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Maitreya: Good morning everyone. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation Room. We welcome you here to hear the latest Revelation and the last Revelation that explains everything and unifies all religions of the world.

The spiritual Path is a difficult Path probably for many people. I would like to start the Conversation today with the comic strip that someone brought to my attention. It is called Agnes, by Tony Cochran. It is about two friends talking with each other. One of them said that she is going to dedicate her life to the selfless contribution to others.

She thinks if she does that, she will feel good about herself. Her friend said, Well, that was selfish. So she said, Oh, OK. And how about if I will do it so people like me and know I am a good person?

And the answer was, Well, that is not selfless.

She said, OK, then I will do it with no credit taken for what I do.

She said, OK, that should work, friend.

Then she said, OK, But God knows that I am good and He is going to reward me a lot.

The friend said, Well, sounds like your ego again came in.

So you can see the difficulty of the spiritual Path in this comic strip that I is always looking for a reward, for something to receive in return for doing something that we think is good and it is accepted.

A lot of people say, Yes, if I do this, then I will be known as a good person, or this and that. You can see even in this little truth revealed in this comic strip, still my I is always looking for something in return.

If the person who wrote that comic strip knew about the surrendering and submission, he would realize that you do not even think of the rewards or something that you will receive in return. You surrender the results to God, and you submit to Him. God does the work through us, therefore we do not even think about the reward for what is done because we have not done anything. God has done it.

So we can completely examine ourselves to see when we do something, really is that surrendering and submission to the highest extent? Another thing this comic strip does not bring to the attention is, The Grace of God. It is only by Grace that we can be selfless and be a complete channel for Gods energy and the I is not there at all.

I thought that was a very interesting comic strip. But still although it reveals a huge truth, it is short of realizing the greater realization that surrendering and submission solves the problem of that girl who wanted to become selfless and contribute to the betterment of human life.

Here we have the answer to that question. That question has been answered clearly, that we have to become so purely a channel for the highest energy in the universe or God that we do not exist at all. So the I does not even crave the reward from God but is content by being one with the Spirit of God and realizing that any reward is not comparable with the Oneness, with the Essence.

That is our reward. Our reward is to become one with God, to return to the Essence or realization that God is the One who is doing it through us.

This Mission will give us that opportunity and ability to overcome the ego, which solves the problem that we are always looking for something in return for what we do in our lives. It releases us or relieves us of the pitfall of ego.

This Path is the fastest Path to return to God. It is absolutely against human nature. That is why humans have been having so much trouble for the last 12,000 years to bring about the environment that they can progress in a greater degree to the highest spiritual realization because the ego always is present in our current systems, in our work, and in our lives, and the Eternal Divine Path is the Path to become natural.

So this universe is a relative truth. It is not natural. It is not the Essence. We are living in a very unnatural state as being created in this universe.

Our natural state is the Essence, or God. It is such an illusion that a lot of people or humans have, to make this world and this life perfect. The most perfect you can become to the natural life is the Communities of Light. That is why a lot of things are happening on this earth. We have a lot of things that people do to make themselves happy or make themselves immortal. That is the craving of the ego to make this life here perfect, which cannot be done. Probably that is why Buddha said it is suffering, this life or this world is suffering.

If you reach there, you are back, you have made it. If you realize that then you are not going to be attached to something that is temporary and is not permanent. The only permanent is the Essence, and that is where the happiness or the infinite longing in man will be satisfied.

This finite world will not satisfy. This is the message we have to convey to humanity and take them from this illusion that they have created for themselves and they are struggling all their lives to reach it here in an unnatural state of living that your happiness is only going back to God and creating the minimum physiological and safety needs for everyone, at least, so everyone can meditate, progress, understand this realization, follow the Eternal Divine Path, create the Communities of Light, sacrifice for them, and surrender and submit to God.

So like the little girl in that comic strip is not confused anymore, but she knows that she cannot be attached to the result of her actions and even greater than that, she knows that God is doing it through her. Therefore she is free from any attachments or cravings of the ego, and she can progress in a greater degree in achieving her goal.

Of course expanding our consciousness, becoming a universalist, not belonging to any specific place on earth, but belonging to the whole universe and expanding our minds so we do not become narrow in any way or shape possible, is not that easy.

See, whatever you look at in this world, the Eternal Divine Path has the answer. First of all, it lets you become deeper because you meditate, you contemplate, and you concentrate. You realize yourself in a deeper level. Then you realize, at least by reading THOTH or the Revelations, Scriptures, and the Words of the Great Beings that, this world is temporary. It is not permanent. It is not the natural state of being.

So you become detached from it. You realize no matter how much effort you put in this world, it is temporary. It is not going to give you the ultimate happiness. The ultimate happiness is somewhere else.

The more effort you put for the next world, or the spiritual world, the more successful you are. The more effort you put in this world and you go away from the Spirit, the more unsuccessful you are. As Christ said, you might gain the world but you lose your Soul, and that is not a good bargain.

