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Maitreya: Welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversations Room. As usual, we will be with you for one hour, or an hour and a half, it depends on how many questions there will be, and how many have gone to the website, studied our teachings, and now are here to discuss them with us. As usual the topic will be the Mission of Maitreya and our teachings.

The teachings are in the website. It is a Revelation that reveals to humanity that all the religions of the world have come from the same Source. Each major religion brought by the Major Manifestations have a specific Message for humanity, and when you put all of them together you will see the whole picture.

The coming of this Revelation has been prophesied in every religion. All humanity is waiting for a Revelation that explains what they did not know before.

Indeed we teach here what humans have never known. It is absolutely a Revelation that is new and has been prophesied to come. It has been hidden even from the Great Manifestations and Prophets. It was revealed to a few Prophets like Daniel and Ezekiel but they were instructed not to reveal it to anyone.

Now humanity has the opportunity to know the Plan of God to this point and how all the revelations have come from the same Source, and now they have been called to an action: The creation of the Communities of Light, to understand the Eternal Divine Path and follow it.

The Eternal Divine Path is the Revelation that reveals what is the meaning of each of these religions, where they fall, how they relate to each other, and how they manifest the Kingdom of God on earth. That is the way of the salvation and healing of this earth that it needs so badly.

It is important, it is necessary, it is a Call to humanity to see this Vision, to see this Revelation, to see this Truth, and realize what is the Will of God. Any other reasons, any other Vision, any other understanding, is not the whole picture. If you do not have the whole picture, you will not have all the facts and information, and your conclusion will be wrong.

That is exactly what this Mission and Revelation gives you. It gives you the whole picture. It makes you realize that you can make an educated decision based on the whole truth and the whole facts that have been revealed to you, through God, and through the Manifestations that came as the Prophets of God.

The Prophets of God who have revealed the seven parts of the Revelation of the Eternal Divine Path can be called the Major Manifestations, the Major Prophets, and the Messiahs. No matter what you call them, they have been prophesied to come. It had been foretold that these Major Prophets would manifest.

God is a Spirit. God cannot come and bring a Revelation to humanity because a Manifestation is necessary to connect the Message of God to man. Such Manifestations as Prophets have been in the history of humanity for at least the last 6,000 years. We can see the culmination of these revelations now has come to man. Now humanity can see this Vision clearly and understand that they have to shatter any narrowness of the mind; they have to come together and create communities.

The human life should be much more relaxed. It should be much more comfortable, or not as stressful as we have created on earth right now. A lot of peoples lives are stressful because they have to work so hard. Every individual has to make it.

In the communities, that stressfulness should be taken away. Indeed stress is what Christ called, You gain the world but lose your Soul.

The humans need to have more time to meditate. They need more connection with other humans in a deeper level as coworkers, as people who struggle together toward God, in an environment that they can thrive and understand God in a deeper level, understand themselves, and realize that they are a part of God.

With the world we have created, people do not have the time or the understanding that those are the most important things. Other things have become more important, and that is being attached to the external world. Of course, the external world is a temporary state. It is not the permanent state of being of the universe. Being attached to anything temporary will not result in that ultimate Happiness, Oneness, and Joy.

By realizing this is temporary we can create an environment that we can realize the permanence, the Spirit, and the realization that we are One with God. That is the goal of this Mission, to create Communities of Light that people can meditate and awaken their spiritual forces. It is a more relaxing and more humane environment for the human psyche. They can progress physically, mentally, and spiritually instead of an environment that kills the Soul and creates a situation that they do not have time to realize themselves in a greater degree.

That is what this Realization or this Revelation brings to humanity. It is much more than that. It takes, on the average, seven years of study and involvement with the Mission for a person to really deeply understand what the teachings are. Some people understand it faster. Some people take longer.

The Revelation is amazing, and the teaching is perfect. It brings great truth to anyone on earth. No matter what is your religion, you will understand your religion in a much deeper level.

This room is for everyone to go to our website and bring their questions here. It is a discussion room mostly for you to become more familiar with the teachings. With discussing them here, you understand them in a deeper level.

I have been giving lectures and revealing this Revelation for the last twenty-four or twenty-five years. There is a lot of material in the website that can help you. If you do not have any questions, that is OK. At the same time the reason for this room is to bring your questions here in a higher level related to the Mission so we can understand this teaching in a deeper level.

Not only does this teaching unify all the religions of the world, it shows how the cyclical movements of the society have been working in history. It shows historically how these cyclical movements have come to this point and now we can create an environment that will bring leaders into existence that know these cyclical movements and can help humanity to smooth these cycles and create a greater degree of standard of living for everyone.

Therefore not only will their physiological and safety needs be taken care of but we will create an environment that they also can progress physically, mentally, and spiritually. And it explains what each of these revelations meant, and that when you put them together you receive the whole picture.

It is a perfect Revelation. It is the ultimate Revelation. No one before this Revelation could claim that he was the last Prophet or the Revealer of the last Revelation of God. That is because no matter what the Prophet said or who he was, he did not have the Seventh Revelation or the Seventh Seal.

All the religions of the world have to realize and recognize that their religion is a part of a greater truth, that their revealer is a Great Revealer, and it is a Major Manifestation. They are respected, they are loved, they are adored, and they are put in a very high level of Gods Messengers, but at the same time they had only one seventh of the truth. They can understand in a greater degree their teachings, their revelations, their religions, if they understand ours. That is what has been prophesied to come.

