MAITREYA, Conversations with


Maitreya: Good morning. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreya. This room is for Conversation about the Mission of Maitreya and the new Revelation that has come to humanity.

We can explore together this new teaching, and we will look at it to see how much truth has come to man. As God has promised, when this Revelation comes to humanity, the whole truth will be revealed. Indeed it is done. The amount of the truth that has come to humanity is amazing, and it has explained and resolved all the questions that humans have had for the last 12,000 years and the problems they had about explaining them and realizing them. They can now come to understand why there are so many differences between religions and why God sent many different religions with different messages.

Some people think there is a lot of conflict between religions, and they have created most of the problems for humanity. But now we understand that that is not the truth. Indeed all the Revelations from God and religions are complimentary, and each of them compliments the other Revelations. When you put them together you see the whole picture and the truth that God has been revealing to man for the last 12,000 years.

In this period of time many beings have been progressing spiritually, and they have reached the point that now God can call them as Elects, or Chosen people, or those who have gone beyond. These people are the ones that all the Scriptures call the Elects, the Chosen Ones, the salt of the world, and many ways have been explained to humanity that indeed they exist; they are the Chosen of God.

Even these Chosen still have their own ideas, their personalities, their egos, their own realizations, and I have found out that changing these tendencies and basic characters of the people, beliefs, and egos is the hardest thing to do, to make their ego go and let God come through them. It is very difficult for them to give up that ego.

That is why I am not surprised God gave them one more thousand years to overcome those tendencies, eventually become egoless, represent God, and let God come through instead of they come through. That is the whole idea. The whole idea is to reach a point that we are connected to God directly, and we manifest and let Him and His energy come through us so we do not exist. We do not take any credit but we obey and understand the Will of God, which is good for us. It is really our Essence.

It is not that God needs for us to connect ourselves to Him, or let Him come through, or we do not exist or He does and we do not have any ego but God is purely coming through us It is for us. It is good for our spiritual progress to become one with our own Essence and return to Godhead.

That is the goal of life. The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, to be(come) one with God.

Humanity has been resisting that, or not the humanity, but the whole ego, or the unit consciousnesses in the universe, have been resisting it for billions of years. What is one thousand years? It does not sound very much in comparison to thirteen or fourteen billion years that the universe has been in existence.

Therefore we can see that we are dealing with the ego that it has been resisting this transformation. But at least 144,000 people have succeeded to come very close to want to let their ego go and let God come through, and become a pure channel for God and dedicate themselves to their progress and also other peoples progress.

That is another teaching that this Mission teaches, that our progress is based on everyone elses. We cannot go to God, we cannot go to the Essence by ourselves but we are responsible for the rest of the universe.

Also the Bible clearly says, The first will be last, and the last will be first. So the one who has reached Pure Consciousness first will come back again and again and guide humanity, or reveal to humanity the Will of God and teach them, not only to work on themselves but to work on others as well to help all come to Pure Consciousness.

Others does not mean a nation, a people, or only us, but the whole universe. You have to expand your mind to help the whole universe back to God.

So those who want to go to God by themselves by meditation, yoga, and all those techniques that the Mystical Paths have given them and they think they can go to God by themselves, God clearly says, I will spew you out of My Mouth. It is in The Revelation and if you read Revelation of The Revelation, the explanation of chapter three in our teachings, it clearly says that He is not going to let you in. That is why those yogis and others who have been meditating and trying to become a drop and fall into the ocean have to come back again and again and eventually realize they have to help the rest of the universe to go to God also.

That is why God reveals the Second Step in His Plan, and that is the creation of the Communities of Light. The Communities of the Light have been revealed to humanity through the Old Testament and the Hebrews. They have been a community that God wanted them to accept Him as their sole authority and the Revealer of the Truth, and the Laws for them to live by.

The whole Old Testament shows the struggle of God with the humans and their ego, and how they resisted Him, they replaced Him with the regular human kings and they would not listen. Therefore they have been going through a lot of tribulation and suffering. The history of these people has become a great part of the human experience for the last 12,000 years, at least for the last 6,000 years.

According to our teachings, it clearly says why and how they have been chosen, and to this point they have been set as an example for humanity that the goal is to follow Gods Way. Otherwise according to the set-up of the universe, there will be repercussions and karmic torment that will come to them.

The Hebrews and the Jews were chosen to become an example for man to realize that, Yes, we have to create a community. We have to help one another, and create an environment that everyone can progress physically, mentally, and spiritually.

How can we create such communities? To create such communities we have to sacrifice and give of ourselves into the communities. That was the message of Christ or Christianity. Therefore not only we cannot go to God ourselves alone, in helping others also to come with us we have to follow this Path, the Path of the awakening of our spiritual forces, creation of the Communities of Light, sacrifice, etc.

Now we sacrifice and we become attached to the result of our actions. We fall because we are attached to the result. We do the action and become attached to the result. That is how the ego craving is. Ego craves for attention, for rewards, for acknowledgements, for being accepted, for being told he is OK.

That is, of course, a problem and we will face that problem all of our lives. So in order to overcome that craving, that problem, we have to surrender the result to God. Even better than that is submission, that means to let God come through us. Either way we no longer have that craving because we know we are not the doer and therefore we do not crave for attention, for acknowledgement, for whatever that ego desires. That is the message of Islam, surrendering and submission.

