MAITREYA, Conversations with


Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Conversation Room of the Mission. Let us see what God will bring us today, and what kind of questions and answers will be in this room.

This is the greatest opportunity for humans to receive all their answers about spirituality, Gods Promises, and how He has fulfilled them all to this point, and He will fulfill the rest of them in the very near future. It will not be very long before we see the rest of the prophecies will be fulfilled.

Of course it is not going to be more than 1,000 years before the fruit of the last 12,000 years of history and creation will be revealed to humanity in a greater degree. We are here to discuss this teaching with you and learn from it, and see exactly how God had decided to create the new man and how the history has been guided by God to this point. It has been explained in this Revelation.

The amount of truth and Light that has come to man is beyond any other Revelation that has come to humanity. Therefore it is the Call to every man, woman, and child to see the Plan of God, and dedicate their lives and themselves to the highest, to this Call and Gods Work, for Gods Work will be done as He has shown in the past, and Blessed are those who have been Called and participate in this Call.

Those who have heard the Call, have seen the Vision, and have seen how Gods Hand is indeed in human history and life to this point will realize that they have been stripped of their powers and understanding of the spirituality because the humans failed in the past to learn their lessons. That is why they became grosser in the evolutionary process to the point that we do not even have our third eyes open. Most humans think life is this external world and material things, and they are so attached to them that they cannot see there is a spiritual world beyond this manifested world.

So humans have to be awakened to this reality and truth that the state they are in, is not their natural state. They are in an artificial state. The more they become attached to this artificial and unnatural state, the more they go away from their natural state, which is Spirit and to be able to see the great world beyond.

A lot of people want to explain this state intellectually. The more they ask the questions intellectually, the more they decide to analyze and figure it out, the more it will go away from them. As the Bible said, intellectual understanding is like that little book that is sweet in our mouths but is bitter in our stomachs.

Therefore we have to go beyond analyzing and intellectualizing, beyond our attachments to this external world. There is nothing in this external world that is permanent. Everything is temporary. When the time comes that we have to leave our bodies, we even do not take our bodies with us. Now we are attached to everything else out of our bodies. If we do not take our bodies with us, how will we ever take anything else when we leave these bodies? Therefore any attachment to this external world is not natural. Our attachments should be to the spiritual world, to the Essence that we are.

A lot of people might ask, How do we know such a world exists? How do we know that Spirit is really there? Yes, it is a very good explanation and taking us away from this external world that we love so much. But we do not really know if there is such a thing as Spirit that exists in the other dimensions.

That is when the Revelation of THOTH comes in and shows how God promised He would do things, and He has done them. If He promised and accomplished them, therefore such a Being exists. Since He is Spirit and we cannot see It with our two eyes, with understanding we can accept that He indeed is there in the spiritual world that has done all these things.

At least intellectually we can accept that because He promised and He fulfilled those promises, so He does exist. The way has been given to you how to recognize that world and connect yourself back to the natural state, which is your Essence, God, through meditation, through all the exercises given in the Mission, and through the Eternal Divine Path.

The Way has been given and the Path has been revealed to humanity how you can reach the highest spiritual realization by recognizing the Eternal Divine Path. By recognizing the Eternal Divine Path also, you have no choice but to accept and know that all religions of the world have come from the same Essence, from the same Revealer, from the same Spirit, which is called God, or Allah, or Jehovah, or Krishna, or Buddha, or whatever.

They are all the same Essence. It is The Holy Ghost. It is the Spirit of God that reveals these Revelations to man and sends the new teaching to humanity so they can recognize and realize that indeed such a state exists.

Then you can meditate and awaken your spiritual forces, and direct that toward the creation of the Communities of Light, sacrifice for them, become surrendered and submissive to the Will of God, and expand your consciousness to become a universalist. Then you have reached the state of the Elect, he who has been chosen to be in the Plan of God and a person who is dedicated only to his spiritual progress and reaching that state of unity with the Essence.

Not only that, He also is helping the rest of the universe to reach that state. The first will be the last, and the last will be the first. These are the ones that their status is the highest in the Mind of God. Therefore the whole Plan and the way has been shown to man to progress in a greater degree.

This is the room of the Mission of Maitreya. Our teaching unifies all religions of the world and shows the Path to reach to the highest level of consciousness.

This is the room that we encourage everyone to go to our website [], study our teachings, and see how God has sent all the Revelations of all the religions on earth. Now this Revelation is the opening of the Seventh Seal or the Revealer of the whole truth to humanity. We encourage everyone, and it is the duty of every man, woman, and child, to study this new Revelation and come to the conclusion, either it is from God or it is not.

Of course, if you see the Vision and see how God has sent all these Revelations through the Prophets and He promised that all His Prophets would come, and all the things He promised to Abram and Abraham are fulfilled, and everything that He promised to all the Prophets have come true, then you have no choice but to accept and agree with what we say here and say, Yes indeed, this is from God. It is the last Revelation or the opening of the Seventh Seal, which will reveal the Mystery of God.

