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Maitreya:  Sal-OM everyone.  Welcome to the Mission of Maitreya Conversation Room.  This is the room where we discuss the Revelation that has been prophesied to come for thousands of years.

Humanity has been warned and foretold that eventually the end time will come and the Revelation that will explain all the prior Revelations will come.  Humanity has been forewarned that this will come to them for sure and that will be the end time, and we indeed are in that time for humanity.

It is amazing that they still do not want to believe or accept what God has already said.  Humanity is still resisting the Will of God.  Humans indeed are very willful, and they resist God and have been resisting God all along to this point.

Again God is Calling them to come to see how He has been promising that He would do many things in the past history, and He has fulfilled them.  In our teachings it is clearly shown that God indeed exists, is in control, and He has been trying to bring humanity back home, back to the Godhead.

There is already a question from Alex.

Alexget:  Could one give me an explanation of “One God?”

Maitreya:  There are not many Gods.  There is only One God, and that is the One that the Scriptures refer to.  If there are two Gods then there are going to be problems.  There is going to be competition.  There is going to be separation between the people.

Therefore there cannot be many Gods, as there cannot be many presidents; there cannot be many heads of state.  There has to be one who will make the ultimate decision so eventually there is an ultimate voice.

In all the Scriptures and throughout history, no great Prophet (who was prophesied to come and fulfilled the prophecies), when He came said, “I have been sent with many Gods.”  They all said, “I have been commissioned to bring this Message from God.”

He was always referred to as One God, and it makes sense.  He is the Creator.  He is the only One who has been sending all these Revelations and has been referring to Himself as One God.  Therefore there is only One God; there are not many.

God manifested Himself in many ways and is expressed in many levels in the universe, and humans take these different levels as many different Gods.  Therefore it is easy to see that, “Yes, there is only One God.”

There are not very many people who can prophesy a thousand years earlier and foretell that they are going to do something, and they do it.  Therefore we can see clearly that there is only One God.

I hope that explanation is acceptable to you, Alex.  There cannot be many Gods.  That is why there cannot be many religions.  How can there be only One God, and then He sends Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and each of them say, “Oh, we are from the same God but we are better than other religions?”

That is when humanity should really think and say, “Well if there is One God, why are there so many religions?”

Again Alex is asking,

Alexget:  Who is this God, please?

Maitreya:  This God is the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal.

Of course your question, “Who is this God?” sounds like you are asking me to explain God to you.  That cannot be done, as many have tried to explain God and have been explaining God for thousands of years.  They have written many books, and they have not been able to explain Him because God is unexplainable.  God is beyond human mind.  God is Consciousness.  The closest explanation you can reach is, “What is your consciousness?  What is it that makes you conscious of things?”

Alexget:  With evidence from Scripture, please?

Maitreya:  OK, yes, that we can do.  If you go to our website and read the Book called, The Holiest Of the Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament, it clearly explains how God has promised many things.

The simplest one is the promise that He gave to Abram and then to Abraham, about His children, that there will be a Prophet coming from the Children of Israel and there is going to be a Prophet coming from the Children of Ishmael.  That is only one example.  There are many examples in that Book and in our teachings, and in the Scriptures, that God promises He will accomplish things, and He does them.

If He can promise and accomplish them, therefore He exists.  If someone says, “I will come tomorrow and do something for you,” and he shows up and does what he said he was going to do, does he exist?  He surely does.

Therefore the easiest way to know that God truly exists is to read our teachings and see how He has promised that He will do things, and He has done them.  So, God exists.  There is no doubt about this in the minds of those who have read our Scripture and have seen that He has promised things and fulfilled them.

So based on the Scriptures, based on the Word of God, based on the history, we can clearly see that, “Yes, there is only One God.  He sent all the Scriptures, and He promised that He will accomplish things.”

Even the coming of this Revelation had been promised to Great Prophets.  The Vision has been given to them but they have been told not to reveal it, just like Daniel.  When Daniel received his vision, God said, “This is the Vision of the end time and do not reveal it to anyone,” because It says clearly that God will be a mystery until the Seventh Angel comes, until the Seventh Revelation comes.

This is the Seventh Revelation.  So even recognizing this was prophesied to come…, who gives prophecy?  God prophesied these things are going to happen, and they are going to happen.

There is going to be an end time.  It is an end time, and we are in it.  This is the Call to humanity to come and see, “Yes, indeed, God promises and He fulfills them; therefore He exists for sure.”  Of course a lot of people have a hard time to recognize that God truly exists because the human is full of wants, desires, and the pulls of the senses, and they cannot feel God or recognize Him or become One with Him because it is very hard for them.

That is why God sends the Revelation.  That is why God created the history, and now we clearly can explain, yes, God exists.

Alexget:  You said, “One God.”  OK, tell me who this God is with explanation.

Maitreya:  I just explained it to you, Alex.  If you want me to tell you exactly how God looks, or where It is…, He is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal.  Therefore you cannot explain God.  The only way you can really understand God is to intellectually realize that He has promised things and He has done them, and therefore He exists, or you have to have a direct experience with Him.  If you have a direct experience, then you do not need any explanation.

Go ahead, Mime.  [silence]  Mime, you raised your hand.  If you have a question, raise your hand again.

