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Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation Room. In this room we talk about the latest Revelation from God to humanity, a Revelation that has been prophesied to come at the end time. We are at the end time.

If you look at the earth you can see that a lot of problems have been surfacing, and all the prophecies and Revelations that God promised would come to humanity have come. Now these teachings and Revelation show how all the revelations before it have been from God. He has sent all of them. There is no separation or contradiction between them.

The separation and contradiction is because humanity did not know that there would be Seven Revelations from God. Also many dogmas and man-made teachings have crept in to the teachings of the original Prophets. Many people are still hanging on to those dogmas and beliefs that are not from God. Therefore a great disunity between religions has been created.

Now this Revelation clearly shows and purifies all those separations and reveals how God has told that in the last 12,000 years, Seven Revelations would come to man. It has fulfilled the prophecies and now all can clearly see where their religions fall in Gods Revelations.

This room is for people to go to our website, study our teachings, and come to our room that is in PalTalk every day, All Religions Unified, and ask their questions there. If you want to know your answers in a deeper level, you can come to our weekly room, this room, ask me, and have a talk with me, have a Conversation.

Know that you will be answered if your questions are on topic: the Mission of Maitreya, if you are really sincere to know what this Revelation is all about.

We have the people who come to our room and tell us that they already have all the answers. We do not need any new religion, any new revelation. They are absolutely incorrect, and it is not what God has prophesied to come in the last 12,000 years.

We understand their attachments to their religions, their dogmas, and their understandings but they have to listen to God. God said clearly that there would be Seven Revelations, and no religion whatsoever or philosophy will have the whole answer until the Seventh Angel or Revelation comes.

We have to be patient with these people and guide them, and refer them to the teachings that are all in the website. They can go there, download them, and read them. All is there for them to see what God revealed to humanity. If they saw the Vision that has been revealed here, then they can come and join us. If they do not see the Vision and still they doubt, we leave them to God and they should leave us to God. God is the judge between us to see who is the truthful one.

Every religion before this religion thinks that they have the answers but that is not what God revealed. He completely and clearly said that it would be a mystery until the Seventh Revelation, the Seventh Angel, comes. Therefore it is the most unique Revelation to humanity, and any one before this Revelation, if they study our teachings, they will see that indeed it is new, it is unique, and it is different than what they have. What they have is a part of a greater truth and that is the Eternal Divine Path, The Greatest Sign, the Revelation of all other religions that they have to add to their own, in order to be able to see the whole Vision.

That is the most unique Revelation that humanity has had on earth for the last 12,000 years. Those who insist that they have all the answers, we have to tell them, Yes, we understand your attachments but we have to tell you very clearly that what you believe is not correct because that is not what God revealed. You have to study our teachings and then you will see that what you have is a part of a Plan that has been revealed to humanity little by little, in piecemeal, through different religions. Now God is revealing that man can go back to Him through the Communities of Light and the following of the Eternal Divine Path.

Of course, the Eternal Divine Path covers the Mystical Paths that include Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Saints in Christianity, Sufis, and any other teaching that says, The Father and I are One. I have to become One with God, and I can have an experience with God.

As long as we have not had an experience with God, we accept the dogmas, we accept the religions, and we separate ourselves from other people. We think that what we have is the greatest. When we experience God, we will see that God is Everything. If God is Everything, how can we separate ourselves from any other part of the universe?

We will become universalists, expand our minds, and include everyone in our understanding. Then we will realize that there cannot be more than one Truth. There cannot be many religions. If there is only one God, how can we have so many different religions?

This Revelation will then make much more sense to you because you realize that, Yes, God sent all these revelations, and these revelations reveal a Path that brings the Kingdom of God on earth and unifies all humanity. It covers and unites all religions and shows the way to bring the Kingdom.

That is what is in the Old Testament. In the Old Testament God is trying to choose people who will follow His Laws and bring His Spirit among themselves. The Communities of Light is the second step in the Eternal Divine Path, and on and on.

We have studied and explained the Eternal Divine Path hundreds of times. You can read the teachings, you can listen to them, and you can become familiar with them in our website. There are many ways, there are visual ways, there are reading ways, and there are audios and videos, and everything that is necessary to teach humanity. This Revelation is available in our website and is provided for everyone. No matter what kind of way will appeal to you, it is provided for you.

If you like to read, there is THOTH; there is the writing of THOTH. If you want to listen, there are some parts of THOTH that are in audio. If you would like to see The Greatest Sign that crystallizes the teachings here, you can download The Greatest Sign, gaze at it, and realize what these incredible teachings are.

Then if you have any questions you can send the questions to the Mission, or come here and talk to me, or go to our rooms. There are many ways that God has created and provided for humanity at this time that they can completely understand these teachings.

I am still alive in the body and since this Revelation came from this Vessel, I have the first-hand information for you. I can converse with you and clarify the teachings that are very clear, very precise, crystallized, and reveal the whole truth to man. If humanity understands and realizes these teachings, they will realize that their religions are a part of a greater truth.

That is why we ask you to go to our website and study. Now if you have any questions you can raise your hand here, or type in text and let us know.

This Revelation also explains the promises that God gave to many Prophets and to humanity, the promises that God gave to Abram and Abraham. He fulfilled them. Therefore God exists.

It sounds like Pankaja Dasa is very anxious to prove that Krishna is the only way. He is asking:

Pankaja_Dasa: Do you consider Krishna to be of spiritual body or mere human?

Maitreya: Krishna was a part of a Plan that started in the Far East. There were two plans for humanity. One was the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Bahai plan, and the other one was the Far East plan.

In the Far East plan, Hinduism and the Vedas were the remnant of the teachings that were brought by Noah. Eventually they became a religion in India and the Indian continent. The people who came to India were Aryans, and they came from Europe. They split into two branches: one went to India, and the other one went to Persia.

