MAITREYA, Conversations with


Maitreya: Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation Room. As usual we will be together for an hour and a half in this room. We will go through the new Revelation that has unified all the religions of the world, fulfilled the prophecies, and fulfilled the Promise of God that at the end time He would reveal His whole Plan.

This whole Plan now is on earth. Anyone can access it, read it, understand it, and know what God was doing all this time, from the last 12,000 years, by human history, the creation of man, what is the goal of the life, why we are here, why God sent all these religions separately, and now they have been all put together as one Path, one teaching, one religion to humanity.

Anyone with the slightest Spirit of God will see the clear signs, that God has sent this to humanity. They will have no choice but to accept that this is the Revelation from God. All of humanity has to see this, understand it, realize it, accept it, stop fighting with each other, and become one. That is because God is one, we are all His Children, and there cannot be one God and many religions. Those who think there are many religions from one God, and their religion is better than the other people, do not know the Plan of God.

God has clearly revealed to His Prophets that there is going to be an end time. He sealed that end time Revelation and Vision from all the Prophets and clearly, in The Revelation, said that there is not going to be anyone that knows the Mystery of God until the Seventh Angel, the Seventh Revelation comes.

We have to clearly see His Vision, His Words, His Scriptures, and how He has sent all these Revelations one at a time. Now He has put these visions together and is calling to humanity to come, and to understand why the flood of Noah, why the destruction after the beginning of the creation, how the creation started, why man failed, and what has been the struggle between Pure Consciousness (or that state of Oneness) and the part that went away from God and fell to the illusion of separation from God, which is Maya.

Now God shows the way to return home, to go back to God. It is not an idea of one person, it is not an opinion or philosophy that will bring man back to God, but a Plan that He clearly shows that He has been pursuing this for the last 12,000 years and He has been guiding humanity to this point.

God was showing man that if he does not follow God, they would follow their own ego. Ego separates, brings destruction, and brings disunity. That is the whole problem in the universe.

We have to dissolve this ego and connect to God directly. The ego is any ideas that separate man from man. No matter what you call it, if it separates any part of the universe from any other part it is limited, and the only thing that limits you in the universe is ego.

Deep inside in your spirit and your Essence, you know the truth. You know the correct way, you know the reality of God but the human ego likes to rationalize, to bring excuses, to try to come up with their own ideas and opinions that are very much colored with our attachments, with our desires, with our upbringing, and with our cultural biases that separate us from each other.

If we go to our Essence, we know the way that God created the universe, and we become a God conscious person. We look at the nature of things, the way God has created them, and we accept the way they are as the natural way of God. We will not create our own ideas of how things should be, but how things have been created to be. With this understanding, we do not argue. We all agree if there is something natural, it is created by God, and that is the way it should be. Therefore that is the way it should be. That will throw out a lot of ideas, opinions, and cultural biases, and it brings the pure, natural way of thinking of the universe, the way it has been created, the way it is meant to be used.

We can see that God is human salvation. God is the unity for humanity, and these words and this Revelation are the healing power for man to heal their Souls, their minds, their intellects, their ideas, and purify them to the Essence of God. Eventually we will have hundreds, and thousands, and millions of people who will become pure and let Gods Spirit come through them. They will become the natural man instead of being a product of their cultures, or education, or background.

Then the unity will come to them because they go beyond any bondage, any narrowness that this world brings to humanity. This is the teaching of freeing you to God, freeing you from all the bondages that this earth has been putting on you, and they have become a yoke in the way and life of humans.

Humanity has a great struggle and period of purification to go through. We are asking people to overcome their own ideas, opinions, cultures, biases, and everything that binds them to the earth. There are many people that still cannot do that.

These biases, these opinions, and these ideas will bring great suffering to man because the goal is to mix humanity together and create one world based on Gods Laws and acceptance of the natural way that things have been created. This, many people do not want to accept. They are struggling and fighting against it. Any time in any stage that humans want to go from one stage to another stage, there is going to be confusion.

If you are in your second chakra and want to go to your third chakra, there is going to be a period of confusion. You will struggle to go to the higher level. If you are in the fourth chakra and want to go to the fifth, or whatever level, there is going to be a struggle before you reach that stage of the higher level. This is what humanity is going through.

The Will of God is for all to purify themselves, see these teachings clearly, and cleanse their religions from dogmas, from separative ideas, and from man-made religions that have separated man for thousands of years. Now that separation is coming to a head in a greater degree because when God sends a revelation it is just not the word of one person, it is backed up with the Universal Mind and all the powers that are at the disposal of the Spirit, especially this Revelation, which is for everyone. It is not for one special culture. It is not for just the lost tribes of Israel. It is not for only the Hebrews, or the Arabs. It is not only for Hindus or Buddhists. It is for the whole of humanity. That is why it unifies all the religions of the world.

Actually, we have many people, as I said many times, who come to our room and say, "It is impossible to unify all the religions of the world." They forget, yes, it is impossible for man but it is not impossible for God. Indeed that is what happened in this Mission. It is unified by God. Therefore it is possible. It has been done! It is here. It is not something that we are saying, "Oh, we should sit down together and unify all the religions of the world." No, it has already been unified in Gods Mind from the very beginning of creation, from the very moment of realizing the Eternal Divine Path.