Mimedude:  Which Scripture?

Maitreya:  In the Bible, in the Koran, in our teaching.  We recommend that you go to our website and read our teaching, therefore you will know when I explain something what I will be referring to.

OK, Mime has a question:

Mimedude:  Maitreya, greetings and peace to you.  Could you please tell me what are your eight superhuman qualities alluded to in the Hindu Scriptures quoted on your website?  These qualities are required of the Messiah according to your website.  Do you possess them?  No disrespect is intended in this question, as I am only a seeker of God and am not very worthy myself.  Peace to you.

Maitreya:  Of course you are worthy because you have the Essence of God in you.  There is no one who is not worthy.

If you notice in those prophecies and in all Hindu Scriptures, it never explains what those qualities are.  Indeed, the Messiah, the Son of God, the Revealer of the Revelations from God, has many, many qualities.  It is more than eight but most disciples will only recognize around eight of them.  That is why it is not up to me to explain or tell you what they are.  You can ask those who are around me or they know these teachings to tell you what they think my qualities are.

So the qualities of God are infinite.  The gifts of the Spirit are more than eight.  Therefore to answer that question either you have to recognize them yourself or ask others who have seen or recognized them to maybe reveal to you what they are.  That is why there is nowhere in those Scriptures that it is explained clearly what they are because there are more than that.

Mimedude:  Thank you Maitreya, you are most kind to take the time to answer the question.

Maitreya:  No problem Mime.  I am glad that it helps you in your understanding of God.  Be a seeker of the truth.  If you knock, if you ask, if you search, you will find that our teaching is indeed the Revelation that clearly explains the truth of God.

This has been prophesied to come, and we are at the end time.  It is the time for humanity to come and realize, there is only One God for all of them.  They are all brothers and sisters.  There is no separation in the religions.  There is no separation between man and man.

All men and humans have come from One Source, and we have to see the Essence of God in every man, woman, and child, and therefore stop destroying one another and realize that we have to bring God’s Kingdom on earth and come together as one human under One God.

OK, Alex is asking:

Alexget:  Do you believe that Christianity is right or not?  I don't understood what your teaching is.

Maitreya:  Well, there is no religion that we have covered that is not right.  God sent Christ to bring a message to humanity.  His message was sacrifice.  He set an example for the human to be able to give of themselves, to forego their egos, and to be able to give to the community of themselves.  Therefore we can create Communities of Light and progress toward Oneness with God.  In that essence Christianity is correct.

In light of the many dogmas that man has added to Christianity, it has been influenced by them just like any other religion.  There is no other religion that does not have dogma to this point because they had a part of the truth.  When you have a part of the truth, when you have a part of the information, you are going to make mistakes for sure.  There is no doubt about that.

That is exactly what happened to the other Scriptures, to the other religions.  They had a part of the truth and they wanted to fit the whole elephant into a very small hole, and it would not fit because the elephant is greater than each separated part.

Therefore Christianity is correct.  God sent Christ.  God sent Him as a Prophet, as the Messiah, as the Son of God, as the Spirit of God to humanity.  He indeed released The Grace, which was taken away from man at the time of Adam and Eve, who lost The Grace.  When Christ came, The Grace indeed returned to man.  Whoever believes that Christ was the Son of God, was the Messiah, was the Revealer of the truth of God, they will receive The Grace.

You do not have to be a Christian, or Hindu, or Buddhist to receive The Grace.  Whoever realizes that will open his heart to God’s Revelation and acknowledge that God indeed exists and He sent all the Prophets to this point.  Now this explanation clearly explains that all of them have been sent by God.

The only thing you have to do is to rid yourself of the dogmas in Christianity.  Rid yourself of the dogmas in Islam.  Rid yourself of the dogmas and completely bring the Essence.  What was the Essence of all these Revelations and teachings?  Then you will clearly see, “Well, God was sending all these Revelations to man, He indeed exists, and we are all His Children.”

So all have to accept what God was telling them, that there is going to be a Revelation that will explain the religions of the world.  They were all sent by One God, by sending different Prophets to man, and now He has done it.  He indeed exists.  Humanity has to forego their religions and their cultures, their own understandings, and come in God’s understanding and His Way.

Of course men love to hang onto their own understandings, and they do not want to let go of what they understand instead of what God was sending and revealing to them and is revealing to them now.

So we are not against Christianity.  We are not against Islam.  We are not against any religion:  Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.  Indeed we explain where they fall.  When you see this Vision clearly, when you see that, “Yes, God indeed was telling humanity that He would send all these things and He has done it,” then you can easily say that, “Yes, we are all from the same Source.”

Go ahead, Alex.

Alexget:  Can you hear me?

Maitreya:  Yes.

Alexget:  I want to ask a question.  You know every religion has its origin.  I hear you that you believe, One God, and I agree with that.  But there are many missing points in what you say.

I want to understand what you believe first.  Do you believe that Christianity is Christ?  Do you believe in the trinity?  In the Bible there is no trinity.  I believe in One God.  Then if you believe in the Buddhists and all the other religions, they are different than the Bible.  I want to understand what you believe first.  Let me give you a chance to explain.