Therefore surrendering and submission is to rid ourselves of ego, to absolutely let God come through, and become one with God. Therefore we overcome the tendencies of ego, which is a problem for us and for the earth.

One of the problems of the ego is ambition. Another is domination. Another is depression. The reason for depression is that our expectations have not been fulfilled. That is, our expectation is the ego-expectation that it craves to have something for what it has done, or it expects, and then it does not receive it in life. It becomes depressed. Of course it has a chemical reason too but it also has a psychological reason for it.

Therefore with surrendering and submission, we can overcome the psychological depression easily by understanding that, Well, we surrender and submit to God. We do our best, but we surrender and submit ourselves to Him.

We surrender the result, and we become mindful to let God come through us all the time. Of course, to let God come through us all the time also can be of three kinds as everything is of three kinds in the universe: from ignorance, passion, or knowledge.

If we think God is coming through us but we do not do a perfect job, then we are in delusion because God is perfect and God does a perfect job. Therefore if we think that God is coming through but what we do is not perfect, we have to sit back, meditate, and say, Well, maybe I am not letting God come through, and I am taking my ego as being God. I am still craving. I am still domineering. I am still ambitious. I am still having all the tendencies of ego. How can God come through? I still have all this with me.

Of course as we said, we are not looking for perfect people. We are looking for the Elects. They are pretty close. They are better than 99% of humanity. They want to go to God. They have been meditating. They like the idea that, yes, God exists, and maybe they even have had some small experiences with Him. When they go toward God, they progress little by little and they learn to follow the Eternal Divine Path.

Even then we might still not expand our consciousness to cover the whole universe, and we might become narrow in our approach. That is where the universalism comes in, and we have to expand ourselves in a greater degree to become a universalist. That, of course, shatters all narrowness of the mind.

OK LammyOsity is asking:

LammyOsity: Is there life out there besides on earth? Do they come here, and if so, are they called jinns? Thank you.

Maitreya: It is the Koran that talks about jinns, and they are supposed to be the people made of fire and they are different than us. The stories of other beings that humans have seen in history have come to us from all cultures.

All these things, are they beings from other levels of consciousness, or ethereal beings, or are they space people who have come to earth? Well, the answer usually is, that unless you have seen them, that explanation really does not make that much of a difference. The answer to the question if they really exist or not, is: Have you seen them?

The possibility that there are other beings and life exists besides that on earth is greater than not because we know that wherever the environment supports life usually it will manifest itself. There are many places in the universe that it does have the ability to support life.

Actually the possibility that Mars was the planet that did support life is great, and there is a theory that even some of the beings that live now on earth might have come from other planets and they have come to earth. Because we know that life probably started in Africa on earth, but how come we have the other races? Where did they come from? Did the African people travel and became the white man, the red man, and the yellow man?

So if Africa was the birthplace of the human beings, then where did the other races come from? So there is a possibility. Also there is evidence of amazing thinking or structures in South America that you cannot see them while you are on the ground. But you can easily see them when you are in the airplane, or when you are in the sky. What are they for? Who created them that they can only be seen from the sky? They should have had the ability to go to the sky to look at them. How did they do that?

Even the pyramids, the way they have been built and they way they have been structured could have been beyond the capability of the man at that time. By themselves they have been the topic of discussion for years. There is much speculation as to how they came about. But for the human at that time, building those amazing structures is beyond regular understanding how it was done. And of course, there have been many explanations.

So there are many signs that there seems to be some connection to other beings in the universe. As I said, the probability and possibility of other beings being in the universe is greater than not. The details of it, as long as we have not seen them, we have not found them, it is something that is not that important.

The important thing is to bring the Kingdom of God on earth, to grow ourselves to a point that even if there are some beings out there we can be on equal footing with them. When they come to us we can cooperate instead of being dominated by them, or being like insects compared with what they are.

So the whole idea, first, is for the human to mature, progress, and make a peaceful place on earth. Then we will find out if there is anything out there.

Beeping is asking,

Beeping: Do you support the governments in the world that are creating wars, and, do you support the New World Order? Thank you, oh, and have you heard or read the book OAHSPE? Thanks.

Maitreya: I do not know what that book is, so I cannot give any comment on it. What do you mean by the New World Order? The only order I know is Gods Order, and that is what we support.

Do we support the governments that create wars? War has to be executed in a very limited sense and that also has to be after talking, negotiation, and with the fair exchange of ideas and expectations of the people, and eventually creating an environment that people can resolve their problems without creating friction or dominating one another by creating an earth that every man, woman, and child have their physiological and safety needs taken care of.

But we are not connected, if you are talking about the UN, we are not connected to the UN. Actually there is a movement that they want to create a united world; I do not know if it is a part of the UN. There is a gentleman who calls himself Rockefeller, and he is the head of that organization. They did contact me, and they wanted me to become their spiritual advisor. But my connection is only to God, and I am calling the Elects only, those who want to see the true Kingdom of God come to earth.

We welcome any people or organization that they want to come, join us, help, and be a part of this by understanding the Eternal Divine Path and creation of the Communities of Light. But we do not join any earthly organization because our organization is not earthly.

So in answer to your question, if you are talking about the New World Order according to the UN, no, we are not a part of that or support that at all. We only support the Word of God, Scriptures, and His Prediction of the coming of His Kingdom. We believe that is what is going to happen.

