MAITREYA, Conversation With



Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation Room. We are glad you made it here to be with us. As usual, we will be with you for an hour and a half for questions and answers.

As you remember, we used to have Satsangs, and everyone was red-dotted. We have decided to have a format that is more relaxed. We are hoping that we will have lively Conversations with each other and bring people that they want to discuss the finer points of this Revelation and the Mission, and all recognize and understand this teaching and this Revelation, which is based on the Word of God, based on the Scriptures, based on what God said He would send. Now He has.

We are hoping that people will see this clearly, and come here and let us discuss greater things together instead of coming here and again trying to either disturb the room or bring their dogma. As you have seen, our rules have changed a little bit, what was just read. We would like to keep the room in a more orderly way. So the questions have to be asked one at a time and we will try to make it more manageable, instead of everyone talking at the same time or question after question after question and none of them really will be answered. So let us try this format.

If you have some ideas for improving the room and you have some suggestions, send them to us, and we will consider them for sure.

We would like to make this room available to everyone on earth so they can come, we can discuss, and we can talk about this Revelation and see how this is really the Revelation of the Seventh Angel and opening of the Seven Seals, and how humanity has to return to God.

Man has forgotten Godly things, and they are on the brink of a great destruction because their religions, either they do not have any religion, or if they have a religion, their religions are full of dogmas and a narrow Revelation from God instead of seeing the whole Vision, which this Mission has brought to humanity.

Each of them has a part of a greater truth and since their truth is just a part of a greater truth, they are fighting with each other. They cannot see that. They all say there is only one God, and all these Revelations have come from Him, but still each differentiates their God from one another with small dogmas and little understanding.

How can you know the whole truth if you only have a part of the information about the Revelation? That is why they are all confused; they are all fighting one another. They are all thinking that they have the whole truth when God clearly says, No one knows the truth until the Seven Seals are open.

He clearly told His Prophets to hide, not to reveal the whole truth or the Vision until the end time. This indeed is the end time. This indeed is the end time for humanity, and we are in the period of tribulation.

As God clearly revealed, also Maya and the attraction of the external world has increased. Indeed everyone is attracted to the external world, everyone is becoming ungodly, and they do things that are not according to the Scriptures and the Word of God. Then they are also expecting that God would not do anything against them.

We know God never destroys or never brings the disasters to any people unless He sends a Prophet to them. To this point all the Prophets came for different parts of the world. But this is for the whole earth. It is a warning; it is a Revelation; it is a Message for humanity to realize, God truly exists.

Even if you do not have a direct connection to God, this Revelation clearly shows that God said He was going to do these things, and He did them. Therefore intellectually you can realize easily that God exists, because if someone says they will do something and they do it, they are alive. They have life in them.

Then you have to accept and believe that God truly exists. If God truly exists and He said He will eventually bring His Kingdom on earth, so He will. Now the way also is given to humanity how to bring that Kingdom on earth, how to unify humanity, what God has been doing, and how He promised many things and He has fulfilled them. He has promised that He will bring His Kingdom and He will fulfill it no matter how things seem contradictory to this belief, because God said He would do this, so He will. He never forgoes His Promises.

Again we can easily see that what we are hearing is a great Revelation, and we are here for humanity to realize this truth.

We can see that we all have to have that understanding clearly, that no matter how the world looks, no matter what is going on, on earth, the salvation of man is based on the Word of God because He said He is going to do all those things.

Now we are at the point that we see that He even revealed the Seven Seals, the Revelation that unifies all religions of the world. If that is true, then the next step will be His Kingdom.

Now how is it going to come? Of course it will come. The sooner humanity understands the Seven Seals and realizes that their religion is just a part of a greater truth, the sooner they would come together and understand there is only One God, One humanity, One savior, and One world. The sooner they understand that, the sooner they will realize that they all have the Essence of God in them and you cannot hurt the Essence because you are one. You are the same material. If you are hurting another person, you are hurting yourself.

You cannot even hate them because if you hate them, you hate yourself. You might hate their actions, you might hate their understanding, you might hate their ignorance, but you cannot hate the Essence. The Essence is God.

No matter who they are or where they are, they are all from the same Source, from the same place. We have to understand this very clearly that humanity and God are one, indeed. You cannot separate one from another by religion, by creed, by anything that the human uses to separate man from man.

This is one of the greatest things that humanity has to realize and understand in the deepest level, that we cannot hate each other or hurt each other, because if we are doing that, we are doing it to ourselves. Most humans do not understand that. They are absolutely adamant that they are better, that they have the right to enslave others or have more or less or whatever that there is, instead of sharing.

Of course, sharing does not mean to become lazy and not to put effort in life but to be a productive member of the society, at the same time share with everyone else so we can all have more to share with one another, and the fears and the deceptive forces that roam on earth will be less available.

This Revelation is the salvation of man, physically, mentally, spiritually, collectively, and individually. Again we have to understand these things in a greater degree so we can also help other people realize this deeply.

Basically the Revelation of the Mission has been given to humanity for the last twenty-two years, and now indeed it is completed. We are here to spread this Message to every corner on earth. You are a part of this Message and the messenger of this Revelation, to take it, to reveal it, to give it to every person that you have access to so that they also can know that God has fulfilled the last promise that He gave to humanity.

