MAITREYA, Conversations with


Maitreya: Sal-OM and welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation Room. Welcome, and as usual, it is a conversation room that is open every week on Saturday at 10 AM, for everyone in the whole world to come here and ask the questions they might have about this new Revelation and teaching. We can have an intelligent, articulate, and friendly way to see who is the truthful one. We can discuss our teachings and come to some conclusion as to why we claim that all religions of the world are unified, where in this Plan your religion falls, and why this is the Correct One because it has been prophesied to come at this time for humanity.

If you have the slightest spirit of inquiry, are a searching Soul, and truly want to know the truth about God, creation, history, government, hierarchy, and the way God wants things to be done, all the answers have been given in this Revelation. There is no other revelation before it, which is complete and perfect but the One, that will come at the end time, the last Revelation after the opening of the Seventh Seal. It is the obligation of every human to search, knock, ask the questions, and realize that what we are saying here is the truth, or they conclude it is not.

It is up to every person to prove this for himself or herself by studying our teachings, seeing the Word of God in the Scriptures, and understanding that God said this Revelation would come at the end time. And we indeed are at the end time.

If you study our teachings, little by little you will realize that now God is telling humanity that He has promised many things throughout history. Now He has sent the fulfillment of all of them. He has fulfilled many things that He promised in the past. If He promised things and He fulfilled them, then God truly exists. If He promised that His Kingdom will come, so it will. No one can resist the Will of God.

The human has the free choice to choose God or not. If they choose God, they can go to Him and become one with Him. If they choose not to go to God, of course, they go away from the Oneness, and that is where the hell is. Hell is, not being one with God.

That is why we are here in this room. I have been giving Satsangs or Discourses for the last twenty-five years, and they are all on the website. They are read during the week in the PalTalk room called, "All Religions Unified." Our work is to give this Message, or to disseminate and spread this Message, to the whole of humanity. With every opportunity that God gives us, that is what we will do: To let humanity know that there is an alternative to the human way.

The human way is the way of ego. Ego separates, brings destruction to the family, brings destruction to the community, brings separation between humans, and brings wars between nations. The way of ego is not unity at all.

If any philosophy, religion, or understanding teaches that, We are better than other people, it is based on ego. Ego feels superior or inferior to others. How can that be if God is Everything? There is nothing that is not God. There is no separation between any part of the universe and any other part.

The moment we separate any part from the other, our ego is in our way. The ego has the problem of being self-centered, not putting itself in other peoples shoes. The saying goes that, Before you judge any one, you should walk a mile in their shoes, so you know their problems, their ways, what is happening to them, and why they act the way they act. Where did they come from? How were they born and raised? What are their beliefs? How did they reach those beliefs?

Usually anyone who was born in any culture or any religion believes that theirs is the best. That is all they know. But, of course, there are people who do not. They seek to expand their consciousness to include other cultures and religions and see that there is a thread of unity among all religions.

We need more of these people, and we will have them. We are going toward that end. The whole earth is shrinking, not in a physical way but in a communicative way. People are becoming more aware of each others points of view, religions, cultures, and ideas.

It is very natural to have clashes between these different ways of looking at things in the universe. The human can look at the universe in infinite ways. And, they have been born in different cultures and different religions.

The intellectual spiritualists also have done a good job by creating so many dogmas, so many separative ideas. Those who have been born in those cultures, or those environments, also do not want to give up what they believe themselves to be the truth.

This Revelation has now come. Any time a new revelation has come to the earth, people have resisted it. People crucified the Prophets. They shot the Prophets. They stoned the Prophets. This time God has given us the Internet. We can sit here and give the Message to the whole of humanity, all over the earth. The only things they can throw at us are the "cyber stones," which are their words. And they do. They come to our rooms, to this room, and to all the other places that we have. They do not agree with us, even when they do not know our teachings and they have not studied what we teach, and they have not realized the Words of God in their own religions.

But what they know is what they have been taught by their preachers and their cultures. The only thing we are asking them is to search, study, and see it is the Word of God that this Revelation was going to come. And indeed they should rejoice instead of being unhappy about it.

There is a question typed in text from Nancy:

Nancy: Do you, Maitreya, and/or your wife or son, when going out in public, need a bodyguard? If so, when did this start and/or will this continue? Also, when you walk down the street do people recognize who you are? What happens, when they do recognize you?

Maitreya: Well, it sounds like the question is mostly a personal question that Nancy has about if I have a wife, a son, and children, and if people recognize me when I go down the street, and all those things.

How is this answer going to help you, Nancy? Is it going to take you to God and Pure Consciousness? Is it going to help you to know what God said to Abram and Abraham, how He promised that He would have two sons and each of them would create great religions on earth? Does it help you to know how the Kingdom of God will come?

That is why we encourage everyone to go to our website and read our teachings. If you want to know about me, there has been a lecture given called, How He Became Maitreya. You are welcome to go and read this. It is probably a 2-3 hour lecture that talks about who I am.

In general I can tell you that it has been explained that any Prophet who comes to earth has two natures. He is a man and also is a Revealer.