It is a Vision that has been hidden from the Great Prophets, like Daniel and other Prophets who had visions of the end time. We are in that point of the end time because after the Revelation of the Seventh Seal, the end time is indeed approaching fast.

We can see that the state of the earth clearly shows that this is true. As Christ said, when you see the sky is fair and red, you know the night is near and the sun is setting, and pretty soon it is going to be the night. The evidence is there.

If you meditate a little bit on the state of the earth, you can see something is happening to humanity, and they are going through a period of a great evolutionary leap. But they have to learn to listen before they can pass this leap to the next state successfully.

That lesson has been given in our Scripture, which is called, The Holiest Of The Holies. The acronym of The Holiest Of The Holies is T-H-O-T-H, or the abbreviation THOTH. So the whole book is called, The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament.

This is the Last Testament to humanity. This is the last Major Revelation, which has come to man for the next 1,000 years. If you study and see this Revelation and Scripture, you will see indeed, it has been prophesied to come and it is the Book that was sealed with the Seven Seals and will be opened before the end time.

So this is the room that represents this Mission, this Revelation. We are calling all men and women to come, read, study, understand these teachings, and come to the conclusion by themselves. You do not have to listen to me or any other person in the Mission, in our organization. You are responsible to search, knock, and ask questions, and eventually come to that conclusion yourself.

This room is to help you out. This room is to come together, to study our teachings with one another. If you still have questions, if you are not clear about the answers in our teachings, you can come here, raise your hand, and ask your questions, or type in text and we will answer you. Hopefully, eventually, we all will see the depths of the truth that has come to man.

Of course knowing the teaching is not enough. As it has been taught in this Revelation, not only you awaken your spiritual forces and understand the Plan of God and how He has brought it to this point, you also have to engage yourself in the process. You will not benefit if you do not walk the Eternal Divine Path.

The Eternal Divine Path starts with knowing thyself, awakening your spiritual forces, knowing who you are, and knowing why you have been created, why God put you on this earth, what part of this great endeavor you have been called for, and how you can help best to accomplish and spread this Mission and this Message to humanity all through the earth because they need it badly.

They do not know that their religion is a part of a greater truth. They think that what they have is perfect and finished, and that is absolutely against the Scriptures, because the Scriptures clearly say, No one knows the truth until the Seventh Angel comes. No one. So anyone on earth who is saying they know the truth, they have the Revelation of God, or their Prophet is the last one or has the way, or they are chosen, or you do not have to worry about any Prophet or Messiah, you just meditate and you reach Pure Consciousness or Nirvana, or whatever, they only have a part of the whole truth. They do not have the whole truth.

This is what we have to spread to humanity and let them know, that they have to see the Vision that has been sent by God and is from God. By doing that, they will go beyond their narrow understanding of the truth and maybe they will have eyes to see.

If they have the eyes to see then they can see our Vision as we have seen it and we have revealed it to man, and we will have more people with their eyes open. They will become open eye, or open eyes. When they become such a people, more and more they will forego their own understanding, or religion, or culture, or the things that they have been told and believed. And those things are powerful. People believe in things that they take as the truth.

Even when you explain to them how what they believe is not the truth, they have a hard time to accept that because, first, they believe in it, and second, they are attached to their environment. They say, How can I believe that when my family does not believe that, my community does not believe that, my city or nation does not believe that, or the whole world does not believe that?

But the true seeker seeks the truth no matter where it takes them. Those are the true warriors in the spiritual world, those who want to know the truth no matter where it is, what it is, and where it takes them. They are willing to accept the truth, spread the truth, and stand for the truth because they cannot be anything else but the truth.

If you cannot be anything but the truth then you have no choice but to seek the truth and become it.

The more of these people we will have, the more natural men we will have, the more free men, women, and children we will have. We can create a greater environment with such people because the more our numbers will be, the greater the truth will be on earth.

The greater the truth will be on earth, the greater the light will be here with us. By learning our lessons from the history for the last 12,000 years, we will not make the same mistakes by misusing our powers and craving for external glorification for internal unity.

Internal unity is the most glorified because that is the goal of life. The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(come) Divine. That Divinity (God) Is Everything.

We have a question from Sarick. Go ahead.

Sarrick: Yes. I heard you say that once we realize this Revelation, our Spirits will become accelerated. I was wondering if it was possible to be born with an accelerated Spirit because God already knows we will go to Him in that lifetime?

Maitreya: Yes indeed. If you are attracted to this Mission, if you see the Vision and the truth, you will know that you have already been a Great Soul, especially if you stay with it, you continue with it, you struggle with it, and you are not taken away by a small little discrepancy or difference in your opinions, ideas, and the Revelation, and you will continue to the end. That is what the Scripture says, Those who stay to the end will be saved.

So there is no doubt that anyone who comes to the Mission and stays with it, and continues with it, is a Great Soul already. Some people might even crave that I acknowledge that they are Great Souls. They do not have to. You are Great Souls because you were interested to see this Mission, to see this Vision, to see Gods Calling, and you want to become an Elect.

