Maitreya, Conversations with

Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone, welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation Room. We just finished a very wonderful Feast of Tabernacles together here in Albuquerque, NM. These eight days are one of the highest energy for humanity to tap into. It is the time that Gods Spirit is greatest on earth, and it is the last Feast of the year that people come together and celebrate their successful year of bringing God in their communities, in their lives, and coming together.

It is the time that the Hebrews are expecting their Messiah to return, and they will be liberated to Pure Consciousness, to God. That is one of the things that humanity can return to and make their Feasts also Godly and bring God into every level of their lives, and we can then become One in His Spirit.

As usual, if you have a question, just type it in the text or raise your hand.

All of you know that this is the Mission that has unified all the religions of the world, explained the creation and history, it is based on science, and supports psychology and every aspect of the human being that has been touched by God, and His Mystery has been revealed to humanity in full.

If you really, truly understand the teaching there is no mystery left and you have a very good understanding of Gods Revelation, creation, the Goal of the life, and why we are here to return to the Godhead to reach Pure Consciousness, to realize that we have the Essence of God in ourselves.

We have to let the ego go. Therefore we can be connected to the Spirit that is greater than the limited ego of the humans. In every situation we should remember God, not that our ego jumps first and brings disunity and blocks the energy to humanity. That is what most humans have learned, to go with emotion instead of logic in their lives.

They should learn that in any situation that happens to them, they should let logic and Spirit come through first before letting the emotion and ego come first.

When ego is first we become frustrated, the situation becomes intolerable and frustrating, the ego wants to be unhappy about it, or retaliate, or create upheaval with you, the community, and the other people.

If you stay back in every situation and let the Spirit come through, check your ego, look at your emotions, calm your emotions, and look at the situation clearly, then you can approach it with the Spirit. Then you can take action based on the Spirit that usually solves the problems easily, and brings greater unity and a better relationship with everyone around you.

Humanity has to learn not to be emotional. Most of the things that are happening on the earth, as we have said many times, are based on emotion, ego, retaliation, fear, and the things that make humans do what they do instead of to logically realize that there is only one earth, one humanity, and there are infinite resources in the universe, that they do not have to be dependent only on the resources on earth, which they think are limited.

Even the resources on earth still have not really been tapped into. If they explore the oceans there are many more resources that they can use. The earth is limited but if we reach to the universe, it is not.

We are creating a new man, a new human that is not the old emotional, egoistical man but a human that is more logical and taking action based on the Spirit. That is why in every situation we meditate.

That is why we teach meditation and the technique of meditation. Each time, in every situation that your ego jumps first and wants to take action, sit back, meditate on it, realize what the other person really meant to do, and then take the action that is best for that situation. We can resolve so many problems and emotional upheavals between people, individuals, communities, and nations by this approach.

We are advocating living in the Communities of Light. People who live in the Communities of Light will use these techniques. They will not just jump, and jump to the conclusions and let their egos decide. They look at every situation from Spirit, and they check their emotions.

As more and more we are in control of our emotions, the more logical and effective we will become in every situation. Actually you do not need two people who are peaceful to create peace. If only one of the parties knows how to create peace, the peace can come.

You can deal with the people who are not peaceful in a way that they also will become peaceful. That needs wisdom, and wisdom means exactly what we just said, that we could check the emotions and be able to rationally look at the situation without letting our egos and emotions take us in the wrong directions.

Communities of Light will have the people who will deal with each other with this kind of relationship. The person who acts, acts based on logic with meditation. The person who receives the action does the same thing. They also will act based on logic not based on ego.

If we can do that more and more, we will see in the communities that there are not many problems left because both parties, both sides, will check their emotions, they can relate to each other in a deeper level, and they can create much greater interrelationships with each other.

We can become more and more brothers and sisters. As the song Samgacchadvam says, the more we know one another the more we will become one.

That is one of the problems on the earth; the people do not know each other. The West does not understand the East, and the East does not understand the West. The South does not understand the North, and the North does not understand the South. Therefore there are problems between them.

The only way we can understand each other is not getting emotionally involved in any situation because emotions are illogical. Emotions jump to the conclusions based on an ego that thinks it has been hurt. Egos do get hurt easily.

Again we return to the same conclusion, all the problems on earth, human relationships, and our separation from God are due to the subconscious mind, the things that we relate to ourselves when we just should have only two consciousnesses: The consciousness that we are conscious, we are sitting here, we are talking on the Internet, and the Unconscious, Gods Connection. Anything between us, as subconscious mind or what we have been programmed to believe and we relate to ourselves, is related to ego and therefore creates separation.

