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Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to our Room. Let us together concentrate on this new Revelation of God. We are here to discuss the Revelation from the Mission of Maitreya that claims that He has opened the Seven Seals and revealed the Book that was hidden from even the Great Prophets like Daniel and others. They had been instructed not to tell humanity about it until the Seventh Angel comes and opens it to humanity.

Therefore, it is the responsibility and obligation of every person to go to our website, read our materials and literature, come to our rooms, listen to the explanations that have been given, search, seek, and the door will be opened to you, and you will see the truth clearly that indeed God exists and we have to glorify Him.

He has created this creation that every unit consciousness may have a goal and understanding that they are not alone. They are connected to the whole universe. They are a part of the Body of God, and there is no separation between any part of God and any other.

Therefore any idea, any religion, any belief, any philosophy, anything that separates any part of the universe from other parts is not from the Spirit of God. With this basic understanding, then the questions will come to us very clearly, Then why are the religions on earth so separated? Why are we still killing each other and destroying one another because we do not feel that others are the same as us? Why is there a separation between man and man, and they have been at destroying and killing one another for the last 6,000 years?

Now this Revelation tells them, Understand, when the universe went out of balance and into chaos, the ego evolved and every ego thinks it is God. Of course it is not surprising, because it has come from God. Since it has come from God, that memory is there that they have been God, a part of It, but they do not remember that they were a part of the Collective God. They were a part of the whole, not as a separate ego as, I am God but this other person beside me is not. If they are awakened in that memory and understanding that, Yes, indeed I am God but so is that person beside me and everyone else, therefore my salvation is impossible without the salvation of the man who sits beside me.

Therefore no one is God in isolation. No man is an island. They are connected to each other with the Spirit of God. We are a part of Him, and He is a part of us. Indeed we and Him are One already but not in a sense as a separate ego. The only time that a person can say, I am god, is when that little i and the universal I are the same. There is no separation. You as a separate god will create suffering for yourself and others because you violate the very basic Law of the Universe that there is no separation in the Body of God.

Now the religions of the world also are united and this Revelation clearly says that there is only one God. There are not two, three, four, five, or seven, that sent Seven Revelations. The reason we are separated is because, first, we do not understand the whole Plan of God, which will not be revealed to humanity until this Revelation; and second, every religion has been affected with dogmas, beliefs, man-made ideas and understandings.

If humanity recognizes that indeed we cannot be separated from one other, therefore any dogmas, any understanding, anything that I think my religion relates to and it appeals to my ego, is not from God. It is man-made.

It is man-made or misinterpreted because the Seventh Revelation was not revealed, and they were trying to interpret a partial truth. When you have partial facts, you cannot completely draw the correct conclusion.

Now you have all the facts. Humanity now has the whole truth, the whole Plan of God. Therefore if you study our teachings and rid yourself of your dogmas and your ego, you will see the unity of the entire universe and that there cannot be separation.

The moment someone says, Our religion is better than the other one, or, We are the only way, or, We have the last word, everyone should listen to us, when they do not have the last word, or, We are the only chosen people, everyone else goes to hell, or No, do not worry about any other revelation, just meditate and become a drop and fall into the ocean. You do not have to worry about anyone else, we can see they are lacking that fundamental truth that God is One. God is the Unifying Force.

Therefore God has sent this Revelation to humanity with clear signs that it explains how all religions of the world are united. If we can make 144,000 see this truthfully and clearly, and these 144,000 become absolutely dedicated with this idea and this Revelation, and reach to humanity in every level they could, we can bring humanity to this understanding that they cannot go on and kill each other.

When you kill someone, you kill yourself. That is the Law. When you murder, you are murdered yourself. Something will die in you.

So humans have to realize that they have to see each other as a part of God, as a piece that is separated in the illusion of separation from God but really no one is separated from God. Everyone is a part of Him. It is then that the human can say, Yes, indeed I am god because I am a part of the whole, not as, I am god but no one else is.

Therefore the next time someone says, I am god, you should tell them, So is everyone else, and the whole universe.

Now God says, Twelve-thousand years ago I closed the spiritual eye of man and made them two eyes that the only thing they see is the external world. They take this external world as the truth. Therefore they are lost in believing that this external world is the only truth there is.

But now in this Revelation God says, Then after six-thousand years, I chose Abram/Abraham, and promised Him that He is going to have two sons. He gave them promises, and He fulfilled them.

God said there are going to be Seven Revelations. There are. Now all of them are put together as this Revelation to humanity. Therefore God exists. God truly exists and also many people do not feel Him. They put God out of everything these days. Now we know that indeed God is in control, and we have to recognize and realize that.

We encourage everyone to go to our website. Listen to the tapes. Listen to the videos. Read the material. Download Satsangs and Conversations.

This Room is called Conversations with me, and it opens every week on Saturday at 10 AM. We will not have it next week. Next week there is not going to be any Conversation. But we will start again the week after.

