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Maitreya: Good morning everyone. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation Room.

As usual we will come together today and discuss this Revelation that humanity needs so badly at this time. All the signs are showing that we need a new wine, a new teaching, a new realization of unification that God has been promising from the beginning that eventually He would reveal to humanity that all the religions of the world have come from the same Source, from the same God.

There are not many Gods. There is only one God, and all these Revelations have come from Him.

We gather here every week so you have an outlet, a place that you can come and discuss the Revelation that has been given in our website and translations of our website all throughout the world. So you can come here and ask any questions you might have.

If you have a little sensitivity you will see the world needs a unifying message. Just go to the social discussion rooms in PalTalk to see how much hate and destructive tendencies have been generated and how much people hate each other of different religions, races, and cultures. They do not know that all these religions and great things that have happened to humanity have come from One God. They separate all the Revelations from each other, and they do not realize that even the Constitution of the United States has come from God. There is no separation between that and the religions of the world. So we can see that they are a small example of what humanity is going through, and they really need to understand Gods Plan, which now has been revealed.

Go ahead Monthey. Do you want to raise your hand and take the mic? I hope you have gone to our website and studied our teachings, and now you are here to ask questions related to the Mission of Maitreya. You have realized the base of our teachings and how this Revelation has been prophesied to come at this time.

Go ahead and take the mic, Monthey.

Monthey: Thank you very much. First of all you have, what can I say? You have pretty well thought of religion. But one thing is first, Allah says, we have sent this Book as a command that will not be able to be changed, this commandment. What do you have to say about that? Thank you.

Maitreya: Sure Monthey. That is a very good question. This question has been asked from us many times, and many times has been answered. The answer is that, first of all, Prophet Muhammad said that He was the Khatam or Khatem of the Prophets.

We have to recognize that it has two meanings. One means the last, and the other one means the very top of the ring, or Seal. If you study our teachings, we are the only people that have explained that both of them are correct.

Prophet Muhammad is the Seal of the Prophets. If you go to our website and look at The Greatest Sign, you will see that Islam is at the very top of the ring, or the circle, and it is like a seal of a ring. So yes indeed, he is the Seal of the Prophets.

Also, He brought the highest spiritual realization to humanity and that is surrendering and submission to God. Therefore he is the Prophet who finished the spiritual part of Gods Plan.

About we have thought well about this Revelation, we havent thought about anything. This is a Revelation from God. God has said and prophesied that before this Revelation there are only two parts of His Word that would come to humanity, and when this last Revelation of God comes to man there are twenty-five other parts that will be revealed to man.

If you put all the religions to this point together, and you know them all, you only know two parts of Gods Revelations. But if you know our teachings, you realize that no other Prophet ever covered as much truth as we have. Therefore you will easily recognize that indeed this Revelation had to come and what we say is correct. Also the religion of Islam is a part of this Plan, and God said that Islam would come as a religion to humanity.

But there are many places in the Koran that it says that He did not reveal everything, first. And secondly, the Koran was gathered together in the time of the third Caliph, Othman, and when he was gathering the Koran together they realized that there was more than one version of the Revelation by the people who remembered when the Koran came.

Eventually Othman had to make a decision, which version he would accept and which version he would reject. Therefore after he accepted this version as the official Koran, the other versions, little by little, disappeared.

Even after they gathered all the verses they thought there were, other people came forward and said that they have other verses that they remembered. But they did not add to the Koran any more because that was the decision that was made, and that was the final decision by Othman to accept that version of the Koran. He closed the door to any new verses that the people remembered that were revealed through Prophet Muhammad.

Therefore the Koran itself was not written down directly when it was revealed, and there was more than one version of it.

One of the rules in this room is, you wait until I finished answering you, then you can go ahead and ask another question. So hold on your typing and then we can answer your questions one at a time.

In the Koran Prophet Muhammad clearly said that he did not reveal everything. He revealed a portion of the Eternal Tablet, but not the whole thing. So all these things clearly show that he did not accept that he was the last Prophet.

Besides that, Moslems do not know about the Seven Seals, about the other parts of the Scripture that God clearly said that there are going to be Seven Revelations and when the Seventh Revealer, Seventh Angel comes, he will finish His Religion.

Also the Seventh Angel has to be from the Tribe of Judah. He has to open the Seven Seals, etc. So we can see if you really understand our teachings and see this truth, you will see that Prophet Muhammad was not the last Prophet in a sense that no Prophet will come after Him. Actually the Koran clearly says, if God Wills, He can raise a Prophet in every village, if He wills to do that.

So we direct you and ask you to go and study our teachings in a greater degree, understand the Word of God, and not try to be correct. That is an ego that wants to be correct. The humble Spirit will study, search, and understand the Word of God, and then they will realize that, Yes, Gods Plan and Wording was different than the one we think it should be.

So for all these reasons, meditate on these Words, and eventually realize the truth that has now come to humanity.

Now your next question is:

Monthey: How do you pray to God?

Maitreya: The best prayer to God is when you are in deep meditation, and you are in a Soul-by-Soul relationship with God. Then you are in that calm state of mind. You can listen to God, and that is meditation. Or you can pray to God by humbly going to your knees, and pray to God in a deeper level in your spirit.

But if you mean how we do every day, daily prayer, we have something very similar to Namaz. It is called The Reminder.

The wording of it is in our website, if you want to go to the website or someone can post the URL to The Reminder [], and you can go and see the words there. It has some similar movements as the Namaz that Moslems do five times a day. We have recommended for the people to do it at least twice daily, and if they want to do it five times, that would be just fine.

So that is the prayer that now is revealed. It is a new wine, a new understanding, a new Revelation, and therefore people can go to the website and realize that this is the new way of doing that. The postures and the way it is done also are in the website. Even there are some videos that show how it can be done.

