MAITREYA, Conversations with 03/06/04




Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation Room. Let us start in the Name of the Lord, God, the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal, which is always present. He is with us who has sent all the Revelations to humanity to different people with a specific message. Each of them have received it and took it as the last Revelation of God, when God has said that His Revelation or the ultimate truth will come after the Seventh Angel, at the end time.


Now we have to re-educate humanity to see the Word of God instead of following their own ways and understandings. Let them realize that they all are the Children of God, and brothers and sisters. Now is the time for humanity to realize that they are all brothers and sisters.

In Islam it is taught that all Moslems are brothers and sisters. In our teaching we teach that the whole universe is one, and all are brothers and sisters, no matter what race, what gender, what nationality, what language, what religion they are from, all are brothers and sisters, even those who do not see this Vision clearly, even oppose us, their Essence is God. This again shows that this Revelation is for the whole universe.

Even Islam just includes the Moslems but this one includes everyone. There is no one who is not a part of this Mission. That might have also been true in the Bahai teachings. But in this teaching, it is clearer that God has been sending Seven Revelations to man, and only at the time of the Revelation of the Seventh Angel, when He starts teaching and bringing this Revelation, the whole truth will be revealed to humanity. Only in that end time can man know the Mystery of God. Indeed God has been guiding humanity from the very beginning of the creation and even before that, to this point.

He is the most Compassionate, Concerned, Loving God for every man, woman, child, and humanity. Humans have to realize this and come to know the only God. There is no God but One God. There are not two, three, or four. All other gods that people worship or take as idols, or spirits behind them, are a part of a greater Spirit, which is the only Worshipable and Praiseable God.

If man can see that, then those who take a part of God and worship Him, they will realize that they have to expand themselves to see the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal God. Only God in that state will unify all of humanity and will show that all men, women, and children have the Essence of God in them, and they are brothers and sisters.

They are a part of God. No one can separate himself or herself from God and say, No, I am a part of God, and this individual is not. I am better than the other person, because God is Everything. You cannot separate them. The moment you do that, that delusion comes in. The delusion is ego, is deluded in believing it can separate any part of God from any other Part.

Humans have to realize this ego, which is so prevalent in the society. 99.99% of humans are in that delusion of separation, and they separate themselves by religion, gender, nationality, race, and all other excuses to separate one part of God from another. They cannot. It is impossible. Whoever does that will suffer the consequences of the ego.

The fastest way to dissolve this ego is to follow the Eternal Divine Path, the Seven Revelations that have come from God to humanity and show a Path that whoever follows will benefit immensely. They will awaken their spiritual forces. They will meditate. They will see that, Yes indeed, God is within me. By meditation and awakening of my spiritual forces, I can be connected to that Essence.


When they see that Essence in themselves, they will see the Essence everywhere outside and within the other people and the whole universe.


GoldenHeart: Did God speak to you?

Maitreya: It is something that Moslems call Vahh. Vahh means a direct relationship with God. He reveals The Word, or Revelation, or Scripture through the chosen Prophets, or Messengers, or Messiah, or whatever you want to call them, the Major Manifestations. And the certitude, being certain that this is indeed from God, is unmistakable.


Of course you can call that, God talks to Prophets. God talked to Moses, God talked to Prophet Muhammad, God talked to Christ, God talked to Bab, and He talked to all the Prophets. But really He did not talk to them. He did not come, sit, and say, Let us have a conversation, like me and you. But it is a Soul-to-Soul relationship by The Holy Ghost. If you want to call it that, yes, that is true. But it is not the talking like a conversation.


GoldenHeart: Angels spoke to the Prophets (PBUT)?


Maitreya: Some Prophets needed to see an angel to talk to them. Angel is a manifestation of the ethereal level for those people who needed to receive a physical manifestation in order to believe that they indeed have received the Revelation from God. But after Prophet Muhammad, or other Prophets, received that first vision, the Revelation came to them in the way of Vahh, or a Soul-to-Soul relationship with God.


Gabriel did not continue talking to Prophet Muhammad and giving Him the Revelation in a physical body as he did in the beginning when He had the first vision. So after the first vision that He needed to have, He also had a direct relationship, heart-to-heart, with God.

In this time I did not need for a manifestation to come and reveal it to me, or tell me, Read, or anything like that, because in this teaching it says the only God is the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal, your Essence. The only Name He has is The Word, and that cannot even be pronounced in the external world.

So the most important thing was that certitude of the Revelation, the fulfillment of the prophecies, the Word of God, how this Revelation explains all the Revelations before it, and how it shows how the history has been guided by God to this point. If you study our teachings, you will be amazed at how everything has been explained, makes sense, and clears a lot of misunderstanding between people, Revelations, and religions.

If you have other questions, go ahead.

So yes, indeed, the Prophets have had the visions of the angels. But whatever has the attributes of the creation is not the Essence. If you can touch him, if you have a smell, or voice, or anything that appeals to our senses, it is not the ultimate. If you see an angel, that angel has been created by God to give you a message or to reveal to you a truth. Some people see angels all over the place because they want to see them.

Another question, Sweetness asks:


Sweetness_178: Why is that, Peace Be Upon Him?


Maitreya: It is Moslems who use the words, Peace Be Upon Him. That is a Moslem saying, and that is fine. It is kind of a respectful way to address the Prophet. They also believe He was the last Prophet.


If you go to our website and understand our teachings, you will learn that Prophet Muhammad clearly said that He did not reveal everything from the Eternal Tablets, passing over much.

