MAITREYA, Conversations with


Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreya, Eternal Divine Path. We will be together for an hour and a half. Hopefully we will be discussing the Mission of Maitreya, and we will again see how wonderfully this Revelation has come and how wonderful it is.

We can take the Message to humanity that there is no God but One God, and there is nowhere that He is not. God is Everything.

If God is Everything there is nothing that is not God, and therefore everything is Divine. What makes the human not realize this is the umbrella of ego, which really is delusion itself. So the reason we do not realize that, is that delusion that humanity is in and makes us so attached to this external world.

Any attachments to the external world are a hindrance in our Path to God. The only acceptable attachment is being attached to God 100%. The rest will fall in their places, our relationships, our parents, our finances; our everything else is just secondary to this.

If humanity can realize this, then there is nothing out there that is theirs, so they can easily share with each other what belongs to God already anyway. That will bring greater oneness in the human life.

If they understand that they are not going to take any of this when they leave their bodies, not even their attachments, their relationships, their parents, or their belongings, then they realize that any of those attachments are just the illusion of the ego that makes us to be attached to the things in the external world.

It does not mean that we do not have a relationship with our friends or anyone that we deal with. It means that we deal with them as a part of God. Therefore our relationship is on a greater base than, one ego loves another ego, and both egos have a lot of cravings and therefore I crave, you tell me, you give me what my ego craves, and your ego craves the same thing.

We both do not have it. How can I give you something that I do not have and I am craving myself? This simple message is so hard for humanity to realize.

IsH GiBbOr: That is not what Benjamin Crme is preaching or prophesied.

Maitreya: Well, Mr. Crme seems to confuse a lot of things in his outreach as did John the Baptist. John the Baptist preached that the Kingdom will come and the Messiah will be here very soon; when Christ came, he did not recognize Him.

Actually John sent his disciples to Christ, asking Him, Are you the one we were waiting for? He never recognized Christ, and after Christ reached out to establish His Mission, later on the people realized that He was the One John the Baptist was talking about to come.

It sounds like Mr. Crme has been used to foretell the coming of Maitreya, and he cannot find Him, as John the Baptist also did not find Christ. Mr. Crme has been preaching, Maitreya will be here any day, one month from now, two months, six months, a year from now, for the last twenty-three or twenty-four years. And the Mission of Maitreya has sent messengers to him and many other people.

So the whole idea was that after twenty-five years of promising that Christ will be here, Maitreya will be here, he has not found Him yet. Still people are waiting for that promise to be fulfilled, when that promise was fulfilled in 1982. The Mission of Maitreya was the only organization that reached out to humanity and we published our teachings then.

So he was correct in 1982. After that, he has a lot of his own ideas and understandings. He is not relenting or releasing what he has received, and he is not recognizing what has come to him. In fact if the people who follow Mr. Crme study our teachings and see the Vision, they will realize that is exactly what this Mission is trying to do, to bring the Kingdom of God on earth in a peaceful way, by education, by calling people to come together, create the Communities of Light, and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

The religions are unified. The prophecies are fulfilled, and indeed that is what is from God and Mr. Crme has to realize, relent, and come and see that, What you said was correct, that Maitreya indeed will reveal Himself in the spring of 1982. But of course not according to what he thought would happen, but according to a greater and higher level.

So if you know Mr. Crme, again go and let him know he is wasting his time and wasting a lot of other peoples time by preaching that Maitreya is going to be here a month from now. He already came in 1982. So in a sense we are saying or talking about the same Maitreya but Mr. Crme is having his own ideas of how he is going to come so the similarity between John the Baptist and Benjamin Crme is significant.

IsH GiBbOr: Are you who he prophesied about?

Maitreya: Well, there is so much discrepancy between what he says and what the Word of God is. In one sense you might not see it is the same. In another way he says the same thing about the coming of Maitreya as the Expected Manifestation from all religions on earth, and he will preach a new teaching that unifies all of humanity and brings them together. In that essence he is correct; we are talking about the same thing.

In another sense that he is going to build his body in the Himalayas, come here, snap his fingers, and the Kingdom will come the next day, that is not the Way of God. God has never done it that way, and God does not change His Ways.

Always the Prophets of God or the Major Manifestations are born from a woman. They come to humanity in a regular way, they grow up, they eventually realize their mission, and they reach to humanity and tell them, God sent this Message. They receive the Revelation by a subtle way of communicating with God through The Holy Ghost.

So that is why it is bringing a lot of questions about how Mr. Crme sees Maitreya will come, and how God has prophesied and has been doing it through history.

There has never been in the history of humanity that a Prophet, a Major Manifestation will come, that He comes and He builds his body, and comes to humanity as from the Hierarchy. All Prophets have been born from a mother, raised as a child, came to an age that they realized that they have a mission, they have a message, and they are called for a great purpose. Therefore they reach out to humanity and give the message.

All the Major Manifestations to this point have come for a specific people, for a specific message, to create a specific religion, until this Revelation, which is the Seventh Revelation and unifies all the religions of the world and is not for a specific people, or nation, or religion. It has come for all nations, for all people, for all religions, and unifies them together.