Kelly is asking (I do not know if it is a question or it is a statement, but let us see):

Kelly30211: We are on the verge of going in to a global government, one that has created mass genocides worldwide, and it seems to be continuing. What are your thoughts on the New World Order and the One World Religion that United Nations has announced?

Maitreya: Yes, there are many people out there who are trying to create a new world government or a new world system. There is a group called the World Congress, and also the United Nations that they want to create a world government. They even have a flag. Actually they did contact me and asked me to become one of their high spiritual advisors. I refused because this is the Revelation of God, not a man-made idea.

What they are trying to create is a man-made idea, which will not create the Kingdom of God on earth but it is going to be a secular set-up, which has nothing to do with God and His Plan.

Our Revelation and our system is from God and is based on the Communities of Light and the Laws and Ways of God. Therefore theirs will not work. Humanity eventually has to realize that the only way to peace and unity is the Plan of God that has been told will come to earth through the Revelations, through the Scriptures, and through the coming of the Seventh Revelation or the Last Revealer of the truth to humanity.

Everyone should recognize that the only way is to come together and realize that all the religions of the world have come from the same God. There is no separation between them, and come and create the Communities of Light so we can have the hierarchy from the Communities of Light and create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

The text is going very fast here. Let me see. OK. Cefas is asking:

Cefas07: What to do to not be bold or drive for our personality?

Maitreya: Cefas, if you can elaborate a little bit on that. Do you mean what can we do not to be egoistical?

OK, I am reading from the PM, I been trying to change to be better. I see, To act in the right way.

OK, well I think Cefas is asking how we can improve ourselves. I think that is the gist of his question. We have to meditate on ourselves, follow the Eternal Divine Path, and realize how to overcome the ego and see our habits. There has been a long Satsang given about how to meditate, how to look at the creatures and habits that we have in life. Anytime we overcome one of those bad habits or bad actions that we have in our life, we are one step closer to perfection.

If we follow the Eternal Divine Path, that is the fastest way to overcome our own bad habits, selfishness, and all the things that make us not be a good person. When you meditate, you go deep inside and deeply realize your connection to God. You want to become more Godly, and God is good.

Since God is good, you want to be like Him. Therefore you will see yourself more and more in a clear way and see the creatures in the dark crevices of the Soul. Anytime you overcome one of them, you are one step closer to perfection.

That is why the first step in the Eternal Divine Path is meditation, awakening of the spiritual forces, and seeing yourself clearly. But if you meditate and you do not follow the rest of the Eternal Divine Path, you might make mistakes and fall.

The next step is the creation of the Communities of Light, because the Communities of Light are the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Then in the Communities of Light you sacrifice.

Humans do not want to sacrifice. They want to have, have, have. Therefore the next step, you turn around. You go toward God, and you will become baptized because you do not follow human nature anymore but you follow Godly nature.

By sacrificing, you will not be self-centered. That is one reason for being in this body, to learn how to not be self-centered and selfish. Therefore we can overcome the human part of us.

Then you surrender and submit to God. That is, in your meditation you realize why you are here and where you are going, why God put you on this earth. There is a reason for every person to be in this body on earth. If that person realizes why God put him or her in this body on earth, therefore they realize the purpose of their life.

With universalism, you shatter all the narrowness of the mind and the disease of separation between man and man, and humans, and all the cultures and anything in the universe and earth. Therefore you accelerate your progress in a greater degree if you follow the Eternal Divine Path.

Also many techniques are given in the Mission to improve yourself, and little by little one day you will see you have overcome a lot. If you continue, eventually you will reach perfection.

I hope that answered your question. If you have a follow-up, go ahead and ask a follow-up question about what exactly you meant or if I did not answer you.

Kelly is asking:

Kelly30211: What if I am not studying religion, but I would like to live in love and to everyone I get peace, is that OK?

Maitreya: That is OK, but that is just the beginning of the spiritual journey. There are many ways to meditate and see God. Some people just love God with all their hearts, minds, and spirits. That is called the Bhakti, or devotional way to go to God.

The next step is, you realize and recognize our teachings again and follow the Eternal Divine Path. Our teaching basically says that you have to awaken your spiritual forces. One way is to love God with all your heart. Then direct that energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light. Go to a Community of Light and teach other people how to love one another. That is a great gift.

This great gift you can use to teach others how to love Godly and become Godly in a way that loves them with the Love of God. Therefore there is nothing bad with loving people with the Godly Love.

But you have to follow the rest of the Eternal Divine Path to see that Love is used for the Godly purpose and reason, and bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

Deepcover is asking:

Deepcover: Maitreya - if someone has never mediated before, where do we start? Do we just quiet our body and listen? Would you give new people a few pointers to help?

Maitreya: There is a room in PalTalk called, Meditate on the Universal Mantra. You can go there, it is open 24/7, and you can hear the instructions of how to meditate and how to use our Universal Mantra, which is: Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam. You can learn to meditate our meditation, and you can easily learn how to mediate and go to a deeper level, and how to quiet your mind.

The most important part in our meditation is the stillness between the breathing in and breathing out. We use the mantra for deeper breathing and also the mantra has a special energy, which it carries with itself, which will bring a greater and deeper meditation in the person.

There is a process to follow. That process is to control the mind because the mind has been running our lives all this time. Now when we start following that process we have to really work hard to tell the mind, No, I am going to take you where I want to take you, not you are going to take me where you want to take me as you have been doing all along.

So if you go to that room you will see there is a process of meditation. There it is explained the use of the mantra, how to meditate, how to concentrate on your breathing, how the breathing in and breathing out and the stillness between breathing in and breathing out is so important, and how in-between the breathing out and breathing in there is a stillness and how that is important.

So indeed there are ways to meditate. There are many Satsangs that have been given about meditation. There are videos and audios in the website that you can listen to, about how to meditate.

Also Meditate on the Universal Mantra is a good room to go to. I think two or three times a week it has a live meditation class there. You can find out the times for the live meditation classes in that room and even talk to the people in that room if you have a problem with the meditation or if you have a question, and they will answer you.

