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Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation Room. As usual we will be here together for an hour and a half. I hope all of you have gone to our website and have learned about our teachings. Let us study together and discuss the teachings that have come to humanity.

This Revelation is the highest and greatest Revelation that has been revealed to man. Now humanity can come together and realize what God was doing in the last 12,000 years.

We encourage everyone to go to the website before coming here with their ideas, religions, and understandings so we can discuss the delicacies and the finer points of this Revelation. If you do that we can come to some understanding of really why no other ideas, religions, understandings, and revelations are complete and perfect until this one. Before this Revelation, whoever had any ideas, opinions, or understandings, they cannot consider it as perfect because God clearly said, It is not going to be perfect until this Revelation comes.

Let us be seekers, diligent, and desire to want to know Gods Way and Gods Will. Be one-pointed toward this goal and come to understand that God said there is going to be an end time and a Revelation that will come to man that will bring that highest realization to humanity.

We are all here with one another to understand this Message. The Message is the miracle of this Mission. This Mission has the greatest miracle that man has ever received.

Let us have our questions in the highest level, and keep our questions to the level that relates to the teachings. All the questions about personal things have been answered in the website. We encourage those who have personal questions to go to the website and search for those answers. If you did not find them, I am more than glad to answer them. Let us keep those questions that are related to personal things, healing, and the things that a lot of people relate to as a great way but it is not really, and if you need to ask about these things, send the questions to the Mission. Many of them have already been answered in previous Satsangs. Search the website, and you can find the answers.

The greatest thing is the Message of God to humanity, the way to go back to God. The Eternal Divine Path is the way to heal physically, mentally, spiritually, and collectively. The healing power has been given to us, and all the answers in the lower level have been revealed. Therefore let us keep our questions in the highest level, which is the Message, and come together and create the Kingdom of God on earth.

Indeed the Revelation of God, the Seventh Seal, is completed, is done, is revealed, and is in our website. The whole truth now is given to man. Every man, woman, and child can go to the website and read, understand, and know the truth of this Revelation.

What is left really is to come together, and create the Communities of Light and the Kingdom of God on earth. This is what is really left to be done. That is what all should concentrate on, contemplate, and dedicate themselves to. Let us tell those people who come to our rooms about these teachings and guide them to overcome their own ideas and opinions.

Of course those who are called Elects do not need too much persuasion or change of mind. They hear it, they love it, they take it, and they say, This makes sense. They go for it, continue with it, and become a source of knowledge of the teachings of the Mission. Those are the great beings that have been in the process of perfection and have been meditating for so many lifetimes that now this teaching make so much sense to them. They see it, and they fall in love with it.

Our work is easy. Just present it to people, and persuade them a little bit. If they did not see it then leave them to God. Maybe God will change their hearts in this lifetime or next lifetime. We have given them the Message, and the Message is wonderful.

It is the Message that covers all the religions of the world. It does not say they are the same and have the same message in general. That really does not explain anything; All religions are basically the same. How can they be the same if they are still fighting with each other and there are still discrepancies between them?

This Revelation clearly explains how each religion has come to humanity, why it has come to humanity, and how all of them put together will reveal the greatest truth; the way back to God.

How many yogis, Sufis, and Cabbalists were trying to bring the teaching to humanity? They have meditated for many lifetimes and still did not make it. Now this Path gives you the map, That is how you go to God. You meditate, but just meditation and escapism is not accepted. You cannot just meditate, escape the world and say, No, I just meditate and like a drop I fall into the ocean of God. How many people have been doing that for how many thousands of years, and how many of them have received liberation?

The next step, God said you have to direct those energies toward the Communities of Light. He said, Read the Old Testament to see My Struggle with the Children of Israel, how I have chosen them as My Children, as the chosen people, and how eventually I told them that, Now the Kingdom will be taken away from you and given to another nation. In that period of time I was showing you how to create the Communities of Light.

The Communities are based on the Spirit of God (the triangle downward) and the Laws of God (the triangle upward), the hierarchy of God on earth. That hierarchy contains the Elects, you who have seen this Vision, have come together, created the Facilitating Body, eventually the Communities of Light, the emergence of the true hierarchy from these communities, and eventually the Kingdom of God on earth. That symbol, the triangle upward and the triangle downward shows the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth based on the Communities of Light.

Therefore meditation, going to the mountains and escaping the truth and society, is not accepted. God said, I will spue you out of my mouth. I will not accept escapism. You have to come to the community and engage yourself in the process.

The Old Testament shows how God has been struggling with the Hebrews all through the Old Testament, and eventually the Messiah that had been promised to Isaac came to the Hebrews. He came from the Jewish people, which were only the three tribes: Benjamin, Judah, and the Levites with them.

He was from the Tribe of Judah, from King David. He fulfilled the prophecies, came, and did his mission. He told the Jews that the Kingdom would be taken away from them and given to another nation. But at the last moment and hours of his mission he realized that, Not my will be done but Thy Will be done.

