MAITREYA, Conversations with


Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreya's Satsang Room. We pay our salutations to the Divinity within all humanity, and we work toward peace and unity of man.

Humanity needs to come together and become one as prophesied by God in all the Scriptures that, at the end time when the time comes for the last Revelation, they eventually will see that all the religions of the world have come from the same Source and from the same Spirit, or God.

There is no separation between man and man. They have all come from one God, and those who separate man from man, they are doing disservice to religions, to God, to His Revelations, and to His Plan. The Plan of God is to bring His Kingdom on earth.

For the last 12,000 years, they have been in the process of creating a history full of wars, destruction, separation, and domination. No dominating force ever stayed dominating forever. That is the nature of the history. Those who dominate will be dominated. Those who conquer will be conquered. Those who wage wars will lose; both sides will lose. There is no war that anyone really wins.

Therefore humanity has to listen and understand these lessons that God has been giving for the last 12,000 years and realize how the only way to bring peace and unity and an earth that everyone progresses in the greatest degree to the highest potential, is God's Way. There is no other way.

This is the Call for humanity again from the Spirit to come and see how the history has been in preparation up to this point. This is the Call to all of you to realize that indeed you are the pioneers of the new Golden Age that is coming soon.

Of course anytime something great is going to happen, there are the birth pains for humanity to go through. That is exactly what is happening at this time, and they are going through those birth pains.

I can see there are some questions in the text.

HeGave_ItAll: What does Maitreya mean?

Maitreya: Maitreya means the Compassionate One, the friend. The name is from Buddhism, the name of the next Buddha to come. This is the last Revelation, which is for the whole humanity. Therefore the names and the Revelation are for all men. All the Scriptures have been talking and prophesizing about the coming of this Revelation.

The name Maitreya is just one name of many names that are represented in the Mission and fulfills the prophecies of the coming of the last Buddha, the last Avatar, Kalki Avatar, and on and on.

Therefore it is not just the name Maitreya, which is used in the Mission but also Y'shua, Mohammad, Vigi Kumar, and many other names that have been given to me. All of them are fulfilling a part of the prophecies. So those who are looking for this last Revelation will clearly see the truth and will recognize that this is indeed from God.

HeGave_ItAll: Allah correct, you mean Jesus, not Buddha?

Maitreya: Well, all of them. There is no religion on earth that is not covered in our teachings. There is no religion on earth that has not prophesied the coming of this Revelation.

Therefore it covers the Christ, which His name really was not Jesus. There is no J in Hebrew. His name was Esa, and His spiritual name cannot be pronounced. His spiritual name means the Son of God, or the Savior of J'weh or God.

Therefore if you understand our teachings, you will see that it is more than one religion. It covers every religion on earth.

HeGave_ItAll: It says that when the Lord Jesus returns that all will know. If you are in New Mexico, then why have we not seen?

Maitreya: Those who have been called for this Mission and their eyes has been opened, the Elects, will know. Those who have not been called and do not belong to God's last Revelation, indeed they will go even further away from the truth. They will be taken and not only not see it, but they will be even more in ignorance.

When it says, their eye will see, it is talking about the third eye, the spiritual eye. Those who have opened their spiritual eyes (when they hear this Revelation and see the truth in it) can understand it easily. They will take it as the truth, and therefore the eye sees it clearly. That is what is meant with that verse.

I hope you go to our website and study our teachings in a greater degree, and realize what the symbolic meanings of the verses revealed by God are.

There are a lot of words that have been used in many religions, and they have been taken to mean something that really they did not mean in the beginning. That is why God said, I am a mystery. I will not be recognized, realized, and understood, until the end time.

Even the vision that was given to the Prophets was sealed, and they were instructed not to reveal it to humanity.

HeGave_ItAll: It has all signs of evil.

Maitreya: Well, according to your understanding, yes, maybe it does have the signs of evil because it does not conform to your dogmas and your religion's understandings. But according to God, it is absolutely Godly and has nothing evil in it at all. If you understand God, then you understand the truth.

And since no one knows the truth until the Seventh Angel comes, no one can claim to know what is evil or what is good until the Seventh Angel comes, because they do not know it. They do not know God, and whatever they say is human-made and human understanding.

If you really want to know the truth you have to forego your understanding and read the Scriptures and our teachings, and realize how God indeed has prophesied that this Revelation will come.

Therefore, there is nothing evil in it at all.

HeGave_ItAll: Are you Jesus in whom is the Christ to come that we may be caught up in the clouds with Him?

Maitreya: Cloud means confusion. That is another word that you have to understand what it means. It means, at the time of confusion, even Christ and His disciples will be caught in that confusion. Indeed there is confusion on earth and many have been caught in it.

