Maitreya, Conversations with

Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation Room.

For those who have not been to the room, or are not familiar with our teachings this is the Revelation that has been foretold and prophesied to come at the end time. As in the Bible, in the book The Revelation, the Seven Seals are referring to the Seven Revelations from God through the Spirit of God and His Prophets to humanity. When this Seventh Revelation comes to man, the mystery of God will finish.

This has been fulfilled and the last Revelation of God has come to man. Humanity is called again to forego their own understandings, religions, dogmas, superstitions, beliefs, and expand themselves to see the Work of God and the Plan that He has been working on for the last 12,000 years.

For the last 6,000 years there have been so many revelations to man that now there is separation between human and human because they think God only sent one revelation and it is their religion. Also there are a lot of dogmas, intellectualizations, and misconceptions that have come to humanity that now they do not even see the Oneness of God. God being One has been completely covered so they cannot even believe that there is only One God, they are all His Children, and what they have as their religion is only a part of a greater truth.

Now this greater truth has come to man, and they have been called to forego their misconceptions, the narrow understandings that they have, and expand themselves to a greater Revelation. Humanity is not yet ready for this leap of consciousness. They are still separating themselves by religions, by gender, by nationality, by race, and by all the ideas that separate them. This Revelation is way ahead of them. We are dealing with the situation that they are not yet able to come together. So it is very understandable.

Joe Laser is asking:

Joe Laser [Karl]: Do you believe you are the Messiah, The "Christ"?

Maitreya: It does not make any difference if I believe that or not. It is you who has to prove it to yourself to see if that is the truth.

God has already given all the proof that any man needs to know. It is you who has to prove it to yourself and see the proof that God has revealed to humanity. You have to see how God has fulfilled the prophecies, and eventually come to the conclusion if that is true or not.

They asked the same question from Christ. He said, If I say I am, you will not believe it. If I say I am not, I am lying.

What difference does it make what I think? You have to see how this Revelation and the coming of this truth has been foretold, how it is revealed to humanity that this is the Revelation that God has sent to them. Go study our teachings, see how the prophecies are fulfilled, and how the foretelling of this teaching is based on the Word of God, and draw your own conclusion.

That is a question that you can ask anyone, and no one can really convince you. Those who are in the Mission are with us, believe what we say and these teachings have convinced them. No one can convince anyone. And they should not actually. Each person should go, study, knock, search, and eventually come to the conclusion if this is true or not.

That is the only question probably you have really to work on yourself. The answer has been given. This is the answer: You go and you prove it to yourself if this is the truth or not.

If you cannot prove it, then in our mind you are not an Elect. It is as simple as that. You are probably attached to a religion, one teaching, and your dogmas, and your understanding is not letting you see the Vision of God.

That is how this question will be answered, by realizing that you have to prove it to yourself. It is all very easily provable, as prophecy has already clearly stated that many will come and call themselves Christ and believe they are Christ. But that does not prove anything. That is exactly what the Scriptures say, those who believe they are Christ, they call themselves Christ, and they come and tell humanity that they are Christ, they are not the one.

That is exactly what happened in this case. There was another gentleman in England who took advertisements all over the earth and said that Maitreya is the Christ. Maitreya himself never said he is Christ but other people who realized that such a Revelation would come to humanity already claimed him to be what humanity is waiting for.

Many people come to our rooms and they say they are gods. It sounds like only they are gods and no one else is. They have to realize also that all humanity has the Essence of God in them and they are gods.

You can be Christ also when you overcome. That is the promise of God, Whoever overcometh will become my son. My son does not mean that God came and had a relationship with a woman and had a child as a physical child of God. It means that you will have the Spirit of God and sameness as God, on earth. You become in the image of God.

What is the son? Son is in the image of the Father and therefore you become a son of God. God is Pure. God is sinless. God is Perfect. God and the person who is in His image are Father and son.

If this is explained to those who say that God does not have any son, they will realize that even their Prophet would accept this explanation instead of believing that God came and had a relationship with Mary and then had a physical son.

How can a Being that is Spirit have a physical son? He does not have any body as a human. The whole idea of God having a physical son is not correct.

We can see how and who the son of God is. The son of God is in the image of God, in His Purity and Oneness, and they are One in Spirit. This is the promise that is given to every man and woman that they can become the son of God by overcoming and becoming in the image of God.

The question has to answered by the person for themselves: Is it really a Revelation that has been told as the Seventh Seal that will be opened at the end time, and after that Revelation is revealed to humanity the tribulation will start? If the prophecies have been fulfilled through this vessel, then you can see that, Yes, indeed, God has sent His last Revelation to man.

If I say I am Christ and you believe it, then you do not really have a strong faith. You just believe it because you want to believe it.

It is the same thing, Christ, Messiah, Prophet, Seventh Angel; all of them are the same thing. All of them again, you have to prove it to yourself.

I have proved it to myself what I believe, it should not affect yours.

Greight_Is_Yah: Christ is pagan.

Maitreya: How is Christ pagan? Greight is saying: Christ is pagan.

You can explain this in text or you can have the microphone and tell us why Christ is pagan.

Greight_Is_Yah: Because it comes from sun worship.

