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Maitreya: Welcome to the Conversation Room of the Mission of Maitreya. We have these Conversations every week on Saturdays. Hopefully you have gone to our website and studied what this Revelation is and how all the religions of the world are already unified.

Many people come to our room, and they are very surprised to hear that all religions are unified. They tell us that it is impossible to unify all religions. But what is impossible for man, is not impossible for God. Indeed humanity has been Blessed with the truth that has come to them through this Mission.

We can see the fulfillment of all prophecies and the Plan that God has been telling humanity will happen, is being accomplished right in front of our eyes. We have never had a nation with half a billion population, and now we do.

Europe now has twenty-five nations that have been combined together, create around 500 million strong. That is what we have been saying for the last twenty-five years, that Europe will be the next superpower on earth. That is what has been prophesied, which comes from the two legs of the image that King Nebuchadnezzar saw in his dream.

The two legs were from iron. It was explained that those two legs are the Roman Empire. At the end time there are going to be ten toes that will emerge that are half iron and half clay. Since the legs have been iron, the toes also will be iron. So it means it is something coming out of the Roman Empire, and that is Europe.

So again another sign is right in front of our eyes and your eyes, that it is the end time. The ten toes of the image now has been formed to completeness, and we are going toward the fulfillment of the rest of the prophecies and Gods Revelation that has been told that will come at this time.

As iron and clay do not mix, these ten toes are not going to be strong. The feet are not going to be powerful, and they cannot hold up the image, which is made of clay, iron, gold, and other heavy material. When the stone comes and hits this image, the Kingdom of earth will be the Kingdom of God.

And what is that stone? That stone is our teachings that have come to humanity for their guidance, unity, kingdom, peace, oneness, and seeing that every man, woman, and child is the Essence of God, and we cannot go on and kill one another. Each man, woman, and child is precious in the Eye of God, no matter where they are, who they are, or what part of the world they are from. They are still the Children of God.

History has shown that no matter how powerful a nation is, eventually another nation or people will become more powerful and they will do to others what the other people did to them. No matter how much they say that what happened to them was awful, when they come to power they do the same thing to other people.

Humanity has to learn eventually, this process is going to go on forever. If they do not stop, this will eventually destroy them. They have to come to understand our teachings and realize that there is only One God. There is only One God who has been promising all these promises. He has fulfilled all the prophecies He has given to humanity to this point, and He will fulfill the rest of them.

So the message is very clear. God truly exists, first. Some people say, Well, the Ten Commandments, or the Word of God no longer apply. They are outmoded; they no longer have the power and truth in them as people used to follow them.

But in this Revelation God says, No, I am very much alive and in control, and I have been sending all these Revelations to humanity. Now we can see clearly how each of them falls in a greater truth, which is called The Greatest Sign and the Eternal Divine Path. The Book that was sealed with the Seven Seals is now opened to humanity to see the mystery of God.

You cannot understand your religion, you cannot understand the Revelation you received unless you read The Holiest Of The Holies, unless you read THOTH and this Revelation. Then your religion will become clear to you.

This is what the human has to realize and understand: No matter what your religion is, what Revelation you have received, where you have been born, unless you understand the Revelation of the Seventh Seal, revealed with the Seventh Angel, God is a mystery.

These are very simple truths that every human should be taught, and they should see the Word of God indeed supports this information and this Revelation. We are not going to take a sword and fight. We will take the Book, the information, and the truth, and those who have the slightest spirit of God in them will see that the Word of God is being fulfilled right in front of their eyes.

The Revelation that has been prophesied to come at the end time now is here. It makes sense. It unifies humanity. It shows the way to bring the Kingdom of God on earth. The time also clearly shows that indeed we are at the point of the coming of the Kingdom.

Therefore be an Elect, be a chosen person. Come, join, and spread this Message, as many people now have committed themselves to doing that. We have been receiving people that are self-motivated and spreading this Message in many wonderful ways.

You can do so many things with this Revelation. You can make movies. You can make presentations. You can teach wherever you are. Start a school. Start a meditation class. Start something that you can reach to humanity and give this Message to every man and woman on earth.

Of course we have to use every tool that God has given us so we can reach every human and let them know, we are not their enemy. We are not against them. We are not against Jews, or Hindus, or Buddhists, or Christians, or Moslems, or Bahais. We are giving them the last Revelation of God. We are giving the truth that has been prophesied to come at the end time.

Therefore open your mind. Open your heart. Be receptive to Gods Words and prove it to yourself if this is true or not. If you truly understand the teachings and accept that God is sending this, you will see the truth.

I guess there is a question. Justkidding is asking:

Justkidding_1: Sal-OM Maitreya, talking about end times; is it true that there will be a great war such that the vultures will have their fill for up to six months, or is that in the past?

Maitreya: Well, we have never had a war that vultures could have eaten for six months of their fill. Indeed after the opening of the Seven Seals, that is when the end time really starts. God and the Mission, and every sensible person on earth wishes that, that would not happen, that we will not come to the point of such destruction.

However, the human will not listen. They are not ready for peace. Each man, woman, and child are born to different cultures, different religions, and different understandings of life, and they do not and cannot agree with each other because they do not know our teachings.

Even those who know our teachings, still they are very attached to their cultures. Some people who agree with us, they are afraid if they come out and say, Yes, we agree, where they live is not an environment that is going to support them, or maybe even will be hostile to them.

We have seen every Prophet who came and brought a Revelation to man, except Jonah, instead of humanity listening to him, they have crucified him, they have shot at him, they have killed him, and they have stoned him. They have called him a liar. They have called him a devil. They accused him of many things.

