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Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation Room. As usual this is the Mission of Maitreya, the last Revelation from God that has been prophesied to come at the end time and now it is here for humanity to look at it, read it, test the Spirit behind it, and realize that God indeed is in charge and exists.

The Revelation is the one that has been prophesied to come. It is now that you can test it, examine it, and see indeed God is in charge of the affairs of the human and earth, and He will bring His Kingdom on earth as He promised to all His Prophets and Messengers. He has now fulfilled that last stage of the prophecies and the whole truth is revealed to humanity.

Therefore you have come to the place that you can know the whole truth of God, what God has been doing for the last 12,000 years, and why all the religions of the world are correct. At the same time they have a part of the whole truth and when you put all of them together, you will see the whole picture.

Some people are translating our teachings to other languages. Probably one day we will have THOTH, our Scripture, translated to all the languages, and more people can read the teachings in their own languages. However, it is always recommended that people learn English and read it in the language that it has been revealed. That way it is going to be much better for them.

There is a revised Covenant in the Supplements. We encourage all to read the new revised Covenant with the Mission and see what has been changed in it.

We had a brother, Brad, he is not here today, but he was supposed to give a lecture. If he comes in we would like to hear what happened at his lecture.

If you have a project, or something that you want to know if it is a good one that we can support you, let us know and we will let you know how it can be done, or if we can help you with it.

After this brief news, let us go back to the topic of the room. This is the Conversation room of the Mission of Maitreya. The URL, or address for the website, is always at the top banner in the room. You can click on it, and see:

The Greatest Sign, the base of the teachings,

How all the religions have a part of a greater truth,

What the Old Testament was saying,

What the New Testament was saying,

What was the teaching of the Mystical Paths, like Hinduism and Buddhism, where they came from, and how they came to be the Mystical Paths, the oldest religions on earth,

Why God chose Abram (Abraham) and He promised his children that they would have dominion over a territory on earth,

How Christ was prophesied to come, and he came and brought the teaching of Christianity and Christ,

Why Moslems, or Islam, and Prophet Muhammad came; was he prophesied to come; was it foretold that he would come and bring a new teaching?

Why at the last moment in the Garden of Gethsemane did Christ say, Your Will be done, not mine, and that was his message for the next revelation, as Islam, surrendering and submission,

How Bab came and brought the revelation of universalism,

Why we needed Bahaullah to come and carry the energy of Bab to the West; he was necessary and needed to bring that revelation to us; otherwise we would not have known about that revelation,

n And why the Elects are those who are called Paravipras, the ones who have gone through the Eternal Divine Path.

The Elects meditate. They awaken their spiritual forces. They direct that energy toward the creation of Communities of Light. They sacrifice for them, and they surrender and submit to the Will of God for them. They expand their minds to be(come) universalists and realize that they belong to the universe. They do not belong to any narrow or human-made ideas that bind them not to see the universe as their home, God as their Father and Mother, and the rest of the universe as their brothers and sisters, and struggling beings to go back to God.

They become the Elects. They become the Paravipras. Para means beyond. Vipra means intellect. They go beyond the intellect. They do not explain God. They experience God. They meditate.

Therefore eventually one day they experience the Spirit of God in them and they realize God truly exists; they do not. Then they have the great grip of the truth, and then they do not need religion. They seek the truth. Being truthful is one of the greatest achievements that humanity can acquire.

Most of the religions, most of the people who are following different dogmas, go through these five steps: Awakening of your spiritual forces, Communities of Light, sacrifice, surrendering and submission, and becoming a universalist. Each of them represents one or more major religions on earth.

Awakening of your spiritual forces is the Mystical Paths: Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, saints in Christianity, Sufis, and any other teaching on earth that says, Know thyself to know God. You have to have a direct experience with God first.

Then you do not have to listen to the preacher. You do not have to listen to any specific person, but you then realize that God has prophesied for all these religions to come, and how now all of them have been unified as God promised it would happen. At the end time, the vision of the end time has been kept a secret to all the Prophets as to what is going to come.

Now we know that when the Seventh Angel comes, when the Book sealed with the Seven Seals is opened, and the whole truth will be revealed to humanity. And it has!

When we can create humans that are truthful to themselves, they are truthful in their seeking the truth, then they will investigate this Revelation which is the truth, and they are not attached to one religion or one understanding.

Many people come to our rooms in PalTalk. Many people, our people, reach to them and explain to them how this is the fulfillment of the prophecies and what they have is a part of a greater truth. They resist it. They do not want to see this clearly. And therefore they cannot see the whole Vision.

We can conclude that all the other religions and the people who are not following this truth are really living a lie and they keep that going in their lives. That is why their society, their people, their organizations, everything is based on that belief, which is not the Ultimate, which is not from God.

Whatever is not the Ultimate is not the whole truth. Whatever is not the whole truth is not right, and it is tilted toward being a lie. When a society and a people live based on a lie or not a complete truth, they have no choice but to err and make mistakes. That society will go down, and that is one of the things that is happening on the earth at this time. That is another message we have to give to humanity: They have to become truthful, seek the truth in the depths of their beings, and settle for nothing but the truth. Settle for nothing but the ultimate reality of God, His Words, and His Scriptures.