There are Seven Steps in the Eternal Divine Path. God sent each religion to reveal one step of this Path. Now it is here. It does unify all the religions of the world. There is no religion that is based on Gods Spirit that is not included. It means all of them are included.

It is done. It is a done thing. It is not something that someone else should come and reinvent the wheel. It is done. It is here. It is for humanity. The Revelation has been perfected for the last twenty-five years. Really the only thing that is left for humanity is to see it.

Those who see it clearly have the obligation to make other people to see it clearly or at least give it to anyone that they can, and put effort in doing so by participating, by engaging yourselves to spread this Message, and by giving this Vision to as many as possible.

Not everyone will listen to you. You leave them to God. It is not your responsibility to convert them. It is not my responsibility to convert you. My responsibility and your responsibility is to give the Message.

The Message makes sense. It is clear. It is supported with Gods Words and His Scriptures based on His Revelations, history, creation, and prophecies. It is perfect. It is a perfect Revelation for humanity. Therefore it will eventually manifest.

We are not here to create a cult. We are not here to create a small group. We give the Message and we leave you to God. If you saw the Vision clearly then you will obligate yourself to come to help, to spread, to work, to give of your time and energy, and whatever you could to see this Vision is spread all through the earth. It is spreading already.

There has never been a Prophet and Revelation so perfectly come to humanity and then is so well-supported with the Internet, with technology, with sound, and with video, to humanity at the time when the Prophet himself is still alive. It took 170 years before they put the Bible into text. No other Prophet really put any teaching down while they were alive, and was so perfectly given to all.

You can see that God is supportive of this Revelation, and He is very protective also of this Revelation. This time the idea is to bring the purest Revelation to man possible. Indeed it has already been done.

All the dogmas of all religions have been exposed and cleansed and cleaned. The world religions that still follow their dogmas are done with. They have to realize this: Their time has finished. They had their purpose. They came here for humanity to become familiar with one part of the Revelation of God and now it is time to put away those dogmas and untrue understandings of Gods Revelation and come to the purest Revelation of God.

You do not even have to argue philosophical or different points of view. This religion is a Path. You walk the Path. You follow the Path. You put effort into the Path. You meditate. You awaken your spiritual forces. That is the first part. It is the Mystical Paths.

No other religion to this point included the Mystical Paths as a part of the revelation of God. The Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Bahai Teachings did not include the Mystical Paths. Also all the Prophets had a mystical experience themselves but the Prophet never emphasized, "Meditate, and awaken your spiritual forces."

The Mystical Paths never included other religions, the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Bahai Teachings into their religion because they said, "No, we already know the way. We awaken our spiritual forces, we can go to God. That is all we need. Know thyself to know God." However, in the Bible God clearly says, "If you do that I will spew you out of My Mouth. I will not accept that approach."

Now the Mystical Paths have to realize that they also have to follow the rest of the Eternal Divine Path and direct their energy to create the Communities of Light. The Communities of Light are the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. They are that important. Without the Communities of Light, we cannot bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

The Communities of Light have been explained many times. Any few people can come together and bring the Eternal Divine Path into their community, can create a unit of the Communities of Light, and eventually a Community of Light.

The whole hierarchy and the Kingdom will come from these communities. It is a movement from the people who will come together to create a system that will be filled with benevolent, well-known leaders whose intentions are to create an environment that accelerates the progress of man to God, to create an environment that helps man to go to God as fast as possible.

That is the goal of the life. The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. If we understand that and create the communities that accelerate this process, then we have the Communities of Light. That is the message of the Old Testament. God has been trying to find a people, the twelve tribes of Israel, as His people who accept Him as their King and follow His Laws.

Is that it? The Jewish people are the chosen people and everyone should accept that? They have the only revelation of God? You can see in Genesis, chapter 49 verse 10, God clearly said, "The Kingdom will stay with Judah until the Shiloh comes," until the Messiah comes.

The Messiah came as Christ. At the end of his ministry he clearly said, "The Kingdom will be taken away from you and given to another people." It means, your mission is done; you are finished.

Now humanity knows what God wants. God wants the Communities of Light to be created. Now I have come, as Christ said, "I have come to show you the next step," not only to awaken your spiritual forces, to direct that energy toward the Communities of Light (the second Seal or the Old Testament), you also have to sacrifice in order to create these communities.

Humanity has to learn to share. Humanity has to learn to overcome their ego and realize that "Me, me, me," creates more separation. The whole reason for destruction in any society, if you read in history, is that self-centeredness that comes to a nation or a people, and that destruction follows.

The next step is to sacrifice, to share. That is the message of Christ, the New Testament. That is what the New Testament conveys to humanity: You have to give of yourself.

Christ gave his life to this process. He showed that the greatest thing a man can do is lay down his life for his friends, and treat your neighbor as yourself. So do to others as you want to be done unto you.

We added to that, If they did not do the way you want to be treated, forgive them. But if they have done wrong to the society, that should not be forgiven because if you forgive the bad done to society after a while a lot of bad things will be done in that society and the society will fall apart. Individually be forgiving, but in a social level do not forgive. We can see that sacrifice is the message of the Third Seal of Christ.

