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Maitreya: Sal-OM. Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation room. As usual, we will have this room together to study our teachings and look at the Revelation that has come to humanity to bring the Kingdom of God on earth. It is here, and It is calling for the Elects to come together.

We will stay in this room for one hour if there are no questions. But if there are questions, we will stay as long as necessary to discuss these things in the deepest level together. If you really study our teachings, you will find that much truth has been revealed to humanity.

Yesterday someone was talking to me about Plato and his philosophy. When compared to our teachings, it is amazing how similar they are and how Plato was also trying to create a perfect society. He was intellectually trying to create an environment that would bring the perfect society for humanity. But his ideas were mans ideas.

Our ideas are Gods Ideas. Our society will be more perfect than the society that he was trying to create.

When we compared, we saw so many of Platos questions also have been answered in our teachings and how much more perfect this Revelation and Teachings are than anything before it. It is just a confirmation again and again that this indeed is perfect, as God is. This perfection now has come to man. It is the responsibility of every human to take it, realize it, spread it, and never give up in trying to reach out to humanity, and also realize that his or her salvation is based on the Word of God, which has come to humanity.

Now the perfection of the Revelation is here. Therefore, there is much to discuss, to realize, to go deeper in the teaching, and to find out how all the answers are given. Even the answers that the Great Prophets, the great philosophers and thinkers, could not fathom now are revealed clearly and can be understood easily.

We need seekers who really want to study and to search, not that they come here, still their egos are intact, and they do not want to let the egos go. That is not going to work because we are trying to create a society free of ego.

At least the leaders should be free of ego, and they can connect to God directly. Even they can bring the Spirit of God to man. They will realize and connect themselves to the Spirit of God first, and then they will let that Spirit come through them to those they touch, they lead, and they guide to a higher level.

That indeed fulfills the prophecy that when Christ comes, many will become kings, leaders, and great revealers of the truth. Those are the kind of people we are calling to come forward, to see this Revelation, and to see this Truth. They can themselves become the channels for the energy of this Mission. Therefore they can touch many and always remember that they are not the doers. They are just here to connect others to the Mission and to God.

I am here to connect you to God and to teach you. I am here to guide you to overcome the ego, the subconscious mind, and anything that has a form, is visible, has a name, and is not eternal, is not the ultimate form of God. Therefore, you will be disappointed if you become attached to anything that has the attributes of the manifested.

Here we teach you how to connect to God directly, while you are under the umbrella of the Mission and its teachings, and how you can become an Elect, a Chosen by God, those who have been talked about in all the Scriptures as the Chosen People, My People, the Peculiar People, the people who put God first.

This is the salvation of men to detach themselves from this relative truth, which is the creation. Relative truth never will bring you the ultimate happiness. No matter how you intellectually try to explain It, It is not explainable.

That was another discussion. This person was telling me that he could not find the truth. No matter what assumption he puts forward, he can change that assumption to something new; he can create a new reality based on this new assumption, and there is never a satisfactory answer to any approach he takes to find the facts and truth. As usual the answer was that, You are trying to explain the unexplainable. You are trying to find the reality by intellectual endeavors, and you are trying to find the ultimate reality in this relative manifestation. It is never going to happen. You are never going to reach the bottom of this reality by intellectual analysis.

The reality is intuition. The reality is an experience; it is not an explanation.

Again and again, it is not that we can explain these things intellectually and then come to the conclusion of the truth. The only way that probably you can do that is to read our teachings, see how God said He was going to do things, and understand that He has done them. Therefore, at least intellectually you can say, Yes, God exists.

By realizing this, then you can meditate; you can try to reach that experience directly with Him. If you have that experience that is directly with Him, you do not have to intellectually explain anymore because that certainty in you will guide you toward that unification and doing Gods Will. By understanding this reality and our teaching, little by little you will have a good grip of the truth of life and you will detach yourself from any attachments or things that take you from God and bind you to man.

You will also find other people with the same and similar understanding. So you can have a great relationship, a deep relationship with them without being attached to them. You will become co-workers, travelers, and wonderful dancers together in the cosmic march toward the unification of all the unit consciousnesses to Gods Consciousness and the One.

Therefore, The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. The Goal Of The Life is not to be(come) attached to this world or to do anything that is not Divine and takes us away from that Divinity, which is a part of us always.

This teaching teaches humanity how to bring the Kingdom Of God on earth. It unifies all the religions of the world, and it teaches that all the revelations before it are just a part of a greater truth. Therefore, every religion on earth only has one seventh of the truth, not the whole truth.