That Ultimate Truth is now on earth. Now we can see clearly that God said there would be a Seventh Revelation, there would be a Seventh Scripture, there would be a time at the end time that this Scripture that is sealed with the Seven Seals would be opened, and when that Book is opened, the last part of Gods Plan will start.

The nations are being shaken up. The people who have been chosen are awakening. And those who resist Gods Will, unfortunately, will not make it in this step of the evolutionary process. They will stay with their narrow concepts and understandings, and create suffering for themselves and others.

The suffering eventually will awaken humanity to realize that they cannot just go on because they all are living a lie that they have accepted as their dogmas. And now they have to let those dogmas go. As long as they are hanging onto their dogmas, they will kill each other, they will have wars, and they will have destruction. But if we reach a point that we can teach them to become truthful to themselves, truthful to their Scriptures, truthful to Gods Word, truthful to the prophecies and revelations that God said would come to humanity, we will have many truthful people based on the reality of God. They can create the Communities of Light and eventually bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

So this room, this teaching, this Revelation, this reach-out, is not another cult, another small realization of a person who thinks because they received a small revelation or a small truth, now they are God themselves, and they create an organization or a cult.

This is based on the Word of God. It is a Revelation that explains all the religions before it. It has been prophesied to come, a Revelation that one can write one-thousand books for each sentence in its Scripture.

It is a great responsibility for all of us to see this amazing Revelation and the seriousness of this Call. Therefore we become an Elect, we become the people who will be on fire to do this Mission.

No human love, no human relationship, no human emotion should stand between us and this Call, because at the end of the life, at the moment of death, we are all going to be facing one thing: Have we done what we were called to do? In that moment no one else is going to be with us but us alone that we have to answer this question: Have we seen the Vision and then the weeds came, and the emotions came, and the human love came, and all the attractions of life came to us and took the Vision away from us, and we became cold or lukewarm?

That is a Call to the warriors of God, to the soldiers of God, to those who truly want to go to God. They have been meditating for lifetimes. Now God is Number One in their lives, and this Revelation is the latest and last Revelation from God. Therefore that becomes the point of focus. That becomes the Number One.

If we can find 144,000 such dedicated, one-pointed people, we indeed can shake the earth at its foundation, and reach out to every corner of it, and eventually make millions of people realize that their religion is a part of a greater truth. They have to become truthful. They have to become seekers. They are here to become Divine. They are not here for anything else. And eventually we can create an earth that many people will reach Pure Consciousness from now to one-thousand years.

In a thousand years the Golden Age surely will come to man, and we will create an earth based on the truth and correct realization of God, the Eternal Divine Path, and the reality of all religions. That is the Plan. That is the Revelation of God. That is the Call to humanity.

This will happen as God has shown us clearly in THOTH, and it is in His Revelation that He said He will do things, and He has done them. He will do this one too.

So our salvation is to focus on the Light and see the truth that has come to us, and never take our eyes off that truth and Light. Then darkness has no power over us whatsoever because we know we will escape the darkness by focusing on the Light and eventually reaching it.

We will do it with the joy! We have to create an environment for ourselves that the joy comes to us. No matter what we do, if we direct our actions toward God and His Will, under the umbrella of this Revelation, little by little our environment will become Godly and become Divine, and our lives will become happier and based on greater truth.

If we are still hanging onto our emotions and our understandings, and our resentment, or hate, or whatever that makes life unhappy, then the Mission will not appeal to us either. And we probably will blame the Mission as to why we are not happy. The truth is that you have to look at yourself to see what is in it that makes you unhappy.

Sound-of-Truth is asking:

Sound-of-Truth: Does the wearing of the kippah (head cover) for man have any meaning?

Maitreya: Scientifically, a lot of heat escapes from the head. The brain is the part of the body that uses most of the energy. Great religious people have known this intuitively, not scientifically. But they knew that a lot of heat escapes from the top of the head.

Also when you have a beard, as a lot of Eastern men do, and you want to keep your hair short, as most of them do, it does not look very good. In order for them to make it look better and replace the hair, they invented the turban.

As you noticed, the Jewish people put it at the very place where usually baldness starts in men. So there is no hair to keep their heads warm. Therefore by putting that over that part of the head, they keep energy from escaping. A lot of energy is saved.

So that was the reason in the beginning that the head cap had been created for men to wear. As you see they wear that, and Moslems and Hindus wear turbans. And many cultures have something to cover their heads. In the United States they put on baseball caps, or other kinds of hats.

Even in those cultures that do not wear that kippah, they wear some kind of protection. Of course some people wear caps to cover their baldness, but in reality caps are used to save the head from the external elements. It is a good idea. It is something that keeps the energy in the brain.

The turban has been used also as replacing the hair. You may not have much hair, but when you put on a turban it just makes you look like you have hair on the top of your head.

It is better for humans to understand the reasons for why, in some religions, it is recommended for people to do something instead of culturally become biased and say, Well, we do not like those people because they put turbans on their heads. We do not. We just let our hair bare, or naked, or with nothing on it. So we are different.

