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Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation Room. I hope you had two weeks of going to our website and studying our teachings in a greater degree.

So far the Mission has been trying to make humans understand that it is truly from God. Many people are resisting that idea. As we can see, many people come to our rooms and still do not want to accept that God can send His Revelation the way He has, and they have a hard time to overcome their own ideas, teachings, backgrounds, and religions. That is expected because religion is not compulsory, something you can force on people. If you force it on people, the religion becomes dogmas later on and they think they have to force the religion on other people also.

So their religion becomes a fight and a forcing of people to follow an idea or religion. That should not be the case. Religion has to be understood, realized, and accepted as something that makes sense and is the truth.

Also, so far there is a great part of the Mission that has not been emphasized and has been ignored. That is the cyclical movements and the class domination for the last 12,000 years and how we can use that to bring a greater degree of unity and balance to humanity and social systems.

That part of the teaching I would like to see some people who are really interested in the social betterment of humanity to study these cyclical movements. It is mostly in THOTH in the section called Kingdom. It really, again, unifies all the ideas on earth that humanity has brought and each of them took a part of those social ideas and said, This is it. We found it.

So we can see that even in the social aspect of human life still humanity is hanging onto one idea or the other, and they cannot see the rainbow or the unity between all these ideas that again have been unified in that part of the Mission.

I know it is a little too much to ask because knowing the main parts of the teachings which we have been covering so far, by themselves sometimes are overwhelming because they cover all the religions of the world and their history. Then you have to know what each religion stands for, how it came, how it fulfilled the prophecies, and why they all are accepted as sent by God, how they have been influenced with humanity, and why they are not perfect. None of the religions to this point really has been perfect but are a part of a greater perfection.

Even those who come to our room and say their religion is already perfect, if they study our teachings, they would realize that their Prophet did not cover a lot of things that this Revelation has covered. Therefore they have no choice but to humbly utter, Indeed, this is the last Revelation because it includes everything, everyone, from the slightest act in life to the greatest formation of a system that will bring the unity and justice to humanity and fulfill the idea of a system from the people, by the people, for the people.

But they have to study it. The have to go to our website and read THOTH. They have to either sit there, look at the monitor, and read it from the monitor, (it is going to be hard on the eyes, after 600 pages) or use a little financial investment on THOTH, read it as a hard copy, and understand it.

But it is free. It is right there in the website. You really do not have to spend a penny to go there, besides the Internet connection, and even that is free in many universities, libraries, and other places. So you can read It there.

In the website all the questions are answered, and many things have been given there that answer any question you might ever have about spirituality, God, history, creation, etc. Anything that God revealed to man now is perfected and the answers have been given.

But humanity has to realize these things. Those who come to our room without knowing these things and claming that what they have is perfect and this teaching is not new, absolutely do not know the teachings.

That is our priority, to spread the teachings, to make humanity see indeed, this Revelation is the most perfect Revelation for humanity that has come to man, opened the Seven Seals, and revealed the whole truth that God wanted the human to know.

This teaching was on earth before the flood of Noah. Humanity then had a greater degree of connection to the Spirit. But they chose to go away because of that first sign of imbalance in the universe that created the chaos. That is what the very beginning of the Scriptures and the base of the Scriptures starts with, that there was darkness and chaos. And the chaos is still continuing to this day. Now a clear Path, a clear Way, is given to humanity to come out of that chaos and go to the Light.

Yes Silver, if you have a question you can type it, or you can raise your hand, come to the microphone, and ask the question you have. Which one would you rather do? Go ahead with the question. I know that you have THOTH, you have read it, and the question will be on topic.

So humanity has to be encouraged and taught that if they go to the website, and read our teachings and understand them, they will see clearly that all the answers have been given. But they have to overcome their understandings and their own religions. If you are Buddhist, it is not here, we are not teaching Buddhism. What we teach covers Buddhism as a part of our teachings but it is not Buddhism.

It also covers Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, and Islam. There are rules, laws, and understandings in those teachings that Buddhism did not cover.

Silver: I have been reading THOTH. In relationship to the discussion of today. and understanding the religions[her question was not finished]

Maitreya: OK. What is the question Silver? If you have a question, type the question in text. Yes, we know you have the THOTH, and that is great that you are reading it. Hopefully you are understanding it and it is helping you to realize how God has been sending all the religions of the world to humanity one by one. Each religion gathered some people that it has been sent for them. Those people all think their religion is the best and everyone should come and follow their religion.