We are in the clouds. There is confusion on earth, and all of us are caught in this confusion, the confusion of religion, the confusion of nationality, the confusion of races, the confusion of genders, the confusion of all kinds that we can see humanity does not know how to deal with them and we are going toward the greatest wars, destruction, and tribulation.

Therefore if you are waiting for someone to come to the physical clouds and take you up there with him, it has never happened and it will never happen. God does not work like this. Therefore God will not change His Ways, and it will not happen the way many people expect it to happen because that is not the Way of God.

The Way of God means, When the confusion comes and the morality falls, then the Spirit of God will arise on earth You can find this verse very clearly in the Bhagavad-Gita; it explains what cloud and confusion means.

Therefore you have to really re-learn the meaning of many words in the Scriptures and what God meant by them. If you realize that, you can recognize indeed this is from God.

HeGave_ItAll: Sir, the sign of good and evil is on the main page.

Maitreya: Oh, OK, probably you are talking about the swastika? Do you know that the very plus sign that you use in mathematics has come from the swastika, and that the swastika was used by the Christians in the beginning of Christianity? That was the sign that the Christians could recognize each other with. They would put it on their graves, and they would communicate by knowing that they are Christians. Therefore, you have to recognize what it is.

It is a good sign. Actually it means, Good Luck. Many religions have used it. You can find it all over the earth. Christ brought it to his disciples and followers, and eventually the very cross is a derivation of the swastika. So you have to understand what it means first.

Secondly, if a person used a knife to kill someone, do you prosecute the knife, put it in jail, you never use it, and you say, No, the knife is evil? The knife is nether evil nor good; it depends on who uses that knife. It becomes good if you give it to a surgeon, and it becomes evil if you give it to a murderer.

Therefore you have to recognize and realize who used it and why it was used. If you understand that, then you can understand what the swastika means.

It is very prominent symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, and they are still using it. Even American Indians use it.

If you go to a city in New Mexico called Mountainair, there is a hotel there that they still have the swastika on their walls.

There was a newspaper at the University of New Mexico called, Swastika.

There is a city in Canada that is called Swastika.

Swastika used to be a very good thing for people. There were a lot of cards they had a swastika in them, and there was a book written about it.

Good, if you are from Roswell, then go to Mountainair. There is a hotel there that still it has the swastika on its exterior walls.

I heard there is a bank in the north of New Mexico (Raton) that has a sitting room with a fireplace that has a swastika on it, and still it exists.

Therefore the swastika is not bad. It is just like, a knife is not bad. Who uses it? Even then you have to realize and recognize why it was used and what happened. So therefore do not prosecute the knife. Prosecute the person who misused the knife, if he is prosecutable.

It is just amazing how people accept the words of other people without studying and really realizing what the symbol meant. If the human searches and looks, eventually they can find that a lot of things they believe do not mean what they think it means.

We have the requirements for asking questions and coming to our rooms. One is for you to go to our website and study. Find out what we teach. Then you can realize that what you believe is outmoded; it is outdated. As one of the people in the room was saying, you have to update your information. Your information is not representing the Spirit of God for this time.

You can see that many people have concepts and understandings of their own teachings. They see things evil when they are not. Can you prosecute a knife for being used by a murderer to kill people? So we can see that they have to understand.

Someone was saying that it is impossible to unify Moslems with Christians, because it is just like trying to mix water with oil.

The truth is, it is not mixing water with oil. Humanity made it oil. If we, or those who follow, or created oil, take the dogmas out and create the true understanding, we can see all are water, and they mix together easily.

Deepcover is asking:

Deepcover: Maitreya, the world is full of beliefs and theologies. How does one arrive at what is truth? Besides an intellectual understanding, I see religion as Babylon, confusion. What are your thoughts? Thank you.

Maitreya: Yes, indeed it is confusion because God created this situation the last 12,000 years. Before the last 12,000 years, human knew about the Eternal Divine Path that we teach in the Mission, and they did not follow.

As Christ taught that the person who had the field sowed good seed in the field but then the weeds came and mixed with the good wheat, and the servant said, Let us take the weeds out. The owner of the land said, No, let them grow together. Let the weeds and the good seed grow together, and at the time of the harvest we will separate them.

So for the last 12,000 years those who have not progressed and do not want to go to God or are not Godly did grow with the good seed, which are the good people who have been meditating, progressing, and growing, and do not even belong to this external world.

Now is the time of the harvest. That confusion has been because both good and evil were growing together at the same time.

Also no one knows the whole Plan of God or the truth until the Seventh Angel comes. The Seventh Angel is the one who opens the Book sealed with the Seven Seals, and that Book sealed with the Seven Seals in chapter 5 in The Revelation, clearly says, No one can open it but the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

When that Book is opened, the mystery of God will be finished. Therefore all this time humanity was confused, and all the religions had only one part of the truth.