We encourage everyone to go to our website. You always can see the website URL at the top of the page. We encourage you to go first and read our teachings, and then come here and let us talk about them. Let us talk about this Revelation. Bring your questions here. Let us discuss how this Religion can unify all.

I have seen many people come to our rooms, especially the room All Religions Unified, and they say it is impossible. It is impossible to unify all religions. But it is not impossible for God because God wanted it to happen this way. If we understand this teaching we can see, Yes they can be unified, because it explains how it is all unified already.

So if you do not believe the religions can be unified, then go to our website and see how they are. If you think that you can separate man from man, you cannot because God is everything. It is impossible to do that.

There is a question. ZeroG is asking:

ZeroG: What does Maitreya mean?

Maitreya: Maitreya means the Compassionate, the Friend. He is the Fifth Buddha expected by Buddhists to come 2,500 years after Gautama Buddha. That is the name that has been given to me. That is one of the names. We claim that prophecy is fulfilled for the Buddhists.

Also the prophecy of the coming of a Revealer that unifies all religions of the world and brings the peace to humanity has been prophesied in every religion on earth. If you go to our website and look at the prophecies, you can see there is no religion, or discipline, or revelation, that its prophecies have not been fulfilled. All the prophecies have been fulfilled.

So the website really is the place where everyone should start because it has included everything you need to know about this Mission, this Revelation, for example, Who is Maitreya? Who is the Messiah?

Sure, ZeroG. If you go to that website, you can spend years to understand the depth of this Revelation. If you are called for this Mission, you have no choice but to utter, Indeed, God has sent this Revelation to man.

This is the last Revelation of God, not Islam. Islam is the Fourth Seal. No other person can claim to have the last Revelation but the One who opens the Seven Seals and reveals the Book sealed with the Seven Seals, because that is when the mystery of God will be finished.

The mystery of God did not finish with Islam; it did not unify Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. Indeed Sufism is almost shunned in Islam because Sufis claim to have a direct experience with God. That is the Mystical Paths. Moslems do not include Mystical Paths because they do not understand them.

But in this Revelation we understand the Mystical Paths. Indeed we are encouraging everyone to have a direct experience with God, encouraging everyone to meditate, to concentrate, to contemplate, to gaze at The Greatest Sign, dance with the Haree Om Shrii Hung, and whatever else the Mission has given that attracts you.

Some people have a hard time to sit down and meditate formal meditation with the crossed legs or sitting on the chair. They like to go for a ride. They like to go to the mountains. They like to go fishing. They like to garden.

Whatever helps you to remember The Word, remember the Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam Mantra, which is a very powerful mantra, can be your meditation. Because we give initiation, dont dismiss that the HOSH Mantra is a very powerful Mantra. If you follow the instructions, you will realize God.

The initiation is for those who are truly accepting the Mission, and they have no doubt about the validity and truth in it, and they trust whatever we say completely. No question arises in their minds at all because they are so dedicated to the Mission.

Therefore believe in the Haree Om Shrii Hung Mantra. It is a very powerful Mantra, and it will lead you to God.

I think there is a question:

Dialectix: What do you believe will be the outcome of the so-called "war on terrorism" in terms of its geopolitical consequences, increases in militancy, etc.?

Maitreya: These are all a war of egos against egos. It is culture against culture we are mixing together.

One of the prophecies that I heard when I was growing up was, at the end time the cities will become closer. The people who were telling me about that prophecy, they thought somehow the earth will shrink in size and so the cities will become closer.

But in truth we know what happened, that the earth shrank because there is a communication and transportation increase and ability. We can go to the other side of the earth in probably sixteen hours. Or, right now, you are from all around the world, and we can talk to you through the Internet and the computer.

So when the cities become closer, the clash of the cultures, ideas, and religions becomes intense. Every man and woman in the world wants to change everyone else to their own beliefs.

Moslems want everyone to become Moslems. Christians want everyone to become Christians, and so on and so forth. Jews want the Messiah to come and tell them, You are the chosen ones, and give the Kingdom to them so they can rule the world.

So we can see that there are a lot of dogmas and misunderstandings going on, on earth. It is only our teaching that can tell all of them that, Look, your Revelation is fantastic. It is from God. But your Revelation is a part of a greater truth, which is the Eternal Divine Path. It is a Path that you can come together and follow.

Now let us see, are they all going to become Christians, or Jews, or Hindus, or Buddhists, or Moslems? If they did not, will they kill five billion people so they can have the earth to themselves?

Humanity has reached a point that when someone is tortured there is an outcry that this is not human. So we do not want to kill five billion people. I do not think anyone wants that.

But each of them will struggle to dominate the other people. We are the only Revelation that says, No domination. You have to come together. Live in the Communities of Light, learn how to sacrifice, learn how to surrender and submit to God, and use your ability for Gods Way to create an environment where everyone can meditate and progress, physically, mentally, and spiritually, and all men, women, and children are equal.

