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Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Conversation Room. Let us start our Conversation today in the name of the Most High, the Lord of the universe, the One who has sent all religions of the world, Who is the Center and the place we have to face all the time and worship because He is the Light. This world is the darkness, and that is why God insists that human life is to worship Him, so they can know Him, they understand His Words, they understand His Revelation, and therefore come out of this darkness, which is the creation and this temporary world that we live in.

That is why some Moslems come to our room and they say that Prophet Muhammad said that God is the only object of worship. But if you ask them why, probably they cannot explain because He is the Light, and that is how we can escape this darkness.

This Revelation and the Words that have come to humanity now explain things that humanity used to follow without knowing why. Indeed if you do not understand our teachings, if you do not read THOTH, and if you do not see the Vision, you do not know your own religion.

Therefore this is the salvation of man in many ways. First it explains the Revelations of God and the Words that the people have had problems with for thousands of years. Now it is clearly explained what God meant by revealing those Words and Revelations to man. Now we can know that when Prophet Mohammad said that we have been born to worship God and He is the only object of worship, the reason is because He is Light. He is the Truth. He is the Light at the end of the tunnel. If we concentrate on the Light at end of the tunnel, we can go out of the darkness in the tunnel and we will reach Pure Consciousness or our salvation.

If someone asks, Does this Mission lead you to salvation? the answer is, Yes indeed. It makes you a better Moslem. It makes you a better Christian. It makes you a better Jew. It makes you a better Hindu, Buddhist, Bahai, and any other religion on earth. If they understand our Revelation, then they can understand their own teachings.

We have to rejoice that indeed the truth that can now make sense has come to humanity, has come to man. The sooner we spread this Message to every corner of the earth and gather the good people together, the sooner the earth will belong to the meek, those who have been following and living in this world, and realizing that it needs improvement but they did not have any way to bring their peaceful Souls to earth. They had to follow or be dominated by the forces that they are the goats, not the sheep.

It is time for the goats to realize that their time is up. No matter what they do, it is the time of the Revelation of the Seventh Angel, the Seven Seals. The Seven Seals have been opened. God clearly shows that when the Seven Seals are opened, that is when the tribulation and the end times come. All the signs are here that we are in the end times.

Of course we are not apocalyptic, we are not preaching disasters and death, and we are not creating a cult that calls you all to come to one compound or one place and cuts you off from the rest of humanity. Indeed we are inviting and calling all humans to come, to join, to see, and to progress.

We even do not ask you to come here. We ask you to stay where you are but understand the Vision, expand your understanding of Gods Revelation, and also reach out to wherever you are, to your family, to your neighbor, to your nation, and to the earth in any way you can.

Indeed we have been reaching to humanity in the last twenty-five years but now a wonderful thing is happening, and we are reaching to man and humanity in a greater degree. Hopefully one day we can teach all of them to see this Revelation that will make their religion make sense.

None of the religions before this Revelation had the whole answer. That is why they had to fall into dogma. Dogma creates separation and it is not the Word of God. It is the beliefs of men who could not understand how their religions do not explain everything. So they had to explain it the way they wanted to.

Justkidding is asking:

Justkidding_1: Talking about the end times, the ten horns mentioned in Revelation of The Revelation, is that the EU?

Maitreya: Yes, the ten horns, the ten toes, and all those mentioned of the coming of the ten kingdoms are related to the European Union. As we can see, now they have expanded to more than ten. Originally they were only ten nations that created and started the European Union. We will see that pretty soon all the signs will clearly show that, that is where the next superpower will form and come into existence.

As we have said many times, we do not talk about the future. The future belongs to God. Therefore we have to wait and see what exactly is going to happen. But that is how it sounds like it will happen.

Justkidding_1: And the three horns that will fall?

Maitreya: Yes. Three of those nations will completely be destroyed. Actually it might have already happened.

The war in Kosova and all the destruction that came to Europe for the last fifteen years sounds like destroyed many of the nations. Therefore they have three of them that will fall very badly and completely be destroyed. It could also be relating to the ideas that we were following before, that they no longer will be followed.

As the ten toes in the image of the dream of King Nebuchadnezzar that was interpreted by Daniel, there are going to be ten toes, but they are half of clay and half of iron. Iron is the symbol for intellectual understanding. Therefore half of the Europe or people will no longer be having the intellectual longing because they realize intellect is limited but intuition and Spirit is the one that is more flexible and has greater understanding of the spiritual world. Intellect only sees the manifested world and thinks the manifested world is the only reality.

Even scientists have come to this conclusion that there is more than this manifested world, and they are realizing that some element that they call dark matter, they really do not know what it is but they know it exists everywhere. There is nowhere that the dark matter does not exist. Of course it is not really dark; it is the subtler elements in the universe or consciousness, etc. But even the scientists are becoming aware of the things that are beyond this manifested world.

So half of it will stay intellectual, and the other half will become spiritual because the Spirit is like clay. It is humble but it is very useful and helpful.

Therefore these ten kingdoms cannot stand on their feet that are half clay and half iron. When the truth comes, they will fall badly and will be completely destroyed. As the revelation in Daniel clearly said, the kingdom of earth will be destroyed and it will become the Kingdom of God.

That is the goal of the Mission, to preach and bring understanding to humanity. Eventually they will realize that the Way of God is the salvation, unity, and peace, and the way of man is ego, destruction, separation, and disunity. Therefore humanity will go toward that unity that brings God to every man and woman, and they will progress.

So the whole humanity and our lives will be toward that realization and becoming One in God. That is because no one can become one with another because two egos never can become one. The only way they can become one is to become one with God and their egos are no longer there. Then they can realize the Divinity in one another and respect each other.

One of the things that is lacking on earth at this time is respect for one another, for life, for humanity, for other peoples right to exist and be, our right to be and exist, and bringing the Spirit of God and realization that God is in everything and everyone. They can realize and recognize that Divinity, and therefore bring that respect and understanding that we are all one. So we cannot just go ahead and destroy each other and bring destruction to one another.

This is what they mean by the coming of the ten kingdoms. Of course, the kings are here. They have come together as ten nations. They created the unity of a population, which is even larger than the United States. They also have the ability and the industrial know-how that they can create nations that can dominate the rest of the world. So the writing is on the wall.

The only thing for us is to realize that none of them is going to work. All of them sound good. All of them are trying to bring peace. All of them are trying to create an earth that will become a peaceful place. But their intention, their realization, of how to bring it about, is based on the wrong understanding. It is based on business. It is based on a cultural domination. None of them is going to work because their culture (also all the human cultures) are based on ego. They are based on human understanding.

