MAITREYA, Conversations with


Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation Room.

Sal-OM means, we pay our salutations to the Divinity within you. We recognize that you are a spark of God, and God is within each of us and therefore we have no choice but to respect that Divinity and Essence in each man, woman, and child. If we create such an outlook on the whole earth and people start seeing that Essence in one another, and start strengthening each other, that will eliminate 99% of the problems that we have on earth.

God has created everything from His Own Body and there is nothing in the universe but God. If we recognize and realize this truth, then we have no choice but to see that Essence in them. If people are not respectful or respectable or not able to see the Essence in other people, you can teach them instead of hate them for what they do because you cannot hate God if we are Godly and know that He is everything.

So Sal-OM is a healing power and healing approach to our daily life and our greeting to one another. It is just not a meaningless word but we should really mean it when we say, I pay my salutations to the Divinity within you, which is God, and learn more and more to see truly that everyone is the Essence of God.

No matter what religion they are from, what nation, what color, what gender, that Essence is in them as well. We cannot hate that Essence. You might hate their actions but with the teaching and eventually making humanity realize that they have to become their Essence and let their Essence come through, not ego and ego cravings, we will create humans who are respectable, they are Godly, they manifest higher qualities in human existence, instead of egoistical pursuance, separation, destructive tendencies, greed, and all the vices that have created an earth that is heading toward self-destruction, or a least great tribulation that is coming to humanity.

This weekly conversation is for us to come together and discuss the teachings that have come through the Mission of Maitreya, realizing that this is the Revelation.

This is the Essence of Gods Spirit. It has purified all religions, taken all the dogmas out of them, and brought humanity a wonderful way to create an environment that they can come together, support one another, meditate, dance, chant, be the Essence that they have been created to be, and progress in a greater degree to achieve the goal of their lives and that is to be(come) Divine.

To be(come) Divine means to follow the Eternal Divine Path. Whoever follows the Eternal Divine Path to this Essence will have no choice but to become Divine, to become an Elect, to become a chosen person of God. These are the Chosen people that the whole creation of the universe makes it worthwhile, and God created the whole creation for that purpose so man can go through the Eternal Divine Path and return to God as Divines. That is why we are called the Divines; we are the people who follow the Eternal Divine Path.

When you come here and you understand and see the teachings and the depth and Essence of them, then you reach out as an outreach to teach the teachings to communities, to your friends, to your family, to your acquaintances, to anyone who might listen, and let them know that they can also become a Divine, an Essence of God, manifest their higher qualities, come together with you and others like-minded, and create an environment that less and less you will be dependent upon the external world and become self-sufficient communities that can help one another in this great progress toward that Divinity.

Therefore the Communities of Light and creation of Communities of Light, is the most important part of this Mission. Actually all the questions have been answered. All the ways have been given. Everything has been explained in this Mission how they should be. So the only thing really left is for us to put our effort and our energy in manifesting it.

It is not a Revelation of, I take you there, but it is a Revelation of, I show you the way, and you walk it. The more you walk the Eternal Divine Path, the more you listen to the Satsangs and the answers to the questions, the more Divine you will become.

So it is really given for you to understand it and go with what God has created and revealed. Therefore the way to progress in this Mission is to follow the Eternal Divine Path. It is not expecting someone else to do it for you, or take you to God or give you an experience, which you might have, which is OK. But it really means to reach out, to spread this Message in every corner of the earth and wherever you are, and follow the Eternal Divine Path, therefore you will become Divine.

The Path to Divinity is the Path that has been revealed to humanity for the last 12,000 years, one step at a time. God has revealed many religions. He promised Abraham that He would send a Prophet from one of His sons, the first son, Ishmael. He promised him that there was going to be another Prophet or Messiah from His other son, Isaac.

He clearly shows in Bible that when He changed the name from Abram to Abraham there were new promises and Revelations to Abraham. Therefore at least we know two more Prophets should have come from the lineages of Abram and Abraham.

He foretold the Children of Israel, When the Shiloh comes, the kingdom will be taken away from them [Judah] and given to another nation.

He sent Prophets and gave them the vision of the end time, and in those visions He showed them what is exactly going to happen at the end time. But at the same time He sealed that vision and told them, Do not reveal it to humanity because it is going to be a mystery.

Then in The Revelation He clearly reveals that when the Seventh Angel, or the Seventh Revelation, when the Book with the Seven Seals is opened, when the Seven Seals are revealed, the Mystery of God is no more.

Now it has been accomplished. The Seven Seals are revealed. The Book with the Seven Seals is opened. The Mystery of God has been explained to man. Now we are at that point of Gods Plan and Revelation, and He says, No one knows the truth until the Seventh Angel comes.

Then you can clearly see that all the churches, all the mosques, all the temples, all the synagogues, and all the people who are preaching different religions or ideas, do not know the whole truth. Therefore we can go to any other room in Pal Talk even, listen to them, and realize they have only a part of the Plan, but they do not have the whole Vision, the whole picture.

The only people who have the whole picture are those who are familiar with the Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament. When you understand that Book, when you see God clearly promised many promises through history to man, when you see clearly God hid the vision at the end time, then you can see, Yes, it makes sense. God said no one knows the truth, the vision of the end time, until the Seventh Revelation comes. No other Prophet or Revealer came who opened the Seven Seals and explained the other religions the way we have done it in this Mission for humanity.

Therefore humanity has to see this very clearly and understand this in the deepest level. First, God truly exists. If you realize that He promised all these promises and then He fulfilled them, you have no choice at least intellectually but to say, Yes, that makes sense. He said He was going to do that, and He has done it.

Any dogmas, any philosophy, any doctrine that does not support these Revelations, which are based on history, the Word of God, His Work for the last 12,000 years, the things He said and He did, any philosophy or teaching is not based on this truth, the Word of God, and these Scriptures, is not correct. It is not true.