That is one of the greatest realizations that every human has to recognize, Not my will but Your Will, Gods Will. Many opinions, ideas, and religions have been created because of the willfulness of man, My religion. My understanding. My opinion.

Everything in this universe can be of three kinds, from ignorance, passion, or knowledge. Therefore ideas and opinions also can be of three kinds. We have to create a deep and focused mind to see if our ideas are from ignorance. It means the ideas that are not really based on truth and will not gain us anything, but we accept them because we do not know any better.

Ideas can be from passion, those that have been created by intellectual spiritualists to bind people, or dogmas that create an environment that they can have control over man and gain their passionate part of what they want. All the wars, destruction, struggle for supremacy, domination, everything that is directed to, I get more of this world than everyone else, is from passion. We can see so clearly how many religions have been created based on passion.

Ideas can be from knowledge. Ideas created from knowledge are the ones that match the ideas and revelation from God and His Words. If we let His Will be done through us more and more, His Ideas, which are based on knowledge, will come to us more and more.

We are not against ideas or opinions but we are against ignorance and passion. If ideas and opinions are based on God, His Revelation, and the Scriptures, that is great. They are welcome.

Again also we support the ideas and research that are done with the people who understand the truth and the knowledge that this universe is created based on science. Therefore if we can purify these two, our ideas and opinions, and teach humanity to think from knowledge instead of from passion or ignorance, more and more our opinions will become similar. We will become one.

What makes humans to have rifts or disunity among them? It is because they have different ideas, different opinions. Our ideas of what life should be, or what the culture should be is different than what the East thinks the life should be, therefore, we are different. They seem strange to us, and we seem strange to them.

None of you seem strange to me because I have been on both sides. But the truth is that we all have our own ideas.

Now if we all accept Gods Ideas of how the cultures should be based on the Communities of Light and His Laws, we are not strange. We are going to follow the same ideas and opinions based on knowledge, not passion or ignorance.

The unity comes by submitting to the Will of God. That is why submission to the Will of God is the highest spiritual realization.

What is the goal of life? It is to be(come) Divine, to let God come through. How can we do that? By submission and surrendering to God. Then our will and Gods Will, will be the same, the highest spiritual realization is achieved, and we are one. There is no separation.

That is why the surrendering and submission is at the very top of The Greatest Sign. When you reach there you really are One with God.

The next step is to become a universalist, to expand your consciousness, and break all the barriers between yourself and the universe. Go away from the binding ideas that separate you from any part of the universe. That is the message of Bab and Bahaullah that basically we are from the same Source, and God is One for all of us.

There are not two gods or three gods. There is only One God. How can there be only One God and there be so much separation between religions?

Whatever separates religions from one another are the ideas and opinions that have been created in them that we call dogmas. If we take out all those that have been created by man (dogmas) we will have the pure Revelation of God, which is this Revelation that has come at this time.

In this Mission all the dogmas have been taken away from all the religions, and they have been purified. The small differences between them are explained and unified. It is explained why there is no separation between them. If they separate themselves from each other it is because of dogmas, misunderstandings, and their beliefs that they have the whole truth when God clearly said that the whole truth is not going to be on earth until the Seventh Angel comes, the Seventh Revelation comes, and the Book sealed with the Seven Seals is opened. Now it has.

It has been opened. It is here. Humanity now is in the stage after the opening of the Seven Seals. What do the Scriptures say when the Seventh Seal is opened? That is when the tribulation starts. That is when the upheaval comes to earth. A great purification will occur, and it is occurring right now as we speak.

There is the mixing of the cultures. There is the mixing of religions. There is the mixing of people. Many people are becoming awakened that we need something new, something more than what we already have. This is what they are longing for. This is more than each religion.

Each man should know this. At least once they should be told. After that it is between them and God. If they see it and love it, they are indeed the Elects and they are called for this Mission. If they did not, then they are not. The only thing we can do is to guide them to see the Vision. That is the most important part of our work.

If you saw the Vision, then we are done with you. It is between you and God. The next step is for you to figure out how you can help best. There are a lot of people who are coming to the Mission, and they are helping greatly and spreading and bringing these teachings to humanity in a greater degree. That is wonderful, and that is Gods doing through all of them.

It is a wonder how beautiful these people are that are doing these things for the Mission and God. We will see this hopefully continue to expand, and we will reach a point that we can spread this Message to every corner of the world and teach all these religions not to fight, not to separate, but to bring the culture of God to humanity and unify them.

Not the culture of the West, not the culture of the East, not the culture of any specific nation but the culture of God, with adaptation for every part on earth. But the oneness will become more apparent as more and more of humanity will surrender and submit to Gods Will.

This is Gods Will that has been revealed to man. If you see the Vision, then you really understand, Yes, it is Gods Will. Therefore you not only do not fight with it but you will help it by your actions.

It is these people that God has revealed to humanity who are called the Elects, those who meditate, pray, concentrate, contemplate, and think. The Mission has given you so many ways to awaken your spiritual forces. Find your call.