No matter how bad things look at this time, eventually humanity has to reach a point that no earthly organization, no earthly ideas, and no human endeavors can bring the peace, unity, and tranquility that we crave, but God, His Scriptures, and His Words. If humans can understand that, we can come together easily and help to bring the Communities of Light.

Our system is based on the Communities of Light. It is based on people, on humans. It is based on me and you and the grassroots movement. It is not based on an international organization that has human ideas.

And of course the governments on earth, all are made up of the people who have egos. They are not Paravipras. They are not realized people who have reached Pure Consciousness. They have their own egos. They have their own agendas. They have their own political ideas. That is when the problems start, when one ego wants to deal with another ego. There are always problems. If an ego wants to deal with another ego, there are all those cravings, misunderstandings, expectations, and ego-superiority feelings that come in. If the negotiation comes to a point, they cannot agree, which usually egos do not agree.

Even when two people marry, they cannot agree with each other after a while because each ego wants to dominate, to change, to turn things around, to make the environment according to their wanting. The other ego also wants the same things for themselves and that is why they cannot negotiate or live together peacefully, and that is when the problems start.

Now make that in a greater degree on a world scale. The leaders want to do the same thing, and each leader wants to create an environment according to what they want to see happen. That is when the dictators, or dictatorships, start. The individual little by little bends everything to their own understanding, feelings, wanting, and eventually they become dictators. Everyone else has to follow their whims and will, and God is out.

So the whole idea is to bring God and to see what is His Way and His Revelation in the Scriptures, and how He says we can have peace, unity, and oneness. If we can do that, then human misunderstanding and ego is out, and everyone will agree because they do not follow their own understandings but Gods understanding.

That is, of course, the problem on earth at this time, and it is not going to resolve. It is not going to finish with the last war because the last war will be raised with the people who want to create everything according to their understanding. Other people might conform to them for a while, but as they become powerful also, they eventually will say, No, we are not going to listen to you; now everyone listen to us, and this is going to go on forever.

So with this understanding, we realize that Gods Way is the only Way. He has revealed His Way in the Scriptures, and His Kingdom will come. That is the promise all through the Scriptures, and He has kept His promise to Abram, Abraham, Moses, Prophet Muhammad, and to all the Great Beings that were connected to God and received Revelation from God. God eventually said His Kingdom will come. Therefore that is our salvation, that is our understanding, and that is our work.

At this time we have people who are from different religions, they have different ideas, and they have different backgrounds and egos. Therefore we can see that a few people really understand what we are revealing to them. After twenty years, still very few people have really mastered the teachings that have come to humanity and still they think like humans instead of thinking like a person who lets God come through.

But more and more people will hear this Message, they will go to our website, they will have our books, they will read them, they will understand them, and they will eventually become masters of many topics that have been covered in this Mission, from the spiritual aspect to the community creation, to networking between these communities, and creation of the facilitating body and the hierarchy in the organization. Eventually humanity will see that the only way out is Gods Way.

We do not have to fight with anyone. We do not have to take guns and become militant with anyone. We have to teach them these wonderful things and make them realize that it is good for them. It is not for us.

If they are resisting us, if they are thinking we are the anti-Christ, or we are cooperating with the UN, and we are bringing the New World Order according to a human understanding, they will see we are not. We are absolutely concentrated on God, His Revelation, and His Scriptures. We know we are correct, and we are the ultimate winner in this struggle because God said that we will be.

In the Scriptures God clearly revealed that His Kingdom will come. The things that we are seeing on earth at this time are temporary things. They are something that humanity has to go through. They are the birth pains or growth pains to the new age or Golden Age coming. In that Golden Age, every man, woman, and child will be provided their physiological and safety needs. Therefore they can accelerate their progress toward becoming one with God.

The children will be taught from very beginning how God promised all these promises to humanity and how He has fulfilled them. They will be taught, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, to be One with God, to be good, to be a part of the community, sharing, caring, and being more than craving ego that the only thing it wants is its own little world and support.

So men and women will be growing in an environment that they will be free of any fears, attachments, and desires. It will be a pure and beautiful place that will support the human to his highest potential and degree.

That is the way of God. Humans have to go back to Godliness, goodness, and the higher things. That is the Vision of the Communities of Light. If we see that Vision, we can clearly see that we want to be a part of it. We want to help humanity.

Also, we believe in reincarnation. You will be back again, and again, and again. If you work now to create such an environment, when you come back next lifetime it is going to be there. It is going to be your support. In the next lifetime you are going to have a much easier life or a much better environment to live in. Therefore you are not just working for other people in this lifetime; you are working for your future as well.

OK Lammy says:

LammyOsity: I know Ive done some really bad things in my life, and Ive asked for forgiveness for all my bad deeds. But I dont feel forgiven.

Maitreya: You have to understand the message of Christianity or Christ, and realize that God has forgiven you if you have really repented, and you have realized that you have done bad deeds and you should not repeat them anymore, and truly, deeply, repent of them.

If you truly repent and realize that God is a forgiving God and He has already forgiven you, then it is easier for you to forgive yourself.

Actually it is easier for a lot of people to forgive others than to forgive themselves. That is where the message of Christianity is so helpful. Christ already has forgiven us and therefore if He has forgiven us, we can forgive ourselves. By forgiving ourselves, we can start anew.

