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Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation Room. We again will be together for an hour and a half, and we will be discussing the Mission. The purpose of this room is to find out about our Mission.

We hope that you have gone to our website and studied our teachings, and you have seen that this Revelation indeed is the last Revelation. The sooner humanity understands that they are one in God, the sooner they will stop fighting with each other and come to realize that they have to share this earth. They also have to reach to space and bring a greater degree of the standard of living for everyone. So no one will be left behind. All can come together as one humanity based on Gods Will that He has clearly shown in His Scriptures.

They all can follow His Laws and Revelations, and bring a greater degree of unity, prosperity, and a greater oneness with God and bring His Kingdom on earth. Not that He needs to be King, not that He needs to be accepted as the only point of focus, but that is the only way to salvation of man, to go away from this gross world to the spiritual world and oneness with the Light.

The more humanity focuses on God and brings His Spirit into their existence, the greater their progress will be toward the oneness with the Light. This Mission clearly glorifies this idea and God, and shows humanity that their salvation indeed has come.

We are here to confirm that, and give this Message to all of you. When this Message is given to you, you become a channel to spread this Message to other people and all over the world. Humanity is resisting it very hard, not to see this truth because all the religions before it have created such an environment that each of them does not want to give up their own ideas when their ideas and Gods Revelation, which is this Revelation, are different. It shows how humanity easily can replace their own ideas and understandings with Gods Ideas and Revelation, again which is this Revelation.

We do have this problem on earth at this time also. They are hanging onto their own religions, dogmas, and beliefs with their lives, and unfortunately this will create a lot of separation, destruction, and tribulation on earth. This Message is the healing power for humanity and clearly is showing that the Word of God is more than any other Scripture before it. All those who have a Scripture and Revelation from God have to realize that theirs is limited to a specific people, to a specific language, and to a specific part on earth. This is the only one that has come with a universal scope for the whole earth, and it unifies all religions of the world and brings the unity that all humans indeed are the children of one God. There are not two or three.

Also it does not oppose any other religion. It says, Your religion is OK. It is not like other religions that say, My religion is better than yours. It says, Your religion is OK but see yourself in a greater Vision which is the Eternal Divine Path and the Revelations that have come to humanity for the last 12,000 years, especially the last 6,000 years that the Prophets have appeared. All of them have brought a Message, a part of Gods Revelation to man. Now we all have to understand this truth.

In general if you go to our website, see the prophecies, the genealogy, the Revelation, read the Scriptures, especially the Bible, and the Revelation of the Revelation, and other books that have been explained in The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament, our Scripture, you have no choice but to see that your religion is just a part of a greater truth that now clearly states that God has been sending all these Revelations separately. Now this is the Revelation that all have to clearly see has come from God and was prophesied to come.

Therefore that should become your first priority in life. The first priority in your life should be this Message, this Mission, this Revelation, to see that, that is the goal of your life and that is why you are here. You are here to see this Vision, to spread it widely and to bring also the rest of humanity to see this truth, come together, create the Communities of Light, and eventually create a peaceful earth and bring God as the King of this earth and His Laws as the Laws of man.

Man should stop making the laws, making the ideas that are not from the Spirit but are from the narrow point of one race, one people, one nation, one part of Gods Revelation. This is the time to expand human consciousness and to rid the world of all the dogmas. Indeed we have to envision ourselves stripped of all our knowledge, become a natural man, a man that has been born and is not influenced with any culture, any religion, any specific dogmas but our Essence that has been born in this world as a human, as a being from the Source.

Now why did God create the history? What were these revelations from the Spirit and the Prophet? What happened before the flood of Noah? Why the flood of Noah? Why did God close our third eyes and let us not to see the Spirit anymore? What was the purpose of all these doings by God? Why did God send all these religions? Is there only one God, or are there many Gods that have sent many revelations and each of them say different things?

There is only One God. If there is only one God and He is the most clear in the universe, how can He send so many different religions that contradict each other, or do not agree with one another? That clearly shows, if it is not united, it is not showing that they are from the same Source, they are not from God, they are from the human. They are from the human-made mind. They are dogmas.

So we can clearly disregard anything that does not unify humanity and separates them. It is very logical. It is something everyone should think about and logically come to this conclusion, Yes, indeed, God has been sending all these Revelations. This Revelation now shows the promises have been kept at this end time of the history of the human period or Kali Yuga. It is time to go to the next phase.

This is the end. This is the time of the human consciousness to take an evolutionary leap and realize, I cannot stay with these dogmas. I cannot accept these human understandings of Gods Revelation and Spirit. In our teachings, God said He had decided to promise Abram or Abraham many things, and He fulfilled them.

Therefore easily we can see, God exists! If you do not feel Him, if you do not remember Him, if you do not completely realize that you are here to return home to Godhead, then there is something affecting you in your life that your concentration is being directed to other places. That is very understandable in this time of human history. Maya, or attraction of the external world, is more powerful than at any other time.

