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Maitreya: Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation Room. We are here today mostly for the challenge that has been presented to us last week by a Moslem friend that he is going to bring another friend that probably is more familiar with Islam. He is supposed to discuss that topic and see who is the truthful one, is really this Revelation from God, or was Prophet Muhammad the last Prophet and there is no other Prophet after Him? So if this person is here in the room, please raise your hand so we can start the discussion.

Not only is this Mission calling for Moslems to come, join, and become united with the rest of the world, we are calling all the people in the Mystical Paths (Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbalists, Saints in Christianity, Sufis, etc.) and any other religion that teaches that the goal of the life is to become one and have an experience with God directly.

Therefore if you know someone in Hinduism, or an organization in Hinduism, Buddhism, or Cabbalists, or any other Mystical Path, we would like everyone to send them an e-mail, or a letter, and tell them that their expectation is now fulfilled, and they are called to come and join us.

This is also calling all the Jews and Hebrews to realize that the Messiah they have been waiting for and the Revelation of unification and who is an Elect, is here, and it is the end time. We are calling them also to come and join the people in the Mystical Paths and realize that indeed that God has been sending all these Revelations, and they are a part of It.

So send them e-mails. Send them letters, and invite them to come, see, and realize that their expectation is fulfilled.

We are calling all the Christians to understand this Revelation that their expectation also is fulfilled, and the Christ has returned again with the Revelation of unification. The time is indeed ripe for this Revelation to come.

We also, of course, are calling for Moslems to recognize that their Caliph that they are waiting for to return has returned indeed. Therefore they should come and see that their expectation is fulfilled.

The Bahais have been waiting after Bab for He Whom God Shall Make Manifest. When He comes He will reveal to them greater things that they did not know before. That has also been fulfilled.

Therefore all of you who are in the Mission, or are interested in what we teach here, invite all the people in all religions of the world and let them know that their expectations are now fulfilled. The Seventh Seal is opened. The Book Sealed with the Seven Seals is revealed to humanity, and they indeed have no choice but to come together as the Children of God.

There is no separation. There is no difference between them. Some have been blessed over others because they have been doing better in previous lifetimes. Therefore they have been rewarded.

Some have not been given as much because they did not listen to God and His Calling, and therefore they are not in that higher level. All humans have to learn lessons that God has been sending to man.

Humans have to learn to get along with each other, to realize and recognize the Divinity in each person. Instead of wars, bickering, and destructive tendencies, they have to learn to become nice to each other, and realize and recognize that they are brothers and sisters in God. There is no separation between them from gender, race, and nationality. They are all the Children of God.

If you hurt any other person on earth, you are hurting God. Since you are a part of God, you are hurting yourself. Therefore whoever hurts other people eventually will be hurt.

This is the time to forgive and forget the past wounds and come together, refreshed and fresh, and start from the beginning with each other and forget about what did who to whom and now we have to revenge because something happened five-hundred years ago or two-thousand years ago.

Those who have done badly have already been punished. Now it is the time for the human to recognize and realize the message of Christ to forgive, to forgive to be forgiven.

A lot of religions and people on earth need that sentence, on how to forgive one another. Or they can decide not to forgive, and continue the destructive tendencies, revenge, counter-revenge, and eventually the complete destruction of humanity.

So this is a great opportunity for the human to forget and forgive, and realize that the Law of the Karma truly works. Those who did badly in the past or will do in the future, they will bear their fruit.

Of course the human lifespan is very short compared with the history and the way God works, which seems to be very slow to humanity. But eventually those who will do harm to others will receive their due.

These are the things that humans all have to realize and recognize, and many of them badly need Grace instead of Law, or rigid understanding of their religion and dogmas. They have to drop all those dogmas that bound them, and create an environment that revenge, counter-revenge, and all the problems that we have, will not continue to be on earth.

So we are not only calling all the religions to come together and see the Revelation of God, the Last Testament has come to them but they have to grow, recognize, and realize the Laws that govern this universe. Those Laws have been set up to guide humans back to where they have all come from, to God, to the Essence, to what they really are, because you are not your body. You are not your emotions. You are not this physical world. This is all temporary. There is nothing which you can touch, taste, smell, or has the attributes of the manifested world that is permanent.

So anyone who becomes attached to anything but the Essence, they are not very successful and they are not very aware of the truth of life. If they become attached to those things then they have lost the goal of the life, which is to be(come) Divine, to become one with the Essence.

If everyone on earth realizes that they have to become the Essence, and all this external world is only a temporary place to make us reach that Essence, then many things that we are longing for and we are afraid to lose will be resolved. We can see each man and woman as the Essence of God and help them to recognize and realize that Essence as we have.

