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Maitreya:  Sal-OM everyone, welcome to the Mission of Maitreya’s Conversation Room.  I usually will be here with you for an hour, or an hour and a half.  It depends on how many questions you have. 

We hope that you have gone to the website and have studied our teachings.  And now you are here to ask questions about these teachings that have come to humanity at this end time.

The old age is at its end, and all the signs and prophecies and revelations point to this fact that humanity is on the brink of a great evolutionary leap in consciousness, and they have no choice but to realize that they are one humanity and they are all created by one Creator, one God.  Actually they are a part of God.  They are not separated.   Anything that separates one from another is not from the Spirit.  It is from ego. 

This realization is emphasized in a greater degree in this Revelation.  Those who have visions, are visionaries, and their spirit is connected to God, have no choice but to see that this truth is making it perfectly clear to humanity:  It is the time for man to come together as One. 

This Revelation has been prophesied to come, and at the end time the Mystery of God will be finished.  And it has.  This is the Revelation that reveals the whole Mystery of God and shows the Plan that God has had since the flood of Noah and before it, from the foundation of creation, and how the Eternal Divine Path is that Revelation that unifies all of humanity together as one.

Going to the website and studying our teaching first is paramount in realizing what this Revelation is all about and how eventually the Mystery of God is finished here on earth.  Then it is your decision and it depends upon the strength of your spirit that either you will only accept this, or will not.  If you accept it, that brings responsibility to you to come, join, and help the Revelation of God. 

There is a question in the room.  Knowledgeable is asking:


Knowledgeable:  I want to know something:  The symbol of your religion is the same symbol of witchcraft.  That is against God.  How can you explain that Maitreya?

Maitreya:  There is nothing by itself that is good or evil in this universe.  It depends on how you use it.  Anyone can take any symbol and use it the way they want.  I do not know which sign you are talking about.  Probably you are referring to the Swastika. 

            The Swastika is the most ancient symbol on earth.  You can find it in every culture.  If you are talking about another sign, you can let us know which one you are talking about. 

If you are talking about the Swastika, the very sign, “plus,” has come from the Swastika.  People are using it every day:  1 + 1 = 2.  It is a positive sign.  It is the plus sign.  The ancient people and even the Smithsonian’s knew about the Swastica.  There is a book digitized in our website that the Smithsonian’s, in the 1920’s or 30’s, had published which praised how wonderful and widespread this sign is.  Since Hitler used it and tilted it for the Nazi’s, everyone is against it.

You have to expand your knowledge and understand the history of what these signs are for.  It is just like a knife of a surgeon.  The knife itself is neither good nor evil.  It depends on how you use the knife.  If you put it in the hand of a skilled surgeon, it will heal.  If you put it in the hand of a killer, it can kill.  The Six Signs have no power by themselves, like everything else in the universe. 

Actually the very sign of the Swastika is the movement of the kundalini in the Mystical Paths that has been recognized and realized.  The sign Caduceus in medicine and medical disciplines is also the very movement of the same thing.

It is much more than just to dismiss it because someone believes that it is evil, or it is from witchcraft, and they do not to want to see the depth of the signs that have been revealed to humanity.  It is not an evil sign.  You can use it for good. 

It is just like every type of energy on earth, it depends upon how you use it.  If you use a type of energy for a good thing, it becomes good.  If you use it for evil, it will become evil.

Of course this misunderstanding has to be explained.  Many cultures are using the Swastika in their religion, like Hinduism, Buddhism, and even American Indians.

In New Mexico, where we live, there is still a hotel in a city called Mountainair that has a Swastika on its walls.  Actually some of the prophecies of the American Indians are based on a sign that looks very much like a Swastika. 

The Swastika has much more history than just relating it to the Nazis, Hitler, and the coming up with the idea that it is evil or it is witchcraft.  It is much deeper than that.  Therefore you can understand this.

Humanity again believes in the things that are not the highest.  The highest, of course, is in our website.  It has been explained.  In our teachings all of them have been explained, how all of them are from God.


Knowledgeable:  Can you speak my language if you are from God?

Maitreya:  God’s language cannot be pronounced or uttered in the external world.  It is a Soul-to-Soul relationship.