But you say, I need to eat. I need a place to stay. I need these things. Great, sure, we do not disagree with you on that. That is why we have to create Communities of Light, to create an environment that the physiological and safety needs of man have been taken care of, a place that they can come without any fear, to meditate, to help, to be together, and to progress in a greater degree and fastest way possible.

So God does not neglect the physiological and safety needs of man. But He tells them, share. You have to share with one another in order to be able to release yourself from this pressure of the external world for physiological and safety needs. The more you come together, help, and create communities, which are based on sharing, respect, and a greater degree of understanding The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, the sooner we will have more people who have more time to meditate and awaken their spiritual forces.

Therefore the second step is to create that environment that will support everyone and remember, to a degree, that they have no fear of their physiological and safety needs.

Of course each person in that community has to realize that they have to give of themselves to the community in order to create such an environment, not just a little, but more than you take. Because if you take more than you give, then the community is going to be empty after a while, and they are all going to have to go back to the external world, and all the problems related to the external world shall return.

But the more you give to the community than you take, the community will prosper and not only you will have a good environment, also those who are not as fortunate as you are might be helped to stand on their feet eventually and become a member, a productive member, of the community.

So that is why we can see the Communities of Light are the places that help those who want to go back to God. And of course sacrifice is needed.

The only way you do not become attached to the result of your actions or your sacrifice, or whatever you do for selfless reasons, is to realize that God is the Doer, not you. You can just go ahead and say, Yes, I am going to go and do selfless things in my life, but in the back of your head if still you are looking for some reward, to be recognized, to feel good, or asking God to reward you for it, then it is not selfless.

So the only way you can be selfless is to surrender the result to God and say, OK I have done it. The result is Yours. I am not attached. I am not looking for any rewards, or anything. But I will go and continue accomplishing my next projects.

Even greater than that, of course, is submission, which means that you let God do a great job through you. You meditate, you create Communities of Light, you join Communities of Light, you sacrifice, you know God is doing it through you, and you become a universalist. These are the five steps that have been brought with five religions of the world.

Meditation, contemplation, awakening of your spiritual forces, all of the Mystical Paths say, Know thyself to know God. That covers all the Mystical Paths: Hinduism, Buddhism, and any other ism or teaching that says, Your Essence and God are One. You are in the image of God.

Even the Bible says, You are in the image of God. Even Christ said, You are gods. So all the great realized people have given us this truth that we are a part of God, our Essence is God.

But our ego makes us do ungodly things. When we do ungodly things we are not manifesting our Essence. The whole idea is that everyone eventually manifests their Essence, which is God, and God is Good. Therefore we become good ourselves. So eventually there are going to be many good people in the Communities of Light.

By being good, they manifest God in a greater degree, and the community becomes Godly. It becomes a Godly Community of Light. The more Godly it becomes, the more people will follow Gods Laws, Gods Commandments, and Gods Ways. By doing that, peace, tranquility, unity, and all the wonderful things that humanity has been longing for all these 12,000 years and have not achieved shall be achieved. No matter who tried to bring that peace, tranquility, and unity to humanity, they did not succeed.

Every war was supposed to be the last war that will end all wars. But God already said which war is going to end all wars. That is going to be the Armageddon or the last struggle between good and evil, or God and ego.

So that is what humanity is called to do, to rid themselves of their egos by following the Eternal Divine Path, by creating the Communities of Light, by sacrificing in them, by meditating, by surrendering and submitting to God, and by becoming a universalist.

Throw out all the dogmas and differences between religions, and whatever idea you have about other religions, but look at them under the light of the Eternal Divine Path, the prophecies, and the promises God gave to many nations of the coming of Prophets through them and all that you can find in THOTH, and eventually realize, Yes, God sent all of them. Each of them have a message for humanity, and each message is great, is fantastic. It takes man on a march back to Light from this darkness or chaos.

Why is there chaos? The chaos is always in a place that is not in balance. It is always there where the relationships are not natural. They are not based on deeper understanding of the situation. They are not natural because they are not the Essence.

Virtual I Here is asking:

Virtual_I_Here: What is the reason for creation itself? I mean what made God to create? What difference would it make to God if He had not created? There must be something that made God to create; somehow it feels it was necessary for God itself to have this creation. I mean in some way I feel it was a necessity for God Itself. What is that thing which made Him to create?

Maitreya: That is a question that probably has been asked many times from me, and we have answered it many times also. The answer is very clearly at the very beginning of the Bible that, in the beginning there was darkness and chaos. That chaos and darkness is something that most people forget and they say God decided to create, without remembering. The Bible clearly said before God created it, there was darkness in the universe.

Where did that darkness come from? If you recognize and realize that before the creation there was darkness, now you can see that what we teach makes more sense than God suddenly one day decided He was going to create everything.

Now the question is, where did that darkness come from? According to our teachings and explanation in THOTH, The Holiest Of The Holies, the universe was in a state of being, in equilibrium, in absolute Bliss, Light, Joy, and Ecstasy in a way that it is unimaginable for the human mind to fathom.

But somehow that equilibrium, that ecstasy, was disturbed. Now what disturbed that state is a question that has been asked also, and the answer was there was a desire that arose in that state. Because that state is beyond mind, is before the mind was created, and it is not explainable in the state of mind. You are just explaining God Itself.

