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Maitreya:  Sal-OM everyone.  Welcome to the Mission of Maitreya’s Conversation Room.  This week there was a person from the Orthodox Church that came to our room and said something very interesting.  He said that Christians, and especially the orthodox Christian religion, is based on prayer and humility, not on meditation.  And he is right.

Christians pray and learn to be humble.  That is a great part of God’s Plan.  The Far East and the Mystical Paths teach meditation, to awaken your spiritual forces.

As we have said many times, prayer is to talk to God, and meditation is to listen to Him.  Now if we are trying to listen to God but our ego is still intact, and we close our eyes and start meditating, what do we hear?  Will our egos let God come through, or is it going to be like an umbrella over our heads, and is it going to be between God and us?

Therefore for those who are not humble and do not go to God in prayer and on their knees, meditation might make them become even more egoistical.  Not only they would not listen to God, not hear Him, but also they might even increase the ego in a greater degree.

Those who just pray and never meditate are humble but they never let God talk to them.  They keep asking God for things instead of letting God tell them in a deeper level, in their Spirit, what is His Plan and what God wants them to do, so they can go in a deeper level.

Again, meditation and prayer go hand in hand.  Both of them are necessary for a greater accelerated spiritual progress.

We can see again in this respect the Mission unifies those who pray and those who meditate, and brings a balance between the Eastern and the mystical teachings and the Western or Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Baha’i teachings that do not emphasize on meditation, but emphasize on humility and prayer.  Again the unification has come to humanity and teaches them that their approach alone is not perfect.  The perfection has been divided to humanity in different religions, philosophies, and understandings.

If they understand this, those who meditate humbly will go to their knees, learn how to be humble, and when they meditate they will meditate in humility, not with the ego.  Those who know how to pray, who are humble, can close their eyes and listen to God in a greater degree, understand His Revelation and Scriptures, and will realize that God said, prophesized, that this Revelation would come at the end time.

There is no one on earth that knows the whole truth until the Seventh angel comes.  No matter what their religions are, what their beliefs are, what their preachers said, what anyone preached before this Revelation, they cannot reveal to them the whole truth, no matter if they are Jews, Christians, Moslems, Buddhists, Hindus, Baha’is, Cabbalists, Sufis, no matter what.

Only after the Seventh Angel comes, after this Revelation comes and unifies them together, would all know the whole Truth.  We just saw that prayer and meditation both are necessary and go hand in hand.  Either one of them alone is not perfect.

We are inviting humanity to come and see the Word of God, and recognize and realize His Scriptures, to see that He has already said that no one knows the truth until the Seventh Angel.  Therefore they should stop fighting with us and start praying, meditating, and realizing that God has prophesized the coming of this Revelation and they are obligated, their salvation is based on the Word of God, and the Word of God clearly says that they do not know the whole truth.

They should stop even trying to compare this Revelation with anything before it. They should stop just throwing their dogmas to the Mission and its members, come humbly, pray to God, meditate on His Words, and realize and recognize that they are in a great period of human history, evolution, and Revelation of God.

The Seventh Seal is opened.  The Book sealed with the Seven Seals is revealed.  Now every man, woman, and child can read this Revelation and understand the Plan of God and what God has been doing.  Not “My will,” not, “I want to be correct,” but God’s Will and recognition of His Words and Scriptures.

Humanity is called again to meditate, to pray, to see, to understand, and to go beyond their own narrow religions, dogmas, and misunderstandings, and recognize that God has fulfilled what He had promised to the Prophets.  Now all humanity can see His Words, truth, and Will on earth.

As humanity and more people recognize and realize this, they will see that they are all the Children of God.  Only those who are more humble, but those who meditate deeper and closer to God and manifest His Will, are greater in His Kingdom.  Those who keep their egos and dogmas, and fight God’s Words and Revelation are doing that to their own peril and destruction.

When God sets the movement, a Revelation, in motion, those who have been called for it and see it will come closer to Him.  Those who go against it will be thrown away and be further away from God and His Will

This Mission is not just a room in PalTalk or a Call that just can be looked at as another movement or cult.  This is the call to the Soul of man and for his/her salvation.

All welcome to the Conversation Room of the Mission of Maitreya.  This room is for everyone to go to our website, to read and know our teachings, and come to this room and have a conversation with me.  Let us discuss the teachings, how all the religions of the world have been sent by One God.

There are not two, three, four, a hundred, or a thousand.  There is only One God, and He prophesizes for a long time before He sends a Prophet or a Revelation to humanity.  When that Prophet comes, he brings the Message of God to man.  This is the last Message of God to humanity that has been prophesied to come at the end time.  It is the opening of the Seven Seals and the Book sealed with the Seven Seals.

Many people from other religions come to us and tell us that another Prophet was the last Prophet.  They have to recognize and realize that they do not know much about this Revelation.  Chapter five in the book The Revelation explains who will open the Book sealed with the Seven Seals, that no one can open It but the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.  Therefore they cannot have the last Revelation.  The last Revelation has been given to humanity with clear signs of how it will come.  It will fulfill all the prophecies before it, and it brings this Revelation to humanity with clear signs.

All these things have happened to glorify God and to recognize and realize that indeed God exists.  He is the Spirit.  He is in every man, woman, and child.  The sooner they rid themselves of their egos and connect themselves to the Spirit, as Christ said, you have to worship the Spirit in you.  The Spirit of God is not in Jerusalem or in the mountains, or here or there, but it is in humanity, every man and woman.