We have to create an earth where that equity, respect, and understanding is understood by every man and woman, and there is no feeling of us and them. That is why this Mission is not a cult. We do not have the feeling of us and them. We are saying us, everyone included.

So the consequence of what they are doing is tribulation, destruction, and that has been prophesied in the Scriptures. At the end time, after the Seventh Seal is opened, actually after the coming of any Revelation, there is an upheaval because there is a period of evolutionary progress after each Revelation. Evolution sometimes takes some violence before it reaches the next step.

It is just like the time of the dinosaurs. They had to die out. But there had to be a violent period before they eventually evolved to the mammals, etc.

Now they are going to the next step in human evolution that they understand these things clearly. They are not only my ideas anymore but they are now your ideas. You would not separate any man from any man, any woman from any woman. There is no struggle between sexes. There is no struggle between religions. Each of them has been created for a specific purpose and reason. All of them are necessary to create an environment that everyone has to progress and reach Pure Consciousness.

That is the Goal. You were born here to learn, to meditate, to know thyself, and to connect to God and become one. You are not here to listen to the preacher. You are not here to listen to the mullah. You are not here to listen to the rabbi. You are not here to listen to the brahmins. They all are in your way. You are here to go to God.

If even I connect you to myself, I am in your way. Anyone who connects you to himself or herself is in your way. The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine.

The more we understand that, all the preachers, all the mullahs, all the rabbis, and all the brahmins are out of the picture. You and God. No mediator, not even the hierarchies, or brotherhoods, or anything like that. You have the ability to connect to God completely.

This is the Revelation of freedom. It is the Revelation of healing the earth. Yes, we do not heal individuals because we know if we heal the individual then their state will be worse than before.

So we can see that, that is when the healing comes. Healing comes from understanding this truth, and eliminating all the dogmas and the barriers that have been created by man in your way to God. The more you connect to God and I connect to God, we become one and we understand that the only thing left for us is to bring the Kingdom of God on earth, work together, and help one another so this Kingdom will manifest itself. Eventually these words will become common words in every corner and in every street, and in the mouths of every man and woman, and they will go toward becoming them. They are not just the words, but indeed, we are all a part of God. The more we create the people who understand we are a part of God, the more God we will have on earth.

But as long as we have people who think they are God, but they separate themselves from the Body, they are not really in God, they are not really god but they in an ego trip. And ego is very subtle. Ego takes the truth and distorts it to appeal to an individual for self-gratification instead of becoming humble as a part of a greater Body in the universe.

So let us heal the earth. Let us heal humanity. Let us reach to every one of them. Encourage them to see this truth.

Of course they are not ready. I am not blind to see they are not ready. They are still separating one another from each other, and they do not want to hear this truth. They do not believe that the religions can be unified, when God says that they can, and He has done it.

Dialectix is asking:

Dialectix: I have a friend who is a follower of Meher Baba, and he once asked me if you have any view of him and the "breaking of his silence," if you are familiar with that concept.

Maitreya: I have heard about Meher Baba, and I know a couple of words, beautiful words that he uttered. He seemed to be a very realized person and a person that came for those who followed him for that period of time that they needed someone to talk to them.

But I am not familiar with this breaking of his silence. If you want to explain to us what that concept is, you can take the mic and go ahead.

Dialectix: My understanding of it, I am not a follower of Meher Baba myself, but I have read quite a bit of his literature. Basically he did not speak for approximately forty years. What he said is that when he broke his silence that the world would come to know that he was the one who the world had been waiting for. He basically died without ever having spoken, and so there has been a lot of speculation since his death as to when or if he will ever break his silence.

There have been several individuals who have claimed to be the manifestations of the breaking of Meher Babas silence. They have attracted varying degrees of following.

So it is a concept basically. For those forty years or so he did not speak at all. He used a kind of sign language to communicate with people.

He was a very interesting guy. He was a Zoroastrian from an Iranian background but he was from India. He was raised a Parsi or a Zartoshi, a Zoroastrian.

Maitreya: Humm, that is interesting. I did not know all this information. That is very interesting. Of course, the first question you can ask yourself

First of all, let me explain. A lot of people realize a lot of wonderful things. They come and truly believe that they are the Expected One that everyone is waiting for. They have some powers or abilities and wonderful teachings. But the truth is that God will not leave any doubt of who that Expected One is.

So the first question you can ask the followers of Meher Baba is, Did he open the Seven Seals? Did he open the Book that was sealed with the Seven Seals? What prophecies did he fulfill? Was he the Lion of the Tribe of Judah who was supposed to open that Book, and no one else can? Did he fulfill the prophecies of all religions and he showed how the Kingdom of God can come to earth?

There are a lot of people out there that they believe what they say, and sincerely, I have no problem with the sincerity; I have no objection to that. I am sure he was sincere and he truly believed what he said.