They would not seek and see it was the Word of God. They would not spend time, go through the teachings, and see, Did God really say He was going to send Seven Revelations? Did He say that He will be a mystery until the end time, until the Revelation of the Seventh Angel?

Did God seal the Revelation of the end times from even great Prophets like Daniel, Ezekiel, who have prophesied the coming of this time? All of them have prophesied that it is going to be a destructive period that is coming to humanity at the end time.

We will not bring it to them. They will bring it to themselves.

This Revelation, of course, is to clearly see, Yes, God indeed said these things are going to happen. That last war has not happened yet, that last destruction that the whole humanity is going to throw their hands up and say, What are we doing? We cannot bring peace, unity, and beauty on earth until we stop our egos, this egoistical persuasion, and our own understandings but go to the Word of God.

How did He, or will He bring the peace, unity, and tranquility among us? That is what THOTH, the Revelations, and the Scriptures have been trying to convey to humanity to this point. Now with this Revelation we have the rest of the teaching and the truth, and how this can be accomplished.

First, everyone has to understand that they have the Essence of God in them. They are in the image of God.

You are not god but you are in the image of God. That means you can manifest Gods Qualities. You can manifest Compassion, Love, and Understanding. Understand instead of being understood. Love instead of craving to be loved.

Realize the Essence in you, which is one with God, and see that Essence in every other man, woman, and child; therefore you will not want to kill them, or destroy them, or oppose them. They are killing each other just like nothing, just like it is OK.

That is the ego. Another thing the human has to realize and understand, what is the ego? Our ego is conditioned according to where we have been born, what religion we have been born in, and how we have been grown up. We are conditioned to believe that we are better than other people. We are the chosen people. No one is better than us. We are the only way. Everyone else is no good. We can kill them.

We have the last word. Why they do not listen to us? So we can see all the ego conditions on earth are there and humans have to understand this teaching, understand their egos, the way God has revealed, their subconscious mind, how it became conditioned and makes us do the things that we usually do not do.

If we take a gun and kill someone, the police are going to come and put us in the prison. Probably we will be prosecuted and eventually be killed.

But if we are in a war and we kill people, that is glorified. That is OK. If I kill a person who is not in my religion, they were infidels. It is OK to kill them. If I kill another person, which is not from my nation, it is OK. I am a soldier, and I should be glorified.

If we understand these things then we see, No, killing is killing. And there is only One God. The human has to come together as one nation under One God.

Justkidding_1: Can you talk about the state of Pure Consciousness (no more ego)? How may I visualize it?

Maitreya: OK you are asking to explain God. As I said many times, God is unexplainable. But you can experience God.

How many people have been trying to explain God? How many mystics, how many religious people? How many Prophets have come to humanity and they have written and explained the state of Pure Consciousness, or Oneness with God?

How many Sufis have jumped of Joy and said, Annallah, I am God? How many Saints in Christianity dedicated their lives to praying and being in oneness with Christ and explained how wonderful it is? How many Cabbalists realized God in the deepest level and became universalists?

How many Hindus and Buddhists reached Pure Consciousness and Nirvana?

So they have been trying to explain that state for 12,000 years, at least for 6,000 years, and they have not succeeded to convey that message. We are in the same place and same boat again, trying to explain something that is not explainable. But when you experienced it, you have no doubt. You know the Oneness, clarity of mind, and unity between your spirit and Gods Spirit.

So Pure Consciousness, God, eternity, all those things, cannot be explained.

Justkidding is asking:

Justkidding_1: It is a goal we are trying to reach. Can't we have maybe a mental picture of how it is?

Maitreya: No, we cannot. For a mental picture, read the Upanishads, read the Koran, read the Old Testament, read the New Testament, read the Bhagavad-Gita. They eventually create a mental image. You can try to imagine it. But it is beyond imagination. It is beyond mind.

How can you imagine something or think about it? That is one trap a lot of intellectuals and humans fall into; they try to imagine it, they try to explain it, and they try to intellectually understand God with their minds.

But God is beyond mind. How can you understand what is beyond mind unless you experience it?

Justkidding_1: Can one experience Pure Consciousness in the flesh, right now?

Maitreya: Of course. That is what the goal of the life is. The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, to be(come) one with God. Haree Om Shrii Hung. And that God, that Divinity, is Everything, Om Nam Kevalam.

There is no separation between you and God. You are already in Pure Consciousness right now, but you have the umbrella of the ego over your Self, and therefore you are blocking the Spirit of God to come through.

That is why the whole Mission is based on purification and awakening of your spiritual forces. All the tools like meditation, prayer, Satsang, service, Fifteen Commandments, Thirty-Three Virtues, Kirtan, diet, everything, has been given to you to purify yourself so you can eventually overcome the ego.

Of course the greatest one is the Eternal Divine Path, which shatters all the ego-cravings and the tools that do not let us to go to God. These are all given to purify you so you can experience God.

If you have not experienced God, you have a religion. When you experience God, you are Divine. So that is why in a sense we are not a religion. Of course it depends on what and how you define religion. But we are not really a religion.

That is why Hinduism and Buddhism almost cannot be called religion in the higher level, because the goal is Oneness with God. The whole goal is to have an experience with God, to have a connection with God. When you experience eternity, you have no question; you know there is eternity.

It is mind, which is trying to explain things. Experience does not need explanation. It is just like those ten intellectuals who were standing in front of the mango tree and were trying to figure out how the mango tastes.

One of them was saying, Because it has such a root, and it has such a trunk, branches, and leaves, it should taste bitter.

Another one came in and said, No, it is because of this and that, it should taste dull.

