MAITREYA, Conversations with


Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreya. As usual I am here to take any questions anyone has or anyone who wants to know about their religions and how they are already unified. Now everyone in the world can know that their religion is a part of a greater truth. We are here every week at this time, at 10 oclock. Usually we start at 10 oclock, however today we have been having a lot of problems with the Internet. Now everything sounds to be working fine.

It is the time for humanity to recognize and realize that what they are doing on earth is not working. We can see more and more that they are going toward self-destruction. It seems no one knows how to bring the peace that everyone talks about and longs for. We have the answer to this dilemma.

The unification of all religions has been revealed. As Christ said, when you see the sunset and the redness of the sky and you realize that there is going to be fair weather, or weather that is coming, you know it is the beginning of something that has been prophesied to come. This is indeed the beginning of a new period for human history.

The timing of this Revelation is perfect, as always God does perfect things. When He says He will bring His Kingdom on earth and will help humanity to realize that there is only one God, He really meant it. Now He has sent this Revelation at this crucial time for humans to come together and realize It.

It is amazing with this Revelation that is now here, when you listen to these people who do not understand how God has guided the History and how perfect it is, the way He has done it, and still they do not want to come together, then you start wondering why, when we have this Revelation here, we are having a hard time to reach humanity and let them know what has exactly happened.

Humans are so engaged in mundane life that they cannot come, help, support this Revelation, and spread it as fast as possible so those who cannot see the reality would start seeing this truth and realize indeed there is no separation between religions. All of them have come from the same Source, so they should come together.

That is what this room is all about; that people come and see that their religion in fact is a part of a greater truth. By realizing that, they understand that there is no separation between Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, etc., and all those Revelations are a part of a greater truth.

Of course we have talked about this many times. We have explained for hundreds and thousands of times how these religions were revealed to humanity, and now when we put them all together we can see the whole truth and they are unified together.

So this puts a great responsibility on our shoulders to reach humanity as fast as possible to let them know. The more we can make more people see, the sooner we can make more people see this Vision and they can understand their religion in the Plan of God, the more people will be taken away from this pull of destruction, hate, and misunderstanding that exists in human societies.

So there is urgency here for us to be able to do this. Of course God clearly gave us the prophecy that it is going to happen in three consecutive lifetimes. So that urgency is not that urgent. But the sooner we all realize our responsibility in this crucial historical point, the sooner we can all come behind this Mission and push this toward fulfillment.

This Mission will be fulfilled. There is no doubt about that. As God has shown us clearly, He promises and He fulfills them. Sometimes it takes hundreds and thousands of years but eventually His Kingdom will come as He promised to Abram and Abraham, Moses, Christ, Mohammad, and Bab. All of them have been prophesied to come, and they came at the time that God said they would. They revealed the Revelation that God has been sending to humanity.

Therefore our salvation and trust is in God, and we understand that this is going to happen. We have to work toward that fulfillment and not to be dismayed with the numbers or whatever might not seem to be working as great as we might like them to be.

At the same time the number is the Hand of God. The more people who join the Mission and become the greater number, the sooner we can accomplish this truth.

These things have been said many times before. If you have any question, you can type it or raise your hand, and we can start the Conversation about the Mission and what we have brought to humanity.

As you can see the news and what is happening in the Middle East and the whole earth, you can see the prophecies that God said that the tribulation will come, are being fulfilled right in front of our eyes. The Middle East is the place where all the Revelations of God have come from. It is very natural that the tribulation also should have started from that area.

No matter what humanity does to bring the peace, it is not going to happen because their division and their expectations are so different from each other that they cannot see eye-to-eye. The only way they can see eye-to-eye is that they realize our teachings and see that, yes indeed, they all are a part of a greater truth and they are all the Children of God. There is no separation between them.

Also we have given the solution to the limited resources on earth. Humanity has to reach to the space. There are unlimited resources there and therefore they will not have to fight for the limited resources. With a little sharing and sacrifice, they can help each other in a great degree.

This Message has to be given to everyone at least once. They are invited to hear it and understand it. They have to create an educational environment that we can educate other people of what has happened in the last 12,000 years. We have to make them see how these Revelations all have come and each of them are a part of a greater truth, not by arguing with them, not by making them feel bad or making them feel bad about their religion, but logically, as the Mission is, represent it to humanity very articulately, the way they can see that indeed God has revealed this Revelation.

Now it has come to them with the clear signs and proof that it is from God and that is what God wants all to see that He indeed exists and reveals the Revelations, promises, and fulfills them. Every human has to see this Vision clearly, join, and stop fighting and separating one another but realize that they are from the same Body, from the same Essence; they are from the same God.

If they realize that, they do not have any reason to fight or destroy the earth, and the peace that all of the Scriptures have promised us will come.

