yes, what you say is the truth. But it is just a part of the whole truth. That is what is so unique about this teaching and Mission in that it expands you in a greater degree.

EmoBloom: Really just, surely everyone has their own path. Everyones path is of each individual. But they are adults, and we should follow our Path.


Maitreya: That is the New Age teaching, Emo, and that is not correct. Yes, you have your individuality but you are under the umbrella of the overall Plan of God. If you cannot see this, then you have a narrow view of Gods understanding.

The New Agers are so divided because everyone is going in different directions without seeing the whole picture.

You have only a part of the elephant. You cannot see the whole elephant. This teaching is the whole elephant.

All right, we have reached the end of our Conversation today. I hope all of you again study the website and understand this unique teaching and Revelation of God, and realize your part in it.

Yes, you are each an individual. You are each called for a specific task and understanding, but also there is an umbrella that everyone is under. If you understand that then you see the uniqueness of each person at the same time the whole picture of Gods Will for humanity. Then we do not argue with you that you have some truth.

We do not argue with anyone who has some truth. What we are saying is, your truth is a part of a greater truth. Realize that, understand it, and if you do that then you will see clearly that we are not against you. We are not trying to put you down. We are not saying you are absolutely wrong. But you do not have the whole truth.

Again, go to our website, study our teachings, come to our rooms, listen to the teachings, listen to the people here, and continue to see that we are not against you but we have brought the whole picture, and in the whole picture, you are a part.

Sal-OM everyone. See you next week.

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