Maitreya: There is the truth in the son of God and the Christ, and there is a man-made Christ or sun of God. The idea of the Christ has come from the teaching of Zoroastrian. Eventually the idea that there is going to be a savior from a virgin came to the Romans. When the Christ came, that expectation was fulfilled.

But the Romans worshipped the sun. You are correct. Not only that, Nimrod himself created the idea of the son of God because Nimrod died and his wife became pregnant a few years later. His wife said that, Nimrod has returned to my womb. Therefore Nimrod was god and what is conceived in my womb is a miracle and what is in my womb is the son of god and I am the holy mother. She created the holy mother and son worshipping. Eventually it came to Rome, and they had the sun. When Christ and Christianity came they replaced the sun as God to the son of God.

But these all have a higher truth and a higher meaning. That is that God, as the Spirit that sent the Prophets as our teachings clearly indicate, has nothing to do with the sun.

Yes there is a misunderstanding and there is a misinterpretation. There is an intellectualization of a truth that God will have a physical son. Also they replaced the sun as God, with the Son of God.

You are correct. We agree with you on that.

That is not what we teach here or explain to humanity. God as a Spirit went through the Seven Steps of the Eternal Divine Path and reached Light, or Oneness, or similar to God, and that is what we call the son of God: Being in the image of God, being His Mouthpiece, being Pure, and Sinless, and Perfect. As Christ said, Be perfect as your Father in heaven, because He is perfect.

We have taught and teach humanity now how to become perfect. By following the Eternal Divine Path and letting God come through them, they will become perfect. The way has been given how to become a son of God. All of you have the potential of becoming in the image of God, Perfect, and manifesting His Qualities.

We are not talking about the sun as god or the physical son as Nimrod and many Christians believe that Christ came as a physical son of God. Those are pagan beliefs and ideas. You are absolutely correct in that.

We do separate the truth that is the promise that God has given to every human that if they overcome they will become the son of God. That is at the end of The Revelation in the Bible. I think it is in chapter 23 or 22 that clearly God is promising all of humanity that if they overcome they will become His son.

It has nothing to do with religions. It does not mean that if you are Moslem, Buddhist, Hindu, or Christian, or Jew, or Bahai, or any other religion, you will become a son of God. The only requirement is to overcome.

The way is purified here. It is not a dogmatic religion believing in a series of dogmas and you go to God. No, you have to put an effort. You have to meditate. You have to awaken your spiritual forces. You have to deeply look at yourself and our teachings. See the correct explanation of the son of God, separate the dogmas and pagan ideas from the truth and reality and purity, and then come to the conclusion that, Yes, this Revelation and this teaching has already purified and explained and separated the chaff from the wheat. Therefore you see the wheat, and you take the chaff away.

You understand, Yes, there are some pagan ideas that have crept into Gods revelations but the truth has purified and has come to humanity now. We can see clearly that now it is explained, purified, and has separated the pagan ideas from the truth.

Greight_Is_Yah: I am going to leave but I want to warn you to repent for the Kingdom of Yah is at hand. Yah's wrath is nothing to play with.

Maitreya: We agree with you. And we warn you also that if you believe anything else but this Revelation, the wrath of God indeed will come to you. You do not play with the fire that has come to purify humanity. Humanity and the earth already are in turmoil because of this Revelation. This Revelation clearly has come with the clear signs and understanding to humanity.

Mikebiker has a question. Go ahead.

Mikebiker22 [Karl]: Hi. Why are you afraid to answer my question of what you think of yourself? I know what I think. I think you are just another guru.

Maitreya: If you believe I am a guru, then to you I am a guru and that is it. It is the end of the story. Why are you so insistent to receive an answer that has already been given to you? Why do you insist on something that has already been explained to you?

It does not make any difference if I say who I am. The most important thing is who you think I am. If you think I am a guru that is the end of the story. Your question is already answered for you and that is where you are and that is what you believe. The answer is again that each person has to search, knock, ask questions, and see for themselves what is the truth that has come to humanity.

Just being insistent in what one person believes absolutely shows that we are not really a seeker but we want to prove that we are correct. That takes us away from realizing the truth from God because we are insisting to believe or prove that we are correct. That creates separation and such a person is not a seeker.

The answer is again each person has to prove it to himself or herself.

Greight_Is_Yah is saying:

Greight_Is_Yah: Are you the Messiah?

Maitreya: It is the same question, isnt it?

Are you the person who is going to be proving that to yourself or not?

Greight_Is_Yah, go ahead, but do not waste our time and your time by insisting on the things that have already been answered. Go ahead Greight.

Greight_Is_Yah: First I just came in on the room. I have visited the web page. I have read a couple of different web pages. My intent is only to seek truth. The questions I do have mostly deal with the universalism that you are bringing to the table, adding all religions as One, when in all actuality truth is truth and you cannot bring everything together because a lot of religions are based on heathenism. Yah is not heathenism. He does not deal with that kind of stuff. I know that you know who Yah is because your name actually has Yah in it. When I read your site it said that your name had something to do with God. Yah and God are not different. So would you please answer how you are bringing all these universal laws and all these universal religions together when there is so much sun worship in that type of stuff, and paganism, and heathenism, which is not of Yah?