Zeezed is asking:

Zeezed_the: Is Maitreya the next Buddha? Can someone clearly clarify this issue for me, if Maitreya is the next Buddha, why do the Buddhist teachings remain in these times?

Maitreya: As Buddha promised, when his teaching would no longer have the truth of the original revelation or the truth that he brought to humanity, the next Expected One for the Buddhists will come. In the beginning he said it is going to take 5,000 years. But later on he changed his statement and he said it is going to be 2,500 years.

Now we are in that time period, it is 2,500 years. He did not say that Buddhism is not going to be there and there is not going to be a religion or philosophy or whatever you want to call Buddhism, it is going to be completely destroyed. He said it would not have the truth that was revealed in the beginning. Indeed Buddhism does not have it any longer.

Actually no religion has it any longer. Religions, which have been here only 1,000 years, have lost most of their truth. Buddhism is no exception. So the time is correct. The prediction is exactly 2,500 years. If you go to our website and read about the prophecies of Buddhism, it clearly says this is the time indeed Maitreya should be manifesting.

Of course there are many Maitreyas out there that are claiming to be the expected Buddha. The way to realize which one is the Correct One is to look at the prophecies. How many of them fulfill the prophecies of the coming of the Expected One?

This time you cannot only refer to one prophecy from one religion to realize who the Seventh Angel is. You have to look at all religions, which are talking about the same person, the same being, who brings these revelations and includes all religions in order to see the whole Vision. That you can do easily in our website by studying the teachings and seeing the predictions that all religions have had for the coming of this Revelation.

Zeezed_the: Does Maitreya, the human vehicle, have a tiny amount of ego-human-personality left?

Maitreya: That is what Zeezed is asking. Well, hopefully you are correct, There is only a very small thread of ego which is necessary to keep him in the body. You are correct in that. Hopefully many people will reach that point that they only stay in the body to serve God and to serve this Message.

Those are who we call the Elects, those who have been in the process of progress toward becoming Bodhisattvas. That is what the Buddhists are waiting for, for the Bodhisattvas that will come with Maitreya at this end time. These Bodhisattvas have no interest in this external world, not much, as long as physiological and safety needs are taken care of, they are here to serve, to give of themselves to the Mission, and make it progress and reach humanity in a greater degree.

So you are correct on that.

Cefas is asking:

Cefas07: Does meditation include to be awake, and to recognize and to be aware of our human errors?

Maitreya: OK. I guess the question is, in meditation, is part of the meditation to see our errors in life? The answer is, yes, that is correct. As you meditate you become more and more familiar with your behavior, with the patterns of your life, like the psychiatrists or psychologists (psychiatrists mostly) who take you to the childhood or in a life that you have in the present time and show you a pattern.

That is mostly what psychiatrists do. They make you see how things happen in your life over and over again. After a while you can see the patterns in your life. By seeing the patterns, hopefully you overcome them.

This is the same way in the meditation. Meditation makes you see yourself in a deeper level and you see these patterns. We have talked about seeing the creatures in ourselves in other Satsangs. If you go to the website and search for creatures, probably you will find some Satsangs that go in a deeper level how we can see the patterns in our life and stop them.

Uprising is asking:

Uprising313: When are the prophecies going to be fulfilled then? We are told that Al-Mahdi will fill the world with justice and peace as it before has been filled with oppression and injustice. When will this prophecy be fulfilled?

Maitreya: OK. That is a great question. One of the things everyone should know in this room: Everyone please wait; one question is answered and then we go to the next question. Otherwise it is going to be difficult to keep up.

As I said, with this Revelation, you have to understand that it is the fulfillment of the prophecies in all the religions in the world and many religions like Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are waiting. They believe that when the Messiah comes, he just snaps his fingers and the Kingdom will come on earth.

Of course this never happened before. God works in a different way than human expectations. That is why many times when the Messiah comes, they kill him, they stone him, and they shoot at him because they want him to provide everything for them in the moment, and that is not the way it is.

So we can see the expectation of Mahdi is the same as the expectation of Christ coming. This is the same of the expectation of the Messiah in Judaism. It is the same expectation for the Kalki Avatar and the coming of Maitreya in Hinduism and Buddhism.

Now the answer to how long it will take that His Kingdom will come, and peace and tranquility will come to earth, is given in the prophecies about the Kalki Avatar. The Hindus are expecting the Kalki Avatar to establish the Kingdom or bring the peace to humanity and bring the truth back to the human in three reincarnations.

Therefore in this incarnation, we have come as the thief of the night. We have quietly brought this Revelation, and are spreading it out to humanity and attracting those who have been prepared for it, who are called the Elects, Bodhisattvas, or just as we talked about, with a little ego, who are here to serve God and bring Gods Kingdom on earth. So this Revelation has been on earth around 25 years, and you can see that we have very few people that have been attracted to it and they know about it.