There are pulls all over, radio, television, etc. Even you can take it with you. You can have a small gadget to put all your music and things in it and take it with you. Everyone is bombarded with the information and the Internet. All those things are good but they have to be used for God. The more these gadgets and this technology are used for God, the more powerful God and His Message will become on earth.

That is what they have been created for. They have not been created to present a greater Maya. They have been created to bring a greater environment for spiritual progress.

We welcome everyone to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation Room. This is the room that we answer any questions you have about the Mission. The Mission of Maitreya unifies all the religions of the world, has revealed that all humanity is one, and shows how all religions have a part of a greater truth. You can go to our website, study about it, and come here and discuss with us our teachings, your religion, and your understandings, no matter what they are.

This is the room for the teachings of the Mission of Maitreya. This room is to discuss the Mission and our teachings together, and the questions that people have about the Mission. There have been many questions that have been answered, and they are on the website. You can go and study them.

But of course, we are still open to any new person. The people who are new in the Mission can go to the website and study our teachings, and come and ask here. Even if the question has been asked before, that would be fine. We will answer them again and again until everyone eventually knows the truth of God, His Revelation, history, creation and where we are at, at this moment of human history and why this Revelation has come at this time, what is the duty of man at this time, which is to realize this Revelation, come together, and create the Communities of Light and eventually the Kingdom of God on earth.

This is the blueprint of the coming of the Kingdom on earth. Those who resist it will be going in the wrong direction. They are not in tune with the Spirit of God, and therefore they will not succeed, because as we have clearly shown in our teachings, God said He would do things in the past, and He has done them. He has been successful in all of them.

Now He has revealed this Revelation, and He says this is the Way He wants to see humanity to go. Therefore He will succeed.

No matter how many people come here, or do not come here, help, or do not help, or whatever, eventually we will succeed in this endeavor because God is with us. God said it Will, so it Will. Therefore our salvation is to have that faith, to have that understanding, to understand that God said this will come.

We have to prove it to ourselves first, Is this really from God? Did God say that this Revelation would come? Did He prophesy? Did He foretell of the coming of the end time, of the last Revelation of God?

If He has, if you can prove it to yourself, This is It, then you are having a good understanding and grip of the reality of the events that are happening on earth at this time and what is coming. Then those who are called for this Mission and have been preparing themselves for it, will easily accept it and will help in any way they can to make it available to everyone on earth.

We are very glad to report that now we have the website in the Spanish language. Our brother Jorge (Cefas) has been helping in this regard. Now we have the website in English, French, and Spanish. Now people can read it in those languages.

We expect eventually our teachings to be translated to all the languages on earth. More than that, we encourage everyone to understand English. English is the universal language for humanity at this time, and already many people know English. The more they know English, the more they can communicate with one another.

Some people say that the Revelation of God should come in a specific older language, for example, the Arabic language. English has been influenced with the Arabic language. It has been influenced with French. It was influenced with Spanish. So it is a universal language. It has been created with the influence of many other different languages.

So knowing English is the priority because this Revelation also has come in English. If you know English you can understand the teaching better. As we know, when one piece of literature is translated to another language, it loses some of its original meaning because there are some words in each culture that cannot be translated to another language.

Therefore now that we have it translated, we also encourage even those who read it in different languages to learn English and read it in the original language that the Revelation came through, which is the English language. The English language has been influenced with everything on earth. So actually English has many words and influences from other languages, even Sanskrit, and Hinduism has influenced it, for example, Darma, Karma, etc.

OK. Cefas is asking:

Cefas07: Is it correct that our spiritual evolution is not possible to do alone?

Maitreya: Exactly. That is correct. The salvation of man is impossible doing it by ourselves. If you study The Revelation in the book Revelation of The Revelation in THOTH, after the seventh church, or chapter 3, it explains that those who have overcome, they are neither cold nor hot. They think they are in need of nothing. They have reached a very high level of consciousness, and they became very self-centered and selfish. They think they are great. God said, I will spew you out of My Mouth. I will not let you come in.

Therefore if you selfishly or individually want to go to God, what is going to happen to you? You will be thrown back to earth. Even your state might become worse than it was before. You would be put in a place that you would not have the same opportunity that you used to reach to that state.

So God clearly says that He is not going to accept your individual progress and endeavor to God, but you have to come as a collective salvation. That is the message of all the Scriptures. God emphasizes in every Scripture about the communities.

Even Buddha talked about Sanga and Darma. Sanga is community. Darma is the innate nature of each individual or member in the community. The Koran talks about the communities, Ummah.

In the teaching of the New Testament, Christ surely said, Love one another as I love you. He did not say, Just meditate and go to heaven, but create an environment where everyone is loved, cherished, and taken care of.

The entire Old Testament is based on the communities and how God was trying to find the Elects or the people who will come and accept God as their God and His Laws as their Laws. So community and collective progress to Pure Consciousness is the way to go.

In this Revelation, now it clearly shows how. It says the Mystical Paths are not perfect. The Old Testament is not perfect. The New Testament is not perfect. Islam is not perfect. The Bahai teaching is not perfect. Babas teaching is not perfect.