If you follow the Eternal Divine Path, you will become an Elect. The moment you see the Vision, you are no longer limited with the religion you have been born in. You are no longer limited to your own understanding of, Maybe my religion is better than other religions, or Other people with other religions are not as good as I am, which is really an ego trip.

So you are accelerated for sure, but if you see the Vision and you become clear in the understanding that really it is from God and it is the Revelation that has been prophesied to come, you will be accelerated much faster.

But I have seen the people who come to the Mission, they receive the Revelation, they think they have seen the Vision, but they start fighting with It and they start trying to change It. They try to bring their opinions and ideas to the Revelation that has come from God, which is OK; it is very human because we have been born with special ideas, in special religions, with special understandings. We try to see everything with our colored eyeglasses that have been colored with our upbringing, culture, and all that, which is OK.

But eventually we have to overcome that and see the Revelation from God and the truth that has been revealed to us. No longer are we culturally biased or brainwashed with our upbringing, but we seek the truth. We seek the reality of God.

Then we can see clearly that the only culture that is acceptable is the culture of God. The only way to bring the truth is the way of searching the truth and accepting it as it is. So you are called or challenged to become the truth, to become the Essence. With only seeing the Vision you are already accelerated for sure. But to reach Godhead and absolute truth, you still have more to do.

That is why in this time we are called the Elects. You have 1,000 years before you become the son of God, or maybe the daughter of God. But of course when you become in the image of God, you are both male and female. You really cannot be called the son of God or the daughter of God but in the image of God. However, when you are in the image of God, it is known as being the son of God.

So this is the beginning of a greater journey, it is not the end. It does not say, I will take you to God in this lifetime. It says, You will be incarnated for the next 1,000 years and your journey starts now. Your journey starts with first seeing the Vision of the Seven Seals, how God changed man to this state, the unnatural state that man is in, and now you have 1,000 years to reach Pure Consciousness.

But you have to start walking. You can say, Oh, I have 1,000 years. I have a long way to go. I do not have to start it. The sooner you start, the sooner you will reach the goal.

So indeed just by being attracted to the Mission and this Revelation, just by seeing the Vision and accepting it as the truth, you have already opened yourself to a greater realization and acceleration, and you have been meditating probably for -- all of you, when I say you, it means everyone -- you have been meditating for many lifetimes, and the regular religions and external world do not make sense to you. You want something more. When the Mission comes and you see the Vision, it makes sense to you.

It does not make sense to a lot of other people. Look at the room. We have been at this for twenty-three years. There should be hundreds, thousands, and millions of people who should have taken this Vision, accepted it, and seen clearly how God prophesied this would come and the Book with the Seven Seals would be opened. Where are they?

We reach and preach to humanity every day in PalTalk, and probably hundreds and thousands of people have come. The Greatest Sign and the Eternal Divine Path have been explained to them. Some of them even profess and confess that it is the greatest thing they have ever encountered. But they neither are here nor joined the Mission, nor help to accelerate the Mission.

The humans mind, attachments, and desires that are out there are incredibly powerful. Maya is as powerful as God. It is becoming worse because people are struggling in day-to-day life just to make it.

But the way has been given to them: Come together, create Communities of Light. You do not have to struggle as hard as you do out there by yourself. But create the Communities of Light so you can provide for yourself your physiological and safety needs, and share with others. Therefore you can concentrate on following the Eternal Divine Path, awakening your spiritual forces, creation of better communities, sacrifice, surrender and submit to the Will of God, become a universalist and expand your mind so you have no narrowness of the mind.

So we can see that this world is a very powerful world. At this time humanity is not ready, and we have come as a thief of the night just to bring this Revelation to man, spread it as much as we can, and attract those who see the Vision, who are Great Souls, those who are the Elects. They should accept that themselves that they are Elects.

You do not need my reinforcement of saying that or acknowledging that. When you are an Elect, you will learn the teaching in a greater degree by knowing the Eternal Divine Path and walking it. As we have said many times, just saying, Oh I am an Elect, but you do not walk it, you do not go through the first five steps, still you have not taken the steps that are necessary to become an Elect.

So you are indeed Great Souls that you have seen the Vision but you have 1,000 years to become absolutely the sons of God, in the image of God. That has been a promise.

God has given humanity a promise that, Whoever overcometh will become My son, not one, not two, but hundreds, thousands, and millions of them will become Gods Children through the Israelites, the Children of Light, those who will follow the Eternal Divine Path to its max, come together, preach, work, and spread It, and try to make humanity understand and realize that this Revelation is not something to take lightly. It really is from God. It really is the Path to the salvation of man.

It has been prophesized for thousands of years to come, and now it is here. It is something to be taken seriously and be very sincere about it. You do not have to. It is OK, for me it is fine. I am just a plain Messenger of God to you and bring this Message to humanity because God told me so, and we will and I will.

But after the Message has been revealed and given to you, you have to become sincere about it and realize what is happening here. What is this Revelation? Is it really from God? Did He say the Seventh Angel will come? Did He reveal that there would be a Book sealed with the Seven Seals?