At the time of the Revelation, they are connected to God. They and God are One. There is no separation between them. As Christ said, The Father and I are One. No one goes to the Father but through me. Prophet Muhammad said, Listen to the Prophet. Whatever he says are My Words. All the Prophets of God have claimed the same thing: The Spirit of God is upon me. That is what the Anointed One means. It means to be anointed with the Spirit of God, to represent God on earth to humanity.

Do I have a wife? Yes, I do. Do I have a son? Yes, I do.

The other question, Do I have a bodyguard? Not yet. It has not been necessary so far.

Do people know me, mostly? No, they do not. They recognize me even less than other Prophets because the expectation in this lifetime is to be the thief of the night. If I walk on the street, probably they do not recognize me at all but as a regular person.

It was like that with all the other Prophets. They were just men who were inspired with the Spirit of God. God fulfilled the prophecies through them, and gave the signs and enough evidence so the human could recognize them that, Indeed, they have been sent by God to humanity.

The Spirit that brought this Revelation is the Spirit of God. And whoever has the Spirit of God completely is the Son of God because he manifests the qualities of God. That is what the Son of God means. Son means to be in the image of the Father. If we can explain that son means being in the image of God, then the Moslems and the Christians would not have the problem to recognize that Prophet Muhammad also was the Son of God, and Christ also was a Prophet.

If you understand our teachings, it will solve the problems between religions and between people. Our teachings will rid them of all the dogmas. It purifies them and brings them to the Essence of the teachings that God intended for humanity. Then it can show you clearly that all of them have come from the same Source. If there is One God, how can there be so many Revelations, ideas, dogmas, separations, destructions, and wars?

So our teachings completely show that God has sent all these Revelations, all these religions. There is no separation between Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Moslems, and Bahais. If they feel they are separated, their egos are in the way; their dogmas are separating them. They do not know our teachings.

Indeed, if you do not know our teachings, you do not know your religion. That is the only way that humanity can know the truth of their religions, teachings, where they fall in Gods Plan, and how He sent them to humanity by telling them that there was going to be a Prophet who would come from those people and from that race or whatever, and He would bring a Revelation to humanity.

All of the Prophets are the Children of Abraham (Abram). So am I. I am the child of Abram, Abraham, actually both. There is no Prophet who comes whose genealogy does not go to Abram or Abraham.

So God made it very clear that He will send His Prophets, and when these Prophets come they will fulfill the prophecies and will bring the Revelation to man.

Audience: [typed in text] But are we all sons of God?

Maitreya: Yes, if you reach a point that you can manifest Gods Qualities: compassion, love, understanding, and oneness with God, yes, indeed you are the son of God. That is the promise that has been given in every Scripture and the Words of God that you will go to heaven.

Heaven, of course, is not a place. If it was a place, still it has attributes of the external world. Whatever has the attributes of the external world is not the ultimate. The ultimate is Pure Consciousness, or Oneness with God. That is really what heaven is in the highest level.

That again guides humanity in a greater degree to what heaven means. To this point many people wanted to go to a place as heaven. How can heaven be a place? A place means, external or manifested attributes, or attributes of manifestation. Therefore, humanity has to realize that heaven means a state of consciousness, being one with God.

When you reach to the state of being a son of God, you become a Paravipra, you become an Elect, you become a Chosen One. Then our teachings make a lot of sense to you. You will join these teachings easily, and become a worker or a soldier for God. You will become a part of this work because you see that it makes sense. You do not hesitate. You do not let any other worldly thing keep you from being 100% in the Mission.

There are two categories of people who join the Mission: Those who are married (or they have things to do, they are in the world and they cannot completely dedicate themselves to God; they become supportive of the Mission), and those who do not have any attachments to this external world. They are here only to serve God and His Revelation. They become the Light Workers. Hopefully one day we are going to have enough support and enough Light Workers that we can support the Light Workers to spread this Mission in a greater degree.

But being the son of God does not mean that you are better than other people. When you are chosen that does not mean that you are superior; it means you have a mission to do. You have been called to do Gods Mission.

A lot of people are going around, and they say they are god. But they do not manifest the Spirit of God in themselves. Actually, the way they say they are god, it sounds like only they are god and no one else is. That is the ego fallen on itself. Like a warped star, it becomes a black hole. Not only does it not give any light out, it actually does not let light go to any other people either. They will absorb light but they do not give light.

That is again ego in the highest level of self-centeredness and falling on itself. And that is the most dangerous spiritual fall because you no longer can give light to anyone.

That is what a lot of people used to call, vampires. They are becoming so self-centered that they actually take the energy and the light from other people and live on that by claiming that they are god, they are better, and they are superior. Destruction will surely come to such an ego.

We recognize that the Essence of God is in every man, woman, and child. But they have to manifest it, to polish it, to let it become a reflection, a mirror of God so that they can bring God to humanity. Then you are a son of God because you manifest the Light of God to man.

You light the candle. When you light a candle, you put it at the top of the whole house so everyone can see it. You cannot put it under the bed and cover it. You have to proclaim it. You have to show it so that indeed you give the fruit of God to humanity. You know them by their fruit. If you are the son of God, you will give great light and fruit to humanity.