The one that went to India preserved and kept the original teachings that also mixed with the natives that were from Africa. Krishna, Shiva, and all those great spiritual beings came to them and furthered their understandings and teachings, and they eventually created a body of knowledge that is based on the Vedas. Eventually we had Hinduism. Hinduism is a body of many teachings that were added to its original revelations, and now we have a religion that is incredibly vast and includes a lot of different contributions to it.

Krishna indeed was a Prophet, a Messiah, a Representative of God, and a Mouthpiece of God. In a sense in the moments that he was teaching Godly Words, he and the Father (God) were One, as Christ also said the same thing.

Pankaja_Dasa: Through whom? I did not catch that.

Maitreya: Through Noah. Before the flood of Noah, God gave the Mystical Teachings to Noah. Then he brought them to humanity. Humans were split into many people as the Bible clearly said, He confused them.

One branch came to India, and one went to Persia. The Persian branch eventually accepted the Zoroastrian religion, that for the first time it was revealed that there was only One God and another energy that is opposed to God.

Pankaja Dasa, as you know, the rule in this room is that you ask one question at a time. You should wait until you receive your answer, and then you can ask another question. If you keep just typing it is hard to answer your questions.

If you have any other question

Pankaja_Dasa: Do you believe God has form?

Maitreya: God is everything. God has form. But whatever has form is not the ultimate. Whatever has form still has the attributes of the creation. God in the highest level is the Essence that is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal.

If you become attached to the form of God then you will not go to the ultimate. If you believe that God is Krishna, He is like a bridge. Christ is a bridge. Moses is a bridge. All those people brought these teachings to humanity. If instead of you going over the bridge to the other side you start becoming very attracted to the bridge itself, Oh, such a beautiful bridge, such a curve, so nicely built, you will never go over the bridge. You will never go to God.

That is what this teaching guides the Hindus and the people who are attached to their external world and tells them, Go over the bridge. Go to the other side. Go to the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal God. If you are attached to Krishnas body, you never can go over the bridge to the other side that Krishna was trying to take you to.

We believe God is everything. Yes He has form but you should not be attached to the form. You go beyond it.

If you have any other question, now you can type. But do not keep typing as mentioned before.

Nancy is asking:

Nancy100: Is there any difference between the rainbow serpent and the Eternal Divine Path?

Maitreya: Can you tell us what rainbow says? Are you talking about the New Agers that accept everyone and bring all in as part of God?

Silver19421: Maitreya, In the Krishna teachings, Krishna talks about his personal form.

Nancy100: From Egypt.

Maitreya: Would you like to take the mic? Right, Nancy, if you want to explain what the rainbow is then I can answer your question and we can talk about it.

Also, Pankaja Dasa says:

Pankaja_Dasa: You are Mayavadis.

Maitreya: Well, that is a part of Hinduism. But it is more than that. That is why again we are telling you to study our teachings. If you do not know our teachings you just say things that are conjecture. They are not what we teach.

Pankaja_Dasa: That is what all Mayavadis say.

Maitreya: I know that they say that but that is not what this teaching is. That is just a part of these teachings that go to the highest. If you study our teachings you will see that they also cover Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and the Bahai teachings, and it covers Hinduism and Buddhism. Believing in Oneness is again a part of these teachings.

Also we believe, yes, God does have a form. You can believe that not only God has a form as Krishna, but also your body is a part of God. You are a part of God. The Father and you could be One.

The problem is that you have fallen to such an illusion of Maya and you have forgotten you are a part of God therefore, Krishna is a part of God but you are not. If you fall into the form then you will not go to the highest.

I guess you are not going to listen to my request. If you want to come to the mic and have a conversation, fine. But if you keep typing, I am going to have a hard time reading and explaining to you at the same time.

OK, you are saying:

Pankaja_Dasa: You believe in oneness. Mayavadis read Vedas, but interpret in own way. Krishna has three aspects: impersonal, localized, and personal.

Maitreya: Well, we do not disagree with you. Yes indeed God has three levels. One is manifested, which is everything in the manifested world. One is the One that is in control of the universe. And there is the One that is impersonal, absolute, and detached from this universe. You can call them Sanskrit names but the explanation is the same.

That is why we have the Father, and we also have the impersonal God that is absolutely in the Bliss and is not manifested at all. When It manifests Itself through the Chosen Person to humanity, like Krishna, then the Father and Krishna are one and he represents God on earth.

That is why these teachings have fulfilled the prophecies, have brought the Revelation that It said would come to humanity, and now is here. That is as powerful, as close to God as Krishnas teaching, which came when Krishna brought the teaching, when Christ brought the teaching, when Moses brought the teaching. All of them were the Mouthpiece of God.

Nancy is asking:

Nancy100: Have any of them, Prophets, sons of God, been a Druid? If so, which one?

Maitreya: I guess that is again your understanding, Nancy. Why do you say they were Druids? Druids are the followers of the ancient teachings of the Celtic tribes. They can be, if its the highest level in that philosophy, considered a part of the Mystical Path.

If you call God, Druid, that is fine. I can accept that. However, it will not be the Real Name of God, which cannot be uttered in any language (manifested world). But if you are just calling one branch of understanding God, that they came from that branch, that does not make sense. You can explain more if you want but that is not what we teach here.

Silver is asking:

Silver19421: Maitreya, thank you for your discussion of this. It is most helpful.

Maitreya: OK. Great. I am glad it is helpful. That is why I am here, to help. I am here to explain this teaching and make everyone realize that what he or she has is OK and that what you have is a part of a greater truth. Expand your consciousness.

Expand the realization that God has been sending your teaching as a part of a greater teaching. If you are a Hindu, accept that Buddhists also are from God. Accept that Judaism is also from God. Accept that Christians also are from God. Accept that Moslems were also sent by God. Accept that Bahais also were prophesied and sent by God.

Therefore a Hindu, you are no more. You become a Divine. You expand yourself and you realize, Yes, God has sent all of them, and each of them are necessary to perfect His Revelation.

