Maitreya, Conversations with

Maitreya:  Sal-OM and welcome to the Mission of Maitreya’s Conversation Room, which reveals the whole truth and the Plan of God for humanity.  With this Revelation, we now all know what God has been trying to do for the last 12,000 years.  All the religions that have been sent to humanity to this point have a place in God’s Work. 

If humans are the seekers of the truth and they completely want to know what the Plan of God was and what was He doing, this is it.  God has revealed it to humanity now, and no other religion before it had the Plan completed and revealed to man.

Those who do not agree with us, they want to be correct yet they are not the seekers of the truth.  But the truth is glaringly shining in the faces of those who see that indeed no other Revelation could reveal the whole plan because all of them, in one way or the other, were revealing to humanity that they are not perfect, they are not complete.

Those who are the real seekers of the truth can see this clearly in this Revelation that now has come to humanity and unified them.  God is telling humanity that, “I have had a Plan.  I have been sending all these religions, all these Revelations, all these Prophets, with clear signs for humanity, and each of them had a great truth for man.”

Therefore, they can now come together, no matter what religion they are in, and they can realize that they are a part of the Plan of God and the Truth and a Path.  They can understand that each of them is necessary to perfect and complete this Plan of God.

We are indeed at the end time, and this is the Revelation that all the religions have been waiting for to come.  There is no religion on earth that is not waiting for another Revealer to come and reveal this truth to them.

Therefore, humanity should stop resisting God, His Revelations, and His Revealers, and come together and see that indeed God is now unifying humanity and telling them, “You are brothers and sisters.  The only way to Peace is the Communities of Light.”

This is the Message that each of us should take with us.  Take It to every corner of the earth and preach It to every person we can.  Let them know that they are our brothers no matter where they are, what religion, background, nationality, gender, or color of skin they come from.  Whatever and wherever they are, they are a part of God’s universe and creation.  Therefore they should come together, recognize this, and look into how they can bring peace, unity, and the beauty of God to the earth.

The way has been given.  The way is the Communities of Light, communities based on the Eternal Divine Path, which shows that you have to know thyself, you have to understand yourself, and you have to improve yourself.   You have to know the Word of God.  You should not hang onto your religions, or your dogmas, or your past and what you have been taught before, but seek the Truth.

Seek God’s Words and God’s Ways.  Also improve yourself by meditation, contemplation, concentration, and by going deep inside and overcoming any narrowness of the mind and any imperfection in you.  These imperfections are in every human.  The very creation is a relative truth, and it is not the ultimate.  That is why you cannot find absolute perfection in creation because in relativity there is no absolute.  Only God is Absolute.  You can only find the perfection in God.

If you can let God come through 100% all the time, then you might come closest to perfection.  Therefore, recognize and realize that imperfection is a part of the universe and work toward that perfection.  But accept that as long as you are in the body, as long as you are in the creation, the perfection can come to the closest possible but there is always going to be some imperfection in it.

By this realization and recognition, you do not seek perfection all the time, when you are not perfect yourself.  As Christ said, “Take the beam out of your eye before you can take the speck out of the eye of your brother.”  So do not judge.  Do not sit in the seat of God as judge.  But perfect yourself so other people accept your judgment as close to the perfection and justice.  As we have said, justice is closest to the Spirit of God.

We can see these things are clearly revealed to humanity.  And now is the time for implementation and realization of this truth.  Implementation means that we work together closely.

There are some misunderstandings with some disciples that when I say that this time is the time for the disciples to do the work of God, they think it means that I will be out of the work, they can go ahead and teach whatever they want and do whatever they do without getting close to me and we can work together.  That is not the Revelation of God.  The Revelation of God says that in this time, we will work together closely and we will understand the Will of God in this work.

Therefore, by understanding this, we can work together in mundanity.  As I just explained, in mundanity there is no perfection.  So the imperfection might appear in the work but at the same time we can work with realizing the Divinity that has come to do this Mission and therefore keep our spirit in the highest level, with the realization that God indeed has come through this Mission and we have found It, that It is your religion, It is your belief, and It is your faith.

By recognizing and realizing this is your religion and faith, it is between you and God that sees you are a part of His Greatest Revelation that ever has come to humanity.  By this, the Mission is yours.  You and the Mission will become one.  And when you are one with the Mission, we are one together.

This is the time for the gathering of the eagles, the Elects, those who have the ability to work in mundanity but always keep their eyes on the Divinity that has been revealed to them.  They do not become faultfinders and judgmental but they become flowing to make this Mission work.

They do not care who is in what position in the Mission but what they can do, wherever they are, by accepting that we are all brothers and sisters and work in this Mission together to bring the Kingdom on earth.  We already have a lot of egos and problems, and struggle between different positions and people on earth.

We are creating a new man that they can cooperate, they can coordinate, they can accept each other as where they are and improve themselves in their endeavors by working together and creating an environment free of ego, ego trips, and all the psychological hang-ups that ego brings.  We are creating a new man indeed.

The new man is the man who follows the Eternal Divine Path, brings God’s Spirit to their lives, and brings God’s Spirit to their community.  That is why it is called, Community of Light, community of God, community based on the Eternal Divine Path.

The Eternal Divine Path is the awakening of the spiritual forces, which covers all the Mystical Paths:  Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Sufis, and Saints in Christianity.  All of them say, “Know thyself to know God.”   That is the first step in the Eternal Divine Path.

The second step is to create the Communities of Light.  That is the Old Testament.  God is trying to find a people who will accept Him as their King and His Laws as the Laws that they will follow.  Therefore, they will accept Him as their leader and their King.  Indeed He is the King.  He is the only Teacher actually we have in the Mission.  God is your teacher.