Now is the time for humanity to come together and create the Communities of Light based on the Eternal Divine Path so we can bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, bring God back to man, and stop the intellectualization on earth. Eventually the intellect will realize that there is more to life than thinking, but knowing and being.

We were talking to someone a couple of days ago and were explaining the process of meditation in the Mission. We were going through the process, how you go to the Center of the universe, and the question was, How can I be in the Center of the universe and at the same time be sitting in my room and meditating?

See, that is analyzing. That is having a distance between you and the Center of the universe. But in Consciousness there is no distance. You are in the Center of the universe, and you are in the body at the same time.

You have to go beyond analyzing and beyond intellectualizing the life that we live in, and go to Spirit. Realize that there is nothing faster in the universe than Consciousness and mind. You want to be in the Center of the universe? You are.

This is the new way of realizing the universe beyond thinking and intellectualizing, but becoming It, understanding It, realizing It, and knowing that you are a part of God and God is everywhere at the same time. That is beyond the human intellect. Intellectually it is impossible to explain how God can be everywhere at the same time. But in the Spirit, in meditation, you can realize that, Yes, I can. I can be in the Center of the universe and be here at the same time.

Actually that is what the scientists are trying to do. They say if we can fold the space, we can be anywhere in the universe in the blink of an eye. That is exactly what you can do with your consciousness. You actually bend the space, bend the time, and you can go anywhere in the universe with your consciousness.

If we see that, clearly we can see there is another way of looking at the universe instead of intellectualizing it and trying to analyze it, but being it. If you do not analyze it and you just are, then you can realize in a greater degree the universe.

When you hear a sound, the first thing you think is, you give it a name, a relationship to something, That is the bark of a dog. Instead of doing that, just listen to the sound. It is just a sound. It has no name, no relationship to anything. So it is beyond names and the categorization of the human that we love to do.

If we understand this and go beyond concepts, intellectualization, and all those things that narrow us, we open a new universe to ourselves and we can see the universe in a new way. We can understand that we are also beyond all these concepts and intellectualizations, and we free ourselves from the bondage that has bounded humanity to this point by being connected to this way of thinking that has been imposed on us because of the society or because of the upbringing, or because the human loves to limit himself.

So we are creating a new man, a new way of thinking, going beyond intellectualization and the things that limit us in the body but understanding that everything is the way they are.

What is the Dharma, what are they made of? What is sound, the sound of the bark of the dog? How about it is just a sound, I can hear that sound. What is it? How is it created? It is created by vibration; vibration vibrates the air; air vibrates my eardrums; and I can hear it because that is how it has been created. Therefore we can go even in a deeper and greater understanding when we go through the process of meditation, when we reach the Center of the universe; we are the Center of the universe and at the same time we are in the body.

If you analyze it then you see a distance between you sitting in the room and you being in the Center of the universe. But there is not. You are there at the same time in the Center of the universe, and you are here in the body.

So that is another thing, which still is the first step. That is the beginning of your progress toward creating the Communities of Light and progressing yourself. If we can create Communities of Light, where people start meditating more, understanding one another, and understanding these processes, then we can all progress greatly in becoming the universe and understanding this truth in a greater degree instead of staying intellectual and again separating one from another.

The more we come together, the more Communities of Light we create, the less fear and separation will be on earth. Everyone will be born in a beautiful environment. They will grow as children in a nurturing place that they can grow up to become great men and women of the future.

The young people will be responsible and good workers who will put effort to create wonderful communities. The old people will know that they will be taken care of when they are old, and they do not have to worry about all the problems most of the old people have at this time. They are full of fear that, What will happen to me when I have lost my vitality?

So we can see that this is going to help everyone in all levels. Of course that means you cannot be selfish and self-centered. If we all are selfish and self-centered, we cannot create Communities of Light. In Communities of Light we need to overcome selfishness. Selfishness and self-centeredness open the door to the lower nature and bring destruction to humanity.

That indeed is the beginning of the fall. Then selfishness and self-centeredness comes, and fear comes, and we only work for ourselves to have what we want. Then that brings destruction to every person and the community. The community has to be very aware not to let selfishness to destroy it but bring together the people who are not selfish.

So we can see it works very fine. After that, you have to know what the Will of God is for me in the community. What has God created me for? What can I do, or how can I help the community to progress? What are my talents? Where do I fit in the community and how can I help?

Then of course you become one with the Will of God, you become surrendered and submissive to the Will of God, and you direct all your energy toward creating an environment for the whole universe to enjoy. The processes in our teaching follow each other, step by step. Each step falls where they are supposed to and helps you to progress. At the same time each step was revealed with one religion. Again you can see that it just makes sense.

There is no way you can create the Communities of Light by being selfish and just thinking about yourself. You cannot be in the Communities of Light or create Communities of Light with a lot of selfish people. But you can create Communities of Light by people who understand the Eternal Divine Path and are willing to follow Gods Will instead of their own will.

One of the biggest problems for humans is human will. Human will is really in the way. Human understanding or opinions, all those things are in the way, and they pull the whole community to different directions. If everyone brings their understanding and their will to the Will of God, then they will follow Gods Will and we can create the Communities of Light.