Some people like chanting. Some people like dancing. Some people like thinking. Some people like meditating. Some people like reading. Some people like giving lectures. Some people like to translate the website. Find your place in the Mission and follow it.

Not everyone likes chanting or dancing or this and that, but that is OK. You do the part of the Mission that best appeals to you, but dance and chant a little bit once in a while. At least know so that when an Indian person chants, it does not seem strange to you.

Do The Reminder once in a while so that when you see a Moslem doing his Namaz, it does not seem strange to you. You have done it yourself. It is called The Reminder. Wrap yourself into the Mission and see where your call comes from. It is a complete Mission, and it is these people who will see the Vision clearly and embrace it completely to their hearts.

They meditate or they awaken their spiritual forces in any way they can. They long to create the Communities of Light, they sacrifice for them, they surrender and submit to God, and they become universalists.

This is the Eternal Divine Path, five steps: Awaken your spiritual forces, creation of the Communities of Light, sacrifice for the communities, surrender and submit to God, and become a universalist. And each of them covers a different religion.

Awakening of your spiritual forces: All the Mystical Paths and any teaching that says, Know thyself to know God. Be still and know that you are God. You are a part of God. You are god. There is no separation. You are in the image of God.

This is what every human has to understand. Some religions have even forgotten that they are a part of God. When they come to our room and someone in the room says, You and God are One, or, You are a part of God, they are adamant, No, I am not. God is God, and I am just his servant. I can never become god. They have lost the truth of their Oneness with God.

That is why the leader can completely push them down and make them feel like they are nothing because they do now know that they are god. They have lost that connection with their Essence.

Almost every system on earth can work fine as long as the masses and the public do not lose the understanding that the government is their servant, not their master, that each human, in every system, has many rights; that they have to keep them and insist that the government respect them. Individuals are the base of that system. Almost every system can work if the individual does not lose their understanding that they have a lot of rights in every system.

Unfortunately in many cultures and many parts of the world, individuals have even forgotten that they are a part of God. They have forgotten that they have the rights, not the government. Therefore many systems are not working because the power and the rights have been taken away from individuals and been concentrated in the hands of the government.

That is why the government of the United States has worked so well for two hundred years because individuals and people had the awareness of their rights. This is what they have to export to other nations. Not only they should not lose it themselves, they should export this to every corner in the world so that other people also realize that they have rights. You can say that that is one of the missions of the United States, to keep the rights of individuals and also export them to other nations that they know that they have rights, and not the government.

In such an environment, if the people demand their rights, there is not going to be any dictator. There is not going to be a person whose word is going to be the only word that will be respected.

The only word that really should be respected is the Word of God. If more and more people submit to Him and demand their rights, we will have the Communities of Light and the government based on God and His Words. They will bring a great environment that everyone will progress physically, mentally, and spiritually. These are the people that this Mission is looking for.

This is the Message of God to humanity. This is the freedom of man who has been under the yoke of ignorance, misunderstanding, and not knowing that they indeed are gods. They are a part of God. They are not here to be under any yoke, but the freedom of knowing God, releasing themselves to a greater power, and creating an environment that everyone can progress physically, mentally, and spiritually in the highest level.

This Message with all the supplements and explanations of how God promised to Abram (Abraham), to Moses, to Prophet Muhammad, to Bab, to Bahaullah, Baba, and now the fulfillment of all these promises have been revealed to humanity. If you understanding our teachings you will see that it is fulfilled, and you are one with this Mission. You have been called here to see this Vision, to guide others to also see the Vision, and to reach out in every way possible.

Dont ever give up. These were the first two phrases that came out of my mouth when I started the Mission: Never give up, and never suicide. Those are two commandments that came out of my mouth in the very beginning when this Mission started. Two commandments: Never give up, and never suicide.

Therefore do not give up in spreading this Mission, talking about it, realizing it, reaching out, and being one with it. You can always come and work with me in any way possible, but in a higher level.

There is a question here in the text that I have been IMed.

Mahoney10: What book does he teach from?

Maitreya: There is a book called, The Holiest Of The Holies, The Last Testament. I guess everyone else in the room knows, The Holiest Of The Holies, The Last Testament; the acronym of it is THOTH. The word THOTH is very balanced, as you can see, TH on one side, then O, then TH on the other side. It is the last Testament. No other religions or revelations ever called themselves, The Last Testament, the last Revelation.

No other Prophet came and said, I have the last Revelation. Some people say that Prophet Muhammad said I am the last one but that word is very controversial, the last one, or the top of the ring, the seal (khatam or khatem), or, I finished your religion.

Yes, he finished the Koran. He finished Islam.

This Revelation is the last Revelation of God to humanity. Anything before it is a part of it. Anything that will come from this point on is a part of it. Nothing more can be said about Gods Revelations.

If you want to know the truth you have to know this Book, this Revelation. If you know this Revelation, you understand all the religions before it. You understand Hinduism. You understand Buddhism.

Why Hinduism and why Buddhism? Why did they come to humanity? What is the Cabbala? Where does that stand?