But of course God clearly said that none of those religions are perfect and we cannot know the mystery of God until the Seventh Angel or Revelation comes. It clearly says that in chapter 10, verse 7, in The Revelation.

Silver has written:

Silver: and cultures. I have read the Bhagavad-Gita, and it says that Krishna says, I am the Lord. How do we look at that statement as most religions have a similar statement? Why are they like that?

Maitreya: The Spirit of God is Invisible, Formless, Nameless, and Eternal, therefore that Spirit needs a body, a human body to come and manifest Itself to humanity. When that Spirit is on that person, he and the Father are One. He indeed can claim, as Krishna claimed, as Christ claimed, as Buddha claimed, as Shiva claimed, as all the Great Prophets and Manifestations claimed, that, I am Lord. But indeed in that moment they and the Spirit of God are One, they can claim that, and that is the truth.

When Christ said, I am the way and the truth, and no one goes to the Father but through Me, He was stating the truth. In that moment He and the Father were one.

A few days later someone called him, Good Rabbi. He rebuked him that only God is good, and he should not call Him good. Doesnt that make you wonder? What happened? Two days ago you were telling us, The Father and I are One, and no one goes to the Father but through Me. You were telling us that You are God, You are the Lord. Now today we even call You good Rabbi, and you do not accept it. Why? What happened? Why such a change today, or whatever day it was?

Clearly at the time that Christ was saying, The Father and I are one, He was not lying because he was a Major Manifestation of God, and the Major Manifestations of God cannot lie. Therefore what is the explanation? How come He was the Lord but also he was not good?

We know God is Good. That is why He is called God.

The reason is in that day the Spirit, the Lord, and Him were One, and the other day He was not connected. He was just a man. That is why He said, I am the Son of God, and then He said, I am the son of man, two different states of being.

So when Krishna said, I am the Lord, He was saying the truth. He and the Father or God were One.

When Prophet Muhammad said, Listen to the Prophet. Whatever He says is the truth and follow it, it is almost saying the same thing as Christ was saying, The Father and I are one, the Spirit of God is upon me, and my Word and Gods Word are the same. Then later on He said that He was just a plain messenger, a man.

How could He just be a man and then God said, Listen to Him? You should not listen to any man. You should only listen to God.

A lot of men think they know the truth. So did Adam and Eve in the garden. They thought they knew the truth. They wanted to be God themselves. They fell miserably.

That is why God sends the Scriptures. God prophesies the coming of a Prophet, a Messenger, a Spirit of God on earth, the Lord, God Himself when He is upon that man.

So it is not incorrect that we say the same thing: No one goes to the Father except through this Mission, because when we give Satsang also it is the Spirit of God talking to humanity and calling them to this new Revelation.

It is not surprising that every Revealer or Prophet or Messiah who came to earth said He was God. He was God sent to man. But at the same time all of them acknowledged that they are men, they are regular humans that have been chosen for the Spirit of God to manifest to humanity, because the Spirit of God is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal.

How can He come to humanity and say, Listen to me? This is the Eternal Divine Path. Those are the Seven Seals. Those are all the religions that have been revealed to humanity one by one, and now I want you to know the truth that they have to be put together in order to be realized.

How many people can hear Him? How many people are connected to God directly that they can hear Him?

He put it in English, wrote it in a Book, put it in a website, giving these lectures for twenty-five years. They are not hearing it. Now if it was in the Spirit, how many people? Even fewer would be able to hear it. So we can see God has to come through a man who has a mouth, can make sound of the Mind of God as a Revelation to humanity so they can understand It.

Of course not everyone can come and say, I am the Messiah, I am the Prophet, I have a message for humanity. No, there are many of them. A lot of them are in the asylums. But the Prophets of God, all of them, are intelligent and not crazy. They have had an experience with God, and they fulfill the prophecies. God makes it very clear, This is the One. This person I choose to bring you the Message.

There will not be two, not three, not four, but only One, and that One comes for hundreds and thousands of years, only One comes to bring a new Revelation to humanity.

So you can see, if we realize that then we can cut a lot of background noise, pulls, and destructive teachings out there that tell us, You have to go this way. You have to go that way. You are God, do not worry about it. Do not read the Scriptures. You just do whatever you want.