Now the Perfection has come to humanity, and the salvation of man will be accelerated hundreds and thousands of time if we create - - not really if - - when we create the Communities of Light. Those who are the pioneers will have a harder time. They have to sacrifice in a greater degree. They have to come to this understanding that, Yes indeed, they have to accept God and become a part of His Work force or task.

Therefore it is not a Revelation or a Mission that, I am going to do it by myself.

I need all the help I can have from all of you, and more. You all are doing great and helping a lot; if you can push yourself in a greater degree to help more, that would be even better. But it is the collective endeavor that will manifest in a greater degree. When we create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, each person will have enough to eat, a place to sleep, time to meditate, and be able to progress in a greater degree.

We will have a system that will be based on that goal: To bring and create an environment that everyones physiological and safety needs are taken care of. If you are afraid that someone is going to throw a bomb at your head, you will not be able to sit, meditate, and progress. Your first priority is to find shelter.

If you are hungry and you do not have enough to eat, you cannot say, OK I am going to sit there and meditate.

If you have to work sixteen hours a day and you do not have time to relax, or even when you have the time to use it to do other things than meditation and yoga, and all the spiritual things and wrap yourself in God, of course, we will not progress. So the whole idea is to create an environment that everyone has those physiological and safety needs taken care of, and then they will concentrate the rest of it on their spiritual progress.

We are not there yet. We are in the process of creating a Body, a Facilitating Body, for humanity to create that environment. So we are not even close to that goal.

So we are here now at the point of beginning this great endeavor that we all have come to know. Now there is the Revelation of God that tells us how to do it. Now we have come together to manifest it.

The more humanity understands that their individual salvation is based on collective salvation and no person is an island but they are all connected together, the sooner they will realize that they have to come together. The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. The goal of the life is to reach that state of Pure Consciousness.

So the answer to your question is a resounding, Yes. You cannot go to God by yourself. That is what many great beings have been working on, to progress themselves. But they eventually realize that their salvation is based on the salvation of all of humanity.

So this is another message for man to realize that, first of all the Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, to reach Pure Consciousness, to reach Godhead. That is what should be taught in the schools, in our television, in our radio, in our Internet, everywhere, so the children are not pulled away from God and taught the things that are not Godly.

We will create an environment that they will know from the very beginning, from the very childhood, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine; the goal of the life is to reach Pure Consciousness, That is why I am here. I am been born to progress to God.

We have said these things many times. They have been repeated over and over for the last twenty years. And the teaching really has been fulfilled, perfected, and completed.

So from the point of view of the teaching, we are done with it.

Cefas is asking:

Cefas07: Does community also imply other people from other parts of the world?

Maitreya: The community can be created anywhere the people are. It does not have any boundaries. It does not have a rigid set-up of how it can be done. The base will be the Word of God, His Laws, and the Eternal Divine Path.

If you are in a community, you are expected to progress and spiritually meditate, awaken your spiritual forces, direct that energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light no matter where they are, and to sacrifice for them. It means to not be self-centered. It means giving of yourself to the community, giving more to the community than you take therefore that community can prosper, that community can have more than it gives out.

Then surrender and submit to God. What is the Will? We know what the Will of God is for humanity. We know what the Will of God is in these Revelations that He sent before this Revelation. They are all a part of a greater truth, the Eternal Divine Path.

Now what is the Will of God for me in this umbrella, in this Revelation? What can I do to help? What kind of talents and abilities do I have? What can I add to this movement and community?

Of course at this time we are looking for the Elects. We are looking for the Facilitating Body. We are looking for 12 people or 24 people; it depends on how we decide to do it. Are we going to divide the earth into 24 sections or 12 sections? Then such people will become a part of, or a head, or an inspiring person for that section, and they will find 12 other people who will become the head or inspiring people to have 12 sections under them, and on and on to the Communities of Light that they will help to create all over the earth.

So at this time we are trying to create a Facilitating Hierarchy. The Facilitating Hierarchy is not the final hierarchy. They really do not have any authority. They are just trying to be channels, a way of God to reach to the community and create the Communities of Light.

When we create this Body, which will be the people who are absolutely dedicated to this Mission (they are willing to almost drop everything, come, and join the Mission, and they will say, Here I am to serve) then we will have the Facilitating Body, the people that we can work with and they can work with us in a greater degree. They will have the abilities, leadership, and foresight to help this system to be created. This is one part of the Mission.

There is another part of the Mission that will become the supportive system, support this Mission in many other ways. This support group will help this facilitating body to work and create an environment that eventually we can reach to every corner of the earth, and we will start to create the Communities of Light.

As the Communities of Light evolve, they will choose their leaders, their people, those who they want to be their heads or work for, or work with. As the communities evolve and more and more workers are created, they will fill the hierarchy, which is from the people, by the people, for the people, from the Communities of Light. As these leaders are emerging, the Facilitating Body will become the Elders. They will become advisory groups for these leaders who emerge from the communities.

As humanity goes on and the governments and the people who are living on earth realize more and more they cannot bring peace on earth.