Maitreya:  OK Alex.  You have to read our teachings and understand our teachings in a deeper level.  Then all these things will be explained to you.

The trinity, probably what you do not believe is the way they explain it to you, or they have explained it to you, as God came and had some relationship with Mary and they created a son, and He is the only Son.  But if you read the Scriptures, there were sons of God even before the flood of Noah.  What, God made more sons with other women in that time so He had more than one son?

Or the Bible clearly says, at the end of The Revelation, “He who overcometh will become my son.”  What again, He makes more children?

We can see clearly that the Bible is not talking about a physical son.  It is talking about a spiritual son, a person who manifests the Spirit of God through themselves and therefore they have the Spirit of God.  They are in the image of God.

And what is “son?”  Son is in the image of the Father.  Therefore they become the son of God.  If you understand this explanation, then you can see the Christians have made it sound like God came and made a child by Mary, when really what was in her womb, although it was a miracle, had the Spirit of God, and then He started His mission.

So it is very important for everyone to go to our website and study our teachings.

This is a new wine.  You cannot put it in the old skin.  You have to understand what we are teaching here before we can come to this conclusion that it is the truth or not, or it is from God or not.  So we can discuss intelligently.

We all have to study this new Revelation and become familiar with it.  Then we can see the things that we do not agree with, explained in such a way that they make sense.  When they make sense, you will believe in them.

Go ahead, Francisco.

Francisco_santo:  Hello, my name Francisco.  I am from Brazil.  What are you talking about?

Maitreya:  This is the Conversation Room of the Mission of Maitreya.  This is Maitreya.  We are talking about a new Revelation, the Revelation of the Seven Seals that have been prophesied and foretold to come in the Scriptures.  In all the religions of the world, they are waiting and looking for this Revelation to come, and it has now come.

You have to go to that website that was posted in the text, or look at the top banner and you will see there will always be the link.  Click on it and go to our website.  Go to our Scripture.  In that Scripture, which is around 600-700 pages, you will find a lot of truth and Revelations that humanity did not know until now.  Now it is revealed to them clearly and explains their religion.

There is no religion on earth that is not included in this Revelation, and it reveals how God clearly has been in charge and sending all the Revelations to humanity.

Go ahead, Shirin.

Shirin:  Sal-OM Maitreya, and Sal-OM everyone.  I wanted to know more about the Hindu Prophecy, about the three incarnations of the Kalki Avatar.

Maitreya:  OK sure.  Well, there is a belief in Hinduism that the Kalki Avatar will be incarnated in three consecutive reincarnations, and in these three incarnations He will establish the truth and reality of God.  In these three incarnations He will eventually accomplish His Mission that He started in one incarnation.

Of course you cannot find that in the Bible, apparently it does not sound like there is anywhere in the Bible talking about the three incarnations for Christ at the end time to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.  But if you look in the Bible, clearly it says that Christ comes as a thief of the night, and then at the same time He comes as the conqueror, the King of the Kings, and He establishes the Kingdom on earth.

There is a contradiction there between someone coming as a thief of the night and at the same time He will be the conqueror and conquerors the whole earth, and eventually He brings the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

When we look at the prophecies in Hinduism, as He comes in three incarnations, that starts to make sense.  He comes in one incarnation as the thief of the night.  He brings the Revelation.  Few people will be attracted to it, will join and understand it, will see the Vision, and will take it and spread and preach it to other people.

In that time, the human is so engrossed in material longing and all the things that we see.  Although this Revelation is here, few people will hear it.  Even those who hear it, very few people understand it and see the Vision.  In that time, they do not accept it, and that is when that you can see He is the thief of the night.  What does the “thief of the night” mean?

“Thief of the night” means that He comes in the darkness and very few people understand it, see it, and hear it.

So we can see, in that incarnation, He comes as a thief of the night.  But the next incarnation He might eventually bring His Mission to a point that He can bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.  In that time He comes as a conqueror and a person who eventually brings the truth to humanity.  Humanity now is ready, after going through all those material longings and period, to accept the teaching and establish the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Therefore we can see again in the Bible, it clearly says that there is going to be more than one incarnation of the Messiah or the last Revealer of the Revelation.

We can see that is exactly what is happening right now.  This teaching has been here for twenty-five years, and very few people have been attracted to it and have joined it.  It is almost unnatural the way so few people have really seen the vision clearly and accepted this teaching, and have come, helped, and become one with it.

The reason is that humans are pulled to so many directions, to so many religions, to so many cultural upheavals, to so many religions with the dogmas in them, and they are not ready for a new Revelation.  Each of them have a hold on their own dogmas and religion, and they do not want to give up.  They are just hanging onto them like there is nothing after that.  But there is.  This is after all of them, and it is here and they are not taking it.

But we will continue repeating it.   We will continue to reach out.  We will continue to tell humanity the truth.  If in this lifetime it did not happen, we believe in reincarnation, and the Bible and other Scriptures clearly say that there is going to be more than one incarnation.