Adel is asking:

AdeLDaharma: Would it have made any difference if Esa had not spoken in parables? Today you speak plainly the Words of God but many people still are not open to the truth.

Maitreya: As Christ said, he had no choice. That is why he came, to bring the teaching he brought in the way he did. He could not have revealed the Seven Seals. He did not even know about Islam or the Bahai teachings. The way we teach, we have no choice because that is the way it has been revealed to us through the Spirit.

God decided that Christ would teach in parables. At the time that Revelation came through him, humanity was even less prepared to receive that revelation in plain language. In the parables, if you remember, even the disciples did not understand what they meant.

Now the Revelation has come, as you put it, in plain language and still humanity is resisting it. But that is the way it should have come at this time because it was prophesied this Revelation would reveal the Mystery of God.

At this time it is revealed in plain language. A very few parables and stories are used. Now the intellect of man has increased; they are much more educated. They have more access to research, the Internet, and each other. Therefore these Words right now are going all over the world

The only thing you really need is a very cheap computer and a connection to the Internet. Then you can hear these words clearly.

The English language is kind of an international language at this time. If you do not know this language, someone does. They can translate these teachings into their languages so other people can also benefit from them.

Right now if you are French or Spanish speaking, which covers a huge part of the world as a lot of people speak Spanish and a lot of people speak French, we have the website translated into these languages. A lot of people also speak English. They can hear and understand the Revelation and the Word of God in plain language. Therefore very few parables have been used.

If Christ had not spoken in parables at that time probably he would have been crucified and killed in a much faster way than he was. That is because there were parables that people in authority did not understand what he was talking about. So they waited until they realized what the parable meant. It meant that they were finished. He was the Messiah. He came to finish the promise that Jacob had given to Judah at the time of his departure and prophesied that Shiloh would come. Eventually they caught on to his parables. They crucified him. He was living in a very dangerous environment.

This time God created an environment that there is freedom of religion, you can preach and believe in whatever you want at this time, in this area, in this nation. Then He created the Internet so we can just say whatever we want. They throw at us the "cyber-stones" but there is not a real stone thrown.

We have been saying these truths for twenty-five years and still we can continue doing it. We can see that now we can plainly reveal these teachings, write them down, and put them in the Internet. Anyone who wants to know the truth can just click a couple of links and see the whole Plan.

It is amazing how well all the teachings fit to each other and explain everything. If you really understand it, this Revelation does not leave any doubt in your mind that God has revealed His last Revelation and there is no mystery left. We can see that God has been working all through this time for this Revelation to be revealed plainly.

Christ did not have any choice. He had to do it the way he did because, first, God protected him, and second, the people were not ready. Even history had not been fulfilled to this point.

I hope that answered your question, Adel. If you have any follow-up, go ahead with it.

One With Jesus is asking:

0NE-With_Jesus8: Are you Jesus?

Maitreya: That is the question that you have to answer for yourself. Go to our website. Read our teachings.

The prophecies and the genealogy are fulfilled. The Revelation and the Seventh Seal is opened. Everything is pointing to, yes; this Revelation is the last Revelation that will be opened by the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. It is not hard to conclude who the Revealer is.

You have to do this yourself. Also the rule in this room is that when you ask a question, you wait until your question has been answered before you type another one.

We are not here to argue. We are here to answer questions about the teachings. It does not matter what anyone believes. It matters what God has been prophesying and has revealed to humanity, and it has come so we can understand the Word of God.

The Word of God says that there were going to be Seven Revelations and His Spirit would bring them to humanity. God did not say only one religion or one revelation. If anyone believes in only one revelation of God, they do not have the whole truth.

Actually if you do not know our teachings, if you do not know this Revelation, you do not know the whole truth of God. Anyone who wants to know what we claim has to go to our website. They have to search, knock, ask the questions and find it for themselves.

If I say I am Christ, you will not believe me. And if I say I am not, I am lying. Christ said the same thing.

The most important thing is, do you believe it? If you believe it then it is your realization. That is the answer to everyone on earth, that every person has to prove it to him or herself.

I had to prove it to myself. Really, from six billion people on earth God comes and chooses a person who has come to finish his education in another nation and go back and fulfill the obligations that he felt to do in life? Suddenly God says, "No, you are going to stay here and do this Mission," and how? There was no computer. There was no Internet at that time. But God provided all the tools that He wanted to create and provide for humanity to hear this Message.

Now we can sit here together from all over the world, and many can easily hear my voice and the Revelation from God. Isnt that a miracle by itself? How well timed that we can do this together. This by itself is a miracle. This by itself is amazing, that we can sit here and reveal this Revelation to all of you.