Yes, Zelio, you can ask your questions if they are on topic and are based on our teachings. You can type them in text any time you want, or if you want you can raise your hand and we will give you the mic. But stay on topic; stay focused.

We had hoped that everyone would come at the start of our room so that they can see the rules in this room. The rules are simple: Stay on topic. Do not grab the mic. Ask one question at a time. Also be articulate and respect our room, as this is our CyberChurch.

So as long as you follow those simple rules, you are welcome here no matter where you are from, or what religion you are affiliated with, or what is your gender, or nationality, or race. It does not make any difference whatsoever here in this room. You are welcome but you have to accept those rules to be here.

So finishing the answer to the question of Cefas, eventually when this hierarchy comes from the Communities of Light, the Facilitating Body is no longer needed. They will become the Elders, and the Eldest, etc. Eventually even the Elder Body will emerge from the hierarchy, from the communities, and our system will be complete.

In the beginning it is going to be as an organizational system. But as it evolves and humanity sees that they cannot bring the Kingdom of God on earth, they will eventually succumb more and more to this system. So it should become a grassroots movement.

There is no war. There is no beheading of the people. There is no destruction. Our jihad is by ourselves. Our fight is with progressing ourselves and seeing this Vision clearly.

I hope that answered your question. If it did not, just go ahead and ask it again, or elaborate more so we can answer it completely.

Seeker of Knowledge is asking:

Seeker_of_Knowledge: Who was the angel Jesus sent to John in Revelation 1:1?

Maitreya: Well, angel really means messenger. It can have many meanings. If it has shape, if it has form, if it has any manifested attribute, it is not the Essence. So the greatest communication with God is heart-to-heart, or direct communication.

But in history and in the past, many beings needed a form in order to accept the Message or Revelation from God, as did Prophet Muhammad. He had to see Gabriel who revealed the Revelation to him. Or John in The Revelation had to see an angel, a being, who came to him to reveal the Revelation.

So those angels have material attributes. They are created for the benefit of the person who received the Message. As our teachings clearly say, there are only three archangels and there are the three gunas. Really they do not have any physical attributes.

So angels with the physical attributes are the creation of the human mind, and God lets such things to be created so that they can have a relationship with Him. But greater than that is a consciousness-to-consciousness or Spirit-to-Spirit relationship with God, which in Islam is called vahd.

Therefore who was that angel? It was the creation of Johns imagination. It probably was his own Soul that he recognized and realized as an angel. He wanted to worship him but he said, Do not worship me because I am just your imagination. The truth comes from God, which is Spirit, and the Spirit does not have any form, shape, or physical attributes.

That is another thing that humanity has to recognize and realize that if they are attached to the angels, to any attributes, to any beliefs, which are not consciousness and the three creative forces, they might become distracted from going to the highest.

So if you read Revelation of The Revelation, it is explained very clearly how the angels are needed for the people who need them. But those who really want to know God, they should go in the Spirit, meditate, and close their eyes. Anything physical, any sound, anything that is not the ultimate, is not the Highest.

That is why they asked Buddha many times, Explain God. He eventually said, It is Nirvana. Or ask anyone to explain God. It is impossible until you experience It. That is why as long as you have not experienced God, you have religion, you have dogmas, you have beliefs, you have opinions, and you have ideas. But when you experience God, then you have the truth and you have a relationship with God.

That is why the Christians are correct, You have to have a relationship with God. If you do not have a relationship, you do not have the understanding of God.

Now what that relationship is, is the direct relation with the Spirit. That is what He said, There is going to be a time that you worship God in Spirit. What does that mean? He said, You are neither going to worship in this mountain nor in Jerusalem. You are going to worship Him in Spirit.

That is when you close your eyes, you do not become attracted to the physical world but you meditate in the Spirit and God, and eventually you create a direct relationship with God. Therefore you will know the truth. You no longer have the opinions, your own ideas, what is right and wrong, but you know Gods Will and you surrender to that Will, and you become more and more one with Him, and He will come through you.

The more God comes through you, the more you realize this Mission indeed is from God. This Revelation has come from God, and we will become One more and more with one another, so humanity also will become one. They cannot be separated. God created the whole humanity, the whole people. You cannot kill anyone. If you are killing that person, you are killing yourself.

You are one. If you make the other person suffer, you are making God suffer. You are not going to create an environment that, What is in it for me is more important than what is the Will of God. This is what humanity has to be taught. They should have realized that they can no longer separate each other, demonize one another, and create an environment of, We and them. They cannot.

God says clearly in this Revelation, There is no separation between you, children. You are all My Children. You have been created by Me. You might look different. You might have a different lifestyle, or a different language, which has been created by God. God created different languages. They had telepathic ability. God took that away so different languages were created.

Now it is time to go back. Go back and have one language, with one difference though. The difference is the history of the last 12,000 years that this Revelation explains how it was guided to this point.

Humanity has to become one but not become one to create the Tower of Babel, but to become one based on Gods Revelations for the last 12,000 years and show that their goal is to become Divine, not to be self-centered, selfish, and create separation and create the Tower of Babel. Therefore they go further separated from God because they feel more powerful because they are one. But they are against God. That is not going to work.