Therefore we have now a very clear understanding of Gods Plan and His Word, Promises, and Revelation, so we can look at any religion and say, Well, this part of the Plan or the doctrine is not correct. So we can correctly guide ourselves to the bosom of the Father, or God, and see clearly that we have the Ultimate Truth. Those who still believe that anti-Christ is a person, comes here, sees, and posts such banners in our room, and they think they have done a great job we have to say, Father, forgive them. They know not what they do.

They absolutely are doing the same thing that Jews did to Christ, Arabs did to Prophet Muhammed, and Persians did to Bab. They were thinking they were doing the Will of God, and because they believed in their religion, tradition, and people before them, therefore they thought they were doing Gods Will.

If you are doing Gods Will, you are no coward. You will come and stay here, state your case, and we will discuss together to see who is the truthful one. Whoever is the truthful one, we can look at the Revelation of God and the Word of God, and eventually come to the conclusion, What is the truth? If you have the truth, then we will accept that as Gods Word. If we have the truth, you have to eventually accept that, Yes, what we say makes sense. It is based on Gods Revelations. It is based on the Words that have come from those who have revealed the Word of God to man. Therefore we have more truth than your dogmas, and you need to give up your dogmas and become a part of Gods Revelation.

Humans love their traditions, their dogmas, and their religions. They are attached to their family, parents, spouse, their work, and a lot of other things that keep them from completely releasing themselves to the truth.

If we release you to the truth, you really have to be mature, independent, and not attached to anything that keeps you from going to God. Of course that is very hard for a lot of people to understand, that God demands absolute dedication and oneness with Him, not because He needs it, but because that is the only way out.

As long as we are attached to the things in the external world, no matter what they are, how good they look, and how we think they should be, the only way is to understand the way to go to God and that is complete maturity.

Complete maturity means no attachment to anything in this external world. The only attachment you should have is to the truth and the Word of God. That means no attachment to anything in this external world, no matter how politically you seem to be incorrect, or how your action or your belief might not be supported with the people who have their own ideas what their life should be.

You should respect your parents but you should go to God. You should love your spouse, but you have to go to your teacher. You should respect your teacher, but he should take you to God.

You respect your parents if they are respectable and they are supportive in your way to God. Otherwise go around them. Still help them, but your goal is to be(come) Divine. Your goal is to reach God. Your goal is to overcome anything in your way to God.

That is why it is so hard to go to God. There are so many obstacles for every person to really overcome, and they truly believe that they have overcome It. They say, We love God with all our hearts, but then you go and dig deeply into their psychology and you see, No, they still are attached to a lot of things that they do not even consider to be attachments. But they are, no matter what they are.

The truth is here. The Elects have been working on themselves for the last 12,000 years, and these Words make a lot of sense to them. They will take them and give them to humanity.

That should also make sense to them. If we can create an environment and communities that the children are taught from the very beginning that the goal of their life is to follow the Eternal Divine Path and go to God, if we have many people in the community who teach these truths and wonderful realizations to them, when the spiritual teacher knows that they have to connect people to God instead of to themselves, when parents know that they have to guide their children to a great spiritual teacher that He will take them to God, if the spouse understands that the goal of both of them are to connect to God together and respect their parents, find a spiritual teacher together, and that spiritual teacher takes them to God, we will have the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

These four beings are the most important beings in our lives. Even our children are not ours. We are the keeper of their Souls for a while to guide them, to nourish them, to nurture them, and when they are ready to fly away from the nest, let them go. Of course, if they came back to us, respected us and helped us, that is great. We are one. We can help them in a greater degree to go to God. But if they flew and became independent, and never came back, still we love them but we leave them alone.

So this is a complete system based on the understanding of the goal of the life: How to become Divine. The whole society, the whole human life, should be based on that goal, because the whole universe has been created for that goal. Everyone should be(come) Divine, to become One with God.

The fastest way is the Eternal Divine Path. Of course, the Eternal Divine Path includes all religions of the world, and all religions of the world are unified and therefore we no longer look at Moslems as from the devil, as Hindus from the unclean spirits, or whatever concepts or dogmas we have, which separate man from man and any part of the universe from any other part of the universe.

How can we separate anything from anything? If God is everything and we cannot separate anything from anything, such a God is not going to send dividing religions to humanity and some of those religions are going to be better than the other ones. He is Everything. He is the unifying force in the universe. How can He send religions that contradict one another?

Therefore our Revelation is based on that Spirit, in that unification, in that unity and uniting Spirit of God. He cannot send many Revelations that separate man from man. The most logical explanation is, each of them have a message for humanity. Each of them has a part of the truth.

If each of them has a part of the truth, then what is the whole truth? God says, You will not know it. You will not know it until the Seventh Revelation that I will send to man. I will send that Revelation with the clear signs that you will not make any mistake and take another person as the Revealer of the Seventh Revelation. I will send prophecies. I will tell you who will bring that last Revelation to you.

It is not going to be just any person walks in and says, Yeah, I am the Seventh Revealer and the Prophet, but I have not fulfilled any prophecies, etc.

We say, No. If anyone says that they are the Seventh Angel or the Prophet of God, the first question is, What prophecies have you fulfilled? Has it been told that you would come? That is the first question you have to ask any Prophet or spiritual teacher, have you fulfilled the prophecies? When did God tell us you would come?

Now that cuts 99.99% of the teachers on earth and those who claim that they have received Revelation from God. God does not reveal major Revelations to anyone. He prophesies for a long time, and He clearly says that when such a person comes, what kind of prophecies they will fulfill.

If they have fulfilled those prophecies, then you ask them about their genealogy. Are they really the Lion of the Tribe of Judah? Can they truly come and bring a Revelation from God?

Go ahead Contractor.

Contractor: On December 21st of 2012, the Mayan Calendar will come to an end. According to the Scriptures it will mark the end of this current lifetime, and the beginning of the new one, and it symbolizes the Mayan tree of life. Another thing that points to this state is the time line zero alga rhythms.