It is not that we want to make robots or make everyone look alike and do the same thing. No, it is, what is the Will of God for me in this umbrella of the Communities of Light and the Kingdom of God on earth? How can I be a part of this truth? Then we can see that, Yes, I have these talents and I can be helpful in this way, or I can support someone else to be more effective in the community, or whatever place you have been put to contribute.

The greatest problem is that we have to forgo our own understanding, and submit and surrender to the understanding, opinion, and realization that have come to us through the Scriptures. If we want to keep our opinions and ideas, why did God send the Scriptures? He could have said, OK, you have your own way, as many people think these days, Just find your way, and your way is different than anyone elses way. Be selfish and just try to find your own truth.

He did not do that. He sent the Scriptures. He sent the Word of God. He sent and said, That is the Way you should follow. So we can see that we have to realize this truth.

Individuality is wonderful. It is encouraged but individuality based on the Will of God for each individual where they can bring the truth to their communities.

So creating Communities of Light is the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Of course, Communities of Light cannot be Communities of Light if they are not based on the Eternal Divine Path. There are many communities out there but only those who follow the Eternal Divine Path, based on Gods Revelation and truth, can see the results clearly and each individual has to realize that Path themselves. We should not be expecting other people to realize it for us or our egos being pampered in order for us to stay in the Communities of Light.

You create a direct relationship with God by following the Eternal Divine Path, and you become a self-starter, a self-motivated person who does not need too much attention but is willing to do what is needed to help the Communities of Light.

So we become people that we receive our attention from God. We receive our desires and longings of human lower nature by connecting to God and overcoming them or making them Godly. Then we are free from human emotions, human longing, and ego, which disconnect us from God and then we crave for human attention.

That is why we need human attention, because we are disconnected from God. How can you need any attention if you are connected to God? He will give you all the attention you need.

He is with you. He is you. So you can be satisfied by yourself by being connected to God. The less you have human emotions and the less you have human needs, the greater you will become and the greater you can accomplish things on earth and in the body by freeing yourself from those longings that will interfere with your connection to God.

That is where you want to be. That is the first step in the Eternal Divine Path. You want to free yourself from human emotions, from human longings, from the lower nature, from destructive forces that separate man from man, separate you from yourself, and they bring anger, anxiety, and you bring distrust, bring lower energy, low motivation and mind, judgmentally, and the feeling of being left out, or not being one, or even the community is not taking care of you. Or, all those things are related to the lower nature, not being connected to God. That is what we have to overcome.

Then we do not need any of those but we ask, we can give to other people for those needs and guide them in a greater degree to overcome those needs as well. After a while our relationship will be based on God in wonderful ways, and we will realize, All those things that I needed, they are satisfied easily. When I do not need them, I receive them even more than I expected.

So that is why many Great Souls have compared this world to an upside-down tree. The more you climb this world, the more you go to Maya, ego, and destruction. The more you need these worldly things, the less you receive them; the more you connect yourself to God and you overcome these tendencies and desires, the more you will receive of them and you will be satisfied.

Again we are here to bring humanity a new way of thinking and seeing the universe. Intellect is good but intellect is limited. It reaches a point where it can no longer go further but we have to go to Spirit. Spirit is different than intellect, than analyzing, than trying to figure it out. Spirit just is. It is then there is no distance between the end of the universe and where you are. You are everywhere at the same time, and that intellect cannot understand.

It says, Oh, no, the end of the universe is twenty billion light years away from me. If I am there, how can I be here?

But if you are in Spirit you say, Yes, I am at the end of the universe. I am here at the same time because I am everywhere. There is no where that I am not. Then you recognize that, Yes, God also is everything and everywhere, and He is able to be all places at the same time.

For that, intellect has no explanation. Intellect has no way of knowing and understanding that it is possible that such a state exists.

So we have to go to Spirit. We have to go to meditation. We have to understand Gods Way, and it is the Way of Spirit. Little by little we will go to the point that we can also bring other humans to this point of understanding that Spirit is different than what the human knows or understands.

That can be done in a greater degree in the Communities of Light, when the community more and more overcomes the mundanity of life, physiological and safety needs. If we all work to overcome that part of physiological and safety needs for everyone in the community, and if each member is responsible and willing to put effort to overcome that part of human needs, after a while that can be taken care of easily. Not only we can take care of our physiological and safety needs, but we can help many other people also to take care of their physiological and safety needs.

The greater number of people who do that, the easier it will become for everyone, because everyone, with a little effort, can have all those things provided for them. When such a place is created, the old people can easily be taken care of and all can come together to progress in the Spirit.

Therefore, believe in the Spirit. Understand the way of the Spirit. Go within. Meditate. Stop analyzing it. Just be. Be the Spirit of meditation. Listen to the sounds surrounding you, and just take them in. Watch the things going on in your life. Understand the deeper meanings of them instead of analyzing them, becoming frustrated with them, or trying to overcome or escape them. None of them should be done but in the Spirit, look at them, understand them, accept them, live with them, and eventually, they will be resolved or dissolved.

If you understand why they are there, if you understand the reason for them, then you can overcome them. You can understand them. You can say, OK, that is what I have to do to overcome this situation, and become a person based on Gods Will.