Yes, you have the potential to become a son of God, or a god with a small g, but when you reach there what you give to humanity as fruit will show you are the son of God. It is not something that you can just say, I am the son of God. But giving no fruit shows you are not. You are just in an ego trip.

So those who manifest great things, they are greater in the eyes of God.

Audience [typed in text]: Will your son continue your Mission, or your disciples?

Maitreya: As the Scripture clearly says, the Kingdom will not be left to others after the Seventh Angel and the Last Revelation comes to earth. Therefore, this Mission will not be left to anyone else. That is why there are arrangements (after I leave my body), to find me in the next incarnation and reinstall me as the person who will carry on this Mission until the hierarchy comes from the very base of the Communities of Light.

We recommend that you go to our teachings and read about how the Communities of Light are going to come, and how the communities are the base of the Kingdom of God on earth. When we have created enough Communities of Light, the hierarchy will come from the people, by the people, and for the people. Actually, that is the fulfillment of a great document that has not been completely manifested yet on earth.

When the hierarchy comes from the communities, little by little, humanity will realize that their systems are not working. They are going to be in greater destruction and disunity. We can see right now what is happening on earth. There is disunity, destruction, and conflict between cultures and people.

Even couples cannot unify and create a unit, a family based on God and unity. Many couples, probably 99.99% that I know of, have problems with each other. And they are supposed to be in love. They have married because they found something that they loved in one another. But they have problems.

At this time, especially when we do not have the communities to support couples, they have even a greater job to work on their relationships and bring God among themselves. Therefore, they can unify and become united as Godly people, because that is the only way you can become united.

Two humans cannot become one because they are two separated egos. If each becomes one with God, then they will have the compassion of God for one another. They will compromise, they will communicate, and they will talk with each other. They will bring the differences, which exist between them, which each ego has a different way of looking at the universe, and therefore, they will clash.

Two egos always clash. There is no way for two egos not to clash. That is why we have a problem between couples, we have a problem in community, we have problems in nations, and we have problems in the whole earth, because we have egos at work.

After the Communities of Light are created and humanity understands our teachings, there will be support for the couples, and that is the community. The community will support them, will teach them, and will keep them together.

Relationships are hard work. Relationships are created for us to progress spiritually and realize in the spiritual world, in the relationship between egos, there has to be hard work done together so we can come close, as united as possible. What unites? The only thing that unites in the universe is God. Therefore, any relationship that is not united, lacks God. Any teachings that do not bring unity, lack God. That is a good standard for everyone.

If humanity realizes that anything in their relationships, or in their cultures, or in the whole earth, that is bringing disunity to them, it means God is lacking in that situation. How can we all accept that God sent all these religions, He is Everything, and there is no separation between any part of the universe and any other part, and then have separative ideas, teachings, dogmas, and understandings?

Right there it is a great guidance for man of how to find unity, how to bring peace. And indeed our teaching is the champion of peace and unity.

Of course, peace and unity is not something that you just sit there and say, Peace, peace, and unity, and unity comes. It is something to be understood, to see the creation and history, the earth, and the revelations that have come from God, and that this is the way to bring that peace and unity that everyone talks about, longs for, but has not been able to bring about.

Therefore, we need leaders who do not have ego, but God comes through them. As we said, they become the sons of God. Such leaders can manifest the Spirit of God and will bring unity to humanity.

So to answer your questions, my son has as free will as anyone else. He can choose to be in this Mission, see the beauty, unity and wonder that it has brought to humanity. If he proves to be the best candidate, the best caretaker until I come, so be it. If someone else proves to be in a greater degree, therefore, they will be the caretaker until I return.

The whole idea is that I shall return until the Kingdom of God comes to earth. And It will! According to the prophecy, it will be three reincarnations. Hopefully after three incarnations the Kingdom of God will be on earth.

There is another question from Maracaman:

Maracaman: Good morning Maitreya, Is the HOSH mantra an old mantra or a new mantra for this time?

Maitreya: The HOSH mantra is a new mantra given to humanity. The different parts of it have been known in Sanskrit. In India it has been used as different parts of some other mantras. For example, there is the Om Mani Padme Hung in the Tibetan teaching, and also Baba Nam Kevalam in Ananda Marga, and many other places. We can say this is the new one, which carries the energy of the unity and carries the energy of God at this time.

Also it has a great meaning. If humanity just understands that, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, and that other goals are secondary, or not that important as this goal, we can solve probably 99% of humanitys problems right there by understanding, The Goal Of The Life Is to Be(Come) Divine.

That is why we are here. We have been born to be(come) Divine. We have been born to be(come) a part of God. We have been born to unify ourselves to that goal. So it has a great meaning. It creates the energy of the Seventh Angel, or the unity. And it also says that God is Everything. There is no separation between any part. Not only is the goal to be(come) Divine, but also to realize that we are Divine when we recognize that God is Everything. Therefore, unity will come.

It is a mantra, which is twice as powerful as the Om Mani Padme Hung, which someone wrote a book about. So it is a very powerful mantra, and it is a new mantra.

There is another question from Nancy:

Nancy: If the facilitating body (144,000 members approximately) doesnt manifest while you are alive here right now, will you be peacemaker for the world right now implementing your thoughts, whats in THOTH, without waiting for the facilitating body to manifest? The world needs someone like you NOW, not after you leave?