We can see even that itself reveals that reincarnation is believed in the Bible because if He comes as the thief of the night, He cannot be the conqueror who creates the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.  So He has to come in more than one incarnation.  That is why the Kalki Avatar is supposed to come in three consecutive incarnations to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

This Mission is huge.  It is really a big Mission.  It has a lot of truth in it; it has a lot of things that people do not want to accept.  As we just saw, people were asking about only Christianity and they do not want to expand themselves, “Yes, God also sent Islam.  God also sent Baha’i, the Baha’i Teaching; God also sent Hinduism and Buddhism.”  We need humans to reach a point that they can forego these obstacles in their way and expand their minds.  So we are way ahead of humanity, and humanity is not prepared at this time to accept this.

But there are many people who are.  They are people who have expanded their minds.  They want the peace to come.  They realize if there is only One God, how can there be many religions?

So humanity is being prepared to accept this Revelation and this truth little by little.  But we have a lot of work in front of us and apparently it is not going to be finished in this lifetime.  If it is going to happen in this lifetime, that would be great.  But the Scripture clearly says it is not going to happen in this lifetime; it is going to continue in the next lifetime.

The truth of this Revelation is very simple.  God has been sending these religions and Revelations to different people, through different Scriptures and Prophets.  He said clearly to shut the vision of the end time to all the Prophets who had seen it.

He has said that only when the Seventh Angel comes, will the whole truth be revealed to all.  Now He has, and the Seventh Revelation has come to man.  Now we can see that humanity can clearly see what God was doing.  He was sending all these Revelations to them.

We have to take this to every corner of the earth, and give it to everyone who will listen and understand.  Tell them they have to stop following their own teachings and understandings, but come to the truth, the reality of life.

What is the truth of the Scriptures?  What was God talking about in the Scriptures to this point?  “I want to know what really God means or meant by saying these words or verses.  Now I know because I know the The Holiest Of The Holies, the Revelation of the Seventh Angel, and now the mystery of God is finished for sure.”

So we will continue in this lifetime to reach out to humanity.  We will try to spread this Message as much as we can and is possible.  If it did not happen in this lifetime, we shall return.

As it has been arranged, after my passing away in this lifetime, there are people who have been chosen that will look for me and find me again, and we will continue this teaching in the next lifetime.  Maybe next lifetime we will bring it to a point that humanity will be much more receptive to this teaching and we will gather many of them together.  If it did not happen next lifetime, then the other one after that, and eventually we will bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

Alexget:  While you speak, please use Scripture.

Maitreya:  Alex says that we should use the Scriptures.  Scriptures have been used all through our teaching, Alex.  You have to put some effort.  You have to go to our website.  You have to read our teachings, and there Scripture has been quoted all through our Book.

Actually, the Bible is the base of our Scripture.  The Bible is a complete book.  It shows the beginning of creation, the coming of the Seventh Revelation, the history of man, and the end time, what is going to happen.  So that is why God made the Bible so well-known all through the earth because it is the most perfect Revelation to humanity because it covers the beginning, the middle, and the end.

Other Scriptures are a part of the Bible.  The Bible clearly says they would come.  So we encourage everyone, actually it is the responsibility of everyone, to read this new Revelation and see why we have this truth.

For example, about the Kalki Avatar, everyone knows that the Bible talks clearly about the thief of the night.  He comes as a thief of the night, and then also He come as the conqueror at the end time.

Go ahead, Shirin.

Shirin:  Sal-OM Maitreya.  In meditation the other night I was thinking about the four beasts:  The Word, time, space, and the atom.  I would take each one and meditate on it but when I got to space I must have spaced out because I do not understand that one.  Could you speak more about space?

Maitreya:  Yes, well, in Pure Consciousness there is no space.  You are everywhere at the same time.  So the Spirit does not really exist in that state.  It is very hard for the intellectual human to even imagine there is no space.

The whole universe has been created by The Word, space, and time, and atoms all are created.  That is, it is very hard for the intellect to grasp God, and that is why we cannot explain God because It is beyond mind.

Someone was telling me that it is hard to reach Pure Consciousness.  No it is not.  Actually anytime you go to bed and you sleep, you reach Pure Consciousness.  Every time you fall asleep, you reach Pure Consciousness.

Now let me ask everyone this question.  Which is the more natural state of being, sleeping or being awake?  Anyone, raise your hand and let me know, which state is more natural?  Go ahead.

Keyosha:  Sleep.

Maitreya:  Well, Keyosha already answered that.  Sleep.  With which one do you become refreshed, when you are awake and you do things, or when you are asleep?

The natural state should be more refreshing than tiring.  When you sleep and you wake up, you are refreshed.

A lot of people do not want to die.  They say, “Oh, I do not want to die.  I am afraid of death.”  But no one says, “I am afraid of sleep.”

What is death?  Death is a deep sleep that the humans fall into.  The only difference is, they do not wake up.  But when they wake up, they come as children.  They are really refreshed because they had the deepest sleep they had in all their lives.

So has anyone been heard to say, “No, I am afraid to go to sleep?”  Everyone says, “I am sleepy.  I am going to go to bed.  I am going to take a nap.  I am going to sleep.”  And they love to do that because when they wake up, they feel very refreshed.

So sleep, or Pure Consciousness, or going back to that state of beyond mind (which is what happens when you go to sleep in the times you do not dream) do you remember anything?  Do you ask, “Where is the space, where is God, explain God to me?”  You are one.  You are already there.