To be freed from the affect of the result of our actions, or our expectations for the result, and become bound by the result of our actions, the revelation of the Fourth Seal came to humanity. That is surrendering and submission to God, realizing what the Plan of God is.

He clearly said, "My Plan is the Eternal Divine Path." That is what He has been doing for the last 12,000 years. That is why the time of Noah came; the destruction came, because the humans before him were not listening to the Word of God. They became self-centered and misused their powers to gain and extract life-form, and they became corrupt.

That is why God changed man to the one we have now. Our third eyes are closed. We do not have any connection to the spiritual world. We think this external world is the ultimate truth because we have two external eyes. We see everything in the external world, and we take them as the truth.

The truth is that there is also the spiritual world that is more real than this one. You cannot see it anymore. Those who see it or experience it become frightened.

Even in the United States, 20% of the people have had some spiritual experiences; 80% of that 20%, or even more, do not want to have anything to do with that experience because that is going to change their lives. They cannot cope up with the Jones anymore because they will change.

They try to ignore it as much as possible because when you experience the Spirit, you do not belong to this world any more. These two eyes cannot deceive you any more. These two eyes become very unimportant because your third eye becomes more important than these two eyes. That is what happened after the flood of Noah.

Our third eye is no longer open. We cannot see the Spirit. We cannot manipulate the Spirit. That is what they used to do. Before the flood of Noah they could manipulate the Spirit. God closed their third eyes and made the human the way we are. He made a new man.

Now we have to go back and realize that the Will of God is to create the Communities of Light, to follow the Eternal Divine Path. That will bring the Kingdom of God on earth. Humanity will be able to gain those powers back, but realize that if they misuse them, they can be taken away from them.

That is the reason for the last 12,000 years that we are at the end of, to realize that before 12,000 years ago humanity had the power, had the ability to manipulate the Spirit, and now we are going back. This time we have a history to learn from.

History, "His-Story" is a lesson for humanity to study, to understand, and to see how the human by himself cannot bring peace on earth. The Eternal Divine Path can. This time we should not misuse our powers.

Pretty soon people more and more will have telepathic ability. They will start to see visions and open their third eyes to the spiritual world, but with the understanding that the last 12,000 years are a lesson for them: "Do not misuse your spiritual powers." That is the lesson, do not try to selfishly gain some spiritual powers and misuse them. It is just like using your psychic energy to make money instead of using it to bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

This is the lesson that we have to learn. When we gain our spiritual powers, we remember that in THOTH and in Gods Revelation it is telling us: Awaken your spiritual forces but direct them toward the creation of the Communities of Light. Do not be egoistical. Share.

After you know that the goal is to create the Communities of Light and follow the Eternal Divine Path, now what is Gods Will for me in this endeavor? That is the next step.

We know the overall Will of God. The overall Will of God has been revealed in the Seventh Revelation, in our teaching. Now where do I fall under this umbrella? Where is the Will of God for me as an individual?

It is between you and God again. Do not think, as Prophet Muhammad said, because you came and joined the Mission that God, or I, owe you something. No. Actually you owe God everything that has been revealed to you. You have to realize that, "Yes, I have been Blessed that God has revealed this to me. Maitreya and God do not really owe me anything. I am here to do the Will of God."

If we found 144,000 self-motivated, absolutely "on-fire-for-God" people, then we can work together very closely, very clearly, and we can create a system and a people that are on fire for God with no expectation, or ego, or attachments, desires, and obstacles in the Way of God and His Mission but a blessing for themselves and this Mission. Then we can have people that are absolutely ready to follow the Eternal Divine Path.

The more we find such people, the greater spiritual power there will be on earth to clearly spread this Mission and shake this earth from its foundation. Eventually we will let everyone know that, "Yes, indeed, this is his, or her way out. It is their salvation. It is the Way of God."

Now you find out what is your place in this Revelation and under this umbrella. The next step is to rid yourself of all the narrowness of the mind. Anything that separates any part of the universe from any other part is a narrowness of the mind: Your religion, your nationality, your culture, and your gender. Anything that says, "I am different than other parts of the universe," will bring suffering and destruction to humanity, and we will continue to have the same kind of history we have had for the last 12,000 years, full of destruction, wars, separation, and egotism.

The next step is to overcome all that narrowness of the mind and become a universalist, "Absolutely I belong to the universe. God is my Father, and Mother. Everyone else in the world is a struggling unit consciousness." We can create the Communities of Light and take everyone to God. That comes with universalism, the teaching of Bab and Baha'u'llah. You see, all the religions are covered.

If you teach, "know thyself," "awaken your spiritual forces," it is all the Mystical Paths. Any teaching that teaches you to close your eyes, or meditate and go and know thyself in a deeper level, is covered.

Judaism, the Old Testament, or the Hebrew Teachings are covered; Christianity, Islam, and the Bahai teachings are covered. There is no one left out. It is unified. It is possible to unify, only through the Revelation from God, by opening the Seven Seals, by revealing the Book sealed with the Seven Seals to humanity. It is done!

People cannot come to our room and say, It cannot be done. It is done. What do you mean it cannot be done? "It is already done." It is here. It is unified. The only thing is to click a couple of links, go to the Holiest Of The Holies, read about it, or listen to one of these lectures, or Satsangs. It is all there.