Therefore what we have here is even beyond what Mr. Crme was preaching and talking about. But he was inspired; he was inspired to call people to realize this indeed is the time that the Major Manifestation will come to humanity.

However, as most disciples are, they receive the message to a point that they can handle, and they filter it through their own egos and their own understandings. Therefore they bring it to humanity, not in the clearest way possible. The only clear Message comes through the Prophets of God who are the purest channels for humanity.

IsH GiBbOr: So you are that one that is to unify the world religions?

Maitreya: Exactly. This is the teaching that unifies all the religions of the world.

I am just a Messenger of God. Of course the Spirit of God will unify all religions of the world because He prophesied; He has foretold that there are going to be Seven Seals or Seven Religions that will come to humanity for the last 6,000 years.

When the Seventh Angel comes, it is then that the Mystery of God will be finished. Also God instructed the Great Prophets who had the vision at the end time to seal that vision, not to reveal it to humanity, because He already had decided that He was not going to reveal the whole truth until the Seventh Angel comes, which you can find in chapter 10, verse 7 in The Revelation.

Therefore no one, not a single Soul, knows the whole truth or the Mystery of God until the Seventh Revelation comes. When that Seventh Revelation comes, of course, it opens the Book sealed with the Seven Seals. It means no one could break those Seals. No one can open that Book and reveal the Mystery of God but the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, or the Seventh Angel, or the last Major Manifestation to humanity.

Therefore no one, not even Mr. Crme, knows the Mystery of God because the Scriptures reveal that only the Seventh Angel has that ability to bring the whole Mystery of God together. Now it has been fulfilled.

We are at that point that the Book with the Seven Seals is opened, and the Mystery of God has been revealed. If Mr. Crme and everyone who follows him realize and recognize this, clearly they can see that what they say has some truth in it, like everyone else, but God has already revealed how He will bring His Kingdom on earth.

IsH GiBbOr: Do you remember your Heavenly Name?

Maitreya: We do reveal The Holy Name to humanity in this time in seven initiations. The Holy Name of the Son and Father merge together and is not pronounceable in the external world. The moment you pronounce it, it will corrupt itself because it is something within humanity, within men. Actually it is in every atom and creation. It will only be revealed to those who are the Elects and are dedicated to the Mission 100%.

Therefore that is why God does not have any Name. He has only one Name, and that is a vibration within you and that cannot be pronounced or uttered. That is why in the time of Israel, if someone tried to utter it, they would be stoned. That was considered taking the Name of the Lord in vain.

Therefore if you are talking about The Holy Name, yes indeed. All the Major Manifestations knew about that Name, as Christ used it to heal, and as Prophet Muhammad said there are 3,000 names for God and humanity only knows 2,999 of them, and one of them they do not know.

IsH GiBbOr: So like the OM of the Vedic writings?

Maitreya: It does not quite sound as OM. But it will eventually lead you to OM or the original sound of the creation before the entrance to Pure Consciousness or Oneness with God.

Of course you can hear many sounds in your meditation, just like a cricket in the field is one of the first things probably in deep meditation that the people who start meditating will hear, and that is like being in a field. If you have ever been in a field, there is a humming sound of the crickets and small animals. You will hear drums. You will hear the flute of Krishna, and many other sounds.

The last sound you will hear will be OM, which is the beginning of the big bang. When the creation was created, the first sound was OM. If you are in a crowd and you listen very carefully to the sound that people are talking, you can hear a humming sound in the background of all those foreground noises. That is again OM.

So the essence of all sounds is the OM sound. So yes indeed, OM is the beginning of the creation.

But The Word that will be revealed is the Essence of vibration that creation has been created with. So The Word is in every atom. The Name of the Lord has been written in every atom and creation, and it is pulsating all the time. If that pulsation stops, the creation will stop.

So again we see that humanity is on the brink of realizing that pulsation within themselves and having God with them all the time. So they do not really have to meditate in the essence of closing their eyes. If they are connected to that energy, they can walk, they can talk, they can perform their duties, and at the same time know that, that vibration is with them and God is with them twenty-four hours a day, all the time.

The more such a people we create on earth, the more humanity will be connected to God directly. Therefore we can bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth faster.

IsH GiBbOr: NASA has recorded an odd humming, way out in space; does this have something to do with it?

Maitreya: Yes indeed. That is the very sound of the original sound of creation. And that, if you listen to that sound, also has an OM sound in it. It has, of course, a lot of foreground noise. But if you listen to it very carefully you will hear the OM sound even in that recording they have done.

So they have captured the very original sound of creation. But that also includes a lot of other sounds like supernovas that have been destroyed. Even in the destruction of supernovas, when the supernova happens, there is also an OM sound of the original creation.

So that is why they cannot produce the purest form of OM. The only way you can experience that pure sound is through your meditation.

You are correct; they do have something very close. But it is not the purest form. However, they do not consider other influences that have happened from the beginning of the creation in that sound. That is why there are a lot of cracking sounds in that recording that they have done.

So indeed, humanity, religion, and science are becoming so close together. Now they even talk about the constant presence of the black matter. Of course it is really not black; it is more like ether.

That is exactly what Prophets have been telling humanity, God is always there with you. There is no time that God is not, in other words, the constant presence of God.