But if you go to our website and read our teachings, and understand how God made this so unique, made this Revelation so impossible to duplicate, and no man can bring all this truth and wonderful Revelation, prophecies, and genealogy, and all of them together, then you have to ask to see if anyone else has really fulfilled all of this.

Is Meyer Baba, who claimed to be breaking his silence, the One? Where in the Scriptures does it say that? Where does it say in the Word of God that there is a man who is going to come and he will stay silent for forty years and claim to be the Major Manifestation, and die, and other people are going to come and claim to be the one who are breaking his silence?

See, God gave us a yardstick to measure things against. That is His Words. That is His Scriptures. Even if I say something that is not Scriptural, you should not accept it. Where in any Scripture does it say that a man will come with the Zoroastrian background from the Parsi community in India, and then he will keep silent for forty years?

I am not surprised that he kept silent for forty years because that is a practice that is very popular in India. Many Sadus, Rishis, Mahatmas, and gurus keep silent for a long period of time, or their whole life and they do not talk at all. There is a good reason for it. Talking, especially when it is idle talk, is from the second chakra. When the people talk idle talk, at the end none of them really benefited from it, and when they separate, actually they hate each other even more than before. They liked to talk at that time but they do not accomplish anything great.

That is why Satsang is different than idle talk. Satsang is based on God, based on the Spirit, Revelations, God, and His Words, etc. Actually some people come here in the room and sometimes they want to bring the discussion to idle talk instead of Godly talk, and we have to pull the energy up, back to the higher chakras.

So the whole idea is that silence is golden. That practice has been followed in India for a long time. Some people eventually stretch, like everything else in religion, they stretch it longer, and longer, and longer and eventually it becomes years of silence.

I am not sure how good that is. It is good to be silent but it is also good to talk when you have something to say. That silence is not only practiced in India. It also is practiced in Christianity and other religions. Some monks in some branches would stay silent and they would not talk for years. They would eat and work, and they would probably communicate with the signs.

These are the questions that the people who follow Mayer Baba should ask themselves. Where in the Scriptures did God say that such things are going to happen? Did he open the Seven Seals? Did he reveal the Book sealed with the Seven Seals and explain Gods Plan from the beginning of the creation to the end of the coming of His Kingdom and the salvation of man? Did he accomplish all those things? Did he fulfill the prophecies from all religions? Was he from the genealogy of King David, and probably from the genealogy of the Chinese Dynasty too?

So these are questions you have to let them know to ask themselves. If they have all the answers, then come to me and discuss to see what else we can come up that makes my claim more credible than his.

Or maybe his claim is more credible than mine. Then we all will go and follow Meyer Baba, and become his disciples. If he really was the Chosen One, I want to follow the Chosen One. I want to follow the last Word of God because He is the One who has all the answers. If I follow anyone else or anything else, it is not perfect; it is not complete.

So these are the questions that not only the people who are following Meyer Baba have to ask themselves, also everyone on earth who follows anything should ask themselves, Do the things that I am following really fulfill the Word of God of the coming of His last Revelation, which reveals the whole mystery of God?

That person who follows Meyer Baba should ask himself these questions. I would like to hear the answers. Then come back and tell us, did he or she find all the answers for these questions? If that person cannot answer even one of those questions, then he or she should be very sincere and serious about his belief and the base of what he puts his salvation and understanding on.

That is why we encourage everyone to see these things clearly. It is a Call to every man and woman on earth to come and see, yes indeed, our claim is not an empty claim. It is not based on Hinduism, or Parsi, or Christianity, or Judaism, or Islam. It is independent, all-inclusive, based on the Words of God, His Revelations, and His prophecies that should help anyone make up their mind completely to understand that, Yes, God has been saying these things. God prophesied. God said He was going to send this Revelation, and He sealed it and did not reveal it, not even to his Great Prophets what is going to happen at the end time.

Now we are at that end time. Now we are seeing that indeed the tribulation and destruction is coming to man. It is time for the Children of God to come together, create the Communities of Light, an environment that they can cut themselves off from that external world, not to create a cult or anything like that, but everyone will do it wherever they are, at the same time be connected together, and we eventually will create the facilitating body and the hierarchy from all corners of the earth.

When humanity reaches the point that they say, We do not know. We tried everything but it is not working. We killed a million people, still there are other people that do not believe us and they do not become what we want them to become. We had war for years and destruction, etc. It is not working.

Then we can tell them, Look, here is an alternative. We have a system. We have a Way. We have a Revelation that unifies all of them together, and it works. That is what is fantastic about the Communities of Light and this Revelation, it works.

Then they will come together and say, Yes, we give up. Christianity is not the only way. Islam does not have the last Word. Jews are not the only Chosen people. We cannot just go by ourselves to God but create the Communities of Light and bring the Kingdom on earth.