Also religions have to forego their dogmas. When the dogmas are out and the plain truth of every religion is revealed, then we can free ourselves from the narrowness of the mind and the separative ideas that exist on earth at this time. Humanity is going toward a great destruction if they do not understand this simple truth that has been revealed to them.

It is paramount for each of us to recognize the urgency of this Revelation and Message. And of course be wise as serpents, as Christ said, Be in the world but not of it. Be wise in the world so you can spread this Message in a way that it is not going to be harmful to you as an individual if you are in an environment that they cannot understand the depth and beauty of this teaching and their dogmas might create an environment that is not safe for you.

God has created an environment here that the freedom of expression and religion has been provided for humanity, and this Revelation comes where these ideas are respected. Therefore we can preach the Revelation, the last Revelation of God, without other Prophets being persecuted, stoned, or shot at. God has provided an environment for this Revelation that it can be preached to the world without any side effects that other Prophets had to go through.

Indeed the Internet itself is created by God to bring a safe environment for the preaching of this Revelation. God is very protective of this Revelation, because all the other revelations before it have been changed and distorted. Many people who did not know the whole Vision, tried to explain it. They created branches and different religions out of each religion.

If there is a dispute about the meaning of the Revelation, go back to the Eternal Divine Path. The Eternal Divine Path is a very simple Path. It is based on the Seven Seals, or seven steps. The first step is awakening of our spiritual forces, meditation, concentration, contemplation, and anything that helps you to Know thyself, which is the First Seal in the Eternal Divine Path. That includes all the Mystical Teachings like: Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, and all the teachings that teach, Know thyself, Awaken your spiritual forces, Be still and know that I am God.

The second step is the creation of the Communities of Light, which is the Old Testament. If you read the Old Testament, God is trying to choose a people, Hebrews. Hebrews means the Children of Light. He was trying to find the Children of Light.

The Children of Light will create the communities, which were the tribes. They will bring God as their King, and His Laws as the Laws of their communities. They will create the Communities of Light. That is the message of the Old Testament. Hebrew at this time does not mean a specific race. It means the chosen person who follows the Eternal Divine Path. That person can become, or be called, a Hebrew, a Child of Light. That means anyone on earth who understands this teaching, sees the Vision, and tries to create the Communities of Light and sacrifices for it.

The next step is sacrifice. That was brought by the New Testament. Christ brought the message that without sacrifice, no Communities Of Light will be created. That does not mean that you sacrifice and many people take from the few who sacrifice, but to teach children from the very childhood that sharing is the Essence of life, they should share with one another, and they should learn how to sacrifice of themselves for the good of the community and the well being of humanity.

That is the message of the New Testament. Christ sacrificed all for his ideal, and he brought the sharpest teaching for humanity. Also he released The Grace that was taken at the time of the fall of man. Those who followed Christ were saved by Grace. But as the Koran says, that will only last to the end of this era.

With this Revelation and the coming of this truth, The Grace has now been released to the whole of humanity. That is why we are seeing there is equity and equality coming to man more and more. There is not going to be too much of a difference in their standard of living. It has to be more equal, and it will be.

That is the revelation that the Koran says, Yes, the followers of Esa, or Christ, will be preferred till the end time. This is the end time. Now everyone should realize that Christ indeed released The Grace, and they also should seek The Grace of God. As the Christians have been saved by Grace, so the whole of humanity has to understand the importance of Grace in the life of the human so it is not all Law but also Grace is important.

Grace without the Law does not make sense because Grace is Law. When you have The Grace, you follow the Law. You do not break the Laws of God. They absolutely are one. Grace and Law is one. Without The Grace, it is impossible to follow the Law. Following the Law without Grace will become a burden. It does not become the Joy of seeing the depths of the Law itself.

You cannot say that Christ came, destroyed the Law, and we are saved by Grace, because the moment you are saved by Grace, you will follow the Law. They go hand in hand.

Christ was in Grace. That is why he was able to follow the Law to the point that he told people how they should behave if the have the Law: If your hand defiles you, cut it off and throw it away. That means if you have The Grace you would not break the Ten Commandments and/or Fifteen Commandments or the Laws of God because they will be in your heart. They go together.

With sacrifice you can create the Communities of Light. But you might be attached to the result of your actions. You say, I am doing so much and nothing is happening. You become depressed.

Or you do something and things start happening. You say, I am the doer. Look at me I am such a wonderful being. You become a big ego and you fall.

Ego is the problem in this manifested world. Ego is like an umbrella that we have on the top of our heads and we are cutting off The Grace. When we cut out The Grace we do not follow the Law, we fall, and we do not feel God. We feel that He is not there, He is not connected to us and we are not connected to Him. We become unhappy and we do not even feel that there is a God. That is what most of humanity feels, that God does not exist.

Actually some people say that God is dead already. But with this Revelation and the coming of the truth, and the last Revelation of God we say, No. He is still there. He exists. He still is in control. He says what He has done, what He will do, and He has done them all to this point.

He said that He would send a Revelation at the end time that would clarify everything. He has. Therefore God indeed exists. He is well, and He is with us all the time. There is no time that God is not with us. With this understanding humanity realizes that there is a God. He has a Will for us. All of us have come from Him or Her or It, or whatever you want to call It. It really does not have any name because He is not a manifestation. He is in control.

Indeed if you have a Vision of Him, He knows everything at the same time. There is nothing that is unknown by God.

