Maitreya, Conversations with

Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation Room. We hope that our members in Florida have moved from the Path of Frances, the hurricane that is coming to that land, that they are safe and sound, and that no harm will come to them.

The safest place in the world seems to be New Mexico where God has chosen to send this Revelation. There is not going to be as much harm and disaster here as is coming to everywhere else in the world.

As usual we will be here with you for an hour and a half. The discussion and the topic is the Mission of Maitreya, the Eternal Divine Path.

All the information that you need is in the website. It has been given to you and now the Revelation, the mystery of God that has been hidden from humanity all this time, has been revealed to man.

The Revelation has been talked about and written. We have made tapes (audio and video), and all the information people need to know to realize what God was doing for the last 12,000 years is here. We can explain about creation, how history has been guided by God, and all the evolutionary steps that man has gone through to come to this point of human history that has been predicted will come after the opening of the Seven Seals. The starting of the coming of the Kingdom of God on earth has been revealed to man.

He who understands our teachings and this Revelation has the greatest grip and understanding of the truth that has been revealed for the last 12,000 years. They can understand what God has been doing, what He will do in a very short time, and how eventually His Kingdom will come on earth.

Coming to this room, going to our website, understanding and reading The Holiest Of the Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament, our Scripture, you will see the truth of God that has been revealed in all the Scriptures of the world and how all the religions of the world are a part of the greater truth. They can be unified.

Many people come to our room and ask, How can all the religions of the world be unified? It is impossible. Yes, for man it is impossible. For God it is not because He already knew that all of them are a part of a greater truth.

Humanity now also has to see the way God looks at things and they should overcome their dogmas, their understandings, and their human desires to hang onto their own beliefs, cultures, and what the preachers, teachers, rabbis, priests, mullahs, and brahmins have told them what God meant. The truth is that there is only One God. How can there be many religions?

Now that question has been answered. There is only one religion, one Path, one Way to God. There are not many. There are not many Gods. There is One God that is Formless, Nameless, Invisible, and Eternal. Those who disagree with this do not have the realization and understanding of Gods Plan.

This room is to open you to discuss and understand these teachings in a greater degree and depth, and to come here and ask questions because the Revelation is perfectly revealed to man and there is not much left that is not clear for humanity. If you are a faultfinder, you can continue finding faults and not accepting the truth that clearly has come to you. If you are a truthful one and the Elect, you see the Vision, you will study all the teachings, and then your questions will be how I can understand this teaching in a deeper level, instead of finding faults in the teaching.

There are no faults in this teaching. It is perfect because God is Perfect. He never reveals a teaching that is not perfect, especially the last one, the Seventh Angel, the Seventh Revelation that God said that His Mystery will finish.

If you are too intellectual and always referring the Word of God with the written word of man, then you will be always finding something that your intellect is not grasping and you think the fault is the fault of the Revelation. The truth is that there is no fault in the Revelation. If you find fault in this, it is your intellect that is not going beyond that analytical mind. Go to the intuition of oneness and understanding.

Meditate deeper in this Revelation, teaching, and God, and go beyond the analytical mind to oneness with the Spirit and experience God, instead of always trying to explain It. When you experience God then you know that this teaching is from God and your unity with God will be complete.

The only thing left for the Mission at this point is to prepare, come together, create the Facilitating Body, and eventually the hierarchy from the Communities of Light. Then when humanity reaches a point that they see that their man-made systems will not work, they will submit and surrender to the Will of God and will join the Communities of Light and the Kingdom of God will come on earth.

As long as humanity has not realized that, as long as man thinks they can create peace and unity on earth with their man-made approaches, we have no choice but to continue like a thief of the night to preach these teachings, reach those who are willing to hear them, and little by little find those who are the Elects, are willing to understand this Vision clearly, and come to the conclusion that there is nothing really worth anything on this earth but this Revelation, following it, becoming one with it, and being a part of it.

Then there will be people who will be completely dedicated to this Cause, come here and join us, and work closely to facilitate the manifestation of the hierarchy from the Communities of Light. Eventually the Kingdom of God will come on earth, and men will bring the Spirit of God among themselves and create an environment that God will be number one and His Laws and Will, will be followed by the Communities of Light.

As we know, man is stubborn. Man is willful. They want to follow their own wills, whims, and desires. What they follow will not take them to God but it will take them in a greater degree to Maya. The more you go to Maya and away from God, the less the Spirit of God will come to you, to your community, to anywhere you are. You will not be able to fulfill the goal of the life.

The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. The goal of the life is the unity with the Spirit, and the unity with God, and the creation of an environment that will help you, your family, your neighbors, your community, your nation, and earth eventually to accelerate your progress to becoming one with God.

If you resist God and let your ego come in, no matter how much Satsang I give, how much truth I reveal, how much Revelation comes through from God to you, you will not progress because you still hang onto your own little world and will not let it go to become a part of God. That will not work.

It is really each individual that has to meditate on this by themselves and incorporate this truth in their lives to a point that they do not need any external support, or stimulation, or constant attention but a self-motivated individual that the Eternal Divine Path and the Word of God is a part of their Spirit. No matter what happens externally, internally they are always connected with their purpose in life: You want to become Divine and a part of God.

For those who just came to this room, this is the Conversation Room for the Mission of Maitreya. We have been giving Satsangs and Discourses for the last twenty-three or twenty-four years, since 1982. Now this Revelation is almost perfectly revealed to humanity. It is a Revelation that unifies all the religions of the world.

We know many people say it is impossible to unify all the religions of the world but it is done! It is possible. God said it is possible. He prophesied that at the end time He would reveal a teaching that would reveal His Mystery and there would be no mystery left after this Revelation.