So each of these ten intellectuals were trying to figure out what the mango tastes like. Then a yogi came. He asked them what they were doing. They told him, We have been trying to figure out how the mango tastes.

The yogi just picked up the mango, ate it, and said, It tastes good. It tastes great. It is sweet and delicious.

So taste God. Do not try to explain God and figure It out with the intellectual explanation and imagining Pure Consciousness. Pure Consciousness is a state that there is no question left, you are absolutely one with the universe and you know every detail of the smallest information in the whole universe.

It is beyond human mind. It is an amazing experience of knowing what the smallest fish in the ocean does, or is doing, so clearly. When you experience that then no doubt will be left in you, and you indeed have a taste of the mango.

That is why we want to create the Communities of Light. In the Communities of Light people have time to meditate. They are not worried about their physiological and safety needs. If people share, there is enough for everyone on earth and in the universe, especially if humans reach to space and utilize what is available to them. There are infinite resources out there, and their physiological and safety needs will be taken care of easily.

In the Communities of Light, people purify themselves and follow the Eternal Divine Path.

Ramyah: How do you single out the Creator from other gods?

Maitreya: Other gods are either unclean spirits or their consciousnesses have been trapped in the ethereal level. They have not created the universe. They do not know how it works. They have not gone through the Eternal Divine Path, and they have not sent the Revelations to humanity. They will not bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

That is how we know the true God. That God is not with the small g; that is with the capital G. And He / It / She, which is beyond any of the genders, has created the universe.

The small gods will not take you to Pure Consciousness. They will not bring the Kingdom of God on earth. They have not sent Revelations and Prophets to humanity. They have not fulfilled all the promises God has given to man to this point. Therefore they are false, and with following them, you will fall away from the truth.

Another question is,

Ramyah: You give too much credit to God, when there is more than one.

Maitreya: There is no, more than one. There is only One God. Other gods are created by human imagination. If we have two gods, it is just like an organization that has two presidents. There is going to be chaos.

There are going to be two centers pulling that organization to two different directions. Of course that organization can have a board of directors that they sit, talk, decide, and make a decision, the collective mind with one another.

But the final decision lies with the president, or the head of the whole organization. There has to be one final authority.

Those religions or beliefs that do not recognize that there is only one God, have a lot of confusion in them. Although even in those religions there is always one being that is the greater than all of the other gods or beings. That one is the one that really unifies them, if they concentrate on him or her.

Therefore there is only one Great God. Even in the American Indian teaching, there is the Great Spirit. In Hinduism, there is Brahma. They are the ultimate state of Godness. Any other God between them and man are lower energies, which will not unify but will create great division among a religion and confusion between them.

But if all of them concentrate on Atman, Self, within themselves, which is God, then they go beyond any of these lesser gods and they realize that they indeed are one with that Spirit, which is everything.

Ramyah: Does your God have a name?

Maitreya: It is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. But as Prophet Muhammad said, It also has all the beautiful names, and according to Prophet Muhammad, there are 3,000 names for God. Humanity knows 2,999 of them. One of them is His Sacred Name, or Holy Name, that no one knows unless it has been revealed to you. That is the Name that is revealed in the Mission to those who are dedicated and are initiated in the Mission.

Actually according to Moslems, God has 99 names that have been revealed to man. But in truth He had 3,000 names, according to Prophet Muhammad. Of course, every good name, anything you want to say, which is good, or it is a quality, God has it.

But what is His Name? His Name cannot be pronounced in the external world or uttered. The moment you put it in the external world, it will be corrupted and it is not the Name of the True God, which is within every man, woman, and child.

That is why in the Old Testament and at the time of Hebrews, if someone uttered the Holy Name, The Word, or tried to, it was called, blasphemy and taking the Name of God in vain. Sometimes they were even stoned for doing that.

Another question here is:

Kirtana_Greece: Does God have many forms and names but comes from the same Source?

Maitreya: Yes, everything in the universe is God. There is nothing, which is not God. That is what, Om Nam Kevalam, in our Universal Mantra means: God is Everything. There is nothing that you can look at, which is not God.

God created this universe. Where did He obtain the material to build it? He did not have a convenience store at the end of the street to go to and buy material and build the universe.

The only material He had was His own Body. Therefore He used that Body, which is Him, to create the universe. That is why in the Koran it says that God is even closer to you than your vein. It is with you.

There is no separation between you and God. They are all One. The whole creation, the whole universe is God in different levels, states, names, and manifestations. But anything, which has the attributes of manifestation, is not the ultimate; it is not the Source.

In this Revelation, our approach is to go to the Source, to the Essence. Any name, any form, any shape, any taste, any sound, all of them are great, even might be very close to God. But they are not God yet. They are still in the manifested world.

So we can see that God indeed now is revealing Itself to humanity in the highest, in every level from the Revelation and explanation of His Plan to this point.

Actually someone wrote in our website in the prophecies that all the Revelations before this Revelation only explain two parts of God. God has twenty-seven parts. All the Revelations before this Revelation only explained two parts.

This Revelation explains the rest, the twenty-five parts that God has kept a mystery from man and now is revealing to humanity. That is why we are saying, You cannot understand your religion until you understand this Revelation, no matter what your religion is.

This is the Revelation that explains your religion. It lets you understand the meaning of what your religion, where it falls, and what part of Gods Plan it belongs to.

That is why it is so crucial for every person on earth to read and understand this Revelation and Vision, and to see it clearly what God has been doing and where their Revelation, religion, and understanding falls. Then everyone would say, Yes, there is only One God, and there is no God but Him. There is no God beside Him.

Golshareraz is asking:

Golshaneraz 9: What is the Source?