This Revelation is perfect. That is why the perfection has come. The last Revelation of God has come to humanity, and if you really understand and see where your teachings, your revelation, and your religion falls in this Revelation, you will accept everyone else. You are not going to oppose them.

We are not going to have any war between Hindus and Moslems in India. They would not oppose each others mosques or temples. They would not try to destroy a mosque and build a temple. A mosque is a temple. A mosque is a church. A church is a temple. All of them are a part of Gods revelations, and therefore you will respect all of them. Humanity will start to respect each other instead of opposing and demonizing one another so that they can kill each other and bring destruction and disunity, and all the problems that they have at this time.

That is the Message of the Mission of Maitreya: Expand yourself. You are a part of it. You are a part of Gods Revelation.

We are not opposing Hare Krishna. We are not opposing Hinduism. We are not opposing the Vedas. They all are explained in this Revelation. They are all a part of a greater truth. Expand yourself.

Pankaja Dasa is saying:

Pankaja_Dasa: That is not about religions. That is, I do think, more about ego and power. If you know God, you do not fight like dogs.

Maitreya: Well, that could be truth. But people who want those powers and domination are using your religion to do that. They talk about how Hinduism is better than Islam. Moslems, as you said, demonize them to make them in a way that you can go and kill them. Or, visa versa, Moslems say Hindus are not clean, they are infidels, they do not believe that Prophet Muhammad was the last Prophet, and therefore their lives are OK to destroy.

This teaching is telling them, No. God said Moslems will only take over one-fourth of the earth, and they have done it. They are finished. Hindus are a part of the Mystical Paths. All of them are necessary to complete this Revelation.

With this understanding then you go beyond Hinduism, beyond Islam, and beyond any specific religion. You expand yourself to accept and see that all of them are a part of God. Then the politicians cannot use different religions and ideas to put you against each other. They cannot say that Hinduism is better than Islam, or Moslems are better than Hindus, and therefore you can kill each other.

That is what the peace will bring to humanity. This is the Message of peace. This is the healing of the earth that we are living in. That is why we do not heal individuals. We heal the whole earth.

Those who really see this Vision, accept it, and become it will realize, Yes, this is the prophecy of the coming of peace to humanity.

It frees you. It frees you from the clutch of the politicians. It frees you from the separation between dogmas and religions. It purifies you. It purifies your religion. It takes out all the dogmas and brings the very Essence of God to you.

The healing power of this teaching is amazing. It brings everything to the simplest form for humanity to go back to God. We have to create the Communities of Light. We have to live in the Communities of Light. We have to establish the Communities of Light so that we can bring a system based on the Communities of Light, based on Gods Words, and therefore we will not separate man from man. We will not demonize them so we can kill them and not even feel remorse, even feeling good about it and saying, Well, they were infidels, and they were not following our teachings, or our religions, or our way of life, so it is OK to kill them.

This teaching says, No, everything is from God. All the teachings have come from the same Source. You are all one. Humanity has been guided to this point. Anyone who opposes this teaching and this Revelation will not be able to continue the way they are. It is a new wine, in a new skin, and it has come to humanity for a great purpose: To bring peace, unity, and the Kingdom on earth.

This is what everyone has to understand. It is very simple. God said this was going to come, that there would be a Seventh Seal opened. And it has.

We are in that time, in that period, after the opening of the Seven Seals. The Revelation is very clear what happens after the Seven Seals, after the Seventh Angel comes, after the opening of the Seventh Revelation. The tribulation on earth will start.

It will go through an upheaval and war-like period. Then all, little by little, will understand that this is from God. This is the teaching that God has sent to humanity, and they will come, gather together, create the Communities of Light, and bring the Kingdom of God on earth. That is the promise that God has given to us.

God gave a promise to Abram (Abraham). He gave a promise to Moses. He gave a promise to Prophet Muhammad. He gave a promise to Christ. He has fulfilled them.

Apparently they killed Christ. It sounds like his mission was done; it was finished. They killed him, and they stopped his revelation and Gods Plan. But did they succeed?

It is just like here. They oppose us. They come here and they say this cannot be the last Revelation or we have all the answers. You have to become Hindu. You have to become Moslem. You have to become Jewish. You have to become Christian. You have to become Bahai.

God says differently. God said there is going to be a Seventh Revelation and that this is the one. After that, the Kingdom will come.

None of them could have brought the Kingdom because it was not the whole picture. They had just a part of the picture and said, No, we have the truth. We are going to bring the Kingdom on earth. That is where they go wrong because they do not have the whole Plan.

It is just like you want to build a building, and you have only one seventh of the map. You cannot build the whole building because you do not have it. You have just one seventh of the schematics. You cannot put it together. And that is what has happened to the religions before this.

Now it has come to us, as this is what the whole Plan is. This is the whole picture of the house. This is how the drawing is of how to build a house. Now we have the Map. We have the way to do it.

Those who do not have it are going to oppose us because that is what they believe. Hindus have believed in what they believe for the last 12,000 years, or at least for 6,000 years.

Jews have believed in what they believe for 3,000 to 5,000 years. Christians have believed in what they believe for 2,000 years, Moslems for 1,400 years, and the Bahais for 200 years, and on and on.

They are very attached to what they have. They say, Well, how could it be? We have believed in this for 12,000 years, and you are coming and telling us it is something even better than what we have had for 12,000 years, or 5,000 years, or 2,000 years?

It is. It is because God said it is.

If we believe in God then we will know that He has promised for this Revelation to come, and His Kingdom will come based on these teachings. Our faith and our resolve will be strong and one-pointed because we know that when God promises something is going to come, it will. It will happen.

The Kingdom of God will come on earth, and this is the way. The way is shown and given to humanity. It is really very simple. It is to create the Communities of Light.

