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Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation Room. Again you have come to the room that has the latest Revelation of God and the Wine that unifies all humanity together.

Indeed this is the most perfect and complete Revelation from God, which anyone who wants to know their religion, or other religions, or the Plan of God, and know how God has been guiding humanity through history to this point, they have to read our Revelation and THOTH, and recognize how all the religions have been sent by God. Now all of them are revealed together, as each being a part of a greater truth.

We can see the signs all over the earth that humanity needs to realize and recognize indeed there is only one God and all of them are His Children, and come together and create an environment that all can agree on. That is Gods Culture, Gods Way.

If all come together and bring Gods culture to humanity then we do not have to fight with each other in order to bring each culture dominating others or create an environment where we feel we are threatened by other cultures, or opinions and ideas. If everyone recognizes and realizes the only One true Way and Culture is Gods Culture, then we all can agree and follow it, and there will not be as much separation as we can see in humanity right now. Then there will be peace.

There are not many religions but there is only One Path that has been sent by God, and everyone should recognize it, come together, and realize that is Gods doing.

My religion is sent by God. Your religion is sent by God. His and her religion is sent by God. But we are all a part of a greater truth, and that greater truth is the Eternal Divine Path.

If all recognize this, we can come together as one nation under one God, which is everyones God. He has been sending all these religions, so there is no separation between any of us. Therefore we can come together and become one.

There are resources that are limited on earth. If the human reaches out to space that also can be easily overcome and everyone can have enough to have a decent standard of living. So there is no reason to scratch each others face or bring destruction to one another because we are afraid that the resources are limited. There are infinite resources out there in the universe. As you can see, all the solutions have been given in this Mission.

The Call is for humanity to come, read our Revelation, and see that God indeed has promised He will send a Book, a Revelation, at the end time that will bring the whole truth to humanity and will guide them to the next evolutionary step, which is to recognize they are children of One God.

There are not two, three, or four, or a hundred Gods, there is only One Spirit, One God, One Consciousness, which has created everything. Now it is a Call to humanity to understand this truth.

The more they understand this and the sooner they understand this, the sooner they will all come together, create Communities of Light, and bring the Kingdom of God on earth. Then we can have peace, and we will put away our weapons and destructive tendencies of man. We will bring the peace that has been prophesied will come at the end time.

This is the end time. There is no doubt about that. The signs are all over the earth. If someone is not seeing this, then they really are not aware and still they have not realized that those destructive forces that are supposed to be released at the end time are being released one after another. The confrontation between human and human is great. Therefore we have no choice but to see this clearly, truthfully.

There has to be a way out. God never leaves humanity unprotected, or alone, to complete destruction. Now He has sent this to them for their guidance, for them to see this Light and the Truth that the way out is the Eternal Divine Path, Gods Way and Revelation.

That is the truth that not only we have to recognize and realize but also spread it, reach out to every man, woman, the leaders of all religions, institutions, and governments on earth. Send them e-mails, and send them letters. Reach the religious leaders and everyone that you can reach, and also come together and bring great ideas, how can we spread this Mission and in the fastest way, and how you can help in a greater degree to do this.

If there are good ideas you have, send them to the Mission, and suggest how we can do this best.

Of course the base of our teachings has been explained many times, hundreds of times. If you do not know the basic teachings, you can post a question in the text.

This room is the Conversation Room. This means that if you have a question or you want to converse with me, or you have something that you wanted to discuss with me and everyone in the room, you are welcome to raise your hand or type in the text for the answer.

Apparently there is a question by Justkidding. Go ahead, Justkidding.

Justkidding_1: I am typing my question.

Maitreya: Great, go ahead and type it. OK, while he is doing that, there is a part of the teaching that I would like to repeat one more time for everyone.

There were a lot of questions this week in the text in our PalTalk room about why God did not create the universe perfect. A part of the teaching is different than other explanations, in other religions and philosophies. A lot of religions and philosophies teach that God said, Be, and everything was. It came from nothing and therefore He created the universe, and that is why some people believe that if He created everything, why didnt He create it perfect?

The answer is given in our teachings very clearly because nothing is perfect but the Pure Consciousness, and this creation is a relative truth. In the relative state, nothing is the Essence. Therefore everything is decaying. Everything is changing. Everything is trying to go back to its Essence, which used to be perfect and was perfect, and everything came from it.

Therefore looking for perfection in this universe is an illusion, is Maya by itself, because nothing is perfect. It is a relative creation. How can it be perfect if it is relative? It is not the Essence. It is not perfect.

That is why Christ said, Be perfect as the Father.

So that part probably everyone should meditate on (our explanation and the explanation of other religions) and then we can easily realize that, it is no wonder that it is not perfect because it is not supposed to be. If it was perfect, why do we meditate and we want to go back to the Pure Consciousness?

Pure Consciousness is Perfect.

OK, Justkidding is asking:

Justkidding_1: In your Satsang of June 21, 1991, you talked about different levels in spirituality and an example of house-cleaning, but is there a yardstick of sort for us to measure one's progress?

Maitreya: One thing, if you follow the Eternal Divine Path and meditate, you start putting the seed into the soil of your Spirit, and you start progressing.

It is just like a gardener, who puts the seed in the ground. If you are worried about if the seed is going to grow or not, and you go every day and take the seed out and you look at it to see, Has it grown or not? and put it back, that seed is never going to grow up because you are so worried about the seed to be growing up that you are not really letting the seed root itself. One day you go to the garden and say, Look at that. That seed is now a little shoot, and it is growing up by itself.

Therefore we do not recommend for you to be too worried about your spiritual progress. Just put the seed, read the teachings, wrap yourself into the Mission, go to PalTalk, try to follow the Fifteen Commandments and the Thirty-Three Virtues, do The Reminder, meditate, and try to create the Communities of Light, sacrifice for them, be surrendered and submissive, and become a universalist.