God is indeed wonderful and glorious, and has to be glorified because the moment we concentrate on ourselves and this external world, we are taking our eyes from the Light at the end of the tunnel and we will fall into darkness. God is the Light at the end of the tunnel. If we concentrate on Him all the time, we eventually will get out of the darkness and the cave (or wherever you are) and we will go to the Light.

That is why God has to be glorified. God has to be considered in every situation, in every decision, in every level of human existence. Now the whole world puts God out in every level of human existence. See what they have made on this earth. It is a mess.

If we bring Him back and we understand this Revelation that He said is going to come at the end time, we will know it is the end time. This is the time that humanity has to go to a new level of consciousness and understanding, overcome their ego, self-centeredness, and selfishness, and let God come through them. Then they will become instruments, and eventually experience the unity between them and God. That experience will take them from dogma, from their religions, from their preachers, and from those who are in the way.

Then they will become wonderful beings in the communities, and they will become a source of Light for everyone around them. Not by domination, not by forcing yourself on them, but by your Love, Light, and Understanding of God. We will have these points of Light all over the earth, in every community. As we make more people who experience God directly, the old religions will die out gradually.

At this time we have religions. Yes, indeed we do. They are full of dogmas and misunderstandings. But they appeal to the ego, I am better than everyone else because I believe in this set of dogmas. That is pretty powerful stuff for the ego, I can kill anyone else who is not following me or my religion. They are no good. They are all going to go to hell.

But how can you think like that after you realize that God is everything? You cannot. This does not appeal to the ego; this appeals to the realized and high Souls who want to see that unity between them and God, and shatter every conceivable narrowness of the mind, or ego trip, or anything that keeps them from experiencing that unity.

Then when you experience It; you do not exist. You simply are not there. Only God is there. It is just like that Christian Saint who said, I die in Christ every day. The more Christ is in me, the less I exist. That is the goal. That is the direction that this Mission is trying to take humanity: Have a direct experience with God.

You do not have to have a direct experience with God first and then create the Communities of Light. You can do it spontaneously. It is an all-around work. You go toward the creation of the Communities of Light, in the Communities of Light little by little your ego will be dissolved, and eventually one day, in your meditation, or not even in meditation, you are sitting somewhere and you will experience that Oneness.

That is the time you are baptized. Indeed that is the baptism with the Spirit, not with water, but with the Spirit of Oneness with God. That is the longing that has to be in every heart and has to be taught to every child that, that is their goal.

Their goal is not to make a lot of money. Their goal is not to become a doctor, or a professor, or a lawyer, or this and that but be baptized with The Holy Spirit, with God.

So we can see even our educational system is upside down. You go to the new educational system and they will not teach you this.

Justkidding is asking:

Justkidding_1: Sal-OM Maitreya.

Maitreya: Sal-OM Justkidding.

Justkidding_1: There are still a lot of people without Internet access. How will they hear about your Revelation?

Maitreya: You. You are My Hands and Revealers. You have Internet. You heard it. You know the teachings. I am sure you will know even more as the time goes by.

You are the person who reaches to your community, to your friends, to your family, to everyone that wants to know about this teaching in a greater degree. Little by little, we can have Communities of Light all over the world. We will have a facilitating body. There will be those who will eventually dedicate their lives to become the spiritual teachers of the Mission. They will travel, go places, and will try to create the Communities of Light everywhere and all over the earth. So this is just scratching the surface.

Justkidding_1: I was thinking you might want to make World Tours!

Maitreya: Sure. If I am provided with the facilities to go to different places on earth and reach the point that it felt correct to do it, and it will help people, I will do it. Sure. I have no problem with that at all.

How about we make you the head of the World Tour for Maitreya Committee, or something like that? But first we have to get this Message to more people so we can create an environment so when I reach them we can reach many people at the same time.

Also I would like to see that we have more spiritual teachers, those who have understood this teaching in a greater degree, so actually they can travel and have tours all over the world all the time.

But if we create a World Tour for me, and felt that that will help the spread of this Mission, sure, I am open to everything: Media interviews, talk shows, or anything that will help. But this truth is so vast and incredible that some talk shows do not want to hear it. Some interviewers do not like it.

We have had interviews with some people with the Christian background. When we sent the answers, they were not published because there was too much truth, He says too much. Apparently they did not expect to receive answers the way they were given. They do not appeal to their readers, I suppose. So the editor just kept giving us excuses as to why he was not publishing that interview.

Harinama is asking:

Harinama: What is goal of life?

Maitreya: The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. That Divinity (God) Is Everything. Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam. The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, or become Divine, that Divinity (God) Is Everything.

So if we understand that The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, not only we become Divine ourselves, we also teach our children, our whole school system, the whole government, the whole community, the whole earth will be based on that Goal.

The goal of the governmental system, the goal of the humans will be to be(come) Divine. You can see the whole view of the human changes with just that one sentence: The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine.

If we understand it, our life becomes based on that sentence, The goal of my life is to be(come) Divine. The goal of my life is not to make a lot of money. The goal of my life is not to become number one. The goal of my life is not this and that, but to become Divine or Pure Consciousness, or Godhead. So that is the Goal of the life.