Practice this.  From now on when you want to go to sleep, just imagine you are going to Pure Consciousness, you are becoming One with God.  You are going to have a much more peaceful sleep than before.  When you wake up you are going to be much more refreshed.

That is exactly what happens when you reach Pure Consciousness.  There is no such thing as mind, of explanation, of space, of time.  When you are in a sleep, you do not think about what is space, what is time, or what is creation.  You lose the mind, and you become one with the Spirit and God.

That is why we need to go there because we are not really in the natural state of our being.  We are living in an unnatural state.  We wake up, we have to work, we become tired, and then we go back to sleep.

All these questions arise for us because, as you said, you were meditating.  You used the word meditation, “I was meditating, then I was thinking.”  Meditation is different than thinking.  Meditation is the state of not thinking but being one with the Spirit and feeling the Oneness of having no question, or absolutely being absorbed in that state that no question is left but oneness prevails.

So we have been grown up, we have been taught, we have been oriented in thinking, solving problems, and explaining things.  The Spirit is beyond all of those.  Although we explain these things, the most important, even in this Mission, is not explanation.  The most important part of the Mission is the creation of the Communities of Light.  It is action actually more than explanation.

Although I have been explaining for the last twenty-five years, but really it is the action that speaks much louder in this Mission than explaining things in the Mission.  When many people reach Pure Consciousness and they come back, they can also explain to others that, “Do not look for explanation too much but look for that unity that is beyond mind,” because the natural state has no mind.  It does not have any feeling of “I know,” “I do,” and “I have done.”  If you do not have those three, what is left?  The only thing left is Consciousness in the equilibrium state and unity with the rest of the universe.

But at the beginning when the creation started, it went out of equilibrium and therefore The Word was released to the universe.  What is the universe?  The universe is vibration.  Through that original vibration, The Word, everything is created.

Space was created.  Space was recognized, “Yes, there is a space.”

Time was created.  In eternity there is no time.  No one looks at the watch and says, “OK, you have been here for one hour.”  In eternity, just you are.  Everything is.  That is why these things cannot be explained because they are beyond mind, and when you go beyond mind none of these are present.

That is when Buddha eventually realized that He cannot explain these things very clearly.  Therefore He told them, “It is Nirvana.”  It is “nothingness.”  It sounds like nothingness because there is no space, there is no time, and there is no explanation, therefore it is nothingness.

But really it is not nothingness.  It is the Essence.  It is the absolute absorption to oneness with the Essence of the universe.  If we can even imagine such a thing, then we can see, yes it is possible that we reach that point.

Go ahead, Shirin.

Shirin:  OK, I was thinking.  But I have a question about that.  I understand about meditation and just that, that, I cannot even get a word on it, that “nothing.”  But then when we go to what we call meditation, and we are trying to see the problems or the patterns in our lives so that we can overcome them, what are we doing then?  Is that just contemplation?

Maitreya:  In your meditation, you can imagine, you can create a situation because mind can create.  Mind is a co-creator.

What is the universe?  The whole universe is mind, is created with the Mind of God.  Therefore in our meditation we can become a co-creator in our contemplation, as you put it.  Probably that is a better word for it than meditation.

In that state you can create the situations in your life, and you go through them to see how to resolve them, how to solve the problems, how to deal with the situations, and how to create a better environment.  In that state, you really are not meditating.  You are resolving problems.  You are not trying to reach Pure Consciousness.

You should not even try to reach Pure Consciousness at this stage.  As we said, even if you reach there you are going to be “spewed out” of God’s Mouth because we are all here to learn and teach other people to reach Pure Consciousness, Godhead, and then we all go in together.  Before that even when you go to that state of absorption, you come back.

It is just like sleep.  When you are asleep, you do not stay asleep forever.  You have to wake up and you are awakened, and you come back to the body and come back to earth.  So you have to continue with the life you are in and where you are at.  When you awaken, you are exactly where you were before.  Nothing apparently changed.  But you changed because you have refreshed yourself.  So you come back to solve the problems.

What is the biggest problem in the universe?  The biggest problem is, it went out of balance, created darkness, and went away from God, and that is why we are here to solve that problem.  That problem can be solved with the creation of the Communities of Light.  That is the answer to that problem.  God has already meditated on it.

That is when we meditate on the problems and solve them in our lives, see our patterns, the problems that we have and we repeat over and over.  As we recognize them in a greater degree, they are easily resolved by themselves.

That is why people have psychological problems.  If they meditate, they can resolve their psychological problems by recognizing the base of them, the essence of them, and why they have been created.

Therefore this is actually a meditation (contemplation) that we recommend more here at this time for humanity because we do not even have the Communities of Light yet.  When we create the Kingdom and we have the Communities of Light, and the problems are resolved and solved, then we do not have to contemplate much but meditate more.  Probably 97% of the human problems are created with their egos, the psychological problems, and the spiritual problems they have.

When we reach the point that we do not have 97% of the problems left, then those 3% will be shared with the Communities of Light and the people.  Then we really will not have many problems left.  So now is not the time to meditate and reach Pure Consciousness, and we can rid ourselves of all our psychological problems.  At this point the human is amazingly away from God.  They amazingly cannot see their way clearly back to God.

