MAITREYA, Conversations with


Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation Room. Let us start our session today in the name of The Most High, The Compassionate, The Merciful, who has created all men, and there is no separation between any part of the universe and any other part. All are His Body.

Now we know that all the revelations have come from the same Source, and even the revelations of God are not separated from one another. They are unified, and all were prophesied to come at this end time.

But the body has separated itself from the Source. This separation has created chaos in the universe. The whole Work of God and His Endeavor is to return the part of the body that has been severed from It and created this chaos, to return back to the original Essence.

The part that has been severed from God has forgotten that it is a part of God. Therefore they call God, the Creator, the Father, and many other names, because they have separated themselves from that Essence. Man has to remember again and wake up from this amnesia, that he is not separated from God, and realize that his Essence is the same as the original Essence that once was one.

In order to bring this separated body from the Essence, God has been struggling with the severed body, to bring them back. But that body has created ego and illusion of separation from God. They do not realize that they are one; they are from the same body.

When they hurt another person, another being, another part of the universe, they are hurting themselves. There is no separation. So they create karma, the subconscious mind, and ego. The more they create the subconscious mind and ego, the more they feel separated and they go even in a greater degree away from God.

This is the Message to humanity, and each ego should realize and work toward that unity, negation of the ego, and eventually realize that they do not exist, but God exists. They should know that God is in every being in the universe, and they would not separate themselves by appearances of gender, nationality, culture, and ego that separate one from the other.

This room is the room for answering your questions, if you have a legitimate question, have been in our website, and have questions about these teachings: How all the religions are unified, the last Revelation of God is on earth, how every other religion can only find themselves and the truth in their religion, how God has been sending to them the revelation of God and a part of the whole truth and Plan of God, and they have to understand these teachings.

That has been the struggle that has been going on for millions of years. In the last 12,000 years the human went away from God even more, and they lost their contact with the Spirit of God, so much so that now they are absolutely separated and unaware that they are from the same Source. They are from the same God.

There cannot be many Gods. It is only ego, dogmas, misunderstandings, and human understanding that creates these separations between humans.

Each of them really believes that they have the truth. We can see this reflection in the room during the week when different people from different religions come and want to convince us that their religion is better than the religions of other people, when Gods Words completely say, clearly say, that He will be a mystery, His Work will be a mystery until the Book with the Seven Seals is opened.

They do not want to go with the Words of God. They want to go with their own understanding and their own realization. That is why our work is to continue preaching and spreading this Mission and these Words to humanity, and make them realize little by little that if they want to understand their own religions and teachings, how all the religions have come from the same Source, how each of them has a part of the truth, that they cannot see the whole truth until they open their eyes and see the whole elephant, not just a part of it.

They would recognize and realize that they are all in the same boat. Not each country is in the same boat, but the whole earth and humanity is in the same boat. If each nation and country considered themselves to be in one boat, they all then would become the gunboats and they are going to fight each boat with the other one. That is not going to work.

Considering self as separated from the rest of the universe will create destruction, disunity, wars, and all the evils that we can now see on earth. Any idea that narrows man and separates one from another will create suffering and will not succeed.

That period of human history has finished, and this is the Word of God to humanity: Come together as one, and realize My Words and My Plan. Do not be attached to your religion, your understanding, and your realization, but to the Words of God.

The Words of God clearly say that at the end time there will be a Book opened with the Seven Seals and sealed with the Seven Seals. Humanity will only understand the truth of Gods Words when they understand this Revelation and The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament. That is the Scripture that has come to humanity now.

In this time there will not be any physical miracles because physical miracles take away from the Message. Humanity concentrates so much on those miracles that they do not understand the Revelation and Message of God.

The Message this time is the miracle of this Mission. God has given so many clear signs in this Mission that it is impossible, if you have even the slightest Spirit of God in you, to not see that all these things have come from God and are explained.

So many things have been explained in the Mission that have been points of controversy for thousands of years. Now they are explained so beautifully to humanity that all can understand how they are all from the same God and are explainable.

There is no controversy in this Mission. All the points of separation have been explained and united. So are the religions of the world.

We are all blessed with Gods greatest Revelation ever. Those who read THOTH, The Holiest Of The Holies, our Scripture, and see the Vision, if they are the Elects, will be on fire of going to God.

This is not a belief based on one mans ideas that he woke up one day, cooked it up, and brought it to humanity. It is not a cult that we worship the Revealer or the Prophet over the Message of God. It is not a Revelation that is made up by the disciples that have listened to the teachings of the original revelation.

There is a question that Cheif-Rabbit is asking:

Cheif-Rabbit: What does GIWH mean?

Maitreya (GIWH): That is the abbreviation for God Is With Him. It is a way to imply the truth that has already been revealed to humanity as: God Is With Us.

God is with this Mission. God is with the Revealer. God is with Its disciples and the people who are the members of this organization. It is a confirmation of what is already the truth and revealed by God.

Cheif-Rabbit: Such titles encourage cultishness.

Maitreya: It is not a cultist word but it is a truth that is reconfirmed by those who would like to make that distinction and reveal to humanity that God is with this Mission, with these people, with this Revelation.

Duranium is asking:

Duranium: When can we ask questions?

Maitreya: You can ask questions anytime. You raised your hand. Go ahead and ask your question, Duranium. But stay on topic, the Mission of Maitreya and our teachings.