As Christ said, there will be one day that they will neither worship God in these hills nor in Jerusalem.  They will worship God in their spirit.  Therefore, the language of God is nothing that you can utter externally.  Whatever language you think is the language of God, is not.  The language of God is the language of Spirit.  And you study in the Spirit. 

If you want to know the language of God, read THOTH.  If you really have God’s Spirit in you, if it does resonate with your spirit, you will know that it is indeed from God and it is a Revelation.

That is the only way that God talks to man, through Revelations, through Scriptures, through prophecies, and through the Chosen One.  Anyone who claims to speak to God is in kind of a delusion because God has not chosen those people to reveal God to humanity.  Know the way of God, and know that the language of God is the language of Spirit. 

If you have the Spirit of God, this Revelation will appeal to you, and you will see the Light in it and you will accept that it is from God.  This teaching has basically been prophesied to come at the end time.  At the end time the Mystery of God will be finished.

It is amazing that God clearly said that no one knows My Mystery until the Seventh Angel comes.  The Seventh Revelation comes and there are so many people on earth that claim to know the truth:  Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Moslems, all of them including hundreds and millions of others that say they know God, they have a direct relationship with God, when God completely and clearly says that He is going to be a Mystery until the end time.

At the end time, when He reveals the Mystery of God, then everyone knows His Plan and His Revelation.  Still so many people believe they know the truth.  It is amazing how they do not want to listen to the Words of God.

The Words of God are very clear.  Read Revelation, chapter 10, verse 7.  It clearly says that no one knows the truth until the Seventh Angel comes. 

If that is the correct understanding, then how can anyone talk about, know God’s language, have a revelation, or understand any religion is the last one?  There it is, it clearly says that no one knows.  Therefore anyone who thinks they know, they are not hearing the Words of God.  They are not hearing the Voice of God.

The Voice of God only comes through the Revelation to the Prophets of God.  They have to recognize that they have not fulfilled the prophecies.  They have not received the Seventh Revelation of God.  They should be very, very careful not to accept the voices they hear, the culture they follow, and the religions they have been brought up in, but follow the Words of God.

The Words of God are clear.  There will be Seven Angels, Seven Revelations, and Seven Revealers.  When that Seventh Revealer comes, only then He will reveal to you the Mystery of God. 

Therefore it should pretty much help humanity to recognize and realize that they should not listen to anyone, or any person, who claims things that are not Scriptural.  Anyone who claims that they know the truth, they have the last word, they are the only way, cannot be because God said, “No one knows the Mystery of God until the Seventh Revelation.”

We all have to become discerning.  We have to go to the Scriptures, the Words of God, the Revelation that has come through the Prophets and sent by God, and see this clearly that we are here to listen to His Scripture, His Words. 

If we can convince all these other rooms even in PalTalk, all those rooms, go to them and ask, “Have you fulfilled the prophecies?  Are you the Seventh Angel?  Do you have the truth?” we will see they have not done any of these and so do not have the whole truth.  If they do not have the whole truth, then they should stop doing what they are doing, come here, join this Revelation, and become one with the Words of God.

Sponsored is asking:


Sponsored:  In Acts 4:12 its says: “None other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.”  My question is, what was the Name they talked about?

Maitreya:  The name they talked about is the true name of God.  It is The Holy Name.  It is The Word that Christ gave to his disciples to heal.  It is The Word that cannot be pronounced.  It is within every man, woman, and every atom and creation. 

Actually the whole creation is created by The Word, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  All things have been created by this Word. 

That Word is revealed to those who become sincere seekers, work for the Mission, and want to manifest the Mission.  They will become close to me.  They will be initiated in this Word, and that Word, of course, will save you.  Indeed, that Name is what you will be saved with.  That is not a Word that you can pronounce and utter in the external world. 

We understand this very clearly, at the time of Christ when the disciples were healing, there was a sorcerer who wanted to know what they were healing with.  He asked them that if they gave it to him, he was going to give them riches and do everything they wanted him to do.  But he wanted to know what The Word was.  And they did not give it to him.

Nowadays they say, “No.  You heal in the name of the Father, Son, and The Holy Ghost,” or “I heal in the name of Jesus,” when if the disciples were uttering It as, “I heal in the name of Jesus,” why did that sorcerer offer them money if they were uttering outside, in the external world?  They did not.  They knew it within themselves and therefore no one could hear what they said and how they healed.