Those who want to know the whole truth will realize that God has indeed sent all these Revelations to man, and now we can see that there is no separation. There is only One God. He has been Guiding humanity to this point and now He tells them how to be(come) Divine, how to create the Communities of Light, how to know who is the first in their lives, who is the second, who is the third, who is the fourth, and who are the rest of humanity, how we can create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, how we can bring the unity of humanity, and how we can create the environment that God has promised humanity for the last 12,000 years.

Humanity will go through a period of purification and realize, little by little, that they are not separated. Their dogmas, their teachings, and their realizations come from a higher level and therefore, they can come together and realize that they should put away their dogmas and their understandings and realize Gods Understanding in a greater degree.

We can see that humanity has a long way to go yet. But that is OK. God has given humanity our teachings, to those who are patient. They are, little by little, creating a dent in the thickness of the human ego, like a constant dripping of water. Eventually many will realize that they have no choice but to come to man and teach them these teachings.

The Risen Jesus Saves: Is Maitreyas title the same as saying he is the Messiah, Buddha, Baba, Christ?

Maitreya: Again the answer to that question that has been given many times in this room and in other lectures is: That is what you have to prove to yourself. All the proof and evidence that you need to do that, has been given in our website [].

The Book sealed with the Seven Seals is opened. The Seven Seals are Revealed. The prophecies are all fulfilled. The time of the tribulation and end is here. Indeed, there are all the signs that you need to prove to yourself if this teaching is from God and fulfills the prophecies of the coming of the last Revelation to humanity. You now have an opportunity to study these things and realize if this is indeed the fulfillment of the expectations of the Christians, of the Jews, of the Buddhists, of the Hindus, of the Moslems, of the Bahais, and of every other religion on earth and how they are unified.

There is only One God. There are not many Gods, and all these Revelations have come through His Spirit to humanity. Therefore, we can now see the Reality of this Revelation as He Promised to His Prophets, as He Promised to His Children, and that eventually, at the end time, He will Reveal His Plan to man. That Plan is now here!

We can just give you the evidence. We can just give you the truth that has been revealed to us, to humanity. But it is really you who should go, study, and prove it to yourself, if it is true or not. When you prove it to yourself, it is your religion now. It is your truth. It is now you who becomes another channel for God to spread this to other men and prove to them what you have proved to yourself.

When you have proved that to yourself and them, you connect them to the Mission, to God, and not to yourself. You try to create an environment where there is a unity, a center, that can unify all humanity together. With that, it means that you have to accept The Maitreya as the heart of the hierarchy, the nucleus, the Center that can unify all together as One.

If you are an Elect, you come closer to the Mission and you learn. We learn together how to work with each other and create an environment where we can have a rapport with each other. We can work closer to create the twelve Elders or the twenty-four Elders (it depends on how we are going to do that) and eventually create the Facilitating Body to bring the Kingdom Of God on earth.

So the first step is, you prove it to yourself. That is the first step. After you have proved to yourself that this is indeed the prophecy fulfilled, and the Revelation and the Word of God has come to man, then it is your religion. It is your understanding that indeed God has said He is going to do all these things, and He has done them.

Therefore, God exists, contrary to many beliefs that, God does not exist, or He forgot us, or He left us alone, or He is not there anymore, and many things, We can do whatever we want to and not to follow the higher self. They will realize, indeed, that is not correct.

God is still in charge. But He has already said that at the end time there will be a lot of people whose faith will wax cold, who will follow false prophets, teachers, and wrong religions (dead religions that still keep lying in the street), and there will be many who will not let go of their dead religions full of dogmas to come to the Light of God that has now returned to man. Any time a Prophet comes and brings a new Revelation, it is a leap of consciousness, especially the last one, which unifies everyone and is for the whole of humanity.

The Revelations had been for a specific people. It is just like Hinduism and the Mystical Paths were mostly for the Far East. Judaism or the Old Testament was for the Hebrews. The New Testament was for the lost tribes of Israel. Islam was for the Arabs and their related groups. Bahai was for the expansion of the mind and mostly to come to the West and to awaken us to that realization. Ananda Marga was just to explain what an Elect is.

This Revelation now is for all of them. This is the only Revelation that has come to humanity for the whole earth.

Whenever a Revelation comes for a people (which now is for the whole earth), those people are called for purification, to expansion, to realization of God, to coming together and realizing Gods Revelation. If they do not do it, if they resist it, if they hesitate, and if they take it lightly, they will not be invited to the marriage ceremony, which is reaching Pure Consciousness and becoming One with God.