When God prophesied that this Revelation would come, He also prophesied that when the Book sealed with the Seven Seals was opened, the whole universe rejoiced.    That is the miracle of this Mission, the Message to man.  There is no Prophet ever before this who has revealed that the miracle of his mission is his Message.  If you understand the Message of this Mission, it will heal you.  It will heal humanity.  It is even greater than healing an individual.  It is the miracle of healing the whole earth.

We teach you how to heal yourself, how to heal your spirit, how to heal your society, how to heal the earth, so we eventually will have an environment that every person can progress physically, mentally, and spiritually to the highest, eventually bring the Kingdom of God on earth, and realize that the Spirit is in charge.  The sooner humanity recognizes that, accepts that, and brings that Spirit in all levels of their society and lives, the sooner they will have the peace that everyone talks about.

They discuss peace.  They even go to war for it.  But they do not bring it to man.

Now the Way has been given.  The Book is opened.  The time is for everyone to overcome everything else, but to devote themselves to the understanding of this Revelation and teaching of God, and throw away their dogmas and their own understanding, but come to God’s understanding.

Before 12,000 years ago, humanity was mostly in Spirit.  They had power over many elements in the universe.  They failed.  Eventually the flood of Noah came, and man became completely powerless.  The third eye was closed, and they no longer had access to Spirit.

Go ahead Shirin.

Shirin:  Sal-OM Maitreya and everyone.  This is a topic that came up in PalTalk also this week, someone from one religion said:  Define "Day of Judgment.”  It created some discussion in the room.  I am wondering if you could speak more on what is really the “day of judgment.”

Maitreya:  Sure.  The Day of Judgment is every day.  Any time we take an action, there is a reaction in the universe, and either we pay for the incorrect action or we create a good reaction in the universe by following good actions.  That is the individual Day of Judgment.

There are collective days of judgment, or karma, that a group might create by acting together and creating a karmic bond and reaction in the universe.  There is also the Day of Judgment when the end time will come, which we are at now in the first period of the Day of Judgment.  That is why this Revelation comes to humanity, calls them back to God, and reveals what God has been doing for the last 12,000 years.

Now in this Call, those who are Elects and have progressed will come together and eventually will bring the Kingdom of God on earth for 1,000 years.  After 1,000 years there is going to be another fall, and that is going to be the final Day of Judgment.  Those who have progressed will go to the next stage, or evolutionary step, what that is will be revealed to us in 1,000 years.  At that time many Souls will reach Pure Consciousness.  Those who have not progressed will lag behind and might have to wait for a long time before being reincarnated and progress in a greater degree.

This Day of Judgment, or the final Day of Judgment, has been symbolically revealed to humanity as a day that God will come to man and open the books and show them their deeds in the past, and judge them.  Those who have progressed, go to heaven.  Those who lagged behind, will go to hell.

Many people have tried to explain heaven and hell as physical places.  Hell is a place that you never die, and you burn all the time.  It is a torture forever, for eternity.

Heaven is the nice place with the beautiful flowers, water, and whatever you desire is there for you.  Therefore you are in a blissful state of all the material things you need, or you want, are provided.

In our teaching it clearly says heaven and hell are not places.  They are states of consciousness.

If heaven and hell still have material attributes, they are not the ultimate.  They are places.  They have manifestation.  We are not striving for anything that is manifested, but we are striving to go to a state that is even beyond mind, is Oneness with God.  Therefore heaven is being One with God.  Hell is being disconnected from God.

When you are connected to God, you are in the blissful state of Oneness, and that is where heaven is.  When you are not connected to God, your ego is between you and God, and ego wants, desires, is attached, and all the vices that humanity will suffer for.  It is greedy, it wants, it is never satisfied, it dominates, it fights, and it creates chaos, wars and destruction, and all the impurities that we can see on earth at this time.  It becomes narrow in vision.

Instead of expanding their vision and seeing that the universe is full of infinite resources, they concentrate only on the resources on earth.  Therefore they go to war with each other, over who controls those resources, instead of realizing that if they reach to space and see the infinite resources, everyone will have a higher standard of living.  If they understand our teachings also, they will utilize everything toward becoming Divine, becoming Godly.

They are already in hell.  They should all stop, recognize, realize these teachings, bring God back among themselves, and look at each other as the Children of God, as the people who belong to God.  There is no separation between them.  Therefore hell and heaven is a state of consciousness.

Of course, there are levels of consciousness.  In heaven, if you reach Pure Consciousness in this lifetime and you decide not to go in but return and help everyone else to go to God, you become a Sat-guru.

Actually you cannot go in, according to our teachings.  Even when you reach Pure Consciousness you will be sent back to humanity.  You will be spued out of the Mouth of God.   So even when you get there you cannot enter.  You will come back.  Of course you will be in higher consciousness, and you will have a desire to help and guide humanity to go to God.

If you go to Pure Consciousness and you die, and later on come back to help, you will be in Pure Consciousness but at the same time you will be in the body.  So you will have two natures.  As Christ said, “son of God, and son of man.”  You will have two natures but at the same time when you are connected to God you can manifest the Spirit of God.  Therefore you are in heaven while you are in the body.