Well, great, Nancy. I am here. I am willing. And I have done it. It has been given to humanity for the last twenty-five years.

Now how do you suggest that we bring all these conflicting ideas, destructive tendencies, religions, religious wars, dogmas, and all the separative tendencies in humanity together overnight? That sounds good. I am for it. But how are we going to do it?

According to the Words of God and Scriptures, the Seventh Angel, or the last Revelation, or the Peacemaker, will come as a thief of the night. Then in another part of the Scripture he comes as the conqueror and brings the Kingdom on earth. How do you reconcile these two together, coming as the thief of the night and also as the conqueror, the faithful, the king of kings, and all of that? How do you reconcile that?

That is probably one of the puzzling parts of the Word of God for many people: How he can be a thief of the night (because the thief of the night is not a warrior)? He comes very quietly. No one even knows he came. He comes, he does whatever he is supposed to do, and he leaves.

Well, maybe the next day, everyone knows there was a thief but not in the middle of the night when there is darkness and no one can see him. Even if he tries to make people to see him, they cannot because the darkness is too thick and the people are not aware of the coming of the thief.

There is a prophecy about the Kalki Avatar that he will come in three incarnations. Now that solves that problem, doesnt it? If he comes in one lifetime as the thief of the night, just gives the Message, gathers a few people around himself, and then leaves, the next lifetime they will find him and he will continue in that lifetime with his Mission, and probably causes it to spread in a greater degree.

And the third lifetime when he comes, many people are ready to implement it and execute what has been given to them in the last two previous lifetimes. In that third lifetime, probably the support and the grassroots movement will be so great that they can eventually bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

I would love to see what you say is the truth. Actually, there are people who have been preaching since 1977 also that there is another Maitreya. They teach that he will come, overshadow everyone, and bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

As I explained just now, what they say is not Scriptural. There is no place in the Scriptures that says that the Messiah is going to come, and He says, Kingdom will be, and it will be.

He comes as a thief of the night. He spreads the Message first.

For this lifetime, as we said last week, it is the life of the Revelation; it is the life of the thief of the night. We have been here preaching this for twenty-five years. How many people have heard about it? A couple hundred thousand probably, maybe. How many of them saw the Light in it?

As I say, there is darkness, a deep, deep darkness on earth right now. Also the Light is here, but the darkness is so thick that they cannot see the Light.

Still the Moslems come to our room and try to make us Moslems. Christians come to our room, and they do not accept what has been received although it is right in their Bible. It says that before the Seventh Angel comes no one knows the truth. But still they say they do know the truth.

How can you know the truth? God said that no one knows the truth until the Seventh Angel comes. So the darkness is very thick at this time, and we have no choice but to be the thief of the night, the thief of this darkness.

But I wish you were right, that we could bring the Kingdom tomorrow and all would be well. The way has been given. How the Kingdom can come has been revealed to humanity.

The number is the Hand of God. If each of you become another center of Light, then you can light wherever you are and therefore, we will be how many people are in this room, around 15-20? Then we can have twenty Maitreyas shining like a Light on earth.

So the whole idea is, in this lifetime, we have enough Light to just keep this burning. Maybe next lifetime we will have millions and millions of people who eventually will start seeing the truth.

As our Lights become stronger and our numbers increase, they will be all lit, and they will be shining the Light of this teaching to humanity. Then one day we can overcome this darkness, which is great darkness, indeed. The darkness is so thick that it is affecting every level of human existence from communities, from couples, from our schools, and from our media.

They truly believe that they have the answers. Intellectually they think that they have the answers. That is why they base the schools and education on what they believe is the correct way to go: Accept everyone. Respect everyones idea. And even if it is not Godly, it is OK.

There are some fundamental Godly ideas that every society has to accept before the intellect can shine as intelligence. But it is not there. And that is actually the weakness of the world that is not based on God. We can see how dark it is. And we have come in this darkness, at night, and brought the Light. And the Light is here.

Yes, you are right, if we can get tomorrow, ten to fifteen percent of humanity to accept this teaching, truly implement it, become Light Workers 100%, put their egos away, become one with the Light, and get rid of their fears, attachments, and desires, yes, we can bring the Kingdom in this lifetime.

If they do not, God is not going to stop His Mission, His Revelation, His Truth. But it will be delayed for some other lifetimes in the future. It is up to humanity. However, humanity also is in such a deep darkness that expecting such a thing to happen so fast probably is a little wishful thinking, and also is not Scriptural.

I think there was another question there. I hope that answered your question. Of course, anyone who I answer, if they do not receive the complete answer to their questions, they can always follow-up with another question. That is why this room is called, "Conversation." We can go back and forth.

Firestarter9 [typed in text]: How many Light Workers are in the earth today, any good guess?

Maitreya: There are some Light Workers on earth, for sure. There are people who have seen the Vision. And they saw it right away. It just absolutely captured them. And they saw the Light right away.

There have been people who have been in the Mission for twenty-five years and they have seen some dimmer light of it, or they have seen Light but the world comes and takes them away and they cannot manifest their light in the fullest.

