MAITREYA, Conversations with


Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Conversation Room of the Mission of Maitreya. Again we will talk about a Revelation that has been in the making for the last 12,000 years. All the signs are on earth that indeed humanity is on the brink of a great evolutionary process or leap.

God, in His Infinite Mercy and Compassion, has prepared humanity for this amazing period of human history. Now He has promised that these 12,000 years will come, and at the end of this there will be a tribulation and upheaval. After that, His Kingdom will come.

He has been at it for the last 12,000 years, and now we are here. Do you think God will not accomplish what He has promised and has been working on for the last 12,000 years?

He surely will accomplish what He has been working on for the last 12,000 years! Those who see His Work and His Hand in history, they have no doubt about that. They will recognize and realize that we are in that period that we will bring the Kingdom of God or Heaven to humanity.

He promised so many promises to Abram and other Prophets. He promised that at the end time there will be this Revelation, we will come together, and we will have the Elects and those that have been preparing themselves to this point. Now they know that they have great responsibility to reach humanity, spread this Message, and bring together the Elects from all corners of the world to manifest the Kingdom of God on earth.

Indeed we see many new people are joining the Mission every day. Many of them are very self-motivated and are self-starters, and they have already been helping the Mission in many levels: In translation, in web-improvement, and in setting up processes that they can reach to humanity in a greater degree.

Therefore we can see, with a little exposure of this Mission in PalTalk, many people already have started hearing from us and seeing the Vision. Just imagine if we could have a greater exposure for this Revelation and Mission, and more of humanity could hear it. More exposure is equal with more people to see the Vision. At the same time it means more people will not like it because it is not according to their dogmas and understandings.

But we will concentrate and focus our attention on God, His Promises, and the Light at the end of the tunnel, which is the Kingdom of God on earth and bringing the truth of life, creation, and the goal of the life, which has already been given to us and we have given to humanity, and now they can know it.

If we focus our attention to the end of the tunnel, to the Light, to the promise of the coming of the Kingdom, whatever is happening now on earth, or any opposition to us, does not really make any difference. It is just as Christ said, God forgive them, they know not what they do, because they do not see the Vision, they do not know the Word of God, they have not read the Scriptures, they are not familiar with the Bible, and they are not familiar with the Revelations and the prophecies. In other words, they are ignorant of Gods Plan.

This is our responsibility to make them to see the Vision, to hear the Word of God, to become aware of the prophecies, of the Plan that God has been preparing humanity for, for the last 12,000 years and 6,000 years of history.

Of course the human still is trying to bring peace on earth by himself. It will not happen. The human cannot accomplish the peace that every individual longs for because human has ego. Ego creates disunity, creates attachment to a small portion of the universe, culture, gender, and all the things that ego likes to relate to so it can feel it belongs to something.

If they meditate, expand their consciousnesses, and realize the Eternal Divine Path, they will belong to something and that would be God. That would be the universe. That would be expansion of the mind and shattering of all the narrowness of the mind, which creates disunity and is related to ego.

This is the Message, this is the teaching, this is our life to let humanity know this expansion of the mind and shattering of all the narrowness of the mind, and therefore the unity of all unit consciousnesses in the universe in God. There is no other way. Any two people, any group, any nation, or earth and the universe, can be united, unified, and become one only when they realize that the only way is to become United in God.

No two people can be united or unified if they concentrate on their physical bodies or their mental bodies. The only way they can become one is if they both concentrate on God. Therefore they are one in God because they are one in Spirit.

That goes for everyone. You can expand that to three people, ten people, a group, a city, a nation, and the whole earth. The whole earth has to realize and recognize that indeed, God has been sending these Revelations one by one, and now they are unified together as all from One God. That One God is everything and everywhere. There is no place that He is not.

God created everything. What did He use? He could not go to a store, buy material, and build them. He had to build everything from His own Body, from the manifested consciousness.

Therefore everything is made from the same Essence and material that is God. Everything is God, and everything we can see, we can touch, we can feel, we can meditate on, is a part of that Essence.

Of course the creation is not the Essence. It is created. It is a relative truth. That is why everything is going toward decay and destruction.

Justkidding says:

Justkidding_1: Sal-OM. I've just visited the Hubble telescope site and the pictures taken of the universe are just awesome. God, who created all this, is concerned about us puny, fragile, egoistical humans?

Maitreya: Although the universe is great, or according to you, awesome, the creation of man, or any being in the universe, is the ultimate achievement of creation. No matter where you are in the universe, an inanimate object cannot see, cannot feel, cannot touch, cannot meditate, and cannot know what the goal of their life is. No matter if you look at the galaxy or all the dust particles in the universe, as long as they have not reached the Spirit to know themselves, they are not as great and awesome as a being that has consciousness and can meditate, can progress, and eventually can become one with the Spirit and return back home, or to the Essence.

Not only is this universe even larger than huge, much bigger than scientists have discovered, also the smallest particle eventually goes back to the Essence that they have been created from. Therefore the goal of science is going toward that realization that everything has come from the some united, unified material. They are coming very close to realizing that.