Would you answer that please?

Maitreya: Sure. That is a very good question Greight. Indeed we are here to discuss this same kind of question that you just brought up. The name Yah is another name for God. Actually that is a mantra. It has a great affect on the Spirit.

God really stands for Generator, Operator, and Destroyer. In English they call it God. In Arabic they call it Allah. In Hinduism they call it Brahma. It is just a name. It is not His correct name.

God has One Name that cannot be pronounced or uttered in the external world. That is His Holy Name that no one knows but he whom God reveals it to. Yah is another name that can be pronounced outwardly but it also has a great affect on the consciousness, as like Jehovah, like Yahweh, like the many, many names in the Bible. If you look at them, they end with Yah. Even Allah has a kind of yah at the end. Therefore it is a very subtle vibration that has an affect on human consciousness. You can say it is one of the subtlest names for God in the manifested world.

But the true name of God is only One. It is within you, and it cannot be uttered. The moment you utter it or try to pronounce it, it no longer is His Name. That is why the Hebrews were forbidden to utter the Name of God. Even they call it YTVT with no vowels in it. They were saying that, you cannot pronounce the Name of God.

The moment you do not have any vowels in a word, it is not pronounceable. You never can use consonants for talking or manifesting a word. The Hebrews knew very well that the name of God is not pronounceable.

Any name, Yahweh, Yah, God, Allah, or any other name that humans pronounce cannot be the name of God. We can see clearly that none of the names that can be pronounced can be the Name of God.

Yah is one of the subtler Names; Allah, Elohim, Elah, are all the names that they used to use from old times in the Bible. The name Allah actually is related to the Sacred Names in the Bible from the past. We can see all of them are related.

That is why when Moses asked God, What is Your Name? God said, I am that I am. I just am and you cannot pronounce My Name, etc. We can see all this completely explains that there is no Name that can be pronounced in the external world that can be His Sacred Name or the Real Name of God.

Now how we separated and purified all these pagan ideas from the truth and brought it to humanity, and how we claimed that all religions could be unified is because it has been prophesied. It has been in the Consciousness of God for the last 12,000 years.

He clearly said, I will send Seven Revelations, Seven Seals. He also revealed to His Prophets that the end time would be sealed, I am not going to reveal it to anyone, not even to Daniel, not even to all the old Prophets, not even to Major Manifestations like, Prophet Muhammad, Bab, Christ, Moses, and Abraham. None of them will be revealing the whole truth until the Seventh Angel comes. The end time was sealed to everyone.

Now this Revelation has come to humanity. This is explaining what God has been doing all this time to this point. That is why it makes sense. For those who have really seen the Vision, understand the teaching, and have seen the Revelation, it makes sense. And the unification of all religions is possible because God did it. God knew it. God sent it to humanity. Now it has come to man clearly how it can be done.

And it can be done. It is done already. There is no separation between the religions and the Essence of all the Revelations of God. Each had a message for humanity, and when you go to that Essence and you put them together it will reveal to you a Path that will guide you and lead you to God.

That is how what we teach here are not pagan ideas. Pagans have corrupted the ideas, revelations, and the truth of God.

Go ahead Greight.

Greight_Is_Yah: You mentioned God, Allah. All those names, words that you mentioned, are actually titles. Yah: There is only one Name that the Creator gave us. This would have been Yahhaulah, Yah being the poetic form. All those other titles are only titles. It is just like Father is a title, or Abba.

As far as the unification of these religions, Yah is one, and in Yahs truth there is no way to mix heatheistic beliefs with Yahs Word. There are many books that speak about this type of stuff that is going on. I do not doubt the fact that you might have, from what I read, these powers to where you have disappeared or stuff like that. I do not doubt that because Yah prophesied about that type of stuff being in the hands of the anti-Messiah.

So in saying all of that, I just do not doubt the fact that you could do all of that. But what my question is, how are you Messiah? What makes you different than the rest of the people who are saying that they are the Messiah? You have a Spirit in you that has been around for 2,000 years, so I am trying to get a total understanding of who you are, with your fame that you are. Would you please answer that? I know that you maybe answered that before but I am just not totally understanding who you are saying you are and the idea of bringing everything together because that is not from the teachings that I have read as of yet.

Maitreya: Sure Greight. Actually that question shows me very clearly that you do not know about our teachings, you do not know what we claim, and you are not familiar with our approach, Revelation, and explanation of God, Messiah, anti-Christ, and how this Revelation indeed is based on the Word of God, and it does not contradict Gods Word and His Revelation.

Again we ask everyone to seek, read, and understand our teachings first before they jump to the conclusion. I do not disappear. I do not do miracles at all.

The only miracle I have given to humanity is the Message that has been sent to humanity. Actually, this time the emphasis is the Message.

It has been proven again and again in the past that miracles do not make better believers. Actually people become so attached to the miracles, the Messiah and what he did that they forget to go to God, and the Messiah, or the teacher, or the Prophet becomes an obstacle in their way when he was supposed to be the guiding light for them and take them to God.