But if you understand the reasons those things have been created in other cultures, and some of those cultures are much older than ours, we rebelled against a lot of old things and we threw them all out. We say, They are no good. However if we go back and study them and realize the reason that all these things started in the beginning, we can see those cultures had a good reason for doing what they do. We will become more familiar with the reasons the things are done instead of opposing them outright because, It is not what we do.

Cefas is asking:

Cefas07: Is meditation the base or foundation for at least being close to get to the First Seal?

Maitreya: As we have explained before, there is something called the formal meditation that you can learn in our room called, Meditate On The Universal Mantra. In that formal meditation, you sit somewhere comfortably and you go through the process that is explained in that room. You meditate on the mantra: Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam. You connect that to your breathing. And you recognize the stillness between breathing in and breathing out.

In that stillness there is all the truth in the universe. If you reach that stillness and it stays with you all the time, you will be meditating all the time. No matter what happens around you, no matter in what situation you are in, you are in the state of meditation.

So the stillness between breathing in and breathing out is the most important part of every meditation. So in the room of meditation, if you listen to the people who explain the meditation process, you have a good grip of how to meditate and awaken your spiritual forces.

And that is the beginning of your journey in the Eternal Divine Path. When you reach that stillness then you realize that you have to go to the next step. Or, without even seeing that stillness, before realizing it, this Revelation says the next step is to create the Communities of Light. And Communities of Light are where there are people who meditate, realize that stillness, and overcome their egos, and become productive members of that community. They stop playing games, stop playing ego trips, they stop playing everything that is human and has created societies based on ego. But they become a part of a group or society, which is based on God. Therefore, yes, it is the first step in the Eternal Divine Path.

Meditation, of course, can be driving your car. Some people like to take their car and go driving long distances, and they reach that stillness by doing that. Some people like to do gardening.

No matter what your meditation is or whatever appeals to you, formal meditation is recommended to supplement your way of meditation.

I hope that answered your question. We have a question from Maracaman.

Maracaman: Hello Maitreya, it is very refreshing to hear you speak of the oneness of all true religions. When we chant the HOSH mantra, what effect will it have on us? Thanks.

Maitreya: First of all, when you chant the HOSH Mantra it has a great meaning: The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. As you noticed I paused between be and come. So the Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine.

There are two theories. There is one that says, You are already Divine, which is correct, your Essence is Divine. Your Essence is the same as God. Your Essence is the Spirit of God. They are One. They are already Divine.

However, our subconscious mind and ego has separated us from realizing this. Therefore the theory is, No, you are not already Divine; you become Divine. You purify yourself. You meditate. You awaken your spiritual forces, and little by little ego is dissolved, the subconscious mind no longer plays tricks on you and makes you play tricks on others, and eventually you become truthful and you are connected directly to God. When the subconscious mind is no more, what is left is I and God, or Unconscious Mind, and you and God become One, and you experience the Oneness.

Therefore The Goal Of The Life Is, either be Divine, which means that you already have overcome your subconscious mind and you are Divine, or you be(come) Divine by purifying and overcoming the subconscious mind and ego.

The very meaning gives you a great revelation that you are here to be(come) Divine. That is the goal of the life. If we can teach just that to humanity, if we can teach just that to our children, when they grow up from the childhood, we save them from a lot of grief, a lot of mistakes, a lot of ego trips, a lot of problems that a lot of children and youth go through at this time because they are confused. They think they have to succeed; they have to become this and that. The only thing we do not teach them is that they are supposed to become Divine. They are supposed to become one with God. Therefore that very first sentence brings great realization to us and brings a great base for society to be built on.

Then it says, That Divinity, or God, is Everything. Not only do I have to be(come) Divine (a part of God), I also have to realize that I am a part of the whole universe. There is nothing out of universe, and I am a part of it, and God is Everything.

Therefore there is no feeling of separation between any part of the universe and me. So I cannot separate them as having another religion, another culture, another race, another gender. I cannot separate anything from anything; therefore I have to work to bring the whole universe to Pure Consciousness.

And also realize that, I cannot have wars. I cannot have destruction. I cannot demonize any other part of the world so that I can go and kill them or destroy them because they are they and we are us, and we are separated.

That brings great unity and it goes beyond cultures, boundaries, beyond even the earth. So we will reach to each other and breach that gap that has been created on earth at this time, and the unification will be accelerated.

Then you breathe in: Haree Om Shrii Hung. As you notice it is a long mantra. So it makes you breathe very deeply because you are breathing in: Haree Om Shrii Hung. You breathe with your diaphragm instead of with your shoulders, or shallow breathing, and that is the trick to great health and realization, deep breathing.

Actually most of the people on earth are breathing very shallowly. They breathe with their upper chest and they never fill up their lungs with the good air to the bottom of them. As is explained in the meditation class room in PalTalk, when you breathe, breathe from your diaphragm. Fill the bottom of your lungs, then the middle, and then the top. When the top is filled, your shoulders will move upward a little bit.