We are not opposing any nation. We are not opposing any religion. We are not opposing even any government. We actually encourage the governments to continue as they are, until a point that they also realize that they are going to be having war forever. No last war is going to be the last war. They are going to be in war on and on, and it is not going to stop.

Any time there is a war, there is more destruction, there is more unhappiness, there is more opposition that will arise from other parts that even the governments that started the war did not know it was going to start. They are going to be opposed, and the destruction is going to continue.

This is the salvation of man, physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, and politically. Any way you look at it, the answer has been given to them, and they have to come and create the Kingdom of God.

Our job is easy. Our job is to create the Communities of Light, connect them together, create the hierarchy on earth, and wait until their systems that are man-made eventually will either fall apart, or the majority will recognize and realize that their systems are not going to work. No matter what systems are on earth, they are made by man, and man-made systems are not going to continue to stay forever.

That is exactly what the vision of Nebuchadnezzar was. That is what Daniel told Nebuchadnezzar what that vision meant. He explained to him that there were going to be seven kingdoms. The last one was going to be clay and iron that do not mix. That is what is going to happen. Humanity is going to go toward spirituality, they will awaken their spirit more and more every day, and they will become like clay. Their egos will become completely humbled, they will accept being a part of God, and they will let God come through. They will become the Children of God.

They are the chosen people who realize they are not the doers. God is doing it through them. They do not even accept thanks because they know that they have not done anything. All thanks go to God.

They become humble like clay, and this world that is like iron, will not mix. It is not going to be able to continue together. Those feet are very flimsy. Therefore the statue, which is what the whole earth is built on, will fall and will be no more. The stone that came from God, from nowhere, will hit the feet. It just needs a little stone to hit it, and the whole statue will fall and become nothingness. That is what we are here for.

We are not here opposing anyone. We are here just to give this Revelation and create the Communities of Light. That is all there is into it really. The promise of God is that His Kingdom will come. As He promised before and He fulfilled them, He will fulfill His Promise also in this case.

We can see that humanity and the whole earth again is falling to destruction and wars. The peace is not there. Where is there peace?

We do not have peace in PalTalk, although we have peaceful people in our rooms. Many people come and say, Yes, this room is peaceful. I do not want to be in other rooms anymore. That is because they are fighting each other. They are yelling at each other. They are absolutely demonizing one another.

But when you come to this room, we do not. He says, I am a Moslem. We say, OK, sure come in.

He says, I am a Christian, is that OK? We say, Yes.

I am a Hindu, or Buddhist, or whatever. We say, Sure, you are a part of us. We do not fight you. We know you have come from God. We know that your religion has been prophesied by God to come. We do not oppose you.

We know that your religion is good, wholesome, and the original teaching has a lot of truth in it. The only thing we are asking you is, Get rid of your dogmas. Get rid of your human ideas and listen to God.

In His Scriptures God clearly said that there are going to be Seven Revelations, and all of that.

Sarick is asking:

Sarick1: Sal-OM Maitreya.

Maitreya: Sal-OM Sarick.

Sarick1: What does self-actualization really mean?

Maitreya: That your self becomes actualized. That you actually become what you have been created to be, to recognize and realize God within, and know that He is the Doer through you. You actually see yourself as a part of God and also recognize and realize what is His Will for you.

Before this Revelation, humanity was meditating to know, What is the Will of God? With this Revelation everyone knows what the Will of God is. You do not have to meditate on the Will of God anymore. The Will of God is to create the Communities of Light, bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, direct humanity toward the Light and God, and therefore they can progress toward God and become One. That is the Will of God: To follow the Eternal Divine Path, understand The Greatest Sign, our teachings, and all of that.

Now what is the Will of God for me in this umbrella of His Will? What can I do? Why did He create me and connect me to the Mission? Therefore you know who you are, you really know why you have been created, and why you are here. You recognize that you really do not exist. God exists through you.

If you experience God once, then you recognize and realize that you really do not exist. God is everything. You have an illusion of separation from God and that experience of Oneness that, Yes, He is the Doer, truly. Not just mouth-service to say, Yes, God is doing it through me but you really do not mean it, you do not understand it, and you have never had an experience with it.

If you ever have the experience once that God is truly doing it through you and you truly do not exist, then you will be completely a person who is One with God and will know His Will for you. Then you have no choice but to follow His Will.

It is just like I did not have any choice but to start this Mission. As I said, we are saying to Hindus that have been here for more than 6,000 years that, You are just a part of a greater truth.

To Jews that say, They are the chosen people, we say, No, you are a part of a greater truth.

To Christians that say, We are the only way, we say, No, you are only a part of a greater truth.

To Moslems that say, We have the last word, we say, No, you are a part of a greater truth.

It is mind-boggling the claims that they are claiming on earth. But that is the truth. That is what God said. And He said, Start this Mission for Me on earth.

I could have said no but, could I? That is the real answer that, I could not because that was my Daharma. That is what I had to do in this lifetime. Therefore I had to come, bring this Revelation to humanity, and try my best to disseminate it, and to spread it to every man, woman, and child.

Little by little a lot of people are seeing the Vision, they understand the incredibleness of this Revelation, and they are joining me. They do not have any choice because they also recognize and realize that is also why they have been given this life.

Meditate, awaken your spiritual forces first, and recognize and realize that you are One with God. Then when you have had that experience, you know who you are. You are a Child of God. You are a son of God. You are a chosen person who has come here for a reason. Then you do not have any choice, you will know yourself, and you are going to be actualized.

Actually, actualization means recognizing that you and God are One. You and your Essence are one. You become who you have been, are, and will be.

I guess we have a couple of questions here. Let me see what they are. Are they question or just comments?

Silver19421: I feel so happy and peaceful as I listen to you, Maitreya. Thanks God.

Maitreya: OK. That is great. I guess they are not questions.

But that is what actualization means. The word is good.