Therefore, the coming of a Revelation and the Prophets to a group, or humanity, is not an event that anyone can take lightly. It is not something that we can say, Oh, we can do it some other time, or later. It is now! The time is now to realize indeed that the Revelation of God has come to man again. Now we are obligated to accept it, to see it, to realize it, to understand it, to come here and discuss it with us, and let us come to the understanding that God has sent the Revelation to humanity.

The Risen Jesus Saves has a question. Let us see what is his question. Go ahead.

The Risen Jesus Saves: Well, yes, guru.

Maitreya: OK, that was Karl, our friend who comes here all the time and likes to disturb our room. We hope that he will learn his lesson and will not try to do this. We pray for him that he indeed realizes that that is not a kosher thing to do. But that is OK. We pray for him. We wish him good luck, health, happiness, and better understanding.

Actually throughout history, those who have opposed the Prophets, at the end became some of the best disciples there are, and they helped greatly to understand God.

Now let us see what the Healing Guru has to say. Go ahead, Healing Guru.

Healing Guru: Thank you very much. Namaste.

I went to your website, Maitreya, and I looked up the contents. Some of your prophecy is based on the Vedas and the interpretation of the Kali Yuga, its beginning and its end. Certain assumptions are made as to the proper timing of the age of Kali and its ending. I do not find that this is what I have learned in terms of the Kali Yuga. So I am going to simply tell you what I know and ask you to comment.

According to the different yugas, the Kali Yuga began approximately 5,000 years ago when Lord Krishna left the planet. So now we are in the Golden Age of the Kali Yuga, which is the last 433,000 years. At the end of the Kali Yuga, there is a Kalki coming to destroy the impious.

My question is that you made some references on your website in regards to the Kali Yuga that I find to be incorrect. Could you please explain in more detail where your information is coming from?

Maitreya: Sure, Healing Guru. The explanation of the end of the Kali and all those things are different in different religions and different groups.

It is just like the coming of the Maitreya Buddha. Some people say it is going to be 5,000 years after the Buddha left. Some people say it is going to be thirty years. Other people say, No, it is 750,000 years. Therefore, each group thinks differently of the coming of the different manifestations.

That is also true about the Kalki Avatar and the end of the Kali Yuga. Therefore, there are a lot of ideas and opinions of what and when this thing is going to happen.

Secondly, those prophecies, I did not write them. They were written by the people who had a greater study about these periods and who have come to understand it the way it has been written in the website.

But my answer to that question is that all the prophecies in all the religions in the world have been talking about one Revelation that will come at the end time and will unify all the religions of the world. All these prophecies are for the same Revelation and the same Manifestation. That, of course, is in the Bible. It is in the Koran. It is in other religions that have been completely revealed to humanity at this time.

For example, in the Buddhist prophecies, indeed it was prophesied that Maitreya would come 5,000 years after Buddha. But then, because of some circumstances, it was changed to 2,500 years.

The flood of Noah, or the beginning of the new era, happened around 12,000 years ago. The period of Kali or the dark period usually also lasts 12,000 years. So from the point of view of the Bible, also that period has changed and this is the time that It will manifest.

According to the people who wrote those explanations in the prophecies in the website, now also is the end of the Kali Yuga. There are many Hindus who believe that, and they are waiting for the Kalki Avatar to manifest himself. Also they believe that there are going to be three reincarnations of the Kalki Avatar. It is during the third time that he will eventually establish the truth and destroy the falsity, etc.

So we can see that all this evidence has to be compared, not only with the explanation or belief of one group or one persons understanding but with the whole Revelation and understanding of all religions. When you do that, you come to the same conclusion as the website: This is indeed the end time of all the prophecies in all the religions of the world.

All those prophecies have been for one manifestation that brings the unity of all religions together, reveals the Seven Seals, gives the Book sealed with the Seven Seals, brings the truth back to humanity, and brings the Kingdom of God on earth.

About Krishna and his manifestation as the beginning of the Kali Yuga, even he himself said that whenever there is impurity in humanity and the religions, and they fall from the understanding of the deeper truth of the Spirit, My Spirit will arise on earth. Therefore, he does not give any time. So His Spirit can arise any time that the morality is low and humanity has fallen. We can see that this is truth because Buddha came, Muhammad came, and many, many Prophets came to humanity even after Krishna, and they brought great truth and realization to man.

You have to go beyond Krishna, beyond Hinduism, and study our teachings. See how God sent many other Revealers after Krishna, and that Krishna can arise any time He wants to. We can see that you have to expand yourself. That is another thing our teaching does, It expands the person. Go ahead, Healing Guru.