But I have a feeling that there will be many children being born, or will be born soon to humanity, great Souls, great children. They are not going to be mutant [laughing] as some movies are trying to say the new children will be.

Firestarter9 [typed in text]: Children of the ruby ray.

Maitreya: Children of the ruby ray, I do not know about that, but Children of Light, probably. If the children of ruby ray will accept this teaching and see the Light, and come and become Paravipras, they are a part of it. But no group or people can claim they are the Elects unless they know this teaching truly, see the Vision, see the Light, come and join us, and really are Light Workers.

Yes indeed, there is no boundary here among people. You can be a Light Worker and come from the Islamic background, or Jewish background, or Christian background, or Hindu, or Buddhist, Cabbalist, or Bahais, or African Shaman, or whatever. It is absolutely open to every man and woman on earth.

If they come, join, become Light Workers, work toward the creation of the Communities of Light, get this Message out, translate the Word of God to different languages, become supporters, become teachers, to truly come here to manifest Gods Work, we can send them all over the world. We have people who are contacts in different parts of the world. If we have teachers, we can send these teachers to them. The contact people can stay with them and spread the Words of God wherever they go.

The door is open to every man, woman, and child. This is not a Revelation just for the Hebrews, or for the lost tribes of Israel, or Arabs; it is a Revelation for the whole earth. This is actually the only Revelation that has been sent for the whole of humanity. That is why it has come with a universal spirit to man.

Yes, indeed, there are many people who are Light Workers, they have been born on earth and I expect more to come as new children to humanity.

I hope that answered your question.

How many numbers are there? Well, God only knows. Our job is just to keep the Message, spread the seed, and if they are here the seed will fall on good ground and will give fifty, seventy, a hundred percent, and we will increase.

Seeker of Knowledge [typed in text]: Maitreya when you come back, will you come back through Communities of Light or natural means?

Maitreya: I will come through natural means. I will be born from a mother. Most probably, not completely 100% but most probably, I will be the son of my son. It depends upon on how people will find me.

There is a movement in the Mission that people are putting down my likes and dislikes, things that may help them to find me. There is one thing for sure; I will be very interested in this Mission. I will know the teachings very well. I will reach out 100% and support this. And this will become another absolute (I do not want to say obsession), but it absolutely will absorb me because I will Love this Mission with all my heart when I return. We will implement it.

We do not have to wait until I come back. That is the whole idea. That is why I do not want to make people relax and say, He is going to come back. Do not worry about it. We can just relax right now and do nothing. No. We have to do our best every moment in our lives, while we are in this body or the body to come.

So the whole idea for everyone is to utilize all their energy and life to understand this teaching in a greater degree and implement it now, not to wait until I come back.

We can almost forget about it. Let us just have the idea that we are going to do it this lifetime. With that idea there is urgency in our work. And that is how we should approach this Mission. But in general that is how it seems it is going to happen. There is going to be reincarnation, hopefully. That is because the human always has the choice. With their choices, they accelerate or decelerate the process.

There is another question. I hope that answered your question, Seeker.

Nancy [typed in text]: There are only Seven Seals, not nine seals in the book of Revelation. What you are saying is that the Seventh Angel is split in three persons? Then we need three different prophecies for each one for us to recognize each one?

Maitreya: I do not think I am saying that, Nancy. Where do you get the idea of three persons there? I see. Not that he is split in three persons, Nancy. It is expanded; his Mission is expanded to three incarnations.

It is the same person. It is the Spirit of God. It is the First Begotten Son who reached Pure Consciousness before creation. It is that Spirit which shall return in three incarnations.

So there are not three persons. It is the same person who comes over and over and over until the Kingdom comes on earth. I hope that explains how it is going to work, not three persons but three incarnations.

Cefas [typed in text]: Is Maitreya (giving the example to act as Divine), The Greatest Sign (teaching the Path), THOTH (indicating the routes to walk in the Path) and the meditation (showing how to walk inside the Path) the key or the cross to reach the realization?

Maitreya: Indeed. Indeed, the Mission is a package.

The teaching is a package: THOTH, The Greatest Sign, the HOSH Mantra, the Revealer, the whole thing is a package.

The Revealer will bring you to recognize and realize that that is the only person who can bring this teaching to humanity. THOTH is the Guiding Light. The Greatest Sign will crystallize the teaching for you so that you can meditate on It. And the Meditation Mantra tells you what is the Goal Of The Life and that God is Everything.

Also the Satsangs, the Conversations that we have here, and everything that we have revealed to humanity, are all a part of my life. The explanations and all those things are supplemental to THOTH, to further clarify the teachings for humanity.

It is just a package that you have to wrap yourself into. Listen to the Satsangs, listen to the Conversations, read THOTH, gaze on The Greatest Sign, meditate on the HOSH Mantra, follow a good diet, and do yoga and exercise to keep your body in good shape. The whole thing has been given as a package so you learn how to heal yourself, how to be focused and one-pointed, and how to bring Gods Spirit through yourself to humanity.

It is a perfect package, for those who really follow it will benefit from it in a greater degree. Of course, you will become a person who is in the world but not of it.