The ultimate heaven is when everyone who has progressed in a thousand years will enter Pure Consciousness, will become One with God, and return Home.  When they return Home, it is not a place but is a state of Pure Consciousness.  It is known to many Mystical Paths with different words like:  Nirvana, Oneness with God, transcendental state of consciousness.  That is where the ultimate goal of humanity is:  They have to reach back to God, where they have come from.

That is the correct explanation of hell and heaven.  That is because if we say hell and heaven are places, then we make a mistake of not seeing that any place that has a manifestation is not the ultimate, is not the Essence.

I hope that answered that question.  The person who had that question probably can listen to this Conversation that will be in our website in a couple of hours from now, and they can receive their answer.

That should help all the people who believe in heaven and hell as a place to realize that what they believe is not correct.  How can hell and heaven be a place, because then it is not the Essence, it is not God?

In this way humanity will have a better understanding of heaven and hell.  Of course the human consciousness has not been this high as it is now.  They have not been as educated.  They did not have ways to think as deeply as possible.  They were struggling with physiological and safety needs.

As the Mission is implemented, the physiological and safety needs will be less and less important, because by sharing and creating an environment where there is no fear, there will not be that much of a struggle to have physiological and safety needs taken care of, and that is the very first step.

The second step of our teachings, the Communities of Light, creates an environment that everyone is provided for physically and from the security point of view.  They do not have to worry about when they come to this world what they are going to do when they get old, or where their next meal will come from.

That can easily be provided for everyone on earth if we stop all this waste that we are creating on earth by wars, destruction, and depending on the resources only on earth instead of the whole universe.  With reaching to the universe there are infinite resources.  They do not have to fight.  Also there is enough for everyone.  As Gandhi said, “There is enough for everyone’s need but not enough for everyone’s greed.”

When our physiological and safety needs have been taken care of then you can meditate in a greater degree and understand these teachings much better instead of believing that you will go to a place, a physical attribute, as heaven or hell.  You will strive to become a better person.  You will strive to become compassionate.  You will strive to see God in everyone.  You will recognize that no matter where anyone is, they have the Essence of God in him or her.  Therefore more and more people will strive to bring Peace on earth and teach the unity of man instead of separating them by religion, philosophy, ideology, political maneuvering, greed, and all the vices that are going on, on earth, even at this time as we speak.

This is the time of growing up for humanity.  It is time that they learn how to progress individually themselves, how to heal themselves.  This is not the time of miracles for the individual.  It is the time of miracles for collective humanity.

That miracle is our teaching.  It will bring that peace and unity to humanity and heal them of their vices, their greed, their misunderstandings, their religious persecutions, and their religious bondage that many spiritual intellectuals, spiritualists, have put on man.

We are here to free men, to connect them to God, which is the ultimate freedom for everyone.  To truly know God will free you.  Following a religion will bind you.  To truly know God you will see the Spirit in everyone.  Following your religion you will separate yourself from other people because each of them have a different religion than you.  Therefore, you create disunity and destruction.

This Revelation and teaching is the salvation of man in every level, physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, individually and collectively.  We cannot keep our egos, we cannot keep our own understandings and at the same time expect this Revelation to help us.

This Revelation is a Call to action, a Call to progress.  This Revelation is a Call to sharing and oneness.  This Revelation is perfection in motion.  If you understand this and follow it, you will have no choice but to shatter all the narrowness of the mind and free yourself from all the bondages that have made you feel separated from the rest of humanity, therefore you become a part of the problem instead of the solution.

This Mission will make you a part of the solution.  We need many, many thousands, and millions and billions of people who will become a part of the solution.  The more we create such people that come together and share and understand these teachings, the sooner we will have the Kingdom of God on earth.

At this time, humanity is not ready for this Revelation at all.  They are still deep in their dogmas and misunderstandings.  They do not have the Spirit of God in them.  They put God out every day more and more from every level in their lives, from their individual lives, from their community lives, from their national lives, and from their life on earth.  God does not have much room in their egoistical way of pursuing life. Wherever there is ego, there is the illusion of separation from God.  Therefore they are in hell.

Where there is God, there is unity and Oneness.  Any philosophy, teaching, and understanding that separates any part of the universe from any other part is not from the Spirit of God but it surely is from the ego that is man-made.

Now humanity can see in this Revelation that they are not separated.  Nothing can separate any part of the universe from another part.

This is a healing message to man.  Come and see what God has been doing, how He has been sending all these Revelations, and He has told his Prophets that, “No one knows the end time.”  He sealed the events of the end time even to the great Visionaries like Daniel and Ezekiel and told them, “Although I showed you what the end time is going to be like, but seal it.  Do not reveal it to humanity.  When the end time comes, the Seventh Angel will open the Seventh Seal and show humanity what is the way out.”

Now we have people come to our room, and they tell us they know.  They know what God wants and their religion is the best.  How could they know that?

If the Seventh Seal had not been opened and your teaching had come before the Seventh Seal was opened and before the Prophet of the Seventh Seal had come, how can you even claim that you have the whole truth?  You cannot.  No one can.

But those who are in this Mission and know this teaching, can.  They can claim, “We have the whole truth.  And our truth includes yours.”

We do not fight with you.  We do not argue with you.  We give you the Message and the truth.  It is up to you to go to our website, study, and see this Truth in the depth and deepest level, and realize it is the Word of God.