Healing Guru: I am interested in discussing with you the validity of your point, which is, what do you accept as authority for understanding what is God?

So Krishna (since you referred to Krishna), in the Bhagavad-Gita also said that He is the compiler of the Vedas, He is the Knower of the Vedas, and He is the Goal of the Vedas. In the Vedas there is a description of all the different incarnations of God even before they come, as you well know, including Kalki who is supposed to come toward the end of the Kali Yuga. Krishnas coming and the different reincarnations of Krishna were predicted.

Maitreya: Sure Healing Guru. Not only did Krishna reveal the Vedas, He also revealed the Old Testament, He revealed the New Testament, He revealed the Koran. If you study our teaching, it clearly explains that it is the same Spirit that has revealed all the Revelations to humanity.

Therefore, all the Revelations and books that have come to man are a reference point to understanding God and His Purpose. Just accepting the Vedas as the only authority, just accepting the Koran as the only authority, just accepting the Bible (the New Testament or the Old Testament) as the only authority, continues the separation and destruction that we see and the confusion of the Kali Yuga that you talk about. But you still preach the separative ideas of accepting only one Revealer or only one Revelation of God.

Krishnas Spirit is the same as the Spirit that came through Abraham, came through Moses, came through Christ, came through Muhammad, came through Bab, and came through Baba. Therefore, they are saying the same thing; they are the point of reference.

That is why you have to expand your view and see how these teachings explain what you already know, they expand what you believe, and they prevent you from believing in a set of dogmas, which is Krishna Consciousness, or Krishna beliefs that have been taught to you.

With this Revelation, the confusion is no more. Humanity can clearly see that, Yes, indeed, the same Spirit has been sent to man. Now we can see that this is revealing all the Truth to humanity, and we can expand ourselves and be(come) One.

Please stay short in your questions. Get to the point. Let us discuss the Mission instead of talking about other things. See how this teaching includes the Vedas and Hinduism, but also includes the Old Testament, New Testament, Koran, Bayan, and the other Revelations of God, and why this is more perfect and correct than hanging onto one Revelation or one Revealer.

Go ahead.

Healing Guru: Could you address the difference between impersonalism and personalism in discussion with your disciples here today? Thank you.

Maitreya: Again, if you study our teachings you will realize that the Vedas came after the flood of Noah. Eventually they came by the Aryan Race and mixed with the African belief. The whole Indian Continent came from Africa. Their beliefs were based on the African beliefs. Shiva was a black man who eventually married an Aryan woman. They mixed the beliefs of Aryans with the black Africans who were in India, and they came up with the Vedas.

Eventually, the Aryan Race was split into two. One of them came in the north of Iran, then spread south, and to Iraq. Abraham came from the same race and brought the Old Testament. Then Christ came from the same race as the children of King David. You can see that it is almost the same people that brought this Revelation of God and also the same Spirit.

Therefore, the Vedas influenced many religions. I agree with you that if you want to understand any religion on earth, you have to understand the Mystical Paths. The base of the Mystical Paths is the Vedas in the Hindu religion. But they do not reveal the whole truth.

Now you are talking about the personal God and the impersonal God. Of course, we teach the same thing that God is impersonal, absolutely Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal, and in that state unifies. But also He has to come to manifestation in order to bring the Revelation to man. His Spirit manifested the Scriptures and sent Prophets so they could reveal that to humanity. Therefore He has form.

But because He has to come in the form of many Prophets, Messiahs, Gurus, and Revealers, as Krishna, as Shiva, as Muhammad, as Moses, as Abraham, as Isaac, and on and on, that will create separation. Therefore, each person will hang into, just like you mentioned, a couple of gurus in India. You follow those gurus. Each guru in India has their own followers, and there is separation that greatly exists in the Hindu religion because of those manifestations.

We guide the people in the Mission to believe in the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal and never become attached to the body of the guru, Prophet, or Messiah. Their salvation is to go to the unmanifested (Formless, Invisible, Nameless, Eternal), which we call FINE.

Therefore they all can relate to each other, not saying, I am the follower of this guru, or I am the follower of this religion. Eventually, the followers of that guru, that Messiah, that Prophet, put themselves in the place of the Prophet and they become the god of their disciples, or the people on earth, and they further separate and split the teachings of the original Revelation into many branches, understandings, and dogmas.

That creates that separation that exists on earth. Our teaching, based on the impersonal God, is more unifying than gurus and revealers that many people are attached to. The only way to unify the whole of humanity is to teach them not to become attached to any of these teachers, any of these Revealers, any of these Prophets, or such, and all the people who say, I know the truth. I know the truth. Come to me. Come to me. Then they attach people to themselves, and they become an obstacle in the way of humanity to go to God directly.