Now this Revelation has come, which clearly explains what happened in the last 12,000 years and gives a way to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth and is calling for the wheat, is separating the wheat from the chaff. It is separating the good seed from the weeds.

Now it is telling humanity, come and see how God was working. Now is the time of sundering and is the time of harvest. And indeed it is.

That is why there is so much confusion on earth and in religions. But if you understand our teachings and see the explanation of them all, you will clearly understand what God has been doing and His Plan. Therefore you will not be confused any more.

MRDISC: Is Cabbala evil?

Maitreya: Cabbala is the mystical part of Judaism. It is actually very similar to what Hindus, Buddhists, and other Mystical Paths teach. They believe that you have to know thyself, and there is an Un-seeable Force or God that guides human life. They give you some very precise instructions of how you can invoke that Force toward the betterment of life and becoming one with it. Therefore it is the mystical part of Judaism.

As the mystical part of Islam, like Sufis, are misunderstood by the Moslem orthodox, or the saints in Christianity seem very strange to some people that they are so devoted to God and Christ, so is the Cabbala in Judaism.

A lot of Jews, the Orthodox Jews, do not understand it. They do not appreciate it, and therefore they do not accept it as a part of the Jewish experience or Revelation. But in truth if Jews understand Cabbala, they can understand their religion even in a deeper level and the meaning of what has been revealed to them.

If you understand our teachings, not only you understand Cabbala better, you understand where your religion falls in the Eternal Divine Path, how it is related to other religions, and why they should eventually give up the idea of being the Elects and Chosen Ones. That is because the Elects and Chosen Ones are not a nation or a people; they are all over the world. Those who have progressed, they are the Elects, not a nation.

If they realize that and recognize that, they can give up that idea, and come and join this Mission.

Deepcover is asking:

Deepcover: Am seeing that. That is why I asked some general questions.

Maitreya: Good, Deepcover. The answer is very clearly given in this Revelation. The coming of this Revelation has been prophesied. It has been foretold to come.

God was clear. He never was confused on what He was doing. He absolutely knew that He was sending all these Revelations to different Prophets, and each Revelation has a part of a greater truth: Eternal Divine Path. When the whole thing is revealed, those who have progressed, those who are the good seed, the wheat, not the weeds, will see this Revelation and understand it clearly, and it will answer their questions.

Those who come to the Mission, they already had a lot of questions that they were confused about. Then when they understand this Revelation, they can see that they have the answers they were looking for.

Deepcover is asking:

Deepcover: So is the Seventh Angel is still to come, or is He here now? I will have to read your material.

Maitreya: I am the Seventh Angel. I have revealed the Seven Seals and have opened the Book sealed with the Seven Seals.

The Book of the Seven Seals is called, The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH). If you read the Scriptures, God clearly in the Bible says that when The Holiest Of The Holies is revealed, that is when the Temple will be built and the mystery of God is finished at that time.

Deepcover: Being very interested in The Revelation, I see that you have written extensively on the book. I will be reading your works.

Maitreya: Great, Deepcover. We also encourage you to read the rest of the teachings. You will see that they will answer the questions of the seekers who do not believe in their own dogmas, religions, and understandings, but they are seeking the truth. They want to know what really God meant with all these Revelations.

Our teaching is based on the Word of God; it cannot be evil. How can a teaching that is based on the Scriptures and the Words of God, fulfills the prophecies, and the person who revealed it is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and brings the Word of God, Revelation, and mystery that would be sealed to end, be evil? These people do not study, do not understand, do not go, seek, and knock. They hang onto their own little dogmas, and because they have been brainwashed with a little understanding of what the media say, what the swastika means, and now it is evil.

It was not evil in 1900. It was a good sign. Everyone liked it. Everyone used it as, Good Luck. Now it is evil because the propaganda has brainwashed them, and they cannot go beyond that propaganda.

Deepcover: If I may ask one more question. Were you given this Revelation, or did it come to you from study? Thank you.

Maitreya: There is a very extensive lecture in the website on how I became Maitreya and how the Revelation was revealed to me. If someone would post the URL for that lecture for Deepcover, it explains exactly how I received the Revelation [].

I gave a one-week lecture that I presented to the people in one Feast of Tabernacles. Later on one of the people in the Mission wrote that as a lecture. Now we have that on the website. If you go to that URL, you will have that lecture that explains how I was guided.

I came to this country for my education. Then special things happened to me, and little by little this Revelation formed itself to what it is now.

MRDISC is asking:

MRDISC: Maitreya, can you please tell me how one knows when one's third eye is opened?

Maitreya: Spiritual progress is so subtle that there is no way you can tell what state you are at. In each person it is different. Even your third eye might be open and you would not know it. Usually you are a more sensitive person. You can probably see the auras of the other people. You can probably feel the chakras and where they are at.