God says, No, I just send One in a couple of hundred years. When the Seventh Angel comes, that is it. That is the end of the Revelations.

Silver says:

Silver: I was trying to explain the concept of Communities of Light to a friend. I explained the requirements for doing.

Maitreya: OK that is good. That is good to reach out to your friends, your family, your acquaintances, and also to other people in your community, in PalTalk, in any way you can, so you can spread this Message to humanity.

But do not be attached to the results. If they did not listen or did not understand it, go to next person or next opportunity and continue spreading this without being attached to who came, who did not, who left, and who stayed. Those who stay and take up the challenge, continue with the Mission, and help out, are the Elects.

Those who fall off, we leave them to God.

Silver: She said, Who is going to do that? If they don't do this, they are excluded. I didn't know how to explain that. It is not a matter of being excluded; it is a matter of choosing. I'm not very bright.

Maitreya: Well, it is not that you are not bright. You are new to the Mission. You probably should read THOTH more in-depth. If you learn about our system and how it will manifest itself, you will see not everyone will be in the Communities of Light.

There are people, who are not going to be in the Communities of Light, and they will not choose to be in them but they will have a voice and can participate in the system. So it is not that only those in the Communities of Light will have a say in the system, but everyone will have the opportunity to participate.

Of course those who participate in the Communities of Light, in the beginning, are those who will choose the original hierarchy until we reach a point that humanity realizes that our way is the better way, and little by little we can create the Kingdom of God on earth.

Silver: What does this mean in terms of their spiritual development?

Maitreya: It means that they do not want to grow as fast as those in the Communities of Light because in the Communities of Light you can follow the Eternal Divine Path. But you can still follow the Eternal Divine Path in a limited degree if you are not in the Communities of Light.

However, we are hoping as our teaching spreads and the people know about the Communities of Light, more and more people will become good people, better people, they meditate a little bit, they awaken their spiritual forces, they at least reach out to their communities (if they are not in the Communities of Light), they still try to help the community that they live in or their community in a greater degree, which is the universe and earth, and they become better people. As they progress more and more, they will join the Communities of Light.

If we have 100% Communities of Light created on earth then that is the purest and the ideal idea of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. However we do not insist on that but we leave that to the choice of each person to choose if they want to live in a Community of Light or not.

If they choose to live in the Communities of Light, the instructions of how to be, how to live, and how to participate in the rituals and betterment of the community have been given in THOTH. They have been given in our writings and lectures how people will come to the communities and become the productive members of the community.

They should participate and contribute more to the communities than they take out. That is the basic principal of the Communities of Light: You put into the community more than you take. Therefore the community becomes filled up more and more, and therefore it has more resources to reach out, spread the Mission and the Word of God, and to help others who also are in need of help but are not in the community, if there are any.

If someone in the community, who has been a productive member, came to a point that they needed also to be helped to stand on their feet, the community is a safety net for them to fall on to and be helped, and eventually stand on their own feet.

In the communities, the children will have a beautiful place, a nurturing environment that they can meditate and grow up in safety, and they will become wonderful children that they have the love and devotion of God in them.

The older people will be taken care of, as there will always be a crop of younger people who work and bring the resources. The older people can stay in the community and take care of the children, and be in the community for the greater safety.

So there will not be as many burglaries, crimes, murders, and destruction that we can see in the communities now, which are based on one couple and one home. That is because in this set-up, there are not many people who are watching the community, and therefore the criminals easily can take advantage of this situation.

But in the Communities of Light there are always people who are concerned about the community and will be looking out for the community. Therefore we will need less of a police force. Furthermore, when the elder people follow this set-up and are ready to leave their bodies, there will be a lot of loved ones around for them.

That is the system that is the Way of God, to create the communities where children are nurtured, safe, and can grow up with the experience of many different energies instead of one house or one apartment and Mom and Dad (where the experience is very limited). In this kind of environment the children will be happier. They will be more flowing and Godly than the systems that we have today.

So Communities of Light will have amazing effects on the humans in all levels. That is what God really wants to see to be created. Such communities used to be more prevalent but they are being replaced with the very self-centered kind of lifestyle, which will create a lot of problems that we can see in the society.

If the community is based on the Eternal Divine Path, everyone will mediate and awaken their spiritual forces, and they will know themselves better.