But it is not going to stay like that. It is going to spread. Many more people will know about it.

Therefore for the answer to your question, when it is going to come, we have to go through a period of tribulation and destruction. It is unfortunate. Our human part does not want to accept that such a thing should come. When we see the suffering of other people that has been inflicted on them, or on us, we do not like it but that is what the Scripture says. The Scripture says this period will come.

Humanity is not ready to receive this Revelation. As I said we have been here for 25 years and still humanity is not coming, not listening. Even those who are listening are not really getting behind it 100% to make this Vision to come through.

So this lifetime is the thief of the night. Humanity has to go through this until they realize that their religion, their understanding, their truth, is not working. Now we have an alternative for them. Little by little more people will understand this Revelation in a greater degree, and they will see indeed it is from God and they have no choice but to come and join it. The more people join it, the more Communities of Light will be created, more people will follow the Eternal Divine Path, and the sooner we will have the Kingdom.

So the idea that a Messiah will come and snap his fingers, and everything is going to be OK, is not Scriptural. God never did that in history.

But He has a Plan. If you study our teachings, from 12,000 years ago, many people have been progressing to a point that now there are many people, who are called the Elects or Bodhisattvas, and now they can come and join me and this Mission, and we together can bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

I hope that answered your question. Zeezed is asking:

Zeezed_the: Why doesn't Buddhism mention the kundalini? I have not come across any literature about this.

Maitreya: Ok the question is, why doesnt Buddhism mention the kundalini? Buddha was a reformer of Hinduism. He did not go very much into detail about what Hindus believed because he had enough of the many gods, many ways of following God, many names, and such confusion that he had realized had come to the Hindus.

He also hated the power that the Brahmins had willed for themselves. Instead of guiding Hindus to God they were guiding them to themselves, and it became an ego trip.

Therefore Buddhism actually is Hinduism purified. So Buddha concentrated on the psychology of the aspirant, and he guided humanity to become better people. He taught the Eight-Fold Path and all those things that he brought to humanity. Therefore he did not emphasize much of what Hindus went into much more detail.

That is why now, in this Revelation, we say the same thing: God is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. He does not even have a name because even names separate man from man.

Statues separate even in a greater degree. Idols and all that, separate man. But God, which is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal, and the Essence of each man, will unify because we are all a part of that Essence.

So that probably is why Buddha did not emphasize the kundalini and awakening of your sleeping serpent but he emphasized the behavior of individuals in society and life, and he guided them to become individuals that follow Spirit. When you do that, the kundalini will rise by itself.

In this teaching we have covered everything. We could not leave anything out. That is why this Revelation is perfect because there is nothing that is left out which is from God. It includes the Eight-Fold Path of Buddha, plus the kundalini, and many other Revelations.

OK, Zeezed is asking:

Zeezed_the: That is Jesus. Jesus was crucified. Jesus was not Maitreya. When does a Bodhisattva know when they want to be a Bodhisattva?

Maitreya: Well, really you are born as a regular person. As you grow up, you see that you are different. You are not interested in a regular life that many people have set up for themselves: Grow up, go to school, get a job, make as much money as you can, get a wife or a husband, have children, and die.

You feel you have a mission, a purpose, something greater to accomplish than a life that has already been set up for you, or for everyone. Even when you marry, you marry a woman or a man that they are also interested in the same things. They have a feeling of purposefulness, and the regular life is not very attractive to them.

If you did not find anyone, you dedicate your life to helping humanity and others, and you purposefully delay your own salvation so you can take others with you to Nirvana, to Oneness with God, to bring peace so everyone can meditate and accelerate their progress toward becoming one with God. That is more important to you than going away by yourself to the mountains and reaching Pure Consciousness, or Godhead, or salvation, or whatever you want to call it.

So little by little it will be revealed to you, you are different. You are here for a purpose, for a reason. Therefore when you hear this Revelation and you see the truth that has been revealed to you, it makes sense. It makes a lot of sense to you and so you join, help, and become a part of a greater truth.

This Revelation is that greater truth. If you understand this Revelation and see how God has been sending all the Revelations before it, now they are all fulfilled, they are all put together as a greater truth, and that is what all these other Revelations meant, you know the truth in this Revelation easily. You recognize it and therefore that becomes the purpose that you were looking for all your life.

When you find that purpose, that is what you have been born for. You have been born to do that purpose, to fulfill that purpose. Therefore there is no other reason to live if you do not fulfill the purpose you have been created for.

