Maitreya, Conversations with

Maitreya: Sal-OM and welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation Room. We hope this outlet, this room, the PalTalk, our outreach from this channel will attract more and more people. Also the people who come to this room and hear it will understand that God has finished His Revelation at this time.

God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good: This time is when the light has to go back to God, many of them. Many small lights, as human beings, are called to return home.

The last 12,000 years have been a history and a lesson for humanity. God clearly said that at this time many people will be awakened to their higher level of understanding what these 12,000 years have been, why creation has been created, and what is the goal of life. We are the messengers of this Revelation to humanity, and we are the ones that have to make them to see the straight Path, the straight way out of this chaos they have been in. We have great responsibility to reach out and spread this Mission.

The purpose of this room is to come here and ask questions about our teachings. But first you have to go to our website, come to our room All Religions Unified during the week, learn about our teachings as much as you could, and then come to this room, discuss this new Revelation, and see why this Revelation has been prophesied to come and it is so important to come. It is because this is the only Revelation that shows the unity of all religions and why no religion is the final religion until the Seventh Revelation comes.

Now this Seventh Revelation has been revealed. Now man can know what is the Will of God. The Will of God is to follow the Eternal Divine Path. It is the Seven Step Path that has been revealed to humanity as different religions. Each religion has a specific message. When we see the whole picture, we see there is no separation between religions but they are all one. They show a Path, a Way, and therefore we do not have to fight with each other. We all have to learn to follow the Eternal Divine Path, create the Communities of Light, and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, or bring the Kingdom of God to humanity and accelerate human progress to go back home.

The way is shown how to bring the Kingdom, how to go away from the destructive force that is gripping humanity and the earth in a greater degree. Not only is there this destructive tendency but also we have the ability to destroy the whole human race and the whole earth all together.

If the human wants to stop this madness, this is the Way. The Way is to come together and understand there is a God. There is only One God. He is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. All have this God within us. We cannot separate one from the other because we are all His children.

We have to realize this, start being kind, bring the oneness to ourselves, stop any preaching, any teaching, any destructive tendency that is in the human lower nature, and pull them up to their higher nature and the realization that destructive tendencies eventually will engulf those who have those tendencies.

They have always had wars for at least the last 6,000 years. If they do not stop, and follow Gods Will that has been revealed through this Mission and through this Revelation, they will destroy themselves. There is no human war that will be the last war. Therefore their salvation is to come and see that the only way out is the Word of God that has been promised to come at this time.

Our work is great and we have to reach any way we possibly could to educate humanity to see their way out of this mess that they have made. The human lower nature is great, huge, and the power of Maya, their culture, belief, and the dogmas that they follow will not let them let go of what they know.

They come and say, We have been following this teaching for thousands of years. How come suddenly someone comes and says it is not good anymore?

That has been all through history. Humanity has always been following different beliefs and religions, and then a greater revelation comes from God and those who have been following their traditions, their ancestors, their beliefs, realize this is much better than what they had. Eventually they give up their understanding, their religion, and their culture for a greater revelation from God. That is what we are calling for humanity to do. It is not easy because everyone is culturally oriented to love what they have.

Now they have to grow up. Anytime there is growing up to do there are growing pains. We have to accept that. But at the end there is going to be the light. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel when you reach the light, all will be worth it.

Humanity is called again to forego their understandings, forego their religions, forego their cultures, and forego what they know to a new understanding. Never in the history of humanity has the opportunity been given that the person who originally brought the Revelation would be able to talk to the whole earth. Everyone can bring their questions, come here and discuss them, and see which one has the greater truth.

That is what this room is for, it is for you to study, learn our teachings, and then come and ask questions about what this teaching is all about. If you have any problem with any part of this Revelation, bring it here and let us discuss Gods Work in a greater degree so we will all become proficient in understanding this teaching, which is amazingly perfect. Each part fits another part just like a puzzle. When you put the whole puzzle together, you have a tapestry of perfection.

That perfection is where God wants us to go. We have the ability to become perfect as the Father in Heaven. I know there are many humans that do not believe that. They believe they are made in their lower natures. They are here to eat, drink, make children, and die. That is all related to the lower nature of man.

Man has been created to go to the higher level, or the higher nature, and become gods, become the Children of God. Many religions have forgotten that and pushed man as low as possible to such a way that some people, when we are telling them they are the Children of God, or they can become god, cannot believe it. They say, No, God is God and we are little creatures created by God. We do not have the ability.

They do not know their rights. They do not know that they have great rights, and their rights should be preserved and believed in. If humanity, each individual, believed that they have the right of freedom that the individual in the society and community makes the society and community to accept those rights, they would have the rights, not the dictators or those who have bound them by creating an environment that the individuals do not even believe that they have rights. They think that it is their leaders who have the rights.

Who gave their leaders rights? Individuals gave them rights by foregoing their own rights. By understanding this, they can free themselves from the bondages that they are in. It is the healing power of this Mission and realization for man to pull themselves out of believing they are nothing, they are nobody, or they are created as small individuals.

No. You are a part of God. God and you have the same Essence, and you are here to create an environment that everyone progresses toward God in an accelerated way. The way is the Communities of Light, realizing that all religions of the world have been sent by One God, and when you put all of them together you see the whole picture.