We have to recognize this and realize that this is the Will of God, to create the Communities of Light, to meditate, to awaken our spiritual forces, to know ourselves, to realize our ego and how our ego cuts The Grace out and how we do not feel God because we are cut off from The Grace. Therefore we start going deeper, understanding, and following the Law, not because it has been commanded to follow the Law, but because of The Grace you do not even want to break the Law. That is because you know that the moment you break the Law, The Grace will be taken away and The Grace is the only thing you want.

The Grace is the time that you feel the connection to the Spirit. Anything that disconnects you from the Spirit will be shunned and discarded. You will strive to become Godly, pure, and purity, and rid yourself of your ego.

Ego becomes attached. That is one of the characteristics of the ego. Ego becomes attached to life, becomes attached to family, and becomes attached to nations and languages. Anything that we are attached to is temporary. The only permanent thing is God, and God does not have any color, does not have any manifestation, He is not a nation or language, or any tangible thing. You just have to shatter any narrowness of the mind or attachment that keeps you from God.

It does not mean to drop your family. No, love them with Godly Love with no attachments. Look at them as one manifestation of God that He has provided them for you to be so close, helpful, and one. Help them in any way you can. They also can progress physically, mentally, and spiritually. But at the same time know that when it comes for the time to go back to God, no one is going to be around but you and God. Therefore be attached to something that is permanent.

At that moment you are not going to take your wealth; you are not going to take your family. You are not going to take your nation, language, and gender. Anything that you are attached to now, in that moment of leaving your body, none of them are going to be with you. The only thing left will be your Soul. That is what you have to work on, your spirit, your Oneness with God, The Grace. At that moment when it comes say, Yes, here I am, ready to come back to Your Bosom, to Your Spirit, and return to You.

Therefore you will become an observer, a witness entity of life. You will look at life like the river underneath the bridge. The river goes but you are steady and looking at it as something that is happening there. Any attachments should be completely shattered and taken care of.

The Fourth Revelation came to humanity as the revelation in the Koran. Islam means to be surrendered and submitted to God. Surrendering means that you do the action, and you surrender the result to God. Any attachment you have you will overcome and you free yourself to God, to permanency. Any temporary things are never going to give you the permanent happiness: your family, your nations, your language, anything that is not permanent, is temporary. As you grow, those temporary attachments are going to fall off.

The sooner you rid yourself of your attachments through the temporary things, the sooner you will realize the permanency, or God. Of course, you will be free from all the vices of this life and this manifested world.

When you do the action also for the Communities of Light in the Eternal Divine Path, if you become attached to them you either become depressed or you will become elated and egoistical. We just said the moment you become egoistical, you cut God out and you are not connected. Therefore you do the action and you surrender the result.

But greater than surrendering is submission, realizing that God is doing the action through me. That is why some people are surprised. Some people come to our room and someone says something that makes sense in the room, and they say, Thank you, such and such a person. That person says, All thanks go to God. It means, I did not do it. God did it through me. God is the One who receives the thanks. I have no credit for what happens. I am free from my ego. I neither become depressed nor too elated.

Surrendering and submission is the way to become One with God, and that is the goal to spiritual progress, to become One with God. The more we let God come through, the more we realize that God is the Doer and we are not, the more we realize that, I do not exist but God exists only, the sooner we become One with God and we can manifest His Spirit in a greater degree.

When the other people also see the Spirit of God coming through us, they will want to be like us because we have the Joy, Calmness, Unity, and Stillness of Gods Spirit with us. And everyone wants that.

Therefore the Fourth Step or revelation was the Koran and Islam, surrendering and submission. That means we absolutely let God come through, and we are free from our ego.

Still you might concentrate on a very small part of the world, a part of the earth, a part of the universe and only direct your meditation, your prayer, and your understanding to that small part. That is why the next step is universalism.

Berserker is asking:

Berserker3: What god are we talking about?

Maitreya: There is only One God: Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal (FINE). He does not have any form. The moment you give Him a form, the moment you say, God looks like this, or, God looks like that, you create separation, you create division, you create ego trips, and you create wars, destruction, and misunderstanding. He is Invisible. He cannot be seen. If you can see anything manifested, or any sense can recognize it, it is not the Ultimate State of God.

Berserker, one of the rules in this room is, do not ask any more questions before your first question has been answered. Therefore, hold your typing until your first question has been answered, and then we will go ahead and answer your other questions.

Let us concentrate on, Which God we are talking about? He is Invisible. It cannot be seen. It is impossible to have a shape for Him. It goes very well with Formless, but It also cannot even be seen.

Nameless, He does not have any manifested name. Of course all the beautiful names belong to Him, as the Koran says. You can call Him anything you want but really God is the Permanent and He is not manifestation, therefore, He cannot have any name in manifestation, in the manifested world.

So we can see that God is Nameless and Invisible. He is also Eternal. He has been here, He was here, and He will be here forever. Eternity is something you cannot explain as God cannot be explained. It can be experienced.

Therefore we are talking about the God called Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal.

Now you ask:

Berserker3: I see, Zeus? Or, I think I mean Zeus. Like Jesus?

Maitreya: Well, that is good; you know his name never was Jesus. As you mentioned, Jesus is a combination of Jay (In Sanskrit it means victory), and Zeus (Zeus, of course, the god Zeus). We can see that the name Jesus has come from the Greek language.

After Christianity came to Europe, later on he was called Jesus. His name never was Jesus.

That is interesting that God has already revealed that you are saved only by His Name. But what is His Name? That is a mystery that many religions try to say what His Name is. But in reality his name cannot be pronounced in the external world.