How did the Saints of Christianity experience God? They did not have a religion; they experienced God. Something happened to them, more than just believing in the preacher. They experienced God. That is exactly how we can understand and become Godly in the greatest degree. It is not a religion, not a dogma, not a set of beliefs, but they have experienced God.

It is just like the Saint says, I die in Christ every day. There is more Christ in me, and there is less I left in me. Little by little God is more in you than you. As we said you really do not exist at the end. Only God exists. When you reach there you do not have religions anymore but you have the truth.

When you have the truth you understand this teaching to be from God. There is no doubt in your mind because you know God said it was going to come, He did prophesy, He said the Book sealed with the Seven Seals would be opened at the end time. And it has.

You will see the Vision, and you will become part of it. So that is the Book. It is the Book sealed with the Seven Seals, and now it is opened.

We welcome everyone, the people in this room, the new people. This is the Conversation Room and basically we are here to answer your questions related to the Mission of Maitreya from our website, from our teachings, from our tapes, and The Holiest Of The Holies. We encourage everyone to go to the website, read, ask, and understand our teachings in a greater degree, and then come here and discuss with us the finer points in our teachings. That is really basically what this room is all about.

Unless you have a question, I will continue repeating our teachings and what has been revealed to humanity in this room so that by even being here you will learn some about our teachings. During the week you can go to our other rooms that are open that you can learn about meditation, that you can hear the readings that people do in other rooms, or listen to the Satsangs before it, or chant if you like chanting. Hopefully we will have more resources and abilities to even reach beyond PalTalk by giving THOTH away free, and reach a point that we can publish The Holiest Of The Holies, or our teachings, spread them, and give them to anyone who wants them, will read them, understands them, and expand the human mind.

At this time this is our outreach. This is the only outreach that God has provided for us. That is why we have been giving Satsangs in PalTalk and other rooms. They are all provided in our website so that you can go there, listen to them, and read the transcripts.

Now the whole Revelation has been revealed to humanity. It is finished. It is done. It is given. We are here to understand it in a greater degree, so this room.

The teaching is huge, is incredible. As Bab said, You can write a thousand books for every sentence in The Holiest Of The Holies. It is so dense and compact of truth.

We are hoping that you at least get a glimpse of the truth in it, and come here and discuss it with us. If you are in other religions, let us see, why is your religion a part of this? Why do we say that your religion cannot be the only one? Why did God say that there are going to be more religions and you are not the only chosen people? Why is your book not the last book? And why will Gods Revelations finish at the time of the Seventh Seal? It is not a progressive revelation and it is going to continue forever, as the Bahais say. That is not Scriptural at all.

God said, When the Seventh Angel comes, it is finished. That is it. It is done.

In The Revelation, every time the Seven Angels, Seven Seals, and Seven Prophets come, it is done, it is finished, and it is done. It is finished. Gods Revelation is on earth, and that is the human salvation and the healing power that is given to them.

Indeed it is the salvation of man. We have to understand it and forego our own understandings, but know Gods Will and His Words. Therefore you can become more and more similar and be(come) One.

Go to our website, read our teachings, and come here for discussion about our teachings. We will continue this room as long as possible. Hopefully all the questions at the end will be answered, and all of you will become proficient in answering other people about this teaching: How God promised that there are going to be Seven Revelations. How He promised to Abram that there was going to be a Messiah come from him and also from Abraham. Why did God change Abrams name from Abram to Abraham? What was the significance of that change of name? Why did God change the name of Sarai to Sarah?

Then He promised that Isaac also would have the Blessings of God, and there is going to be a child born from Sarah and Abraham that Sarai was barren. She could not bare a child.

So God promises, and He fulfills them. Now in THOTH it is explained what those promises were and how they were fulfilled.

Why the flood of Noah? Why did God bring the flood of Noah on humanity? What was the purpose of it? He created the man of renown. What did that mean? It meant that God created a new man.

What was the difference between this new man and the old man? How did Adam and Eve fall? Really, was it the woman who made Adam fall? So all the women are no good, as many people teach? Or, is it the lower nature of man and man has to overcome the lower nature?

Therefore no attractions, or desires, or wants from outside will make them fall. They become strong in God and no attraction in the external world will make them fall.

Who were those gods that came to earth and took many wives? Why did God mention them? Were they fallen angels? Who were they?

Who was Abram? Why was he chosen? Was he chosen and that is it; only his children are the chosen people? Where did he come from?

How did Abram fulfill all the prophecies that God gave to him?

Lou is asking:

Lou245_1_1: What is the difference between the old man and the new man?

Maitreya: If you remember, God created man in His image. Man was male and female in the same body. There was no separation. Therefore he was in the image of God. That is how God is. God is male and female also. The male is consciousness, and the female is the creative forces.

Man would not progress. He was complete, he was alone; he was all-one. Then God said, Man is all one. It is very hard to guide him to Pure Consciousness, to guide him to the Eternal Divine Path. God made him fall asleep, or made him go to a state that He could separate the male from the female. God took woman from Adams rib.