One day everyone will start telling you how much you have progressed and how much you have grown up. Therefore if you are worried about your progress all the time, you are not letting the seed to root and give a great tree.

Also, how do you know how much you have progressed? As you said, we should have a yardstick, and the yardstick has already been given. The yardstick is the Eternal Divine Path.

If you can meditate, if you can know thyself, if you can see the beauty and natural Way of God and follow it, and understand His Will of why He created everything as they are, and what they are created for, you will become more and more a natural being and closer to the Mind of God.

Then you recognize it is important to create an environment that everyone also has time to meditate and awaken their spiritual forces, realize Gods Mind and therefore progress, then you are ready to sacrifice for it, surrender and submit to God, and know the Will of God for you. What is the Will of God for you? Why have you been created? What kind of talents do you have? How can you help the Will of God to be established on earth?

Are you a good manager? Are you a good computer programmer, or this or that? Whatever talents you might have, you can bring and help out. Therefore the more you do that, the more you follow the Eternal Divine Path, the more you will progress in the fastest way possible.

Justkidding_1: Is it not like overcoming the nature of the lower chakras, like self-preservation, self-gratification, and knowing that in our day-to-day life?

Maitreya: Yes, indeed it is, and we usually cannot see ourselves as clearly as other people can see us and help us in the Path. Therefore, we can see the Communities of Light are very beautiful places for people to be together and help one another to overcome these lower tendencies.

Lower tendencies also are not bad. It is not that we should kill them. They are just like wild horses. You do not kill a wild horse; you train it. You break in a wild horse so you have a nice horse to use and have transportation, or an animal that you can use. So you do not kill the lower nature, you do not destroy it, you do not completely overcome it in a way that it is not there anymore, but you train it, you break it, and you take control over it. Therefore it is not running your life but you are running its tendencies.

The tendencies, none of them are bad. If you spiritualize them, they are fine. You can spiritualize them by following Gods Way, Gods Law, how God created these lower tendencies.

For instance, it is not bad to be worried about your physiological and safety needs. Everyone should have the minimum of their physiological and safety needs taken care of. That is what is exactly part of the teaching about the Communities of Light, taking care of physiological and safety needs. So everyones physiological and safety needs will be provided because in the community everyone helps, in that level, so everyone has enough to eat and a good place to live.

If we bring the peace on earth, no one is going to be worried about a bomb falling on their head, or there is going to be war and destruction coming to them. Therefore he can easily not be afraid of any destructive tendencies. So all those things also they do will not come by you being worried about them but by creation of the Communities of Light and eventually having them provided for everyone on earth.

So the whole focus should not be on, My own progress, but, what is the teaching, how can we create the Communities of Light, and how can we bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth? Then in the process you will progress. You will have no choice.

But if you sit there and say, Am I progressing? Am I not progressing? then you are not letting the seed root in your Spirit and you will not progress.

So your concentration is not supposed to be on, My progress, but what is the Will of God, what is the Revelation, what is revealed through this Mission, and how can I become involved with it? In the process, you will progress.

There is a question from Proven:

Proven1: Did you get THOTH revealed by the angel Gabriel?

Maitreya: The explanation of the angel in the Mission is different than in other religions. In other religions many people believe that angels are beings, like humans. They look like humans, or some of them have wings. In different cultures they have been depicted in different ways. Some angels seem like a little kid, a little child. Others have wings; others do not look like humans.

But in our explanation, Gabriel is the satva guna, the sentient force in the universe. The sentient force is the knowledge, decision-making, and higher level of understanding in the universe. When the creative force, raja guna, or mutative force, is directed in a higher level toward satva guna, which is Gabriel, raja guna becomes Michael.

Michael is always depicted as the warrior who protects the religions and the Prophets, etc. Tama guna, the crudifying force, which crudifies everything and makes the mind small, is depicted as Lucifer.

Lucifer is also known as the devil. Lucifer used to be known as the shining star. That is why the very tama guna, which crudifies the mind and creates destructive tendencies, is also a guiding light for those who see how tama guna or Lucifer can become the devil and make you fall from The Grace, which is the raja guna directed to the Gabriel or higher level of consciousness.

Therefore angels in the Mission are explained as the forces in the universe. When the action or raja guna is directed to the satva guna or higher things, it becomes The Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost reveals the Revelations to the Prophets.

The Prophets to this point needed a vision; they needed something to look like a material thing for them in order to believe they were receiving Revelations from God. That is why Prophet Muhammad saw Gabriel bringing the Revelation to Him. Other Prophets saw Gabriel as an angel, as a being, as a man, as many different shapes. God uses those things for the Prophets to accept, take their mission, and accomplish it.

In this Revelation, we are revealing the highest level of explanation of everything. Therefore Gabriel is one of the three forces, or creative forces, in the universe. This Revelation has been impressed in my consciousness, not as a vision given by a man as in the case of Prophet Muhammad as Gabriel, but a vision or Revelation, which is revealed in a mind-to-mind kind of connection to God.

That actually happens to the Prophets even who see Gabriel. Prophet Muhammad, for example, just saw Gabriel once in the beginning of His Revelation. After that He never saw him again. The only thing He received was a Revelation, which was impressed on his consciousness, which is called vahd. So the more important part of a Revelation is that impression of the Revelation on human consciousness, not seeing a man as Gabriel.

Therefore angels are not beings; angels are forces that are used by God to impress a Revelation or understanding on human consciousness, as we have explained many times. Anything that has a physical attribute of the creation, if it has the touch, smell, sight, or any attribute of creation, it is not the Essence. It is still a relative creation, and it is not the absolute. Therefore it cannot be used as our guide to reach the Essence or the perfection.

