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Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation Room. As usual we will be having this Conversation together for one hour and a half. All your questions will be answered. Hopefully God will come through 100% and bring the greatest and highest answers for humanity, as He has already done for twenty-three years. We will still continue doing this until many people hear this Message, come together, and realize that there is no other way out but the Word of God that is revealed to His Prophets and created the Scriptures of the world.

The Scriptures of the world are not contradictory at all. Indeed they are complimentary. They are from the same Source. There is no separation between religions and people. Everyone is a Child of God and they all have one Goal, To Be(Come) Divine, to return home to the Godhead and become One with their Essence that already is with God, and there is no separation between them.

Anything that separates man from man or any part of the universe from any other part is dogma. It is not the Word of God or the truth that separates men but it is human ego and their fears, attachments, desires, and not being realized, or realizing that there is no separation between any part of the universe or any other part. The moment humanity creates that delusion of separation is when the suffering will start.

Therefore, any philosophy that separates any part of the universe from any other part, or a man from any other men, or women, or children, or nations, or races, or genders, are from ego. Any separative ideas are not from God.

This is the Message of the Mission of Maitreya that all humanity has received some kind of a revelation, or the truth, and now all can know easily that they cannot separate themselves any longer. Of course we can see that it is becoming clearer to even the leaders of the earth, who really are not connected to God, they even realize that there is something that has to happen. All of them are trying hard to bring that peace and unity to humanity but they are not succeeding because they have put God out of the equation.

Now God is telling them, This is the way I want it to be done. I want humanity to recognize and realize that all the Great Prophets on earth have been prophesied to come, and at the end time the Revelation that will show everyone how all the religions are unified and how to bring the Kingdom of God on earth will be revealed to them.

He will reveal the history, His Story, and how He guided it to this point. Now it is up to everyone, or at least up to those who have been called for this Mission, who have been meditating, who have been with the Great Prophets in each lifetime, and now are called again to come together and create the Facilitating Body to facilitate the dissemination and spreading of this Mission and this Message to every corner on earth.

This already goes to every corner on earth, fulfilling the prophecy that everyone will hear him, and see him. No matter where you are on earth, with a few clicks on your computer you can connect to us, hear the Words of God, go to our website and see the Words of God, download them, read them, paste them, make e-mails out of them, and send them to as many people as you want.

The possibilities are infinite. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. What limits anyones imagination? It is our ego, our fears, our attachments, our desires that limit us to reach out, and our fears of rejection.

Those who are on fire of the compassion of God have no fear because they know that the Essence is eternal, and what is eternal has no fear because it has been here, it is here, and it will be here forever. Therefore they download those words, they paste them in their e-mails, and they send them out to every corner on earth. They talk about God. They talk about the Mission.

The people with the carnal minds and egos around them will try very hard to stop you. That is because they have not seen the Vision. They have not been chosen. They will say, No, do not do this because it is different than our culture, our religion, our understanding, our background, and our tradition. Any new idea is against our tradition, background, and what we know.

If everyone knew about The Greatest Sign and the Eternal Divine Path, they would not need to have this revealed to them. This is a new wine. People will try to put it in the old skin, in their own tradition and understanding. It is not going to fit.

If you go to our website you will know what Maitreya is and what this Revelation is all about. Cajun has a question:

CajunAngel1: Maitreya, you say you are the Christ returned. When Christ was here on earth 2000 years ago, he came as a Jew. Now as you, he returns as a Moslem? I dont understand this.

Maitreya: Yes, you can also raise your hand if you want to take the mic. We will let you have the microphone for questions.

The question is very clear. The question is, Am I a Jew or not?

First of all let us see what a Jew is. Jewish people are the people of the two tribes plus the Levites in the Southern Kingdom. Then the twelve tribes of Israel were divided to ten that stayed in the North Kingdom and the two in Jerusalem. That is why when Christ came and he went to the North, the Samaritan woman was wondering why a Jew even talked to her because the Samaritans also were the Hebrews, who were a part of the ten tribes who went to the North; later on, the Jews and them became enemies.

If you study our teachings, Children of Abram (Abraham), All Prophecies Are Fulfilled, it clearly explains how the ten tribes in the North eventually were conquered and were carried away to Assyria. The Persian King came, took over Assyria, and some of the ten tribes went to Persia. The twelve tribes were conquered eventually, and they also were carried to Iraq and those areas, and eventually some of them went to Persia and become prominent citizens there.

Still you can find Jewish communities in Iran, or Persia. They have mixed and lived in Iran for a long time.

Cajun, you have to wait until I answer your question for the follow-up. Otherwise it is not going to be going anywhere.

CajunAngel1: But the Northern Kingdoms were Israelites, the southern Jews.

Maitreya: But they all were the Children of Abraham, Abram. They were the Hebrews. The Christ was supposed to come from a Hebrew. If you study chapter 49, verse 10, in Genesis, there is a prophecy by Jacob that the Kingdom will not be taken away from the Hebrews. There were no Jews at the time of Jacob. They were all Hebrews.

Jacob said that it was not going to be taken away until the Shiloh comes. Shiloh means Messiah. Therefore the Messiah was supposed to be Hebrew, not a Jew. Actually Jew is just a part of the Hebrews. Christ was a Hebrew. Christ came.

If you study my genealogy you will see that my genealogy also goes to King David, and to Abram and Abraham, both, and this Revelation is fulfilling the expectations of the Jews or Hebrews, and Moslems.