Harinama: Why should one become God, if God has created us as an eternal part and parcel, serving Him/Her?

Maitreya: OK well, that is when I have to ask you to go to our website and understand our teachings first, because what you are saying is not what we teach.

We do not teach that God created us as parcels, part and parcel. We say we were a part of God before this chaos. God did not create us. We have been here forever, we are here, and we will be here forever.

The only thing that happened, the balance in that original state was disturbed. How it was disturbed, that is speculation. It is just like asking, Who created God? or, Explain to me infinity or eternity. These are the things have to be experienced, not explained.

Now why dont we remember we were a part of God? It is just like asking a person who has amnesia, Why dont you remember who you are? He has amnesia. He cannot remember anything. The only time he can remember is to return, meditate, and eventually experience that Oneness and say, Yes, this is home. Nowhere else is home. This is home, I have been there before. I know. I know this place. It is dj vu.

So we do not believe that God created us to worship Him with no reason. We say, We worship Him because we want to be concentrated on the Light. We glorify Him because we want to be concentrated on the Goal.

It is not that He needs our worship. It is not that He needs our glorification. It is good for us. It is for our spiritual progress that we concentrate on God instead of on anything else in the external world.

Therefore, the more you pray, the more you concentrate on God, the more you meditate, the more you bring God to your life in every level, and know that, The Goal Of your Life Is To Be(Come) Divine or return to the Godhead, the faster you will progress.

Of course God said, even then, if you come to Me by yourself, I am not going to let you in. I am going to send you back because I want you to understand the Eternal Divine Path, meditate, create Communities of Light, sacrifice, be surrendered and submissive to My Will for you, and shatter all narrowness of the mind and become universalists.

Then when everyone else is coming in, you can come in with them, and we all will be Home.

You can have an experience with God. You can have an experience of God in this body and remember where you came from. But it is not going to stay with you. Even those who experience God still come back to the body and continue doing His Work because they are not going to stay there.

So that Hindu, that Buddhist, and those mystical people who think, OK, you are just like a drop and you are going to fall into the ocean and become One, how many of them made it? Some of them even go crazy with the idea, and they are never really mentally stable enough to make it or to see the truth, because He is not going to let them in.

Only the Eternal Divine Path will let you in eventually.

That is why Christ is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. He reached Pure Consciousness in the very beginning but He is not going to go in until the end. He will be the last being to go in after He took in everyone else.

So you have to understand our teaching. That is why we emphasize so much, Go to the website, read THOTH, and understand our teaching. It is different. It is different than your belief.

Harinama: If nothing is created, why you worship, to yourself?

Maitreya: God did not create us as the Essence that we are. This body is created. But what material is used to create this body is the same that has been in the universe forever.

He used His own Body. How did God bring the material? Did He go to a convenience store or to a shop in the street, buy them, and put the humans together in the universe? Where did He obtain the material?

He used His own Body. He used the Consciousness and the three creative forces, which created the whole universe and created the external world. This external world is not the Essence. It is a relative truth.

That is why it decays all the time. Decay is a part of creation. Nothing stays fresh. Nothing stays as it was created forever, because it is not the absolute, it is not the Essence. It is a relative creation, and that is why the decay comes to them.

Now my Essence, though, is not a part of creation. My Essence has been here forever. I was here. I am here. I will be here forever. That Essence has not been created.

Now why do we worship God? It is because everything else in this universe is relative and is not the Essence, and if we worship God and concentrate on the Essence, we go to the Essence. That is the goal. The goal is to return back to Equilibrium, the Essence, God.

That is why we worship God; we glorify God. We glorify the Essence of the universe, the balanced state.

Yes, God created this manifested world but God did not create my Essence. My Essence has been here forever. So has Gods Essence. Forever, for the intellect is impossible to fathom. What is forever? But when you experience it, you know what forever is. It is just a state of consciousness, which has been here forever.

So you have to experience these states. I cannot over-emphasize that you have to understand our teachings first.

I know everyone who comes to this room or everyone who comes to the Mission have their own ideas, they have their own teachings, they have their own religion, and they have their own culture. But God said the whole truth will not come until this Revelation. So no matter what your ideas are, what your cultures are, what your religions are, still you cannot know the whole truth until you understand our teachings in a greater degree and realize what we teach here.

Even some people who come to the Mission and they read our teachings, still they have a hard time to forget about what they believed and to understand the depth of these teachings.

That is what this Conversation room is all about. It is OK. We come here together and we discuss these things in a greater degree. It is not here to say, Oh, you did not understand my teachings. It is just to discuss these things in a greater degree.

So the base of our teachings is very different than the teachings of many religions that they say God said, Everything Be, and there was, that was it, and we are here to worship Him, just like He needed someone to worship Him and He created this universe from nothingness. He said, Be, and it was there?