That is what the last 12,000 years and history is showing humanity. You have to bring God in all levels in your life and realize your oneness is based on Him, and not create separation and destructive tendencies but

Godly Ways
of living. That is the lesson of the last 12,000 years.

Before the last 12,000 years, man had the direct connection to God.

Zelioma is asking:

Zeliomalveira: How in practical terms can a human being who wants to be good find force to be good?

Maitreya: Well, that is a good question actually, a very good question, How in a practical way? You see it is very hard to be good if everyone else is not good. It is very hard to be good individually. You can do it but if everyone is good, if at least there is a belief or a system, and the community has been created to be good, then being good is not only a virtue, but is an expectation.

In our society these days, being good is not expected. Having as much as I can, having as much as you can is expected, no matter how you get it or how you reach it. That is the base of human life at this time.

In this environment you want to be good. Actually if you try to be good some people even look at you as strange, Why do you want to be good? Why help anyone? Being a saint is news.

But the practical way to do it is the Communities of Light, is our teachings. It says Gods Word is to create Communities of Light, where in those communities you meditate and you realize yourself, and you see that The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. The goal of the life is not to have as much as you can. The goal of the life is not to become a doctor, or this and that, and be selfish and self-centered. The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, to be good.

If the goal is to be good and that is the Will of God, and the children are taught from the very beginning that is the goal of the life to be good, therefore more and more will become good and saintly. So being a saint actually will be the norm instead of the exception.

In that environment it is easy to be good because your goodness will be replied with goodness. Your goodness will not be replied with selfishness and self-centeredness and taking advantage of you because you are good.

So again the conclusion goes back to our teachings, this Revelation. The creation of the Communities of Light or the communities based on the Eternal Divine Path is needed for humanity to progress, become good, and create the Kingdom of God on earth. Of course there are many communities but only communities based on the Eternal Divine Path will be the Communities of Light, and the Eternal Divine Path (I do not know if you have been in our website and studied our teachings) has five steps and two results.

The first step in the Eternal Divine Path is the awakening of your spiritual forces, meditation, chanting, dancing, or whatever helps you to deeply go inside and know thyself. This also covers all the Mystical Paths, which is Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Saints in Christianity, Sufis in Islam, and any other teaching that says, Know thyself to know God; Be still and know that I am God.

That is the first step. All these religions, Hindus, Buddhists, etc., think they have the truth because they can go to God. But God said, If you go that path, come close to Me, and you think you have made it, I will spew you out of My Mouth. I will send you back.

Well, if You are sending me back, what is the next step? The next step is the creation of the Communities of Light. That is the message of the Old Testament. If you read the Old Testament, the whole Old Testament teaches that God is trying to find these people, these Elects, this tribe of Israel, the Chosen Ones, the ones that created the twelve tribes of Israel. He is trying to create a community, a community based on God. God is the King and His Laws are the Laws to follow.

How can we create the Communities of Light? OK, the Old Testament says create the Communities of Light. God wants to see this community. So the next step is a community cannot be created if everyone is selfish and self-centered in it. The community can be created if everyone says, How I can help the community in a greater degree? That is the message of the New Testament. Christ came and said, Love your brother or your neighbor as yourself.

He sacrificed himself for his ideal. He went to the cross and showed in order to create the community, in order to create an environment that everyone can progress in a greater degree, is to sacrifice, not being self-centered. That is the third step in the Eternal Divine Path.

Now we sacrifice a lot and nothing happens, what happens to us? We become depressed. Or, we sacrifice and it starts happening, and we become elated and say, Look I have done it. I am the person who did this, and by elation, of course, we create ego and again we cut ourselves from God.

So being depressed or elated, going up and down, both are from ego and the moment ego comes, of course, the separation from God will occur for sure. You are disconnected from the Spirit.

That was the fourth step of the Eternal Divine Path that came through Prophet Muhammad. He brought the teaching of Islam, which means surrendering and submission to God. Surrendering means, I do the Will of God, I do the job, I do the work, I awakened my spiritual forces, I tried to create the Communities of Light, I sacrifice for them, but I surrender the result to God. So the result is not mine. I am just here to do Gods Will, and I will do it in these three steps, but the result I leave to God.

God, I did what you told me to do, but you have the result. I do not have it.

Therefore if it did not happen, OK fine. The only thing I will do is to re-evaluate my approach to see why it is not working. Maybe I will perfect it more to be able to be more effective in conveying this Message to humanity.

Otherwise, I am not attached to the result. Therefore if it is not happening, I just try to do better. If I eventually reach the point that I became so good at it and it starts happening, progressing, and going great, again the result is not mine. Great, I am doing better now. I found a better way to do it. That is great.

But the result is still Gods, so again I am free of the attachments to the result and elation of the ego. Therefore I am free to continue doing it without attachments. Even greater than surrendering, of course, is submission, to realize all the time that God is doing it through you.

You meditate. You create the Communities of Light. You sacrifice for them. But you are not the Doer. God is doing it through you. Therefore if you are not the Doer, What result? I did not do anything. Then not only are you not attached to the result, you do not even know that result. The result belongs to God because God did it. It is His Result. You are absolutely free in this case.