Go ahead, Openeye.

Openeye2003: Yes, good morning, Maitreya. I came to the realization just a few weeks ago I noticed in the Third Sign, Jesus or Esa summed up the Ten Commandments by the words, Love your God with all your heart, mind, and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself. As I was doing the Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam, the first part of the Haree Om Shrii Hung, is a sort of, love your God with all your heart, and the second part, Om Nam Kevalam, is love your neighbor as yourself as God. Can you share with the room about this, and expand on it? Is this my own realization?

Maitreya: Yes indeed. What is the goal of following the Ten Commandments? You follow the Ten Commandments to become Divine, to become Godly, to become connected to the Spirit. Therefore the Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine.

When you become Divine, you automatically follow the Ten Commandments. You will not do those things that will take the Spirit away from you and darken you, or take you away from Oneness with the Spirit or Essence because all those things that the Ten Commandments say, Do not do, are related to your ego. Therefore you do not do them but you do things that are the result of following the Ten Commandments.

To make the Ten Commandments positive, you probably can change them from, Thou shall not do this or shall not do that, but you can say, Thou shall be detached from jealousy toward, what?... your neighbors possessions. Instead of saying, Thou shall not envy the possessions of your neighbor, you can probably change it to, You shall become detached from this external world. Therefore what your neighbor has it is his, you are not jealous because you are connected to God, and jealousy does not even come to your senses because there is no ego and all those things that are related to ego.

Therefore the essence of, the result of, the Ten Commandments, following the Ten Commandments, is what Christ said and what the Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam tells humanity to be: The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine.

How do you become Divine? By following the Eternal Divine Path.

How can you live in a Community of Light and at the same time break the Ten Commandments? Because if want to follow, if you are living in the Communities of Light, you have no choice but to follow the Ten Commandments, Thou shall not do all those things that God said you will not do.

Even greater than the Ten Commandments, the result of the Ten Commandments, is the Fifteen Commandments that have come in THOTH, in our Book, The Holiest Of The Holies. Those Fifteen Commandments bring a greater degree and include the Ten Commandments.

As a result of all of these things, the Eternal Divine Path, the Fifteen Commandments, the Ten Commandments, and all the religions that brought you those Commandments, you become Divine. You will be able to follow the Eternal Divine Path.

By following the Eternal Divine Path, you will create the Communities of Light. In the Communities of Light, you will progress hundreds and thousands-fold faster. The Communities of Light also will become the base for the creation of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

So in a sense you are correct. Your realization is correct. The very essence of the meaning of the Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam is the result of all the spiritual progress or Commandments that God has given to humanity.

That is a very good realization. Also if every man and woman just realized the meaning of the Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam, they will have a very strong and powerful grip of the truth of God.

The Goal Of the Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. That is the goal of the life. The goal of the life is not to become a doctor or professor, or a lawyer, or a whatever that people think that the goal of the life is, or to accumulate a lot of wealth and money, etc.

It clearly tells you what the goal of the life is. That is why you have been born. You have been born here on this earth to be(come) Divine. How do you be(come) Divine? By following the Eternal Divine Path.

See, this Revelation is so precise and so completely shows the Way to go to God, and, of course, God is everything. There is nowhere that God is not. If there is nowhere that God is not, then were is the devil?

If there is only God, the devil or temptation or all those things that happen to humanity is because of the delusion of the separation from God. If they can break that delusion and realize God is everything, and see that everyone has the Essence of God in them and the goal of the life (to become Divine) is taught to the children from the very beginning, then they will overcome that delusion of separation from God.

It is not to have all those games and things to play with, and completely wrap them up into this external world, and here to have all those things that society tells them that the goal of their life is. Then they will have a great grip in their life, and they will grow up with understanding that they have to be(come) Divine.

They might ask you, How can we be(come) Divine? Then you tell them, Follow the Eternal Divine Path, meditate, awaken your spiritual forces, direct that energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light, sacrifice, surrender and submit to the Will of God for you, become a universalist, and therefore you become an Elect. Eventually you and all those who reach that state will help all to reach Pure Consciousness. You will become Divine.

That is the goal of life. The Haree Om Shrii Hung and Om Nam Kevalam are the Essence of all the commandments for humanity.

Of course what Christ said has great meaning. What He said also meant the Essence of all Commandments because all the Commandments should lead you to love your God with all your heart, mind, and spirit, with no attachments to the external world.

Anything you are attached to but God in the external world is in your way. I know a lot of people rationalize it and say, Oh really Maitreya does not mean, completely 100% being attached to God. It is OK if I am attached a little bit to my children, or to my family, or to my friends, or to my husband or wife, or to my wealth, etc. But that is not true.

God is very absolute. When Christ says, love your God with all your heart, mind, and spirit, He means it. He is not just saying 90% or 80% or 70%. He says, With ALL your heart, 100%. That is the way to salvation.

If you are not 100% with God, then you are a lukewarm. And God says clearly in His Revelation, I will spew you out of My Mouth if you are a lukewarm.

So the Word of God again is rumbling on earth to humanity and calling them to the absolute realization of their lives, why they are here on earth. Of course, humanity likes to water things down and to make them not to sound as absolute as God means.