What was that? We can speculate on what it was. The most important thing is, that equilibrium was disturbed and the three creative forces in the universe were released.

Even at this stage that the human is in, people have a hard time to sit, meditate, and go deeper inside. They are asking me, How do you meditate? It is difficult. It is hard. My mind does not stop.

Of course if you drink a lot of coffee, it is even harder. But in general the mind does not want to give up to a deeper level or essence or light. So that is why the mind cannot fathom many things about God and we have said many times, God is not explainable but is an experience. If you experience It, you do not need explanation, and you have a connection directly with that Essence.

For whatever reason that equilibrium was disturbed, the first creative force that affected the universe was the feeling of, I know. Before that there was no I know. It was the state of knowness; the state of knowing everything at the same time, past, present, and future. He just knew. Actually there was no knew, there was just knowness in the universe. But when the universe went out of equilibrium, the first feeling in the universe was, I know.

Then the second was the feeling of, I do. So he knew, he did, and the memory came as, I have done. Therefore the ego was completed.

That is another reason submission is so important. If you are not the doer, if you are not the knower, if you are not the person who has the memory or history, you are here and now. That is the way to be here and now.

A lot of people talk about God-realization as being here and now, and that is what it is.

Therefore if you recognize that chaos, God created the creation to return this chaotic state back to that original equilibrium. That is the reason for the creation.

So the most important thing really for humanity to bring into the creation is the chaotic state of the universe before the creation, and what was before that chaotic state? That chaos was already there.

Great, I am glad that you received your answer.

I have noticed a lot of questions always start with, why did God create the creation? The question never refers to that there was a chaotic state before creation. We realize that the reason for creation is to bring that chaotic state, the creation, back to that equilibrium. This completely answers that question, why did God create the creation? That is why.

That is why He created the Eternal Divine Path. That is why He sent the Prophets. That is why He created man in many different stages. That is why we recommend for everyone to read THOTH and our teachings, and realize that this man, even the man that we are now, is not the same as he was before the flood of Noah.

Man was more spirit, and he actually had a direct relationship with God. But their egos started bringing problems. They became grosser and grosser until the flood of Noah. At the time of the flood of Noah the man that we are was created and our third eyes were closed, and we no longer had the direct relationship with God.

OK, Virtual I has a question.

Virtual_I_Here: What does it mean that God disturbed the equilibrium, as everything was in a bliss before the waking up of God?

Maitreya: Well, we did not say waking up. We say there was equilibrium, and then that equilibrium went out of that state. How did that happen? That is the question. How did it happen?

Steve2021: But a "chaotic state" is a creation itself, even if it is "before creation."

Maitreya: No, before the creation there was no chaos. In creation there is chaos. Even the chaotic state has a pattern by itself, even in the creation state. Actually there is a body of study that it studies the chaos in the universe. They have found that even in the chaos there is a pattern that happens in the creation.

But in the equilibrium before the creation there was no chaos. There was absolute equilibrium and there was no darkness.

It is all Light, Unity, and Oneness, and there is no separation.

The only reason for separation is the influence of the three forces in the universe, which are not in the equilibrium state, and that creates ego, darkness, and a chaotic state. Therefore that chaotic state is the unnatural state of being.

The creation is to return back to that equilibrium. The closest we can become in this universe to that equilibrium is creation of the Communities of Light, the following of the Eternal Divine Path, and bringing an environment that can come as close to that equilibrium, unity, and flowing together.

That needs human effort, understanding, meditation, and bringing the Communities of Light. That is the message of all religions to humanity. Each of them brought a part of the Eternal Divine Path, and now humans have gone through 12,000 years of being absolutely disconnected. Even their third eyes are closed, and they had their history.

For the last 6,000 years we had thousands of wars, destructive tendencies, and disunity. Now God says, OK, look human. You have been doing it for the last 12,000 years. See what you have created. Now you are on the brink of absolute annihilation of yourself. You can use the atomic bomb and destroy this earth fifty times. Not only you have that capability at this time, also many other nations are seeking to have this capability. If one or two of them use that capability, many of the human race will be wiped off the face of the earth.

So we have not been able to create an environment that man can live in peace and unity. God says, I left the earth to you to see what you will accomplish by yourselves and if you can bring peace, unity, and tranquility. You are not able to do this. A Path to create that environment is the Eternal Divine Path. I have been sending it this way for the last 12,000 years through My Prophets. Each Prophet brought a part of the Eternal Divine Path to you.

Now, as I promised to My Prophets, the whole Revelation has come to you and it is revealed how all this can be accomplished. Now it is up to you to rid yourselves of your egos, meditate, join or create Communities of Light, sacrifice in them, surrender and submit to God, and become universalists. Not only you do that yourself, teach others also and spread this Message and teach this Light to everyone.

The more we create the Communities of Light, the more we create the people who follow the Eternal Divine Path, the more we will be able to bring the Light to earth and humanity, and eventually create the peace and unity that we all long for but no one knows how to achieve it. That is what God is saying; that is how it is achieved.