Each of you now is a channel, a contact person, and a revealer of this truth to other people. Each of you can reach out to your family, your friends, your neighborhood, your community, and give the same message to them and let them know also that God has sent His last Revelation and there is no mystery left for humanity. The more we can create people like that, the more we can reach to more humans.

Someone was asking, "Does everyone need to have Internet to hear this Message?" No. Those who have the access to Internet and hear it can reach to their communities, they can become contacts, they can become lecturers, they can become people who will join other groups and organizations, especially groups and organizations that are open to lecturers from other groups and organizations, or, the people who would like to open their houses or communities for you to go and give this message to them.

You are a part of Gods Work. God created this Internet that I can reach you. You are where you are and you can reach whoever is around you. You can connect them also to these teachings.

There is resistance and misunderstanding, as Adel was telling us, even now that it has been revealed to humanity so plainly and clearly, in plain language. Humans are still not listening and are not hearing it.

That is understandable. Humans are deeply rooted in their cultures, in their religions, in their beliefs. They either have a religion or they are attached to their culture and everything they have. Now they are also into fighting and destruction, and most religions have become politicalized and they are not listening.

Many people believe that they are god themselves also and they are not waiting for anyone to come. A lot of people also have many misconceptions about their own religions and beliefs. You can say that the people who understand the teaching, come here, and see the Vision are very unique. Indeed the number is very, very few.

That should not discourage you. It is all right. You become like that drip of water, just drip, drip, drip, drip. Do not give up until you dissolve the stone in front of you, and you can find a way to add the drips together and it becomes a flood. Eventually flood this earth with this teaching and this Revelation. It is good for them.

The most important thing is to believe this teaching is the truth, it is from God, and it is your belief. You do not believe in only one religion anymore, you believe in all the revelations of God, and that there is only One God, Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. This unifies the whole of humanity.

It does not matter if no one listens. It is OK. You know this is the truth.

If you have the faith and belief then you can just live your life according to the Eternal Divine Path and eventually we will give good fruits. When we give good fruits other people will see them. Also God is preparing them to see this eventually. Because God is with us there is nothing to worry about.

The only thing that is left for us is to live according to the Word of God, reach out as much as we can, and create an environment that this Mission can reach in a greater degree to humanity. Little by little humanity will realize that is what God said is going to happen.

God said there are going to be Seven Revelations, Seven Truths, and each religion is a part of this greater truth. None of them has the whole picture, the whole truth. All of them, their religions, have been influenced with intellectual spiritualists, or they have made mistakes and created dogmas because they did not have the whole answer. Therefore they had to improvise. So they added things to their religions.

No other religion has a complete revelation that has not been tampered with until this one, none of them, not even the Bahais, which is only two hundred-fifty years old. Even their revelation has been tampered with and is not perfect. A lot of things that Baha'u'llah received were thrown into the river.

Even now they confess that Bab never really chose Baha'u'llah as his successor. And the original manuscript of Babs teaching, the Bayan, cannot even be found because of the turbulent way it came, so many people were martyred, etc. All these things the Bible said were going to happen before they happened.

Again God said something was going to happen and it happened, therefore God exists. Now He has revealed His last Revelation and united all the religions of the world. He is telling humanity, "This is the truth that has not been tampered with. It was revealed to the Prophet, written by his hand, put on the Internet, and anyone, with a couple of clicks on the links in the Internet, can understand the teachings, the Revelation, and the Truth."

All they have to do is to understand that this is the Word of God and this is how He said it is going to happen. If they understand this, they will realize that God is going to bring humanity to this point and take them toward this direction. No other direction is going to work.

All these wars, destruction, and upheavals between humans and all the things that are happening on earth are based on a partial truth, a partial revelation, 1/7th of the Revelation to humanity.

[some typing in text] Muhammad, we ask you to go to our website and realize that this Revelation is sent by God. Islam is a part of Gods revelations. We do accept Prophet Muhammad as one of the Prophets of God. Do not bring judgment as many people do.

You can see even here people come and they cannot believe that God can send another revelation after Prophet Muhammad when he himself said, "I did not reveal everything."

Prophet Muhammad did not write anything down. There were many versions of the Koran. All the signs point to the fact that he could not be the last Prophet who brings the whole Plan of God. Yes, he was the last Prophet in the sense of the spiritual realization. He revealed Islam and finished it.

It is just like Christ said, "I shall return." How many times? He did not say how many times.

Prophet Muhammad said, "I have finished your religion." Yes. Their religion was Islam.