If you do not, we leave you to God.  Even then we do not have to argue with you.  Fine.  You do not see the Vision and still you think that your religion is the best, with all the clear signs that God has given to you and still you cannot see it, we leave you to God.  And you leave us to God and see who is the truthful one.

There is another question from Shirin:

Shirin e Khoda:  Is that the real meaning of blasphemy, to put God out?  That was another topic discussed this week.

Maitreya:  It could be.  It could be one of the blasphemies against God.   Many things can be blasphemy, even accusing the Prophet of God not to be the Prophet of God, or saying bad things about the previous Prophets and not to realize and recognize why they did what they did in those situations.

If they see the Vision of God and then do not accept it but attack it, if they put God out of their lives or utter His Name in vain, they are all blasphemies.

God is the salvation of man.  They have to put Him in every level in their lives.  If they put Him out, they are not following the reason for this creation, which is to focus on the Light so you will go to the Light.

If you are not focusing absolutely 100% on Light, you have no choice but to be focused on darkness.  If you are in a tunnel and there is a light at the end of it, if you focus on the light at the end of the tunnel, you will go out of the tunnel.  If you keep focusing on the darkness inside the tunnel, you might never go out.

So blasphemy of the truth is whatever is not the truth.  Of course it is very hard for humanity to focus on God and give God the Station He deserves.  He does not need our attention and focus.  By focusing on the Light, it is we who will benefit most.

By praising God, by focusing on God, by listening to His Prophets and the Scriptures and reading them, following them, and bringing them to every level of our lives, who is going to be benefiting?  Not God.  God does not need any of that.  It is us who will be focusing on Light, and He will be saving us from the darkness that prevails on earth.

Some people say, “If God is true and One, why is there so much destruction and suffering?”  That is made by man, not by God.  Suffering is what man brings to himself.  God did not create this creation for humanity to suffer.  They were suffering even before the creation was created.  It is the delusion of separation from God.  That delusion surely will bring suffering to humanity.

That is one part of our teaching that if humanity understands, it will greatly help them:  That God did not create the unit consciousnesses. God did not create the darkness.  Darkness was created because the human was separated from the Essence, from the Light.  They fell to their ego and created separation from God.  Therefore the very base and Essence of suffering is that original feeling of not being a part of the whole, or the Essence.

God did not create suffering.  He did not bring suffering to humanity.  It is humans who bring these things to themselves by not understanding God, His Revelation, and the Word of God from His Prophets, especially this last Revelation that explains everything so clearly and unifies all together.  They can surely stop this suffering that many of these people talk about.

That needs to be understood by many, followed by many, with the efforts that create the Communities of Light and bring sharing and unity to humanity.  That is something that humanity at this time is not yet ready for.

That is why we have to continue this Mission in this lifetime, for many to come until those who have heard this Revelation and teachings and those who have progressed will be incarnated again and again and we will all come back together, and each time push this teaching and truth a little further until our number reaches the critical point that we can change the earth to the peaceful and fantastic place that has been explained as the Golden Age, the coming of God’s Kingdom.

This Revelation is a work in progress.  This Revelation is a Calling to the Elects, those who truly see this Vision and clearly understand that this Revelation is from God.

Justa Man:  The Maitreya, may I please know this religion, in which country is it practiced?  This is first time I hear about that.

Maitreya:  I hope someone answers Justa Man about his inquiry.  This is a new Revelation from God.   He is asking about our religion, and who practices it.  He is here for the first time.

This is a new Revelation that has been prophesied to come at the end time.  It is here.  It is presented to humanity through the Internet that God has provided for us to be able to reveal it in such a way that no other Prophet ever was able to.  All will hear him and see him.  There is no place on earth that they cannot hear this Revelation.  Anywhere, in all parts on earth, they can hear him with our teachings.  There are tapes, videos, pictures, teachings, and Satsangs.  Even some of them are translated into different languages.

It is not a religion that any country practices as of yet.  It is a new Revelation.  It has been here for only 25 years.  No country has adopted it yet.  But all the countries, people, religions, nations, and earth have been called to come, to realize, and to recognize this for humanity.

Every one of the people who come to this Mission and see the Vision is a channel.  They are people who are called to see this Vision clearly and then they also spread this teaching to everyone they know, everyone they can reach.  Let them know that indeed the last Revelation of God has come to earth, and it is a Call for them to come, see, and understand this Vision.  If they did not, do not worry about them.  You are not responsible for the result of other peoples’ actions.

The Messenger is here to give a Message.  Like an ambassador, when an ambassador of his country goes to another country and gives the message to the head of the other country, what the other country will do with that message is not the ambassador’s responsibility.  Of course, the ambassador has to represent it as clearly and as precisely as possible.  But after you did that you are not responsible for how the other people take it.  You are free.  Go to another person who might listen more.

Leave them to God.  Tell them, “I gave you the Message.  I gave it to you clearly.  I directed you to the website and the rooms in PalTalk.  Probably I am not even clear myself of the whole Vision and teaching yet, so I will study even more so I become more clear and understand it better so I can give it to people easier.  But I have given you the Message.”

Actually the Message has been given in so many ways.  It has been written.  It has been published.  It has been put in the website.  It has been talked about.  And now this room is the room for Conversation.  For those who come to our rooms, they are encouraged to go to the website, read them, study them, and if they have any questions about the teachings, come here and talk to me.