So you breathe deeply and then you realize what happens between that breathing deeply and breathing out: Om Nam Kevalam. There is a moment of stillness, silence. That is the moment of meditation.

If you can recognize and realize that stillness, and in your meditation become more and more that stillness, you can meditate all the time. Then when you breathe out, Om Nam Kevalam, there is again that stillness between breathing out and breathing in, which is the same stillness that the body is still and you recognize again that stillness. And then you breathe in, Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam.

If you reach a point that you can stay with that stillness all the time and see the pulsation of life in that stillness, then you are in that consciousness or pulsation of life or Godhood, and your meditation is perfect and constant. No matter where you are, in what situation you are in, you can meditate and be one.

Those are some of the effects that the HOSH mantra has in the people who use it. Really you just need that mantra to realize and recognize God in the highest level. And if you meditate on that and see the Vision in the Mission, and as I said if you go to our website and read the Covenant with the Mission and see what is the next step for becoming a part of this Revelation, and Mission, and movement, you will join us for the great Revelation that has just been revealed.

It is a grassroots movement for the whole of humanity. This is the Revelation that has not come to a specific culture in a specific language. It has come in a culture different than where the Prophet was born. The Prophet was born in the East, and the Revelation came in the West. It did not even come in the language of the Prophet, but in English, which is an international language.

Actually the original English was not as powerful as it is now. The reason for this is because English was influenced with French, and French was influenced with Spanish, and Spanish was influenced with the Arabic language, and Arabic and Hebrew are very powerful languages. They are very expressive and strong. That is why we see the English language itself is an international language. It does not really belong to one group or one culture. It has been influenced with many cultures.

Now it has been influenced with words like Dharma and karma, and many phrases from Hinduism and Buddhism. So little by little it has become a universal language. And now this Revelation also has come in this language. That is why it is recommended that everyone learn English, and they can read this Revelation in this language.

So again this is another sign of unification. It is another sign of the universal aspect of this Revelation. It is not for Hindus. It is not for Buddhists. It is not for Jews or Christians, or the lost tribes of Israel. It is not for Arabs. It is for the whole earth.

These are the truths that everyone should recognize and realize on earth, and see how this universal Revelation, our meditation, even our greeting, Sal-OM, is a combination of many greetings on earth. It is a combination of Salute-OM and other greetings. Salute to OM means I pay my salutations to the OM, which is the Divinity within you. It is a derivative from Shalom, which means peace in Hebrew, and Salaam, the same in Arabic. It has OM in it, which is from Hinduism, and Buddhists know about it. So again, even our greeting is a universal greeting and everything is combined together.

This Revelation also explains even more than the previous Revelations. It is amazing how much has been explained, unified, and clarified for humanity. And if you have the slightest Spirit of God and are the seeker of the truth, and are not hanging onto your dogmas, religion, and nationality, or whatever, you will see that this is indeed the last Revelation and has revealed everything on earth.

The HOSH mantra is a great mantra. It is very powerful and brings great truth to humanity.

Sound-of-Truth is asking:

Sound-of-Truth: Is that also good for men in the Mission of Maitreya to wear a head cover?

Maitreya: Well, we do not really ask people to do things like that. We explain why. We explain the truth behind them. We explain the reason that many people in many different cultures have come to these conclusions, or it was revealed to them by their Prophets to do a specific thing.

It is up to you to eventually come to this conclusion, Yes, maybe that is a good idea to wear a head cover, whatever it is, as long as it is a head cover and covers your baldness and the places that you do not have hair. And what kind of headdress do you want to wear? Do you want to wear a headdress that just keeps your head warm, or do you want to put something on your head that also maybe represents your hair, which most men do not have when they grow older? It is absolutely your decision.

We do recommend our teachers to wear turbans. There is a dress code for the formal teachers in the Mission that they will have kind of a Western and Eastern clothing put together. Men will wear pants with the white shirts, and women will wear long skirts and white shirts. Or it depends upon what stage in the hierarchy of teachers they are. They will wear different colors. But they will wear shirts, pants, long skirts, and maybe even a tie. But at the same time they can put a cloak over their clothes and have turbans.

So you can see it is a mix of the East and the West together. The pants, the shirt, etc., are western, and the robe on their shoulders and the turban are from the East. Even our uniforms unify the East and West.

Roaring Silence is asking:

RoaringSilence: Could you explain how self-knowledge (false self) is of importance in relation to the truth?

Maitreya: Well, the false self makes us to become attached to the external world. The false self promises Maya. We call the false self, ego, or subconscious mind. It makes us become attached to the relative truth, which is this external world.

But we are not here to be attached to the relativity, to something that is not absolute. And therefore by falling for the ego and suffering for many lifetimes, eventually we recognize and realize how we do not want to follow the false ego or false self. We want to follow the truth. We want to follow the Ultimate.

Therefore we overcome the false self, and we start meditating. Hopefully we come to this Mission and see that God has been sending these Revelations for the last 12,000 years and now, through this Revelation, He has shown how to overcome the false self, how to overcome the ego, how to create the Communities of Light, and how the Kingdom on earth is based on the Communities of Light.