Of course you will probably say, He said He was the Khatem. The word Khatem can be pronounced Khatem, as the end, or Khatam, as the top of the ring. We have explained many times, both of them are correct.



GoldenHeart: Where in the Quran does it say that He did not bring everything? Allah tells us that the Quran is a complete book.


Maitreya: If someone would post verse 15 of Surah 5, that Prophet Muhammad clearly said that He did not reveal everything. There it is. Shirin just posted it for you, Ornaments of God, Yes, It [the Koran] is an essential part of the Eternal Tablet (the source of all Scriptures) which we possess. Clearly in that Surah, God said that Prophet Muhammad has revealed only a part of the Eternal Tablet, not the whole thing, because He could not. No Prophet could. Because clearly in the Scriptures it says that only at the end time, after the opening of the Seven Seals, the whole Tablet, the whole truth, will be revealed to humanity. And that is now.


We are at the end time. This is the Revelation of the Seven Seals. There have come to you our Messenger, revealing to you much of what you used to hide in the Book, and passing over much. Passing over. It means He did not reveal everything. There have come to you from Allah, God. So that is one part of Islam that clearly shows that Prophet Muhammad did not reveal everything.

Yes, people of the Book. Another part that Prophet Muhammad did not reveal is the Mystical Paths. He did not touch the Mystical Paths in human experience, just like Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, and Saints in Christianity. That is why we see later on, Islam had Sufis. Sufis are the mystical part of Islam. Orthodox Moslems still cannot accept Sufis in a greater degree because they were not taught that Sufis are also a part of God. The Mystical Paths are also a part of Gods Revelation.


Sweetness_178: God created man, man created religions and religions fight among each other to reach God. Is it so important to prove which religion is the greatest? God is one, the path is different; at least everyone is trying to travel in their own path to reach God. So why are people in all rooms abusing each religion?


Maitreya: Man brought dogma to the religion. God created religion as Revelation. And as you say, God created man, man created religions; religions fight among each other to reach God. Is it so important to prove which religion is the greatest? God is one, the path is different; at least everyone is trying to travel in their own path to reach God.


That is not Scriptural. It is an opinion. So why are people in all rooms abusing each religion?

Apparently you have not read our teachings. That is not what the Scripture says, Sweet. The Scripture clearly says that God will send Seven Revelations to humanity, and each of these Revelations have a part of the truth until the Seventh Seal is opened and the Book with the Seven Seals is revealed.

So that is the way God said He would do it. What you are saying is, you have concluded that there are so many religions and they are fighting, and man created religions.

Actually man did not create religion. Man created dogmas, and since each religion had a part of the truth, they had no choice but to make a mistake and create something that they can hang onto and say, We are better than other religions, and we have the last word, or we are the chosen ones, or we have the only way, which is an ego-gratification.

But God, from the very beginning of creation, sent Adam as the first Prophet to guide humanity. Indeed He taught them the Eternal Divine Path and encouraged them to follow It.

Man fell more and more to a point that God has taken away all connection of man to Spirit, destroyed most of them at the time of the flood of Noah, and created a new man that we are, with two eyes. We cannot even see the spiritual world anymore. The spiritual world is very inaccessible to most humans.

Now we are reaching a point that God is revealing this truth again back to humanity but He is not going to give us our powers and connection to Spirit unless we recognize that the human messed it up in the past. Humans have been at wars, destruction, dogmas, and separation for the last 12,000 years. The history is a testimony that the human cannot come together as one body and one God.


Now is the time of sundering. It is the time of the end time. God is calling the Elects to come together to see this Revelation and the truth, clean the religions from dogmas, and bring a Path that unifies everyone together as Gods Children and His Essence. This Revelation has been prophesied to come at the end time.


Maleekah: Has God spoken to you?


Maitreya: Again, it is the Vahh; it is The Holy Ghost that brings the Revelation to Prophets. God speaks in heart-to-heart. When God reveals the Revelation, you have no doubt that is from God. He does not speak to everyone. He prophesizes for a long time before the coming of a Prophet, and that Prophet has to fulfill the prophecies, as Prophet Muhammad fulfilled the prophecy of His coming, because the Jews knew there was going to be a Prophet also coming from the Children of Ishmael. When Prophet Muhammad came, they realized, Yes, indeed, He is the Prophet.



Maleekah114: So you are saying you are a Prophet?

Maitreya: Yes, indeed, if you want to call the Revealer of the Revelation a Prophet. A Prophet is a Messiah. Messiah is the same as Prophet. Prophet is a Messenger of God. He is prophesied to come for a long time, for thousands of years. Then when that person comes, it is very clear to those people who see the Revelation and fulfillment of the prophecies, and they realize that, Yes indeed, the Word of God has come to man again.

Now it has again come to man, and in this time is revealed in the Revelation of the Seven Seals, unifies all the religions of the world, and brings the last Revelation of God.

Now this is the Call to humanity to realize Gods Plan. Gods Plan has been to send Seven Revelations, and each of these Revelations has gathered some people on earth together, and that Revelation was sent specifically for those people.


Now this Revelation has come for the whole humanity and reveals that each of you, in your religion, has a part of a greater truth. If you see the Vision that has been revealed to you through this Revelation, then you would know that I am a Prophet.


Maleekah114: What has God given you to prove that you are a Prophet? What Message?


Maitreya: The miracle of the Mission and this Prophet is the Message. If you understand the Message of the Mission, you indeed see it is a miracle. That is the miracle of this Mission. As Prophet Muhammads miracle was the Koran, the Message is the Message of the Seven Seals, or the Eternal Divine Path.


