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Maitreya: Sal-OM and welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation Room. We have many ways that you can know about these teachings, including the website, many videos and audios in the website in our FTP, or in our other places in the website, or the streaming videos that recently one of our brothers has helped to set up.

So there are many ways to familiarize yourself with these teachings and this Revelation. By going to our website you are provided many ways to become familiar with what this new Revelation of God is and how all the religions of the world are unified.

There are a few news items I would like to share with everyone. We will have Services twice now on Saturdays, 5:30 in the morning and 5:30 in the afternoon. So no matter where you are in the world, you can participate in these Services and participate in our transmission meditations that will help to bring the peace and accelerate the consciousnesses of humanity.

Also we now have the base of our teachings translated into Spanish. Therefore many people can be reached by understanding it in that language.

In addition to all these Services provided for everyone, this room is available. So you can come to this room and further ask your questions about this new Revelation that has unified all religions of the world. By coming here, you can ask your questions from the Person who has brought this Revelation to humanity. It is a great opportunity to hear the teachings and the meaning of the parts that maybe it is a little difficult for you to fathom, right here in this room.

Therefore this room is a Conversation between me and those who go to the website, learn our teachings, and familiarize themselves with this Revelation, and if they have further questions, they come here and they ask those questions.

We do not expect that anyone who enters this room has done that. Therefore I usually start by letting everyone know that this is a new teaching; it is a new Revelation of God, which is written in the book called The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testmant. It is prophesied to come at this end time.

By understanding these teachings, and if we have the slightest Spirit, we will see that indeed all the signs are showing that the foretelling of this tribulation and all the things that are happening to humanity has been written down in the Scriptures of God. Also the coming of all religions has been predicted and foretold in all the Scriptures.

THOTH is a complete Book of the Plan of God, how He has created the universe to how He created the human body, how they fell, how the flood of Noah came, how humanity was divided into five classes, and then a promise was given to Abram or Abraham for his children, Ishmael and Isaac, how He fulfilled all those promises and sent Prophets from them, and how He further prophesied that other Revealers would come and how there would be Seven Revelations or religions on earth.

When you understand all of them and put them all together, as it is done in this Mission, in this Revelation, you can see the whole picture and the truth that God has been working with humanity for the last 12,000 years and created a history of 6,000 years, and how the human cannot bring the peace on earth because they have ego involved or evolved into this process, their lives, and history. The only way they can bring the Kingdom, peace, and unity is the Way of God, which has been revealed through this Revelation. When you put them all together you see the Eternal Divine Path.

It is a Path. It is the way that you walk. The first step of this Path is: Awakening of your spiritual forces, knowing thyself, realizing that your Essence and the Essence of God is One. Indeed God exists, and you do not.

When you saw that Essence, you realize that Essence is in every man, woman, and child. It is also without you, and there is nothing that is not God.

If there is nothing but God then where is the devil? The devil is that illusion of separation from God, or ego, that we have as an umbrella between ourselves and God. Therefore we separate ourselves from God, and that is when the temptation and this world becomes so real that we fall for it and we are tempted not to follow Gods Way and Laws, but mans ways, desires, and senses.

Therefore the devil and God both are within you. There is no place that God is not, and there is always the potential that you will fall from The Grace by cutting yourself from the Spirit or Essence. So the first step is to meditate, to concentrate, to contemplate, to think, to dance, to chant, to do all the techniques that are given in the many paths to take your attention away from this external world and direct it to the internal world.

The eyes are the most powerful sense in the human body. Our eyes are the door of the Spirit, the door of our Soul, and the Soul sees the external world and desires it. Then we long for the things from the external world. Since our third eyes, or spiritual eyes, are closed, this external world becomes so real to us. We think, This is it. This external world is the only truth there is.

Many humans have not meditated and many people who are in this world take this world as the only truth and have no sense or ability to know that there is also a spiritual world and Godly side of this manifested world. Even the scientists are realizing more and more that this manifested or material world is not complete. There are other materials or stages that they cannot see, they cannot touch, and they cannot bring into the laboratories, decipher them, and say, This is it. This is the Spirit behind it.

But they are coming close to know more. There are string theories and dark matter that they do not know what they are, and they know dark matter exists everywhere. There is no place that it is not present. The quantum physics is teaching that level of micro or state when things are chaotic and also there is an order even in chaos in the external world. So scientists are coming closer to realizing that there is an Essence from which all things have come.

That Essence, of course, is in all men and women. The only instrument that really can recognize and realize that Essence is the Spirit of man himself by meditation and directing the energy internally.

So the first step in the Eternal Divine Path is to direct all the attention, our consciousness, our being, from the external world, from these two eyes, from these two material eyes, toward the spiritual eyes and internalize the energy, instead of letting it go out of us, bring it to return inside, and become more and more familiar with the Essence or Spirit of our Being.

These are the teachings of the Mystical Paths like Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Mystical Christianity, and the Sufis in Islam and many other disciplines and teachings that teach, Know thyself. You and God are One. Hod and Hoda is the same. Atman and atman is the same. But in these Mystical Paths it is taught that, that is the goal of the life: to meditate, awaken our spiritual forces, and like a drop fall into the ocean and become the Ocean, or God.