In the Communities of Light we teach our children the goal, their goal in their life is to be(come) Divine, to follow Eternal Divine Path. And as we see in the Scripture, God says that no man can reach God by themselves. They will be spewed out of His Mouth if they try.

Therefore the goal becomes not only we work on ourselves, we also work on the community, we also create an environment that not only is pure and conducive to our spiritual progress, but also it is an environment that other people can come and progress with us in the Path.

Therefore ego is a teacher. Ego is an awakener of our realization that this external world will never give you happiness. Never, ever material things will bring you the Ultimate happiness. They might bring you comfort. We do recommend that we have to create an environment that everyone, every man, woman, and child has to be comfortable. Therefore they can concentrate on meditation, awakening of their spiritual forces instead of being worried about their physiological and safety needs, and so they do not have time to meditate or progress.

The false self or ego is the obstacle, is the umbrella that we have over our heads, which cuts The Grace and unity between us and God. If we can take that away from ourselves, then we can become one with the universe and God.

It was the very beginning of creation that made the unit consciousnesses or the lost part of the universe to feel separated from the original Self or God. Now it is time for us to recognize and realize that we have been lost, we have been separated from our original Self, God, Consciousness, and it is time to march back, to turn around, and to be baptized.

That is what baptism means, to turn around. And we turn around, and we go toward God. That is the goal of this Revelation for humanity, to recognize that God has been trying to help them to return home. It is the reason for the creation of this creation, the evolution, and the progress of man.

We are here for a definite reason. It is not made for a play or a game. It has a serious reason why God created the creation, because in the state before creation, it was harder to guide man back to Godhood or Godhead.

God created this creation so man becomes attached to it and the false self, or ego, takes him more and more away from God. The more they try to be happy in this external world, the less happy they become.

Actually the happiest person or people I have seen on this earth were the people I would meet in the village I used to go to. They had nothing really compared with the many people in the world. Most of them have not gone more than a couple of miles from around their village. They did not know much about the world, nor had many possessions. And they were the happiest people. I have never seen such a joyful laugh. Some of them were old, and they did not even have many teeth in their mouths. But they were very, very happy people.

You can see people who are millionaires and billionaires, and they have all the material things and their faces are not happy at all. They have forgotten how to smile, how to laugh, and how to be happy.

So we can see it sounds like there is an inverse relationship between material gain and happiness. As Christ said, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to go to God. That is very clearly said for humanity to recognize that if they share with one another, if we can create an environment that everyone has their physiological and safety needs taken care of, then we will have more realized people, happier people, and a greater connection to God.

Therefore these are all the false ego that makes humans think they should have and hoard more. They should create an environment they are taken care of. However those who hoard for themselves, at the end they will realize that they will not be taken care of because they did not share with anyone and what they have will not be enough. At the end of their lives they will lose everything they hoarded, and they will not benefit from what they hoarded.

But if we create the Communities of Light, the children will be taken care of with the older people. They will be more knowledgeable because the older people have long memories and they can teach them a lot of good things. Therefore we can see that there is a reverse relationship between hoarding and creation of the Communities of Light. The more people hoard, the fewer Communities of Light can be created. The more Communities of Light are created, the more people will be taken care of in the old age. This Mission also has been teaching to humanity that if we reach to space, there are infinite resources and everyone will have a much higher standard of living all over the earth.

So all the problems are solved in this Mission. And the ways are given and humanity is guided to create an environment that everyone can meditate, everyone can create a direct relationship with God, everyone can have a higher standard of living, and everyone can start going back home.

As long as we have our ego and false self, or whatever you want to call it, we will separate ourselves and we will bring wars and destruction. The way of peace is this Mission. The way of Peace is God and His Revelation.

He has given all the tools for humanity to come together and create an environment that we will not have all these fears and destruction that is coming to them, and is already here. Those people that are killed in those wars in unjust ways, we have created karma by doing that, if there is any. If we start a war that is not based on correct assumptions and we bring suffering to other people, we have created karma, and we will pay for it, those who have created those things.

The Law of Karma is not a joke. It is not something that we should take it lightly and say, Oh, this is just a philosophy or an idea of a crazy yogi somewhere in the mountains who came up with it.

Every Scripture, in every religion, and every Prophet has said a similar Law for humanity that, that if you do not follow justice and unity and bring just societies and justness between people, they are going to pay for it.

It is a simple rule of action and reaction. And we have to recognize this very deeply and carefully and teach our children. With this teaching, more and more we will come to realize that we indeed have no choice.

Roaring Silence is asking:

RoaringSilence: Could you also explain what the false self is made up of and what the factors are that make it impossible to see what the false self is? Thank you.

Maitreya: The false ego is the feeling of separation from God. That is the base of the ego. Ego has the feeling that it is alone by itself. It is not connected to anything.

The stronger the ego, the more separate the feeling will be. The more we feel we are alone, helpless, and not connected to God, or anything, or anyone, that brings the desperation of the person and they hang onto any thread that they can find so that they will not feel that loneliness and separation that comes to them.

They go to the bars. They go jump off the cliff. Or, they do anything. They enter the craziest relationships that there are, and they suffer in the process.

