MAITREYA, Conversations with


Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation Room. We invite all of you to study our teachings and Revelation, and see the truth that has come to humanity. Indeed the human has gone far away from God and they are deep in Maya and unnatural ways of thinking, instead of looking to the nature and seeing how God has intended for everything to work.

Now this is the Call to the East and to the West, to all religions, races, and human beings on earth. This is the religion for all of them. It has not been sent for one or two groups or races or a special people, but it has been sent for the whole humanity. We can see that the earth is in upheaval with the destruction and separation between them which is apparent all over.

That is what has been prophesied to come and to happen. This room has been designed for all of you to come here. I was hoping that it would be a lively room that we will discuss the subtleties of our teachings and the beauty that has been revealed to man, and how, if we put the dogmas out of religions and understand the pure Message from God, we can see all of the religions, no matter who they are, where they are, if they are following Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Bahai, or any other religion, are from the same God.

There is no separation between them at all. If we understand that and see how the way is also given to bring the Kingdom of God on earth and how God truly has sent the explanation how the history has been guided to this point, we will see we have all the answers for humanity to come together and become one.

The human indeed is on the brink of reaching out to space and recognizing and realizing that they can have unlimited resources in their hands and they can completely send all the polluting industries to the uninhabited planets so we can return earth to the natural beauty that it used to have.

So the door has been opened. The Revelation has come for all men to see and return to nature, Gods Way, and seeing what everything has been created for and what it was intended for, and how it was intended to be used.

If we can look like God, which has created the universe then we can become more and more natural and live natural ways. We have gone far away from that kind of living, and our lives have become very artificial. The intellect indeed has taken over the intuition and seeing Gods Way.

Therefore we can see that the human is on the brink of a great evolutionary leap and stage, and we are the forerunners of this leap, volunteers or pioneers, of bringing this Message to men and making them realize that their religion is OK. We are not trying to convert Christians to Judaism, or Judaism to Islam, or Hindus to Buddhism, or any of them to any other religion. Your religion is OK. But realize how God has promised others also to send different Revelations.

Now you have to extend and come out of your specific understanding of God, and see the whole Plan and Revelation, not be converted, but expanded to the new understanding. Therefore you come and join other people, and see the Essence of God in every man and woman on earth.

When you do that, you have shattered all the narrowness of the mind and all the disease of mind that keeps humanity from progressing in a greater degree and accelerated way to God. This is accomplished so completely that if you really go to our website, study our teachings, come to our room, and listen to the readings that are done every day, three times a day, and in our other rooms, and if you really delve into the depth of this Revelation, you can realize that one sentence of what is in The Holiest Of The Holies is equal with thousands of books that have been written about God. If you see this strength and beauty, how can you resist not being a part of the last major Revelation from God and the beginning of a new era for man and humanity of cooperation and oneness?

You cannot stay separate any longer. Those who promote separation and still hang onto their religions or cultures or understandings will create more suffering for themselves and others, and eventually they will not succeed because that is not the Will of God.

Of course they have put God out of everything in their lives. Therefore when we say it is not the Will of God, they say, Who? It is God, the One who created us, who has created this manifested world and has set nature in everything that He has created. If we understand the nature of everything, then we understand the Daharma of that thing, and we can follow it and therefore create no karma.

If you follow Daharma, you do not create karma. Hey, that rhymes, doesnt it? If you follow Daharma, you do not create karma. It is as simple as that.

So what is Daharma? Daharma is the nature of everything. If we understand the nature of everything in this universe and we follow it in our lives, What is the nature of man? What is the nature of woman? What is the nature of a child? What is the nature of the society? and the nature of everything in this universe, that will bring harmony and unity to all.

This is the time for man to meditate on these wonderful things that have come to them and bring a natural life and living in their own lives, in their own families, in their own society, and create an environment that follows Gods Way as it was intended and created for.

Now, we do not follow what is intended. God is out in every aspect in our lives and that is why there is so much confusion. If you listen to the people who discuss their lives, they really do not know what is correct, what is not correct; what is right, what is wrong. Therefore they follow their own understandings, and they just go along with the set-ups of life.

They do not know what is correct and what is not correct. That is why the Manual has been sent by God to humanity as the Scriptures, to show the natural ways for everything. The more we be(come) closer to that consciousness, the more we understand the nature of everything and we follow it.

Therefore now it is the time for all of us to meditate on all these things and recognize that God indeed has unified all religions of the world. He has sent them all. We are one humanity on earth. There is no separation between us. If we separate ourselves from each other, it is just ego and delusion, and destruction will come with it.

So this room is a good opportunity while I am in the body and I am with you to understand this teaching in a greater degree so all of you will become great teachers, and you can explain this teaching to other people. Therefore meditate on this and go to the website, and see what part of the Mission and teaching is difficult for you to understand.

Or if you do not ask questions, I assume that you know it all and you have realized this Revelation to the depth, and you are reaching and teaching people in a greater degree. That is the whole idea of the Mission, to reach humanity, to every part of the existence and teach them this Revelation. Make them realize that, Yes indeed, none of these religions have the last answer or the whole answers until the Revelation of the Seventh Angel.

Therefore, you can understand this in depth, and when I leave my body we will have many good teachers who are ready to take over and teach the teaching that has been here.

This is the room of the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation Room. This room is to go to our website first and understand our teachings, Kevin, and then come here and ask questions if you have any. It is a lecture room.