It is kind of an understanding in a deeper level than the regular intellectual understanding that you have known all your life. You are connected to a deeper level of creation.

Probably you understand the events better. It is not just the third eye opens and you start seeing the external world and quantum physics level of creation. But you will become more intuitive. You can see the life in a greater light in Spirit than just this physical world that people are so attached to it and they are so engaged in it that they cannot escape it.

It is not just an eye opens and you start seeing things, but it is a spiritual achievement or progress in your life. Therefore you can see the Spirit in a greater degree than the physical body or physical world. So you become more intuitive with God, His Plan, and His Work in your life and in other people's lives, the Revelation and the Way God works.

You no longer can stand dogmas. You no longer can believe in a set of, What the preacher says, and believing with all your heart to be true, but you become a seeker, a person who wants to know the truth.

You absolutely cannot accept whatever is not the truth. You do not accept other peoples' words. You will put effort yourself to understand the truth of the reality of God and His Revelation.

Therefore the third eye is really the opening of your sixth chakra. In that level, the level of seeking great knowledge of God and understanding in a deeper level, your meditation is full of Joy, Oneness, and Beauty, etc.

So I hope that answers your question. I know a lot of people think the third eye is just like a physical eye that it suddenly opens and you can see things you would not be able to see before.

That is not the way Spirit works. Spirit is subtle. It is very quiet. It progresses very slowly.

In a way you do not even recognize it yourself. For instance, for twenty years you have meditated, and the people who knew you before see you twenty years later. They can see your progress. They at least can see you to be a different person because you have progressed in your spiritual journey.

Of course our teaching is, do not worry about reaching Pure Consciousness. Do not worry about if your third eye is open or not. Do not seek powers and siddhis (spiritual powers), but meditate, understand our teachings, follow the Eternal Divine Path, try to awaken your spiritual forces, work for the Communities of Light, sacrifice, surrender and submit to God, and become a universalist. Then you surely will progress.

The Revelation is very simple. It has five steps. The First Step is the awakening of your spiritual forces. That is the Mystical Paths, the teachings that are the Spirit of all religions. If you do not follow Mystical Paths, if you do not meditate, concentrate, contemplate, study, and/or awaken your spiritual forces, you will not understand your religion in a deeper level.

That is why in every religion they have some mystical parts. For example, what is in Judaism is the Cabbala. Cabbalists meditate; they awaken their spiritual forces.

In Christianity, it is the Saints. Saints have an experience, a direct experience with God.

If you do not have a direct experience with God, you are following a religion. You have to meditate. You have to connect yourself to God. God said, You are in my image. Christ said, Thy are gods (with a small g, of course, you are in His image).

Therefore recognize that you are indeed in the image of God. Awaken your spiritual forces, connect with God, have an experience with God, and then you understand the Revelations and your Scriptures.

Do not listen to the gurus, or rabbis, or fathers, or mullahs. They give you the dogmas. They give you the information that they believe is the truth. But the correct way to realize a religion or all the religions is to directly connect to God and listen to His Words. Go to the Scriptures and see His Words, not the words of the preacher or the propaganda of the media to tell you what you have to believe or not believe.

It is just like, The swastika is evil. The swastika is not evil. The swastika is just a sign. It used to be a sign of good luck, and many people, even in the West, used it for that purpose.

It is the only sign that you can find in every culture, including Christianity and western civilization. Actually if you go to the teaching of the Vikings and their books, you can see the swastika there.

If you go to our website, there is a book there that is all about the swastika, and it has been published by the Smithsonian's, a very respected institution. They have published that book at the end of the 18th century.

If you now go and ask them, they probably do not have it as a book in their library or whatever. We found a very old one in the main Albuquerque library, and we digitized it in the website. It can tell you how this sign is all over the world.

Then we prosecute a sign, instead of prosecuting the people, if they are guilty of misusing that sign?

We have to mediate. We have to awaken our spiritual forces, not just be a blind follower of those that tell us what to believe. If we do that then we can see this Revelation is from God. It is based on the Words of God. It fulfills the prophecies that God said it would. Therefore we will be able to see the truth clearly.

So now it is here for humanity, and now it is called for all humanity to go through this re-education of their beliefs and religions, and eventually recognize, there is only One God. If there is only One God, why do we have so many religions?

Anyone who claims to be an Elect, have the last word, have the last Revelation before the Seventh Angel comes, before the Book sealed with the Seven Seals is opened, is incorrect. No one can claim that, until the Seventh Angel comes, and only He can claim this.

Now we are asking humanity to look at this and recognize, are they an Elect or not? If you are an Elect, you see the truth in this Mission and this Revelation clearly. It makes sense. There is only One God. There is only one universe. We all belong to Him. The only way is to awaken our spiritual forces and to direct that energy to create the Communities of Light.