All your assumptions that I disappear, I do miracles, I appear in the windows, and this and that is your understanding from the teaching that Mr. Crme is bringing to humanity. He is explaining that his messiah was in Africa and suddenly disappeared. You are still in that wrong impression that this Maitreya is the same as the Maitreya that Mr. Crme is espousing. Never in our teaching or in the is there anything about me disappearing and reappearing, etc.

Actually this time God has made it very clear that if you are seeking the miracles, the healing, and the external manifestation of Gods Power, you are not really seeking the Truth. The Truth is that God sent Seven Revelations, Seven Seals. These Seven Seals show a Path to return to God. That is the Essence of our teachings, and that is all I am going to give you.

That Message has been prophesied to come by God. He said, At the end time My Mystery will be finished. That has been fulfilled. You have to overcome your understanding and come to the understanding of God, His Revelation, and His Way of showing the Truth of God on earth.

Again, we are asking everyone to go to our website so everyone sees the Truth and becomes familiar with what we say, and not go with the propaganda and other groups ability to drown our teachings because they have more resources and ability to propagate their ideas. They are better known than we are.

The truth is that we do not claim any of those things that you accused us of. Therefore we cannot be the anti-Christ.

You indeed are correct. Many will come and will manifest great miracles, or great powers, but they are not the Christ. They call themselves Christ. I have never called myself that but others have called that and revealed it to humanity. You have come to the teaching of the Christ that has been prophesied to come and reveal this teaching.

Actually you seem to know a lot about a lot of truth that we already reveal to humanity. But you are still following a group that believes that the Name of God is Yah. As we said, the Name of God cannot be pronounced and uttered. No matter what you call God in the manifested world, it is not His correct Name. You are correct and I agree with you that many will come in the Name of Christ.

Only the One who fulfills the prophecies, whose genealogy has been airtight connecting to King David, brings the Revelation of the Seven Seals, opens the Seven Seals, and reveals the truth of God and what He has been doing, is the Messiah. He has the authority to call the Elects, those who indeed have purified themselves, and probably have been martyred and became Saints in previous lifetimes. Now they are called.

They will not seek the healing. They are not going to seek for the miracles. They seek the truth, and the truth is in our teachings.

I hope that answered your question. If you have a follow-up, go ahead and raise your hand.

There is a question typed in the room. The Body of Christ is asking:

TheB0DYofChrist863 [Karl again]: What is the purpose of life?

Maitreya: That has been answered in our teachings, in our mantra that is called the HOSH Mantra, or the Greatest Mantra on earth. That says: The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. How do you be(come) Divine? You follow the Eternal Divine Path.

The Eternal Divine Path is the Essence of our teachings. It teaches that the first step in the Eternal Divine Path is to awaken your spiritual forces.

How do you awaken your spiritual forces? That is the teaching of the Mystical Paths like Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Christian Saints, Sufis and many other disciplines that teach, Be still and know that I am God, Know thyself. Know that you are a part of God. That part is the first step. That can be done with prayer, meditation, contemplation, chanting, dancing, and many other disciples that have been given to humanity to follow and to awaken your spiritual forces.

When you awaken your spiritual forces, you realize that your Essence is the same as God because all the creation has been created with the Essence of God. Every atom has the Essence of God in it. That is why God is everything. Because God is everything you are a part of God. And you can become the son of God by realizing that your Essence and God are one. That is the first step in the Eternal Divine Path.

The next step has been given in the Old Testament. In the Old Testament God is trying to find a people, a community as the twelve tribes of Israel. These twelve tribes of Israel are supposed to accept God as their King, as their leader, as their source of truth and follow Him.

The triangle upward in the Hebrew symbol is to reach to God. The triangle downward is the Spirit of God reaching to man. The next step is to create the Communities of Light based on Gods Word, Gods Laws, and the Truth. That has come in the Old Testament.

In order to create such communities, sacrifice is necessary. Christ came to reveal that part of Gods Plan. In that Plan, God revealed to humanity that without sacrifice, Communities of Light cannot be created. He sent Christ, Christianity. The message is sacrifice and not being self-centered.

With all these things you still will not free yourself from being attached to the result of your actions. That is when the coming of Prophet Muhammad that was prophesied to come, is revealed to humanity. God promised Ishmael and Isaac to have a Messiah or a Prophet to come from them, and God fulfilled those promises. Christ came from Isaac. Prophet Muhammad came from Ishmael.

The message of Prophet Muhammad was surrendering and submission to God. Actually that was the lesson that Christ learned at the Garden of Gethsemane when he realized that, Your Will be done, not mine. The next lifetime he brought the message of Islam, which means surrendering and submission to God.

With surrendering and submission we are not attached to the result because we know that God is doing it through us. Whatever we do for God, we surrender the result to God. We are not attached to it. We let go any attachment.

Greater than that is to submit to God and let God do it through us. And that is the unity between you and God. That is when you let God take over, and you do not exist but God does.

With this understanding, realizing that God is everything, you become a universalist, which was the message of the Bahais and Bab.

With these five steps you become an Elect. That is what God has been revealing in all His Scriptures. And that is how you become Divine. That is how you become the same as God.

You realize that God indeed has shown to you how you can become Divine.

Your next question that has been sent to me is:

TheB0DYofChrist863: I am not Divine. I am human. I don't need religion to be human.