Humanity has now reached a point that God is out of everything. We do not have God in anything anymore. God sends and has sent His Prophets, Messengers, to man, Actually the very presence of a Prophet or Messenger from God means that people or humans are not listening to God.

As long as the Children of Israel were listening to God, no Prophets were coming to them. The Prophets started coming to the Children of Israel when they changed from judges to kings and cut themselves off from God, because they chose human kings instead of God and His Laws, therefore they were cut off. That is when the Prophets were sent to the kings and tried to tell them, Listen to God instead of your egos. And of course, the king did not listen. That is why the Children of Israel went down.

That is another reason the Prophet comes, as a sign that humanity is not listening to God. It has multiple purposes. But that is one purpose of it.

Now these words are coming and telling humanity, God means it, 100%. No watering down of His Words. He is absolute. When He says, Thou shall love your God with all your heart, mind, and spirit, He means 100%, not 70, 80, or any other percentage. It means 100%.

Therefore in order to become Divine is to follow the Eternal Divine Path, to understand The Goal Of the Life Is To Be(come) Divine, that the whole of this creation was in a chaos and the creation started or was created so humans go back to Godhead. That is the goal of the life, to return home, to return to God. That is not something anyone can take lightly.

Of course, at this point, as God said, this is the time of sundering. It is the time of separating the chaff from the wheat. The chaff are those who still have big egos, put God out, and do not listen to the Word of God. The wheat are those who are the ones that listen to God and His Words 100%, and dedicate their lives to be(come) Divine.

To be 100% means to listen to the Words of the Prophets, His Revelations, His Prophecies, and His Promises, and they will come true. His Promises will come true for sure.

Go ahead, Openeye.

Openeye2003: I have one more question. In speaking to friends of mine who are Christians and also friends of mine who are Moslems, I was asking the question, Do you think the world or all religions will come together as one? Would you accept, I was speaking to the Christian friends, Would you accept Muhammad as one of the Prophets? There is always the hesitation of someone to come together, whatever you want to call it.

Also speaking to the Moslem people, they say the same thing. They cannot see themselves coming together as one as yet. They want to separate the people. They always say they cannot come together. Now I think if we look at the cause of the history of the relationship between Christianity and Moslems, there has always been that feeling of not coming together. Would that ever be possible, or there has to be tribulation before that happens? Thanks.

Maitreya: What we have to tell these people who are hesitating or they feel it is not going to happen is, that they have to understand the Will of God, the Word of God, and the Way God has envisioned it and revealed it to humanity.

The Christians have to realize that God did promise to Abram also that the Prophet would come from the Children of Abram, that He did bring that promise to fruition and gave fruit as Prophet Muhammad, that He did promise the Children of Abram or the father of Ishmael that they would have a great part of the earth as a possession. And they do. They have it from Saudi Arabia to North Africa, all the way to Spain and South America. So these are all the Children of Abram.

Also God said He is going to be a Mystery until the Seventh Angel comes. So neither Christians, neither Jews, neither Hindus, neither Buddhists, nor Moslems know the Mystery of God until the Seventh Revelation comes. Therefore all of them are hanging onto their dogmas, their misunderstandings, or their own understandings. Our job is to make it clear to them and show them the Word of God; that God said these Revelations were going to come.

If Christians and Jews realize that God also promised Abram that Prophet Muhammad was going to come, there is no way for a Christian to imagine that Christ is the only way because God did not say only a Prophet would come from the Children of Abraham. He said there was also going to be a Prophet or the Scepter would come from the Children of Abram.

Abram was the father of Ishmael. Then God changed His name to Abraham, and He became the father of Isaac. Then God promised the same thing, the birthright and the scepter to Him as well.

If they realize that, then Christians have no choice but to say, Yes, this is the Word of God. We did not know it because the Seventh Angel had not revealed it to us. He had not come to reveal to humanity that this is the way God did it.

If they realize that Jacob, at the time of his death, said that Judah would be the king, that kings would come from Judah, and when the Shiloh, or the Messiah, comes, that promise would be finished, then the Jews are not going to continue believing that they are still chosen people.

Yes, they were chosen people. They did have the greatest king ever, David, and all those promises that God gave to them, until the Shiloh came. When the Shiloh came, that Kingdom was taken away from them and given to another nation.

If the Jews understand that, then they will not continue being in this misunderstanding that they are still the chosen people. If they realize that, they will relent to Christianity and accept Christians as legitimate based on the Revelation of a Messiah. Christ came and brought it to them.

Christians will realize that Prophet Muhammad had to come. Moslems have to realize that God promised Seven Revelations, not Four Revelations, therefore Bahaullah, Bab, Baba, and Maitreya had to come before the last Revelation had come to humanity.

But we have to explain it in such a logical way that God did it. God said He was going to seal the vision of the end time and no one would know it until this Revelation.

You know more than the Moslems, Buddhists, Hindus, and Christians about the Plan of God, more than anyone else on earth. You can logically explain to them how God promised these things, and they have to forego their own dogmas and understandings, and come to understand the Revelation and the Word of God.