This Revelation has come to man now and what we are asking is for everyone to go to our website and study our teachings. It is all there. Even this Conversation, or the Discourses that we are giving now will be available in a couple of hours after 11:30AM MST. Then you can listen to this session and understand what was said. This room is for you to come here and ask questions about these teachings, and let us discuss in a very good manner together to see which one is the Truthful One.

Is it the Mystical Paths, Hindus, Buddhists, Cabbalists, Saints in Christianity, Sufis, and all other teachings that teach, Know thyself to know God? Or is it the other religions that say, No one can go to God but us because we are the Elected Ones, as the Jews and Hebrews say? Or, do the Christians have the only way, No one can go to the Father but through us?

Or, This is the last revelation, as Islam, surrendering and submission? According to Moslems that is the only way. No one goes to Allah or God but those who are Moslems.

Or, is it the Bahai teaching that says, Basically all religions of the world are the same? They are from the same God, and they all say the same thing?

Do they really say the same thing? We say, no, they do not. They do not say the same thing. Each of them has a specific message for humanity and when you put them together you see the whole picture.

By understanding this teaching on our website, you can come and see why it is not only the Mystical Paths that take you to God, why it is not only the Jewish people who are the Elects, why Christians do not have the only way, Moslems do not have the last word, and the Bahai teaching, a lot of it is not based on the Scriptures and the Word of God.

Then we understand that each of them also are from God. There is only One God. If there is only One God, why are there so many religions?

Crest_line is asking:

Crest_line: Why do religions hate one another?

Maitreya: It is because they do not know the last Revelation of God. It is because each of them is following a lot of dogmas and misunderstandings from all their preachers and teachers.

Many humans are not the Elects, are not the people who have been meditating and progressing for the last 12,000 years. They do not have the last Revelation of God. They have their ego, their separation, their culture, and their own understanding.

Even in each religion itself they have many branches, many splits, and a lot of destructive tendencies in humans. Now in these teachings we teach clearly what the ego is, how we can get rid of it, and what the teachings of each religion are.

As we said many times, if humanity comes together tonight and understands this teaching we will have peace tomorrow. But they will not. They are resisting. They have resisted the Prophets all through history.

When the Prophet comes and tells them the way of God they say, No, our ancestors are fine for us and we do not want anything new to be added to what we already know. If what you already know is not correct, and it is not the last Revelation of God, it is not the Book sealed with the Seven Seals that is open now, then how are you still hanging onto your ancestors and what you already know?

These are the things that humans are resisting. Many religions have their misunderstandings and dogmas.

For example, Christianity says, Christ was the Son of God. Then Moslems say, No, he was not. If they understood our explanation why each of them are correct, and if they think about it and see that what we say both Christ and Prophet Mohammed would have accepted as the truth, then Moslems and Christians would not fight over it.

It is the healing power of this teaching that has come to man and heals their separation and the destructive tendencies that we see on earth. It brings humanity together in a greater degree.

We have to create an environment also that everyone will be treated fairly and they will receive their fair share of Gods Bounty. They will start respecting one another instead of separating and demonizing each another, and justifying their actions that, killing the other people is OK because they are not from our religions, they are not from our culture, they are not following their God, and their God is better than the other peoples God. All these misunderstandings and destructive things have come together to reach to a boiling point.

It has been prophesied by God that, After the Revelation of the Seventh Seal there is going to be a great tribulation. The world will not come together, as eventually the Great Babylon, the worldly set up, will come to a point of no followers. People will see clearly that the man-made systems, the man-made ways, will bring nothing but destruction.

All those leaders at this time that are trying to create peace will eventually realize that no matter what they do, no matter who is in charge, no matter who will try to bring peace, it will not come. That is because God said the only way to bring peace is Gods Way. Now Gods Way has been given.

Are the leaders reading THOTH, The Holiest Of the Holies? Are they trying to create Communities of Light? Are they trying to create the hierarchy that comes from the Communities of Light, from the people, by the people, for the people? They are not. They will continue in their selfish and wrong ways until they reach the point that eventually they realize that they have no choice.

Actually, you will realize that they have no choice. It is a grass-roots movement when the people, when the Hindus, and Buddhists, when the Jews and Christians, Moslems, and Bahais, all little by little understand, Yes, indeed there will be another Revelation at the end time, they are all a part of it, and they let go of their own understandings, their own opinions, but understand Gods Way and Revelation. Little by little they can become united and they can create the Communities of Light. They can create the hierarchy from the Communities of Light, eventually bring the Kingdom of God on earth, and create an environment that humanity will progress in an accelerated way toward unity with God.

They will also reach to space, and they will have unlimited resources. Therefore they will not have to fight for the limited resources on earth. With all these fantastic revelations and understandings, humanity little by little will come together, the unity will come, and the destructive tendencies will be replaced with Godly attributes, understandings, and relationships.

The earth is really sick. The earth is on the brink of self-destruction if Gods intervention would not have come, if this Revelation had not been revealed to humanity so they can see clearly that God has been sending all these Revelations and now they can put them all together.

Our work is to reach out to every man and woman and let them know this teaching and bring them to the realization that this is the Word of God. The Koran does not have all the revelation of God. Even The Koran says that, I did not reveal everything. How can it be the last book and revelation by God?

They say that Prophet Muhammad said that, I finished your religion. Yes, he did. He finished Islam. He finished the religion that God sent to them. But he did not finish the Plan of God.

The Plan of God was still continued with three more revelations that came after Prophet Muhammad. Now it is done. It is finished.

Prophet Muhammad never talked about the book of The Revelation in the Bible. He did not talk about the Seven Seals. Prophet Muhammad was not the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. He came from Ishmael, not from King David, and on and on. That is what the Moslems have to understand.