Maitreya: OK Contractor. Is there any question in that? If you have a question, go ahead and raise your hand again. But apparently you seem to be preaching what you believe. Do you have any question? If you have a question, raise your hand. Otherwise it does not make sense going on and on and explaining your ideas and opinions here instead of listening and understanding what the teaching is in this room.

If you have a question, raise your hand. If you want to discuss the Mission, we would be more than glad to talk to you. Otherwise, the way you were talking, it did not seem to be about this Mission. How do you know when the time is?

The future belongs to God, not to anyone else. No one can predict the future but God can. His future is based on many other aspects. So you are un-red-dotted. If you want to grab the microphone, raise your hand, and I will let you talk. But please be on topic. We do not believe anyone can predict the future unless it is based on the Scriptures. Even based on the Scriptures, there is no specific date that has been given. You cannot exactly say what date it will be.

Many people in the past predicted that something was going to happen on a special date, and it did not happen. In 1800 a lot of people thought that was the end time, they sold everything they had, and they went and waited for Christ to come from the sky, and it did not happen.

Many times the human has done that. So if you have a question about the Mission or if you want to talk about this Revelation, we are more than open to your participation. But the very beginning of your sentence that you predicted such and such a thing is going to happen in such and such a time, is absolutely not based on the Scriptures and the Word of God.

Anything that is not the Word of God is not accepted here in this Mission. So we can see that still people try to add to Gods Ways.

OK Contractor, go ahead and take the microphone. But please be on topic and express your point instead of giving your opinion. Go ahead.

Contractor: Maitreya, in some of your recent conferences you argue that the Seventh Seal has been broken. And you published THOTH, which you describe as being the only Scripture that reveals the Seven Seals and their meanings. What does this ultimately mean to humanity if you are indeed the real Maitreya?

Maitreya: The ultimate result of our Revelation is to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. It has been prophesied and foretold that Gods Kingdom will come on earth and His Will, will be on earth as it is in Heaven.

Some people say the Kingdom is within you and you do not need to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. But in Daniel it clearly shows that God talks about the statue that will represent the kings and kingdoms on earth. When eventually a small stone comes, hits that statue, and that statue will be destroyed, that little stone will cover the whole earth and replace all those earthly kingdoms with Gods Kingdom.

Therefore we can see clearly that God desires to see His Kingdom come to earth. Bringing the Kingdom On Earth is based on the Communities of Light, the Communities of Light are based on the Eternal Divine Path, and the Eternal Divine Path shows all the religions of the world are unified and each have a part of this truth.

So the whole Plan of God has been given through this Mission, and the Seven Seals are opened and explained. The ultimate effect for humanity is to bring peace and the Kingdom Of God on earth, and accelerate their spiritual progress toward God thousands-fold, and eventually make this earth Gods, instead of egos.

So that is the goal of this Mission, and that is what we will accomplish and will come. God has said in the past that He will do things and He has done them. He said His Kingdom will come, and it will.

Therefore that is our salvation, that is our strength, that is what we have to hang onto, and see the Vision, do our best, go ahead with what we understand and reveal through God, or through this Mission to us, and work toward that accomplishment without being attached to the result or becoming discouraged because it might be a slow process.

But eventually it will be accelerated, and this will manifest because it makes sense, it is the truth, it is based on Gods Word, and therefore we will succeed because our understanding is based on Gods Word. God said He will bring His Kingdom on earth.

That is why this Revelation has come to humanity, to explain that God has been sending these Revelations to man, that each of these Revelations has a specific message, that when you put all of them together a Path will be revealed to you. There is no dogma in it, there are not many specific things you have to do to follow this Path.

If you follow this Path you will see the result. You will create the Communities of Light. You will teach people that the goal of their life is to become Divine. By becoming Divine they have no choice but to go toward the creation of the Communities of Light, and the Communities of Light are the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

It is very precise and a Path that is given very clearly how to bring Gods Kingdom on earth. So that is the reason, in answer to your question.

No other Prophet, Revelation, or Revealer has ever brought such a precise and clearly stated Revelation from God, based on the Word of God, based on the Scriptures, unifies all religions of the world, shows the way to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, and is the shortest Path to God. No one has been able to succeed.

That is why when the Book with the Seven Seals was opened, the whole universe rejoiced! That is the only time in the Bible and in the Scriptures when the whole universe rejoices because the Seven Seals are opened and the Book with the Seven Seals was revealed. That is how important this Revelation is, and it has been sent to humanity.

This is the Call to all of you to come and see. You have to overcome your own understandings, your own desires, your own will, your own religions, your own dogmas, and see how clearly God makes it for those who have the slightest Spirit of God in them that this is the most precise, clearest Vision, the most peaceful and educational way to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Of course you do not have to. There is no push here. There is no desire here to snatch you to this Mission and keep you here. No. If you are an Elect, if God has already chosen you, or if you have been working on yourself for the last 12,000 years, no one has to snatch you; you snatch yourself. No one has to convince you. You convince yourself.

That is what all the people in the Mission should do, as many have already done. I just presented them the truth. They saw the Vision. They convinced themselves. Then of course, as I said in the beginning of the lecture: That is all that is left, to see the Vision, come together, and let us do this Mission together.

As we do this Mission together we will progress in a greater degree. That is how I make you progress, by bringing you or insisting that you should become engaged with the Mission. You should become engaged with the Communities of Light. You should follow the Eternal Divine Path.

I cannot help you if you do not follow the Eternal Divine Path. You will not progress. You can say, OK, Maitreya gave me this Vision. I saw the Vision. But seeing the Vision is just the beginning. Being the Vision is what makes you to progress in a greater degree. Being the Vision means to become involved, to become engaged, to reach out, to meditate, to awaken your spiritual forces, to understand yourself, to see your weaknesses, to overcome them, and to become a productive member of the society and the Mission. Then reach out to create the Communities of Light in the place you are.

We even do not tell you to come here to join us where we are. We tell you, you can start wherever you are.