Yes, indeed everything has come from that Unified Essence. That is why this universe, no matter how awesome, huge, and amazing it is, everything is decaying and nothing is permanent. If we become attached to this manifested world, we do not have a good grip on the reality because we are attached to something that is not permanent. Attachment to this external world is being connected to something that will not be here forever.

The only thing that will be here forever is the Essence, is God, is something that the manifestation is created from. That is why the manifested world is a temporary place, and being attached to it is not the smartest thing that a human or a being can do. Therefore we can intellectually at least understand why nothing is permanent in this universe, and change is the most permanent part of the universe, of this manifested world. Even scientists know that.

Capercat: That is what Islam teaches.

Maitreya: Not only Islam teaches that but also all the religions teach that. Hinduism also teaches the same thing, that this external world is illusion. It is a thread in all religions that the Prophets and Great Spiritual Teachers have realized, that being attached to this external world is not the greatest thing because this external world is a temporary place. It is not permanent.

Of course Islam also teaches the same thing. So do many other religions. It is not something only Islam teaches but all religions teach.

Actually it is related to the Mystical Paths like Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Saints, and Sufis. They all have realized that this external world is not a permanent manifestation or being. It is temporary because it has been created from something more permanent.

That is what we have to become attached to, that Essence that this temporary manifestation has come from. If we are attached to that Permanency, then we have a good grip of the reality and God.

Justkidding is asking:

Justkidding_1: Are there other planets with humans/beings with the same Goal (Pure Consciousness) in the universe?

Maitreya: Are they exactly like the human, or are they a little different? If you go to a planet that has a greater gravity, probably the beings, if there are any, are going to be heavier than humans because they have to put more strength to move around. Whereas if you go to a planet that the gravity is less and the mass is smaller, of course, they will probably be much lighter than humans.

So are they exactly like humans or not? Probably not.

But are there beings in the universe that also their goal is to become Divine? The possibility that there are beings in the universe is much greater than not, because we know there are billions of stars just in our galaxy. Many of them have planets around them. How many of them have the same conditions as earth?

The life is present in every atom all through the universe. It is not that you can find life only on earth. Life is everywhere. Life is a part of the creation.

Therefore any place in the universe that life has found an opportunity or condition that is conducive to its existence, it will manifest. That is why it is not very surprising if they find life on Mars, because there has been water on Mars and the conditions on Mars were very similar to earths.

Therefore they might have fossils of amebas and it is a possibility that even there were other beings living on Mars, and when Mars became uninhabitable, they left and came to earth, which became more habitable than before. So we might have Martians among us already that have been here for many generations and thousands of years. Of course these things are just theory and speculation.

We do believe in science, and scientifically it should be proven if these theories are correct. So if there were beings on Mars, and Mars reached a point that it no longer could be lived in, they might have left it and come to earth or other planets.

For example, in South America there are markings on the land that you cannot see unless you are in the sky. When you are in the sky, when you are in the space, or when you are in a helicopter or airplane, you can see the markings on the land, and you can make up what it looks like, a man or something like that. But when you are on the ground, it is so huge that you have no idea that it looks like something that resembles a human.

So the people who created those things, they should have had the capability to look at them from the space and know what they are. Who were they? How did that happen? There are many theories, but that is not the important thing. The most important thing at this time is to realize that there is only One God, He has sent all these religions, and when you put all these religions together it reveals to humanity a Path, a Way to follow.

That is, the first step is the Mystical Paths. The first step is to know thyself: To close your eyes, to meditate, to see who you are, where you have come from, where you are going, why this body was given to you, why this body degenerates when it grows old, because everything in this universe degenerates in a period of time, etc.

So if everything degenerates, nothing is permanent. Everything is temporary. Therefore you can very well realize that it is not good to be attached to anything that is not permanent. Now how can we create an environment that everyone realizes this in a greater degree, meditates, awakens their spiritual forces, and progresses toward becoming one with their Essence or that Permanent State of Being?

That is where the Communities of Light come in, and that is the Old Testament that teaches us that God was trying to find a people to follow His Laws and progress in a greater degree. The whole Old Testament is about God is trying to find the tribe of Israel, who will follow His Will, and on and on. We can see in the Old Testament how stubborn the human is in not accepting God but rejecting Him, and becoming attached to the external world again and again. In every chapter and every period of history, they did not want to follow Gods Will.

That has been a problem before the flood of Noah. It has been a problem in the Old Testament. Now it is a problem on earth at this time. Humanity does not want to listen to God. They do not want to see how temporary this creation and life is.

They are attached to it. They are afraid of it. They want to hoard things for themselves instead of sharing with everyone else. They are afraid to share because when they share, sometimes there are people that they do not want to share but if you share with them they do not mind taking from you.

So some people are afraid to share because they do not have an organized way that sharing will distribute among many people instead of some people share and the rest take. We know the human loves to take. They love to hoard and take as much as they can. There has to be a system, a way, an organization, that the people who share in it are aware that they also will benefit, and they will not let the weeds grow in with the good fruit, that they are sharing with each other.

In the Mission, although we do recommend and encourage everyone to share, but at the same time we teach the nature of man. So not only we should create the Communities of Light but also we should be aware that when we share there might be some weeds that will grow among the wheat. Those who create the communities have to be aware of this.