Maitreya: The Source is the Essence. The Source is what everything has been created from. The Source is Consciousness and three creative forces in the universe.

The Consciousness is that awareness that we have. We have awareness. That is God. That is a part of God, that awareness.

There are also three creative forces. One of them is the crudifying force. One of them is the mutative or energy, and one is the sentient or decision-making part of the universe.

These four elements, consciousness and the three forces, have created the whole universe. If you understand these four elements, you understand the creation.

Someone is asking, Why and how the whole universe can be created with four elements? It is the same thing as color. There are three main colors but how many different colors do we have in the universe? Infinite.

There are four elements as the Essence of God, and these four elements created the whole manifested universe.

Adel is asking:

AdeLDaharma: From Adam to Muhammad (Seal, Khatam) only two letters were revealed?

Maitreya: No, from Adam to Baba. But there were two more Prophets who came after Prophet Muhammad. One is Bab and one is Baba, who brought the organization that I joined.

So all those Revelations and teachings to that point are two letters. You can see actually, probably by Prophet Muhammad, the highest spiritual realization came but universalism came with the Bahai Teaching.

Yes, to this point only two parts have come. Now it is the whole twenty-seven parts.

Justkidding_1: The Revelation, I mean.

Maitreya: OK. You are asking, Which are the first two parts of the Revelation? I see. What are the two?

The first six Seals have been revealed. They are on the website. Some of the people who wrote the prophecies added this to the website. I am not saying this is the complete truth, but it has a lot of truth in it. This Revelation reveals so much more than any Revelation before it. So there is some truth to that statement. But is it two parts or three parts or four parts? That is not something to become a point of argument. The most important thing is: this Revelation is the only one that can explain your religion.

If you do not know THOTH, this Revelation, the Eternal Divine Path, the Seven Seals, The Greatest Sign, and everything that has been given to humanity now, you do not know your religion. It is as simple as that. You just know a part of the very small part of the Akashic Records or The Holy Tablet. That is why Prophet Muhammad clearly said that He revealed only a part of The Holy Tablet. He did not reveal the whole thing.

Now the whole thing has been revealed. That is why no one could be the last Revealer until the Seventh Angel or Seventh Revelation. Now this has been accomplished, and it is revealed. That is why every man and woman is encouraged and obligated to see this Revelation, the Word of God, prophecies, and fulfillment of all of them, come together, and become One.

Ramyah: The 99 names, were they given by your God, or was this given by man?

Maitreya: Well, they are the names that Prophet Muhammad or at least Moslems believe are the Names of God. If you go to any religious bookstore, I think they have one small book called, The Names of God, and you can read them there.

I say God has only One Name, and that cannot be pronounced. But at the same time anything you name, you call, you taste, or you feel, is God. So God is everything.

But those names are an Islamic thing.

Golshaneraz 9: What is the main religion discussed in this room? Is this a Bahai Room?

Maitreya: No, it is not a Bahai room. It is the Mission of Maitreya, and it is the fulfillment of the prophecies by Bab of the coming of He Whom God Shall Make Manifest. Bab prophesied that He would come much later after Him, not nine years later, but at least 200-250 years later. Also, this is as the Scripture clearly says in The Revelation that, He will come shortly after Bab, which means more than nine years.

Golshaneraz 9: What is the Seventh Revelation?

Maitreya: If you go to the Bible in the book, The Revelation, it talks about the Seven Seals and Seven Angels, and it explains how each time each of these Angels or Revealers or Prophets would come, they would bring a message to humanity, and humanity would not listen to them until the Seventh Angel comes.

That is when the end time will be. That is when eventually Gods Kingdom will come on earth.

So it is mostly related to the book of The Revelation. Of course we have a book in our website called Revelation Of The Revelation, which explains what that book means.

No one can explain that book but the one who will bring the Revelation of the Seventh Angel and the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and many, many other things that have been clearly explained in this Mission for those who want to know. So that is what the Seven Revelations are. The Seven Revelations are the Revelations, which have been foretold by God to come to humanity for the last 6,000 years.

They have come in the form of the Mystical Paths, which includes Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Saints in Christianity, Sufis, and many other beliefs that teach, Have an experience with God. Have a direct relationship with God.

If you do not have that direct relationship with God, you do not know God. You are trying to explain God with intellect and in an intellectual way, and you have not experienced Him. So that is the First Step, to experience God. That is the Mystical Paths.

The second Revelation came in the Old Testament. In the Old Testament it clearly says, God is trying to find a people, the Hebrews, the Chosen Ones, who will accept Him as God and will create tribes or communities, which accept Him as the King, His Laws as the Laws, and will follow Him.

That is the Second Revelation or Revealer to humanity. Therefore after awakening your spiritual forces or trying to direct your energy to create the communities based on these teachings, the second step or second Revealer is the Old Testament. The lesson is the Communities of Light.

The Third Revealer is Christ. He is Esa. It is known in the West as Jesus. And of course there is no J in Hebrew; therefore his name never was Jesus. He was not even Yshua. Yshua is a corrupt pronunciation of his Holy Name, which cannot be pronounced as the Name of God.

Therefore He came to humanity in order to show that to create such communities, sacrifice, or not being self-centered, or sharing with others, is necessary. That is the Revealer of the Third Seal or the Third Angel.

Even after awakening your spiritual forces, creation of the Communities of Light (Second Seal), and sacrifice (Third Seal), you might become attached to the result of your actions and your ego comes in.

The Fourth Revelation is Islam, is surrendering and submission to God. That means you surrender the result to God or even better you let God come through. The Fourth Revealer is Prophet Muhammad. Still you might become narrow-minded. You might only consider a part of the universe, or community, or people. That is why we need the next Revelation that came from Bab, Prophet Bab, who brought the universalism.

