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Maitreya: Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation Room. We are here to discuss the new Revelation. We hope that you all have gone to our website and have studied our teachings in a greater degree, and you have realized that indeed God has made it very clear this time that there is no doubt that this is the Revelation by God for humanity to come together and become united and unified.

That is the first step, for each person to prove it to themselves and realize that indeed God exists and He is in charge. He has been guiding humanity for the last 12,000 years and human history for 6,000 years. It is a lesson for humans to learn that if God leaves them to themselves, they will create wars and destruction. If you read human history for the last 6,000 years it clearly shows that humans, when they reject God as it is shown in the Old Testament, they fall into the lower nature and they will not progress toward the goal of the life.

It is just like, as long as they were with Moses and they followed Gods Words and Moses, they were OK. The moment Moses went to the mountains and was a little late, they fell to their lower natures and started doing ungodly things, and that brings destruction to humanity.

This is the lesson that man has to learn: They need God, His Laws, and His Guidance to become united and purified. Therefore their history will be full of unity, sharing, bringing the Spirit of a higher level of consciousness into man, and creating the Kingdom of God on earth, the Kingdom that everyone, every man, woman, and child will be provided for their physiological and safety needs.

Then they create the communities that everyone can meditate, awaken their spiritual forces, and are based on the pure hearts, purity of relationships, and Godly environment so they can create children that also will be nurtured and beautifully brought up in a way that they can become good members, productive members, of the Communities of Light.

So this is the lesson that we have been awakening to, a Revelation has been sent to us, and it has shown us that indeed the way is the Eternal Divine Path. It is a Path, which each religion of the world has revealed one part of it. Therefore, no religion on earth can claim they have the whole truth because the truth only will come when this Seventh Revelation is revealed to humanity.

No man, no person on earth, can understand their religion, can understand the Revelations of God to this point, until they understand this Revelation, our teachings, read THOTH, and understand the Eternal Divine Path. Then they realize, Yes, that is where my religion, my understanding, my culture, falls. Then they have no choice but to expand themselves to other religions and Revelations of God, and realize that none of them has the truth, none of them has the ultimate realization of God until they understand our Revelation and our teachings.

The more humanity realizes that, the more humans we can attract to see this Vision. They will take it and give it to other people, and eventually when we create the facilitating body on earth, we will have an organized way to spread these teachings in a greater degree so we can awaken humanity to understand: That has been the Plan of God to this point.

The Plan of God has been to show humanity that there is the Eternal Divine Path that we have to realize and follow. Just realizing it is not enough, but following it also has to come after realization of the Vision. Those who realize it, come to it, follow it, and become a part of it will become the first Elects, the people who have been called to come together to help the realization of this Vision.

So God has been guiding man to this point, to this Revelation. Now it is the end time. It is the time that humanity has to see that God has been sending all those Revelations as a part of a greater truth. They cannot follow their own wills and whims, and whenever they do, they will fall.

So this is the Vision, and this is the Revelation that all of us have to learn in a deeper level, and reach out in a greater degree to spread all over the world.

This room is the Conversation Room of the Mission. That means you can converse with me, and if you have a question or if you have something that you want to bring to our attention, we can discuss it together. Keep the questions in the highest level possible so they are related to the Mission and are based on our teachings.

That is why we recommend everyone to go to our website first and learn our teachings in a greater degree, and then come here.

Justkidding is asking:

Justkidding_1: Sal-OM Maitreya. You have said that this world is a relative truth but not a reality. Can you please expand on that?

Maitreya: It is a relative truth. Actually it is real but it is not the ultimate truth. It is not the Essence.

Everything has been created from the Essence. Therefore since it is not the Essence, it has been put together by the forces of the universe and that is why these forces are always trying to return to the Essence that they came from.

That is why there is decay and destruction. Nothing in this universe is permanent. The reason it is not permanent is because it has been created by forces that have come from the Essence, and the whole universe marches toward returning back to that Essence.

Therefore those who see this external world as the ultimate truth and become attached to it and they want to be happy by being attached to this external world as the reality will be disappointed. That is because this will not give you the satisfaction that your infinite Spirit longs for.

Your Spirit has come from infinity. Of course infinity is not explainable, just like God is not explainable. Infinity is an experience. When you experience infinity you do not ask questions anymore, you know It exists. It is Infinite, Infinity. God, and those higher levels of realization of Spirit are the things that humanity has been trying to explain for the last 12,000 years, or at least for 6,000 years of history of man, and they have never succeeded, for example, Eternity, infinity, God, what are they? What is eternity?

Eternity exists forever. How can something exist forever? Intellectually it is impossible to prove that something exists forever because whatever exists forever has to have had a beginning and it will end. But when you experience eternity, you have no doubt. That is it. It is there. There is no discussion about it. It is just something that you have experienced It, and you know that It exists.

Therefore anything in this temporary or this relative truth, which is created from the Essence, seeks explanation, seeks to know the answers. But the answers also are limited with our intellect and mind, and infinity and God is beyond mind.

How can you explain something that is beyond your realm of experience?

Justkidding_1: Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord:.. Malachi 4:5. This says that Elijah will precede you in coming to us? Is this correct, and if yes, who is he?

Maitreya: We know that Christ made it very clear that it was John the Baptist. John the Baptist came and claimed the coming of the Christ or the Messiah. Christ came as Christ, as Esa the Christ. Jews and the people, who he came for, did not accept him. Great problems and great tribulation fell on those who did not accept the Messenger of God.

This truth always is correct for all the Prophets and the Messengers of God when they come. They bring a new leap in human consciousness. If humanity does not accept them, does not follow their call, those who reject him also will not progress in this evolutionary leap, and they will lag behind. They will be not progressing in a greater degree to go a higher level.