If we can accomplish this, which will bring greater peace and unity, Communities of Light will be easily created.

So this is the Mission of education. It is the Mission of turning humanity around. That is what baptism means, to turn around, instead of going to the world, to turn around toward your Essence.

Close your eyes. Where is your Essence? Your Essence is not out there. You cannot satisfy your infinite longing for being with Infinity or God, with looking out there. The moment you open your eyes, the energy goes out and it see things, desires things, and therefore takes you to Maya or the greater illusion that this external world is so true, so real to us.

But the moment you close your eyes, you start baptizing yourself. You turn around the energy within instead of letting it go without. That is exactly what baptism means, to turn around, and when you turn around, you are baptized. At this time we do not baptize with the water, we baptize with the Spirit. As Scripture says, I will baptize you with the water, but he who is greater than me will baptize you with Spirit.

That is the baptism of the Spirit, to turn around. Close your eyes. Let the energy go within you and look at your Essence, see yourself squarely, and face yourself squarely. That is the scariest thing anyone can do in their life, to face themselves and become absolutely honest with themselves. It is much harder to be honest to one self than to be honest to those in the external world.

So close your eyes, meditate, and awaken your spiritual forces. Understand yourself. See the patterns. See the problems in your life, how you always end up in the same place with the same problems, with the same patterns.

Recognize the Essence of God. You are not white, black, Spanish, Asian, whatever. You are the Essence of God.

Cherish that Essence. Look at that Essence. Make that Essence become completely detached from the emotions, from attachments, from desires, from what makes this external world so real to us, and we rationalize that what we do is correct.

All the Prophets have said, There is nothing in this external world that you should be attached to. Nothing. Nothing whatsoever. Of course when some people hear that they say, Well, even I should not be attached to my parents, or my children, or my wife and husband?

First, you have to become detached, and become absolutely attached to God. Then you will love your parents, your wife, your husband, and your children in a Godly way, with His Eyes, not with emotional and human eyes. You will see them as the Essence, a part of God, and you will be able even to help them to close their eyes, be baptized, and go to God.

So in the beginning, when we are so attached to this external world, the Word of God and His Calling seems so cruel to some people that, How could I drop my parents? How could I not be attached to my children?

But in truth, when you are attached to God completely, then you can see your children, your wife, your husband, and your family in a greater and much better light. Indeed you will become a light for them. You will be able to let them know that they are also the Essence of God. So you already can become one with one another in a greater degree because you all will be concentrating on God.

That is the only way the human can be united and unified together. As long as I am concentrating on myself, my spouse, my parents, or my children, or they are concentrating on themselves, there is no unity between us. But the moment we all concentrate on God, we all become the Essence. We are already One. There is no struggle. There is nothing to struggle about.

The focus is on God. God is first. That is the awakening of the spiritual forces; that is when we meditate and we awaken our spiritual forces. Then after we awaken our spiritual forces, then we can create the environment that other people also can close their eyes. We can create an environment that people do not have to worry about their food or physiological and safety needs.

As more people come together and help one another, each person doing a little bit, everyone will have a lot of time to meditate more, to concentrate and to contemplate in a greater degree.

So the Communities of Light is the next step, to create an environment for everyone to be baptized and turn around. Of course, the humans, when they become more comfortable, they tend to fall into Maya.

Z_Max: I like this idea.

Maitreya: That is great Z_Max. Many people like the ideas that have been presented by God in this Mission. If you read our Scripture, The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament, you will be amazed how all the questions are answered that many other religions have not been able to answer or still fight over.

So there are a lot of beautiful things in the teaching and website that you can go and read, and you are even going to like them more and more.

Z_Max: I like to meditate more but need to work long hours.

Maitreya: That is a problem that a lot of people in the West have, because the work is eight hours a day at least. Then you have many other obligations that you have to keep up with Jones, and you have no choice but to spend a lot of time doing those things. Because the life has been promoted to them as being individualistic and being number one, and having your own little place or house and apartment, that makes life harder because each person is trying to do everything by themselves. They have to work very hard for long hours. After long hours they have other obligations to fulfill.

So the Communities of Light will help these people in a greater degree by coming together and sharing. As they do that more and more, they will find more time to meditate and awaken their spiritual forces.

That is the difference between the Communities of Light and the community that is prosperous and they use their prosperity to enhance their sensual longings. Therefore they fall even in a greater degree into Maya.

So in the Communities of Light, after the creation of an environment where people have more time and are prosperous, their focus should be toward spiritual progress: meditation, awakening of the spiritual forces, reading and realizing Scriptures together, reading the Word of God, realizing what is the goal of life, and also creating children that from the very beginning they are taught: The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. The goal is not those things that society is teaching them at this time.