But you really should start anew. You should not go ahead and continue your bad deeds, repent every week, go the priest, and say, I have sinned and please forgive me, over and over and over every week. That is not repentance.

Repentance means you repent and you say, I am sorry. I did a bad thing. You do not even have to go to a priest. You just go to God directly. You do not need a mediator between you and God. You have God in you, and you can go to God directly, meditate, sit or kneel down in the prayer position, and in the deepest part of your being, ask God for forgiveness.

You forgive yourself. If you can remedy your bad deeds, if you can go to the people you have done bad to and reverse the bad action, take that action. Make other people realize that you have changed. You are a new man. You have been born again to the Spirit. You no longer have the ego of man.

If you do that, you surely will be forgiven for your deeds, no matter how terrible they are or they have been. You do not even have to tell us or anyone. Just accept that and go to God, and tell it to God directly and ask for forgiveness. You will see you are already forgiven if you are repentant. God knows your heart.

If you are not, it does not matter how much you repent verbally, it does not make any difference. The most important thing is to truly cleanse your heart, to truly believe that you are a changed man, you are not a carnal man any more but you are in the spirit and your heart cannot follow the carnal cravings that it had before.

If you reach there, you have truly been born to Spirit and God, and you are a good Christian because that is what the Christians are supposed to do, to be born again, to be born into the Spirit instead of being in the flesh, or the ego.

So the way out is open. The door is wide open to all men, women, and children to go back to God. The only thing you need is to turn around, to be baptized. That is what baptism means, to turn around, to decide that, Yes, my heart wants to be with God. My being wants to be a channel for Him. I want to be in the Spirit. I have had enough of this world, and anytime I do a bad deed it affects me more than anyone else. I really do not hurt anyone. I hurt myself. If you realize that, you do not want to hurt yourself.

Also by hurting other people, if you realize God is everything, if you hurt anyone else, you are hurting yourself. They are a part of your body; they are a part of God. If they are a part of God, how can you hurt them? How can you be conducting bad deeds?

A bad deed means we have done it to someone else. But if we realize that they are a part of God also, we cannot do those things anymore.

So again, go and learn our teachings, learn Gods Way and the Spirit, and become that Spirit. Cleanse your life to the highest. Therefore you can feel the flow of the Spirit through yourself and then you cannot do bad deeds. You will be invited to go to the consciousness of joy and happiness, oneness, and unity. When the time of leaving the body comes, you will no longer be attached to it, and you will enter that state of unity and beauty, easily, with no problems.

So that is the goal of the life. The goal of the life is when the time comes and we want to leave our body, we are ready for it absolutely. Actually you enjoy entering that Consciousness permanently.

You will come back again and again and help humanity but each time it becomes easier as you become more Godly. Therefore God does not look at us as what we do; He looks at us as who we are, the Essence. Our past is all forgiven. But the future should be full of the Spirit of God and unity with Him.

This is the advice for everyone, to become more Spirit, and that will bring unity to humanity if they understand these truths of life. You are not the physical body. Even the scientists are realizing there is more in the universe than this manifested world.

This manifested world is a very small part of a greater Presence of something that they do not understand. They call it the dark energy or dark matter. Actually they should call that light matter, and call this creation dark matter but they have it reversed. That is how intellect is; intellect often misses the depth of things instead of having it correctly.

That dark matter or energy that they are talking about is the unmanifested universe. That is actually the goal of this universe, to return to that state. They do not understand it, why this matter works against the universe, actually tries to tear it apart. But if they understand that part is actually the Essence and that is when the universe is trying to return, they would realize that it is more real and permanent than this manifested world, which is temporary.

So again the scientists are becoming closer and closer to understand the base of this universe that we were talking about for the last twenty-five years, that we have a spiritual world that is more permanent than this external world and this external world is not our natural state. This is an unnatural, temporary state for humanity. The more we become attached to it, the more we think it is the reality, and the more we go away from the Essence. Then they even call that Essence the dark matter, which is really the Light, not the dark matter.

By repentance, by purification, by understanding the Spirit, by meditation, by prayer, by turning around, by concentrating and wrapping our life into God and the Spirit, we will turn around. We will be baptized. We will go to God. We will go to Spirit.

Therefore that is the goal of the life. The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(come) Divine. That Divinity (God) Is Everything.

If we recognize that, then we wrap our life to that Spirit and God, and we turn around and we go toward that Spirit. The more we do that, the more we realize that we need other people to support that kind of lifestyle, that kind of understanding, and we will call others who also want to put their life based on this understanding, to turn around. The more we seek them, the more we can find those who want their life to be based on God.

Then when we can create the community out of these people who will listen to the same calling: To return to the Essence, to return to the Light. When we come together, we will create greater Light and we will shine in a greater degree. That is the Communities of Light. That is the base of the Kingdom of God on earth.

Therefore not only purify yourself and purify your environment, also seek those who want to do the same thing. Come together. Create groups and communities based on this realization and desire, and call them the Communities of Light. Connect them to each other and create a networking of the Communities of Light, and let these communities eventually manifest the system that has been provided for humanity on earth.

Do not be attached to any external world or the worldly systems, because they are all man-made. Whatever is man-made is connected to human ego. There is always going to be trouble or problems later on.