That is why when the followers or disciples of Christ were healing and they were healing many people, a magician came and offered them money and a lot of other things if they could give him The Word that they healed with. Of course, they did not accept his offer.

If healing was done by the name of Jesus, or the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, why would he offer money to know what The Word was? It was a Word that they would not pronounce or utter externally.

The magician, or the person who wanted The Word, could not hear what they said. Therefore, he offered money to them to receive The Word. They did not give it to him because he was not ready. He wanted to use it and misuse it instead of to bring it to Godly manifestation.

We can see indeed that The Word, His Name, cannot be pronounced. The Word that the disciples used to heal was given to them internally. Therefore no one knew what they said or used.

Now a days people heal in the name of Jesus and the name of the Father, Son, and The Holy Ghost. Christ already said that, At the end time they are going to come to me and say, I healed in your name, and I will say, I know you not, because The Word you use is really not Christ, but you heal in the name of Zeus.

Also Christians are supposed to be saved by his name. If the name is not Jesus how can they claim to be saved when the name is not even the name that God said they would be saved with? You are correct; they used Jay-Zeus as the name of Christ.

His earthly name was Esa. Esa is known in the Moslem countries, in India, in the Far East. He is known as Esa the Messiah.

His earthly name was Esa but his spiritual name is something that cannot be uttered. They call him Yahweh. They call him Yshua, and all that. All of them still are the outward pronunciation and uttering of The Word. The Name of God cannot be uttered.

That is why if the Hebrews tried to utter the name of God, they would be stoned, because the Hebrews knew that the true name of God could not be pronounced. We are talking about that God, the God that is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. It is not Jay-Zeus. It is not Jesus. It is not Allah. It is not Yshua. It is not Brahma. It is not Krishna. It is not any name that you can utter in the external world.

It is something that can be revealed to you through the initiations in the Mission. Those who receive it will be the soldiers and the workers of God, and they will work very hard to manifest this Revelation.

When you receive it, of course, you will say, Ah-ha! It has been there always but I did not know it. When you receive it, you will be with God all the time. If you remember it and the environment lets you meditate, manifest it, and think about it more and more, you will see one day that there is no time that God is not with you.

Therefore we are talking about that God. We are talking about the only God that there is. He is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal.

Berserker3: Can we see God? How do you know He is there?

Maitreya: As we said, He is Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal, therefore you cannot see Him. But you can see His Manifestation. You can see His Hand in the creation. You can see how logical and scientific It is.

You can see how science even is becoming closer and closer in realizing that there is a unified field, or a unified theory. It is a theory but in reality everything has come from the Unified Source. That Unified Source in the Mystical Paths, in religions, is called God.

The Essence, the very permanency of the universe, cannot be seen. That is why scientists have such a hard time to go beyond the manifested world.

The latest thing they have realized is the dark matter. They know that dark matter exists because the weight of some galaxies is much more than the materials in them. There is something there that makes them even heavier than the weight of the galaxies or any manifestation. They call it dark matter. That is the ether in the universe that cannot be detected with the instruments of science. We can see there is some unified field or Essence that everything has come from. That is God.

Furthermore if you understand our teachings, all through our teachings God has promised many things that He will manifest in the world, on the earth, and He has accomplished them. For example, if you go to a room and there is a glass of water there and you come back a half an hour later and see the water is not there, you assume someone came and drank the water. That individual exists and you know such a person has been there although you do not see the person there anymore.

If you read our teachings. you will understand that God has revealed that He will manifest. He promised many things in history, and He accomplished them. Therefore you have no choice but to say, God exists.

God is not recognizable, understandable, by mind or intellect. God is an experience. That is why you cannot explain God. Humanity has been trying to explain God for thousands of years. They have written probably thousands and thousands of books, just to explain what God is, and they have not succeeded because God cannot be explained.

God is beyond mind. You have to experience God in Spirit, as Christ said, You worship God in Spirit, not in temples and in mountains. We can see the intellectual will have a hard time trying to explain God, and they will not succeed. If they meditate, if they close their eyes and they are accepted, they will experience the connection.

Intellectually, if you read our teachings, if God said He will do these things and He has done them, He exists. You do not have to see it to believe it but you have to recognize, Yes indeed, the Spirit does exist.

I hope that answered your question. If you have a question, now you can go ahead and type it. But do not go on and on just typing it over and over. Let one question be answered before the other question comes up.

If you are an intellectual person and you are trying to explain God, you will not succeed. But if you close your eyes, meditate and read our teachings, you will see that God exists. The very existence of this Revelation on earth is a testimony of Gods existence.

If you understand how God prophesied this would come, how He said the person who will bring this will be from the genealogy of King David, how there are going to be Seven Seals, Seven Revelations and the last Revelation will explain everything, then you have no choice but to say, Yes, indeed, this is a testimony of the existence of God and therefore this Mission is here to glorify God and teach intellectuals and atheists to realize that God exists.

They are trying to explain God and they are very clever, with intellectual pride. Just like saying if God is really powerful, why doesnt He create a stone that even He cannot lift up? Those are clever statements or ways that they are trying to discredit God. If you understand our teachings, you will see that God said He was going to do these things, and He has done them. Therefore God exists.

Then you have to create faith. Then you have to see the Hand of God in your life, in history, in creation. They are all explained in our teachings how even history has been guided and brought to this point by God. You have no choice at the end but to say, Yes. God exists.

Now if you can see It or not, if you have the eye, you do. You can see God in your hand, how fantastic this instrument is that the best engineer on earth even has not created something so useful, so flexible, and so wonderful. You can grab things. You can pick up. You can put it down. You can do a lot of things with your hands. It is perfect. Who created it? Is it by chance? Impossible! We can see that it cannot be created by chance.