The coming of Islam and Prophet Muhammad also has been prophesied to come. These are the things that Jews, Christians, and Moslems have to overcome that they are the only one who God said would have a Messiah or a Prophet coming from them. That is the whole idea of this Revelation, to teach you to go beyond your own religion and understanding, go to God, and see what is the Word of God. What did God say would come?

God clearly said there are going to be Seven Angels, there are going to be Seven Revelations, and there is going to be a teaching that will come to you with Seven Revealers. These Seven Revealers are the Major Manifestations that have come as Adam, as Noah, as Abraham (or Abram), as Christ, as Prophet Muhammad, as Bab, and as Baba.

Eventually, of course, the Seventh Revelation is now on earth and that is what we claim we have. We have the Seventh Revelation for humanity.

If you study our teachings you will see that indeed my genealogy goes all the way to King David. So Christ, or Esa, is my brother, and we have come from the same root. We have fulfilled the expectations of the Jews, the Christians, and everyone on earth of the coming of this Revelation.

That is why it is so unique. If you really get to know our teachings, revelation, and realize what is happening here, it could not have been made by a man. It is uniquely revealed to humanity that this cannot be a man-made revelation.

The man who claims to be the Revealer cannot be a cult person, or a person who has a little realization of something made by man. It is based on Gods Word. It is based on the Revelation of God, and it explains the things that humans did not even know before it. Now it has been revealed to you.

Indeed, Christ was from the Jews or Hebrews. I am also from the Hebrew and Jewish background.

Furthermore, also I am a Sayyed from Prophet Muhammad. Therefore Moslems can look into that and see that theirs also has been fulfilled.

We have received some explanation that my genealogy might even connect me to the Chinese dynasties because one of my grandfathers was Nadir Shah. He was Turkish. It has already been proven that he was connected to King David.

The Turkish people came and were very close to China. Chinas dynasty was afraid of them because they were becoming powerful. They gave a lot of their princesses to marry with their leaders. So there is a possibility that also my genealogy is connected to the Chinese dynasty. That also fulfills the prophecy of the coming of Maitreya from the Chinese dynasty.

Some Moslems believe that this last Revelation should come from the northwest side of Iran. It is called Khorasan. Nadir Shah was from that area.

There are so many things that God has revealed to humanity that He is not going to leave them one bit of doubt that it is from God. There is no other Being that can really claim as much as this Mission has brought to man.

If you read these truths and understand them clearly you will see that you have found, or have been guided, to a place where God is revealing these things to you and telling Jews, Christians, Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists, and Bahais, Look, that is what I was doing. Now you can all come together as one.

Lollollo is asking:

Lollollol81: What is the relation between Moslems and Maitreya?

Maitreya: Moslems are a part of this Revelation. Prophet Muhammad clearly said that at the end time there would come the Revealer of the greatest Revelation. He called him, Esa returns.

It is more than Esa returns. It is the fulfillment of all the prophecies in all religions and their expectations. Now it is here, and it explains things that humans could not know before it.

In the Bible it clearly says, It is a mystery until the Seventh Angel comes. When the Seventh Angel comes, he opens the Seventh Seal and reveals the Book that was sealed with the Seven Seals. That is exactly what happened here for humanity. Now the Book that was sealed with the Seven Seals is called, The Holiest Of The Holies, THOTH, The Last Testament. If you go to our website it is there, all 600 pages of it. There are also Supplements to this Book.

There are the Satsangs. There are the Conversations that we have right now. You can add all these for more than twenty-four years and eventually realize that the truth in this Mission exceeds any revelation before it. Compared with this teaching, other revelations are just a part of a greater truth.

Moslems also are included in this Mission. Therefore we can see that all these religions have come from the same Source.

There is a question from Libby:

Libby: I saw on your website that you refer to the Bahai Faith. How are you connected with the Bahai Faith, which is the revelation of Bahaullah? Have you read all the volumes of writings from Baha'u'llah?

Maitreya: Actually, this Revelation was revealed to me in the Bahai Temple in Chicago when I was visiting there after a long time of a stream of Revelation in my life. Well, it is a long story. If you want to go to our website, there is a lecture given by one of the people in the Mission. You can go and read it. It is called, How He Became Maitreya. It explains how the first connection between all the religions came as a Revelation, or a stream of thought, when I went to the Bahai Temple.

Actually I was born in Iran but I never knew anything about the Bahai teachings. They always said, The Bahais are not a correct religion because it came after Prophet Muhammad, and Prophet Muhammad is the last Prophet. No one was going to come after him. If you are a Moslem you know their beliefs and dogmas.

When I came to the United States, many things happened that ended to this Revelation.

Libby: How are you related? Baha'u'llah said he was the Maitreya and the return of all the Prophets in all the holy books.

Maitreya: We are familiar with their claims. But God has clearly revealed that it is not correct, it is not perfect. Actually the Bahais are the Fifth Seal. That is the only place that God said, It is not perfect.

The name Bahaullah does not mean the glory of God as the Bahais claim. It means the beauty of God. He was not born in Tehran that Bab said, My beloved would come from Tehran.

Libby: Have you read all of Bahaullahs books?

Maitreya: Yes, I have read their books, as much as is necessary for me to know about them. Do not worry about if I know about their teachings or not. I do. You have to first realize that the Revealer does not have to read the whole book of a Prophet. He already, probably, knows most of what they have said.