We can see how many obstacles are in our way to convince Moslems that their Prophet was not the last Prophet, to convince Christians that every Prophet is the only way, to convince Jews that Christ came and said the Kingdom will be taken away form you and given to another people, to convince Hindus, Buddhists, Cabbalists, and all the Mystical Paths that there is more than meditating and reaching Pure Consciousness, and to convince Bahais that when Bahai said 1,000 years, it was not meant for him because God said that after the Bahai teaching there is going to be a short time before the last Revelation and judgment comes to humanity. They have to follow the Eternal Divine Path.

Any revelation of God that came to humanity has to start from somewhere. In the beginning there was only one revealer who knew the truth and he revealed it to humanity. Little by little, one by one, those who have prepared themselves for this Revelation will hear it, will see the Vision, and will become active.

I was talking with a brother this weekend. He was telling me, "Yes, I am absolutely dedicated to this Mission and what you are doing. I am even ready to die for it. But I am not ready to commit myself completely at this time to it. If you ever one day die or something, I will be completely dedicated to it and come and do the Mission."

I said, there is conflict there between what your mouth says and what your actions show. If you are willing to die for it, why not be committed completely? Why wait until I die and then become committed? Be committed now. See the Vision now and jump into it with both feet because it is the Revelation of God.

It sounds like that is the case of a lot of people in the Mission, they see the Vision and they love it. They see it is from God but they do not want to commit themselves completely to it. That is a conflict between seeing the Vision, knowing it is from God, and at the same time hesitating to jump with two feet into it.

That is what that brother is now meditating on. I think everyone should meditate on, "Why is this?"

It sounds like the heart and the mouth have not become one. What your heart desires and knows but hesitates, mouth expresses as something that you really want to do but your heart is not one with your mouth completely. So the Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

We have to strengthen the flesh and realize that flesh will die and stay behind. It has no way to come with us when the time comes to leave the body. The Spirit is the one that we take with us.

If we are brave in this lifetime, we will be brave in the next lifetime. If we gain spiritual progress in this lifetime, it will stay with us forever. No matter how much we glorify the body, when the time comes and we leave it, it becomes dust and returns to the elements.

Let us strengthen the Spirit. Let us listen to the Spirit and become one with It. Let us become brothers and sisters, all of us in God. Let us make all humanity become brothers and sisters.

Instead of fighting with each other, cursing and finding faults, let us become problem solvers, unifiers, and peacemakers. Where there are fights and disunity, let us bring unity. Where there is hate, let us bring love.

Let us teach humanity not to hate each other. Let us make them to realize that God is everything. We cannot separate any part of the universe from any other part. The moment we do that we no longer are Godly or in the Spirit, no matter what our religion is. No matter how much we claim we are religious and Godly, the moment we separate a part of the universe from the other part, we no longer are following Gods Will. And then our religion is man-made.

Then it is our desire to follow a set of dogmas that have been imposed on us and we believe it is a good religion. We do not know the Word of God. We are not following the Seventh Revelation of God. We are narrow. We do not have the whole picture. This is what the other beliefs do.

Therefore we are indeed the healers on earth. We are the peacemakers. We are the most knowledgeable people of Gods Plan. We have seen the Vision of God.

We have seen the Vision that the Prophets like Daniel and others could not either see or reveal (if they had seen it) to other people. Now we can reveal it to everyone.

We can tell everyone what was the purpose of creation, how God has foretold that there are going to be Seven Revelations, when the Seventh Revelation comes it is the end time, and there is going to be upheaval, destruction, tribulation, disunity, and humanity will be at each others throats. This is the time.

We indeed are blessed with Gods Revelation and His Spirit and we should be thankful. We should be thankful for everything that we have and God gives us. And if He gives us more than other people we should be even more thankful.

Never forget to be thankful. Actually when God blesses a people and they forget to be thankful, when they become ungrateful, that is when the Spirit of God will leave them. It has happened all through history.

Anytime God blesses a people with greatness, with material things, they have said, "We have gained this by ourselves." They become ungrateful and forget about God. They put Gods Ways and Laws out and become ungodly. Then God has taken His Grace from them.

All through history, all theses great nations like the Romans, Greeks, and Persians, fell. It was because the Spirit of God was no longer with them. This is a great lesson for humanity, to be thankful no matter how prosperous they become, how much they gain, or how much power or how rich they become. They should not become ungrateful.

That is one of the greatest lessons history is teaching humanity and God is revealing to man. Not that God needs our gratefulness but when we are grateful and concentrated on God, we can bring the Spirit of God into our communities, into our nations, into our families, and into our lives. That is when we are going to be blessed. That is when the whole earth can be blessed.