The only way is the Way that has been revealed by God. It is not going to be on earth until this Revelation comes. So any system, any idea, any understanding, any realization before this system or this realization, we know is narrow and is based on human understanding. Human understanding is based on ego, and ego creates problems. Never can it be perfect because if it was perfect, it would not be here. It would be in the Essence, One with God. Therefore, seek the truth of the Scriptures and the Revelation of God that has come to us.

Clearly He has been talking about these things all through history and for the last 12,000 years in the Scriptures, and now it is explained in THOTH, in The Holiest Of The Holies. If you go there and you understand The Holiest Of The Holies, you will understand Gods Plan.

LammyOsity: I can see ego in sports as well.

Maitreya: Of course, as we said, what are sports? Sports are man-made to feel good about themselves for a very short period of time. They involve watching television or going to the game, yelling, and forgetting themselves for a moment, and that feels good to the ego.

Actually that is the craving of man, to forget about themselves. They really want to forget about themselves. They really do not like their egos because ego is depression, ego is destruction, ego is anger, ego is abomination, and ego is all the problems on earth.

Therefore if I can watch the games or go to the games for a couple of hours, what is going to happen to me? I am going to forget about myself, wont I? That is really a meditation, kind of a not thinking about self but something else.

Of course because it is a gross meditation, it does not take them to God. It takes them to a more egoistical feeling of superiority or they have done something special. They feel great because someone else won the game. Actually that is another part of the ego that it feels great because of something external of themselves.

I am great because someone in the past history in my people were great, or, I am great because something externally is great, or, My team won. I am great because my team won.

What about you? Do not connect yourself to something external to feel good about yourself. If you want to progress, meditate on yourself, who are you in this equation? What have you done that is great?

If you concentrate on that, then your greatness comes from within you and you will not let something external make you feel great. Whatever is external and makes you feel good is based on your ego, is egoistical persuasion.

LammyOsity: I never could get into football.

Maitreya: So these are the things you have to teach those that they feel good by going or feeling good with something out of themselves. There are still people in some countries that they feel good about themselves because their history was great 2,000 years ago. So what? It was 2,000 years ago; it is done. It is finished. Now what? At this moment, who are you?

Do you have anything in you that you are proud of? Can you think and say, Yes, I know God. I am Spirit, and I am struggling to purify myself to understand Gods Way. I am progressing. I am physically, mentally, and spiritually endeavoring in a greater degree, and that is what I am proud of.

Not, I am proud because my team won, or, Someone else out there did something that I feel good about, or, Someone in the past was a great personality, or, My nation or my culture was great 2,000 years ago, or 500 years ago, or whatever. These are all ego.

You can see how tricky the ego is, that some people probably feel, Oh why? These are all a part of life. No, they are a part of ego. Anything external, out of you, that makes you feel good is a part of ego.

It is also for sports. That is why people love sports and want them, because they make them feel great. Sports make them think they are great. Ego by itself feels very unworthy and low, etc.

The only way for you to feel good is when you let God come through. You see He is Perfect, He is Great, and you are a part of Him, or God, and the universe, or the Essence. Therefore you are great.

You are a part of God, and that is how you feel good. Then if you meditate more and more and realize that, you need less and less those external crutches, external stimulation, external desires and wants, things that people hang onto with their lives. Actually they fight with one another and create wars because, My way is different than your way. In another sense it is, My way to feed my ego is different than your way to feed your ego.

But if I feed from God and you feed from God, is there any difference? The culture differences, the opinion differences, and idea differences are all done. We are all having the same culture. We are all having the same Source. We are having the same way of seeing this universe, and therefore we can become closer to each other and overcome any culture or background that we might have.

So again you can see that ego is amazing. It has so engrossed humanity that they cannot even see it is ego. It is not the goal of their lives. They are not here to be attached to these external things. They are here to go to the Spirit in a greater degree.

Beeping: TV does a good job of keeping the mind distracted. The Internet is good because it give us free will to choose, not be controlled like other media.

Maitreya: That is true. That has some truth in it.

Of course they are trying to even bring the Internet to that state of changing your mind. Right now I am giving this Satsang, and at the very top in the banner it tells me that, I need to buy a VHS player and a DVD, that is the goal of my life, and if I do not have them, I am not worthy. I am not good enough. If I do not have all those things, I am not worth anything. I have to keep up with the Jones. If I do not, then I have failed in my life. I am not successful.

It does not teach you, the goal of the life is to be(come) Divine, become Godly, become one with God. It teaches you to own material things.

Actually the business world probably hates our teachings because our teachings will take you away from those cravings that they have already created in you by advertisements, by absolutely taking your attention, which are your eyes, which are your ears, which are your senses. They have engaged all your senses to their teaching, their understanding, and your senses have responded to them.

Therefore you go to Wal-Mart, or any place that you see a bunch of people are buying things that they really do not need but the advertisements tell them, If you do not have them, you are not good enough. You have to have them. If you wash your dishes with the hands anymore, that is no good. Just buy this thing, wash with it, throw it away, and then you are OK. I am not saying the comforts in life are bad or business is bad but at the same time if it becomes a necessity and an obsession, then we have been taken.

Therefore we have to meditate. That is when you have to close your eyes and take your senses away from this world. Maya is much more powerful and stronger at this time than at any other time in human history. If you are not careful, you will be sucked into this world so badly that you will have no Spirit left in you, and this external world will become your truth and reality.