The perfection is consciousness and the three creative forces in the balanced state. In that level, there is no physical attribute. You just are. Therefore if you still see angels as physical things then you will not be guided to the Essence. You will be attached to the manifested world.

So the explanation of many things in this Mission is in the highest level. It reveals things to you in a way that no other religion has explained them to this point. This is the highest level of explanation, because how can a Revealer of God, which is consciousness and the three creative forces, be a manifested thing? But it is His Mind that reveals the Revelation to the mind of the Prophet (vahd), which is much more subtle than a creation as an angel.

Therefore to answer your question, yes, if you believe that Gabriel is the satva guna, if Gabriel is The Holy Ghost, if Gabriel is raja guna directed to the higher level from the Mind of God, yes it is. But if you are thinking about Gabriel as a being, a man, or an angel with the wings, no, it is not.

It is absolutely a knowingness of the truth and the revelation that makes sense, which explains the truth and is in a greater level of revelation to humanity. Therefore humanity has to recognize and realize that anything, anything at all, if you see heaven and hell as a place that has physical attributes, it is not the Essence. It is still a relative creation.

But if you see the hell and heaven level of consciousness, then it is correct. Some people are in hell right now. They believe in dogmas, they are unhappy, they are in war and destruction, they are killing people, and they kill themselves because they do not have the ability to see that God is everything.

How can you kill another person when the other person is also a part of God? Therefore their consciousness is very limited. They cannot see the bigger picture that God is everything. You cannot destroy or be destroyed. Eventually we have to create an environment that we do not have those fears of destroying or being destroyed ourselves. That is hell.

Or the people whose consciousnesses are very crude and they are afraid of not having their physiological and safety needs and this and that, and they cannot enjoy their lives. They are unhappy all the time. That is hell. So that is a level of consciousness.

But there are people who are happy. They absolutely see God in everything and the only problem they probably have is, why other people do not see this clearly, that God is everything, and that they should come together and realize God is One.

Therefore hell, heaven, consciousness, the angels, everything is explained here as consciousness and the three forces in the universe. If we realize that, we can go beyond any physical attributes of this creation and go beyond relativity. Go to the Absolute, which is God.

There is a question from Justkidding:

Justkidding_1: What about the third eye? It is no longer physical, how do we know if it is opened or operating?

Maitreya: The third eye is the spiritual eye of man. The third eye is the eye that can see the Spirit and the effects of the Spirit on human life. That was the eye that the human had before the flood of Noah.

If you have heard about the Cyclops (we do not have them anymore) but you have heard in the legends and many places that there were Cyclops that they had psychic powers, some of them were good Cyclops and some of them were mean Cyclops. Then what happened?

In the Bible it clearly says, there were giants on the earth before the flood of Noah. They had their third eyes opened. When the third eye is opened, you can gain spiritual powers, which are called Siddhis, and you can manipulate many forces in the creation. Before the flood of Noah, they reached a point that they could manipulate the life-force to the extent that they could extend their lifetimes in a greater degree. That is why they lived 800 years, 900 years.

After the flood of Noah, God closed that eye because the human was misusing it, and He made the two physical eyes that we have now. We think that this external world is the truth because we have no awareness of the spiritual world, and therefore we become so attached to this external world because the prana or the life-force or energy is going out from our two eyes.

From these two eyes we can see the world, and we take the external world as the absolute truth. Many people do not even have the awareness that they have the Spirit. They think they are just intellect, brain, and their physical bodies. They do not even ask questions like, where do they come from? Who created them? It just does not occur to them because their two eyes are so powerful that they even do not know they have a third eye.

Of course the third eye will be opened now for those who understand these teachings, and they will not misuse or abuse their powers. They will not use the Spirit for their self-gratification or destructive tendencies.

We know that when the human gains a little power or a little spiritual understanding, they go and get an 800 number. They open a psychic telephone 800 number, and they want to use it to gain physiological and safety needs, when Christ said, You do not live by bread alone. So they have their third eyes a little open, and they use it to gain their psychological and safety needs.

But they should be using it to create the Communities of Light, to create an environment that will help the whole humanity to reach higher consciousness and go eventually to God.

The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(come) Divine. This creation has been created so we all progress as fast as possible to go back to the equilibrium that was disturbed in the beginning of the creation. If we gain a little power and we do not use it for this purpose, we are misusing our third eye and the power, and not only will we fall, also the Kingdom will not come.

The teaching here very clearly states that our goal is not to open the third eye or gain powers, spiritual powers, and misuse them, but to meditate, create Communities of Light, sacrifice for them, surrender and submit to God, and become universalists.

Those five steps cover five religions of the world, and two more steps cover the rest of them. It brings the unity and the rapport to humanity. At the same time it shows a Path, the fastest Path to create the Kingdom on earth, progress physically, mentally, and spiritually, and bring the purpose of creation to man.

Justkidding is asking:

Justkidding_1: How do we know that it is opened, any outward manifestation?

Maitreya: No, there is no outward manifestation. You will create wisdom; you will create understanding. You will recognize and realize that you have to understand instead of to be understood. You will want to be good instead of receiving good.

A person like this will progress in a way that people might start calling him or her a saint; a person where there is no selfish desire for himself but he is here to do the Will of God. He becomes a greater channel for manifesting Gods qualities of compassion, understanding, love, unity, and wisdom, and all the things that are Godly.

So you become a channel for the Spirit of God. But if you are attached to the physical third eye, which is really the pineal gland in the center of your brain, then you work in the physical opening of the third eye, which is not the goal.

The goal is to progress in Spirit, and the third eye will open by itself in a way that you can manifest Gods qualities instead of gaining spiritual powers or siddhis. If you concentrate on the physical third eye, you might gain spiritual powers but misuse them and make that an obstacle in your way and other peoples way.