The Revelation is giving the way of peace and unity to humanity. The only way possible is to bring Gods Will to humanity, understand the Eternal Divine Path, awaken our spiritual forces, and realize our Essence and God is the same. Put effort to create the Communities of Light, sacrifice for them, become surrendered and submitted to God, expand ourselves to realize that God is everything, and there is no separation between man and man. No man can separate another man from himself/herself because every man has that Essence of God in them.

We cannot just kill them and say, "Well, they are another religion, they are another culture, they are another people. They do not have the same values as we do." These are all excuses. The only way humanity can create peace on earth is to realize that all of them have the Essence of God in them too.

We cannot just kill each other and still believe we are doing Gods Will. We are not.

We have to recognize that Gods Will is for humanity to recognize and realize His Words, the Seven Revelations, follow the Eternal Divine Path, and understand that God said this Revelation will come at the end time. They all will come, at least those who have been called for this. The Elects will come and recognize the Word of God, realize that all religions of the world have come from the same Source, and understand that the Revealer of this Revelation is the same Spirit. Moses, Abraham, Abram, Christ, Mohammad, Bab, have been the same Spirit. There is no separation between Christians, Moslems, Bahais, Hindus, Buddhists, and Jews. They have received the Word of God from the same Spirit, from the same God.

Now we know how the same God sent all these Revelations to man. Therefore the Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, and Moslems are brothers and sisters. We have to embrace one another and realize that God is One for all of them. There are not two, three, or ten Gods. There is only One God: Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal.

And there is a God. A lot of people say, "There is no God," or they cannot see or believe Him. But according to our teachings it is easy to recognize that there is a God. He said He would do these things and He did them. God promised many things in history, and He brought those promises about. He fulfilled them.

Indeed God is you. God is Consciousness. If you are conscious, if you recognize consciousness that is it, you know God. So simple! And it is so hard for so many.

God is never far away from anyone. We are always with you, right there. God is Consciousness and the three creative forces, which created the whole universe. God is Everything.

Yes, indeed. When you recognize your Essence to see God, and then you see God, then we see each other as being a part of God, and we all become brothers and sisters. We all become co-workers and can come together and do the Will of God without letting the ego get in the way.

With respect, love, and logic, we can bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. With ego, emotions, and misunderstandings we will be separated. No matter how much we claim we understand the teachings, if we do not check our emotions and ego we create disunity, we create separation, and we cannot work with one another.

Therefore, "Know thyself." When you know your Essence and I know my Essence we can work together very easily without letting our ego and emotions get in the way.

The way is given. The way is the Eternal Divine Path. The way is to know thyself. They way is to be able to sit back in every situation and let the logic explain the situation to us so we can take the best action. Check the emotions and ego, so in any situation we can bring unity and begin the most effective action in every situation we are in.

Let the energy flow. The moment ego comes in and creates disunity and upheaval, it cuts the energy to the community. It cuts the energy to the person. It cuts the energy to the family. It cuts the energy to earth. Gods Grace is there all the time, especially after Christ came and released The Grace to his followers. And now with this Revelation, The Grace has been released to every human.

The Grace does not belong only to Christs followers but it belongs to every man and woman on earth as long as they understand this teaching and realize indeed God revealed all of them to humanity.

The Grace is there. Do not block it. Do not let your ego block the energy to yourself, to your friends, to your family, to your community, to the Communities of Light. The only way the Communities of Light can receive The Grace all the time is when egos go and when every member of the community lets the energy flow into the community and does not block it.

Indeed community might let a member go if that member brings ego and cuts the energy of the community. That is because the community and each individual know how the energy works, how energy flows. They avoid any situation or any way that cuts that Grace of God from them.

They become like a fish that needs water, which needs that Grace. They cannot live without it because they know how beautiful it is.

Our life is much better with The Grace. Therefore anything that cuts The Grace we do not like anymore. We do not want to deal with it. We will try. We will try to help the person who cuts the energy but eventually we have to say, "Look, you are not learning your lessons. You are cutting the energy up to me, to yourself, and to the community."

Learn not to be emotional. See how your actions affect you and affect the community. See how you are in the way. You are in the way of the energy and The Grace of God.

Each of us has to learn how to not be in the way of The Grace of God, not to only receive it ourselves but to let it flow.

It is just like manna. When Moses brought the manna to the children of Israel he told them, "Eat and give to everyone else to eat. Do not hoard it. Do not keep it to yourself. Let it go. Do not worry, God is going to give more tomorrow."

But if you hold it and you do not let the energy flow through yourself to the community, then you are hoarding it and therefore it will spoil the way the manna spoiled the next day. Those who hoarded went to eat the manna, and the manna was all spoiled and useless.

When the new manna came they could not have it, it would not come to them. Actually it would run away from them.