We do oppose the teachers or any people who teach others to come to them and connect people to themselves, and they become in the way of God. This teaching again is superior in understanding how to unify humanity together by teaching them, as that book says, If You Saw The Buddha, Kill Him. It means that if you are attached to Buddha, then the Buddha is in the way.

So we can see that Hinduism has a lot to learn from these teachings. The Krishna movements have a lot to learn from these teachings. All of humanity has a lot to learn from these teachings and release themselves to only God which unifies, the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal.

OK Healing Guru, go ahead, but please stay brief.

Healing Guru: About the comment that you made that God is Formless, Invisible, and Nameless: My only point is, I believe that although you have identified the difficulties with the separation of the religious beliefs based on body, I believe that if we can emphasize the transcendental existence of the Supreme Lord, someone who has a spiritual form, we can begin to develop the proper relationship between the individual Soul and the Supreme Soul.

Maitreya: Well, indeed we do have the personal manifestation of God. That is called the Messiah. That is called the Anointed One. That is called He who has fulfilled the prophecies, He who has brought the Revelation of God to man. That person or personality becomes the heart of the belief of the believers. That brings the unity.

They can relate to that heart as a manifestation of God. And it will unify them. But even He will direct them to go to the Unmanifested God and therefore free them from these separative ideas that have separated humanity at this time.

Another point is that it has been prophesied to come. God said His Kingdom will come. The unity will come to humanity. You will not find that in Krishna Consciousness or the Hindu religion. You will find it in the Bible. The Bible is the base that has revealed all the truth and the unification that will come at the end time.

If you read the Revelation that we have in our website, called The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament, it clearly states that eventually His Kingdom will come and the Messiah will be the focal point, or focus of those who will be unified together.

We are not completely directing you to an Invisible, Formless, and Nameless God but also to a visible Manifestation that reveals the Revelation of God to you. Therefore you have some point of reference or point of gathering, rallying together to become One.

Your idea is again based on your opinion, on your understanding. But if you read our teachings and understand Gods Revelation and how He said this will come about, you will expand yourself to see that indeed this is more Perfect than anything before it.

Also, the belief that God is an ocean, and we are a drop, and we can drop into it has been rejected in this teaching. It has been said that God said, I will spue you out of My Mouth. It means that even when you fall into the ocean, you will not stay there and that God will send you back to get on with the work. You will not go further in your progress.

Therefore, all those concerns that you have, have been answered in this teaching again, and it Reveals that this is how you can manifest the greater truth.

Please stay on the topic, on the Mission and related questions on that. Go ahead.

Healing Guru: Could you please clearly tell me in your opinion is form, the absolute truth? Is form of the Absolute Truth inferior or superior to formlessness?

Maitreya: There is not such a thing as inferior or superior anything in this universe. The whole thing is God. Therefore, the whole idea of inferiority and superiority comes from intellect and ego and separate things as superior and inferior.

There is truth. There is not truth. That is the only separation you can make between things. Therefore, the whole idea of anything being superior is an ego manifestation, not the ultimate truth. Now, is the manifestation of the truth in the form superior or, the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal superior? As we said, there is no such thing.

The form, in the absolute manifestation, is a bridge. It has come to manifestation to take you to the Formless, Invisible, Nameless and Eternal.

It is just like you are on one shore, one part of the land, and there is a river, which is Maya and destruction. The other part is Heaven or God. You want to go over it but you cannot. The manifestation comes as a bridge to guide you to go to the other side.

Now if you stay on the bridge and the bridge is so beautiful and wonderfully made, and you start being fascinated with the bridge, you start looking at the architect, the beauty, and the wonder of it, and you never go over the bridge to the other side, that bridge becomes an obstacle in your Path.

The bridge is necessary. The bridge is needed to go over to the other side. But if you become attached to the manifestation of the bridge and forget to go over it to the other side, then you have to forget about the bridge and find a bridge that takes you to the other side.

That is exactly what happens to a lot of gurus, manifestations, Prophets, and Messiahs who have come to take humanity to the other side. Humanity becomes so attached to this Manifestation or Bridge that they forget to go to the other side. So that becomes an obstacle in their way.

Besides that, all the Revelations to this point for the last 12,000 years were not perfect. None of them have the whole truth.

Not even Hinduism and the Vedas have all the truth because as we say, they eventually end up to escapism of the followers. A lot of people left society, went to the mountains and said, This world is illusion.