Know that God and realize He exists. This Revelation is from Him. It is the last Revelation explaining everything to humanity. Then recognize and realize that you have to go back to Him.

There is question by Silver:

Silver2-4: I recently read the story of Baha'u'llah and was so astounded by the terrible suffering that these servants of God experienced, even more than Esa experienced. Will this happen again?


Actually I do not know if you read the story of Bahaullah or Bab. Bab was the first revealer of the revelation of universalism. Bab was also called Bahaullah.

Bahaullah was a disciple of Bab. He later on claimed that he was the one that Bab was talking about. He brought the teaching from the East to the West, to Jerusalem. Not all the way to the West but to Jerusalem, which still is in the East. His son eventually brought the rest of the teaching to Europe and the United States, to the West.

Both of them suffered greatly. Bab went through very bad circumstances, and eventually was shot and killed. Bahaullah also suffered a lot.

Suffering has always been with the Prophets before this Revelation. If you study the Seven Seals and Seven Revelations, God does not predict any such thing to happen to the Revealer of the Seventh Revelation. He predicts that there is going to be a great stature for the Revealer and the Revelation at this time.

We can see that He has provided an environment that this Revelation can come and reach humanity in a greater degree without the side effects that came to other Prophets before. Hopefully, physically at least, there will not be any suffering as has occurred in the past. But emotionally and mentally there is always suffering related to a new idea. Any person who brings a new idea to humanity will suffer.

Even scientists, when they bring a new idea to the scientific community, usually they are rejected because it is not the norm and it is not the accepted behavior of scientists. It happened to Galileo or even Darwin and all the people who have brought new ideas, and the other scientists were not ready for them.

It is the same thing for religion. In religion it is more intense because people are very attached to their beliefs, to their own religions, cultures, languages, etc. It is even worse in the sense that it affects their spirit, their ability to live the way they used to, and the way they thought the truth was. They become very unhappy of a new revelation or religion. They want to harm the revealer because they think it is his fault that he brought something to them that is not the same as what they believe.

The truth is that it is God who brought that revelation to man through this person. It is not that persons fault that the whole truth had not been revealed to humanity to this point. That person was chosen. God had said to him, Go ahead and give this Revelation to man.

Actually if you remember, Jonah knew he was going to suffer because he had a Message from God. He said, God, you have the wrong person. I am not going to do it. We know that he did not have any choice.

He tried to go away from the city that God was sending him to. God made the people in the ship throw him in the ocean or sea. A whale swallowed him and brought him back right in front of that city and threw him out of his mouth. God said, Now go and give them My Message.

Jonah was the only Prophet that was actually listened to while he was alive. That is the only Prophet who ever came, went to a people and gave the Message of God, and they accepted him and did not crucify him, stone him, yell at him, curse him, etc.

In this time with the way that God has created it, the only thing they can do is come here and throw cyber-stones at us. That is what it is called to come here, yell, and say things that are not true. The truth is that they do not have the access to us that they had to other Prophets. This time it has not happened they way it has happened in the past.

It is enough, six times of suffering, destruction, being shot at, stoned, etc. In the Seventh time, hopefully, we will have an environment that is more educational.

This time as has been taught in the Mission, it is the life of the thief of the night. We have come very quietly. We are reaching to humanity very quietly. Therefore it is the thief of the night. No one knows when it came and when it left. Very few people know what is happening. So this time it is not prophesied that there is going to be any suffering the way the other Prophets had been treated.

Of course, those Prophets were the same Spirit, the same Being, and the same Manifestation. The suffering has come to that Manifestation to this point but in this point it is prophesied that there is not going to be any suffering. This time it is the coming of the Kingdom instead of bringing one part of the manifestation and in an environment that will make that person suffer greatly.

Yes, it is terrible what people or humans do to the Prophets of God but they are lessons for humanity to learn, not to go that path anymore but understand, realize, and see that God said this Revelation will come and they come and join instead of fighting it.

I hope that answered your question.

There is a question from Cryangel X.

Cryangel_X: Will not he speak in Persian? Why has he not any site in Persian?

Maitreya: Yes, I can speak in Persian. But English is the chosen language by God for humanity. As we know English is almost an international language, and we encourage everyone to learn English because this Revelation has come in English.

Also we encourage you not only to learn English but also bring beautiful words from other languages to English so eventually, one day in the future, we will have a new language that has the beauty of all the languages that will become an international language.

Yes, I can speak Persian, Farsi, but it does not make any sense when only a few people can understand me in this room but most people can understand English. That is why it is given in English. It is revealed in English, and it will be preached in English.

I hope that answered your question.

Let me see, there is another question from Berserker.

Berserker3: How do you know Zeus is Jesus when Zeus came first? Are you trying to change history to fit your picture? Maybe Jesus was Zeus, and you got it wrong. One way or the other he's dead now so it doesnt matter.

Maitreya: Well, the reason it is Zeus is because the Greeks were following Zeus. Of course he was before Christ. When the teaching of Christ came to the West, actually it fit very well with the beliefs of Mithraism, which was a branch of the Zoroastrian Religion. They were waiting for Mithra to come from a virgin. And he would save the world.

Does it sound familiar being born from a virgin and saving the world? Then the Greeks and Romans took the religion, and as you will study in our teaching, they have changed many things. They have changed the Feasts and Holy Days of God to the feasts and holidays of the Romans and the Greeks.