That is why when we say share, some people think sharing means we share with them but they do not share with us. It means that only the Mission and the people in the Eternal Divine Path share but everyone else takes. So we also have to be wise as serpents. As Christ said, be wise in your approaching the creation of the Communities of Light.

Eventually when the Communities of Light become strong and the Kingdom comes, people will learn how to share in a greater degree. Also only the Elects will be the ones who will remain on earth to continue the Kingdom. The Elects are not the ones that take advantage of the Communities of Light but they will become a Light in that Body.

So be wise. Be called for this Mission. Be aware of this Vision. Have a great faith in the Word of God because He said He will do this. He has promised in the past, and He has fulfilled them.

He is not going to have a history and Revelations for 12,000 years and now abandon us at the last stage of His Plan. His Plan is on schedule. Of course it is slower than most of us like. But if one day of God is one thousand years, still it is much faster than it ever was. No Prophet, no Revelation, had reached so many people in such a short period of time.

That was interesting when Shirin was checking the microphone and she was calling that many people are from so many different parts of the world in this room and have already heard this Revelation and Vision. There has never ever been a teaching, a Revelation, backed by God, by the prophecies, by the Word of God, that has reached so many people at the same time, in such a short period of time. That itself is indeed a miracle.

Many people come to our room and ask, what is our miracle? There are so many miracles here and they are asking, Does Maitreya heal? If I have a headache, will He tell me, will He take it away from me? Again man or the human is asking for favors instead of realizing this is the healing power for the whole of humanity and earth, and it is the Way, or the fastest Way, to return home, to go back to God, that there is no disease, there is no decay, there is no headache, and no destruction.

So we can see the healing power of this Revelation is greater than ever in the history of man.

Justkidding says:

Justkidding_1: People with dual or multiple personalities showing different manifested natures at different times; this is not just mood swings, is it? Or are there multiple selves?

Maitreya: There are spirits in the world that will take over some people. They manifest themselves through them because they do not have the power or strength, or the faith, or the spiritual progress, or strong mind, to be able to withstand them.

Also it is possible that people have in many different lifetimes taken the role of different beings or manifested themselves in different roles in previous lifetimes. And because they have not been consistent and one-pointed in their lives, they have created many personalities in one self.

Therefore they can manifest themselves in different ways. Again such a people, all the mental diseases and problems, can be helped by meditation, by bio-feedback, and by the ability to control and become more aware of your psychic energies and mental functions.

So mental disease is mostly related to the subconscious mind. The people who have mental problems are the people that their subconscious minds somehow have become distorted. The whole problem of ego and the human really has a dysfunctional spiritual root.

All human problems are related to the subconscious mind. If we can rid ourselves of the subconscious mind, then the only thing that is going to be left is the conscious mind and Unconscious Mind, which is God. So you will be connected to God directly if you do not have any subconscious mind.

Now some people teach to train the subconscious mind to become successful; these people do not take you to God. They train your subconscious mind to act in such a way that it overcomes the psychological barriers that you have in your life to make you successful. That is not the goal of meditation. That is not the goal of going to God.

Therefore those organizations or the people who have brought that kind of teaching have a lot of followers. People like what they teach because they can train themselves to become the best actor there is, or the best realtor, or whatever profession or situation they are in. Therefore they create an ego of being successful in the material world, and that is not the goal of life.

The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine or One with God. Therefore just like many other teachings, they sound good, they look good, there are effective, and they give you some results, but they are false teachings and misdirect you from going to God.

As you meditate and you be(come) closer and closer to God, you become successful because now you know what is the Will of God for you. If you know the Will, you will overcome any psychological shortcomings, and you will become an instrument for God.

Therefore be aware of those who promise to retrain your subconscious mind but remember you have to rid yourself of your subconscious mind.

Justkidding is asking:

Justkidding_1: You have come and 1,000 year old prophecies are fulfilled. What are some of your prophecies of things to come? How will the tribulation period be like?

Maitreya: I do not predict the future. The future belongs to God. But there are the Words of God that clearly state what is coming.

In The Revelation, after the opening of the Seven Seals, it clearly shows that there will be a period that the devil, or the Maya, or whatever you want to call it, will become even more powerful. It will look like God is going to be completely overcome or destroyed by this worldly longing and going toward something that is even more ungodly than ever has been in the history of man. We are in the period of time that human is sensual. They have become more comfortable in their lives, and there are many pulls and Mayastic attractions that man is falling for every day. This is the period that this Revelation comes as the thief of the night.

It comes in the time that the earth is going toward, becoming even more attached to the external world and Maya. Only the Elects are those that will hear the Word of God. They will know the Voice of God, and therefore they will come together.

It is a time of confusion. It is the time of the clouds that they will be caught in those clouds with the Christ, or this Revelation together, and therefore we can see the prophecies that the Christ will be caught in the clouds with His followers or disciples, has been fulfilled.

It now is here. We are in that period of confusion. How many people are clear about the Revelation of God? How many religions know the truth of the Seven Revelations from God and the Seven Seals that are going to be a Mystery until the Seventh Angel comes?

You can see people come to our rooms, and they believe that their religion is the best and that they know the truth, when God clearly says He is going to be a Mystery. No one on earth, no one, can know the Mystery of God until the Seventh Revelation comes. Still humans insist that they know the Word of God, they know the Will of God, and they know the Revelations of God.