Maitreya: You say, you are not Divine, you are human. But Christ and all the Prophets have clearly said that your Essence and God are one and that you can become the son of God. You are human in the body but you are one with God in Essence. If you recognize that, you will see that you have the potential to become Divine. You can be Divine. Not only are you human but you have the potential to become a god, with a small g.

If you understand our teachings you understand that the way of becoming and returning to God has been given to you.

I will let you have the mic now but stay on the topic, please. Go ahead, The Body.

TheB0DYofChrist863 [Karl]: Well, how did you become a Guru?

Maitreya: All right, sounds like we have people that their ego has been absolutely hurt. Instead of being reasonable they go to that extreme of being so rude.

Those who have gone through the teachings and have seen the Revelation and the prophecies recognize that it is not a guru. It is the fulfillment of the prophecies and teachings. Those who disagree with us, we leave to God and they will be dealt with according to their Karma.

It reminds me of the story of the Buddha. One day Buddha was teaching people that came to hear him. One person, like this person, came and started cursing him, saying almost the same thing or even worse to him. Buddha just sat there and listened to this person, very patiently.

At the end he said, Friend, what happens if you give me a gift and I do not accept it? Who is the owner? The man said, If I give you a gift and you do not accept it, I am the owner because you did not accept my gift.

Buddha said, OK. Whatever you told me, I do not accept. Who is the owner now?

The person who has ego will be affected with such a behavior. Those who do not have ego, what is thrown at them is like a boomerang; it will go back to the people who threw it at them.

It is a great Karma to be egoistical and not wanting to know the truth, to become emotional, and to become rude. You will create that Karma for yourself. We pray to God that such people wake up and understand that they should stop being like that because no one is going to get hurt but they themselves.

God has made it very clear this time that He wants this Revelation to reach those who are called for it. That is why He created the Internet. In the Internet they can throw at us their cyber-stones. God created an environment that real stones are not thrown at us, which would be OK. He is very protective of this Revelation and therefore He created an environment that we can reach the whole of humanity without the people who do not like what we say being able to throw at us the things that they used to throw at Christ, Prophet Muhammad, Bab, and all those Great Beings.

So He even created an environment that religion is freedom of religion, and you can preach your ideas without being afraid that you will be persecuted. Still we can see that the human is way away from seeking the truth. They are very attached to their religions, their dogmas. We are way ahead of humanity in every aspect in our lives.

Jeep Renegade is asking:

Jeep_Renegade: What is the topic?

Maitreya: The topic is the Mission of Maitreya. It is the Revelation of the Seven Seals. It is the opening of what has been prophesied will come at the end time. If you go to our website, you can read all about it.

Indeed our Revelation is finished. We have completed and perfected what God has revealed to us. Now is the time of implementation. As we described before, it is the time for the Elects to come together. We can work with one another. They purify themselves and recognize and realize that they cannot ignore the Call of God and come together and work toward the creation of Gods Kingdom.

Go to our website, study our teachings, see the truth, and then come here and ask the correct questions. That is the base of our request that everyone goes to the website and know what our teachings are. Then come here, and we can talk about them.

Hopefully we will get more people to understand these teachings and they will come here and ask questions about them. I am very open in discussing the details and the depth of this teaching in a much greater degree.

It is very obvious that when you come to a room in PalTalk like this, you expose yourself to many different energies. We have to accept that; that is the way of the world and the world is way away from God and the truth. Now they can be taught and explained to them how God has sent all these prophecies and revelations and now has unified them all together.

It is our work, those people who have seen the Vision, those people who has seen the truth, to understand that humanity really needs this teaching and this Revelation. Therefore they come together, and they will become brothers and sisters.

Those who have seen this Vision are brothers and sisters. They are One in God with each other. They go beyond the boundaries of religion, of nationality, of gender, and of all the separating ideas that have been created between men. They recognize and realize that they have to come together.

Cefas is asking:

Cefas07: Are we able to measure the truth that comes from a Being for the benefit that his truth contributes to the spiritual evolution of many people?

Maitreya: Yes, indeed, the healing, the Oneness, and the great truth that comes from the Revealer shows how much that truth has been Blessed with the Spirit of God. This Revelation is the healing power for humanity and the evolutionary leap that has come to man. They will be greatly blessed by realizing this and overcoming their narrow understandings, and realize what God has been doing.

It will heal humanity. It will heal the earth. It will heal nations, people, genders, and nationalities. It will expand them to recognize and realize that there is only One God. There are not two, or three, or ten, or a hundred, or a thousand. There is only One God. He has sent all these religions to humanity.

Your assumption is absolutely correct. That is why the emphasis in this time is on the Message. It is on the revelation, on the truth. The more you see this Vision, the more you realize how powerful and how healing it is. Also you have to recognize that we are way ahead of humanity. All of you, all of those who have seen the Vision, all of you are unique in human nations or human beings.

When you believe in this you will encounter a lot of amazing ideas that are going to come to you and try to change your mind. There are a lot of dogmas. There are a lot of beliefs. There are a lot of misunderstandings, desires, and ego that exist on earth that will become an opposing force for you.

You have to be an Elect. An Elect is brave. They stand out. They are individuals that accept and follow the Path of Truth no matter where it leads them. They are very exceptional human beings that want to be so brave and exceptional.