Therefore, come here and discuss these things with us in a good manner, with intelligence and the ability to discuss without becoming emotional or letting your beliefs and understanding get in the way. If you can come and discuss articulately and nicely, then we can prove to you that God has the Revelation, now He has sent it to humanity, and you can see your religion and your belief is a part of a greater Revelation.

When you see that, you no longer will have one religion but the whole truth of God. That will free you from any bondage. Eventually when a percentage of humanity sees this truth, the critical point will be reached and they will come together as brothers and sisters. They no longer will have all these destructive tendencies that now we have on earth.

Again the purpose of this room is to come and ask your questions if you have any, about our teachings. To know the base of what we teach, go to our website and study there. If you have any questions about anything about our teachings, you are welcome to raise your hand and ask your questions, or type them in the text, and we will answer your questions.

The base of the teaching is the Revelation of the Seven Seals and the unity of all religions in the world. The way is education. The way is the creation of the Communities of Light, becoming engaged in Gods Work. This Call is for you to come and see this truth, and eventually, hopefully, become involved with the Mission. It is not a weekly gathering together like a church, coming for two hours, and then leaving, and during the week do nothing about it.

As long as you are not convinced, that is fine. But when it comes to a point that you are convinced that this is the Revelation from God, the next step is to truly become involved. Start doing something. It does not matter how small it is. Teach a class. Reach out to your family, to your friends, to your neighborhood, to your city, to your country, to your continent, and to the whole earth. It depends upon your capacity and ability.

That is because belief without action is not going to grow very fast, and it might even die. But with acting and being involved with it, our progress surely will be accelerated. If you have any doubts that it is the last Revelation of God, that is another story. You should search. You have to study our teachings on a deeper level and ask questions, knock, and then eventually come to the conclusion, indeed it is. Or come to the conclusion it is not.

You have the choice. You have the free will to make that kind of decision. Some people see the teaching once, and they understand, Yes, that makes sense.

I guess we have a question from Cefas. He is asking:

Cefas07: Is the Maya a force coming from God, so that we all make the real effort to conquer or to overcome that Maya and to become (to be) Divine?

Maitreya: If you study our teachings, you will understand that Maya is the power of the tama guna, is the crudifying force in the universe that eventually finished the feeling of I know, I do, and I have done, or ego. When ego evolved, the unit consciousnesses became self-centered and he separated himself from the Essence that he was. He thought he was God. He was separated, not one with God, and therefore the external world became the reality. The external world is not our natural state of being. Our natural state of being is being One with God, being our Essence. The unit consciousness lost its connection to its own Essence, and the external world became the reality to them.

That is really what Maya is. Maya means the separation from God. It is the illusion actually of the separation from God because you are not really separated from God ever. We are always connected to God even when we do not feel we are connected. God is with us. How can He not be? We are One already.

Maya is that illusion or delusion that humanity has of being separated from God. Really it has not been created but it is something that is in the Essence of creation, in the Essence of being separate from God from the beginning when there was chaos.

In the Bible, in the beginning, God does not say that God created the chaos. God said there was chaos. Apparently He did not want the chaos to be there. Maya is that illusion of separation that brings that chaos.

Why do we have so many wars, destruction, and unhappiness on earth? It is because we are all in delusion of separation from God. We do not see that when we shoot someone in the war and kill him or her, actually it is a part of us. We try to sterilize and desensitize and make the war not look as ugly as possible. We try not to let the very bad part of the war to seep into the consciousness of the humans by not really reporting exactly what happens.

Those who are in the war usually change. They are no longer regular humans because they become dehumanized. Those who are sensitive do not want to do it any more. Those who are not sensitive become sadistic, or people who cannot stop killing; they become miserable and the people who have absolutely lost their human part.

Probably it is not a bad idea to let the whole of humanity to see exactly what war is by showing it on television. Show them exactly how destructive and appalling it is instead of making it look glorified.

The reason is, separation from God. We do not know that we cannot kill one another. God said, Thou shall not murder; thou shall not kill.

God said a lot of things. He also said, Do not have any God besides Me. Still people have a lot of gods besides Him. Do not do adultery. A lot do adultery. Apparently the human does not want to listen to God. We can see that the human tendency is not to listen to God.

We have to listen to God now. We have to decide in our life, each of us that, Yes, I am going to follow God. Then you will see how free you become, how effective you become. As long as we do not follow those things we think we are doing OK. But if you start following them, a lot of people become unhappy about that because you are not doing the things that they do.

They tell you, How come? Are you having any fun in your life by not going against Gods Word? It sounds like you are not having any fun if you follow Gods Words, which is not true.

That is what God said, you have to follow Gods Words and then see the affect of them in your life. Then you see, you are freer, you are stronger, and you are more powerful to preach the Word of God. That is the truth.

There is a truth in going against the Words of God, it separates you from God more and more. Follow His Words and become them, and that makes you to be closer to Him more and more. Then you do not need anything else or anyone else.

At the end time, at the time of death, you cannot take your family, your possessions, your friends, or anything with you. The only place you might be able to go is to God. Being attached to anything else that you cannot take with you or be with is not an intelligent thing to do. But at the time of death when you leave your body, if you have followed Gods Words and become Pure, you will go to Pure Consciousness. Then you are going to be with God.