God indeed exists! He had prophesied that He would send this Revelation; He would unify all of humanity. It is done!

Now it is up to us to see where we fall in this Revelation, to shatter all the narrowness of the mind, to release ourselves from anything that keeps us from going to God, and to come together and create the Facilitating Body. We cannot create the Communities of Light at this time because even if you create a Community of Light somewhere you are going to be only one person, or a group of people in a very isolated place. Such a gathering might fall on themselves and become a cult.

That is the problem with a lot of cults, they create a small group of people who separate themselves from the society and eventually fall on themselves and become warped. They can become an obstacle in the way of the members.

That is why we need the Facilitating Body, the Body that will come together and facilitate the dissemination of these teachings and spread this Message to humanity. As we eventually create this Facilitating Body, we can create a system that every Community of Light is connected to this system and to one another. Therefore they are not isolated cases that can become a cult or fall on themselves.

Apats: What is the Eternal Divine Path?

Maitreya: Apats, is this the first time you have been in this room? Have you heard about this Path? Have you been in our website?

Apats: I am opening it.

Maitreya: OK. Great. We just explained the Path for the last half an hour. Usually we ask people to go to our website during the week. This room is mostly for the people who have gone to the website and learned about our teachings. Now they can come here and ask questions about the teachings in that website, the room that we have during the week, or in our other rooms that we have in PalTalk.

That is OK. If you want to know about the Eternal Divine Path, I can explain it to you in a very brief way.

Basically we have many religions on earth, and all of them have been separating one from the other. God has foretold the coming of a Revelation at the end time that He did not reveal to His Prophets in the past.

Clearly in The Revelation it says that it will be opened and that will be the Seventh Revelation of God. When that comes, the Mystery of God is finished.

The Eternal Divine Path is the Path the covers all the religions of the world and unifies them all together. It shows a Path of the coming of the Kingdom of God on earth. Therefore it fulfills the expectations of all the religions on earth. This is basically what the Eternal Divine Path is.

If you go to the website and read about it, study it, and search to understand it, listen to the previous Conversations or Satsangs, which means "Discourses," you will become more familiar and see that it is much deeper than this explanation that I gave you in a couple of minutes. On average, it takes seven years for someone to become completely familiar with this Revelation.

That is what the Eternal Divine Path is. The Eternal Divine Path is the essence of our teachings. It covers all the Mystical Paths like Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, Saints in Christianity, Cabbala, and any other teaching that say, "Know thyself to know God," or, "Be still and know that I am God."

It covers the Old Testament, the teaching of the Hebrews. It covers Christianity, Islam, and Bahais or Babs teachings. Not only does it unify all of them, it shows a Path that is the fastest Path to God.

Go ahead, Apats, what is your question? What do you want to ask? You can type it, or you can come to the microphone and tell us. If you want to type it that would be fine, actually that is what most do.

Apats: Who is Maitreya?

Maitreya: I am Maitreya. Maitreya is a person who has been prophesied to bring this Revelation to humanity. I am a Messenger of God to bring this Message to man. Now it is done. We have been revealing this Revelation to humanity for the last twenty-five years, a little less or more.

We will continue until God stops us. Then we believe that we can reincarnate. Even then we shall return and continue this Revelation and this Mission until its fulfillment.

No one can stop this Revelation, no matter what they do to it, or to us. It is unstoppable because we all, me and all the people who are called Elects, shall return over and over and over until humanity realizes that they are waiting in vain for another person or revelation to come. It already is done.

Apats is asking:

Apats: Then I think you have gone through all the religions, I mean studied? You have studied all the religions?

Maitreya: Yes, we have studied all the religions. But it is not just by studying the religions. It is not something that you read them and then you decide tomorrow, "I am going to unify them."

Yes, we have studied all the religions but our study is different than just sitting and reading books. It is done with the Guiding Light, with the Spirit of God that guided us eventually to realize that it is a Path.

If you go to our website, there is a lecture there that explains how it all came together.

That is all right. If you do not have a mic, just type your questions in text. Actually this room is mostly for this purpose, for the people to go to our website. If they have questions they can bring them here, and we can explain the website to them in a greater degree.

Apats: Can you please tell me who is that God?

Maitreya: That God cannot be explained but It can be experienced. It also can be understood intellectually, especially by our teachings that clearly says that God says He was going to do these things and He has done them.

God is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. It does not have any name in a sense of the external world. When you are asking me who is that God, I have to tell you that there is only One God, and that God is the Spirit in every man, woman, and child. Our Essence and Him are one.

If you want to answer that question, close your eyes. Go within yourself. When you face God and you realize that you and God are One, actually you do not exist but God does, then there is no separation between you and God, and that question no longer will be there.

Then you come back after that experience and people ask you, "What is God, and who is that God you are talking about?" you cannot explain it to them because you experienced Him or Her or It but they have not. People have been trying to explain God for thousands of years. They have written hundreds and thousands of books, and they have not succeeded. That is because God cannot be explained.

I can show you the way to experience It. We have a room called Universal Mantra Meditation in the same category in the Religious section in PalTalk. Go there and learn how to meditate. Close your eyes and awaken your spiritual forces, and connect to God. That is how.