At the same time we remember the teaching, Subjective Approach with Objective Adjustment. That means that we constantly work toward bringing the Mission to humanity and spreading it out. At the same time we adjust ourselves with the situation that we are in. That means that wherever we are we accept and adjust ourselves, but we never forget where we are going.

The focus will be on the Light. The focus will be on the Eternal Divine Path. The focus will be on the Mission and the teachings. At the same time we know we are living in a world that has no idea of what God was doing, what the truth is, and they are drawn into dogmas, misunderstandings, desires, attachments, and all the vices of humans. We have to become wise like a serpent in this environment and be able to be in the world but not of it.

Little by little, by education, by spreading the Mission, by putting our resources into spreading this Word and getting on with the work, we can change that to the Kingdom of God on earth. You have to come and really participate in any activities the Mission has and dedicate yourself more and more in becoming an active part of this Revelation.

When you see the Vision, of course, it is between you and God. The more you do not become active and you stay away from it, the more the world will get to you and you will be filled with them and their ideas and dogmas. After a while even fear might come to you, and you are afraid because it is so different than what humanity knows.

This is the Will of God. This is the Word of God that has come to humanity. God has promised many things in the past.

God promised Abram and Abraham that his children would become great and a Messiah, and a Prophet would come from both of them. God has fulfilled them. He promised that Christ would come and he did. He promised Bab and Bahaullah and all the other Prophets would come, and the Major Manifestation will bring this Revelation to humanity. They have.

God also promised that His Kingdom would come on earth. So it will. Therefore our salvation is to recognize and realize that God promises and He fulfills them. If He fulfills them, what is the fear, or our holding out? What is the call for all of us to see this Vision?

Our approach is education. Our approach is discussion and teaching people to see this Vision as Gods Revelation and reveal to humanity through a very established way of doing it.

God never sent anyone from the sky. He has never sent a Messiah that came and said, Yes, be done, and it is done. If He could have done that, He would have done that in the very beginning when the Bible said, There was darkness and chaos. If there was darkness and chaos and God could have just said, No darkness, no chaos, and make that darkness and chaos to go away, He would have done it then. Why would He go through the creation and all the Scriptures, Prophets, Revelations, and all of that so the human could choose to go to the Light instead of staying in the darkness?

The way is that the human has a choice. They can go to darkness, or they can go to God. That is because they have the Essence of God in them, and they have the same power of decision-making to stay in the darkness, or go to God. That choice, that ability to follow their will, will take them away from God if they will to stay in the darkness.

The whole idea of this Revelation, the Scriptures, sending the Prophets, Major Manifestations, all this is to educate humans to choose the correct Path to return to Light. The destruction of that darkness, which has been in creation from the time that the separation started between God and that part of the universe that separated itself and became dark, egoistical, and self-centered, and therefore they created such an environment that now when the truth comes, they cannot see it.

They believe that the Name of God is this, the Name of God is that, when God clearly said, You cannot pronounce My Name. I am who I am. The only name I have is within you, and you can hear it only within.

By understanding these things, that misconception will go away. Moslems cannot say anymore that His Name is Allah. Or, this person comes and says, His Name is Yah, or this and that. The true name of God cannot be pronounced. It cannot be uttered.

If you understand that then all these beliefs that the Name of God is this and that are going to go away. That unifies right there. I cannot say what the Name of God is, therefore my God and your God is the same.

If I say my God is Allah, and the name of your God is Yah, or Jehovah, or this and that, there we go, there is more than one God and there is separation. Of course, that is based on ego, and destruction will come to them as it is now on earth.

We have a huge work in front of us but at the same time we know that we are not the doer. God is the Doer through us. We are just the enjoyer.

As the destruction and tribulation will come to humanity more and more, they eventually have to recognize and realize that their way is not working. Their way is destruction and will bring great suffering that is already on earth.

For the last 6,000 years they have had hundreds and thousands of wars. Each of them are justified as being correct and will bring unity to humanity. But none of them have.

God has shown His Way how we can bring peace, unity, the Kingdom, and the acceleration in human evolution through this Revelation. This Revelation has greater truth than any other revelation before it. It has greater healing power than any revelation before it. Now the human has to see this clearly and surrender and submit to it and recognize and realize that this is the way to go.

If you really seek the truth in this Revelation, you can see the greatness of this Revelation and how this is the only way to go back to God. The only way is the Eternal Divine Path.

It is not a dogma. The Eternal Divine Path is not something that you say, If I believe in a couple of dogmas I will go to God. It is a Path. You have to walk it. If you walk it, you will see the benefit. If you do not, you will not. It is as easy as that.

Anyone who is not walking the Path and still believes they are going to go to God because they are in this Mission, or they know me, or they have the last Revelation of God, still they are not going to make it. You have to walk the Path. You have to awaken your spiritual forces: You have to meditate, contemplate, realize Yes indeed my Essence, I in me, my Spirit and the Spirit of God are One. God is within me. Your ego dies every day, and God will come to you a little more every day.

It is just like that saint in Christianity that said that he dies every day in Christ and Christ becomes greater in him. That is how it should be, your ego has to die a little bit every day and God should come through you in a greater degree every day until you reach a point one day that there is nothing left but God.