What does that seal mean? Does anyone on earth know what those seals are? Go ask anyone in any religion, God says there will be a Book sealed with the Seven Seals. Which Scripture is sealed with the Seven Seals?

Did the Bayan open the Seven Seals? Did Bab teach anything about the Seven Seals that will be revealed to humanity?

Did the Koran say anything about the Seven Seals and The Revelation? Did any Prophet reveal the meaning of The Revelation, and come and say, Yes, this is what The Revelation means, and the Seven Seals are the symbols for the Seven Religions on earth. They show a Path. I have fulfilled all these prophecies; therefore I am qualified to tell you I can do it. The Holy Ghost has revealed it to me so I can give it to you.

Has any Prophet claimed this, or any religion can claim this, that they have opened the Seven Seals and their Prophet is the One who will come as the Seventh Angel? If this is truth and no other religion has this claim or can claim or can explain the Seven Seals, the Revelation of God, the history, the Plan, and the way God guided man to this point, then you by knowing It have great responsibility to show the way.

Our responsibility is to realize, Yes, I have no choice. This is from God. Now what am I going to do about it?

That is the question each person should ask themselves, OK that makes sense, it is revealed from God. He said He would send the Seven Seals and the Seven Revelations, and the Seven Angels would reveal the whole Mystery of God. When I read THOTH, understand the Revelation, and see the Vision, it is all based on the Scriptures, the Word of God, and the promises that God has given through the history for this end time. Now what am I going to do about it? Am I just going to hang onto my little understandings, cultures, family, and life? Or am I going to say, Yes I have no choice but to see the Vision, follow the Vision, become a part of It, and with the best of my abilities, even beyond my best ability, help out.

You do not have to, as I have said many times. But if you want to be an Elect, if you want to be a son of God in 1,000 years, this is the way it starts. You cannot be lukewarm, stay to the sidelines, and say, Oh well, I have 1,000 years. I might come to it, and I might not. Oh, my wife said something like that so I have to listen to her, or, My husband or my children say something, or do something, etc.

OK, you could, but the true seeker is the person who understands the journey has started. It is the beginning of going back to the Godhead as in His Image, in His Likeness.

This Revelation, of course, is the Revelation of the Seven Seals. The Seven Seals in The Revelation are opened. The Book with the Seven Seals is revealed. Now we can know that God has been sending different religions of the world to this point, and each of these religions is part of a greater truth.

Each group of people with a different religion have only a part of the whole truth. When we understand this Mission and the Revelation, which has come through it, then we understand where our religion falls. What are Hinduism, Buddhism, and the Mystical Paths? Are they from the devil? Are they not a part of Gods Plan?

Are only the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Bahai teachings accepted, and no Hindus or Buddhists will reach Pure Consciousness or Godhead? Or are the Jews the chosen people and no one else is?

Is Christ the only way? Is it only Christians who are going to go to heaven? No one else will reach that state?

Or Moslems have the last Word? Prophet Muhammad is the last Prophet, and after that no one else will come? Even Prophet Muhammad did not claim that He opened the Seven Seals or that He was the Seventh Angel or that He was the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

Yasamin: Only the people who follow you, your Path, will go to heaven?

Maitreya: Yes indeed, only those who follow the Eternal Divine Path will go to Heaven. You are correct Yasamin. The only way to go to God is to follow the whole picture, the whole truth. According to the Scriptures the whole truth will not be revealed to humanity until the Seventh Angel comes.

How can you go to Heaven if you have not seen the whole picture, the whole Vision, the whole truth? You cannot. You can imagine you will because you are following a religion.

But if you truly want to know the truth, that is what God says. God says, I am a mystery until the Seventh Angel comes. How can you go to heaven, or God, or oneness with Him if you are just following one part of the Mystery, one part of the truth? You cannot enter heaven with the partial knowledge and understanding.

But in this Revelation, in this Mission, the whole truth has been revealed to humanity. Now the Mystery of God is finished, and the Path to go to God or heaven is given.

Of course it is not my Path. You say, Your Path. It is the Eternal Divine Path. It has been given in eternity and it is the Way to Divinity. So it was not created by a man, but it has been in the Essence of God from the very beginning. Now it has been revealed to man. Only the Eternal Divine Path will lead you back to God, to heaven.

If you mean by heaven a place that has physical attributes, how can that be the ultimate realization if you can touch the heaven or you can live in the heaven, or the waters are flowing underneath and, the way many religions have explained it in a physical sense and many people believe they are going to go to that physical state, which is really an ethereal realization.

They have not reached the Essence yet. They are still living in the material states.

God is Consciousness. God is Pure Consciousness with no material attributes. That is the Heaven you should aim for.

If you are aiming for a place that you go to, you see your family, you have a physical body and you can touch them, talk to them, and be with them, the way some religions explain, well, you have not reached the highest state. Still it is a creation. It has the physical attributes in it. We are not talking about that kind of heaven.

We are talking about going back to Godhead, becoming One with Him in a state of absolute Bliss, the state of Ananda, the state of Beingness. That is the Heaven we are aiming for. If we are aiming for a place that has the physical attributes, we still have not realized the highest.