At the time of Christ, it was John the Baptist who came as Elijah. In my time, there have been many people before me. Probably you can say more than one Elijah has predicted the coming of this Revelation and of this truth, and of this Prophet.

You can see Baba, who initiated me and awakened me to spiritual forces was just like a John the Baptist who baptized Christ, who also after he was baptized, he realized his mission and reached out to humanity.

In this time, God has provided more than one Elijah, and in 1982 there was a gentleman in England who went around the world and took ads in every major newspaper, in every major city on earth and proclaimed that Christ will appear in the spring of 1982.

After we reached out, someone told us about this gentleman. As John the Baptist did not accept Christ as the Expected One that he was waiting for, so we can see that Mr. Crme is not realizing that what he was saying was about this Mission, not about the one who is supposedly going to come from the Himalayas and build his body. He has not showed up, and I do not think he ever will. Therefore Mr. Crme is missing the mark again in this lifetime, as he missed it, probably, at the time of Christ.

So there is more than one John the Baptist this time who came and predicted the coming of this realization.

Also there have been a lot of prophecies and foretelling of the coming of this Revelation. There has been Scriptural backing of this teaching and of the coming of the Seventh Angel, and the opening of the Book that is sealed with the Seven Seals. The only person that can open it is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. The person who opens it has to be from the line of King David, Adam, etc., which all has been proven and given to humanity in our website.

Therefore you can see that John the Baptist indeed came not only in one form, but as more than one person. Actually in this Revelation you will see it is much more supported then any other Revelation before it. There has never been so many signs that God has given to humanity, to make it very clear to them that this is It. This is the One that God has been predicting to come.

As I said, any time a Prophet comes and brings a Revelation to humanity, those who reject Him, the great tribulation and the day of reckoning will come to them. To this point, each Revelation came for a specific people, just like Islam came for the Arabs, and Christ came for the Jews and the Children of Israel.

But this Revelation has come for the whole humanity. This is the only Revelation that has not come for a specific people, but it has come for the whole humankind. That is why I did not receive this Revelation where I was born.

I received this Revelation in a different culture. Therefore it is not a culturally-affected Revelation or specifically revealed for a specific people. This is universal. It is the ultimate truth for humanity. Those who understand this teaching will be cleared, cleaned, and purified from any dogmas and any obstacles in their understanding of God and His Revelation. They no longer will feel they belong to any culture or boundary on this earth. They belong to the whole earth. They belong to the whole universe.

They expand their minds, and they see that God is everything. Therefore they treat the rest of humanity as brothers and sisters, and come together and realize they are all marching toward the same goal, that is, to return to Godhead and Oneness with the Essence, which is permanent.

That is the only thing that is permanent in the universe, that Essence. If you become One with that Essence, you have reached the truth and reality of life and the goal of life. All those who become attached to this external world and see this external world as the only truth, become so engrossed in the illusion of separation from God that they do not even believe or know that, that Essence exists.

So that Essence does not have any shape, does not have any form, does not have any name, and does not have any vibration. It is absolute stillness in the universe, or the Witness Entity of the universe. That is the goal, that in our meditation we reveal to humanity. When you reach that Essence between breathing in and breathing out, then you can meditate all the time.

Of course we have a gentleman from the Christian background, and he says:

Light_Bright: Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Maitreya: That is exactly what we say too, Light Bright. There is no one who goes to the Father but through this Mission and this Revelation, and all those before us will not succeed because the Word of God said, the only people who will come to Me are those who will realize the Seven Seals, the Seventh Revelation of God, and they realize what the Eternal Divine Path is, and they follow It.

Therefore not only Christ said that. Prophet Muhammad also said the same thing. He said that God told through him, Listen to My Prophet. Whatever He says is from Me, and follow It.

All the Prophets said the same thing. If you want to expand your consciousness and understanding, you have to go and realize this teaching and expand your realization to see that God does not change His Mind. God does the same thing over and over. He has been sending the Prophets to humanity that will bring this Revelation.

It is based on Gods Words. If you really want to understand the truth, you have to understand our teachings, Light Bright. You can stay wherever you want to stay and believe that you know the truth, which is not based on the Word of God. The Word of God clearly says, no one, no one knows the truth or the Mystery of God until the Seventh Angel comes.

Christ never claimed that he was the Seventh Angel. Therefore he could not have given you the whole truth. Actually He said himself that, I will bring later the things that I cannot tell you now, or you cannot understand at this time.

Zanjoni: Sir, are you tobies? Do you belong to shaumbra?

Maitreya: What do you mean by that, Zanjoni? I supposed that you are from Zanjon that you call yourself, Zanjoni. Probably that is your last name. And if you explain a little more. Yes good, Zanjoni. Welcome to our room from Iran.

What is tobies or shaumbra? What do you mean by that? If you could explain a little bit, I am not familiar with those groups. Even you can raise your hand as you were instructed, and you can explain it to me in a deeper level.

Light_Bright: Why dont we join hands, Muslims, Jews, Christians and Hindus, and bow to the anti-Christ?

Maitreya: Anti-Christ is the external world, is the delusion or illusion of the separation from God.

If you read the Bible, even Paul himself said that the anti-Christ is now with us. It does not have to come. It is not a human. It is not a man. Of course it could be. Anyone who denies Christ is an anti-Christ. Whoever denies God is an anti-Christ. Therefore they have to be realizing that God exists, and come together and become one.

We agree with you in the part of joining hands, holding hands and understanding that God is One.

Light_Bright: Muslims deny Christ, Jews deny Christ, Hindus deny Christ.

Maitreya: No, Moslems do not deny Christ. OK let me see. Deepcover says:

Deepcover: In the days of the voice of the seventh angel the mystery of God should be finished as he hath declared to his servants the prophets. Rev. 12:7

Maitreya: Exactly, Deepcover. I do to know why you have to have a deep cover. There is nothing to cover here. You can come out of your cover and be with us as an Elect.