As one of our members keeps saying, I do not exist. I am not there. Who is there? God is there. You recognize that you have to create the Communities of Light. You dedicate your life to create such communities. It is not going to be easy.

Creation of the communities is not an easy job because you deal with human ego, and human ego is not purified enough yet to reach the point that they recognize and realize that the community is necessary, it is important, and they would be willing to go through the rest of the Eternal Divine Path.

The next step after the creation of the Communities of Light is to sacrifice. You have to come and give of yourself in the community for the good of the community, overcome your ego, and be able to not be self-centered and ego-centered but community-centered and God-centered. That is the message of Christianity and Christ.

After that you have to surrender and submit. You really have to see, What is the Will of God for me? Why did God create me? Why did God bring me to this Mission? Why did He not make me a Christian, or a Jew, or a Buddhist, or a Hindu, or a Moslem, but He revealed to me the Seven Seals?

He brought me to this Mission and said, Look, that is what I was doing. I was sending all these Seven Revelations. Now they are all put together and the last Revelation of God has come to me. Why have I been called into it? Can I still stay with my little world, still be unhappy? Why have my attachments, desires, and wants been taken away from me? Or, That is great! The less attachments, the less desires, the less things that take me from God and are taken away from me, in a greater degree I go to God.

You have to be thankful. You have to say, Great! All these attachments and desires are taken away from me. I am here to go to God.

It is not being unhappy and sitting there and feeling so sorry for yourself because your attachments are gone. You have to be rejoicing in that God is purifying your life to take all those attachments and desires away from you, and you become more Godly.

The next step is to surrender and submit to God. That is the message of Islam. The people in Islam should recognize that was the message of Prophet Muhammad, and therefore they should surrender and submit to the Will of God for them.

They also become universalists. They recognize and realize that God is Everything. There is no separation between any part of God and any other part. You are free from any narrowness of the mind, from nationality, gender, anything that separates you from recognizing that you are a part of the universe.

Any narrowness of the mind will be shattered. The shattering of the narrowness of the mind brings expansion. Then you can deal with any person on earth, see the Essence of God in them, and you do not separate them from yourself. You would not demonize them so it is OK to kill them or destroy them. You bring the peace and unity to humanity. You become a source of unity. You become a source of expansion.

Those who do not want to be expanded, leave them to God. You do not have to worry about them. If they do not want to see the Vision that we have brought to them, do not worry about them. Let them go their way. Their way is not the Way of God no matter how they put it.

The Way of God is the Eternal Divine Path. The Way of God is meditation, awakening of your spiritual forces. The Way of God is the Communities of Light based on God and His Laws. The Way of God is sacrifice, not being self-centered. The Way of God is surrendering and submission to the Will of God. The Way of God is expansion of the consciousness and becoming a universalist. The Way of God is to be(come) an Elect.

That is what God is looking for, the Elects, those who do understand the Way of God. The Way of God is the Eternal Divine Path.

When they recognize this Path and follow It, then they will see the benefit and they are indeed a force for peace and unity on earth. We need it badly because there is no unity. There is destruction. There is separation. There is egotism. There is greed, and all the vices that will destroy man.

They have the ability to destroy themselves fifty times. And more people are acquiring atomic bombs and atomic energy. Many people are maybe even willing to push the button and blow up some part of the earth.

Maybe that is what they need. Maybe they need someone to push the button and a part of the earth being blown up. Then everyone will say, What are we doing here? This destruction will even destroy the whole earth. Maybe they will start listening to the Word of God instead of still yelling at one another and separating religions as they have been doing for thousands of years.

Now this Revelation is clearly telling them that is not correct. That is not the Way of God. The Way of God is this. And they can be unified.

There are infinite resources in the universe, in space, and we are still fighting over the little resources on earth. Let us reach out to the space and utilize these infinite resources that we have.

They say, No. There are not enough resources for everyone on earth. If we do not have enough someone else will have it. If we want to live well we should have as much as we can. That is, of course, a part of the conflict on earth.

There are infinite resources in space and we can utilize that and again bring peace, unity, and oneness on earth.

The Path has been given. The way has been shown. We are not faultfinders. We are not here to say, Everyone is wrong, and they are going to go to destruction. But we do not have any solution for it.

This Revelation has given the solution. The solution is the Eternal Divine Path. The solution is the creation of the Communities of Light, bringing the unity to humanity, reaching out to space for the infinite resources. Therefore we will become united.

United, not as an egoistical way as the human was before, but understanding the creation and history that God has revealed to us. We become Godly. We become Spirit. We bring the Laws of God and nature to our lives instead of ignoring any natural Law that God has given to humanity, replacing them with intellectual understanding, and putting God out of every level of our existence. That will not work.

When we bring those universal Laws, the natural Laws that have been created by nature and God and bring them to humanity then we will have communities based on purity of thought, mind, and understanding. Our lives will become more natural.

Actually we have put nature and His Laws out of our lives. We have created such an unnatural environment for ourselves that we are not connected with those Laws anymore and we think those Laws are not applicable to us any longer.