The whole Old Testament, if you study it, is about God was trying to find a people, a group, a community that would accept Him as King, as the Source of spiritual Laws, and would create an environment where everyone can progress physically, mentally, and spiritually to the highest. That is a community.

Now how can you create such a community? OK, you meditate; you awaken your spiritual forces. You want to create community and every person in the community says, What is in it for me? or, I am only here to get the most out of this community. Of course that community is not a Community of Light.

So sacrifice is the next step in this Path, and who sacrificed the most? Recently there was a movie called, The Passion of Christ, and they depicted Him as suffering immensely.

What did he say? Love your brother or your neighbor as yourself. He taught great Revelation to humanity, how to sacrifice, how to become a spiritual person, how to overcome any love or bound to this external world, but love your God with all your heart, mind, and Spirit.

That is the only way. If you love your brother, if you love your sister, if you love your parents, if you love anyone or anything in this external world more than God, you are not going to make it. You are going to be attached to the external world.

Therefore you have to Love your God with all your heart, mind, and spirit to overcome this attraction of the external world and be free to be able to sacrifice for the Communities of Light. God has to be number one, and His Plan has to be number one, otherwise you are not going to make it if you have attachments outside.

There is a Sufi poem that says, first you have to completely forget about any love or attachment you have to the external world, and love God with all your heart, mind, and spirit. Then you can love the world with the Godly Love. Then you can love your parents, you can love your wife, husband, children, everyone with that Godly Love instead of being attached to them and in human love.

That is the message of Christ, sacrifice. Without such sacrifice and progress, you cannot create the Communities of Light.

If you overcome all the attachments in the external world and love only God, then the external world will become a manifestation of God, and the Communities of Light become the goal of your life. You will be ready to sacrifice for them to create such an environment.

Still you might become attached to the result of your actions, and you say, Well, I am the doer. Attachment to the result will result in fall again because the moment that I comes in, you are disconnected from God.

Anyone who talks about I, I, I, I, it means God is not there, I am there. As long as I is there, God is not. That is why the next step is surrendering and submission to God. We do our best and surrender the result to God, and with that we are free.

We do the work, but we leave the result to God. The result belongs to God. Therefore, I am not there. I did it, but because I am not attached to the result and it belongs to God, I do not take any credit. If the result is good, it is a gift from God to you. Therefore I am not there.

Even greater than surrendering is submission. God is doing it through me all the time, I am so in love with God and so concentrated on God that I do not even exist anymore. God exists.

Sometimes I say, Thank you, to some people in the Mission, and they say, I am not there. Who are you thanking? You are thanking God within me. And they are right. They are absolutely correct.

If they realize that and recognize that they do not exist and God exists, whatever they do is God is doing it through them. They are absolutely free from any ego or I, and they are connected.

That is why we are not connected. As long as I is there, we are not connected. When the I is not there anymore, then God and we are One, and we are free.

That is the message of Islam. That is what Islam is all about. It is not about terrorism, destruction, and believing that you will convert everyone to Islam.

God clearly said in the Scriptures that Islam only will convert one-fourth of the earth. Prophet Muhammad did not open the Book sealed with the Seven Seals. He was not even the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. He was not from the lineage of King David. He was from the lineage of Ishmael. So He could not have been the last Prophet.

He could not be the one that would bring the last Revelation. Of course the Spirit behind all the Messengers or Messiahs is God. But you can clearly say that He could not be the last Prophet in the sense of bringing the last Revelation, but He was the last Prophet in the sense of bringing the highest Spiritual realization, to become surrendered and submissive to God.

Also we can see, because they do not have the next step, which is universalism, if you are not a Moslem you are an infidel. How can you say that? How can you do that? How can you say God is not everything, when Prophet Muhammad said God is even closer to your vein than you? Then you say, Well, because you are not a Moslem, you are an infidel, you are separate, you are not one of us? That absolutely is a contradiction, isn't it?

God is closer to your vein, and it means everyone, Moslems, non-Moslems, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, etc., and then, If you are not a Moslem then you are not one of us and separated. Our God is different. There is only one God. How can there be a difference?

So we can see there has to be a Revelation, which comes later on and says, The whole universe is one, and you are all brothers and sisters. No matter what religion you are in, no matter what gender, or nationality, or race you are, you have the Essence of God in you.

All of us have to concentrate on that Essence and see the unity among all. That is the next step, universalism, recognizing and realizing that God is everything, I cannot separate a part of God from another part. I cannot say, This is this race; I am that race. This is my religion; that is your religion.

That is the message the Baha'i and Bab Teaching, which came to humanity. It basically says all religions are the same and are saying the same things.