That was wonderful. That was said, exactly, that is one of the sentences that says no one knows the truth until the Seventh Angel or Revelation comes. Also it gives the vision to Prophet Daniel and other Prophets and tells them, Seal the vision, because it is the vision at the end time, and it will not be revealed to man until the end time of the coming of the Seventh Revelation.

Adel Daharma: That is Rev. 10:7

Maitreya: Adel Daharma is correct, that verse is 10:7 not 12:7. So if you want to find it, it is 10:7 in the book The Revelation where it says that.

Many places in the Bible it is revealed clearly that the vision and end time, no one knows that vision until the Seventh Seal is opened, until the Lion of the Tribe of Judah opens the Book sealed with the Seven Seals. Therefore anyone, no matter who they are, anyone who claims to know the truth, or end time, or the vision of what is going to happen, are not correct.

That is fine. That is all right Deepcover, just for the correction, that is correct, it is 10:7.

So everyone in the world should realize this. Prophet Muhammad did not have it. Christ did not have it. Buddha did not have it. Bahaullah, Bab, none of the Prophets before the Seventh Revelation knew the whole truth until this Revelation comes.

After you study our teachings, then you realize, Yes, that makes sense. That is Scripture. It is based on the Word of God. It has fulfilled the prophecies. I have no choice but to realize what God has been doing and accept it.

Therefore, this is a Call to all of you to study and see the Vision and the truth, and eventually come to the conclusion that, This is the truth. If it is the truth, you have no choice but to come, accept it, join it, help to spread it, and guide other people to also see this truth clearly.

If you came to the conclusion it is not, then we leave you to God, and we do not even judge you because God will judge you harshly for sure because a Prophet came to you with the clear signs and called you to come and join His last Revelation and the truth, and you denied Him and His Messenger.

The state of such a person is not going to be very nice. As that gentleman said, when Christ comes, those who do not accept Him will greatly suffer because they will not progress in this leap of consciousness of humanity and they will lag behind. Anyone who lags behind is like those dinosaurs that lagged behind, and they could not go to the next state of evolution.

So even evolution is created by God. It is not something that God did not create. God created the universe in an evolutionary process.

OK the question is, Moslems deny Christ. They do not. They do believe in Christ. They deny that he died. Moslems are not the only people who believe in that. Rosicrucians and other groups also do not believe that Christ died. They believe that he still was alive when they took him from the cross.

But it really does not matter as we explained many times. The most important thing is: What was His Message? Why did Christ come? What did He come for?

He came to bring the message of sacrifice. He came to gather the lost tribes of Israel, which were the people who came to Europe. He came to release The Grace back to humanity. That is why they did not need to do all that elaborate animal sacrifices that the Jews were doing. So they were completely free. That is why we can receive the Christ easily.

OK let me go through these questions a little fast here [reading this sentence from text] Jews deny Christ.

Yes, actually Christ came for them, and they did not accept him. But that was prophesied, When He comes He will take the Kingdom from them and give it to another people.

He did. He gave it to the Moslems, and that was prophesied.

You have to learn our teachings. If you do, all these questions are going to be answered for you. They are going to be answered, and you will know exactly what God was doing. When Jacob gave the scepter to Judah, he said the scepter is going to stay with him until Shiloh comes. Shiloh was Christ, and he came and the scepter was taken away from the Tribe of Judah, that is, from the Jews from the Tribe of Judah and given to another people.

[again reading from text] Hindus deny Christ.

Hindus even do not care. Hindus are not that much in the Messiah thing. They have different priorities. Again we explain why they do not care.

So again you have to read our teachings and you will see. That is why this is the explanation of the Seventh Angel.

OK, please do not type any more because I am going to miss your questions if you type more. My screen is full right now.

Let us go to Adel and see what question he has. Go ahead Adel.

Adel: Sal-OM Maitreya. I have been looking into the Bahai Faith and I learned some time ago that Bab used the five-pointed star as a symbol of the Bab Faith, or Babis Faith.

I was just wondering, I was looking at the Fourth Sign and in that Sign, the Sign of Islam, there is a five-pointed star. Is that a link to the Bahai Faith or to Bab, or is that not related? Thank you.

Maitreya: Could be. Could very well be the five-pointed star that they used. Of course the Moslems do not have that five-pointed star in the middle of the crescent sign. I think they have just a dot or something like that there. Then it was revealed that, that is exactly what it is, the five-pointed star is reaching out.

The five-pointed star with the point toward heaven is man reaching to God. When that is turned around and the top of the five-pointed star is reaching toward the earth, it is the fallen angel, or the people who use the powers to fulfill their desires from the external world or creation. It goes with the sorcery and magical powers, and using the power of God for selfish gain. That brings great destruction.

So that star, which is the five-pointed star, can very well be the one that Bab used. I have never seen it.

We participated in user groups in the Internet for a while. We created a big splash and a lot of people were sending back and forth things and arguing about their religions. As you see here people come also and they believe in a very specific part of The Greatest Sign, and they think they know the whole truth. They do not. The only people who know the whole truth is when the Seventh Revelation comes to humanity.

So I have not seen exactly what Bab used. But your realization or your understanding could be very much that is what He used.

That actually is what one of the people in the news group brought up, that originally the symbol that Bab used was the five-pointed star, not the nine-pointed star that Bahaullah used. And of course it could be said that both of them are correct because the five-pointed star is the man reaching to God. That is the spirit of man.

The nine-pointed star is the end of a period because nine is the end of one numerical period, from 1 to 9, and then with 10 it starts again with one and zero and then 11, and 12, and so on.