It is no wonder a lot of intellectuals and logical people just cannot accept that, A God that said, Let it be, and it was, and that is it?

We say, No, it was there forever. Everything that we see, we touch, we smell, and we taste, it has been there. Nothing has been created that the material it is made of has not been there before. God used that Essence or material to create the universe, the creation.

So our teachings have to be understood first and see how logical they are. The only thing that is not logical in our teachings is, to explain God, eternity, and the things that the intellect cannot fathom. Even there we give you a solution. You have to experience it.

The rest is explained how the creation was created, how the history has been guided to this point, how all the Revelations have come from God, how the Prophet of God has been prophesied to come, and many, many truths and misunderstandings are explained and resolved: How eventually the Kingdom will come, etc. Everything has been given, how even the system to help humanity to reach Pure Consciousness is given. Everything has been given!

There are only a couple of things that are unexplainable and the intellect cannot fathom. But when you experience, eternity makes sense to you. You do not ask any questions any more on eternity because you know, Yes, it is possible.

So please go to our website. Read our teachings first. Understand them. It is OK if you did not understand them; that is fine. Come back here and we will again explain them. But the base of the teachings is not that God came and said, Let there be, and there was, and He did not use any material that already existed in the universe.

So the Essence, the Consciousness, and the three creative forces have been in the universe forever. They were in the balanced state. There was no disturbance in them. Everything was in absolute pure Joy and Ananda. Somehow that balanced state was disturbed, and because of that, everything went to chaos.

If you read the Bible, the first sentence starts with that there was chaos and the darkness in the universe. What was before that darkness? What was before that chaos? Probably there was no chaos and darkness. It was absolute equilibrium, Oneness, and no separation.

So if you understand that, you understand God created the whole universe to guide man to return to the state that the universe was before that chaos and darkness, to that equilibrium state of unity, no separation, Essence. That was not created. That has been here, is here, and will be here forever.

Science is closer to understanding this than ever before. Our explanation and teaching even is scientific. Even the scientists can understand it because there is a unified Essence that everything has been created from, and that is Consciousness and the three creative forces.

If scientists could go that far and call that God, then they are not scientists anymore. They become mystics. They have experienced God, at least intellectually.

So this is absolutely a different explanation than many present religions, and it makes sense because they were not supposed to know these things until this Revelation comes. Now even the logical person can read, understand this teaching, and say, Yes, it makes sense. It is logical. The only thing I have to do is meditate and experience eternity, God, forever, and all those things that the intellect cannot fathom.

So that is why we worship God. We worship God to pull ourselves out of Maya, to pull ourselves out from this external world, to concentrate on Light. We are in darkness. This world is dark, And the Light shineth in darkness, and a lot of humans comprehended it not.

This is to heal them. This is to direct them to turn around. Close your eyes. Instead of letting your energy and Light go out to the external world, close your eyes.

The moment you close your eyes you are turning around from this external world to the internal world, and you will start seeing greater things than this external world offers you. Eventually when you felt that Oneness with God you indeed are baptized with the Spirit of God and you become Divine. You become a source of knowledge, beauty, and truth for the rest of humanity. You become a spark of Light. You become a part of the Body. You have indeed experienced the Spirit.

That is true baptism. That is true turning around to God. Baptism means to turn around.

A lot of people are going to the world. The world takes them and destroys their spirit. After a while they even do not feel that the Spirit exists. For them God does not exist. Actually their consciousness becomes flesh, becomes so crudified that it is no longer a consciousness, but it is a fleshly consciousness.

So this Mission is a Call to turn around, to be baptized, and to be healed. With this truth we throw out all the dogmas and everyone else who is in your way to go to God. Do not be attached to your religion, your culture, or your preachers. Be only attached to God. Let us come together to help to bring the Kingdom of God on earth and create an environment that eventually peace will come to every human, and we will put away all the destructive tendencies and tools.

It is then that the lions and the sheep will lie side by side. The lions are the people who are the rulers and the leaders, and the sheep are those who are meek, who will inherit the earth. That is when the Kingdom of God indeed will be on earth.

So do not concentrate on what is happening now. Do not worry about the destruction, wars, and rumors of wars. Concentrate on this teaching, this Revelation. Reach out.

The sooner we can make humanity to see that, the sooner we can make them realize that their ego is the destructive tendencies that exist on earth, the sooner we can make them realize that there is no separation between them and the rest of humanity, the sooner we can make them to understand that by killing others they are killing themselves, we are destroying ourselves. The sooner we can honestly see the history that no one is really the conqueror or is the winner, and even the winner will be won, then eventually we will understand Gods Way. We will understand how the universe works.

There is a Law. It is called the Law of Karma. There is Law set up in this universe that your action will have a reaction. It is not a joke. It is not something that a philosopher sat down and created. It is the truth.

He, who kills, will be killed. He, who destroys, will be destroyed. The sooner humanity understands these things in a deeper level and really believes in them, overcomes their religions and attachments to their cultures, gender, and this and that, the sooner they will become one.