Of course, we have people who have time and energy and want to travel, preach, and spread this Message.  We call them the teachers also, for lack of a better word.  But the true Teacher is God.  You can always refer to Him.  No matter who is called a teacher, the ultimate Teacher is God.

Even if I say something that is not based on the Word of God and is dogma or misunderstanding, I will be in the way if I do that.  But hopefully I will not.  I will be pure enough to let God come through to you and bring His Words in the clearest way possible.

It seems so far it has been done.  It has been written down.  It has been clarified, purified, and now it is in our website. You can go and see the Revelation in the clearest and simplest language possible.

As we know, the third step is sacrifice.  No communities can be created without sacrifice.  And that is the message of the New Testament.  Christ taught us, “Love your brother,” and “He who lays down his life for his friends, is indeed a friend.”

After all this sacrifice, etc., we still might have our own will and our own understanding.  We cannot work with God; we cannot work with God’s Messenger because we have dogmas.  We have misunderstandings of our previous religions that have made the Prophets and the Messiah to such an extent of impossibility for any human to fill his shoes.  They have to overcome that and see exactly what our teachings are.

Are our teachings that the Messiah should know everything about sound, about computers, about everything?  Or, you are an advisor to him to tell him what is the best computer, what is the best server, what is the best sound to use, so he can use your advice in many things?

He is just a plain Messenger who brings the Message of God to you and humanity.  Otherwise in many mundane levels, you might know more about them than he might know.

So understand God’s Word.  Understand our Teaching, and do not rely on your own understandings.  Therefore, you can then see the Word of God clearly.  Then we can work together in the mundane level, but we always keep the Divinity among us and we realize that not only do we work in mundanity but also we approach the Divinity of God and bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

Therefore, this is the time of implementation of this Great Revelation.  Of course, when you come to the implementation (they say that “the devil is in the details”), then you get to the "nitty-gritty" of the umbrella of the Eternal Divine Path.  You have to deal with the community.  You have to deal with the human.  You have to deal with ego.  You have to deal with the problems that we have on earth and teach them not to have those egos, not to have those human trends anymore but become Divine, become a channel for God.

It is very hard for some people to overcome their egos.  They are ambitious.  They want to dominate.  They feel that if they are not receiving enough attention, they cannot function.  So we deal with the ego.

It gets right to the small part of implementation.  But that is the part that we should excel in best because we have all the tools.  We have the Eternal Divine Path.  We have the Communities of Light.  We have psychology.  We have meditation.  We have chanting.  We have dancing.  We have all the tools to overcome what has created such a mess on earth.

If we can gather 144,000 such people, if they can work together egolessly, if they can work together cooperatively, if they can work together toward the manifestation of this Mission, if they can recognize and realize that this is their religion, this is their faith, and everyone in this religion and faith are brothers and sisters to them, then we can create a well-oiled, efficient organization with wonderful people who have God in them, they know God, and they let God come through all the time.  Then we can indeed bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

But if we keep our egos, our faultfinding, and everything that we already have on earth, then what is the difference between us and what has always been on earth?

So we have a new approach, a new wine in a new skin for humanity.  It is up to you to look at it deeply and be willing to change from ego to egoless, from human to a Child of God, a son of God.  With this, you will become a productive member of this organization and this Mission of God’s Work, a soldier, a fantastic Elect who can accomplish great things on earth.

We can see that we are creating a new human on earth and a new way of thinking.  Otherwise we are going to have the same problems that we had before.

After we sacrifice for the community, the greatest achievement is to surrender the result to God.  I meditate.  I awaken my spiritual forces.  I try to create the Communities of Light.  I sacrifice for them.  But still I am attached to the result and say, “Give me attention.  I am the doer.  God is not the Doer.”

When things do not go exactly the way you want, they bring depression and unhappiness, and you start blaming the Mission or me, or someone else for it, when indeed you have been attached to the result of your actions.  That is where the highest spiritual realization comes, surrendering the result to God, or even better than that is realizing that God is the Doer through you.  With that God and you become One.  That is the Goal of the Life.

The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine, to be One with God.  With this realization you let God come through.  When you let God come through, and everyone in the community lets God come through, then we have a Godly community.  In that Godly community, God will manifest in a greater degree.  We can see clearly that we can create the Communities of Light.

The next step is to shatter all the narrowness of the mind, realizing that the whole universe is God, there is nothing out of Him.  There is no separation between any particle, or any part of the universe and another part.  Therefore, everyone is included in God’s Plan.

With this, of course, all the prejudices, separation, and narrowness of the mind are out, and we indeed shatter any egotism, any problem on earth.  These are the people who are the Elects, and that is what we are trying to create.

Therefore, look at yourself.  “Am I this?  Have I shattered all the narrowness of the mind?  Or, am I still attached to my language, to my nation, to my culture, to my family, and to my narrowing concepts that do not let me go beyond them?”

If we can find 144,000 people who can follow the Eternal Divine Path, we will have a new man, the Children of God indeed, the Israelites, those who struggle with God, the Children of Light.  That is the concept of the Israelites, those who struggle with God in bringing the Kingdom of God to the earth.

That is what each of you has to look at yourself.  “Am I really all this?  Am I really following the Eternal Divine Path?  Or am I in the Mission but still hanging onto my old habits and old beliefs?”

With this, you will realize that you have to work a little harder.  You have to see yourself in a clearer way and work with me.  Not judge me, but work with me closely as two humans.  But always remember the Divinity that has come through this vessel.  Therefore, we can work together in creation of the Communities of Light and bringing God’s Kingdom On Earth, which has been foretold to come and now it is here.