There are many things in the Bahai teachings that are not correct.

Another thing is that Abdullah Baha clearly said, You have to have a Guardian. Without a Guardian there is no Bahai religion.

You do not have a Guardian anymore. The very faith has been split into seven branches. Many, many things, I do not remember all of them. There are probably between fifteen to twenty points that can refute the claim that Bahaullah is Maitreya.

Libby: Then how can you use the Bahai Faith if you think Baha'u'llah is false?

Maitreya: I did not say he is false. He was sincere.

Libby, just stop posting one after another. Listen to your answer before posting the next question.

Libby: The Universal House of Justice is the Guardian of the Faith now.

Maitreya: No, the Universal House of Justice is not the Guardian. That is not what Abdullah Baha said.

If you want to know more about the Bahai history, read the book written by Mr. Miller and that will give you a better understanding, and how Bab choose SubIAzal. He was really the leader of the Bahai Faith. There were many indications by Bab that he chose SubIAzal as his successor. He even sent his pen and many close personal possessions to SubIAzal indicating that he was the one Bab had chosen.

I red-dotted you, Libby. I asked you not to post again and again. I will un-dot you when I have answered your question.

When you read that book and understand the history of the Bahais, you will see that Bahaullah came around nineteen years after Bab. Bab said himself that He Whom God Shall Make Manifest will come much later than in that short period of time.

SubIAzal was a very mild tempered man. He was not very aggressive. He was not really spreading the Bahai Teaching, as it should have been. God choose Bahaullah as the Twin Prophet with Bab, so Bahaullah could bring this teaching to the West. Otherwise we would not have known about it.

If you study our teachings and see how the Bahai teaching does not represent what God said the Seventh Angel would bring, you will realize that indeed he was chosen by God, but he was not the Seventh Angel. He never claimed to be the Seventh Angel. He was not the person who was born in Tehran, where Bab said the Beloved would come from. Many other points will prove to you that we are correct.

We respect Bahaullah, and we respect Bab. At the same time we have to go with the Words of God. If you want the Words of God, then study our teachings.

That is why everyone and all the religions have their own ideas, their own dogmas, and their own understandings, which is OK. We understand your emotions and feelings that, Why should someone come in the middle of my revelation and my understanding, and say differently than what I believe?

Moslems are mad at us because they believe that Prophet Muhammad was the last Prophet. You are mad at us because Bahaullah said he is going to be the Prophet for 1,000 years. Christians are mad at us because Christ is not the only way.

All the religions and Prophets are the way.

Jews are mad at us because they believe that the Messiah will come and make them the chosen ones. Hindus and Buddhists are mad at us because they do not want to accept any Prophet or Messiah to come.

The question is, if what we say is the truth or not, is this the Word of God?

Are you a seeker? If you are a seeker, then you do not try to be correct or right. You want to see what truly God said about this Revelation, what He said that He would send to humanity.

Libby: I am not mad, never mad. I only want to discuss with you because you had it on your website. Religions should not divide. God made religion to UNIFY us.

Maitreya: We agree. We agree with you. Actually the Bahai teaching, or Babs revelation, is universalism in our teachings. It is very unifying. It is a revelation that says that basically all of humanity is one.

Another incorrect teaching that the Bahais believe, as Ishmaelites believe, is that their revelation is going to continue forever and Major Manifestations will come to humanity every 1,000 years or so. That is not Scriptural. God said, When the Seventh Angel comes, My Plan is finished. It is done! And My Mystery will come to humanity. Again you can see that the Bahai Faith is not perfect; it is not correct.

Bahaullah never really brought a system that will bring the Kingdom of God on earth. He brought good ideas about the Universal House of Justice, or the courts for each nation, and on and on. They were good ideas, and hopefully when the Kingdom comes some of them will be implemented in the Kingdom so the justice and unity will come to humanity.

We are not fighting with you. We are not fighting with these ideas. We are not rejecting Bahaullah. We are not rejecting Bab. The only thing we are asking you is to see how your revelation, your Prophet, falls into the overall Plan of God.

That is what we are asking from every religion on earth to consider, to search, to study, and to see how all the religions on earth are a part of a greater truth, and how God revealed them to His Prophets and He told them to seal the last days when the Seventh Angel will bring the whole truth and explain the things that could not be explained before it.

You can see all the evidence has been given in our website, in our teachings. If you really study them and understand them, you will realize indeed they are from God, and you are a part of them. That is the beauty of these teachings, that they do not leave anyone out. They include everyone. That is because they are from God. God already knew what He was doing. He put them all together.

Libby: Maitreya, are you saying that you are a Manifestation of God, filled with His Spirit and come to bring us God's Word?

Maitreya: That has been explained many times. The Prophets of God are just regular humans. They are men that are chosen by God to come and bring the revelation, or the Word of God, to humanity.

When they talk about God, when they give Satsang, when they reveal the revelation to humanity, they and God are one. That is why Christ said, The Father and I are One, and no one goes to the Father but through me. Therefore God and he were One. He was God in that moment.

Two days later someone called him, Good rabbi, and he said, No one is good but God. Do not call me good. I am no good. What happened? Two days ago the Father and you were One, and no one goes to the Father but through you, then now you are not even good? That is because in that moment he was connected to God, and therefore the Father and he were one. Two days later he was not connected. He was just a man. That is why he called himself the son of God and the son of man.