The only culture that can bring the unity is the culture of God, and that culture of God has been given in the Mission and it is explained that culture of God is based on the Eternal Divine Path, the creation of the Communities of Light and the bringing about the hierarchy, which comes from the people, by the people, for the people, from the Communities of Light. Therefore that vision of the government belonging to the common man actually will be manifested toward this set-up.

So yes, indeed, there are a lot of things that are happening and will be happening. But our job is to concentrate on the end result, and the end result is the Kingdom of God on earth. If we are concentrating on that, and we work toward that end and spread this Mission wide and deep to humanity, we will learn the Vision ourselves and we will share it with the community, with our friends, with the family, with everyone that we reach, and let them know, indeed this is the truth.

Do not be apologetic. Do not apologize for your Vision and your beliefs but be sincere and give this Vision with the vigor and complete understanding, with no doubt in your mind so you can affect other people so they can see clearly, Yes, indeed, that is from God. The prophecies are fulfilled. All the signs that have been given to humanity now are done. You have nothing to apologize about. But they are the ones that have to see this Vision, and if they are the Elects, they will.

If you are an Elect, you will be effective in doing it. But if you are attached to the external world, afraid of standing for the truth that you have found, they will feel that fear; they will feel that uncertainty in you. Then no one is going to accept when you are not certain yourself of your own beliefs.

But if you absolutely understood this Vision and said, Yes indeed, it is the last Revelation of God to humanity and the salvation of man is based on it, then you can be effective and will be effective, and you will not waiver in your Vision and understanding of the Revelation of God.

That is what all of us have to work on and create: The Vision that will not waiver. When we do that and we create 144,000 of such one-pointed, strong believers in this Vision who have seen it clearly, then we can shake the foundation of this earth to accept it and become Godly.

They can see how God has been revealing and guiding humanity for the last 12,000 years and how man through his history has shown he is incapable of bringing the peace and unity to humanity. We have had hundreds and thousands of wars and destructive tendencies that have destroyed millions and billions of people in these wars.

Therefore the lesson is: Man, you cannot do it by yourself. You need God and His Ways. If you follow your way, you are going to bring destruction to yourself. Man, you have ego that is limited. It cannot see the depth of the Spirit, and ego becomes attached, becomes self-centered, and cannot escape but to make mistakes.

When someone makes mistakes it means, I am not perfect. The only way to become perfect is to become the Spirit because Spirit, God, is perfect, and we have the Spirit of God in us. If we have the Spirit of God in us, therefore we can become perfect as the Father who is perfect. We can also progress and bring perfection to our system, to our lives, and to our relationships, so that everything that we touch or do will become perfect and therefore we can lead a perfect life based on Spirit.

So we can understand, we should understand this Vision first, clearly, and become one with it. Then we should reach out. We should make this our life, not just listen to Satsangs and then go away, and not do any thing about it. Your faith will come with the hearing, and also by doing. The more you do and see the Vision clearly, the more effective you will be.

I hope you all go to the website and study our teachings in a clear way. Then come here and talk about the teachings.

Himselfitis, have you been in our website? Just type, yes or no.

Himselfitis: No.

Maitreya: Himselfitis, no. OK. If you have not been in the website, how can you know what our teachings are and how can you have any question? I am going to let you have the mic, but we encourage everyone to first go to the website, know about our teachings, and then come here. Go ahead.

Himselfitis: Thank you, I only speak with respect. I do have a question however.

Maitreya: Sure.

Himselfitis: And that is I apologize if I seem perhaps ignorant. But I would like to know who you are and where you get your knowledge from, and how you became appointed to whatever position you are in?

I truly say that I mean no disrespect at all by asking. I am asking with the utmost respect.

Maitreya: Very good Himselfitis. That is a very good question. In fact that is the question everyone should ask themselves and receive a clear answer about it. You should not accept anyone who comes and claims that he is a Prophet of God and has brought a Revelation, especially he who claims to be the Seventh Angel, the Revealer of the Book sealed with the Seven Seals, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, He who has been prophesied to come for thousands of years, that now it has come, and the salvation of the whole humanity is based on Him and the Revelation He will bring.

Therefore your question is very appropriate, and we really appreciate your kindness and your very respectful way to approaching this matter. The reason we are cautious is because there have been people who have not acted in the way you have approached this, and we appreciate that.

Now to answer your questions: If you go to the book, The Revelation, there are many signs that have been given of the coming of the Seventh Angel. Those Angels have been interpreted with many people in many different ways. But in The Revelation, chapter 10, verse 7, it clearly says that, No one knows the truth until the Seventh Angel comes, and When the Seventh Angel comes, the Mystery of God will be finished.

Therefore it sounds like the Seventh Angel is a person or is a being that will bring a truth, a Revelation, the Word of God, which will explain everything that has not been explainable before this Revelation. And He opens the Book, which is sealed with the Seven Seals.

In chapter 5 of The Revelation, it is only the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, which means a person that is born from the lineage of King David, that can bring the last Revelation and open that Book, which is sealed with the Seven Seals.

Now, the interpretation of the Seven Seals, the Seven Angels, and all that in our teachings has been clearly given that there have been Seven Revelations, Seven Major Manifestations, and Seven Revealers, which have come to humanity, and when the Seventh One comes, it will explain the rest before it.

Now we believe that Book has been opened. It is called The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament. This Book is in our website. It is freely given to humanity. They can go there and read it.

Himselfitis: Thank you for your answer. Tell me please, where do you get your authority? And do you claim to be that Seventh Angel?

Maitreya: Yes indeed, it is my claim that I am that Seventh Angel. Where did that authority come from? There are prophecies that have been fulfilled.

When I started the Mission, when I started this teaching, I loved the Revelation, and it made so much sense. Therefore I started the Mission without even considering the genealogy and the prophecies.

But as this Revelation was revealed to humanity, more and more people came along and they revealed that there are a lot more prophecies that have been fulfilled through the Mission than with any other Prophet. Also a gentleman came to the Mission and proved that I am from the lineage of King David, Adam, and Abraham, and also Prophet Muhammad.

If you go to our website, it is a huge website and it reveals how many prophecies are fulfilled and how I am connected to the genealogy of King David, etc.

Himselfitis: Were you visited by Gabriel, or another angel?

Maitreya: Well, the Revelation of God comes through The Holy Ghost. The people who see angels and they see visions that there is a angel in the form of the manifested matter, they needed that kind of vision in order to believe that they are receiving Revelation from God, and therefore they will accept their mission to continue with humanity.