The Christians say Christ said, I am the only way. No one goes to the Father but through me. So did Krishna. So did Prophet Muhammad. So did all the Prophets of God say the same thing.

If they expand their understanding, they will realize, Yes, indeed, the Prophets of God are the way. There is no way but them. And no one goes to the Father but through them and their revelations and their words.

There is a question from Crest_line:

Crest_line: Do Buddhists have a god?

Maitreya: When Buddha came, as today in Hinduism, there were many gods. Every household had a god. Every community had a god. People were asking, What god are you presenting to us?

Buddha just had enough of all these gods and separation that it brought in the Hindu religion. He said, Do not worry about gods or God; just know thyself. Meditate and progress in your understanding of who you are.

He knew if they know themselves they would know who God is. God is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. It is Everything and It is also within you, your Essence. If you know your Essence, you know the true God. If you do not know your Essence, then you take everything else as God but the true God. You will create many gods.

Therefore Buddha said, Do not worry about God. Know thyself. That was because he just had enough of all those external gods that would not take man to the true God, their Essence.

Many Buddhists concluded that Buddha did not believe in God that he said, There is no God. Of course he did not mean that. He just meant to guide humanity to a greater understanding of themselves and the true God that is within every man, woman, and child. It is not that he did not believe in God. It is not true that he said there is no God, but he said do not worry about them.

Still, even in Buddhism there are branches that do believe in God. They acknowledge that God exists. They do believe that there is God.

Buddha did believe in God but he believed in the true God, and the goal of his life was to be(come) Divine or One with the Nirvana, or Pure Consciousness, or Oneness. Yes, indeed God exists in Buddhism.

Crest_line: Buddhists say they have no god.

Maitreya: That is what I was just answering you. If you wait until I answer one of your questions and then type, that would be easier. Or you can take the mic and ask your questions one at a time. That would be easier so we can go one question at a time.

There are branches in Buddhism even that believe in God. Not all the Buddhists believe that there is no God.

Crest_line: I'm not asking about Hinduism.

Maitreya: Hinduism and Buddhism are very close. Buddhism has come from Hinduism. Buddha was a Hindu before he brought Buddhism. He was a person, a seeker, and he followed Hinduism for a while. He went to the mountains. He became naked, ate bird food, and tried to realize God that way.

One day he heard a boatman saying, If you want to keep the boat from breaking away from the shore, you have to tie it just correctly. If you tie it too hard, it will break the rope and go away. If you tie it too loosely, the knot will open and the boat will again go to the current and will be taken away. You have to tie it with a correct knot.

Buddha realized that is what he was doing; he was knotting his life too tight. From then on he realized that he should ease up in his approach to God and he became less ascetic and started living a little easier than he used to. He eventually realized God in that way.

Actually his followers left him because he was not following the way they thought he should. He went by himself and eventually realized God. He found a new people who realized him in a greater degree and followed his teachings in truth.

We can see that even Buddha was a Hindu. One person was saying that Buddhism is a Hinduism that is created for the expert. That is because really if you want to be Hindu, you have to be living in India because you worship the river Ganges. You have to go and bathe there, and be there, etc. Buddhism took care of it and corrected that problem.

I hope I answered your question. If you still have a follow-up, go ahead and type it or you can have the mic as Open Eye is going to do.

Go ahead, Open Eye.

Open Eye: Sal-OM Maitreya. As long as we speaking about Hinduism and Buddhism, I have a friend at work. She is Hindu. She says that Hindus in general do not preach or send leaflets, and do not advertise their religion to attract followers. Can you expand on that a little bit?

Maitreya: That probably is her opinion. I have seen incense that says who made it on the back of the package, and how to get in touch with them with the telephone number. They do advertise about what they do. Actually a lot of gurus, if you pick up one of the New Age magazines, you will see they are advertising how to get in touch with them, etc.

We have to use our own understanding of the world and what the people do. They can realize little by little that whatever the followers say usually is not completely correct. It is their ideas, opinions, or their way in their branches or religions that they are in. We can see that is not completely correct.

Also this is the new wine in the new skin, and preaching and reaching out and spreading the Message of God and the new Revelation is permitted, as God always said, Reach out and spread My Message. All Prophets have done that.

In this Revelation the approach is education. It is reading THOTH, understanding this Revelation in a deeper level, and helping people to see the truth in a greater degree.

Of course the people have questions. At the beginning when they come to the Mission they probably do not understand all of it. But if the questions become faultfinding, if a person is a faultfinder and always looking for finding the faults in the perfection of Gods Revelation, then the questions become cumbersome and the person who keeps asking questions about the same thing over and over, and/or trying to find faults in the teaching when they should have seen the Vision, then they are not really concentrating on the Vision, on the Truth, but they are trying to find faults.

You can find faults in anything. You can even find faults in God. Some people come and say, Why did God create so much suffering? when He did not create suffering. It is the humans who go against His Will and therefore they suffer. They say that suffering is Gods problem, and we blame Him for the situations that we have created ourselves.

When someone asks you a question, go to THOTH, go to our teachings; go to the explanations that have already been given to humanity. Look around. When someone says Hinduism does not advertise or reach out, you say, Is that true, really? They do not? Then pick up a New Age magazine. There are hundreds of gurus there saying, Here I am. Come to me. I am the only way, this and that.

Then you have to ask those gurus, Have you fulfilled the prophecies? Is your word based on the Word of God? Is this really the last Revelation that has been prophesied by God to come? All the questions that we have been discussing here and eventually come to the conclusion; are they or are they not?

Do they advertise? They sure do. The traditional Hindus might not have done that but many other branches in it, especially in the new movements, do.