The Bible says differently. It says not only do you have to do that; the next step God revealed in the Old Testament. If you read the Old Testament, you will realize that God is trying to find a people as the Elects that they will accept Him as the King, or as the Knower of the Truth, they will become His Children, and they will create communities, the twelve tribes of Israel, and they are the Children of Light. They are the Israelites.

So the next step after the awakening of your spiritual forces, or at least meditating, is to direct that energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light.

At this point, we are not really trying to create the Communities of Light. We are trying to Call the Elects, those who have been Called for this Revelation. When they see this Revelation, they understand what God has been doing. It is based on the Scriptures, the Words of God. He said the end time will be sealed even from the visions that Prophets have received and they were instructed not to reveal to anyone.

Also, in The Revelation it clearly says that the mystery of God will not be known with anyone until this Seventh Revelation comes and the Book sealed with the Seven Seals is opened, and everyone then would know that their religion is a part of a greater truth.

So the Bible is from God and the Word of God, most of it, but not the parts that have been changed or where the man-made theories have been added to it.

In the Bible it clearly says that those who try to go to Pure Consciousness by just meditating and awakening their spiritual forces, and overcoming the elements, will be sent back to this world. So if the Mystical Paths is not the only way to go to God, and become a drop and fall into the Ocean of God, then what is the next step?

The next step is the Old Testament, and that teaches the creation of Communities of Light. The Communities of Light are based on the Eternal Divine Path that we are explaining right now.

So the next step after we start meditating and realizing that our Essence is with God, is to create the communities that God has accepted as the source of authority and Laws, and the people will become His Children and bring His Laws into those communities.

That is the Old Testament and the teaching of the Hebrews. Their message is that God wants a community that accepts Him as the King and His Laws as the Laws, not man-made laws but God-made or revealed Laws.

Now in order to create such communities, which is revealed in the Old Testament, sacrifice or giving of yourself is necessary. If everyone in the community says, What is in it for me? and becomes self-centered, selfish, and wants to have more than they give into the community, that community will not last long.

That is the message of the New Testament. Christ came, and He sacrificed himself for His ideal. He was willing to die for his friends, for his community, and for His understanding. He showed the way of giving of yourself and sacrificing for His ideal.

Therefore the New Testaments message is: Sacrifice. That is exactly what Christ did. Of course Christ had more than that mission. He also released The Grace back to man.

By revealing this Path, He also, as the unblemished Lamb of God and sinless, took away the curse that was put on man in the Garden of Eden. The man who accepts and believes that Christ is the Prophet, the Messiah of God, will receive The Grace of God abundantly.

He also gathered the people together. All those who came to Europe and the United States, they all became Christians. They accepted Christ, and they were all saved by Grace. That is why although they did not follow the Laws that God put for humanity, still they received a lot of Grace from God. So it shows how the Grace of God is more important than just following the Law without realizing Gods Grace is as important as the Law is.

Whoever is in real Grace will follow the Law, and those who have the Grace will follow The Law.

So the message of Christ was sacrifice. Therefore in order to create such Communities, sacrifice is necessary. Christ also took the Kingdom from the Hebrews and gave it to another nation. That other nation was the next Prophet who would come after them.

Alright, this is through the Third Seal. We seem to be having a question. We will go and see what Duranium has to say. I hope he is on topic. Go ahead Duranium.

Duranium: Hello. How are you doing? Interesting discussion that you are teaching. I have a question. Do you believe that there was a literal global flood? What do we know about this? Also, I have a question, how is the Grace of God given out to people?

Maitreya: OK. There seems to be two questions from Duranium.

Was there a flood? There is a lot of evidence that there has been some activity like a flood that has happened and many people have been destroyed. Also you can look at this as a symbolic event that happened, which closed the third eye of humanity and gave the humans two eyes and also created the five classes of humans that have been explained in THOTH.

THOTH stands for: The Holies Of The Holies. It is a Book; it is the Book that is sealed with the Seven Seals. It is in our website. If you go there you can download it or read it right there. Some sections even have an audio with that section, and it will be read for you.

Therefore the flood of Noah, was it a worldwide flood? It could have been, and it is possible. We know that the axiss of the earth change their places at times. It has been proven that the earth flips upside down after sometime.

Also there was an ice age before the 12,000 years, and the earth became warm and that the ice all melted and many places were flooded. Or, God just decided to flood the whole earth and kill all those people who were not listening to Him.

The most important thing is that, God said there was a flood, there was an evolutionary step, and therefore we accept it as something that happened. What exactly was it? That is mostly speculation. Even if you know it, it is not really going to help the process of bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth and going to God.

But for sure, something happened 12,000 years ago, an evolutionary step was taken, a new human was created.

OK, go ahead, Duranium. What was your next question? Keep your questions one at a time. Go ahead.

Duranium: Sure. My next question is very simple and direct. What is your purpose or role in Gods Plan? Also, well, I guess this is connected to that, what should people correctly call you, by the nickname that you have there, or what? But what is your role in Gods Plan and It being carried out?

Maitreya: The role of the Prophet or the Messiah, or the Revealer, or the Teacher, is that He is the Spirit of God on earth, and His coming is prophesied for a long time. He also has to be of the genealogy of Prophet Abraham or Abram.

All the Prophets before this have been working and bringing one part of the Revelation, and now all the Revelations have been put together here. Therefore, this is the last Revelation of God that puts everything together.