Duranium: Sal-OM Maitreya. How are you doing? Hello everyone. So Maitreya, that is very interesting saying that God is within all of us, and all the nations and man are one. But let me ask you a question. As we speak you know very well that there are millions of people around the world, billions even, that do not even have electricity, and are in very horrible situations. It is very sad. Lets talk practical. What are your practical abilities to help these people? I am talking about, not just in the United States, I am talking about people who are really suffering, who have all sorts of diseases, and all the problems, like with unclean water, and the large percentage of the people who have no electricity, and all of this stuff. What is your answer to that?

Maitreya: As you know, in the Garden of Eden, man did not have to till the ground. They had everything provided for them. They were under The Grace, and they were connected to God directly. They did not appreciate that, and they did not follow what God told them was good for them. Therefore the whole creation started going down to the point that the human lost contact with God. Now we are in this situation.

The practical part of the Mission has been revealed to humanity as a system that comes from the Communities of Light, and will create a hierarchy that will eventually help the chosen people, or the Paravipras (that is what we call them). They will bring the Kingdom of God on earth by that practical part of the Mission.

To create that Kingdom and bring all kinds of help to every individual in all parts of the earth and eliminate all the suffering that is on earth, we need to create the Facilitating Body. This Facilitating Body will divide the earth into twelve sections, and each section will be divided into separate sections until we reach to the Communities of Light.

This Facilitating Body will create the Communities of Light all over the earth. After the Communities of Light are created, the hierarchy will emerge from these Communities of Light, from the very grassroots of humanity. When all the other systems eventually realize that they will not be able to bring the peace, unity, and prosperity to man, this system will replace that old system that is not working and will not work because it is not based on the Will of God any longer.

When that hierarchy is created, we can distribute the resources in a more equal way on earth, and also reach to space and bring more resources. Therefore humanity can have enough resources for everyone. Actually there are enough resources for everyone even now on earth. The problem is the distribution.

We are not saying that we will completely take the higher standard of living from those who have and give them to those who have not. But by utilizing the new science, a new way of creating resources, we would be able to have enough resources for everyone and eventually eliminate that suffering.

If your next question is, That is in the future. What are we going to do now? this tribulation, destruction, and suffering has been foretold and prophesied in all the Scriptures. The reason for the suffering is the resistance of humans to listen to the Word of God and the original Plan for them to return to the Godhead.

We have to see the suffering. It is sad. I agree with you. Your human part and my human part are indeed sad when we see people are killed, destroyed, and absolutely uprooted from their lives. It does not look good. It is not good. We do not like it but that is what God said was going to happen.

Go ahead, Duranium.

Duranium: That is all very interesting, Maitreya. Obviously you speak many grains of truth in there in regards to facilitating research and new technologies to help people, and so on and so forth. Now though, let me ask you this, are you, Maitreya, the son of God? Are you God in the Flesh? Do you say that you are God?

Maitreya: That question has been asked of me many times, and the answer is the same: It is you who has to prove it to yourself. As Christ said, If I say I am, you will not believe me. And if I say I am not, I am lying.

But that is my understanding. That is my realization. I have proved that to myself to be true. This is the last Revelation of God, and the Spirit of God is upon the Revealer. All the Revealers had the Spirit of God on them, and therefore they and God were One. No one goes to the Father but through him.

But those are just words. If you believe them because I tell you so, that is not good. If you prove it to yourself and believe it is so, then that is great because you have proven it to yourself.

It is not the preacher that is telling you. It is not my disciples are telling you that I am the Seventh Angel, the Revealer of the Seventh Seal, the opener of the Book sealed with the Seven Seals, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Sayyed, and this and that, which are all revealed in the website. You have to study, see the Revelation that is based on the Words of God, and see the prophecies and everything else.

Eventually you will say, Yes, he makes sense. It came in the right time. It is all there. Then you will say, Yes. I believe. When you believe, then you have proven it to yourself.

Go ahead, Duranium.

Duranium: Do you one day plan to, or hope to, have phenomenal world power in the sense that you would be in a political position to facilitate these plans and these things that are detailed on the website? If that were the case, how would you get into that position? Have you ever pondered this? For example, do you speak with or commune with various world leaders, ambassadors, and others? What are your hopes and goals in this area of political influence?

Maitreya: As I explained, the whole idea is the creation of the Facilitating Body. When the Facilitating Body is created, I will be the heart of that hierarchy and as the center of the rallying around to focus on, to bring that Facilitating Body.

When the Facilitating Body is created and eventually the Communities of Light are formed, the hierarchy will come from the communities. They will replace the Facilitating Body, and eventually me. Then I will not be reincarnated for a long time.

Duranium: Sorry about that.

Maitreya: Why are you sorry about that? You can comment later. But I will be reincarnated any time it is necessary for the hierarchy to go back to the Godhead and bring the truth of the Seven Seals to humanity.

Therefore, God indeed will be the King and the head of the hierarchy on earth. That is why it is called the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, or the Kingdom of God on earth.

Go ahead, Cheif-Rabbit.

Cheif-Rabbit: Sal-OM Maitreya. Thank you. I find many things you say are very interesting. One thing I would like to ask, and I hope you do not see this as a challenge because of challenge, your philosophies or ideas, some of them are new or uniquely tempered; many of them are not. That is not the problem.