What does that mean? It means that it is from the same being, the same source, and He made woman. They listened to their lower nature and they fell. They fell from The Grace. They were thrown out of Heaven, Pure Consciousness, the higher level of consciousness.

Then they fell even further. Their children, Cain and Abel, reached a point that Cain killed Abel. So the blood on their hands made them fall away from God even in a greater degree, and on and on. Eventually God even put skin on them, the coats of skin.

Still they had telepathic abilities so they said, Still we are god and we are great. Then the fall of the tower of Babylon that even God took away their telepathic abilities. Still they would not listen. They had their third eyes open.

At the time of Noah, God said, I have had enough of this generation. This time he created a new man. He even took away the third eye and closed the relationship between man and the spiritual world.

Instead of the third eye that is one eye, God created the two physical eyes of the human and He created the three types of man: Shudras (workers), Ksattriyas (warriors), Vipras (intellectuals), and Vaeshyas (businessmen). Shudras and Ksattriyas can be categorized as the same beings. That is why Nimrod came from that category.

That was the beginning of the history of humanity from 12,000 years ago. It took around 6,000 years to complete this new evolution. 6,000 years ago man was perfected the way we are. That is why we have 6,000 years of history. Man eventually could live on earth.

Man lost his connection to Spirit. People even do not believe there is a Spirit. Many people think these two physical eyes are the only things they have. They have no knowledge of the third eye and the spiritual world.

Therefore man became materialistic and the external world became the only truth for them. This is the man that was created 12,000 years ago after the flood of Noah. And that is the difference between this man and the old man. This man does not have any telepathic ability, the third eye is closed, they have no connection to God, and they cannot manipulate the powers in the universe. The only thing they have is their intellect, and they use their intellect to understand the physical world. That is where the science comes from. When they continue this trend the only thing they know is how to manipulate the physical universe.

Science has even come to a point now that they have realized there is a common thread in the whole universe and everything has been created from a Unified Source. They do not call it God but they have come up with all these theories that, yes there is something beyond this physical creation. Even they call it dark matter that covers everything, which really is the ethereal level in the universe. They are going back to understand these things but in a scientific way, not in a knowingness within themselves.

God created the history. He sent the revelations through the Prophets. It is explained how these five classes have been creating the history for the last 12,000 years, at least for the last 6,000 years of history of humanity, how each of these classes dominate in different periods, and how we should utilize this process to progress to make humanity progress in a greater degree.

You can read about the four classes and cyclical movements in the books called The Kingdom. That section in THOTH, The Kingdom, will teach you how this works. That is how the new man was created 12,000 years ago.

Now we are returning back with this Revelation. In the next 1,000 years humans more and more can awaken their spiritual forces, open their third eyes, gain their telepathic abilities, and understand that there is a Spirit behind this material world, at the same time learn their lessons of the last 12,000 years and before it, know how the human can fall from The Grace, and how they should bring God to their lives and among themselves from the individual, community, the hierarchy, and the government.

God should be brought in every level of human existence. If they do not, they will suffer as they have been suffering for the last 6,000 years because they are disconnected from the Spirit, they put God out, they have their own opinions and ideas, they separate one from another, and they will bring destruction and war to each other.

Again this is the way to going out of historical misunderstanding and mistakes, and learning the lessons of history that God has been trying to give to man. If they understand these lessons of history they can overcome them. This teaching teaches them how to do it.

There is a question that has been sent to me. Cefas is asking:

Cefas07: Is the new man who is trying with his/her personal effort to be(come) Divine?

Maitreya: Yes, that is correct that the new man has intellect, he has his own will; however, he is not connected to God.

When man was connected to God they manipulated the energies and the Laws of the universe for selfish reasons. Remember the unit consciousnesses were separated from the unity of the Essence; they created chaos, became self-centered, and went away from God.

These unit consciousnesses in the beginning, when they were created to man, did not have any bodies. They were more consciousness than physical bodies. They became selfish, and they started disturbing the peace in the universe.

More and more God crudified them to the point that they reached that they had physical bodies. That is why in the Bible it says that God gave them the coats of skin. He put skin on them, flesh on them.

They still had telepathic ability. The Bible said they had one language. Really it meant that they had telepathic ability. He even took that away from them. They would not relent. Their third eyes were open, and still they were manipulating the universe for selfish desires.

Therefore a new man was created 12,000 years ago and now this man has little power, no connection to God, their third eyes are closed, they do not have any telepathic ability, and they cannot manipulate the powers of the Spirit. They are helpless.

But still they have their opinions, their ideas. They separate themselves from God, and some of them even believe that there is no God.

This man received their revelation, understanding, and teaching from Noah. Noah was still connected to God and his third eye was opened. He was one of those who was the son of God, and he was not a person who was manipulating the energies. He was Godly and one with the Spirit.

He brought the Spirit of God to humanity and taught the new man how to meditate, how to awaken their spiritual forces. He was the first spiritual teacher for this new generation.

That is why his teaching evolved to the Mystical Paths. He taught them that The Grace of God is the most important thing. You cannot push yourself to Pure Consciousness. But that teaching was lost little by little.