It should become the center of attention or Focus of all humans. So in a sense you can say that I am the Heart of the Hierarchy, and if everyone connects themselves to this Heart they understand God, His Teachings, His Plan, and the Eternal Divine Path. They will come together, create the facilitating body, and work with me as the Elects or facilitating body so we can create the hierarchy from top to bottom.

After we create many Communities of Light, then the hierarchy on earth will come from the bottom to the top. When that hierarchy from the people, by the people, and for the people is created, then the original hierarchy will become the Eldest and the Elder body, and eventually we will withdraw and the Kingdom of God will come to humanity, and the earth will become Gods.

Therefore at this time we are calling the Elects who accept me as the Point of Focus, and they will become one with one another because they will let the Spirit of God come through and they have a Focal Point to rally around.

Go ahead, Duranium.

Duranium: Thank you for answering my question there. So I see, in other words you are saying that you are the Focal Point, you are explaining that you are the Nucleus and people must come to you to have a full understanding of the issue. Um hum

I have a question for this, where is the church in the world today? What are some of its main problems with reaching out to the people?

Maitreya: Duranium, you broke up. Can you repeat your question again?

Duranium: Yes, my question is, what do you believe is the main problem or what are some of the main problems with the church today in its outreach to people in the world? Did you hear that?

Maitreya: Yes, I heard that. First you asked if I am the Focal Point and everyone listens to me. Actually everyone should listen to God. They have to connect themselves to God directly. That is one part of our teaching.

This is not a cult that I am trying to connect people to myself and therefore disconnect them from the external world. I connect them to God and to the external world.

Actually there is a part of our teachings to create the Communities of Light. Live in the world but not of it. Therefore they should listen to the Word of God. If I say something that is not the Word of God, they should not even listen to that.

Of course they should know what the Word of God is first, and the Word of God is in the Scriptures and it is in THOTH, and it has been revealed to them. But in the sense of worldly creation of the hierarchy and bringing His kingdom on earth, they should focus on one Center or Point of Rally and that Point is me to rally them, focus them, and bring them all together as one.

If they hear the Word of God differently than I do, then we can discuss it and come to the conclusion what is the correct Word of God in every situation and then we will come to an agreement. If we did not then they have to go their way and those who stay with me are going to stay around me, and we will still create the Kingdom on earth.

Now your question about the church and what is the problem with that What church are you talking about? Are you talking about the Christian Church? Are you talking about the Islamic set-up? Are you talking about the Jewish, the Rabbis? What church are you talking about?

I see, the Christian church. You have to realize that we teach more than Christianity here. We teach all the religions. If you are talking about the Christian church, then there are some three thousand (or the last time it was counted, there were twelve thousand) different denominations, branches, and churches in Christianity. So which one are we talking about?

If we are talking about the Catholic church, then what the problem is with Catholic church is that they follow only one sign, one Seal. They also follow Paul more than they follow Christ Himself.

What is the problem in general with all the religions and human-made systems? It is ego. Ego is the problem in every case. As long as the human has not overcome ego and they have their own ideas instead of bringing Gods ideas, they will have problems in all levels.

Go ahead.

Duranium: All right. You mentioned Paul, and you claim that more Christians follow Paul. I am curious, what is your problem with Paul the Apostle? He met Jesus, and Jesus ordained him as a disciple, as an apostle. I am curious about this about this and your view on Paul.

Maitreya: Well, Christ himself said the disciple is not greater than the Master. Even if you accept that Paul was ordained by Christ himself in the vision as a disciple, still he was a disciple. We have to listen to the Master. We have to listen to the Messiah. We have to take His Words as the truth, not the disciples.

I have said many times here, I love my disciples. I love the people who follow this teaching and are in the Mission. But I encourage you all to go to our website and read THOTH, read the teachings, and read the words that have come first-hand to humanity.

Christ taught for only three and one-half years. He did not have any typewriter. He did not have any computer. He did not have any Internet. He did not have a website.

So anything that has come to us was put down around 170 years after him. They put His Words in the red letters in the New Testament, and those are what Christians have to follow.

Now did Paul First of all I do not have any problem with Paul. I do not have any problem with anyone. I have a problem with ego and misrepresentation of the Word of God.

Also I am not saying that Paul did not have any truth at all. But he said a lot of things that are not based on the Word of God; it was his own understanding. Paul said many things that appeal to human ego. That is why a lot of people started following him because he made them feel good and caressed, or pampered, their ego. Therefore they like him more than what Christ said.

Instead of saying, Take your eye if it defiles you and throw it away, Cut your hand if it sinned, He said, You are the chosen ones. Just believe in his name and that is it. You are going to go to heaven. Now get on with the life and do whatever you want. That was good for ego; they loved it and they followed it.

So the false teacher is not the one who says the untruth all the time. He might say a lot of truth but he slips in a few untruths into the teaching.

Therefore you should not follow the disciples, not even mine. You should follow the Master because Christ said, The disciple is not greater than the Master. It is right in the New Testament.

Now lets see if the vision he saw was really Christ. But who knows what that vision was? There are a lot of spirits in the world that they would like to represent themselves as God. They have hierarchies that many people follow, and they say it is from God. But they disconnect people from God and connect them to themselves. There are a lot of gurus, mullahs, rabbis, fathers, and brothers who say they represent God but they connect you to themselves.

Therefore the very first sign of being a false prophet and false teacher is to connect you to something other than the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal, or your Essence or God.

