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Maitreya: Sal-OM! Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation Room. Let us start our session by remembering the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, Eternal God that has created all things, that has promised humanity that He will fulfill all the promises He gave to Abraham, to Isaac, to Moses, to Christ, to Muhammad, to Bab, to Daniel the Prophet who had seen the Vision at the end time but was instructed not to reveal it to man. So it fulfills the prophecy for the foretelling of God that God will be a Mystery until the end time when the last Revelation comes to man and explains the unity of all religions, that there is only one God and there are Seven Major Revelations, which together reveal the Eternal Divine Path.

When we understand these Seven Major Revelations and when they are explained to us as revealed in the Eternal Divine Path, we can see that God indeed exists, He is in charge of the history and man, and all humans are His Children. We are here to realize that there is only One God and all Revelations have come from Him. Therefore understand this teaching yourselves in the greatest degree and spread it to other humans and to humanity in general, and gather those who have the Heart and the Mind of God in them, those who have created this connection for many lifetimes of meditation and unity, and they can become one.

So we can all come together and create the universe or the world as a great place for everyone to live and progress physically, mentally, and spiritually. This prophecy and this expectation is now fulfilled, and the last Revelation of God has come to humanity and is explained how God has been sending these Revelations before this, one by one, and each human or each society is a part of this truth as the ultimate truth for them. Now they are very attached to these parts, and they do not want to let go.

God promises and He fulfills them. Now He is in the process of fulfilling the prophecies of the coming of His Kingdom and understanding the Mystery of God that will not be revealed until the Seventh Angel comes.

Of course this Mystery now is revealed and those who understand, have the Vision, have the Spirit of God, those who have been preparing themselves for this time, are called to come and see clearly that God indeed is the God who fulfills the promises He gives to man.

And He is an able God. He indeed is in control. Those who do not believe that, will be left behind. In the evolutionary process they have not progressed enough to see that this Vision so clearly and so precisely has been sent by God to man.

If you have the slightest Spirit of God in you, you see clearly, Yes, it indeed makes sense. You will not fight it. You will not resist it. You will not become unhappy why your religion or your dogmas are no longer valid but the truth is a Path, is the Way that you walk it. It does not have any dogmas. It does not have any, a second person comes after the Prophet and tries to assert their own ideas or opinions as Gods Revelation, and because they have egos themselves, they explain the Prophets egoistically and because their ego taints their explanation, the man likes that better because man also has ego. Therefore their explanation becomes more important than the explanation or the Revelation of God and the Word of God.

That is why in this time we all have to go to the Scriptures and the Revelation in The Holiest Of The Holies and what has been revealed to us through God, and not listen to anyone else but the Prophets themselves, and not even follow those who are assertive in their opinions, and their opinions become the norm for the Word of God.

The Word of God is very flexible. It is able to adjust itself to the situation. It is inclusive. It is universal. Any teaching that does not have these properties is not completely the Word of God and is dogma.

Humanity now is on the brink of an evolutionary process with this Revelation. Any time the Prophet comes, it is a Blessing for those who are ready and prepared, and is a torture for those who want to resist it and they do not want to progress to the next evolutionary step.

The next evolutionary step is to realize that all religions before this Revelation are not perfect and they only have a part of the truth. Therefore if you do not have the whole Vision, if you do not have the whole truth, you will make mistakes for sure because you do not know the Mystery of God and you try to explain those Mysteries according to ideas and opinions. Therefore you have no choice but to make mistakes. That is exactly what happened to the religions before this one, because they did not have the whole picture, the whole Vision.

Now the whole Vision is clearly given to man. It is very simple. It is seven Revelations; it is Seven Messages. By understanding them you realize there are Five Steps in the Eternal Divine Path.

The First Step is to awaken your spiritual forces, which means to meditate, to concentrate, to contemplate, to pray, to gaze on The Greatest Sign, and to come to the point that you realize, yes, indeed you are connected to God, and your spirit and Gods Spirit are one. Then you realize actually you are not there at all, but God is there completely, and you are connected to God. With understanding this and realizing this, you become an instrument for God.

In the next step God says, Create Communities of Light. That is the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. If you study the Old Testament, the whole Old Testament is based on God trying to find a people. The whole Old Testament is based on God wanted to find a people who will create community based on God and His Laws.

A community cannot succeed if there is no sacrifice and everyone says, What is in it for me? or, you will not participate or you do not add to the community. That is the message of the Third Seal, sacrifice. That is the message of Christ that He said that we have to love our neighbors as ourselves, and that is the community in which individual and group go together and create an environment that everyone has their physiological and safety needs taken care of. They have a place they can meditate and awaken their spiritual forces that will create a greater community.

Still in this stage they might not be completely surrendered and submissive to God, and they say, No, my will, not Thy Will be done. Therefore there is friction and destruction in the community. So the next step is surrendering and submission to God. That is the message of Islam. Islam means to be surrendered and submitted to God.

With this, you still might have a narrow mind and just concentrate on a very small part of the universe. You might not completely become a universalist. The next step is universalism, which is the message of Bahai.

Himselfitis, whatever your name is, why dont you type your question in text? Unless we know the nature of your question, then if your question is based on our teachings and on topic, which is the Mission of Maitreya, we will let you take the mic.

Go ahead and type your question in text so we can know.

Himselfitis: Please tell me where you derive your authority.

Maitreya: That is a good question, and it is a fair question. OK, I will let you have the mic, and why dont you tell us exactly what you want to know?

Himselfitis: Yes, thank you. I do not mean to be insulting. I truly apologize if I sound this way. I would like to know where you derive your authority. Please tell me the importance of The Maitreya; it is a very important aspect in history, someone who has been prophesied, of course.