There is no question in the minds of those who have seen this Vision.  They have seen the Revelation based on the Word of God.  They have seen that indeed, this is the last Revelation of God, this is the Revelation of the Seventh Angel revealed through the Lion of the tribe of Juda.  This is what the Moslems are waiting to come as the Revealer of the last Revelation at the end time.

And we are at the end time.  So do not take this lightly.  We are going toward the tribulation and destruction.

The sooner we rid ourselves of our false egos, become involved, become egoless, and work with the Mission, not looking for anyone else to support us but be a self-starter, the sooner this Vision will manifest.  Be a person who can start things by yourself and spread the Mission out in any way possible.

The whole purpose of this room is to come together and answer questions.  Although I understand that there are not really many questions left that have not been answered, if you have a question and you go to our search engine and search for it, you will see that there are plenty of questions there that have been answered.

If you have questions that have not been answered, bring them here and we will be glad to answer them.  But if there are no questions, we will keep this room open for only one hour and I will just repeat the teaching that has been explained hundreds and probably thousands of times for the last twenty-five years.

The base of our teaching is that God has indeed prophesied, He promised that many Revealers, many Prophets, would come.  He covered in history and His Revelations a Path, which is called the Eternal Divine Path.  There have been Seven Major Revelations to humanity, and now this Revelation has been Revealed.  The Seven Revelations are unified together.

Some people come to our rooms and say, “No, it is impossible.  How can you unify Christians, Jews, Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists, and everyone?”  It is done!  It is here!  The only thing they have to do is to overcome their beliefs in dogmas and human-made concepts.  Then they can clearly see, “Yes, indeed, God said He would do this, and He has done it.”

So God indeed exists.  He is in the universe.  He is the Creator of this manifested universe.  This manifested universe is not an ultimate truth; that is why it decays.  It is not perfect.  It decays and is eventually destroyed.

No matter stays forever.  Even galaxies eventually fall on themselves, become black holes, and destruction comes to them.  So there is nothing, nothing in this universe that is permanent.  Those who seek permanency in this temporary universe will be disillusioned.  They will realize, “No, it is not possible to have permanency in a temporary state of things.”

All the religions that say they have the last Word of God should recognize and realize that is impossible because their Prophet could not know everything that we know now and are revealing to humanity.

Therefore, as their Prophets themselves clearly stated, they did not reveal everything.  It is because they could not.  It was impossible for them because God did not reveal it to them.

But this time God has done it.  He indeed brought Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.  He made us to know all about these religions and the ability to research, search, and go to the library and read about all the religions, or go to the websites, or Internet and find all the religions we want to know about.

Now is the time that really everyone knows about all the religions on earth.  Before this, they could not have done it.  It was impossible.  Of course, with the Internet, now it is spreading all over the world.  Our sound, our Voice, is going to every corner on earth.  The only thing you really have to do is have a cheap computer, a connection to some Internet Provider, and come to Pal Talk or go to our website.  You can see our pictures.  You can hear our sound.  You can hear us.  You can see us.  You can read about this teaching and Revelation.

If you are a true seeker, you will be amazed how God has been sending all these religions together, and now they are one.  They are united.  They are unified.  This is the only religion acceptable at this time.  From this time on any other religion is narrow, is full of dogmas, is not purified, and is not the whole truth.

God already said that His Revelation is not going to be perfect until the Seventh Angel comes, until the Seventh Revealer comes, until the Seventh Revelation comes.  When the Seven Seals are open, the Book sealed with the Seven Seals is Revealed.  It is done!  It is finished!

The only thing that is left for us is to recognize and follow the Eternal Divine Path.   We should get rid of our egos, our misunderstandings, our concepts, our cultural biases that we have been grown up with and purify ourselves as soldiers of God, as Paravipras, as people who are ready to egolessly work for God twenty-four hours a day and not back off.  That is because they know that their future is going to be with God.  That is where everyone should go, to God.

That is the promise that has been given to the Elects.  They will become His sons, they will become One with God, and they will reach Pure Consciousness and heaven.  Therefore, with this Revelation you have the best Path, the best Revelation, and the Way is clearly given.

We are not here to put other religions down, or like other religions, to just bind you to this Revelation and say, “Everyone else is bad out there, so do be careful,” and create fear in your hearts so we can keep you in the church.

The easiest way to control people is to create fear in them.  Indeed, we do not create any fear whatsoever.  We believe that the Elects already are chosen, are those who have been called from God, and now they are here; they are ready to take this up and go for it.

Therefore, they are just self-motivated people who love the Revelation of God, see the truth in it, and they are my brothers, sisters, and co-workers.  We come together, and we do not put down any other religion.  We just tell you the dogmas in the religions that have to go.  If they also see this clearly, we have the truth and we can reveal it to them.  They also can become our brothers and sisters, and we can work together.

Therefore, this is the only Revelation probably on earth that does not say that all the other religions are not good.  “All Moslems are terrorists.”  “All of Christianity and Judaism are corrupted by changing the Scriptures,” or all those things that these religions have been taught, and they cannot accept other religions and incorporate to what they already have.

We have incorporated indeed all the religions together, as God said there would be Seven Seals, Seven Revelations.  They are a part of this Truth.

The only things that we oppose in other religions are their dogmas and their man-made ideas, which indeed create separation and destruction, and bring the disunity that we can see on earth and that exist right in front of us.  We can see the result:  wars, destruction, killing, and dehumanizing other people.

Eventually we will pay for all the karma we make by the actions we take.  No one is immune to the result of their actions.  We can choose our action, but we do not choose the result.  The result is the Law of God.