We can see that with all these, we should take the word of Paul with a grain of salt and go to the Word of God directly, which came through the Christ.

Go ahead, Duranium.

Duranium: All right. Thank you, Maitreya. Now I see what you are saying, and OK, you say that we should take the words of Paul with a grain of salt, and so on and so forth, and yet we have recorded the very words of this same Jesus Christ. And he says that we can trust in him for eternal life. Do you believe this? He tells us to look to him, not to look to other religious systems or anything else. You see here is an example.

He says there in John 3:18 that, this is his recorded word as you very well know, He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. Now realize he did not say that there are many begotten sons of God, he said there is only that one begotten son of God, the man Christ Jesus who is fully God and fully man.

Now the question is, if all religions are one as you are saying, all right, what about the very exclusive claims that Jesus made? And here is the microphone.

Maitreya: Thank you. Thank you very much for letting me come in [laughing]. Everyone should realize that this is the room that we are here to teach. We would appreciate if people do not preach but just ask the question. That was a good time to stop, Duranium.

This has been answered many times. That is why we direct everyone to go to our website, listen to the answers and questions. Actually we have another room here called Discourses by Maitreya. This question has been answered many, many times.

First, Christ said He is the Son of God, in the sense that He is the Spirit of God and therefore He and the Father are One, which means when He talks and teaches, it is really God who is teaching.

Second, It is not only Christ that claimed that. All the Prophets of God claimed the same thing, in different words.

In the Koran, if you listen to the words of Prophet Muhammad, He said that the Spirit of God came through Him and said, Listen to My Prophet. Whatever He says is My Words, and follow them. In a sense he was saying, No one goes to the Father but through Me. No one goes to God but those who listen to My Words.

Bab said the same thing. Moses and everyone else who came said the same thing. Moses said, You have to follow my Laws.

Therefore we can see this is a saying of all Prophets. Now you ask, why, since Christ said He was the Only Begotten Son of God? Again it has been explained to humanity in our teachings, because only the First Begotten Son has revealed all the Revelations, or the Seven Revelations of God to humanity. Therefore He is the only Way.

It is not the tarot cards. It is not astrology. It is not believing in one Seal, but every Seal. He was the only way because He had the last or the latest Revelation and Seal at that time. But He was the one who came over and over and over, and revealed the different Seals, and now the Seventh Seal is revealed again through the same Spirit, the First Begotten Son, and there is no other way, no one goes to the Father but understand THOTH and our teachings.

Indeed no one, no one on earth can understand their religion, their revelation, their Scripture, unless they understand our teachings and THOTH.

Therefore your question is valid. But the answer you have received is incorrect. The answer is not Christ only as Esa or what you call Jesus, which it never was Jesus anyway. That is another discussion.

But that Being who brought Christianity to humanity is the Spirit that also revealed the Koran, or Islam. That is why in the Garden of Gethsemane he pleaded with God, Take this cup from me. Then he realized, No, he has to submit and surrender to God. Therefore he said, Thy Will be done. He became surrendered and submissive, and next lifetime he came and brought the message of surrendering and submission to God.

Again, your question is valid. However, if you understand our answer that was revealed here, you understand, Yes, Prophets before Christ, many of them have been the same Spirit as Esa the Christ, or Jesus. The Prophets after Him were the same person, same Spirit, and therefore you realize that He was right. He is the only Way.

But you do not know the mystery of that Spirit, that God, that Revelation until the Seventh Angel comes. When the Seventh Angel comes, that this now is explaining to you what that sentence or those words mean in the New Testament that you take as separative words, which separate you from the rest of humanity, they become unified because that same Spirit sent all the religions in the world.

Therefore expand yourself. See the Word of God. Go to our website, and read THOTH. Listen to our videos and audios, and eventually say, Yes, God sent all these religions.

He told Daniel not to reveal the vision at the end time. He told many other Prophets the same thing. Then in The Revelation, He said, No one knows the truth, or the mystery of God, until the Seventh Angel comes. There is a Book sealed with the Seven Seals and no one can open it, no one, but the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. And when He opens It, then you understand the teaching and the Revelation.

So you have to understand our teachings before you can understand your religion, no matter what your religion is. Then you realize that they all come from the same Source.

Go ahead Duranium, but ask your question, do not preach, just go ahead and ask. They are good questions though. Go ahead.

Duranium: All right, thank you. Now, so are you then saying that you are Lion of the Tribe of Judah? Maitreya, are you the Messiah?

Maitreya: Well, that is what you have to prove to yourself. My genealogy goes all the way to King David, to Abraham, to Adam. It is in our website. I did not find them. I did not go and dig them out. People came to us and told us, Yes, your genealogy goes to all that. Therefore I am from the blessed genealogy. Therefore I am the potential to become the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

But that is not enough because there are millions of people out there that their genealogy goes to King David, and on and on. Also look at the prophecies. Look at the Revelation, which is based on the Words of God. See, God made it very clear this time, if you have the slightest Spirit in you and you are a real seeker, He left no doubt that what I claim is correct. But I am not going to claim who I am. It does not make any difference what I say who I am.

As Christ said, If I say I am you do not believe me, and if I say I am not, I am lying. Therefore it is up to you to go, to search, to look, and then come to your own conclusion. If you came to the conclusion, Yes I am the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, I have fulfilled the prophecies that God said of the coming of the Christ, if I have revealed the Book sealed with the Seven Seals, and my Revelation is based on the Words of God, and I connect humanity directly to God but not myself, then you have to make a decision. Is it or is it not?