Of course if you want to come here, and you have the ability to come here, we sure need a lot of people to come, join us here, and do a lot of things that need to be done. We need computer people, we need lawyers. We need doctors. We need dentists. We need anyone that has any ability; we can surely use it in the Mission if they come here with a pure heart and in the spirit of service, with no attachment to the result. Of course that is another option.

There are many options in the Mission. You can just love the Mission with all your heart and do nothing. Of course you do not progress much. You just saw the Vision and you loved it, and you stay with it. Fine. That is one state, all the way to the state that you absolutely dedicate your life to the Mission and the Vision, and either where you are, or come here and become a member of the community and use your talents and abilities to make this community progress in as many levels that it could.

As we have more people to see this Vision clearly and become it, and see how God indeed exists and this is really the most important news anyone could give to humanity, we will be accepted more and the Kingdom will come. All the news you see on television and radio, or hear in the radio, are outdated already. This is the most updated news for humanity. That is where we are going. We are going toward the creation of the Communities of Light and bringing the Kingdom of Heaven On Earth.

Because God said that is what is going to happen. He said before what He was going to do, He accomplished them, and this is going to happen. This is the news. No matter what other people, or other organizations, or governments do, all of them are in vain because they are not based on the Will of God. This is based on the Will of God.

If someone proves to me that this is not, I am the first person who will drop it because I want to be on the winning team. I want to be with God, which clearly the Scriptures state that He will win. He will bring His Kingdom on earth.

If that is the truth, why do I want to be with anyone else, or anywhere else, when I know that this is the Revelation of the Seven Seals, the Communities of Light based on the Revelation that came to all the religions of the world, the base of the Kingdom is the Communities of Light, and the Communities of Light are based on the Eternal Divine Path?

The Eternal Divine Path is the awakening of your spiritual forces, creation of the Communities of Light, sacrifice, surrendering and submission to the Will of God for us, and becoming a universalist. Therefore we become an Elect. We become a completely free person.

If you are still attached to your family, if you are still attached to your society, if you are still attached to your teaching, religion, dogma, no matter what on earth, you will not be able to follow the Eternal Divine Path completely.

You will not be able to create a community, which will teach children their goal is to be(come) Divine, that you have to find a teacher who connects you to God, that the parents should encourage their children to become Godly instead of giving them dogmas of their own religions and cultures.

You have to free yourself, absolutely. This is the Path of the brave. And Elects are brave. Elects are not immature but mature and independent people who have overcome any bondage, desire, or attachment to this external world. Therefore they can free themselves completely from anything in their way to become an Elect.

Anything in their way has to go. You have to become the children of God and be on with the work of the Father. That is all there has to be, you and your life should be based on doing His Will and the Work of God, not on what your parents want, or what your family wants, or what your spouse wants, or what your community wants, or what you nation wants, but what God wants.

If you absolutely are dedicated to that Will then you are a mature, independent, Elect, not a dependent and attached Elect. If you are attached then you are not an Elect because you are still attached to other things in your life.

So this is the Call to maturity. This is the Call for humans to go beyond human emotions and concepts, cultural concepts, and all those things. They become a free Soul, belonging to God.

If we can create 144,000 of such independent, mature, one-pointed people who work ceaselessly to create Communities of Light, with no political maneuvering, attachments, desire to dominate, and become someone that they are not but they desire to be, then we can create an environment that is pure, that is based on the ability of each person, and bring Communities of Light that eventually the Hierarchy will emerge from. They will create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

So the whole idea of this Mission is to purify humanity one by one, call on Elects to become mature and purified, create the Communities of Light based on the Eternal Divine Path, teach our children to follow the Eternal Divine Path, and become mature themselves.

The parents would not create the web of the emotional bondage that a lot of parents make around their children, but free them to God. Therefore we can have an environment that is based on Gods Word and Gods Revelations, based on the Spirit, the Essence of man.

If we can create more and more of these communities, other people will also see the beauty of our teachings. They will also see the Essence of God in one another. They will start respecting each another, instead of separating each other and bringing destruction to the earth, but bringing the unity that humans need so badly.

The time is ripe. All the Seven Revelations have come to earth. All those who should join or will be in the Kingdom have been incarnated.

Why do we have so many people or population on earth at this time? It is because everyone who has been incarnated for the last 12,000 years has been returned to us, and now we can preach these Words to them. That is why it is so important that each person on earth hears this Revelation at least once.

That is why God created the Internet. The Word of God has been preached every day in these rooms, and there are wonderful people here that they are reaching to humanity every day and explaining this teaching to man, to humanity, to those who come to this room, and they direct them to go to our website and read about this Revelation. They are doing a wonderful job, because each of those people they send to those pages in the website, and each of them who read, or see at least The Greatest Sign, one is checked, one is done. God checked them out. We have only five billion, nine hundred and ninety-nine more to go [laughing].

The moment they go there, they see The Greatest Sign, the moment they go there and they read about the Eternal Divine Path, we are done with them. We have given them our Message, our Revelation. Now it is up to you -- it is up to them. It is up to every person, every individual.

The more we reach humanity, the more people hear it, the more our work is done. Those who are the Elects can see our teachings absolutely clearly, and they will come, join, and help the Mission to spread together.

Go ahead, Cyber Spirit.

Cyber Spirit1: Well hello, Maitreya. It is an honor for me to be able to hear you and to meet you Sir. I would like to ask a question about the origin of the ignorance and why mankind has put himself into ego format. Something came to my mind that I believe could be a possibility to share and see if you could tell me if I am on the right track here.

When we are in infinity, One with God, in infinite Consciousness, we already have everything in that level because we are infinite, we have everything. But the reason for this relative reality and the formation of the ego was the purpose so that we could come up with a new creation that we did not have from the Eternal point of view, and the only way that creation could come forward would be for ignorance? And once the ego is dissolved or dropped, we can keep this new creation that we formed, and yet not suffer from all the disadvantages. We have all the beautiful parts of it.