Zeezed is asking:

Zeezed_the: Why do people see authority figures in people that meditate much? Patanjali states that the goal of Yoga is cessation of mind. How is this possible?

Maitreya: Well, the reason people see authority in the people who meditate is because they are closer to God, they are closer to Spirit. God has the greatest authority and influence on the people on earth and creation.

He created the creation so His Spirit has indeed greater power.

How to meditate and the goal of cessation of the mind: That is not the goal in this Mission. The goal of this Mission is to create the Communities of Light and eventually reach a point that the people will have more time and an environment that they can meditate in a greater degree. Eventually many of them will reach salvation, and in that state they will realize what all those sayings of India, the Mahatmas, and the Great Souls in India meant, which have been explaining what meditation is.

What is the goal of meditation? There are many ways to realize God, and many people have meditated and realized something, then they wrote it down believing that is the only way.

However, it does not matter how much other people tell you what meditation is and what is the goal of life and what is the goal of meditation. Eventually you have to reach a point that you yourself experience that state. As long as you have not experienced that state, it is just an idea. It is just a writing.

That is, the meditation and salvation is an experience. It is a state of achievement. So anyone who came back and told you what it is, they probably have not reached it completely because when you reach there, you do not come back.

You might come back later on as an Avatar, or a great Being, as a Sat Guru, or people who have been meditating for many lifetimes. That is what we are looking for. We are looking for the Elects, the people who have been meditating for the last 12,000 years and now this Revelation has come to them, they see it, they realize it, and they say, Yes, that makes sense. All religions have come from the same Source, and now we have to let humanity know that.

So they have the answer, instead of yelling at each other and destroying one another and not realizing that indeed God has sent all the religions.

Your religion is not bad. We are not like other groups or organizations that say, No, only our religion is good. Your religion is bad. This Revelation says, Your religion is OK. But it is not the highest. It is not the last. It is not the Seventh Seal.

Your Revealer is not the person who God said would bring the last Revelation of God. Therefore they will realize, now this is the perfection of Gods Revelation. And when they see that, they do not have to fight and destroy each other and have all the problems that we have on earth at this time.

Then they will realize that God has been sending all these things, and they will not separate one another. They will have time to meditate and reach Pure Consciousness.

Zeezed is asking:

Zeezed_the: Maitreya, you say that meditation is not about ideas of no-mind. Why does Patanjali say in the yoga sutras that no-mind is the ultimate aim?

Maitreya: I did not say that is not true. I said at this time we have to create the environment, we have to create the Communities of Light, we have to bring the peace on earth first. Then you can experience that state that Patanjali is explaining.

The goal is not to accept Patanjali as the truth. The goal is to experience what those words are expressing themselves, and you cannot do that until you create an environment where the physiological and safety needs of all humans are provided.

Then the children are taught from the very beginning that the Goal of their Life is to be(come) Divine, to become one with God. The goal is not to hoard money. The goal is not to become a doctor, or professor, or lawyer, or this and that, but to reach Pure Consciousness.

So we have to create the environment for them that they realize, yes indeed, they have to meditate and awaken their spiritual forces, create an environment that the old people are not afraid that they will be left in the street or no one will be taking care of them, or they are going to be put in a little place and be forgotten, an environment that they can be productive in the old age and take care of the children, etc. Therefore the creation of the Communities of Light and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth is the most important action humans can do at this time.

After the Communities of Light and the Kingdom is created, and we brought peace to earth, then there will be many people who will meditate and will understand what Patanjali meant by neglecting the mind and going to God. That is the aim of the eventual creation of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, to go to heaven.

But heaven is not a place; it is not a manifested place. It is a state of consciousness.

Therefore if we understand this state of consciousness, we have to create an environment that more people can reach that state in a greater degree.

So I am not disputing your understanding. I am just saying the way to get there in the fastest way is this Mission.

Zeezed_the: What is the value of kriya yoga?

Maitreya: Well, all the yogis have some truth in them and some understanding of human psyche and Spirit. But eventually every human has to understand and realize what their way of meditation and going deeper inside is. Each individual is different.

That is why there are so many ways in India that people follow. There is a kind of confusion because the person who came and brought this new way of yoga and doing the meditation, had his own preferences. So they create a group or the way to meditate. Kriya yoga is one of them. If that appeals to you, that is fine, but that is the beginning of the Eternal Divine Path.

If you read our teachings, meditation and awakening of our spiritual forces is the beginning of the Eternal Divine Path. The next step is directing that toward the creation of the Communities of Light.

Meditation and all these teachings from the Far East are the beginning of the awakening of the spiritual forces and knowing thyself. The next step is given in the Old Testament. The Old Testament is talking about the Communities of Light. After you awaken your spiritual forces, you direct your energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light, which the Old Testament teaches.

Then you sacrifice for them. That is the message of Christ, Esa, that in order to create the Communities of Light you have to sacrifice and give of yourself. Actually meditation without sacrifice can be dangerous and will create greater ego.

After you sacrifice to create the Communities of Light, you surrender and submit to God. That is the message of Islam. Islam brings the understanding of surrendering and submission to the Will of God. With that, there is no ego left.

Isnt the goal of yoga to become one with God? If you are surrendered and submitted to God and if you are realizing that God is the Doer through you, you are not the doer, He is the Doer, and you and God are one. There is no separation. So you can see that the goal of yoga is achieved in the state of surrendering and submission to God.

The next step is universalism, realizing that God is everything. There is no separation between man and man and woman and woman, and man and woman, and all the parts of the universe. With that you shatter all the narrowness of the mind as a separation by language, nationality, creed, and anything that separates a part of the universe from the other part.

With this, of course, you become an Elect. You become a person that you can create an environment that people can reach a state of Pure Consciousness, or no mind, or whatever that teaching of the Far East is.