So again, I can come here and say the same things over and over again. But that has already been said. In fact, truly this Revelation has been finished. It has all been revealed to humanity. It is done. It is written. It has been put in the website. It has been lectured. All the answers have been given to the questions. Now really it is you who has to reach out and spread this Message to other people because you have studied it and realized what it is.

Therefore understand this request that I would like to see more people know the teaching in a deeper level.

Of course this Mission will be done. There is no doubt about it. It is prophesied that this, His Kingdom will come on earth. And it will. There is nothing that is going to stop His Kingdom to come.

As He said many times, He will do things and He eventually did them. The sooner we all come together, understand this realization, and come as one body and reach out as one Revealer of the truth to humanity, the sooner humanity will hear about us.

Many people come to our room and they know their teaching, they know other peoples teachings, but they do not know ours. That is what we should have. We should reach a point that the people know about this teaching so when they come to our room they already know what we teach. That needs a lot of reaching out, teaching, spreading, and educating. If we do that, we can reach a point that the people more and more understand what the teaching is instead of coming to our room and being unfamiliar with what the teaching is about.

The teaching has been explained many times and it explains how each religion of the world is a part of a greater truth, and God clearly has shown in the visions of the Great Prophets that the end time and what is going to happen will be a mystery. It will be sealed or not be revealed until the end time. It clearly says that it will not be revealed until the Seventh Angel or the Seventh Revelation of God comes.

This is that Revelation. This is that teaching that unifies all religions of the world and shows how all have come from the same Source, from the same Godhead, and from the same Being, or Spirit, and now we are all here to understand this and stop fighting with each other, stop saying, Islam is no good, or, We are the chosen people, or, We have the last word, or, We have the only way.

If we can understand, the only way is the Way that will come with the last Revelation.

Before that, it is a mystery. God is a mystery. No one knows the truth, not one single Soul on this earth knew this Revelation of the Seventh Seal, until it was revealed to humanity in The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH).

So no Hindu, no Buddhist, no Jew, no Christian, no Moslem, no Bahai, etc., had the whole answer. They could not have because none of them was sent by God as the Revealer of the Seventh Truth.

Now it is on earth. Therefore we are blessed beyond imagination to have this Revelation and this Truth that explains everything. We have been answering the questions for the last twenty-five years. Now they are all in our website and are all given to man. The only thing left is to take this Revelation and understanding, and spread it all through the earth.

The base of our teaching now has been translated to German and Danish. We appreciate the service that has been rendered doing that. We call everyone in any other language (it is only one page of our website) and if you have other languages besides English, French, German, and Danish, you can send us a translation at and you can translate that one page for us in any other language, in Spanish, in Arabic, in whatever language you know, so at least people can read that page in the website and know the base of our teachings in their own language.

Of course if you want to know the depth of our teachings, you have to learn English. That is a requirement of everyone to learn English. If this Revelation came in English, therefore you will understand it best in English.

It is just like the Koran came in Arabic, and the Moslems say the best way you can understand the Koran is if you know Arabic. Of course the Koran came for the Moslems, and the Arabic language was not a worldwide-spread language.

But English is. English has been chosen. Actually there is a lot of Arabic in English because there was a lot of Arabic in the Spanish language. Spain was under Arab control for 200 years.

God has been planning this for the last 12,000 years. When the Spanish language was affected with Arabic, then French became affected with Spanish and Latin. Then English became affected with French. So we can see that English was chosen as a powerful worldwide language for everyone to know more. You can go to any country, if you do not know their language, any hotel you go to, and you can find someone who speaks English. Therefore God has created this language as the international language.

Of course as English evolves and other people bring other words into it, it becomes even more powerful, just like Daharma, karma, and all the words that were not in English fifty years ago. Now everyone knows what Daharma means, what karma means, etc., because they have become a part of the language.

The people who make dictionaries add these words periodically to the English language. Therefore in the long run this language will become something else, which has the beautiful words of all cultures in it. But for the time being if anyone knows any language that they can translate that one page for us, the base of our teachings, that will help a lot of people at least have a glimpse of what the base of the teachings is.

Still they are going to come to our room and say, Well, how could you unify all religions? It is impossible. How could you unify Moslems and Christians because they have so many discrepancies in their teachings?

We could because we have taken all the dogmas out of their religions and brought it to a pure message of each religion that God intended for that religion to convey to humanity. The rest is really dogma, misunderstanding, and misinterpretation. If we put them out and with a little confirmation and understanding that God really said this Revelation would come at this time, we can overcome those little discrepancies and realize that, Yes, they all have come from the same Source, from the same God, and He has been sending all these religions to humanity. Now it is time for them to come and see the whole truth.

No Prophet could have claimed what we claim because no Prophet ever revealed the whole. It is not only one religion and all religions are unified; it also shows how the Kingdom of God can come to humanity on earth, how the cyclical movements of different kinds of humans created the history, how we can prevent the destructive forces, and how each period is going to transfer to the next one.

So the whole way has been given to humanity, how to bring a peaceful, wonderful earth together, and create an environment that all these destructive forces on earth will not manifest as they are.

They say, There is not enough for everyone on earth. If we had more oil, someone would not have enough. If we had more food, someone else will not have enough. But that is not true because there are infinite resources in the space and we are at the brink of reaching to space, traveling into it, and being able to either find other livable planets or make them livable. We can reach them and create much more room than we have and resources that we need.

But we have to expand our vision. If we stay narrow in our religion or our culture, or our own understanding, then our vision is limited.

That is what the Seventh Angel actually does. One part of His Work is to expand you, to stretch your imagination, to take you out of your slumber or your little understandings and say, Look, the universe is not black and white. It is blue, red, green, and many other infinite colors. You have to come out of that little vision of my culture, my country, my religion, my gender. You have to stretch your imagination out of all of them in order to see as God sees.