In such an environment, you will progress many-fold faster, sooner, and accelerated. Therefore, the goal of the Communities of Light is not to become prosperous and have more time so you can fulfill your sensual desires more, but to use that time, prosperity, and energy to progress toward self-actualization or self-realization.

Of course if you want to be in such an environment, you have no choice but to give of yourself. Everyone in the community cannot say, OK I am going to meditate all the time. I am not going to help at all. I am not going to contribute at all. I want to go to God first before anyone else goes so I will meditate here, and everyone else does everything else for me so I can realize God faster than everyone else.

And then what does God say He is going to do? He says He is going to spew you out of His Mouth, and therefore you shall return back to earth.

So the idea is, in the community everyone should contribute, sacrifice, and give of themselves. Therefore more people will have more time and eventually create an environment that more people can meditate.

After sacrificing, you might become attached to the result of your action. That is not good either. Therefore you surrender and submit the result to God.

Eventually you become a universalist. You realize God is everything. There is no separation between any part of God and any other. Therefore you shatter all the narrowness of the mind and see everyone as the Essence of God.

These five steps are the steps that have been revealed through five major religions of the world.

Awakening of your spiritual forces is the First Seal that we said, Close your eyes. That is baptism by Spirit. It is the teaching of all the Mystical Paths: Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Saints in Christianity, Sufis, and any other teachings that say, Know thyself. Close your eyes. Look to your Essence, which is God. All are Mystical Paths. They are all teaching us, Have an experience with God.

If you do not have an experience with God, if you do not have a direct relationship with God, then you follow dogmas. You have no choice because the preacher tells you that is what you have to believe.

You have never had an experience with God. The preacher is supposed to have an experience with God, which most of them have not. So you say, Well, maybe he or she knows more than I do. They are supposed to be connected to God, and therefore I am just a layman, or a regular person, and these people are supposed to be connected to God. Therefore what they say I have to believe.

The more you study, the more you become educated in religion, the more you understand and see, even they are not connected to God. They do not have any clue of what God wants. They follow the dogmas that they have heard from their teachers and their mentors. They just give those dogmas to you, and after a while you have a religion that has an official way of explaining their beliefs.

Many people believe because they do not know God themselves. They have not experienced God.

But the moment you experience God, you see God is everything, God is everywhere. How can I separate another religion from myself and say, Well, my religion is the only way; my religion is the last Word of God; my religion has the only Chosen Ones?

You see, they are all dogmas. They just fall off from your spirit, because you have had an experience with God and you no longer can look at these dogmas and accept them because you see a huge ego is connected to those beliefs. You very well know that where there is ego, there is separation, there is destruction, and there is darkness.

Therefore having a direct experience with God, at least having a small relationship with God, will save you a lot of grief.

Z_Max: Maitreya, are you a democrat or republican? Should we vote for Bush this coming election? Thanks.

Maitreya: Well, you really should vote for God and His Kingdom. A lot of people believe that democracy is the best system.

Oh, am I going to vote for Bush or Carey? I see, is that the question? Or are you asking me which one you should vote for?

Z_Max: But there is no such party as G-D party.

Maitreya: [laughing] That is true. It is kind of a personal decision at this time but there is a fatal flaw in democracy. There is a fatal flaw in theocracy. There is a fatal flaw in dictatorship. They are all human-made systems.

The fatal flaw in democracy is that if the majority wants something that is not Godly, that becomes law and everyone should follow it. The Scriptures tell us very clearly that the majority is not always correct, for example, when the Israelites wanted to choose a leader. They chose Saul because he was tall and handsome. They did not choose the best man for the job.

Then God chose King David and told them, this is the one who will be a better King for you. He was a very tiny man and a regular person.

Therefore we can see the flaw in the democracy is that the majority, if they chose the wrong thing, it is the wrong choice.

There is a big flaw in theocracy. Those who put themselves as the leaders in the theocratic societies represent God. And of course God is absolute. As we know, absolute power corrupts absolutely. The question is, Are they connected to God, those who put themselves in the place of God and rule with absolute power? Most of them are not. That is why they will make mistakes and create a destructive environment.

And of course dictatorship is flawed from the very base. One man without even considering being connected to God tells everyone what to do and what to follow.

So we can see all the earthly systems have some very fatal flaws in them.

In the system that we have brought to humanity, it is Gods Way of bringing a great environment to everyone. It does not have any flaw. Actually I call it either theo-macray or demo-thocracy. It is a combination of democracy and theocracy.