You will come and join, and will fulfill the greatest longing that you have in yourself to be a Bodhisattva, to be an Elect, to be a Chosen One, to be one of the people who has been called to come, to join, to help, and to spread this Message in a greater degree.

What else is there? If you do not help to see this Vision is fulfilled, then you cannot be a Bodhisattva, a Paravipra, an Elect. If you are, you will be.

All right, I hope that answered your question. Another question from Zeezed is:

Zeezed_the: And, when will Maitreya save the world?

Maitreya: Maitreya is the way shower. Maitreya is the plain Messenger with the clear signs and proofs. The world will save itself by understanding this Revelation and humanity will come together, eventually, by creation of the Communities of Light.

That is the base of our teachings, the Communities of Light. Communities of Light are the communities that are based on the Eternal Divine Path.

The Eternal Divine Path is the five-step Path. The first step is to awaken your spiritual forces, which include all the Mystical Paths like Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Saints in Christianity, Sufis in Islam, and any other discipline that teaches, Know thyself to know God. Atman and atman are one. So that is the first step in the Eternal Divine Path.

The second step is the creation of the Communities of Light. That is the Revelation of the Old Testament. If you read the Old Testament, the whole Old Testament is about God is trying to find a people, the twelve tribes of Israel, and they will follow God and His Laws. Therefore they become the Chosen Ones, the Chosen of God.

That is the example of the Old Testament and the Hebrews for humanity. That is the Will of God. He wants to see that the Communities of Light are created. The Communities of Light are the communities that will follow the Laws of God and will bring God as their King and will listen only to Him, His Laws, and His Ways.

His Laws and His Ways have been given in the Scriptures, especially in Islam the Laws are given to humanity for creating a peaceful society.

In order to create such communities, sacrifice, not being self-centered, or giving of yourself, is necessary. That was the message of Christ. Christ came and sacrificed himself, and He showed the way to create the communities that the Old Testament was trying to create. So Christ was an example for Hebrews, or Elected Ones, how to create the Communities of Light.

With sacrificing and giving of yourself, if nothing happens, you become depressed. You say, I am doing all these things and nothing is happening. You become depressed. Or, if it starts happening, you become elated, and you think you are the doer. Both of them are from ego.

Therefore the next step was revealed to Prophet Muhammad as the surrendering and submission to God. Surrendering means we do our best. We try to awaken our spiritual forces, create the Communities of Light, we sacrifice, but we say, OK God, the result is Yours. That is surrendering.

Submission is even greater, when we say, God, You are the Doer, I am just the observer. I will follow the Eternal Divine Path but You are coming through me. That is greater than surrendering.

Surrendering and submission is the highest spiritual realization because the moment you surrender and submit to God, and you let Gods Spirit come through, what happens? You do not exist anymore. You and God are One. That is the goal of Spirit, to become one with God. Therefore Prophet Muhammad brought the highest spiritual realization to humanity. In that sense he was the last Prophet. No one could bring anything greater than that.

That is why the next three revelations did not bring a greater spiritual realization. The next step is universalism. Still in the Fourth Step you might become narrow. You will only help your community, your people, your Ummah, your , whatever that you are attached to.

The next step came with Bab that is now known by the Bahai Faith, which brought the idea of universalism, which indeed, the universe is our home, God is our Father and Mother, and we are all children of the same God.

With this realization, we shatter all narrowness of the mind. There is no separation between man and man, and human and human. There no longer are the people of one religion, one teaching, but we are the people of the universe, and we all become one and come together as the Children of God.

With these Five Steps: Awakening of our spiritual forces, creation of the Communities of Light, sacrifice, surrendering and submission, and universalism, you become an Elect.

This is the way that God has sent the Revelation to humanity, and Maitreya, I, have revealed to humanity and to you. So you have to start the Eternal Divine Path yourself first. You have to understand what the Eternal Divine Path is. Not only it is a Path, which leads you to become an Elect or a Bodhisattva, or a Chosen One, it also will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Now we are looking for the Elects that they want to come and help. The first thing to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven on Earth is to create the facilitating body. The facilitating body consists of the people who are absolutely dedicated to see this Vision is manifested. This facilitating body will be working with me closely. Probably there are going to be twelve of them. Each of them will be in the charge of one part of the twelve sections on earth. As they also find more Elects in each section eventually we will reach to the very root or to the very bottom of the society, and then from that bottom, as the Communities of Light are created, the real hierarchy will emerge from the people, by the people, and for the people. That truth will be realized by everyone.

We need a lot of other people who support this body to be able to accomplish what they are set to do. So this is the Plan, to create the facilitating body, to create the Communities of Light, to create the hierarchy from the bottom of the society, and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

When humanity reaches a point that they realize that their religions are not going to work and they saw our Vision clearly, many will join. And eventually the Kingdom will come.