So we can see that with understanding this, we have completely realized that there is Law, there is Justice in the universe.  God is Just, and He has created a system that we pay for what we sow.  We reap what we sow.  That is the Law of karma.

Therefore, if the human can understand that, they will stop being unjust.  They will stop being destructive.  They will stop starting unjust wars and the things that have been created on earth.  They will realize and recognize and will see their lessons eventually.

Not only do humans have karma, but groups, communities, and nations have also karma.  They can create karma.  And they pay for it.

Therefore, they have to come to this same conclusion:  their salvation is the Eternal Divine Path.  Their salvation is our system, to create an environment that every man, woman, and child can progress physically, mentally, and spiritually to the highest possible level so they can know themselves and recognize and realize their egos, their attachments, their desires, and their wants, the things that make them unhappy and to forget about God.

Indeed the ego is so huge and demanding that they forget about God.  Although they have seen the Vision, they might drop God because they cannot recognize that indeed they are a part of God and their ego is in the way.

My Mission is not in the way.  It is the ego which is in the way, and that has to go.  Then they can free themselves from all those things that keep them from accepting God.  Indeed, the ego becomes like an umbrella, like a shield that we do not feel God anymore.  Some people say, “Where are you God?  Why did you leave me?”

He cannot leave you.  How can God leave you?  God is you.  God is a part of you.  You have been created by God, from His Body, from His Essence.  How can God leave you alone?

The only reason that we do not feel God is because our ego is in the way, our subconscious mind is in the way, our desires, attachments, and wants are in the way:  Maya is in the way.  If we can lift that with understanding and following the Eternal Divine Path, then we can experience God more often.

In this day and age, with this lifestyle and world, it is harder to do this easily.  But as we create more and more Communities of Light, indeed, people who do not have any ego or at least have a very small ego will live in these Communities of Light more and more, so we can all dance together and create an environment that is like the Feast of Tabernacles.

For eight days everyone comes here and enjoys the Feast.  If we have less and less ego in those Feasts, even those Feasts are going to be a fantastic eight-day period for everyone that their spirits will be lifted to the highest.  And if the people in the Feast do not cut the energy and bring the ego to the group, then that energy will grow in a greater degree to everyone and they can experience what the Communities of Light mean.

Then they will take that with them for the rest of the year, and they will desire to be in such an environment all the time.  So we can have the Feast of Tabernacles twelve months, or the whole year together.

That wonderful environment in the Communities of Light will help humanity to be humane, help humanity to fulfill all the basic necessities for the human psyche, belongingness to the community, excelling in the community, being supported, and taken care of in the community.  Children will be nourished and nurtured in the community.  Old people will have a place to live without worrying about the old age.  Eventually we will create an environment where they can be taken care of, and get rid of all the worries and destructive tendencies that are occurring now:  the old people are neglected, completely forgotten in the many places, or children who do not have safe harbors or places to go, etc.

So we need good people who want to see this happen, who want the community to happen.  Children are supported, nurtured, and brought up in a wonderful environment.  Young people are able to sacrifice, come together, and create some place that old people and children can have a safe place to live.  That needs cooperation.  That needs coordination. That means the ability to sacrifice and give of yourself to the community in a greater degree.

So this is the Vision that humanity has to work toward.  This is the Word of God that wants to see it to happen.

The Communities Of Light are the salvation of man.  If we can create the Communities Of Light all over the world, and create such a system and environment that supports this idea, the earth will not be what it is now.  It is going to be a wonderful place to be born in.  You will be living in an environment that is based on egolessness.  Your childhood will be full of joy, support, and wonder.  Every child will be taken care of in a greater degree.

When you grow up, you will become a responsible human who is willing to go work and bring the resources to the community.  Therefore, the community can be supported with many people.

The community will be safe because there are people who will be in the communities.  So the criminals will not be able to do whatever they want because the father and mother have to go to work and the children have to stay at, God knows where.  Therefore they are hurt, or whatever we can see is happening in this world.

When you get old, you know that you will have a community to support you.  You do not have to worry about your CDs with the bank and your money that you have to put aside for when you are getting old.  When you come to die, you are in God, and it is easy to go.  You say, “OK, I am ready to go.”  There is no problem because you know that you will return and will be reincarnated.

So we will have an earth, which is the Kingdom of God.  We will bring the Communities of Light on earth.  We can bring the Kingdom of God on earth by seeing this Vision, by seeing how wonderfully it works together.  It is like a hand and glove.  Every part of this Mission and this Revelation is a perfect match for the rest of it.

WalkinAnnointed is asking, who exactly is Maitreya?

Maitreya:  Well, that is a question that really you have to answer yourself.  But Maitreya especially is the expected Buddha, the fifth Buddha to come, according to the Buddhists.  Therefore, the name Maitreya has come from the Buddhist background.  It was prophesied or foretold by Buddha that 2,500 years after him, when Buddhism is no longer what was originally revealed by Buddha, another Buddha will arise who will bring a teaching that is even greater than what he brought.  At that time all the Buddhists should go to Maitreya and accept his teaching as their teaching.

We believe this Revelation is more than the teaching of Buddhism. 

I also have other names like, Mohammad, Vigi Kumar, and many, many other names that have been given to me.  All of them have a reason behind them and fulfill some prophecies.

Moslems are waiting for Christ, or Esa, to return.  Christians are waiting for Christ to return.  Jews are waiting for the Messiah to come.  Hindus are waiting for the Kalki Avatar.  Baha’is are waiting for, “He Who Will Be Manifested,” to return after Bab.

So all of these religions have an expectation of the coming of a final Revealer, except the Baha’is who believe that the Revelations come, perfect each other, and they never end.  But that is not Scriptural.  That is because Scripture says that it will be finished.  In the Seventh Revelation, it is done!