You are talking to the person who brought this Revelation to humanity.  You are lucky that you have this opportunity in this lifetime to come and know this teaching in a deeper level directly from the Revealer.  When I leave this body, that opportunity will not be here any longer.

The more people that we reach, that go to the website, study our teachings in a greater degree, and come and discuss them with us in depth, in the deepest level possible, the more pure this teaching will stay after I leave my body because there are more people who would know this teaching in the greatest degree possible.

You are the messenger of God.  You will take this Message to other people and reveal to them the vision that you have seen yourself.  If you are not clear and your vision is not complete about the Mission yet, study more, and ask more questions.  But ask questions that are related to this teaching, to this new wine in the new skin.

Do not try to put It in the old skin that you know about and you try to fit it to one religion: Islam, Christianity, Judaism.  No, you have to go beyond that.  Shatter that narrowness of the mind and disunity.  Then you might be able to expand your mind, go out of the shell of one religion, and free yourself to God.

You cannot fit this Revelation to any specific religion.  This is a new Revelation.  It is a new day.  It is a new Light.  It is the Light that all other lights are a part of it.  So it is much brighter than any one of them by themselves.  It is a collection of Seven Great Lights.

It is a beacon.  It is a powerful Light that only those who have their eyes open can see clearly.

When you see it, you become a messenger.  You become the second level of messenger, the third level of messenger.  You take it to others, and we reach a point that is called the critical point of mass awareness.

Then humanity will not stand for wars between nations and nations.  People will not stand for disunity and destruction.  They will not follow narrow teachings that bring disunity and destruction.  They will all expand their minds, they will demand to have an environment that everyone will progress physically, mentally, and spiritually.   Not, “What is in it for me alone?” but “How can we bring the greatest opportunity for every man on earth?” and eventually we can bring the environment necessary for everyone to progress physically, mentally, and spiritually in the greatest degree.

That is the goal of this creation, to guide humanity to go back to God.  The Goal Of the Life Is To Be(Come) Divine.  That is what we have been born to accomplish.

We have to teach this to our children, in our schools, in our nations, society, communities, and families.  Therefore man will eventually go back to understand the base of this creation and bring an environment that accelerates everyone’s progress toward that goal.

It is a new Vision.  It is a new wine.  It is a new day.  It is a new creation, and we have to create ourselves toward that goal.  We have to forget about our cultures, our nationalities, our religions, but listen to God and become what He wants us to become.  Shatter all the things that bind us to a narrow view.

The more people who become like that, the faster this earth will come to become united, a united earth based on the Communities of Light that has the Spirit of God in them.  They will follow God’s Laws and create an environment that many will reach Pure Consciousness and oneness with God, and will accelerate the purpose and reason for this creation.

The purpose and reason for this creation is to go back to the equilibrium that it was before that equilibrium was disturbed, the unit consciousnesses were created, and so separation had started between these unit consciousnesses.

If we started the Mission and said, “Just meditate and do not worry about anything else,” we would have many people following us.  No, it is a Mission of action.  It is a Mission of the original Vision and teaching of God.  Every dogma has been taken out and purified, and the Essence of God’s Way has been given to humanity.

Hopefully one day we will not have a country anymore.  Everyone will be following the Eternal Divine Path.  It is not a religion actually, in a sense it does not have any dogmas.  It is a Path.  You either follow it or you do not.

If you follow it, you will see the benefit of it.  Your community will see the benefit of it.  Your family will see the benefit of it.  The whole earth eventually will see the benefit of following the Eternal Divine Path.

The children will be taught to follow the Eternal Divine Path.  They will be taught to meditate, pray, and awaken their spiritual forces.  They will be taught to create the Communities of Light, to be a part of the Communities of Light, to share in the Communities of Light, to be Godly in the Communities of Light, to bring God in their lives, and to see how God created the nature, what is the natural way of living.  Not what intellectuals, or educators, or those who create an environment that imposes unnatural living on humanity, but how God intended for humanity to live and what is it that the nature demands.

Those in the Communities of Light, more and more of humanity, will go toward the natural way of life, not the intellectual way of life.  As they live naturally they will see the Hand of God in everything they look at.

When you live unnaturally, after a while you put God out.  You do not even see any more that God’s Hand is in every part of the creation.  You say, “My will not God’s Will.”  You completely lose touch from God.

Then God’s Laws become so impractical for you.  You think, “No, I cannot live a natural life.  It is impractical.”

The reason is that you have lost the touch to the Essence.  Natural things seem so unnatural to you.  And unnatural things seem so natural because you have lost that connection to the nature, to your Essence.

The more people that go toward the unnatural life and separate themselves from the Essence, the more destruction, disunity, and upheaval will come to man and humanity.  That is why we need more and more of the people, those who can connect to this Essence and nature, and they will bring that natural life to their lives and also teach humanity to go back to that state of living.

It is again a Call to humanity to go back to the Essence, to the nature, to see God’s Hand, His Ways, “not my ways.”  If we see God’s ways then the psychological problems, the social problems, the individual problems, and the collective problems will be decreased, and we will have very few problems left on earth.

As I have said many times, probably 99% of the problems on earth are related to ego and not being connected to God.  If we can connect to God, 99% of the problems will be resolved and dissolved.  And that 1% of the real problems can easily be resolved and solved by the collective effort and cooperation.