But they are not yet ready. They each have their own religions, their own understandings, their own dogmas, their own separation. They are not listening to us. Even those who are listening, many still say, No, my religion said there is not going to be any Prophet, when God said there would be.

My religion said we are the only way, when God said you are not.

Or, We are the Chosen Ones, when God said the Chosen One is the person who follows the Eternal Divine Path. It has nothing to do with a title, or where you have been born.

So we can see that the human still has a long way to go to accomplish this. But we are going toward it. The sooner we create the facilitating body, the sooner we create the Communities of Light, the sooner we bring the Kingdom, the sooner we will bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

I hope that answered your question. How long will it be for the Kingdom to come? As I said, it is clearly prophesied that it is going to take three lifetimes to be accomplished.

Cefas is asking:

Cefas07: Can we use Maitreya's energy (WISE-LOVE) like a way to help us to redeem our errors?

Maitreya: Well, your errors are your errors, and you have to bring them to Light. You have to study our teachings in a greater degree, and by realizing them, little by little you can overcome yourself. You do not need anyones energy. You need your own energy, your own intellect.

What we teach here is, the time for healing other people is finished. This Revelation is to heal humanity and the earth in general.

We teach by following the Eternal Divine Path, by understanding our teachings, by following our diet and all the things that have been revealed to you, you can heal yourself. If you can heal yourself you do not need anyone to heal you.

As Christ said, it is not going to work anyway, and when the unclean spirit leaves someone (when Christ is healing a person) that unclean spirit will go and find seven more and invite them to come back to the body. Christ is not going to be around forever to keep the unclean spirit out of you or anyone. Therefore the state of the person will be worse than it was before.

So individual healing, when someone does it for someone else, is not going to work. It did not work then. It is not going to work now because you have not learned how to heal yourself. If you do not know how to heal yourself, then you cannot heal. Therefore you have not been able to keep the unclean spirit out.

Of course by meditation and realization, and becoming more familiar with yourself, you will realize the healing power of God. If you are talking about that healing power, it is always there with you, and you will be able to use that healing power and overcome the negativity and unclean spirit in you.

But the whole idea is, eventually you have to learn to heal yourself. By meditation, chanting, dancing, and all the tools that have been given to you, little by little you should be able to do that.

Many people who are receiving this Revelation and teaching at this time are still not able to heal themselves because the environment is so crude. Everyone is so busy. They eat, drink, and use so many foods that are not conducive to the healing power of the body, so they become sick.

But if they really follow a good diet, meditate, chant, dance, and realize God in a deeper level, they can heal themselves. That is the goal. The goal eventually is for each person to realize the energy of God, and with that energy you can heal yourself and rid yourself of your errors, by seeing your errors face to face.

You are the warrior. You are the soldier. You are the one who has to face yourself. If you want Christ to come and do it for you, it is not going to work.

If you want Maitreya to do it for you, it is not going to work. He might be able to but He will not anymore because this is the time for every man, woman, and child to face themselves and see themselves squarely and progress in a greater degree, and therefore they will be healed.

Monthey: Then you know the emotions of, let us say, Muhammad, when his sons died? Then my question is, if you are a reincarnation of Muhammad, then how many sons did he have and what names did he name them?

Maitreya: I see, how many sons did he have? I do not remember his name but I think he had only one son. When he was born they gave him to a person to be nursed. When he was seven years old he died.

But Prophet Muhammad also had a daughter that his genealogy continued through his daughter, Fatima. And of course I am also from that genealogy of Prophet Muhammad. I am a Sayyed. That is what the expectation for the Moslems is, for the coming of the Revealer of the last revelation.

Therefore he had only one son. If you know his name, I do not remember what his name was. But he died when he was seven years old. Therefore Prophet Muhammad never had a son that carried his genealogy after him. That is why his genealogy continued through his daughter, Fatima.

That is interesting that God made it clear in this case that genealogy is not only from son to son but it also can be from daughter and continue from the woman as well.

That is exactly what the Sayyeds are. Sayyeds are the children of Fatima. Fatima married Ali, and they continued their genealogy there.

Uprising is saying:

Uprising313: I have a question: According to Muhammad, 'Isa al-Masih and Al-Mahdi are two different persons. For example we are told in one prophecy that when Isa returns, he will pray behind Al-Mahdi. But you claim to be both of these persons. How is that possible?

Maitreya: Well, that is possible because what people in different religions believe and what the Word of God is, in most cases, are two different things. It is very difficult for a lot of religions to realize this truth. They hang onto their own beliefs and understandings instead of going and seeing what God said the way it is going to happen.