So the goal is not to open the third eye physically but to progress in the Spirit and spiritually to manifest Gods qualities, not that you are powerful, you can blast people away, or control them, or dominate them, or bring disasters to them so they are afraid of you. But you help to create an environment that they also can manifest Gods qualities and progress.

So there are two paths in the spiritual progress. One is striving to gain powers; the other one is striving to become Godly.

Justkidding is asking:

Justkidding_1: There are a lot of false teachings in my country, purporting that they can open our third eyes for us!

Maitreya: Well, that is why God has to send His Prophets and Revelations to man, to guide them not to follow these false prophets and teachers that they promise you much and deliver little. Actually that is the sign of the devil, the sign of not being completely based on Spirit. The devil or the tama guna or the false prophets promise a lot but they deliver very little.

How many people have opened their third eyes in those countries? How many really are Godly? How many of these teachers have created or brought a major religion on earth, or major Revelation to humanity? Therefore we can see that they promise a lot but deliver very little.

When Prophet Muhammad came, when Christ came, and when Bab came, their teachings, their understandings, and their Revelations moved hundreds, thousands, millions, and billions to recognize the truth of God.

Therefore do not follow false prophets or teachers but follow Gods Way, which is now revealed through this Revelation. The goal is not to open the third eye. The goal is to meditate, to direct that energy to create the Communities of Light, to sacrifice for the Communities of Light, to surrender and submit to the Will of God for you or for the whole creation, and become a universalist, to expand your mind to realize God is everything, and therefore everything is a part of God and you cannot separate anything from anything else.

That is the Path. That is the spiritual progress in a greater degree.

Ram Dass is asking:

Ram_Dass: What is the difference between the three forces of the universe and the energy (Divine)? What is the difference between force and energy? Are there many kinds of energy? Can we compare one of the three forces with energy?

Maitreya: Well, there is only one energy, and that is the raja guna. We use the words, force and guna interchangeably, but energy is raja guna. Rajasic, Raja means energy, movement.

It is just like, how many colors, how many primary colors do we have? We have only three primary colors. But how many different shades and colors do we have in the universe? Infinite.

It is the same thing with the three gunas and consciousness. We have the three gunas or forces, and the consciousness, the same number as the primary colors and consciousness, which controls them. How many levels of energy do we have? How many different levels of consciousness and gunas, and combinations of the four, do we have? As many as colors that we have in the universe.

Therefore the energy is one, and that is raja guna. But it will combine with the satva guna and tama guna (raja guna, energy, combined with satva guna) and consciousness, and it creates many different levels of consciousness, energy, understandings, and humans.

That is why we are all created from the same material. But we manifest that material in different levels of our consciousnesses, our backgrounds, our many lifetimes, our cultures, our education, our meditation, and our spiritual progress. That is why we see so many different humans with different understandings, personalities, and characters exist.

Also the universe is created infinitely in different levels, because when energy or raja guna is directed toward tama guna and becomes crude, it becomes mind, it becomes desires, it becomes wants, and it pulls us toward the external world. When it becomes a higher level, toward satva guna, it becomes The Holy Ghost, it becomes understanding, it becomes Revelation, it becomes finer thoughts and helps us to go to a higher level.

So it is the same energy but how it is used, how it is directed, makes it good or evil. So energy, or anything in this universe, is neither good nor evil by itself. It depends on how it is used.

That is, you know them by their fruits. You know them by their actions. You know them by how they use the raja guna, or the energy, in the universe, in their lives. If they use it for a greater degree, they open centers, they build places that people can come and meditate, etc. If they use their energy for greater things, you know they are in a higher level.

If they do not, then they have fallen into the lower level energy and they have desires, they are tempted, and they call that temptation devil because it is so powerful. Many people fall for it because temptation and the lower nature are so powerful. Maya is as powerful as God is.

Therefore if we understand energy, if we understand satva guna and higher thoughts, we direct that energy toward higher things. Sometimes you might have to even force yourself not to use that energy for lower things, and therefore little by little you learn how wonderful it is when you use that energy for greater things.

So the forces and the gunas are the same things but they are combined in so many infinite ways.

Proven is asking:

Proven1: Why did God send the majority of his Prophets to one nation, sons of Israel, or all except 3 or 4?

Maitreya: It is another way to make it very clear that the person who comes is indeed from God. How many people are claiming they are gurus, they are spiritual teachers, they are

[laughter] You are welcome Ram Dass. I hope that answered your question. You are welcome. God is Great, and He always comes up with the best answers that humans need at this time.

Back to Provens question: You see, God has to make it very clear for humanity that indeed the person or persons who were sent as the Prophets of God are indeed from Him. One of the ways to recognize this is by genealogy and prophecies.

When I received the Revelation, the only thing I loved about it was, it made sense. It is based on the Scriptures. It is the only religion that really answered all my questions.

As I explained many times, I was born in a Moslem nation, in Iran. They told me, that is it; God is up there and He is most of the time angry and this and that, and you have just to follow and accept Prophet Muhammad as the last Prophet and the Revelation He brought as the last Revelation. They could not answer my questions. They did not know; they did not know the answers. It is just like all the religions. They do not know the answers until the Seventh Revelation comes.

So when I received this Revelation, it answered all my questions and it was scientific. It was based on an intelligent way. It was intellectually satisfying. It was absolutely incredible.

So I just believed in it and accepted it, and accepted my Mission and reached out to humanity. Then other people started coming to the Mission and talking about different prophecies that were fulfilled by me.

Later on Mr. Crme proclaimed that Maitreya is the Christ and put ads all over the world claiming that Christ is going to come in the spring of 1982. If you have read the website, you should all know this information I just gave out.