The Message is that there have been Seven Revelations, as it has been clearly stated as the Seven Seals to humanity.


This Seventh Revelation started with the Mystical Paths, which includes all the teachings that say, Know thyself to know God. Meditate, concentrate, contemplate, pray, read the Scriptures, and love God with all your heart, mind, and spirit. When you do that, you will eventually realize that your Essence and God are one.


That teaching includes Hinduism, Buddhism, and all other Mystical Paths as Cabbala, as Sufis in Islam, as Saints in Christianity, and any other religion that teaches to know yourself and awaken your spiritual forces.


By realizing self, of course, it is not the end of the Path. You direct the energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light.

Communities of Light are the communities that accept God as their King, or Ruler, or Head, and His Laws are the Laws for that community. That is the message of the Old Testament. If you read the Old Testament, the whole theme of the Old Testament is that God is trying to choose a people who will accept Him as the King and His Laws as the Laws to follow. That is the second step.


After meditation you have to start the Communities of Light, join the Communities of Light, and create a community, which in Islam is called Ummah, or people in Islam. That community becomes a Community of Light.


In order to create such communities, you have to sacrifice; you have to give more than you take. That is the message of Christ, or Esa, Esa the Christ, Esa the Messiah. Christ taught how sacrifice is necessary in order to create the Communities of Light.


Even then, you might become attached to the result of your actions and either you become depressed or elated too much. Then ego is in. Ego, of course, separates you from God right away.


That is what the Message of Islam is: To be surrendered and submissive to God. Surrendering means, I do my best. I sacrifice for it. I try to create the Communities of Light, but I am not attached to the result. I do my best, and I surrender the result to God.


Even greater than surrendering is submission. That means that I let God come through me and therefore I become a pure channel for God. Since God comes through, God is Perfect, and therefore He does a perfect job in creating the Communities of Light, sacrificing, and becoming a channel for His pure Essence.


So next step is to become a universalist. That is the message brought by Bab and Bahaullah, the universalism. That shatters all narrowness of the mind, and you realize God is everything. You belong to the universe. You do not belong to any specific religion, gender, nationality, or race, but you are a part of God, and God is everything. You become a universalist, and therefore you shatter the narrowness of the mind and you expand yourself.


If you follow these five steps: Awaken your spiritual forces; creation of the Communities of Light; sacrifice; surrendering and submission; and universalism; you become an Elect, a chosen people, who God has said are the ones that are worthy, or make the creation worthy and all His effort fruitful.


Therefore by going these five steps you become an Elect, which is the Sixth Seal. We call them Paravipras, those who are spiritually strong, they awaken their spiritual forces, they sacrifice for the community, they become surrendered and submissive to God, they become universalists, and therefore they expand themselves. Such people are intellectually strong, spiritually connected, and they become the leaders of humanity as coming of this new age, or new Golden Age, which is approaching. So that sixth level was revealed with the Prophet from India by the name of Baba.


Our teachings put everything together and explain to humanity how God has been sending all these Revelations together and how all of your religions are a part of a greater truth. If you see this Vision, then you no longer can be a Christian, or a Hindu, or a Moslem, or a Buddhist, or a Jew, etc., but a person who follows the Eternal Divine Path.


It does not have any dogma. It does not say you have to believe in a set of rules to become a part of it. It is a Path.


You have to meditate, you have to awaken your spiritual forces, you have to direct that energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light, you have to sacrifice, you have to surrender and submit, and you have to become a universalist. Then you become an Elect. Then you see the Vision of this Mission; you see the teaching of this Mission. You see these are based on the Word of God.


He already said, My Plan is going to be sealed and no one knows until the end time. Now it is the end time. It is the time of sundering. It is the time for the coming of this Revelation.


Indeed this Revelation has come in a correct time. Its timing is correct. It fulfills the prophecies. It is based on the Word of God. It has been foretold to all the religions, including Moslems, that at the end time this Revelation would come and clear all the confusion before it, and it indeed has.


So this was the answer to your question, Maleekah, and what is it that makes me to believe that I am a Prophet. Of course if you go to our website, there has never been a Prophet or a Revealer who fulfilled as many prophecies that have been fulfilled through this Mission and through this Messenger of God to you.

It has come to you clearly. It is calling on all Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Bahais, and whoever else on earth to come to see this Vision clearly and see how God indeed has fulfilled what He has promised us He would.

Now it is fulfilled. It is revealed to man.

GoldenHeart: I was wondering how religions such as Hinduism can be put into this category when Jews, Christians, Muslims, have been taught not to worship Idols.


Maitreya: Yes indeed, that is the part that Hindus and Buddhists have to recognize; what they call idols and worship are a part of the Spirit of God, and they have to expand themselves to the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal.

When the Prophet comes, He does not teach completely what you believe. He brings a new understanding to humanity. That is why we no longer say that the name of God is only Allah.

Allah really meant God. It is not a name. It is a calling just like we say, God now in English. When you say God, it is God for Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and everyone.


When Prophet Muhammad brought that name, Allah, it meant God. It is not really a name. Of course Allah, you can find it in the old Bible, as Elohim, Elah, Yah, and many other names that they used to have in the Old Testament. So Allah was a name that Jews, Christians, and everyone in that region (where the message of Prophet Muhammad came) were using.


Allah is also a mantra; it is a power word: All-ah. It is a vibration of the seed of the mind. When you meditate on that name, it has great power for meditation and awakening of the spiritual forces.