As we said many times, we cannot break Gods Laws or natural Laws. If you try to break Gods Laws, or natural Laws, you break yourself against them. Humanity will recognize and realize very soon, when they go against those Laws they will suffer themselves.

We have to go back to more natural living, natural life, the way nature intended for the things to be, and create pure communities based on the Word of God, sacrifice for these communities, surrender and submit to the Will of God for us in the communities, expand our minds to become universalists and include the whole universe as our home and God as our Father and Mother, and therefore free ourselves from all the narrowness of the mind and from all the dogmas and the ideas that make us very small in thinking and not including the whole universe in our approach.

This is the kind of humans we are creating: Universal humans, people who are created with a universal outlook. They no longer consider themselves from a nation, from a group, from a gender, from a religion, but they are from God. God comes through them. They belong to God, and God is Everything. God is the universe and therefore they free themselves from all the destructive tendencies that now humanity is so deeply engrossed in. They are indeed the great leaders of humanity and the future that is coming to them.

They are called for this task and their approach is not by violence but it is with education, with their example, and with their purity and beauty that they can manifest to humanity. Eventually other people will say, Well, we want to be like that. We want to expand our minds. We do not want to belong to any specific part of this universe. We really want to know God.

To know God means to be expanded and recognize that there is no separation between any part of the universe from any other part. The moment we create that separation we disconnect ourselves from God and Spirit.

The moment we do not follow the Eternal Divine Path and the expansion of this teaching, we will not be with God and we will fall. There is no doubt about that. We will bring destruction and suffering to ourselves and others, and the peace will not come.

That is the idea, to create such a people that they will follow the Eternal Divine Path. They will see the Word of God and the Way of God. Not their way, not their will, but expansion, going away from attachments, wants, desires, and feeling sorry for ourselves because we do not have the toys that we had before. We have freed ourselves from all those things that narrow the mind and take us away from God and unity.

Indeed, we will become great. The more we manifest the Eternal Divine Path, the greater we will become. It is not a claim that, I am an Elect. It is a manifestation. It is a way of showing other people that you meditate, you awaken your spiritual forces, you Know thyself, and you know God and you are one. You do work for the creation of the Communities of Light and the environment that everyone can meditate and awaken their spiritual forces. Therefore you become an Elect. You do sacrifice for the Communities of Light and are willing to give of yourself and not be self-centered. You do know the Will of God.

The Will of God in general is the Eternal Divine Path, this Revelation, this Godly Message. That is the Will of God in general. Now, how I fall into this umbrella, in this general Will of God? Then it becomes, What is the Will of God for me in this overall Will of God?

As you find it more and more and you surrender and submit to It, you will not create any Karma. That is because when you let God come through you, and God really is coming through you and does an action, there is no reaction, because It is God, it is Pure. You will not create Karma.

The more you recognize the Will of God and surrender and submit to it, the more of the Karma that you have will go away. Because who is left in you? The only thing left in you is God, and God does not have any Karma. That is another way of the destruction of Karma and burning it up, by recognizing that God is the Doer not me, and follow the Eternal Divine Path.

With expansion of the mind, you become a universalist. You absolutely refuse to narrow yourself to any part of this world or separate any part from any other, and you teach other people also not to. So more and more people will become pacified of anger, of their emotions, and of the destructive tendencies that this kind of narrowness of the mind brings. They will not kill another person because he or she is not from their part that is separated from the others.

We can bring the peace between all humanity, we can create more people who think like that, become universalists, realize that they do not belong to any nation or any gender. They have been born many times, in many nations, in many parts of the world. Which one are they from?

These teachings are healing powers. These teachings are anti-ego. It is not anti-Christ; it is anti-ego. It has so much truth that those who have ego cannot stand it because their egos do not want to accept an expanded self.

That is why they sometimes come to our room and try to change our mind. But they see the truth so clearly that the only way they can react to it is to become emotional, become not a very nice way to be.

This is the truth that we have to recognize in a deeper level and meditate on. Recognize and realize that indeed we have been called for a Great Mission, for a Great Revelation of God. The truth in this Revelation and to humanity is so great that if you see it you will see that it cannot be from anyone, or from anywhere else but God.

It is based on what God said He was going to send. The only way is to know Gods Way and His Will and what He was doing is this Revelation. No other religions or revelation before it had the whole picture.

Not only does it have Great Truth, it also reveals the whole picture of what God was doing and how He sent all these revelations and Messengers and Prophets and religions to humanity. Now we can clearly say, Yes, it make sense. It does show what God has been doing and therefore I have a great grip of the reality and truth of God. I can free myself from all this religiosity, the dogmas, and the separation. You indeed will become great.

We will end this session. Again this room, for those who are here for the first time, is a room that asks you to go to our website, come to our rooms during the week, the room called All Religions Unified, talk to people there, become familiar with our teachings, and then if still you have any questions left, come to this room. This room is for asking your questions and receiving answers that might help you to a deeper understanding of this great Revelation of God for the whole of humanity.

Be good. Be with God and remember these teachings in a greater degree in your spirit and Soul. Become familiar with the teachings and become One, and follow the Eternal Divine Path, join the Mission, go behind it and push it to its fulfillment.

Sal-OM everyone.

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