Instead of being in a community just for selfish desires themselves, they will be in the community for the community, for the Word of God. God said that is what He wants to see formed. Therefore if they want to follow the Word of God, they should join the community and become one with it.

Then they are willing to join a community, sacrifice for it, and surrender and submit to God and His Will for them in that community and expand themselves to the point of believing that they belong to the universe, not excluding anyone.

There is not such a thing as, We and them, and us and them. God has created every man and woman. They are His Children, and we have to start understanding each other and bring Gods Culture to humanity and replace it with any eastern culture, western culture, southern culture, or northern culture. There is only one culture, and that is Gods Culture. That is the Communities of Light.

If everyone understands that, then we do not fight with one another and try to dominate our cultures and other cultures, and we find out they are not going to change. They have their own culture; they do not want to follow ours, and we do not want to follow theirs. The only way is for humanity to realize, Well there is only one culture, and that is Gods Culture.

Silver is asking:

Silver: So, the aspect you are talking about in Communities of Light is not new, it is going by the wayside and you are proposing how to reorganize a group of people of higher minds to protect as much of humanity as possible.

Maitreya: The Communities of Light is a new idea. The idea of communities is not a new idea. The Communities of Light based on a crystallized Path, the Eternal Divine Path, is a new idea.

The people might have joined a community and followed many aspects of the Communities of Light, which is based on the Eternal Divine Path but they did not have the Eternal Divine Path. They did not know that they should meditate and awaken their spiritual forces, that they should direct the energy toward the Communities of Light, that they should sacrifice in the community, that they should surrender and submit to the Will of God, and that they should become universalists.

Especially the part about universalism, probably all of them missed that aspect. My community is my community, and other communities are not good. I have to attack them. I have to steal from them. I have to rob them. I have to bring anything for my community, etc. That was the trend in the past. That created wars, destruction, and a lot of suffering.

But in our teachings, the expansion of the mind or the universalism prevents that because everyone is included. You do not fight and you do not destroy them. You do not steal from them. You all come together, put your resources together, and reach to the space for a greater material gain for everyone.

There are infinite resources out there in the universe that we have not even tapped into or we have not even reached to any of them. If we reach there we do not have to scratch our faces on earth and say, Well, if I give a little to others I would not have enough. So I have to fight them, destroy them, and get whatever I want. We are fighting for the resources.

Also there have been communities in the past that none of them really crystallized the idea of how Communities of Light can be. None of them brought the unification of all religions, by explaining the Eternal Divine Path.

These lectures are posted in our website after they are given here. A couple of hours later you can download them. If your connection is not good of if you cannot hear me very well, you always can download them and listen to them in your computer. Even we have them in MP3, which can be used almost in any computer and any other operating system that is available. So if my sound is not good sometimes, do not worry about it too much. You always can listen to it later.

We can see that Communities of Light are the base of the Kingdom of God on earth. It is a Revelation that crystallizes how Communities of Light can be created. Also there have been communities in the past on earth; however none of them really could be considered Communities of Light because they did not have this Revelation and the crystallized idea of how it can be done.

After the original facilitating body is created, which is twelve dedicated people who absolutely want to do this Mission and are willing to understand the teaching in depth, they will come together and divide the earth into twelve sections. Each of them will reach to that section they are in and spread the Mission in a greater degree, as it has been given in our system. Then they can divide this section into twelve sub-sections, and on and on to the communities, and start creating these communities.

Eventually the hierarchy in the Mission will emerge from these communities. As humanity more and more realizes how wonderful these communities work, they will relent to the system.

It is an evolutionary system. We are not revolutionaries. We are evolutionaries. Therefore we work with the people and individuals.

Actually they had a similar system in the past that even now when we hear the Elders in the communities in Iraq have a lot of leverage and power over the people, and eventually we have to succumb to their wishes and bring them in as the Eldest or Elders or those that the people look up to. They are the people in their community that are respected, loved, and listened to.

But the problem with the Middle Eastern systems is that there was a central government that after this first level, and the government would take over. Therefore these Elders were under the pressure of the armies and the dictators that would tell them what to do and how to run the community.

In our system, the next step, the next level, also comes from these Elder people all the way to The Eldest. So they create the next level, and the next level, and the next level, to the Eldest. Therefore the whole hierarchy comes from the community instead of having a dictator or a central government that takes them over and tells them what to do and destroy a system that used to work fine with the dictatorship and the power of the army.