Could you shed some light on that, or, I would love to hear what you have to say. I will release the microphone. Thank you.

Maitreya: No, your understanding is incorrect, Cyber Spirit, I am sorry to say. I am sure you did not want to hear that. If you go to our website and start reading our teachings, you will find that your question has clearly been answered.

It is not that we create a creation. It is to return to the original state that the universe was in. In the beginning everything was in an equilibrium state and there was no creation, or tension, or release, or ego in the universe. It was just like, kind of being in a sleep. When you are asleep there is no ego, there is no desire, there is no manifestation, unless you have a dream. Of course the dream itself is a creation in consciousness.

For some reason that equilibrium state was disturbed, and this disturbance brought the separation between that unified state and the first feeling was, I know.

You have to let me finish answering your one question before you can ask another one. So lets wait until this is done.

So the first feeling, based on the influence of the first force in the universe, which we call satva guna, unconsciousness, was, I know. For the first time the feeling of I knowness. Before that everything was, just was. Knowingness was just a part of being. It is not something that the universe would say, I know. It just knew without any separation of I know; it was a knowness.

The second influence of the raja guna, which is energy in the universe, was, I do. The third feeling based on the tama guna, or the crudifying force, was, I have done, or memory.

Memory is the ether, which is in the universe and that is why they use ether, solidified ether, as chips in the computers, and they can hold memory because that is where the memory of the universe is, the ethereal level. That is where the Akashic Records are and all the truth is there.

With these three influences of, I know, I do, and I have done (memory), the ego evolved and separated itself from the unity of the Essence or what was in the beginning, before the creation. That was when the ego evolved and that is why in the Scriptures it has been said, There was darkness.

When the ego evolved, of course, the separation started between each unit consciousness, each spark of God, and that separation brought the feeling of not being one. Therefore each unit consciousness created different paths, ways, thinking, karma, and that created man separate from man.

That happens to cultures because cultures are different, they think differently, their religions, their dogmas, their explanations because that unity is not realized and recognized. That is when the ego and separation has come.

It is not that we come here and create our own universe. Actually if you do that, you are separating yourself again from other people because the universe you create is going to be different than the universe other egos will create, and they are not going to be one.

But the whole idea is to return to that equilibrium state of the universe that it was in and not to create anything but know what is the Will of God, what is the Will of the Essence, and follow that Will to return to the equilibrium. If we create our own universe we are creating our own will. That is ego and separation, and not unity and oneness.

So therefore if you really want to know where ego comes from, that is where ego came from. If you have another question, now you can raise your hand. That is my answer to your question. Go ahead Cyber.

Cyber Spirit: Thank you very much. You said, you mentioned, there was for some reason, if I can quote you, please tell me if the reason why ego became a person, that is my understanding, it is not a reality, just within the relative reality. But was that a deliberate decision that we took, a deliberate, or in other words we were already able to look into the future and we knew what we were getting into and there was a deliberate reason for the ignorance, or do you think it was, everything was accidental, it happened by random? Thank you.

Maitreya: Yes, very good question Cyber. OK knowingness, as I said, was created after that equilibrium was disturbed. Therefore to know what the original state was, and what disturbed that equilibrium and oneness, you should be able to think, you have to have intellect, and you should have an analytical mind.

But there was no mind. There was no, I knowness when equilibrium was disturbed. That is why it is so hard to explain what that first cause of disturbance was, because there was no mind, or there was no I that observed it, analyzed it, and said, Oh, that was the cause.

Some people say, A part of God desired, and that desire disturbed the equilibrium and therefore it went out of balance. There are many explanations as to what that first cause was. But these are all just speculation.

Unless there was some mind, unless there was some ego, which knew, did, and had a memory to observe what that disturbance or cause was, whatever we say or believe is just speculation. The only thing we can be sure is there was something, there was some cause. Unless we meditate very hard to go beyond even that point of cause, and are able to see what that cause was, even then we do not have any mind again to know what it was.

If we realize that before that cause, there was no mind, there was no observation, there was no knowness or do-ness or memory, we realize that it is not explainable as the saying, What is the sound of one hand clapping? It is something that you can speculate about, you can think about, and you can really try to understand what it is, but it is impossible to say what is the sound of one hand clapping.

Cyber Spirit1: The answer is beyond the mind then.

Maitreya: Yes, exactly. The answer is beyond mind. Because it is beyond mind, we never can be sure any speculation is correct.

Go ahead Contacter.

Contacter: Maitreya, on your website you symbolize all the world religions coming together as one. Some people wonder how this can be possible when most of the worlds conflicts are based on religions, such as in Jerusalem with the Muslims and the Jews. How will this fighting come to an end?

Maitreya: Very good question, Contacter. The reason they are fighting is because each of them thinks they have a greater Revelation or truth. Jews think they are the chosen people and therefore they have the right on Palestine. They feel originally it was theirs because at the time of Moses they came and took over the place, God gave it to them, and therefore it is theirs.

Moslems believe they have the last word. Prophet Muhammad and the Moslems eventually came and took over, and they pushed the Jews out of Jerusalem and Palestine. Therefore it is God-given right to them because they have the last word, they conquered the place, and it is theirs.

The truth of the matter is what God clearly has revealed in this Revelation. If they come and understand our teachings, they will see that there is a way out, and the way out is the Word of God.

God promised Abraham, whose son was Isaac, that there was going to be a land given to them, which was Jerusalem and Palestine. Moses came and took over. But He said, That is going to be until the Shiloh or the Messiah comes.

Therefore if that is the truth, then the Messiah, Christ, Esa, or what most people call Jesus came, and that was finished and done with. Jews have to recognize and realize the Word of God.

Also Moslems have to recognize and realize that Mohammad was not the last Prophet. He was the person who finished the Fourth Seal. Therefore all of them are a part of Gods Revelation, and no one knows the truth of all these Revelations until the Seventh Angel comes which is this Revelation.