Being attached to anything else in this earth but God is equal with being in delusion, being in Maya. Maya is very powerful. You can see right now in these few sentences how powerful Maya is. Even those who believe they are Godly and want God still are attached to their parents, are attached to their wives, their husbands, their children, and their possessions, instead of being attached to God completely.

This is the time for humanity to learn this lesson: Nothing is permanent in this world but the Essence, God. Why do you want to be attached to something that is not permanent, and not be attached to something that is permanent? That permanency is the only way for salvation. To create an environment that more people are attached to the permanency is the Communities of Light.

In your meditation you face your attachments. Meditate on your attachments. That is what our meditation process is. We do not say forget about everything. We say actually, meditate on your desires, your attachments, and your wants. Go through them. I am attached to my parents. I cannot just overcome and go to God. OK. It is time for me to leave my body. Am I going to take my parents with me? I am not saying be rude or do not respect them. You have to respect them.

By seeing that you are not going to take any of that with you and you are going to face God only, at the end then you will say, Well, God is number One. You overcome any attachment to this world.

As I said, meditation is a process of overcoming. Meditation is to face yourself squarely and that is the scariest thing to do, to face yourself squarely. You can see right there Maya.

BooBoo1_3: I want a lot, but God does not give it to me.

Maitreya: I want a lot but God does not give it to me. Is that the goal of the life? The goal of the life is to have things? Does God say that the goal of the life is to have a lot of material things, wants, and desires?

It seems the questioner is very sincere that, that is the goal of the life. It is not only you, BooBoo, that wants this. Everyone, almost every individual, wants to have a lot of things but they are not receiving them. They blame God for it.

Actually God made the resources limited on earth so the human will eventually realize that they are not going to receive everything they want. Not all the material things will be fulfilled.

Those who do not have much, think about God more than those who have much. Why do you want to become rich and have so much if Christ said, It is harder for a rich man to go to God than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle?

You see, this is how Maya works. We believe that what we want or we desire is the truth. God says a different thing. You have to share. You have to come together, create the Communities of Light, not longing for me and my desires to be fulfilled, but longing to create an environment that everyone accelerates their progress in a greater degree. This message is going to become very hard for humanity to see, and give up what they want. But replace that with the Will of God. The Will of God is absolutely clear.

You have to be chosen, you have to be meditating for many lifetimes. You have to really progress to a point that you say, I do not want these material things. I want God. That Essence becomes the goal for you and in your life.

We do not say that material things are bad. But they should not become your god. We do not say that your family is bad. But they should not become your god. We do not say that your husband, your children are bad, but they should not become your god.

The hierarchy of the beings is: God first; your spiritual teacher who takes you to God, second; your parents, third; and your spouse, fourth. Those are the four beings in your life that you have to accept as the hierarchy of beings that you relate to. It is all in our teachings and THOTH. It is explained clearly.

Besides these four people, even your children are not yours. When they are grown up they are going to fly away from the nest and go have their own way. We can see that Maya indeed is powerful, is very strong.

You are right, Maya is a way that eventually humanity will reach a point to say, I am not satisfied no matter what I do. As we explained many times, you have one car; you want two cars. You have two cars; you want a Rolls Royce. You have a Rolls Royce; some people even want to have seventy-five, eighty Rolls Royces. I do not know why they need that many Rolls Royces. If you have one or two, that is enough.

Then you want an airplane. You want a yacht. You want an island.

Was Onasis happy? He had the biggest shipping fleet in the world. But he had to marry Kennedys wife because he wanted also to be famous. He was not as famous as she was.

See, you are never going to be happy no matter how much you have. Being rich, having all those material things, is not going to make you happy.

Actually I have seen the happiest person in a small village. And he did not even have any teeth; he had one or two of them left in his mouth. He was laughing just absolutely with no care in the whole world.

You can see yuppies with a lot of money and everything. But they are not happy. They drink. They smoke. They are not happy people. What happened? You became a yuppie, you should be happy. You are not. Everything for the human is upside down.

Maya, as you said, is strong. But that yuppie or the person who has those things and is not happy eventually one day realizes, This is not giving me happiness.

The happiness is within you. Nothing external will make you happy. Nothing! Nothing whatsoever. Eventually Maya will lead you to this realization and God, and you overcome longing for something that is not within you, and is out there.

We have a question from Braindead. I hope that is not really true.

Braindead100: But does living in abject poverty make you happy?

Maitreya: No, indeed not. That is a part of our teachings, that your physiological and safety needs are important. That is why we teach the Communities of Light.

In the Communities of Light there are six couples that will live together as a unit in the Communities of Light. The whole idea is of sharing and creating an environment that everyone has his or her physiological and safety needs taken care of.

Those are two basic needs of humanity. If you do not have those basic needs taken care of, you will not be able to even meditate. Those two basic needs in our teachings are paramount to be provided for every man, woman, and child.

It is not only not being poor but also being safe. If you do not have anything to eat or something to drink for a long time, you die. If you do not have a safe environment, then the unsafe environment does not let you sit and meditate and realize God.

The physiological and safety needs are considered in the Mission. They can be provided much easier in the Communities of Light. In the Communities of Light everyone will have enough to eat and enough time to sleep. We believe that when we bring the peace on earth, the security will increase. People will not be afraid.