That is the highest spiritual realization. If you become absolutely surrendered and submitted to God, you have reached the highest spiritual achievement.

But still you might become narrow and try to just help a small portion of the universe. That is when the next step comes in. That is universalism. That is the message of the Bahais or Babs teachings. The teaching is: God is One. We are all His children. Also, they have given a lot of practical suggestions to create the one world that all are united.

So their idea is that we are not separated. God is Everything. When you become a universalist, of course, you realize that God is your Father and Mother, and the universe is your home. You shatter all narrowness of the mind of separation between man and man, and nations and nations, and races, and genders, etc. You free yourself from all the narrowness of the mind.

That is the message of Bab and Bahai. So you can see this is a Path but at the same time it unifies all the religions together and shows you the practical way to be good. The practical way to be good is to understand this Revelation and become involved with implementing it not only in your life but on earth. Therefore you create good people. As more and more good people come together, you are going to have a good environment. You are going to be in an environment that when you do good, you are not afraid that you are going to be punished for it.

As it says, as many say, No good deed goes unpunished. That saying is correct in this environment. If you are good then you will be punished for it because it is not appreciated; it is not encouraged.

But in the Communities of Light, in our teachings, we are encouraging man to meditate, to understand themselves, and to progress. They are encouraged to create the Communities of Light, not being against the community but being a productive member of the community. It is encouraged to sacrifice, to give of yourself, not to be self-centered. It is encouraged to know the Will of God for you.

How can I be good? How can I be better? How can I be more useful for the community?

Then you shatter all the narrowness of the mind and become a universalist. Then you have no separation from any part of the universe, and therefore you are free from any evil that comes from these separations between man and man.

You can see right now on earth, people are attacking one another, beheading one another, creating wars, destruction, and struggles because, They are them, and we are us, or, To them, we are them and they are us.

How many evils have come to man for the last 12,000 years? How many wars have been fought as the last war? Have they succeeded to bring the peace? Or, he who conquered became the dominating force and dominates others, and their very domination brings destruction to them and eventually they become weak and another people more powerful, and they become the dominating force? It is history. Just read history. Read the history, no one has won.

Where is the Roman Empire? Where is the Persian Empire? Where is the Grecian Empire? Where are they? They are not there. What happened to them? They were destroyed from within. They were destroyed because that is the Law.

The Law is: who is dominating, will be dominated. It is so simple. It is the Law of Karma. Great beings and spiritual people have been talking about the Law of Karma and sin. Is humanity listening to it?

This is the time now; the Law of the Communities of Light has been given. By the creation of the Communities of Light we can stop wars, destruction, struggle, and domination.

You do not have to dominate. We just have to be in the Communities of Light, sacrifice for them, and know the Will of God for us. We become a part of it. We create an environment that everyone progresses physically, mentally, and spiritually in the highest, and the whole earth is one, based on God and His Laws.

Therefore this is the way of peace. This is the way to go to peace. Other ways will not make it because it is not from God, and God created this universe and He knows what is correct for this universe. And this is It.

Therefore the practical way to be good is our teachings. See, no matter what the question, what the problem is, it will be solved with this Revelation, with these teachings. If we see this clearly, what else do you have in your life more important than this?

There should not be. There is not. It cannot be.

So that is how you will be able to be good, at the same time not be punished for it, and create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Cefas is asking:

Cefas07: To Be Divine means to receive the Seventh Spiritual Initiation?

Maitreya: Well, initiation in the Mission is really for those who truly want to be a servant of God, a channel for this teaching, and they are 100% dedicated to this Mission. In fact initiation is to make you more in tune with my energy so we can work together, to reach a point that we become co-workers; we become a people that I can just say, Look, Cefas, we need this to be done in South America, and actually you have already started doing it anyway but, Lets do it this way, or, What do you think about how it is to be done? Eventually we do this together and we decide, Well, this is the best way to do it.

My life is not only to come here and give these Satsangs but during the week and all other times I am working with the people in manifesting this Mission in a greater degree. I am looking for the people who are absolutely dedicated to the Mission 100%.

So initiation is for the people who are really 100% dedicated to the Mission. The Message is for everyone. Everyone who goes to our website or comes to this room, or goes to the rooms during the week where we are teaching, or other rooms that show the meditation, chanting, and discourses, after a while they know the Message. If they follow the Eternal Divine Path, they will become a part of this Mission, either supportive or engaging, and they will progress in a greater degree for sure.

So this initiation, which is the Seventh Level, is for the people who absolutely want to become One with my energy and vibrate, and we become co-workers in a greater degree. But if you do not have that dedication, you do not have to. It is not a requirement really to be initiated.

If you see the teaching, if you see the Vision, if you can help any way you can, or have the ability to do it, that will take you in all levels.

If you are initiated, there is no doubt about that you will receive the true Name of God. The true Name of God cannot be uttered, cannot be said in the external world. That is the truth. That is why when the Children of Israel tried to utter the Name of God they would be stoned. They knew it.