It is just like the Happy, Holy, and Healthy, the 3H people that advertise all over the place. They try to attract you to go and join them.

We can see this way of thinking is the way of thinking of a disciple or a person who thinks that way. It is their opinion, but it is not completely true.

Crest_line is asking:

Crest_line: So, do Buddhists have a god?

Maitreya: I guess I answered that very clearly. Some of them say they do and some of them say Buddha said there is no God. In truth he never said that. He believed in God.

Crest_line: Hari-Krishnas preached in the 70s and 80s.

Maitreya: Yes, we know about the Hari-Krishnas. Go ahead Crest_Line to see what is your question.

Crest_line [Karl]: Well, back to Buddhism. Buddhism seems to be a most enlightened religion. But most of the Buddhists I speak to do not have a God. They have this kind of universal connectiveness amongst all things and all people but there is no God, there is no Deity. So is Buddhism a form of atheism? And if so, why do you need a God?

Maitreya: Well, as I was answering your questions, that is not what Buddha said. Yes, I know a lot of Buddhists say that there is no God in Buddhism and they do not believe in God. That is not what Buddha said. Buddha said, Do not worry about these gods, because he just had enough of Hinduism with all those gods and the separation that they had created in the Hindu religions

He also had enough of the Brahmins that created a layer between themselves, self-understanding, and realization. Buddha was opposed to anything that is between you and, Knowing thyself. He never said, There is no God, he just said, Do not worry about them, Know thyself. He never said there is no God.

Buddhism is not a form of the atheist belief that there is no God, but it is an enlightened answer from an enlightened person to his disciples to take them away from their past that was Hinduism to a new understanding that God is within you. It is you. There is no separation between you and God.

He did believe that your Essence is what is more important. Therefore he did believe in what you said, Why do we need God?

We need God because He has prophesied that He will do things in the history, He created this manifested world, he created humanity to accelerate their progress toward returning back to the equilibrium, or Godhead. He guided the history. He promised Abram and Abraham many things, and He fulfilled them.

God said there were going to be Seven Revelations and the last Revelation will explain all the mystery of God. And He has. Little by little we have to realize that there is a greater Power that is guiding our lives, this universe, history, man, and what is the way to respond to this greater Intelligence or Guiding Light. That is revealed in our Revelation and teachings.

God is not a statue. God is not a name. Any manifestation that has the attributes of the external world is not the ultimate God. That is why we believe that God is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal: FINE. That God is the same God that Buddha was talking about, Do not be attached to this external world. Do not be attached to the images, to names, to the things that bring humanity from the greatest realization. Be attached to the Essence that lives in you. That is what God is.

Atheists are going to ask you if there is God, prove it to me. Of course they are intellectuals. They want everything to be explained to them, to be proven to them so they can believe in it.

God is beyond intellect. He is beyond mind and cannot be explained. But if you meditate, if an atheist meditates for a long time, eventually he might experience God. That experience will not leave any doubt in his mind that indeed God exists.

It is not a matter of if we need God. It is matter of there is a God. We can say, do we need Him or not? According to the history, according to our teaching that explains that God promised many things, etc., we can see He did promise and He fulfilled them. Therefore God exists.

You say:

Crest_line: No god here.

Maitreya: Fine. If you want to believe that there is no God, still you can benefit from our teachings, from the creation of the Communities of Light and following the Eternal Divine Path. Also in our teachings you will see that God said He will do things in the future, and He has done them. If that is true then even atheists do not have any choice but to intellectually at least believe there is a Higher Power that did promise these things and fulfilled them.

It is just like you go to the room. If there is a glass in the room and you come a couple of hours later and you see that the glass moved from the place it was to another location, you will assume there was someone in that room. Someone came and moved the glass from one place to another place.

You did not see the person in the room but you can prove it because the glass was moved. There was some person in the room who moved the glass.

Exactly in our teaching it says if God promised, if there were promises in the Scriptures and He fulfilled those promises, there is a God. Even atheists can understand that easily and start meditating, start closing their eyes, going deeper inside within them, and see, Yes indeed. God exists.

You are asking:

Crest_line: Why doesn't God stop the suffering on the earth?

Maitreya: If you had known our teachings that question would have been answered for you because God did not create us. We have been a part of God, we are a part of God, and we will be a part of God forever.

The equilibrium or the state of Beingness was disturbed in the beginning. That is what the scientists call the Big Bang. Because of that disturbance, a part of that equilibrium separated itself from the universe and created the ego and separation that we are.

We are not created. We have the free will. Therefore because we have free will, and we fall to our desires, to our wants, to our attachments, to the things that the external world offers us and tempts us with, and we follow them, and with misunderstanding, narrowness of the mind, and not realizing the Truth that has been revealed by God, little by little the human has created so many barriers and destructive tendencies that now they have created an environment that we see so much suffering is going on.

Suffering is not created by God. Suffering is created by man. Suffering can be cured and taken away by man also. The way has been given now how it can be done.

Also suffering is the very essence of creation. The state we are at is not our natural state because our natural state is being with God, being in Nirvana, being in Oneness.

But because we are not in that natural state, this artificial state will create suffering because we are in an artificial life and we are not in our natural way that is the ecstasy of being in Spirit and One with the Essence. Suffering is not created by God.

We have to learn our lessons. We cannot stay like children forever and wait for someone to come and do it for us. We are the people who have created an environment, and we are the people who can eliminate it by understanding our teachings.

There are a couple of questions on the board. Let me see.

Bishaar Yare is asking:

Bishaar_Yare: What about hell or doomsday?

Maitreya: Again, that is why we are asking everyone to go to our website and read our teachings first. You will understand and will see that hell and heaven, according to our teaching, are states of mind. They are not places that you will go to, as many people in many religions believe.