This world is not an illusion. It is a relative truth. Therefore you never can find happiness in this manifested world. But you can find it in the Spirit, which is the Essence of the universe and permanent. Our teaching is absolutely against escapism. You have to become engaged in the creation of the Communities of Light.

We do preach meditation. We do preach awakening of our spiritual forces. But the next step is to engage in the society, to become engaged with the community, to become engaged in the creation of the Communities of Light based on the Eternal Divine Path. Therefore, it never can become escapism as Hinduism has become.

Then you have to sacrifice in the creation of the communities. Therefore, ego will dissolve in sacrifice in creation of the Communities of Light.

Then surrender and submit to the Will of God for you in the umbrella of the teaching. Therefore, your spirit and Gods Spirit become One.

Then become universalists. Realize that God is Everything. Shatter all the narrowness of the mind and get rid of the superiority and inferiority complexes that have been running human existence for thousands of years. There is no superior. There is no inferior. The only thing is, a person in higher consciousness, a person in lower consciousness, a person more Godly and more a follower of the truth, and a person who is in delusion and who is not following the truth.

But none of them is superior or inferior. The only difference is that one has progressed more and has more responsibility to guide the other to go to the higher consciousness. Some have not and have to be guided. That is all there is into it, really.

Such people who follow these five steps:

-Awaken their Spiritual forces,

-Direct their energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light,


-Surrender and submit to God, and

-Become universalists,

are called, the Elects, those who, in all religions, have been described as, My Elect, My people, the Hebrews, etc.

I can see that you have not really been in our website, or at least you have not really read our teachings in the depth that they need to be explored, which is OK. But that is one of the rules of this room, that we encourage everyone to go to our website first, study our teachings, and see how all these questions and confusion have been answered. And now a Pure Revelation that guides humanity in the creation of the Communities of Light and bringing the Kingdom of God and Spirit to earth, is revealed.

It is not that it is superior to other religions, but other religions are just a part of this greater truth. If they realize that, they can expand themselves and understand that indeed, this is the Revelation that has been prophesied to come, and then all their questions will be answered.

Therefore, the Unmanifested, Formless, Invisible, Nameless God is the Goal. That is where everyone has to go. The manifested form of God comes as the Revealer, as the teacher, as the person who comes as the Messiah, or Prophet with the clear prophecies and signs of His coming. That person is the manifestation of God in the manifested world.

If everyone on earth focused on that individual, therefore, the unity would be assured. But if they focus on many other people or those who come to him, and they themselves try to become a center and separate themselves from the one focus that unifies, it will not work.

It is just like the atom. There is only one center in the atom. If there are two centers, then the atom becomes two, three, and four. And the split starts in the creation. That should not happen

That is why we teach and emphasize, to those people who are in the Mission and trying to spread it, who give lectures or teach out there, just bring the focus of those who listen to you to the Mission, to Maitreya, to the center. Then we can unify. Otherwise, you will become a center yourself, and you will split and perpetuate the whole earth that we have now at this time.

Therefore, we encourage you to go to our website, understand these teachings, and you will see that all your questions are answered clearly.

Go ahead, Healing Guru.

Healing Guru: What you are espousing today is nothing new, unfortunately. The idea of everyone becoming unified under a Nameless, Formless God and that everyones goal is to return to a Nameless, Formless, Absolute Truth is not a new revelation.

Maitreya: The very saying that there is nothing new in this Revelation shows absolutely that you know nothing about this Revelation, and you do not understand what these teachings are. That absolutely is incorrect. You have to really study the teachings and see the differences.

You probably have not read and studied these teachings in a greater degree. We have heard that before. People come and say, There is nothing new in this Revelation.

All of the people who are in this Mission clearly understand that there is a difference in this Revelation and that It is the most unique Revelation for the last 12,000 years on earth.

Now, about your point that the Unmanifested, Formless, and Invisible will not create unity: Actually, that is the only thing that will create unity. Any form and more than one form creates disunity, and we can see that in the manifested world. Any time any atom or any cell has more than one center, that creates disunity and splits it into many different cells.

That is actually what cancer is. Cancer is when a cell goes haywire and it creates so many centers that it becomes useless. So that is also what this organization should not become, a cancer with many centers, but the focus should be on one center.

Go ahead, Katt Dragon Dreamer.

Katt Dragon Dreamer: Thank you so much. I went to your website, and I do have some questions. I think it is a very informative site. But I do have a small problem with the swastika. I am wondering why it is on there, and what does it represent actually?