So with this not only you see there is a Path that shatters all the narrowness of the mind, takes you to God, and accelerates the process, also it unifies all the religions of the world.

That is what God has been doing. God has been sending all these Revelations, religions, and teachings including the Far East Philosophies, whatever India and Buddhists have for humanity. Now He has sent this to teach them, Look, you are all a part of a greater understanding and teaching, and therefore your teaching is OK.

The Moslems teaching is OK. The Christian teaching is OK. The Jewish teaching is OK. Now God is telling everyone, your teaching is OK. But realize and see where it falls in the Eternal Divine Path, and therefore come, be united, follow the Eternal Divine Path, and accelerate your progress.

Zeezed is asking:

Zeezed_the: Communities of Light are people. Meditation is one person. How can you establish Communities of Light made up of people willing to meditate but not meditating until those Communities of Light come about?

Maitreya: No, again I did not say you should not meditate until the Communities of Light come along. No, if you have time, energy, and the ability to meditate, start it right now. You do not have to wait for the Communities of Light to start; you can meditate at this time.

If you have been meditating, great. Actually we are looking for the people who have been meditating for the last 12,000 years. They have been incarnated again and again, and at this time. They have been with Noah, and he taught them how to meditate. They have been with Abraham. They have been with Moses. They have been with Christ. They have been with Prophet Muhammad. They have been with Bab. They have been with every Major Manifestation who came on earth, and they have realized and seen the truth.

Now when they see this Revelation they realize, Yes, this makes sense. Indeed for the last 12,000 years, after the flood of Noah, God closed the third eye of humanity and humans did not have any connection with the Spirit any longer.

Now God says, OK, now I am going to open your third eyes again, and I am going to reveal to you a greater truth that people knew before the 12,000 years. But after 12,000 years of human disconnection and the 6,000 years of history, man has to realize that they have to follow the Eternal Divine Path. It makes sense to them, and they realize their religion is a part of a greater truth.

Hinduism is a part of this teaching. Buddhism is a part of this teaching. Judaism is a part of this teaching. Christianity is a part of this teaching. Islam is a part of this teaching. Bahai Teaching is a part of this teaching. Paravipras, the Elects, are a part of this teaching. This teaching is the only Revelation that God said, When it comes, It reveals the whole truth. When it comes, the mystery of God is finished.

Therefore, anyone to this point who had any truth with them did not have the whole picture. Now it is the time that the whole picture is given to humanity. Those who have been called for it, they can see it clearly, and they say, Yes, it makes sense. It covers all religions of the world, unifies them, and reveals much more than any other religions that they have ever had before.

So that is the new wine you have to study in our website and realize, no, we are not saying you have to wait to meditate until after the Communities of Light are created. No, meditate but at the same direct your energies toward the creation of the Communities of Light.

With doing that, your meditation is going to be a better mediation. Follow the Eternal Divine Path with your meditation, and you will see your progress in a greater degree.

The question is:

Zeezed_the: You said that the Kingdom of Heaven was a state of consciousness and it needed the Communities of Light to come about on earth.

Maitreya: Again there are three kingdoms that we teach: The Kingdom of Heaven within, which is that state of consciousness; The Kingdom of Heaven on earth; and the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven.

The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth is the Second Seal in The Greatest Sign and in the Eternal Divine Path. After you meditate and try to awaken your spiritual forces, you direct your energy and understanding towards the creation of the Communities of Light. After the Communities of Light are created all over the earth, eventually a hierarchy will emerge from these communities, which will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

So the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth is not a state of consciousness but is a real manifestation of the hierarchy from the people, by the people, and for people, from the Communities of Light, from the grassroots on earth. And that is not a state of consciousness.

After you follow the Eternal Divine Path and when you reach the Sixth Seal in the Eternal Divine Path, which is called the Elects, you are in a state of consciousness that you are called a Paravipra. Para means beyond. Vipra means intellect. You go beyond intellect. You become intelligent. It is explained in our teachings who intelligent people are.

They are the people that they awaken their spiritual forces. They create the Communities of Light. They sacrifice for them. They surrender and submit to the Will of God for themselves and the Eternal Divine Path. They become universalists, therefore they shatter all the narrowness of the mind. They become Paravipras or beyond intellect, spiritual, and also are incorruptible.

Such a people have been created for the last 12,000 years, and now they are manifesting themselves to this Mission. Very slowly, gradually, they come to the Mission, love the Mission, and follow It.

So they will create that hierarchy that eventually will be manifested from the Communities of Light. They will become the leaders who will create the peace on earth and unity, and they will provide an environment that people who want to meditate can meditate in a greater degree and progress toward Pure Consciousness in a much faster pace.

So it is a complete package. It is not just a part of Gods Revelation. If you understand our teachings you will see the perfection of life and the fastest way to create the Kingdom of God on earth, and also help individuals to reach Pure Consciousness.

Therefore, even Hindus have to recognize and realize that they do not have the whole package. Christians should realize the same thing, as should Buddhists, Moslems, and all the religions of the world. They have to realize that their Revelations were not perfect, until the Seventh Angel comes.

Now the Seventh Angel has come. The Seventh Seal is opened. The Book with the Seven Seals has been revealed to humanity. It is free for you to go to our website, read it, understand it, follow it, and realize, Yes, indeed, God is incredible.

But the question again is:

Zeezed_the: What is self-realization?

Maitreya: Self-realization comes after you follow the Eternal Divine Path and eventually we create the environment on earth that people can meditate in a greater degree and realize that they and God are One.

There is no separation between man and God. You do not need any person between you and God. You are connected to God completely, directly, with nothing in-between.

Therefore by understanding this, you follow the Eternal Divine Path and meditate. One day you see, you really do not exist. It is God alone who exists. Your delusion of being separated from God makes you think that you exist, and that is, of course, probably what Patanjali meant by no mind. He probably really meant the subconscious mind. No subconscious mind will leave you connected to God directly.