So I would like to know please, where you derive your authority.

Also I hear you mentioning things Bahai. I would also please like to know what your opinion is of the covenant of Bahaullah, the position of Abdulbaha, and the great grandson of Bahaullah, Shoghi Effendi.

Maitreya: Very good questions. And of course, this is a Conversation with me, so if you want to make it in a conversational way, you can always raise your hand and we can converse on this matter.

My authority comes from the Word of God, from the prophecies, from the genealogies, from the truth that has been revealed through me to humanity and has explained that this Revelation would come at the end time, and it has.

First of all, it was prophesied there were going to be Seven Angels, Seven Revelations, that would come to humanity, and when the Seventh Angel comes, He will reveal the whole truth and finish the Revelation of God.

That is Scripture and based on the Word of God. God clearly said in chapter 10, verse 7 in The Revelation, No one knows the truth until the Seventh Angel comes. Therefore anyone before the Seventh Angel was not authorized, was not permitted, and was not given the whole truth. Even if they have been given some truth, they have not revealed it to humanity.

It is just like Daniel; Daniel had the vision of the end time, or Ezekiel. Many Prophets had the vision of the end time but they never were permitted to give it to humanity, to reveal it to man. Therefore the Seventh Angel had to come before this was fulfilled.

So that is where my authority comes from. You can go to our website to see the fulfillment of the prophecies. There is no person, there is no Prophet, there is no Revelation that has fulfilled as many prophecies as have been fulfilled through this Mission and through this Vessel.

The genealogy: My genealogy goes to King David and Prophet Muhammad. That is another thing that Jews, Christians, and Moslems were waiting for, and therefore that is another sign that is fulfilled. So all signs are given to humanity very clearly to show when that Seventh Angel or Prophet comes.

Now your question was about Bahaullah, Abdulbaha, and Shoghi Effendi. To explain those, we have to go a little past Bahaullah to the Revelation that came to Bab. Bab was the founder and the Revealer of the Fifth Seal in The Greatest Sign, or the FifthChurch in The Revelation.

He came in an environment that was not very hospitable, not very agreeable for what he was saying. He came in the middle of Iran, in a very Islamic and fundamental country. He suffered immensely, and his followers were martyred and destroyed.

The Bible clearly shows that in the Fifth Church in The Revelation, they were martyred, they were killed, and they would be given the white robes and be with Christ at the end time. But they all cried, God, when will the Kingdom come? And God said, You have to wait a while.

Of course His Revelation came in the 18th century and a while for God is 200 years, is not that long. So the last Revelation of God came 200 years after Bab. When Bab died (before he was shot and killed), He chose a person by the name of SubIAzal and told everyone that he was going to succeed him. The successor of Bab was SubI Azal Azal, and SubIAzal came and took over the movement.

He was a very timid man. He wasnt very energetic, and he was under the influence of his older brother, who was Bahaullah.

Bahaullah had immense authority over him. He actually was not doing anything without Bahaullahs knowledge. Little by little Bahaullah became more important than SubIAzal.

Eventually the Babis who were following Bab and the Azaleas who were following SubIAzal, complained. So SubIAzal told Bahaullah to go there because the people did not want him to be so obvious and powerful, more than the successor. Bahaullah went and for two years joined a Sufi group.

The person who asked the question left the room, but we will continue. Apparently I knew more than he expected me to know. Anyway, so SubIAzal told Bahaullah to leave, and he joined the Sufi group.

After two years, SubIAzal could not bear the leaving of Bahaullah. So he sent for him, and Bahaullah came back. This time SubIAzal absolutely withdrew and Bahaullah became almost the head of the organization.

Bab, the founder of the Babis, said that the one who is going to come after Him would come in a while, much longer than nine years that Bahaullah eventually declared himself to be, He Whom God Shall Make Manifest.

When there was some upheaval in Iraq, the government deported both SubIAzal and Bahaullah from Iraq. It was at that time that Bahaullah eventually said, It is me; I am the person really the Bab was talking about. SubIAzal was discarded and disregarded, and was completely taken away from authority.

So from there Bahaullah changed a lot of things in the teaching of Bab because he wanted people to be able to live in that hostile environment. He took out the militant approach of the Bab in his teaching and made it as a peaceful religion that now we know as the Bahais or Bahaullahs teachings. So Bab clearly did not choose him as his successor, or the person who would come after him. He chose his brother, and Bahaullah eventually took over.

There are many things that you have to be knowledgeable about the Bahai Teaching. There are a lot of things that have been said, which are not correct. Bahaullah, the name, they say means, the glory of God. It does not mean the glory of God; Jallalullah means the glory of God.

Bahaullah wrote a lot of Revelations but he instructed his secretary to destroy them. If he was the Seventh Angel, he should have revealed everything. He should not have destroyed anything.

So the Bahai teaching we know has a lot of things incorrect in it. They do not include the Mystical Paths and many other things. That is why God clearly says in the Bible that the Fifth Revelation is not perfect; it is not complete; it is not the whole truth.

You can see clearly that the Bahai Teaching, and Bab, SubIAzal, and Bahaullah, especially Bab and Bahaullah, were the twin Prophets that God had prophesied to come. But they are the Fifth Seal, not the Seventh Seal.

Bahaullah never claimed he was the Seventh Angel. No other Prophet ever claimed they were the Seventh Angel. Their followers might have, but they have not. Even his son, Abdulbaha, clearly talked about the Seventh Angel as the coming of another Prophet and the last Revelation, etc.

So even in the Bahai teachings, it is clearly explained that there is another Revelation that is going to come after Bahaullah.