If it is, then you have no choice but to come, to join, and to go behind this Revelation and help. If I am not, then we leave you to God.

It is your understanding. It is your conclusion. It is between you and God.

We know what we talk about and we know who we are. But do you? That is the question.

Go ahead.

Duranium: But now here is my next question for you, Maitreya. What then, what is the reason why Jesus went to the cross? What was the point of the cross?

My question about the teaching is everything. The core of it is what I am curious about. Where did it come from? But that is my question for you, what is the reason for the cross?

Maitreya: If you remember, Christ was the Unblemished Lamb. The Unblemished Lamb was the lamb that was supposed to be slaughtered and its blood put on the doorposts on the night of Passover. If any Hebrew would kill an unblemished lamb and put the blood on the doorpost, God would pass over that household and would accept them as people who accept Him as God and follow His Laws. Therefore The Grace of God would come into them.

Christ came as that Unblemished Lamb. He came, not only to release The Grace to the Hebrews but to the whole humanity. His crucifixion is the symbol of the release of The Grace back to man. Also it is a symbol for teaching humanity that you have to sacrifice.

In order to create the Communities of Light, you have to give of yourself. You have to forego selfish things, only me, me, but God, community, and creation of the Kingdom Of God on earth.

Therefore about the symbol of Christ and the crucifixion of Christ: One of the reasons for it was to release The Grace that was taken away from man at the time of the Garden of Eden. That is all there is into it. It is not that you just believe in that and you will be saved.

Even Christ said himself, I have not come to destroy the Law. Not one jot of it will be destroyed or go away. How can you just believe in one name and do whatever you want, break all the Laws and rules, and still you will go to God?

Therefore you have to forego your dogmas that you have been taught. If you really want the truth of God, that is it. You have to go and see it.

Here is not a room for you to come to preach, Duranium. We know your dogmas, your beliefs. We know the Christian beliefs very well.

We know the Islamic beliefs. We know everyones beliefs.

[reading from text] Jesus is the way.

OK, Christ said also, He was the son of man. He was a man. Someone called him, Good Rabbi, and He said, I am not good. Only God is good. How could He be, not be a man?

So He was man and God, as all the Prophets are, and it is not going to change. The Way of God is not going to change. He is going to choose a man, and He will send His Spirit into the world through that man. Therefore if your understanding is different (the way God has been doing this for seven times) then something is wrong with your dogmas, not with the Way of God.

Therefore you can see how humanity is engrossed in their dogmas and how they are fighting with the tooth and nail to keep this misunderstanding.

Justkidding_1: What are the 70-7's from (Daniel 9:23-25)? Are these supposed to be the signs of the second coming?

Maitreya: OK, go ahead if you want to read the verses so we can see what the verses are. Then we can discuss them. Go ahead.

Justkidding_1: Thank you. Daniel 9:23-25. I will read the whole passage. [What he read is not the King James version. Below are the actual verses from the King James Bible and then what he is reading of verse 25 in question]

At the begging of thy supplications the commandments came forth, and I am come to shew thee; for thou art greatly beloved: therefore understand the matter, and consider the vision.

Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.

And it goes on to say:

Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks: the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times. [then reading verse 25 from his Bible]: Know and understand this, from the issue of a decree to restore Jerusalem unto the anointed one the ruler comes, there will be seven sevens and sixty-two sevens.

Maitreya: OK, is it a part that I have already put a commentary on it?

Justkidding_1: There is no commentary. Actually you stop short of Daniel 9:22, then it is Daniel 9:23-35.

Maitreya: OK. If someone can calculate how much is 7 x 70 and see what number comes [490]. OK.

Well, I did not put commentaries on every chapter in Daniel. These are the places that God guided me to give commentaries on. Anything that does not have commentaries, you again have to take with a grain of salt. Read them, there might be some truth in them. But there might be some changes made in the numbers or words, or in translation some things were lost.

It might have some meaning in it, but the most important thing is that it is talking about that this Revelation. Even here it clearly says that this Revelation or these sentences will not be fulfilled until the Anointed One comes.

Of course all the Prophets of God, or Christs, have been anointed and therefore any time they come, that sentence might be correct, and the prophecy might be fulfilled. But most of them, or all of the prophecies and foretelling, is related to this Revelation. That is why it is the most Blessed Revelation of God.

After this Revelation comes, eventually humanity will start following the Eternal Divine Path, will create the Communities of Light, will accept God as their King and His Laws as their Laws, and will become purified. All the impurities and sinfulness, and all the things that humanity is doing at this time will vanish because humans and those who follow the Eternal Divine Path also will follow the Will of God. They will not do fornication, adultery, stealing, lying, and everything that these days when you ask someone why you are doing it, he or she says, Everyone is doing it so it is OK.

They are not saying God said do not do it, therefore I do not do it. They say, Everyone is doing it so that is OK. That is not OK. Everyone can go to hell. If you follow them, you will go to hell with them.

Therefore it is the responsibility of every individual to know the Words of God, and purify themselves and follow His Laws. If every person does that, every person takes the Words of God above the word of everyone else on earth, little by little more people will follow the Laws of God and eventually His Kingdom will come on earth. Those who have not followed the Words of God will not be incarnated for a thousand years, for a long, long time.