Maitreya: Sure, Kat. Swastika: It is the most ancient symbol on earth. It is a symbol of the raising of the kundalini. It has been used as good luck, as a positive sign. Actually, the very plus (+) in mathematics comes from the swastika.

It has nothing to do with what Hitler used it for. It is still used in Hindu and Buddhist religions. And it is not considered as evil as it has been propagandized to be in the West, as an evil sign. Even the American Indians had the swastika.

If you go to our website, there is a book that was published by the Smithsonian Institute in the 1920s about the swastika. So many positive things have been said about it. That was before Hitler.

After Hitler came and the propaganda machine was created to degrade the sign, now it is an evil sign in the West. You cannot even find the book any more that was published by the Smithsonian Institute. They probably even deny that such a book ever existed. But we have the book that was published by them digitized in our website, and you can go and read it to see how widespread that sign is. Therefore, the West has to be re-educated and realize that Hitler just mis-used the sign.

It is like, as many times we have explained, a surgeons knife. A surgeons knife by itself is neither good nor evil. In the hand of a surgeon, he can take the tumor out and heal. In the hand of a killer, he can slash peoples throats and kill them. So, is the knife evil or good? It is neither. It is just a knife. It is a sharp knife that can be used to heal or to kill.

It is the same thing about the swastika. It is just a sign, which symbolizes positivity, symbolizes the raising of the kundalini. Therefore, it is good in that sense. Of course, if you give it to Hitler, he tilts it, and makes it a manifestation of destruction, and then it can create suffering for people.

It becomes evil to people who do not understand the events of the world and how God works. But it is neither good nor bad. So that is the answer to your question.

Adel, go ahead with your question.

Adel: Sal-OM. Yes, I have a simple question. What is the definition of a heathen, or what does it mean to be heathen? Thank you.

Maitreya: The definition of heathen means having ego instead of connecting to the Spirit, not wanting to know the truth.

In the old times, heathen referred to the barbarians and the people who did not believe in a Revelation that came to the Jews and Christians. They called them heathen because the Christians and Jews believed that what they had was the truth and what the other people had was not. Therefore, they were heathen, and the Christians and Jews were not.

That is why when the Christians came to America, the native people were heathen, the people who did not have any truth as, Christ is the Savior, and is the only way. So, it was easy for them to do to the natives as they pleased. We can see there that the result was the suffering of those who were called that name.

But the truth of it is that the people who do not really know the truth and reality of God cannot understand what the Truth is. That is what really heathen means. What keeps us from the truth? It is ego. Ego keeps us from the truth, and we have the umbrella of ego over our heads, so we do not receive the truth of the higher level.

Now we really do not have any heathen. The only people we have are those who overcome their egos and connect to God, or they do not. Therefore, in this time there is no heathen really left on earth. Most of them have a religion that is included in the Eternal Divine Path.

Those who have the Mystical Paths have to understand the rest of the teachings. If they are Jews, they have to realize that indeed Christ came as the Messiah, and they should forego their understandings. If they are Christian, they have to realize that indeed God promised both to Abram and Abraham that a Prophet will come from both children. And Prophet Muhammad also was prophesied to come. Those who are Moslem have to realize that indeed Bab was their Mehdi who came and brought universalism.

Of course, all of them have to become Paravipras and eventually create the Kingdom of God on earth.

We can see that there really are no heathen. The only heathen are the people who still keep their egos, and they are not letting the Spirit of God come through them.

I hope that answered your question. If you have follow-up, you can go ahead and ask another question.

Go ahead Kat.

Kat Dragon Dreamer: Thank you so very much. I am of Cherokee descent. I was wondering what tribe this swastika, which tribe used it? I am very intrigued and would like to know more. If you have any more informative sites, I would love to have them.

I also have a small question of people who claim to be like goodness I cannot really think of the word mystics, like Druids, Wiccans, pagans, and things like that. I have some questions about that. How does that fit in?

Maitreya: Ok, well, the Zunis, Hopis, and the people in the Southwest had the swastika. I do not know if there still is, but there used to be a hotel in a city called Mountainair in New Mexico. They had the swastika on their walls. I think we have a picture of that hotel in our website.

The Hopis have the prophecy based on the swastika that they have. You can get in touch with them. They also had the swastika in their culture. Also, there is a bank I have heard about in the north of New Mexico that has a hall, and there is a fireplace with a big swastika on it.

There is a website called, Friends of Swastika, if you search for that. A gentleman in Canada, who has tattoos all over his body of swastikas, has a website explaining why the swastika is not what Hitler brought and a lot of people believe about it. So you can go to his website. Probably that can help you. Just put the word swastika in the search engine in the Internet and you are going to come up with tons of information about swastikas.