It means you realize God is everything. You belong to God and the universe. You shatter all narrowness of the mind of gender, nationality, language, and religion. You free yourself from the disease of the mind, which has plagued humanity so badly, and we can see at this time how they are at each others throats and they are killing one another with no feeling whatsoever. And it will become worse. They should understand and become universalists.

You have to go over, beyond, your narrowness of the mind, which comes with identifying yourself with a very small portion of the universe. Shatter it, destroy it, become a universalist, and expand your mind to realize that you belong to God.

You are a part of the universe. You are not a part of anything else. Anything else is narrow. That is the Fifth Revelation or Seal.

A person who goes through these first five steps: Awakening of their spiritual forces (First Seal); direct the energy to create the Communities of Light (Second Seal), Old Testament; sacrifice or not being self-centered as Christ brought in Christianity (Third Seal); become surrendered and submissive to God and His Will for them (Fourth Seal), Islam; become a universalist, shattering every narrowness of the mind (Fifth Seal), Bahai or Babs Revelation; and become an Elect (Sixth Seal).

That is what God has been talking about in all the religions of the world and the Scriptures, My Elect will inherit the earth. My Elect are the ones that are the salt of the earth. They are the ones that God is proud of, God is in Love with, and God wants them to come together and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

That Sixth Revelation came with a gentleman in India called Baba. Of course there are a lot of Babas there. His spiritual name was Shrii Shrii Ananda Murti, the Statue of Bliss. He brought the Path of Bliss. That was the only organization I joined when I came to the United States.

The Seventh Seal or Seventh Revelation is our teaching and Revelation, which explains everything. It is just like the chakras. When you mediate, if you study Indian teaching, only when you reach the seventh chakra will you understand God and become one with God.

You will receive the whole truth. The first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth chakras are OK; you learn a lot. But when you reach the seventh level, that is when the serpent with 1,000 heads will be revealed to you. The rest are only one serpent. Only the seventh level is the one that you connect to God completely.

That is exactly what the seventh Revelation is. Only the Seventh Revelation explains God, His Plan, His Teaching, His Scriptures, and of course the way the Kingdom will come on earth. So it is very much related to the seven Revelations, seven chakras, Seven Seals.

Now it is fulfilled, the seventh chakra of the Revelations to humanity.

It is amazing that people are not rushing to the website and downloading this Revelation, reading it, and understanding it. If they do, they will not be fighting with each other.

Of course God said this Revealer will come as the thief of the night. He will come here and just call the Elects. They only see it and come together. But they are the people who will take this Revelation to their hearts, carry it, and help it, as many people are doing right now.

They have not even had an experience with God but they Love Him from previous lifetimes. They are still struggling in this lifetime but they will eventually have an experience, and they will be the Elects.

So these are the Seven Revelations, and these are the base of our teachings that not only explain the Seven Revelations of God to this point, that each of them have a message, but also when you put them together they become a Path and that is the Path of salvation.

Also it is the Path of bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. So it is amazingly revealed to humanity how Gods Mind works, how His Plan has been, how He has promised to so many Prophets and Revealers, or even to Abram that He would do things, and He has done them to this point. Those who see this clearly have no doubt, God exists. The only thing is that they have not experienced God yet.

That will come to them. Eventually they will experience God. They will have no religions any more but they will become servants of God and will become my co-workers. We will work together to bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

Will it happen in this lifetime? Maybe, maybe not. It does not matter. We will come back again and again until this is accomplished.

There is a question:

Abraham 72: Sefirah Ha Omar.

Maitreya: You have to say it in English. I am not familiar with the Arabic language. I am familiar with the Persian language. It has a lot of Arabic in it but I cannot completely understand Arabic. So if you want to say something in English, say it. Sefirah Ha Omar. Omar was the name of the second Caliph. So I do not know what Sefirah means. You have to explain yourself better there.

OK the next question. Golshaneraz is asking:

Golshaneraz 9: So is the Seventh Sign here, has it manifested yet?

Maitreya: That is what this room is all about, Golshaneraz. Yes indeed, it is not only open, it is here; it is in this room; it is in our website.

We have a room here every day open: All Religions Unified. It is explained there with the wonderful people that they participate in reaching out to humanity. They are spending their valuable time to be here with you to let you know what this Revelation is. They are dedicated people who love to see this Revelation spread and everyone sees this clearly.

Of course they are struggling with many people who come to our room and they have their dogmas and religions, and they come to our room and yell, and throw at us their dogmas. They drown the wonderful Revelation that we are trying to give to humanity.

It is here. It is revealed. The Revelation of the Seventh Angel, opening of the Seventh Seal, has happened. It happened in 1982, and it has been on earth for twenty-five years. So we encourage you to go to our website and see it clearly that God indeed has fulfilled this promise also.

The Seventh Angel is here. The Seventh Revelation has been revealed to humanity.

Justkidding is asking:

Justkidding_1: I can't seem to reach God or hear Him, what should I do now?

Maitreya: Well, you should ask for initiation to the Mission and join us formally so you can receive The Word of God. Those who have received The Word of God at least know that the Spirit of God is in them. And they will meditate.

As they purify themselves more, and engage with the Mission, they will eventually experience God. See this Mission is an engagement. This Mission is not, you just come here as a church once a week, hear my Words, you go away, and you come again next week, which is OK. You can do that if you want.

But it is a Call to action. Of course you have already been acting. You have been helping the Mission in many ways and manifested great things already. We will look at those who have manifested because God said you know them by their fruit. Those who give greater fruit are closer to God, and they are called in a greater degree.