But of course I do not hold my breath. Humanity still is very much divided from each other.

Harinama is asking:

Harinama: How did you become bona fide to teach?

Maitreya: [laughing] I suppose you have not been in our website. I can see that clearly you have not read our teachings. You have not seen that the prophecies have been fulfilled. You have not seen our teachings are based on the Words of God. You have not seen that God has prophesied that these teachings would come, and when these teachings come the truth will be revealed to humanity in the greatest degree.

And it has, Harinama.

When this teaching comes, of course, the Elects will be prepared. Those who have been meditating and progressing for many lifetimes will see it clearly. These Words will become the Words of their Souls.

Harinama: Id like to directly hear.

Maitreya: Well, if you want to hear directly from me, Harinama, it is probably going to take seven years to explain everything to you. It usually takes seven years for a person to completely fathom our teachings if they are sincere and they really work hard at it.

It is the same thing, many people come in our other rooms and ask the same thing, Just tell me, tell me in two sentences, tell me in five minutes, what is this Mission all about?

In very short sentences, this is the Revelation that was foretold to come at the end time, which will unify all the religions of the world. It is the Seventh Seal that will reveal the whole truth, it will come by a person who is from the genealogy of King David, it will unify humanity and bring the greatest truth ever, and the Kingdom will come through these teachings.

That is the shortest I can tell you. But if you really want to know if all these claims are true, you have to put effort, you have to seek, you have to ask, and you have to knock.

You have to be a seeker. Your heart has to be open and you have no culture, no religion, and no attachments to anything that you knew before, or at least be open to change and understand a new realization.

If you hold onto your culture, your teachings, your understanding, and your realizations, then there is going to be a conflict between this teaching and what you believe. Eventually either this wins or your ideas win. But your ideas cannot be from God because it is not prophesied it is going to come the way you think it is. Our ideas are the truth because it is been prophesied to come.

Justkidding_1: American culture!

Maitreya: What about American culture, Justkidding? Can you explain more? America wants everyone to become like Americans, follow their culture. Osama Ben Laden wants everyone to follow his culture.

OK Justkidding, do you want to continue? So it is not surprising. The only thing different is America has more power so they can impose their culture a little easier than other people. Some other people do not have that, so they resort to terrorism and other things.

Oh I see. OK I received a PM that since I was talking about the instant result, Justkidding said, like Americans.

Yes, sure. Well, here everything is instant. You can have instant coffee. You can go to bank in the window. Everything is provided to you as much humanly comfortable as possible. So you are right.

So that is what we see. But not all the cultures are like that.

But even that is not bad. If we can create humans life more comfortable and they have a comfortable place to meditate and awaken their spiritual forces, that would be great. We are not against comfort and creating a life that people can have more time. That is fine.

Probably that part of American culture is good.

Harinama: Im more interested in how you talk with God.

Maitreya: How do I talk with God? Well, it is not that you can talk with God, that God sits on the other side of this table and you have a chat. But it is a heart-to-heart Revelation. Also God does not just talk to anyone.

He prophesies for a long time of the coming of a Revelation, and when that prophecy is fulfilled and that individual comes, God reveals the truth to the heart and mind of that person, and then that person can bring the truth to humanity.

Such people in the history have been people like Prophet Muhammed, Christ, Moses, Abram, Abraham, Adam and many, many others. Of course, in a lower level the Spirit or God talks to a lot of people for their problems. Even in psychology we know that if you have a problem you have dreams, and in those dreams usually the Spirit tries to give you the solution to your psychological or individual problem.

Actually there was a practice that I used to do when I was in high school. That is, whenever you have a dream, you wake up and you write down your dream. Then you break that dream into parts and start analyzing what that dream was. Eventually you can come to some conclusion as to why you had that dream and the psychological thing that it is trying to tell you. So in a sense everyone receives some understanding of their life and individual things, or some spiritual progress or understanding.

But Revelations like this do not come to everyone. They are prophesied and the Revelation comes with very clear signs that this person has the authority; this person has been chosen to bring you the Word of God in the highest level possible.

So the closest thing probably you can find is what is in the Arabic language called, Vahd. If you understand what that means, it is not a word, it is not a talking, or discussion, or voice; it is a complete understanding and realization, and knowing the truth. You completely understand that what is received is absolutely correct and has truth in it. So that is how I talk to God.

OK if there are no more questions, we will end here. Please go to our website again. We encourage all of you to go and prove it to yourself. I do not have to prove it to you at all. I proved it to myself and that is enough. That was a lot of work.

Now if I want to prove it to you, that is going to be a lot of work too. I do not want to put that much effort and work [laughing]. So you have to go and prove it to yourself this truth.

I leave you all to God. Again these are the Bread of Spirit. Be baptized with the Spirit of God, and become a Light for the earth, humanity, and the universe.


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