Humanity now thinks that they can meditate and force themselves back to God. Actually Noah taught them that they should create the communities and be productive members in the community, they have to sacrifice in the community, they have to surrender and submit to God, and they have to love your brother as you love yourself.

That is why we can see Abraham had all those qualities. He loved God. He surrendered and submitted to God but at the same time he was married, he had a community, he was connected to the community, he sacrificed for it, he tried to make that community prosper, etc.

Abraham knew it. Who taught him? It was Noah, or the people that Noah taught.

Now it has reached the point that we want to force ourselves by only meditation and escaping this world, and we want to go to God. God said, No, I am not going to let you in. If you do that I am going to spue you out of My Mouth.

We can see that God said, No, that is not the way to go. The way is the Eternal Divine Path.

Now we have brought the whole teaching back to humanity, which God was teaching to the human since the chaos, but with the history, with the understanding that the human is helpless and powerless unless they understand the history and the lessons of 12,000 years ago. They realize that by putting God out of the system, out of the world, out of our lives, we will have the same problems forever because God is not going to open our third eyes, is not going to give us our powers and spiritual understanding unless we become humble, unless we understand the last 12,000 years, or 6,000 years of our history, and see how we have messed it up.

The human cannot create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth because they will become egoistical, self-centered, and they will bring wars and destruction to man. The only way is the Eternal Divine Path and our teachings.

Now God is revealing to man how they can go back before the 12,000 years by understanding the teachings of the last 6,000 years of history, by understanding the Plan of God, how they used to have the connection to Spirit, how the third eye was open, and how they could communicate telepathically.

Even now some people can realize that there is some connection between them and those they love. Sometimes they think about a loved one and the phone rings. Is that a coincidence, or is that a connection between them? It is kind of a telepathic reason for it but because we do not have the ability, we call it coincidence. It is not coincidence. It is a connection.

The last 12,000 years and our teaching have to be understood by humanity. They have to realize that they are helpless because they messed it up. They messed it up by disconnecting themselves from the Essence. They messed it up by becoming self-centered and manipulating the forces.

Even today, if people gain a little power they suddenly obtain an 800 number and become a psychic, instead of realizing that psychic energy and those powers are from God and showing humanity that it is possible that they also can have the same power. It is your birthright. It is not something that only that person has it. You can have it too.

Many people come to me, Such and such a person heals people, and they are amazed at how he does it.

You can heal yourself. You do not need that person to heal you. As Christ said, if you have the faith of a mustard seed, which is the smallest seed, you can do greater things than Christ did. Why do you want me to heal you? You have not learned anything if I heal you.

Christ realized that the state of the people he healed became even worse later on. That is what he said, The spirit leaves a man and goes and finds another seven more wicked than itself and says, The house is clean. The Christ threw me away. But the person Christ threw me away from does not have any power to stop us. Let us go back. And the state of that man will become worse than it was before.

If that man realizes that he can do the same thing as Christ did and heal himself, he will throw that unclean spirit out of himself. When the unclean spirit goes and finds seven more wicked, it says, We cannot go back because this person knows how to heal himself.

That is why we teach here, you heal yourself. You follow the Eternal Divine Path. You meditate and awaken your spiritual forces. You have an experience with God. If you have The Grace of God, how can any unclean spirit enter?

The teaching is to heal the earth by the Communities of Light and to teach man in the Communities of Light to meditate, to awaken their spiritual forces, to learn how to heal yourself, and teach the community how to heal themselves. Little by little, the unclean spirits will also become cleansed. And the whole universe will march toward going back home. This is the Way. It has been given. It is in our teachings.

It is time for taking the responsibility, for each human to realize that they are responsible by following the Eternal Divine Path, by healing themselves, by healing their families, by healing their communities, by creating Communities of Light, bringing the Kingdom of God on earth, and realizing the lessons that are explained so clearly in THOTH that: God truly exists. There is no doubt about it. He promised and He fulfilled those promises. He created the universe. He crudified the human body more and more to a place that we eventually came from 12,000 years ago, helpless, and hopeless and now God says, Yes, I took all those things from you but I have not done that with vicious intent. I have done it for your own good. Now you are helpless. But listen, if you learn your lessons, if you follow the Eternal Divine Path, if you become humble, if you become a good person, then you can come back to Me by following the Eternal Divine Path.

Now God is letting you go back and have all those powers of before. But unless you promise and learn not to misuse them, abuse them, and create problems for the universe, you will not receive your powers. You will not have telepathic abilities; your third eye is not going to be opened.

The lesson is that you have to awaken your spiritual forces, create the Communities of Light, sacrifice, surrender and submit to the Will of God for you, and expand your consciousness to become a universalist.

You cannot separate any part of God from any other part. The moment you do that with any concepts or ideas, you will disconnect yourself from God.