Of course if you go to management, self-actualization is a different thing. They follow the theory of Maslow and say there are five levels of progress. Eventually, when you become actualized, you know exactly who you are, you become a leader, everyone is going to be attracted to you, and you fulfill all the mundane desires of the last five very easily because you are actualized. You know exactly who you are.

The correct explanation is that when you actually realize that you and God are One, you know exactly who you are, what you have been created for, why you are here, and how to fulfill your Daharma. As I said, the overall Plan and the Will of God have already been given to humanity, and that is the Eternal Divine Path and our teachings.

Now you can become actualized by recognizing that God is coming through you, and you are one with God. Now what can I do in this Plan? Then you become an actualized person. I hope that makes sense.

Sarick1:Great! Yes.

Maitreya:Great Sarick. I am glad you like it.

Again this teaching is explaining to humanity what the goal is. The goal is to be(come) Divine. That is why we have been created. To be(come) Divine you can say is becoming actualized. You recognize your Divinity. You are not flesh. You are not intellect. You are not your body. You are not your mind. You are beyond all of them.

They are trying to explain God with their minds. They are saying, Explain God. As we said, God cannot be explained. It can be experienced. If you experience it once, you will have no doubt.

They say, If God exists, who created God? When you recognize and you experience God, the question does not even arise. You absolutely know It has been here, It is here, and It will be here forever. It is not something you can intellectually explain, but when it is experienced it is known to be correct and a fact.

Mind cannot understand that something has been here forever and will be here forever. Eternity is beyond the human mind. When it is experienced there is no question, it makes sense.

The answer of every possible question has been given. I feel we have done a good job. The answers are all given here. I am not surprised that there are not many questions left.

We will get on with the work. Maybe we should start a room that, how we can now implement these teachings for humanity because there are not many questions left. We have been coming to these rooms now for a year, a year and a half, and the questions are mostly what we have already answered. They are all in the website. Almost every possible question has been asked and answered.

Once in a while someone comes and asks a question that has not been asked before, but most of the questions have been given in the website. The Greatest Sign has been explained so many times and you can also know what The Greatest Sign means and what the Eternal Divine Path is.

Really it is time for implementation of the teachings, that is, to meditate, awaken your spiritual forces, create Communities of Light, sacrifice for them, and surrender and submit to God. Actually, surrendering and submitting to God means self-actualization. It means you let God come through. He does the job through you, and you are not the doer but God is.

That is the highest spiritual realization for humanity. The way they become surrendered and submitted to God, they do not exist really but God exists through them, and therefore they can manifest God.

Then you become a universalist, and you become an Elect.

Silver is asking:

Silver19421: Dear Maitreya, do you ever get angry? I do sometimes. I would like not to get angry. Please help me.

Maitreya: Well, anger. Nothing is bad in this universe. There is a purpose for everything.

Even anger can be of three kinds. It can be from ignorance. You can become angry for no reason, or because of a psychological shortcoming, or due to desires or attachments that are not fulfilled, or the way maybe you have been brought up, anger has been a part of your life and it becomes a part of your relationships with other people.

If the parents are angry and they transfer that anger to their child, the child, when he or she grows up, might have the same problem. It might be because you might have a desire for something that is not fulfilled, therefore when you see it is not happening you become angry.

It is the uncleanness of the chakras. Therefore you might use anger not in knowledge but for other reasons.

It can be from passion that you get angry because you want something. In your experience if you get angry, you will have it.

Some children have tantrums. They want something. They throw things, and they say, No, I want it. I want it. If they have their way, they say, OK this is a good way. From now on anytime I want something I pretend, or become angry, and my parents are going to give it to me because that is the way to do it. It can be a learned reaction in life.

Anger can be from knowledge. If you can guide someone in the Path by showing them that you are not happy with what they do, they probably will shape up and come back to the Path instead of falling off to Maya. As we said, nothing is bad in this universe. It depends on how it is used. It depends on how we are using that in our lives.

If we are angry for no reason and it affects other people and creates a bad environment, and our anger is not based on guiding other people to the highest level but is based on our own desires and wants, and we make other people uncomfortable with our unwarranted anger, then that is not good. You have to meditate on that. You have to exercise. You have to innersize. Yoga will help in this case because it calms the body, it calms the mind, and you can see clearer where your anger comes from.

We recommend also not consuming too much tamasic food, not too much coffee and the things that stimulate the lower chakras, and we cannot control our calm mind and we become angry with other people.

Silver19421: What about being on the other end of peoples anger?

Maitreya: If you are at the other end of peoples anger, you do not become angry. You stay calm. You stay in the meditation.

Remember our meditation is to breath in, recognize the calmness between breathing in and breathing out; then breathe out, and recognize the calmness between breathing out and breathing in. Stay in that calmness, in that unity, in that oneness between breathing in and breathing out all the time.

If someone is angry with you, go to that place. Just stay calm. Just look at them. Let them be angry, yell, and all of that. It is going to slide right over your back. It is not going to get to you. It is going to go right back to them who have been angry, or have been cursing you, or saying bad things about you.

It reminds me of a story about Buddha. He was preaching one day, and one man came and was very angry. He started yelling at him, Who do you think you are? You are opposing Hinduism. We are all Hindus. Hinduism has everything you need to know. We do not need you to come and tell us what is good and what is not good in Hinduism. He cursed him for fifteen minutes, and then Buddha said, My friend, what happens if you want to give me something, it is yours and I do not accept what you give me? Who is the owner?

The man said, Well, I am the owner because I wanted to give it to you and you did not want it.

Buddha said, Whatever you say, I do not accept. Who owns all the bad words you said? They went back to him that brought them to Buddha, and Buddha did not accept them.

If you stay in that calm level and in the calmness between breathing in and breathing out, whatever people give you, you do not have to accept. Their anger, you will not accept. Their cursing, you will not accept. Everything they say, you will not accept.