So that is why Prophet Muhammad brought it to humanity and eventually Moslems said it is His Name: The Name of God is Allah. But in reality if you study the Old Testament and original names in the Old Testament, you will find that they are very similar to what Jews used to use for the name of God. Therefore in this teaching, now we teach: Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal.


Prophet Muhammad was asked, How many Names does God have? Prophet Muhammad said, He has 3,000 names. Humanity only knows 2,999 of them. There is one that humanity does not know. It is one of the Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad. That one Name is the one that was really revealed to humanity as The Word or The Holy Name of God. This is revealed to those who are dedicated to the Mission and want to be a part of this new Revelation of God. So the real Name of God cannot be pronounced at all.


You typed, Yweh. Yweh is a corrupt pronunciation of that Holy Name. That is why the Jewish people could not utter the Name of the Lord. That is why the message was, Do not take the Name of the Lord in vain. If you tried to pronounce it or utter it in the external world, that was considered as taking the Name of the Lord in vain. They were correct because you cannot utter His Holy Name.


That is why now they call it Yweh. You wrote it correctly with no vowels in it. What you wrote cannot be pronounced because it does not have any a, e, i, o, u, or y in it. Therefore it is a word that is not pronounceable.


Yhwh, what does that mean? There is no such word. You are correct, if you do not have any vowels in it, it is not pronounceable. That is correct. That is what in Hebrew they call, Yo Te Vo Te. They just write the consonants, and it does not have any vowels in it.


Therefore the real Name of God cannot be pronounced, cannot be uttered, and that is the true Name of God. There is no Name that you can utter in this external world and say, This is the Name of God. It cannot be because the Name of God is within you.


It is a vibration, it is an energy; it is something that you can only hear it within. When you hear it, it is with you all the time. When it is all the time with you, you can meditate on it all the time, and you and God are together all the time.


So Prophet Muhammad brought that teaching to humanity as, There is only One God. That is correct that there is only one God. In the higher level in Hinduism and Buddhism, also that is true.


In Hinduism the highest level of Gods understanding is realizing Atman. Atman, or God, is the same as atman and you. Or God and the self are one, or Khod and Khoda in Persian are one.


The Essence in you and God are one. Know thyself to know God. Be still and know that I am God. God created man in His Image, as Esa the Christ also said to his disciples, Thou are gods.


So we have the Essence of God. The Essence of God is Compassionate, Loving, Understanding, Unity, and brings that realization that we are all the children of the same God.


In the highest level Hinduism, they also believe in a greater realization, which is to know thyself to know God. In the lower level, they believe in statues and many gods with many different names, etc. That is because they are a part of the manifestation of God, and they have to realize to go beyond this apparent manifestation of God to the Essence, which in their teaching is the Vedanta, or to know self is to know God.


By this you can see that even Hindus and Buddhists also are a part of Gods Revelation, and we can include them as we can include Islam, as we can include Judaism and Christianity.


That is another difference between this Revelation and the ones before it. That is another reason it shows that this is the only Revelation that includes all the parts of Gods Work.


Even Bahais do not include Hindus and Buddhists in their teachings. Bab and Bahaullah believed in the people of the book: Jews, Christians, and Moslems. Hindus also have spiritual books. They are the Upanishads, the Vedas, and the Bhagavad-Gita, etc. They have books also. But at that time it was not necessary for the people in that area to concentrate on those books because that Revelation was for Moslems, Christians, and Jews.


This time now, it includes everyone. It clearly explains the whole Work of God.


No, you should not have even a name for God in the external world. You are right because we are taught not to worship things. Absolutely the highest level of worshipping God is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. It is your Essence.


The Essence of the universe in the highest level is the God that does not even have a name. He is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal, FINE. If you realize that Essence then you cannot categorize anyone, you cannot separate anything from It, and you will not worship statues, or pictures, or names, or even Prophets.


The Prophet is here to give a Message. The Message of the Prophet is the most important part of a Revelation. If you start worshipping the Prophet Himself, you miss the Message. That is why Prophet Muhammad said not to worship Him, but worship God.


Yes, indeed, that is the part Hindus have to overcome. Hindus have to realize that they have to go beyond appearances. They have to go to the Essence. In a higher level they should realize God is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. Every religion, after release of this Revelation, has to overcome and realize this new Message and adjust itself to a new reality.


Well, I am the Representation of all the Prophets before me. All are included in me.



GoldenHeart: So are you Mehdi? Mehdi is not a Prophet


Maitreya: You have to read our teachings, Golden. Mehdi is a Prophet. Actually He came as Bab in Shiraz in Persia and brought the teaching of Bab and Bahaullah. He fulfilled those prophecies.


But I fulfilled all the prophecies and the energy of all the Prophets before me because this is the Seventh Angel. I have to manifest all of them because this is revealing the whole truth to humanity.


He came and you missed it. He came as Bab. He fulfilled the prophecies of His coming. He brought the message of universalism.



GoldenHeart: Where is Dajjal? Where is Jesus?


Maitreya: You are asking where Dajjal is. Dajjal is the same as the false prophet or the anti-Christ. He is the external world that takes you away from God and makes you fall from The Grace of God and go away from the truth.


And where is Jesus? Well, actually his name never was Jesus. There is not such a person who ever lived called Jesus. His name was Esa the Christ. If you read the Koran, you will see that He was never called Jesus in the East.


You are right. Esa is the same Spirit, which came as Prophet Muhammad, came as Bab, came as other Prophets, who was the First Begotten Son of God, and now has come through this Mission to you and is bringing the Revelation of God back to humanity.