OK UCPeon is asking:

UCPeon1972: God Bless you!! How long will it take to finish the Eternal Divine Path and be(come) Divine?

Maitreya: That is a personal decision. You understand this teaching and see the Vision of the Eternal Divine Path and how it unifies all religions, how it leads to Divinity, and then you start walking it.

You decide, I am going to walk the Eternal Divine Path, not half-heartedly, not something that you can use to enhance your own situation, but in absolute realization that that is what you want to do with all your heart, mind, and Spirit, with no ulterior motivation or anything that is earthly or human, but Godly.

You start meditating. That is the first step. You start closing your eyes and going within yourself and realizing who you are. That is the teaching of the Mystical Paths like Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Saints in Christianity, Sufis in Islam, and many other paths that teach, Know thyself, man, know thyself.

If you know yourself, you know God because your body is the Temple of God. And who resides in this Temple? You do.

As Prophet Muhammad said, God is closer to your vein than you are. Actually as Christ said, You are gods. You have the Essence of God in you, and the only way to recognize it and realize it is to reverse the energy that is going out to the external world. Your eyes are the most powerful sense or organ that makes this energy go out-worldly. If you look outside all the time, you are going out. You are not going in to know your Essence.

So the first step is, close your eyes. Let the energy be directed inwardly. Start seeing yourself. Become familiar with your body, your impulses, your desires, attachments, pulls, and Maya.

What makes you not to go to God? What keeps you from continuing toward the spirituality? What are these attachments that become an obstacle in your way? What do you really want of this life? What is the goal of the life? Is really what I want the same as what the goal of the life is?

According to our teachings, the Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. That is the goal of the life. That is why we are here. All of us are here for that goal. It is a shared goal. How do you become Divine? By following the Eternal Divine Path. That is the only Way to do it. That is the only Way to reach Pure Consciousness.

God revealed it at the very beginning when He sent His Spirit to the world, and there was chaos and darkness. The Spirit of God moved and manifested Itself in that gross world because He wanted to help that darkness go back to God.

Still it is the darkness here. Many people take it as the Light, as the real thing, because they have only two eyes. Their third eyes have been closed. They cannot see. They are blind who take a part of this universe as the truth. They are brainwashed with their culture, with their upbringing, with their own understanding and accumulation of many lifetimes of misunderstanding or not understanding.

Now we say, OK, do not look outside. Do not let the energy go out, bring it within. Redirect it back to where it belongs, to the Essence within you, and become familiar more and more with who you are.

With our teachings you have a great grip of the truth. You have a great grip of the Revelation of God to this point, the Word of God based on the Scriptures.

Of course, meditation alone is not enough. That is the beginning. That is when you understand yourself more and more. But what really did God want? What did He reveal to you in the Scriptures? That is when the Word of God comes and helps you in your meditation, and you will not go astray.

Many people meditate and eventually end up becoming escapists, dropping the society. They go to the mountains, and they will not engage themselves in this external world. Or, they become absolutely naked and put ashes on themselves, and they think they are Godly. But the Word of God is not saying those things at all. Escapism is not preached in the Word of God, but engaging yourself in the community and creating Communities of Light, that is another decision.

OK, the first step, you meditate for a while. Most people say, I do not have time to meditate. Life is too hectic. I have a lot of things to do. I am overwhelmed. I cannot meditate.

You can meditate in different ways. When you drive you can meditate. After you meditate for a while you do not even have to close your eyes anymore to meditate but you can be with the Spirit by doing things, going up, going down, sitting, doing your work, writing, and you are meditating at the same time. The whole life becomes meditation.

So closing your eyes is the first step. But the goal is to eventually reach a point to stay in that oneness or stillness between breathing in and breathing out all the time, no matter where you are and what you do. If you do that, you are meditating twenty-four hours a day, while you are asleep, while you are awake, and when you are doing anything you do.

The next step is not to be escapist. Engage yourself to the community, help out, and create the Communities of Light. That is the lesson of the Old Testament. The whole Old Testament is based on that message: God is trying to find a people who will accept Him as the King and His Laws as the Laws and create an environment that everyone can progress physically, mentally, and spiritually as high as possible.

The next step is to sacrifice. That is the message of the New Testament. Christ sacrificed for His ideal.

Then of course still you might become attached to the result of your actions and you either become depressed or you become egoistical and elated. The next step is surrendering and submission to God. That is the message of Islam. Islam means surrendering and submission to God.

You still might become narrow only to your community, or your religion, or your people alone. That is why the next step is the Bahais. The message is universalism, expansion of the mind, accepting that all religions have come from One God.

These five steps are the decision you have to make to follow. It is your decision.

I am the Revealer of the Path. But who is going to walk It? It is you. He who decides to walk It is you. I am not going to make a decision for you and force you to It. As the Koran says, God can force you to follow His Way just now, but He does not want to force you.

That is the greatest thing about the humans; they have free will. They have the free will to go to God, or not to go to God. By your decision you make your path. If you decide not to go to God, you fall to Maya, the external world, which is hell. You go to hell.