It brings in a greater degree the Spirit of God into the system without making those who are creating the laws absolute powers. Therefore you can see everyone should realize that human-made systems are not going to last anymore.

Even democracy is not really democratic in most of the places. It is a combination of people who have a greater power or money that rule a lot of these places, or they are chosen by the armies in those countries mostly, not by the people. You can completely see that the systems on earth are falling apart. We really do not have a system that is concentrated on people and is Godly at the same time.

So to me no matter who you vote for, it is not going to help you because you do not choose those who will be Chosen. There is a great struggle between two ideologies even in the United States between the democrats and the republicans. Of course the conservatives and the liberals, they are pulling the whole system and the nation to different directions. No matter who you choose, it is not going to be completely satisfactory to everyone or even to yourself because even those who promise you to do things, after they are chosen, they are not going to follow exactly the way they promised they would do.

So the best is to use your intelligence and do your best. But vote toward bringing Gods Kingdom on earth, a system that will come from the Communities of Light, that will come from the people. They will choose their leaders from the very base of the society.

They will be the Paravipras, or the people who have meditated, awakened their spiritual forces, long to create Communities of Light, and they sacrifice for them. They surrender and submit to God, and become universalists. Therefore they shatter all narrowness of the mind. They can bring peace to humanity and prosperity to every man and woman on earth.

Of course you might say, How can they do that? There are limited resources on earth. How can they bring prosperity to everyone?

Clearly God set humanity on the Path to reaching to space and bringing even greater material prosperity to everyone. There are infinite resources out there. Yes, there are limited resources on earth but there are infinite resources out in space. With the infinite resources, everyone can become prosperous and have enough to have a good life.

So the Path has been given. The Light is here. The way to bring that peace, unity, and prosperity to every man, woman, and child on earth is shown. Now we have to overcome our attachments to our nations, countries, and people, and expand ourselves to see the way God looks at the universe. God does not look at only one country or one nation.

Of course, the Kingdom will come. That is the ultimate goal of the Kingdom. We can see that the prophecies are being fulfilled right in front of our eyes, that Europe is becoming more powerful and probably is going to be the next superpower on earth. They will be the ten toes, and it is going to be clay and iron. Iron and clay will not mix, and the whole system of the human way of thinking will not work.

So it is a time that the human is going toward an amazing evolutionary leap. They have to go beyond their religions and their own concepts, and see how each of the religions is a part of a greater Revelation or realization or truth. By understanding that, they have no choice but to let go of their dogmas and their own understandings, and realize that God has been sending all of these religions together and now they are unified.

The only way is to create a system which has been given that is run by the people who are connected to God. They will bring the Spirit of God to men and will help them to grow. By reaching to space, we will be able to have all the resources we need to satisfy our physiological and safety needs, and use the rest to progress physically, mentally, and spiritually, to a greater degree.

So this Mission is a huge Mission. It amazingly covers everything in the life, Revelation, and the truth that has come to humanity to this point and now it is revealed to men so they can easily see that the next step for humanity to progress is toward God.

Krishna Devotee is asking:

Krishna Devotee: What is the name of your Holy Book?

Maitreya: It is called The Holiest Of The Holies, abbreviated to THOTH, The Last Testament. It is the last Revelation.

Krishna Devotee: Who is the writer?

Maitreya: God is the writer but of course God does not have a body so He can come and write it down for humanity. So He has prophesied for a long time, for thousands of years, that this Revelation will come from one person only and that person will be recognized and realized by the prophecies that He will fulfill, and many other signs, and the truth that He will reveal is based on the Words of God and the Scriptures. It will unify all the religions of the world.

That Book now has been opened. That person has come with the clear signs and has revealed that to you and humanity.

So those who follow Krishna, those who follow Ramah, those who follow Buddha, those who follow any beings or gurus or teachers are called to see and understand where their understanding, realization, and teachers will fall.

All those who call themselves Jews or Hebrews are called to see that indeed they are a part of God also. They fall in this Plan. All the Christians are called to see that they also fall to the same Path, and they have a place in Gods Plan, as do Moslems, Bahais, and all the religions on earth. There is no religion that has been left out in this Revelation.

In this Revelation it clearly teaches them or makes them to see so clearly that they are a part of a greater truth. None of them have the ultimate truth. None of them has the answer. That is why in the Scriptures it shows clearly that only after the Seventh Angel comes that the Mystery will be finished.

In Hinduism and in India, they are waiting for the last Avatar, the Kalki Avatar to come, and when He comes, He will finish the religion on earth for humanity. The Parsees are waiting for Mithra to return, and when He comes he will bring the truth to them.

Krishna Devotee: Nobody is left out from anyones religion if you read the Qu'ran or the Gita? How many times have you read the Bhagavad-Gita?