Where do they go? They go right back to them again. So you are free from their anger. Actually you are going to help them more because they will recognize that they are angry, and they are the people at fault. They are the people who are making the mistake; you are not. You are the person who is calm and collected. Of course, you have to meditate and be correct. You can control yourself; therefore you can help others that they can control themselves eventually.

Anger is from impurity, not being centered. If you are centered, you can become angry, but your anger is going to be helpful to the other person instead of you thinking you are out of control.

Actually inside you will be laughing when you are angry from knowledge, from that calm place, because you know that what you are doing is for them, it is not for you. That is how you overcome the external world and their pressure, by being with God, by being in that calm state between breathing in and breathing out, and knowing that nothing ever can affect or disturb that calmness. Anything going on around you is just a play; it is not the real thing.

Silver19421: Thanks God. I remember now. Maitreya, this is in THOTH, yes? I forgot about it.

Maitreya: That is all right. That is a part that also our people more and more have to recognize to stay between the breathing in and breathing out all the time. After a while it just becomes natural. You do not even have to try to be in that calm place. You will be in that calm place all the time. Whatever happens in the external world is really not affecting you because you are with God. You are in Spirit, and you are always connected.

Whatever happens outside is just that is what it is; it is outside you. It is not affecting you at all. You can go through life dancing with Krishna, dancing with God, without being affected with what is happening in the external world.

Again as you can see God has even great knowledge and understanding of human beings in this Revelation. It brings individual and collective salvation to man. It teaches you how to be with God all the time and be Divine. We can create communities that everyone is in that level. Everyone is connected with the calmness within himself or herself. Everyone is in that place.

We can have complete deep relationships with one another, understand each other in a greater degree, and create an environment that everyone grows physically, mentally, and spiritually to the highest possible level that man can achieve, which is to be(come) One with God. Therefore the Kingdom of God will come on earth.

That had been on earth 12,000 years ago, before the flood of Noah. But man fell and for the last 12,000 years men were in ignorance, have forgotten their Essence, and have forgotten how to be connected to God and base their relationships and life on God.

Now again it has been revealed to humanity how it can be done, how relationships should be, how God can bring us together by respecting one another, by respecting that Essence in each other, and being in that Essence with one another. We do not have to fight. We do not have to be angry. We do not have to bring misunderstanding to each other but bring that oneness and great respect that each man and woman deserve.

We can create an earth that is based on respect, not on greed, wars, and destruction. The only way we can do it is each individual, one by one, to become the Essence within them. They can go beyond any emotional problems that have been on earth and people can use those emotions against us that they can bring those emotions to the surface, or between groups, and create wars and destruction.

Really wars and destruction are based on emotion. They play with your emotions, they arouse your emotions, and they attach you to the things that are dear to you. Then if you want those things that are dear to you and stay around, you had better go kill those people who are against you. Either side, no matter, which side you look at, really they are mostly based on emotions.

In that Essence, in that quietness, there are no emotions. There is truth, and no one can really tell you that the other people are not good because you know everything is God. They start respecting you. You start respecting them. If you respect people, people will start respecting you.

There is another question. Silver is asking:

Silver19421: I have been exposed to a teaching that the false ego is out to destroy us and that it is as powerful as God. I do not believe that. It does not make sense to me. Please comment, Maitreya.

Maitreya: Ego is the umbrella between you and God. It separates you from the Essence. By this teaching, by this new meditation that has been given to humanity, if you practice to be in the Essence with God all the time, the ego cannot be successful. But as you try to be in that Essence, you will recognize that you cannot be there all the time. Your ego, or the Maya, or the attraction of the external world, or your wants, or desires, or whatever is there will come in and take you away from that calmness in you between breathing in and breathing out. Again you are out there, you are angry, and you are emotional, people can affect you, and you are out.

But the trick is to bring your self back to that Essence again and again and again. As we said, ego has been in charge for many lifetimes. It has been running your life for hundreds or thousands of lifetimes. Now you suddenly say, No, I do not listen to you. I am going to stay with my Essence, with the calmness within. I am going to stay in this unity between breathing in and breathing out. I recognize that because I have meditated on this process and in the meditation that has been given from the Mission. Now I am going to go back there again and again. I know I forgot. That is OK.

Do not be angry with yourself if you forgot, because as you said, ego is very powerful. Maya is powerful. But go back there again, and again, and again. As you do that more often, you will stay there more often. Eventually it will reach a point that you do not even have to think about it.

Next time someone is angry with you, you suddenly are there, are in that calmness. You just look at the person and say, Well, why are you angry?

When you are in that Essence you actually affect other people very powerfully because they recognize that you are not becoming angry, you are not becoming emotional, you are not in the same place that you were before, where they are. You are in a position that you can help them also recognize that there is another place that is much calmer than where they are, that their emotions cannot affect you. They cannot emotionally arouse you to do the things that are not Godly.

The more we create such people, the more they will say, No, we will not go to kill other people. We will not go to war. We are not going to be emotionally aroused, and therefore we can demonize other people and do bad things to them.

Peace comes within you first. If you create that peace within you, little by little you can create peace around you. As you create more peace around you, you can expand that to the community. The community becomes peaceful, and you can expand it to the state, and as the state becomes peaceful, the nations. When the nations become more peaceful, we can bring peace on earth.

That is again another message of this Mission. We are the Prince of Peace. We are the peacemakers. We are the people that will not become emotionally involved with the world. We want to stay with God and our Essence. We will bring peace to ourselves; we will bring peace to our families,

We will bring peace to our wives and husbands and children. We will bring peace to whomever we touch. But we have to be peaceful ourselves first. We have to recognize that Essence first. We have to go back to that peaceful place in ourselves first. And the path is given.

The way is given to you how to do it. But you have to do it. You have to put effort. You have to meditate. You have to awaken your spiritual forces, to go back there over and over again. So you can eventually be there most of the time.

There is a question. Silver is asking:

Silver19421: Is this approach the same if one feels afraid?