He is both. He has two states of being. When he is a man, he is a regular man. When he is connected, he is indeed the Spirit of God, so his Words are Pure, Truth, and revelation. They are guidance for humanity. They are the Guiding Light for humans to see, to realize, to follow, and to understand what God was doing.

No one could claim that they knew the whole truth until the Seventh Revelation comes. If you go to The Revelation in the Bible, chapter 10, verse 7, it clearly states this truth that no one knows the Mystery of God until the Seventh Revelation. That is why the people are mad at us because they think they know the whole truth when God clearly said that they could not. They could not know the whole truth until this Revelation came.

Now if you study our teachings, this will answer your question. This will clear things that you never knew before. It is unified. There is no question that has not been answered. They have been answered clearly and beautifully. Now it is at your disposal for testing the Spirit behind it.

Libby says:

Libby: I agree with you that each person must investigate the Word of God for himself. We should all read and understand all the books revealed by God, the Torah, Bhagavad-Gita, the Bible, the Koran, the Bayan, the Kitab-i-Aqdas.

Maitreya: Yes, and not only that. You have to go a little further and read the teaching of Baba and understand what a Sadvipra or an Elect is. Also read THOTH, The Holiest Of The Holies, and then realize how your religion falls in the Plan of God. Do not stop at the Katab-i Aqdas. Read the teaching of Baba and the teachings that we have revealed to humanity.

Our Revelation is indeed what Bab was talking about that when He Whom God Shall Make Manifest will bring the last Revelation of God, every word in his Revelation could be explained in one thousand books.

The Holiest Of The Holiest is a very compact Truth in 600 pages. If you really study it, it will truly guide you to understand the Words of God, what He was doing, what was His Plan, and how He chose Adam to go through the Eternal Divine Path.

Libby: The Bab wrote the Bayan, Baha'u'llah wrote the Kitab-i-Aqdas and many more volumes.

Maitreya: We know. We know that. Even in the Kitab-i-Aqdas, Bahaullah talked about the coming of a Revelation that when that Revelation comes, it will manifest even greater things.

Another thing, Bahaullah wrote a lot of things and gave them to his secretary to throw into the river. If he was the Seventh Angel, if he revealed everything, how could he have thrown them into the river saying that humanity is not ready for these revelations?

Libby: He said another will not come for 1,000 years.

Maitreya: The whole point is that he could not have said that no one will come for 1,000 years because God said that this last Revelation is going to come shortly after Bab, and Bahaullah said 1,000 years after him. However God said shortly after. It could not be 1,000 years but 200 years, which this Revelation came then. And Bab said He Who God Shall Make Manifest would come much later than just nineteen years after him. Nineteen years is not much later.

Bahaullah and the whole Bahai teaching has a lot of things that God said are not perfect. I just explained to you some of those, that yes, the Bahais believe that there is going to be a Major Manifestation every thousand years. But the truth is that God said it is not true. When My Seventh Revelation comes, it is going to be finished. It is going to end. That is the end time.

The very base of the teachings of the Bahais that the Major Manifestation comes every thousand years is not Scriptural. It is not based on Gods Words. God said it is going to finish. The last Revelation is going to come; it is going to be the end time.

You have to consider all these points that I am making for you and realize that, OK Bahai and Bab were from God but there are more revelations going to come after them, and shortly after, the Seventh Revelation will come.

You can disagree with me. You can be unhappy about it. You can go around with this for a thousand years but the truth of the Word of God is different than what Bahais believe. That is what God said, Is not perfect. It will finish. There is a time that there is going to be the end time. Even Bahai himself talked about the coming of the Seventh Angel and explained that when that Revelation comes, it will be more incredible than anything before it.

Shoghi Effendi talked about the two Kingdoms, the two parts of Gods Revelation and that, Maybe it is not the one that we are trying to accomplish.

See in our website that all these things have been revealed. I did not write them, about these revelations and prophecies. These were the Bahais who have come, realized these things, and gave them to us, and now they are for your benefit.

If you are a real seeker, if you follow what Prophet Muhammad, Bab, and Bahaullah said, do an independent study and find this truth for yourself. But you seem to be very attached to your Prophet and your religion. Unfortunately when that happens, it become emotional. The moment a religion becomes emotional, the logic is out. When the logic is out you are not a seeker, you are not a searcher anymore because you are emotional.

Emotion is in the way to realizing God.

Libby is saying:

Libby: I think each person should investigate by reading your Book and Baha'u'llah's book and compare them to find the truth from God. I would not argue, sir. I would only discuss with you. Thank you for your kind answers.

Maitreya: Sure. There is no problem. I have no problem with people going and reading the Bahai teachings and his books. At the same time I encourage them to read the history of the Bahais, read Bahaullahs teachings, read the prophecies in the Bahai revelation, and then come up with the complete understanding of what happened and how the history brought us to this point.

They also, as you suggested, should read THOTH and realize that God said that it is going to eventually finish when the Seventh Angel comes. Then we do not have any argument.

Actually we do not argue. The whole idea of the Mission is, if we come to the point of argument, that we should stop and all rejoice in God, follow the Eternal Divine Path, throw out all the dogmas, and follow the Path instead of becoming argumentative about the fine points of the revelations and the things that have been separating humanity for thousands of years.