I am telling you that there is a room after this Conversation room closes that will be opened called: Universal Mantra Meditation. That room will give you the instructions of meditation and awakening of your spiritual forces.

Hopefully, as we create the Communities of Light, people will have much more time on their hands that they can utilize to meditate, contemplate, and realize these things by themselves.

Actually, probably in this era, more people are asking what God you are talking about than 12,000 years ago. That is because 12,000 years ago they knew God is a Spirit and that It is within them, therefore the question would have never arose. This time our two physical eyes cannot see Spirit and God, therefore, our question is always, "What God? Which God? Which religion? Is it Yahweh or Jehovah, or Allah, or Christ? Is it Jesus or Esa? Which God are you talking about?"

There is only One God. How can there be many Gods with all this Revelation? That God can be experienced. When you experience that God, then you know God is with you always. He has never left you. There is no moment in your life that God is not with you. Our ego and our subconscious mind that is trained for many lifetimes to feel separate from God, tells us we are alone, we are lonely, we are disconnected from God, and therefore we feel God is not with us.

Apats says:

Apats: I understand that there is one God. He has no material form.

Maitreya: Exactly. He is a Spirit. At the same time everything has been created by Him, from Him, and will return unto Him. So there is nothing that is not God. God is Everything.

Apats: But what about His spiritual form?

Maitreya: How can a Spirit have a form, Apats? Spirit is consciousness. Spirit is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. That is because if God has a form, He can have many forms. I take one form of Him and say, "It is God." You take another form and say, "No, this is God." Then we are going to be back where the five blind men and the elephant are. Each person takes a form of God, and we are going to fight with each other to eternity. Which form is Gods Form?

Any name, any form, anything that separates one part of God from the other is not the Ultimate, is not the Essence of God, is not Eternal, is not an experience. By understanding this realization, we realize that It cannot have a form. It cannot have a name. It is eternal, and the only way we can know Him is to experience Him.

OK, Apats, the rule in this room is to ask your question, listen to the answer, and then ask the next question. If you keep typing then it is going to be chaos.

Let me finish one answer, and then ask the next question. You are asking:

Apats: But how can He be limited to not having any spiritual form? God is unlimited.

Maitreya: It is not limiting God. Actually, it is releasing God from being limited because the moment you give Him a form, you are limiting Him. If He is unlimited and He is everything, all forms also are God but they are not limited only in one form.

Everything you look at is a part of God because everything has been created by God. Therefore every form also is God. At the same time we understand that if we take the manifestation as the form of God then we are limiting Him and we are separating God from God. We create disunity.

We do not say any form that you think is God, is not God. It is God. Any form that you think is God, is God. At the same time it is not the ultimate. It is not the Essence. It will create separation and therefore destruction.

You can go ahead and ask the next question if you want.

Kownsh: Is the Maitreya god to us?

Maitreya: Well, this is the Revelation from God to humanity. As Christ said, "The Father and I are one. No one can go to the Father but through me." In that moment God and Christ were one. There was no separation between them.

As Prophet Muhammad said, "Listen to the Prophet. Whatever He says is from Me." Again the conclusion is that Prophet Muhammad and God were one in that moment when Prophet Muhammad was saying that and revealing the revelation of God to humanity.

At the same time, a couple of days later, someone called Christ, "Good Rabbi." He rebuked him and said, "No one is good but God." Two days ago He was one with the Father, and there was no other way but Him and today He is not even good. What happened? How could God not be good?

There are two natures of every Prophet, as Christ called Himself, "The Son of God, and the son of man." In that moment of the oneness with God and the revelation, "The Father and I are one," there is no separation. Christ and Prophet Muhammad are God in that moment. When they are a regular man, a human, they are men, they are the sons of man.

Now you conclude yourself with this answer, if Maitreya is God or not. That is the conclusion you have to come up with.

The question is:

Kownsh: Are you Christians or Muslims?

Maitreya: That is why we ask all of you people who come to our rooms and to this room, to go to our website and study our teachings first. Then come Saturdays to this room. Therefore you would know what our teachings are.

It is the Revelation of unification of all the religions that includes: Christianity, Islam, Bahais, Hebrews (Old Testament), Hindus, Buddhists, Cabbalists, Christian Saints, Sufis, and any other religion that is from God, and unifies them together.

In this room our teaching is the fulfillment of Gods Words that at the end time His Mystery would be finished. Now this is the Revelation that takes the Mystery out of God and all the religions, unifies them, reveals to humanity what God has been doing for the last 12,000 years, and why all these religions have been sent to humanity.

If you are a seeker and you want to know God and His last Revelation, this is it. You have come to the right room.

You have to put some effort. You have to go to our website. You have to come to our rooms. You have to come here to ask questions, seek, and knock. We encourage you to research and search all religions, all our words and Revelation, and the Word of God. We do not want blind followers. We want wide-awake followers, with their eyes open, who really follow God and are a part of this teaching and us.

Go, knock, and ask. Read our teachings. See how God has been revealing all the revelations, one at a time, and now they have all been put together.

This is the Conversation Room of the Mission of Maitreya. You are all welcome to this room. We encourage all of you to go to our website and study our teachings, and then come and ask any question you might have.

Go ahead, Shirin.