He sees the universe. He created it. Everything in it is a part of it. There is no separation between them. If we separate any part from another part, it is a limited vision of us, not God.

God does not do it. God knows there is no separation. Everything is a part of His Body or Her Body or Its Body. Can you say this finger is different than that finger? No, They are a part of my body, if these two fingers stop fighting with each other. And whose fault is it? Is it Gods fault? Or is it the humans fault?

So we can see that God indeed has come to expand you, expand your consciousness, and take you back to God. As long as you narrow yourself, no matter what religion you are in, you will not reach God because you are in a bottle. How can one person in a bottle realize what the whole earth means or what the whole universe is?

Therefore it is expansion of the mind and coming out of our own little understandings and lives that makes us to realize who God is and what He was doing. He cannot have only one religion that does not include all religions. He cannot separate man from man. He cannot say your religion is OK but this religion is not. They are all sent by God for a special purpose, and now we know what that purpose is.

He has done it all. All these religions have come from the same Being, from the same Spirit. There is no separation between Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Moslems, and Bahais, and the people that they have a Mystical Path in any other religion or understanding. There is not. There is not one hair of separation between them.

If they separate themselves, they are in deep delusion. They are in deep misunderstanding of Gods Plan. That is what this Mission does, it shatters that delusion, shatters that misunderstanding, that hair of separation. It gives you the ability to look at each person as a part of God.

If you do not see everyone as a part of God, then again you separate and your ego is in the way, and you cannot go to God. You cannot reach God because God is not limited. How can you reach God, which is Unlimited? With your limited ego you have no choice but to create dogmas, superiority complexes, and delusion that you are better than other people.

We are the only way, or We are the chosen. It is just an ego trip that believes that. The only way is the way that will be revealed with the Revealer that will take the mystery of God out of the history.

Before there was a mystery in history; there is no mystery in history left. We have absolutely revealed the mystery of God. If there is no mystery and you understand our teachings, then you are free to free other people. Than you become a savior. That is what savior means. Savior means to free people from their bondage, from their ego, from their misunderstanding and narrow vision. That is what we do.

But revealing this teaching to them, if they accept it 100%.... not 90%, not 80%, not 70%, not continuing with their old religions and ways, but understanding the whole truth and taking it 100%, they are free. They have broken all the bondages.

The moment you break all the bondages, the family, the culture, the people you live with, or are in wherever you are, it becomes very scary for them because you are now free, and they are not. They will try to change your mind. That is the human nature. Humans would not accept the new religion or new Revelation or new way of thinking. Anything new to them is scary. It is something, they do not understand it and because they are conditioned to believe in a set of dogmas or their religion, they will try to take you back to the condition they are at.

If you are still conditioned yourself and you cannot completely accept that freedom that has been offered to you, you still try to find something false with this expanded vision, so you stay in the condition you are in.

But in order to break free, is to see the Vision clearly, to see the Revelation absolutely from God as it is, to see the credentials of the revealed truth, and then accept it 100%. Then say, OK, still I am conditioned, but these conditions are what I am putting on myself. I have to go beyond these conditions and free myself to this expanded Vision and therefore forget about those narrow visions that I have been brought up with.

If you do that, you indeed are saved, and you become a savior yourself, because then you can say the same things to other people, Look you are conditioned. You are told to believe what you believe.

If you are born in a country, which is all Moslem, you become a Moslem most probably. Unless you are a very high Soul that you ask them, Where is God? Where does He come from? What does He look like? and eventually you say, Well, you cannot show me God. I cannot believe you.

You want an experience with God from the very childhood. You do not want to just accept a bunch of dogmas and say, My religion says to believe in this and that, and then you are saved.

Saved to what? I have not even experienced God. I do not know what It is. I have never seen Him. I have never felt Him. I have never encountered Him, and I am saved to what? I even do not even know what I am going to be saved into.

That is why the first step is to have an experience with God. If you have not had an experience with God, you have a religion. You have a bunch of dogmas that the preacher told you to believe, and now you do.

You have not experienced God. You do not even know what being saved means.

Of course the first step in this Path is to have that experience with God, to have that relationship with God. Indeed Christians are right that if you do not have a relationship with God, you have not realized God. So that absolutely is correct. That is what they say; all of them have a special relationship with Christ.

Then we have to question, What kind of relationship is that? If they really saw and expanded their consciousness to the universe and realized God, and now they see what we have here as the truth, then they can have an expanded vision of God.

H-person: You don't have to touch or feel or see to believe.

Maitreya: Then what do you believe in? All the Prophets had an experience with God; that is why they believed.

Prophet Muhammad had an experience with God. Therefore He came and became a Prophet, and brought the Revelation to man.

Christ had an experience with God.

If you have not had that experience, you just have to accept the words of the mullahs. You have to accept the words of the fathers or brothers or sisters. You have not known God. You think they know God but they do not know God either because they have not experienced either.

Now if you had an experience yourself, now you know if they are saying the truth or not because now you know God. You have an experience with Him.

At least you have meditated. You have closed your eyes, you have gone within. You have tried to get in touch with Him. You are going in a deeper level of your Spirit than just with two eyes and two ears, seeing, hearing, and accepting what is externally told you to believe, and because you have been born in that culture, or whatever, you believe in it. But you really do not know God.

That is why they can tell you anything and you believe it. If you do that you have not completely understood the depth of the Revelations that have come to humanity.