But even in that book, in the Koran, it clearly says that Revelation comes with The Holy Ghost, with the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God comes through the Angel Gabriel, and Gabriel in our teachings is revealed to be the element in the universe that is related to understanding, seeing, and being able to understand the Revelation of God.

Therefore we believe in The Holy Ghost, and that is where our Revelation has come from. It comes from the Book of Remembrance, also called the Akashic Records, from the Sanskrit word which is also used extensively in the West. We can see all the religions are talking about the same thing but not all the religions have received their Revelation the same way.

Gabriel revealed it to Prophet Muhammad. Of course Prophet Muhammad only had the vision of Gabriel once when he was in the cave. After that he started receiving Revelation. Probably he never saw Gabriel after that. The only relation he had with God was the direct Spirit-to-Spirit relationship (vahd). And that is the Spirit of God, which is The Holy Ghost. Therefore the Revelation comes from The Holy Ghost, and that is how this Revelation has come.

Christ never saw Gabriel that revealed to him as the way Prophet Muhammad received his Revelation. Therefore expecting that every Prophet and its Revelation comes the same way that you understand it, or experience in your religion, then you are having some ideas of yourself and you want everything to happen according to what you believe happened. God does not follow peoples understandings. God does whatever He wants. That is how He reveals it too at this time. At this time is the Soul-to-Soul, Spirit-to-Spirit, Revelation from God.

Himselfitis: I see. Yes, and Muhammad was visited by Gabriel, as were all of the Manifestations of God, so was just wondering.

Maitreya: When did Christ see Gabriel? Is there any place in the New Testament that says Christ saw Gabriel? No, there is not.

Therefore the assumption that all the Prophets have seen Gabriel in the physical sense is not correct.

Yes, Gabriel, or The Holy Ghost, or what we call the satva guna, or a force, is when the energy is toward God. Then it becomes The Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost reveals the truth to the Prophets.

That is what revealed the truth to Prophet Muhammad. That is what revealed the truth to Christ. That is what revealed the truth to Daniel, and all the Prophets before Prophet Muhammad, and all the Prophets after Prophet Muhammad to this point.

Of course if you are a Moslem you would say there will not be a Prophet after Prophet Muhammad. That is based on the words Khatem or Khatam. That is also explained in our teachings why there will be three more Manifestations after Prophet Muhammad, before the Seventh Angel comes.

Himselfitis: hmmmmmm........ yes, good answer.

Maitreya: That is fine, Himselfitis. So now I am finished with my answers. If you have other questions, or you want a follow-up, go ahead, Himselfitis.

Therefore we can see that, yes indeed, God has been sending all these Manifestations, all these Revelations. Prophet Muhammad is a part of our teachings, and He has revealed a great Revelation. This now is revealed to humanity, explained, and cleared up.

Mabs38: May I ask, what would you say to someone who called you the anti-Christ?

Maitreya: I clearly would say that they are wrong because our teachings are based on the Word of God, are based on The Revelation in the Bible. God has prophesied the coming of this Revelation clearly. He has prophesied and foretold the coming of this truth.

The anti-Christ cannot follow the Word of God and bring His Word, but he will try to confuse people. This actually clears and opens you to understand your own religion better.

Anti-Christ is he who denies Christ. Not only do we not deny Christ, we explain who Christ was, the explanation that most people do not know, now it is revealed exactly who the Christ is.

We do not deny Christ. With all the Revelations that are based on the Word of God, with the prophecies that were foretold by God that only the Seventh Angel can fulfill, with the genealogy, which is connected to Prophet Muhammad and also King David, all the signs are given for you to clearly say that, This cannot be the anti-Christ.

Anti-Christ will not teach God. Anti-Christ will not teach salvation. Anti-Christ will not explain the Revelation before it. Anti-Christ is falling into this external world and glorifying the ego, which separates you from God in a greater degree.

Therefore, my answer to such a person is, you have to study, knock, ask, and search. Eventually you will have no choice but to utter, Yes, indeed it is not only not the anti-Christ, it is indeed from God and it is the salvation of man. Actually if you do not know our teachings, you do not know your religion.

OK, Doctor is asking:

HomoeopathicDoctor: But there is another person on earth at the moment who is saying she is The Holy Ghost and she is also awakening the kundalini of people en mass. What is your comment? She is the founder of the Sahaja Yoga -- Shri Mataji Nirmal Devi. What do you say?

Maitreya: I say, where is it in the prophecies, in the Words of God, in the Scriptures, does it say that there is going to be a woman who comes and she awakens or raises peoples kundalini, and that is the Seventh Angel or a Major Manifestation? There is nowhere in the Word of God, in the Scriptures, that has prophesied the coming of such a person.

Therefore there are going to be a lot of false teachers and false prophets who will do wonders and show great signs, but they are not prophesied to come, they are not the opener of the Seven Seals, and they have not brought the Book sealed with the Seven Seals. Therefore do not follow them because they are not based on the Words of God and the Scriptures.

It is very simple. Our teachings clear your way and show you a Path, which is the fastest to God.

Where in the Scriptures does it say, the goal of the life is to awaken your kundalini and gain powers or feel ecstatic? It says, he who is the humblest is the greatest in the kingdom, not he who has a big ego because he or she thinks their kundalini has been awakened.

Our goal even in this Mission is not to awaken your kundalini. We do not teach your goal is to awaken your kundalini. The Goal Is To Be(Come) Divine, become in the image of God, show mercy, show kindness, show oneness, show unity, and see the God in every man and woman on earth.

The goal is not to awaken the kundalini. Therefore I say she is not prophesied to come. Be careful.

Then read our teachings. See the Words of God and become one with them. You will be rewarded with salvation to God.

OK. Justkidding is asking,

Justkidding_1: This is a chance to ask and not to miss; can you talk about some of your past lives?

Maitreya: OK. Well, those things have been given in general who I have been with this Revelation. It is just like, you have some person that has some very good abilities. When you want to do something, where do you go? You go to him to ask him to help you out.

So the Spirit of God, in the beginning, reached Pure Consciousness and then It came in the form of the Revealers of the Major Revelations on earth. He came as Adam. He came as Abraham. He came as Moses. He came as probably Jacob. He came as Christ. He came as Mohammad. He came as Bab. He came as a Spirit that came through Baba, and now It came through me.

Of course you can say any person who any nation called their father, any Revelation, or religion, or truth that has helped humanity, anything that helped humanity to progress in a greater degree, is the Spirit of God that has come to them, revealed to them, and helped them. Those nations progressed in a greater degree.