I do have one thing that I do consider to be a problem, which is anyone who is touched in terms of spirituality, anyone who lives an authentic spiritual life is first of all humble. I think you do have a certain amount of humility.

I visited the website earlier. I would be a fool to make any kind of conclusion early. What I do wonder at is why do you think you have so many individuals, there are a number of them here, to tell people what they should do and how they should do it? They eradicate some of the natural forms of communication. They sterilize the interaction. I wonder if you really do believe in God, and if you do believe in the Divine, why do you have to reduce everyone down to becoming robotic so that you can say what you want to say? Why cant you deal with natural interaction? Why do these people act in your behalf in a way that they strip the naturalness from the interaction in a way that doesnt seem spiritual; it seems controlling.

Maitreya: Well, the reason for it is because they have had so much experience in this room with the people who come. They have to deal with the energies that have not been very kosher and have not been very nice.

We have been very open to PalTalk and humanity. Of course, you always have to go to my Words. That is why I come to this room. You have to go to my teaching and what I teach. As Christ said, The disciple is not greater than the Master. They might have some ego still left in them that is not completely pure. That is why I come on Saturdays to straighten things up for everyone.

If you are coming to our room during the week, you are nice, you are really a seeker, and you are not really here to prove your own ideas of being the truth, but you open yourself to the truth that has been revealed to humanity through this Vessel, then they will be very nice to you indeed. They will take you into their Spirit and treat you as brothers and sisters and not as telling you what to do.

I think they probably have a little feeling of protecting me from the unkosher energies, and that is very understandable. Their love for God is so much that they feel that they need to put some effort not to let any unclean energy to enter the aura of this Mission.

But they are good people. They are all fantastic people that love God with their hearts and minds.

Then the point of compassion comes for you to put yourself in their shoes and understand their feelings also, as they should put themselves in your shoes and understand your feelings and where you are coming from.

If you see the truth in my Words and this teaching, go beyond the appearances, the disciples, and go right to the Heart of God, which is the Revelation, and hang on to those, instead of hanging on to the disciples. Then you can go beyond the small things in life to a greater Revelation of God and connect yourself to the higher things. Do not let the small things bother you but go to the greater belief and understanding.

I hope that answered your question.

Go ahead Duranium.

Duranium: Well, this is all very interesting. But the fact of the matter is this; you are just another wolf wrapped up in sheeps clothing. OK?

Maitreya: OK Duranium. We are not interested in your opinions. It does not make a bit of difference whatsoever what you think. We have proven to ourselves that it is from God. If you believe that we are the wolf in sheeps clothing then you do not belong here. You can take your ideas and opinions to yourself, because they do not make any difference whatsoever. Actually you are the wolf in sheeps clothing, coming here with the flowery words and suddenly taking off the mask of the sheep and revealing your real identity.

That is why we told you that you have to prove it to yourself that it is from God. Coming here and saying these things is just pure ego. If you had some truth you would have kept it to yourself and proved that you have a greater truth.

That is not the case because this is indeed from God and this has been prophesied to come. This will succeed, because this is the truth.

We can see again the people who come to the room bring the energy that is not acceptable as the people who are the seekers of the truth. This is not the way to come to a room and then come up with these kinds of words, which are hateful. This is from ego. This is from separation, and that is the problem that we have on earth.

Humanity is separating themselves by trying to discredit Gods revelations. You can go to the Christian rooms, and they have bad words for the Moslems. You can go to the Moslem rooms, and they have bad words for the Christians and Jews.

People come to our room and say, Death to the Jews, or, Destruction to Israel. Some other people come and say, No, you should become a Moslem. Another one comes and says, No, you have to become Christian and follow Christ; he is the only way. We can see confusion is everywhere.

These teachings have lifted this confusion. And they are not ready for it.

That is why there are so few people here that have seen the Vision. Indeed this Mission is so huge and has so much truth that it will take three incarnations to completely implement it on earth.

This incarnation is the Revelation. The next incarnation is the Implementation. The third incarnation is Execution.

In this lifetime we will reveal the truth to humanity. We come as the thief of the night, very quietly. But the Revelation is the truth. No matter how few people are in it, it does not make any difference.

Actually the more truth there is, the fewer people will be in it because it will force them to see themselves. Humanity is very fearful of facing the self. Only the brave people are willing to go beyond nationality, beyond gender, beyond their own understandings, and listen to Gods Words and Revelation. Therefore this lifetime is the life of the thief of the night, quiet Revelation that has been spread all over the world.

How many people have downloaded our teachings? How many people have seen our website?

It already is 200 years ahead of any other religion on earth before it. There has never been a religion that has been revealed to humanity based on all the truth and the signs for humanity to see that it is from God, then be distributed, be corrected by the Prophet himself, and put in a system that anyone on earth, with a couple of clicks, can go and see the truth.

Those who cannot see this, I am very sorry for their Souls because they are lost in their own understanding. They are not the seekers of the truth. They are the seekers of being correct, being right, when what they believe and say is not according to Gods Words. It is not based on the Scriptures.

God said clearly that there are going to be Seven Revelations, and the Seventh Seal is not going to open until the end time, and on and on. It is here.