Of course now we know it is not true. They are not saying the same things. They say a lot of things similar to each other but each of these religions has one specific message that has come to humanity. When put together, those messages reveal the Eternal Divine Path, unify all the religions of the world, explain the last 12,000 years of history, show how to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, reveal how the cyclical movements of the historical events are going to happen, and give how we can make the transition from one cycle to another smoothly when the Paravipras or Elects are the leaders and will guide those cyclical movements.

The whole truth has been given now, from the slightest, smallest act in life to the greatest Way, which is the Kingdom of God on earth.

So the people who go through these five steps and realize that each of these five religions have come for a reason and are willing to follow them, are willing to forego their own egos and awaken their spiritual forces, create the Communities of Light, or join the Communities of Light, sacrifice in them, become surrendered and submissive to God, and become universalists, are the ones that God has been calling, the Elects, My Elects, the ones who will inherit the earth.

Are we all caught in the confusion of the earth, in the clouds? Yes we are. We are struggling in this world with the rest of humanity when there is confusion everywhere. The wars, tribulation, and destruction are coming.

What happened a few days ago in Spain? Two-hundred people died in a train because of a bomb, and twelve-hundred people were injured.

These things should not happen. It should be an environment where no one is afraid of bombs or terrorists. Both sides should stop and realize that they have to come together, create an environment that they can communicate, realize there is only one God, and that all these religions are from the same Source. None of them have to convert the other to their own small understanding of God's Plan. They cannot because their understanding is just a limited part of a greater truth.

The only thing that can unify them and bring peace is to see the whole Vision, to see the whole Truth, to see how each of them is a part of a greater truth. If all of them accept this, there would not be any Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, or Moslems. They would all be Divines because all will follow the Eternal Divine Path. That is the way to peace and salvation.

Are the Christians going to make everyone Christian, or are the Jews the only Chosen People, and are the Moslems going to convert everyone to Islam? God clearly said that is not the way He has planned it, and that is not going to happen.

Now it is our responsibility to convey this message to humanity. Let them know this is the way out. No one wins in the war, no one. He who conquers, will lose. He who is conquered, will lose. No war is going to be the last one until this Revelation is recognized and realized that God brought It to humanity, and this realization is accepted by the majority.

If they do not, it is fine. We can just sit here and let them go through tribulation, war, and destruction more and more until they eventually reach a point that they do not even remember why they started the war in the first place.

That is what happens to most of the wars, they just have their own lives. When you start a war it has its own life. After a while you do not even remember why it was started, just like WWI or WWII.

So humanity has to learn these lessons completely, that wars will not solve the problem. The only thing that will solve the problem is the Plan of God. We have a great responsibility in this regard. Each of you has a great responsibility to help humanity to see this Vision more and more.

That is why we have put so much effort on this Mission, and we are calling all of you to go beyond your little life. Go in a greater degree to God, the Mission, and the Call. We are the Light of the world, the salt of the earth.

Those who are the Elects, see this Vision clearly, and see God's Way, no longer can be the people of a specific culture, religion, gender, nationality, or race. They belong to God and the universe, and they see God is One. The only way is to bring His Kingdom on earth and make an earth full of Joy, sharing, and happiness that will bring a great place for everyone to progress physically, mentally, and spiritually in a greater degree to a point that we start having munies and the great yogis that they have reached salvation or mokti, as it used to be.

We read in the Scriptures, in the Hindu Scriptures, that there were munies. They were great Souls who had reached salvation. Why is that not happening anymore? It is because at that time, they were following the Eternal Divine Path. They did have the Kingdom of God on earth. They were humans who could meditate in a much deeper level and reach salvation. We have to return to that time again. The way is again this Mission, this Revelation.

If we understand this clearly then we become another Maitreya. Then we have two Maitreyas, three Maitreyas, a hundred forty-four thousand Maitreyas who can understand the teaching in a deeper level. We will have PalTalk open twenty-four hours a day, and the people will volunteer to continue the room. It will not just be open seven or eight hours as we have now, but twenty-four hours, so we can reach more people.

We will reach to humanity by putting all kinds of outreach that we can spread this message to everywhere.

This struggle between the religions will stop. I am not struggling with Christians, or Jews, or Hindus, or Buddhists, or Moslems anymore. They are a part of me.

They are a part of this Revelation. I have nothing against them. If they have something against me, it is their dogmas. It is their problem. I hope I can teach them and re-educate them to the new Revelation and understanding, and show them the Word of God is different than what they believe.

Hindus, Buddhists, and the people who follow the Mystical Paths have to realize that they also have to direct that energy to create the Communities of Light. Even Buddha said, Daharma and community, Sangha. So if Buddhists do not create the communities, then they are not following Buddha's way completely.

Or Hindus have to recognize that Christians, Jews, Moslems, and Baha'is also are part of God's Revelation, and they have to incorporate them to their teaching, not only try to reach Pure Consciousness (which God said, I am going to spew you out of My Mouth) but also create communities, sacrifice, surrender and submit to God, and become universalists.