And also, what do you believe? Whatever religion you are in right now does not have the whole truth because the whole truth comes at the time of the Seventh Angel. Therefore no matter what you believe, still it is not perfect because it is just a part of a greater truth.

No man can know the Mystery of God and His Plan until they read The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament. Only then can you see how God has been sending all religions of the world as a part of a greater truth.

Even then we recommend that you close your eyes because the eyes are the most powerful sense there is in the body. Eyes see it, heart desires it, and mind says, I want it. After a while you are absolutely drawn into the attraction of the world; that is when the devil gets you.

Therefore, close your eyes. These two eyes are the material-world eyes. They only see the matter.

You have another eye that sees the Spirit. You might not have experienced God completely with meditation but at least you go a little deeper, a little deeper. Then you want to know the truth. You do not accept dogmas. You do not accept your preacher, no matter what they are called: rabbis, fathers, mullahs, brahmins. You look at the person to see if they say the truth, if they have the whole truth.

God says they do not. They cannot have the truth because God is a mystery until this Seventh Revelation.

Now you know. If you understand our teachings, if you understand The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament, then you know the mystery of God. You know where Christianity falls in Gods Plan, where the Jews fall, where the Moslems fall, where the Bahais fall, where the Hindus and Buddhists and all the Mystical Paths fall. Then you have a good grip on the Revelation of God. That is the only way.

You can resist it. You can fight it. It does not matter. That is what Gods Plan is and if you want to know the truth of God, He clearly says in the Scripture, This is the truth of Mine. That is My Plan. The end time is going to be a mystery. It is going to be sealed.

Even great Prophets like Daniel could not reveal what it was because God told him to seal it, to hide it. Do not reveal it. No one will know this truth until this Revelation. So therefore it does not matter what is your religion, what your preacher says, what you believe, still none of them have the whole truth.

Now God says, you have to experience it. You have to close your eyes. You have to meditate. You have to awaken your spiritual forces. That is the first step in your spiritual progress. If you have not closed your eyes, if you have not meditated, if you have not gone deeper inside, you have not experienced the deeper level of Spirit. That is where the true Spirit is, in the temple of your body.

Therefore close your eyes. Go to your temple, to the silence of your heart, the stillness of your breathing in and breathing out. Let that connection happen. You will be taken to a deeper, more silent and beautiful place of the Soul.

Then you do not listen to the preacher anymore. You listen to the Word of God, and the Word of God is revealed in The Holiest Of The Holies, which was prophesied at this end time. This is the only Revelation that is for the whole humanity.

It is not trying to convert you to another religion. No. It is telling you, Your religion is OK. It is from God. It is all right. We do not say, Any other religion is not from God; only ours is from God. We say, Your religion is from God. It is OK. God sent it. Yours was sent by God too.

The only difference is, you are just a part of a greater truth that God has been trying to send to humanity. Therefore keep your religion, but expand yourself.

We are not trying to convert you. You convert yourself by being expanded, by going beyond the narrowness of the mind of what has come before this Seventh Revelation of God or the Seventh Angel.

We are not a cult here. We are not even asking you to come and join our little community. We say, Be where you are. Just reach out and give this to other people also. Create the Communities of Light wherever you are, based on this new understanding of what the Communities of Light should be based on, how they are based on the Eternal Divine Path, and how the Eternal Divine Path reveals the unity of all religions and each religion has a message in that Path.

It is not a dogma. Either you follow it or you do not.

If you follow it, you see that it works. If you meditate, go deep inside in your Spirit, if you live in an environment that everyone meditates and is concerned about the community, its welfare, and other people in it, you will progress.

Anytime something bad happened in the community or you fell, it is OK. Just stand up again, meditate, and see where you went wrong, where did you fall? What was wrong, what did you do that was wrong and affected other people or in the community it was not completely kosher, or whatever?

It is OK. Community is very forgiving. In the Communities of Light people are Godly, and God forgives easily, very easily. Indeed God forgives very easily. We are the ones not forgiving ourselves.

That is the hard part for us. We beat ourselves on the head, I am terrible, I am nothing, I am no good. I am not worthy for anything, or anyone, or anywhere.

God does not say that. God just laughs at you and says, My son fell. It was cute the way he or she was trying to act like such a high spiritual person, but he fell or she fell. That is great. Just stand up, and know God is with you anyway even after you fall.

So in the community, the forgiveness is great, and people forgive each other and go on with the life and progress in a greater degree. That is part of the spiritual progress. You correct yourself, and other people let you correct yourself. They forgive you, and you forgive yourself.

Then of course you have to sacrifice in the communities. The Eternal Divine Path absolutely is the baptism of the Soul. It turns you around from being a human to being a Spirit.

Very few people want to close their eyes and meditate. It is not a human experience. It is so unnatural, My eyes have been open all my life. Of course God is Smart. He makes you go to bed and sleep, and you close your eyes anyway. Sleep is a kind of meditation, but you lose your awareness.

The difference between sleep and meditation is, in sleep you lose your consciousness and you do not know what happens in your sleep. You just have dreams once in a while, but really you are unconscious.

In meditation you are sitting up and you fall asleep while you are observing what is happening to you.

So even those who say, Well, meditation is no good, they still sleep. They meditate. Some of them even meditate eight hours a day. But they call it sleep; they do not call it meditation.

So the very first step to close your eyes and meditate is unnatural for the human because it is from Spirit. That is the first step of unnatural things for the carnal human, to close your eyes, chant, dance, meditate, use the rosary, and bring the calm mind to that state that you can see the reflection of the moon in your turbulent consciousness. When you calm the consciousness, then you can see the reflection of God or the moon or being in that calm consciousness.