They are very self-willed.  They have a lot of ideas and opinions of themselves.  They do not want to listen to God.  The material things attract them to go toward the material world.  Religions, intellectuals, and the whole society is teaching them, “Be number one,” “There is no God,” “Do whatever you want,” “Find your way,” “Do not listen to the Scriptures.”

You can see it is absolutely going against God, the Scriptures, His Will, and what He has done.  He is telling humanity that they have to turn around.  They are not turning around; they are walking to the other side instead of going back to Godhead.

Therefore we cannot reach Pure Consciousness at this time.  Even if you reach Pure Consciousness, you have to come back and help these people that are rushing toward the other way, at least those few that will listen.  Maybe you can turn them around and make them not to rush to the destruction that humanity is rushing toward.

So at least the time of meditation, our meditation should be the Mission, how we can help it, how we can resolve our own problems so we can help the Mission in a greater degree.  If I have a problem that is putting pressure on the progress of the Mission, I have to resolve it first.  Then, of course, after that I put my effort behind the Mission and push it toward its fulfillment.  This is really a more meditative or contemplative state that humans should be in.

But the ultimate salvation is when you are absorbed beyond mind, when there is no mind, there is no question, there is nothing called as space, as all these things we are talking about.  There is no computer.  There is no writing.  There is no Scripture.  It is beyond all of them.  That is why these are all tools we use to reach that point, but not even at this time.  At this time we have to solve the problems.  We have to dissolve these problems of the universe.

It is not an individual problem, although it is an individual problem under the umbrella of the universal problem.  The universal problem is that the universe is out of balance.  We have to help it to go back.  That is where our meditation should be.

I hope that answered your question.

There is a question from Alex.

Alexget:  Who is Maitreya?

Maitreya:  Maitreya has been prophesied to come in all religions of the world.  Of course Maitreya by itself is the expectation of the Buddhists as the Fifth Buddha, or the Buddha to come after Gautama Buddha.  2,500 years after Gautama Buddha, they are expecting Maitreya to come.

But that is not only my name.  My name is also many other things that also relate to other religions that expect the same person to come.

So Maitreya, Kalki Avatar, Messiah, Mahdi, and all the expectations of all religions is in one person.  All other Prophets come from different people, different cultures.

For instance, Christ came as the King of the Jews.  He came for the Hebrews.

Prophet Muhammad came for the Arabs.  Many Prophets come for a specific people, for a specific Revelation.

This is the only Revelation that has come for the whole humanity.  It is not related to a specific race or people.  It is for all.  That is why even this Revelation did not come to me when I was in the place that I was born in.  It came to me when I was in another nation or another part of the world than where I was born.  So the universality of it is very clear even in that aspect.

Therefore this is the only Revelation that is for the whole humanity.  It is the fulfillment of all religions of the world.  Maitreya is only one name given to the Revealer of this Revelation.  There are many other names given to Him.

I did not call myself by these names but all of them fulfill some part of the expectation of humanity.

So this is a new wine in the new skin.  This is the good news for you that you have to come, search, and understand this teaching in a greater degree, and see the truth and reality of God and His Revelation clearly.  That is what humans have to become.

They should create clear minds, absolutely lucid and clear.  As has been prophesied when the Kalki Avatar comes, the mind of man will become lucid and clear.  That is what this Revelation does.

If you really understand it, if you really see the Vision, even better than seeing the Vision, become the Vision, your mind will become so clear that no question will be left and you will become one with the Spirit and God.  This is what the human has to become.  They have to meditate.

They all probably should stop to say, “What are we doing here?  What destruction?  What is this egocentric world that we have created?  Why are we so separated by religions, cultures, and such differences when there is only one God?”

That God is revealed in THOTH; it is in our Revelation and it clearly makes your mind to see the truth of existence and life, and the goal of the life.  What is the goal of the life?  It is to be(come) Divine.  How do you be(come) Divine?  By following the Eternal Divine Path.

What is the Eternal Divine Path?  It is the Path that reveals God sent a part of this Path to different religions and now it is so lucid, so clear.  If you truly open yourself to it, if you truly have the Spirit of God in you, you have no choice but to acknowledge, “Yes, this makes a lot of sense and is the truth.”  Then you become a very clear-minded person.  That is what the goal of this Revelation is, to make man see life as it is, God as it is, truth as it is, religions as they are, and where each of them falls in the Eternal Divine Path.  When you put them together then you can see, “Oh yes, there is only one God, one humanity, one savior, and one world.”

If you see that, if you see the Essence of God in every man and woman, are we going to kill each other?  How can I kill a person on the other side of the world?  Then that Essence is the same as my Essence.  No matter how different we are in the external world, we have the Essence of God in us.

If I kill that person, I am killing God in that person and stopping their progress toward becoming God.

Guest:  Have you read Matthew 24 about many false prophets?  If you understand that, could you explain it to me?

Maitreya:  Yes, there are many people who call themselves Maitreya.  They have not fulfilled any prophecies, they have not opened the Seven Seals, and they have not revealed the Book sealed with the Seven Seals.  The only way you can avoid following the false Prophets and teachers is by referring to the Word of God.