Some people are in heaven and/or hell right here and now. They do not have to die to go to hell and heaven.

Doomsday is the end time. Again, according to our teachings, there is one doomsday that is coming to man very soon. We are approaching it very fast. The way out is the Eternal Divine Path, our teachings, to create the Communities of Light, and coming out of these religions and human systems that are on earth. Therefore you will not be affected with what is happening but you will look at the Light that is coming. You come together and create the environment that will bring the understanding of God and His Ways and the Essence of God that is within all of us.

If you really want to understand your question, again you have to go to our website and understand our teachings. Then come here and we can discuss our teachings in a greater degree.

There is no such thing as hell that we will go to.

Crest Line is saying:

Crest_line: I do not desire illness. I do not desire a hurricane.

Maitreya: Well, the reason the illness comes is because there is imbalance in the human body, imbalance in the environment, not good hygiene, and also illness and the things that bring illness are a part of nature.

Nature only allows the strongest to survive. Nature allows the healthiest to continue. If it is not the strongest and the healthiest, there are devices that have been created like disease to destroy the part that is not healthy and strong. Therefore you become diseased.

At the old age when people do not have effectiveness and their bodies are not strong enough, they eventually die. No one desires death. Some people do but most people do not.

Those are the natural ways of nature to control weaknesses. It is just like an elk that becomes injured most probably will be eaten by wolves. That is the way of nature to clear or clean the weak and therefore to let the strong become stronger. That is a part of the evolutionary process that God has created for creation.

That is why they are there. I know we do not desire but what we desire sometimes does not count.

Go ahead, Crest line.

Crest_line: You mentioned before that if I meditate, I would find God. Well, I am an atheist. I do not believe in God. I have meditated. I have found peace, oneness on the planet. But where is this God you speak of? Is He supposed to come down and talk to me, am I supposed to hear voices? Am I supposed to see visions? Where is this God?

Maitreya: That God is within you. You have reached peace; that is good. Keep deepening that peace. God is you.

It is just like a mirror going around and asking, What is a mirror? People talk about a mirror but I do not know what it is. Please show me this mirror. What is this mirror?

It cannot know what the mirror is until it eventually sees another mirror and the mirrors look at each other and say, Oh, that is what mirror is. We both are mirrors and therefore we can see each other. That is the problem. That is one of the greatest problems of humanity is that all of them are going around asking, Where is God? Who is God? What is God? Show me God.

God already is within you. God already is your Essence.

You reached peace. But your mind is still an intellectual mind, is a questioning mind, and it is a searching mind for explanation.

That searching mind and intellectual mind is turbulent because it is asking questions and wanting answers to the questions that cannot be answered. God is not an explanation. God is an experience. You have not only to reach peace but you have to still your mind.

Your mind is like a mirror. It is like a lake. As long as you are asking questions, dropping stones in it, and creating a lot of waves, God is like the moon up there breaking up to millions of pieces. You cannot see the moon because the mind is so turbulent. When you eventually stop questioning in your meditation and start just being still, then one day you might see the moon and say, Hey, this is me. God and I are one. Even I do not exist. There is no me anymore but only God is there.

Calm your mind. It is not only reaching peace but calm your mind. Go to our meditation room in PalTalk in this same category, Universal Mantra Meditation, and learn how to meditate correctly and eventually realize the stillness within. Still your mind and one day you will see, Yes, indeed, I was looking for something that is already there.

The answer to your question is already within you. I cannot explain it to you. If you want me to explain to you God, if you want me to show you God, I have already done it in the process of meditation that I have given to humanity that will eventually take you to that experience.

When you have experienced it, you will say, OK great. That is it. I have no questions left about God.

If you have not experienced God either you have a religion, dogmas, or you are still looking for someone to show you God. No one can. You have to go and see and experience It. [reading posts in text]

Crest_line: No God here, yet. I am god...thank you! According to many, God is a "being."

Maitreya: We do not talk about according to many people. We talk about according to this Revelation and this teaching. According to this teaching, God is your Essence. God is Everything. There is nothing that is not God.

We do not really have to look for God anywhere. We can look at anything in the Universe and see that God is right there. There is no separation.

The only thing I can do for you is to show you the Way to go to God. What you can do is go ahead and follow the Way.

[reading text] God is not a being.

Oh I see you are talking about the God that is sitting on His chair up there, is always angry, sending fire bolts, etc. That is not the God we teach here. There is no Being with the long beard sitting there and doing those things. It is a God of the nature, a God of the Essence that all things have been created with.

Crest_line is asking also:

Crest_line: I am one with the universe. No God being here.

Maitreya: That is the ego speaking. If you were one with the universe then you would have known our teachings in a greater degree and you would have been here joining us, preaching, and creating Communities of Light. There are many people who come to our rooms in PalTalk and say, I am God.

Yes, sure. We have no argument with that. Of course you are with God and your Essence is the same as God. Everyone in this room is a part of God. Everyone in this room is a part of the universe. You are not that unique.

You are unique when you eventually realize that you have to help to bring the unit consciousnesses back to God. Then you become unique. You become an Elect, a person who puts his effort toward the creation of the Communities of Light and the creation of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

If you are one with the universe, that is God. That universe is God. And there is God. If you are looking for a specific thing as God, still you are not one with the universe because you are still asking what you are already one with.

It sounds like believing, I am one with the universe, is just an intellectual tease for a lot of people. They say it with the words but they are not one with it yet.

If you really want to be one with the universe, then you will be humble. You will see that not only you are one with the universe but everyone else is also one with the universe, and that humility shows that you are one with God and the universe, and your questions are all answered.