Therefore in numerology, 9 is the end of a period. With the revelation of Bab and Bahaullah, the spiritual realization and expansion of the mind came. Then who is an Elect was revealed. If you follow the next Revelation that came to humanity, then you become an Elect. Therefore when you follow the first five steps, ending with Bab and Bahaullah, you become an Elect.

So therefore you can say both signs are correct, the five-pointed star, which very well might be the same five-pointed star in the Islamic sign, and also the nine-pointed star, the ending of the creation of the Elects.

But I have not yet seen the five-pointed star that Bab used. Actually I would like to find the original Bayan. If anyone has it, we would like to see it. We have not been able to find the original Bayan anywhere. Some Bahais say they do have it but they have never offered to provide it for us.

If anyone has the original Bayan, if any find it in I do not know, Zanjoni, are you in Iran or are you somewhere out of Iran? If you can find someone who has the original Bayan, we will digitize it and give it back to you. But we would like to know it exactly, especially the Persian version of it. If we can have it, if you know someone who has it, we would love to have it, digitize it, and look at it.

So we have not really seen the original Bayan that Bab wrote, and apparently we cannot find it. It goes very well with the history of the Bahais that after Bab, they tried to completely destroy anything left from Him.

Zanjoni: I may get it for you.

Maitreya: That is great, Zanjoni, I appreciate that. If you find it, just send an e-mail to, but not the one that the Bahais have, Zanjoni. I am looking for the original one. If you know some Babis in Iran, probably you can find it there, and they might send it to us. We will give it back to them. We just want to digitize it and see it, OK?

Zanjoni: When is he coming, 2007?

Maitreya: OK, there are some other questions that we missed before. When is he coming, 2007?

He is here. This is him, Zanjoni. It is not to wait for anyone else. That is done. It is finished. The Revelation has come to humanity, and it is done.

So it came in 1982 and it has been here for more than twenty-five years or so. So you can just relax, go to our website, and realize the truth that has come to man. It is the Revelation that all of you have been called to come and see, and it is wonderful.

Let us see what Zanjoni has to say. Go ahead, Zanjoni.

Zanjoni: Sal-OM. I believe you are from Iran, and this is very interesting. I came along to another group, which they called themselves

Crimson Circle
. I will type the name for you. And they are suggesting your type of meditation, breathe in and breathe out. And I am just a little bit puzzled. According to the Biblical Books, the end of the era of the human life is 2006. I want to listen to your take on that. And
Crimson Circle
believes that 2007 is the last date. So I want to know what your ideas on that are. Thank you.

Maitreya: You are welcome, Zanjoni. Yes, I am from Iran. I was born in Tehran. When I came to the United States, this Revelation came to me. It is a long story, and it is in our website that you can go and read it there.

I do expect a lot of people will take a part of our teachings and try to pass it on as their own. The way of the meditation that has been revealed to humanity now, was not on earth. So anyone who is using it, probably they have gone to our room and learned it from our meditation room, and they are going and giving it away to other people.

I do not know this group. But the point of how they came up with the idea that it is going to be in 2007, because there have been many people through history that they predicted that the end time will come in a specific time, and it has never happened.

Of course we do not believe that the world is going to finish, not at least for another 1,015 years or 1,014 years from now. Even we do not know what is going to happen at that time. So those who predict the end of human life, they are absolutely incorrect because when it says the end of time it talks about the end of the period, the end of an era. We are going toward a new era, which is called the Golden Era.

In that time humanity will forego all the dogmas and all the beliefs that separate them from each other. They will eventually realize that there is only One God. They all are from the same Essence, and they cannot be separated.

Actually there is no part in the universe that can be separated from any other part because everything is God. How can I have a Revelation that separates me from you, or separates me from another person who is Jew, or Christian, or Hindu, or Buddhist, etc?

Zanjoni: When is that, the Golden era?

Maitreya: That is what is coming. It is not that it is going to be ending, or the world is going to finish. That is a Christian idea and many other religions concept that it is going to end. But not according to God and His Revelation, because after the Seventh Angel, indeed it is going to take around 1,000 years for the Elects to become the sons of God.

At this time, what is going to happen will be revealed to us in a thousand years. So the people or group that are teaching that, you can ask them, What prophecies have they fulfilled, from where have they received their information, and how and why? What are their credentials?

Of course we believe by the year 2017 or 2018 our teachings will be so well spread that there will be no point of return and humanity eventually will have no choice but to come, see, and realize the Work of God and understand this is indeed the last Revelation from God to humanity. They will come together at that time.

But even in 2017 and 2018, we do not teach that the world will end. The world will not end. Still we have at least around 1,000 years to go.

So those people are incorrect and you will see that 2007 will come and pass and nothing will happen because what they say is not based on the Scriptures, is not based on the Word of God. No one knows the truth but the Revealer of the Word of God. Our teaching is based on that Word. God said that after the Revelation of the Seventh Seal there is a period that eventually this teaching will fill the whole earth, and the Kingdom of God will come to earth.

That Kingdom will last for 1,000 years. After 1,000 years there is going to be again a period of the fall of man. After that will be the Kingdom of God forever.

Will that Kingdom be on earth? Or will we all leave, go to Pure Consciousness, and be with Him forever in heaven? That will be revealed to us in a thousand years. In that time, we all shall return and the new Revelation will tell us what will happen after that.

So there are a lot of groups out there. There are a lot of claimants out there that they claim to be Christ and they claim to know the truth. They claim their religion is better than anyone elses. They claim they are the Messiah. But you have to look at their credentials. You have to see if they have fulfilled the prophecies, if they are from the Tribe of Judah. Have they opened the Seven Seals, the Book sealed with the Seven Seals? Did they reveal the Mystery of God and explain the Revelations before it?

If you go to our website, if you study our teachings and you really understand what we teach, then all those teachings that are out there lose their light, and they become like a candle in front of a sun. You cannot even see them anymore. They are colorless and lightless.