So again this prophecy is for the end time. It is sealed. You cannot know it. But know what that 490 days means, how many years is that? It is around, less than two years of God. So it can be around thirteen hundred years. It can be referring to the truth that might come after Prophet Muhammad, maybe. That might be relating to a year, around thirteen hundred years, or twelve hundred years, or fourteen hundred years. So it has to be figured out exactly what that number is. But also that number could have been influenced with man.

I was not ever attracted to write any commentary on that part of the book. We have so much truth in THOTH and commentaries all over the Bible, and those are the ones that I was inspired to write commentaries on. The rest, you have to take with a grain of salt and not to completely accept as the whole truth.

So that can be one explanation. The most important thing is that it says that that part, that vision, will come when the Anointed One, the Chosen Person, will come.

Now it is here. It is the Revelation that reveals the Words of God based on the Scriptures. It is the time for humanity to put away their dogmas and their own understandings, but realize this Revelation and understanding that has been given.

I think enough has been given in this Mission that will guide you to understand the Plan of God. I recommend not going too much away from what already has been revealed and insist to know the meanings of the verses that do not have commentaries. Otherwise they will create confusion.

If we accept this Revelation is from God and comes from the Anointed One, whatever I did not put any commentaries on, either they are not important, or they might have been influenced by man.

But I can think about it. I can meditate on these verses, if you want me to, and give you a greater meaning for them. But there might not be any meaning because they have been changed.

So let us concentrate on the Revelation that has already come to man and know them, and maybe these things will be revealed later on.

Snow Wolf: How long will it be then until all wars stop and peace is established on earth?

Maitreya: That is the question from Snow Wolf.

It is up to humanity as to how soon they will give up their dogmas, their own understandings, their egos, and come to understand this Revelation and teaching and realize that there is only one God, there is only one Revealer, all this has come from the same Source, through the same Spirit, they should not fight, they should not destroy each other, but bring Gods System, Revelation, and Ways to man. The problem is we have not created Gods system on earth yet.

Some people believe in theocracy, and other people believe in democracy. Our system is the democratic-theocratic system. That is why we can call it theo-mocracy or demo-theocracy.

It is theocracy with the democracy in it. There are weaknesses in both democracy and theocracy. In democracy, if the majority accepts things that are not Godly, they are accepted.

Of course God rejected democracy in the story of choosing the king for the Children of Israel. They rejected God as their King, and they said, We want a king like everyone else around us. He said, OK, go ahead, choose your king.

So they democratically chose Saul. He was a handsome, tall man. That is why they chose him. He did what God said. He took their children to the wars and they were killed. He taxed them in a greater degree, and did whatever he wanted to.

Then God chose King David for them. He was Anointed by God, and he became the greatest King the Israelites ever had.

So there we see God rejected democracy. The reason is, as I said, in democracy, if the majority of the people want a handsome, tall man, he becomes their leader. David was not handsome, tall, or very pretty. He was actually a very ordinary-looking person.

So in theocracy, the people who become the leaders, they replace God, just like the Catholics. The Pope was influencing the whole Europe and the kings were afraid of him because he was God and whatever he said went. He was not connected to God to be able to bring His Spirit to man.

Therefore they became absolute power in the system. It is just like what is happening in Iran and the mullahs, they are absolute power. They are sitting in the seat of God, and whatever they say goes. They are not connected to God. They say things that are not Godly, and therefore they create a lot of suffering for humanity.

Therefore theocracy becomes dictatorship. We know what dictators do. Dictators become absolute power, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

So what is the answer? The answer is the Elects, the Anointed One, the chosen people who are connected to God and will bring the Spirit of God to man.

In our system, it is democratically emerged from the Communities of Light. In the Communities of Light, because the numbers are so few, after a while you know who is a good leader, and he or she will emerge from the bottom of the society. They eventually will come up and be chosen little by little to the top.

Therefore it is democratic in the bottom. The person who emerges to the top hopefully will be connected to God and will bring the Spirit of God to the system. Even then that person is not completely a dictator because there will be the houses of representatives and senate, etc.

So we can see that Gods Way has been given to humanity in a greater degree, and none of the systems that are on earth are going to work. That is another message to humanity that men have to realize that this system is Godly.

Actually it is the only system and the first system the people are really going to come from the people, by the people, and for the people because it comes from the base of the societies, the communities. The people will emerge from these communities and when they come to the top they have been connected to God from the very bottom, and when they come up, they are still connected. Therefore it is for the people, and they will create the peace and unity on earth.

So when it is going to come? When is the earth going to stop the wars? As long as the humans are following their own egos and their own ways, it will not. That is the message of this Mission: Human ways are not going to work. Period.

Why are they not going to work? They have so many good ideas, why are they not going to work? It is because the ego is involved.

Anywhere the ego is involved will fall and fail, especially from now on. After this Revelation, none of them is going to work and we can see that they are all trying to bring peace in their own way and understanding, and they cannot, unless they come and surrender and submit to the Will of God and realize that they should follow the Anointed One, the Spirit of God. Then they can come together and become united.

I hope that answered your question. And it is up to you, it is up to humanity, it is up to each Soul to reach to humanity and in a greater degree let them know that indeed this is the Way.