Now it explains to each and all of them where they fall. If that is true, the only thing left is, how they be(come) Divine, work together, create the Communities of Light wherever they are, create an environment that all of them can live in peace and unity, and in a greater degree, progress toward becoming Godly or Divine.

Therefore the Path of Peace is given to everyone. The only thing left is for them to recognize and realize that what we say is the Word of God; it is the last Revelation.

They have to accept this one. Whatever they knew, they believed, is explained and done with. If they realize and recognize them, then they do not look at each other as Jews, or Hindus, or Buddhists, or Christians, and this and that, but as the Essence of God. There is only One God for all of them.

There is no God for Jews separate from Christians, separate from Moslems, separate from Hindus or Buddhists. That is the beauty of this Revelation. It puts all of them together.

It tells them, Look, there is only one God, and He sent all of these Revelations. The only way out is to recognize all of them, realize all of them, see what God was doing, create Communities of Light and understand the Eternal Divine Path, follow it, live together, and create an environment that everyone can go to God as fast as possible.

The problem on earth is that each people have a part of this, and they think they have the whole thing. So that is how you unify and bring peace to the Middle East and everywhere on earth.

Go ahead Cyber.

Cyber Spirit1: The other day I was listening to an interview from a physicist mentioning (and you probably brought this up sometime in the past) about quantum physics. It sent some chills up my spine because there they said that within ten years they will be able to prove the existence of another multiple universe, an inner level of consciousness. The reason why that really attracted me is because lately your Mission has been doing a lot of intensive work here and I have this notion that if there is a major breakthrough in physics and science where they can actually prove the existence of something beyond the physical world, all these unbelievers, skeptics, atheists and what have you, and people that do not seek for spiritual things directly, will suddenly have to start turning their heads and looking within, and will no longer go around with a belief system or an opposing system, on actual scientific facts.

Is this one of the reasons why you have lately taken this time of our era in intensifying this movement, because you know or you believe that there is a breakthrough coming pretty soon and it will all come together where people start to change their attitudes? The mass of consciousness of the acceptance in something as a reality rather than as a belief system will make everyone turn toward spiritual concepts and your Mission will grow tremendously. That will help promote the Kingdom Of Heaven coming On Earth within the near future.

Maitreya: Absolutely Cyber. When the Revelation of God comes, when the Revealer comes, there is a great leap of evolutionary progress in human consciousness. If you study our teachings, you will clearly see that we are talking about science based on Spirit. These scientific facts and discoveries will be coming to humanity very fast. If you know about the quantum theory and there is the theory of gravity, they have to eventually unify them together and realize there is more. It is called the string theory. I do not know if you are familiar with it.

Cyber Spirit1: Yes. That will change man's thinking and will jolt humanity. If science and religion cannot agree then both (theories) are flawed.

Maitreya: Yes, very close, exactly. In that string theory eventually they realized there are many strings in the universe, there is not just one of them. They call that the M theory. M of course is the end of the OM. OM and M started the whole creation of the universe as the original sound in the universe. As you realize more and more, people will turn into their own Souls and Spirits, and they will realize that their Essence and God are One.

Not only their Essence and God are one but everyones Essence and God are one. Those scientists will start recognizing and realizing the universe in a much deeper level. They will see that there are other universes also, as they have seen it. Actually we are living in many states of consciousness and possibilities at the same time, and more and more they can understand this deeper level of the universe as they have been coming closer and closer.

Cyber Spirit1: It was mentioned in about 10 years time.

Maitreya: Yes, in probably around ten to fifteen years they will come to discoveries, and with traveling in space, it is going to be in even a greater degree improved and accelerated. That will bring a greater degree of relief on earth. Humanity will have infinite resources to tap into. That also will accelerate the peace and unity of humans on earth.

So you are absolutely correct. This is the Mission that not only unifies all the religions but also encourages the science and unifies that with the Spirit of God, and says that whatever scientists discover is what God has already created. There is no separation between science and God.

Cyber Spirit1: Your movement is more intensified lately. That is why. You knew it.

Maitreya: You are asking why our outreach is intensified. Well, if you read the Scripture, it says that He will come as a thief of the night.
For the last twenty-two to twenty-three years we have been like a thief of the night. We have been reaching out to humanity and calling people to come and realize this teaching, and few have.

Cyber Spirit1: My God we all have work to do all.

Maitreya: [laughter] Yes. Absolutely, that is why I am calling the Elects here to come together. We have a lot of work to do. We have to reach and use these wonderful communication tools that God has given us so we can preach and reach to all parts of the earth, and make everyone realize that indeed we are on the brink of a great evolutionary leap.
Go ahead Cyber.

Cyber Spirit1: Please tell me if I am asking too many questions because there are many people in here. I do not see any hands up in the air. I will be glad to pass the microphone to someone else. If it is OK, to my understanding, that whatever is being perceived by the ego, for example, if you take things like disease, the lack of limitation, these are not a power in themselves, they are not God-supported, they are not God-sustained. These are manifestations that only become because of the falseness of the egos perception.

Lately I have been doing some work there by making people aware that the Father and I are one, that God is within us, that is the only true power, and our true nature is Spirit. In the thinking process and thinking about less and less as one as being man or ego or standing on the other side of the fence, even in the thinking process, besides the meditating and spiritual process, but I for one have an understanding that the disease in itself, or any manifestation of evil that comes upon the world, does not have a power in itself. It is the ignorance of the ego mind and acceptance of the ego mind in the belief that it has a power that allows it to manifest.

If we realize that we are a Spirit, we are the true power and within us is God, that alone can override much of the influence and these disharmonies in the world, and we can actually override the illusion or the manifestation of evil on us because of our recognition of the oneness with God, which is the true power.

Is this good enough to be accepting this as an intellectual or mental understanding to a point accompanied by spiritual mediation, or does all the work have to be done within meditation, or the fact that one can mentally deny that there is power in evil is also good steps? Thank you.