After Bahaullah died, he assigned his younger son Abdulbaha to take over the organization. The older son became very upset about it. And after Bahaullah died there was a great upheaval between the two brothers. The two brothers fought for the position of the leadership authority, and the problem even spilled out to involve the governor of the place where they were living. It went so far that Abdulbaha disowned all his family, the brother, and everyone because they wanted to take over the organization.

So eventually Abdulbaha became the known leader in the Bahai teachings. When he died he did not have a son, and he did not leave a will. There is another controversy there that Shoghi Effendi changed the will, and he was not really the person who was designed to be the successor.

Also Shoghi Effendi did not leave a will. He left the organization without a leader.

The Bahai religion has split into seven branches now. There is no guardian, like Abdulbaha and Shoghi Effendi. It is known that the guardian is the most important thing in the Bahai Faith, Without a guardian there is no Bahai Faith. And there is no guardian.

So we can see that in truth the Bahai teaching and their Revelation is done and finished with. There is no such a thing as a teaching that is called the Bahai teaching anymore because without a guardian there is no Bahai teaching. So we can see clearly again that God makes it very clear that that teaching is done and over with.

Of course the reason so many people say, Oh, Bahaullah said for 1,000 years no one is going to come after me, was because he thought he was the next Major Manifestation, which in the Ishmaelites beliefs, lasts for 1,000 years. That is one of many problems that the Bahai teaching has because, as in The Revelation, God clearly says the Fifth Seal is not perfect.

So the Bahai teaching is done and over with. Now is the time for the Seventh Revelation.

Go ahead, Nifokas.

Nifokas: Sal-OM to everyone. Yes, I had a question, and I understand some of the fulfillments that you have fulfilled for Maitreya. But there are some things I do not understand according to the Bible. Let me type this question out in text. I would like to know, why did the Jews pick up stones to stone Christ two times? They accused him of making himself out to be a god. In John 10:33 and John 8:58-59, they were asking the question who he was. Then He said in John chapter 8, Before Abraham was, I am. Then took they up stones to stone him.

And it goes on to John chapter 10:33 and the reason why, He asked them, Why are you stoning me, and they said because Let me read that, The Jews answered him, saying, For a good work we stone thee not, but for blasphemy; and because that thou, being a man, makest thyself God.

The question I have is that I see that you fulfill some; you fulfill a lot, of the requirements for The Maitreya. But my understanding is that Jesus was God, that Christ was God. Can you address that please?

Maitreya: Sure, there is no problem at all. OK, in the Islamic, Christian, Bahai, and Jewish teachings, a human being as God is very unorthodox because they do not follow the Mystical Paths. In Hindu and Buddhist teachings, it is something that is accepted. In the Hindu and Buddhist teachings, all their gurus are gods. It is very easy for them to say, Yes, my guru is really god, and therefore it is not that big a thing for them.

We do not know what occurred in the time period between twelve years to thirty years of Christs life. It is a mystery, and very few people know what happened to Him. After twelve years old He just vanished from the scene, and then suddenly when He was thirty or thirty-three or something like that, He returned and started preaching in Palestine.

Of course there is plenty of speculation and writing about where He was. In general it is well known that he went to Egypt, he studied Egyptian teachings and religions, and mysticism. Then He went to Persia and studied Zoroastrianism, etc. Then He went to India and studied the Hindu and Buddhist teachings. So he became familiar with the Mystical Paths.

Actually there is a place in India that they have a record of Christ being there. He was not called Jesus. He was called Esa. He went there and stayed with the people in this seminary, and they have records of Him being there and record of His crucifixion.

So clearly He knew about the Hindu teaching, Krishna, and all those things. Krishna called himself a god. He was a manifestation of God on earth. If you compare the teaching of Christ with the Bhagavad-Gita, you almost feel that someone took either from the Bhagavad-Gita and put it in the New Testament, or took from the New Testament and put it in the Bhagavad-Gita. But because the Bhagavad-Gita is older than the New Testament, we can clearly say that some of the sayings of the Christ were very similar to what Krishna was saying in the Bhagavad-Gita.

So we can see that it was very easy for Him to come to Palestine and claim what He claimed because he knew a person can become one with God. But for Jews, this was absolutely unacceptable because being God and being Jewish, or Christian, or Moslem, is absolutely not accepted.

That is the problem the Sufis have in the Islamic countries. Many Sufis who meditated had reached a point that they jumped of joy and said Anallah, which means, I am God. The orthodox Moslems were petrified of what they were saying. How can you be God? God is Allah up there, Muhammad is His Prophet, and everyone else is the bondman of God and you cannot be God.

So that is exactly what happened to the Jews too, when Christ was saying that, I am God, or, I am the Son of God and I represent God. Of course, we can see the Mystical Paths or Hindus and Buddhists have gone too far.

Not everyone is God, the Promised One, the Messiah. Not everyone can come and say, I know the Word of God, because we know God prophesies for a long time before He sends His Revelation, before He sends His Word to humanity through the chosen Prophet.

If everyone can become God then how can you know who is the Messiah?

So we can see that Hinduism and Buddhism have gone too far. Not everyone can become God. Not everyone can be the Son of God. Not everyone can come as a Prophet, only the Anointed One, the person who fulfills the prophecies, who comes with the clear signs from God, can bring the Word of God to humanity.

In that sense, we have explained it many times, when such a person is in touch with God, when He gives the Word of God, just like we are sitting here together and we are explaining Gods Way and Gods Revelation, in that moment He is connected to God, and He and God are One.

It is like when the Jews asked Him, How can you say that? Christ said, The Father and I are One, and no one goes to the Father but through me. And He was correct in that moment.

A couple of days later someone called Christ, Good Rabbi, and He said, I am not good. The only good is God.