A year and a half ago or two years ago a gentleman came to PalTalk. We just had started our PalTalk outreach. It was right before 911. He was adamant that my genealogy will go to King David and Adam, etc. He proved it to us.

So all those prophecies in the website, all those genealogies you see in the website, were brought to the Mission by other people. I did not bring them. It all makes sense. There is no other human with such a unique position on earth. God has revealed to humanity all this so that no one will be misled to believe anything else but that this Revelation is from God.

Not only is this Revelation based on the Words of God and the Scriptures, not only it explains the Scriptures, not only it reveals the Plan of God, also God says that this person is the most unique being that can bring this Revelation. You can trust it because it reveals to you that indeed God has chosen this Vessel to bring His last Revelation as a revelation of the Seventh Angel to humanity. Therefore you can trust it. You can absolutely put your trust on it because I cannot say anything else but the truth because the Spirit of God would not let me.

Therefore you have a greater grip of the truth for humanity in this Revelation and this teaching. These teachings clearly say that all the religions have come from the same God.

This is the way to reach the Elects or those who will see this clearly, trust it, and support it 100% without any reservation. Therefore the reason it came from the Children of Israel was to make it very clear to humanity that God indeed exists. He promised that all the later Prophets would come from the Children of Abram and Abraham, and they did.

Therefore He promised He would do these things, and He has done them. Even if you do not have a direct connection with God, you can trust that He said, He did, and He will do these things. He has done them. Therefore God exists, however, 99% of humans do not believe that God truly exists.

God is in control. He has been guiding humanity for the last 12,000 years. He closed the third eye. He gave us these two eyes. He gave us intellect. He guided the history to this point. Now is the time to recognize and realize the lessons from before the Flood of Noah, how we misused the powers so we will not misuse them again, how the history is full of destruction and wars because God left us alone so we have guided our own destiny. See what a mess we have made out of it.

Now He says, OK look, here it is. I have done this. I have guided you to this point. Whenever I left you alone, you messed it up. Now come back to Me. Create the Communities of Light. Bring My Laws to your life. Live a natural life and bring the nature to your living so you will bring the peace and guidance. Therefore you will progress in a greater degree back to equilibrium and Oneness with the Essence.

This is the history, the creation after the Flood of Noah to this point is a lesson for humanity to learn: They cannot do it by themselves. They cannot bring peace, unity, and beauty on earth because God left them with their egos.

Ego separates. Ego is destructive. Ego brings all kinds of evil to humanity, and we can see it has.

Now God says, Get rid of the ego. The fastest way to get rid of the ego is the Eternal Divine Path, meditate, and awaken your spiritual forces. But do not just meditate and say, Oh, I feel good. I will go to the mountains and escape the world. No, create the Communities of Light. Direct that energy to create the Communities of Light and sacrifice for them.

Every step in the Eternal Divine Path is against your ego. It is against your human part. Who wants to sacrifice? Human does not want to sacrifice. I have to have an apartment all to myself with my wife and children. That is it. I do not care about my neighbor, and I do not care about the rest of the universe.

But God is not going to let you not to care. You have no choice. If you do not care about the rest of the world, then the destructive things are going to come to you and will bring destruction to you. So you cannot escape it anymore because the destruction is coming anyway.

So we can see that humanity has no choice but to see these truths clearly and trust this Revelation because God said He would send this Revelation with the clear signs, and He has.

One of the reasons that God promised all later Prophets to come from Abraham (Abram) and from the Hebrew side, from the tribe of Judah, was to make sure when He sends such Prophets, humanity will recognize them. He promised Abram, the father of the Arabs (Ishmael) that a Prophet would come from them. And He did. He also promised Abraham, the father of Isaac, that there was going to be a Prophet from them.

Then later on, He also promised many other things, and all of them are fulfilled to this point. This is all to bring great faith to those that they follow this teaching and see this Revelation is from God and will realize God truly exists. That is the most important thing for humanity to realize, that God truly exists. A lot of people think they know God, or they believe God exists. They really, truly, do not believe that God exists, but He does.

If we understand that, if God exists, He is powerful, He is a Doer, He has been guiding humanity, and now this Revelation is from Him, then what are we going to do about it? Are we just going to say, OK, now I am going to walk away from Him and not come back, or is this the human Salvation?

This is the Revelation to man and we have to take it, realize it is from God, and put effort behind it to spread it, to give it away, to reach out. We do not have much exposure so far. The greatest exposure we have had for the last twenty-two years is PalTalk. Many people have heard about us even in PalTalk and many more numbers have become aware.

Just imagine if we can have exposure in the magazines, television, and radio. All the leaders on the earth would become aware of it. Then we would have millions and billions of people that would see this truth and Vision clearly, and come and be behind it. Then the peace will come to earth.

OK, Justkidding is asking:

Justkidding_1: You have mentioned (I can't dig up the reference now, sorry) also that the female side path to God is very dangerous (this is happening in my country now, the Divine Mother). What are some of the dangers?

Maitreya: In the Indian teaching there are always two consorts, or counterparts, with all the Prophets. They always depict these two females with Krishna or Shiva as the two parts of the female energy. That is why they have Shakti and Durga, and Radah and Kali, the black woman with the skulls around her neck.

So it can be Grace, as Shakti and Radah. Grace is beautiful.

These two sides of the female energy can be Grace or destruction. Grace, when it is used toward the higher level of consciousness, becomes Radah and Shakti. When it is used in the lower nature, it becomes Durga and Kali.

So also it can become an obstacle in your path. You are saved by Grace. That is exactly what the Christian teaching says. You are saved by Grace, not only by Law. Of course if you follow The Grace you will follow the Law, as we explained many times. But if you do not follow the Law, the Grace becomes the destructive force of the female energy, and it becomes a destructive force as it is depicted by Kali.