That is what God said, Do not take My Name in vain. What is taking the Name of God in vain? Trying to pronounce It, trying to utter It in the external world. He is a Spirit. Do you see the Spirit in the external world? No. His Name cannot be uttered. Therefore no matter what religion, or what group, or whoever they are, if they say the Name of God is this or that, the moment they say, The Name of God is this, that is it. They lost it.

That is why the Hebrews used to write the Name of God as HTVT, no vowels. You cannot read a word that does not have any vowels in it. They were trying to tell humanity that the Name of God cannot be pronounced, cannot be uttered.

All the Major Prophets of God knew His Name. This is the first time humanity has been blessed to be initiated in His Name. Why does God not give it to everyone? It is just like, you do not give a knife to a child. Do you give a knife to an infant? What does he do with the knife? He cuts himself up. He is going to put it in his eyes.

So this is the Knife. Should I give it to everyone? It is the requirement to be initiated. It has a strict requirement to be initiated but if you cannot follow those strict requirements, it is OK, still you will progress.

The HOSH Mantra, the Haree Om Shrii Hung Mantra, is really enough, at least in this lifetime. But if you can follow those strict requirements, of course, then you have to know what they are. There is a writing in the website called, Covenant With God, or the Mission of Maitreya (Maitreya), for anyone who wants to be initiated.

Also here is the requirement of the tithes from the people who want to be initiated. That means 10% of your wealth and income. And a lot of people do not like that at all.

Well actually that is what God asked people to give to God and His Revelation. People used to give it to the priests in the Old Testament, then gave it to the priests in the New Testament, and a similar tax was imposed in Islam. That is what God said man has to do.

Anyone who comes to this Mission, sees the Vision, and sees the truth in it, automatically should do that, even without the Covenant. With the Covenant, it is absolutely a requirement.

As I said, it is not needed. You do not need to do it. But that is what God said should be done. It is not a money-making revelation. It is what God said you should be doing. Whoever comes and sees this Vision, even without asking for initiation, they should realize that and do it. But that is OK. It is between them and God. I am not going to sit here and emphasize on that. That is what God said should be done. So it is between you and God.

There is a part in the website, Covenant With God, or the Mission of Maitreya (Maitreya). You can go there, read it, and see what the requirements are. If you meet the requirements, then you will be considered for initiation. Your progress, of course, is going to be accelerated a hundred, thousands more than if you are not initiated, for sure.

But when you are initiated you are saying, I am absolutely dedicated to the Mission, and I am here to serve you, to serve this Revelation. Then I can work with you, I can discuss things with you, and we can become co-workers, close, and we can become One.

I hope that answered your question. But reaching Pure Consciousness God said there will be 1,000 years before even those who have come to this Mission will reach Pure Consciousness. The next 1,000 years is going to be a period of meditation and struggle. Probably in a thousand years many more people know about The Word and will reach Pure Consciousness but it will accelerate those who will receive it in the initiation.

I hope that answered your question.

Lennyrose is asking:

Lennyrose: God being Him/Herself through me is the way to become peaceful. Is this your belief too?

Maitreya: God being Him/Herself through me I do not understand that question. If anyone can understand and explain it to me in a better way, go ahead. I think the English needs some help. If anyone understands it, take the mic and tell me what the question is.

OK, go ahead, Lennyrose.

Lennyrose: Hi Maitreya or The Messenger. Let me say, I believe that eventually, once we get our ego out of the way then it will be God being Himself/Herself, whichever gender, there is no gender, being Himself through me or through us, is the way to become peaceful. In other words I lose myself and God actually takes over my being who I believe I actually am. I am just wondering, is that also your belief?

Maitreya: Yes, a very good question, Len. But the question is, how are you going to get rid of that ego? The question is, how are you going to let God come through all the time so you reach that peace that you are talking about?

I agree with you. We agree with you. That is why, as we were just saying, surrendering and submission to God is the highest spiritual realization. If you reach a point that God can do things through you all the time, and you meditate and you do those actions to create a community, you sacrifice for them, and then you surrender and submit to God, then you reach that point of oneness.

The question is, how do you propose to do that? That is what this Path gives you. This Revelation shows you how this Path will bring you to that point of peace, unity, and oneness. By the creation of the Communities of Light, the physiological and safety needs of the people will be taken care of. By becoming a universalist, the peace, unity, and the kingdom will come on earth. Therefore you will have an environment that you are not agitated by wars, destruction, and rumors of wars.

No matter, even when you are not in the war itself, this no longer separates you from the anxiety and all the tensions that will bring those anxieties to humanity because they are so connected together now. You cannot separate yourself from the rest of the world. If something happens on the other side of the world, we can see it here in a couple of seconds, or on the Internet, or on television, or somewhere. So we are not disconnected.

Therefore you are correct, but my question is, do you have a way doing this? Or, if you want to know how it is done, this is where you find it. You will find it in this Revelation, in this teaching, and then you will be able to see, You are correct. Yes, absolutely. But this is the Way. The Way now has been given how to reach there.