Maitreya: Many times. I have a Gita that actually I wrote a commentary on the first three chapters of it. But after I reached to chapter four and on, I realized that they have been tampering with the Gita.

So human loves to change the Scriptures of God to bring their own ideas into the Scriptures, and that is why they have been changed.

Therefore the Gita is not completely pure, as the Old Testament is not completely pure, as the New Testament is not completely pure, as the Koran is not completely pure. They all have been changed.

Krishna Devotee: Oh really.

Maitreya: Yes. That is the truth of it. If you want the truth, you have to understand our teachings in a greater degree. Then you will see that God does not separate man from man as untouchables and as those in a society who should be pushed down.

If God is everything, according to the Hindu religion, how can we have untouchables?

Krishna Devotee: So I have to go to you to understand?

Maitreya: Yes, you should go to me, and go to this new Revelation of God. That is what we are saying here. We are calling Hindus. We are calling Buddhists. We are calling Jews, Christians, Moslems, etc., and all of them are called to come and see that you have a lot of truth. Hinduism is a fantastic, beautiful teaching. But at the same time you have a lot to learn, more than you already know, because if you are looking for the truth, this is the truth.

Krishna Devotee: You just blasphemed most of the religious sects.

Maitreya: The Jews killed Christ because they thought that He was blaspheming. But He was the Messiah. He was the Son of God. He was an Avatar. He was in Pure Consciousness. He had a message for them but to them what He said was a blasphemy because they thought they knew better than Christ did.

When any Prophet comes, of course those who hear Him, it is blasphemy to them because what He says they do not know. They do not have any clue of the teachings.

That is why we encourage everyone to go to our website first to understand our teachings and realize that indeed they are a part of these teachings. But at the same time a lot of parts of your religion or understanding have to go.

If you cannot prove that what I say is from God, and who I claim to be is from God, then the truth will not be revealed to you. However, if you prove it to yourself that my claim is correct, then you will accept the teaching and will let go of the part that is not completely from God, or has been changed by man.

MajorRebellion: If you lean onto your own understanding, you will not see the truth.

Maitreya: Exactly.

AdeLDaharma: What was meant by the time is near in the Bible?

Maitreya: When God says, the time is near, it might take a hundred years to reach the point that God is talking about. Gods timing is different than ours. At the time of the Revelation of the Bahai Teaching, in the Bible it says clearly that they went to God and asked Him when was all this going to come, when was it going to be accomplished?

And God said, A very short time. That was around, more than 250 years ago. So a short time is 250 years. So the time is near can be interpreted as some centuries.

You have to tell me what verse you are talking about in the Bible. What part of the Bible was it? Then we can probably see what He meant by the time is near and in what event He was talking about.

AdeLDaharma: It is in Revelation 22:10.

Maitreya: That is the part that God is talking about the coming of His Kingdom. There are two parts that will be accomplished in chapters 22 24. There is a period. Let us see exactly what the verse is, 22:10; And he saith unto me, Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this book: for the time is at hand.

This is the time that no longer God desires to hide the truth of the Revelation or the end time to man. The whole Mystery of God has been finished, and the Revelation has come to humanity. Therefore now God is revealing the whole Plan of God, which will happen soon.

After this chapter, there are going to be two periods of the coming of Gods Kingdom. One is when Christ comes as the thief of the night and spreads the message to those who have been called for it, and gather the Elects.

Christ and the Elects are going to be caught into the clouds together. Clouds, according to the Bhagavad-Gita, mean confusion, as it clearly says in the Bhagavad-Gita, When the confusion comes and morality is no longer strong on earth, My Spirit will arise.

So at this time of the confusion we live in, we have brought this Revelation. We have these rooms in PalTalk. As our resources increase, we will reach to humanity in a greater degree and call the Elects to come to see this last Revelation. Eventually we will gather the Elects together and create a very powerful force on earth.

Then next lifetime, we will continue this process to a point that we will become a viable alternative for humans on this earth. Later on, in the third incarnation, we will bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

So that is what The Revelation or the books in the Bible were talking about, that Christ will come as the thief of the night in one lifetime, and as the Conqueror and Bringer of the Kingdom, in another. That goes very well with the prophecies in Hinduism for the Kalki Avatar that He will establish Gods Kingdom in three incarnations.

So it will happen very soon. But very soon to God, as we said, does not mean in five years or ten years.

It can happen. As I explained many times, if everyone comes tonight, joins us, and creates the Communities of Light, and the leaders and the whole humanity sees that this is Gods Revelation and the Way of God, we might have the Kingdom tomorrow. But if they do not, we will have a longer time to accomplish this truth.