What is the path of female energy? It is Bhakti, or devotion. That means, I love my God with all my heart, mind, and spirit. It means that, I look at God with absolute devotion. I do not care about the philosophy. I do not care about the intellectual part of understanding the explanation of God. I do not care if I do a lot of work for God and follow the Karma Yoga or the service. The only thing is, I love my God with all my heart, mind, and spirit. Therefore if I ever fall from The Grace, if I ever doubt God, if I ever fall from the realization that I should love God with all my heart, or doubt, I will completely fall because I do not have anything to hold me up.

In Jnana Yoga, in the knowledge, at least you have your books, you have your understanding, and you have your intellectual reasoning to go back to. But the moment a Bhakti yogi, a person who is absolutely devotional, falls, he does not have any book; she does not have any thing to refer to. He or she is absolutely based on their own love and devotion to God.

If you are a Karma yogi, if you do service and you go to God by letting God come through you, you always have your work. You can go back and force yourself to let God come through, and you might go back again to God.

That is why the Bhakti Yoga or the path of devotion, which is the path of female energy, is very dangerous. Because the moment you fall, you will fall from the Grace and you have no recourse as do the Jnana or Karma Yogas.

The Bhakti yogi wants to absolutely bound God to themselves. They want God all to themselves alone, for themselves. When God does not comply because He is not something you can bound, the Bhakti yogi might become upset about it and fall again because they cannot bound God the way they want Him to themselves. That is a lesson for them to love God with all their heart, mind, and spirit without becoming attached to bounding God to themselves.

That is why in the story about Krishna, they were talking about the 15,000 maidens, called the Milk Maidens. Each of them had one Krishna that she danced with all night. Therefore they had that devotion. But Krishna would make Himself to 15,000 smaller Krishnas so that all had devotion to Him but no one could bound Him because he was with the real Krishna, was completely free because he is Spirit, you cannot bound the Spirit. But they had their devotion and beauty, and loved God with all their hearts, without feeling left out because Krishna is not boundable.

So the path of Krishna can be very destructive. The devotional path can be a very dangerous path.

In the Mission as we explained many times, all the three paths explained in Hinduism are included. You can read THOTH, and you will understand the teaching that God exists, God promised, and God guided humanity. That is Jnana Yoga. That is the knowledge yoga.

You create the Communities of Light and you work toward letting God doing it through you. By creation of the Communities of Light, you become a Karma yogi, or you do the work. You also love God with all your heart, mind, and spirit. Therefore you have all three levels of path with you. No matter which one you fall from, you always have something to hang onto, and go back and spur your faith back to God.

Justkidding_1: Is that the danger, falling from the Grace easily? Some of the practitioners actually see spirit manifestations.

Maitreya: Of course there are also other spirits in the universe, which are not the highest. Many people who do not know how to concentrate on the highest level of spiritual progress, which is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal, FINE, fall into this manifestation or what the Bible calls, unclean spirits. They see whatever is manifested, a part of their spiritual progress, and they actually see, as you said here, the manifestation comes to them and they take that as a greater realization, which it is not. Actually the mind is so powerful that if you reach a place in the ethereal level you can create beings in your mind.

There is a story about a woman who went to the Himalayas and she studied under some Himalayan teacher. She meditated for a long time. Eventually she realized that she is very lonely, and because she has created some spiritual energy she started misusing that energy. She tried to create a being that would keep her company.

She eventually succeeded and created such a person, and started being with him. In the beginning it was great. She no longer felt lonely. But little by little, that being she created became nastier and nastier to her. It reached a point that she could not stand it anymore but at the same time she did not know how to get rid of him.

So it can be a story, it can be a truth, but the point is, you might reach a point that you can create your own world. A lot of people who do astral projection go to the ethereal level. They see these beautiful beings and create a world for themselves, and they are caught in that level. They cannot get out of it, and they never progress to higher things.

That is why in this teaching, the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal, the highest, is brought to humanity. Everyone is discouraged from taking anything that has physical attributes as the ultimate. Anything that has physical attributes is not the ultimate. The ultimate is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. It is a Spirit, and that is when you have to worship God. You have to worship God in Spirit.

Anything that manifests itself is in the way. Even the Prophets, if they become more important than the Message, if the Messenger becomes more important than the Message, he or she is in the way. They are connecting you to themselves instead of connecting you to God, to the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal.

Therefore in this Mission, in this teaching, everyone should direct everyone else toward the Message, the Revelation of the Seven Seals, THOTH, The Holiest Of The Holies, and encourage them to follow the Eternal Divine Path, create the Communities of Light, and bring the Kingdom on earth. Anything else is in the way and therefore those who you say in your country they can see manifestations, they should stop. You should guide them not to fall to that danger of becoming attached to some manifestation.

If they want to go to the highest, the highest is the Spirit. They should worship God in the Spirit and rid themselves of the manifestations or making Prophets greater than the Message. Therefore free yourself of any narrowness of the mind and bondages of human consciousness and ego.

Some people claim they see manifestations. They see angels; they see Beings. That is an ego trip. It is a kind of, See I have more spiritual power than you do. I can see manifestations, and you cannot. Therefore I am better than you.

That is the base of most religions on earth that, My religion is better than your religion, because my Prophet was the last Prophet, or, My Prophet was the best Prophet, or, We are the only chosen people; you guys are not. The rest of humanity is not.

So we can see that most of the religions are based on dogma and ego, and are not based on the truth. The only Revelation that has absolutely revealed the whole truth and revealed the whole Way back to God, and still is pure, is this one. We are hoping this stays pure and it guides humanity from the ego trips that they are in and purifies them to the Spirit.