This is the Message of God to man that the time has come for humanity to recognize and realize that for the last 12,000 years when God left man by himself and just interfered with them very little, there has been upheaval, wars, destruction, disunity, and they never could create the peace on earth.  Now it is given how it can be done.

It can only be done by understanding our teachings, by understanding the creation and history, and by realizing that by going against the Laws of God and nature, no one will suffer except us.  The way to salvation, unity, and bringing the Kingdom is the Eternal Divine Path.

The Eternal Divine Path has been revealed to humanity by revelations from Prophets before us.  Each Prophet brought a part of this revelation, of this Path, and now they are all united and unified, and it is revealed to humanity that there is no such thing as separate religions, but they are a part of a greater truth.

If they recognize and realize this, they will not have religions but they will have the truth.  We will not have dogmas but we will have the Word of God and the Way of God.  If we understand that then we can see that God is constant.  What He said 12,000 years ago is as true and real as what we say today.

But this time the human has gone through the 12,000 years of evolutionary progress, and now is the time of sundering, separating those who are the Elects, are from God and have been following God to this point, from those who still resist God.  They still hang onto their dogmas.  They still have religion, not truth, those who have not experienced God but follow their preachers, or rabbis, or mullahs, or brahmins, or gurus, or whatever you are going to call them.

This is the truth that should be preached and spread to earth to awaken humanity to recognize God’s Work.  This is the end time.  This is the time of separating the wheat from the chaff.  This is not the Revelation or the understanding of one man, but it is the Word of God based on the Scriptures with the clear signs given through the prophecies, the genealogy, and all the other miraculous things that have happened in this Mission.

It is up to every man, woman, and child to see this clearly, to overcome their own understanding, and come to God’s understanding.  This is not a joke.  It is not kidding.  It is not something that you should take lightly.  It is something that has been in progress for the last 12,000 years.  It created history, kingdoms, nations, and destruction.  It has all happened for this to come to man and show them how they can overcome these separative and destructive tendencies.

There is a question from Questiacard.

Questiacard:  Question, is Maitreya an incarnated Prophet, or a continuum of the prophecies?

Maitreya:  It is a Revelation that has come from God, from the same Spirit that came through Christ, through Muhammad, through Bab, through Moses, through Abraham, through Adam.  It is the Spirit of The Holy Ghost, the Revealer of the truth to humanity.  It is the reincarnation of all that Spirit again and again to man. 

When Christians follow Christ, Mohammad was Christ, Bab was Christ, Baba was Christ.  They have to recognize that Christ has come over and over again.

He said it, “I shall return.”  He did not say how many times.  He said, “I shall return,” and he did.  He returned four more times after Christ.

That is the same Spirit that came through all those Revealers.  But, of course, no Revealer has ever manifested the truth of God to the fullest as has been revealed in this Revelation.

This is the last Revelation.  This is the Revelation that incorporates all other revelations.

As I said many times, people come to our room and say, “It is impossible to unify all the religions of the world.  There is so much separation, disunity, and differences in religions.”

It is done!  It is here!

God already knew about this Revelation even before 12,000 years ago.  Actually His Spirit went through the Eternal Divine Path.  If you read our teachings, He went through the Eternal Divine Path and returned to the Godhead.  And God said, “That is good.”  That is a good Path.  That is a good way.  Yes, it can be done.  The darkness indeed can be dispelled.  The chaos can be lifted.

How?  With the Path that Christ went through himself and brought the truth to humanity.

Again Questiacard is asking:


Questiacard:   Are they consciously recollecting their previous lives or Spirit, or are their lives singular, with only the same Spirit?

Maitreya:  There is process that has been prophesied all through history by God.  You have to go beyond the physical attributes to the Spirit that is beyond intellect, beyond explanation.  That is why God cannot be explained.  That is why understanding the First Begotten Son of God also is such a hard topic to fathom.

Before the last 12,000 years, humanity had a direct relationship with Spirit and God.  But they fell.  They misused it.  They did not follow the Eternal Divine Path.  They became selfish and self-centered.  Therefore the decision was to reveal this Revelation to man in Seven Steps.

Noah brought The First Step, the Mystical Paths, which was the Spirit of God through Noah.

Abraham brought the Second Seal, the Communities of Light, which is the Old Testament.

Christ brought the Third Seal, which is sacrifice in order to create the Communities of Light.

Prophet Muhammad brought the revelation of surrendering and submission, not to be attached to the results.

Bab brought the revelation of universalism.

Baba explained what Sadvipra is, or Paravipra.

And of course, This Revelation brings all of them together and shows the Path.

It is the same Spirit.  It is one Spirit.  It is the Spirit of God that comes through.

Now if that individual is the same who brought this Revelation, if you look to the Spirit of God coming through that individual, there is no separation between them all.  They are all one.

If that individual is really connected to God, there is only one Spirit that comes to humanity.  There is no separation between any Prophets before it.

Of course we have to distinguish between Prophets and Major Manifestations, or Messiah, or the Anointed One.  There might be Prophets who come and bring smaller visions or messages to humanity, for example, Jonah.  The only thing Jonah had to do was to go to Ninevah and tell them, Return to God and follow God.  He was a Prophet.   He was a person who came just to have one message to those people.