Before Christ came to the West, the Greeks always said, Jay-Zeus, victory to Zeus, because that was their God. They accepted Christianity as a much greater revelation because their gods were Zeus or Apollo, or the Sun God, Mithra, etc.

But Christ was the Son of God, the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal. He was much greater than just being a god of the sun or the god that was always angry, unhappy, and had human failings.

When Christianity came to the West, it was more appealing. Of course, it was the Will of God. God already prophesied that the lost tribes of Israel would be gathered together by Christ. That is exactly what happened to the West because that is where the lost tribes came.

They did not want to give up their gods. That is why you can see that Christianity has been amazingly affected with the pagan ideas and Greek and Roman beliefs. That was done so that God shows that The Grace is more important than anything else. The Christians to this point have been saved by Grace, not by what they believed and understood in a deeper level.

We can see the whole of Christianity was affected with the ideas before it. Now it has been revealed that those things have to go.

The true name of Christ was not Jesus. He never was called Jesus. Actually the very J does not exist in Hebrew. There is no J in Hebrew. It is impossible for Jesus to be his name. It is something that has been given to him by the Greeks after they accepted Christianity.

They knew about Zeus because Zeus, as you said, was before Esa. You are absolutely correct in that. We do not change the history. Actually we explain the history in a greater degree. If you understand our teaching, history makes much more sense to you and how God has been guiding it to this point.

Indeed our teaching is based on science and history and psychology and everything, every branch of science, or any discipline you look at, you will see is covered in our teachings in a deeper degree and is explained.

Silver is asking:

Silver2-4: When I first visited this wonderful place, I knew that Maitreya is the promised Seventh Angel predicted in the Bible. I also believed that because I knew this meant I was ready to become a fulltime servant of the Lord. I have come to understand this is not so. Please comment.

Maitreya: I followed you until, I have come to understand this is not so. Why is it not so? Can you explain that part? What do you mean by that? Can you explain it a little further? I cannot understand I have come to understand this is not so. What is not so, I am not the Seventh Angel, or you cannot be a fulltime servant of God? Can you explain further, Silver that last sentence, I have come to understand this is not so.

Silver2-4: I cannot be a fulltime servant of God.


OK, you cannot be a full time servant of God. Why not? Why cant you be a fulltime servant of God? Everyone can be a fulltime servant of God if their hearts desire is with God fully, and they can overcome their attachments and come to God 100%. Why can you not do that? What is the reason for it? That is what I do not understand because I believe any person can become 100% the servant of God. Actually that is our birthright to be the servant of God 100%.

If we desired so greatly to be 100% the servant of God, why not? Can you tell us why not?

Silver2-4: It is because I have not been able to follow any of the rituals.

Maitreya: Actually the most important part of the Mission is the Eternal Divine Path and following the Eternal Divine Path. The rituals are given for your benefit.

Also not all the rituals are for everyone. Some people like to sing. Some people like to meditate. Some people like to dance. Some people like to chant. Some people like to concentrate. Some people like to do different parts of the rituals. The rituals are mostly given for different tastes of the disciples and also for bringing a greater tolerance in the different cultures that do not do the same rituals as other people.

It is like when you see the Moslems, staying, hundreds and thousands of them in the different rows and doing the Namaz, it is very odd to us why some people can just give up their businesses and go to a different place and stay together and do the Namaz together. It brings great unity, great energy, to those people.

Why we do the rituals in the Mission, are for these reasons. Everyone should do them, at least once. If you like them, great, continue. When you do them once, the next time you see the Moslems, it is not going to look so strange to you anymore because you know, not only it brings great unity, it also is a yoga exercise. Therefore it brings a great flexibility and spiritual benefit to that person.

Also when we chant, next time when you see a Buddhist chant, it does not sound strange anymore but you see, Oh yes. It is possible to chant. I have chanted myself. They do not look strange anymore. Or in dancing, or the kirtan, all those rituals are given for the benefits. Chanting concentrates the mind. Dancing loosens the body and brings the Spirit to you.

We can see the African and South American people dance a lot. They even sometimes experience God through that dancing and going to the higher state of consciousness.

All those things should be spontaneous and should be followed with the Spirit. When you dance do not become too rigid, Oh I have to follow this foot first, that foot second. I have to say this. I have to put my hands up or down, and all that. But let the Spirit take over and after a while you absolutely forget about the self.

The rituals are for you to follow. If you do not follow them, you do not receive the benefit.

But the most important part is to recognize that this Revelation is from God, all religions are unified, you understand this religion, and you become tolerant, and become a person who can also teach other people to see this Vision clearly. That is the most important part of the Mission. Rituals are great, they are very beneficial, but if the individual does not do them they will not receive the benefit themselves.

Still you can be a great Servant of God, but not doing all the rituals. But being a Servant of God and doing the rituals is better.

Cryangel_X: [speaking in Persian]


I am just talking in Persian with Cryangel. She is asking me if I can talk to her a little in Farsi. So [talking in Farsi briefly] you can see that I can speak Persian if I want to but I would rather give this Revelation in English. This Revelation did not come to me when I was in Iran. It came to me when I was in the United States.

And it did not come to me in Persian. It came to me in English. We can see that if I had brought this in Persian and I would give this Revelation in Persian in PalTalk or in the United States, very few people would understand what the Revelation is.

But look, I am giving it in English and people in Australia, people in Europe, people in South America, people in the United States, people in Asia are all hearing me and understanding what I am talking about.