Maitreya: What you say, Cyber, as usual, has some truth in it and is true, but there is more into it than just that one recognition or realization.

Yes indeed, the Spirit is within us and we have the ability to heal ourselves. All the disease and problems, not all but most all, are spiritually related. Therefore if we spiritually progress, realize, recognize, and let God come through, and we absolutely rid ourselves of the ego, many of the diseases will vanish, and we are free to be healthy people with a good diet and environment.

But also diet and environment, for example if you work and do not rest for a long time, no matter how spiritual you are, you are going to catch a cold. The very reason for catching a cold is to slow you down. Your body is telling you to rest and take it easy. You are doing too much. It has nothing to do with spiritual progress.

If you are in Pure Consciousness and you are in the body, you are not stopping, and you are working, working, and working, the body will eventually say, No, stop, and take it easy for a while. So we can see here it has nothing to do really with the spiritual reason.

If you have a karmic problem that you have to burn through some spiritual purification or disease, that is another way. Sometimes people who are in higher consciousness pick up other peoples karma and they become sick without they themselves needing that to happen to them.

But of course you are absolutely correct. That is why we do not encourage people to heal one another because as Christ said, When the unclean spirit leaves a person, it goes and finds seven more vicious than itself and returns, and the state of the man becomes worse than before. Because the person has not learned how to heal him or herself, therefore they do not have the ability to block the dark forces to enter them. So they become diseased and even the people we have met, the people who have been healed at the time of Christ come back in this lifetime and they have the same disease that they had at the time of Christ. Although He healed them at that time, they did not learn to heal themselves in this lifetime, and that is what they have to learn to do, to heal themselves.

When we learn how to heal ourselves, then Christs teaching becomes more important to us than His healing and therefore we concentrate on His message instead of concentrating on what He healed and who He healed.

So that is the goal for every individual to learn to heal themselves, to realize that all the diseases are based on spiritual reasons, and we can heal ourselves by understanding and creating a good environment.

Another disease comes from a bad environment. You pick up dark or unclean energies from other people around you. If we can create the Communities of Light and create an environment that everyone is basing their lives on God and Spirit, we will have less and less disease.

So your understanding again is truth but there is more into it. If you go and study our teachings, you will understand in a greater degree.

Go ahead Cyber. And do not worry about if you are asking too many questions because if anyone wants to ask questions, of course they can raise their hand. There is no other hand up, so you can go ahead and take the microphone.

Cyber Spirit1: OK thanks again for such a detailed answer. My true nature is, I am Spirit, I am one with God. I am not ego. In fact I even refuse to accept that I am an ego and I allow God to work through me. This is my true nature.

Now in itself, and sometimes I am thankful for this understanding, that knows that he is one with God, knows that he is Spirit. When it comes to karma, if there is any karma that is pending, to a point is one able to override whatever, let us put it this way, negative karma that is due to be collected because of his understanding that the truth has come upon his consciousness and if so God wants a vessel to work through and not a vessel that is tied to karma to a point? So when the surrender, submission is sincere and honest and the understanding of the truth is that, will this alone resolve whatever negative karma one has to bring about? Because after all the negative karma comes unto ego because the Soul and the Spirit are completely separate from that, and I want to renounce that I am ego, even in my thought process. Or does one have the collective karma regardless, whatever the understanding or the submission to God is? Thank you.

Maitreya: It is very admirable that you refuse to accept that you are ego. But the moment that you say, I am not ego, the presence of that I in your sentence means you still have a separate I, and that, of course, is ego.

That is why to this point it was very hard for people to become egoless because they would recognize or realize that they are a part of God. The Essence of God is in them. That is great, that is wonderful you recognize that. That is the first step to realize that God is everything, and the Essence of God is not only in you but also it is in everyone else.

But according to our teachings and this Revelation, the Path to become egoless has been given without even you recognizing that you have dissolved your ego in the long run. That is the Eternal Divine Path.

I do not know if you have been in our website and have studied our teachings and have seen what the teaching is. The teaching is, the first step is the meditation and going deep inside and recognizing that your Essence is God. That is the first step.

The second step is engaging yourself to create an environment that also other people can meditate and awaken their spiritual forces. We call it the Communities of Light. That is the Old Testament. The first, awakening of our spiritual forces, are the Mystical Paths. The second is the Old Testament, to create Communities of Light. The third is to sacrifice for the communities. And the fourth is when the ego absolutely dissolves. That is when you surrender the result to God. Or even greater than that, you submit yourself. You become a channel for God.

You do not do anything. God is doing it through you. Therefore there is no ego. There is no such thing as, I refuse to accept I am ego, because the moment you say, I refuse, you are a person that is refusing the ego, which is still separating itself from other egos and God.

But if God is doing it through you, you are doing nothing. You do not even exist. You do not say, I do not accept ego, because you are not there. How can you even say, I do not have ego, when God is there, and you are not?

Therefore with the Eternal Divine Path, you dissolve ego, because even trying to not have ego, is having ego.

Cyber Spirit1: What about the karma pending?

Maitreya: OK, well. OK, what is the goal of karma? The goal of the karma is the action we have done in our lives, this life or previous lives, and we have accumulated this bad karma, or good karma, or whatever, and we have not learned our lessons. The moment we learn our lessons, the karma just dissolves. It is not there anymore. It is not pending. If it is pending, we are not learning our lessons. The moment we learn the lessons, there is no karma.

If you become truly submitted to God and you do the Will of God, you are not doing anything personally and therefore you do not create karma, and your karma or whatever you have, also through your meditation, you learn very fast, you overcome it, and there is not going to be any karma. You are free.

Therefore you can see that with the Eternal Divine Path, not only you create the Communities of Light, not only you bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, not only you progress spiritually, your ego dissolves, and one day you see God is coming through and absolutely you become a pure channel for Spirit.