So it is a powerful package that people who want to follow it, really have to overcome a lot of things, and maybe, hopefully, as I said, one day we can support 144,000 teachers who can focus on these things 100% and manifest the Mission in a greater degree.

So yes, it is a package and it has come to humanity as a package.

Maracaman [typed in text]: With what mindset should we chant the HOSH mantra?

Maitreya: Well, it is always a good idea to take a half bath. A half bath is explained in Essays 3, in The Holiest Of The Holies, our Scripture. It is also in the website if you do not have the book. The half bath cools down your body, and it is in the cool body that meditation is done best.

After you cool down your mind, find a peaceful area where you can sit down without any interference, and go through the process that has been given in the Meditation Room of sitting straight and calming your mind. That is because there is a passage in the middle of the spine, where that kundalini, or spiritual forces, are awakened in man. So you have to sit very straight.

Actually, when Prophet Daniel received the vision of the end time, he bent down, just like he was falling asleep, or he was in a trance. The angel had to touch him so that he sat straight, before he could see the vision. By bending down and forward, he was blocking the kundalini. So even in the Scriptures it is supporting that in order to receive the benefit of your meditation, you should sit very straight.

You can do it anywhere it is most comfortable for you. But, of course, the best way is to sit in a lotus pose if you can. In that pose you will not fall asleep because the moment you fall asleep you will fall down, so you will wake up. In this position you cannot straighten your legs easily and fall asleep. So it prevents you from falling asleep. Hopefully, do not lie down or put your back on anything that will make you too relaxed and you will fall asleep.

That is the ideal, but, of course, we are flexible. You can sit in half a lotus, or sometimes even, people might meditate sitting in a chair. But sitting in the lotus pose is the ideal one for meditation, with back straight and following the process.

Even following the process itself is very difficult for a lot of people because their minds are not trained to be under their control. So their minds go all over the place, because their minds are not trained to follow the process.

Your mind has been controlling you for many, many lifetimes. Now you sit in meditation and close your eyes, and you say, No, I am going to be the boss. I am going to control you. I am going to tell you where to go, what to do, what to eat, and what not to eat. The mind is going to resist it.

It says, No. I have been in control all this time. Who are you, coming suddenly and saying you want to have control over me?

So it is going to resist and your mind is going to drift away. But do not worry; just gently bring it back to the process. Expand your mind to the room and remember everything. Expand to the house. Expand to the city. Expand to the earth. Sit at the top of it. Give good will to men and peace on earth. Go to the center of the universe and enter it humbly and sit in it. Let the energy come to your body.

The whole process is not only going away from the world and going to God but also to gain control over your mind and tell the mind, You have to listen to me. I am going to go through this process, and you are not going to drift away. If the mind drifted away, gently bring it back to the process, wherever you are.

So it is a powerful process to strengthen your grip on those five senses, which are like wild horses. We are not advocating killing the horses. We are advocating training the horses, taming the horses. Then you will have five powerful senses under your control. You will not be under the control of your senses.

Of course, at this time, in the time of Kali, at this time of darkness, meditation is not easy for a lot of people. A lot of people have to go to work. A lot of people have to deal with the dark energies at work and in the world.

That is because the Kingdom is not here, so the meditation is difficult. That is why we teach you to meditate and to recognize and realize the energy between breathing in and breathing out. If you recognize that stillness between breathing in and breathing out, and breathing out and breathing in, then you can meditate all the time.

You can walk, you can talk, you can go to work, you can deal with darkness but always stay in that calmness between breathing in and breathing out. That is the most important part of meditation, that stillness. If you recognize and realize that stillness, then you are meditating twenty-four hours a day. Formal meditation becomes a Joy and is easily done.

When the Kingdom comes, when the Peace comes, meditation will become easier and easier for everyone.

Still meditation is not something that the Mission concentrates on at this time. At this time the concentration of the Mission is to spread this Message, to spread this teaching to humanity and let them know that they all are unified. If it is necessary to forego the meditation but get this Mission out, that by itself is a great meditation.

What greatly affects meditation is coffee and alcohol. They are two things that really destroy that stillness between breathing in and breathing out. You have to become aware of it. So if you really want to be in that calm state of mind, you have to avoid these things as much as possible. Tea also affects it but does not affect it as much. Even better than tea probably is drinking green tea, or other kinds of herbal teas that are much more calming than drinks with caffeine or alcohol. It is very hard to drink a lot of coffee and also meditate, or drink a lot of alcohol and meditate.

See that is the whole idea. This Mission is not telling you not to drink alcohol. It gives you why you should not. The time of beating people on the head not to do something is gone. It is logically explained to you. And you can even experiment.

Meditate for a while with not too much coffee, and then try to meditate. When you are drinking coffee and you meditate, probably, it feels good. But it is not as effective as the calm mind that the body without too much coffee will have.

Now this explanation is not telling you, do not drink alcohol. You should not do it, because you recognize that it destroys the chakras. It harms the balance between them, makes them out of balance. So with all these things, hopefully you are going to have a very deep, good meditation.

In meditation you will have a lot of experiences. Probably in the beginning you hear the cricket sounds, like being in a field where a lot of small animals are chirping and things like that.