But why this happens, why this false self that you call it, we call it ego, or subconscious mind, exists, is because of the accumulation of many karmas for many lifetimes. We have not meditated for such a long time, for many lifetimes, that we do not even feel we can meditate, or we want to meditate.

The greatest battle, the greatest fear that you can face, is facing yourself, being truthful to yourself, not making excuses for yourself, not wanting to see your shortcomings and realizing that you do have problems of ego and separation from God and all the things that you are afraid of, you are resentful for, you have created in your subconscious mind that makes you do the things that you do.

Why do we repeat the same patterns in our lives? Why do we always enter into the craziest relationships that there are? Why are we always involving ourselves in situations that are not good for us and other people around us? What is it that makes us do that?

That is the demand of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind has been trained to react in different situations according to what we have learned, or decided to react to, in many lifetimes. Now we react to those situations in the same way.

It is time to close your eyes, to see yourself squarely, to see yourself as you are, not to make excuses, not to always have a reason for why things do not go correctly, not to blame other people for the things that go wrong in your life but to face yourself squarely and say, Yes, it is me. It is no one else. I am in these situations because I am the doer. I am creating these situations. I am not connected to God. I do not know myself.

That is the same thing that you have to profess to yourself, I do not know myself. I do not know who this person is. I just react to the situations and I always find myself in trouble, or I do not feel God. Why dont I feel God? Why do I feel separate?

If I am a part of God there should not be any feeling of loneliness, separation, and unhappiness. Then if there are all those things, or some of them, you have to close your eyes and meditate and recognize that stillness between breathing in and breathing out, and become that stillness. Little by little you will overcome those creatures, that we call creatures in man.

Those creatures are our subconscious mind. They are trained to control us. They are trained to tell us what to do, where to go, and how to react in any situation. And we do it. They have been controlling our lives.

Now we close our eyes. We connect ourselves to the pulsation of life and the truth and the purity. And suddenly you are telling them, No. I am not going to let you control my life anymore. I want to go to God. I want to be connected to God. I do not want to feel lonely. I do not want to feel disconnected. I do not want to have a craving of some desire that makes me do what I have been doing all this life, and many lives before it.

When that decision is made is the time to close your eyes, meditate, and awaken your spiritual forces. Realize, yes you are a part of God, and create an environment also that the people who are around you are a part of God. And the more you progress in this matter, the more you will create an environment that will be Godly.

Of course as the light attracts many flies, you might also attract the people who are not completely Godly. Then it becomes your responsibility and also guide them to close their eyes to see the truth.

You might struggle in the process. They might not see it. They might even blame you for their problems. But really you have to stay with the light, with that stillness, with this unity between you and God, and eventually they also will be guided in a greater degree with you.

So the ego, the subconscious mind, the false self, is the feeling of separation from God. That is also the definition of Maya. Maya is the illusion of being separate from God. That is why we fall to the external world. If we are happy with God by being with Him and Oneness, why should we fall in Maya?

By recognizing and realizing this truth, more and more humans will create an environment that even their recreation becomes Godly, their movies become Godly, their TVs become Godly. They will have great programs about Great Prophets, God, and creation, and things like that.

Little by little we even can clean the environment that these days they are telling us to do things that are all ungodly and untruth. They are teaching us, You have to buy this, you have to buy that, you have to go to this show, you have to see this one. This is my opinion. That is how Christ died. That is how Prophet Mohammad created Islam, and make them sensationalized instead of the truth.

So the whole idea behind this Mission is to bring humanity to the reality of life: Why are we here? Where are we going? What is the goal of our life? And why are we disconnected? How can we reconnect ourselves to God?

The false self and the ego is the reason for our being disconnected. It has been created for many lifetimes. It is our subconscious mind. And it has to be eliminated.

There are some organizations, which call themselves religions or at least spiritual and they teach you how you reprogram your subconscious mind so you will be successful. But we do not teach that. We do not teach you have to reprogram your subconscious mind; we teach you how to eliminate it.

So your connection becomes: You, directly to God, because as long as you have a subconscious mind, no matter what it is, even if you reprogram it to be successful, still you have a subconscious mind and still you are not connected to God and you do not know His Will. Therefore you cannot follow it according to the Will of God.

Therefore you do not reprogram your subconscious mind, but you eliminate it so you and God are connected to each other directly. Therefore you do the Will of God instead of the will that, I want to be successful in this external world, which is a delusion by itself.

What is a success? A successful person is he who reaches Pure Consciousness. That is a success. That success comes by eliminating the subconscious mind.

So we can see that even those who are following some organizations and believe they have truth, which there are many of them out there, they do not. They have just a part of the truth. Your subconscious mind can be reprogrammed. That is what most of the psychiatrists do. They sit you on a chair and they let you go through this lifetime to your childhood. Of course they do not know about the past lifetimes. That is why they cannot cure you completely.