That is why this Mission actually is a Path. It is a Way. If you follow it, then you will see the benefit of it. No one can argue with the points that have been revealed to humanity: Awakening of your spiritual forces, knowing thyself, etc. That is another thing in the Bahai teaching; they did not include the Mystical Paths. They did not include Hinduism and Buddhism.

They were surprised later on when the Buddhists and Hindus asked why they were not included. They did not know what to say. The Bahais tried to answer them but the answers were not adequate. So it is not complete.

Again you see this Revelation includes the Mystical Paths.

Sixshoeter is asking:

Sixshoeter19: Can you explain what is the beginning of Maitreyas dispensation 2017, and what is the period between 1982-2004 called?

Maitreya: Actually the Revelation started coming to me in 1977. From 1977 to 2014, will be forty years. Around 2017 or 2018 the Mission, hopefully, will be in a place that it no longer can be stopped. Well actually it cannot be stopped; it is from God. But it will be in a point that God can reveal this to as many people as possible, and they will carry this Revelation to the end of the earth. Eventually many religions will realize that they are a part of this.

It is not only this Revelation. You can see the tribulation, the upheaval on earth. Everything that is happening is in support of this Revelation. These things are happening that humanity reaches a point that they realize that they have no choice but to come to this conclusion that, Yes, indeed God said He will send this Seventh Revelation. We are one and not separated. They can come together and create the Kingdom of God on earth.

That is the whole idea, to bring God back to human life. We have put Him out of every aspect of our lives. Therefore the destruction will come to us.

He has shown it in history, in His Revelation, that when the human thinks they know better than Him, The Grace will leave and the destruction will come to them. The only way to go back is to bring The Grace of God and His Ways for humanity so we can bring peace to earth.

To answer your questions, the Revelation started in 1977. We reached out in 1982. Eventually PalTalk came and gave us an outlet to reach everyone in all places on earth. We could have done it before but it was not as effective and powerful as this one is.

Now we are reaching to humanity to give this Message to them. Of course they have their understandings, their religions. Eventually by 2017 most of those religions and understandings will realize they are not correct. The only correct thing is the Word of God. In 2017 the dispensation of this Mission will start because by then it is established pretty firmly.

I hope that answered your question. If it did not, go ahead and follow-up with your next question.

Libby is asking:

Libby: I was interested because you mentioned the BahaI Faith on your website and because you say you are Maitreya, the Universal Buddha. Actually Baha'u'llah answered all the religions including Hinduism and Buddhism. I would never be emotional about discussing God. Please don't say that I am emotional.

Maitreya: That is great. I am glad you are not.

If you are not then you will not be attached to what you know about the Bahai teaching. You will investigate our teachings and you will realize that indeed God said the Bahai teaching is not perfect, and they have to wait for the Revelation of the Seventh Angel.

There are a lot of points that clearly show that God is correct. We pray that you would consider searching, understanding, studying our teachings, and seeing the Revelation, the Word of God, the prophecies, the genealogy, the whole package, and come up with the same conclusion that, God has sent this to humanity as the last Revelation to unify them and bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

It is great that you are not emotional. One of the things that I like about the Bahai people is that they are very articulate in their approaching people and presenting their teaching. I think that is great and that we all can learn from that experience with them.

All of us should not become emotional but should become a channel for understanding Gods Plan.

Libby: Please, kind sir, where does it say that Baha'u'llah's revelation is flawed because I deeply believe and want to make sure that I am on the right path to God?

Maitreya: If you go to The Revelation, when it talks about the fifth church it clearly says in those verses in The Revelation that, I find you not being perfect. If you go to The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), our teachings and read that part, you will see how the explanation of the Fifth Seal goes so well with Bab: how the Saints who were with him were martyred and they were given the white robes. It matches the Revelation of Bab and Bahaullah.

I do not know, to me it is so simple and right to the point that each of those churches explains the religions that they belong to. In The Revelation, in those verses, it clearly says that, It is not perfect.

Another thing someone brought up is that Bab created nineteen months, each with nineteen days. That became a great concern in the Babies, Bahais, and Osulies Faith, as God always said that the year should be divided into twelve months. That brought a lot of doubt to a lot of people. I am just remembering different points about what happened with the Bab and Bahai Faith.

Of course, Bab was very militant himself. In his teaching, the Bayan, he encouraged his followers to take the sword and fight with the government because he was going to establish a nation for the Babis that whoever is not a Babi would be thrown out of the territory, or would be killed. He was very adamant and very militant. That is why it did not work.

Then Bahaullah came and realized, That is not going to work. It is too militant. He mellowed it down actually almost to the other end. He said, Do not even participate in the political systems in different countries and do not become involved with any earthly government. Again we can see that also is not perfect.

There is a time to be away from the politics, and there is a time to become involved and make a difference if you can. At the same time you do not have to become militant. You can be articulate, educate people, and create an environment that people can come together without beheading one another, or shooting at one another, and create an earth where everyone can live in peace and progress physically, mentally, and spiritually to God.

That is another sign. I am just saying the so many things in the Bahai teaching that you have to consider. In those verses God clearly said, it is not perfect.

Our teaching also relates The Revelation to Hinduism and Buddhism. There are chakras in those teachings that talk about the different energy centers in the human. It is correct also with the fifth level of consciousness or chakra. When the people reach there, they can connect to the ethereal level. They think they have reached God. They think they are perfect. They do not think there is anything more to know. But they are in fifth level. They are not in the sixth level where God touches you for the first time, and the Seventh that you are One with God.