So meditation is not just sitting there and saying, OM, OM, but meditation is going to the Spirit and understanding that the Spirit is different than intellect, and intellect is limited and never can understand the Spirit, unless the Spirit realizes the Spirit itself. Then your intellect becomes illuminated greatly, realizing that, Yes, there are other things beyond intellectual analyzing of the universe.

Therefore we can create a lot of Buddhas who will see the universe in a different light instead of having many gods, many hang-ups, and many things that keep us from progressing.

We can now clearly see the universe as it is. Actually that is what Buddha means. It means seeing things clearly as they are. That is the realization of the Essence of every situation and everything in the universe.

If you can reach that state of clarity, then intellect has no place in you. You understand the intellectuals but you just amaze yourself how they analyze something so simple to you. It is so analytical to them. They lose the clarity because that is where the clarity becomes murky, when you use your mind instead of your Spirit to see things clearly as they should be.

So that is the first step, to know thyself, to become clear. That is what humans should become. They should become clear. Their minds should expand to see the Spirit in them, and they really need it at this time because their minds are not clear anymore. They have become intellectualized and they cannot see the truth of any situation, and that is why they are lost.

Humanity is lost to the point that a great destruction is coming to them because they are going against the Spirit and the Laws that govern the Spirit. The Law of the Spirit is understanding deeply the unity of all things based on that Spirit and seeing even social orders and connection based on that.

So humanity is going against that unity and spiritual understanding. Also the East and the West are becoming mixed together. They had never understood each other because they are two different sides of the brain. That is why one of them is creative and another one is intellectual. Both sides of the brain are becoming one as every individual will experience the same thing.

The individual who meditates has to go beyond intellect, and those who have been in Spirit have to realize intellectual things also are OK. In this struggle always there is going to be misunderstanding.

At this point of human history, each individual has been bombarded with so much information and with so much progress, thinking, and figuring out. It used to be being born in a family and you accepted their religion, and you lived a very simple life, or accepted whatever society told you.

If you were eastern, you act like easterner. If you were western, you acted like a westerner. If you were southern, you acted like a southerner. Now they are all mixed up. We can see that people from the East come to West, and they insist to stay eastern. And the West goes to the East, and they insist everyone become western. The conflict arises because everyone wants to impose their own ideas, their own way of life, to other people.

The answer to this chaos is, Well, let us accept the Way of God. Let us accept the culture of God, His Ways instead of mans ways.

Then we can all come together, become one, and say, Well, what is Gods Way to be in this situation, instead of my way or your way, but Gods Way?

If we can bring a lot of people, most of humanity, to come together and accept His Ways, then there is no East way or West way but Gods Way, and again we become one. So we can see the answers are all given for humanity to come together, unify, bring the East and the West together, and bring an environment that everyone can go to Spirit and progress toward Pure Consciousness or going back home.

If we understand this, then we can again see that the answer is given here to humanity, but how many people are here, are listening to it? Very few people. Those who come here want us to listen to their dogmas, their teachings, and their understandings, which are based not on the Word of God but on man-made dogmas.

Therefore we cannot accept their dogmas, because they are not based on the Scriptures. They are not based on Gods Word. They are not based on Spirit. They are based on cultural or religious understandings, and everyone has to go beyond that.

But they are not going to go beyond that. Many will be called; few will be chosen. These few have a greater degree of responsibility to reach out and guide other people. Still there is not going to be a mass movement, suddenly happening very fast.

That is why the destruction is coming. That is what this not being in Spirit is bringing to humanity. They are not in Spirit. They are all in ego. They are all in intellect. They are all in their own understandings. That is why there is going to be war, destruction, and all those things that God said will come to man.

Now we have the answer. We have the way for them to come together and unify themselves. It is frustrating sitting here, having the answers, and seeing that humans are going to destruction by themselves because they are not listening. They do not want to come to Spirit.

But God said there is no other way. This destruction has to come to them.

Also it is frustrating, your human part says you do not want destruction, you do not want wars, you do not want terror and all that, but that is the way it will be. That is exactly what the Scriptures have said, that there is going to be tribulation and the falling of Babylon the Great and worldly persuasions. Although we do not want to see that to happen, we have no choice.

We have been saying these things for the last twenty-five years or so, and how many people are here and really on with this wonderful truth that guides man back to Spirit and God, creates the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, and unifies all religions together?

Even in this Paltalk room, we would like to make this room a lively room. People can come here and we can discuss these things in a greater degree. Instead we have people who come here, either they want to disturb the room or they want to push their own dogmas, when we clearly have the Light and the Guidance of God with us.

We trust in God, not in man. He has clearly said that we will come like a thief in the night. And maybe in this lifetime, we will. The only thing we will bring to humanity is this Revelation, have it published, put it in the website, make it into tapes and CDs, give the Revelation again and again, every week, every month, and every opportunity we have, and then wait. Maybe next lifetime we will bring it to a greater degree, and eventually we will bring the Kingdom Of God On Earth because that is what God said is going to come.

The Kingdom Of God will not be here based on intellectual analysis or national interest; it will not be based on the West or the East or which culture is better than which. It will be based on the Spirit. The only culture, acceptable culture, is the culture of the Spirit based on a greater degree of understanding human nature, why are we here? Why were we created, and where have we come from? Where are we going?