Great Cyber, you have indeed realized a lot, but you have come here to realize in a greater degree the truth that some of it has already been revealed to you. That is actually how the Elects are.

The Elects are the people who have recognized and realized a lot themselves, and when they come here they see clearer and more precisely and expanded in a greater degree.

Go ahead Cyber.

Cyber Spirit1: OK, this I think will be the last question for now, thank you very much. I think we are almost into an hour and a half here, so I will make it brief. Lots of people, when they listen to the message about ego and the relative realities, etc., and it is being a false pretender, is it enough, in the ego mind to understand intellectually how obsolete or false the ego is and deny, or not deny, I still have to speak in human terms.

Is it enough in the mind of the ego to do the spiritual work to keep refusing? I know this will be corrected because you just did already. But I am trying to find a way to word it. You know, when people go around saying, I get sick, and I have a spirit. This is a typical one, I made this correction many times during my spiritual, or during Gods Spiritual work through me, I am spirit, and I keep saying, You are not spirit, I have a spirit. But they say, My Spirit.

And I say, You are standing on the wrong side of the fence. It is not my Spirit, you are Spirit and you should not talk as a capital I. The more you think or consider or know yourself, actually I am going to correct it, the more you know yourself as Spirit in the intellectual understanding only, is that a big step for an ego to start to dissolve, or does it necessarily need to have meditation and submission to God? Because many people will not take that second step. They sort of like have the understanding in their mind. I think you will probably say that first the intellectual understanding is important, of the falsehood, and then later on they will embark into spiritual meditation, etc.

But could you shed some light on how much the intellectual, the intellect, the role of the intellect within the ego plays to start to dissolve it? Thank you.

Maitreya: You are correct, Cyber. Intellect is important. That is the first step that we intellectually recognize that God is everything, intellectually realize that since God is everything, I am part of everything and therefore, I am a part of God and therefore God is within me and I am god.

The problem with intellect is, because an ego is involved, after a while the person thinks he or she is only god and no one else is. That is why sometimes in this room or during PalTalk, someone comes to this room and says, I am God.

It is just like, they are god and no one else is. That is the limit of intellect. It is very egoistical and self-centered, and therefore it does not recognize that unity also is in other people and also God is everyone else.

If they recognize that, start meditating, and deeply realize, Yes, everything is God and God is everything, and therefore I am part of that Essence and everyone else is also a part of the Essence, they will expand their consciousness. As I explained, of course, the greater understanding is that God comes through me and I do not exist, and therefore the ego dissolves by itself.

You ask, If you do the spiritual work with intellectual understanding and ego, would that be OK? The problem with that is when you work through spiritual teaching or spiritual work with ego, the third step in the Eternal Divine Path comes in. That is when you give, and give, and give, and nothing happens, and you become depressed and unhappy, Why I am putting so much effort and it is not happening? And that is ego. That is the problem with the ego.

Or, you become elated if people start progressing and people start seeing the truth you have, therefore again the ego comes in.

In the next step, again you recognize, you surrender the result to God and you are not attached to the results and therefore you free yourself, or you become submissive, which God comes through, and again you are free. That state is no longer intellectual but is absolute spirit coming through, and your ego dissolves without even you knowing it.

So learn about the Eternal Divine Path and follow It, and you will achieve your spiritual progress without even intellectually trying to analyze it. But one day you will become a channel for God. You will recognize God actually exists and you do not, and then you become a universalist, you expand yourself to the universe and the whole universe becomes your home, God becomes your Mother and Father, and you are free from any human pursuance and bondage.

Yes, that is another part of dissolving your ego, offering everything to God. Someone says, Thank you. Thank you to what? Thank you to God within you. Therefore I am not the doer, all thanks go to God. I am free.

If you thank me, my ego becomes elated and says, Yes, I did this. You thank me. So the ego wants to accept the praise when really if you are submissive and surrendered to God, the praise goes to your Essence, which is God, which is coming through. Therefore you are free from any bondage, and you will progress in a greater degree.

OK Cyber, we will make this the last question. We are out of time. Go ahead.

Cyber Spirit1: Wonderful answers. It is so inspiring to hear the way you talk. I learn so much from you.

When one does a painting or plays music, from my understanding, I would like to have some confirmation, when one does painting or music, or whatever task there is to do in the world, when I do a painting for instance, the first thing I do before I put my first brush stroke is I say, God Work through me. This is not my painting. This is Yours, and I will witness Your work through me, and when you finish the painting I can enjoy the beauty of the painting, but I know it was done, You doing it through me, and I was just Your Vessel.

Is this the correct attitude? And even if one congratulates you, or you sell it, or whatever, you never to fall into the temptation of the pride of me doing the painting. You just want to submit your work to God. God is doing all the work through you, and the beautiful part of it is that you do not think about the reward, you do not think about collecting the benefit. All you do is you just witness the beauty of the artwork itself, God manifesting through yourself. That is the ultimate love that one can give thy Father. Thank you.

Maitreya: Absolutely, Cyber. If you look at the great manifestations of art, they have been done with the Spirit of God coming through the artist. Or the greatest sermons that have been given have been the Spirit of God coming through.

If you let God come through you will do perfect things every time, if truly 100%, you let God come through. Therefore your painting becomes an inspiration, a spiritual upliftment for everyone else who will look at it because your ego did not do. It is Gods Spirit that has done it. Therefore it will give great fruit because Gods Spirit is perfect.

Perfection in man only comes through letting Gods Spirit come through man. If we let that happen, we will be absolutely submissive to God, and our life becomes a dance, a joy, and brings unity to everyone.

I hope that answers your question.

I leave all of you to God. Again go to the website, read our teachings, and know that during the week you are expected to reach out to every man and woman you meet, and to all those who will listen. Let them know that the Revelation of the Seven Seals are here, the ultimate truth of God has come, and this is the salvation of man, and let us bring humanity to the brink of the great evolutionary leap and unity in the universe.

Sal-OM everyone. Hopefully see you next week.

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