The Word of God clearly says that, “I will prophesy for a long time before I send a Revelation.”  Every Prophet, every Great Prophet in the world, has come with clear signs, with a clear fulfillment of the prophecies.  If you saw anyone who claims to be a Prophet and they say, “Well, I have a Revelation of God, I am a teacher, and I teach God,” the first question you have to ask him or her is, “Have you fulfilled any prophecies?  Has God said in the Scriptures that you would come?”

That is the first question everyone should ask from anyone who claims he is from God, “Is he fulfilling the prophecy?”

The Seventh Angel is also supposed to come from the Tribe of Judah.  In chapter 5 of the The Revelation it clearly says that only Him and Him only can open the Seven Seals.  There is no one; no one else could open the Seven Seals but the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

The Moslems are waiting for their Prophet, or the last Prophet, or Mahdi, to come from the lineage of Prophet Muhammad, and many other expectations.  Have they fulfilled them?  If they have fulfilled all of the prophecies that were supposed to be fulfilled through this Mission, then you have to see which one is the Revealer of the Word of God.

Even if they have fulfilled all these prophecies as we have, is their teaching based on the Word of God?  Did God say that there are going to be Seven Seals, Seven Revelations, and Seven Angels that will reveal the Mystery of God?  Have they done them?

With all this truth and again going back to the clear mind, you have to have a clear mind of the truth of God.  You have to reach a point that you see how God works.

That is how God works.  He sent the Revelation through the Prophets by telling them that there is going to be a Revealer to come to you with these clear signs.  If you find such a person, then you have found the Messiah, the correct person.  If you have not, then they are the false prophets.

That is the truth, if you see someone fulfills the prophecies, if he has brought the Words of God, their being chosen to reveal the Revelation, their revealing of the Revelation, their explanation of the Revelation, is from God.  Even then if they say something that is not quite from God, they are not the true Prophet from God.

Guest:  How do you believe one God if you do not believe in the Old Testament?

Maitreya:  We do believe in the Old Testament.  The whole Bible has been translated many times.  There are parts in the Old Testament that we have explained in THOTH.  But there are many parts that have been affected by humans and are not that important that we do not have any commentaries on them in THOTH.  So we have to understand that not all of the Bible is the Word of God.  There are a lot of man’s ideas that have influenced the Bible.

Go ahead Alex.  But please be brief.  Go ahead.

Alexget:  My question is, as my ground is Christianity I want to know that…. I believe in One God because the Bible says that we have only one Creator, One God.  So my question is, how can I believe that Muhammad is Christ, or Madhi is Christ or not?  I witness two persons for you.  I do not accept any person as either Prophet or not.  I will witness for Him.

Maitreya:  OK, you did not have to tell us you are a Christian; we knew already that you are a Christian for sure.

This Revelation has come to verify what Christ said was truth and more.  Again, go to our teaching and read that God gave the promise to both Abram, the father of Ishmael, and Abraham, the father of Isaac, that there was going to be a Prophet coming from both of them.  God already promised both of them that they were going to have a Prophet from them to come.  And the Prophet came as Christ from Abraham, and Muhammad from Abram.

What you believe is a part of a greater truth.  There is a greater Revelation than what you have.  There is a greater Revelation than anyone has on earth.  That greater Revelation is what we have at this time for humanity.  That is the Call to every man, woman, and child to come and see.

You have to put some effort, as I said before, Alex, to go to our website and read our Scriptures.  Then you can come here and we can discuss your religion.  But we know about your religion.  We know your religion very well.  We know where it came from, how it evolved, what its dogma is.  We know your beliefs.  Now you have to know what our beliefs are, if you want to discuss it intelligently together.

So I have to explain every detail to you, and it does not really make sense to you.  Even when I explain, for example, I say, “God promised both to Abram and Abraham,” it probably does not make sense to you at all unless you study our teachings for seven years, very diligently and deeply.  Then you might clearly say, “Your religion is OK,” especially about the word of Christ.

But at the same time your religion has been affected with many dogmas, with many historical influences, and the change of the Bible that occurred to this point, and the many translations they have made of it.

So we are not putting your religion down, we are expanding you to a greater degree.

If there is any other question, we are almost at the end time here.  I just saw someone type that they have been waiting here for three days.  This is your chance if you have a question, Djhassan, if you want to discuss something with me.  Apparently you are a Moslem from your name.  Or you can be a Christian; of course there are Christians in the Islamic countries too.

But if you have anything you want to discuss here, we have a few minutes left.  I can stay a little longer and see what it is that you would like to know.  So raise your hand, Djhassan, and tell us what is on your mind, or type it.

Djhassan:  Is not Thoth an Egyptian fake god?

Maitreya:  Thoth, according to Egyptian mythology, is the god of knowledge and wisdom.  According to some people he ruled Egypt for thirty-five thousand years.  Of course, as usual, probably it is exaggerated.  But there was such a god that has been recorded that existed in Egyptian theology or beliefs.

Thoth also is the book of knowledge and wisdom, and you can relate to that part of the truth, about that belief.  THOTH also is an acronym for, The Holiest Of The Holies.  That is prophesied by God in the Scriptures to come at the end time as The Holiest Book.  Therefore it is not referring to the Egyptian god.