It is not that I should have more material things and live in ignorance for the rest of my life in my material things and never realize why I have been created. That is not success. That is a great failure because you wasted a life that God has provided to you. Instead of progressing toward oneness and unity in Spirit, you wasted it in pursuing things that you even cannot take with you. You have to leave them behind and they are not going to come with you to the next life or the next world.

You have not polished the Spirit; you have not progressed in Spirit, and therefore you are not successful. You are a failure because you came and left at the same stage.

But if you came here and you progressed physically, mentally, and spiritually, especially spiritually, but of course physically also, and created the Communities of Light, that your physiological and safety needs are taken care of so you do not have to work hard to hoard or gather material things, that is the only thing you are going to do in your life. You have studied and progressed mentally, and therefore you have a great way of understanding the deeper level of this world, this creation, and you progress spiritually; you went to Spirit. You realize the Oneness of all things. You have created the ability to see the universe in a new way, as one unit, one God, and you and that unity are One.

You are everywhere at the same time. That is what God is. If you do that, if you realize you indeed are one with God and God is everything, and there is no separation between anything in the universe, and you reach the point that God is in you more than you are with your selfish and self-centered part in you, then you have progressed and indeed you are successful.

You are the person who has realized it, who has the Light of God, who has progressed in a greater degree, and when you hear the sound of a barking dog, you do not recognize it as the barking of a dog but as a sound of the universe, as the derivation of OM, of the beginning of creation.

You see that even that dog is a part of God and that sound is a part of the universe. Therefore when the time comes to leave your body, you say, Thanks. It was a great successful life. I indeed progressed physically, mentally, and spiritually, and I am ready to leave this shell, pick up another one, come back, and start all over again guiding men to understand and realize themselves. Therefore your quest, your life, and your being becomes a mission.

It becomes a quest. It becomes a realization that, Not only will I progress physically, mentally, and spiritually, but also I will make everyone progress in this endeavor because I know the first will be the last and the last will be the first. Therefore the sooner I bring the rest of the universe to Godhead, to these realizations, to this progress, the sooner I can go back myself, because I know I will not be able to go in without the rest who also have to reach Pure Consciousness.

This is different than what they teach out there. This is different than what the schools teach. This is different than what each culture teaches. This is different than any other religion that has fallen to dogmas, teach. This indeed is different than any other religions part before this.

Each of them was a part of it. Each of them recognized a portion of it. Yes, maybe Buddhists or Buddha and Hinduism taught going beyond intellect, going to Spirit. But they shunned the physical part that you also have to work on physiological and safety needs. That is why they became escapists, they become naked, they became destitute, and their society has a lot of problems with the material things.

Other religions emphasized mostly on one part of the truth, and they became too intellectualized. They do not go to the Spirit or the Word of God and the Revelation, and therefore they fight with one another, they do not understand the Spirit, and they do not understand Hinduism and Buddhism and the spiritual part of them. So the destruction comes to them in the way of dogmas that separate them from each other.

Again you can see that each religion does not have it. Even Buddhists and Hindus missed a part of it that Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Bahais have brought in a greater degree, which is emphasized in a material part of the Revelation, creation of the Communities of Light, sacrifice, surrendering and submission, and becoming a universalist.

You cannot go through those five steps if you have not gone beyond intellect to Spirit. But when you go beyond intellect to Spirit, you will be able to understand the other parts and follow the Path in an easy way.

Then this is it. This is the Revelation that is perfect. This is the Revelation that takes you away from the lower nature, takes you away from the analytical mind to Spirit, which expands you to the whole universe. It makes you a good Buddhist, or a good Hindu. It brings a clear mind and teaches you that, Have a clear mind, see the world, see the life as it is, as clear as it could be.

But you cannot do that by analyzing it. You cannot do that by intellectualizing it. You cannot see clearly the life if you still are not in the Spirit. If you are in the Spirit, then you can clearly see every situation as is every part of the creation as they are. So your mind becomes absolutely clear and crystallized, and that is the aim and the goal of Buddhism and Hinduism, to have a clear mind and see the world exactly as it is and the truth behind it.

If you can reach that point then you indeed are in the Spirit and it is easy for you to create Communities of Light, or live in the Communities of Light, because then you can clearly see where you fall in the Communities of Light, instead of desiring to be a part of the Communities of Light that you are not created to be in that part.

Then when you see clearly where you fall, it is easy to sacrifice and not be afraid of fears that humans have, and surrender to the Will of God. I clearly see myself in this position or in this part of the Communities of Light, and that is the Will of God for me.

Therefore I accept it. I say, Sure, OK, I can see so clearly, I have no doubt where I fall, and I accept the Will of God for me. But if still you say, This is where I fall but I do not want this place, I want it somewhere else, I want it higher or lower, and there is no such thing as a higher or lower position or level.

It is again intellectualization, analytical mind. It says, Oh, he is higher. He is lower. I am here. It is all created with our own intellectual, analytical mind. Who is higher? Who is lower? Who has more power? Who does not have more power? It is all the human part. This is not Spirit.

Spirit does not feel like that. Spirit says, OK, how can I do better in my job, wherever I am? I am sweeping the floor and I can do the best possible sweeping, and that is the joy of what I do. That is where I look at it and say, That is wonderful. I did a good job, and I have a great satisfaction.