When you realize that you and God are One, there is no separation, and you will jump like that Sufi who says, Anallah, that, I am God. And the orthodox Moslems are petrified that a person thinks they are God. Many of them have been crucified, stoned, and killed because they said they are God, when Christ clearly said in the New Testament, Thy are gods. And in Hinduism says, Atman and atman are one.

God and man are not separated. Even in the Bible it says, You are created in the image of God.

That is self-realization, when you recognize that you really do not exist; it is God that comes through you, and you and God are One. Therefore you have experienced God and you become a great asset for the community because you do not have any ego any longer. You are connected to God, and you can help humanity in a greater degree to go to God.

The more of this kind of people we create, the faster humanity will reach Godhood and Pure Consciousness. That is the goal of the creation of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, to accelerate this process of self-realization.

The question of Bolle boos is:

Bolle boos: So who has the whole package?

Maitreya: We have the whole package. This Revelation is the Revelation of the Seventh Seal, revealed by the Seventh Angel who opened the Seven Seals. And the Book sealed with the Seven Seals fulfills all the prophecies of Its coming. It also connects the Revealer to the genealogy of Prophet Muhammad, King David, and Adam. Therefore all the signs have been given to humanity that this is the last Revelation of God to man. Therefore this is whole package.

Before the coming of the Seventh Angel you cannot claim that you have the whole answer.

Bolle boos, you have to wait until your questions are answered before you can type another question.

Cefas is asking:

Cefas: Do the Seven Seals represent the Seven-Spirit-Initiation that all beings should do?

Maitreya: Yes indeed, the Seven Seals are related to the seven chakras, the seven power centers in the human body. Each of the initiations that we give in the Mission is related to one psychic center in the human, and they can meditate on that and awaken that psychic center little by little. One of the meanings of the Seven Seals is those Seven Spirits in every man, or chakras.

Of course the whole universe also has seven levels: Five lokas and koshas and the world, and they are all connected to the koshas, the spirit of man, and they are interrelated. If you want to know more about that, we have a book called Universe and Man in our website, or if you have the Book, The Holiest Of The Holies, you can read that and see how human and the universe actually are in each others image. They are not separated.

Bolle boos is asking:

Bolle boos: I am not god; I am one. By speaking god, you already separate.

Maitreya: You probably should rephrase your question. What do you mean, I am not god; I am one. By speaking god you already separate?

Well, the only way you can explain the Path is by speaking. Actually this has been prophesied that he will come with the sword of his mouth and will destroy the ignorance and the misunderstanding between humans.

And that is exactly how the Revelation of God comes through the Prophet, by the Word of mouth. Through the truth that it reveals to humanity they eventually will recognize and realize it is from God. Therefore, there is no separation by speaking and showing the way.

I am not going to walk it for you. There is a way. There is a Path that you have to walk, that you have to recognize that God has been sending to humanity. Therefore it is not that I am bringing unity with my speech. I am just bringing explanation with my speech.

I am showing the way. But you are the one who has to walk it. I cannot walk it for you. No one else can walk it for you.

If you recognize that this Revelation has come from God, with all the signs, prophecies. and the foretelling of the coming of this Revelation and the opening of the Seven Seals, and everything that has been revealed to you through this Mission, then you have no choice at the end but to say, Yes indeed, this person has been chosen by God to bring this Revelation to us and now we see it clearly. We can trust this Revelation, follow the Eternal Divine Path, and see the benefit of it.

When you see the benefit of it you will recognize, Yes indeed, it works. It is not something that says, Go meditate. Do not worry about it, and then just leave you alone.

No, it just gives you a precise way of shattering your ego and awakening your spiritual forces. First creation of the Communities of Light, create an environment that everyone can meditate and progress in a greater degree. Sacrifice shatters the self-centeredness. Surrendering and submission to God brings unity between you and God, and you know the purpose of your life. Universalism shatters all the narrowness of the mind that so deeply humans have fallen into.

Therefore you become a person, a dynamic spiritual being, that God called the Elects all through His Revelations. So by understanding this you realize that these words are the guiding lights. They are not going to take you anywhere if you do not follow the Eternal Divine Path.

Justkiddng is asking:

Justkidding_1: Sal-Om Maitreya.

Maitreya: Sal-OM Justkidding. I hope everything is OK with you. Havent heard from you for some time. I hope all is well.

The question is:

Justkidding_1: Why the need for initiation? Isn't God's Plan already revealed by you in THOTH and that His Grace is given freely to those who believe?

Maitreya: Indeed. The initiation is really the icing on the cake, you can say. Actually The Word is for me. God has given It for me. Christ knew It. Prophet Muhammad knew It. All the Prophets have reached It.

But this time is an extra thing for giving to people who really want to become my close associates. Their energy becomes one with my energy and as close as possible.

Therefore The Word initiation of The Holy Word is reserved for a very specific people. They dedicate their lives completely, they realize and accept me as their source of inspiration and Revelation, and they are willing to do whatever I want them to do.

Therefore, there is no struggle between us. They trust me completely. And I trust them completely. This trust between us creates a great environment that we can work very closely together.

So the person who wants to be initiated in The Holy Name is really saying, Yes, I am ready. I am a person dedicated to you completely. In a sense you can say that those who want to be initiated, initiate their work directly for me, and they understand the teachings and realize, Yes, it is God, and that is enough for them. They work for the Mission and God, and they realize everything is in the Mission. But of course they are not completely mine, in a sense of we can work together as one unit.

Therefore asking for initiation means, I want to make a Covenant with you and God. If you realize that God indeed is manifesting through me, when you make a Covenant with me, you make a Covenant with God and you do not argue with God, you do not create an environment that God cannot work with you.

Of course, God is not a dictator, He is open to suggestions, to great understanding, and flexibility with you. But at the same time we come to know each other more and more, and we reach a point that we can work greatly with one another and make this Mission to manifest.