Also the politicians and the people who use fear to take away the rights of the individuals will not be able to do that since there will be no fear. And because there is no fear, the power and the rights of the individuals will be returned to them because they are not afraid of any thing.

If I can make you so fearful that you are willing to give all your rights to me so you will be safe, then after a while I am having all your rights. Your rights are going to become my rights, and your rights are not going to be there any more. When the Kingdom comes on earth, then there will be no fear and the people will know their rights and will not give them up easily.

See, this teaching and this Revelation has considered all levels. It brings the unity and healing to humanity. It brings peace and prosperity to every man, woman, and child and will free them from all the bondages that ego, Maya, dogmas, fears, and insecurities have created on earth.

Therefore indeed we do consider the physiological and safety needs in this Mission. You are correct; they are important.

When we say do not be attached to the external world and what it offers, it does not mean to completely drop everything, go to the mountains, and forget about the society. That is not our teaching at all. Our teaching is to stay in society and become a productive part of it.

Actually we encourage everyone in the Mission to have a job, to have an income, to have the ability to support themselves physically and from the security point of view. We are not preaching here to become poor, not at all. But also do not be attached to the external world, the things that they offer in the world.

Dragonfly_6: I notice you wear glasses Maitreya. The first thing is, Christ healed the blind. I don't think he really needed to wear glasses. I mean it is really the simple things that give truth.

Maitreya: Apparently Dragonfly has his own ideas about how Christ will return. Christ healed people, and so it has to happen now according to him.

Each revelation and Revealer of Gods revelation will be different. They will do different things. Christ and what he did was exaggerated in many places in the Bible. Christ had healing power. He was a healer. He healed individuals. We heal the whole earth. Our Revelation and teaching is the healing power for the whole of humanity. And we teach how to heal yourself.

Christ lived when he was around thirty to thirty-three, or thirty-three to thirty-six. In that age our eyes do not need glasses, a lot of people do not need glasses. I bet if he was sixty years old, he would have used glasses, if they had them then. Probably they did not even have glasses then to wear.

If you knew our teachings you would not even ask these questions because we have explained, people who bring revelations to humanity are regular men who have the Spirit of God on them. They are prophesied to come, and when they come they will reveal to humanity that revelation.

Probably you are going with the teaching of Paul that exaggerated the situation of Christ. You never ever will see the Christ to come the way the Christians are waiting for him to come, based on what Paul taught them and they believe, because it is not based on the Words of God, it is not based on how God has been working and sending the Prophets, and bringing His revelations to man.

It is not our teaching. It is not my glasses. It is not that what we teach is incorrect but it is your perception and understanding of how God Works that is faulty. You are judging with the information that is incorrect.

You have to meditate on these words and realize the teaching that has been given through this Mission and see that all the Prophets, including Christ, were men. That is why when they said, Good Rabbi to him, Christ said, I am not good, only God is good.

When the Spirit of God was upon him he said, No one goes to the Father but through me. Therefore the Father and he were one. He was the son of God and the son of man. He was both Divine, as the Mouthpiece of God, One with God, and no one goes to the Father but through him and His Words. In other times he was just as human as any other man. He even was not good anymore.

You have to understand these teachings, this realization, and correct your understanding. Do not listen to Paul or The Acts. They have a lot of truth in them but there are also a lot of untrue things that have been revealed to humanity through Paul. Do not follow Paul. Follow the Messiah, the true Messenger of God, who came to the lost tribes of Israel.

Correct your understanding with this Revelation. A part of this Revelation is to correct misunderstandings that have been on earth for the last 2,000 years or longer. In order to correct your perception you have to understand our teachings. You have to see that not only will I wear glasses; I will grow old and eventually leave this body.

But I shall return, as Christ said. This is not the end of this Mission. I will leave and I shall return until this Mission is established.

Dragonfly_6: I am not trying to be disrespectful. This man claims to be the Messiah. Dont you think that is quite a claim?

Maitreya: Yes, indeed it is quite a claim. It is just like someone comes and wants to have a job in a company. He says, I have a doctorate degree in, whatever that job requires. I am the best in the world.

The company will tell him, Let us see your resume. Are you backing up your claim with your resume? Let us see if you are indeed the best.

Yes, he has been teaching in the university. He is inventing many things, and he really has a degree at a reputable university. He proves that, yes indeed, he is the best. What does that company have to do? They have to hire him because that is what they were looking for.

Now you have to do the same thing. Someone comes and claims that they have the last Revelation from God. It is a big claim. I am not saying it is a small claim at all. It is a huge claim.

Dragonfly, wait until your question has been answered before you keep posting. That is not going to create a good flow here.

Go see the resume. A lot of people are claiming that they are Christ, they are the second coming, or whatever. You have to ask them, what kind of prophecies have they fulfilled. Are their words the Words of God?

There are a lot of people coming and saying that they have the Revelation of God and they are the Christ. But we did not say that. It was a gentleman in England who took ads all over the world and said, Maitreya is the Christ.

I have not given to myself all the names that I have received. That fulfills the prophecy that many will come in his name and call themselves whatever they want. You have to discern and study our teachings and see if this is the Word of God.

This is what God said was going to happen: At the end time there is going to be a Revelation that will reveal the Seven Seals and the Book sealed with the Seven Seals. When that Revelation comes, the Mystery of God will be finished.