So we can see that indeed it is the time of confusion, it is the time of the clouds. Who has the clearest Revelation and understanding on earth? We do.

This is the Revelation that has clarified all the confusion. There is no cloud for us. If you understand the teachings truly, there is no cloud left, there is no confusion left. You are free. You absolutely know the Plan of God.

There has been so much truth that has come to humanity through this teaching that it makes you completely agree that this Revelation is the truth.

As someone was saying, there are twenty-seven parts in the Revelation of God and before the last Revelation comes, only two parts have been revealed. The other twenty-five parts of it will be revealed with the last Revelation. Indeed it is true. If you read our teachings and understand them, you will be amazed at how much truth and how much confusion has been resolved and explained to humanity.

If they understand our teachings, they have no way but to claim that God indeed exists and all of humanity is a part of it, and all religions are a part of Gods Revelations.

Therefore we are in that period of the confusion and clouds that we are all caught into it. Even those people who are in the Mission are sometimes having a hard time to adjust themselves with the truth that they have received from the Mission and cope with the external world, which is telling them, Buy this, buy that, do this, do that. You have to have this. You have to have that. They are pulled in so many directions, and especially young people, that they are more susceptible to these pulls.

So we can see that we are indeed in that period of confusion and clouds. Now this period also corresponds with what God said that this Revelation comes as a thief of the night. We have been at it for twenty-five years, and very few know us. Some people come to our room and say, Yeah, how come I have never heard about it?

As I said, we did not have exposure to this point. We have exposure a little bit in PalTalk and our numbers have increased, even in two years, to many new people who have heard it, loved it, joined us, and are helping out. Just imagine if we had resources or abilities to put this teaching in the papers, in the bulletin boards, in the computers more, and have more websites, or more outreach in many levels. Many more people could hear us, understand the Vision, and say, Yes, it makes sense.

God is very protective of this Revelation, and He does not want anything to happen to this One, which happened to the previous Revelations. This Revelation was put into books, digitized, put in the website, and now is only calling the Elects and those who see the Vision.

The rest of humanity is still at each others throats, and they have wars and destruction. They have no idea that this Revelation is on earth. Even if they know it is on earth, they are so busy killing each other and bringing destruction to one another that they do not even have the time for it.

But of course our time will come. That is when this Revelation will be spread to more people in a greater degree. Maybe next lifetime we will progress to reach millions and billions of people. Of course I would like to do it in this lifetime if that is Gods Will. But if it is not, we have created a system that this Mission will continue in the future.

Eventually there is going to be a time that we will bring the Kingdom of God on earth. So that is the prophecy of the future.

The prophecy of the future is that His Kingdom surely will come, and it will come in this lifetime or in many lifetimes in the future, knowing that, belongs to God, and also it belongs to man. If man accepts our teachings tonight, the Kingdom will come tomorrow. But if they resist it

Of course we have to put more effort, more outreach, more explanation, and more education until they realize it and become one with it. If there have been other religions that spread faster than this, they also created a lot of dogmas and there have been a lot of compromises by the finder or at least by his followers so they could spread their teaching in a greater degree. At the end that Revelation or teaching had become a shell of the truth that it originally was.

Apparently God does not want that to happen here. That is why we are teaching you, preparing you, and educating you. That is why I am here. That is why we have this Conversation Room so we can understand this teaching in a greater degree instead of accepting a set of dogmas, and again this becomes another religion instead of the truth.

Justkidding is asking:

Justkidding_1: Will there be doomsday-like type of scenario?

Maitreya: Well, I do not know. It depends on where you are at. Probably if you are in a place that there is war and destruction, and the bombs are falling on your head, you are shot at, you are in a war, and the enemy is shooting at you, that is your doomsday. It is doomsday. You do not even have to ask that question because you are in doomsday, and your life is absolutely miserable.

But of course not everyone will go through the doomsday. According to their Scriptures, the disciples and the Christ will be caught into the clouds. They will be safe. They will not go through the destruction.

I personally believe that the Communities of Light are the safest place to be while these destructive forces and happenings come to humanity. The more we come together, the more we become one with the teaching and see the Vision, and attract the like-minded people and create an environment that they can meditate and create the Communities of Light, the safer we will be.

So the destruction and doomsday, is for those that they are not with God and they fear. They do not fear the Revelation and the Word of God. So our war, or battle, or struggle is really with ourselves at this time, because other battles are already done by God. He is our Shepherd, and He is our Warrior all over the earth. The only thing we have to do is to see this Vision clearly and see so wonderfully that God has sent it to us, and become one with it.

And of course engage ourselves in the creation of the Communities of Light, and not let the Maya or day-to-day life take us away from what God has called us for. Therefore we can reach in a greater degree to the people around us, people in our community, or nation, or whatever, or wherever we are.

If they did not listen to you, do not become attached to it. Do not become discouraged. Go to the next person. Go to the next town. Go to the next nation. Go to the whole earth, and call on those.

But the most important thing at this time is to call those who see the Vision. They should help this Vision to spread and have a greater exposure at this time.