That goes very well with the teaching of the Mystical Paths that in the fifth level, people think it is perfect but it is not.

Libby again:

Libby: It is in your revelation, your Holy Book, that it says this, and is it in The Revelation 3? Do I understand correctly?

Maitreya: That is the point that now it is up to you to prove to yourself if I am who I claim I am. If you can prove to yourself that is the truth, then what I say is the Word of God, and what has been revealed in The Revelation is a correct explanation of what God meant with what He said in that chapter 3.

Also you have intellect. In your intellect, if you compare the history of Bab and the Bahais with what is explained in chapter 3, you will see it is amazingly explaining what will happen when Babs revelation will come: So many people will be martyred, so many people will be killed. It shows completely that God has been saying what is going to happen before He even revealed the Babs teaching to humanity. If you even use your intellect and see that clearly, then again that is another confirmation for you to realize those explanations are correct.

Of course if you do not accept those things and you do not see that what I say makes sense and is the truth, you can argue and say, You made it up. That is OK. You can say that.

I did not make it up. That is exactly what it says in The Revelation. There are Seven Churches. Each church is related to one revelation by God.

The First Revelation is the Mystical Paths: Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Saints in Christianity, Sufis, and any teaching that say, Know thyself to know God.

The Second is the Old Testament, creation of the Communities of Light.

The Third is sacrifice, to create the Communities of Light. That is the New Testament.

The Fourth is to surrender and submit to the Will of God for us and to realize what His Will is. The Will of God is to follow the Eternal Divine Path and bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

The Fifth is universalism. All the way through the Fourth Seal, still you might become narrow-minded and become attached to one part of the universe, or your Prophet, or your teaching.

In the Fifth Seal, or the Bahai Teaching, you become a universalist. You expand your mind. You include everyone. That is exactly what the Bahais do. But that is not complete.

In the next step you become an Elect. If you follow the first Five Steps, in the Sixth Step then you are an Elect.

There is no dogma here. There is no dogma whatsoever. It is a Path.

If you meditate and awaken your spiritual forces, if you direct that to create the Communities of Light, if you sacrifice for them, if you surrender and submit to God and His Will for you, and become a universalist, then you are an Elect.

You cannot say that because I follow Prophet Muhammad, or Christ, or Moses, or Krishna, or Bab, or Bahaullah, I am an Elect. No, it is a quality. It is a Path that you acquire by following It. You can throw all the dogmas out, follow that Path, stop arguing, and you will benefit from It.

Also God revealed the Truth about all the religions and explained here where each of them fall in the Eternal Divine Path, and why He revealed that revelation to those people for specific reasons. Now they all can be put together.

These Elects are the people we are looking for. We are not looking for people who are attached to their religion. We are not looking for the people who do not want to go further than what God revealed to them.

We are looking for the people who broke through. They know about Christianity. They know about Islam. They know about Judaism. They know about Hinduism, the Mystical Paths. They know about the Bahais, Bab, and their history.

They eventually say, Yes, that makes sense. I am ready for it. They meditate. They come and join, or start Communities of Light. They sacrifice for them. They surrender and submit to God, or to whatever His Will is. And they become universalists. Then they become Elects, and these are the people who will bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

It is perfect. It will amazingly work in every situation in your life. Of course it requires you to understand what all other religions reveal to humanity. This is foretold to come. This is the perfection of Gods Revelation. Any other revelation before it is a part of a greater truth, which is this. It is an umbrella. It covers all of them.

When we cover Islam, or Judaism, we are not against them. The only thing we are telling them is, Expand your mind. Go beyond your understandings, your religions, and your dogmas. If they cannot, we just leave them to God because apparently they cannot. That is where they are going to stay. Those who can go beyond their own understandings, their own religions, and their own attachments, eventually will see this Vision clearly and say, Yes, this makes sense. This is my religion.

Libby: As a Prophet of God, what works or fruits should we know you by? Christ said we should know Him by his fruits.

Maitreya: That is a very good question. Actually, that is a question, that you have to test the Spirit. The fruit that this Revelation brought to humanity is the unification of all religions based on the Word of God. It is a healing for the whole of humanity to overcome their separative ideas and dogmas, and free them to God.

That is the greatest fruit that anyone can give to humanity. No other religion, no other revelation, up to this point could have brought such great fruit to man that they eventually can understand Gods revelations, how all of them are a part of a greater truth, and therefore, God truly exists.

God is not just an imaginary being made with a yogi in the mountains, in the Himalayas, or by a person who calls himself a Prophet or a Messiah. God has foretold this Revelation will come, and He has fulfilled all the prophecies. It brings great faith to humanity by seeing that God said He was going to do it, and He has done it. Therefore, God truly exists.

It is not a joke. It is not kidding. It is not something that you can brush aside and go ahead and do whatever you want. He has given His Words and Manual for humanity to reach salvation. That Manual is His Revelations in the Scriptures.

Now He is telling humanity what He meant when He told Daniel and other Prophets, Seal the end time revelation and what I am going to do. It was sealed. No one knew it until this Seventh Revelation came.

Now it has. It has come to humanity. This is the Call for the people who see this clearly, not for the people who are going to be attached to their religions, argue with us, and not to see this Vision as they should.

I am just a plain messenger. I have given the Message to humanity as clearly as I could. We have created a website and access for the whole of humanity that they can go to.