Also Persian has been influenced with Arabic. So has English. We know that Spain was under the influence of the Arabs for two hundred years. And the French language has been influenced greatly with the Spanish, and so Arabic, language. They almost have the same kind of alphabet, male and female for everything. Of course Spanish has been greatly influenced with Arabic. And the French influenced English.

We know that the higher classes in England learned and spoke French after it was under the control of the French for some time. We can see the Hebrews or the Semitic languages influenced Persian, Spanish, and French. And they influenced English. Therefore it has been influenced with the Semitic languages also.

Actually English became more powerful after the French influenced it. English has many words that have come from different cultures. It is the most powerful language that has come to humanity. At this time English is an international language. We have to accept that. That is Gods Doing, and we have to realize to follow what Gods Doing is.

As we said, as the beautiful words in Persian, beautiful words in Arabic, beautiful words in Hebrew, beautiful words in Sanskrit, and Hindu, and Chinese, and many languages come to English, eventually we will reach a point that this language is not going to be what it is right now. It is going to be absolutely a new language, an international language that everyone can follow, know, and appreciate.

Cryangel_X: [typing in Persian]


I do not know, I guess we have to stop the Persian language. You should say it in English, Cryangel, so everyone will know what is going on here in the room. We can see that I am not attached to any specific culture or language. I am attached to God. And that is where I have come from.

Also each of you, if you realize that yes indeed, reincarnation is correct and you have been born many, many times, where are you from? Which reincarnation? Which lifetime? How can you be attached only to one culture and one language when you have been incarnated in all languages in the world?

We all have to expand our consciousnesses. We have to all go beyond our nationality and language and anything we are attached to and realize that there is only one earth, one humanity, one Savior, one God. Break away from anything that narrows us and does not include everyone in it.

With this we realize indeed we have to overcome this. Otherwise we are going to have the same problems that we have on earth right now. We will be separating ourselves by language, nationality, gender, and everything that has created problems for humanity. That is where God wants to take humanity, God wants to take humanity to the unity of all men and create a new culture.

That culture is going to be the culture of God. The culture of God is based on Gods Laws and Gods Way.

Adel has a question. Go ahead Adel.

AdeLDaharma: Thank you Maitreya, thank you very much. I was wondering about believing. I think that a lot of people think that it is easy to believe in God. This has not been my experience, but it is very much possible to work towards it. How can you know when you are a true believer?

Maitreya: I see. Who is a true believer?

A true believer is the person who follows the Eternal Divine Path. The true believer is not a word. It is not something I say, I believe, and that is it. I am a believer.

A believer is a person who sees the Vision. He believes that God has prophesied this Revelation will come. He does see this Revelation is the Seventh Seal, the Seventh Revelation of God, the last Revelation for humanity, and it is the truth that God said He would send at the end time.

Not only he/she sees the Vision but also he/she sees the calling that this Vision brings to them and to humanity. They start meditating, doing the rituals, attending the rooms that do the rituals, and coming to the services. They awaken their spiritual forces, they try to preach and distribute, and reach out to humanity to further spread this Message and the Mission to humanity. They can bring more people to realize that God has this last Revelation and their religion is a part of it. They come together as one.

If they do that, they will be recognized by their fruit and little by little they might come closer to the Mission. When you come closer to the Mission it means you come closer to me, and your ability to work with me.

This Mission is not something that I say, Just meditate and do not worry about it. You are going to be OK. It is not something that does not have any Call to action. It is a Call to action. It is coming together. Come close to me so we can work together and create the facilitating body.

Your ability to work with me is very important. If you cannot work with me, if you cannot create a rapport, understanding, and a working condition with me, that is fine. You have received the Vision, you have received the Revelation, and I leave you to God.

If you want to go further, you have to create a situation or ability that we can work together and little by little find the twelve or twenty-four elders, or the Facilitating Body, and create the networking or a system that can reach to all parts of the earth. Then we can have the teachers and the Facilitating Body so we can create the many Communities of Light and eventually create the hierarchy that comes from the communities.

We are not the hierarchy. The hierarchy comes from the community, from the people, by the people, for the people. That is what their ideal was. That has not manifested yet. But now it will if we create that environment.

The true believer starts with seeing the Vision, seeing this is from God, then gradually manifesting their abilities. They can reach, manifest, and give great fruits, and eventually come close so we can work together to manifest this Mission.

Go ahead Adel.

AdeLDaharma: Thank you very much for that answer. I am trying to understand now that it came to me that it is like this mustard seed that Esa was talking about. It starts with a very small seed and it grows from there. Thank you very much.

Maitreya: Absolutely! That is a good analogy. Indeed Christ has already given us the way it works. That mustard seed is the faith, and is understanding. Little by little it should become a great tree that will give much fruit.

But we have to let the ego go and let God come through. The more God comes through, the closer we will come together and we can create a greater environment and manifest the Mission as God has shown us how it should be done.

Silver is asking:

Silver2-4: I believe that God has called me to this Mission. How do I know this belief is true?


Well, you know this Revelation and the truth by knowing the prophecies and realizing that God said the Seventh Revelation will come, and now it has. This is the part that God has manifested and fulfilled.

Your part also has been given: You know them by their fruit. The greater the fruit a disciple, or the people who have been called to this Mission will manifest, the greater their part in the table of Gods Feast. They will become exalted in their manifestation of Gods work.

We know you by your fruit. You know us by our Revelation, the prophecies, and all the things that have been given by God to recognize, Indeed this is from God. If you did that then we know you by your fruit and we can see how much faith you have, how much manifestation you can manifest.