So initiation is for the people who are absolutely dedicated to me and my Mission and God. If you see the Vision and you love It, and you want to do things for It, great. Go for It. That is fine. It is no problem at all.

Justkidding is asking:

Justkidding_1: Will those and only those initiated make up the 144,000 Elects?

Maitreya: Ah, we will see. It will be revealed little by little exactly who they are. Most probably you might be correct because I need that many numbers of Paravipras to manifest this Mission.

To create and establish this Mission there are people needed that they can forego their own ego and become absolutely submissive to the Will of God. We can work together in a greater degree and reach a point that we can create an environment that we can get this Mission to manifest Itself. That needs people who are very dedicated to the Mission, and they are absolutely one with what we are doing.

Indeed it will be so incredibly time-consuming that God has revealed it is going to take three lifetimes to accomplish it. So in this lifetime we are not even looking for the creation of the Kingdom on earth. Humanity is not ready for it.

We can see that our teaching has been here for twenty-five years and still humans have not understood It, reached It, realized It, and they have a problem to recognize the beauty of It and how perfect and complete it is.

Those who recognize It and realize It, why do they not want to completely dedicate their lives to it? If a person sees the Vision and realizes it is from God, then the next step is very natural, OK, I am willing to give everything for this Revelation that is from God. I am not going to hold onto my beliefs and past religion because now this is a new wine. I cannot put the old wine into this new skin.

But that is OK. We do not expect people who come to the Mission to understand this in a greater degree right away.

Religion is not compulsory. It is something that has to eventually settle in a person, and they come to this conclusion, Yes, this is It. I believe It. It says everything.

All the signs say it is from God. This is the Revelation that Buddhists were waiting for, Moslems were waiting for, Hindus were waiting for, Christians, Jews, you name it, they have been waiting for this Revelation. Now it is here, therefore I accept It.

I am a Buddhist, fine. Maybe Buddha did not have some parts of the other religions that the other religions have. Maybe I add that to my religion. Now I have a greater understanding.

So with this, the next natural step is, Yes, I will make a Covenant with you, and I will follow the Covenant and be a part of this Revelation. I have a hard time to see how anyone can be one of the 144,000 and not have a Covenant with the Mission.

We need two kinds of people in the Mission: The supportive part, that they will support the Mission and they will bring the physical necessities so we can support a great number of teachers who eventually will reach to different communities and will bring a greater degree of the spreading of this Mission and this understanding; and there are the teachers who will be supported with the support group. So there are two types of people that will be here.

Also there is another group, the leaders.

At this time we need more people in the support group than teachers, but if there are teachers that can join us, that would be great too.

Bramble is asking:

Bramble1978: I just had a quick question. I have seen another site, with the Maitreya, not classified as a religious kind of thing. What does the word Maitreya mean, and why are there two kinds?

Maitreya: Well, actually if you go to the Internet and search for the name Maitreya, there are more than two. There are many of them that they claim to be Maitreya. And you have to ask simply the question: Did they fulfill the prophecies? Have their opened the Seven Seals? Did they reveal the Book sealed with the Seven Seals? Are they the Lion of the Tribe of Judah? and on and on. See if they have all of the qualifications that are necessary to claim that they are Maitreya.

Maitreya is the expected Buddha, or the Fifth Buddha to come, or the last Buddha in Buddhism. Maitreya means friend. It comes from the root Maiteya. In English it has been translated as the Compassionate One. Therefore Maitreya by itself is the Fifth Buddha to come.

But of course many other religions also are expecting for the last Revelation or Revealer to come from their religion.

Bramble1978: They arent coming as a religious teaching.

Maitreya: Well, I do not know which. Are you talking about the Share International or their Maitreya? You have to tell me, which one are they? If you are talking about Share International, they are based on a teaching of the hierarchies, and Mr. Crme that claimed in 1982 that Maitreya would manifest himself on earth.

Bramble1978: Yes, I think Share International.

Maitreya: They believe that Maitreya will come. Actually they were the people who foretold that Maitreya will come in 1982, and we were the only Maitreya that reached out to humanity in the spring of 1982.

They are still waiting for their Maitreya to come, and somehow make his body, manifest himself, and say, Kingdom come, and the Kingdom is supposed to come right away. Well, good luck. If we have a person that can bring the Kingdom with the snap of a finger, well, it has never happened in the past. History has never shown that something like that is possible.

So they have been waiting for that for a long time, and we wish them good luck. But we do not think it is going to happen. It is wishful thinking.

So even what they teach is not based on the Scriptures, and their Maitreya, even if he comes, has never fulfilled the prophecies, opened the Seven Seals, etc. So in a way they have foretold that Maitreya comes in 1982 but at the same time they created a lot of confusion.

The same thing happened when John the Baptist came. John the Baptist came and said Christ is going to come. But when Christ came, John the Baptist could not recognize him. He had to send his disciples to Christ and say, Are you the one or should we still look for someone else? when Christ clearly was showing that he was the one.

John the Baptist could not understand, and his disciples could not understand, because they had their own ideas of how the Christ would come. So they did not recognize him. It is the same thing happening now. Mr. Crme is not recognizing us because he has his own ideas of how this should happen.

So there are a lot of other Maitreyas but you have to ask yourself, which one is the correct one?

Also that is another prophecy fulfilled, Many will come and say, I am Christ. I am Maitreya. I am this and that. But the only One who fulfills the prophecies, etc., is the One. You have to really meditate and test the Spirit, which one has fulfilled the prophecies? Which ones Words are the same as the Words of God? Who is revealing the truth, based on the Scriptures? Are these people who are claiming, are they really bringing the Word of God or are they on an ego trip, etc.?

So you have to really meditate and eventually come to this conclusion: Which one is the correct one.

Cefas is asking:

Cefas07: Is Maitreya a name and also an energy?