As I said, we have only exposure in PalTalk really from what we can do at this time. Look at how many people have seen the Vision already. Just imagine if we can have much greater exposure and explain to people that, Yes, God indeed has been directing the history. He has been sending all these Revelations and religions. Here is His Word, it is in Scripture, and He said that is the way He is going to do it. And He has done it.

Therefore you can keep your religion. If you are a Moslem, fine. Prophet Muhammad is not the last Prophet because He did not reveal everything.

If you are a Buddhist or Hindu, or whatever, you will realize that your way only leads to escapism and God will spew you out of His Mouth. Therefore you had better realize the second part, which is the creation of the Communities of Light.

If you are a Jewish person, you should realize and recognize what the Word of God and the mission for you has been to this point, and on and on. As we make all these people see these things clearly, we can bring more and more humans together and create a greater manifestation of this Revelation.

There are going to be people who will oppose us and oppose the truth that has come to them because they are attached to their own understanding and Revelation.

Openeye is asking:

Openeye2003: Placing The Greatest Sign on our front doors, will that help for tribulation/doomsday to pass over our area?

Maitreya: Following the Eternal Divine Path will. But just putting The Greatest Sign outside but not following the teaching or the Message will not help. You can hang The Greatest Sign in the room, but to be safe, follow the Eternal Divine Path. You might put The Greatest Sign on your neck, on your clothing, everywhere, and not follow The Eternal Divine Path, and that is not going to help very much.

So the Essence of our teaching is the Eternal Divine Path. It is a Path. You have to follow it. If you follow it, you will reap the benefit.

Probably having The Greatest Sign and meditating on It will bring the Greater Spirit of God to you. But as you receive the Spirit, you should be following the Eternal Divine Path much easier in your life. So the Essence will be the Eternal Divine Path.

Another person I think in our room was asking, what am I going to do in this lifetime for humanity? As Christ said, If I can do all those great things, you also can do them. This time the disciples actually are called to do greater things than the Revealer of this Revelation.

That is why you have to become the sons of God in 1,000 years. You are the ones that have to manifest greater things in a greater degree.

So it is you who has to meditate, awaken your spiritual forces, direct that energy to create the Communities of Light, bring sacrifice into it, surrender and submit to God, and become a universalist. That by itself is a great achievement. It is a healing power for you. It is a healing power for your family, community, nations, earth, and the universe. Therefore it is the time of growing up in this Revelation. That means every person who hears this Revelation and sees the Vision should become a son of God, a Christ by themselves.

Openeye2003: I asked that question because many people are attached to a lucky charm.

Maitreya: Well, lucky charms probably are just a crutch or something that people hang onto, to feel good about themselves. They might have some truth in it. But the most important thing is that God gave us hands, feet, brain, and all those things, and they can use them.

If you use The Greatest Sign for a lucky charm, after a while it becomes a dogma that if you have The Greatest Sign around your neck, you are safe. So you do not have to follow the Eternal Divine Path, You do not have to follow it. Just have The Greatest Sign around your neck and you are going to be safe.

As many religions, they believe in these things and they have forgotten the teaching of the Prophet, the Message, the Revelation, why He came on earth, but they believe in a few dogmas, or lucky charms, and they will not manifest Gods Revelation, Beauty, and His Kingdom.

This time is for bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. After the Kingdom comes, if you follow the Eternal Divine Path, if you understand the teaching and have The Greatest Sign around your neck, then you will receive the greatest luck on earth for you. There is no doubt about that.

But only hanging The Greatest Sign on your door, that is not what God wants to see to happen alone. He wants to see you understand His Vision, the history, and the coming of this truth.

Probably eventually many people will come to that point that they will use The Greatest Sign for those things also. But there are going to be people who are called the Elects, the Paravipras, those who will use The Greatest Sign to follow The Eternal Divine Path and bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

So the Message is the miracle of this Mission. The Message is the healing power for humanity. The Message is the unifying force for humans to come together. If we understand that, then it is easy to see that God indeed exists, and we will concentrate and focus on God alone. That will bring us great luck for sure. There is no doubt about that.

Bradedp7: While in conversation with a friend on Pure Consciousness, the question of when we can reach the Goal was brought up. His beliefs (based somewhat on Krishna Murti) were that we still have to travel through many layers before reaching the Goal. I answered that the Goal can be reached any time, with the Grace of God. I told him that I would ask you if I was correct in my answer. I gave him a THOTH so he can learn of Your Revelation.

Maitreya: Yes indeed. Gods Grace is something that is very much emphasized in Christianity, and it is a great understanding of Gods Way. Many religions do not have that emphasis that Christianity has put on Grace. Therefore other religions are struggling with Law; they are struggling with the many layers of progress. They believe it takes many, many lifetimes to reach Pure Consciousness.

But as we see, with the Grace of Christ, Christians have been blessed with a great portion of the earth. Therefore God clearly is telling humanity that Grace is greater than work alone. Of course Grace without following the Law also will not manifest much. But Grace, which is also Law.... Those who are in Grace will follow the Law, will have a greater degree of being one with God, and will reach Him in a much faster way.

Therefore other religions really have to learn that when Christ came, He released The Grace to humanity. Why is He so celebrated? He is not really celebrated because He was crucified, so we can make a movie out of Him and emotionally raise people to the suffering He went through, which He did.