You might hear the slamming of the door. You might hear the flute of Krishna. So there are many experiences.

You might experience fear. It might become very hot or cold. None of them is going to kill you. People become very afraid when they experience experiences. Just keep on going. One day the Joy and Realization of God comes to you, and you start manifesting Gods Qualities.

Of course, do not become a false teacher or a false guru and sell your progress cheaply in the beginning of your progress. But go to God and if you ever reach God, direct people to God also. Do not connect them to yourself. When you connect them to yourself, not only will your life be miserable, their lives will be miserable, and you will create a cult, destruction, and the base of ego. And ego always brings destruction.

Apats [typed in text]: From where did you get this mantra?

Maitreya: That is a good question. It is a mantra, which evolved within me. The energy that it carries is the energy of the unification and the ultimate realization for humanity. Even if humanity just recognized the meaning of this Mantra, they will, as I said, solve 99% of their problems. The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, Haree Om Shrii Hung. That is the goal of the life. That is why we are here.

The goal of the life is not to become educated. It is not to become a doctor. If you have the ability to become educated, great, fantastic.

The goal is not anything else but to become Divine. After you are Divine, you can become a Divine Educated, a Divine Doctor, even a Divine Sweeper of the floor. A Divine Garbage Man, why not?

A Garbage Man who does collect garbage in a fantastic way and cleans the cities and makes our environment healthy, and he does it for God and he is Divine, he should be more respected than a person who is a professor or a doctor but who is not Divine and is doing it selfishly and creating suffering instead of bringing beauty to humanity.

So the Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. That is the goal of life.

If we understand that, then we can teach that to our children. When our children are grown in the Communities of Light, they will strive to become Divine.

What does Divine mean? It means to manifest Gods Qualities: Compassion, Love, Understanding, Listening, Learning, not being selfish, Sharing, bringing unity not disunity.

So we will have Great Children and a beautiful environment that they will learn to share, to respect themselves, and to respect other people. We will respect them. We will love them. We will give them the ability to love themselves because we are manifesting Gods Qualities too. We are striving to be(come) Divine. Therefore, we will have an environment that people learn these great qualities that have been lacking in humanity, in a greater degree.

Instead of teaching children dumb, and the dumber, and if you are the dumber you are the better, we teach them to be(come) Divine. That is Gods way. We are not teaching our children Gods Way at this time. Actually, we are putting God out more and more every day.

So this Mantra not only carries a great energy, it also makes you breathe very deeply: Haree Om Shrii Hung [The Goal of The Life is to Be(come) Divine]. When you breathe in, Haree Om Shrii Hung, it is very deep breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, and it fills your lungs. It is almost like doing the pranayama exercise.

It will release the energy from the lower nature in that stillness. If you breathe deeply, Haree Om Shrii Hung, then you will feel, in that stillness between breathing in and breathing out, the release of the energy from the lower nature. Therefore, the energies of the lower nature are released to the higher nature.

Stay with that stillness. Stay with that release of the energy and breathe out: Om Nam Kevalam [That Divinity, God Is Everything]. That is again a great realization for humanity, to recognize that God is Everything.

So there is no such thing as Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Moslems, Bahais, and this and that. You will recognize that you have to unify.

You are asking where I received it from. It is my mantra to humanity. It is from God. It is from the Spirit of the Unity to humanity. I did not pick up a book and say, Well, there it is.

Actually the process of initiation in the Mission is seven. The Universal Mantra is the mantra that has been given to humanity freely. Anyone can give it to anyone else as long as they say the Source of it, where it came from, and they have explained to the other person the process, or at least directed them to go to the Meditation Room in PalTalk and see the process.

So meditation and the process is absolutely revealed to humanity through this Vessel. Of course, that is my mantra, a gift to humanity from God.

And this is the mantra for this time, for unification and the awakening of the spiritual forces to humanity to realize that God is everything and the goal is to be(come) Divine. Therefore, if you want to know where I received it from: I received it from God. And that is where this mantra is from.

After the Universal Mantra is the Introductory Initiation for those who dedicate their lives to the Mission completely, absolutely, and I choose to initiate them. After the Introductory Mantra, there are four levels of general initiation, which will be revealed to the person, The Holy Name.

The Holy Name is the only Name of God that cannot be uttered in the external world. God is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. And when you receive The Word, you know that God exists within you all the time.

The seventh initiation is the greatest initiation, which probably few people will receive.

So there are seven levels of initiation. The Universal Mantra is just a mantra for everyone. And humans can follow it completely.

Nancy [typed in text]: You are claiming to be the Seventh Angel. OK, then which is it, seals means incarnation or message?

Maitreya: Seal means the Message. Seal means a Revelation. Seal means a truth. Seal means one part of Gods Plan.

As it is explained in THOTH many times, there are Seven Seals, as also you mentioned. The First Seal is the Seal that covers all the Mystical Paths. It covers Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Mystical Christianity, which is Saints in Christianity, Sufis in Islam, all the religions and understanding that, you have to have a direct experience with God.

If you have a direct experience with God, then you know that God exists. You have experienced God. You do not have religions. You do not have dogmas. But you know that God exists. Therefore, these Seals cover a large array of Spiritual teachings on earth.