No one can stop it. It is done. It has revealed the prophecies.

Then he asked why there is suffering. That is why there is suffering. You are resisting the Word of God. You are resisting the Revelation that has come from the Highest to humanity. The more you resist, the more suffering will be there. The things, like what he did in this room, should not affect you a bit because that is what humanity is and that is where they are.

If they are Buddhists, they say, No, you have to become Buddhist. Buddha said there is no God. Buddha never said that. Buddha was just sick of the many gods in the Hindu religion. His followers asked him, How about this god, how about that god?

Buddha said, Just forget about gods. Know thyself and realize that you are a part of God, and you have His Essence. Buddha purified Hinduism.

Someone was saying that Buddhism is Hinduism that can be exported to other cultures and religions. That is because if you want to become a real Hindu, as the way they are, you have to live in India. It is very hard to export Hinduism to other countries because they have so many temples, so many gods. You even have to dip into the Ganges to be cleansed, and the Ganges is in India.

Buddhism is the purification of Hinduism. It can be exported to other countries, and it makes sense, indeed. It is much easier to follow Buddhism than Hinduism for a lot of people in other countries.

Anyway they come here and say, No, Prophet Muhammad is the last Prophet, when Prophet Muhammad himself said, I did not reveal everything. How can someone be the last Prophet if he did not reveal everything, and he did not cover the Mystical Paths?

The Christians say, Well, we are the only way. And Christ said, I shall return. How many times? He did not say, I shall return only one more time. He said, I shall return, and he did. He did return four more times.

The Jews say, We are the chosen people and no one else is, when God revealed to Judah that He would have the lawgiving until the Shiloh came. When the Shiloh, or Christ, came he said, The Kingdom will be taken away from you and given to another nation. That was it. That was the end of the mission given to the Hebrews.

The Hebrews split into ten tribes. One came to the West, and another went to Iran and those areas.

Of course, I am connected to the Jewish, or Hebrew, genealogy as well. Indeed, I am a Jew. I am a Hebrew. I am a Moslem because I am also connected to Prophet Muhammad.

God has left no doubt. For those who really want to know the truth, this is the truth.

And I have no ego. There is no reason to have any ego because ego is in the way. If I have ego then I am in your way to God. If you have ego, you are away from God.

That is what I am teaching you, go to God, go to the Revelation, go to the teachings. I am here to be with you, to explain them to you, to guide you as much as I can. I can explain these Words and Gods Revelation. And it makes sense. Gods Revelation, this Revelation, makes sense.

All these religions and all these people including Hindus, Buddhists, Cabbalists, Saints in Christianity, and Sufis have to realize that they are unified. They are all the Mystical Paths. We did not put the Mystical Paths out.

For instance in the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Bahai teachings there is no teaching about meditation, becoming one with God in the Spirit. No, You die, you go to heaven, which is a place. It has all the physical attributes. How can it be the ultimate? If it has physical attributes, it is not the ultimate. It still has the sense of touch, the sense of smell, and the sense of sight.

The ultimate is what Buddha said is indescribable. That is why he called Nirvana, nothingness. Anyway it is not nothingness. It is Oneness with God.

We can see that we did cover the Mystical Paths and that the Judeo/Christian/ Islamic/Bahais did not. So none of them can say that they are perfect because none of them covered the Mystical Paths.

Anyway, all these people who come to this room, do not understand us, they do not want to see, seek, and understand these teachings. The only thing they want to know is to prove we are wrong and they are right. They are not Elects. They are not seeking the truth. We are dealing with those kinds of energies. Then they say, Why is there destruction? It is because you are not seeking the truth.

Moslems say, We are the best one. We have the only and the last revelation, when their Prophet said it is not.

Christians say, We are the only way. Either you come to us, or we will kill you.

Moslems say, We are trying to kill you; we will behead you. We can see the destruction that is going on, on earth.

Then they blame God. No, you cannot blame God. God sent this Revelation that is telling you what is His last Revelation, how you can unify. It is your responsibility to see this truth and to be the seekers of the truth.

We rejoice. With all this negativity, with all this separation, ego, and destruction, we rejoice because we know what is coming. The Golden Age is coming. The truth is here.

Our work is to create the Facilitating Body, to create a Body to bring the Communities of Light all over the earth, and eventually, one day, humanity will see that their way is not going to work. It will not give fruit.

This Mission will give fruit. It already has.

If you are a Spanish language person or if you know anyone who speaks Spanish, now our Spanish website is mostly translated to the Spanish language. Even they can do that, go to our website and read it in their own language. It has already been translated in French, a lot of parts.

Of course, we encourage everyone to learn English. English is not even my mother tongue. I was not born in it. I learned it later. We encourage everyone to learn English so that you can go to the Revelation, as it was revealed to humanity in the English language.

It was not revealed in Persian, or Arabic, but in a language that God has chosen to become an international language. It is a language that has many words from all cultures. It has been influenced greatly with the Jewish and Arabic language. It is based on Latin, which is a Hindu/European/Persian language. Therefore it has the unification of all the languages together. That is why God made it an international language.

It is a very powerful language because it has been influenced with all these powerful languages together. If you want to know the essence of our teachings, it is revealed in English. Therefore we encourage everyone to learn English.

This language eventually will become the international language. As it evolves, other words will enter it from other languages and will make it even more powerful.