But His most important Mission was to release the Grace back to humanity fully. He was a sacrificial lamb that replaced the lamb that they were sacrificing to receive a little Grace. This time God has forgiven what happened in the Garden or the failure of man, and He released The Grace to humanity.

Why do we need The Grace? Why is it so important to release The Grace to man? It is because Grace is the fastest, the easiest way to go back to God. If we realize that, then that teaching of Hinduism that it takes hundreds and thousands of lifetimes to reach God does not make sense anymore because according to Christ and the great Prophets, the fastest way to God is Grace. If you recognize Grace, bring it to yourself, and believe that Christ came to release The Grace, then you reach God in this lifetime. You do not need many lifetimes.

Any moment you receive The Grace, you are one with God and that can happen in any second, in anyones life no matter how lower consciousness you are. If you have The Grace, you will experience God.

Of course The Grace does not stay with you. It is going to be a second of being baptized with The Grace of God and oneness with Him. The rest you have to realize and remember that experience with God, and work toward going back to The Grace, following His Will and His Word and not your understanding or your emotional attachments, or the things that you think is the truth. So The Grace is an experience of God in the moment.

As we saw, even the disciples of Christ when they received The Holy Ghost, it did not stay with them for a long time. It was a couple of days they looked like they were drunk, and they talked in different languages. After a few days they fell from The Grace and actually they became very divisive. They started opposing one another. Eventually they created many branches in Christianity, and they did not have that Grace with them because they did not learn the lesson in The Grace and that unity that was brought to all of them in that level.

The Grace has been released by Christ. It is on earth. Everyone can reach it and receive it now easily. If that person you are talking about recognizes the teaching of Grace, he would realize that he should go beyond the teaching of Krishna Murti, to the Word of God. Krishna Murti was not a person who fulfilled the prophecies or brought the Word of God based on the Scriptures.

He was a very interesting person, and he had a lot of interesting ideas. But the Word of God is that He withdrew The Grace in the Garden, and at the time of Christ He released it back to humanity and now we have It.

But this time when we feel The Grace, we should not forget It. We should strive to become Godly and bring unity to humanity instead of become divisive and bring destruction to everyone.

Sarick is asking:

Sarick: Why do we use the Buddha statue to symbolize the Eternal Divine Path?

Maitreya: Where did you get that idea, Sarick, that we use the Buddha statue to symbolize the Eternal Divine Path? We use The Greatest Sign to symbolize The Eternal Divine Path.

Sarick: From the website.

Maitreya: Where? Where do we say that the statue of Buddha is the Eternal Divine Path? I do not think that is there. I think there is probably some misunderstanding there or some mistake in the website if that is what it says.

The picture of Buddha is used on our letterhead.

Sarick: The Maitreya logo that shows Maitreya sitting on the chair.

Maitreya: That is our letterhead. That letterhead is the statue of the Maitreya in the fifteenth century, drawn by a monk in the Far East depicting Maitreya sitting on the chair.

Although Maitreya was born in the East, He will sit in the chair like a westerner. The people in the East did not used to sit on the chairs; they used to sit crossed-legged.

Even when you see the statue of Buddha, he sits crossed-legged. But when they are creating the statue, they are building a visible Maitreya Project; they are building a statue of Maitreya that underneath where He is sitting, there is going to be a library. Even in that statue, Maitreya is sitting on the chair. He is not a person from the East who is sitting crossed-legged like Buddha.

I guess not only they should have put Him on the chair; also they should have put a computer in front of Him so it shows that He uses the computer to preach His preaching. God already had said that is what is going to happen because He is not going to go to the street. When the last Revelation comes, no one will see Him in the street. How can He preach if He does not go to the street? Very easily, by the computer.

So that logo is showing that Maitreya indeed was born in the East, who will sit on the chair as westerners do. So He will come from the East and shine in the West. That exactly happened.

I was born in Tehran, Iran, but I came here. When I was here I recognized and realized what I have been born for.

Of course I sat on the chair all my life, because when I was born, Iran was pretty westernized and the chair was more prevalent than sitting on the floor. Therefore I was used to it. It was not really a big shock to me when I came to the United States and saw everyone sitting on the chairs. Or even the culture was not a big shock.

So, yes it does, Justkidding. Everything in this Mission makes sense. That is the greatest thing about this Mission; this is the Revelation that makes more sense. If it did not make sense, I would be the first person who would drop it because I dropped my religion I was born in because it did not make sense.

So that logo really represents that Maitreya has come from the East and sits on the chair in the West. That fulfills the prophecy that, He comes from the East and shines in the West.

The Revelation started after I received the name, Maitreya. Maitreya is not a Persian word. It is related to Buddhism, although it is very similar to Mithra in Persian. Since the name was originally from another culture and given to me, that was the first indication that this is really a Revelation for all of humanity and all religions.

That logo came to me when I was in Colorado and we went to the mountains to meditate. Probably you know the story. We found the book, Maitreya, The Lord Of The World, and that picture was on the cover of that publication.