So that is what is meant in that verse in that chapter, it means the Kingdom of God is going to come very soon. The Mystery of God has already finished. He does not have to cover, or not to reveal the Word of God any more.

This is the Word of God. This is the Mystery that was hidden even from the Prophets, like Prophet Daniel. God said, Do not reveal it to humanity.

Now it is revealed to man.

OK. Z_Max is asking:

Z_Max: a. There is no historical evidence that Jesus ever existed, whatsoever.

b. If Jesus ever existed, Christians murdered millions of people on His behalf.

Maitreya: OK and then

Shakaravah: Z_max, people have been murdering in the Name of God since the beginning of history. Why dont we stop? I think it is time.

Maitreya: Yes, it is time.

Historically even you cannot pinpoint that his name was Jesus at all. His earthly name was Esa. His spiritual name was a name that cannot be pronounced.

Now, did Esa live at all? Did He really bring the Revelation to humanity?

Remember when He came, He preached to a very small number of people. He did not have the Internet or PalTalk to reach thousands or millions of people. He only preached for three and a half years, and He was crucified after that.

I have been preaching this for the last twenty-five years, and you can see how few people have heard it and have responded to it.

Of course a lot of people have heard about it, probably thousands of people have heard this Message and this Revelation. But very few people are interested to respond. Even those who are interested to respond really are not completely 100% dedicated to it to reach the rest of humanity.

Now see Him in three and a half years preaching to humanity with much less communicative ability, and then of course He was crucified and the only thing left was what his disciples took and spread. Disciples love to exaggerate. Disciples love to change things around according to their own understandings.

Even He was very upset when He explained some parts of His teaching and His disciples still did not understand what He was talking about. He asked them, You still do not understand either?

So you can see that the possibility that a lot of things changed in His teaching is there. Now we have Christ and His teaching according to the New Testament. The teaching of Paul has become greater for a lot of Christians than His, because His teaching was not completely presented to humanity and there were parts that are so hard to follow for many people that they would rather accept Pauls words instead of the Christs.

So the base of most religions before this teaching is based on ego, because people only accepted the parts that appealed to their egos. As we said, ego creates separation. Ego likes to say, I am the only way. You see, I am better than everyone else.

Ego likes to say, I am the Chosen One, because if I am chosen the rest are not. So I am better than everyone else.

Ego likes to say, I have the last Word of God; everyone else is wrong therefore I can kill them because they are not listening to us because we have the last Word.

But the last Word, which is this one, is revealing that everyone has the Essence of God. You cannot kill them. You cannot destroy them. You cannot rage war to destroy and kill millions in the name of religion.

Really, in truth, religion did not kill millions of people. Dogmas and ego killed those people because they did not understand their religion.

Z_Max: Right, Paul invented Christianity, not Jesus as most people believe.

Maitreya: That is true. That is why we only accept the red words of Christ in the New Testament. The teachings of Paul are not accepted here as the whole truth. Of course, like everyone else, he has some truth. He has brought a lot of truth about Christ but also he added a lot of things of himself.

Therefore we have to take those things that are our understandings; we have to take our dogmas out of religion. That is what this Mission has done. It has taken all the dogmas out.

Of course, Mission means it is the Mission of God, therefore it is Gods Mission. God already knows humans, the Revelation, the teachings, and religions on earth. Now He has sent this Revelation, which clearly takes all the dogmas out of the religions, purifies them, puts them together, and shows how each of them are a part of a greater truth. When you put them together, then you can see the whole picture.

OK, Brad is asking:

Bradedp7: Sal-OM.

Maitreya: Sal-OM Brad.

Bradedp7: I have a question about the chakras. If the glands or the organs related to a spiritual center are damaged through drugs or removed by surgery, how does this affect the kundalini system? Thank you.

Maitreya: You are welcome. Damaging a chakra is a very hard thing to do, because chakras are ethereal and therefore they are hard to damage with surgery or any instrument in the physical world.

The only thing that can happen to them is that they are prematurely opened by drugs. That is when in the 1960s, people used a lot of LSD. What happened to them was that they went somewhere they were not supposed to go. They opened their chakras and experienced greater spiritual feelings that they were not ready for. That is why a lot of them went crazy and actually they could not handle the situation.

In this case, meditation, treatment, and bringing them understanding that what they have experienced is not for them, they were not ready for it, can help. They can little by little forget about it, and with a lot of meditation they can eventually go to the same place but be prepared.

Therefore you cannot damage chakras. You cannot damage ethereal things because the knife cannot reach ether. Ether is beyond even air. Can you damage air with a knife? No, you cannot. You might split it for a second but really it goes back together again.