What happened? Two days ago He was saying, I am God, and no one goes to the Father but through me, and now you are saying you are not even good.

There is the conflict and contradiction right there between the two states of being of Christ, and many people have been explaining it because He was the Son of God and the son of man at the same time. How can He be the Son of God if He is the son of man? That is just a contradiction.

It is because in that moment when He is connected to God, He and the Father are one. It is the Spirit of God coming through Him to you, and there is no separation between the two. The two are one.

When He is not there and He is not connected to God, He is just a man, just a human being. Therefore all those gurus and teachers in those Mystical Paths who call themselves gods and have not fulfilled the prophecies, and are not the Anointed One, are incorrect. They can filter some part of God to humanity, and that is good. They can become the spiritual teachers who can take you to a point, to a state. But they cannot take you to God.

The only person who can take you to God is the Messiah, is the Revelation of the Word of God, and that only comes through hundreds of years of prophecies before He comes, and He brings the Word of God to man.

Then in those moments He is revealing the Word of God; He and God are One and there is no separation.

That is exactly what Prophet Muhammad said. When He was revealing the Koran, He said, Follow My Prophet. Whatever He says is My Word. It is exactly the same thing as, The Father and I are One. There is no separation between My Word, which comes from God to you, and God Himself. His Word and My Word are One. Therefore, The Father and I are One, and no one goes to the Father but through me.

So as it is here. I have said many times, There is no separation when I give Satsangs. God and I are One, and no one goes to the Father but through me, the Seven Seals, and the Revelation of The Holiest Of The Holies.

If you want to have a grip of the truth and know the Mystery of God and His Revelations, you have to read THOTH. You have to read The Holiest Of The Holies, and see where your religion falls and how God prophesied that you will not know the truth until the Seventh Angel comes.

Absolutely no religion, no revelation, before the Seventh Angel had the whole truth. Therefore you have to understand and read this teaching in this last Revelation to see the truth about your religion. So you see that, Yes, he was god. So was Prophet Muhammad. So was Bab. So was Moses. So were all the Prophets who brought the Word of God to man. In the moment that they were revealing the Word of God to man, there was no separation, The Father and I are one. At other times, they were just regular men and lived a regular life.

So with this explanation it clears the confusion that has been reigning for thousand of years in explaining how Christ was God and at the same time He was the son of man. How can He be the only way, and two days later he is not even good? Now, with this explanation, it can very easily be seen.

Nifokas: I see what you are saying.

Maitreya: Great, Nifokas, and read our teachings, explanations, and Revelation that has come to humanity. It is amazing how much truth has been revealed to man at this time. I hope, more and more, the truth and the Revelation is preached.

The rooms here are open every day and our teachings are read to man. Many people are starting to see the truth little by little. Many people are being connected to us, joining us, and coming and seeing the truth. By this, they will hear the teachings more and more, and reach a point that they have no doubt that the truth has come to them through the Seventh Angel, and glorify God.

That is exactly why this Revelation is here, that humanity eventually starts glorifying God, bringing God in their lives, in their relationships, in their community, in their nations, in their family, in their government, and eventually bring the Kingdom of God on earth and realize that He exists, He is able, He promises, and He fulfills those promises.

Now it is the time for those who have been meditating, reading the Scriptures, and preparing themselves for this Revelation, to come forward and say, Yes, I want to be a part of this truth and Revelation, join us, and create the Communities of Light wherever you are or come here and help all progress in this Path.

Superduckman is asking:

Superduckman: Maitreya, do you think Christ had a wife? Or do you think He was an austere person?

Maitreya: It is very doubtful that Christ did not have a wife, because it is a part of the Jewish tradition that the men have to have wives in the community to be accepted.

If you did not have a wife and were single, usually you were looked down on and you are not really able to present yourself as a part of the community and be asked to read in the synagogue. I am sure that is still true in many Jewish communities. Therefore most probably he did have a wife.

We know that Mary and Martha were very close to Him, and they were taking care of Him. In the Bible, it presented them like being friends. They tried to make Him absolutely unearthly, something that has no connection to earth. But most probably Mary and Martha were his wives.

In the Jewish tradition, also the Islamic tradition, polygamy is not a sin or against the law so most probably Mary and Martha were certainly his wives.

This goes very well with our teachings that for Christ, or a person like Christ, there are two female energies for them, like Shakti and Kali for Shiva, and Radah and Durga for Krishna, etc. It seems like there are two females that are historically related to a prophesied Prophet.

So we can see that clearly He was married. There is no doubt about that.

All right, any other questions?

Bradedp7: In Supplements in THOTH we have the writing, Merge Into God or Play the Play.

There it says that merging with God is not the goal of creation. What is the difference between merging with God, and becoming Divine and reaching Pure Consciousness?

Maitreya: Merging with God is the teaching of the Mystical Paths. All the Mystical Paths teach you are like a drop, you reach Pure Consciousness or you reach God, and you fall into the ocean. Then you, as a drop, fall into the ocean and you become the ocean.

When you drop the water into the ocean, can you say, I can still see the drop? It becomes a part of the ocean or it becomes the ocean itself. So the goal of the life in Hinduism and many other Mystical Paths is to become one with God and merge with Him, and leave this body.

Therefore the teaching is, I do not care about this world. This world is illusion, and we do not have to worry about it. Do not worry about this world because it is illusion. So the goal is to merge with God and forget about this world.

Of course God says if you do that, if you try to merge with God without helping others, when you reach that state, I will spew you out of My Mouth, as He said in chapter three in The Revelation that those who think they have no problem, They are neither cold nor hot, and they are lukewarm therefore, I will spew you out of My Mouth.