It does not belong to that organization. It belongs to a monk who drew it in the fifteenth century for Maitreya. So that logo is not depicting the Eternal Divine Path. It is just a logo for the letterhead of the Mission. That is all. That explains being born in the East and the western chair, etc.

But what symbolizes the Eternal Divine Path, is The Greatest Sign, THOTH, Manifestation of a Revealer, and the Word of God. Those are what really show what the Eternal Divine Path is. The rest are a part to bring a greater degree of faith and understanding to the aspirant, to the people who love this Vision and see it so they can see, Yes, it is not only a Revelation, not only prophecies. It has so many aspects and truth that have come to humanity that they would not have any choice but to see this clearly is from God. And they have no other choice than to realize, yes indeed, God this time has left no doubt that it is from God and there is no other way to look at it but to realize, Yes indeed, it is from God.

I received an e-mail from someone this week. He was telling me how the number of prophecies that Christ has fulfilled, statistically makes Him 1 over 17 billion. That is the possibility of one person being chosen as Christ, 1 over 17 billion.

Then he was explaining what that means. It means if we cover the state of Texas with the coins to be three feet high, then send a blind man in the middle of those three feet high coins to pick one coin that has a marking on it, that is the probability that he might succeed. That is the possibility that someone like Christ is going to come.

Now there is much more Revelation, and there is greater truth and many more prophecies have been fulfilled through this Mission. So someone can calculate what the possibility is of choosing someone with these truths and the number of prophecies we have fulfilled. It should be even greater than 1 out of 17 billion.

I asked him if he wants to write something about this. He said probably someone else can do that better than him, because probably someone that knows the statistics can calculate what is the possibility that all these truths come to humanity, with all this amazing set-up by God that came to man and brought this Revelation.

So it is the most unique set-up of God to come to man with this Revelation so the Elects know that it is indeed the Word of God and His Kingdom will come. That is our salvation. That is our focus. That is the Light at the end of the tunnel.

So no matter what is happening on this earth, we should not become upset about it, we should not become unhappy about it. The most important thing is to focus on: Indeed God exists, and He will bring His Kingdom on earth. That is our salvation. That is our Light.

If we recognize and realize that, we will not lose our focus or let other people bring us down from what we have realized, and we will become strong in our faith and in our conviction. We will not be apologetic about what we believe but we will be strong and will stand for the truth. Then we have the possibility of being a true Elect.

That is exactly what we all should be doing. We should stand for God and the truth, not try to be politically correct but follow the Word of God, what is the Word of God, what those truths are, and become strong in those words and affect our environment with that strength of character, strength of conviction, and strength of focus.

If we can create more and more people who see how unique this Revelation and God is, they will know that their salvation is based on His Words and they should create greater characteristics based on Gods Words, which will bring greater Spirit to humanity wherever they are. They can affect their environment toward Godliness. The more Godliness we create, the more Godly the earth will become.

That is what the goal of the Kingdom is. It will become the Kingdom of God where the Laws of God are understood, realized, recognized, appreciated, and seen clearly how they can bring peace, unity, and a society that has no crime, which people will not live in fear, they will be born like children who will be brought up in an environment that is nourishing, nurturing, productive, and wonderful for them. They will grow to be men and women who see Gods Way and follow it, and will bring a greater degree of unity and beauty in their family, life, and community.

The old people will not be afraid to be left alone and die in absolute loneliness and be forgotten. We will create a place that everyone will eventually live in the greatest way that the human has been created to live. At the end of their lifetimes, or in the middle of their lifetimes, whenever they can, they can recognize God in a greater degree. That is what God created this world and the universe to be. It was not created that we become attached to this external world and create an environment that the children are left alone and they do not have an environment that they can feel comfortable in.

They have not created an environment that the men and woman lose their Godly character when they are young, and when they become old they become fearful of what is at the end of the life.

Justkidding is asking:

Justkidding_1: How does one channel the energy after or during meditation, e.g., how do I channel it to Communities of Light or the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth? This is the second step of Eternal Divine Path, right?

Maitreya: Right, that is correct, Justkidding. When you meditate, you meditate on who you are, and what talents, abilities, and gifts of the Spirit God has given you. What is it that you can do to help in a greater degree to accelerate the spread and manifestation of the Mission?

At this time we really are not creating the Communities of Light as much as our goal is to spread the Message as wide and as deep as possible at this time, and eventually find twelve dedicated, wonderfully-versed in the teachings that they want to be the first layer of Elders or the Facilitating Body for the Mission, those whom I can work easily with them and they can work easily with me. We will become closer and closer to one another, become co-workers, and be very focused on creating a system on earth that will spread all over the earth. That will be the facilitating body.

We will divide the earth into twelve sections. Each person in the Facilitating Body will have a section on the earth, and they will try to establish this Mission in that section and work with me closely. So I can work with twelve people connected to the Mission directly and have the ability to work with me. They are the Elects. That is the goal at this time.

But for your individual progress, you have to see who you are, what can you do, and what kind of abilities you have. You can help the Mission physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and you bring your abilities and resources to this pool. Eventually, hopefully the Mission will reach a point that we have a world of resources and abilities that they are in here and they can come together.

For instance, just like Adel. Adel came and just took to translate the page about the Eternal Divine Path. That is great. That is wonderful. Now people can read it in German and in many other languages.