That is the truth and reality of probably 95% or 99% of humanity. They have forgotten God, and He is out of their life and their system. Therefore they are not here with us. Even our world and teaching seems so strange to them, How could you not watch the super ball on Sunday, or not go and buy all these things that we do not need? It is absolutely strange to their ears.

But how to get back to God? Close your eyes. Close your senses to this stimulation. Watch only the programs that stimulate your understanding in a greater degree. Support that system that helps you to grow.

That is why we are calling the Elects. The Elects are those people who see these things clearly, or at least have this feeling that, This is not it. This external world is not it.

Lammy asking:

LammyOsity: I know the earth is getting ready to have a change. Do you think living in California will be safe?

Maitreya: Well, probably it is not a good idea to live in a place that is on a fault anyway. It has been predicted it will fall into the ocean. If it will or not, as I have said many times, God knows the truth. God knows the future. Only we can be discerning and think what is best for us.

If you do not feel bad about it and you live there, maybe it will not happen, or maybe it will. But if you have a premonition or a feeling it is going to happen, and you have read enough about it and you do not feel good about it, then get out. Go somewhere else. Come to New Mexico [laughing].

This place is going to be the safest place on earth because God brought this Revelation to it. Come here and even it was prophesied that this Revelation would come in a city with a mountain and on a plateau, on the west side of a great river. It is just right there. It has been given to humanity where this Revelation would come, and it has.

Therefore He will not destroy a place that He called the City of Vision. Also, Rio Grande means the great river. We believe this is one of the safest places to be in. If you are here probably even if California falls into the ocean, we will have beachfront property here in New Mexico [laughing].

So it sounds like, if you are not feeling good about being in California, leave and go somewhere else.

VBreezo: Is it safe now?

Maitreya: Well, that is a good question. Is California safe now? Probably God is pushing the good people out of there even if it went bankrupt; it is having financial problems, etc. It probably has high crime and many ideas there that are not Godly also. There is nothing about God there and the way He has been presented to them. So maybe there is a truth in that prediction of Edgar Cayce that California will fall off into the ocean because God will do it.

So that is one of the things you have to decide. I do not predict the future. The future belongs to God. But He already has sent, too, another Prophet, a great Prophet Cayce, that the possibility that that part of the United States will fall into the ocean has been predicted by him.

Furthermore, scientifically also it is possible. We know the Atlanteans fell and were destroyed by being drowned into the ocean. So it is not something that is impossible. There is a possibility still there.

VBreezo: Fires, mudslides, droughts, earthquakes and weirdoes. How safe is that?

Maitreya: [laughing] Good, yes. Well, also they have a pretty bad financial situation.

VBreezo: It is crazy here.

Maitreya: Yes.

Beeping: Yellowstone Park and surrounding areas are dangerous right now.

Maitreya: Why is it dangerous there?

LammyOsity: I had the same dream three times, about waking up being under water.

Maitreya: OK, then. That is a good premonition or feeling, or message to you to leave. It is not a good place to be.

Beeping: Yellowstone is going to erupt.

Maitreya: Yes, it is also at the top of the volcanic area. So that is a possibility that might happen also in Yellowstone. I see what you mean by that. Yes.

So it is an all-around effort by the Spirit to awaken humans to this understanding. This nation and this part of the world has been chosen for a great endeavor to be manifested. That is why it became the melting pot.

No other place on earth is so mixed up with so many different nationalities, languages, and people, and now it is the time to realize this nation, or this part of the earth, has been kept away for a great purpose. That great purpose is the creation of the Communities of Light and bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Actually, the very idea of the people, by the people, for the people, and from the people will only manifest when we create the Communities of Light and the people will emerge as the leaders of the community, and eventually a hierarchy will be formed from these communities.

It has never been manifested. Even in this nation it is not really from the people, by the people, and for the people. It has been a republic. It is not really a democratic society because that is different.

Go ahead Vbreezo.

Vbreezo: Yes, thank you. I just would like to comment about Yellowstone and the doomsday theory. Just as an update, Yellowstone sits on top of the world's largest Caldera. A Caldera is a sunken volcano. The people studying Yellowstone have reported increased thermal activity. The estimates for the next eruption are anywhere from the next six months to 100 years.

There is also a volcano out in the Atlantic off of the west coast of Africa, Cumbre Vieja, in the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands, that the Europeans have been watching very closely because they expect it to slide into the ocean and create a huge tsunami, which will also affect the east coast of the United States, as well as those of Western Europe.

Then of course there is the Planet X theory about Planet X pushing comets into the solar system. They have this arrival and the comets will not hit the earth, but as they pass through the earths orbit, actually the comets tails will cause great disruption on earth.

To wrap it up, there are lot of people who believe we are in the end times and the things that we have to fear most is not the oil crisis, or the war in Iraq, it is the natural disasters. Every time I hear someone talking about this, they ask what can we do to survive, how can we be prepared for this, my answer is always, you cannot really hide, there is no place to run, there is nothing you can do to prepare. It is either, be among those who survive or be among those who do not.

So the only thing I think we can do is prepare ourselves individually, and perhaps following the Eternal Divine Path is the best way to do that so we can make the transition from living in the physical, intellectual world and move more into the spiritual world. I think that is the only chance for survival.

Maitreya: As I said, this area, the New Mexico area, has been chosen as the safest place probably on earth. That is why we encourage everyone to come here, to move to New Mexico and join the community here. Maybe we can become prepared all together instead of individually, because as our teachings say, individual preparation and trying to be safe is not going to work. We are not going to become a cult or create an environment that excludes everyone else and create a doomsday community here. But we know for sure this will be one of the safest areas.