By creation of the Communities of Light and bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, we will accelerate the progress of many people. We have heard in the past there have been Rishis, Mahatmas, and Great Souls that they reached salvation. How was that possible?

There are stories that India used to be like a paradise. Meditation and reaching Pure Consciousness was something very easy to do for many people in one lifetime.

They were following the Eternal Divine Path. They had Communities of Light. They talked about the communities or the people who lived together and created an environment that was for everyone. It was easy for everyone to realize this truth in a deeper level and connect back to God, and recognize and realize that the goal of their life was to return to God.

That is the message again to humanity. We have to create the Kingdom of God back on earth. We have to bring the Communities of Light. We have to overcome the separation between man and man. We have to become universalists. We have to not become attached to the result of our actions, free ourselves from the karma, and therefore reach Pure Consciousness.

VBreezo is asking:

VBreezo: I don't understand the hang-up with creation. Why not be more concentrated with existence?

Maitreya: The human mind, or intellect, likes to explain, to explore, and to reach the answer. Meditation makes you recognize, realize, and go beyond the mind. Then ask yourself this question: Many people have been trying to explain God, creation, beginning, end, and eternity, for thousands of years. They have written volumes of books and have used much paper and ink to do that.

Now they are still asking the same questions, to explain God, explain eternity, etc. They have to say there has to be another way then trying to explain it intellectually.

That is what they were doing to Buddha, when they were asking all these questions about creation, eternity, etc. He eventually said, It is nothing. It is nothingness. It is Nirvana. Of course when you say nothingness, the mind just blanks. OK nothingness. What can I ask, how the nothingness came, where the nothingness came from and where does it goes?

Really, what he meant was, it cannot be explained. It is an experience. When you experience it, then all the books that explain it to you become completely worthless, because they are explaining something that you experienced and is beyond explanation.

VBreezo: We are so close to total destruction; existing and surviving seems to be a more urgent concern.

Maitreya: Yes, that is why in our teachings, in the Eternal Divine Path, in the Communities of Light, coming together, helping, and being in an environment which makes you to come out of this external world and destructive force, it encourages people to celebrate life, celebrate unity, and celebrate all the religions of the world that have come to them.

It is the time to come together and create the Communities of Light, follow the Eternal Divine Path, teach humanity this teaching that God said no one knows the truth until this Seventh Revelation comes. When the Seventh Revelation comes, it explains that each of these religions that God sent to you, human, is a part of Eternal Divine Path. The Eternal Divine Path is the Path to salvation for every man, woman, and child; individually and collectively for the whole humanity.

This is the Message that we have to emphasize, bring to humanity and make them realize that they are a part of a greater truth. Each of them has a part of the elephant. Each of them has a part of the truth. Of course we have discussed the philosophical points and answered them in this Mission very clearly. People who are interested in those points; they are explained too.

But the most important thing is, at this time, giving this Message to every man, woman, and child so the Jews know that Islam has been prophesied to come, that Christianity was the Messiah they were waiting for, etc., and this is the Seventh Revelation of God.

Each of them has a part of the truth. But the real truth comes only at the end time after the Seventh Angel. So no one out there who explains or claims to have the truth can have it. God clearly says, I am a mystery. You cannot know Me until the Seventh Angel comes.

Therefore not Buddhists, not Hindus, not Christians, not Moslems, not Jews, not Bahais, not Ananda Marga, none of them can say they know the whole truth, because God clearly says you cannot, you do not, and you will not, I will reveal Myself completely, My Plan, at the time of the Seventh Angel and the Seventh Revelation at the end time.

That is where we are at. We are at the end time, and we have to recognize and realize this Message, how important it is, and how we should spread it and bring it to humanity in a greater degree.

Virtual_I_here: As the goal of life is to reach back to the equilibrium (when all creation becomes Divine), it would mean all the creation will reach back to that equilibrium one day?

Maitreya: Yes. That is the goal. That is the Plan of creation. That is exactly how it is. But of course with a little effort on the part of the human, it will be accelerated. Also the whole creation, the Godhead, or Essence, after billions of billions of years, will withdraw and go into an inactive state, or some people say it sleeps.

What happens to those parts that did not reach to the equilibrium and Light when that time comes? Would they stay in the frozen universe, in the state of darkness, with no guidance? That is why the Scriptures are talking about the hell and there is going to be suffering.

Therefore it is not an open-ended invitation to return to Godhead. Although the time limit is very expanded for millions of billions of years, still there is a limit in the time to return back home. So there is urgency. There is not that feeling of, Oh OK, we are all going to go back home anyway after a couple of billions of years. So why hurry? Lets have fun right now and not get on with the Plan.

But there is a time limit. So there is urgency. That is why God created the creation; God tries to send His Spirit to the world. That is why He struggled with the darkness. He created the Eternal Divine Path.

He sent the teachers to man to teach them. He sent the Prophets to bring His Words to humanity and tell them, Follow My Commandments. Create the Kingdom. Make Me the focus of your life.