If you decide to go to God it is your decision to make. If you decide, the Way has been given: Meditate, awaken your spiritual forces; engage yourself to the community, create Communities of Light; sacrifice in the Communities of Light; surrender and submit yourself to God; and become a universalist at last. Therefore you will become an Elect and eventually in 1,000 years you will become a son of God. That is the Way to do it.

So how fast can you reach there? The answer to your question is: It is up to you how fast you will make the decision to follow the Eternal Divine Path 100%. The sooner you make that decision, the sooner you will accelerate your progress to Pure Consciousness.

OK Yasamin asks:

Yasamin: Do you have a book like the Bible, Quran, Torah?

Maitreya: Yes, it is called The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament []. It is all in our website. If you click on that link, it takes you right to that Book. You can download it; you can read it. You can come to our room during the week and ask questions, or come to this room and ask here, and we can answer your questions. You will see this is a new Scripture of God that has been revealed to humanity and explains everything you have to know.

So this is the Revelation that will help humanity not only unify, not only bring the Kingdom of God to earth, but it also helps every individual to progress in the fastest possible way to God or Pure Consciousness, or heaven, or whatever you call it.

But the goal at this time is not to reach Pure Consciousness. The goal of the life is to follow the Eternal Divine Path. Reaching Pure Consciousness is the result of following the Eternal Divine Path. It is not something that you put effort individually to reach there; you will not succeed. That is exactly what the Scripture says. It says if you do that, You will be spewed out of My Mouth, and you will not succeed.

Therefore the goal is to reach Pure Consciousness by following the Eternal Divine Path.

Again welcome new people to the Mission, to the Mission room. This room is the preaching the Revelation of the Seven Seals and opening of the Book that is sealed with the Seven Seals. Now it is opened.

It is the beginning of the end time. It is a Call to all to come and see the wonder of God and the Creator, and how He has been guiding humanity to this point for the last 12,000 years. Now He reveals how He has done it, how history has been guided by God, how there are four classes of humans who were created after the flood of Noah, and how each of these classes dominates in different times of history. Now humanity can understand these cyclical movements, can guide others to the highest physiological and safety needs fulfilled, and can bring the Kingdom of God on earth and help humanity to progress in their spiritual Path in a greater degree to the salvation or Oneness with God.

So these are the teachings or the Message that has been revealed to us and now have been given to everyone. They have been explained since 1982, and many questions have been answered and are all in our website. There are videos, audios, and everything you need to really delve into these teachings and realize, Yes indeed, this is the place for the Elects, or the Servants of God, or those who have been called at this time.

That is what we are calling and who we are calling, the Elects, the people who have been meditating for many lifetimes, those who have awakened their spiritual forces, they see the sorry state of the human, and they understand that they should not fear anything, because those who are with this Mission, this Revelation, and this work have no fear of anything because they are protected with the shield of this Revelation and the truth. Therefore they will join with the Mission with no fear and help one another in this great endeavor.

Yes indeed, if you have been in our website and you know our teachings, you can raise your hand and you can ask any question related to the Mission. Of course we recommend you first go to our website and go through the literature, which is significant.

We believe that it takes an average of seven years for any Elect and sincere person to really understand the teachings in a deeper level. Of course we have had people who have understood this much faster. It depends upon your calling, your spirit, your dedication, and how fast you will understand these teachings.

But if you really saw the Vision, understood the teachings, and see how wonderfully they fit each other, you have no choice but to say, This is wonderful. This really makes sense in all levels of human existence.

Come here and if you have a question, raise your hand or put it in the text, and we will answer you in a way that makes sense. Indeed for the last twenty-two years any question that has been answered, at the end the person usually says, Yes, it makes sense. It does have great truth and light in it.

So if you have a question, be sure that your answer will be given here through the Spirit of God. The only answer we cannot give is, Explain God to me, what is eternity, and how can you tell me the things that? as Cyber says, are beyond mind. Those things we cannot tell you; you have to experience them. For example, explain infinite or infinity or eternity or God. Those things cannot be explained. They are experienced. When you experience eternity then you have no question; you know what eternity is.

I used to think that the universe ends somewhere. It has to have an end because infinity means never-ending. But never-ending is beyond human mind. Therefore when I was a child I used to imagine I will continue the universe with my mind until it reached the end of this universe.

What is there, a wall or something? OK, if there is a wall, that wall itself will end somewhere. What is beyond that wall? Then after that, what is there, another universe or? You can go on and on. Eventually the mind just gives up because it cannot comprehend infinity.

But when you experience it, you have no question about it, or eternity. Everything has been here and will be forever. It is beyond mind. You cannot comprehend it.

What is God? How many books, how many religions, how many people have explained It? They have been explaining for the last 3,000 years and still people come to this room and ask me, Can you explain God? Well, go read the books that have been explaining it for thousands of years and still people say, Explain It to me. These things are not explainable. They are experienced.

That is why we recommend that the first step in your life is to close your eyes, meditate. Understand deeper things in Spirit instead of looking outside and questioning it with your intellect, which is limited. Your Spirit is not. Your Spirit is unlimited.