This is indeed the sun that has come to man, and it is warming the hearts of many and will awaken them. Those who do not understand it are blinded by it and will fall to even greater darkness. That is the truth of the matter.

It sounds a little cruel probably to some people that, how could the Revelation of God make some to go even deeper in darkness? But that sun does. If you look at the sun directly and you do not have the protection and training of how to look at it, you will be blinded.

So if you understand this teaching you will not really be that much interested to know what the other groups say. Of course, you can if you want to. There is no control here for anyone. But eventually if you realize yourself and saw the Vision and the truth that has come from this Revelation, you will be amazed, How can so much truth come out of one person or one Revealer?

That is what God said. God said at the end time the Seventh Angel will reveal the whole truth.

As we explained last week also, many people say it has been predicted that not all the truth will come before the Seventh Angel. There are going to be two parts of the twenty-seven parts of the truth, and when He comes He reveals the rest of the twenty-five.

Indeed that makes a lot of sense because it is amazing how many questions have been answered, how many explanations have been given, and how many questions have been thrown at me or here in this Mission. The answers always have been acceptable to the questioner and they always said, Yes, that makes sense to me and it is the truth.

Therefore it is the truth. It is here. It is the Call to you and everyone else in this room and on earth to come, to see. They do not have to fight. If they understand the explanation we gave, there is no separation between Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Moslems, and Bahais, and all of them are a part of God and His Revelation. They can relax, they can come, they can see, they can come together and create an environment that they can progress in a greater degree.

But the question is, would they listen? Would they go to our website, our teachings, listen to the lectures, and understand our teachings?

Then they would say, Yes, I am a Moslem; with this I am going to become a better Moslem.

I am a Christian; with this I am going to become a better Christian.

I am a Jew; with this I will become a better Jew, and on and on, or Buddhist, or Hindu, or Bahais.

All of them can progress and become a greater in their religions as they are now. They will eventually realize, There is One God that sent all these Revelations. There is no separation between them.

Therefore they have no choice but to come, create Communities of Light, and become the Divines.

How about Justkidding, why dont you take the mic and let us hear you, your question? Go ahead and take the mic.

Justkidding_1: [In text] Maitreya, Can God's HOLY NAME be realized through following the Eternal Divine Path?

[mic] Yes, to know Gods Holy Name, can we simply achieve this by just following the Eternal Divine Path, or do we have to be initiated into the Mission? Is the Missions main goal to propagate the teachings of Maitreya, but knowing Gods Holy Name itself, can we achieve this through the Eternal Divine Path? Thank you.

Maitreya: By the Grace of God, everything is possible. But probably I should have explained last week, when I said you can be initiated, in a little deeper level. Those who really ask for initiation in the Mission are those who have familiarized themselves with the teachings in a greater degree. They have tested the Spirit, and they have come to the conclusion, Yes indeed, I trust this Spirit, I trust this Revelation. I can see the Vision, and my heart is 100% with it. I am ready to commit myself 100% to it. Therefore I have no question left about jumping into this fray or bandwagon, or this truth.

Of course the person who asks to be initiated is expected to have reached that point. If they have not, they can still in a greater degree help the Mission and progress in it little by little until they reach a point that they do feel that, yes indeed, they are a part of this teaching and want to be close.

Will God reveal The Holy Name to you if you just follow the Eternal Divine Path? He might. It is up to Him. It is really His Holy Name, and He can reveal it to you.

But it is just like asking if you can learn to become a doctor in chemistry by going to the library and studying all the books in the library about chemistry and eventually giving yourself a doctorate degree. You might succeed. You might go and put effort, and become a doctor in chemistry without going to school.

However, it is much easier if you go to the elementary school and through all the twelve grades, go to the university and obtain your bachelors degree and masters degree, and then become a doctor in chemistry. Many have already gone through it. They have already studied it. They will bring you the essence of what will help you to get there as fast as possible. Furthermore, if you give yourself a doctorate degree, still the society will not accept it as a valid license.

So will God reveal to you The Holy Name? He might. I am not saying He might not. But will He or not? That is the question.

Also how will you know you received The Holy Name? Even if He did give it to you, or whatever you received, is it The Holy Name or not? That is really the question you have to ask yourself. As the chemistry department from an accredited university has to give you a degree to be accepted by society, I am the only person accredited to reveal The Word.

The receiving of The Holy Name is not the goal. The goal is seeing the Vision, seeing the truth that has been revealed to humanity, following the Eternal Divine Path, and bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. If you follow the Eternal Divine Path, you have no choice but to be dedicated to the Mission 100%. If you have reached that point, then the rest is not going to be very difficult.

But the goal is not to be initiated. You do not have to be initiated to be in the Mission. Initiation is for the people who are 100% dedicated to the Mission, and they want to work with me in a very close way. Then we can create the facilitating body so we can create an organized way to spread this Mission to every corner on earth.

It is when you reach a point that you really want to work very close with me. Therefore it is a period that we get to know each other, we create a rapport with one another, and we reach the point that eventually we say, Yes, we can work very well with each other. Therefore the next step is to create the facilitating body.

But anyone can help the Mission. Anyone can see the Vision. Anyone can be in the Mission even if you are not initiated. I hope that answered your question. But will following the Eternal Divine Path reveal to you The Holy Word? It might. It might not. It is up to God absolutely.

He gave The Holy Name to me and told me, initiate people with it. So really the conclusion is yours, and even when if you received something, how do you know it is The Holy Name or not? So, it is really not that important. The most important thing is to see, what is the Message God has given to humanity?

Zanjoni is asking,

Zanjoni: Sir, do you have a church in the Washington area?