So Silver is asking again:

Silver: Sal-Om, upon looking at the website, I was asking a question about how issues such as personality (being unpleasant, irritable, snappy,) are dealt with in the Communities of Light. I am like that sometimes (not that I want to be). I am not perfect. However, my heart is with you. God's Way is the only Way. I have been ill in the body. Still, I desire to serve completely, not that I am fully capable. I feel that this is what I was born for.

Maitreya: Well, the awareness of the person that they are snappy and they have a personality problem is half of the cure of the problem, or healing. That is good that you are aware of it. Therefore you have to meditate deeply to see why. What is the reason? What is deep inside you that makes you snappy, resentful, or whatever anyone has in their life?

What is in me that I do things that I do not want to do? That is very typical of people who have problems and they are aware of them, I know, I do things I do not want to do it, but I have no power over them.

Then you can probably read the lectures I gave about the creatures in each of us. These creatures have been running our lives to this point. They are hidden in the crevices in our Souls and spirits, in the darkest areas that you are not even aware of in our subconscious minds.

By meditation and deeply realizing what is in our subconscious minds and putting light on these creatures, eventually they will be destroyed. It is not an easy job. Psychologists and psychiatrists have been dealing with this for years.

They have a psychological root. They have a spiritual root. There are many reasons for them. But they are curable. The cure for them is meditation and deep realization of the reasons behind them.

One nice practice that I started doing when I was probably in the eleventh or twelfth grade in school was from a book I had read. It was called, Self-Analysis. I am not sure, but I think they also have it in the United States. It was translated into Persian, so I read it in the Persian language then.

It categorized people into different categories of psychological problems. Some people are masochists, and there are others who are sadists. Some people are in-between, and there are others. Then it gives you a practice of writing your feelings and situation that you are in, for instance, you snap at the people.

You snap at the people once. Then you remember you snapped at someone two days ago. Then you remember you did it three weeks ago, or a month, or a year, or ten years ago. When you were a child you remember, someone was in the family, and I snapped at you.

You learned it there. Still you do not remember now. You do not even know where you obtained that habit. But if you go deep enough and you self-analyze yourself, eventually you will see that clearly. It can be from a previous lifetime.

That is why you meditate. That is why self-analysis and psychology, and all those practices, cannot solve all the problems because not all of them are from this childhood. Some of them might be.

Some of them have come from many lifetimes. So we have to deeply go within ourselves and see what the cause of these outbursts is. We need to rid ourselves of our subconscious minds and connect to God more and more so we can have control over our emotions and our behavior. Eventually one day you do not snap at anyone because you do not want to. It is not helping you. It is not helping them. It is not good for your spirit; it is not good for the spirit around you.

Therefore in the Communities of Light you will be told, You have to stop. You have to meditate deeper.

Also the people around you probably will help you out and tell you, You are snappy. You are domineering, you are not helpful, you are escapist, you do not want to contribute to the community, and you are lazy, or whatever. Well, maybe they are good and nice to you for six months or so. But after six months, a year, two years.

People in the Communities of Light know each other in and out. They will tell you how you can improve yourself.

I have found out that it is very difficult for people to change. Change is a very difficult thing for humans. But with deep meditation and realization of who you are and where these problems come from, you can overcome them. But it is not easy. That is why God has given all the Elects one more thousand years to become perfect.

Therefore we are not looking for perfect people. We are not looking for people that do not want to progress but they want to take advantage of the community.

We are looking for the people who understand this Vision and teaching, and they know it is for them and then they dedicate their lives to it 100% and become productive members in the community. Therefore the community can progress, and this Mission, Vision, and teaching can be spread throughout the earth.

The question is:

Silver: I have not been able to meditate. I seem to be more action-oriented. I have done past life therapy, which has been helpful.

Maitreya: If you cannot meditate and you are action-oriented, then follow the karma yoga and realize that God is doing through you. You are not the doer. He is the Doer.

Another question:

Silver: What is the root of illness?

Maitreya: There have been many Satsangs given on that topic, about healing and illness. All the illnesses and problems of humanity come from the Spirit and have a spiritual root. There is no problem, no illness that does not have a spiritual root.