By understanding this first step, you will go beyond a great pitfall for most humans.

They want to explain infinity, they want to explain eternity, and they want to explain God. They cannot be explained. They are experienced. The way is meditation. Actually infinity, eternity, and God is between every breath you take. When you breathe in, at the time between breathing in and breathing out, there is a stillness. That is eternity, that is infinity; that is God.

Therefore the first step is to close your eyes and realize that stillness within you, which is your Essence. By doing that you can meditate all the time and your questions will be answered eventually.

Of course in the beginning you will not completely feel that infinity but little by little that stillness will reveal to you what eternity and God is. Then you have no question about it intellectually because you have experienced internally through your meditation.

That is still the first step. The second step is creation of an environment where everyone has their physiological and safety needs taken care of, and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. The way has been given already on how it can be done. That is the message of the Old Testament. The message of the Old Testament is the creation of the Communities of Light.

The next step is sacrifice. Without sacrifice, no Communities of Light will be created. That is the message of Christ, Esa, the Messiah.

The next step after that is surrendering and submission to God. That is the message of Islam, which as I said, means surrendering and submission to God.

Still in the third level when you sacrifice, you might become attached to the result of your actions. That is why Islam says, Do not be attached to the result of your actions; surrender and submit to God so you free yourself from that pitfall.

Even in that level you might become attached to a very small part of the universe, or world, or earth, or whatever. The next step is universalism. That is the message that Bab brought to humanity, that all religions have come from one God, expand your consciousness, you belong to the universe. You do not belong to a very small portion of it.

Anything that separates any part of the universe from another part is not from God because God is everything. That will shatter all narrowness of the mind and expand you to become a universalist. All the narrowness of the mind should be overcome.

With all these five steps, you become an Elect. You become a seeker of the truth; you become a person who wants to know the truth.

These are the people that not only follow the Eternal Divine Path that I just explained; they realize that each religion of the world is a part of it. As it is explained in our teachings, God has been sending all of them to this point. Now this Revelation explains everything and reveals the truth.

With this understanding you absolutely realize that you are free from any narrowness of the mind, any religiosity, or anything that binds you.

So it brings a Path, unifies all religions of the world, fulfills the prophecies, and explains God and His Revelations. The teachings have been given to you for the last twenty-two years, and they are all in our website and free.

The only thing for you is to realize they are indeed from God. It is serious. It is the most serious decision you will make in your life. If it is from God, therefore you are obligated to follow it, to understand it, and to take it and become a part of it. If you do that, then you have a greater grip of the reality and the Word of God on earth. You will know more about every religion on earth than any person in any religion would know.

Some of our members come to me and tell me how they, in their work, can relate to everyone in different religions and every person in that religion is amazed at how much they know about their religion. Those people they talk with do not know as much as they think they do. That is because the people in the Mission know much more about their religion than they do.

You will become a center of the knowledge of truth. You can guide people in different religions even in a greater degree to understand their own religion. So indeed you are blessed, with the Word of God, with the truth, with the Spirit that has been with humanity all this time and has been revealing to us all this truth and wonder.

The decision has to be made by every individual. Of course I will be giving this Revelation over and over again. It will eventually hit those people that have been called. This Revelation already has hit many or at least those who have the Spirit of God in them and they are true seekers, and they can see this very clearly, how wonderful it is, how perfect it is, how it explains everything, from the smallest action in our life to the greatest goal in individual life.

If a child from the childhood knows that, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, how many unnecessary actions and living will be eliminated from their life. How wonderfully they can grow, and direct and concentrate their life based on that truth. From the very beginning they will know that they are here to become Divine. They are here to meditate, awaken their spiritual forces, and know themselves from the very childhood. From five years old and on, they can start meditating. At least they can do the walking meditation. They can walk: Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam. In each step they can meditate in that mantra.

As they grow up, eventually they can sit down, at twelve years old, to meditate and recognize the stillness between breathing in and breathing out, and the eternity and unity of Spirit and God. How much more perfectly they will be when they are adults. They have already been meditating for many, many years, fifteen, twenty years. They already experienced eternity. They do not have any questions about it.

They have already experienced God, that Stillness and Oneness. They can meditate all the time. And they realize, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. They have to be a productive member in the society and community. They have to also teach everyone else to be a productive member of the community. They create Communities of Light.

They know the Word of God. They have read the Scriptures since they started reading. They know about the Upanishads. They know about the Bhagavad-Gita. They know about the Vedas. They know about the Old Testament. They know about the New Testament. They know about the Koran. They know about the Bayan and the teaching of Bahaullah. They know about Babas teaching. And they know THOTH. They know a lot.

They have read the Words of God, and they are very familiar with them. Therefore they do not fall into the commercialization and brainwashing of the external world. They know their goal is not to buy, buy, buy, to do this and do that, but to become Divine, to become One with God. That is why they are here.

They are not here to listen to the commercial advertisements to tell them that they have to be happy like these young people in the advertisements, when a lot of other peoples lives are very hard and are not comfortable.