Therefore maybe in 1,000 years we will have millions and billions who will reach Pure Consciousness.

Justkidding_1: This has to do with meditation. Is there any danger when we meditate? Some Christian friends of mine say meditation can invite evil spirits into our body! Can we be trapped in the astral world you just mentioned?

Maitreya: Yes, meditation can become dangerous. You might open your auras and let unclean spirits come in. You might become trapped in the astral world or ethereal world, and many have. That is why after meditation you have to direct your energy toward creation of the Communities of Light. Then you do not sit there and let the unclean spirits enter your open aura.

Unclean spirits do not want to create Communities of Light. Unclean spirits want to possess you and make you go away from the Word of God, and you want to just feel good. You want to sit there and open your energy toward these unclean spirits. Usually the unclean spirits are not following the Eternal Divine Path. They hate the Eternal Divine Path. They hate sacrifice. They hate surrendering and submission to God.

[laughing] That is right. It is laughable.

So when you meditate and you direct your energy toward creation of the Communities of Light, you are telling them you will not go toward their desires, their understandings. So the Eternal Divine Path is the Path to overcoming that pitfall of being possessed with unclean spirits. Also in our meditation we take you to the purest energy, the most loving and healing energy, in the center of the universe. We recommend you to close your aura or chakras before you come back to your body and return to earth. So we can see that we are aware of the dangers of meditation.

But if you meditate and follow the Eternal Divine Path, you can easily overcome this danger. There is no danger in meditation in the Mission of Maitreya. Actually we recommend you not to open your aura to the external world very much.

But in the Communities of Light eventually we reach a point that we do not have to be this concerned about our auras to be open. We can open them without being afraid in the Communities of Light, because all good people are going to be around. They will not be bringing their egos to the community, and therefore we can have our auras open.

So all these tendencies and forces are in the universe. We can see the people who come to this room and they even do not know what the teachings are. They judge the teachings, the Prophet, and God without asking, What is this? What does that Message say?

Their attitude is, I know better than you do. When you ask them, Have you fulfilled any prophecies? they have not, and they just follow the teachings of their mullahs or whatever religion they are in instead of going and reading the Word of God. This is again ego manifesting itself on earth.

Our teaching is very simple but it is very powerful. It keeps you away from all the dangers in life and the dangers in the spiritual Path. This is the fastest, easiest, most direct Path to God. That is what God has been trying to send to humanity, the Eternal Divine Path.

Meditation without the Eternal Divine Path indeed can be a very dangerous path. You can see it in the places that they have only meditation but they do not have the Eternal Divine Path. They indeed have created a lot of problems, and their societies are not very effective. A lot of disease, poverty, and destruction still exist, and we have to teach them not to follow just meditation but the Eternal Divine Path.

OK I hope that answered your question. I do not see any other question on the board. If there are any, and if you have any questions... well, there is one question. Kalinka is asking:

Kalinka51: Do you believe in God?

Maitreya: We sure do. Indeed our teaching is based on God.

OK, apparently there is another question from Macc, asking:

Macc88gt: Who are you exactly, for clarification?

Maitreya: Well, that is something that you have to prove it to yourself, Macc. They have been telling you who I am, and God is prophesizing who I am. God is telling everyone who the Seventh Angel, or the Revealer of the Book with the Seven Seals, will be. And the website is telling you who I am.

It does not make any difference if I tell you who I am or who I am not. The most important thing is, Who do you think I am? Have you proven to yourself that indeed who you think I am, is right?

So you can receive a direct answer from me, which you will not. But in this case you will receive direct answers to all other questions but this one, because this one is up to you to prove it to yourself, or disprove it to yourself. If you could prove it to yourself, then you are obligated to come to God and join Gods Way, follow it, and help.

If you disprove it, then you go your way and we leave you to God. It is as simple as that.

We do not convert you. We do not force you to believe in what we say. It is up to you to prove it to yourself. When you have proven it to yourself, it is between you and God. The only thing that is really left is to create the Communities of Light and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

If you clearly saw that this is from God and God has foretold this will come, and it has come now, it is the last Revelation of God, and no one knows the whole truth until the Seventh Angel comes, then you have the whole truth.

We believe that, indeed we have the whole truth. This is the most perfect Revelation for man. It covers everything that man has to know about themselves and God. If you can see that, then you have no choice to become a part of it, go behind it, help it to progress and spread, create the Communities of Light, and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

If you do not, then we leave you to God, and God will judge between us who the correct one is and who is not. If you are the correct one, we go to hell. And if we are the correct one, of course, you are in trouble because God came to you and told you the last Revelation of God, and asked you to come and join this movement, and you did not. We believe those who are not going to join us will not be incarnated for a long, long time, and the next world belongs to those who will be incarnated as Elects and will be in this Mission.

So that is your choice. If you choose to go away, we have no fight with anyone. We do not oppose anyone. We do not fight with anyone. The only thing we give them is the truth of God.

If they are with us, then we are brothers and sisters. If they are not with us, it is between them and God.

That is the only question that you have to answer yourself. I cannot answer it for you. If you answer it for yourself, then you know, either way, and that would be fine with us.

You can go either way you want.

OK, the question from Kalinka is:

Kalinka51: God is ....??

Maitreya: [laughing] That is a good question. You want me to explain God to you?

God is unexplainable. God is the Spirit-to-Spirit relationship. Humanity has been trying to explain God for the last, at least, the last 6,000 years. They have brought Revelations to man. They have brought teachings and philosophies, and many hundreds and thousands of books are written about God. Now no one has really explained what God is.

God is The explanation of God is like infinity. What is infinity?

Who created God? If God is the Creator, who created God?

What is infinity? What is eternity?

All these questions are the questions that cannot intellectually be explained. These are experienced. If you have experienced infinity, or eternity, you have no question. You know.