He who is the humblest is the greatest in God.

Crest_line: Are you humble?

Maitreya: I do not know. Ask people who know me if I am humble or not. That is not the question. The question is that those who will experience God will have no choice but to do the Will of God. The Will of God is to bring the Kingdom of God on earth. Therefore we will see that humility will come from them by understanding that everyone is God. That is the humility. That is the humbleness.

That is what a lot of these people who come and say, We are God, and all that, do not have. They do not have that Spirit of God that will bring the Beauty of God to man, that oneness and compassion that they should manifest. A lot of these people who say they are God really do not have that compassion. They have not experienced.

If you are one with the universe you will experience the suffering of the other people in a greater degree. You would be helping them. You would be trying to create an environment that will help everyone.

I have been there. I know how it feels. The first time I was told that I am God it felt so good, I am God. Then I started realizing, I did not create this universe. I did not send the Prophets. I did not send the Revelations of God. How can I be God?

Then I realized, yes, I am a part of God. The Essence of God is in me. The only way I can be God is if I am One with God, if I manifest Gods qualities, not a big ego. God does not have a big ego. God does not have any ego actually. If He had ego He would be in the body.

Therefore I realized, Yes, I am in the Essence of God. I can be god, but I have to manifest Gods qualities. Gods qualities are compassion, love, understanding, Oneness, creation of the Communities of Light, etc.

God is not a word. God is not something that I can say I am, and I will become It. God is an experience.

A lot of people again in this way need help. They realize they can claim they are God only when they are one with God, experience God, and they can manifest Gods qualities. If they cannot do that, then it is an ego speaking.

Actually when you are with God you no longer have to claim you are a part of God, or one with God or the universe. Other people will see that through you and they will claim, He is with God. God is with him.

You can see even atheists and those people who believe they are God are in a wrong intellectual understanding of God. They have to overcome that part.

Go ahead Crest Line.

Crest_line: Well, you mentioned being humble as being an important thing. Well, I do not have a Crest Line website and Crest Line followers. You have the Maitreya website and the Maitreya followers. How can we be humble and yet share with people, wake them up, and discuss these things? Humble people sit alone on the mountaintop. People with great egos have websites and followers. This is a contradiction.

Maitreya: Not really. There is no contradiction at all. You are talking about being poor in spirit and doing the Will of God. These are two different things.

You think the humble person goes to the top of the mountains, he just meditates, and he never does anything. Actually that is what our teaching is opposing. You can be humble but at the same time be effective and reach out to humanity, especially if you have a Message from God.

It is just like the United States is sending an ambassador to Russia. The ambassador says, Well, I am really humble and do not want to show that I am the ambassador of the United States to Russia. That is a big ego: I am so important that I am the ambassador. I have a message for the Russian people and I am going to just go and get a room in Moscow, live there, and never approach the Russian government.

That is not humility. That is being poor in spirit, not being able to be effective for what you have been chosen to do.

But if he goes and gives the message to the Russian government and says, This is my government. This is the message that I have for you. He is not attached that he is an ambassador. He understands that his work is to give the message. That is humility. He is not saying, Oh, look at me. I am a big ego. I am the ambassador of the United States. Everyone bow down in front of me.

He says, I have a message. Here is the message to the Russian government from my government. This is the message. I am done. That is humility. That is effectiveness.

And that is exactly what we have done. We have created the website. We have created the Mission of Maitreya organization. Those who have seen the Vision have joined me as co-workers together, and they try to understand God and His Ways.

I am not saying that everyone in the Mission who has joined does not have ego. If they did not have ego, that would have been great. That is why I am looking for actually, the people who do not have ego and they are absolutely pure channels for Gods Revelation and will give it to others. If they are seeking to have a website for themselves so to glorify themselves, then they are on an ego trip.

We here do not glorify men at all. We glorify only God.

I am a Messenger of God, and I am giving this Message to you. Absolutely I am out of the way. It is between you and God. That is what the whole Mission is all about. I am not here to be worshipped. Actually I try to discourage anyone who tries to worship me because I will die, but my Spirit, which is God, will live on. Be attached to that Spirit.

Do not be nasty to me. That is not good either. Do not go in two different directions but be good, be humble, be nice. At the same time let us work together and realize that this is Gods Revelation. The Message is more important than the messenger.

If that ambassador gives the message, he is a good messenger. If he goes to Russia and says, Everyone bow unto me. But I am not going to give you the message, then he is in the way and he has to be removed. So another ambassador has to be sent.

We need to be effective. We need to reach out. Especially it is the Revelation from God. Why did God give this Revelation to humanity? If I kept it to myself and stayed in one room, then the hundreds and thousands of people who know about the website and this Message would not have known about it.

God chooses from those who have the ability to spread the Message to humanity. They are doing it because they are Messengers of God. There is no ego involved but absolute effectiveness for humanity.

You have to overcome your opinions, ideas, and understand what this Mission and teaching is. The more you become involved with the Mission, the more you are involved with the teachings, the greater you will see the Vision and you will realize that this Mission connects you to God.

You say there is no God but we show you the way to experience God. After you experience God, then God will tell you, This is the Vision of God. Therefore you will continue helping this Vision to manifest.

BakahNavi: Are you the Maitreya of Share International or another?

Maitreya: In 1982 Mr. Crme predicted that Maitreya would announce his presence on earth in the spring of that year. Indeed he was inspired to do that. The spring of 1982 was the time that we put the ads in the newspapers. We reached out to humanity, and we announced that Maitreya is on earth.

Mr. Crme is still waiting for someone to come from the Himalayas. He teaches many things that are not based on the Word of God and Scriptures. He is still waiting for that to happen.