So clearly God is not with those people who shun this external world and forget about it. They say it is illusion and you do not even have to be worried about it. He said, No, you have to also consider the external world, not as an illusion but as a relative truth. It is not permanent; it is not the ultimate. It is a relative truth to humanity and therefore you cannot ignore it.

You have to stay in the world and create the Communities of Light, meditate, awaken your spiritual forces, sacrifice, become surrendered and submissive to God, become a universalist, become Paravipras, become the Elects, and therefore play the play.

Be here, be effective, be strong, and take the life with the horns or fight it back or whatever is needed to succeed in this world, at the same time being in the community.

So the community actually supports you in coming back to an environment that you can meditate, you can go to God, and then go to the external world and also succeed in it. Of course the more Communities of Light we create, the more the external world will become acceptable, beautiful, and based on God. Then it will become easier to go there, share, and be together.

However, at this time we are not in that state, and still the human has to go to an environment that is not based on the Communities of Light and the Word of God. So at least the community is a place to go back to and know the Godly people are there with you. You can rely on them or talk about God with them, meditate, and awaken your spiritual forces.

Therefore play the play. Play the process of creation of Communities of Light and bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth instead of sitting and saying, OM, OM, I am going to go to God. I do not care about the whole universe because it is illusion. That is not our teaching at all.

So that is what that essay is trying to convey. Do not look at this external world as a delusion or illusion. It is a relative truth based on the goal of life, which is to become Divine. The Path to be(come) Divine is the Eternal Divine Path: Meditation, awakening of your spiritual forces, concentration, contemplation, prayer, reading of the Scriptures and the Word of God, and enveloping yourself with the teaching and Revelation of God. Then your life is based on Godly ways, and try to either join a community, which is based on the Eternal Divine Path so become a part of the Communities of Light, or start a community wherever you are.

Explain these teachings to them and let them know that they have to follow the Eternal Divine Path too. So little by little more and more Communities of Light can be created and will be created, and eventually we will have a wonderful, Godly environment that they can go back to.

We are not a cult. We are not telling you to come here, join us only, stay with us, and do not go anywhere. Actually, we encourage you to go to the external world, to succeed in the external world, to be in the external world. But come back to the community, come back to God.

As our numbers increase, the number of Communities of Light increase, little by little you go out there and you meet people who are also in the Communities of Light, and you can talk about God, the Revelations, and all the Scriptures.

It is just like, the people in this community we have here, they go to work. They meet a Moslem and they talk about Islam. After a while the Moslem says, How come you know so much about Islam?

A Bahai comes, and they talk about the Bahai teaching, and they say How come you know so much about Bahai?

So little by little the people realize those in the Mission of Maitreya are highly knowledgeable of all the Revelations of God and teachings, and they even know more than the followers of those religions know. They know even more because they follow the Eternal Divine Path.

Little by little, the grassroots movement will increase, and when we reach the critical point it is going to happen. The Kingdom will come. God has promised it will happen, and therefore that is our salvation that God promises and He fulfills them.

But either way, that is the Path. The Path is the Eternal Divine Path. The Path is not just to meditate.

The creation was created based on the original chaos. It was not just created for our enjoyment, living here, meditating, and spacing out. It is absolutely, God said, There was darkness in the beginning. There was chaos in the beginning. God moved to bring this chaos back to the Light. That is why He sent His Spirit into that darkness to go through the process being with the darkness and eventually there was Light.

How did He reach that Light? He recognized the Eternal Divine Path. He followed the Eternal Divine Path. He went back to God. He became the Light of the world, and became the First Begotten Son of God.

From then on, God continued with the evolution to bring man to this point to again realize that this is not an illusion. This world is not an illusion. This world is a relative truth, and the goal of the life is to become Divine. In order to be(come) Divine, you follow the Eternal Divine Path. If you are not following the Eternal Divine Path, you will not reach to the Divinity.

So clearly this teaching is different than the Mystical Paths, the teaching of Hinduism. It actually explains where Hindus go wrong. It is not illusion. Their teaching is, This world is illusion, do not worry about it.

On the other hand, the orthodox Jews, Moslems, Christians, and Bahais have no mystical teaching and they have become completely worldly. They say, Our Prophet is the only way, and we are just the bondsman or man or we have just to go to God. We have no ability to become one with the Light (God).

But they each have a part of the truth. Again this is unified.

The Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Bahai teachings do not teach that you and God can become one. They do not teach that the goal of the life is to be(come) one with God. The moment someone says this, it is blasphemy in those religions.

In Hinduism they say that this world is all illusion and delusion, and the only salvation is to become like a drop falling into the ocean and absolutely forgetting this world.

This teaching again says, No, you all have a part of the truth. You have realized only a part of Gods Plan. The truth is, this world is darkness. This world is hell. This world, since you talked about the hell, that is what it is. You goal is to make this hell, heaven. That is why the Kingdom of Heaven has to come on earth. The way to reach to that point is the Eternal Divine Path.

So we have to forego our understanding that, You have to forget about this world, just meditate, and go to God, or go to the mountains and forget about this world. We have to realize, No, we have to stay in this world. We have to create the Communities of Light. We have to sacrifice for them. We have to become surrendered and submissive to the Will of God.

What is the Will of God for me in the Communities of Light? What has He created me for? How can I help the Communities of Light to be created and become a universalist, and then become an Elect? Even then you are going to have 1,000 years to continue doing that before you become a son of God.

Son means in the image of God. When you say, I am the son of God, it means, I am in the image of God. The Father and I are one. Your son is going to be in your image. He is going to be in the image of you and your wife.

That is what the Son of God means. It means becoming one with the Father, in His image. You can manifest His Qualities.