Snow Wolf: [Posted in text] So its up to us! Fair enough. Thank you, for the answer.

Maitreya: Go ahead, Openeye.

Openeye2003: I have a question. My wife and I, a couple of weeks ago Society today is more cautious or afraid, or whatever you want to call it, of anyone who sets up a new faith, a new path, a new religion, or whatever. They are more cautious of someone establishing an un-established religion, or an un-established path or whatever for X amount of years. They are more cautious about an adult showing this to young kids. As you probably know through history the family culture out there, not Gods so to speak, but they are more cautious and not allowing freedom of speech, for an adult to explain this to young kids. As this religion, for instance, if I see a young kid, if a parent does not like it, they stop me, or they take me to court, or whatever.

Can you elaborate or explain about this situation? Especially the family court, if a couple who has one face and the other one does not like it, or whatever, things like that. Can you elaborate and expand on that because society today is more reluctant to see a new path, a new religion, or whatever? Thanks.

Maitreya: Yes, that is a very correct observation. The reason is as we explained in THOTH, in the last 2,300 years, the intellect, the little horn, took over humanity and now humanity has reached a point that they think their opinions and ideas are more important than the Words of God, Revelations, and Scriptures.

Actually a lot of people ridicule God, His Words, and Spirit, and they say the Ten Commandments are finished, are no longer valid, the Words of God are not something you listen to, they are something that were made by man and they have not come from God.

Everyone has their opinions and ideas, and they reach the point that they teach our children that you have to accept everyone. You have to accept every opinion and idea. Therefore man again has reached a point that they set themselves up as God. Whoever has the more persuasive ability will bring his ideas to man, and they will accept them as the truth.

This has been the struggle between God and man from the very beginning. Remember, there was chaos. Now we have chaos on earth again.

We believe that our culture and our ways are better than those in other parts of the world. Therefore we try to convert them to our ways, when our ways are not based on Gods Ways.

Can we bring happiness and unity to them when we do not have the unity and happiness among ourselves, and the Word of God is not followed?

They want to change our ways to their ways because they think their ways are better than ours, and they follow their dogmas and their own beliefs, opinions, and ideas. Even among themselves they do not accept one set of understandings as being correct. Therefore we resist them in being changed to the way they want us to be.

What is the solution? The solution is the Way of God, the Culture of God, the Word of God, which unifies them under one Banner, one Religion, one culture, which is the Culture of God and the truth that will bring greater children, greater society, greater communities, and unify them because our opinions and ideas will have a yardstick, a measurement, something to measure against, and that is the Word of God.

If my opinion and ideas are not based on that yardstick, therefore these are my ideas and opinions, and the society and the community will not accept them because I am trying to pull that community or people away from the yardstick or the Words of God. Therefore only following the yardstick or Way of God will bring unity.

Now if you are Godly and you want to follow the Words of God, and our schools and our society says, No, you cannot do that because your opinion and ideas are outdated, outmoded, when God says they are not, there will be a conflict between the Way of God and the ways of man.

He sends this Revelation and He fulfills all the prophecies, and therefore God exists. He is not outmoded. What He said two-thousand years ago, or six-thousand years ago, or twelve-thousand years ago, is as fresh, as good, as followable, as it was then.

Therefore the whole intellectual part of the human, the little horn, has taken over and humanity loves to be God. That is what happened in the Garden of Eden, wasnt it? If you eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, if you accept your own ideas and opinions, you will become God. You follow your own rules and laws, and that God said is going to lead to destruction because that is the wide gate with the wide road.

You say these things to them, and they look at you and say you are crazy or something. But the truth is, it is going to happen. Humanity has to learn these lessons clearly and eventually realize that they have no choice because God prophesied these things are going to come, and they came.

He prophesied that He is going to do those things. He has done them. God exists. God is in control. God is indeed the Focal Point and the Focus for humanity. Only God can bring that unity to all men.

You are absolutely correct. We feel we are God more at this time than we did 100 years ago, or 200 years ago. Human was much humbler, much more open, much more accepting than they are now because every human now has their own opinion.

They have gone to school, they have studied, they have researched, they have come to these conclusions, and they think that they know better than God and therefore they resist.

All right. I guess there is another question:

Justkidding_1: What does abomination of the desolation mean? From Daniel 12:11, Matthew 24:1, and Mark 13:14.

Maitreya: OK that is the destruction of the human understandings and ideas, and human ways. That is the desolation and destruction of those who oppose Gods Way, and it will come to them. It is coming to them already. It has been accelerated from 9-11 and now it is all over the world. We can see we have war in Iraq. We have war in Afganistan.

There is a great struggle between Islam and the West. The more they try to bring peace and unity among themselves, the more they fall away from it. This will eventually lead to many people realizing that the human way is not the correct way, and Gods Way is. Maybe if they cannot come to God by Love, they might come with the fear of the desolation of destruction, which is coming.

That is why we are calling the Elects. That is why those who are on earth but not of it, and they see this Revelation and Realization that is from God, fulfilled the prophecies, etc., that we just explained for the other gentlemen, they realize that in order to bring peace and unity and the destruction not to come to them, or at least after that destruction they have something to replace these destructive tendencies of humans, they will eventually come together and become one in this Revelation and teaching.

So that destruction and the Golden Age are being fulfilled in a parallel way. We are the Light of the earth. We are the salt that will heal these destructive tendencies that are on earth. The more we come together, the greater Light we will have, and we will be able to manifest this Light in a greater degree and eventually destroy the darkness.