We all have to understand these fine points of Gods Way. How His Laws work. How Grace works. How community works. How ego works. How emotions work. How we should have only the conscious and Unconscious Mind. Any subconscious mind is in the way. It is ego related. It is like an umbrella on our head cutting The Grace. Not only it cuts Grace from us, it cuts Grace from flowing through us.

When we become a cutter of The Grace, no one is going to like that anymore, especially as more and more people realize how Grace works. They will no longer tolerate such a person and such an environment.

We have not learned these lessons yet for humanity. We should be compassionate to those who do not know those Laws, and therefore be able to help those people who do not know those things, encourage them to meditate, to listen to these Satsangs, and understand Gods Way more and more. One day humanity hopefully will reach a point that every individual becomes a channel for that Grace to come through them.

The person who is in Grace will not steal, will not become a false witness, will not be an adulterer, will follow the Ten Commandments, or even better the Fifteen Commandments that we have brought to humanity, with no problem. Indeed Grace is the Law.

Some people say, "We are saved by Grace; we do not need the Law." If you are saved by Grace, you will be in the Law. You will follow the Law because you know that the moment you break the Law, The Grace will be cut off from you. That is the Law.

Grace is the Law, and Law will bring The Grace. They go hand in hand. They cannot be separated. You cannot say that, "I have been saved by Grace but I am going to break all the Ten Commandments, or the Fifteen Commandments." You cannot do that. It is impossible.

If you follow the Law correctly, you will receive The Grace. They go hand in hand. The more we learn how to let The Grace come through us, the more we will follow the Commandments and Laws of God, we will have less criminals, and we will have communities that will bring the energy and Grace of God to earth. The more we can bring The Grace of God, the less darkness there will be, as it is now.

We have learned for the last 12,000 years how to cut The Grace of God to reach humanity. Each human became an obstacle in the Path of God and His Grace to reach to man. We have to relearn it. We have to remember that we are a radio station; we are a broadcaster of The Grace, each of us. Or, we are an obstacle to let the energy flow to us. We have to learn these intrinsic Laws and the Truth.

The way has been given. The way is the Eternal Divine Path: Meditate, awaken your spiritual forces, contemplate, concentrate, do whatever helps you to become still. Be initiated so you know God within. Meditate according to the way we have given in the room, Universal Mantra Meditation in the same section, same group, in PalTalk.

Let us see the God within and then let our ego go, little by little by little. But you have to let it go. You cannot say, "Yes, I am in the Communities of Light. I love God. I have seen the Vision. But I am still in the way. I am still not letting the energy and Grace of God come through me to the community." It will not.

This Mission is a manifestation of God through every person. This Mission is not just words, it is an action, and it is a manifestation through every individual. If the individual is not manifesting those qualities, they do not have it yet, which is OK. As we said we have been at it for 12,000 years with our egos, and human egos have brought such destructive tendencies right now on earth.

Killing each other has become, "It is OK." So many people are dying in that country. We all watch the news and say, "OK, let us change the channel and watch another program."

We are talking about humans that God created in the image of God. And then we kill them like nothing, nobody? No one cares? None of them care? Even if one person is killed it is the responsibility of every individual why that happened. It should not happen.

We have to create an environment that it should not happen even to one person, no matter what religion, what nationality, what persuasion they are in. It should not happen.

We have to create an earth that peace, unity, and the beauty of God will shine in every face, in every individual. We should be able to manifest God through ourselves.

I can see that Lou wrote something. I bet that is a question from him.

Lou245_1_1: You said Moses had received Fifteen Commandments. How come the other five are not mentioned in the Bible?

Maitreya: There is a story that has been told, some people believe, and there is some truth in it: There were Fifteen Commandments, five of them broke and were forgotten. Now we have only ten left for humanity.

The Commandments in the Mission can be found in the website. Look at the Fifteen Commandments. I think that is the URL that was just posted [ COMMANDMENTS].

The Fifteen Commandments also include the Ten Commandments that we have in the Bible. The Ten Commandments are not outdated; they are still in force. They have the same effect that they had the first time they were revealed to humanity. The Fifteen Commandments expand on the Ten Commandments, bring the five back to humanity, and bring an understanding of them in a much deeper level as to why they have to follow the Fifteen or Ten Commandments, and why there are now Fifteen of them.

Yes, there are even some other people, some other groups that believe that. It is not only this Mission saying that there were Fifteen Commandments and five of them were forgotten. There are other groups that also believe the same thing. We believe that they are correct; there were fifteen.

Also you know that the Bible has been tampered with, changed, and went through a turbulent history. It was lost actually completely lost.