And yes, even hypnotizing you and telling you to think differently, still they do not eliminate your subconscious mind. They do not connect you to God. They connect you again to a different subconscious mind. Still it is a programmed subconscious mind. It is not the Will of God. They tell you how to be a better person, or not to do that or this, but the goal is to be connected to God directly. That means no subconscious mind, absolute elimination of the subconscious mind.

Therefore hypnosis, reprogramming the subconscious mind, etc., are man-made and they are just a band aid which are in the way of humanity going back to God.

Again in this aspect the Mission of Maitreya is different. It teaches you to go back to God instead of reprogramming you to stay where you are but have a better external life. That is not the goal of the life.

The goal of the life is not to have a better external life. The goal of the life is to have your physiological and safety needs being taken care of in the Communities of Light, and then you can close your eyes, meditate, and progress to eliminate the false self, ego, whatever we want to call it, so you will be connected to God directly.

The goal of the life is to have a direct relationship with God, not to have a religion, not to have dogmas, not to listen to the preachers, not even listen to me if I do not make sense, but to listen to God. Listen to the Scriptures. Listen to the Truth.

Realize and recognize, What did you come to this life for? You should have come here for a purpose, for a reason. You promised to do something in this lifetime, because we believe that those people who come to this Mission, they have been meditating for many lifetimes. They are the Elects. They are the people God said, My chosen people.

It is the end time. It is not Christianity, or Islam, or Hinduism, or Buddhism, or Judaism that teaches a part of the greater truth. It is the whole truth. And when the whole truth comes, God chooses His Elects, the Paravipras. Therefore you have been close to God and you have come to this lifetime for a reason, for a purpose. That is what you have to recognize, Why I came to this lifetime?

If I am such a high Soul, why did God send me back to earth? I promised God something. I promised to do something for God in this lifetime, and now I have to do it.

My promise was to bring this Revelation to humanity, open the Seven Seals, bring the attention of humanity that they are all a part of a greater truth, destroy their dogmas, and purify the religion of God to its Essence for them. And still I am meditating how more purification I can bring to humanity and purify this Revelation in a greater degree, and I will work with the people to this end, and I will be doing this for the rest of my life, and probably the next lifetime, and the one after, until we have the Kingdom of God on earth.

Now your question is, Why did I come? Where do I fit in this Revelation? Where is my part? What talents has God given me, how I can help this Revelation, this fantastic Revelation to be spread and to be provided for humanity to see it clearly, and come and join and help? and on and on. Where is my part in this realization?

That means meditation. That means knowing Thy Self. That means realizing that you have been meditating for many lifetimes.

Now you gave God a promise. What was it that I gave to God? Is it that I come here and translate the website to different languages? Is it that I can teach, I can go to other organizations and reach their members and make them recognize and realize that a greater Revelation has come to humanity than what they have? Is my calling to become a teacher of the Mission and dedicate my life 100% in doing that? Is it that I join and create a center or a contact point wherever I am so I can reach to my people? Is it to send and invite people of all nations and their leaders to this Mission and make them become aware that God has sent a greater Revelation then what they have so that they might also be warned and called?

And when you call or explain the Mission and this Revelation to anyone, you are done with them. You are a messenger. The messenger is just to send the message to humanity and to people this message is for. When you give the message, you are done.

When you go to the website and you see The Greatest Sign and you read the explanation of The Greatest Sign and our teachings in the first page, or the page you click to go to, we are done. We gave you the Message. We are done with the Message and this Revelation, and it is now yours.

Now what are you going to do with it? If this Revelation makes sense to you, if it is a Vision that you see is based on Gods Word, and God said it would come, therefore you have seen the Vision. God has told you, or revealed to you what God revealed to me in the Temple of the Bahais in Chicago.

I saw the Vision and that changed my life. That was it! I had to teach this and give it to humanity in any way I could. So now it is your turn to see the Vision and say, Where do I fall in this Vision? Where can I help with this Revelation and reach to humanity?

As you reach more people, more people will see the Vision and more people will join, and eventually after humanity goes through their wars and destruction and tribulation that is coming to them, eventually they will realize, they do not have it. Their understanding of God and His Ways and revelations and their religions are not perfect until the Seventh Angel comes and the Book sealed with the Seven Seals is opened. Now it is perfect.

Our Revelation is perfect in every sense, in the psychological point of the view, in the scientific point of the view, even they call the string theory, the final realization that it all comes from the One Unified Field, the M theory. Is it a coincidence that it is called the M theory, Mission of Maitreya? So we can see that even science is explained in the revelation that we have brought to humanity.

And now this Vision is yours. And you should become solid like rock that nothing in this universe can shake your understanding and belief, and the truth that has come to you. And you can shake other people in their understanding.

So we have to reach to the people who still believe that they have the truth and all the signs are telling them that they do not, just like this question is:

Libbby: What does your teaching have to do with the Baha'is?

Maitreya: The Bahai teaching has come in the 1800s and if you read our teachings, in The Revelation, the saints who had died at the time of Bab who will receive the white clothing are asking God, When the last revelation will come? When will the judgment come?

God said, You have to wait for a short time.

Bab brought the revelation of universalism, and he chose SubIAzal as the one who will succeed him. He was a mild man. He did not really push the Bahai teachings in a great degree.