And as I said, there is a book on our website that was published by the Smithsonian Institute. It explains why it was a positive sign before the coming of Hitler. So you have a lot of information there that can guide you to see the truth. Indeed, every culture has had the swastika. Now we have to go back and re-educate ourselves about it.

Go ahead, Healing Guru.

Healing Guru: I wanted to thank you for allowing me to speak. I appreciate your viewpoints. I do plan on coming back again in the future. I think we have a common ground.

My goal also is to unify humanity. If you choose to unify humanity on the basis that we are all Spirit/Soul, then humanity can be unified. There can be better understanding between people if they understand that they are not the body but actually Spirit/Soul. So there is a great unification there.

But what we see presently, everyone is in a bodily concept. They are fighting over whose land, This is mine, this is yours. I can see that your Mission is to unify people by bringing them to the point of understanding that they are not the body but the Spirit/Soul. So I appreciate that.

So again, thank you very much for letting me speak and best wishes to you and your Mission. I will see you again.

Maitreya: Sure, Healing Guru, we do not disagree with you. We absolutely agree with you. What you just said is the base and the essence of our teachings, that you are not your body. You are an Essence that is one with God and you have to concentrate on that. But at the same time you have to create the Communities of Light and bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. Therefore the march toward becoming Pure Consciousness and unity with God will be accelerated.

You are welcome to come back and discuss with me these things. Most of the people who are called for this Mission already know most of the teachings. But this brings a greater unity and understanding to them.

I hope you go to our website again, study our teachings, and see that we are not disagreeing with you at all but we are trying to expand everyone to see that this Revelation is the One that has been prophesied to come. You will benefit greatly by understanding our teaching.

I hope you come back.

Let us go to some of the questions in the text.

Sarick1: Sal-OM Maitreya! I am expecting a baby in December. When could I request a spiritual name for him or her, and could you explain the significance of a spiritual name?

Maitreya: Sure, anytime Sarick. Just send me an e-mail. I will meditate on the name of your child. Do you know if it is a boy or a girl? You have to know that first and let me know. With the technology these days, that is not a very hard thing to do. You can go and find out if it is a girl or a boy [some typing in text].

Oh, you want to have a surprise. Then I will have a surprise name for you after he or she has been born [laughing].

I have to know if it is a boy or a girl, then, I can give you that name. So we are going to be surprised when he or she comes to the world and I have chosen two names, one for a girl and one for a boy. When the baby comes, let me know and I will send it to you.

You can have a regular name if you want, and you can use the name I send you as his name or only a spiritual name. It is up to you as to which one you choose to do.

Again, this room is to discuss our teaching. Our teaching is in the website.

We have other rooms here. One room is called, "All Religions Unified." It is open many times during the week. The rest of the rooms are open 24 hours a day. You can go to the "All Religions Unified" room and talk to the people in that room. They will guide you to the other rooms. They will let you know where the website is. They will guide you to find information in the website. Our teachings are read in that room.

Hopefully many people will see the truth of this teaching, come together, and realize that indeed this is the purified religion and truth for humanity for the last 12,000 years, and we are now here to see this truth in a greater degree.

There is nothing bad in this universe. It is how it is used that it becomes good or evil. Therefore, we should not create an understanding that something is evil, something is good, but we see how that thing has been used. When it is used for evil it becomes evil, and when it is used for good it becomes good.

Guess Who is asking, Hey Maitreya, do you have any powers?

Maitreya: Well, the powers are not important. The truth and the teachings are what are important: the Message.

The miracle of this Mission is the Message. If you understand the Message of this teaching, you will realize that it is the most unique. It has not been on earth for at least the last 12,000 years. That is what we want to concentrate on. That is when we guide you toward that understanding.

The Message is more important than the miracles, the powers, the manifestations, or magnetizing water, and seeing crosses on the windows. It is the truth that is important, and that comes with the Word. That comes through the Word of the Chosen One to humanity and connects man back to God.

OK. I do not see any other questions on the board and or in the room. Therefore I will say good-bye to all of you. You be good, and go to God. Go to our website, understand our teachings, and realize, indeed it is the most unique.

It is something new. It is very new. Indeed no one has had it to this point. Now it is here for you to go, to read, to understand, to come and become one with God. Become a soldier, a preacher, a teacher who connects everyone to the Mission and God. Get rid of our egos, and become connected directly to the Spirit.

Sal-OM everybody. Hopefully see you next week.

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