So the next step for you is to ask to be initiated and formally become a disciple in the Mission. That is, to send an e-mail that you want to be initiated. Just say: and I will set up a time. We can come together in a room in PalTalk that we have called Initiation. Those who are all around the world can be initiated (without being here) easily.

So the next step for you is to formally become a person who will be initiated and receive The Word. When you receive The Word, you have no doubt you have the Spirit of God in you and God is with you.

If you meditate, you purify yourself, and the more you engage yourself to the Eternal Divine Path, the greater you will realize God. The more you stay to the sidelines, you might even have received the whole four parts of initiation but still you will be struggling because your dedication shows your closeness to God.

So He is Calling the Elects, His Servants, His Workers, those who want to dedicate their lives to His Work. If you meditate and have seen the Vision, the next step for you is to join the bandwagon and join the other people in the Mission. Eventually the promise is that all of you will experience God for sure.

The next question is from Golshaneraz:

Golshaneraz 9: Dorood bar shoma then?

Maitreya: Dorood bar shoma. Dorood bar shoma means a greeting and a good will wishing for us. Great. Sounds like you are from Iran, Golshaneraz. Golshan, I see, Golshaneraz. OK Golshan. I am having even a hard time to say Persian names any more [laughing].

So sure, Dorood bar shoma [speaking in Persian]. I hope that all Iranians also go to our website and read this Revelation, take it to Iran, bring the greater truth that has come to humanity, and eventually bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

All the Moslems, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, and Bahais also should come and join us, and see indeed that this is the Revelation of unification for all of them. It has come to them to explain where they fall, and this has been expected to come by Moslems and all religions. Now it is here, and it is a Call for them to come together.

Golshan is asking:

Golshaneraz 9: How is this Path related to the mystical teachings of Sufism and the Eastern philosophies like Buddhism?

Maitreya: All those teachings, Golshan, fall into the First Seal, the Mystical Paths, the awakening of your spiritual forces. That is the beginning of this Path. It is called the Far East Philosophies, or mystical religions or understandings.

That is actually the part that the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Bahai teachings do not emphasize at all. That is why there is such a friction between Sufis and orthodox Moslems in Islamic countries because they do not include the Mystical Paths into their religions, although Prophet Muhammad himself was a mystic because He used to go to the cave at the top of Mecca and meditate for fifteen years, from when he was twenty-five until forty years old. Then He received the Revelation of Islam.

So Mystical Paths are a part of our teaching. Actually our teaching is the only Revelation that again unifies Mystical Paths with the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Bahai teachings and brings the understanding that, Yes, the Far East is also a part of Gods Revelation.

It is not only the people who have received Revelation after Abram, but also the people who have received Revelation before Abram but after the flood of Noah, who are included in this Revelation. Therefore there is no one, no religion, that is left out. They are all unified.

If you understand Gods Way and put the dogmas away, they have no choice but to come together and realize, Yes, indeed, this is from God. All the Revelations have come from God. There is no separation between these religions. The only thing they have to do is, put away their dogmas, their human understandings, and see the Plan of God.

If they do that, they easily can say, Yes, it is possible to unify the religions because it was unified in the beginning. The Eternal Divine Path is from eternity. That is why it is called Eternal. It is not something someone made it up twenty-five years ago, brought it to humanity, and then said, Here, I think this is the way it should be.

No, God knew about the Eternal Divine Path even before the creation. Therefore for God there is no separation between religions and Revelations to humanity. They all have come from Him. He knows what they mean and what they stand for in the Eternal Divine Path. Now it has been revealed to man. Man now has to understand them and bring Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, Cabbalism, and Saints of Christianity all together, understand they had an experience, or at least they are striving to have an experience with God directly.

When you had that direct experience with God, then you know God exists for sure. But the problem with the Mystical Paths to this point has been, that was the goal, to have an experience with God.

Now with this Revelation, God said that after you had an experience, you direct that energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light, to bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. So even Mystical Paths have to progress in a greater degree to understand the Plan of God that the goal is not just to experience God, but also become involved with the external world and the creation of the Communities of Light, and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

So even Mystical Paths have something to learn, something to overcome. They have to realize it is not just escaping to the mountains, meditating, and being in Bliss by yourself. It might have been advisable in the past but no longer. Even those who have been meditating for many lifetimes in the mountains, now are called to come down from the mountains, join the Elects, and create the Communities of Light. It is hard for some of them. Some of them do not want to come down from the mountains. They are in Bliss, and they think they have it because they have experienced God.

But in Gods Revelation it clearly says those who do that will be spewed out of My Mouth. That means that they will not stay in that state. They will be sent back to earth to create Communities of Light and bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

So they have reached a very high level but the Plan of God is to direct the whole universe back to Godhead, to return home. This creation is a relative truth. It is not the Essence. That is why there is misery in it, there is destruction; there is decay in this external world. Those who want to find happiness in something, which is not the ultimate, will be disappointed.

That is the Mystical Paths to see this clearly; this external world will not give you the ultimate happiness. The ultimate happiness is in the Essence, in God, in realizing the permanent, instead of the temporary.

But this is what the Mystical Paths realize. If the human also realizes that this external world is not going to give them complete happiness, but their duty or calling is to come together, share, create Communities of Light, bring peace on earth so more people can meditate and progress, experience God, and accelerate their process of going home.

That is what this Mission is calling humanity to come to. Also it recognizes the Mystical Paths. It recognizes Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, and all those teachings that teach, Have an experience with God, because if you do not have an experience with God, you have a religion. You have dogmas; you have your human understanding, and human understanding comes from ego. Ego separates and will bring destruction.