But the Major Manifestation, Christ, or the Anointed One, or whatever you want to call it, Prophet, Great Prophets, like Prophet Muhammad, come as an evolutionary step to humanity, and then they brought a great revelation that is a part of the Eternal Divine Path.  That Spirit is the same.  The more that individual who brings the revelation is connected to God, the more that Spirit is one.  There is no separation between them all because they all are the Spirit of God.  It is The Holy Ghost.

You have to look at it, not as a physical manifestation, but as a spiritual understanding, not an intellectual explanation, trying to dig into the details of exactly how it is this or that, which is OK, but to understand that God and the Spirit of God reveal the Revelation.

Go ahead, Questiacard.

Questiacard:  Thank you for answering my questions.  I hope I can word this better than I wrote it down.  You had mentioned chaos.  Do you feel that the chaos, or the complexities of the universe as it increases and the chaos lessens, that our intelligence also rises with it?  I thought that you touched upon that in THOTH.  I was just wondering if you would clarify that.

Maitreya:  Absolutely.  It is a well-known fact that humanity only uses between 8-12% of their brainpower.  As humans meditate and progress physically and mentally, and create an environment that they can use the minds of all humanity for its progress, their brain capacity will increase and they will discover greater things to bring the harmony to the universe.

Just imagine how many minds are wasted in Africa, in even Iraq, or the countries that are poor and do not have enough resources to be able to nurture those minds.  Also as we progress and we meditate, we will be able to use our brain in a greater degree, just imagine if we can use 20, 25% of our brain.

Actually the brain probably has a capability to manifest the knowledge of the universe.  Since humanity is not ready for that kind of intelligence and progress, it uses only 8-12% of the brain.  Just imagine if you used 100% of the brain, what they could have accomplished.

There are people who use their brain in a greater degree but they do not have the awareness of why, why they are using it.  They have abilities, just like the psychics.  There are people who can see the scenes of the crimes.  Even the police now are starting to believe in them and using them to solve some crimes that they have not been able to solve.

Or telepathy, or premonition:  Some people say, “I had this feeling that something was going to happen, and it happened.”  Everyone has them.  Everyone has encountered them in their life that they were surprised that what they felt happened.

Or déjà vu:  What is déjà vu?  How does our brain know that we already know this place, we have been here?  Probably we had been there in a previous incarnation.  Now we remember even though we were not there in this lifetime.  There are a lot of things that humanity has not even touched on yet.

They cannot touch on them because they are so busy killing each other, and waging wars, instead of spending all those energies and resources to search these things in a greater degree.

That is another part of the Mission, to create an environment that we can research these things and really use our brains to heal us.   Even the human life will expand and will again increase in a greater degree.   Already it has gone from thirty-six years to seventy, especially in the nations that have better health, nutrition, and all that.

Just imagine if we can bring that to a greater degree, and we progress.

Sure Questiacard, if you have any follow-up question, go ahead.

Questiacard:  Yes, thanks a lot again.  This is kind of a theological question.  It says in the Bible somewhere that God created evil and formed righteousness.  Do you think this is a culmination of what you are talking about, where our intelligence will culminate with the last of the prophecies?  This is the last prophecy.

Maitreya:  Can you quote where in the Bible it says that?  Questiacard, do you know where it is in the Bible that it says that God created the evil?  If you know where it is?  Do you know where in the Bible it says that?

While Questiacard is finding that verse, we might consider also that not all the parts in the Bible are the Word of God.  The Bible has been translated twenty-seven times at least, at least twenty-seven times before this century, or the middle of the last century.  Many words of humans have crept into it.  Therefore not all the parts can be trusted completely.

Evil is the separation of man from God and is the craving of the ego.  Ego separates man from man, not from the universe.  When that happens the temptation will come, and man will fall.

If God is everything, where is evil?  Is there any place for evil if God is everything?

Evil is the illusion of separation from God.  It is not even truth.  It is an illusion.  If it is an illusion then we have to shatter that illusion and connect ourselves to God.  The Spirit of God will not be tempting and will not make us go against the Law.  Therefore, evil has no power over us whatsoever.

But I would like to know where you have that verse in the Bible that says that God created evil, because evil is inherent in that illusion of separation from God.

Go ahead Questiacard.

Questiacard:  It is going to take me just a couple of minutes.  I lost my electronic Bible, so I am looking it up by hand.

Maitreya:  OK, no problem. When you find it, let us know.  Even if you find there is such a verse that God created evil, probably you can expand on it and say, because evil is the illusion of separation from God, it is inherent in the universe, and therefore you can say God created it.  But really, no one created evil.  Evil is in those who are not completely with God, those who do not let God completely come through.

Go ahead, Questiacard.

Questiacard:  Sorry to interrupt again.  I can see that maybe it was referring to evil as in the chaos of the universe, and the chaos of man’s natural intentions and through discipline.  But I will find that.  I have almost found the verse.

Maitreya:  Ok that is fine, Questiacard.  There is no problem.  When you find it, let us know.  Probably as I said, if you study our teachings, you will see that one of the things about our teachings that is different than the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Baha’i teachings is that those teachings say, “God created the universe.”  It is just like, from nothingness, He just said, “Be,” and it was. 

The logical mind has a hard time to accept that things were created from nothing.  So in our teaching it says, “No, there was consciousness and the three creative forces in the universe.”  It is a more mystical explanation of the creation.