Do not rely on your own understanding. Do not rely on your religions. Do not rely on your culture. Rely on the Words of God. And the Words of God are very clear. This Mission and these teachings and what it claims are based on the Words of God, the fulfillment of those prophecies, and the Revelation that humanity has been waiting for.

If my glasses take you away from the Words of God, then your understanding of God is very shallow. You have to bring yourself in a greater degree and go beyond the appearances. Do you want the truth of God? Then search, knock, understand, and realize. Then you will have a good grip of the reality of this Mission.

Do not judge with appearances and small little things. What you know is not going to happen, I promise you. We will see at the end who is the truthful one.

This is the truth. It is based on the Words of God, based on the prophecies and the Scriptures. Our resume is backed up 100%. No matter what humanity does not agree with, or accept with this teaching, eventually it will be revealed to be the only truth, the only Way for humanity to follow and reach their salvation.

These are all great claims we claim. I am the Way and the Truth. No one goes to the Father but through me. That is a big claim. Christ said it. Prophet Muhammad said it. Bab said it. All the Great Prophets of God came and said the same thing, You cannot go to God but through these revelations and teachings. That is exactly what we claim here.

I did not call myself Christ. There were other people who called Maitreya, Christ. We did not even know them.

It is all on our website. It has all been given to humanity to strengthen their faith and understanding of the Words of God. And these are the Words of God. This is the Plan of God for humanity.

Of course people have their religions, their understandings, and they are following their cultures. They do not want to see the truth. Therefore eyeglasses will become an obstacle in their path to realizing God? That is really, really sad. But that is the truth.

I am not the one who will bring you to this Mission. It is God who will bring you to this Mission or take you away by making eyeglasses so important, when beyond the glasses is the Spirit of God. Those who cannot see this will not follow the Words of God and will not see the truth.

It is your choice again. It is your understanding of the Words of God and realizing that what you follow and what you think you know is what you have been taught. That is not what God said.

God said, Abraham, I choose you. I will have a Messiah, a Prophet come through your son Isaac. He came as Christ. Also he told Abram, I will have a Messiah, a Prophet, come through your son. That was Ishmael. God had already, in the very beginning in the Bible, promised Abraham that there were going to be two Prophets, two Revealers, who would come to humanity.

If that is the truth, then how can Christ be the only Way? God said He was going to send two Prophets, two Messiahs. And He Did. He sent Christ as that person from Isaac, and Prophet Muhammad from Ishmael.

Right there the whole teaching of Christianity had to be expanded, had to follow the Words of God. Then at the end, in The Revelation, He said there were going to be Seven Revelations that would come to humanity and bring Seven Truths together.

There we go, the rest of the religions. Right there it says that Jews are not the chosen people alone, but those that follow the Eternal Divine Path.

Christians cannot have the only way.

Moslems do not have the last Prophet or last word.

And most of the Bahai teachings are not based on the Words of God.

When you follow the first five steps, then you become an Elect. You become a chosen person. See, this is the Word of God. But will Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Moslems, and all listen to it and see it so clearly? It is the Word of God. God said that is the way it will be, and it is.

Or will they come here and say, All this truth I am going to ignore because you have on eyeglasses. It is amazing that rejecting the Word of God is because of the appearances and our own perceptions.

But that is OK. You did not know. You did not know about all this truth. You have probably been born in a culture that taught that Christ is going to come from the sky and say, Kingdom be, and it will be.

It never has happened. And it never will. No one is going to come from the sky, as the physical sky. Sky means heaven. Sky means Pure Consciousness. Sky means the higher state of being.

You have to read our teachings and understand the Scriptures, the Words of God. The more you do that, the more you understand our teachings, and the more you will realize that what you have been taught is not correct, is not based on the Words of God.

You will stop following Paul. You will start following the Great Prophets. You will start following Christ. You will start following Moses. You will start following Abraham, Mohammad, and Bab.

Expand yourself from the small understanding of one religion that is full of dogmas and was influenced with the Roman teachings and pagan religions before it, and it reached the point that it no longer had the words of the original Revealer. When you see that then you will say, OK, what was the original Revealers message?

You will see it is sacrifice. Christ set an example of himself. He sacrificed himself for his ideal and the truth. Therefore my eyeglasses become so small compared with the Revelation and the Word of God that you even do not see them. They are not there. It does not matter because you see the Spirit behind, which is God.

This physical body probably needs glasses but God does not because He is the Spirit. Maybe God put glasses in my picture to see who is the true seeker and who will fall by their own perceptions.

God is Amazing. God works in mysterious ways.

We have to realize these are the Words of God. When we realize that then we overcome our own understandings, wishful thinking, and realize that is how God does it.

All the Prophets of God will come from a woman; they will be born as a child. They grow up as regular men. They are a little different. They are a little more perceptive. They are more meditative probably. Eventually they reach a point in their lives that they realize that they have a mission. God will reveal it to them very clearly.

There is no Prophet who had not been prophesied to come. If a person is claiming to be a Prophet, if a person claims to be Christ, if they have not fulfilled the prophecies, if they do not bring the Words of God, they are false.

If I am not doing those things, I am false. But it is proven over and over again that what we say is based on the Words of God.