If I am the head of state or something like that, OK, how can I bring God to my people? How can I bring God and Spirit to my leadership? or whatever I have.

That sweeper is still doing the Will of God as the head of state is doing the Will of God.

But if the head of state says, Oh, I am the head of state and that guy is a sweeper, I am better than him, then that person is not in the Spirit at all. They are again falling in ego and separation, and they do not see their part in Gods Will. They will bring suffering, separation, and destruction to man.

So the way of the Spirit is different than the way of man for sure. This is the time for man to understand the way of the Spirit and come together. Come to follow the Eternal Divine Path.

But apparently, as we understand for the last twenty-five years, very few people will listen at this time, or maybe they are not ready. Maybe we are way, way beyond and ahead of humanity at this point, and they have to go through these birth pains or growing pains they are going through.

If someone does not want to listen to the Word of God, you can do nothing about it. If they do not want to listen then you have to leave them alone to let them be, unless they are ready for it. There is no compulsion in religion, understanding, and this deeper truth.

That is why we are saying these things over and over every week, every month. Hopefully they seep in little by little in some of those spirits that listen to it, and those spirits will be awakened in a greater degree to see the Eternal Divine Path is the answer.

This is not just an empty claim that I am going to sell it or something. It is the answer to the human longing. It is the answer to the human problems. It is the answer to peace.

That is how peace can come. Peace is not just sitting there imagining there is going to be peace. It is helpful. I am not saying it is not helpful but it is not going to bring peace by just visualizing there is peace on earth.

How many years have they been visualizing the peace on earth? Have we had the peace? Many years ago I saw a bumper sticker that said, Visualize peace on earth. Probably these people have been visualizing for twenty years and it has become worse, and it has become worse because that is the Word of God.

Visualizing is the realization of a man. But tribulation and the coming of destruction is the Word of God. Which one is correct? Can I change the Word of God by just sitting there and visualizing, There is peace on earth. I am visualizing it. I am closing my eyes. Yes, peace is going to come tomorrow.

It is not. It has not been for twenty years, with more than twenty years of visualizing, it is not happening.

So what is the way? The way is the Word of God. He said there are going to be Seven Revelations, Seven Seals. When they are opened, it is going to become worse. There is going to be greater destruction.

Now we are in that time and we all have to become clear in our minds, create the ability to see life exactly as it is, to see the universe and truth behind it. Become a Buddhist, not going and joining a Buddhist monastery or anything like that, but creating that clear mind of seeing the things the way they are. Not calling them anything. Not putting any names on them. Not analyzing them. Not categorizing them. But looking at them exactly as they are.

What is the Essence of this thing? If we understand the Essence of everything around us, then we understand the Essence of ourselves. We understand, My Essence is God. My Essence is Consciousness. My Essence is One with the universe, and I will expand myself as being everything at the same time, and therefore go beyond distances, analyzing, and all those things that bring limitation and narrowness of the mind.

If you reach that point then you will see that Essence is revealing to you, The next step is the Communities of Light. The next step is to share. The next step is to create an environment that everyone can also recognize and realize this truth: To create the community based on the Eternal Divine Path. In the next step you realize the Eternal Divine Path, I have to give more to the community than I take. It is very simple.

If you have a pool that is filled with water, and a stream of water is coming into that pool but more is going out, what will happen to that pool? After a while that pool is going to be empty. There is not going to be anything in it. It is very simple. It is a Universal Law, if less comes in and more goes out, it is going to be empty.

If a community receives less energy, less input, less of what you have to give into community, and the more goes out, what happens to that community? That community will go down the drain. That community will be empty physically, mentally, and spiritually.

So become a productive unit that puts more into the pool, into the community, into the environment than takes out of it. That will help the whole earth.

If we cut trees, at the same time we grow more trees, are we going to be out of trees? But if we just keep cutting them and do not replace them, what is going to happen? We are going to be out of them.

If we take the oil and burn it, and do not replace it with some other resources, what is going to happen? We are going to pollute the earth and be out of oil in maybe thirty or forty years.

Also everything, we have to think like God. God has created this earth so perfectly, so it recycles itself. It cleans itself. It uses things over and over. That is what we have to also recognize and realize, instead of just consuming it and not thinking about two hundred years from now what is going to happen to us.

That is absolute destruction. That is absolutely selfishness. And that absolutely will bring a lot of bad things to humanity, as it has.

It already has started. The earth is not going to tolerate it. The earth is a living organ. It is not a dead organ that you can go ahead and misuse it as much as you want and at the end hope for the best.

It is going to rebel. It is going to give back to us what we put into it. So again humanity has to see everything as an organic thing, not as a dead thing that you can use it, misuse it, and throw it away and then at the same time hope that we are going to be OK. We are not.

So we can see again even in the environmental aspect and the usage of the resources on earth, we have to see things clearly, the way we should see in our life. In our life we have to meditate and create an environment that our physiological and safety needs are taken care of. Otherwise we are going to be struggling; our minds are going to be agitated for material things because we do not even have the minimum.

How can an agitated mind have the ability to think or meditate? We are sitting meditating and a bomb is coming all over the place, and we are not thinking about God. We are thinking, Oh, I had better go to a shelter. My physiological and safety needs are in jeopardy.