Why? God has a big ego that He wants you to be focused on Him? No, He is Light. The more you are focused on Light, the sooner you escape out of darkness. It is just like you being in a long dark tunnel and there is only one little light at the end of it, and the only way you can escape out of that tunnel or cave or darkness is to go to that spot.

Where are you going to look, all over the place to the darkness around the tunnel or cave, or are you going to concentrate on that little spark of Light that you know is your salvation out of that darkness? That is why God demands, You have to have your focus on Me. I become your Master. I will become your Focus.

That is what God is demanding, why? Is He on an egoistical trip that He needs our focus and attention? No, He is the Light. That is how you can escape from this darkness, by focusing on God.

Therefore you can see that God has put urgency in His Message, in His Endeavor, in His Tasks by sending all these Revelations to man. For what? Because there is a limit in returning back home to Godhead.

The more we procrastinate, the more we put it off, the more we become engaged with the external world or our own attachments or desires or little wants, or fears, the more we will go away from the Essence, and we will focus on the darkness instead of Light.

But the focus has to be on that Spot of Light that lets you go out of this darkness and external world. How do you do it? Can you do it by yourself?

You are with a group of people and you all want to go out of that cave. The rule is, if you go by yourself to that Light, the door will be shut, and you are not going to go out. But if you bring the whole group with you, the door will be opened and all of you can go out together.

So it is a collective endeavor. It is a collective march toward that Light. If you try to go to that Light by yourself, God clearly says, I am going to spew you out of My Mouth. I will not let you to come in.

That is why He teaches, the next step after meditation and trying to understand yourself, is the Communities of Light. Actually you know yourself in a much greater degree if you are in the Communities of Light. It is easy to be by yourself at the top of the mountain, meditate, feel good, and say, How great I am.

It is another thing to live with another eleven people in unity in a community. You have to deal with the other eleven people, and after a while they will let you know what your shortcomings are. So you accelerate yourself, of course, if you listen, if you are willing to let your ego go and progress in the community.

Therefore Communities of Light not only create an environment for physiological and safety needs, it is a great school for the seeker to see themselves in a much greater degree and put the light on themselves and others, and march together toward the salvation. So this is another thing humanity has to realize, they cannot go by themselves.

How many people were meditating in the mountains, walking around naked, and putting ashes on themselves in some cultures, like the Indian culture? How many people reached Pure Consciousness?

Even Buddha lived like a hermit, or with a complete denial of physiological and safety needs for a while. One day he heard a boatman who was talking about how important it is not to tie the boat too hard, because if you do that, the rope will break; or if you tie it too loose, the knot will open. In both cases the boat will be taken away from the shore by the water, and you are going to lose it. You have to tie it just right.

That is exactly what we teach here, the middle Path. The middle Path is not to deny completely your physiological and safety needs, become naked, put ashes on your head, and go to the mountains and never come back. You may think you are great, that you are going to reach salvation, and you are not so attached to this external world that it becomes your master.

You can enjoy the external world as long as it is not your master and as long as you can share with everyone else to progress at the same time. So the Path is the middle Path. The Path is the Path of the Eternal Divine Path. So you can see again that the Eternal Divine Path accelerates human progress in many, many ways.

Of course the human is not completely ready yet for the Eternal Divine Path and the Communities of Light. Ego is amazingly stubborn, and humanity has a long way to go to rid themselves of that ego.

That is why we have been at it for the last twenty-five years and still we are pushing this idea every week and every day in PalTalk and in many other ways for humanity to recognize, this is the Plan of God. This is the Way to salvation. This is how you bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

If you can see the truth in it completely then you are the messenger for this Message. You are the second level, or the third level, or the fourth level.

But always refer man to God. Do not let them become attached to you. Do not become in the way of the salvation of man. Refer them to the Essence. Refer them to where the Truth is: God, His Revelation, His Scriptures, His Words.

Rid yourself of your own understanding but let Gods Spirit and Understanding fill you up and replace what you know, and let Him fill you up with the greater understanding, which is beyond any intellectual realization or curiosity.

Intellectual people ask the question, Who is God, or what is God?

How many people have tried to answer this question and they never succeeded? So there are some people or many people who still say they believe in God. What is the difference between those who explain It and those who believe in It and have faith?

God is a feeling. God is an experience. God is a relationship. That is why in a sense the Mission is not a religion. It is not a bunch of dogmas that we believe in and then we can say, OK I am Divine because I believe that the Seventh Angel is going to come. That is it, I am Divine.

You cant say, I am Divine because I know the Eternal Divine Path. You cant say, I am Divine because I read THOTH, or I know Maitreya very closely. I sat with Him, I talked to Him, and I know Him. Therefore I am Divine.

The only way you can become Divine is by following the Eternal Divine Path. It is a Path. It does not have any dogma. You either follow it or you do not.

If you follow it, you become Divine. You have no choice. You meditate, you awaken your spiritual forces, you realize yourself, you contemplate, you see yourself clearly, your strengths and your weaknesses, and you accept any (or actually welcome) any input from others in accelerating yourself to knowing yourself and ridding yourself of any psychological or spiritual problems you might have.