This Revelation is a two-way relationship: I have proven that this Revelation is from God, it is the Seventh Angel, it is Revealed by God using me to bring the most perfect religion on earth to you by fulfilling the prophecies, by fulfilling the genealogy. Now it is you who has to prove to me that you are a disciple, you are the one who has been called for, and you are an Elect.

I know you by your fruit, not by your words, not by your claims but by your fruit. Words and claims mean nothing. Also not by buttering me up or anything like that. It is absolutely based on the fruit that you give. The greater the fruit you give, the greater you will be in my heart, in Gods Heart, and in the Mission. That is how you know.

How much fruit are you giving? Are you manifesting the Mission? Are you meditating? Are you awakening your spiritual forces? Are you creating Communities of Light? Are you sacrificing for it? Are you surrendering and submitting to God and His Will for you? Are you expanding your mind, becoming a universalist, and shattering all the narrowness of the mind, attachments, and the things that separate you from any other person?

Then, if you are doing all that, you are an Elect and you can manifest great things.

Michaelslight is asking:

Michaelslight: I have been deeply ridiculed for my beliefs, but I still keep trying to talk to people. Our resistance to God has led us to tribulation. Afterwards, no one on Earth will doubt God's existence, and the truth of the Seventh Angel, Maitreya.

Maitreya: Very good, Michaelslight. Indeed you are right. The whole reason for the mess we have on earth is that humanity has left God out. Also the reason they left God out is because all the older religions have only a part of the truth. Therefore they have made a lot of mistakes, created a lot of dogmas, created separation, and created an environment that the intelligent people reject because it does not make sense.

This religion even appeals to intelligent people. They can see the Hand of God in history, in science, in psychology, in everything in life. Also they can see the whole Seventh Revelation, how they fit with each other, and by the creation of the Communities of Light we can bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Humans are hearing this. More and more people are listening, are coming to our rooms, are connecting to us. Each of you becomes a point of Light wherever you are. You can give this Revelation and Vision to other people, and you can gather those who will listen to you. Of course, you always have to connect them to the Mission. The Mission connects them to God. That is how it works.

Do not become an obstacle in the way of God by connecting them to yourself, because if you do that you will be in the way. You do not become a bridge. You become an obstacle.

Preach, reach, teach, and let humanity know about this teaching. Each of you is called for action, for this Revelation and the Truth. Each of you is a revealer of a new teaching and Revelation to every man and woman and child you know. Be very, very aware not to connect anyone to yourself but connect them to the Mission, connect them to God.

My job is to connect you to God. That is what we said many times. The most important thing is to realize that this Revelation is the Revelation of glorifying God. God exists because He said this Revelation would come, and it has. Therefore, God will be glorified.

We believe in what you say, and we accept your understanding. We realize that it is hard. It is difficult to reach a humanity that has gone so far away from God that they do not even want to listen to anything Godly. Actually the moment you say that you believe in God they say, Oh. One of those religious people. It is just like, Because you believe in God, you are stupid, or something like that.

That is not true. Our belief and religion is very scientific. It is very based on intelligence. We actually have a better grip of science than scientists are coming to understand.

We understand the psychology better than Freud understood it. It is not just your childhood but it is the many lifetimes that you have created the subconscious mind. That is where your reactions are. Psychology is not only knowing what your father or mother did to you, but what happened to your previous lifetimes for many lifetimes.

After you resolve those you can free yourself. The way of freeing yourself has been given: Meditation, concentration, contemplation, and knowing yourself and seeing yourself squarely.

That is the hardest thing the human can do, to face your own self. That is the scariest thing for the human to accomplish, to squarely look at yourself and say, Am I really following the Eternal Divine Path? Am I really meditating? Am I really awakening my spiritual forces? Am I having control over my life, my mind, and my actions? Am I trying to create the Communities of Light? Or, am I just attached to the little things in life? Am I sacrificing for It? Am I surrendered and submitted to God for me in this umbrella of the Mission and this Revelation? It is just a scary thought that we absolutely face ourselves. When you face yourself, you become a greater person because you free yourself from all the vices of human failings.

You all are a part of this Mission. You have been called to become a worker, a soldier, a light bearer, the Elects, the people who want to do this Mission in a greater degree.

Reach out wherever you can and however you can. Come and open a room in PalTalk. Start preaching to other people.

If your family does not listen to you, go to your friends. If your friends do not listen to you, go to new people. Start a class. Put some ads, whatever. In the Mission it is given, What I can do. There is a list of the things that you can do for this Mission to reach out, preach, and spread.

At this time we can reach every corner of the earth with the Internet. These Words go to everyone all over the world. All over the world, everyone is called to join. This is the only religion for all humans. Before this, every religion was just for a part of it.

Meditate on this. That is how you can know how great a believer you are. The greater you manifest, the greater your belief, and the greater your Spirit and Godliness.

Let us bring humanity back to God. Let us bring God back. Let us create an environment that people are brothers and sisters; they help one another and create an environment that they can grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. Let us all march toward Oneness with God, and all become a part of Him. We will realize indeed that we have accomplished great things for humanity.

I leave all of you to God. This Conversation will be on the website. You can go download it, and listen to it again and again. As usual, answer the Call of God for all of you and bring others also to answer His Call. Maybe we can bring peace, unity, Oneness, and a beautiful environment for everyone to be here and enjoy life with God.

Be with God. Have a wonderful week. Hopefully we will see you next week.

Sal-OM everyone!

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