If you can do that, if they have been called to understand logically and see the vision that God has been revealing to humanity to this point, then you have a great opportunity to bring them forward to understanding Gods Will, Revelation, and Plan. So you have all the tools you need to reach to them and logically explain, because our words, our Revelation, our teaching is based on the Words of God. It is based on the Scriptures.

It is not a New Age idea. It is not a man-made understanding. It is what God said He is going to do.

For the last 12,000 years humanity was in this process to come to this point, and this is the point that now man can see, what did God mean by changing the name of Abram to Abraham? What did He mean by promising the birthright and the Scepter? How are these things fulfilled to this point?

If God promised and fulfilled them, therefore God exists, that is what He meant, and there will be other Prophets after Christ. Christ was the Messiah that was promised to the Jews, and the Jews are just two tribes of the Children of Israel.

There are the ten tribes of the Children of Israel that have been lost, apparently. But now we know where they are. All things are clearly explained to humanity now. If they want the truth, this is it. That is how God promised, that is how God said He was going to do it, and that is how God has done it.

So again you are called to see this Vision yourself first, to see how it is clear. It is so crystal clear, and it explains the Mystery of God. The only thing left for us is to forego our own understandings, our own fears, attachments, and the things that are holding us back to give this fantastic clarity and Revelation to man, and guide them little by little not to be affected with them, but to become so strong in our own vision and see this truth so clearly that we can convey it to others.

If we can do that, then the Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, and everyone out there can see that, yes, they are a part of a greater truth. What they believe has some truth in it but they also have a lot of dogmas, misunderstandings, and human understandings because they have been following one-seventh of the Vision.

They did not have the whole Vision; that is why they made mistakes. That is why they created all these dogmas and human understandings, and they thought they have it, but they cannot. God said no one has it. It is a Mystery. It is absolutely not clear for anyone until this Revelation comes.

Now it is very clear. It is crystal clear what God has been doing, who He promised, who He brought as the Major Manifestation or fulfillment of those promises, and He prophesied for a long time before such a people came. All of them had a part of the truth. Now we have the whole truth. That is why this is the only Revelation; it is the only truth that is for the whole of humanity.

I even did not bring this to where I was born. I was brought here from the opposite part of the world, and then it was given to me. But clearly it is not for Persians. It is for the whole of humanity, and now humans have to understand it.

So we have to clearly see the vision ourselves, and then educate them. Let them know how God promised, and now it is fulfilled. They could not and cannot have the truth because God said it is going to be a Mystery.

Even the Great Prophets had visions that they were instructed not to reveal to humanity completely. So this is everyones opportunity now to guide humanity in a greater degree to overcome their concepts. Then if a Moslem and a Christian, your friends, see this vision clearly, they are brothers and sisters. They are no different. They have the Essence of God in them. The same Essence, which is in that Christian, is in that Moslem. There is no separation between them.

If they separate themselves, it is their own misunderstanding. They have not seen this vision clearly, and they did not realize that God is everything and the Essence of God is every man and woman. Therefore how can I separate myself as a Jew, Christian, Buddhist, or Hindu? Impossible!

If you see the vision, you cannot say, us and them. You can say, Poor ego, cannot see such a clear truth.

The only thing is to give them the Message clearly, pray for them if you want, maybe it is OK to pray for some people; maybe they need it. If you find someone is falling and they need some help that they cannot see their way clearly, probably you can pray for them that God helps them and they can see their way clearly to the Light. Eventually if you feel that such a person is not turning around, not seeing the vision, go to another person, go to another opportunity, and reach out to new sources.

We are looking for the Elects. They should see this Vision very clearly. People come to our room and leave. People hear the Message, and they do not understand it. They do not realize it.

Well, they are not the Elects. It is all right. It is OK. We are here to sunder. This is the sundering time. It is not the time for spending too much time on something that is not working. It is time to work with the people that they see the Vision.

That is exactly what happened to the people who came to this Mission. They saw the Vision. It hit them like a brick, Yes, I knew how the religions of the world have to have something in common. There has to be some common thread in them. When it is explained to them how God sent these things separately, and they see it and read THOTH, it makes sense. It makes a lot of sense, and it is based on the Words of God and explains Gods Plan.

If it had not made sense, I was the first person who would have dropped it a long time ago. It makes sense. It is exactly how the history happened.

How can you say Moslems are not from God, when there are one billion people following it? There is nothing that happens on this earth that is not accepted or God has not approved it. It cannot happen. If that is true, then whatever has happened, occurred with Gods Knowledge and Understanding, and therefore it is from God.

These things they have to understand. They have to stop blaming each other. They have to stop saying, Oh yeah, we know the truth, when they clearly cannot know the truth until this Revelation comes.

So you have work to do, all of you. But first you have to see the vision yourself. You have to stop relying on your own understanding but on Gods Revelation, and how He has clearly sent it to you now. You have to eventually see this so clearly that you can explain it to other people.

If you are still not seeing the Vision clearly or you are attached to the external world, or you do not want to give 100% to God, then of course you will have a problem. You will have a lot of mind, reasons, and excuses not to do it.

That is exactly what happened to Adam and Eve. Eve said, Well, it makes me knowledgeable and good. She rationalized that she was right.