I am not surprised of the things you just told us. I know for sure this is the end time. This is the time for humanity to wake up to Gods Calling and Revelation, and create the Communities of Light, follow the Eternal Divine Path, bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, and give the power back to the people. The only way you can do that is the Communities of Light.

I will not go to the details of what is going to happen, like those earthquakes, or the sinking of California, or Yellowstone, etc. But I am not surprised. I am not surprised a bit that these things are happening because humans do not wake up easily, they do not change easily, and they do not give up their egos easily. They are still attached to little things in life, and they cannot see the greater Vision that God has sent to them.

So their answer is, the only thing I can give you for your guidance is, this area will be one of the safest areas on earth because God predicted this Revelation will come here. He wants the Communities of Light to be created, and He wants the Kingdom of God to come. He will not bring me to a place that will be destroyed, or kill me, or destroy this Mission.

So my conclusion is that, this is it! If you want to be in the safest place, this is a safe place.

Beeping: Most important get in tune with ourselves, our Souls, and listen to our Souls.

Maitreya: No, the most important thing is to listen to God, and know yourself probably still has some ego and you will not hear God directly. Listen to the Scriptures and the Revelations, which come from God.

That is a New Age teaching, which is not going to work, Beeping. It is the teaching that, I am God myself, and that is the exact problem that Adam and Eve had in the Garden of Eden. They thought they can find the truth by themselves. That is not going to work. That is not going to be the way. That still is going to lead to destruction.

Beeping: That is the best way, form communities and become self-sufficient?

Maitreya: In the community, yes. If you follow the Eternal Divine Path in the community, you are an individual; you have to listen to yourself but first accept the Revelation of the Eternal Divine Path and follow the Eternal Divine Path, and then find yourself under that umbrella.

I agree with you in that, yes, you can know yourself, become helpful, and be safe. Then when you understand the Scriptures of God and His Revelation, then under that umbrella, yes, you can meditate and find where you fall in this.

Beeping: Our Souls are connected; it is our only hope for survival.

Maitreya: Your Soul can make mistakes.

The only Soul that is really connected is the One who has no ego whatsoever. And I do not think anyone can claim that they are absolutely a pure channel of God because that happens very rarely. As our teachings say, very few really can be connected that clearly to God. Therefore if you do not understand the Scriptures, the Word of God, and the way He has revealed to us, our egos might come in and still we might not be able to see our way. Therefore you have to see how God has been sending the Prophets and the Scriptures.

If what you said is the truth, then why do we need the Scriptures, why do we need Christ, why do we need the Messiah, and why do we need the Revelations of God? Everyone would find their way if they are connected.

But the problem is ego. Yes, your Essence can be connected to God but the problem is our ego, which comes in and is in our way, and disconnects us from the Essence, and we make mistakes.

That is why the guidance has to come to gods (men), through God, from God (through His Prophets) and then through the Scriptures. Therefore that is the way to realize what the Will of God is in general.

Of course, under the general umbrella of the Scriptures, of the Revelations to man, we can find ourselves. Where do we fall in this general Revelation of God? Then we have a good grip of the reality because we know the Will of God and we know where we fall in that Will. Then we can become a part of Gods Plan and Gods Revelation.

VBreezo: It seems to me that the stronger the intellect, the bigger the ego. Perhaps when we think we have the answer, we are actually getting further from it.

Maitreya: So true, VBreezo.

VBreezo: Anyhow, that has been my struggle.

Maitreya: [laughing] That is the struggle for a lot of people, especially in the West, where intellect is much stronger and it is more developed. You go to school, and you spend a lot of time to develop that ego. Also it has been taught and encouraged to be individualistic and self-sufficient, be self-reliant, find and figure out problems by yourself, and solve them. And it works. It works in the material world.

But when it comes to a higher level of understanding the Spirit, it stops because it does not have that attraction or ability to go beyond mind. God is beyond mind, and therefore it cannot go further.

That is why Christ said, the children know God more than the adults do because they are in Spirit. They are not intellectual. They do not sit there and talk about the quantum theory or intellectual things. They are pure in heart. They are absolutely in Spirit. They do not let their own understandings come through their innocence. They listen to you just like your word is the Word of God. They accept it, and they believe you. They also laugh and enjoy life to the fullest.

They are not worried about where the earthquake is going to be and where the next disaster is going to come. They might get hurt, but at the same time they live in the moment, in that innocent state of beingness, and therefore they have greater Joy in their life.

But as we grow up, we forget about that part. We become intellectual. We try to figure things out. We try to become the master of our life. We try to become God, like many people say, We know everything out there. We do not need God. We do not need the Scriptures. We can find our way.

That is dangerous. It is a teaching that will not take you to God, will not create an environment that will eventually bring the Kingdom. It will become actually a more self-centered kind of teaching that separates people from people and will not create the unity that God Is.

So that is true, the more intellect, the greater we think we can realize God by thinking. You do not realize God by thinking; you realizing God by Being. Those are absolutely two different things.

Thinking is OK but it only can take you to a point. From that point on, no matter how much you think, how much you try, you cannot recognize God, you cannot realize Him. That is when you have to become innocent, you have to purify yourself. You have to become a little child. You have to become free of yourself. That is very hard for an intellectual person because they think they have figured out everything.