Not everyone has computers that they can go to the website. We have other means to reach them if they do not have computers or are not in the Internet. All the things have been done in the most efficient way possible with the resources that we have. We will reach as many people as we can.

It is up to them to accept it or not. I am not going to convince you. I am not here to convince you. I am just here to give you the truth and reveal to you the Words of God and the way He was doing things.

It is up to YOU to convince yourself either way. If you accept that what I say is the truth, then of course we are co-workers. We will come together and create a better environment for everyone.

If you do not accept it, we leave you to God. We just say, OK, God knows you better than us. We leave you to God, and He does to you as He Wills.

Well, this was mostly a session for the Bahai Teaching. Of course, these all have been answered before. It is all in the website.

It has all been revealed to humanity to go to our website and study them. We have had people from all religions who have come to our room and asked every kind of question about their religions. They have all been answered, including the Bahais.

In us there is no separation between them. Our Love is for all the Great Prophets of God. Gods Prophets all should be respected, loved, and put to the highest esteem possible.

At the same time we have to follow the Words of God. We cannot respect them and then say, Because we respect them we will not follow Gods Words that clearly say that there is going to be a Seventh Revelation, there is going to be an end time, there is going to be a time when the Mystery of God will be finished. These things Bahais do not say.

We can see that they are also included with us. So is Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Jews, and any other religion or revelation that you can think of.

Again, everyone, welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation Room. This is the room that we invite you to go to our website, which is posted there in text, and also at the top of the banner in the room. You can click, go there, study our teachings, and see the last Revelation of God to humanity and how all the religions of the world are unified. Then come here and ask your questions related to our teachings and the religion that you are in.

There is no religion on earth that is not included in this Revelation. There is no religion that God has no Hand in. God sent all of them. There is no separation between humanity, Gods Revelations, and all the religions. This humanity has to recognize, realize, and bring together.

Bootleg_Moonwalker: All religions include the teaching of the Golden Rule? That is the connection, right?

Maitreya: Yes, actually the Golden Rule is accepted here. It has been further perfected as, Do to others as they have done to you. If they would not do to you as you expect, forgive them. If they have done something wrong to the society, they should not be forgiven.

Forgiveness is an individual privilege that we forgive those who have done badly to us. But when a bad thing is done to the society, it will bring destruction. Therefore, it should not be forgiven.

That is why Prophet Muhammad said that if someone slaps you, you slap back. That is a more socially oriented teaching. Christ said that if someone slaps you, you turn the other cheek for them to slap the other side also. That is for individually. Both teachings are correct.

The Golden Rule has been expanded and further perfected again in this Mission.

Bootleg is asking:

Bootleg_Moonwalker: In Baha'i, it is "Blessed is he who preferreth his brother before himself." Baha'u'llah, Tablets of Baha'u'llah, 71

Maitreya: It is the teaching of all the Prophets and religions that you should love your neighbor as thyself. The greatest gift a man can give to another person is to lay down their life for their brothers, friends, and community.

In our teaching it comes with the Third Seal, sacrifice. It means we give of ourselves into the community. Again we go further in this teaching. Not only do we teach you to love your neighbors but also now it is organized as an organized system to express that love so you can accomplish greater things and bring the Kingdom of God on earth by sharing with one another and creating the Communities of Light.

What other Prophets said before us was not organized. It was an individual approach. With our teaching, again, it is perfected.

If you forgive in a society that no one else forgives and you are the only person, or a few of you forgive, eventually you might become burned out. But if the teaching is the whole society and the people should strive to forgive, give of themselves, sacrifice, and create the Communities of Light, then your forgiveness and your giving will manifest in a greater degree because it is an organized way.

Again you see that the Eternal Divine Path, the Communities of Light, are the answer to what other Prophets wished to happen by what they taught. Again you can see the perfection of God and His Revelations to humanity, how the only way is to create the Communities of Light. The only way is to meditate, awaken your spiritual forces. The only way you will be able to see your action give fruit in the community and encourage everyone else in the community also to know themselves, overcome their attachments, desires, domineering tendencies, fears, etc., is to live in a Community of Light.

Actually in the communities there will be less fear because the greater and the larger the community will be, the more people will feel safe because their community has the power of bringing safety to its members. The more we create the Communities of Light, the more people will feel safe in the world, and the less wars, destructive tendencies, terrorism, and all these will be there. We will eventually reach a point that we will not have any of those things.

We will have peace on earth as has been prophesied. When that comes, the lamb and the lion will lie together, and there is not going to be any war.

We are the force of peace on earth. We are the people to bring the peace.

Of course they are going to fight us with tooth and nail because they are attached. They are attached to their Prophets. They are attached to their religions. They are attached to their ideas.

That is why we have the tribulation, destruction, and wars on earth. Eventually they will reach a point that none of them will succeed. The more they try, the more you will see the destructive tendencies will come to them. And it is going to accelerate in a greater degree.

That is another answer to your question: Probably by 2017, humanity will reach a point that they realize that wars, destruction, separation, ego, and all the tendencies that humanity has now, are not to going to work. Our teaching by then, hopefully, has reached many more people.

That is why I am so concerned that each of you reaches out. I am concerned that each of you spread this Message as much as you could. Do not let your ego or your personal attachments come in. Become pure channels for revealing this Mission to other people and spreading it. So by 2017, hopefully, we will reach a point that we have the critical mass and many people will say, No, we are not going to do what we have been taught is correct, which is not.