So you see, Golden, one of the requirements is that we would like people to study our teachings first. These all that you are asking are the understandings of Moslems and their beliefs. They have missed their Mehdi as Bab who came to them in Persia, and they killed him.


They shot him and killed him. You cannot stop God. You cannot stop Gods Revelation. When Gods Revelation comes, He will succeed.


I just told you He was Bab. You say, When? He came in 1844 or 1845, actually around 200 years before I was born. He came to humanity. He revealed a teaching. His followers were killed and destroyed as was prophesied would happen to them in the Bible.


Again if you read our teachings, in The Revelation still it is said that the followers of the Fifth Seal, which was the Bab Revelation, would be killed and martyred. They pray to God, When is the end going to come? And God tells them, After a short period of time; two hundred years later this last Revelation comes to humanity and explains everything to man.


I am not here to argue with you Golden, OK? If you want to argue, take your argument somewhere else. I am just telling you the truth. If you want to go and prove it to yourself, go to our website, and then come and ask questions. But if you want to believe that you are correct, you are like a lot of Christians and other religions (and even atheists) who come here and they think they are correct, and they tell us we are wrong.


The world will end according to the revelation in The Revelation. If you study the Scripture in the Bible, you have to expand yourself from your own dogmas and understanding, and understand God. In order to do that, you have to open yourself to a new truth.


That is because I am the Representative of God. I am correct because I have received this Revelation for humanity. God clearly has given me the authority to be correct and correct those who have come before me, as Prophet Muhammad corrected those who came before Him.


Now this Revelation is the one that has been written down, put in the website, and can reach every man and woman on earth. At the same time if they have a computer, you can find it everywhere on earth, and there is no nation or people who do not have a computer or do not have a connection to the Internet.


See, those are your beliefs that you have to believe that an angel has to come to me in order for you believe in it. Christians were waiting for their Messiah to come from the sky, and Jews, their Messiah came in Esa and they are still waiting for Him. Surely you can keep those beliefs and understandings; however this is the teaching of the new Prophet for you.


Well, I answered you. I do not need an angel to come to me. I needed to see the Vision clearly and see that the Vision, truth, is from God and is based on the Word of God. I answered your question and you keep asking the same question over and over. What is it? Do you have sound there or you cannot hear me, or is there some technical problem? I have already answered those questions.



GoldenHeart: I want to confirm, is it a feeling in your heart, or someone talking to you?

Maitreya: No, no one talking to me. If you are really a seeker, you have to go and prove it to yourself. It is a Soul-to-Soul Revelation, it is an understanding; it is Vahh. If you are a Moslem you should clearly understand what Vahh means.

OK well if you do not know Arabic, go and ask some of the people in the mosque and they will explain to you what Vahh is. Vahh is a heart-to-heart understanding. It is a quiet voice that you almost do not hear, but you hear it at the same time. It is something beyond explanation. It is something that you absolutely have no doubt when you receive it that it is true and it is a Revelation from God.

Well, it is not compulsory to be a Divine or in the Mission of Maitreya either. That is why we encourage everyone to go to our website.

Not Vad, Vahh. [spelling it] It is an Arabic Word. It is what Prophet Muhammad said how He received them. You do not need to know any language either in this Mission.

Now we encourage everyone to know English because this Revelation came in English. But you can ask people in Islam what Vahh means. And Vahh is what Prophet Muhammad was receiving. He did not hear Gabriel after the first vision He had. And that is exactly what Vahh is.

Again, I did not need to have a vision of an angel. I do not even teach angels because angels are a creation of your own mind. Angels, in the Mission of Maitreya, are satvic, tamasic, and rajasic. Those are Gabriel, Michael, and Lucifer. They are the three angels of God. So even angels are not something tangible in this Mission. They are something that work as forces.

So you can see here that we do not even teach angels. We do not even encourage you to spend too much time on that level of seeing manifested things, because the moment things are manifested they no longer are the Essence.

It no longer is God in the UltimateState. It no longer is that you are reaching for the highest. If it has a name, if it has touch, if it has a smell, if it has a form, it is not the Essence. That is why Buddha called it Nirvana, or nothingness. So you have to go beyond all these concepts.

That is all right. You have become a Moslem, and you are throwing at us all the Moslem dogma, which is OK. We understand. You just came to this Mission and you just found us, and you have a lot to learn before you really realize the depth of this Revelation.

GoldenHeart: So what is God now asking us to do?

Maitreya: He is asking you to realize that He has been sending all these Revelations for the last 12,000 years and each of them have been a part of a greater truth, which is called the Eternal Divine Path.

He sealed this Revelation and understanding until the end time. Now it is the end time and humanity must realize that God created the universe so it returns back to Godhead or equilibrium. That is why this creation was created.

Therefore, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, and the way to become Divine is to follow the Eternal Divine Path. The Eternal Divine Path includes all religions of the world and unifies them, and shows a Path that whoever follows it will reach Pure Consciousness, or Godhead, and return to the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal.

Therefore God is calling you to see this Vision, to see Gods Revelation, to see that God has been sending all these Revelations, He had a Plan, He had a Vision, and He will bring His Kingdom on earth. He has been at it for the last 12,000 years to find and guide the Elects, those who have awakened their spiritual forces and they eventually have realized, There is only One God. How can there be so many religions, separation, and destruction among them?

Those people who do not like dogmas, who do not like human understanding, want to know what God meant with all these Revelations and Scriptures, etc. Now such a people, when they see this teaching, understand it and it makes sense to them, Yes, there is only One God. He said that He is going to seal the vision from Daniel and other Prophets, and all these Prophets before this Revelation had only a part of the truth. Now it is completed.