We can see words like Daharma, Karma, and things like that have been added to the English language for the last fifty years. When I came to this country, most people did not even know what Daharma means, or what Karma means. All those words, now ask anyone and they have some idea at least what they mean.

Indeed God is Great! God is revealing to humanity what He was doing and how the religions of the world are now united.

Should we believe in Duranium to come and tell us that we are wrong, or other people who are fighting us tooth and nail? Or, should we believe in the Word of God? I would rather listen to God than to negative people who have no idea what they think they know.

God also has made it very safe this time for the Prophet. He created the Internet. You can hear me in Australia. You can hear me in Asia. You can hear me all over the world, and you can go and read the Revelation in our website absolutely free and see what God was doing.

It has never happened to any other Prophet. This indeed is great in the Eye of God and the Spirit.

This is the salvation of humanity, the salvation of man, to come and seek the truth. I do not mind if people do not believe in what I say or what I claim. That is fine. But I ask you first to go and study the teachings, read the Revelation, the Word of God, the prophecies, the genealogy, the truth that has been revealed to us, and then tell me what is wrong with it.

If you find something wrong with this Revelation, if you can find something that is not completely Godly in it, then you have found the wrong spirit.

But that is not the truth. The truth is that indeed we have been trying to find something wrong with it for the last twenty-five years. Any situation that we threw at it, it comes out that the answer is the Communities of Light, the answer is the Eternal Divine Path. It will solve the problem.

There is a question by N-Flamel.

N-Flamel: What does the name Maitreya mean, and where is he coming from originally?

Maitreya: Maitreya evolved from many roots. It also might have come from Mitta, Hotei, and Mithra.

It has been translated as, friend, compassionate, the fifth Buddha, the coming of the expectation of the Buddhists of the next Buddha, and the belief of Mithra. It is just one explanation that might have something to do with the root of Mithraism.

Mithra was an expectation of the coming of Shah Bahram by the Zoroastrian people. They believe that when he comes he will end the fight between Ahora Mazda and Ahriman. Ahora Mazda was the name of their God. And Ahriman was the name of devil or evil. At that time Ahora Mazda, or God, will eventually defeat the devil, Ahriman.

That was the base of the idea that eventually created Judaism. It was the first time that the teaching split into God and the devil, two beings. Before that there was no devil. There was only God, and there was no separation.

The Zoroastrians started the idea of God and the devil. Then the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Bahai teachings evolved from that culture. Also it was the Will of God, and God chose all those people and everything that is explained in our teachings.

The word Mithra, some people say eventually traveled to India and North India and China. It evolved as it went up in North Asia, to Hotei, Mitta, and all those words. Eventually it became a prophecy of the coming of Maitreya, which almost has the same meaning as Shah Bahram in the Zoroastrian teaching.

It has been foretold by Buddha that after Buddhism no longer has the original teaching, Maitreya (the Fifth Buddha) will come, and he will bring back the truth of Buddhism. Of course, Buddhism was not written down for five hundred years.

We know what will happen even in a few minutes when you play the telephone game. It is a game that around twenty people come together. The first person whispers something in the ear of the second person. The second person repeats it to the third person, and the third person to the fourth person. By the time it reaches the twentieth person, when they ask what the first person said, you can see the words have completely changed.

Five hundred years of not completely formulating Buddhism might have had a lot of effect on what eventually became Buddhism. As it has been explained in our website, Buddhism was supposed to last for 5,000 years but for some reason Buddha said it was going to be cut to half.

So two thousand-five hundred years after Buddha, this new teaching will come to humanity. That is exactly where we are. We are two thousand-five hundred years after the event of Buddha. That also fulfills the prophecy, and Buddhists have to realize and recognize the coming of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Bahais also are a part of the coming of this Revelation. They have to accept those parts and include those to the teaching of the Buddha and realize that Buddhism also was the purification of Hinduism. With this understanding they will have all the religions that they usually do not include in their teaching, and they will become more perfect.

The first time I received the name, Maitreya, I was told it means compassionate. Compassionate, of course, means the corrective love. It is not unconditional love; it is corrective love, the Love of God.

It is just like fatherly love. Although the father loves his son, or his children, he might correct them so that they continue to become perfect. Compassion is even better than unconditional love because in unconditional love it means that, I do not even correct you and make you to go to a greater degree of progress.

Well, probably just go and search for the name Maitreya in the Internet, or the name Hotei, or Mitta, and all those names. You can see that there are many, many meanings for them. The original name is not known. It is not completely verified where it came from. But there are many explanations of where it came from.

The most important thing is that it is prophesied to come. It has been said it will come, 2,500 years after Buddha.

The Hindus are waiting for the Kali Yuga to finish, and it was finished in the 1900s. All in all it completely shows that a new wine will come to humanity, a new Revelation, a new teaching. And this is it. It has come.

You do not have to take my word for it. You have to prove it to yourself. This is an individual quest.

I am not a teacher to tell you, you have to believe this is the only way. I can tell you it is the only way but you have to prove it to yourself. It is a Revelation to the Elects, to those who are really seeking the truth, not wanting to be correct or right in what they believe.

It has all been given. It has been explained for the last twenty-five years or so to humanity. You can go to the website. Now we have a new search engine, very powerful. I have received some reports from people that they have gone to the website and used our search engine, and they say it is very powerful and you can find a lot of things about many things, any question you might have. So go and search.