That is why we encourage everyone to go to our website, see how God prophesied that when the Seventh Angel comes, the mystery of God will be finished. There is going to be a Book sealed with the Seven Seals, and this Book is going to be a mystery. It is going to be sealed and not revealed to humanity until the Lion of the Tribe of Judah comes and opens it.

Actually almost it was not opened and the whole universe was very sad that no one was going to open this Book. But God said that the Lion of the Tribe of Judah will open it.

All the other religions also have prophesied the coming of one person, and one person alone. When that person comes, He will reveal the whole Plan of God.

When God gave the vision of the end time to Daniel and other Prophets, He said, Seal it. Do not reveal it to anyone. So therefore no one knew the whole truth, no one until the Seventh Angel came.

Now we have a lot of Christian preachers that they say they know the truth, they know how the end time is going to come. A lot of Moslems say, we know how the end time is going to come. A lot of other people claim they know the end time is going to come.

But God clearly said, No one knows, not one single Soul will know, until the Seventh Angel comes.

Therefore you have to recognize that what you understand, what your teacher had told you, or what any religion or any person knows, can be incorrect, until the Seventh Revelation comes, when the Book sealed with the Seven Seals is opened, then that person can tell you exactly what God meant in the books and Revelation and sending of the Prophets.

God clearly said there are going to be Seven Seals, and there is going to be a Book, which was sealed with the Seven Seals, and no one knows the truth until the Seventh Angel comes.

If you can understand that, then you will overcome your understanding of your own beliefs and realize no one knows. Neither any Prophet before the opening of the Seventh Seals, nor the preachers, nor mullahs, or fathers, nor rabbis, nor brahmins, knew how God will reveal the last truth and how this last truth, only, reveals the whole picture.

You cannot have it. Jews did not have it. Moslems did not have it. Christians did not have it. Buddhists did not have it. Hindus did not have it.

Only when this Revelation comes and only when you go to our website, when you read The Holiest Of The Holies, when you see the Vision that has come to humanity, then you can say, Yes, that makes sense. God said it the way it is explained in this Revelation, and you forego your own understandings and you come to understand Gods Way.

Uprising313: Well, in Islam we say that no one knows the time as well.

Maitreya: Great! That is exactly how it is. Not the time, also how it is going to end. Even in the Koran it very generally says, there is going to be tribulation, there is going to be destruction, there is going to be all the things that Prophet Mohammad told the Moslems how it is going to happen.

But not only that, in The Revelation in the New Testament, in chapter 10, verse 7, it clearly says, No one knows the truth until the Seventh Angel comes. When we see the prophecies for the visions of the Prophets, like Daniel, God said, Seal it. Do not reveal it to anyone how it is going to happen. In chapter 5 of The Revelation it clearly says that there is a Book that is sealed with the Seven Seals, and this Book is not going to be opened until the Lion of the Tribe of Judah opens It.

One of the things you might consider as a Moslem is that Prophet Muhammad never claimed that he was the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. He never claimed he was from the genealogy of King David. If he was not from the genealogy of King David, he could not have been the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, and therefore he could not be the one who would open the last Book, the Book sealed with the Seven Seals.

This is the truth, if you are presenting this to all the religions and calling them to test it, examine it, look at it, and see the proof of the truth that is the Word of God. Which do you want to follow? Do you want to follow the Word of God, or do you want to follow your own preachers, or mullahs, or father, or rabbis, or whatever?

The Word of God is clear about that. The end time will be sealed. It is not going to be revealed until the Seventh Angel comes, and the Seventh Angel, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, The Messiah, the Mahdi, The Christ, The Kalki Avatar, The Maitreya, are the same Being. There are not two of them. There cannot be because God never works like that, because if there are two Revealers at the same time, there is going to be confusion.

That is exactly what is happening to the Bahai Teachings. There were two revealers, Bab and Bahaullah, and there was so much confusion. Still they do not completely have it right.

Have you ever seen any atom with two nuclei? No, every atom has one nucleus. If there are two nuclei, they split into two. So that is why the last Revelation only can come from one person, one center, one nucleus, one point of focus.

That is why Bab called himself the point. The point needs to be only one. If there are two, then there will be a split, disunity, friction, wars, and all the things that we have now. See, if you logically think about these things, if you know the Word of God, little by little you forego your own understanding, forego your teaching that has been taught you, and you come closer and closer to the truth, which God has revealed in His Scriptures.

Therefore there is going to be only one Being, that Christ, Mahdi. Actually Mahdi is just a creation of the Shia branch of Islam. Although Sunnis, little by little, came to believe in the coming of another Revealer at the end time but Mahdi is just a belief that was created, or at least came to the Shia branch of Islam.

Sunnis really do not believe in Mahdi. They should not. But they eventually accepted Shias belief in principle that there is going to be another Revealer. I do not know if you are a Sunni or a Shia. But if you are a Sunni, you know that Mahdi is not really a part of your belief.