That is the first step. It is absolutely non-human.

Then we ask them, go and join the Communities of Light, or create a community. No, I want my own little home, or my bed, or my apartment. I do not want to live with other people around. I just want to live all by myself. That is the second non-human thing we are asking them to do. We are asking them to be Spirit, to share, to be able to give of themselves into the life of other people.

Then after all these things, we ask them to sacrifice [laughing]. What human wants to sacrifice? They want to keep everything for themselves.

The very human trend is greed. Greed and sacrifice do not go together. Greed is from the flesh; sacrifice is from the Spirit. Again it brings your Spirit out.

With all of that, then the next step is to surrender and submit to God, Not my will, but Your Will be done. Again, which human really wants that? Every human says, No, my will not Your Will be done. I am in charge of everything the way I want. So again that is another thing in the Eternal Divine Path, which is from the Spirit, not from human understanding.

The next step is to expand yourself and become a universalist, shatter all the narrowness of the mind of, my religion, my culture, my gender, my. That is a hard one. That is also a hard thing to do, for the human.

But if we can create 144,000 of such beings, then we can shake this earth to an understanding of the Spirit instead of flesh. We can turn them around. We will baptize them.

That is what is happening when you come to this Mission, you are baptized with the Spirit, not with the water but with the Spirit. That purifies your Spirit. Close your eyes and experience the depth of your Spirit instead of your eyes always being open, the energy is going out, you are desiring, and you are accepting everything in the external world as being the truth. It is not.

The external world is just a relative reality. It is not an absolute reality. Absolute reality is the Spirit, is God, unchangeable, ever-present. This external world is a relative truth. It is created. It is not the Essence. Whatever is not Essence, is not the ultimate, OK?

If you realize this, you have gone to the Spirit a little bit more. Then create the Communities of Light, or come and join the Communities of Light. That is where your progress accelerates a hundred times over, instead of just having a small place for yourself and you think you are great. No.

It is just like that yogi at the top of the mountain and he thought that he was a great yogi. One day he had to go to the city and with the first person who pushed him, he became so angry. Suddenly he asked himself, What happened? There is so much anger still in me. I thought I am so calm and collected, and I am not affected with the external world. And this person pushes me and I am full of anger.

That is exactly what the Communities of Light do; they teach you to see yourself squarely, clearly, because other people are not going to be as forgiving as yourself with all your problems. So your baggage is going to be lightened and lightened and lightened. One day you will have no baggage, and you are enlightened. Then you are a beautiful member of the community that you absolutely love it, to be there. You hated it in the beginning but you are going to love it at the end.

That is how God realization is; you fear God in the beginning but you love It at the end, when you truly recognize and realize Him, or Her, or It.

Dulcinea is asking:

Dulcinea: How do we rid ourselves of the anger inside of us?

Maitreya: Well, what is the source of your anger? Usually if we can find the source or the cause of something, especially if it is inside us, the effect vanishes by itself. If we concentrate on the anger itself, we are concentrating on the effect not the cause.

The first thing you have to do is to ask yourself, what is the cause of my anger? Of course it can be multiple causes and effects. So you might say that my anger is because of this and this. Then your anger is not going to go away. But as you become deeper and deeper, you understand that there are some angers that have many other reasons for them.

So there is, to some extent by meditation and recognizing the reason for our anger or psychological problems, we can overcome some of them. But some of our reactions in this lifetime have deeper causes that have nothing to do with this lifetime. They have accumulated from many lifetimes.

Again we have to go deeper inside, meditate, and rid ourselves of our anger little by little, and also train ourselves not to become angry in the situation that usually makes us angry. That is another thing about the human, our anger, especially uncontrolled anger. Anger is not bad; do not think I am saying anger is bad. Nothing is bad. Everything God has given us is for a reason. You can use anger for a good purpose and drive a point in a situation for someone.

So even anger can be from three kinds. It can be from knowledge, passion, or ignorance. But if it is uncontrollable anger and you do not want to have it, it probably comes from the subconscious mind, and the subconscious mind can be trained.

Some people even train their subconscious minds to be successful. I guess there are some groups that they preach that if people join their church or their group, they re-educate or reprogram your subconscious mind to become successful. Of course the goal of the life is not to become worldly successful, but spiritually successful. So we do not teach that. But you can even, if you did not go as deep as possible, realize the reason or cause of your anger, and you can train your subconscious mind not to become angry in the situation that it would have made you angry before.

So you can retrain yourself. This is again by meditation, by observation, by realizing what affects you and brings that anger out, and the next time that situation arose and that anger starts rising, go to that stillness within and look at that anger and calm it down, and have control over that part of your subconscious mind.

As you do this more often, you learn how to stay in that calm state instead of letting the subconscious mind take over your conscious mind.

So that is what meditation also does. Eventually it gives you more and more power over the subconscious mind and the demands of the subconscious mind, and therefore you become a calmer and more collected person. So the situations that affect other people easily do not affect you anymore.

Actually that is the goal of the meditation, to be calm, collected, and understanding in every situation. As Saint Frances of Assisi says, eventually you seek to understand instead of to be understood.

Sometimes we become angry because we feel people do not understand us. But have you seen in any Scripture it says the people should understand you? Or it says, Know thyself, understand yourself, do not be unhappy if the people do not understand you; do you understand yourself?

See, that is again from the flesh that we want to be understood instead of understanding other people and ourselves. As we become more Spirit, the subconscious mind will be dissolved and we will have less subconscious mind, and we will be connected to the Unconscious Mind, or God.