Ether is even subtler than air. Therefore the knife cannot reach it, cannot destroy it, but it can be opened. It can be forced to open and a person can experience, the experience that the people who use the drugs feel, especially more potent drugs like LSD or the feelings that they can go somewhere and experience things that they have created in the ethereal level by themselves.

So in that case they have to stop. They have to start meditating in a greater degree and follow the Eternal Divine Path, and realize that the goal of the life is not to use drugs, get stoned, feel good, and then after you come back you have destroyed the mind and spirit.

Hey Bucko: I have question. You claim to be the Lion of the tribe of Judah, Revelation 5:5: And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof. Explain how you are the root of David?

Maitreya: When I received this Revelation, the very teaching, unification, and the truth it revealed to me was enough for me, and I really was not looking for any prophecies to be fulfilled, or genealogy, which connects me to King David and Adam.

But as the Mission progressed, other people started finding a lot of prophecies that are fulfilled by me or this Vessel, and therefore it confirmed more and more to those who are looking for prophecies that indeed God has foretold that this will come and it has, according to God.

Therefore if you want to see the prophecies, go to our website and look at those prophecies and see they have all been fulfilled. The fulfillment is not only for one religion; it is the fulfillment of all religions and the foretelling of the coming of this Revelation or this Vessel.

Therefore this is actually the Glorification of God; that God foretells that things will happen and they will.

Around two years ago, a gentleman by the name of Brother Frank came to our room in PalTalk and claimed that I am the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and I am connected to King David. The only thing I told him and I knew is true was that I am from the lineage of Nadir Shah in Iran. Brother Frank was a Bahai before he came to us, and he knew that Nadir Shah was connected to King David since they also believe that Bahaullah was from Nadir Shah. Therefore they have his genealogy already charted to King David.

So that clearly showed that, Yes, my genealogy also is connected to King David, and from King David to Adam.

He called the Christ as the Christ Ben David, because he was from the lineage of King David. He was calling me the Christ Ben Adam, because not only does my genealogy go to King David, also it goes to Prophet Muhammad or the Ishmaelites. So it fulfills both religions and prophecies.

Therefore the claims to be the Lion of the Tribe of Judah is through the connection of our genealogy to King David and Adam. I think we have directed you many times to go to our website. They are all there. I did not create them. I did not bring them. I was not even looking for them. But they are all there for your view and seeing the truth of the Revelation, the truth of God, and the Word of God.

Also the genealogies and prophecies are all there to help you to recognize and realize: This is from God. There is no doubt about it. If for a moment someone proves to me that it is not from God, I am the first person who will let it go. But it is from God, and He has uniquely chosen this Vessel to bring it to humanity.

Now it is up to you and humanity to prove to themselves what has already been proven to me. If it is proven to you, then it is your Mission. I am done with you.

Actually, the moment I give this Revelation to you, I am done with you.

So it is not an ego trip that, I am the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and I have fulfilled all this, so everyone fall in front of me and worship me. No, it is not. It is to humbly glorify God because He indeed deserves to be glorified and to be the Focus of every man and woman on earth because that is their salvation. The more they focus on God, the less they will focus on each other and on this external world.

So this is all proven. The other people have proven it for us. It is now there for you to see it and prove it to yourself.

OK Brad says:

Bradedp7: The energy vortex is always present and usable.

Maitreya: What do you mean by energy vortex? You mean chakras, I suppose? If so, then yes, they are always there. They are open according to your state of spiritual progress.

For example, if a tailor and a pickpocket in the street are looking at the people, the tailor looks at their clothing and says, Look at those beautiful, well-made clothes. But the pickpocket looks at the same clothing and says, How can I put my hand in the pocket of these people with those kinds of clothing and steal their wallets? or something like that.

So they are looking at the same thing. It is just their perception, what one sees is different than what the other person sees. Why? The pickpocket is in a lower nature, and he wants to see the physiological and safety needs to be satisfied without working hard. He wants to do it very easily. So that is why he became a pickpocket.

The tailor is a person who has a business and he wants to make more money, so he is trying to find out what is the best way to make the clothing. So the tailor is a little higher or much higher than the pickpocket.

It is the same thing. They are looking at the same thing but they see it so differently.

It is the same thing here, a lot of people come to the Mission and we say the same thing but they hear it differently because those who are ready for it say, Yes, it makes sense. Look! The prophecies are fulfilled. Everything that God said He is going to do, He has done. The Book Sealed with the Seven Seals is open. The Revelation is, God is. It is also the end time.

Other people come here and yell, No, no, it is not true. It is not correct. This is from the devil, and this and that. Why? It is the same thing with two people seeing it so differently.