So that is the goal of the life. The goal of the life is not to forget about this world. The goal of the life is not to look at this world as a delusion, or illusion but as a relative truth that has been created as an intermediary way or state that man can come and progress in the fastest way possible to the Light and become one with God.

Of course 1,000 years to God is just a second in time. But that is what it is going to take, that is how long it is going to take for many even of the Elects and Paravipras to reach Son-hood.

So that is what this teaching is conveying to humanity. You should not forego or forget the external world. The only way to bring an environment that everyone progresses in a greater degree is by the creation of the Communities of Light. With this understanding, you no longer are escapist. You no longer are a person that says this external world is an illusion.

With understanding our teachings also, you realize that this external world is not all there is in the universe. There is a spiritual world that the present humans are not aware of because they do not know it exists because their third eyes were closed at the time of Noah. If they understand this, they understand that, yes, this is the state that they have been in and put through history to this point.

Now they can look at it and say, OK, now we can go back to have our powers, to have our understanding of the spiritual path. We can awaken our forces and create an environment that more and more people can see these things clearly. Then the spiritual world becomes very real to these people, and eventually becomes truer.

Before the flood of Noah the spiritual world was truer than this external world. They were in a state that they could see the Spirit; they could see the powers, and they could manipulate the powers. They failed because they manipulated the powers for selfish reasons. That is why God closed the humans third eye. Now we are again back to that point that our third eyes might be opened and we can see the spiritual world.

But with the history of man for the last 12,000 years, with the teaching of the coming of the Revelation from the other Prophets, now humans hopefully have learned their lessons and they realize that by not following Gods Ways, they will have wars, destruction, separation, and all the things we can see for the last 6,000 years or even later, that man had.

Man has not been able to bring peace on earth because mans spiritual eye was closed and the human was left alone for 6,000 years and the Revelations of God were sent through His Prophets.

Now God is saying very clearly that is what He was doing: He closed mans spiritual eye; He sent the Prophets. The only way for man to have peace is the Way of God. The Way of God is the Eternal Divine Path. The Eternal Divine Path with take you to Divinity or God. Any other way, any selfish way, will not work.

You can see, just right now, a few people have awakened their spiritual forces a little bit, and right away they go and obtain an 800 number and start accepting credit cards for counseling you.

What happened? The moment they reach a little spiritual understanding, they become psychics and start making money from it instead of going in even a greater degree toward becoming one with God and fulfilling the goal of their lives.

So you can see why God does not give us spiritual power because the moment we receive spiritual power we want to use it for our selfish desires, selfish things. That is why we are looking for people who are not selfish, they are not self-centered, and they are not people who do not understand the Eternal Divine Path. They are people who want to follow the Eternal Divine Path. That is the goal.

God is not going to give up on His Vision and Goal, but He will fulfill His Vision and His Goal. That is the goal of the life, to be(come) Divine. The goal of the life is not to make a lot of money. The goal of the life is not to become a doctor, or professor, or succeed in this external world as something it becomes your goal. But the goal of your life, the first goal in life, is to be(come) Divine.

Of course if you have the ability to become a good doctor, great. But it should not absolutely possess you. The only thing you have to be possessed with is God, the Spirit, and progress in your way.

I hope that answered your question, Brad. If you have any follow-up, go ahead, raise your hand, or type in text [something typed in text].

Sure, Brad, I hope that makes sense.

One thing you really have to concentrate on is why the creation was created in the beginning. A lot of people think God came and said, Be here, and it was there. But the Bible does not say that. The Bible says, even before He created the creation, there was darkness.

That part, most of the people who read the Bible, keep forgetting. If they concentrate on that, they might realize as we have that there was darkness, and God created the creation to help that darkness go back to God. So the goal of the life, the goal of the creation, is to rid the self of that darkness.

Therefore, this whole elaborate creation is for that reason. If that is the reason for it, then it is not just, God came and said, with no reason, OK, here is man, and here is the evolution, etc.

We can see God has a purpose for this creation. This creation was created for a reason. It has been created for a purpose. The purpose is to take that darkness back to Light, to bring equilibrium to the universe, and go back where it was before.

If you understand that, then we cannot be escapists because that is not the goal of the life. OK.

StillBliss is asking:

StillBlissThis: Maitreya, is there truth in astrology? Astrology seems to have some ancient science to it.

Maitreya: There is truth in almost everything that the human believes in. But none of them are the ultimate. There is no doubt; we know the moon affects the water on earth. Actually when there is a full moon, the crime rate goes up and the emergency rooms fill up. It is a known fact that that happens when the moon is full.

Now why it happens is because it pulls the liquid of the body toward the brain. Therefore the brain becomes confused and the mind is not working as clearly as it used to be when it was not a full moon.

Now do the other aspects of the universe also affect them? Yes, they do. The only problem is that astrology only concentrates on the solar system and the affect of the planets on humans, but humans are not only affected with the planets in the solar system, but they are also affected with the whole universe.

Therefore if really you want to know exactly how astrology should work, you have to consider the affect of every planet, solar system, super nova, and many other places that they have affects on the earth and the whole universe. Then you might come as close to understanding the correct astrology or the affect of them on you.

So astrology has some truth like everything else but it is not the ultimate truth. The ultimate truth is the Eternal Divine Path and creation of the Communities of Light. Even astrology might progress in the Communities of Light if the astrologers start bringing the effect of the whole universe into the picture instead of just concentrating on the solar system.

Again welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation Room. This is the last Revelation from God to humanity. This is the Call to Elects to come and see the truth that has been revealed to man at this time, start understanding the Will of God for humans, and start the creation of the Communities of Light everywhere. You can start from your family, from your friends, from wherever you are.