That is why in this Mission, that is the first step, even people who can sit and mediate, their physiological and safety needs have to be taken care of. That is the responsibility of the whole of humanity to create that for every man, woman, and child on earth, to have their psychological and safety needs taken care of.

Then after that, those who participate and bring a greater degree of progress to humanity have the right to have more then their physiological and safety needs. But that is the first step, bringing the peace on earth.

As long as we do not bring that on earth, we will not be able to have peace again. That also has to be understood in the Kingdom, that the physiological and safety needs of the humans are the first step that have to be provided for everyone on earth.

Some people say, No, there is not enough for everyone. No, we have limited resources. That is not the truth. That is not true at all.

First of all, we have enough for everyone. As Gandhi said, There is enough for everyones need, but not for everyones greed. If you are a realized person, if you are in Spirit, you are not greedy anymore. Actually you would love to see everyone else also have their physiological and safety needs taken care of.

In the Communities of Light, you are taken care of in childhood, in the time of adult life, and in the old age. So there is a lot for humanity to recognize, realize, and understand in a clear way, the Way of God, and the way of life, in the individual life, in the collective life, in the community, in the whole earth. These are the guiding lights for humanity, for every man and individual to apply to their own lives.

Apply the Eternal Divine Path in your own life. Go beyond intellect. Go beyond analyzing things. See things clearly as the way they are. See the life clearly as the way it is. See every situation as clearly as it is.

Then you become a Buddha. You become a person who sees life absolutely as it is. That is exactly what Buddha wanted his followers to know, to take all the concepts and intellectual analysis out of it and see exactly what is it, absolutely as the Essence of that situation.

If you can do that then you can clearly and easily start creating the Communities of Light, because you are clear in every situation in the Communities of Light.

As you create Communities of Light, many more people will also see life clearly as it is. Then we can create many Communities of Light on earth, with wonderful Buddhas living in them with the clear minds. They can bring an environment that the rest of humanity says, Yes, that is the way to live. That is the way to be. That is the way to create an earth that will not bring destruction, wars, and all the bad things that are happening on earth right now, all the destructive forces that have been released because the humans have lost their way.

Humans have become too materialistic. Humans have left the Spirit out of their lives. Even religions do not have the Spirit in them anymore. They are just religions. They are just dogmas. They are just human opinions, most of them, not the Spirit behind them. If they bring the Spirit behind those religions, they can clearly say, This is the last Revelation of God.

They would not fight with us, come here, yell, and put all their dogmas in the text. Instead they would say, Yes, Indeed this Revelation has the Spirit. Our religion is dead. Their Spirit is gone. That is why we are fighting with our fellow men and we call them names and bring great destruction because we are attached to our dogmas. We do not see the Words of God and the Spirit of God in these Revelations.

As He clearly said, No one knows the truth, no one, until the Seventh Angel comes and opens the Seven Seals. If we understand that clearly, if we can make other people understand that clearly, then we will bring a lot of clear minds on earth. That is what we need most: Clear minds that can see the truth of life exactly as it is, as it has been revealed to us for the last twenty-five years.

This is the way of seeing clearly our way to salvation, individually and collectively. That is the way of meditation: To sit down, close our eyes, and become one with the Spirit of God and listen to the sound, listen to the Light, listen to our intellect, and in time when our mind starts wandering and analyzing, tell that mind, Look, you are again analyzing. You again start intellectualizing things. Just be in the Center of the universe and be here.

Then you will see, Yes, I can be at the same time both places. There is no separation in the Center of the universe and where you are. You are everywhere at the same time. If you recognize that, then indeed you have gone beyond distances, beyond analyzing it, beyond intellectual understanding, but you are in the Spirit, in Oneness with God, and beyond all these limiting things that limit us to a very narrow way of seeing the universe.

The more we create people with this understanding in the Spirit and realizing God exactly, even in the case of God you can see clearly that you and I are one. There is no separation. Again that clarity of mind comes to you even in the realization of God.

Then you will not be affected with the emotional preaching of those who emotionally arouse people instead of telling them the truth. When religion becomes emotional if the preacher appeals to your emotional part, it is not appealing to your Spirit. Emotions are chakras. Emotions are still lower nature. They are affecting you in a way that is not the highest. That is what most of the preachers out there do. They appeal to peoples emotions. They appeal to the part that is not the highest in the human.

So if they can appeal to the emotions, you become emotional and suddenly you find yourself emotionally affected with some preaching. Stop. Say, I am not in the highest level even in listening to this person. This person is appealing to my emotions instead of appealing to my Spirit. Instead of connecting me to God, he connects me to a church. He connects me to a dogma. He connects me to a preaching.

See how many traps are out there, how many ways we can be trapped in our way to Spirit? When the easiest way is to close your eyes. You are there. You are One with God. You are One with the Spirit.

Of course even when you close your eyes, you have to know where to go. You can close your eyes and still be thinking, analyzing, and trying to figure things out with your intellect. You are not meditating. You are thinking, Remember? You are supposed to be meditating. Oh, ok, I will stop thinking. I am supposed to be meditating. Then you close your eyes and start again, thinking.