Therefore, this Revelation is the One that is expected by all the religions on earth and it includes all religions on earth.  Maitreya is one of the names that has been given.

This Revelation is not only just an idea of a man sitting one day and saying, “Oh, that is a good idea to just put all these religions together and unify them.  How can we do that?  OK, we will put this one as the awakening of our spiritual forces, put that one as the Communities of Light, this one as sacrifice, the other one as surrendering and submission, universalism, and we will call anyone who went through this Path an Elect.  These Elects are going to help humanity to go to Pure Consciousness…”  And we say, “Well, our Revelation is the Pure Consciousness and the unifying force.”  It is impossible to do that!

If you read our teachings and Revelation and what has been revealed to humanity, it is not possible for a man to do that because it also reveals how every Revelation has come, how God promised that Revelation will come, how that Revealer will bring that part of the Eternal Divine Path, and on and on.  History, creation, and everything just fit together and are revealed.

So if you can see that, then you will see that it is impossible for a man to just sit there and create it.  Therefore it is from God.  It has come from the Spirit.  It has come to humanity, for humanity, and for all of humanity.

Actually, this is the only Revelation that has come for all of humanity.  It is not for a specific people.

For example, the Jews or Hebrews or the Old Testament came for them.  Christianity came for the lost tribes of Israel.  Islam came for the Moslems (Ishmael and the children of Ishmael) and the people related to them.  All of them have come for a specific people.

This one is for all of humanity and it is not for one group or one specific people.  It is a universal Revelation to all of humanity.

So Maitreya is the person who reveals this Revelation.  He has been blessed with God’s Spirit to bring this Revelation to humanity.  He is just a plain Messenger.  His Message is the Eternal Divine Path.  He is here to work with everyone who is on earth.

Therefore, we can come together as one nation, one people, as the Children of God.  That is the salvation of man.  That is the next evolutionary leap for humanity.  Any other way, or endeavor, is not going to give fruit because it is not based on the Will of God.

They can resist it.  They can, not accept it.  They can go their own ways.  They can stay in their religions.  They can believe in their dogmas.  But they are all done.  There is no longer God’s Will on earth in those approaches.

nina_infinite is asking:  I have wondered for all my life how division in churches, synagogues, etc. can ever make unity happen.  Exclusion and hatred never made inclusion and love happen.

Maitreya:  Absolutely, Nina, that is the first thing that a lot of Elects and those who see our Vision wonder about.  Why?  A very simple question, if there is only One God how can we have so many different religions?  And all of them claim that they represent only one God who sent all these religions.  How can it be possible?

Then there is division among them, misunderstandings, separation, hate, and destruction.  That simple question has now been answered clearly.

Indeed, there is only one God.  He sent all these religions.  But each of these religions has a part of the whole truth.  It is like that example that we give many times.  It is like the five blind men and an elephant.

Each blind man took a part of the elephant and said, “That is what the elephant looks like.”  The one who had the trunk said it was like a hose.

The one who had the tusks said, “No, it is smooth and bony.”

The one who had the leg said, “No, it is cylindrical.”

The one who had the ear said, “No, it is like a leaf.”

The one who had the tail said, “No, it feels like a broom.”

They were all fighting about how the elephant looked.  Then a man with sight came and said, “You all are right.  Yes.  You have the trunk.  You have the tusks.  You have the ear.  You have the leg.  You have the tail.  The elephant is all of them.”

Now it has happened.  In this Revelation it is telling humanity, “You now have the whole elephant Revealed to you.  And each of you has a part of it.  But none of you have the whole.  This is the whole thing."

So that question, indeed, is the question that most of humanity asks themselves at this time.  If you go to our website, read our teachings, and understand this Vision, you will see that there is no separation.  There are not many religions.  There is no Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam but the Eternal Divine Path.  They are a part of It.

We do not oppose their Prophets.  We do not say they are not good.  We just say that they do not have the whole picture, they can improve their religion.  Indeed, you will become a better Moslem, a better Christian, a better Hindu, a better Jew, if you understand this teaching.

Then you indeed have a great grip of the reality and the whole truth.  Therefore, you will see that God is One, there is only One Revelation, and this is it.  It unifies all of them.

That is a good question that you ask yourself.  Now your answer is here.  You can go to our website or come to our room and see the Vision clearly.

Now we can have love.  We can have understanding.  We can get rid of hate and destruction on earth and bring the unity that humanity needs so badly.

Some people say if we unify and we do not politicalize the religions, then we do not have enough resources on earth for everyone.  Especially those who have, they are afraid that they have to give up a lot to those who do not have.  But that is not the truth.

We have not explored the ocean.  There are many, many resources in the ocean that can be used.  We have not explored the space, and there are infinite resources in space to bring the standard of living of every man, woman, and child on earth to a higher level.

But remember, when the standard of living goes up, do not forget God.  That is one of the historical lessons that humanity has to learn.  When the human or a society becomes prosperous, they put God out.  That is because they say, “We are God ourselves; we do not need God.”  That society or those people become ungrateful to the Blessings that God gave them.  That is when God will take His Blessings from them.

History has shown that no matter who they are, this would happen to them, like the Romans ruled the earth for 1,000 years.  But even Rome’s 1,000 years of power did not help them when they became ungrateful to the Blessings that God had given them.

Therefore, that is another lesson, that nations and people have to listen, realize, and never become ungrateful.  No matter how rich and powerful or how much Blessing of God has come to them, they have to stay with God and bring the Spirit of God in them no matter how much they materially advance in any society, or anything.