Seeker_of_Knowledge1: When did Jesus gain Pure Consciousness, before the start of His mission or some point after?

Maitreya: Christ was the First Begotten Son of God. The First Begotten Son of God reached Pure Consciousness even before creation.

Actually the First Begotten Son of God was the Spirit of God who was sent into the darkness. If you read our teachings, in the very beginning of THOTH, or The Holiest Of The Holies, it explains how the Spirit of God came to the darkness and went through the Eternal Divine Path.

He came to the darkness. He meditated on the darkness. Because It was the Spirit of God, He realized that they are lost and are not Godly, and they are selfish, self-centered, and egoistical, and therefore He started meditating and attracted a few beings, or unit consciousnesses, around himself, to His meditation and awakening of His spiritual forces.

As the numbers increased, He realized that the greater the number, the greater the Spirit of God will manifest through them. Therefore He realized there is a necessity for the Communities of Light, and He brought these people closer to Himself.

Of course they did not realize that if you do that you have to sacrifice, you have to give of yourself, you have to be concerned for other people instead of only thinking about yourself all the time, but what is good for the community, what is best that can help the community in a greater degree.

Therefore He realized sacrifice is necessary. As He sacrificed, if He did not succeed He became depressed, He became unhappy why it is not happening, why no one is coming to the community that he was trying to create and bring to the Kingdom of God.

Or, if it started happening and people started joining, He felt, Look at that. I am doing all these things. I am great and wonderful, and He became egoistical and fell from The Grace. He did not realize that He is not the doer. It is God doing it through Him. Therefore He realized that He has to surrender and submit the result to God or even let God come through. With this, He realized surrendering and submission is necessary.

He concentrated on His community and left the rest of the universe out. Little by little He realized that God is everything. How can you leave anyone out? So He expanded Himself, became a universalist, and tried to help everyone to join the community and go back to God. That is the message of Bahai, universalism.

With this, He became an Elect, he became a Paravipra, and He continued in His Path and eventually He reached Pure Consciousness, back to God. That is what God said, And there was Light, and the Light was good. God saw, The Path is Great. It is a wonderful Path to bring darkness back to Godhead.

Of course the human did not listen to that Spirit. It was harder to help the man in the state of the unmanifested world. Therefore God created the creation. The creation was supposed to accelerate the progress of man to God.

As we know in the Bible, after creation, still man was very selfish. He was one; he was alone, and God saw that man was alone. Alone means all-one. He was one; therefore God separated man into man and woman or higher nature and lower nature. The lower nature fell and brought the higher nature down. That was the fall of man in the Garden of Eden.

They were thrown out of Eden and came to even a grosser world, so had to till the ground and suffer more. With suffering they reached a point that they said, What is this body? What is this life? What is this suffering, and all that? There has to be more. Then that is when they started meditating and hearing the Word of God. Little by little they became more Godly.

Even that was not enough. Cain killed Abel and tried to hide from God. And God, of course, knows what happens.

So all this happened until the flood of Noah that God even closed the third eye of man, and made us, which we do not even have our third eyes open and we do not see the spiritual world anymore.

We are in the physical body. Even He took the telepathic ability from us. So that is what the creation was to this point.

Now we have to go back, go back to that Spirit, to connect to God, but this time, by understanding the last 12,000 years and the lessons God has been giving to us, the destruction, the wars, and how human by himself cannot bring the peace.

The only way to bring the peace is God. No matter how many wars we wage, how much destruction we bring, how many ways we try to bring peace, it is not going to happen. It is not going to happen.

The only way is the Way of God. That is what He is trying to show us. That is why this Revelation has come to humanity, to let them know, they cannot do it by themselves. The only way is Gods, learning their lessons, and becoming an Elect and an instrument for God.

Therefore Christ came, or the Spirit that came through the Christ, the Spirit that came through me, it came through Bab, it came through Muhammad; that is the First Begotten Son of God, the Spirit of God, and reached Pure Consciousness before the creation.

StillBlissThis: Maitreya, what is God doing right now?

Maitreya: God right now is giving Satsang to you through the Internet. That is what He is doing.

Go ahead, Shirin.

Shirin: Sal-OM Maitreya. My question is in regard to the recent events and the landing of the craft on Mars, and all of this.

I know in previous Satsangs it says about humans need to reach to space to find the infinite resources so they can quit fighting each other here on earth. But it seems like it is encouraging that this information, this new leap, is available to human consciousness. It just feels encouraging that now God is releasing this information to humanity. Could you comment more about that?

Maitreya: Sure. Actually I was very happy to see that Mr. Bush is trying to do the Will of God and is looking forward to space exploration. I hope it continues even after the elections, they are serious about it, and they really are going to put effort into it and reach out. It has to become an international endeavor.

We have so many minds at this time that are being wasted all over the earth that they do not have the opportunity really to put their minds into this great endeavor. If we create Communities of Light and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth by sharing and cooperation, we can bring a pool of great minds together that God will send to humanity. They can easily decipher the secrets of space-traveling and how we can make the leap to going to other planets or solar systems, not in thousands or millions of years, but faster and easier. Eventually we can colonize other planets so we can bring more unit consciousnesses that can meditate and follow the Eternal Divine Path, and reach God and accelerate the process.

So humanity knowingly or unknowingly is going toward the unity and cooperation. Eventually they will realize this is only one world, and they have no choice but to share it with each other.

By reaching to the space, their limit of the resources will be resolved because the universe is unlimited. If they reach the universe and the other planets, there are resources there that are waiting for man to go and extract and live, and even they can move maybe the polluting industries to the uninhabited planets, and the pollution problem might be resolved as well. So with all of these, more and more they will find the science that does not create pollution.