God has been guiding humanity of how to search, to find the truth, for the last 100 years. One-hundred years ago, or two-hundred years ago, or one-thousand years ago people did not know how to go to the library, go to the catalogue, and find things they wanted to search and understand.

Our education is based on researching and coming up with the facts. That is what we want you to do about this Mission. We want you to go search, seek, knock, and the answers will be given to you.

It is the truth. It is proven to us that no matter what the problem is, with the Communities of Light, with the creation of the Communities of Light, by following the Eternal Divine Path, you can bring the Kingdom of God on earth. By understanding our teachings you realize why God created history, why God took away our spiritual powers from us and made us to the flesh that we are, and we have our third eye, which is not even open.

As we create the Communities of Light, as we attract the Facilitating Body for the Mission, we will return back, having all those powers back, but not misusing them as they did before the flood of Noah.

It is up to you. I give you the Revelation.

When the people in the room direct you to the website, their work is done and my work is done. The only thing that is left is for you to prove it to yourself.

Then when you realize, Yes, indeed it is from God, you say, I want to help. I want to be a part of it. I want to be on the bandwagon. I want to have the latest or last Word of God. I want to be in the chariot that will carry those who will come to it, to the highest level. Then we are co-workers. We are brothers and sisters, and we can come together, create the Facilitating Body, and eventually create the Communities of Light.

It is not easy. As you can see, humanity is not yet ready for this Revelation. They still have their own ideas, and they do not want to change. They want us to change to their understandings. It is not going to happen.

Please tell everyone out there, Do not come here and try to change us. It is not going to happen. It is a waste of time for them, and it is a waste of time for us. We would rather concentrate on the Mission and this Revelation. We have proven to ourselves that this is It. This is the truth. Do not waste your time. Do not waste our time. Do not come here claiming, We are wrong. OK, sure, that is your idea. That is your opinion. Just keep it to yourself. Realize that we are not going to change.

If you can understand that, then we can just sit and discuss things. See what you have. What do you have? What truth do you have? Why do you think we are wrong?

Study our teachings, and then come here and we can discuss them. That is what this room is all about. We want to discuss with you. But coming here, yelling, and saying we are wrong is immature.

OK, there is a question. Let me read what it is. N-Flamel is asking:

N-Flamel: My question is, where does the theosophical symbol on your site come from?

Maitreya: Which symbol is the theosophical? Are you talking about the Lotustica or the Lotus? Which symbol is the theosophical symbol?

Are you talking about the Lotustica, which looks like a swastika? The swastika is the most ancient symbol on earth. You can find it in every culture all over the earth. That is one of the symbols of the movement of the kundalini and the rising of spiritual energy.

Many people have seen that, and that symbol was known as a positive thing, as good luck, as a good thing. Indeed the very plus sign (+) has come from the sign swastika. Therefore when you say, this number + this number, it is a positive symbol to add a number to another number to make it greater than each of them.

N-Flamel: The whole thing I meant.

Maitreya: OK. I see. The whole Greatest Sign? I did not know that the Theosophical Society had the whole Greatest Sign. Actually, I do not think anyone had The Greatest Sign until it was revealed to humanity in 1977.

No one knew it before that, but when it eventually evolved to The Greatest Sign gradually. So I do not think the Theosophical Society has The Greatest Sign.

OK. Do you want to take the mic and tell us what part of The Greatest Sign do they have? I do not think they have the whole Greatest Sign. They might have had all the religions symbols together and believe in what they believe.

Even the Theosophical Society has some truth but they forgot that they should follow God. They thought that they could choose Maitreya. They placed themselves in Gods shoes, and they said, We are going to choose Maitreya. We are going to be the people who are going to select Maitreya instead of waiting for the Revelation and the prophecies to come and God to send Maitreya to us.

They accepted Krishnamurti as Maitreya, and Krishnamurti realized that he is not Maitreya. He did not fulfill the prophecies. He did not bring the Seven Seals and all that. And he did not feel that he is the one. So he dissolved their organization as a founder of Maitreya.

N-Flamel: Im learning, that is why Im asking questions, honest.

Maitreya: Sure, that is fine, Flamel. Questions are welcome here. Sincere questions are sincerely welcome here. We appreciate those people who are sincere and want to ask sincere questions.

That is because this is not a joke to us. This is our life. This is the truth, and we welcome your questions.

But you are saying that the theosophical people have The Greatest Sign. They do not. Unless you are talking about a specific part of The Greatest Sign, that they might have it in their signs also. Then you can ask about that part. But do not tell me that they have The Greatest Sign. They do not.

As Shirin is typing in text, you can go to that Greatest Sign explained, and see the explanation of The Greatest Sign. You might see some similarity. [more typing in text]

OK, fine. If they did not, that is fine. Just tell us exactly which sign you are talking about, and then I can explain it to you.

Most of the signs, the six of them from the I-Ching, to the sign of Solomon, to the cross, to the Islamic sign, to the Bahais symbol, and the sign of Ananda Marga, are the signs for their organizations. That is what they brought to humanity. The Seventh, the Expanding Lotus, is the sign that came from this Mission, and also putting all of them together as The Greatest Sign.