So we can see this lesson is going to repeat itself if they do not listen and they do not learn it.  There are a lot of lessons for humanity to learn to be able to become Godly and bring God’s Spirit and His Laws to them.  That is the only way it works because He is the Creator of all manifest things.

It is like an engineer who creates an engine, a car.  He knows how that car has been created, where is the carburetor, where are the cylinders, the electric distributor, and all that.

God knows exactly how it works, and He has sent His Ways through the Scriptures, through the Prophets, to humanity.  Now He is calling to them to come and become unified in this Revelation.

Therefore, indeed, there is only one God.  There are not many gods.  God sent all these Revelations to humanity, and now we know the whole truth.

It is 11:00 now.  If there are not any more questions in the room, I can just go on and on and tell you about this Revelation, how wonderful it is, how it unifies all the religions of the world, how it is the last Revelation of God, the tribulation is coming, we should get together and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, and create the Communities of Light.  But I have done that many, many times, and you can listen to them in the website.

Shirin has a question.  Go ahead Shirin.

Shirin:  Sal-OM Maitreya and Sal-OM everyone.  This question came up this week that I guess we are really looking for a deeper understanding of this word.  A word that is related to Paravipras, or the Elects in the Sixth Seal, is “dynamic.”

I think a lot of people in today’s society have a misinterpretation of what dynamic means and think that it is opposite of humble and we do not want to be dynamic.  But that is what a Paravipra is.

Could you expand or explain a little bit more about how a Paravipra is dynamic?

Maitreya:  A Paravipra is dynamic because first of all he meditates.  He tries to know himself or herself.  He or she will correct any problem that they have in their psychological upbringing.  They concentrate. 

They live with other people in the community.  When you live in the community or with other people, your faults, the things that you have to improve, will be exaggerated hundreds and thousands of times.  If you live by yourself in an apartment or in a house and no one is around, it is very easy to believe that you are wonderful, you are a good person, etc.  Then you find another person as a friend or a person of the opposite sex that you want to marry, and suddenly you see that the other person does not really appreciate you as how wonderful you thought you were.

A lot of misunderstanding and struggling starts between you.  Each is not as happy or content with the other person because now someone is saying, “You are not as wonderful as you think you are.”  Therefore they start to look at themselves.

The struggle starts: looking at yourself and improving yourself, getting along with the other person, arguing, discussing.  Eventually, if you could come together in such a point of understanding, you both might grow together, become one, become more forgiving, and more able to change so the other person can stand you and you can stand the other person.  So we can see that it is harder than just living by yourself.

Now imagine twelve people living in a community and they are watching each other, seeing each other every day, and living.  There are eleven other people who are telling you that you are not as wonderful as you think you are.  Therefore, your progress is going to be accelerated in a much, much greater degree.

Now if you live in a Community of Light, there are around 2,000 people who might be able to help you out to progress.  So you progress mentally, spiritually, and psychologically.  As you live in a community, you have a lot of people around you.  You are not all by yourself.

Then you have to sacrifice.  You have to give of yourself.  You are no longer self-centered and thinking all about "me, me, me" but you become a person of giving, and giving, and giving.  Then, you let God come through. 

God is dynamic. God created the whole universe.  He created the galaxies.  He created a lot of things.  So He is the Creator.  He is a dynamic Being.  The Spirit of God is dynamic.

If you have the Spirit of God coming through you, you work smart.  You work not hard, but what you do has a greater effect in your environment.  You can help other people in a much greater degree than working hard without having the Spirit of God letting you to do the most important thing, which is to create the Communities of Light and create an environment for everyone to follow the Eternal Divine Path.  Therefore, you become the Spirit of God, which is dynamic and works in a higher level.

Then you become a universalist.  You shatter all the narrowness of the mind.  You are not afraid of Moslems, or Buddhists, or Hindus, or different religions, or different cultures.  So you are open, to open yourself to them also and teach them as well.  Therefore, you create a better rapport with many, many people.

Furthermore, you do not have the psychological hang-ups, or fears, desires, attachments, etc.  Therefore, you are able to be much more effective in your approach in life.  Of course, dynamic does not mean egoistical.  Yes, you are indeed correct.  A lot of people think that if they are dynamic that means they are self-centered, they are selfish, and they are egoistical.  They talk louder.  They take over things. 

They push other people down so they can get ahead, and that is dynamism.  That is dynamism of egotism, which creates resentment, disunity, and problems.

But a Paravipra’s dynamism is cooperation, coordination, teaching other people not to be egoistical but to bring them together, cooperate with them and they with him or her so they can create an environment that everyone can progress and accomplish great things.

If you can solicit other people’s cooperation, if you can bring them together to work with you, eventually you can accomplish more than you ever could have done by yourself.  That is the part of the leadership, the ability to delegate the responsibility to other people and let them own their work and the job so they can accomplish things that you alone by yourself probably could have done 1/10th or 1/100th of what it is.

A dynamic person is the person that the Spirit of God comes through with no egotism, no domination, but with cooperation.  Yes, indeed, a lot of people think dynamism these days means domination, dominating other people.  But dynamic does not mean domination but it means cooperation, leadership, etc.

It is a new way of thinking.  It is a new way of coming together, especially in the West.  It is a new way of realizing that you do not have to dominate to bring the cooperation of other people with you and accomplish great things, but by leadership.

That is why we are looking for Paravipras.  Paravipras are the people who do this Mission by following the Eternal Divine Path, by becoming effective in what they do without dominating.  Also by teaching other people not to be domineering but to cooperate with them and with this cooperation, they can accomplish great things together.

So that is where the Paravipra’s dynamism comes from.  It is not by egotism.  It is not by domination.  Actually, the dynamism comes because they are so humble, the humility of being accepted by other people as a person that can be worked with, is not domineering, and is not creating an egoistical environment.