Maitreya: Of course, as we said Maitreya is just expected from the Buddhist part, and they are looking for Maitreya as the Fifth Buddha to come.

The Hindus are looking for the Kalki Avatar, the tenth Avatar and the last Avatar to come. That will bring the unity to all religions and eventually bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

The Jews are waiting for the Messiah. They are still waiting for Him to come.

Christians are waiting for Christ to return.

Moslems are waiting for the Mahdi. Also many of them are waiting for Christ to come back. They believe that Christ will come and establish Islam on earth. But as we know, what humans think and what God does are two different things.

Even when Prophet Muhammad came himself, Jews accepted him as the Messiah, as the Prophet they were waiting for. But after they saw that he was not going to make everyone Jews, they rejected him. It is the same thing here. Moslems think when the Mahdi comes, or when the Christ comes, he is going to make everyone Moslem.

But indeed maybe they have something there because the people who follow the Eternal Divine Path will become better Moslems, better Christians, better Jews, and better Hindus. Also we encourage everyone to read all those Scriptures and see the Essence that they bring to humanity.

At the end all people are better off to be a Divine. As we understand this, we realize that yes indeed this is a Revelation from God and therefore we have no choice but to accept it as a Revelation come for humanity.

And, Is it an energy? Of course energy, it depends on what you mean by energy. Energy can be interpreted in a very narrow way. It is more than an energy; it is a Revelation, it is a manifestation of truth from God, a Message to humanity, it is a way, it is a Light for humanity to come together and realize that God is One and He has sent all these religions and now they are all unified. So it is more than an energy.

But Maitreya is a name that Buddhists are waiting for his Revelation to come under. Of course, as I said, other religions also are expecting Him to come with other names. But all of them again are fulfilled with this Revelation.

Moslems are even waiting for Him to come by the name of Mohammad, and his fathers name is going to be the servant of God. Of course, I was born by the name of Mohammad. My father was named Abdul Karim, which means the servant of God. So that fulfills that prophecy for them.

There is a section of prophecies in our website. We encourage everyone to read them for us. I did not write them. Some other people came and wrote them. So you can go and read them, and see that no other Prophet ever fulfilled as many prophecies as are fulfilled in this Mission.

Bramble is asking:

Bramble1978: The Quran doesnt support the waiting of the Mahdi though.

Maitreya: That is true, but it supports the idea that God can raise a Prophet in every village if He wants to. Therefore God is an able God in Islam, and He can do whatever He wants.

So even saying God cannot do this or that it should be a blasphemy in Islam, and is incorrect, because the Koran clearly says God cannot be bound with any human ideas, dogmas, or understandings. He is an able God. He can do whatever He wants.

In the Hadiths and also in the Shia branch of Islam, the coming of Mahdi and the coming of Christ or Esa has been accepted with all the branches of Islam. They are waiting for another Revealer or Revelation to come.

The truth of it is that there will be more than one after Prophet Muhammad; there would be three. And that would be the universalist, or the Bahai teaching, the concept of Paravipra or Elects, the Sixth Seal, and the Revelation of the Seventh Seal, which is now is revealed through this Mission.

Now humanity has the whole package, the whole picture. It they understand our teachings and see the Vision, they will realize, Yes, indeed, it is the whole package. It is a Revelation that explains all other religions. It completely sheds light on all the parts of the religions that have not been explained or could not be explained before.

A lot of people come to our room and say, No, it is impossible to unify all religions. Islam is different than Christianity. Buddhism is different than Hinduism. Judaism is different than Christianity, Islam, and Bahai. It is not. It is explained. It has been revealed now clearly how they all fit together like a hand and glove.

Bramble1978: Sorry I lost sound - was my point referred to?

Maitreya: Yes, your point was that the Koran does not support the waiting for the Mahdi. If you lost sound, do you have the sound now? Bramble, do you have the sound? OK well, do not worry, these lectures usually are posted to our website in a couple of hours. You can go and download them. Just go to our website and in the first page click on the newsflash, and there are OK sure.

If anyone did not hear their answer, these Conversations are posted on the website in a couple of hours after they are prepared. You can download them and listen to them, and see what the answer to your question was.

But the answer to your question that the Koran does not support waiting for a Mahdi, is that it is an accepted part of Islam in all branches that there will be another Revealer to come.

Of course in Shia, they are waiting for Mahdi, which is the last Imam who went into hiding, and they are waiting for him to come back. As Christians are waiting for Christ to come, they are waiting for Mahdi the same way, as a person who is alive and will come back at the end time. Many of the branches in Islam also are waiting for Christ to return at the end time. [Something typed in text here]

Yes, well, but some of the Hadiths, some of the sayings of Prophet Muhammad, are correct and acceptable. Many of them, of course, it is doubtful they are from him. But there are some that are acceptable. That is one of them that has been accepted by many people, and they are waiting for such a Being to come.

So we do not go with the belief of Moslems, we go with the Revelation of God and the Word of God, which has prophesied that the Seventh Revelation will come. The Koran and Prophet Muhammad are the Fourth One.

Therefore it does not matter really what the Hadiths say, or if is it in the Koran or not, the most important thing is, the Word of God in other Scriptures clearly says that there is going to be more than the Koran and Islam. There are going to be other Revelations to come.

Only when the Seventh Revelation comes will the mystery of God be finished. It means that is the last one. If the Fourth One comes and says, I am the last one, no matter how much they say it is the last one, it is not the Revealer of the whole truth. Therefore it cannot be the last Revelation, and therefore we go with that.

But in general, even in Islam, the belief of most of the people is that there is going to be other Revelations.

Justkidding is asking:

Justkidding_1: One trivial question. What sort of food is good for health? You have talked about satvic food and others, but I do not understand those terms.

Maitreya: Well, really the food and what is good for human is an individual choice, an individual following. Each person has to recognize what is good for them. As you meditate and you become more sensitive to your body, you will realize what food is more important to the body and how healthier it is.