You have to see that Essence of God in everything, in every man, woman, and child. Teach them the same thing. Teach them that they are gods. Lift them up from their slumber of destruction and feeling of being nothing, but they understand that they are the Children of God, and they have rights. They have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

It has been said right there in Gods Words and Constitution. Every man should believe in that. No dictator, no government, should be created that can push man down. But they know that they have rights.

We have to lift up the whole earth from slumber. This is the way to do it. This is the teaching of freeing man from the bondage, from the yoke that has been put on them and on this earth. Give them freedom and an understanding of their rights, and demand that, Yes, indeed we have the right to be here. The system should be created that will accelerate humanity toward freedom and the greater system that God has been giving to man. Become Godly. Bring God back.

It is explained in our teachings how we have to learn our lessons toward becoming One with God. If we do not, we are going to stay powerless as we are now. We cannot even see the spiritual world because our third eyes have been closed. We cannot communicate with each other telepathically because we do not have the ability. We cannot manipulate the spiritual forces because we misused them.

These are the lessons that God clearly is trying to give to humanity. If they understand this more and more and create the Communities of Light, the freedom, the way to free man has been given. The unity is here. All the lessons are explained. The history has been explained to humanity. All the whys and hows have been given to man.

That is the man we are. Actually we are an artificial man. We are a created man. We are a dumb man. We are not the potential that we are.

How we can gain that potential back is by understanding THOTH, by understanding how God dumbed man to this point and why. He did not do it with the vicious intent. He did it for our own good.

Now we can see how He sent the revelations through the Prophets, how each revelation was a part of a greater truth. Now we can put all of them together, create the Communities of Light, demand our rights, and bring the Kingdom from the people, from the grass roots of humanity, from the communities, and eventually create an environment and the system that accelerates our progress. Each individual will learn their lessons and will eventually connect him or herself to the spirit.

We are not going to have a religion. We are not going to have dogmas, but we are going to have the truth. That is because unless you have a spiritual experience, unless you experience God, you accept whatever the preacher says, and the preacher tells you the dogmas and separation, Our religion is better than theirs. They are terrible people. It is OK to kill them; they are not the Children of God. We are only the Children of God.

Those are all dogmas. Everyone is the Child of God. The whole universe is a part of God. How can you say that? How can you even imagine that one part of the universe is not from God? Everything is from God.

Shatter all the narrowness of the mind and destructive tendencies on earth. Then you will free yourself and others. We are the freedom fighters. But we fight with the Word of God, with the power of our mouths, and the sword that proceeds from our mouths, which is the truth, the double-edged sword. It cuts through disunity, darkness, and it brings light to man.

This is light. This is the beacon of light indeed. It blinds those who are in darkness. But to those who have opened their eyes that see this, indeed it is the salvation of man; it is their freedom. That is what you have to long for, your own freedom and the freedom of the whole earth, and the universe.

What is the way? The way is the Communities of Light, the Eternal Divine Path, understanding Gods Revelations, understanding what God has been doing all this time for the last 12,000 years.

Pull yourself out of the slumber and the lower nature. Concentrate on the higher things. Not, Me, me, me, only but, He, He, He. Therefore you will lift up, and you can lift others with you. Do not let any energy pull you down from that upliftment.

This is the man we are. These are the lessons for the history of the last 12,000 years. The Eternal Divine Path is the way out.

With this Revelation you see, no matter how you look at it, no matter how you throw any problems to it, it has the answers. It has the answers for human salvation in every level possible.

We have to understand God and His Ways to this point. We have to really believe that God has sent this Revelation with all the proof that has been given. It is amazing that people come to our room and say, What is the proof?

What is the proof? In these teachings and this Revelation, God left no doubt about it. There is so much truth and proof given to humanity. The only thing they really have to do is to click a couple of connections and links. There they are; there is the proof.

What other proof do you need? It is based on the Word of God. It is the truth. It has unified and explains all the discrepancies between religions. They say the religions cannot be unified. It is done! They are unified!

But they still insist they know the truth.

Someone came here and said, Well, Islam has been here for 1,400 years. Well, the Old Testament was there for 3,000 years when Prophet Muhammad came. Is that an excuse not to accept Prophet Muhammad because the Old Testament was there for 3,000 years? Or, do we want to listen to Gods Word and see how and what did He say?

He did not say that surrendering and submission is the last Revelation of God. That is the highest realization, yes. In that Essence it is last. But God said there are going to be three more, no matter how long Islam has been here, no matter how long Christianity has been here, no matter how long Judaism has been here, no matter how long the Mystical Paths have been here.

Actually the Mystical Paths have been here for 12,000 years. Does that mean that everyone should just follow the Mystical Paths? We can see the human logic and understanding is colored with their dogmas, with their cultures, with their religions, with their mullahs, rabbis, and preachers.

All people should free themselves so they are not bound by their cultures. Therefore they can see this Vision clearly and say, It does not matter to me how long Islam has been here, how long my religion has been on earth, God said only the last Revelation would reveal the whole truth, and I want to be with God and His Words.

And this is what it is. It is from God. It is His Words. It is the lessons that humanity has to see and learn and not make the same mistakes. The moment you gain a little power you should not just jump, get an 800 number, and start making money.