That is because if we had an egoistical environment, why do we need the Eternal Divine Path?  Why do we need this Revelation?  We already have it.  We have made a mess out of this world with egotism, domination, etc.

We need a new dynamism, dynamic people.  And that is the Eternal Divine Path.  That is the Spirit of God coming through the understanding and realizing how we can accomplish with concentrating on higher things.

So that is the difference between a Paravipra and a regular egoistical, dynamic person.  Usually, those who have ego and they are dynamic, do accomplish things but at the end they lose greatly.

I hope that answered your question.  If you have a follow-up, go ahead.  Those who come to the mic have the priority in their questions.  Therefore, we go to Shakti.  Go ahead, Shakti.

Shakti:  Thank you, Maitreya-ji.  Yes, it makes me think that a Paravipra would be great at managing and delegating without ego.  That is great.  I know that there are people in this Mission who are like that.  Thanks to God that we have them.

Maitreya:  Yes, indeed.  Also, in the Mission we are all learning.  We have come from the background that although we believe that those who come to this Mission have been meditating and progressing for many lifetimes, and meditating and knowing themselves much better than the rest of humanity and they have already been chosen and called, but, of course, they also have been living in this society, in this world, and they have learned the way of the world.  Now we are bringing a new approach to them, a new way for them, a new leadership ability to create the rapport and cooperative way of doing things.  That is what we are looking for.

Those people who are leaders in the community and the Mission are learning themselves.  So those who are in the leadership positions need compassion and a lot of prayer also from those who are led.

Those who are not in the leadership positions, if they have the ability to be leaders, they should come forward and manifest it.  And this will happen.  But they also have to realize and recognize not to be egoistical, not to be domineering, not to create an environment that is not peaceful, kosher, and good for everyone.

The greatest energy will be blocked with the leaders if they are not connected to God.  If they are not connected to God, then they block the energy and they become an obstacle in the way of God.

Therefore, the responsibility of the leaders is that they have to meditate, to see themselves clearly.  Are they domineering, are they dominating, are they egoistical, or are they cooperative and therefore, they should let the Spirit of God come through?  The energy flows through them to other people so other people receive it, and they also cooperate with such an energy.

That is your answer.  That is how you become dynamic, by letting the Spirit of God come through, not your ego.  And that is the real Paravipra.

We can see indeed that we are in the school together in this Mission, learning.  Those who are led, learn to pray for those who lead.  Those who lead, meditate and pray to God to come through as much as possible.  Hopefully more and more we will create the leaders who can inspire an environment without domination and egotism. 

Those who are led should become more compassionate and pray for those who lead.  Also understand maybe it is their ego that is in the way.  Maybe the leader is sending a lot of Godly energy to them but they are holding their ego over the top of their heads, and they are not letting the energy come through.

So we are all learning together.

There are two comments or questions there in the text for me.

nina_infinite:  “marked by usually continuous and productive activity or change; energetic; a forceful personality...”

Maitreya:  Apparently Nina is giving us a definition from a dictionary that she found.  As we see, it is interesting.  Right there it says an energetic, forceful personality.

That is not the definition of Paravipra.  A Paravipra can be forceful.

There is nothing bad in this universe, as we have taught many times.  It is like the knife of a surgeon.  It can be used for healing, or it can be used for killing.  The knife does not have any ego or spirit in it.  It just is.  But in the hands of a killer it can kill, and in the hands of a healer it can heal.

Forcefulness also sometimes can be used to drive a point in a situation.  But if a person is always forceful, always domineering, then that is not the correct definition of the Paravipra’s dynamism. The Paravipra’s dynamism comes from the Sprit of God, which comes through them.

AdeLDaharma:   I imagine that being in a Community of Light at first will be really difficult, but eventually will be very beautiful as all come together through God.

Maitreya:  Indeed!  At this time we are in a difficult period of people learning to live in the Communities of Light, to come close together.

When I was growing up, I used to go to a village and live there.  I have seen how the Communities of Light, at least a community – I cannot call that community a Community of Light – but at least a community in a village, how they were cooperative and helped each other.  They were happy, very happy people.  Although they did not have much, they were very happy people.  Now we can, at the same time, be happy.  Now we are learning. 

The people who come to our room, especially in the West, are used to and preach, “Be individual.  Make it by yourself.  Be number one.”  There is nothing about community, sacrifice, surrendering and submission to God, etc.  So we have not really learned much about how to live in the Communities of Light. 

Now God says, “No.  No.  Turn around.  Go back to communities, live together, cooperate, and coordinate.  Do not try to be number one all the time.  Accept if someone else has the ability to let God come through, and come in a position that can bring the energy of God to the community and the Mission.

Those are very alien to our ears, and we are not used to them.  But that is the Will of God.  That is the way God says it should be done.

We are learning.  We are not expecting any one in the East, or in the West, to come to the community and already be perfect.  But if you are willing to learn, if you are willing to go through the process, eventually you will learn to be close to people.  Eventually you learn not to dominate, if you are willing to learn.

If you are not learning and you are not willing to learn, no matter how much I preach, no matter how much I tell you about the Communities of Light, you are going to continue doing the same thing over, and over, and over, and you will never learn.

The first step is the willingness to want to learn, to progress, to forego of your own ideas and understanding but let God’s Ideas and Understanding come to you.  Then you will progress.

But if you are stubborn and you want to stay where you are, if you say, “Yes, I am a Paravipra, but I have no quality of the Paravipras,” then it is an illusion.  The ego is trying to feel good about a title, as, “Oh, I am a Paravipra.”