Maitreya: Well, we do not have anything in the Washington area, but we are looking for people who are called the contacts. The contacts are the people who love the Mission, or they like the Mission, and they want to be a contact in their area.

What they do, usually they have our literature, at least our announcements. It depends how far they want to go.

They become a contact person in that area. They try to reach out to their community because we cannot reach everyone with the Internet. First of all, not everyone has the Internet. Second of all, even those who have the Internet do not come to PalTalk, to come here, or they do not know where our website is.

Even when they go to our website, some of them do not stay more than a couple of seconds or a minute. Some of them have a problem getting in because technically they are not that connected to the website provided. So there are probably a lot of reasons why they are not going to be connected to us through the Internet.

The contact people are the people who become a contact of the Mission in their community. They reach out to the community to give this Message to as many people as possible. They can start from their families, their friends, their relatives, their anyone who can listen. If they did not listen, they go to someone else. God works in ways that we sometimes do not understand or do not realize that is more effective.

Sometimes our family might not listen to us as well as a stranger because our family knows us and they do not believe that we can teach them or guide them. They think that they have been with us for all our lives, and they have seen our failings. So they cannot accept that.

Zanjoni: Where are you now?

Maitreya: We are in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is in the United States. If you are in Washington you are in the same country. Of course the United States is very huge. We are in the southwest of the United States, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. New Mexico is south of Colorado, east of Arizona, and west of Texas. So probably you can find us it on the map of the United States if you want to know exactly where we are.

But we do have contacts all over the many nations and also all over the United States. We have contacts in Florida, in Pennsylvania, and in other states. So if you want to become a contact in the Washington area, that is great. If you like the Mission, go to the website, read more, and become more familiar with the truth of it.

Zanjoni: Do you have workshops there?

Maitreya: Well, we do not have workshops, per se. But we do have a gathering, a yearly gathering, called the Feast of Tabernacles. That Feast is over a week long, eight days of gathering together, and in that Feast we practice the practices of the Mission. We meditate. We share food. We gather together, and we spend a week together in September or October. You can go to the website to read about it. It changes every year because it follows the lunar year instead of the solar year.

So every year it is ten days less. Then after three years, it goes back one month. Each year it starts at a different time. If you want to know the timing, go to our website, go to the section more information, and go to the Yearly Gathering. That is when most of our people come together and have a one-week, great celebration together. Anyone who has been in that week of celebration has enjoyed it. They have really appreciated a week of absolute wrapping up in the Mission and Joy, sharing, and being together.

So we invite everyone to come to that Feast.

Zanjoni: Is the public welcome there?

Maitreya: Yes, people are. Of course we would rather see everyone who comes to at least know the basic teachings and understand the base of the teachings. Then they will come and feel more comfortable here.

We do practices that it seems a little different than the regular day-to-day life. Of course they do not have it all the time. If someone gives the URL of the Feast in the room, people can click and go and see what the time is. You can find it in the website on the left menu, under more information, or something like that. There it says, Yearly gathering, or Feast. But if someone posts it in the room, that would be great.

It is a fantastic time to come together and learn, see the other people in the Mission, get to know them, and become familiar with each other.

Really we do not have any workshop because it is something that comes from your heart. This is the room you can consider as a workshop, probably. We can talk about this Revelation together. You can ask questions and I can explain the Eternal Divine Path, how all the religions are unified, and why we believe that we have the last Revelation of God.

Also you can see the signs, the signs of wars, destruction, rumors of wars, and upheaval, terrorism, and people attacking other people, being attached and frustrated. People do not understand each other. The cultures are mixing. At the same time they are different. Each culture wants to dominate the other cultures, when the only acceptable culture is Gods Culture.

If everyone accepts Gods Culture, then we do not have a specific culture for any specific people. They can come together and become united and unified. That is what this Mission is, and this Mission will succeed because it is Gods Will. Those who have been called for, for the last 12,000 years, they have been in progress; they have been meditating and awakening their spiritual forces.

Now they have reached a point that this is calling them, they see the Vision, and they say, Yes, it makes sense. But if it does not make sense to you, then it is not for you. It is so easy because when it makes sense you have to tell yourself, Yes, it just makes sense, and you will come and join us.

Zanjoni: Do you bless people in this room to be safe?

Maitreya: Well, we teach everyone should bless themselves. We teach you to meditate and come close to God. If you are close to God, what is the safest place in the world? Being close to the Essence or God, and that will be safe.

Therefore we do not recommend anyone to do anything for anyone else because if someone else does it for you, you did not learn how to do it yourself. It is just like, what is better, to give a fish to a hungry man, or to teach him how to fish himself? Here we teach you how to meditate, awaken your spiritual forces, and to go close to God. Then God will Bless you, and you will be safe.

Actually the safest place on earth is the Communities of Light and the area where the people create the Communities of Light.

Therefore this time is not to heal individuals. It is not to bless individual people; it is to bless the whole earth. It is to bless and heal the whole humanity. It will bring the peace on earth. This is a new teaching; it is a new wine. You have to put it in a new skin.

You have to realize it is your responsibility now to heal yourself. As Christ said, those whom He takes the unclean spirit from, that unclean spirit goes and finds seven more. Then they all come back, they see the house is clean, and the state of the man will become worse than it was before.

That means the person who has been healed has not learned how to heal himself. The person who feels safe by our blessing has not realized that his safety is in the Communities of Light, in the following of the Eternal Divine Path, and in Gods Will and Word. If they understand that, then they are going to be safe themselves.

Therefore we teach responsibility and growth for every individual. This is the time of maturity. This is the time for the human, for every individual, to mature themselves and take the responsibility for their spiritual progress.

The way has been shown. The way has been given. The way is the Eternal Divine Path, meditation, awakening of the spiritual forces, contemplation, concentration, chanting, dancing, and all those techniques that have been given to humanity to this point. Now it has been given in a greater degree.