That darkness has been on earth for the last 12,000 years and even before that. But now it is the time for Gods Kingdom to come. It is the time for humanity to realize and recognize there is no other way.

The human way is not going to work. It is just not going to work. The more they wait for it to work, the more destruction will come to them until they reach that point of what is called the desolation of the abomination, or that darkness. Those who are left will have a greater light in them, and they will bring Gods Kingdom on earth.

This is the thing the human has to recognize and realize. This is the message of God. This is what God has been struggling with man for the last 12,000 years, from the beginning of the imbalance in the universe.

Each unit consciousness thinks they know better than God. They do not. If they knew they should have had the peace on earth already.

They are attached to their cultures. They are attached to their religions. They have created intellectual understandings of religions as dogmas. They are hanging on to that. Even when you tell them the truth, they cannot see it. They are so engrossed in their dogmas, they want to prove they are right, when God says, No one knows the truth until the Seventh Angel comes.

That is ego. That is the problem. That is what we have to overcome. We have to forego our own opinions and ideas, and bring Gods Opinion and Ways to our lives and other peoples, create the Kingdom and the communities, and bring His Kingdom and unity on earth.

So, that destruction is coming. It is unfortunate. Our human part does not want to accept it. Our human part hates to see those pictures that some human has been tortured and degraded to that level. Or, to see another group cut a mans head off right in front of the camera and they take a picture, and they are very proud of it.

You cringe. You say, What kind of the people are they who are doing this? God said it is going to happen. It is going to come. They have lost their sensitivity. They have lost the human part. None of them are really human. They have absolutely lost the Touch to their Essence. That is the destruction that is going to become worse. They are bandaging it, but it is not going to work.

Because God said and proved it to us, that when He said something is going to happen, it is going to happen. We can rationalize it, whatever we want. The truth is, it is going to happen.

If we connect ourselves to God completely, then these things are not going to affect us because we are not with the darkness, we are with the Light. We are focusing on Gods Light at the end of this tunnel; then we can get through this darkness and not be a part of the destruction of the desolation.

There is another question from Snow Wolf:

Snow Wolf: This One Way, it is not the New World Order thing, is it?

Maitreya: No. That New World Order idea is from Mr. Bush, the United Nations, and some other people that they were talking about a world based on the business- relationship, because they believe if people have good business relationships with each other they can create a world that business will prosper in a greater degree. That was their idea.

Their idea was not based on the Word of God, His Revelation, prophecies, etc. This is not a human-made idea. It is a Revelation of God. It is an Idea that has been in the making for the last 12,000 years.

Snow Wolf: Thats good, thank God.

Maitreya: You are welcome, Snow Wolf.

So we again encourage everyone to go to our website, study our teachings, see this truth, free yourself from your dogmas, your religions, your cultures, your backgrounds, your opinions, and your ideas. Engross yourself with Gods Word, with Gods Revelation, with this Truth. See indeed that the Spirit of God has come to man again and is trying to guide him or her out of this desolation of destruction and darkness that is on earth.

Now, do you want to go to the Light or do you want to keep your opinions and your ideas, and stay in the darkness and become a part of the desolation? That is the decision we all have to make.

Is this from God? Is this really the Seventh Angel, the Revelation that will reveal the mystery of God? You have to prove it to yourself. Is it It?

If it is It, the rest of the Revelation of God will come true. The destruction will come to man. Eventually His Kingdom will come on earth. Then you will have a great grip of the reality on earth.

If it is not the Revelation from God and the Seventh Angel, then prove it to me and I will join you, and we will go together to find those Seven Seals opened with the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, and all the prophecies are fulfilled, etc.

Therefore this is the salvation of man.

Our time is up but let me see what Snow Wolf has to say.

Snow Wolf: What is the effect on humans that the invisible beings of the parallel realm have, called spirits, jinns, elementals, fairies, etc.?

Maitreya: What is the effect of Spirit on man? The effect of the Spirit on man is you are that Spirit. Your Essence is invisible. The Essence is God. You and God are one already. You are gods.

If you understand that Essence, then you understand the Word of God in a greater degree and the effect is you become Godly. You can follow

Snow Wolf: also called Satan?

Maitreya: As we said, God is everything. If God is everything, where is the Satan? Where is the devil? The devil or Satan is the delusion of the separation from God.

When we fall from The Grace, the temptation of this world becomes the devil and we are attracted to the external world. Therefore we are tempted to do the things which are not Godly. If we are focused on God and we see the effect of God on us, then the devil has no power over us, because the Spirit of God will not fall to the temptation.

I leave all to God again. Meditate on these Words. Go to the website. Wrap yourself around with the Words of God.

Come to our rooms. Listen to these wonderful people here that read these teachings over and over every day. And you can come. You do not even have to take a book or download a book. Come here and listen to see what these wonderful Words are that are read in these rooms. You can ask them questions.

You can go to the Words directly from me in the discussion room and learn those.

You can go to the website.

There are so many ways given for you to wrap yourself in these Words and become one with them, and then come and help the Mission to spread and help these Words to touch every man and woman, at least the Elects and their supporters.

Be with God. Be Godly. Know that the Spirit of God is here, and this is a calling to each of you to come and do His Will.

Sal-OM everyone.

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