Therefore humanity can come and see, not to make the same mistakes that they did before the flood of Noah, and misuse and abuse their spiritual powers and eventually made the earth a place that God just repented that He had created man at all and destroyed in the time of the flood of Noah.

Now we are at the point that humanity has to learn their lessons from before the flood of Noah and from the history of the last 12,000 years, that they cannot do it. They cannot bring the peace, unity, Godliness, and progress toward return to God but by following the Eternal Divine Path.

That is what the Calling is. The Calling is to see this Vision, to see Gods Words, and how He has been guiding humanity to this point, how all these Revelations and religions are parts of a greater truth.

Now come together. Realize we all have the Essence of God in us. We are all brothers and sisters. Not only Moslems are brothers and sisters. Not only Christians are brothers and sisters. Not only Jews are brothers and sisters. Not only Hindus and Buddhists are brothers and sisters. We are all brothers and sisters no matter where we are, who we are, what gender or nationality, or race we have, or what part of the universe we are from. We are brothers and sisters.

Audience: If all the religions are from God, will they go to heaven, just by following a part, or do we have to follow you, to go to Heaven?

Maitreya: You have to follow me. You have to follow this Revelation.

Your question reminds me of the five blind men and the elephant again, that each of the blind men had a part of the elephant and each of them was adamant that they know what the elephant looks like.

How can you go to Heaven, or how can you know the elephant, what the elephant looks like, if you do not know that each part that each blind man had is a part of a greater Being, which is the whole elephant? You cannot know the elephant unless you know the whole truth.

This is the whole truth. This is the whole Revelation. No one had the whole truth before this Revelation came.

Audience: Quran says even Christians and Jews will go to heaven, those who are not following Qu'ran.


Maitreya: Well, we do not teach the Koran here. We teach The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament.


At that time according to that Revelation, that was what was revealed to Prophet Muhammad. But according to our teachings, you cannot know the whole truth; you cannot know the whole elephant, unless you see the whole elephant.

How can you say, Oh, I know the elephant, if you only have the ears, I am the person that knows the elephant?


Audience: Those who believe in ONE GOD, pray, etc., will go to heaven.


Maitreya: That has some truth in it that if you believe in One God and pray, and all that, you eventually might become surrendered and submissive to God. If you become surrendered and submissive to God, God clearly has said, My Revelation and teachings are in My Scriptures.


In the Scriptures God said, I am not going to give the whole truth to you until the end of time. Now it has been given to you in whole.

So if you are surrendered and submissive to God, if you believe in One God, and you pray for realizing His Words, then you have to understand this Revelation and see exactly what God said He was going to do. He was going to send Seven Revelations, Seven Seals. Only when the Book sealed with the Seven Seals is opened is when the whole universe rejoices and says, Now it is done. It is finished. It is complete.

Now it is. If you want to know the Word of God, if you believe in One God that sent all the Scriptures then you have no choice but to understand our teachings and see Gods Revelation and Gods Word. That is the salvation of man.

Before that they each had a part of It. No one can go or see the whole Vision if they just look at one part of the Vision.

And of course God can do whatever He wants. If He decided He is going to give the salvation to a Christian, or a Jew, or a Hindu, or a Buddhist, or a Moslem, so be it. But not according to the Scriptures. The Scriptures clearly say that we have to wait until the Seventh Angel comes.

Audience: They told me yesterday, the Quran is a part of what you believe.

Maitreya: Yes, the Koran is a part of what we believe. If any part of any Revelation before this contradicts with this Revelation, it has to be examined, looked at, and understood in a deeper level. Eventually if there is a real contradiction, that part has to go and the only part that should be left is the last Revelation.

Any Prophet that comes does not always agree with the people before it. Also there are a lot of dogmas that people added to the religion as the Word of God or the Prophet, which was not. Actually the Koran does not say that they are going to heaven. They say that they are accepted by God. But it encourages Christians and Jews to come and accept the Koran. So even the Koran encourages the other beliefs to come and join them.

But of course it should not have happened because we needed for Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Moslems, and Jews to be, when this Revelation comes. Otherwise we would not know about them.

GoldenHeart: 2:62 Those who believe (in the Qur'an), and those who follow the Jewish (Scriptures), and the Christians and the Sabians, any who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and work righteousness, shall have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.


Maitreya: OK, they have their reward. What does that mean? Does that mean they go to heaven? Also Prophet Muhammad said that the followers of Christianity, or Christ, will be exalted, or will be higher than everyone else on earth, and He was correct.

That is why we can see the Christian nations have the fattest part of the earth given to them. They have Europe and the United States, which have a lot of resources. That is finished by the coming of this Revelation. Everyone is equal now, and that is why we see such an upheaval between the East and the West. People are mixing, and the destruction is coming to them.

So they have their reward. But does that mean they go to Heaven? Will they reach Pure Consciousness? How can you reach Pure Consciousness if you are not following the Eternal Divine Path, if you are not following what God said would take you to Pure Consciousness?

So Prophet Muhammad is correct; they will have their reward because they are following a Prophet of God. Christ was a Prophet of God. Moses was a Prophet of God. Abram was a Prophet of God. All the Prophets before us were from God, and whoever follows them will receive their reward because they are following Gods Word.

But none of them are following the whole truth. They are following a part of the truth, because only after the Seventh Angel comes will the whole truth come to humanity.

So see, you are interpreting the Koran according to your understanding, not according to the Word of God. The Word of God does not say they are going to go to Heaven and reach Pure Consciousness, or reach Godhead. It says they are going to receive their reward.