Of course there are also illnesses that are given to someone for lessons to be learned, for karmic reasons that they have to realize what they have done that they are having that problem.

But also sometimes there are accidents that happen, and the person is in the wrong place at the wrong time so they are affected. Also there is the time to go. You grow old, the time ends for the body that it been used for years to live, and you will come back with a new body and continue the progress.

So the root of all the problems can be spiritual. Therefore with meditation, we can cure them. You have to cure yourself. If someone heals you, as Christ said, the spirit leaves and finds seven more, and says, Let us go back. The house is clean, and they come back. You could not fight the first one yourself. Someone else pushed that spirit out of you. Then the spirit goes and finds seven more and, The state of the man will be worse than it was before.

That is why Christ said, When I come back you say, I healed in your name, and I say, I know you not. That is because Christ healed for a great reason, to bring his Message to humanity and God was with Him. That is why His healing was different than those who have a little healing power and heal others, and they leave that person.

Go and see what the state of that person who has been healed is. You will find they will be worse because the Scriptures say that, Seven more will come back to you.

Therefore you have to learn to heal yourself, and the healing has been given through our teachings. The healing is the Eternal Divine Path. It is the healing for individually, collectively, and for the whole of humanity.

It is not for the Jews, or the Hindus, or the Buddhists, or the Moslems. This is for the whole of humanity to learn how to heal themselves by following the Eternal Divine Path and creating an environment that they can meditate, they can understand in a deeper level where their problems come from.

They have to learn to come out of their own little worlds, and expand themselves to include the whole universe. The more the people are selfish and fall in themselves, the more disease and unhappiness will come to them because the tama guna will become stronger and more powerful in their spirits and physical bodies, and therefore affect them.

By following the Eternal Divine Path you expand your mind. You then come out of yourself to think about, Me, me, me, all the time but, What is the Will of God, how can I help the community, how can I sacrifice for it, and how can I know the Will of God for me in the community? Also how can I reach to the whole of humanity and the universe?

After a while you are not there. You are not thinking about yourself but you are thinking about God, His Plan, etc. So expand yourself, and you will be healed.

So the tama guna does not have any power over you. The tama guna cannot crudify you because you are expanded. You become in the level of God. You will become free of the narrowness of the mind and all the power that crudifies the body and brings disease and all the things that relate to human sufferings.

So this is the healing for the whole of humanity and each individual. That is why we do not heal individuals. It did not work. What were the wages of Christ by healing people? What did it give Him? Did they glorify Him? Did they say thank you? They crucified Him. It did not work.

That is why in the next lifetime He did not heal any more. He brought the healing power of surrendering and submission to God.

Who is the surrendered and submitted one to God? He who understands the Eternal Divine Path and follows It. That is what brings the healing to you and humanity.

The more you follow the Eternal Divine Path to the highest, the more healing power you will have, the closer you will be to God, the less tama guna will be in you, and you will be free from all the narrowness of the mind and disease of the spirit.

So the root of all the problems is spiritual. The way to heal yourself is the Eternal Divine Path. Not only does the Eternal Divine Path heal you, It also heals your community, It heals your nation, It heals the whole earth and brings the Kingdom of God to earth.

Silver is asking:

Silver: Yes, we are doing that. Praise be to God. Thank you. We will do that. So grateful to God that you are here.

Maitreya: Yes indeed, God is glorified to the highest. His Glory is on earth. There is no doubt about it.

We can see how wonderful our God is that sent all these religions. Now He is healing us and healing the earth in the middle of destruction and wars, and rumors of wars. These are the answers for them to stop destroying each other.

Their religion is a part of the overall religion of God. If they understand that, they will stop fighting these crusades and destructive wars that they have on earth. That is our job, to reach humanity and let them know that they do not have to fight, they do not have to have wars and destruction. They are all the children of the same God. Let us all come together and glorify Him.

Let us forget about our own egos and our illusion of being separate from God, and understand, what was He doing? He was sending all these religions to man as a part of a greater truth. If they come together and realize that, they are brothers and sisters. They are from the same Essence. They are all from God. There is no separation, and there is no difference between them.

For some reason, God made some of them richer, some of them more intelligent, some of them with more love, some of them with more devotion. Indeed the total sum of all humanity and beings is the Manifestation of God. They each manifest a part of God, and when you put them all together you can see that God is manifesting in whole, or at least as close to the whole as possible.