Therefore you can say anywhere that a great Revelation, a great Manifestation, a great truth came to humanity, It was the Spirit of God. Now go yourself and figure it out, where all these wonderful things have come from, which the Spirit of God brought to humanity.

Mabs38: Are you going to bring all religions together?

Maitreya: We already have, Mabs. They have been in this Revelation. It is not that we are going to bring them together; they have been together from the foundation of the universe.

The whole reason for this creation is to bring this manifested world that went out of balance back to God, to Godhead. The way is the Eternal Divine Path, which is revealed through our teachings. That is the Way God can go back to God.

Therefore the religions never were separated. It is man, and because the Revelations of God came one at a time to humanity for the last 12,000 years, that is the reason, they did not have the whole truth. They were trying to explain something greater than they had. Therefore they had to create dogmas, and because humans have ego they also created dogmas that appeal to their own egos. And just like we are the

I do not know why today people ask questions and they leave. I do not know, probably they cannot hear it or they have a problem with their mic or speaker, or whatever it is. They ask questions and then leave.

So I am going to answer them anyway because they are questions that probably can answer some people in the future. So it is OK if they leave. Still the answer stands.

If we recognize and realize that the religions have always been together and it is human ego that creates these separative dogmas, then we can rid ourselves of the dogmas and we will see, yes indeed, God has them unified all along.

HomoeopathicDoctor: You said it is not your aim in the Mission to awaken the kundalini, but how do we reach Pure Consciousness without awakening kundalini?

Maitreya: The kundalini awakens by itself when you are ready for it. If someone else awakened your kundalini, it is just like the people who took LSD in the 60s and they experienced some experiences.

HomoeopathicDoctor: And as I read in THOTH it says in the First Seal you have to awaken the kundalini to attain Pure Consciousness.

Maitreya: That is right. We are not against awakening the kundalini. But if someone else awakens it for you, you do not know how to do it. It is just like someone heals you. As Christ said, that spirit is going to leave you because someone heals you. But you do not know how you heal yourself, and that spirit that will be taken away from you will go and find seven more. It will come back to you and find the house clean, and the state of the man will become worse than it was before.

Therefore the whole idea in this Mission and in this Revelation is the time for humanity to grow up, to become mature. They have to meditate. They have to chant. They have to dance. They have to do The Reminder. They have to follow a good diet. They have to think. They have to concentrate. They have to awaken their spiritual forces themselves, not that someone else does it for them. If I awaken it for you, you do not know how to do it yourself.

What benefit will it give you if you have not learned how to do it yourself, I awaken your kundalini, you have an experience, and I leave? You do not know how to do it yourself. Your kundalini goes back to where it was, and your state (desperation for God and not realizing the truth) is going to become even worse.

That is why we are not against the kundalini being awakened. But let it happen gradually, let it happen as you progress. One day, when you reach a point that your kundalini rises, it rises because you are ready for it, and you have done it. Therefore it is your realization, your understanding, and your ability.

Then you understand God, you awaken your spiritual forces, you know how to do it, you have purified yourself, and you will gain the power over it to control it, to awaken it, and to direct it toward the Communities of Light.

How many of these people you talk about that their kundalini is raised are working toward the creation of the Communities of Light and bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth? How many of these people, including Mataji Nirmal Devi, are creating Communities of Light based on the Eternal Divine Path?

Where in the Scriptures does it say that such a thing is going to come? And even if it comes and does it for them, did they learn how to do it? They have not.

Therefore in this Mission it is time for humanity to see the truth clearly. That is why we are asking and we are calling the Elects, the people who have been meditating for many lifetimes; they have been awakening their spiritual forces for many lifetimes. In this lifetime when they see this Revelation, it makes so much sense to them, and they say, Yes indeed, there is One God. There cannot be many Gods. There is only One God, and He has been sending all these Revelations and religions to humanity. Now He says, That is how I did it. I sent them one by one, and the only time you can understand them and explain them, is when the Revelation of the Seventh Angel comes.

This is based on the Words of God. It is based on the prophecies. It is based on the Scriptures.

Therefore you have to understand our teachings. We actually ask you to become a greater manifester of Gods Work. As Christ said, Whatever I can do, you also can do even greater things. If you have greater faith you can say to this mountain to go yonder, and it will.

It is time for the disciples. It is time for the Elects. It is time for those who have been called to awaken their spiritual forces, to preach, to understand, to teach, and to see the Vision, and become the masters themselves instead of looking and waiting for the Master to come and do it all for them.

The Master has been doing it for them for the last 12,000 years. They have a lot of siddhis, just like what you were saying to this person who raised peoples kundalini. She has some siddhis, and they are not important.

Actually we discourage people in the Mission to work on their siddhis and powers. We say even if you gain them, throw them away, and let them become an instrument for you to create the Kingdom of God on earth.

The ability to sacrifice, the ability to create Communities of Light, the ability to become surrendered and submissive to God, the ability to meditate, concentrate, and contemplate, the ability to become a universalist, and the ability to bring and follow the Eternal Divine Path is greater than having spiritual power.

Therefore those who are still seeking spiritual powers are in delusion. They are not following the Words of God in the Scriptures but their egos feel good that, My kundalini was risen, or, This person raised my kundalini, or, This person gave me a little ash, and therefore he should be the Messiah.

None of them have been prophesied or foretold. They are not the Words of God, none of those things are in the Scriptures and God said, That is the way I will do it.

OK, let me see here. There are some more questions. Mabs is asking:

Mabs38: Why don't we hear about you on TV?

Maitreya: I do not mind going to TV. I do not mind going to discuss with anyone in the mass media.

If you know someone who would like to invite us, and we can go and talk about these things in a greater degree, that would be fine. Tell them to come and interview us. Actually we have been interviewed a couple of times in some magazines and newspapers. Some of them did not publish our answers because it seems there was too much truth in it. So we are not against reaching out to humanity in a greater degree.

That is the purpose of my life, to preach this wonderful Revelation to humanity and awaken them. But you can go ahead and indeed invite us for mass dissemination of this Revelation.

Justkidding is asking:

Justkidding_1: Sal-OM Maitreya, I am beginning to recall a lot of stuff, some from childhood all of a sudden after meditation. Why is that?

Maitreya: Probably God wants you to see some of the things that you have forgotten. Also when you meditate, you will go in a deeper level of your spirit and you will remember the things that you have forgotten.

There is a purpose for it; there is a reason for it, if you understand the reasons for it. Therefore meditate more. Meditate more why they are coming back to you. Maybe there is a reason or maybe they are just clearing up the things that have been in your spirit and you have forgotten about them. If you, little by little, remember in a greater degree, you will eventually realize why they are coming back to you.