Jews have to realize and recognize that when Christ came and said the Kingdom will be taken away from you, that was it. Their being chosen was finished then, 2,000 years ago when Christ clearly told them, the Kingdom will be taken away from you and given to another nation.

Christians have to realize that they should follow Christ's Words instead of Paul's, and also realize how God promised to Ishmael and Isaac both that there was going to be a Messiah, a Prophet, to come from them. Therefore Christ cannot be the only way. There are Prophets that are also the Way from God and showing humanity the new Revelations.

They have no choice. Instead of opposing Moslems they should realize, Yes, OK. Yes, we can see that. God also told Ishmael that He was going to send a Prophet or a Messiah as Prophet Mohammad, and therefore we accept you also as a part of God's Plan.

Furthermore, Moslems have to realize that Mohammad was not the last Prophet. He was not even the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. How could He be the last, the opener of the Seven Seals, and the revealer of the Book sealed with the Seven Seals if He never claimed he was? Therefore they have to give up that idea that they are the last revelation. There were three more to come.

Baha'is have to recognize that God clearly said that, that is the only religion that is not perfect. That is the only religion that went so badly so fast. After it started, in a few centuries it has created much dogma and has gone wrong. We can see the Baha'is already have seven branches in around 200 years. God said it is not perfect. Understand that they were just a part of the greater Revelation that would come soon after.

And Ananda Marga, they are not really a big organization. They are small. But they also have to recognize that Baba was a part of this Revelation. He was a Great Prophet and Revealer of wonderful teachings. Still he was not the one that was going to unify all the religions and change them. The Scripture says there was going to be another Revelation.

Now this Revelation is the one that explains who is an Elect, who are the Chosen people, how to create Communities of Light, and how to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. It explains the history. It explains creation. It shows how the cyclical movements of economical periods happen, and how to deal with them and make them smoothly go from one cycle to another.

This is the one that God was talking about, of the Book sealed with the Seven Seals. This is the Revelation of the Seventh Angel. This is the one that will reveal the Mystery of God.

If we understand that, then we are obligated, we are called, we are invited to the wedding and the ceremony of the last Revelation. It is the time to come with the proper clothing, with the proper invitation, to participate in this wonderful thing that God has done for us, and become a pure instrument for God in spreading, educating, and helping to give this message to humanity in every corner of the earth and every man, woman, and child.

Because that is the salvation of man. That is what God was telling humanity will come at this time.

He has fulfilled all His Promises, all His Plans. He will fulfill the rest of it also. There is no doubt about it. Do not be caught in this confusion and this external world, and the ups and downs of life and the little things that you are attached to. Detach yourself from this external world so you can become a pure instrument for God.

The more you can do that, the more you can manifest God's Vision and help more people. See, you are the spark of peace on earth because you are not prejudiced against any religion.

You do not call Hindus, from the devil. You do not call Prophet Muhammad, a pedophile. You do not call Baha'is, not from God. You can see that God has been sending all of them to humanity.

So you have the peace of God with you because you are expanded. You are beyond any prejudices and narrowness of the mind. You can teach people to go away from that kind of mentality.

Of course the more people come, join, and see this Vision, the greater peace will be in more humans on earth. Also you have been given so many tools to overcome: Meditation, The Universal Mantra, The Reminder, Kirtan. Each of them is also given to you so you go beyond your prejudices, if you have any, or had any in the past, against those people who dance Haree Krishna, or the Moslems who do prayers five times a day.

If you do The Reminder yourself and realize it is a kind of a yoga, and it affects your chakras and brings great Joy, then you do not say, Oh, look at those weird Moslems, they go up and down five times a day. Then you break that prejudice. You expand your mind.

If you dance Kirtan, you do not look at the Haree Krishna people and say, They are crazy, or something like that, because you know your mantras have great power over the mind and consciousness.

So again we have all the tools that God has been giving to everyone to progress in a greater degree. We have the greatest Revelation. We can overcome our little egos and expand ourselves to God and become pure channels for God.

If we can create 144,000 of such people, we can bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth easily.

Deepcover is asking:

Deepcover: Maitreya, before one reads your writings, should we be familiar with the other books first, Bible, Koran, etc.?

Maitreya: Well, it is a good question. Probably you can do this simultaneously. Read the teachings and at the same time when you reach to a subject where it talks about other books, you can go and refer to them.

Probably it is not a bad idea to familiarize yourself with other religions before you read THOTH but at the same time you do not have to wait to read THOTH before you become familiar with other religions. It is good to be familiar.

That is why the room in PalTalk is there that if you read something and you did not know about it, you can come to the room during the week and ask the people in that room. Usually they are very good. They are very familiar with the other religions and can help you so your work is a little easier than those who came to the Mission in the beginning because you have more people who know about the religions.