Therefore the ego is the real problem. The ego is the essence of all the evils. If the humans meditate and dissolve their egos in God, then they would not accept dogmas.

How can I be better than the other person because they are also God? They are also a part of God. How can I separate any part of the universe from any part if God is everything? How can I harm another person, which is the Essence of God and has been born here to progress and become a part of God?

These are the teachings and the lessons every human has to learn. We have to teach our children from the very childhood that God is everything. They have to respect themselves because they are the temple of God; they have the Essence of God in them. Also they have to respect other people because they also have the same Essence in them.

Some people come to our room and say, They are God. Sounds like they are the only person who is God; no one else is God. That right there shows they have not really realized their Essence and it is an ego-gratification that, I am God, but I have not realized that everyone else is also God. They are not there yet. They have to absolutely understand that God is everything. Yes, you are God; so is everyone else God and a part of the Essence.

This is the Mystical part of the Mission teaching, to recognize and realize that you can have an experience with God. Actually you should, you should meditate, you should concentrate, you should contemplate, you should pray, you should dance, you should chant, whatever you like best. There are so many tools that have been given and some of them do not appeal to everyone but we do recommend them, at least do all those things I recommend, a couple of times.

For instance, dancing, it is very difficult for a lot of people in the West because they are so intellectual. Then when you tell them, Do the Kirtan, especially men, they have a hard time to do that.

But we recommend them at least to do it a few times and therefore they at least have that experience so when they see the Haree Krishna people or Indian people who dance of joy, or Haitians, or Central American people who like dancing, they would not feel, Oh, they are so odd.

They feel, OK, I have done it myself. If they do it long enough, some day they will be(come) in the spirit of dancing, and they will become one with the Spirit. They will say, That is what these people were doing and enjoying, and have the Joy of dancing Kirtan in different religions and cultures.

We have something called, The Reminder, that it is very similar to Namaz in Islam. It has some movements while you are uttering the words that have been given. The people who perform it, when they will see Moslems are doing Namaz and they all go up and down together, although it might look so odd to other cultures, but actually it is a yoga exercise.

The movement of going up and down and stretching your body is a yoga exercise. Also the words accompany the movements. Therefore it brings higher thoughts, and the movements bring a greater degree of flexibility in the body and make the body strong to receive the Spirit.

We recommend everyone does The Reminder. So the next time they see Moslems, they will say, Yes, I have done that. It is not odd anymore. We are mixing cultures together in that Essence also to see one another, Oh, it is not that odd anymore. Humanity has to understand this teaching in a greater degree.

So this Mission is unification in all levels. Indeed the two sides of the earth used to be like the two sides of the brain. The brain now is being mixed together, the right and left sides of the brain will soon be synchronized, and humanity will understand these things in a greater degree.

As they meditate more, they are not all intellectual or all creative, but they will be intellectually creative.

So now both sides of the earth have been mixed together, and both sides will be creative and intellectual. They will come together as one. That is another unification that the Mission has brought to humanity.

I hope that answered your question. So Mystical Paths, indeed, are a part of this teaching.

Justkidding is asking:

Justkidding_1: Is that the same as speaking-in-tongues by the Christians, being closer to God, the Kirtan and the chanting, I mean?

Maitreya: Speaking in tongues is also a gift of the Spirit. Of course, it has to be genuine and correct, as I said, if many people will experience the Spirit and speaking in tongues, if it is genuine and real, will bring some truth to humanity. But also that can be phoney. You have to be careful about that a little bit, not being a possessed person.

There are unclean spirits that also might take over someone and speak things that are not completely from God. So that is a little different in Kirtan.

Kirtan will take you to a state of absolute Bliss and unity in the Spirit, and you feel you are going beyond intellect, which prevents you from doing Kirtan actually. When you reach there, you experience the Bliss and unity. Again this is not something you can explain; you have to experience it.

That is the hardest part probably for a lot of people, that we teach you have to experience things instead of explaining things, and a lot of people like explanation. We explain a lot of things but there are things in the universe that cannot be explained. The only way you can understand them is feeling and experiencing.

That is why we invite everyone to come and join our Services here. We have Services every day in the morning and evening. We also have a collective meditation on Thursdays at 5:30 MST (Mountain Standard Time).

At that time we sing and dance Kirtan. The how to dance has been explained in the website. Then we do The Reminder. How to do The Reminder is also explained in the website. Therefore you can experience it wherever you are by yourself.

It is more effective when it is done in the community or in a collective way. But you have to put the effort. You have to experience it. You have to join and do it, and eventually one day you will experience God.

When I first saw Kirtan myself, it was very odd to me because it was not something that I had been raised with. As I have said many times, we used to have a SufiCenter just half a mile from where I lived. I never went to that place at all. I could have gone there, danced there, been a Sufi, and that would have been it. I would be a Sufi in Iran and twirling around.

But when I came here to the United States, I was introduced to the Kirtan and it seemed very odd to me. But after I danced it for a while, one day I had an experience of how wonderful it is, and how you can go beyond the intellect and experience the Bliss and Oneness with the Spirit.

That is what many people who see Kirtan as odd should realize, and the goal is to eventually experience the Spirit.

Justkidding_1: I have seen one speak in tongues and another interpret the message in a church, which is absolutely spontaneous. That is a gift from The Holy Ghost, I was told. Is there more to this now, at this time and age?

Maitreya: As I said, the people who do that might be possessed with the unclean spirits also. So it is a little different than what you are trying to talk about here, about Kirtan. Kirtan is not something you speak in tongues but you have an experience with the Spirit. Those are two different things.