Maitreya: Of course, that peaceful place is for every emotion; you go to that peaceful place. Fear, what is fear? Most, probably 99% of human fear is emotional fear. The world the way it is right now brings fears that are based on the situations that have been created on earth.

In the Communities of Light your physiological and safety needs have been taken care of. What other fears are going to be there? Any other fear within you is emotional fear, is attachments and all the things that are not really real, but you have created yourself.

If you are in Communities of Light, if you have any fear, you can go in that calm place and recognize, I have a place that is safe. There is no war around me, my physiological and safety needs are taken care of, and the earth is peaceful. If I need something even there are people who are going to help me to have it, if am not completely rich or able to have everything I want.

The whole earth is based on creating an environment that the physiological and safety needs of everyone have been taken care of. Any other fear is really not correct.

There might be some legitimate fears, at least in this environment. People are afraid they will get old and there is no one to take care of them. People are afraid there might be a gang who lives in their neighborhood, or there is drug trafficking, or the fears that are real. But with Communities of Light, little by little, those things will not exist. The gangs cannot exist in Communities of Light because there are always people who will be watching the community, and they will not stand for such kinds of activities.

We can see that takes care of that kind of fear that is real for some people. The only fear that is left is the personal fear. That can be emotional.

Again, with our progress toward becoming our Essence, those kinds of fears, little by little also will be lifted, and again we will have no fear and we will be free in the Communities of Light, in Gods lap. We will put our head on the lap of God, sleep peacefully, and wake up the next morning and dance with God and in the community and be in a loving environment that everyone is desiring and no one knows how to get there.

Now we know how to get there. It has been given. It is revealed to man. Now humanity knows.

Gods Truth indeed is incredible. It is all-inclusive. We will all come back and be together again and again. This is going to happen. But it might not happen in this lifetime. It might happen next lifetime.

I do not see any other questions. I have not been IMed any question. But this room mostly is to bring in questions.

OK. There seems to be a question there.

Silver19421: If we are living in the Community of Light and we are practicing this wonderful meditation of breathing and using the mantra, we should not have these experiences of fear, anger, etc. and we should be expanding the Love of God everyday?

Maitreya: That is the idea. What we are talking about are the real Communities of Light that its members truly have recognized God and that peace within themselves, no craving of ego, domination, or feeling left out, and all the emotions of humans are not there anymore.

We are talking about the communities that people are actualized. They really, truly let God come through, and their lives are not based on emotions. In such communities, yes, you are correct, that is what is going to happen. There is not going to be any fear. And more and more people are going to recognize that Oneness within themselves and outside.

You are asking:

Silver19421: How do you describe "Pure Consciousness"

Maitreya: It is just like you are asking, Explain God. As we said, you cannot explain God. God is experienced.

God and Pure Consciousness is the same thing; they are one. There is no separation between God and Pure Consciousness. When you are in Pure Consciousness, you experience the oneness with God and you know that God is coming through you all the time. But you cannot explain God.

Someone said that if all the oceans of the universe become ink, and all the trees and the rest of the universe become pens, if the whole space becomes paper, if you write and finish all the ink, and broke all the pens, and write in all the space, you have not even begun to explain God or Pure Consciousness.

It is an experience. That is why we recommend meditation, we recommend prayer, we recommend yoga, we recommend good diet, we recommend good environment, to calm your mind. You cannot experience God if your mind is not calm.

It is just like a lake, which is turbulent. If the lake is turbulent and the moon is in the sky, can you see the moon? No. Because the lake is turbulent, the moon breaks up into thousands of pieces. You cannot see the round moon in the lake. But if you calm the lake and make it stay still, then you can see the moon clearly in the sky that is reflected in the lake.

That is what your consciousness is also. Consciousness is like a lake, and God is like the moon. You cannot see the moon if your consciousness is turbulent and your environment creates disturbance all the time. If you cannot calm your mind, you cannot see God.

The whole idea is to calm your mind first. That is what all these techniques, all the meditation, diet, chanting, dancing, concentration, contemplation, are given for: to calm your mind, and, of course, Communities of Light to calm your environment.

If you create all of them for an individual, hopefully he or she will have a calmer mind, will not be under pressure of the external world, and eventually they will experience God or Pure Consciousness. Then they will say, Yes, I do not exist. Not just words, I do not exist, but actually you do not exist. God only exists within you, and the people know by the calmness in you.

See, we can claim anything. We can claim we are in the Communities of Light, we have reached Pure Consciousness, and we are enlightened. But people are not going to be fooled. They know you by your fruit. They know you by your actions.

If you really are enlightened, if you really are calm, you will express that calmness and people will see it right in you. If you do not really exist and God exists only, then whatever you do is perfect, and you will manifest Gods Spirit in you. Everyone also will see that and respect that.

Pure Consciousness is not explainable as God is not explainable. But all the tools have been given to you to experience It. When you experience it, you and God become One, and you become a channel for His Spirit to humanity.

I hope that answered your questions.

Again this is the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation Room. In this room we talk about the Mission of Maitreya, and we encourage everyone to go to our website and study our teachings. Then you can come here and ask questions about this new Revelation from God. You can ask any questions about our teachings, expand yourself, and include your religions or teachings to this new teaching that covers all the religions of the world and unifies them. Become proficient in understanding these teachings and how God has been sending all the religions of the world to humanity one by one.

There was a Plan. There was a decision made 12,000 years ago that the Eternal Divine Path will be revealed to humanity one at a time. That is why Noah brought the Mystical Paths, awakening of your spiritual forces. The teaching he brought eventually came as Hinduism and the Mystical Religions all over the world.

These Mystical Religions all say the same thing: That you and God are one. Experience God.

If you have not experienced God, then you have a religion. That is so important for the people who are religious in the different religions to understand. Whatever their preacher says, like a parrot they come and they blurt it out. They just repeat the same thing over and over.