God does not have any anger. Even if He is angry, there is a good reason for it and usually it accomplishes something instead of just bursting in anger.

OK you say that,

Dulcinea: I try, then fail at it, again and again.

Maitreya: It means that you need a deeper meditation. Do you meditate? If you do not meditate, go to our meditation room and find the technique that we teach how to meditate. If you understand that, you will practice that meditation and hopefully little by little, you will overcome the anger or problem you have.

There is a question here:

Godeyes4: There are many who claim to be the Christ or Maitreya returned again at this time. How do you explain this?

Maitreya: It is very easy to explain. It is explained; many will come in my name and claim that they are Christ. They will call themselves Christ or Maitreya or whatever, at that time that is supposed to be the coming of the Messiah or the Prophet, who will bring the Revelation.

So it is not surprising that many have come and claimed this. The only way you can separate and know the truth is, first if you have the Spirit of God in you, if you are spiritual, if you truly are a seeker, if you have overcome dogmas and your narrowness of conditioned mind in your culture and religion.

The second step is, what are the credentials, what is the resume of the person who claims to be the Messiah, the Maitreya, the Christ? Have they fulfilled the prophecies of their coming? Are they unique in the sense that God said they would be? Not everyone can come and say, I am the Messiah, if they do not have that uniqueness that God made it that way, so that those who are seeking the truth can find Him. If they do not have that uniqueness, then they are not.

That is why we encourage everyone to go and see our website and the Revelation that is based on the Word of God, the prophecies which are fulfilled that were foretold by God would be fulfilled. See that indeed the genealogy also matches what God said it would be.

So if you have the Spirit of God in you, if you are truly seeking the truth, if you are looking for the person that God said He would come with all these credentials, then you will see no one else on earth has this resume and credentials that this Mission and the Revealer of this Revelation has.

Therefore you drop all other Maitreyas and Christs and say, there has to be only One. God did not say, I am going to send millions of people who say,I know the truth and I am going to follow my own way and everyone should follow me. God did not say that. The Scriptures never said that everyone has the truth.

It says only One opens the Book sealed with the Seven Seals. Actually even One could not be found until later. John thought the Book was never going to be opened, and started crying and was very unhappy.

So we can see that all these things have been revealed to humanity clearly so the seeker of the truth can find this Revelation, understand this teaching, and realize, Yes, this is based on the Word of God. It is based on the Scriptures. It is based on the Bible. It reveals that God would send the Koran, Bayan, Upanishads, and other religions.

And now He has. Therefore you are free from all the bondages that have come before you.

Gilnei-RS: Maitreya, is it a man's name?

Maitreya: Maitreya is the name prophesied by Buddhists to come, and when He comes He will bring the Kingdom of God on earth, destroy the ignorance, and replace Buddhism with the new religion.

So it is not just a name. It is a fulfillment of a Buddhist expectation, what you call the Messiah, or the new Buddha, or the next Buddha, or the last Buddha, the same Being that the Buddhists are waiting for as the Kalki Avatar in Hinduism, or the Tenth Avatar who will come. He is going to be the last Avatar who will come in the Hindu religions.

Therefore Maitreya is an expectation. The Kalki Avatar is an expectation. The Seventh Angel is an expectation. Mehdi is an expectation. They are not just names that have been given to the person who brings the last Revelation of God.

Therefore the name is not the important part, but the expectation that comes with that name is, which we have to recognize and realize. That is another thing; all these names are given again to make this Revelation and Revealer very, very unique. No other person who calls himself Christ or Maitreya has this uniqueness. They have not opened the Seven Seals, the Book sealed with the Seven Seals.

So it is very easy to find the difference between this Revelation and Mission, and all those who claim to be the Expected One. If you have studied our teachings, realization, the Revelation, and all the things that have come through this Mission, you should not have any problem to realize and recognize the difference between this claim and the claim from other people in the world.

OK we eventually received some questions, which was good. But they have already been answered many, many times. If anyone is here and they have their questions, they can go to our website, and there are many CDs that have answered many of the questions that come up in this room.

It sounds like all the questions have been answered because I do not see any new questions coming up at all. These are the questions that have been asked many hundred of times, How do you know this Revealer or this Revelation is from God, and other claims are not?

We have answered that so many times. Look at the prophecies. Look at the genealogy. Look at the credentials. Look at the name. Look at the Revelation. Look at the Seven Seals are opened, and all religions are unified. No one else has that on earth.

OK, the question is:

H-person: Do you believe in Islam?

Maitreya: Islam is the Fourth Seal. Yes, we believe that God promised Abram two promises: The scepter and the birthright. The scepter is the kingly spiritual domination, or a Messiah, or a Prophet that came as Prophet Muhammad. The birthright is the material possession that was promised to Abram and his children, which were the Children of Ishmael.

We can see that the Arabs, or the Children of Ishmael, have a great part of the earth from Saudi Arabia to Spain, to South America. They are all the Children of Ishmael.

H-person: But the Prophet said He is the last Prophet.

Maitreya: See, that is another question that has been asked so many times, H-Person, But Prophet Muhammad said He is the last Prophet.

He said He is Khatem or Khatam. Khatem, of course means, the last, and Khatam means, the seal, or the top of a ring.

If you look at The Greatest Sign, it looks like a ring. It is round, and Islam is at the very top. So indeed Prophet Muhammad is the Khatam or the seal of Prophets in our teachings. He brought the highest spiritual realization to humanity, that is, to be surrendered and submissive to God. That is the highest.