But in general Moslems are waiting for the coming of the Revelation, for the coming of the Revealer at the end time. And we are at the end time.

Uprising313: That's why Islam also believes in the return of 'Isa.

Maitreya: Well OK. You believe in Mahdi and the twelve Imams. Are you the twelve Imammies or the seven Imammies?

Uprising313: Twelve.

Maitreya: You are the twelve Imammies? So anyway you believe that the last Imam just went in a state that he will return later on. But Sunnis really do not.

Uprising313: But I know that for a fact that Sunnis believe in al-Mahdi as well.

Maitreya: Yes, I know. But in the beginning did they really have twelve Imammies? OK. In the beginning they did not. In the beginning when the Shias were following Imams, the Sunnis said, that is it. We believe in the first four Caliphs. And then they accepted

Uprising313: Occultation, yes.

Maitreya: Yes occultation, and he will return, a similar belief like the Christians that Christ will come at the end time and before the second coming.

Of course, Christ came as Muhammad, Christ came as Bab, and Christ came as, many times after Christ. So he came the second time, the third time, and the fourth time, and therefore they have to also realize how God works.

It is the same Spirit that was with Christ. It is same Spirit that was with Prophet Muhammad. It is the same Spirit that now has brought this Revelation to humanity. So in a sense Christ was Muhammad, and Muhammad was Christ. Muhammad was Bab. Now we are the same Spirit that is bringing this fantastic Revelation.

If you see this Revelation and compare it to any other Revelation, you see no one else could have been, or could have brought, the last Revelation because this covers many times over what other Prophets did not even know about.

Therefore Moslems have to recognize that. Christians have to realize that, Yes, indeed, other Prophets were prophesied by God to come. Jews have to recognize that the Elects are not a name or a race; it is a quality. Elects are those who follow the Eternal Divine Path.

Each of these religions have to recognize the part that is explained in our Revelation and see themselves as not the last one, the only one, the best one, but a part of a greater Plan.

With doing that, little by little Moslems become Divines. Christians become Divines. Jews become Divines. Hindus and Buddhists become Divines. We will have only Divines on earth. Then we can all come together and create an environment that the Divines will accelerate their progress toward oneness with God in a greater degree.

In a thousand years, as it is prophesied, many will reach Pure Consciousness or oneness with God, or heaven. Heaven is not a place. It does not have any physical attributes. Many religions or revealers have explained heaven as a place, as a place with physical attributes, but if it has physical attributes it is not the Essence. It is not the ultimate. Still it is a manifestation. Any manifestation will create separation because manifestation and separation come together.

Therefore, God is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. He is the Essence of all in the Universe. By the creation of the Communities of Light, by bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, by realizing this Revelation and foregoing our own understandings, little by little there is not going to be any Jew, any Hindu, any Buddhist, any Moslem, any whatever, or Bahai but they will all become Divines.

When you understand this teaching you become a better Moslem. You become a better Christian. You become a better Jew. You become a better Hindu, and Buddhist.

The idea is not to destroy your religion but make your religion for you to understand in even a greater degree and therefore you become a better Moslem. You become a better Christian, or Jew, or Hindu, etc.

So understand this teaching in the deepest level possible. If you understand it, you will realize, indeed this is when God will become the King.

It is the time for God to become your Caliph. It is the time for God to become your King. It is the time for God to take over the earth and create justice, oneness, unity, and peace that humans cannot create by themselves.

They have been trying to bring peace on earth for the last 12,000 years, especially the last 6,000 years, their way. Are they any closer to peace? They are not. They cannot be because the only way for peace to come, is accepting God as their King and His Rules, Laws, Revelation, and ways, as the way of humans.

No matter how we intellectually discuss and try to change things the way we think it should be, God has already given how the things should be. As we understand this sooner, better, and deeper, the sooner we can bring the Kingdom of God on earth. That is exactly what this Revelation is here for.

Moslems are waiting for the real Caliph to come. Indeed the real Caliph is on earth. He is here to create the Ummah that they are longing for, bring the peace to them, and make their religion and life based on Gods Words instead of what has been happening for them for all this time.

It is indeed the time for Christ to come, bring the truth to Christians, and make them realize, Yes, Christ is the only way. But that does not mean that he just comes once or twice. He comes many times and brings the truth.

Now it is time for the Jews to realize that the Messiah already came in the form of Christ and told them that the Kingdom would be taken away from them and given to another nation. The same Messiah came over and over. They have to give up that idea and follow the Christ and these teachings, and realize that they can also become an Elect by following the Eternal Divine Path, not by just claiming, I am Elect, but by following the way God said you will become an Elect.