UCPeon1972: When one has become Divine, is it known what happens in the next reincarnation?

Maitreya: Any spiritual progress you make will be with you forever. That is the difference between spiritual progress and material progress.

In material progress, anything you gain at the time of the death you have to leave behind, even your body. Even if you have the most beautiful body on earth and you die young, you cannot take that young body with you. If you are old, of course, you do not want to take it with you. It is full of pain and problems.

In either case, your Spirit, your Soul, will be with you, is you. The only richness we have to create in our lives is to enrich our Spirits or our Souls. Anything else is not going to go with us.

As it has been said, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. That is why we are creating Communities of Light so physiological and safety needs are taken care of and the teaching is from the very beginning, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. When the physiological and safety needs are taken care of in the community when you are a child, you will be born in a nurturing, wonderful community that people are concerned for your progress and will teach you and help you to progress very highly.

Because it is a community, the child is not just with one person in one house or apartment. As in the present time, which children are not in communities, therefore they do not have the experience of expanding themselves to other energies but they are growing very narrow in one family with one father and one mother, or even not both the father and mother, but just the mother or just the father. Such an individual will have very little exposure to other energies that can help him or her to progress in a greater degree.

But in the Communities of Light they do have interaction with other energies or different energies so they grow much more expanded and so learn to be more flowing. Then they can reach to other people out of the community because they have learned how to reach others by being exposed to so many different people when they were growing up.

But if the child has never been exposed to many people and was not helped when he was growing up, he becomes very selfish and self-centered. Selfishness and self-centeredness will create destruction. That community or society will not last very long, because it does not have the Spirit of cooperation and outreach to each other. Therefore it becomes a very self-centered kind of environment. That of course brings destruction because, as Gandhi said, there is not enough for everyones greed but there is enough for everyones needs.

When people accumulate too much for themselves, someone does not have any. That creates a lot of friction in the society, and destruction will come.

So we can see community is a wonderful place for children to expand themselves, to be exposed to different energies, to understand how to share, to be with other people, help, be helped, and grow in a way that they will not be fearful to only look out for themselves and their own interests, but expand themselves to the goodness of everyone else around them.

When they grow up, when they become young people, they will become productive members of the society, so they will contribute to the society and make the society prosper, make the community prosper, and therefore they will become very valuable members of the society.

When they are old the community will take care of them. They do not have to worry about putting money away for their retirement and being afraid if they become old and sick, how they will take care of themselves, etc.

Again you can see Communities of Light create an environment that is good for the children, it makes the people productive in the society, and the old people will be taken care of. Therefore all these fears that have been created in our set-up of the society will vanish and will be replaced with an environment full of love, helpfulness, understanding, and the lack of fear. So Communities of Light are a wonderful thing.

Now what was the question? [laughter] Anyone can tell me.

OK, so we can see in the community you learn, you grow up, and you become Divine. As you progress in this environment, your spirit has progressed and any progress in spirituality will remain with you.

You die, your spirit leaves but your spiritual progress has been with you, as you have been in the Communities of Light.

Next time you come to the earth you long for the Communities of Light. You no longer would stand a set-up that is not Communities of Light. You would not like it. It does not make sense. You understand how terrible it is, how selfish and self-centered it makes people. If it is not a Community of Light it has fear, attachments, desires, and people suffer in such an environment.

Some people have everything. Even those who have everything, or put a lot of resources away for their old age, when they become old and are sick, that retirement fund goes so fast that they end up with nothing.

In the community no matter what happens, they have shock-absorbers because there is concern, love, and taking care of each other, and they will not let such a thing happen. So we again can see easily that the Communities of Light are so necessary for humanity.

But there are no Communities of Light. They have not been created yet the way it has been given here, which is clearly showing how the Communities of Light can be created.

We have a Moslem community, or a Christian community, or a Hindu community. But that is it. It was a Hindu community; it was a Moslem community. They would not let any Christian or Hindu or Buddhist come in.

We do not care. As long as they follow the Eternal Divine Path, understand the Eternal Divine Path, and walk it, that is all that is required. It does not have any dogma. The only thing we require is: Meditate, know thyself, be a good member of the community, sacrifice, surrender and submit to God, and become a universalist. That is all it takes.

If you do that, if you become that, it will stay with you forever.

I hope that answered your question. We are at the end of our time again this week. I leave you all to God. Ponder on these words.

Download these Satsangs or these Conversations from our website. Go to the Satsang page and there is a part at the top, where it says Conversations. You can download them from the website, whatever week Conversation we had from last year and this year from the website. Also we have all the Satsangs there that you can download. They are very small files. You can even put them in your MP3 player, or I-pod or whatever you have, and you can take it with you and listen all the time. Or burn them to CDs and while driving or whatever you do, go ahead and listen to them over and over.

Read THOTH, read our Scripture, and decide you want to walk the Path. That is the most important part. Seeing the Vision, knowing the teaching, is great but if you are not walking it you are only 5% into understanding the teaching. 95% or maybe 99% is walking it.

Sal-OM everyone. See you next week.

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