A lot of people think that what we have brought is the same as what they already have. A lot of Bahais come to our room and say, Well, what you have, we already have.

No, they do not. It is absolutely different than the Bahai Teaching. The Bahai Teaching is not based on the Scriptures and the Word of God. They say the Revelations and Major Manifestations are going to come forever. Every 1,000 years there is a Major Manifestation going to come; yet God said there is going to be a time that the Mystery of God is going to finish. There is going to be a last Major Manifestation that brings the whole Revelation of God to humanity, and this is it. Therefore the coming of the Major Manifestations is not forever.

Now you come and say the Theosophical Society has The Greatest Sign. They do not. Please do not just spend a couple of minutes in the website and think that you know the whole teaching. It takes a sincere seeker an average of seven years to see the whole Vision of this Revelation. Average. Some people understand it faster. Even they take at least a couple of years.

Some people understand it slower. Some people never understand it. They never get the idea. That is unfortunate but that is the truth.

That is why we emphasize: Go to the website, read the teachings, see the Revelation, compare it with the Word of God, see the prophecies are fulfilled, and know that the genealogy is accomplished. All that is just for you to eventually come to this conclusion.

It is different. It is new. It has not been on earth for 12,000 years. There is no comparison with anything that is on earth. It is not possible.

The Book itself, The Holiest Of The Holies, one could write thousands of books for each sentence in that Book. It is not that simple of a Revelation for humanity to completely fathom.

That is why I am putting so much effort. That is why the people in the room are putting so much effort. That is why other people are translating the teachings to different languages and providing them for the people in their language to be able to understand them. That is why we need people to come and become teachers, understand, see this Vision, and spread it all over the world. And, that is why we need the Facilitating Body who will become the first fruits and eventually will create the Communities of Light.

It is not a teaching from one person who comes to humanity, creates a cult, a small little organization, and is happy because he can have his physiological and safety needs provided, a couple of people bow down to him, and he says, Oh, that is it. I made it. Eventually they all kill themselves, and they become a cult.

This is not a cult. We connect you to God. That does not mean that you should be disrespectful to the Prophet. But we connect you to God. And this is the fulfillment of the prophecies.

It is not a joke. We are not here to argue with people. We are not here to be told we are wrong. That is fine, they can come here and tell us we are wrong, but they are wasting their time.

Those who are in the Mission should be in the Mission because they are sincere. They have realized indeed, it is the last Revelation of God, and no one can shake their belief, their knowing this truth, and guiding everyone to God.

WarningWolf is saying,

WarningWolf: There is only one way to God, and that is Jesus!

Maitreya: Well, if you mean Esa the Christ, you are correct. But he came seven times, and he revealed to humanity Seven Revelations. He has shown the Way, and indeed he is the Way. There is no other Way but him. No one goes to the Father but through him.

You are correct. But he came seven times. You have to recognize and realize that. Then you will go to God through him. If you recognize and realize that, your sentence is correct.

But do not narrow yourself to one revelation, become narrow, and miss the real boat, which includes everyone. If you narrow yourself, you will create suffering. You will create destruction, and you will not succeed. What we say here is based on the Scriptures, indeed it is based on the Bible, and it is based on the Words of God.

Expand yourself, and if you are the true seeker, WarningWolf, go study, understand our teachings, seek, knock, ask, and you will be answered. You eventually will see that this is the truth.

But the Words of God are different than what your preacher is telling you, what your mullah is telling you, what your rabbi is telling you, what your brahmin is telling you, and what your guru is telling you. It is different.

Gods Word is inclusive. He is Everything. There is nothing that can separate any part of the universe from any other part. Any philosophy or understanding that brings that disunity is not the complete truth from God.

WarningWolf: Why do you have the ultimate wisdom?

Maitreya: It is because God is with me, and God has the ultimate Wisdom. It is impossible for a man to reveal what has been revealed through this Mission to humanity. It is impossible!

If you understand our teachings and the amount of truth that has come through this Revelation, you will be amazed at how much you did not know, how much was not revealed to humanity, and how all the points of contention and separation are now unified.

Dont you believe that God has all the Wisdom? If God has all the Wisdom, His Spirit comes through His Prophets as One. That is why Christ said, The Father and I are one.

You will not receive the whole Revelation and truth of God until you understand our teachings. That is the Message I have been pounding on humanity for the last twenty-five years.

Your religion is limited if you do not understand this Revelation. This is your salvation.

As Christ said, He shall return. But how many times? He returned four more times after he came as what you follow, as Jesus. He said, You will be saved by my name. His name was not even Jesus. How can you be saved when you even do not know what his name was? There is no J in Hebrew.

I am sorry, it sounds like I am attacking your religion. I am not. I am just expressing the truth of the teaching that has come to humanity. His name was not even Jesus. How can you be saved when he said you would be saved in my name?

He said, Many will come to me and say, I healed in your name, and I will say, I know you not. Why? It is because you cannot be saved by the name of Jesus. You think you are saved by his name. His name never was that.

WarningWolf: Isnt your teaching one of many?

Maitreya: No, it is not. It is THE absolute teaching, the last Revelation of God, the opening of the Seven Seals and the Book sealed with the Seven Seals. It is the most unique teaching on earth. No one has this teaching. No one could have this teaching unless God chose that person who reveals this teaching to humanity with clear signs of prophecies, of genealogy, of the truth of the Word of God

It is not one of many. It is THE only one that takes you to God, is from God, and any other out there either is a part of this or is not correct.