So do not be too anxious in meditation. It is not dangerous. It is not something you should be too worried about it. If you stay with it, eventually everything will clear up for you. Just look at, what are you remembering? Are they good? Are they bad? Or are they things that you want to remember and clear up?

Really every meditation, every meditator, should be the judge of their meditation. Every individual is really different than anyone else.

So you cannot generalize the experience of each person for another person. Your experience is your experience, and your experience cannot be applied to anyone else. No one elses experience can be applied to you. You have to become the judge of your meditation more and more, and see why that is happening in your meditation. But do not worry about it. They are going to clear up. If they are not important, they are just going to fall away, and they will be no more.

The question from Macc is:

Macc88gt: Who is the anti-Christ that many talk about?

Maitreya: Anti-Christ is the spirit, as we just explained; I think you came a little late today. But we just explained it to another person actually. Anti-Christ is the spirit, which is against God, the spirit that opposes people to go to God.

That is the ego of man. Ego separates man from God, and therefore they fall into the world and they see this world as the only truth. They have no knowledge of the Spirit. Therefore they oppose the Prophets. They oppose Gods Revelation. They oppose the Scriptures. They do not follow them, they ridicule them. They will not accept the Words of God, or they teach things that are not based on the Words of God.

Anti-Christ is the spirit that opposes the Christ. Christ is the Spirit of God, and whoever opposes the Spirit of God is anti-Christ.

That is why the Bible says, Even now, anti-Christ lives with you. It does not say he is going to come in the future. Actually there are only four verses in the whole Bible that talk about anti-Christ. It was John who talked about it, and even he said, He is already here. It is not something that is going to be in the future. Now they have made a big deal out of it, and they call even, they called Christ as the devil himself.

Now many people say Maitreya is the anti-Christ. Maybe there are Maitreyas who are anti-Christs. Maybe there are Maitreyas who are teaching things that are not based on the Words of God. But this Maitreya, this teaching, this Revelation, is based on the Scriptures, is based on the Words of God, and therefore it is the truth.

HomoeopathicDoctor is asking:

HomoeopathicDoctor: You are saying she is the false prophet. I guess this is the Maya of Modern Age we humans have to go through, lol.

Maitreya: That is why this Revelation has come to humanity in this time because probably humans never have been as lost and never had so much attraction for them to follow and fall. There are so many false prophets and teachers. Just turn on your television. They all tell you, Buy this, buy that, do this, and do that. This is OK. That is not OK. They say everything that is against every Word of God, and everyone is gobbling them up and eating them up like there is no tomorrow.

HomoeopathicDoctor: I mean she is saying, You are the false prophet.

Maitreya: I see. She is saying I am the false prophet. OK. What is her reasoning that she says I am the false prophet? She should have a reason that she calls me a false prophet. What, because my teaching is based on the Scriptures? Is it because my teaching is based on the prophecies, which are fulfilled? Is it because my teachings make sense?

What is her reason, calling me a false prophet? I told you why she is a false prophet. Now what is her reason in calling me a false prophet?

Tell us, it is OK. Go ahead. I do not mind. I am confident enough of what I do that I am not afraid of what anyone says. So if she says something that makes sense, go ahead. Raise your hand or type or whatever you want to do. But what does she say that her reasoning is that I am a false prophet?

Macc88gt: How is it possible to humble myself, if I follow the Eternal Divine Path?

Maitreya: OK Macc is asking that question. The very base of the Eternal Divine Path is to turn you around, or baptize you, and make your ego no more.

First of all you meditate, you concentrate, you contemplate, you gaze at The Greatest Sign, you dance, and you chant. We have a process called Kirtan here in the Mission, which people dance with the Haree Om Shrii Hung.

HomoeopathicDoctor: Thanks for your answers, Maitreya.

Maitreya: Sure Doctor. But please if she says something that I am the false Prophet, bring her here and let her tell us why she thinks I am the false prophet.

I told you why she is the false prophet. Now let her tell me why I am the false prophet. I would be very glad to hear it and see why. If I am the false prophet, I am the first person who is going to drop this and go away. But I do not think so.

There is no way that it is possible, but I would like to hear her answer.

Anyway, so, the first step in the EPD, the Eternal Divine Path, is meditation, awakening your spiritual forces and becoming aware that Spirit exists. You are not the physical body. You are not this manifested world. This manifested world actually is a very small part of the universe.

Therefore you become humble because you realize how small you are. If you do not have the Eternal Divine Path, just like this lady, you might create a siddhi or a power, and you start raising peoples kundalini or obtain a 900 number and tell people, Call me, I will tell you your future, I am a psychic. You fall for the power. You do not fall for the Words of God. Therefore the next step in the Eternal Divine Path is for you to direct your energy that you awakened toward your meditation, your awakening of your spiritual forces, toward the creation of the Communities of Light.

That is the Old Testament. The whole Old Testament is based on God is trying to find a people who will accept Him as God. They are not seeking powers; they are not seeking siddhis.

Macc, you have to ask your questions one at a time. Wait until your answer has been given and then go to the next one. That way it is a better flow of the Conversation.

Therefore the next step is, you want to create Communities of Light. How many of the people who meditate in India want to create the Communities of Light? They want to escape the world. They want to go to the mountains. They become the Mahatmas or become the gurus, sit there, and everyone worships them, etc.

So the next step is to direct your energy toward creation of the Communities of Light. The goal is not to gain power. The goal is not to awaken or raise your kundalini or anything like that, but to direct it toward the Communities of Light. That is the Old Testament.

In the New Testament you sacrifice for the Communities of Light. That is what Christ taught humanity, sacrifice. Give of yourself. Ego does not want to give to anyone. Ego wants to take. Ego is like a black hole, it sucks from everyone else toward itself. Ego does not have that ability to give and sacrifice.

So the third level, which Christ brought to humanity, is sacrifice. When you sacrifice, you have to overcome your ego and you become humble.

The fourth step that Prophet Muhammad or Islam brought is surrendering and submission to God. How many people who meditate want to become surrendered and submissive to God? They think they are God.

Everyone is God because we are a part of Him. But they come to you and say, I am God. OK sure, you are god, so am I, so is everyone else. But the way they say it, it is like they are god only, no one else is God. And that is ego.

Therefore just meditation might create a bigger ego than a regular person. But the Eternal Divine Path dissolves it.

In the fourth level you have to understand the Will of God for you. That humbles you. That destroys your ego because now you have to let God come through instead of thanking yourself and asking everyone else to thank you and craving for attention and thankfulness for your ego. You always say, All thanks go to God.