Those who see it as the truth, they have been meditating; they have been progressing in their spiritual Path. They have reached to a point that they see there is no separation between humans.

Therefore chakras, or energy vortex as you call it, have different tendencies that we are in.

When you are in the first chakra, the only thing you are really concerned about is: Where are my physiological and safety needs going to come from?

When you are in the second chakra, you want a partner; you want to have a spouse, family, etc.

So we can see that they are in different levels of consciousness. So yes indeed, that energy vortex or those chakras are always present. Also they are connected to the universe, to the koshas. If you want to know more, read Universe and Man in THOTH. It explains very clearly how they are all related.

All right. Apparently there were some questions there and the person who asked them left. So we do not have to answer them.

So again all of you here, go to our website, or if you have been to our website and have recognized and realized that what we say is the truth, take a pen and pencil, go to your e-mail, and find out the organizations, systems, and everyone on earth, if they are Hindus, Buddhists, or in the Mystical Paths, etc., send them e-mails or letters, and invite them to come and see the truth in our website and the truth that has been revealed to humanity.

If you know a Jewish organization that is waiting for the Messiah to come, let them know that it is indeed here.

If you know a Christian organization or system, let them know indeed the last Revelation of God has come. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah has opened the Seven Seals and revealed the Book sealed with the Seven Seals. Let them come and see the truth in it.

Let the Moslems know that they indeed need The Grace of Christ and our teaching. They should also realize that Islam is not going to take over the world. The more they try, the more they will be disconnecting themselves from the rest of the world, and they will not be able to do that. The only one who can do it is the one who tells everyone, Your religion is OK. The only thing is, you are a part of a greater truth.

Tell Bahais also that Bab said He Whom God Shall Make Manifest is going to come later, not nine years after Bab, as Bahaullah claimed to be, but a short time later; it can be 200 years later. Now it has come. As Bab prophesied and foretold. every sentence in the Book that He Whom God Shall Make Manifest, when that Book comes, every sentence you can write a thousand books about it. That exactly is what you can do with THOTH.

That is why we have been at it for twenty-five years and we have been talking about it for twenty-five years, and still we are going on and preaching, and still we have not finished talking about it because THOTH is packed with truth, and every word in it and every sentence of it can be a topic for a book, or many books and realization.

Actually if you do not know THOTH, you do not know your religion. You do not know the Revelation of God.

So let humanity know, if they want to know their own religion, if they want to know the Will of God, this is it. This is the Will of God, and we are calling them all to come and join us, at least the Elects in those religions, and we do not discriminate among any of them.

If you are a Hindu or a Buddhist or a Moslem, or a Christian, or a Jew, or a Bahai, as long as you see the truth revealed in this Revelation, you are a part of Gods Plan; you are an Elect.

Of course those who do not see it, those who insist still, My religion is better than yours, and I have the only way, or I have the last truth, or this and that, we leave to God. This is from God; therefore it is going to happen.

Those who oppose it or do not understand it, they are wrong; they are absolutely opposing and going against Gods Will. So leave them to God. The only thing we have to do is to give the Message, reach out, and tell them that humanity is pulled with a lot of pulls at this time. If Maya does not get them, their culture is going to get them. If their culture does not affect them, their religions, their genders, their nationalities, and their races will. There are so many obstacles in the Path, in their way and understanding.

If they would not relate themselves to the conditions they are in, expand their consciousnesses and realize that they are the Essence of God and a part of God, and they do not belong to any nation, to any gender, to any nationality, or to any religion, they will belong to God and reach salvation.

So that is why no matter how much you see the Vision and you explain it to other people, if they do not see it, they are not the Elects. They are still conditioned to where they have been born or what they have realized by themselves, not the Word of God.

The Word of God clearly says there are going to be Seven Revelations. The Mystery of God is going to be sealed until the last Revelation of God comes and the Seventh Seal is opened.

Still the Messiah has already come, and that is it? That is not the Word of God. That is what Paul said. God never said that. God said there are going to be Seven Revelations.

Or, still Jews say that Christ did not come. He came. He told them, I am here. I am the one you were waiting for. It was prophesied for Him to come. Israel told that He was going to come from the Tribe of Judah, and when He comes the kingdom will be taken away from you and given to other nations.

The Christians are still waiting for the second coming. At the end of His mission in the Garden of Gethsemane, Christ said, God, can you take this away from me? Immediately He said, Not my will but Thy Will be done. He surrendered Himself to the Will of God. Next, He brought the religion of Islam, the religion of surrendering and submission to God, and He brought the rest of the Eternal Divine Path in the next lifetimes.

Sal-OM everyone. See you next time.

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