Of course they will. They already have. Actually God promised Abram and Abraham, or Ishmael and Isaac, that they will have their reward. They will have nations come from them, and they will have great territory as their possessions. And He has fulfilled them.

Reward does not mean going to Heaven. Yes, reward with their Lord, and they have received their reward. Look at the Moslems. Moslems have a land from Saudi Arabia all the way to the Middle East, to North Africa, to Spain, and to South America.


So we can see the Moslems have to overcome their dogmas and understandings, as do Christians, Jews, and everyone else. They have to eventually come and realize they each have a part of the truth.

None of them will go to Heaven until they realize the whole truth.

So we can see that all humans are called for this Mission. This is the only Mission, or Revelation that is for the whole earth. It is not for Moslems, or Jews, or Persians, or the Far East alone. It is a Revelation for the whole of humanity. There is no other Revelation.

Matrix2813: I was wondering about the Dead Sea Scrolls and "the law-of-one?


Maitreya: OK, what is the law-of-one, Matrix? Can you explain what the scroll said about the law-of-one? Do you mean that there is only One God, and there is no God beside Him, or what?


So if you can explain a little more.



Matrix2813: I think so.


Maitreya: Well, that is true. There is only One God. Actually that is one of the things most of the people that come to this Mission have been questioning themselves, If there is only One God, why do we have so many religions?


Why were Jews not able to make everyone Jews? Why were Hindus not able to make everyone Hindus? Why were Christians not able to make everyone Christians? Why were Moslems not able to make everyone Moslems? etc. It is because it clearly says in the Bible, Islam is only going to cover one fourth of the earth, and they already have.

It is said, each of these religions were going to come for a specific people. Now they are fighting to convert the other part to their own understanding, and it is not going to work. The only way it can work is to realize they are each a part of a greater truth, and that truth has been sealed and kept away from human understanding to the end of time. Now that vision has come true.

Exactly, we are all humans. We are all a part of God. We are brothers and sisters. It is not that only Jews, Hindus, and Buddhists are brothers and sisters, or Moslems, or Christians. Everyone is a part of God.

There is not separation between any part of the universe from any other part. The moment we say only Moslems, or Christians, or Buddhists are a part, everyone one else is out, They do not belong to our community or ways, and we cut them out, it is incorrect. We cannot do that. We cannot separate any part of God from any other part because God is everything.

OK, Adel Daharma is asking:

Adel Daharma: Is it normal to experience more hardship after starting to meditate and so on?


Maitreya: It is possible because you start burning your karma. It is just like you bring a small pond or pot of water that is dirty. The dirt is underneath. Because there is nothing disturbing it, that dirt stays on the bottom. Suddenly you start meditating; it is like throwing a big stone into that pond.


Before that it was clear and clean, and you did not even know that the dirt exists underneath. Suddenly all the dirt starts coming out and your karma starts burning, and you have to learn your lessons faster. Sometimes that means hardship, hard work, and more suffering.

The sooner and faster you learn your lesson, the sooner and faster you understand the Plan of God and the Eternal Divine Path, the sooner you will surrender and submit to God and His Will for you, and the sooner you again bring that pond back to calmness and you scoop up the dirt. After a while no matter how big a stone you put or throw into the pond, that dirt is not there anymore. You will have clear, clean water, and there is no karma left that makes the pond dirty.

It is possible that after you start meditating, after you start receiving this Revelation, your life might become even harder a little bit. But if you continue scooping up the dirt from the pond and clearing the water, burning your karma, and learning your lessons, the faster you do that, the faster you clear up the mess, and your pond becomes a clear, crisp, channel for God.

So there is some truth in what you say. That is why everyone should start meditating, contemplating, concentrating, and gazing on The Greatest Sign, understand our teaching, realize what this Vision is, and also where you fall into this Vision.


Matrix2813: Arent every last one of the six billion people a small spark of the Divine?


Maitreya: Yes indeed, they are. Each is a spark of the Divine but not every spark is connected to God. Not every spark has been progressing for the last 12,000 years. Not every spark has realized itself in a deeper level, and therefore there will be a sundering; there will be a time that those who do not progress have to wait for the next creation.


God gives humans the opportunity to progress many lifetimes. That is why we believe in reincarnation. Only through reincarnation can you realize the justness of God. God gives you opportunity, after opportunity, after opportunity, after opportunity for you to progress, to rid yourself of your dogmas, drop the dead religions, the dead body of the religions that have come before the last Revelation of God, and progress in a greater degree.

But if God gives you many chances and you would not progress, what is He going to do? He probably says, Look, there are millions of billions of infinite other unit consciousnesses waiting for a human body to come and progress, and you are wasting My time and energy in the body so I am not going to reincarnate you anymore. I am going to bring some other being that might progress faster than you do.

So we can see the justness of God clearly that He gives us a lot of opportunities, a lot of time to think, to progress, to come back, to return, or to be with God. But if we keep messing it up, eventually God says, OK, I have had enough of this. You will not progress.

That is exactly what the end time is. The end time is the time that those who have progressed in previous lifetimes now are the chosen people, are the Elects, and they will see this Vision clearly.

That is why I do not choose you. I do not ask you to come and join me by force. I do not put the sword on your throat and say, If you do not believe me I will cut your head off.

It is you who should go to the website, understand our teaching, progress, and realize, Yes, it is from God. God said there are going to be Seven Revelations, there are going to be Seven Seals, and there are going to be all these things coming to humanity.