If they do not have the answer, usually they send me a PM or they send me an e-mail, or contact me somehow, and they ask what the answer is. Then we will have the answer for you.

The best way is to know the Koran, to read the Koran, to read the Bible, to read the Upanishads, to read the Bhagavad-Gita, to familiarize yourself with all the things that we cover, what is Cabbala, what the Sufis say, etc. But you really do not have to know them in a deeper level unless you want to become an expert in all of them.

I really myself did not put too much effort knowing about them. Somehow God just put them in front of me and familiarized me with the different books or teachings.

So trust the Spirit; do your best. If you become attracted to something in the teachings that you have to study in a greater degree, go, search, and study them. But do not be too rigid about it. Just flow with the process that is going to come to you.

Start reading THOTH in the beginning and trust it is from God. That is the first thing you probably have to prove to yourself. Is it really from God? Is it really the Revelation of the Seventh Seal opened with the Spirit of God? If you believe that, then you can trust THOTH, read it, and understand it.

It helps you a lot even understanding other religions, other teachings. So probably it is not a bad idea, start with THOTH, read THOTH in a deeper level, understand. Even if you do not know other religions it will help you a lot in the spiritual, the fine spiritual points.

Many people who have read THOTH, have told me that they have received their answers that they did not know what the answers were, so they received a lot of help and progress in their spiritual path.

So be flowing, meditate in your progress, and then flow with the Spirit. Do not be completely rigid that I have to read all these books first and then go to THOTH, or I have to read THOTH first and then go to these books. Just read THOTH and just jump back and forth with them.

As you progress more and more, you will see clearer and clearer the teaching, what it talks about. Also as I said, you can always come to our room. It is called, All Religions Unified. There are always some people present. I think it is open from 6 to 9 in the morning, 12 to 2 in the afternoon, and 8 to 9:30 at night.

You can go there and the people there will help you a lot. If still you had some questions, just send them to the Mission and your questions will be answered. I usually supervise the questions sent out from the Mission. When you receive the answer, for sure you have received it directly from me. So you will have your answers.

The whole idea in this Mission is education. We want to educate humanity to understand what God prophesied, foretold, and promised: How for the last 12,000 years each religion has been sent to humanity as a part of a greater truth, and how and where each religion has gone wrong. Each religion has a lot of truth but at the same time they have a lot of dogmas, and they have gone wrong somewhere.

For example, Hindus and Buddhists believe they can just go to God by meditation, awakening their spiritual forces, and forgetting about this world. But God said they cannot. If they do that, He will spew them out of His Mouth. So they should learn that this is where they went wrong. They have to become involved with the community and create the Communities of Light. They should not become escapists and go to the mountains, become naked, eat bird food, and become kind of yogis, Sadducees, or the many different names, or mahatmas, or whatever they are having there, by escaping the world. They have to engage themselves in the community.

Jews have a lot of truth, and they have the Mystical Paths as the Cabbala. But they also have to recognize and realize that when Christ came He was the Messiah for them, which foretold when He comes, when the Shiloh comes, the Kingdom would be taken away from them. By realizing and recognizing that, they will become corrected and realize that the Elects are those who follow the Eternal Divine Path.

Christians have to recognize and realize that God did promise both Abram and Abraham, or Isaac and Ishmael that a Prophet would come from them. Therefore Christ is not the only way, but all the Prophets are the only way. All of them said the same thing. So they should correct themselves in that. Also they should follow Christ instead of Paul. Then they can have a great understanding of His teachings.

Moslems should recognize that Prophet Muhammad was not the last Prophet. He was not the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. So they have a lot of truth also, but they have to be corrected. Also Prophet Muhammad never claimed opening the Seventh Seal, and He also said He did not reveal everything. With that, they can be corrected and continue on their journey to God.

Baha'is also have to recognize that God said it is not a perfect religion. God said it. It is the only religion God said is not perfect. Therefore they have to come to something perfect.

And on and on.

As they correct themselves, rid themselves of their dogmas and misunderstandings, they can become open to this Revelation and realization, and see God's Work clearly and therefore they will see clearly.

The more people see this Revelation and these misunderstandings clearly, the sooner they will overcome their dogmas, religions, and their preachers that have taught them what is not the truth.

The truth is what God has revealed in The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament.

So there is a lot of help here. We are here to help you, to help everyone to understand this teaching in a greater degree, and progress in a faster way possible.

Again, come to this room, go to our website, and come to our rooms in PalTalk. Be(come) involved, and support this Mission with your life really, so you can become an Instrument of God to reveal this Light to the darkness of this earth, so you can lighten up the whole earth and bring God's Kingdom and understanding in a greater degree to humanity.

I leave all of you to God. Have a wonderful week, and God be with all of you.


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