Therefore I am not taking any credit. All the good things I do are Godly and from God, and therefore I am humble. I am not egoistical.

Of course if you say, All thanks go to God, but you really do not mean it and you still feel thanks go to you, you have not received it correctly. So that humbles you very well. If you do it well, it will humble you well.

Then you become a universalist. That was the message of Bahai and Bab. You expand your mind and you accept everyone as a part of God, and God as the only subject of worship. That also again humbles you because you do not crave people to worship you, but you direct them to worship God. Therefore again the humility will come to you, and you will become humble.

So the Eternal Divine Path is the fastest way of, not only creating Communities of Light, but spiritually progressing in all levels. It destroys the narrowness of the mind. It humbles the ego. It brings the ability to share. It will make you to create the Communities of Light. In this process is when your spiritual progress will occur in a greater degree.

Therefore the Eternal Divine Path not only humbles you, not only brings humility to you, it also helps to bring the Kingdom of God on earth. So it is the perfect Spiritual Path that has been given to humanity now.

I am not blaming if the people are seeking power. I am not blaming the people that want to, the things that most humans want. They are taught like that. They have been brought up like that.

Now they have to realize the Will of God, humility, and creation of the Communities of Light, the creation of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, sharing, and the things that most humans do not want to do. That is difficult for a lot of them.

But as they are educated, as they see the Will of God, as they see the Scriptures, they eventually will overcome and forego what their ideas are but will replace them with Gods Ideas.

Go ahead Shakti, your hand is up.

Shakti: Thank you, Maitreya-ji. Joining in discussion, listening as you are speaking of humility and thankfulness, it brings me to yesterday in the PalTalk room. We were discussing Grace. So this brings me to this question about Grace.

As you are speaking about humility and thankfulness, becoming a universalist, and following the Eternal Divine Path, so Grace we would be reaching, coming into His Grace as we become more humble and thankful? Right? Thank you, Maitreya.

Maitreya: Yes indeed. Actually salvation without Grace is impossible. The person who wants to go to God by force, or by just awakening their spiritual forces, as we have talked many times, God clearly says in the Bible that, I will spew you out of my mouth.

In India they have been meditating and awakening their kundalini for thousands of years but they do not have the Kingdom of God on earth. They do not have the Kingdom of God in India.

If their teaching really was the ultimate, and that is the only way to go, they should have had the best society, the most prosperous, and the wonderful things should have happened to them. But they have disease. They have poverty. They have lots of problems that they are facing because their teaching is only a part of the Eternal Divine Path.

Then Christ comes, and reveals and releases The Grace to humanity. His followers are eating pork, they are not following exactly what God said to follow, and they are doing a lot of things that are not according to the Scriptures. Then His followers have the fattest part of the earth, and they have been blessed with a great part of His world.

Therefore we can see that Grace brings a greater degree of salvation and closeness to God than just meditating and trying to force yourself into heaven. God clearly says that those who do that, it is not acceptable and they will be spewed out of His Mouth.

Therefore you have to strive for Grace, not powers. If you follow the Eternal Divine Path, you have no choice but to receive The Grace because that is His Path, it is His Way.

God clearly wants to see His Kingdom to come to earth. That is the whole Old Testament. If the First Seal was perfect, why do we need the Second Seal, which was the Old Testament and brought with Abraham? Then everyone would follow the First Seal and that was it; everyone would meditate and would reach Mohkti or salvation.

But God sent another Seal. He said, OK, after you meditate, after you try to awaken your spiritual forces, you direct the energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light. You do not just sit there and meditate, and meditate, and meditate, and like many people in the Far East, you become so escapist that you say, This world is illusion.

This world is not an illusion. This world is a relative truth. If they understand that then they do not go to the mountains and forsake this world and make their society fall and become miserable but they engage themselves in the society, in this world, in this community, and create an environment that will bring a greater degree of unity and equity to man, and justice. These are the things that God Wills and wants to see happen on earth. Therefore by doing that, being just, bringing unity, bringing the Communities of Light, it will awaken Gods Grace.

Then it says, sacrifice. Give up yourself, share. Do not give to yourself and hoard. Just like the manna, when the manna came to the children of Israel in the desert, God said, Do not hoard them. Just eat them. The next day I am going to give you more. Some of them hoarded the manna. The next day, not only they could not receive the manna, but also the manna they had hoarded had spoiled, and it was no good.

So that again, sacrifice and sharing, brings greater closeness to humanity and greater communities instead of everyone being self-centered. That Grace brings Grace.

Anyone who understands Christ, His teaching, and His sacrifice for man will receive The Grace of God. They do not have to meditate too much or anything but The Grace of God will help them in a greater degree.

Then you go and know what the Will of God is, and you let God come through. What does that mean? You let The Spirit of God come through, and The Spirit of God is The Holy Ghost, and The Spirit of God or The Holy Ghost is The Grace.

You see? In the Fourth Seal if you really, truly let God come through all the time, then you have Grace with you all the time. Your salvation is much more accelerated than just trying to meditate and just awakening your spiritual forces alone.

When you become a universalist, you shatter all narrowness of the mind. There is no man or woman or child or anyone in the universe you can separate from yourself. You cannot.

You cannot say, us and them. It is impossible. How can there be us and them? Everything is God. The universe is God. Therefore we cannot separate one another. That also brings Grace because it shatters all the narrowness of the mind. That is the teaching of the Bab and Bahaullah.

With these five steps, you become an Elect. You will have The Grace because you have no choice by following the Eternal Divine Path.

Yes, your assumption is correct. Grace is greater than meditation. Grace is greater than powers or siddhis that many people long for. The Grace will bring the greater degree of understanding and closeness to God than any person with the powers will ever experience.

So Grace is the goal. Actually the Eternal Divine Path is the Goal but The Grace is a by-product. One day you will receive a lot of Grace and oneness with God, and you will say, Look, I really do not exist. Only God exists. Then you and God are One. That is the goal of yoga.

Yoga means union, to become one. Of course yoga alone is not going to make you permanently stay with God but the Eternal Divine Path will.

The more we create people like that, the more we create the Communities of Light, the more we teach man not to seek egoistical things but to become humble and follow the Eternal Divine Path, the more we can rid ourselves of the false teachings and false understandings, and free ourselves to the Words of God. God has been trying to tell humanity these things for the last 12,000 years, and the human still is attached to their understanding.

Now is the time to teach them, to call the Elects to explain these things to them. As the Elects see this, they can understand it. It makes so much sense to them that they have no problem with it whatsoever.