If you recognize this Revelation is from God and God has promised that the Seventh Angel will come, and also He is the One who is going to open the Seven Seals and Reveal the whole truth of God, then all the Moslems should be surrendered and submissive to the Will of God and accept this Revelation as the last Revelation of God and become a part of it.

That is what surrendering and submission means, to see Gods Will, accept it, and surrender and submit to it. So in that sense He was the last Prophet because no other Prophet could bring greater spiritual Revelation or truth, than what He brought. So that argument between Moslems and Bahais that Moslems said Muhammad said He is Khatem, the last Prophet, and Bahais say, No, He said He is Khatam, the seal of the Prophets, is resolved here.

We explain very clearly that both words are correct. He is Khatam as the seal of the Prophets, or at the top of The Greatest Sign, and He is Khatem as He brought the highest spiritual realization.

So we do indeed accept Prophet Muhammad as sent by God that He has been promised to Abram, and He came as the Messiah, or the Prophet; Moslems call it Prophet, Christians call it Messiah. It is really the same thing. It is the Messenger of God as foretold to come, fulfilled the prophecies, comes and brings the message to humanity.

Therefore we do see clearly that God did promise Prophet Muhammad to come, and He is a part of our teachings. It is the Fourth Seal.

H-person: But the Prophet said in other Hadiths that, There is no Prophet after me. What are you saying about it?

Maitreya: Well, we do not accept Hadiths as the Word of God. There have been many additions and many controversial Hadiths. Of course, we know the human nature that they like to make their Prophet the greatest and the best, and they bring many words of the human into the Word of God and the Prophet.

Therefore Hadiths are not accepted as the Word of God for us. We only accept the Koran, even the Koran to a limited degree, because even the Koran had many versions and many Words of God did not really enter the last version of the Koran.

Audience: You know, many religions tell you if you leave theirs you will be damned to scare you not to believe in anything else.

H-person: If you don't believe in Hadiths then you don't believe in the Koran.

Maitreya: No, we believe in the Koran. Hadiths are not the Words of God. Those are the sayings of Prophet Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad said, follow the Word of God, and the Word of God is in the Koran, not the sayings of the Prophet. So that is the belief of Moslems that you have to believe in Hadiths.

I was born a Moslem, so I know about that culture and teaching pretty well. Even in Islam there are many controversies about the Hadiths. They are not all accepted. They are categorized. Many people said, He heard the one, that he said, that he heard it from someone, that he said that someone else said that Prophet Muhammad said, something like that.

So you can see, said, said, said. If you have ever played the telephone game that one person said something to the second person, he says that to the third person, and by the time you reach the third or fourth person, the story has completely changed.

So, yes, the Koran says, Follow the Prophets Words, which come in the Revelation in the Koran, but not every word that He said. Also as we said, the Hadiths are contaminated. Therefore they are not entirely the Words of the Koran and God.

Yes, Prophet Muhammad, follow Him only if it is the Word of God. Not, He said that someone else said that, someone else said someone else that the Prophet Muhammad said something like that.

So it is absolutely not the Word of God.

H-person: Not all of the Hadiths are false.

Maitreya: No, I am not saying that all of them are false. But that is how the falsity comes into a religion or teaching. They say a lot of truth, and then they slip in a couple of untruths into it and that teaching becomes false, becomes a false teaching.

So, I am not saying all the Hadiths are incorrect, or Prophet Muhammad did not say a lot of them. He might have. But at the same time it is not something we can bet your life and your salvation on it because the only way of salvation is the Word of God. When something is in doubt, you should not accept it wholeheartedly. That is why we do not accept the Hadiths as the Word of God.

The Koran is mostly the Word of God. Even the Koran, there were more than two versions of It. They eventually (Othman) had to accept one of them as the official Koran because many people who knew the Koran had died in a fight in Yemen. So we can see that even the Koran was not completely written down and put into a book when Prophet Muhammad said it.

The only Revelation, which came to the Prophet that was written down, typed, published, and perfected, is this Revelation from this Mission. No other Prophet ever has done this. That again is another sign of the perfection of this Revelation.

Even Prophet Muhammad said Himself, He did not reveal the whole Tablet. So Moslems have to understand this and realize that He could not have been the last Prophet.

Also, Moslems are waiting for a Mehdi or a Prophet, or Christ to return at the end time, and when He comes He will reveal that the things that they did not know before. That is exactly what is happening here in this Mission.

We have revealed something that even Moslems do not know. Even Bahais do not know. Even Christians do not know. Even Jews do not know.

Audience: If all the Hadiths are corrupt, then the Koran is corrupt.

Maitreya: Who said all the Hadiths are corrupted? There is a lot of truth in them. Read them, understand them, and love them, the truth. But not all of them are from God.

H-person: If you believe that the Koran is corrupted then you do not believe in the Prophet.

Maitreya: [laughing] All right, well, I am not going to argue with you. If you want to just go ahead and type what you believe, it is OK. But I never said that all the Hadiths are corrupt, and I did not say that all the Koran is corrupt.

I am just telling you that there were more than two versions of the Koran. It is a historical fact. I do not have to say it. This is a historical fact. There were many versions of the Koran, and eventually Othman had to choose one of them.

Godeyes4: What aspect of God are you revealing to humanity at this time that never has been revealed before?

Maitreya: Oh, there are a lot of things, a lot of things that you have to read our teachings and delve into them to see so many things.

We just explained about Khatam and Khatem. No one ever explained this, that they are compatible. Both words are accepted, as the last Prophet (so He brought the highest spiritual realization) and the seal of the Prophets (as it is in The Greatest Sign.) So this is just a small example.