Then you create the Communities of Light, or join a community and become a productive member of the community.

I received a lot of letters, or e-mails, or inquiries that, I am a great person, and a great spiritual being. I have had such and such experience. I just need a place to meditate and be taken care of, and if you are the person you say you are, then you should be doing this for me.

Actually I am not that kind of person, and I am not for those who are looking for a place to take care of them.

We teach here that you should be taking care of yourself, to be a productive member of the community rather than expecting the community to take care of you. That is much greater in spiritual progress.

So we can realize this is an all-out struggle together to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, to progress in a greater degree in our Path. The way has been shown, and the Revelation has been given.

Now is the time really for humanity to grow up, to go away from Maya, to rid themselves of their ego. As we just saw in that comic strip, ego is so hard to be rid of. So many people say, I am a good person. It is beyond being a good person. It is being God actually, being able to let God come through 100% all the time. It is not the state of going up and down either. It is not a roller coaster. It is a steady state of oneness with the Spirit.

Some people say, that it is impossible, just like the disciples of Christ asked Him, Who is going to do it? Why is it difficult? Who is going to make it?

He said that is impossible for man but it is possible for God. It is impossible for man, but in the Communities of Light the more God comes to people and through people, it becomes easier and easier for them.

Right now we are bringing this light in the darkness. Humanity teaches, To be number 1, just watch out for yourself, be selfish and self-centered, and grab any material thing you can from this external world because that is all there is in life. There is no spiritual world. There is no afterlife. You are here to just satisfy all your physiological and safety needs, and enjoy whatever is offered in the external world, and that is what you are here for.

Even those who think they are good people, when they come to the Mission they are amazed that they still have a lot of work to do, to go beyond, I am a good person; I do good things therefore everyone knows I am good. It is beyond being good. It is being God.

That is what the Eternal Divine Path creates. If you follow the Eternal Divine Path, you understand our teachings in a greater degree, and you will become a son of God.

That is the promise that God gave, Whoever overcometh. Whoever overcometh what? Overcometh the ego, that little thing that everyone talks about and everyone knows is a problem, but how to rid themselves of it?

That is how you rid yourself of it, by the Eternal Divine Path, by understanding the Message of God, by realizing that all religions have been sent to give this Message to humanity. They all culminate to this Message: Follow the Eternal Divine Path. Understand Gods Message. Rid yourself of your ego. Meditate. Create an environment that other people also meditate and are comfortable. Sacrifice for it, surrender and submit to God, and become a universalist.

So simple! Five steps. No dogma.

Yes, it sounds simple. It is simple, but it is also very hard because it has the qualities that are against human nature.

Who wants to meditate? My mind is going 100 degrees, all over the place. I do not want to meditate. My mind is very active, and I do not have any good meditations.

Even the bad meditation is a good meditation. I do not want to live with other people. I just want to have a trailer or a house or a something by myself, and sit there and tell myself I feel good about myself; I am great.

The more you start living with others, you start seeing yourself in a greater degree, I am not as calm, collected, loving and everything that I thought I am anymore. I have to deal with another eleven people. You have to modify yourself. You have to meditate more. You have to think how you can be a better person in that environment. As you do that, you become a better person. Your energy becomes more flowing, and your ability to cope and be with other people and live with them increases tremendously.

That is how it used to be. There used to be communities that they lived together, hundreds and thousands of people together. Not only that, In that environment I have to sacrifice, I have to give up myself to it. Not only sacrifice but my example is Christ. I have to crucify my ego, my lower nature, my longings, my desires, and my things.

After that, you surrender and submit to God. Each step is absolutely against human nature. Then, You mean I no longer belong to any specific country, or culture, or religion? OK, I am a universalist, and I have to see everyone in the light of being a part of God.

How many rooms have you seen in PalTalk that they are saying, We are better than you, our religion is better than your religion, and we are in a better place than you are.

So you can see that is another step of the human who is on the Path of expanding themselves to become a part of God and going out of the darkness. The Eternal Divine Path is the Light of the world. It is the Path to salvation of man. It is the Path that God went through Himself.

It is eternal because it leads to eternity. It is Divine because it makes you Divine. And it is Path; it is a Way. There is no dogma. There is nothing of dogma in it.

So if you know our teachings, you can see even the system that has been created and presented, the way the history has been guided to this point, how the four classes of humans interact with each other and create different periods of the history for man. There is nothing left that is not explained by God through this Revelation.

The only thing left for humanity now is to see this Vision, to study the teaching, to realize Gods Way and the Plan, and how He works and He has been working to this point. Now it is the end time.

As He has revealed, when the Seventh Angel comes, when the Revelation of the Seven Seals is revealed, when the Seventh truth comes, that is the end of this period. So it is a historical event that is happening in this Mission, with this Revelation, to humanity. Their way to salvation and going out of this chaos that they have created is the Eternal Divine Path, the Revelation of the Seven Seals, and the Seventh Angel. And it is for all humanity.

I am not here to create a cult. I am not here to gather a few people in one place and tell them, No, they out there are bad. You inside the cult are good, and separate you from them and create such an environment that they will fall in on themselves as a warped star.