Therefore God choose Bahaullah to believe that he is the one who will manifest. But Babs dispensation, according to the Bahais, was only around, what 9 years or 15 years? No dispensation is going to be that short anywhere in the universe. And if you read the Bahai history, you will see that Bahaullah was necessary to bring the teaching of Bab to the West. So they were the twin Prophets that had been prophesied to come in the Bible, Bab and Bahaullah. But the teaching will come shortly after. Shortly after, for two hundred years

OK in this room Libbby, you have to wait until I finish answering one question. Then you can go to the next one. So if you want a short answer to your first question, it is that Bahai teaching is together with Bab who brought the universal point of the view. OK?

Now you say, Bahai said the teaching has to do with Bahai Faith. Bahaullah says he is the promised one of all ages, the fulfillment of all the holy books. Yet Bab announced the Promised one, Bahaullah.

Well, not quite correct. Actually Bab sent his belongings to SubIAzal. Some Bahais now say he sent it to Bahaullah. He did not.

If you read the book by Mr. Miller, the history of the Bahais, you will clearly see that many things were changed, and no dispensation is nine years or fifteen years. Bab himself said He Whom God Shall Make Manifest would come much later than nine or fifteen years. So if you really are a seeker of truth, this is It.

And now even the Bahai Faith has split to seven branches. And you do not have the Guardian, which Abdul Baha said, The Bahai teaching without the Guardian is no longer valid. So God has made it very clear that the Bahai teaching is just a part of the greater truth.

Bahaullah wrote a lot of things and he told his clerk or secretary to throw them away. The secretary did not want to do it, and professed that, No, we should not do it. Bahaullah said the people are not ready. How could he have brought the last revelation of God if he threw a lot of things into the river?

Just be discerning. Just read our teachings, see the Revelation, see the Word of God. Bahaullah never claimed he is the Seventh Angel. Even Abdul Baha himself talked about the Seventh Angel will come, When he comes that is when the Kingdom will come. Bahai never claimed that he is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

Bab said, His Beloved will come from Tehran. Bahaullah was not even born in Tehran. See all these things are the evidence you have to look at very carefully.

We love Bahaullah. We love Bab. We love their teachings. They were wonderful revelations, wonderful truths.

It is just like as we love Prophet Muhammad. We love Baba. We love Christ. We love all the Prophets in the Old Testament and the ones before them. We love Hinduism. We love Buddhism and all their revealers.

But God is making it very clear here that Bahaullah was just a part of Babs mission. And he did a good job. He brought the revelation of God to the West. Western people would not even have known such a revelation existed if it was left to SubIAzal.

But Bahaullah vigorously brought it to the West. And that should be appreciated. But he was not, He Whom God Shall Make Manifest. Because, He Whom God Shall Make Manifest, his Revelation, as Bab said, every sentence of the Revelation of He Whom God Shall Make Manifest, you can write a thousand books. And read THOTH. You will. You can write a thousand books for each sentence in The Holiest Of The Holies because it is so packed with the truth.

So we can see, we are not against the Bahais. We are not against anyone. We love the Bahai Teaching. We love Babs teaching. But that is the truth of God. That is what God made very clear that although he was necessary to be chosen to do a mission, he was not the one that Bab was prophesying to come. And a short while later means 200 years for God, not nine or fifteen years.

Also one of our brothers in the Mission has found that Bahaullah might not even have ever written anywhere that he is the one Bab was talking about. He proclaimed it in the famous garden, in Iraq, that he was the one. And I do not blame him. He should have been inspired so he did what he did.

But he never wrote it down. Therefore we do not know. For sure he did not but apparently he could not find a place in any writing of him that he wrote it down that, Yes, I am the one. But that is, of course, one point.

There is much evidence that God has given that Bab and Bahaullah were the twin Prophets, and they brought great Revelation from God.

Libby: Actually Baha'u'llah came 19 years later.

Maitreya: Well, nineteen years. It does not matter. Nine, nineteen, or fifteen, still a dispensation does not last that short. But as I said these are all separate points of pointing to our Bahai brothers that, Look, God said differently, OK?

Bab said himself it is going to be much later after him that the Expected One will come.

Actually if you go to the prophecies in our website, the year 2000 was the mark for the Mustaghath to come. In that prophecy it clearly says it should come before the year 2000, and we did, we came in 1977, or 1982.

Again all the evidence is there for the Bahai people, or for any religion, for Moslems, for Hindus, for Buddhists, all the evidence is clearly given to them to find the truth and see the last Revelation of God and see this is the perfect Revelation and no other Revealer ever brought such a perfect revelation to humanity.

We are at the end of our time. I hope that you have found some truth that will appeal to you and will awaken you to have a greater degree of commitment to the Vision of God, and realize indeed this is the Revelation of God has come to all humanity. It has come from the East to the West and is revealed to the whole man for the whole humanity in this time.

Take it in your heart. Take it to your Spirit, and recognize and realize the truth of it. Follow it and become a great member of this fantastic Revelation and movement.

Sal-OM everyone. God be with you. See you all next week. Sal-OM!

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