The prophecies that are fulfilled in this Mission are all the prophecies before it. There has never been a Prophet that fulfilled so many prophecies.

The genealogy has been proven that it goes all the way to King David, Abraham, and Adam. Of course everyone goes to Adam, but to Abraham and King David. It is again another indication for everyone to see that this is the truth.

This is not something that an egoistical person sat one day and put them together. Actually it is impossible for a human to put together all of this Revelation and truth that has come through the Mission by a good brain or a good mind. This had to be from the Spirit of God.

If you understand this truth then you would be amazed at how much truth has come to humanity through this Mission. Then you have no choice but to claim indeed, This is from God. This is the last Revelation.

You have to come, join, help, and be one with it. Forget about my glasses. But see the truth.

These are the truths of this Mission and reality. God indeed is with us, and His Spirit has returned to earth. He always does His Work the way He has done it through this Mission. There is no other way.

There is not going to be anyone who comes from the sky and brings the Kingdom and says, Be, and it will be. If that was the truth, why do we need the tribulation? Why do we need the human to go through the tribulation and eventually realize that they have no choice but to follow God?

Again, we encourage you to go to our website and see the truth that has come to humanity. Humanity is not ready for it yet for sure. They have their own ideas. They have their religions, dogmas, and misunderstandings in every religion on earth. There is not one that does not have them.

The only one that does not really have dogmas, misunderstandings, etc., is our teaching that has purified all the dogmas from the previous teachings and religions and brought the Essence of Gods Words on earth to humanity. We again encourage you to search, to knock, to go and to study our teachings in a greater degree in our website. It is free for everyone to see, read, understand, and become familiar with.

If you still did not receive all the truth, then you can come here and discuss it with us, or me. You can discuss it with us during the week in the room called All Religions Unified. If you are not satisfied there, come here. I am available the first Saturday of each month for an hour for everyone. You can come and ask your questions, and in an intelligent way we can discuss things and see who is the truthful one.

Lou is asking:

Lou245_1_1: In THOTH, Tablet 9, in Universe and Man, verses 13-15, please expound on the last two states.

Maitreya: It would be great if someone could read that part to us so we all can know what the verses are.

Audience (Reading): Verses 13-15: Another point is that although the universe or its worlds are divided into seven levels, in the spiritual Hierarchy (Hierarchy in the Kingdom Of Heaven), there are two more states.

In the sixth and seventh stages, a man becomes a son of God (god). But before man was created there were two beings in this state. So the eighth state is the state of the First Begotten Son, and the ninth is the state of the Father.

Maitreya: Very good. Usually if you study the Far East Philosophies, Hinduism or Buddhism, especially Hinduism, they speak about the seven states of consciousness or chakras. They believe that when you reach the seventh state, you reach God, and you, like a drop of water, fall into the ocean of The Grace of God and become One. You lose your identity and become a part of God.

If you study the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Bahai teachings, you see they are talking about the Messiah, the coming of the Son of God and the importance of the Messiah in their teaching and realization.

Although Hinduism also has Revealers and Prophets as Krishna, Brahma, Shiva, etc., the emphasis is mostly on awakening your spiritual forces and becoming One with God. The emphasis is not on the Messiah Himself although they have a lot of beautiful stories about them. The whole idea is, you know Self, and the self and God or atman and Atman are one. They are the same thing.

We can see there are two Plans going on at the same time. There is Hinduism and the Mystical Paths, and the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Bahai teachings that emphasize the Messiah and the coming of the Prophets, the prophecies, etc.

That is why Hinduism only has seven levels. But beyond those seven levels there have been two more levels that they do not acknowledge or consider, and that was the eighth level that the Bible clearly says, God saw the chaos and His Spirit moved into the chaos.

That Spirit of God went through the chaos as is explained in THOTH and realized the Eternal Divine Path. He realized that the reason those lost Souls created chaos and darkness was because they do not know themselves and they think they are completely separated from God. That illusion of separation brings the darkness in the Soul, and people fall into the attraction of the external world. They think this is the truth, and they do not go to God.

The first step became the awakening of the spiritual forces, which later on came as the Mystical Paths on earth. That is the first step.

Then He realized that in order to create an environment that accelerates the process in the creation of community and bringing those who are interested in spirituality together as the communities, the second step became the creation of the Communities of Light. He realized that Communities of Light would not be created until every individual in the community realizes that it is not all about me. It is all about the community, bringing the Spirit of God into the community and bringing the Laws of God into it. Therefore the person has to sacrifice. That was the Third Seal, the Christianity.

Later on they realized that surrendering and submission is important in order to let the Spirit of God come through. And that is Islam.

Later universalism, and that is the Bahai teaching.

Now you become an Elect and eventually you reach God.

When the Spirit of God that went through the darkness returns to the Godhead, God saw the Light. He saw that it was good.

Before the First Begotten Son, or the Spirit of God came to the world and went through the suffering, as Christ symbolizes it, he was created in that state. So not only do men have to reach the seventh state of being or chakras, or overcoming them, become one with the Spirit, and becoming a son of God, also they have to recognize that the Word of God will not come to humanity just by those who forcefully want to go to God.