Humans can do that very easily. The human is the master of rationalization. So do not rationalize. Do not rely on your own understanding. Know God means what He says, and He says what He means. He means 100% in everything He says.

Now they have the opportunity to help Jews, Christians, Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists, etc., to realize that they are a part of a greater truth and bringing them to this Vision and realization that they have to come together. They have no choice.

But they do not have to. However, if they do not come to these realizations and if they resist it, the more they resist it, the more destruction and tribulation will come. It is really human choice. It is the free will.

As I said, if everyone accepts this Revelation tonight, if all the leaders and the people on earth accept this Revelation and come together to create the Communities of Light and realize this, we will have peace tomorrow. There will not be any tribulation. But if they resist it, there will be tribulation, there will be destruction, there will be separation, there will be ego, and there will be all those things that we see on earth.

The first thing is, they have to see this vision.

Go ahead, Openeye.

Openeye2003: At the time of anyones death, is it a gift to see the spirit leave the body, going up? The reason I brought that up is in Christianity when they emphasized when Christ died, when He went up to heaven, they emphasized his physical body too much rather than the spiritual. The apostles, did they really have the gift to see the unseen, and they saw him go up? Did anyone understand that particular verse, what they saw was a spirit going up, as the two angels that said, Why are you staring up in the sky? The same way He went up, He is going to come back down, which is not the physical like Christianity believes that He will come back from the sky in the physical sense. But the apostles saw it with their spiritual eyes. He came back again, like everyone else, no different. Can you expand on that? Why did it happen that the apostles did see that with their spiritual eyes? Thanks.

Maitreya: As we know, even now they know that there is an aura that they can photograph, that there is a part of the human that they did not know exists. Now they can even take a picture of it and say, This is the aura, that you can take a picture of.

So there are things that the regular human eye cannot see. But if you train yourself, you would be able to see those things, and many people are saying that they can see the auras of the people and the different colors, and each color can represent if they are sick, if they are OK, if they are healthy, or if they are angry, etc. Their moods show the different colors of the auras around them.

It goes very well with our teachings that the human had the ability and that their third eyes were open before the flood of Noah. As they fell more and more, those abilities was taken away from them to a point that now we are absolutely gross. We have reached a point that we do not have those abilities at all. When someone has them, it seems miraculous to us. But in truth it is the birthright of every man, woman, and child to have those abilities.

At the time of Christ, it seems those abilities were released to humanity in a greater degree. Saying that, also you have to realize that Christ ministered His teachings or came to humanity for only 3.5 years. He reached a very specific number of people, and His teaching was spread by other people, disciples, or those who even claimed to be disciples or having visions.

Eventually when it came to the Rome, it was accepted by Rome but many other teachings in Rome influenced it, and eventually it was made to a revelation or teaching that was so different than the Eastern understanding of Christs teaching that there was a split between Western Christianity and Eastern Orthodox. Eventually it reached a point that it could not be reconciled anymore. So it became two great branches of East and West.

So you can see that Christianity has been influenced with a lot of forces, understandings, and the things that happened after Christ. Of course it did not matter that much because the whole reason of salvation through His teaching was Grace. So the Christians were really saved by The Grace that Christ released to humanity to this point.

At this point that this Revelation has come, all the previous Promises and Revelations are finished. It is every one is equal again in the Eye of God, and every man and woman has to follow the Eternal Divine Path in order to receive The Grace.

The Grace is there all the time but it is released to the whole of humanity, and they will receive it. Therefore if by understanding this truth, you can say that maybe some of those things that are accepted in Christianity might have come from other religions or understandings, or even might have been exaggerated.

But those abilities are not something that we do not accept and we say did not exist because human had that relationship with the Spirit before the Flood of Noah, and they misused it and abused it. That is why the third eye was closed.

With understanding these two points then it is easy to accept that such powers exist. Actually they are called siddhis. In Sanskrit siddhis means spiritual powers. If you read the book by Yogananda, he talks about a lot of yogis with these siddhis and powers. For example, there was a yogi who did not eat anything but flowers. He smelled like a flower, and everyone went to stay around him because he smelled so good, or many other siddhis that he presented in his book. Even those have to be taken with a grain of salt.

Have you ever seen a yogi that smells like a flower? Or eats only flowers? If you have not seen it, it is just a story you have been told, and you might say, Oh yes, that sounds good. But as long as you have not seen it, it is not something in your experience or your category of experiences. If you ever saw a yogi who does that, then you can say, Yes, I saw it myself with my own two eyes.

So the most important thing is if you have not experienced it, it is just someone elses experience. If you have experienced it, then it is your experience. Still you cannot force it on other people.

Every person, every man, and every woman has to experience the things for themselves. As long as you have not experienced it, it does not matter that much.

So I hope that answered your question. But in general, the most important thing is to understand Gods Plan, Gods Revelation, and how to bring the Kingdom of God on earth, and realize that we should not accept anyones experience as our own.

If they experience something, great. Good for them. But if you have not experienced it, just follow Gods Words, meditate, awaken your spiritual forces, and eventually you might experience some of those things.

Maybe in a hundred or two hundred years we will have yogis everywhere, and they will smell like flowers and beautiful. Actually if you meditate a long time, you will reach a point that you will experience nectar, which will make your body smell good.