Shirin: Sal-OM Maitreya and everyone. This is an observation of people who come to our room during the week, or over time. We tell them quite wonderfully that there has been a Book revealed, the Book sealed with Seven Seals.

Then there is also that verse from Isaiah 29 about a book sealed. People come in and want to argue and say, "Oh well, I can write a book. Does that make me the Messenger of God?"

The observation is that back 2,000 years ago, as you have talked in Satsang before that, books were not that common, whereas nowadays, millions of books are printed every day. People are not seeming to understand what a "Book" means. Could you elaborate more on that and put a clarification on it so that people can understand the greater meaning of, a Book?

Maitreya: A Book is a very specific Book. It is not books. It is only one Book that God has promised will come to humanity and will reveal the Mystery of God.

Actually that is a good way to say this is the Book because no one before this Revelation really wrote a book. No Prophet wrote the book Himself. They revealed the revelation orally. They never put it into a book. You can say that is another fulfillment of prophecies, the way God has revealed It.

That Book is not that anyone can sit and write a book and say, "This is the revelation of the Seven Seals, and I am the Seventh Angel." As we said many times, God does not send a Prophet, especially a major Revelation, without backing it up with prophecies, with revealing the words and fulfilling what has been foretold to come.

It was foretold to come. There would be a Book sealed with the Seven Seals. No one could open it. Actually John was very upset and started crying to see no one is going to open the Book. Then suddenly one of the angels told him, look, there it is. It is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah who is going to open the Book.

One of the requirements, right there, is to be the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. To this point the only Prophet who was from the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, was Christ. Christ did not open the Seventh Seal. He never claimed that he opened the Seventh Seal. He never revealed all the religions unified. Therefore that requirement has only been fulfilled with this Mission and this Revelation.

There are many, many prophecies that are on our website. You can go and read them and see exactly that all the religions are expecting for that Revealer to come. All has been fulfilled.

Besides this fulfillment, the Book also has been opened to humanity. That Book is a very specific, special Book. It is not a man-made Book. It is not a Book that is not backed up with the prophecies, the genealogy, and the Word of God. This Book is. So this Book is very, very special. No other Book is as special and as revealing as The Holiest Of The Holies. Now it is revealed to man.

Those who come to the room and say, "Well, I can write a book," the next questions are, "What prophecies did you fulfill? Are you the Lion of the Tribe of Judah? Have you fulfilled the prophecies of the Moslems, the Christians, the Hindus, the Buddhists, the Jews, and Baha'is?" You will find that they cannot do that.

What God has revealed to humanity is so unique that it is impossible for any man to bring all these things together by himself. It is impossible for any other man to be able to duplicate what has been revealed here to man.

Those who are really seeking the coming of Christ, Gods Revelation, and the opening of the Seventh Seal, should realize and recognize the uniqueness and the backing of God of this Revelation. If they can see that clearly, then they never can claim that they can just sit down and write a book that is based on the Word of God, unifies all the religions of the world, comes at the time that is the end time for humanity, or that previous era. Now it is revealed to man clearly how all the religions of the world have been sent by God.

Those who disagree with this or think they can sit down and write a book like The Holiest Of The Holies, know not what they say. They cannot do it. They will not be able to match the uniqueness of this Revelation and the way that it has been revealed to humanity, the timing, the prophecies, and the whole Truth that now we are presenting to humanity from God.

God is making it very clear to everyone that, "This is It, humans. Give up your egos. Give up your ideas. Give up your cultures, your biases, your revelations, and your religions. None of them are correct. None of them have the whole truth."

You have to give up human ideas and come to Gods Revelation. With clear signs and prophecies, now it is revealing to man that, "Yes, indeed, this is the Revelation that humanity has to come to understand and become one with. The more we can give this Message to all and the more people realize that their religions are a part of a greater truth, the sooner we can bring the Kingdom of God on earth, and will bring peace and unity to man.

Some people say that even if we unify everyone there is not going to be enough resources for everyone on earth. "We do not have enough oil." "We do not have enough food." There are infinite planets and space for humans to expand, to take over, and to bring greater material things for man.

Man has not been created to just stay on earth. That is why God has opened space to humanity. With knowledge and with following of science based on Spirit, man will realize that they have greater power than being attached to the resources on this earth and fighting with one another for scraps.

This Book is the healing Book. We do not heal individuals, we heal the whole earth in this time. This is the healing power that has been released to man. Little by little they will be healed from their diseased minds that are based on ego, separation, and destruction.

We will reach a point when the lion and the lamb will lie side by side and they will not fight. All the destructive weapons and ego trips that are on earth, so clearly will be left behind. This is the Path of peace. Indeed God has sent the way to bring the peace on earth, but with the lessons of history.

Humans need to understand this lesson: If it is left to you, humans, you will have wars, destruction, separation, and ego trips. You will not be able to bring peace. You cannot do it, because you fell from The Grace. Without Grace, no peace will come to you."

With Grace you will create Communities of Light, you will follow the Eternal Divine Path, you will follow the Law. Grace and the Law are the same. If you are not following the Law and you think you receive The Grace, you are in delusion. If you are in The Grace, following the Law is very simple and easy to do.

The Grace of God has been released to humanity through these teachings. It is the way to the salvation of man. It is not just a book.