Again, do not take my word for it. It sounds so egoistical the way I say it. But the truth is that you have to go and find this out for yourself.

WarningWolf: What is in a name? It is about the person!

Maitreya: God has a Name that cannot be uttered externally. That Name is the only Name acceptable as the Name of God. That is why when the Hebrews would utter the Name of God it was considered as taking the Name of God in vain. They would have been stoned.

The reason was because you cannot utter the Name of God. Eventually it was corrupted as Yahweh, and Jehovah. Even then the Hebrews have it as consonants. There are no vowels. They do not have any vowels. It means you cannot read a word if there are no vowels in it. Consonants cannot be uttered. That is why they write it in consonants so humanity knows that it is not utterable. And that is the Name of God.

That is the Word that Christ gave to his disciples to heal with. That is why when they were healing in the Northern Kingdom, that magician came and begged them to give him the Name they used to heal people. If they had healed in the name of Jesus, why did he have to beg them to give him the Name? If they were saying, I heal in the name of Jesus, he would have used the same name, Jesus, to heal.

But they would not utter it. That is why the magician was begging the disciples, What is that name, that you use to heal with?

Those who today heal in the name of the Father, Son, and Jesus, etc., are healing in the wrong name. Actually Jesus means, Victory to Zeus. They heal in the name of Zeus.

If you are the seekers of the truth, these are the truths that I am giving to you. If you want to be right, of course, you will be very angry with me by now, which is OK. But the truth is that the Name of God that Christ said you would be saved with, is not Jesus.

You do not even have the Name. How can you be saved? There it is. You have to really think about these things and realize that your salvation is a mistake. You are thinking you have the salvation but you do not even know His Name.

Ponder on these truths, and know that God indeed has a special Name. If you know that Name then you will be saved, if you follow His Words to the max and become a part of His Revelation.

This truth has come to humanity so clearly. So wonderfully it is explaining things that they did not know. Now they do.

WarningWolf: Maitreya, they say you are the anti-Christ? What do you say to those who say that?

Maitreya: How can the anti-Christ base his words on the Words of God? Didnt Christ say the anti-Christ would divide and conquer? How can the anti-Christ unify, fulfill the prophecies, the genealogies, etc.?

Again it is up to you to prove it to yourself that, am I anti-Christ or otherwise. It does not make any difference for you, or anyone, if I say, No, I am not the anti-Christ. Also we do not deny that Christ came in the flesh. We not only do not deny he came in the flesh; we say he came seven times in the flesh.

We are even ahead of the Christians. They say he came only once. We say, No, he came even before creation as Adam, as the first teacher of humanity, and on and on.

Another question is:

N-Flamel: Was Jesus married?

Maitreya: Most probably yes. Again that is a point of controversy, and it does not make that much of a difference to understanding his message, Gods message, and this Revelation.

Most probably he had more than one wife because that is what the Jewish people taught and followed. In fact if you were not married, you would not be considered a rabbi. You would not be considered a Jewish teacher. In the Jewish community, that tradition still is in force: If you are not married, you cannot become a spiritual teacher.

Therefore most probably he was married. Mary and Martha seemed to be pretty close to him. Most probably they were his wives.

Another questions from N-Flamel is:

N-Flamel: How about the Rosicrucians?

Maitreya: The Rosicrucians also have some truth. They realize that Christ really did not die on the cross. How can you kill some thing that is immortal? But our teaching is way beyond the Rosicrucians or any other teaching on earth. It will take you to salvation. Like everyone else, they have some truth but they do not have the whole truth.

OK, we are at the end of our time. I hope these words of Wisdom, the Spirit of God, have come through.

OK, this is the last question that I will answer:

WarningWolf: What will be your biggest moment to reveal yourself to humankind? When, how, and where?

Maitreya: It is up to God what He wants me to do and when I will reveal myself to humanity. I have been revealing myself to humanity since 1982. As had been prophesied by Benjamin Crme, in the spring of 1982, Christ would come to humanity.

Actually he called Maitreya, Christ, I did not. Therefore that prophecy also is fulfilled.

It is revealed to humanity already. Go to our website. My picture is there. My teaching is there. Everything is there. It reveals everything.

It seems that this lifetime has come very quietly as the thief of the night. No matter how much effort we put into it, we have not really been exposed to the media and the masses at this time.

Not only do we connect with people in the Internet, we also have many contact people who live in different countries. We reach out and use any possibility that God provides for us. Of course, we need a lot of resources to be able to reach out in a greater degree, as I said, and eventually create the Facilitating Body and create many communities on earth.

There are also some people in some communities that are afraid to profess that this is the truth because they live in countries or nations that if they do that they are going to be in trouble. So they cannot even do that. We can see that we are working with a lot of elements and situations, but eventually those obstacles will be lifted and we will succeed.

Sal-OM everyone. Have a good week. Be with God. Ponder on these words. This Conversation will be in the website in a couple of hours. Go to the website, go to the newsflash, and you can download it and listen to it again. You will be able to see it in a deeper and clearer way. It is available to you there.

So Sal-OM and see you next week.

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