See, you have to go beyond all that thinking and the tricks of the mind, but recognize and realize the Spirit that you are.

That is the greatest meditation you can have. That is the greatest preacher you can have.

When your preacher becomes God, becomes Spirit, directly connected to the universe, not to your emotions, is not giving you dogmas, and is not giving other peoples opinions, there is nothing out there externally telling you what to do but it is internal, connected to the Spirit and God. Then He is the best preacher in the universe, and He will not appeal to your emotions. He will not give you dogmas. He will not make you join a church, but join the truth of God.

Then you are free. You are free from any dogmas, from any preacher, from any narrow understanding of God, especially if you know THOTH, especially if you know this teaching. Then you have already expanded your mind, and you are no longer connected to one religion on earth. You realize and recognize that God has sent all of them. Then for sure you are not going to be narrow. You are going to be absolutely connected to the highest thing possible.

If you want to go to the church, close your eyes. You are already in the church. You are already in the synagogue. You are already in Masjid, or temple, or whatever name you want to call it. You have it with you. You do not have to build it for yourself. You do not have to make it to a building. It is already built. It is already with you. You are carrying it all over. You are the synagogue. You are the Masjid. You are the church. You are the temple. The preacher is always there waiting for you to close your eyes and listen to His preaching, His truth, and His words.

Of course externally He has already been to you, all the Words of God in the Scriptures. There is nothing that has not been revealed in the Mystical Paths, in the Old Testament, in the New Testament, in the Koran, in the Bayan, and in other teachings and Revelations. It is all explained and comes together in the Revelation Of The Revelation in THOTH.

There is nothing left out in this Revelation. God has given everything there is to know. So you have the greatest grip of the truth and reality that any man can have on earth. The only thing left is, close your eyes. Go to Spirit. Become One with the One. Let Him preach to you.

My Words are His Words, and we both preach the same thing. We preach the truth. We preach the reality of this universe. We want you to become a Buddha. We want you to clear your mind and see the truth of life exactly as it is, and free yourself from the analytical mind. Go to the Spirit, which is One with the universe. There is no difference. There is no analyzing of, How can I be in the middle of the universe and here at the same time? That is mind. Spirit is everywhere at the same time as God is.

Therefore learn how to meditate correctly. Learn how to connect to the Spirit of God. Learn how to listen to God, and see what is His truth and reality instead of having opinions and ideas. Then you can understand His Ways in a greater degree and bring His Ways to the Communities of Light.

Gather together those who are like-minded around you. Teach them how to meditate correctly. Learn that yourself first, then you can teach other people also how to meditate correctly and how to listen to the greatest preacher within themselves.

If you heard something within that is not in THOTH, is not based on our teachings, it is your ego. Still you are analyzing. Still you are trying to understand. Still you are intellectualizing instead of realizing it.

The more you hear the Words within, the same as the Words that have been revealed from God to you, the more they become one and the closer you are in Spirit and One with God.

The more you hear within what is not written in the Scriptures, is not revealed in THOTH, the more you are hearing yourself and your ego, and you are not listening to the Spirit correctly and completely.

When your within and without become One, when THOTH and the Revelation of God becomes the truth of your life, then you have no choice but to follow the Eternal Divine Path. The Eternal Divine Path is the base of the creation of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

The more people become one with this truth, the more people will be willing to come together to create the communities based on the Eternal Divine Path, the more communities we will have. This will accelerate the creation of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. It is very hard to imagine with this world that so many things are happening, man is so lost and it is absolutely materialistic, selfish and self-centered, and has so much destructive force. Every person pulls the world in different directions. So many people are so unaware of God and His Presence to see that the Kingdom will come.

That was the discussion we had here a couple of days ago, how can we bring these people who are so lost and away from God, to God? That is the way it is.

That is what was just explained. That is why we can bring it to that point, one individual at a time. One person who sees the truth, who goes to the Spirit, who awakens their understanding of the truth that we just talked about, the more they understand God in the Spirit, we have one individual connected to God and of greater understanding.

That individual, like a candle, can light, how many people in this room, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, twenty? It is not going to take that long. If I can light twenty people and you each can light twenty people, and those people can lighten twenty people, in seven or eight levels we will Lighten the whole earth with this truth. So it is not that hard to do.

But we have to start doing it. We have to start meditating and going to Spirit and realizing the Spirit, and realize and recognize God in a greater degree and become Him, His Culture, His Ways, His Understanding in the umbrella of the teaching and the Mission so we can bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth to man.

These are the truths of God. These are the Revelations to humanity. These are the bread of life. This is what the creation has been created for, to overcome the darkness, and the darkness indeed is powerful. But when the Light comes, the darkness has no choice but to leave.

You cannot bring Light, and the darkness stays. Darkness cannot stay when the Light comes. Therefore illuminate your minds. Illuminate your meditation. Go to the Spirit. Recognize the Spirit. Recognize God, His Revelation, the truth that has come here to you, and indeed become a Paravipra, become an Elect. Become one who really is here to be One with God, understand His Will, and help in creation of the Communities of Light and His Kingdom on earth.

I leave you all to God. Be good and Godly. Hopefully we will all come together to this understanding, create great communities together,1 and bring the Kingdom of God to earth.

Sal-OM everyone. See you next week.

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