Kalinka51: Every body has forgotten God.

Maitreya: Everybody has forgotten God, how? How did they forget God?

Humanity has ego and as we have said many times, ego is like an umbrella that humans have over their heads and they cut The Grace and remembrance of God. No one really knows God in the deepest level. Most people do not want to know God because their ego is more important.

They want to be God. How many people come to our room and say they are God? Yes, you are a part of God. You can manifest the qualities of God. But you are god with a small g, not with the big G, as He created everything.

So you are right. People forget God. But this time hopefully they will not because they should bring God in their lives. They should meditate on God. They should create the community based on the Spirit of God. They should bring Gods Law and Spirit to their lives and to the community. They should sacrifice for God. They have to surrender and submit to God, and see the universe as God sees it, and become universalists. Their whole life should be wrapped around God and His Spirit, and they will bring God always into their lives.

They have forgotten God. They should not have. When our teachings are understood by them, they will wrap themselves in these teachings and they will not forget God. Eventually, hopefully, they will experience God. When you experience God, you no longer forget God because after you experience God there is nothing to forget.

If you had one vision of God once, that is enough to keep you for the rest of your life.

OK, Macc is asking:

Macc88gt: What is the difference between illusion and truth, since one can have many conscious states and different ways of viewing their world?

Maitreya: Illusion means something is not truth; it is not real. Illusion means believing in something that is not truth, is not correct. Illusion is dogma. Illusion is believing in the word of man. Illusion is explaining God in a narrow way and trying to separate a part of the universe or religion from the other part of the universe or religion. Illusion is ego. Illusion is narrow. These are the illusions.

Actually this Mission and this Revelation expels all the illusions and dogmas from you, and frees you from all the dogmatic and illusive understandings of God and world. It frees you to meditate, awaken your spiritual forces, create an environment that your physiological and safety needs are taken care of, and you have more time to meditate even in a greater degree, sacrifice, and become surrendered and submissive to God. That actually shatters all the narrowness of the mind, of dogmas, of separative-ness, and the illusion that 99% of humanity are in.

Indeed the future, the very coming of the Age, is the age of the reality, the truth, not dogmas and illusion that we are in at this time. We are absolutely going to be free.

So the truth or reality is the state of knowing the truth and realizing the exact reason for creation of this creation, who created it, what part you are in and relate it to this Creator or creation. When we understand the truth of all these things, we have the greatest grip of the reality than anyone else on earth. Then we are absolutely free from all the illusion and delusion that humanity is in at this time.

Dogma is an illusion. Believing in the things that are not based on logic and science, and intellectually cannot be explained is illusion. These things are all taken care of in this Revelation. God is the most logical Being on earth. How do religious people make Him so illogical? That shows that they are in illusion.

Of course they should be because God said it is going to be a Mystery until this Revelation. Now that mystery is done and they can also go away from the illusion and delusion that they are in. They can go away from the dogmas and absolutely become free from any illusion that the human is in.

Illusion is believing that you belong to one nation, or one culture, or one gender, when you have been born so many lifetimes and lived in so many different parts on the earth. Illusion is believing that you are separate from the rest of the earth, or the universe. These are all illusions that so many people are in that illusion and delusion.

How many people are fighting with the illusion they are in? So we can see that is illusion.

The reality is the truth, is this Revelation and God.

Kalinka51: Is that your opinion?

Maitreya: No it is not my opinion. It is a Revelation from God. Go to our website and prove it to yourself.

Macc88gt: What is the narrow path and the wide path?

Maitreya: The narrow path is the Eternal Divine Path. And the wide path is the Path of believing that you know the truth and follow a religion, or do what your senses tell you to do. You follow your senses. Instead of disciplining them, you follow them.

All right. We are almost out of time. I will answer Justkidding. He started the questions, and we will end with him as the last question.

Justkidding_1: Esa says that we come to God by knowing His Name, but His Name is unpronounceable. Is there a deeper meaning to this?

Maitreya: Yes indeed. God has One Name. That name is The Word, is the understanding of God. His Name is The Word that the Bible says, In the beginning was The Word, and The Word was without form, and The Word was with God. (John 1:1-2).

In John it talks about The Word and all things are created by It. That Word is not pronounceable in the external world. It is within you. Christ gave it to His disciples, and His disciples used it to heal people. It is within every man, woman, and child, and every atom in the universe. That is what we reveal to humanity in this Mission as four initiations.

Actually it is seven initiations. They are: Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam is the universal mantra that everyone can meditate on; then an introductory initiation; and then the four levels of The Word, and the seventh is the initiation of the highest.

So there are seven levels of initiation in the Mission. Those who become dedicated to the Mission and become a part of us will receive these initiations in the course of time, and they will know this Word within themselves.

Indeed if they realize It, recognize It, and follow It Because the moment you fall from the Path, you cannot hear it anymore. The moment you go back to God and the Path, it will be there with you and you say, Ah, I had forgotten that The Word is there because I have gone away. I have fallen off. Now I am back. Oh I can hear it again. And it is within you. But it has been revealed to only the Elects and those who really are truly dedicated to the Mission and understand God and His Revelation.

Indeed you are saved by The Name of God, and that Name cannot be pronounced on this earth.

We will finish our session here. As usual I will leave all of you to God. Have a Godly week. Reach out to humanity. Send letters and e-mails and everything you want to every man and woman, to the leaders of the different religions and the leaders of all the people on earth, and let them know indeed God has sent the greatest Revelation for them, and their salvation is on earth. Encourage them to go to our website, come to these rooms, understand, and realize these teachings that free man from all dogmas and illusion, and will bring greater manifestation of Peace on earth.

I leave you all to God. Have a Godly week.

Sal-OM everyone!

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