Therefore the human has to progress and grow up by themselves, not look for someone else to heal them, because if someone else heals me, I do not know how to heal myself. When that person leaves me, then what? I do not know how to do it. This person did. Then the spirit comes back with seven more. What am I going to do? I am going to go and live with the other person so he can heal me all the time?

Justkidding_1: How do we learn to heal ourselves?

Maitreya: How do we learn to heal ourselves? By meditation and realizing that stillness between breathing in and breathing out, which heals.

That is another thing about the initiation. That Word that has been revealed in the process of initiation, to the fourth level, you will learn the energy, the life force in yourself. You can use that life force to heal yourself if you realize that life force is there.

Even at this point really our concentration is mostly on the creation of the Communities of Light and the Kingdom Of God On Earth. When that environment is created, there is going to be so little karma created that many people will not become sick.

As it says in the Bible, they used to live 800 years, 900 years. How? How did they do that? They knew the life force, and they could use it to heal themselves. Also they would not create great karmas, and therefore they would not die as fast and the way they do today.

So that is another thing in initiation. Those who eventually will receive the fourth part know that God is with them all the time. If they really meditate on that and realize The Word deeply in themselves, they do not have to meditate formally anymore. They can meditate constantly all the time. Because they are connected with that energy all the time, they can go around and do their worldly things, at the same time be connected to God and His Spirit. That is how you heal yourself.

Again, you heal yourself by being in the Communities of Light. In the Communities of Light you will not have as much stress or as many problems as people have in their lives. So they will not have all these negative effects on themselves. There are many ways the Mission has given to humanity the healing power to heal themselves.

Healing individuals is healing the earth, healing the collective consciousness of man, bringing the truth to them. Therefore just by knowing this Vision, just by knowing this Revelation, you already have been healed. You have been healed of the disease of the mind and spirit.

You no longer are narrowed by religion and dogmas. You have expanded your mind. You have gone beyond human limits. Therefore you have already been healed a lot more than any other person.

But more important than individual healing and individual striving to improve our own personal things is to concentrate on the whole of humanity and expand our consciousness as God sees the whole universe, and realize that we are a part of that universe. Indeed our healing is based on the healing of the universe.

The more we concentrate on our own healing, we are concentrating on a very small portion of the universe. The more we concentrate on the universe, the more the universe is healed, so will we be healed.

So expand your mind. See the Vision. Realize what God is calling you for and heal humanity, heal their teachings, heal their religions, heal man to expand their realizations, and become one with one another. As you heal them, you will learn how to heal yourself in a greater degree.

But if you concentrate only on healing yourself, still you separate yourself from the rest of the universe, and your healing will not last very long because your healing depends upon the whole universe.

That is the whole base of the teaching; you cannot go to Pure Consciousness by yourself. You cannot reach that high state without the rest of the struggling unit consciousnesses to reach and go to God. That is another thing that humanity has to realize, that individual progress depends on the collective progress. They cannot separate themselves from the collectivity.

If they realize that, then they do not seek the personal healing or personal safety but they will realize that their personal salvation in all levels is connected to the collective salvation.

Justkidding_1: It is a Catch-22, I can't hear God, so how do I test the Spirit?

Maitreya: OK. Well, that is where you have to realize that God said this Revelation would come. God said that the Seven Seals would be opened. God said there would be Seven Angels, Seven Revelations.

Therefore it is from God. I have to accept and trust this Spirit first before I can eventually test the Spirit that I can feel within myself.

So intellectually at least you can come to an educated conclusion that, Yes, God said all those things. Now it is here and indeed I have been called for it, I found it, and now I am here.

Therefore we have no choice but to accept that the Spirit is from God.

If you do that intellectually, when you really follow what has been asked you to follow, then eventually it is a promise that you will also experience the Spirit of God. That is the first step, to prove to yourself that this is from God. If it is from God, then you have no choice but to follow to that realization.

So if you do that then the Spirit of God will eventually come to you. But if you want to receive the Spirit first and then follow the teaching, it is going to be pretty hard because even for the Elects, it is going to take them 1,000 years before they become the sons of God. That is exactly what the Scripture says.

So good luck, I hope you do feel the Spirit of God, and then if you do feel the Spirit of God, again you do not have any choice but to say, Yes, indeed, this is the Spirit that sent the Revelation from God.

Go ahead Shirin, you have your hand up.

Shirin: Sal-OM Maitreya. In this age of instant everything, instant messages, instant TV, instant food, instant everything, it seems like the by-product of this instant culture is that we do not know how to create dedication. I was wondering if you could expand more on what dedication really is?

Maitreya: Very good question. Yes. Dedication is the ability to become committed to something that is in a higher level of thought and understanding. That is a very good observation that, yes, we want instant coffee, instant tea, instant everything. We want instant God.

It is not going to happen. God is not instant. Actually in a sense It is instant in this time because by understanding the technique of the meditation we have given humanity, they will realize God in a much greater degree than ever before.

They had to meditate for hundreds of lifetimes before they even realized that stillness between the breathing is the greatest part of realizing God. But becoming that stillness between the breathing by having a lot of instant coffee is impossible.

The more you eat meat, coffee, and rajasic and tamasic foods, the less that energy will be realized. Therefore those people who really want to realize the Spirit of God, they have to realize the base of the Spirit and the truth, and it has been made much easier than it used to be, but still it needs dedication. Dedication means to see the Word of God and not craving to reach Him by force or by expecting it to happen to you very easily.

So it is indeed a Catch-22. It is a period of time that humanity is not willing to give in easily to the truth of God.

But that is OK. That is why unfortunately the tribulation is going to come. That is, the destruction will come to humanity, and the human has no choice but to eventually slow down and just relax, and go and read the Words of God and become one with them.