When we have the correct number, the change will come. There is a point that when we reach that point, that change will take place in human history. Human history indeed has been written right now. After 12,000 years of wars and destruction, now the way again is given to you to go back to where creation was intended to create. That is peace, unity, and return to the Godhead, return to the Essence.

That is the goal of the life. That is why we are here. The goal of the life is not to become a doctor, or professor, or lawyer, or this and that. The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, to return home, to return to the Godhead. That is what we have to teach others. That is what we have to teach our children. That is what the schools, the universities, the television, the radio, and all these tools that God has been giving to us, have to convey to humanity: The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, to become Godly, to become Spirit, to learn what everything is created for, and how God created them. What is the nature of whatever is created, what is the intention, and what is intended for that specific creation on earth? If we can reach a point to see the universe the way God sees it, then we can see the purpose of everything on earth.

Actually, Soul already knows. Your Soul already knows the truth. That is why those who have overcome their emotions and their attachments to their religions, etc., when they see this Vision, their Soul says, Yes, that makes sense. I am for it. I am going to go for it.

Those who do not have that quality, of course, argue, do not see the Vision, become upset, become emotional, and they just leave because the truth is powerful. The Soul tells them, Yes, he is right. He is saying the truth. This is the Word of God.

Their ego says, No, run away. This is something that is going to change you. It is going to affect you. It is going to make you see the truth, and I do not want to see the truth because if I see the truth then all my friends are going to leave me, my family is going to leave me. People are not going to accept me as I was before. That is a scary thought, isnt it, for a lot of people.

For those who are the Elects, it is not scary at all. Actually, probably they are already different than everyone else in their lives. They will see clearly, Yes, I am here to do Gods Will, not to be attached to the family or this or that, or to my religion, or my ideas, or my past. I am a new creation. I am indeed baptized with The Holy Ghost and the Spirit of the Truth. They can clearly overcome any obstacle in their lives and become pure channels for God and His Revelation.

This is the truth but a lot of purification has to come to humanity before they eventually give up their dogmas, their ideas, and whatever they have been taught to believe. That is not easy. Anytime one person or a society on earth goes from one state of consciousness to another state higher, there is going to be a period of confusion, a period of tribulation. That is what is happening on earth.

This is the time of tribulation and the time of chaos when humanity, probably in the next sixteen years or less, thirteen years, is going to go through a great period of purification. Eventually they will go to a higher consciousness than they are.

They are still connected to the revelation before this, so many of them cannot expand themselves beyond what they believe. That brings great separative tendencies and destruction. This destruction they are bringing is not going to give fruit.

Unfortunately they think they are going to succeed. I have news for them, they will not because God said they will not. The only way is Gods Way.

You actually have a greater grip on the reality and what is going to happen to humanity than most of the leaders on earth at this time. That is because they think that they are going to create the Kingdom, they are going to bring the peace, they are going to create an environment that everyone will follow their tradition and their understanding, and they are surprised that other people are not going to follow them.

They are surprised that what they think is the greatest thing, yet other people do not think is the greatest thing. They think what they have is greater than what other people have. That is what creates such friction for humanity. None of them can understand each other because each of them think they have the right, they have the moral upper hand to other people, and other people do not have any realization of what is correct and what is not.

The truth of the matter is that God said, Each of you are a part of a greater truth. That is the message that they have to understand that, they are a part of a greater truth. That is our job. We have to reach out. We have to explain these things to them.

We have to understand the teaching first. This is a huge teaching. And because there have been so many questions answered, sometimes it might seem impossible to answer all of them.

You all know how to contact me, how to contact the Mission, how to go to our rooms and ask the people in the room. If they do not know, they will tell you to just send an e-mail to the Mission. That will be sent to me, and I will answer your questions.

Hopefully all the questions will be answered. I feel already they have. There are probably a few that have not. No one asked them yet, but I am sure they will eventually come up.

Everything has been given for us to know the truth of God. This is based on the Word of God. God is a Spirit. God cannot just come to every person and give this to all of you. He has set up a system, set up a way to reveal His Revelation to humanity and that is the way of prophecy and acceptance of choosing a body to come and bring the Revelation to man. Then man can know what Gods Will is and what Gods Words are.

If you understand that clearly, then we all will look for that person who will fulfill the prophecies and bring the Words of God to us. That person who God chooses cannot say anything else but the truth, no matter what that truth will do to other people. It might even hurt some people.

When we tell them that the revelation of their Prophet is not perfect, they think we are against their Prophet. That is the Word of God. That is not my word. Then it is revealed to me why it is not perfect. It is because of all those flaws there.

Bahaullah was not even chosen by Bab to carry out the mission. Bahaullah does not mean the glory of God as they claim. He was not from Tehran. There are many, many things. He threw a lot of revelation out. It is not perfect.

It is not that we are saying that he was a bad person. We are not saying that we do not like him, or we do not love him. That is the truth of God and the Word of God, and that is what we have to do.

We have to become our Essence. Essence knows the truth. When you become the Essence then you say the truth also. Then you become a pure channel for revealing the truth to humanity with no fear whatsoever.

All right. Sounds like all questions are finished and our time is up. Again these are the bread of life and the fire of the Spirit and the truth. Just purify yourself in this great fire of God. Become a pure channel for his Revelation, and manifest His Kingdom on earth.

God be with you. See you next week. Sal-OM.

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