According to our teachings God said, If you want to come to Me forcefully and not follow the Eternal Divine Path, I will spue you out of My Mouth. I will not let you come in. You have to go back and engage in the Eternal Divine Path and bring the Kingdom of God on earth and probably in the universe eventually, and accelerate the progress of everyone behind you to Me. Then probably, I will let you in.

We can see that Hinduism, Buddhism, and those who want to go to God just by meditation are also incorrect in assuming you can make it. God said, No, you will not. I will send you back to the suffering of the world, as Christ Himself had to go through.

Therefore the son of God, or the First Begotten Son, is the eighth level that has to be accepted also as a part of the Plan of God. It is not only seven levels and chakras, going through them and they take you to God, but accepting the Christ, the Messiah, the son of God, or the First Begotten, who will bring the Revelation and the Word of God to humanity.

Without the son that went through the Eternal Divine Path and brings the Revelation of God to humanity, man would not know the highest Will of God. A lot of people might know a little of the Will of God about them, or about the problems they have, but they will not see the importance of the Prophets and Messiah to bring the Word of God in the highest level. That is the eighth.

God, of course, is the ninth level. These two states have to be recognized and realized by Hinduism and the Mystical Paths. The seven chakras and Koshas and what is in Universe and Man should be realized and recognized by the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Bahai understandings.

Again, we have unified the Mystical Paths and their understandings with the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Bahai teachings and brought the balance and the greater understanding to both sides.

That is why again none of them has the whole truth.

Lou is asking:

Lou245_1_1: Also on the difference between son of god and the Only Begotten Son?

Maitreya: The Only Begotten Son is the Spirit of God that went through the chaos and eventually reached Pure Consciousness before the creation. He was begotten. He did not go through the creation the way the rest of the sons of God will go through and will be born in the world as a regular human.

The First Begotten Son was the Spirit of God that came to man. That is the symbolic coming of Christ to earth (darkness) as God and going through the suffering. The whole story symbolizes the presence of darkness in the beginning that the Spirit of God went through before the creation.

In the very beginning in the Bible there was chaos, and the Spirit of God moved over the waters that went through the chaos and went through the Eternal Divine Path and eventually reached the Light, Pure Consciousness. He became the First Begotten. He was begotten, through going through that chaos.

The sons of God are those who will reach Pure Consciousness, or Godhood, or reach to the Essence as it is explained at the end of The Revelation, Whoever overcometh will become my son. They are not really begotten. They are not the Spirit of God that has gone through the chaos.

They are the unit consciousnesses that go toward the chaos, suffering, and progress in many lifetimes, and eventually reach the Essence of God, become one with the Essence, and then become the sons of God. That is the difference.

The difference is the First Begotten Son was the Spirit of God that went through the chaos and reached Pure Consciousness. Therefore he became the Begotten Son. The sons of God are those who overcome and eventually become the sons of God. That is the difference between the two.

By understanding these things we can see why both the seventh, eight, and ninth are so important in the spiritual world. Seven is the mystical, the number of mystics and God. That is when humanity becomes connected to God and in that Essence.

But they cannot go there unless they realize the importance of the eighth level, the Prophets, the Messiah, the Revealer to humanity of the Will of God, and God Itself that is the Spirit that resides on the Messiah, or the Prophet, or the Revealer of the revelations.

With these two understandings brought together, again the teaching of both sides, the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Bahai teaching will be enhanced because they now include chakras, koshas, meditation, and the seventh level understanding. The yogis have gone through those processes and have brought us many truths about them, how they have gone through every level, and what is the pitfall of each level.

When you reach the sixth level, for the first time you feel that God is touching you and is close unto you. In the seventh level, you absolutely become absorbed in God. Very few people have reached that state of liberation. Maybe 12,000 years ago some did but after that it is very hard to reach there.

Then God created the history; sent the Prophets to guide humanity. Now He says that is why most of the yogis do not stay there because when they reach there God says, No, go back. Those are the Great Souls that have been meditating for the last 12,000 years and some of them have become very close to liberation as yogis. But they have been pushed back to come back on earth.

Now when they hear and see this Revelation they say, Oh yes, this makes a lot of sense because I have been searching for this truth for many lifetimes. Now this truth makes sense. It opens my eyes to a greater reality that I never knew. Now I understand that I could not go to God just by meditation. I have to engage myself to the Communities of Light, I have to sacrifice, I have to surrender and submit to the Will of God. Then I will become One with God and His Will. Then I have to expand my consciousness to become a universalist. And then I am an Elect.

That does not mean that I am going to go to Pure Consciousness. I might be incarnated again and again until we bring the Kingdom of God on earth and accelerate the progress of everyone to Pure Consciousness.

As Christ said, I am the first and the last. It means, who is the first is going to go in the last. It is not going to be the first one who goes in first. He is the Alpha and the Omega. It is just that he will not enter Godhood until he sees that all the people he has helped for many lifetimes go in first.

Then at the end of this creation when the original energy is finished, at the time for creation to go back to darkness and stay there for billions of years, he goes in and closes the door. Those who have made it to Pure Consciousness will be with them, and those who did not make it cannot. They stay behind.

The understanding of all these nine levels of consciousness is very important for everyone, for all religions, for the creation of the Communities of Light, and for the salvation of humanity.

With this we bring again the teaching of the Far East with the teaching of the Middle East and West together, and we will see that the perfection again is revealed to humanity to expand their minds and consciousnesses in a greater degree, and they are unified.