All right, I am glad that, that answered your question.

Here in this Mission we are very practical people. We do not just read and accept everything. We accept only the things that we experience.

OK, if there is any question, go ahead and raise your hand, and we will continue with the questions. If there are not, then you already all know about the teaching, the Revelation, the opening of the Seven Seals, and that this is indeed the Revelation that God promised will come at the end time.

We are at the end time. We have to realize, this is a serious Revelation. It is a serious Calling to you and humanity. We need to spread this out, to reach as many humans as fast as possible, and bring them, to turn them around. Because the way they are going is the way of destruction, the way of tribulation, the way of lots of bad things that really our intellect and our egos do not like to see happen.

Seeing people are killed, wars, destruction, Who knows, maybe part of the earth will fall into the ocean, and millions of people will be destroyed.

LammyOsity: Will there be more after you Maitreya? I have seen people with a third eye. Does this mean anything?

Maitreya: In this lifetime we have come as the thief of the night. We will reach few people. As we believe in reincarnation and as God said, The first will be the last, and the last will be the first, therefore if you believe this Revelation and this Spirit was the first to reach Pure Consciousness, then It also will be the last who will return back to Pure Consciousness.

Therefore I will be around for a long time giving this Revelation and this teaching to humanity over and over again. It sounds like this lifetime is to bring this Revelation to those who have been called for it. Eventually they will be instructed how to find me in the next lifetime and install me to continue this Mission in a greater degree that lifetime and the lifetime after.

Eventually, of course, the Kingdom of God will come on earth because God said it will come. Whenever God says something will happen, it will. It is His Will. It is His Plan to see the Kingdom of God come to earth; therefore it will.

Now will it come in this lifetime? Again it depends upon you all and humanity, how fast you can reach, preach, extend this teaching to them, and how fast they will see the vision and come together as one humanity, under one God, under one religion, and the Revelation. Therefore it depends upon a lot of ifs and circumstances.

But if it does not happen in this lifetime, I surely will come back next lifetime, and we will all be here again together with more people who will see this Vision in a greater degree and our numbers will increase to a point that eventually the critical mass will be created. When that point is reached, the whole society and earth will flip to understand that God has been behind this Revelation to this point.

At this time as you can see, few of you are here, and many people hear it and they do not see it. They have dogmas. They have their own understandings, and they cannot see the Word of God clearly.

That is our job, to make them see clearly that God has sent these Revelations and guide them to see the Vision. The more we can make them to see the Vision, the more our numbers will be. And the number is the Hand of God. The greater the number of people, the more power we will have in our Mission and our vision.

But I will come back again and again until this Mission will be manifested and established on earth. Eventually when the hierarchy on earth will manifest from the Communities of Light, I do not have to come back in the next incarnation and be reinstalled to continue this Mission because the leaders will be emerging from the communities, from the bottom of the community to the top, and they will continue the Mission.

But if your question is, if there will be other Prophets or Major Manifestations, the answer is that there will not be a Major Manifestation for a thousand years. But there might be Prophets or teachers who will come, explain this teaching in a greater degree, or if a part of it was lost, to bring it back, and all that. But there is not going to be a greater Revelation as it is revealed now to humanity.

Go ahead, Openeye.

Openeye2003: Yes, one question. As you were saying about The Plan and the MAP, the world to become united under one world religion and all that, as there are as many as we have in the room and our numbers will increase in the course of time. My question is your plan has been the MAP to unite the world as one, however, after you depart, if the secular world takes upon themselves the MAP and implements it, but not 100% as you say, would that be still in your eyes be acceptable even if it is not 100%?

Maitreya: I cannot see it happening any other way, unless you have an example you wanted to tell me what you mean if it is accepted but not exactly the way it is presented. I do not see any other way for humanity to be unified or united but to see this vision and accept this Revelation, create Communities of Light, and create the Hierarchy based on the Communities of Light.

Go ahead.

Openeye2003: The other question, the reason why I ask, is that in the past I read an article through the Bahai Faith, before I met the Mission, and one of the readings of them was as long as we do unite as one, they say as long as that is achieved, in a sense we will all become as one, gather together as one faith and all that. Would that be successful? They also prophesied coming together as one family, they say as long as that is successful then we will work on it later on in the future.

Maitreya: Well, actually the Bahai Faith is the faith that is finished. It is a Revelation that came, they have had a lot of problems every time that their leaders died, and there was upheaval.

The last Guardian, Shoghi Effendi, some people claim that even he was killed, murdered. Bahaullah and Abdul Baha very clearly said that their religion is finished when there is no Guardian in it.

And God said it is not a perfect Revelation. That is the only Revelation that God said is not perfect.

Therefore we can see that the Bahais have a lot of problems. They have good ideas, but they eventually have completely changed the original teachings of their original Revealer, Bab, and now they give you a lot of very fuzzy ideas.

But their ideas will not manifest because it is not the whole Plan. They do not include the Mystical Paths at all, just like Jews, Christians, and Moslems do not. They do not have any Mystical Part in their orthodox teachings.