If they have experienced God, they would not listen to their preachers. That is because they would know God. It is just like Sufis in Islam; Sufis experienced God. They came and said to the Moslems, Anallah, I am God. I am a part of God.

The orthodox people did not understand it. But that is the first step, to experience God. If you have experienced God, then you are not a religious person. You no longer are Christian, or Hindu, or Buddhist, or Moslem. You go beyond religion. You become one with God. That is the first step in the Spiritual Path.

The second step is to create an environment that everyone can progress physically, mentally, and spiritually.

They create the Communities of Light. That is the second step in the Eternal Divine Path. After you meditate and awaken your spiritual forces, you go and create an environment that is good for you.

As we have discussed many times, to create such an environment you have to sacrifice. Communities of Light have been revealed to humanity in the Old Testament. In the Old Testament it talks about God wants to choose a people for Himself, a community.

Sacrifice is the message of Christ. In order to create such communities, sacrifice is necessary. We have to sacrifice in order to create such an environment.

The next step is surrendering and submission. That is the message of Islam.

Therefore Hinduism (awakening of your spiritual forces), Cabbalists, the Saints in Christianity, Sufis, and all those teachings that say, Awaken your spiritual forces, Know thyself, Be still and know that I am God, are from the Mystical Paths.

The second, the creation of the Communities of Light, is the Old Testament. Sacrifice, or not being self-centered, is the New Testament. Surrendering and submission to God, is Islam. And universalism, shattering all the narrowness of the mind, is the Bahai or Babs teachings.

If you go through those five steps, you become an Elect. You see, this teaching does not have any dogmas. It is a Path. Either you follow it or you do not. If you follow the Path, you will see the benefit: You will awaken your spiritual forces, and you will experience God.

When you experience God, you become a valuable member of the Communities of Light because we need people who have experienced God instead of having religions. If you have religion, then you have dogma. You have man-made ideas. What creates separation between man and man? It is man-made ideas.

God does not separate. God cannot separate because God is Everything. If God is Everything, how can we say that one part is better than the other part? Impossible! It is impossible to say that one part is better than another part.

We have to go beyond religions. We have to guide these people who are religious and have dogma, and direct them toward meditation and awakening of their spiritual forces. Therefore we will not have Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, or Jews. We will have God-realized people. They will become individuals who know God.

They are the Spirit on earth. They are the Spirit of God manifested to humanity. The more of these we will have, the less religions and darkness we will have, and the more Light we will have on earth. That is what we need to create on earth, more and more Light.

How do we create more Light? We create more Light by understanding our teachings, this Revelation, and this realization that all the religions have come from the same Source. Not only God is Everything but all the religions of the earth have been sent from the same Godhead, from the same Place, from One God.

If they have all come from One God, how can we separate? We cannot.

Not only we cannot separate any part of the universe from any other part, we cannot separate religions either. Therefore humanity is one.

God loves all of them. We cannot say that God only Blessed me but does not bless them, because God Loves everyone. He cannot just Bless a part of it or only one person, and not Bless those also who have a part of Gods revelations.

This is the Message of unity. This is the Message of unification. This is the healing power for humanity to come, to understand Gods Plan and Will, and follow It. Those who do not follow Gods Will, it is just like having a hand that has cancer. You have to cut it off. You have no choice. Although it is a part of your body and you do not want to separate it, but if it has cancer then you have no choice.

This is the Message that has come to humanity. All humanity has to come to recognize it, realize it, and follow it. If they do not then they are going against Gods Will. History and our teachings clearly show what happens to those who go against Gods Will.

God promised to Abram and Abraham there would be Prophets and Messiahs come through them, and they did. Whenever humanity was against His Messiahs, were they able to stop them? Were they able to stop Christianity even though they crucified Christ? No, because that was Gods Will, to bring humanity to the Christian understanding.

Great, Sufi from Iran.

BlazzinSaddles: Do you know Nassar Hamedani, a Sufi from Iran?

Maitreya: No, we do not know Sufis, but Sufis are a part of our teaching. Sufis are a part of the Mystical Paths, and they are included in this teaching.

We encourage you to go to our website and study these teachings, and tell Nassar Hamedani that a greater teaching has come to him. Encourage him to come and study our teachings. If he has any questions or wants to discuss something with us, he can come here.

Even if you have any questions, you are welcome to ask your questions. But we do not know individual people in Sufism. We know that Sufism has many branches itself. They follow different understandings of the Mystical Paths.

That is such a wonderful thing about the mystical part; it is such a vast knowledge. It is as vast as God Itself. You cannot just explain God in one explanation.

Even Sufism has been divided into many branches. But Sufism is a part of our teachings. They have a wonderful teaching based on loving God. That is Bhakti, devotional teaching, to love God with all your heart, mind, and Spirit. That is what Sufism is also based on as is many other disciplines.

Well, we have come to the end of our time. There were many questions that were brought up today, and we answered them. Again, recognize and realize the beauty of these teachings and Revelation, and become one with them. Meditate based on what has been revealed to you and explained in this Conversation Room, and become that Oneness and calmness within that is between breathing in and breathing out. Create the Communities of Light, sacrifice for them, surrender and submit to the Will of God, become a Universalist, with doing that you will become a Mystic, a Jew, a Christian, a Moslem, a Bahai, and a Divine. You will heal yourself, and you will heal many by recognizing this teaching also.

This Conversation, as usual, will be in our website in a couple of hours if anyone wants to listen to it again, or those who have come later and would like to know what was covered in the last hour and a half, you are welcome to go to our website and download the Conversation and see what occurred here. If you did not understand a part of it, probably you can listen to it and understand in a greater degree.

We are finished with this session today. I leave you all to God. We will be here next Saturday, every Saturday at 10 AM MST for one hour and a half. We will discuss the Mission. We encourage everyone to go to our website, understand our teachings, and then if you have a question, come here and discuss it with us in the conversational manner that we have in this room.

Sal-OM everyone. May we see you next week. Be with God. Sal-OM

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