KrishnaBhakti is asking:

KrishnaBhakta: Thank you, and what is, who is, Maitreya?

Maitreya: Maitreya is the Revealer of the Seventh Seal. Maitreya is the expected Savior, or Messiah, or Teacher, or whatever every religion is waiting for. Hindus call him the Kalki Avatar, and they are waiting for Him to come as the tenth Avatar of the Hindu religion. When He comes, He will bring the unity and great Revelation for Hindus so they can progress in a greater degree to the next step in their understanding of God.

It is called Maitreya in Buddhism. Buddhists are waiting for Maitreya to come. Jews and Christians call him Messiah. That is who they are waiting to come.

Moslems are waiting for Christ to return, and also Bahais are waiting for He Whom God Shall Make Manifest to return, to come to humanity.

All of these beliefs are talking about the same person, one Revealer of the truth. It has been said that all the Revelations before the Seventh Angel, or coming of this Expected Person, are two parts of the twenty-seven parts of Gods Revelation. When the last Revelation comes, the rest of the twenty-five will be revealed to humanity. And that is truth.

If you read THOTH and understand our teachings, you will be amazed at how much truth and Revelation has come to humanity, and how many things have been explained that have been sources of friction between many religions. Now you can see clearly, Yes, it is an explanation that makes sense.

Why Khatam and Khatem? Why is Christ the Third Seal? He is not the only way, but only all the Revealers were the way, truth, and no one goes to the Father but through them, and many, many things.

And who is Christ? What does Christ mean? Why did Christ say, I am the Son of God, and then also, I am the son of man? What do they mean? Was really Christ God or was He just a Prophet? All these questions have been answered for humanity, and therefore this is the Revelation for every man, woman, and child.

If you are a Hindu, you will understand. If you understand our teachings, you will understand your religion in a greater degree.

If you are a Jew, if you are a Buddhist, if you are a Christian, if you are a Moslem, if you are a Bahai, no matter what religion you are in, you will become a better follower of that religion if you understand this teaching.

That is why people come here and ask, Are you a Christian? and we say, Yes, we are very good Christians.

Are you a Jew? Yes, we are very good Jews.

Are you a Moslem? Yes, we are very good Moslems.

Are you a Hindu? Yes, we are very good Hindus, and Buddhists, etc.

Therefore this is the Revelation that will improve every man and woman on earth.

This, you are asking, Who is Maitreya? Maitreya is all of these and more. If you want to understand our teachings, go to our website and study our teachings. See the Revelation. See the fulfillment of the prophecies and know that whoever you are expecting to come is here. That teaching has been revealed to man.

Macc is asking:

Macc88gt: The little book talked about in Rev. 10:8 is the THOTH, or not?

Maitreya: No, that little book that it is talking about is the intellectual understandings. THOTH is not little. THOTH is huge. THOTH is very big and covers a lot of things.

THOTH is not that little book. That little book, if you had studied and read the Revelation of The Revelation, it explains that little book is the intellectual understanding. It is very sweet, and people who like intellectual discussions or understanding, they love it. But when it goes to their stomach it becomes bitter. THOTH is not doing that at all. THOTH is sweet.

Actually THOTH might be bitter in your mouth but it is going to be very sweet in your stomach. If in the beginning, if you want to meditate, awaken your spiritual forces, create Communities of Light, sacrifice, surrender and submit to God, and become a universalist, it is very difficult for people to do that.

Every step in the Eternal Divine Path shatters one part of the barrier or egoistical persuasion in man. Therefore the human actually might struggle to follow the Eternal Divine Path.

It is very bitter in their mouth in the beginning but when they eat It and they follow It, It becomes very sweet because they become great in life and they will progress in a greater degree.

Therefore that little book is not THOTH. The little book is the intellectual understanding, which is sweet in your mouth and it is bitter in your stomach. THOTH is very bitter in your mouth and very sweet in your stomach.

Tatiana is asking:

Tatiana26: Can you please tell me about the Seven Seals?

Maitreya: Tatiana, I can tell you about them, and I will. But we encourage everyone to go to the website. That website has been really in the making for the last twenty-five years, and there is so much there to learn.

But in general the Seven Seals

Tatiana26: I have tried the website. I cannot get it here.

Maitreya: OK, sure. I can explain it here for you. Now we have many religions on earth, for example, we have Hinduism. We have Buddhism. We have mystical religions like people in Africa or the Bushman in Australia, or people in South America, who also believe in spirits and even dance sometimes and let the Spirit come into them and they go to ecstasy. There are the Far East Philosophies that people follow. There is Cabbala in Judaism that talks about the Spirit and God are One.

There are Saints in Christianity who have experienced Christ, and they create a direct relationship with God. Or like Sufis who jump of Joy and they say they are God, and the Orthodox Moslems will become petrified, How can you be God? God is God. Prophet Muhammad is His Prophet. And the rest are the slaves of God. How can a man become God?

All these teachings, Hinduism, Buddhism, Mystical Paths, Cabbala, Christian Saints, and Sufis, have a direct experience with God. That is their goal, to have a direct experience with the Spirit.

These all fall in the First Seal in our teaching. The First Seal is to meditate, awaken your spiritual forces. It does not have to happen overnight. It might take years. It might take lifetimes but follow the Eternal Divine Path: Meditate regularly. Do The Reminder. Attend the morning and evening Reminder with the rest of the people in the Mission. Meditate by yourself. Study the teaching, become proficient in that, and little by little you will feel you will awaken your spiritual forces and feel a greater degree of Spirit. But that is not the goal.

A lot of these Mystical Paths, like Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, and the rest, teach that that is the goal, you meditate and you fall into God and you become one with God. But we say, No, the next step is revealed in the Old Testament. If you read the Old Testament, the whole Old Testament is about God was struggling with the Hebrews to make a community out of them who accepts God as their King, or they are absolutely concentrated on God. They will follow His Laws, and they receive The Grace.

The next step is to direct this energy that you create in your meditation toward the creation of the Communities of Light, which God desires to see, is created. It is from these communities that the hierarchy or the Kingdom of God will come on earth.

Therefore the creation of the Communities of Light is the next step or the Second Seal, which is based on the teaching of the Old Testament. Now in order to create Communities of Light, if everyone in the community says, What is in it for me? and becomes self-centered, selfish, and egoistical, never, ever will that community be formed or be created.

So the next step in the Eternal Divine Path is to sacrifice, to overcome the ego, to become humble, and the ability to live with other people and share, and give of yourself into the community. That is the message of Christ in the Third Seal. So this is the Third Seal of Christ, bringing the message of sacrifice.