Therefore it is not perfect. It is not a perfect revelation or religion. How can something, which is not perfect, bring a perfect system? So I doubt that they will be able to manifest the things that they claim they will because it is not Gods Will. God did not say they are going to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

He said it will come after the Revelation of the Seven Seals and the Seventh Angel, and they were the Fifth. So all the indications tell me clearly that they will not be able to do it; they will not because it is not Gods Will.

Will I accept something that is not completely according to our teachings? As we said, this teaching is very flexible. At the same time it has to be something that is based on Gods Will, Revelation, and Plan. Therefore it has to be very close to what has already been revealed to humanity.

For sure it has to be based on the Communities of Light. It has to be based on the Eternal Divine Path. Those communities have to be based on the Eternal Divine Path. As we create more communities, we will eventually have the hierarchy come from these communities and create the system. Because it is from the Communities of Light, it is from the community, it is from the people, it is because they choose their leaders, so it is by the people. And because they are good people who are chosen by the communities, it is for people. So that vision actually will be fulfilled through the Communities of Light based on the Eternal Divine Path.

Those fundamental Revelations that have come through this Mission have to be there. You cannot have a community and say it is Community of Light if it does not follow the Eternal Divine Path, because the only way a community can be a Community of Light is if it is based on the Eternal Divine Path.

If the people in the community do not meditate, do not awaken their spiritual forces, do not recognize, realize, and progress, then they are not following the First Seal. If they are not dedicating themselves to the community and helping the community to progress, it is not the Eternal Divine Path.

If they are not sacrificing in the community, it is not the Eternal Divine Path. If they are not surrendering, submitting, and accepting their places in the community and following the Will of God for them, it is not a Community of Light. See, all those things have to happen one after another that they understand this teaching and follow it, then create the Communities of Light. Then the hierarchy will come from the community.

Then if there is some flexibility after that, that is fine. It is their decision. If it is the decision of each community, the community might become a community of artists. There are artists in that community. The only thing they do is they work on art, and they help each other and progress.

One community might become a community based on preaching the Word of God, and all become a center for reaching out to humanity.

So we can see there is much flexibility after that absolute principle is followed. That absolute principle is the following of the Eternal Divine Path.

Do the Bahais follow the Eternal Divine Path? Do they meditate? Do they work on the community? Do they sacrifice? Do they surrender and submit to God, and become a universalist? Then they are the Elects, and then they should come, join us, and create the Communities of Light and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

But the Bahai Teaching, Bahais Revelation is the only revelation God clearly said, It is not perfect. So something that is not perfect cannot bring a perfect world.

Also they have had a lot of problems all through their history with their leaders. Now it is split into seven branches. There are already, after 200, 300 years, seven branches in that religion. So we can see that religion is done with, and God is now bringing this Revelation to replace all of them.

Actually all the religions are done with after this Revelation. They have been around just to keep them in the mind of humanity so when this Revelation comes, all of them are on earth, and we can explain to them what they are.

So if those basic principles are followed, the rest is very flexible. Actually the Mission is very flexible.

If you follow those principles and put your community based on those absolute truths, then after that it depends on each community, each person in the community on earth in general, how flexible they can be, as long as it is based on the Word of God and Gods Laws.

You cannot break Gods Laws and the Universal Laws, the Daharmas. If you do not break those Laws, you will have a Godly environment.

I do not know if that answers your question but if you are saying that Bahai is going to bring this on earth, I promise you they will not. They cannot because God said they will not. It is not based on their Revelation.

So that is another thing they have to realize too. That is another message you can give to the Bahais that, Look, God did not say that the Fifth Revealer will bring the Kingdom of God on earth. It said, after the Seventh Angel. Neither Bahai nor any other Prophet ever claimed they are the Seventh Angel and opened the Book sealed with the Seven Seals.

So the only place that you can be sure that God is with that Revealer or Revelation is this Revelation. They have to accept it and relent again their understanding to Gods Words.

I hope that answered your questions. If there is any other question, we are almost at the end of our time. Again see this Vision and Revelation, and see how you can help other people to see this Vision in a clearer way.

Bring the Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Moslems, and Bahais all to see this Vision. Eventually they should let go of their own understandings and see the Word of God.

So should we. All of us should look and understand the Word of God that has come to humanity and now is on earth. We should see it clearly, relent, and let go of our own understandings, fears, and attachments, and become a channel, and a pure channel of God for humanity to understand this teaching and become proficient of seeing this Vision and explaining it to other people. Let them release their dogmas, misunderstandings, and the problems that they have on earth.

The sooner we can do that, the greater we will be able to bring the Kingdom of God on earth. The more we are attached to our own little lives, fears, and desires, the more we will have excuses not to do it. Even that might take us away from Gods last Revelation, and we might not become an Elect and be in His Kingdom as one of the Chosen Ones.

Therefore meditate on these words, again on this Revelation. Go to our website. Read THOTH. Relent and let go of your understanding, and let Gods Words become your bread, your wine, and your life 100%. Again God says what He means, and He means what He says 100%. Therefore take it to your heart, take it to your life, and be one of those who will bring His Kingdom on earth.

I will release all of you to God. Have a good Godly week, and maybe we will see you again next week.


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