Now you have offered to translate it to Chinese, which we will have it pretty soon in Chinese.

The more people who have translated that page, the more people at least can know what the base of the teaching is. And whatever you can do, whatever every persons ability is, of course, you can coordinate with me or send an e-mail to the Mission. There are people here who will answer you, and we can coordinate together.

Sometimes you can be a self-starter. Create a meditation group, THOTH reading group, etc., wherever you are.

Justkidding_1: Is this the New Order? Why do some quarters say that the New Order is from satan (Maya)?

Maitreya: If you are talking about the New Order of the Ages, which has been prophesied by God, yes it is. But if you are talking about the new order of business taking over the world and everything will become business and everyone else becomes a slave, no it is not.

Is the unity of the world under one religion, from satan? It is not from satan; it is the Word of God. Clearly in the Bible it says, His Kingdom will come on earth. He did not say it was going to come to only a portion of it. He will bring His Kingdom on earth.

What does that earth mean? Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven. It means the whole earth.

If you want to listen to the people and what they say, they say a lot of things that are not based on God and the Word of God. Therefore you are making a mistake of accepting other peoples ideas and opinions instead of the Word of God.

The Word of God clearly says, His Kingdom will come on earth. That means one world, one language, one economy, one humanity, one God, one Savior, and one religion, or one Path. That is the Word of God.

If someone says that is the word of satan, actually satan is the essence of separation and destruction. What brings destruction? Destruction is equal with separation between man and man, and ego-gratification.

Therefore those people who oppose the unification of all religions, or the coming of Gods Kingdom, actually they are the followers of satan by separating human from human.

Adel is asking:

AdeLDaharma: In my New Testament, which is from 1984, Revelation 10:7 did not make sense. Now I see on the Danish Bible site that it has been changed to the mystery of God is finished. Another sign from God!

Maitreya: That is why we used the King James. Although the King James has been the twenty-seventh translation of the Bible, but they have put a very good effort to make it as close to the original Bible as possible.

Although there might be some mistakes or changes in the Bible, the King James version seems to be the closest to the original teachings. I do not know how they translated it into Danish or other languages. You know, when you translate anything from one language to another, it usually loses some meaning.

It is just like THOTH. We found out there are no words for The Greatest Sign in French, or German, or other languages. So we said, Do not translate it. Just let it be The Greatest Sign. Anyone who wants to know what it means can either learn English or at least ask a person in the English language, and they can probably translate it or make it as close a translation as possible.

So that is why we choose the King James. Of course the other reason was I started knowing the Bible in King James from the very beginning, and it seems God wants us to use that version.

We can see that again we are here with a fantastic Revelation of God. We have to become Godly people. We have to be focusing on God and His Ways, not on our cultures, our religions, our environments, our political systems, but what God wants us to be, and affect our environment toward becoming more Godly. Set an example for all the people around us, not to be affected by them but affect them. Do not let them affect you.

Do not let your mind become weak, and therefore they tell you what is the truth and then you start doubting the Word of God.

We do not want to create a cult either. It is not a cult. But every individual wherever you are should become more Godly, and you become a center of attracting Godliness around you and know the Word of God. That it is in THOTH. It is in the Scriptures. He has revealed it through many Prophets.

The Light maybe will spread from the West this time. The Light has been spreading from the East all this time. Now for the first time a Revelation has come in the West, and it has never happened before.

Therefore it seems that many Elects have been incarnated in the West. But there are no boundaries any more on earth. We can see the Will of God is to break down all boundaries with the Internet. There are no boundaries. You are not here in this room needing a passport so you can come to the Satsang. You do not need a visa or permission to go to a place that we can all come together.

We can just click a couple of links in our computers, and we are all together in one place, in one cyber-church. So you can see the Will of God is to break all the barriers between humans, and eventually they will realize that they are all a part of God and that unity has to come to them.

If there is no other question, we are at the end of our time. Again these words and this Conversation will be in the website in a couple of hours. You can go to our FTP site and study there, or download other audios from there and listen to them.

Of course we have twenty-four hours of many rooms here too that will help you to know the teaching in a greater degree.

OK, Justkidding is asking:

Justkidding_1: You have written that only the tama guna can destroy the Soul. Is this final as in no more soul, or is it a transformation as, nothing can be destroyed? One more please.

Maitreya: OK, sure. Well, when we say the tama guna can destroy, it does not mean that it can eliminate, or absolutely make it to nothingness. Destroy means to become flesh, to crudify, to become static instead of sentient, which is the satva guna.

So when the Soul is under the tama guna, you become fleshly. The kundalini or the Spirit is under the power of the tama guna. Therefore men think they are flesh, and therefore their Spirit is destroyed in the sense that they feel they are flesh instead of Spirit.

They have no idea of being Spirit. So it does not mean to be destroyed to nothingness. They transform from the lower nature. That destruction does not mean something that is not going to be there anymore.

I hope that answered your question.

I leave you all to God. Have a wonderful week. Be with God. Meditate on these teachings. Read THOTH. Listen to the Satsangs. Go to our rooms. Become involved. Become Godly. Bring the Kingdom to earth.

Sal-OM everyone.

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