A Paravipra is not a title.  A Paravipra is a quality, a quality that a person knows himself, he comes to the community and/or creates the community.  He sacrifices, surrenders and submits to God, and becomes a universalist.  These are the qualities he has to manifest.

We are experiencing the growing pains.  The whole of humanity is in growing pains.  They all have to learn this.  They all have to become egoless.  At least 144,000 people have to become absolutely a Paravipra.

It is OK.  We are patient, if not in this lifetime, next lifetime.  Eventually we will get it.

nina_infiniteYes, in group-living efforts in America these experiments fail for ego, for self-interests, conflict, etc.  Why is this?

Maitreya:  It is because the whole foundation of the United States was based on democracy and the individual ability to manifest great things.  That was possible to this point because it was an unexplored continent.  There were a lot of opportunities for new ideas, progress, and self-creativity.  That worked. 

Things are limited in the manifested world.  Land is not as much anymore that you can just go and take over and start your own thing.  The opportunities are becoming less and less, and fewer and fewer.  Also the whole system is geared toward business and work.  Big business becomes bigger, bigger becomes biggest, and on and on.  We can see that there are fewer and fewer opportunities left for individuals to take advantage of.

So this is the lesson that came in the right time, that even the West, America, Europe, and everywhere else learns that, “Cooperation and Communities of Light bring a greater degree of peace, unity, security, and all things that humanity needs.”

It is failing because the opportunities are becoming less and less even here.  So this is indeed a good time for even them, even people in the West to realize that, “Yes, this makes more sense than what they had before.”

I hope that answered your question, Nina.

Lucid_Sol:  What is your view regarding "jinns?"

Maitreya:  Jinns in Islam.  Well, there are surely spirits in the world that live in a spiritual world.  Most people cannot see them.  They are not even aware of their presence. 

People who have ESP or the ability to feel psychic energy have come out many times and told people, “Yes, there are such beings or such spirits.”  And they have proven it.  Some of them have even taken pictures.  Or they have found the place that such a spirit might be.  It might be somewhere warmer than other places in the environment.

Also, of course, Prophet Muhammad revealed that when he recited the Koran, even Jinns came and listened to him.  They listened to the Koran and marvelled at the wonder of the Koran.

Indeed there is a lot of truth in that, and there can be spirits that exist on earth.

Lucid_Sol:  From your understanding, from where do they come, or their origin?

Maitreya:  There is a possibility that some spirits have some unfinished business on earth and when they leave their bodies they do not completely detach themselves from this external world.  Therefore, they hang around and stay in this external world.  So they do not go back completely to the Spirit but they stay in the ethereal level. 

They have an ethereal body.  They do not have a physical body.  That is why we cannot see them.  But they do have an ethereal body, and in that ethereal level they wait and stay and live.

Actually, there are people who do astral projection, or they leave their bodies and go to the ethereal level.  In that ethereal level they meet great masters and people.  Sometimes they become scared.

Even a lot of people have "out of body" experiences when they wake up but they cannot completely move.  You are absolutely disabled to move.  That is when your spirit is not in the body but your consciousness realizes that you are awake.  But because the spirit is not in the body yet, you are absolutely paralyzed.  You cannot move at all.  Then suddenly your spirit comes.  Usually you shake and you feel very shaky because your spirit had to rush back to the body.

In that ethereal level, there can be beings that are living in that ethereal level that can be called jinns.  Or, many people, even those who do astral projection, sometimes become trapped in that level and they cannot come to their bodies, or they just become a part of them.

So indeed, such a level exists.  But that is not the highest level.

We have to go even beyond the ethereal level to the Spirit, which is the truth in the Revelations and the Scriptures of God and His Word.  Therefore, we have to aim for good unification with the Spirit, unification with God instead of seeing jinns or going to the ethereal level.

Yes, indeed, there are many, many levels in this universe.  The ultimate, the highest is Pure Consciousness and the three creative forces in balance.  That should be the aim.

Therefore, jinns do exist.  And Prophet Muhammad was correct.

They do need this Revelation.  They do need the Koran.  They do need the Bible and spiritual guidance so that they can free themselves from the trap that they have fallen into.  Even Prophet Muhammad was saying that he could see them that they also listen to the Words of God, which had come through him.

We hope you go to our website and study our teaching.  Learn how wonderful this Revelation is and how no other Revelation before it could have revealed the whole Plan of God.

Those who do not see this Vision are indeed not seeking the truth.  They are not putting the effort.  They want to be right.  They are attached to their religions, or their dogmas, or their Prophets, or their society, culture, whatever reason that ego likes to separate them and not let them see the whole truth.

But if you indeed are a seeker, you will see the truth.  It is from God.  It has been revealed.

AdeLDaharma:   Three times typed is a sign of God.

Maitreya:  Yes, the whole thing is a sign of God, Adel.  Everything in this Mission is a sign of God.  Then you can see, indeed, God has sent His last Revelation, and you will see the whole truth and the Plan of God. 

Then tell your friends.  Tell your family.  Tell your countrymen.

But if you are in a place that telling this thing will endanger yourself, keep it to yourself.  Find those who are open to these ideas and just tell those who will listen.  But do not put yourself in danger.  We do not want you to put yourself in danger.

This is God’s Word.  It is God’s Mission.  It will manifest.  Little by little all the religions will realize that none of them can unify humanity.  The only thing that unifies is the one that has unified them all together and each of them have a part of God’s Plan.

Be good.  Be with God.  Meditate on these Words.  Go to our website, download this session, and listen to them again and again and again, and other sessions, and everything in the website.

Become familiar with this teaching.  Come and become a dynamic Paravipra.

Sal-OM everyone.  See you next week.


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