It is only at the end time, at the time of the Seventh Angel, when the Seven Seals are opened and the Book sealed with the Seven Seals is revealed, will My Mystery be finished. No one, No one, knows My Mystery, or the truth of God, until this Revelation comes. Therefore anyone who claims they know God, or they have the truth of God, they cannot, because God said they cannot have it.

Such a people are the Elects; they see the Vision. So I do not choose the people who come to the Mission. God has already chosen them. They see the Vision clearly, and because they have been progressing in many incarnations, they have realized God in many lifetimes.

In this lifetime they cannot accept or follow dogmas. So you can see, yes, there are six billion, well actually there are more than six billion now that they have the Essence of God in them but not all the Essence progresses according to what God has told them to progress to.

Therefore there is going to be a sundering. There is going to be a separation. There is going to be an end time that those who have progressed will be chosen and progress for the next 1,000 years. After the thousand years, they will reach Pure Consciousness or Godhead, or Godhood.

The Plan is clear. God has given humanity all the opportunities, all the time they need for the last 12,000 years and another 1,000 years at the top of it for the next 1,000 years for them to progress, to see this Vision, to see that they each have a part of the truth. They do not have the whole truth.

Now of course it is here, and humanity can either accept it or reject it. So accept it, come, join, help, and bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

Those who are not the Elects, those who reject it or they hold onto their dogmas, they will not be reincarnated for a long time.


Go ahead Shirin.


Shirin: Sal-OM Maitreya. The teaching in THOTH is that the Seventh Angel, Maitreya, is the most celebrated topic, because He brought the last Message of God and the Plan is complete. My question and my understanding is around the verse, and the whole universe rejoiced. It is the only time in all the Messages that the whole universe rejoiced. Could you speak more about that? It just seems like that is such an incredible acceleration for, not just humanity and the different parts of religions but the whole universe. It is so monumental that, that one little phrase people seem to be missing. Could you expand more on that?

Maitreya: Sure. It is in The Revelation, chapters 4 and 5. If you study that book, clearly in chapter 5 it says that all the Elders and the whole universe were looking to see who is going to open the Book sealed with the Seven Seals and the Book that was hidden. And no one could open it. No one.


Actually it reached a point that he started to cry. He started saying, Oh, no one is going to open it. No one is going to know what is in this Book, in that Revelation inside the Book that God had in His Hands.

Eventually one of the Elders told him that, Look, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah will open the Book. It means no one could open that Book but the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the person who is from the lineage of King David. No one could do that. No one.

If you are not from the lineage of King David, if you have not fulfilled the prophecies, you will not be able to open the Book.


That is another thing, you can say Prophet Muhammad was not from the lineage of King David. He was from the lineage of Ishmael. He could not have opened the Book sealed with the Seven Seals and the last Revelation of God.

Eventually the Lion of the Tribe of Judah comes and opens the Book, and that is when the whole universe rejoices and hallelujah comes from all corners of the universe. Everyone celebrates the opening of the Seven Seals and the Revelation of the Book revealed to humanity.


It is right in the Bible. There is nothing we say that was revealed to humanity that is not based on the Word of God. So when these people come and say, we are anti-Christ, or we cannot unify humanity or religions, they are incorrect.

They have no idea what our teaching is. They yell and kick and all that because their egos are hurt because we say your religion is not the last one, your religion is not the only way, your religion is not the only Chosen One, but each of you are a part of a greater truth.

That greater truth is what all these Revelations before it have come for. Even the Prophets who had the visions could not have told humanity until everything comes to this point. At this point, now we can clearly see that God indeed did exactly what He said He would do, and He Revealed everything according to His Plan.

Therefore God exists! There is no doubt about this. There is no distinction between Prophets of God. All the Prophets of God are equal.

Of course the Seventh One is the one who brings the whole truth, so it is the most celebrated, and the Bible and the teaching in the Scriptures also confirm that before this teaching comes, no one knows the truth. Therefore when the whole truth comes,it is just like the seven chakras. You progress to the sixth chakra. But when you reach the seventh chakra, that is when you become one with God. Before that you still have a part of ego left in you.

Even in the sixth chakra, still you have a little ego left in you that you cannot enter the Godhead. But at least if you are an Avatar, you have been with God and you have a little connection to the earth so you can stay in your body.

But in the seventh level or chakra is when you eventually reach God. That is the most celebrated chakra. That is when the whole truth will be revealed to you because you become one with God and oneness with the Essence.

Exactly that is what also can be understood with the Seventh Angel, or Seventh Revelation, because this is the only Revelation that explains clearly, crystal clear. If you understand it, you understand your religion.


Actually if you do not understand THOTH, if you do not understand our teaching, you do not know your religion. Period. So that is why everyone should understand this teaching, understand the explanation how all these things that these people with the dogmas in the different religions bring here, are explained.

How Prophet Muhammad is the last Prophet, at the same time He is the seal of the Prophets. What He meant by He was the last Prophet. What He meant by He finished His religion.

Yes, He finished Islam, the religion of Islam.

He could not have been the Seventh Angel because He was not the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. He could not have opened the Seven Seals.

Or, Christ is for Jews and the lost tribe of Judah, the House of Israel.


So, all these things have been explained clearly. Now if they can see this they can understand the Work of God and the Plan of God. This Revelation is the most celebrated because it explains everything. It is the only one that is clear and explains the Word of God and the Plan of God.

OK. Sal-OM everyone. Have a wonderful Godly week. Meditate on these words. Go to the website. Read our teachings. Understand this Revelation and realize, God indeed has sent this to you, and become One with It. And continue with the work.

Sal-OM everyone!


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