That is what those two verses are referring to. The eighth level and the ninth level are as important as the first seven levels, the chakras, and the koshas. That is what the Hindus and the Buddhists have to realize.

Actually it is easier for Buddhists because they have Buddha. Buddha probably was the Mouthpiece of God at that time. He really did not bring any new religion. He purified the Hindu religion. He was just sick of the many gods in Hinduism. That is why he said, Do not worry about God. Just meditate and Know Thyself. That is the goal of life. The goal of the life is to reach Pure Consciousness, know self, and become one with God. Without our teachings, you will not make it.

Even knowing thyself reaches a point that God says, OK, you know yourself a lot. Now go back and teach others about how to know themselves, how to create the Communities of Light, how to bring the Kingdom of God on earth, and how to help them also to reach higher consciousness.

As you can see, our teaching is dynamic. It is not escapism. It is not static. It is a dynamic teaching that calls you to action, calls you to not only meditate but also engage yourself in the society in spreading the Message, in creation of the Communities of Light, in creating an environment that everyone progresses physically, mentally, and spiritually.

We eventually will create an earth that everyones physiological and safety needs are taken care of, and the unity will come to humanity. We will stop wars and destruction, and we will accelerate the progress of man in the greatest degree ever. They eventually will reach Pure Consciousness when many of them will enter to that state of consciousness. Those who have helped them will eventually enter that state as well.

So it is a teaching that is the Will of God. This is what He wants humanity to do. That is how the progress will end. And that is the Path that he went through himself.

He went through the Eternal Divine Path. He did awaken his spiritual forces. He did realize that in order to create a good environment, sacrifice is necessary. It is necessary that we know what is the Will of God for us.

We know what the Will of God is in general. The Will of God in general is to follow the Eternal Divine Path, create the Communities of Light, sacrifice for them, surrender and submit to His Will, and become a universalist. Then you become an Elect.

Now I am an Elect. What is the Will of God for me? I am a good drawer. Maybe I can draw The Greatest Sign in a more professional way.

Or, I am a doctor. I can probably come to the Communities of Light and heal a lot of people. I can be in the community and have a community that people are not sick anymore, and I can help them.

Whatever you are, you can help. I can translate the whole THOTH in a different language. That is a great service. You will reach so many people by doing that in your language.

Of course we encourage everyone to learn English because the original teaching has come in English. But not everyone is proficient in this language. If it is translated into other languages, it is much easier for them to understand it.

Now what is the Will of God for me? Recognize the Will of God for you under the umbrella of His Will for the whole of humanity and the universe, and submit to it. Say OK, God wants me to do this. I am submissive to His Will, under the umbrella of the Eternal Divine Path.

We can see that the system is given very clearly and we are looking for dynamic people that will understand this teaching in a greater degree and will engage with it, will realize what the Will of God is for them under this teaching. They will come together and will spread this teaching all over the earth, and make humanity to understand.

We need a lot of teachers. We need a lot of people who will become the facilitating body. We need the writers. We need the doctors. We need professors. We need lawyers. We need everyone in every level of life who would like to come and join the Communities of Light, become a part of them, and help in any way possible.

These two levels are important to recognize and realize. As it says in our writing, Does God Talk To Everyone? yes, in the lower level maybe. That is because even dream consciousness will give us some answers to our personal problems or psychological problems. But will God give the highest Revelations to everyone and talk to them?

According to God and His Way, No. He will only send it through one person, and that person is the Revealer of the Will of God. He has sent six of them so far. This is the Seventh One.

When the Seventh One comes, he explains everything. That is exactly what happened. We have explained the Will of God, what He was doing for the last 12,000 years, what is the Eternal Divine Path, and why all the religions of the world are a part of this Path and there is no separation between religions. Actually they are complimentary. They are not contradictory at all.

If I have not fulfilled all those resumes that we went through a half an hour ago or forty-five minutes ago, you should not accept what I say, no matter how wonderful it sounded. But not only does it sound wonderful, it explains the Will of God, it is based on the Word of God, and it is based on the prophecies, the genealogy, etc.

You have to see that is how God works. God chooses a man who is born from a woman, and then he reveals the teaching. But that person fulfills the prophecies.

Anyone who comes and says that they are the Prophet of God, or the Messiah and they have not fulfilled the prophecies, their words are not based on the Words of God, and they have not opened the Seven Seals, you just say, No, it is not according to the way God works.

If you are waiting for someone to come from the sky and say, Kingdom be, and it will be, that is an illusion, that is a dogma, that is not what Christ taught. It is not going to happen. It never happened before.

All the Prophets came as regular humans from a woman and brought the revelation to humanity. Those who are waiting for such a thing to happen, they can wait forever, and it is not going to happen.

That was a good question, Lou. That was very good. I hope everyone sees how there are nine levels of consciousness. The seventh level is explained with the Mystical Paths, and the two have been emphasized and followed with the Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Bahai teachings. Now again they are put together.

We have reached the end of our Conversation today. Again this room is for you to go to our website, read THOTH, our Holy Book or Scripture. Understand our teachings. Go to our rooms. Listen to them. If you have questions, you always can come here on Saturday for an hour and a half, and we can discuss them together.

God Bless, and become a Paravipra. Sal-OM everyone.

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