Prophets of God never have come the way Mr. Crme said his Maitreya would come. Therefore he did not recognize when Maitreya came and announced the Revelation of God at the exact time that he predicted him to come.

We can see a parallel situation in history. John the Baptist came and announced the coming of Christ. When Christ came, John the Baptist did not recognize him. He did not realize the Christ was the one that John the Baptist was waiting for. This is the same thing.

John the Baptist had his own ideas. He thought Christ should come the way he thought he should come. But Christ came differently and John the Baptist did not recognize him. Eventually he sent even his followers asking Christ, Are you the one that we are waiting for?

We can see exactly it is happening to Mr. Crme. He, as a harbinger of the coming of Maitreya, took ads in all the major cities in the world and announced that Maitreya is the Christ. We never even claimed that. That claim came from him.

After that Mr. Creme could not find his Maitreya. He still has not found him. And anyway he will not find him. He is wasting his time and many other peoples time with something that will not happen.

Are we the one that Share International predicted to come? We believe God inspired him to announce the time of our outreach. Or are we the person that he expects, the way he expected? Probably not. That is why the separation still exists between them and us.

We are hoping his followers eventually, little by little, will realize that what he said is not going to happen. His teaching is not based on the Word of God.

God never said someone would come from the Himalayas who will build his body for 2,500 years. Gods Way is always: His Prophets are born from a woman and they stay as a regular human until the teaching or the revelation is revealed to them, and then they reach to humanity effectively and spread their message.

The conclusion should be yours to make to believe in Mr. Crme and continue with him or eventually realize that, Yes, he did say the time of the coming the Seventh Angel but he does not have all the answers, and he made mistakes.

BakahNavi is asking:

BakahNavi: Share International has pictures of their Maitreya. Are those pictures you? I think you are saying no.

Maitreya: Well, if you look at the pictures it looks like me when I was young. I have a picture from 1982 which is on the website. But was I in that place that they claim that he was? Really it is not that important. The most important thing is that they have not manifested anything externally as what they claim. Therefore they have to recognize that it is not there.

If such a person exists and is in the Pakistani group in London, they should have provided him to humanity. If he is not there, they are just wasting their time.

Even is such a person existed and they would have brought him to humanity, if he teaches the same thing as Mr. Crme teaches then again humanity has to think twice about accepting him as the Prophet of God. If he comes the way that Mr. Crme says he will come that again is not according to the Scriptures that God has always chosen his Prophets from a man who is born from a woman, and he will eventually recognize his mission. You have a lot of questions to ask before accepting anyone as the Prophet of God, the Revealer of the Seven Seals, the last Revelation of God, and the coming of His Kingdom.

We have not seen Mr. Crme to manifest anyone. He has been telling his followers, Any time now. I do not think that any time is going to come.

Mr. Crme is the one who has to recognize these things clearly and eventually give up his own understanding, come to the Scriptures and Gods Understanding, and become one of the guided ones. There is a rift there between Share International and us. Actually if they understand our teachings and see clearly how that unity that they long for will come through our teachings, they will have no choice and will say, Yes indeed, that is the way to go.

If you are one of the people who follow Share International, give our message to him. Actually, many people have, but they have not responded. Go talk to Mr. Crme himself, to his followers, and to his organization. Tell him it is not going to happen the way he said. Tell them at least to consider our teachings. Read what has been said, how the prophecies are fulfilled, and it is based on the Scriptures of God.

Maybe not all of them, maybe some of them will be guided to see this truth clearly and eventually give up in the fancy imagination of something that historically never happened, and is not Gods Way. And it will not happen either.

The conclusion is that there is something wrong with Share International and their understanding, and Mr. Crmes preaching. Therefore it has to be exposed, understood, and eventually we all choose the correct Maitreya, the correct Revealer of the last Revelation of God and the coming of the Kingdom.

We do not want to struggle with anyone. We do not want to be negative toward anyone. We do not oppose any organization or people but we seek the truth.

We have to say the truth. These are the truths about Share International and Mr. Crme. We are hoping that one day he, or at least his followers, will see these teachings and Revelation clearly, and they will come back to the Word of God instead of the word of man or imaginary explanations.

I have no problem to have a discussion, to have a place that we can all come together and discuss things with Mr. Crme and his followers. They are always welcome to our room.

Actually everyone is welcome here to discuss with us things about their teachings, their religions, and their understandings. But come with the humility of discussion, understanding, progress, and realization instead of who is right or who is wrong.

That approach of, I am right, you are wrong, of course, will not be a discussion. It will be a struggle between the two groups. But coming and being open to the truth, then we can discuss things clearly with one another and come to the conclusion, Who is the correct Revealer of the Seven Seals? Whose teaching is based on the Word of God? Who has brought the Plan of God and revealed what has been sealed and hidden from even great Prophets like Daniel?

Little by little you understand, This is it. This is the one that all humanity longs to see and now it is here.

BakahNavi is asking:

BakahNavi: I just note that there are two groups stating a Maitreya is here. I want to know if there are two Maitreya's or one. You had indicated three angels.

Maitreya: There are not only two Maitreyas on earth, there are many, many Maitreyas on earth. I know probably around eight or nine of them. I have even received e-mails from them asking me to accept them as the one, not me, but they. I have asked them if they have fulfilled the prophecies, opened the Seven Seals, are they the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, is God behind them and their words are based on the Scriptures? I have never received a clear answer, or there was no answer at all.

We have to ask these questions from every person who claims he is from God. Scriptures clearly say that there is only one person who will come at the end time as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, will open the Seventh Seal, and will reveal the Book sealed with the Seven Seals to humanity. There is only one for sure based on the Words of God. There are not two, three, ten, a hundred, or whatever.