Go to the bookstore, Barnes and Nobles; they have dozens of books. They have wonderful books on sale that you can purchase.

THOTH is not just a book. It is the Word of God. It is the healing power to humanity. It is the way of salvation, kingdom, peace, and unity. If the human learns their lessons for the last 12,000 years, they will bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

Tell them, "It is not just a book. It is the Word of God. It is a Revelation. It is based on the prophecies." Therefore they cannot just sit and write this Book.

Go ahead Shakti.

Shakti: Thank you, Maitreya-ji. As you were speaking I was thinking on our wonderful blessing of THOTH, The Holiest Of The Holies. It is much more than a Book, as you say. When you think of it as so much, I know of no other Book that I have ever, ever heard of, or seen, that touches and speaks to every level of human existence. It is certainly the greatest guide Book for the life of man, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

It teaches us on all levels of our existence, of how to be Godly, understanding God, everything from history, to science, to how to act, and to how to become Divine.

I just wanted to join in with this discussion. Thank you.

Maitreya: Yes, that was an experience of one person. Indeed all the Scriptures of God are the Songs of God. They touch your Soul. If a Scripture does not touch your Soul, then it is not from God. That is why people who read THOTH love it. It touches their Souls. It clears many things for them.

As Christ said, some of these wonderful Songs and seeds fall onto a good ground and give 50, 70, or 100-fold. Some fall into the places that they will not prosper and give any fruit.

Our work is to spread the seed, expand the seed, and not be attached to the result. Actually that is what Christ was saying in that parable, "Do not be attached to the result. Be surrendered and submissive to God, surrender the result to God, and know that God is doing it through you." You are not attached to the results, and you are free from them.

By doing this you just spread the Message. You give it to anyone you could. You reach out to any level you could.

As I have said, send THOTH, or send this Revelation to every governmental official, send it to every man and invite them, send to all the readers in the many different religions. Tell them, "This is a new Revelation. Their revelation is finished."

No matter who they are, if they are Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Bahais, Moslems, send the teachings to them and invite them to come and join this new Revelation of healing and unity.

Of course you might do that a hundred times, or thousands of times, and you receive nothing back. That is OK. Do another thousand, another ten thousand and maybe eventually one or two of them will fall on good ground, will see the Vision clearly, and become another seed-spreader. They spread the seed as you did. We will come to a point that we will have many farmers, or fishers of men. You become a Child of God.

But make it sure; make it very sure to yourself. Make it very clear to yourself, "It is from God! This is the last Revelation of God." If you are not sure, do not do it. If you are sure, then you are obligated, you are chosen; you have been called to come and you have no choice but to become a Child of God. You are freed from all the dogmas, disunity, and impurities of all religions and man-made ideas. You become a Child of God. You become a channel for the beauty of this Revelation.

AdeLDaharma: [Text] If you read it, you soon realize that it is from God, so much truth. Where else on earth can you find that much truth? You can't. It is from God.

Apats: Maitreya, did you get my long comments?

Maitreya: No I did not. What were your long comments? Can you post them again?

If anyone saw his long comments, I did not see any and I was not PMed. Usually if there is a comment or a question that I do not see, I am PMed. They send it to me and I can see it.

Explicit_By_Nature: I never read any other thing like it, THOTH.

Maitreya: Great! Great, Explicit. I hope that you will enjoy the Revelation and maybe become more involved with it. Come closer to the Mission. Let us know if you want to help. When you see that Vision, you are called for it. You are a part of the work. You are a part of this Revelation, and you have to become involved more with it.

Again, welcome all to the Conversation Room of the Mission of Maitreya. Here is the room that we encourage everyone to go to our website, to come to our rooms. We have four rooms here in PalTalk. Go to "All Religions Unified." Usually there are people there, or there is a schedule there. You can come when it is live and talk to them. They will help you to understand our teachings in a greater degree.

Go to our website. Study it. Then come to this room. We will be here and help you in any way that we can that you become familiar with this teaching in a greater degree.

Angel is asking:

Angel_29: Is this the real Maitreya that is well-known, or the fake one?

Maitreya: This is the real one. Well, what do you mean by real and fake in your explanation? If you call what Mr. Crme says real, when whatever he says is not real, then we have to have a discussion.

Oh, OK, all right. Apparently Angel cannot hear me. Probably the people who are in the room who are typing can let him/her know that you have to know what is the explanation of the real Maitreya and the unreal Maitreya.

If the real Maitreya is the one who has fulfilled the prophecies and his Revelation is based on Gods Words, then it is real. If the real Maitreya is the one who fulfills the expectation of Mr. Crme, then it is not, because Mr. Crme is not following the Words of God. He has his own ideas and has been resisting the Calling of God to him. Therefore, we leave him to God. When he was used for the foretelling of the coming of Maitreya in the spring of 1982, the similarity to John the Baptist is striking.

John the Baptist baptized Christ and told everyone that he was the Son of God. Then later on he sent his disciples asking him, "Are you the one?" when he himself prophesied the coming of the Christ.

Mr. Crme is doing the same thing. He prophesied the coming of Maitreya in 1982. We did not even know that he was doing this, and we reached out to humanity in 1982. He did a good job. They put ads all over the world of the coming of Maitreya, the Christ, in the spring of 1982. That is when THOTH was ready; we published it, and put it out.