In general there are two kinds of food. There are yin and yang, or there are cold and hot, or alkaline and acidic food, which affect the human body. If you eat too much acidic food, you create an acidity body and your stomach becomes upset. Your stomach becomes acidic, you do not feel good, and you become lethargic, etc. That is from too much tamasic food.

If you feel too much acidic food, eat more vegetables and fruit, which are more alkaline. If you eat too many fruits and vegetables and become too alkaline, again you become spacey and you become a little ineffective. You might feel good but you do not get any thing done, and you become a very spacey person, etc.

So what food is good for you? The best way again is meditation. Become familiar with your body. Read our teachings.

In general the more satvic food, the better for consciousness. The more tamasic food is better for the body. So if you bring a balance within these two; that is the best.

If you eat too much satvic food you do not become a very effective person and you just want to sit there and meditate. You do not want to do anything. You might become an escapist and leave the life and the society, and go to the mountains.

If you eat too much tamasic food, you become acidic, lethargic, and tamasic. And that is not good.

So the best way is the balance. That balance comes as you become more and more familiar with your body and you create a balance between acidity and alkaline, between yin and yang, between cold and hot. Different cultures call them different things. Also eat food grown locally. They were created to heal local diseases and are more conducive for local consumption.

OK Bramble is asking:

Bramble1978: Do you agree with the part in the Quran about no pig meat? If so, do you know the reason behind not being allowed to eat pig?

Maitreya: Yes, we agree with that part of the Koran. We also do not recommend eating pigs. Of course in the past, one of the reasons for not eating pig was because they had some parasites and diseases that would make you sick. That is one of the reasons.

But the greater reason for it is because pig is very tamasic. Pig eats garbage. What kind of the meat will those animals make if they eat mostly garbage and not very good vegetables and food?

Therefore the pig meat will affect your mind. If you eat pig, it is the same as eating garbage. Just eat vegetables and fruit for a month and become very satvic. If you are a person who has already been eating meat, try eating pig one more time to see what happens to your mind. Your mind will not be calm anymore. Your mind will not be focused anymore. You cannot meditate, and it is very scattered. It will affect you.

As you meditate more and more, you will realize that that kind of food is not for consciousness. We do not cut other kosher food from human consumption. We do not say, do not eat meat.

Someone was saying that if you eat meat, do not talk about God. Well, really most of the Prophets who came and brought the great Revelations to humanity all ate meat. There is no Prophet who came to humanity who did not eat meat.

So it is not something that goes in your mouth that defiles you but what comes out of it and your actions.

But in general, the satvic foods are better for your consciousness, and tamasic foods are better for your body. And there are foods that are not good for you at all.

In general we follow the Jewish food categories, and also the guidelines in Islam. If you follow those guidelines, you will be fine, but eat as little meat as possible, and consume more vegetables.

Even the American government has reached the same conclusion, that vegetables and grains are much better. They used to say, have a balance of them. Now they say, No, have more vegetables and grains, and eat as little meat and sugar as possible.

Justkidding is asking:

Justkidding_1: Modern day animals are raised with chemicals too. They are not as healthy to consume as well?

Maitreya: That is correct, and that is another thing that Communities of Light should be doing, use the new techniques and science without the by-products and the things that will affect the human health and mind. There are a lot of hormones that are used in animals, which are really affecting a lot of people by eating their meat. They are using hormones, chemicals, and the things that are affecting the human brains. That is another thing that has to be corrected.

Animals should be raised in an environment that they are as natural as possible, but at the same time using the scientific ways to create more food for human consumption.

Maybe one way is the genetic engineering and creating the ability to yield in a greater degree from the same field, or even start using the ocean, the top of the ocean, to create more places to raise food. Or even live under the ocean. Or go to other planets and expand the human race to other places that they can stay alive and live.

So there are many ways humans can improve themselves and grow in a greater degree. But they do not have to use chemicals and the things that are not good for them. That is a part of the Mission also. It is called science based on Spirit.

Scientific discoveries should be according to natural ways. If they have a by-product, they have to take care of the by-product and the affect they have on humans before we go ahead and use them without that realization and how it does affect us.

All right. We are at the 11:30 time of our Conversation. That was a great Conversation today, many good questions. I hope all of you again go to the website. Realize again, you are the Light of the world. You have this Revelation to let humanity know they are not separated. They are all from the same God, and they should realize what part they belong to in this Path. They should stop yelling at each other and destroying one another and they should come together and recognize the Will of God for humanity to become One.

Your work is to give the Message. Your work is not to convert them. It is their work to convert themselves to this Revelation. Your work is easy. Just give the Message and leave them to God. But answer their questions and let them know that indeed this Revelation explains everything.

If you cannot answer their questions, let them come to this room and converse with me, and God will provide the answers correctly to them and they will know that indeed God has sent this Revelation to them to unify them as one humanity, one God, one Revelation, and all are One.

Also you can send your questions to the Mission.

OK, I will answer your question, Bramble. This is going to be the last answer that will be given.

The question is:

Bramble1978: Are there new laws and stuff?

Maitreya: The Laws are already given in Islam. The Islamic Laws or Shariah, with a little modification, can be followed and implemented. These are the Laws that bring great peace and very little crime in a society. Of course they have to be modified. They have to be thought over a little more, modernized, and the parts that are not based on a higher level cut off.

Also, first you have to create a just society before you can implement Gods Laws. The reason those Laws of Moses and Prophet Muhammad were not able to affect society and create the ideal environment they came for was because the society they were trying to implement it in was not just. How can a dictator decide what is Godly and what is not, when what he is doing is not the Godly way to running Gods people?

So first of all you have to bring the Kingdom, and then the Laws will be Gods Laws.

Sal-OM everyone. Be good. Be with God and go to our website again, read THOTH, understand our teachings, and become proficient in this Revelation so you can also guide others to the Light.


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