Again the major difference is that we have explained how all religions of the world are parts of a greater truth. That greater truth is the Eternal Divine Path. This Eternal Divine Path unifies all religions of the world and explains how God sent all of them separately with a specific message. When you put them all together, based on the Word of God that said, when the Seventh Angel comes He will reveal the whole truth. Now it has. Therefore the most important part is the Revelation of the Eternal Divine Path.

But if you really understand our teachings, you will see so many things that have been explained that are not explainable or were explained before them. Now the people who understand these things, they absolutely become clear, crystal clear, of what God meant, what He did, what He said, why it happened, who it was for, and how it falls into His Plan. So that is what we have to see, how this Revelation is absolutely different than any other Revelation before it.

No other Revelation explained the differences as much as this has. So there is much to understand and see the difference of this Revelation.

H-person: What do you say about the different categories of Hadiths?

Maitreya: Well, I do not go too much into Hadiths. As I said they are OK. They have a lot of truth and Prophet Muhammad did bring a lot of wonderful truths in these Hadiths. And I encourage people if they want to read them. He said fantastic wisdom in them. If you read them, it helps you a lot.

But as I said, it is just like Paul, Paul in Christianity. He said a lot of wonderful things, but he slipped a couple of false things into his teachings, and he created a lot of confusion and appealed to the ego instead of saying the things that appeal to Spirit. A lot of people fell for it.

If it appeals to ego, it is not truth. If it appeals to the Spirit, it is from God.

So we have that kind of teaching in every religion and that is why the people in every different religion should understand that they should overcome these dogmas, these misunderstandings, these things that are not absolutely from Spirit, and eventually become one, according to the Eternal Divine Path and this Revelation, and see where their religion falls.

So I am not going to go into detail about the categories of Hadiths and all that. The only thing is, they are OK but they are not completely from God. They can have some falsity in them.

So we can see that, yes indeed, your religion is OK. Islam has beautiful things in it. It is a wonderful Revelation. But it does not have the whole truth. It is not the last revelation. Prophet Muhammad never claimed to be the Seventh Angel or opened the Book with the Seven Seals. But He was foretold by God that He would come. That is what Christians, Jews, Hindus, and Buddhists have to understand, that He was foretold to come.

So was Bab and Bahaullah and so the teachings of the Sixth Seal and this teaching, which is from the Seventh Angel. This is claiming: This is the Seventh Angel! This is the Revelation that God said will reveal the whole truth. And He has. And we have.

Therefore now is the time for Moslems, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, everyone to recognize and realize the difference between what they have, what God has been doing, what the history was, how their religions are OK, but they are not exactly what they think they are. They are a little different, or a lot different, than what they think they should be.

They have to go and read the Scriptures, understand Gods Way, and accept that. That is your duty as a Moslem, to be surrendered and submissive to God and recognize His Word and become a part of His Revelation.

H-person: What do you mean that Islam is not complete?

Maitreya: Well, if someone wants to post Surah 5, verse 15 for him.

H-person: God clearly said it is the most complete religion that has been examined over the last 1,400 years.

Maitreya: Yes, I know what the Moslems believe. The requirement of this room is we encourage you to go to our website and study our teachings. See what we say about Islam. This question has been answered many times.

First, Prophet Muhammad clearly said in Surah 5, verse 15, there it is, that Shirin just put up. Is not the whole Eternal Tablet, Surah 5:15, Table Spread. Also Surah Ornaments of Gold, verse 4, Yes it, the Koran, is an essential part of the Eternal Tablet, the source of all Scriptures, which we possess. It is an essential PART. It is not the whole thing. He did not reveal the whole truth to humanity.

Guest: Can you challenge Dr. Zahid? .

Maitreya: Yes I can. Tell Doctor Zahid to come here and let us have a debate. Actually that is what this room is all about. Let us have a dahva; let us have a challenging discussion with whomever wants to challenge this Revelation, and let us see what is the truth of it all.

Of course I will. Tell him to come. I will be here next week. Let Mr. Zahidcome, and let us talk about it, that this Revelation is actually the Revelation that Moslems are waiting for and God has revealed it for them too.

God clearly says that Moslems or Islam will take over one fourth of the earth. And they already have. They will not be able to convert the whole earth to that religion because that is not the Will of God. As they try harder, they will find out that they are going to be in more and more trouble with other religions and people.

But this religion is the one that has come for every human and for every man and woman. We do not challenge the base of their religion and its truth or Revelation or Prophet, but we expand them to realize and recognize God in a deeper, greater degree.

Yes, please tell anyone who would like to come here and challenge me, to come over. Actually I have been waiting for that kind of challenge for a long time.

I was thinking to make the weekly conversation to one hour because it is mostly me coming here and repeating the same things. But if you challenge me, tell Dr. Zahid to come here next week at Saturday at 10 oclock MST, and we will discuss Islam. And any other religion, if any preacher, in Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Bahai, any teaching that you have there that people want to know more and challenge me on it and discuss it with me, they are welcome to come here and we will discuss this wonderful Revelation that has come to all.

Maybe they can see the truth, and if we can have all these people come and become a part of this teaching, then we can spread it in a greater degree. Eventually Moslems will see, Yes indeed, Prophet Muhammad also has told of the coming of this Revelation.

So I leave all of you to God again for this week, and have a wonderful week. Be with God. Again read our teachings. Realize what we have here, and come, join, and spread this Revelation to every corner on earth.

Sal-OM everyone.

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