When the Children of Israel came back from Persia to build the Temple, they did not have any Bible left. They did not have any. They were all destroyed. They eventually found one book in the wall of the old Temple. They took that as the Bible and accepted it, and that is what we now have. Even then, after that period of time, it has been translated, by now more than thirty times.

When I started the Mission I used to say twenty-seven times, but we have new Bibles that have been translated since then, three or four of them.

The Bible has been translated. And you know anytime you translate a book or any writing from one language to another language, or bring in new ideas, you lose something from the original transcript.

That is why we encourage everyone to know English so they can read THOTH, or our Revelation, that came in English. English is not even my mother language that I was born with. But God brought me here and then revealed it in English. A lot of people speak English all over the world so we can see it is easier for them to read THOTH in English.

Although it has also been translated to French and Spanish, and hopefully it is going to be translated into other languages, but always if you want to know exactly what the Revelation was and what it meant when it came, you have to read it in the original language.

Like the Koran, they say it cannot be translated. It is not that it cannot be translated but that anytime you translate from one language to another, you lose something for sure.

It is the same thing here for this Mission. Everyone should learn English. Learn the teaching in English and know how this teaching is based on the Revelation of God in the English language.

That is why the Bible also has also been translated, and the Bible has been lost. Many things happened to it. So many parts of the Bible have been changed and lost that the original truth, or the people who did not like what they saw, took that part out.

By understanding this we can see the possibility that there were Five Commandments that were lost also in this turbulent history. It is not that far-fetched. It is something that is possible to happen. It did happen.

It is not something that is going to affect our Revelation or the Kingdom of God on earth. It is something as a factual possibility that has happened. The truth is that now we have Fifteen Commandments that cover the Ten Commandments. The Fifteen Commandments bring greater truth to humanity than before.

If you have the Spirit of God in you or you have The Grace, you will understand the Ten Commandments, you will understand the Fifteen Commandments and you can follow them very, very easily.

Welcome everyone to our room. This is the Conversation Room for the Mission of Maitreya. We encourage everyone to go to our website that has been posted many times in text, and look at this Revelation. It is the unification of all religions. Study them, realize them, have the Vision, and then come and ask questions about them.

We are welcoming everyone to this room. The purpose of this room is to understand our teachings on a deeper level, and to understand how all the religions of the world have come from the same God. They have been prophesied to come; God said that they would come.

God promised Abram/Abraham that his children Ishmael and Isaac would have a Prophet come from them, a Messiah would come from them. God promised both Ishmael and Isaac that they would be blessed with great territories on earth, and He has fulfilled them.

God said there was going to be a Prophet that will come from the genealogy of Prophet Muhammad, and again as Bab the founder of the Bahai teachings. God did say the Mystical Paths would also have revealers and Great Beings, and He sent them as Krishna, as Shiva, as Buddha, and many others who came to humanity.

Now this is the fulfillment of chapter 5 of The Revelation that at the end time there will be a Book sealed with the Seven Seals and no one can open it but the Lion of the Tribe of Judah who is from the lineage of King David. It has happened.

The Seventh Seal is opened. The Book sealed with the Seven Seals is revealed to humanity.

We are in the period after the coming of the Seventh Angel, the Seven Revealers, and the beginning of the coming of Gods Kingdom on earth. Of course, as one of our brothers was saying, humanity is not listening. You are very fortunate that you have found us. We encourage you to go to our website to understand what we are saying here and what we have brought to humanity.

See the Vision and then share the Vision with everyone that you know, and reach to anyone who will listen. See it for yourself clearly, and come and join us. Come and let us become a great One Body for God, and His Soldiers so we can bring the Kingdom of God, which has been given how it can be done, to humanity, to the earth.

This is a room of action. This is the room that has the highest truth that was promised to come to man. That highest truth now will heal you from your misconceptions, from your religiosity, from your dogmas, and purely bring you the Word of God, and unify you with the Spirit of God, which is everything. That is the greatest healing that anyone can bring to anyone else, to cleanse them from all the misconceptions and misunderstandings that are on earth.

We teach you how to heal yourself. It is better to teach a man how to fish than to give a man a fish. If you know how to heal yourself then you do not need another person to heal you.

As Christ said, if you have the faith of a mustard seed you can do greater things than I have done. You can heal yourself. And when you heal yourself you know how to deal with the unclean spirit. The unclean spirit will not go and find seven more and say, "The house is clean, let us go back," and the state of that man will become worse. You know how to deal with one, seven, or a hundred unclean spirits because you know how to heal yourself.