They think they have figured out their lives. They have the Essence in themselves but it is all in the brain; it is in the mind. It has not connected to the heart. That is why it is so important for intellectual people to connect themselves to the heart, to develop their heart now. That is enough of intellect. OK, you have thought about all these things all your life and you have not reached anywhere. Now lets develop the heart. That is the hardest part for intellectual people to see.

That is when you go to those little villages or the aboriginal lifestyle. They are not intellectuals, but they are so happy. They laugh and smile at the slightest things. They have not figured out anything in their environment and their life, very little, but they are happy because they are heart. They are not intellect.

The more you become intellect, the less heart you will have. The more heart you have, the less intellect.

Now you have both, have intellect and heart at the same time, and connect them together. That is the perfected man, a more balanced person.

If we can create that connection between our heart and mind, then we have both. We have a good mind. We can analyze things; we can figure things out in this external world. We can bring a greater degree of comfort and understanding in the external world. At the same time we develop our hearts to be able to be with Spirit, be(come) the Spirit.

That is again what this Mission is doing. It is connecting the East and the West together. So far the West was disconnected from the East, and the East was disconnected from the West. Now you can see they are balancing. They are coming together.

How many gurus and teachers came from the East to the West? How many Western people taught the East to be more intellectual, figuring things out, and becoming more balanced?

It is like the two parts of the brain. The one part of the brain is more creative and the other part is more analytical. Now through meditation and the coming of the new Golden Age, the two sides of the brain are going to become in a balanced state again. Your analytical part and your creative part will become more in balance.

So you can see the whole picture is unifying again. The whole idea, after the coming of this Revelation, is for releasing a lot of energies and separative states together, and to unify them.

Also intellectual people have to become more heart. Devotional people have to create some mind. So we have to bring a balanced state to humanity.

Yes indeed, it is very hard for western people to realize that heart part. They are very analytical. It is very hard for the Eastern people to become intellectual too much. But they are getting there.

We have people in the West that they are very devotional and heart because they have been living in the East for many lifetimes and they now have been born in the West. Actually for some of them it is very hard to live in the West because they have been living in the East for so many lifetimes.

For some Western Souls, they are going to be born in the East. Now we can see, for example in India that has been heart all this time, one of the highest technical supports on earth is now is India. They have so many organizations in that nation that help the technical support on earth, when that nation is the base of the Mystical Paths.

So you can see everything is becoming mixed up. Everything is preparing itself toward that finality of the coming of the Kingdom of God on earth. And that will happen. There is no doubt about it. Do not ever let anything in this external world tell you it will not happen, My life is hard. I cant see the whole Vision. It is all terrible, wars, and destruction.

So few people come to the Mission and join us, and even those who are in the Mission have a lot of trouble, problems with themselves, and they really do not dedicate themselves 100% to it.

But our focus should not be on them or anything external, but on the Word of God. The Word of God says, My Kingdom will come. He will bring His Kingdom no matter what happens in the external world, because He said many times in history, as in THOTH, you can read it, He promised all those promises through His Prophets and people, and He fulfilled them.

If He has done that, for sure He will fulfill this promise also. No matter how bad it might look at this time, even it might become worse, as you said, and California might fall into the ocean. There might be destruction, wars, and earthquakes, etc.

But our focus should not be on the destructive forces. It should be on this Revelation, on the Word of God, on the promises that He has given us that His Kingdom will come. You can have the greatest grip in this Revelation of God and His Plan by understanding THOTH and our teachings, how He has promised, He fulfilled them, He brought humanity to this point, and He will bring His Kingdom on earth.

This is the greatest news for humanity, and we have the greatest grip of the reality of what is coming.

Now it is not time so it is not in music, or the NY Times or anything like that. It is here in Gods Revelation with us. It is not with Christians, or Jews, or Hindus, or Buddhists; none of them have it. We have the reality of what is going to happen.

Therefore see these things very clearly. Do not fight it. Do not bring negativity into it. See, God did reveal this Revelation. God said these things are going to come. If that is going to happen and come, and He promised in the past and it is going to come and it is now here, so it is going to happen.

So meditate on these things in the deeper level and understand the Word of God that He will reveal the Revelation; He will prophesy. He will send the Prophet to a people, and when that Prophet comes it is a double-edged sword. One is The Grace and Blessing; another is the destruction.

There has never been a Prophet or an Angel comes that there is no destruction following it because people do not listen to it. Those who have not been prepared for it will be destroyed, especially at this end time.

It sounds cruel according to our intellectual understanding, but that is what God said all through His Revelations, There is going to be an end time, and it is going to be terrible at the end time. We are there. We are here now. We are at the end time.

If we understand this, then we will be prepared for it. Of course, we know we have to meditate and see what the Word of God is. Individual endeavor will not help you. That is the message: You have to come to a collective endeavor and learn how to collectively create the Kingdom of God on earth.

All right. I guess our time is up again. It is 11:30. I do not see any questions on the board anymore.

I leave all of you to God. Meditate on these Words again. Read THOTH. Go to the website. Understand these teachings.

This is the Call to all to come, to progress, to reach out, and to let everyone know that Gods Good News is on earth again, and His Kingdom is coming no matter what else is happening on earth.

Good week. God week. Sal-OM everyone.

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