Those great minds that at this time are wasted in the countries that they do not have enough opportunities to develop them, and if those minds come together and eventually humanity realizes they are much better off if they overcome their selfishness, share a little bit, come together, and create an earth that is peaceful and give everyone, every man, woman, and child the opportunity to progress physically, mentally, and spiritually, then we will have great creative minds that they are begging to be noticed and given an opportunity that they will bring the great leap forward to human evolution, and going into space becomes a very easy thing to do. As the number of humans increase, they can go and live on other planets and make those planets habitable.

A lot of people say that there is an explosion of the population. But if we had a way to send some of this population to live on other planets, we can solve the problem of the population explosion. We have billions of planets even in our own galaxy that we can colonize, at least some of them. That will solve our population problem. So we can see that all the answers are given.

So the solar system is here for humanity, and the whole universe is open for humanity to go, colonize, and progress in a greater degree in all levels. It is a good step, it is a good thought. I hope it lasts and it continues.

It has been proposed before. Actually I think Bushs father, the first Bush, had proposed the same thing, and apparently it died because of budget and financial reasons. This time they say it is a little more practical, and I hope he is right and they do it.

Probably if we divert the resources we are spending on wars and destruction on earth and bring the peace, we can use those resources in even a greater degree to reach out to space and solve our problem of the limited resources that we all know exist. That is the reason for most of these wars and destruction. If we understand that, then we can solve a lot of problems that we have at this time.

So the question is Vision. If we can give this Vision to the leaders, if we can give this Vision to the people who make the decisions and they eventually realize that, Yes, if we stop the small bickering and destructive religious ideas that are on earth, realize that God has sent all of them, forget about our dogmas that, I am the Chosen One, I am the last one, I am the best one, I am the this and that, realize that God has been sending these Revelations to all of them and now they are all a part of God, and come together and bring the peace, then we can bring the Kingdom of God on earth. That is the only way to accomplish this.

Yes, we can release great resources and human minds to concentrate on reaching to the universe. We have the ability. We have the resources but we are using them in the wrong way because there is no vision. The vision is small. The vision is limited to now in this limited earth.

They cannot expand their vision to become universalists and reach out into space. So we can see that the answer is there, it is given. But they have to expand their vision. They have to see this Revelation truly and become one together, and forego their dogmas, their own understandings, but understand Gods Understanding.

If they do this tonight, we can have peace tomorrow. If they do this tonight, we are going to have enough resources to do what we want to do.

If they do this tonight, we will have enough minds to be put into this endeavor and succeed.

I hope that answered the question of Shirin. I hope that humanity does eventually see that they are much better off if they succeed in this and become one with Gods Words and the universe.

If they do not, they will suffer themselves, and that is unfortunately what is coming. That is what is going to happen; that is the prophecy that humanity is not going to listen. They are not going to give up this small vision, and a great destruction is going to come to them.

That is unfortunate because the answers have been given to them. God has revealed the way to bring the peace and unity. God has brought to them the way out. He has expanded their vision, unified them, and said, You are all brothers and sisters; you all are brothers and sisters in God. You are the children of the same Creator. There is no separation between any religions or people, and therefore you can become one and create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. The way is the Eternal Divine Path. It is very simple!

Every individual has to understand the Eternal Divine Path, the unity of the religions, and start following It. Fighting It is not going to work. God has decided this is It. His Kingdom will come. Now if you go against His Will, what is going to happen? Do you think you will succeed?

People in the past did not succeed. Before the flood of Noah they were even more powerful than we were or are, and they did not succeed.

So we can completely see that the Vision is much more expanded than any other on earth. The idea is good. The idea is good to reach to space, but the idea is based on a small vision, and small visions, of course, do not succeed.

This is not the time for the vision of one place on earth to do this. It is the time for expanding our understanding to the whole earth.

OK, there is a question about,

Guest: Maitreya, any thoughts on the New World Order?

Maitreya: I suppose you are referring to the business classes taking over the world and unifying them because unification of the world is good for the business. So they do not have to fight Iraq, and they can take care of Saddam Hussein before we can have some resources in those areas, and we can all cooperate and create an environment that helps the business world.

That again goes with the smallness of the vision. The new World Order is only for the earth. Those who will create the New World Order are going to be the people who will run it, take advantage of it, and bring great suffering again to humanity and enslave the rest of the earth to become workers for the business class.

Any time the vision is small, it will create more suffering and destruction. The only way to overcome this destructive vision is expansion of the mind and bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

That is again a human idea. To them it is a good idea. They think because they thought about it and it works for them, it is a good idea. But it is not Gods Idea.

It is not Gods Idea and because it is not Gods Idea, it is not going to work. The only ideas from God are what we already have gone through and established, and that is the Eternal Divine Path, Communities of Light, bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, and creation of communities that the individual can progress physically, mentally, and spiritually.

In the New World Order there is no talk about individual salvation to God or Light. There is no talk about that every man and woman should progress physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

They just talk about how we can best use the resources on earth. That is theirs. Their vision is small, and it is not going to be as effective as they think it will. It will bring resentment, destruction, revolution, terrorism, and all the things that we already have. Therefore it is not a good idea.

A good idea is Gods idea.

I hope you all enjoyed this Conversation with me. Our time is up. If there are no other questions left here, then we will say farewell to all of you. We leave you to God to ponder this teaching, the truth, the Revelation, and become one with what has been revealed to you through God and become one with this Truth.

Have a good week. Be with God, and God be with you. And read THOTH. Go to our website, understand our teachings, and be one with the truth that has been given to you.

Sal-OM everyone!

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