Djhassan:  Why are you using this name?  But there is only one God, not thousands.

Maitreya:  Well, we know that.  We do not disagree with you.  You have to recognize it is a kind of playing with the words at the same time.

The meaning of Thoth in Egyptian beliefs is that he was the god of wisdom.  The god of wisdom is a part of that one God.  That One God has Wisdom, has Knowledge, and It can impart itself to a man or a human and that person becomes as Wise, as Knowledgeable as God, as God gave it to Solomon.  Solomon also received the Wisdom of God because that is what he asked for.

Djhassan:  Who is the Maitreya?

Maitreya:  This is me.  I am Maitreya, Hassan.  I have been born by the name of Mohammad Hussein.  I have been born in an Islamic country, in Iran.  Yes, I am Him, and this Revelation has come to humanity as the last Revelation from God to man.

I know you are going to say Muhammad was the last Prophet.

[some typing]  Yes, I was born in Iran, Tehran.  When I came to the United States, eventually this Revelation came to me.  There is a booklet in our website.  It explains how I became Maitreya.

Djhassan:  I am a Muslim.

Maitreya:  Yes, I know you are a Moslem.

Djhassan:  Were you a Muslim early?

Maitreya:  I do not know if I was a Moslem.  I am a better Moslem now than I was before.  But I was born in a Moslem family.  Actually my grandfather was a well-known Mullah, or a spiritual teacher in Islam.

Yes, I was born in an Islamic country and with an Islamic background.  But I believe now that I am a better Moslem than I ever was before.

Go ahead Tahirah.

Tahirah:  Oh, thank you, Maitreya.  I just wanted to ask you one quick question about the different levels of intellect.  I know people have many different levels of intellect from very low to very high.

So the question is, does a person’s level of intellect or level of consciousness affect their understanding and acceptance of these teachings, and how does it affect their progress on this Eternal Divine Path?  Thank you.

Maitreya:  There is nothing bad in this universe.  Intellect is good.  Intellect also is able to decipher the truth in that level.

For example, when we are talking about how God promised He was going to do things and He has done them, you understand it intellectually.  You have not meditated.  You have not had any experience with God yet.  You have not even believed probably God exists in a greater degree.

But if you see, “Yes, the Scriptures and history show clearly that God said He was going to do these things and He has done them,” intellectually you say, “Oh, OK, I have no choice but to accept God exists because He said He was going to do these things, and He has done them.”

Therefore intellect is good.  But if you just accept that and you have never had a direct experience with God yourself, then you stay in an intellectual level of understanding God but you have not experienced Him.

That does not take you to salvation; it does not take you to God.  It takes you to intellectual understanding.  If you have an amazing intellect, you can probably make a new religion out of your intellectual understanding and create new dogmas of our teaching and create followers that follow you because it appeals to their intellect.  But neither have you experienced God, nor will those who follow you experience God because you will keep them at a distance from God because you do not know Him.  How can you take them to God if you have not been there yourself?

Therefore, intellect is good but it is limited.  It is not the ultimate.  The ultimate is the direct experience with God by every individual.

As long as you have not experienced God, you have not been able to recognize Him.  That is why the Essence of our teaching is not to follow anyone, not to accept anyone’s intellectual explanation but strive to have a direct experience with God.

All right, I think our time is up.  Actually we have ran over our time today, which is fine.  And we all be with God, in God, and through God, and see the truth in this Revelation.  Again, take this Revelation to every man and woman on earth, and let them know it is here.

I just was told there is another question from Djhassan.  OK, what is the question?

Djhassan:  What do you think about Salman Rusdhie since you are from Iran?

Maitreya: Well, Salman Rusdhie is a writer, and he has his own opinion.


Djhassan:  How can we believe that you are the Messiah?

Maitreya:  To know if my claim is correct, you have to see if I have fulfilled the prophecies, if I am from the Tribe of Judah, if I am from the lineage of Prophet Muhammad, if I say what God has revealed already that what I say is the Word of God.

If you go to our website, you can see there are many prophecies.  Actually there are more prophecies fulfilled through this Mission than ever any Prophet fulfilled.  I am from the Tribe of Judah, and I am from the lineage of Prophet Muhammad.  What I teach is based on the Word of God and the Scriptures.  Therefore that should be enough for you to recognize that this is the Word of God.

Salman Rusdhie is just a writer.  You have put too much energy on one person.  Actually if everyone would have ignored him, he would not have become such a big thing.  He just has his own opinions and ideas.  He has no idea who Prophet Muhammad was.  If he reads our teachings and sees that God has revealed that Prophet Muhammad would come, he would not call His verses “satanic.”  He is probably a very intellectual person and he intellectualizes things.

So the less the Moslems pay attention to him, the more he is going to go away and you do not have to kill him at all.  It is not up to you to judge who should be killed, or who should not.  It is up to God.

You know, take the beam out of your eyes first before you can throw the stone toward other people.

With this I will finish my lecture today.  It was a very good Conversation today.  We hope many people will come here with the greater understanding of our teachings, and we can deeply discuss these wonderful things that have` come, wonderful Revelations that have come to humanity.

Sal-OM everyone.


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