There are many people out there that claim to be Maitreya. They claim to be the Christ. They claim to be the son of God, and on and on. The criteria to know them have been given clearly: Have they fulfilled the prophecies? Are they the Lion of the Tribe of Judah? Have they revealed the Words of God exactly as the Scriptures say?

It is clearly given to you to test the Spirit of the claim, then come to the conclusion, which one is the correct one? There is only one Maitreya, not two.

You said that I have mentioned three angels. Those three angels are Gabriel, Lucifer, and Michael. There are three forces in the universe that God calls angels, or powers that God works with.

Gabriel is the satva guna, is the freeing energy, the loosening energy in the universe, the intelligence in the universe, the guiding light in the universe. That is why the Spirit of God, The Holy Ghost, Gabriel, is known as the revealer of the revelation to the Prophets. That is what Prophet Muhammad saw when he first received his revelation.

God chooses the different ways to reveal the revelation to the Prophets according to where that Prophet is. If God had not revealed Gabriel to Prophet Muhammad as the revealer, he probably never would have started his mission.

When Prophet Muhammad saw the vision he said, I saw angel Gabriel. What he saw was what he needed to see so he would start his mission.

Gabriel is The Holy Ghost, the Spirit of God. He brings the revelation to the revealer and the Prophet.

There is Michael. He is the raja guna or the energy in the universe that makes everything move, the ability to have the energy to do the things we do. If there were no energy nothing would have moved in the universe and it would stay exactly where they were. Nothing would have been accomplished at all. That is why we always see that Michael has been depicted as a warrior with the sword, energetic, and involved with the ungodly and the darkness.

The last one, Lucifer, is known as the shining star. It is the tama guna or crudifying force. The whole universe is created by that force. That manifestation without the tama guna would not have been there.

Also because it crudifies the universe, it makes the mind to become more and more flesh. A lot of people fall for the temptation of this external world.

Lucifer is also known as the devil, or the fallen angel. He was in heaven. He was a part of God but because of the disturbance in the equilibrium in the beginning of the creation, a part of God was separated from the original Essence.

The first feeling was, I know, which is satva guna. The second was, I do, which is raja guna, or the mutative force. The third was, I have done, memory. Ego was created at that stage, and Lucifer became the fallen angel that separated the part that was separated from the Essence. Therefore it became the devil.

Still it tempts humanity. It crudifies the mind. It makes people to fall for the external world, they do not want to share, they become selfish, and the shining star became the devil itself.

These are the three angels that we mentioned in our teachings. It has nothing to do with Maitreyas, or the Messiah, or the Savior, or the Revealer, or the last Revelation of God. That will be accomplished with only one person, not two, not three, none. Only one person who God will choose, has prophesied to come for thousand of years, will be the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, will open the Seventh Seal, will open the Book sealed with the Seven Seals, and will Reveal it to humanity.

Do not look for two or three or any, but prove it to yourself that our claim is true. If you prove it to yourself then it is your understanding. If you decide it is not, our claim is empty, run, and do not stay around. But if it is true then that is the only way to go.

If it is true, then God said this is going to happen, and His Kingdom is only going to come through this Revelation and these teachings, no other one. Therefore everything out there beside this one is incorrect, false, and will not lead you to God because God prophesied of this coming.

If it is not from God than I will leave it alone with you. I will come with you and will say, Forget about it. I want to know what God said. That is because that is the ultimate victory, being with God. If it is not with God then it surely is a loser.

This will be the last question I will answer today from BakahNavi.

BakahNavi: Did I understand correctly that you claim to be one of the angels sent to reveal one portion of revelation, and that several angels are needed for the complete revelation to be understood?

Maitreya: No. You misunderstood me. I hope you understand English OK. If you do not, it is all right. This explanation will be posted in our website in a couple of hours and you can go to our website, download this, and listen to it over and over again.

The explanation is, No. This is it. This is the last Revelation of God, and you do not need another angel.

Prophets also are referred to as Angels in the book of Revelation in the Bible. That is why they are called Seven Angels. Not as three angels that I explained to you as Gabriel, Michael, and Lucifer, but as the angels that bring the Revelation of God. They are the Mouthpiece of God and the revealer of the Revelation to humanity.

In one sense you can see they are angels because they are the Mouthpiece of God. The Mouthpiece of God is The Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost brings the revelation. Gabriel is The Holy Ghost therefore they represent Gabriel and they are angels in that sense.

Also they are human. They are men. They are regular people when they are not connected to God.

Therefore there are two states in every Prophet, as a man and as a revealer of the revelation, or The Holy Ghost. You can say that the Prophets are representing Gabriel and they are the same as Gabriel, an angel, and they are one.

We do not need any other angels to come. There might be some other Prophets come from God to humanity, not Major Manifestations anymore, but Prophets that might bring back some parts of this Revelation which might have been forgotten or misrepresented, bring more emphasis to them, and guide humanity to understanding this Revelation in a greater degree because every word in our Revelation you can write 1,000 books about.

It is not an easy Revelation to understand. It is vast, and it covers so many different aspects of human life. Therefore it is not an easy thing to do. There might be some Prophet but not any more Major Manifestations for 1,000 years.

Therefore the answer to your question is, No. That is it. That is the last Revelation of God. Prove it to yourself, and I hope that you will see the Vision clearly.

BakahNavi: Thank you for the clarification. I'm referring to teachings from about three weeks ago. Many thanks.

Maitreya: Sure. I again leave all of you to God. Be with God. Meditate on these teachings. Download the tape. Listen to it again and again and again, and other tapes. Hopefully you all will see this truth clearly and will reveal it to all on earth.

Be One. Be with God, and God Bless.

Sal-OM everyone.

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