So either destruction or killing of anyone will take a part of God out. You are killing God. You are not killing a separated being.

It does not matter what side it is. That humanity has to understand: When you kill someone, you kill yourself.

Silver: How should we respond to individuals who are violent? They don't realize what is going on and are closed to knowing the truth and are so burdened.

Maitreya: There are a lot of things wrong in human existence at this time of history. Humanity has never been as powerful as they are at this time for the last 12,000 years. And the teaching also is selfish: Be self-centered. Do not listen to anyone. Do not listen to the Scriptures. Do not listen to God. You are god yourselves.

Yes, you are a part of God. You have the potential of manifesting Gods Qualities. But Gods Qualities are: Compassion, Love, Understanding, Intelligence, and all the higher thoughts.

You cannot have a messed-up life and say, I am still god. Gods Life is not messed up.

If you become god and you present Gods Qualities, then your life should be Holy, based on God, and a center of Light for those around you.

If you are a violent person, again such a person has to be taught how to meditate and calm themselves. In the calmness and stillness of being, then you see the truth. As long as your mind is turbulent and your understanding is shattered with all these pulls, desires, and subconscious mind, you do not know the truth.

Therefore you react to the situation the only way you know, and that is with violence, because your mind is violent. Your consciousness is not calm like a still lake.

So the first thing you should do with such a person is to calm them down. But can you calm them down if you are not calm yourself?

Then the question goes back to: Work on yourself. You cannot help anyone but yourself. If you can help yourself and calm yourself down, and calm your mind down, then you can help other people. But as long as you have a turbulent mind yourself, and cannot control your own temper, how can you help the other person?

That is why the first step in the Eternal Divine Path is to meditate, awaken your spiritual forces, to rid yourself of your subconscious mind, the creatures that run your life.

Calm your mind. Meditate on your breathing. Breathe in. Recognize the stillness between breathing in and breathing out. That stillness is what you want to become.

See, in that stillness you realize the truth. In that calm state, you can see clearly.

If you reach there, you reach that calmness, you will not snap, you will not dominate, you will not be shy, and you will not have psychological problems. Indeed that is what the psychiatrists and psychologists should teach their patients.

When you reach that calmness between breathing in and breathing out, and breathing out and breathing in, then you can calm that ravage beast in the violent person. Then that violent person will be calmed, because they will react to your calmness.

So if we can create more and more people who recognize that stillness and calmness within themselves, we can calm humanity more and more to the point that they learn how to become still themselves as well.

The violence will subside. But at this time the human mind is agitated. They are bombarded with so much information in television, radio, bulletin boards, computers, Internet, etc. They are over-flown with information, not good information, but information that tells them, Go and satisfy your lower nature, eat, drink, sleep, do this, do that, have this, and have that.

There are a lot of sexual messages that are driving young people crazy. We have to create not only that calmness within ourselves, but also in our environment, in our advertisements, in our radio, television, in our ads, and in our bulletin boards. Eventually we will reach a point that we will have a calm environment that everyone follows Gods Way.

So it all starts within each person, each and every individual who works on themselves. That is what the Eternal Divine Path says.

Awaken your spiritual forces. This is the first step. The more people start doing that then they will not be pulled with the advertisements and the information that has been imposed on them. They will choose the correct ones. They will shun the ones that are not Godly, agitate their minds, and are not based on the beauty within.

So the less we spend our money on those junk advertisements and information, the less is going to be there. They are there because someone is supporting them. If these people stop supporting them, they will vanish by themselves because no one wants them.

If no one wants them, the business people will not provide them. Business people like to provide the things that humans want. That is how they make their finances and money. Therefore talk with your finances by supporting Godly things instead of ungodly things.

All right, it is 11:30 and it sounds there are no more questions. Again go to the website. We encourage everyone to go and read these teachings and become familiar with them.

Maybe those who are in the Mission can concentrate a little more on the Kingdom and the cyclical movements and other teachings of the Mission to see how wonderful God has been to humanity. Glorify Him by all of your being. Meditate. Go to our meditation room and learn the process. Reach the calmness of your mind so you can clearly say, Indeed God has sent this Revelation. Reach out to humanity and bring them to the lotus petal of Gods Feet.

Be Good. Be with God and One. Sal-OM everyone. See you next week.

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