What did Christ do? He sacrificed himself for his ideal. In order to create such communities, you sacrifice in those communities; you give of yourself to them. You do not say, What is in it only for me? but, What is in it for everyone in the community? Therefore you become a productive, active member in the community, and you help the community to grow, to spread, to bring everyone to create more communities.

Therefore the Third Seal is the sacrifice. It is the New Testament and the Message of Christ. Still when you sacrifice a lot, and nothing happens, nothing manifests, you become discouraged. You say, What is going on? I put so much effort, and it is not happening.

Or you do something and it starts happening, you become egoistical and say, I have done all these things, and then you cut The Grace. The moment ego comes, The Grace will be cut off.

So the next step is to realize, What is the Will of God? We know the Will of God is to follow the Eternal Divine Path. The Will of God is to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. The Will of God is to follow these teachings and Revelations of God for the last 12,000 years.

Now what is the Will of God for me? Why has God created me? Where do I fall into this Revelation and Eternal Divine Path?

Therefore the next step is to be able to know the Will of God and do the Will of God, and to surrender the result to God, not being attached to the result. One of the problems of the ego is, it becomes very attached to whatever we do.

We want to be praised for what we do. We want to be acknowledged with what we do. We want to always, our ego craves for more attention, more attachment to things around us. Therefore the next step is to do the Will of God, to meditate, to awaken your spiritual forces, create the Communities of Light, sacrifice, and then know the Will of God, and whatever you do, surrender the result to God.

Even greater than surrendering is submission, realizing that God is doing it through us all the time. If God is doing it, am I attached to the result? I did not do anything, God. I am not giving this Satsang. God is giving this Satsang.

Would it help anyone? Fine, great. It is their privilege that they have been helped. Therefore the next step is submission. That means letting God come through all the time.

That is the message of Islam. Islam means surrendering and submission to God. If the Moslems understand what really surrendering and submission means then they will surrender and submit to God and will accept the next three Revelations, and they will also progress in a greater degree.

With all those things we might concentrate our ability and realization to a small part of the universe. Therefore we narrow ourselves in realizing that God is everything.

The next step is to become a universalist. That means that the universe is God, everything is God, and therefore I am a part of the universe, I am a part of God, and I cannot separate, or hurt, or do anything to hurt any other part of the universe.

Therefore you expand your mind and you include everyone into your consciousness and your being. You shatter all narrowness of the spirit or ego or whatever, and you will free yourself from that narrowness.

With these five steps, you will become an Elect. That is the Revelation of the Sixth Seal. The Sixth Seal reveals a concept called, Paravipras.

Paravipras are the people who follow the Eternal Divine Path. They understand this Path has Seven Seals. The first five are to follow, and each of these Seals have come from one or more religions on earth. Not only do they follow the Eternal Divine Path, not only do they progress in the greatest and fastest degree toward becoming a Paravipra and helping everyone and bringing the Kingdom of God on earth, also they see that all religions of the world are unified.

They do not separate themselves as Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, this or that, but they understand that God sent all these Revelations. The Seventh step is the Revelation of this Mission, which God Blessed me to bring to humanity, and that is the opening of the Seven Seals, or the Book sealed with the Seven Seals, which explains all these things and reveals that there are Seven Seals, shows a Path to salvation, and therefore, hopefully, eventually will help humanity to reach Pure Consciousness and bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

So this is the base of our teachings. I hope you understand them now. Now that it has been explained, go back to our website and read them in a greater degree so that might help you understand even more what this Revelation, this teaching, and this Mission is all about.

All right, I think we are at the end of our time.

Justkidding is asking:

Justkidding_1: The followers of Muhammad have been given permission to take up the sword to further Islam? If yes, is there an expiration date?

Maitreya: Yes, it expired when Bab came. Bab came as the Mehdi, and it was done. Actually, yes, God gave them the ability to convert 1/4th of the earth to Islam, and they have already done it.

So their time is up. Then Bab came. They were in that state, and therefore it is expired.

Tatiana26: I understand that, thank you.

Maitreya: You are welcome, Tatiana.

OK Homoeopathic is asking:

HomoeopathicDoctor: How many people are in Communities of Light right now as per the Mission of Maitreya? And in how many countries do you have the Mission so far? Thanks for your answer. I do enjoy reading THOTH.

Maitreya: We really do not count how many people are in the Mission. We actually are not in the process of the creation of the Communities of Light at this time. We are looking for the Elects and creation of the Facilitating Body.

Communities of Light eventually will form after the Facilitating Body will be formed. Eventually we will have a systematic and organized way to disseminate these teachings and create Communities of Light all over the earth.

How many people are in the Mission? I really do not know. They are many people who know us, they have heard us, and they have come. Sometimes we hear from them; they have done this or that. The very dedicated people, of course, stay with us. They are in contact with the Mission, and there are many wonderful people in the Mission that are doing wonderful things that are manifesting itself every day in one way or the other. It is amazing how few people can accomplish so much.

Just imagine if the number increases and we have so many wonderful things happening all over the place. Therefore it is fantastic to see it unfold itself in such a way. I am hoping that it accelerates itself very soon.

OK, Justkidding is asking:

Justkidding_1: I see, now all the suicide bombers are really misguided!

Maitreya: Well, a lot of people are misguided on this earth right now. They are misguided, and others are misguided. So it is a lot of misguidance going on, on earth. If we come together and create the Communities of Light, the reason for being misguided will be taken away. Hopefully we will create the respect, love, and understanding for one another and create an environment that people should not be doing that.

It is just absolutely inhuman that a person reaches a point that they will blow themselves up. It is just beyond human imagination.

If we take away the reasons that they do that, probably they will stop doing that as well.

Tatiana26: Do you believe in spiritual gifts?

Maitreya: Yes, we do believe in spiritual gifts. But you should not work on them. You should not become very attached to them. The most important thing is to follow the Eternal Divine Path, not spiritual gifts which are called powers, are called siddhis, and therefore they come to man.

Those things are gifts, are our birthright to have. Actually human had them before the Flood of Noah. They misused them, and that is why the flood came because they were not trying to go to God but they were misusing their powers. That was their fall.

Therefore the goal is not to strive for powers, or siddhis, or gifts, but to follow the Eternal Divine Path and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

OK [reading from text] Thank you OK I do not see any other question. Anyway we are over our time. I guess I am just going to stop here.

Sal-OM to everyone. Be with God. Engage yourself with the Eternal Divine Path, follow it, and realize that indeed, all religions are unified, no one is left out, and all are here to be unified together.

Sal-OM everyone.

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