These materials were in the universe even before the creation.  Then when that illusion of separation started in the universe, the unit consciousnesses were formed, and God used those materials from His own Body, to create the creation.

We realize that everything is inherent in the universe from the very beginning.  It is not something that has to happen after the creation was created and all that.  This answers a lot of questions that the people have, like, why is there so much suffering?  Suffering is because man does not follow God’s Way.  Man does not follow what God revealed to them and now is telling them to come and see the last Revelation. [some typing in text]

OK, can you read that Isaiah 45:7?  Can you read it for us, Questiacard?

Questiacard:  Yes, it says, “I form the light, and create darkness:  I make peace, and create evil:  I the lord do all these things.”  Isaiah 45:7

Maitreya:  Well, I take that verse with a grain of salt.  Probably I will meditate on it much longer to see if it is the Word of God or it has been added to the Bible

According to our teachings, and the beginning of the Bible, that does not sound correct because in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.  The very first verses in the Bible say that God did not like the darkness.  His Spirit moved into the darkness.

It sounds like He was not familiar with the darkness.  He had to send His Spirit into it to recognize, realize, and understand what the darkness is.

According to our teaching that Spirit went through the Eternal Divine Path and eventually returned to God.  That is when it says, “And there was light.”

That goes very well with the teaching of Christianity that, “The Spirit of God came to man.”  But it did not come at the time of Christ.  It went to the darkness, or came to the world even before the creation.

That Spirit went to the darkness to see what is it that that darkness had been created in the universe.  Then God created the whole universe to dispel that darkness and bring the light to all the creation.

Therefore my answer to that verse is that most probably that is not the Word of God.  That has been added to the Bible because God is Light, and when the Light comes the darkness cannot stand.

The question of Questiacard is, 

Questiacard:  Was there darkness before the physical creation?

Maitreya:  Yes indeed, that is correct.  God sent His Spirit, again if you read our teachings, that is clearly explained.  [Questiacard typed, “Sorry to be asking so many questions.”]  There is no problem, Questiacard, questions like this are welcome here.  There is no problem whatsoever.

The only problem we had are the people who come here with their dogmas and yell, scream, and accuse us of a lot of things instead of asking questions and knowing the teachings.  No, that is fine.

It was chaos, and the darkness was on the universe.  God sent His Spirit to that darkness.  That Spirit went through the Eternal Divine Path, which was back to the Light.  God saw the Light that it was good.  It was a good Path.  It was a good way to bring the darkness back to the Light.

Then it was attempted to help the darkness to go back to God.  But in that state it was very difficult.  The darkness still had the power of Spirit, and they would not listen and progress.

That is when it was decided that the creation would be created and the powers of the darkness would be taken away from them little by little until the flood of Noah that eventually all the powers were taken away.  Even the third eye of man was closed.  The only thing left for them was the telepathic ability.

Even they used the telepathic ability to create the Tower of Babel.   Even that was taken away.  Now we are humans, we do not have any power whatsoever.

You are correct; the darkness was before this physical creation.  This physical creation is created with the Body of God.

Again go to our website, and read our teachings.  Everyone is encouraged.

All the answers are given.  It sounds like a big claim but that is the truth.  It goes very well with the Revelation of God that when the Seventh Angel comes, no mystery will be left.  And there is no mystery left.  All the answers are here for humanity to look at, to understand God’s Way, and to progress toward unity and Light.

OK we are out of time.  But there is a comment, I guess, from Questiacard that says:

Questiacard:  I have to say, I am skeptical, but the unity of THOTH is incredible.  May I ask how long it took to complete?

Maitreya:  Being skeptical is very healthy.  Indeed we encourage it.  Of course, the Revelation of God and understanding of it is not compulsory.  Every man, woman, and child should eventually prove it to themselves.  That is why our website is there.  That is why the writings, the tapes, the videos, everything is there for you to go, search, knock, ask, and prove it to yourself.  We actually welcome the skeptical approach to our teachings. 

You should be approaching every new idea or claim with that spirit.  We ourselves indeed approached it with the same spirit.  Everyone in this Mission has done the same and has proved it to himself or herself.

That is why when it is proven to them, it is their Revelation, it is between them and God and we become co-workers, friends, and people who work together to bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

I hope that you eventually realize that with all the clear evidence that it is from God, this is the last Revelation, and come and join us, and get on with us to help.

Now you asked how long it took.  The Revelation started coming in 1977.  By 1982 it was ready to be published.  In the spring of 1982 it was published to humanity, and we tried to reach to people from then on.

It has been probably around 22, 24 years that it has been on earth, and it has been spreading since them.  Hopefully more and more people will see the Vision you have seen and see how incredible a Revelation it is.

It is incredible.  No human could sit down and write that Book.  Indeed it has been prophesied that every word in THOTH, you can write 1,000 books about.

Again we encourage you to go to our website again, and study our teachings; understand the incredible Revelation that God sent to man.  Understand it, and prove it to yourself.  Then after you proved it to yourself, look at yourself and see why God guided you to this teaching and Mission, and what is the Call for you to spread this Mission and Message in a greater degree.  Then we can work together as close as possible to see that this Mission is done.

We will end our session here.  I leave you all to God.  Be with God and let Him come through.  Meditate, understand, recognize, and realize.  And may God Bless you all.  Maybe we will see each other next week again.

Sal-OM everyone.


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