Again if you have any question, we have five more minutes in our time left to be together or maybe a little over five minutes. Again this is the room that you will find amazing truth that has come to humanity. We encourage everyone to go to the website, study it, and see the truth in it.

It is a Revelation for the whole humanity. It is the Revelation that explains many things that have been unexplained, and the goal of this Mission is to create Communities of Light.

Communities of Light are based on the Eternal Divine Path. The Eternal Divine Path is the awakening of your spiritual forces (Mystical Paths), creation of the Communities of Light (Old Testament), sacrifice to create the Communities of Light (New Testament), surrendering and submitting to God and realize what is His Will for you in His Will for the creation for the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (Islam), becoming universalists and shattering all narrowness of the mind (Bab and Bahai Teaching), and becoming an Elect (Sixth Seal). By understanding our teachings, the Seventh Seal, you understand the whole Plan of God and the truth that has come to humanity.

Your obligation is to understand this teaching deeply and also to reach to every man, woman, and child anywhere on the earth and give this truth to them. When you give this truth to them, you are done with them. It is between them and God to go, seek, and find the truth that has been sent to man.

If they came and joined us, became a part of this Revelation and movement, dedicated their lives to it, and helped to spread and manifest it, of course they are Elects, they are called by God, and they are chosen. They are the ones that God has been preparing to this point.

As our numbers increase and our resources and outreach come to a point that we can have many bulletin boards, many radio shows, many television presentations, and many, many ways we can reach humanity, we can give them an alternative to the destructive direction that they are going at this time.

They are not going to succeed. None of them is going to succeed. As God said, that image that Nebuchadnezzar saw in his dream will be completely destroyed. Therefore all those people who still are in their ego trips and they think they are going to bring the Kingdom or peace on earth, will all fail because it is not the Revelation by God and it is not His Word.

It is this Truth, and how all of us are a part of God and we are here to go to the Essence of God.

But we are not going to go by ourselves; we have to go collectively. Collectively means the creation of the Communities of Light and creation of a system that will bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

Adel is asking:

AdeLDaharma: Many claim that the Bible was corrupted. Does that mean the preachers who misunderstand the Bible and not the Bible itself?

Maitreya: The New Testament has been written hundred of years after Christ. The Old Testament was lost completely when the Jews were taken from Jerusalem by the Assyrians. When King Cyrus brought them back to Israel, they did not have any Bible left.

At that time it was not like our time that we can print millions of copies of one book and spread them all over the world. Probably there were very few Bibles even when Israel was going through that struggle.

When they came back, they did not have any Bible at all. Someone found a book in the walls of the old temple. They brought it to the King and said, We think this is the Bible; these are the first five books, or Torah.

Eventually they decided, That is it. They did not have any other book so they accepted that.

Also when Christ left His body, He had not written anything down. Most of the words came to us as the words of the disciples who taught what He said. Also we know that when people are quoting other people, they usually add something of themselves to it. Therefore it can be that some words are missing or were added.

Also for three years and a half, Christ was with them. I can imagine that what He said should be much more than a few red words of Christ in the New Testament. So probably there were a lot of things He said that never showed up in the New Testament.

So are other Revelations, like Prophet Muhammad did not write anything. When they decided to put the Koran together, there was more than one version of Koran, etc. It is all explained in the website.

But the whole point is that the Bible, even after that book was accepted, many books were left out as not being a part of the Bible. The books that were kept have been translated twenty-seven times to this point. So you can see the possibility that many things have been changed and corrupted, or lost in translation, or not being found, is great. Does that mean we cannot trust the Bible?

But God is smarter than all of these things that happened. So He kept those parts that were important and necessary for humans to know, to this point. That is why we do not accept every part of the Bible as being complete and pure. But there are parts that God kept very clear, very pure. Now those parts that we have commentaries on them are the parts that are important and Godly.

We have explained that those we did not put commentaries on, they might have some truth still, but they are not the parts that are that important, and we should always look at those parts with a grain of salt.

Look at them and try to understand them but if they are not according to the rest of the Bible, which is explained in THOTH, we should not accept them and go with THOTH. Every Revelation that comes after the previous Revelation completes and explains in a greater degree what was lost in the previous one. Now this Revelation is Perfect by itself.

So God is Smart. God is Perfect. God is the One who brought these teachings to humanity to this point. Although they tried to change them. They translated them differently. They tried to explain them the way they wanted. But the truth eventually will come from the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records are pure. The Akashic Records are the truth. The Akashic Records have the reality in them and when God sends a Prophet, He brings those Akashic Records back to humanity.

So again if you want to know the truth of it, read THOTH and compare the parts in other Scriptures. If they are not the same as THOTH, they should not be accepted.

I hope that makes sense to you, Daharma, and to everyone else.

AdeLDaharma: Yes. Thank you.

Maitreya: That is great, Daharma. Again, see this Revelation, understand the Vision, and realize God, His Spirit, and this Truth. Teach others. Reach out. Teach them; tell them, Yes the Revelation of God has come to man again. This time it has been written, it has been published, and it has been put in the website.

God created the Internet so we can have this Revelation in the purest form, posted for humanity, and kept from changes and destruction. As this spreads and the number of the THOTHs will increase all over the world, the possibility of being influenced with the unclean spirits, changed, or anything else will be minimized.

Especially we encourage everyone to understand English. As they understand English, they will understand THOTH in a greater degree because it is revealed in English this time. English should become the universal and international language, and when words of the other languages are added to English, it will also be in a greater degree a new language.

I leave you all to God and Blessings with all of you, and we will see you next week.


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