That is what the devil said to Christ, If you surrender and submit to me I will give you the whole world. Christ did not do it. He said, No, I will follow the Word of God.

That is the kind of people we are trying to create here in this Mission, people who understand that the Word of God is One, and the most important thing for them is they are the people who follow the Eternal Divine Path, learn the lessons of history and creation, and see the only way of salvation for man is this Revelation and this teaching: Creation of the Communities of Light, creation of the hierarchy from these communities, bringing a system that is based on the Word of God, based on the lessons of history, based on creation and why we are so helpless in this stage of human evolution.

If we can create such an environment, if we can teach these things to humanity, if humanity learns his lessons, little by little we will gain those things that have been taken away from us, but with the clear understanding not to misuse them, not to abuse them, not to go against Gods Way. Little by little many will return back home to God, to the Essence, the unity. That is where we came from. That is where we should return.

This is not a religion of, Thou shall not do this, or, Thou shall not do that. You will not do it. You just will not do it because you know the moment you do it that will affect your spirit, it will affect your understanding of God and the realization of the higher things and connection. It is the time of understanding, growing up, and becoming a part of Gods Way.

That is why we are not a cult. You want to leave tomorrow? Fine. Good luck! Because we want the people who have realized these things in a deeper level, and they want to be here. When they are here they put all their effort 100% on understanding this, progressing, and becoming a dynamic spiritual personality that can affect everything around them by understanding this teaching in a deeper level and teach others also.

Little by little we will have many people who will understand these things in a deeper level. We will arrive to a point that the critical mass will be reached, and indeed the earth will be Gods, and the Kingdom will come on earth.

Right now, of course, the human is not ready. The human is in darkness. How much truth is here and how much resistance is there!

But our salvation is that God said He would do things, and He has done them. He said His Kingdom will come on earth, and it will. That is why we do not count the numbers. We do not count who comes and who goes, who leaves, and who joins. It is not up to us.

The only salvation we have is, This is from God. This is prophesied to come. This is the Seventh Seal and the Seventh Angel. This is the Revelation that God said will come before the tribulation. And eventually His Kingdom will come. How, when, with whom, we will see.

God clearly said, You know them by their fruits. If you are giving fruit we count you as an Elect. If you are not giving fruit then you are not an Elect. If you are opposing the Mission, then not only are you not an Elect but also you are an adversary to the Will of God. Whoever opposes the Will of God will be crushed in the movement of Gods Will because when God Wills for something to happen it will happen and no one can stand in front of it.

They killed Christ. Did they stop his mission? They stoned Muhammad. Did they stop his mission? They shot Bab. Did they stop his mission? No, because it was Gods Will. It was Gods Will to come, and this is His Will, therefore it will.

With this in mind, do not count who comes and who goes, and what happens. If anything happens in the Mission or not, or it is slow, or how many people come to the room or not to the room, it does not matter.

Those who see the Vision will join and help in a greater degree. We have seen the people who join the Mission. They come from the most unexpected places that we have not even put any effort really to convert them or anything like that. They just come and do it.

Our job is just to give the Message, not to worry where they come from but give the Message, put effort, and reach out. Do not just sit on your hands and say, Oh well, I am not good, I cannot do it. Who am I to do it? or this and that. No, that is ego talking.

Reach out. Do not worry about it. If it did not happen, do not worry. God said it is going to come. His Will, will be done. As we pray, Thy Kingdom come.

He has actually been guiding the whole humanity and creation and history for the last 12,000 years. All the events and great events that happened in the last 12,000 years, God has done it. Therefore, it is not we doing it. Let God come through. Let His Spirit come through. Let you become as little as possible and God as big as possible in you and in your life, and in your out-reach.

Do not be attached to the result. It is OK. The result is not yours. The result is Gods. If you forgot to let God come through, surrender the result to God. Say, OK God, I did my best. I will think about it. I will do even better. I did my best in this time at this stage. I will try to do better. But the result is Yours. Guide me in a greater degree. Come through me in a greater degree.

When you go to preach or reach out, let Gods Spirit come through. Just close your eyes and say, God, come through me. I want you to teach this class. I want you to teach this lecture. I want you to write this letter to different parts of the world. Then you are not attached to the results of your actions. You are free to continue to reach out in a greater degree.

God indeed blessed us all. His Blessings and His Revelation is great, His teachings are true, and we are all here as children to hear them, to understand them, to believe them, to accept them, to become them, to reveal them, and be able to bring man to his senses and His Kingdom on earth.

We will close our session at this time. Again we invite all of you to become a Child of God, a channel for His Revelation and truth. We invite you to be His Channel, to understand THOTH and our teaching in a greater degree and let it flow through you. Learn your lessons of history and creation, and follow the Eternal Divine Path and the wonderful Revelation that God blessed you with.

Be with God. Be in God and God in you. Spend your week contemplating these truths with THOTH. Go to the website, understand, and become a channel for Gods Grace and Blessings.

Sal-OM everyone!

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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