Actually we encourage people to go out there in the world and be in the world but not of it. So it is very expanding. It is very open to the whole humanity. It is a message every man, woman, and child should hear at least once.

That is what we are doing here in PalTalk and many other outlets. PalTalk is only one of the outreaches we use to reach out. We have the website, we have the fax, telephone, e-mail, mail, and hopefully all of you also reach out to whomever you contact.

As our numbers increase and more people will reach out, we eventually will cover the whole humanity in six or seven levels of reaching out. It is not really that hard. If each of you reach twelve people or ten people, and those each reach ten people, we can cover the earth in six to seven levels of preaching and reaching out.

When we give them this Message, we are free. We have no attachments to them. It is up to them. It is between them and God.

Our work is done. The work of the Messenger is to give the Message. If I give this Message to you and you give it to them, my work is done; so is yours. As my work is done, you know the Message. You have read THOTH, you have been on the website. You have heard me many times explaining the Eternal Divine Path, and how each religion is a part of a greater truth called the Eternal Divine Path, and how that Eternal Divine Path works.

I am done! When you do or explain the Eternal Divine Path to other people, you are done with them. You are not attached to them.

Of course if they came back and they want to know more, they want to become involved, they want to become a contact, they want to be translating the website to German, or Arabic, or any other language, you will love them, you will help them, and you will try to be teaching them greater truth.

Even those who love the Mission and the Eternal Divine Path, when they come close to me, they still see that there is much more truth that they did not consider. So coming close to me also is going to be a little difficult for those people who want the greater truth because God demands absolute detachment from this external world, and absolute attachment to Him, or Her, or It.

That, a lot of people are not ready to do. They are good people. They are very good people. But as we said we want to create God-people, beyond good people. That means no attachment to the external world. It does not mean you do not have a husband, or wife, or children, or home, or anything, but none of them should be your master, or family, or father, or mother. The only Master you should have is God.

Have them, love them, and be with them but they should not become an obstacle in your way to God. If they are helping you, that is great. If you have a husband or wife or father, mother, or their family, or anything that helps you to go to God in a greater degree, that is great. You are a very lucky person.

But if you do not, love them, be with them, but never let them, anything, stay between you and God.

Remember the hierarchy of beings. First is God. Second is your spiritual teacher who takes you to God. If you have a spiritual teacher who takes you to himself and attaches you to himself, and makes you a couple of cheap miracles and makes you to be attached to them, run. Do not stay with them.

So the next people, after the spiritual teacher, are the parents. If your parents take you to your spiritual teacher and God, that is great. They are great parents, and you are lucky. But if they do not, love them, cherish them, but go to the spiritual teacher that takes you to God.

And the fourth one is your spouse, your wife, your husband. Then they also should march with you, and at least encourage you and take you to God. So those beings who are in this hierarchy should encourage and help you to go to God.

For-You says he has a question. Why dont you type your question in text? I hope you have been in our website and have studied our teachings, and know something about what we teach here. Otherwise you can ask me to explain to you what we teach.

I hope you know that we claim that this is the last Revelation.

For-You: Can we reach to completeness, or God, by ourselves through books?

Maitreya: The answer is a resounding, no. Books are good. Reading is good. They are intellectual endeavors that sharpen the mind and bring a greater degree of understanding. But as the Bible clearly says, intellect is like that little book that is sweet in your mouth but it is bitter in your stomach; it is in The Revelation, chapter 10, the last verse [Rev. 10:8-10].

So intellectual understanding is very sweet and very attractive in the beginning but the more you read, the more you analyze, later on the more confused you become because it expands itself to so many different branches and ways of explaining the same thing.

That is why by explaining and reading you do not reach God. By experiencing you will reach God. To experience God you need The Grace. The Grace makes you to be connected to God and Being, and therefore you seek The Grace.

Of course you also mediate. That is another way to become close to God by meditation. But that is still not alone, complete. You also need Grace even in meditation to realize God in a greater degree.

For-You: How we can reach the experience?

Maitreya: As I said, by meditation, by prayer, by fasting, by desiring to be with God, and by following the Eternal Divine Path, by following our teaching. Our teaching is not just an intellectual understanding or just a book, it is a greater realization by creation of the Communities of Light, meditating, and seeking The Grace.

The Grace was released to humanity when Esa the Christ came to us. Now it is for everyone to reach it, know it, and use it.

For-You: Well, may I know your definition of "reaching God?

Maitreya: Reaching God is becoming one with God. It means you are realizing that your Essence and God is one, that you are already God, but the ego is in your way, like an umbrella cutting you off. When you understand that God indeed is your Essence, then you reach God.

God is not up there, sitting on a chair with a long beard and piercing eyes. He is the Spirit behind the universe. It is the Universal Mind. It is the Essence that everything has been created with. Therefore God is everything.

It is also within you. When you realize that God exists and you do not, then you have reached Him.

For-You: Nice! Then can we say it means our acting like God, or having God's characteristics?