Here in this Mission is the time of each individual to become a Christ, to become a son of God. Being a child of God has been promised to everyone, whoever overcometh. That is what God said in The Revelation, chapter 23, "Whoever overcometh will be my son," will be My Child. But the requirement is to overcome. The requirement is to dissolve ego. The requirement is not to become an obstacle in the Way of God and His Spirit and Grace. The requirement is to learn how to let the Spirit of God come through us. Yes, chapter 21, verse 7, "He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son."

Lou is asking:

Lou245_1_1: What is the very first step in forming the Communities of Light?

Maitreya: The very first step is to see the Vision of this Mission, understand the Eternal Divine Path, and become a contact for the Mission. Therefore you are connected to the Center and central energy. Not only are you working to create a community wherever you are, also you can be guided, you can be connected to the Mission.

The Communities of Light cannot live by themselves. You cannot just create one Community of Light without being connected to the rest of the body.

That is why it is so important that the contact people be connected to the Mission, to the Center, be coordinated, and become one Body. Eventually we will have one group, or maybe Communities of Light all over the world that are connected together to the Center, which is the Center in the Mission. From these groups they will manifest the Facilitating Body.

Actually, at this time, we are not trying to create any Communities of Light. We are calling the Elects. We are calling the twenty-four Elders, the Facilitating Body, the people who are willing to forego their egos and become pure instruments for God. When they become pure instruments for God, they will become close to me, and we all will let our egos go and become workers together.

This Facilitating Body will eventually create a Hierarchy that will reach to every community on earth. It is from these communities that the final Hierarchy will manifest.

So the first step in creation of the Communities of Light at this time is to see the Vision, to see what the Mission is trying to do, become an Elect, and become the Facilitating Body. And this first step is to become a contact person.

You are facilitating to contact people in your community, in your nation, in your continent, to the Mission. If you are one person in one continent, you become the contact for that continent. If you become two, then if you are in the South you become the contact for the South, and if the other person is in the North, he becomes the contact for the North.

When each country has a contact, then each person becomes a contact for that country. If in one country there are two people, it goes to become more and more in smaller sections until we reach each community.

fishWe will have an original Hierarchy that we call the Facilitating Body. It is called the Facilitating Body because they are not really emerged from the communities. Each leader in each community will emerge from that community. Then we will have a system that will come from the community, from the people and eventually fill up the whole Hierarchy to the top. Then the whole Hierarchy will be created by the people. Therefore, because they are from the people and by the people, they will work for the people.

It is not based on special interests, or because someone looks good or anything like that but each community will test every individual who emerges as a leader to see how much the Spirit of God is with them. The system will become a Godly system. It is not based on ego. We can bring the energy and The Grace of God to humanity and bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

As you can see, we are far away from it right now. Humans have been with the ego for so many lifetimes that now even those who call themselves Elects, those who say they have seen the Vision, even they have a hard time to let the ego go. That is OK. We will be patient until they have learned their lessons and realized that their ego is in their way, and they become the leaders that have no ego left. Therefore they can become the Facilitating Body, then we can have the original Hierarchy on earth and reach to every community.

But the contact people, at this time, are the most important part to facilitate to spread this teaching. The more active the contact people are, the more they reach to humanity, the more they give lectures, the more they go to different groups, to their centers, or any places that they can start the meditation classes, they can start a yoga classes, they can start a spiritual teaching class, they can invite people to come and meditate with them, and have collective meditation with us wherever they are. Or, do the Services, and have transmission meditation on Saturdays at 5:30 in the morning and 5:30 in the evenings MST. They can join with the group, with us, so we can have a greater impact on every community on earth. More and more people will become contact people to reach more wherever they are.

We can see it is kind of each individual has a place in this Mission. Each individual can help according to his or her capacity. It depends on how much capacity you have, how much ability and leadership ability God has given you, and how much less little ego is left in you, or how much you are willing to let your ego go.

If you are not willing to let your ego go, your ego is going to be in the way. The problem is that we are trying to create an environment that there is no ego left in the people who want to lead humanity to the Kingdom of God because if they have the egos they are still in the way, no matter how much they confess, no they do not have ego, or they want to let the ego go.

It is not words. It is a manifestation of the quality of each person that can show if they are indeed connected to God.

So the first step to creation of the Communities of Light is to work on yourself, to become a contact, and become a point of The Grace of God to other people.

I hope that answered your question.

Again, we are at the end of our time. We pray that all of you benefit from these sessions, you all will become channels for The Grace of God, and eventually we will have 144,000 pure Souls who will be manifesting God all through earth and teaching other people how also to become a channel for His Grace so that we can bring Gods Grace all over the earth, and the peace, unity, and security to every man, woman, and child, so they can all grow physically, mentally, and spiritually and reach Pure Consciousness in an accelerated rate.

Be with God and let His Blessings be on all of you.


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