So to answer your question, yes, we believe in what you say but our approach is that God already said how He is going to reveal it to us, how it is done, and now it has been done.

If that answers your question that is great; if it does not just raise your hand or type in text and we will answer you in a deeper level.

Apparently there is another question here. Silver is asking:

Silver19421: When I get angry with someone who is doing an evil act, what am I doing?

Maitreya: Well, actually you are doing the evil act to yourself. Why are you getting angry at another person?

Anger is not bad. Nothing is bad in this universe. God has created everything for a reason, for a purpose. But if you are angry from the anger point of the view, not from the calm place of Oneness with God, then your anger is from ego and your anger is coming from your expectations, and the energy will be directed back to you because it is from ego but it is not from the pure Oneness of the Spirit.

Therefore you are doing yourself even more harm then you are doing harm to the other person. You think you are doing harm to the other person, but you are not.

The other person might become upset, might leave, might be unhappy why you become angry with him or her, but the person who is hurt is the one who uses the capability that God has given us in a wrong way with the ego present.

That is why again in this Mission, the first step is to know thyself. The first step is to realize the stillness between breathing in and breathing out, and becoming one with it. The more you become one with that stillness, the more you follow the Eternal Divine Path. Then when you become angry, your anger is from that stillness, is from God, and is effective.

It is just like a surgeon. If you are five or six years old, and they give you a surgeons knife and tell you to perform surgery, you will cut the person in the wrong places and you will never cure the disease. But if you become a very good surgeon, then if there is a tumor or something that the surgery needs to be done, you know exactly where to go, where to cut, and how to remove the tumor and heal the person.

That is what anger is. Anger is just like that knife. If you are from that calm place, and you see something that has to be corrected, if you bring the anger out and cut the person open and get the tumor out and heal him or her, great. Your anger is appreciated. You will not create any karma. You are using your anger for healing, not for selfish and egoistical reasons. Therefore it will become a good instrument.

As we said, the tendencies in the human are like wild horses. You do not kill a wild horse. You tame a wild horse. After you tame the wild horse, you have transportation, a beautiful horse that you can ride, become friends with, and have companionship with that animal.

But if you have some tendencies and you have not meditated, you have not awakened your spiritual forces, you have not followed the Eternal Divine Path, you have not become a good person. You have not become that Essence that you are.

That Essence is in everyone. There is no one on earth that does not have that Essence in them. But they have forgotten that they have that Essence. That is why they are angry, and they bring destruction to themselves. We can see the result again on the earth, what is happening. It is wars and destruction that is coming to humanity. They have forgotten to come from that Essence, that calmness.

Our leaders do not have that calmness, that Essence. That is why where they come from is destructive. When they come here, it is not an approach that brings peace and healing on earth. They are doing a lot of things they think is correct, but it is all coming from their egos, from their separation, from their own religion and background, etc.

Most of the religions on earth are based on ego. Therefore they are bringing destruction to everyone.

So first of all, meditate, follow the Eternal Divine Path, know our teachings, and reach that calmness and Essence, then if you become angry, it is OK.

Again Silver is asking:

Silver19421: Thanks, I am done with anger.

Maitreya: Good.

Silver19421: I hope. Use anger for good! I will go to God if I get angry and meditate.

Maitreya: In fact, if you become angry, do not let the anger go out. If you become emotional, instead of letting it out and losing control, close your eyes, and look at the anger. Where does it come from? Calm it down. Get hold of it. Get hang of it. So any time an emotion is going out of hand in any situation, instead of following it, stop yourself and close your eyes and meditate on that emotion. Little by little emotions will become a part of the control you have on yourself. Therefore emotions do not affect you but you will affect the external world by correctly using those emotions.

Emotions are not bad. We should have emotions. God created them. There is a reason for them.

There is a time to be angry, there is time to, as God said, there is a time to kill, there is a time to heal. There is a time for everything but who makes the decision what is the correct time should be by those who have a calm mind.

That is why in our teachings we rely on the Paravipras, those who have overcome. They have reached that calm place. Then they make those decisions in the calm way without creating so much destruction and egotism that is on earth and it is not going to heal humanity. It is not going to bring peace.

But if we create the leaders, the Paravipras, those who have awakened their spiritual forces, they come from that calm place; they realize God and they follow the Eternal Divine Path. They will be able to bring peace to humanity.

All right, I think we have reached the end of our time. Again, these lectures will be posted on the Internet pretty soon, if not today, by tomorrow morning you will be able to download them in our website and listen to them if you want to reconfirm what has been said here. Listen to them, and see what the questions and answers were.

We will be here every week at 10 oclock MST, until 11:30. This room is for Conversation. We encourage you to go to our website, study our teachings, and see this new Revelation of God, and how all of humanity is unified and all religions have come from the same God.

This is the end time. This is the time that humanity is going toward a leap of consciousness, of evolutionary consciousness and progress, and this is the way to do it.

So again meditate on this carefully, profoundly, and realize indeed that what we say is theTruth and from God.

I leave you all to God. Be One and progress in this Path.

Sal-OM everyone.

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