The second is: The Old Testament, the teaching of the Hebrews and Jews. In the Old Testament, the whole Old Testament is about God trying to find a people who will accept Him as their King and will follow the Laws of God: communities, creation of the communities based on the Spirit of God and His Laws. Such communities are called the Communities of Light.

That is the second seal. That is the second truth. That is the second revelation of God, the Old Testament.

So when we are saying, Seal, it covers a lot of things. It means a lot of things. It means the Old Testament. It means a revelation, a teaching, a part of Gods Plan. It is the truth.

Now how can we create such communities? Christ brings the answer: sacrifice. So the Third Seal is Christianity.

Christ brings the message that in order to create the communities that God revealed to humanity in the Old Testament, sacrifice is necessary. If everyone in the communities says, What is in it for me only? and is self-centered and not manifesting Gods Qualities, we do not have the Communities of Light. We have the communities of darkness. We have the communities of ego.

Therefore, Christ gives us the answer: sacrifice. Of course, Christ also revealed and released The Grace back to humanity. It was with the Christians.

At this time after this Revelation, it belongs to the whole of humanity. Everyone who believes what Christ brought to humanity will receive The Grace of God. And with The Grace, salvation is possible. Anyway, the Third Seal means, sacrifice.

Now we sacrifice and still we have our ego. If nothing happens we become depressed. If something happens we become elated. That is the problem with ego; it is like a roller coaster. If we succeed, it feels good. If we fail, it feels bad.

That is when the next revelation or truth came as Islam: surrendering and submitting to the will of God. Surrendering means, I do my best. I meditate, I awaken my spiritual forces, try to create the Communities of Light, sacrifice in them, but I surrender the result to God. I say, God, I did my best. Now the result is Yours. I am not attached to it.

Or even better is submission, you let God come through you always. As one of our members keeps telling us, she does not exist. That is where we have to go. We do not exist, but God Exists in us.

As Saint Frances was saying, I die in Christ. Christ is more in me, and I am less every day.

So by submission you reach the highest spiritual realization: you and God become One. Isnt that the goal of be(com)ing Divine, that you and God are One, and you manifest Gods Qualities?

Even in this state you might concentrate on your community, your family, your nation, or your earth. That is why the next step comes as universalism. That is the Bahai teaching, message. That means that God is Everything and you are living in God, God lives in you, and there is no separation between any part of the universe. You shatter all the narrowness of the mind.

Just go to one of the religious rooms, even in PalTalk. They separate everyone from everyone, and they say they are the best. That is not universalism.

Universalism means there is no separation, I cannot say that I am better than my neighbor. I cannot say there is separation between nations, genders, religions, or anything. That is true universalism.

With these five steps you will become an Elect, the Sixth Seal, Paravipra, Chosen One. You become a Chosen Person. These are the people that we are looking for. These are the ones who are called, My Chosen People, Elects, who will bring the Kingdom Of God On Earth.

So when we say Seal, it has a lot of meaning, it has a lot of truth.

I hope that answered your question, Nancy. We are over our time. I will answer your last question, and that will be the last question I will answer for today.

Nancy [typed in text]: Then why does the Seventh Angel need three manifestations to reveal His Message but not one Manifestation like the other six angels?

Maitreya: That is because the Seventh Angels Revelation has revealed everything. Also it comes at the end time when the darkness is the greatest. Understanding these teachings, even those who see the Vision, takes them more than seven years to fathom. And some people never fathom It, no matter how long.

So those who really want to know the teachings, not only to understand them, but also have to follow them. It is not something that you believe in the name of such and such a person, and you are saved. That is not Scriptural at all.

Yes, when you have The Word and the Name of God in you, you know His Plan, are following that Plan, and the Path becomes so easy because you have The Grace of God with you. These teachings and the Revelation is so huge and so comprehensive and perfect that it is going to take, even those who are with the Light, a long time to fathom it. You can write one thousand books for every word in THOTH, if you really understand what it says and how compact it is.

Indeed, in The Revelation in chapter 5, it says that the book is so incredible and no one could open it. They reached the conclusion that no one was going to open it. Eventually, it was opened and given to humanity.

So it is not an easy Book. It is not an easy Revelation. It is huge. It is incredible. It is the Truth. Also God says it is going to take three incarnations.

For all those reasons, our explanation makes more sense than our wishful thinking that wants us to see it happen in this lifetime. So for all these reasons, we need three incarnations to complete this Mission.

You all have a wonderful week. Be with God. Be in God, and let God be in you. See this Truth and Revelation in a deeper level. This Conversation will be in the website in a few hours. You can download it and listen to it again if you would like to.

Talk about this Revelation and this teaching to everyone. Invite them to go to our website and see the Truth. Come here, ask questions, search, knock, and eventually and hopefully you will see this Vision, which is wonderful and unifies all religions.

You can also spread it to other people. Let the Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Moslems, and Bahais all come together and realize that they are not separated. There is only One God for all of them.

If they do not see this, they do not have the grip of the truth and reality, and their failure surely is with them.

Sal-OM everyone. See you next week.

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