That is actually the struggle probably the Mission is going through and the whole humanity is going through, that this generation, as you said, has to have everything instant, right away. If it does not happen like that, it is no good. It is not going to be like that, and humanity has to learn to be dedicated, more discerning, and become a greater degree into the Word of God and realize how to reach Him.

This is a very good observation Shirin. Probably we have to teach our children to become more dedicated in their lives.

OK Chopzillian says,

Chopzillian: I have a question. I do not l want to argue at all but I would like to know how is the Maitreya a Messenger of God even after Baha'u'llah said that there would be no more Messengers of God for 1,000 years after His Revelation?

Maitreya: Well, actually it has been answered. That question has been answered many times, and it is now also in our website that the answer has been given.

Those 1,000 years were not for Bahaullah. Bahaullah was not the Seventh Angel. He never claimed to be the Seventh Angel. Even Abdul Baha himself clearly talks about the coming of the Seventh Angel and His Kingdom. Therefore how can the Seventh Angel come and in 1,000 years would be for the Bahai teaching?

Also clearly God said the only religion God said is not perfect is the teaching of the Bahais that God said is not perfect. They glorify their Messenger instead of God.

Bahaullah even does not mean the Glory of God as many Bahais claim. The Glory of God is Jallalullah, not Bahaullah. Therefore many things in the Bahai religion are not perfect.

Even Bahaullah wrote many things himself and then threw them into the river. How can that be the last revelation or revelation of a thousand years if someone reveals something and then says people are not ready for it and throws it away into the river? This is all on our website. It has been explained many times why that 1,000 years is not referring to Bahaullah. You can find it in our website easily.

Really the first question for all of you is to see this is from God. This is the Revelation He has sent to you, this is the Prophet of God who has come to you. That is the understanding you have to realize by yourself first.

The rest of your questions really will be answered. Those were human questions mostly today that we received, that were the questions from people who have not realized what this Revelation is, would ask. So the first step is, we should realize that we will not come even close to being resistant to the things that have been revealed to us.

Chopzillian: Thank you. I will check it out. I would really like to hear the Maitreya though.

Maitreya: Sure. Good. You are welcome here. You can see it; there is a lot of truth here. Bahais, of course, are a part of our teachings and are from God. But it is not perfect, and it is not the last Revelation. Even God said in the Bible that shortly after the Bahai Teaching, the last Revelation would come.

Go ahead, Zanjoni.

Zanjoni: The question I have is about the name of God in the Persian language. In the Persian language, Hoda comes out of the meaning of, Know yourself. And does this mean that if you know yourself then you are God and you are Spirit? I want to now what is your take on that and what is the root of this Hoda. Thank you.

Maitreya: Exactly Zanjoni. Actually Hod: and Hoda come from the same root. When they say Hoda and Hod, Hod is a reflection of Hoda, or God.

It is just like Atman and atman in Hinduism. Atman with the small a is Hod, or self or person, and atman with the capital A is God. The goal of Hinduism is when Atman and atman realize they are one and there is no separation between them.

The words Hod and Hoda have come from the Zoroastrian background, religion, to the Persian language. We know that the Persians were a part of the Aryan race that came from Europe and they split into two. One of them went to India, continued to be Hindu, and mixed with the African descendants who came from the part of Africa that had split from Africa and came to Asia, and went underneath Asia and pushed Asia higher to the Himalayas and is still raising every year a couple of inches.

They mixed with the natives there. Even now, you can observe that the people from the north of India are whiter than those from the south of India because the northern Indians mixed with the Aryans who were white and came from Europe. The Persians came also from Azerbaijan and Khorason, and from the northwest of Persia, and eventually came all the way down to south Persia. They received the Prophet Zoroaster, and they followed the Zoroastrian religion and then Zoroaster of course taught them that there is only One God.

Actually the Aryans knew Hod and Hoda is the same. Even if you look at the symbology of the European Celtics and all the people in the past, they have the swastika and many symbols that Hindus used. The Hindu, European, and Persian languages all came from the same root.

Therefore they knew Hod and Hoda is the same, and self and God are One. Even the Bible said, Be still and know that I am God, and, You have been created in the image of God. So all those things are the indications that self, Hod, and God, Hoda, are from the same Essence and they are One.

The Persians came all the way, and even Abraham, Abram, was a Persian who went to the south of Iraq and founded the Hebrew religion. And of course Arabs also are the children of the same being, Abram or Abraham. So you can see a lot of Persian blood is in the Arabs and Jews.

Now Jews are against Moslems and Iranians, and they are fighting with each other when they came from the same root. They do not realize that they are brothers and sisters. So you can see these things have to be realized with all of them. They have to come together and become unified.

So you are right, absolutely. Hod comes from the same root as the Essence, as Hoda. It is the same thing as Atman and atman, or self and God. They are all One. We are all in the image of God.

That does not mean that every self or Hod created the universe. The Essence or the Center of the universe created the universe, which is what the American Indians called, The Great Spirit. But that Great Spirit and that small spirit are the same.

All right. I leave you all to God. Again meditate on these words. Bring your consciousness and energy in a higher level. See the truth of this Revelation. Go and study our teachings. Become one with them and realize that indeed this explains the Mystical Paths: Hinduism, Buddhism, and Cabbalism, Saints in Christianity, Sufis, and every other teaching that says, you can know God.

It is just like that Moslem, that Sufi, who jumps of Joy and says, Annallah, I am God. He has realized the Oneness of the Self, and Hod and Hoda. And know that Judaism is a part of God and this Revelation. Christianity is a part of this Revelation. Islam is a part of this Revelation. Bahais are a part of this Revelation. They are all unified.

God indeed has been Gracious to humanity to send this Revelation to show the Way back to God.

Be good. Be god. See you next week. Sal-OM!

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