Angel_29: Maitreya, when are you going to make your self known to the whole world?

Maitreya: I am ready. I am ready to make myself known to the world. I have been trying to do that.

Angel_29: Then come on. When are you coming in the USA, NY?

Maitreya: Sure. Do you have a way to do it, Angel? Do you know how to reach humanity in a greater degree?

I have been here, Angel, since 1982. Actually I have been here since 1944 but we received the Revelation in 1977, reached out to humanity in 1982, have been preaching this from 1982. Probably it is now 22-23 years now.

We have explained why this has not been spreading as fast as we had liked it to, is because of the Revelation of the coming as the thief of the night and the expectation of the Kalki Avatar to come in three reincarnations. We consider this one as being of the thief of the night, very quiet.

Angel_29: I read it, but want to see his appearance in NY, in my home town.

Maitreya: We accept this as the coming as the thief of the night this time. Of course, if God provides other channels for us to reach to humanity, I am willing to reach out in radio, television, and any other way that is provided for me. I will come and spread these Words with no fear or attachments. We will do whatever it takes to spread this Message to humanity.

In one way it has been so slow because God is so protective of this Revelation. He does not want any impurity in it. Therefore we see God has been protecting it to this point. That is why it did not become well known, very fast.

Mr. Crme did a good job in spreading the word for the coming of this Revelation. Now he has refused to recognize it, and his word is not based on the Words of God.

Angel, the reason you are red-dotted is because you keep typing, I guess. In this room you listen to the answer first, and then you type after we are done with that one answer.

If you know a way to spread this Message in a greater degree, let us know. If anyone who can provide a better channel or more inclusive channel, I will be available. We have had people who have interviewed us in papers. After we answered them, they did not publish it because apparently the answers were greater than they expected.

Angel_29: You going to kick Satan?

Maitreya: OK. Indeed Satan has no place on earth. Satan is where God is not. Since God is everywhere, Satan is the illusion of separation from God, or Maya.

Apats: My point is that God can still be one with his eternal form and appear to many in different ways as He is unlimited, out of which his impersonal nature is just one of the manifestations, but not the ultimate. For example, the president of the US is one person but appears to many (office, friends, relatives, wife, other countries, etc.) in different ways, for example as impersonal. The presidents power is known to other countries and not the president himself, but the ultimate entity behind all these is a person.

The impersonal realization of the Lord is just one step from

Maitreya: It is going too fast, Apats, and too long. Could you say this in a very short sentence?

Apats: avoiding material forms to be real, but I think more important is to know who is that entity behind his impersonal feature as well. If we all come to know

Maitreya: Oh well, that is too long. I am not going to read the whole thing. It is just like a page of a book or something that you keep posting here. The very essence of it is that God is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. That is all right, Apats, do not be sorry. It is too long, and I think you could have put that in very precise sentences.

As far as I can see in it, you are trying to say that there is a personal God that everything emanates from Him/Her, therefore, also it is an individual, it is personal and it also has all the powers. Therefore it can be a united God but at the same time it can be personal.

In the manifested universe, you might have a point. There are levels of God. In the ultimate level, He is impersonal. He is the Ultimate. He is the Essence. He is beyond manifestation, and there is no personality in it.

I received a PM. Let me read it.

Angel_29: When will you make your self known on all television for all to hear and see? Are you going to go in yahoo chat rooms too?

Maitreya: Let us answer Apats first.

In the manifested world there is a center in the universe that controls the manifested world. That is where you are. You call that center as the personal God. Even that center will be an obstacle in your way if you do not go beyond that personal manifestation of God that controls the universe and has guided and created this universe to guide man back to the Godhead. Therefore anything that is manifested, has personality, is not the ultimate.

I do not have to go through it. It is too long. If you want to send it to me with e-mail send it to the Mission and I will read it. I am not going to go through that. We are five minutes over our time already. I am just going to give you the essence of our teachings and you can either figure it out, or if you could not, send us an e-mail and I will read it and answer you there. That is because it sounds like a personal question.

But in essence anything that has personality, has manifestations, has any touch, feeling, or any thing that appeals to our senses, is not the Ultimate. That is the answer to your question. You have to go beyond your senses, your intellect, and your mind before reaching God. In that level there is nothing but Oneness, Eternity, and Unity.

Well, Angel, if you have other ways for this Revelation to be spread, send an e-mail We will go from there together.

Apats: It is just a partial realization you are talking about.

Maitreya: No, it is the Ultimate realization, Apats. What you are talking about is a partial realization. Anything that has the feeling, or is not the Essence, is a part. The Ultimate has no personality, no unit consciousness, it is the Essence and that is the Ultimate realization. Anything between where you are and that Ultimate is a part.

Have a good week. Again meditate on these Words and Revelations. Reach out to humanity in any way you can. Provide me with any outlet or way to reach in a greater degree.

We will be back here Saturday. There are some places in the website that you can even figure out your time with our time and realize when you should be here in that time. If someone has that URL that people can go and find their own time and match it with our time, that would be great.

If you need to contact thee Missionn, justt send an e-maill.

Be with God and God Bless.

Sal-OM everyone.

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