Maitreya: Exactly. Actually that is what the Eternal Divine Path teaches you. By meditation and awakening your spiritual forces, by living in a community and coping with other people, understanding them, realizing them, and having the ability to be with them, to sacrifice in the community, and becoming surrendered and submissive to the Will of God and becoming a universalist, you will have no choice but to show the qualities of God of compassion, love, understanding, gentleness, beauty, and any other great attribute that God has.

Exactly. That is the Goal, to manifest Gods qualities.

For-You: Right, then for sure we should have a model for that.

Maitreya: Yes, the model is Christ. The Christ, the Spirit of God, came to man, to darkness, sacrificed, and went through the Eternal Divine Path. He set that model for humanity to follow. That is the model we have and have had. The Spirit of Christ was coming to humanity through the Messiah, the prophesied Being that God prophesied to come. He has come more than seven times to humanity and showed them the Path to salvation in the last 12,000 years and the beginning of the universe.

Yes, so we do have the model to follow for sure. The qualities of God are the following of the Eternal Divine Path. The goal is to reach Pure Consciousness, the oneness in the Spirit with God, and have an experience and realization directly with Him.

How to do that is to meditate, realize and understand the Mystical Paths. The Mystical Paths cover all the religions that teach unity with God, like Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Saints in Christianity, Sufis, and every other teaching that says, Know thyself to know God, and realize that your Essence and God is One.

That is the beginning. A lot of people think that is the end of the spiritual path, by meditating and becoming a mystic you reach God and like a drop, you fall into the ocean. But clearly God now reveals to humanity that if you by yourself want to go there, He is not going to let you in. You will be spewed out of His Mouth.

So you have no choice. The next step, you have to create the Communities of Light. That is the message of the Old Testament. The whole Old Testament is based on God trying to create a community, which will follow Him and bring His Laws to themselves and create the Communities of Light.

In the Communities of Light, you need to sacrifice. That was the message of Christ. He came and was crucified for His ideal, put on the cross with the nails on his feet and hands, and He released The Grace. So it is easier for man now to reach to that state of sacrifice because you cannot follow the Eternal Divine Path without Grace.

After you sacrifice, you might become attached to the result of your actions or your ego comes in; either you become too elated or depressed.

The next step is surrendering and submission to God. That is the message of Islam. Surrendering means you surrender the result of your action to God, and submission is even greater than surrendering. It means you let God come through.

Then the next step is to shatter every narrowness of the mind and become a universalist. That was the message of Bab and Bahaullah.

These are the five steps that will make you a son of God, or an Elect, and that is the message of the Sixth Seal.

Now this is the Seventh Seal, which is the teaching we brought to humanity.

For-You: For being like a model, that model should be viewable. We should see it. We should not have a fantasia model.

Maitreya: OK, All right. Can you explain that in a greater degree, what you mean by that, For-You?

Well, all the Prophets of God were humans who came to man. They were viewable. They were not a fantasy. Christ was not a fantasy. Moses was not a fantasy. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, none of them were fantasies. Adam was not a fantasy.

They were all men. They were humans who God chose and were sent to humanity. But they were viewable.

For-You: I mean for taking those characteristics, we should see them now. For example if we talk about the kindness of God, right now we should see it. Those are past.

Maitreya: Well, yes you have those examples but the most important is you create those characteristics. Those characteristics exist as a part of God.

For-You: Otherwise how can we experience that?

Maitreya: You experience through direct connection with God in your meditation.

The Prophets, those models, have brought the message to you, to humanity. They have shown the way to reach that state that you can be connected to God and therefore manifest those qualities through yourself.

Of course the Prophets, the Messengers, the Messiah always sets an example for everyone else. He does not ask everyone else to do what He did not do Himself. He does not ask you to become detached from your family, or your environment, or your culture unless He has done it Himself.

So therefore the example has been put forward. Now it is for you to see that example and follow.

For-You: But you know even in philosophy for connection of two different levels, one low and one high, you need an interface, a level in-between.

Maitreya: Yes, that is exactly why you meditate. That is why you seek The Grace of God. God is very high level and your interface is that dedication, the Word of God, the Scriptures, the Messiah, the examples they have set for you.

Christ set an example for you. Moses set an example for you. Prophet Muhammad set an example for you. Abraham, Isaac, Israel, all, Adam, Bab, Bahaullah, Baba. Hopefully I set an example for all of you to follow.

But the eventual achievement is, you connect yourself directly to God because that is the highest. That is the highest level. No matter how low you are, you are going to be pulled up to that height.

Still the Prophets, the Messengers, and the Messiah are humans. They have a human part. But if you connect yourself to the Spirit directly, you are connected to the highest possible.

OK we will end our session for this week here, since there are not many questions. I hope still we can convey this Message in a greater degree to all of you.

You are welcome, For-You. I hope you received some of your answers here. And go to our website. Everyone should read our teachings and see how wonderful they are, and how wonderfully you can help humanity to go to a greater degree in this great evolutionary step where, for the first time, ego can be overcome with everyone, at least those Chosen Ones. Hopefully we can bring a unity to humanity and Oneness to all of us.

Sal-OM everyone. See you next week.

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