Hindus and Buddhists have to realize the awakening of their spiritual forces is just the beginning of the Eternal Divine Path. They also have to realize the revelation came to the Jews, or the Old Testament, and to Christians and Moslems.

Also the Bahais have to realize that God said it is after, shortly after, Bab and Bahai came that the whole truth would be revealed to humanity. Bab and Bahai came 200 years ago, and 200 years is a very short time for another Revelation to come.

So all these things have been clearly revealed to humanity. The only thing left for them is to see it, see this Vision clearly and realize, Yes, God said this, God did this, and God promised this. Now they are fulfilled.

The only way is His Way, and His Way has been given to humanity in a very precise and perfect way. We have discussed this Revelation many times. We have tried to see if anything is wrong with it, any faults in it, anything that we can find that is not perfect and correct. And we have not been able to do that. No other Revelation or Prophet can claim this.

Of course God is perfect. How can God reveal His last Revelation without perfecting it before revealing it?

Therefore really, the human part is very easy now. The only thing is to go and find how perfect this Revelation is, and how indeed as has been prophesied, all the other Revelations only are two parts, well, the saying is that the Revelation of God is twenty-seven parts. All the Revealers will reveal only two parts of it until the last Revelation or the Revelation of the end time that will reveal the rest of the twenty-five.

Indeed if you read our teachings, every sentence in The Holiest Of The Holies, you can write books, a hundred or thousand books, for each sentence in that Revelation. Now the only thing left for you to do is to see this Vision clearly and see that indeed God promises, and He fulfills them.

He said this Revelation would come, and it has. This Revelation came at the end time, and we are at the end time.

Therefore the safest place in this world is to create Communities of Light, join the Communities of Light, or become at least an Elect, or a supporter of the Mission, or also become a member of the facilitating body in the Mission. It depends on who you are, where you are, and what your situation is. But that is what this Mission needs, people to see the Vision, to support the Vision, to come, join, and become the twelve Elders to create the facilitating body, create the Communities of Light all over the world, and eventually see that the Kingdom of God will come.

It is perfect. It is timely. It is here. God said it would happen, and it has happened.

Therefore God exists. God truly exists and is in charge. But none of the religions before this is perfect and have the whole truth until this Revelation comes.

Uprising is asking:

Uprising313: Sorry for interrupting, but how can you say that I should investigate the prophecies that you claim to have fulfilled - and that I should recognize you by the fulfillment of these prophecies - when my (Muhammads) understanding of these prophecies are not valid?


Well, first of all, I did not say that I fulfilled the prophecies. It was other people who found these prophecies and wrote those things about how they have been fulfilled through me. Therefore I have nothing to do with the prophecies.

I have not found the genealogy. The other people came, found it, and said, Yes, you fulfilled these genealogies. Therefore I did not say I have anything to do with those things. I have nothing to do with those things.

The only thing I did was bring the Message and Revelation to humanity. Therefore that Revelation was enough for me to understand that indeed this is the fulfillment of all these expectations.

Now do I expect you to accept this? No, I do not. I do not expect anyone to accept anything. Indeed we encourage everyone to convince themselves and convert themselves to this Revelation by understanding it, reading it, and validating it.

I have no doubt. Those who are in the Mission have read this Revelation and teachings, they saw the prophecies are fulfilled, and they have no doubt.

So we are not asking anyone to do anything. It is between you and God. Religion is not compulsory. It is not something you have to make people believe with staying at the top their head with the sword and say, If you do not believe I will cut your head off, or something like that. But you have to recognize and realize that indeed it is the Word of God, believe in It, accept It, and eventually say Yes, my religion is a part of a greater truth.

Uprising313: I have read parts of THOTH. I will read the whole thing after this discussion, Ensha'allah.

Maitreya: OK, great Uprising. Go read it, and then come back here.

That is exactly what we are asking everyone to do. Everyone should read THOTH completely from the beginning to the end. Go to our website, see other truth in it, and then come here. I invite not only you to come here, but also bring your leaders, bring your mullahs, bring your rabbis, bring everyone that claims they know the truth and you will see and they will find that indeed God has revealed this truth through this Vessel and indeed God is glorified in a greater degree that He has sent this Revelation.

This Revelation, my Presence (Jallalullah), and all these things are to glorify God. God indeed has been glorified in this Mission. We invite everyone to go and understand this teaching, and convince yourselves. If you are not convinced, then we leave you to God.

OK I think our time is up again today. We leave everyone to God.

Again study our teachings, and then come here and bring your leaders and everyone. Let us come together. Let us have a discussion. Let us have a talk with one another and eventually maybe many will come, join, and see the truth.

So I leave you all to God, and see you next week.

Sal-OM everyone.

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