We can see that Christ later said, “You come at the end time and call me (whatever name you call me) and you say you healed in my Name.  And I will say, ‘I know you not,’ because the name you are using to heal is not my Name.  My Name is not something that you can utter in the external world.  The moment you use that, you will corrupt the name of God.”

That is the only true Name of God.  And that is the Name that everyone has within themselves.  But, of course, you cannot hear it; you cannot know it until it is awakened within you.  Then when it is awakened, you meditate on it and you are saved by it.

 We can see again here that misunderstanding that the Name was this or the Name was that, when there is no “J” in Hebrew at all.

Therefore, that Word, that Name is The Holy Name of God.  Every Prophet knew it.  Christ revealed it to his disciples and they healed with it.  Prophet Muhammad was asked, “What is the Name of God?” and he said, “God has 3,000 names; humanity knows 2,999 of them.”  They did not know one of them and that Name is His Holy Name.  That is the Name that you are saved with.

Now it is revealed to those who are indeed called for this Revelation and for this Mission.  Those are the ones that are called the Elects.

An Elect is a person who follows the Eternal Divine Path.  It is not a title.  It is not a claim.  It is not something that says, “I am an Elect already because I have a big ego and I think I should be an Elect.”  No.  It is a quality.

They are the people who follow the Eternal Divine Path, who manifest God’s Words.  God said, “You know them by their fruit.”  If a person claims to be an Elect and does not give fruit, they cannot be Elects.  They are absolutely not manifesting God’s Work.

We can see that they are false egos that are trying to believe they are Elects.  The very Word had been given to the disciples of Christ, is known by the Prophets, and it is the Name of God that is within every man and woman and child.  They will know it when they hear it.

An Elect is a person who awakens their spiritual forces, they meditate, they concentrate, they contemplate, and they understand The Greatest Sign.  They look at it, they understand it, they realize it, and they try to create the Communities of Light.

Communities of Light are the communities based on the Eternal Divine Path, based on the Revelation of God to this point.  Communities of Light is the essence of the Old Testament. 

The awakening of the spiritual forces, the first step, is all the Mystical Paths:  Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabala, etc.  This is the only Revelation or religion in the Middle East and the West that included the Mystical Paths.  Neither Judaism, neither Christianity, neither Islam, nor Baha’is, included the Mystical Paths.  They always felt that Hinduism, Buddhism, and all those religions were not from God, are witchcraft, and are from the devil, from this and from that.

Now God says, No.  There were two Plans.  One was for the Zoroastrian/Judeo/Christian/Islamic/Baha’i teachings, and another one was for the Mystical Paths. 

The Mystical Paths are the spirit of all the religions.  If you do not understand the Mystical Paths, Hinduism, Sufism, Cabbala, and all those that say, “Know thyself to know God,” that God is everything, you cannot know your religion well.

Even Christ said, “Ye are gods.”  Clearly Christ was teaching a mystical concept here that everything is God.  There is nothing out of God.

Therefore, this is the only religion for the whole of humanity.  It is the only Revelation revealed not to a specific people, or culture, but for the whole of humanity. 

It is now to let humanity know that they are all brothers and sisters.  They cannot separate themselves with nationalities, boundaries, countries, cultures, genders, and whatever, which is related to ego.  You have to shatter all the narrowness of the mind.

The second step is the creation of the Communities of Light, the Old Testament.  Study the Old Testament.  It talks about, God is trying to choose a people, a community, a tribe, the twelve tribes of Israel.

What is a tribe?  A tribe is a community.  What kind of community, what kind of tribe?  It is a tribe that we choose God as our King, as our leader, as our head, and His Laws as the Laws of the community.

The Communities of Light are the communities that God is One, and first, and He is the ultimate authority in that community.  His Laws are followed to the max and are brought to that community, preached, understood, and followed by everyone in the community.  That was the whole theme of the Old Testament:  God was trying to find this Tribe of Israel.  That is the Second Seal in our teaching and the second revelation in our teaching.

The third is sacrifice.  You cannot create such communities if there is no sacrifice in it, if the people are self-centered, selfish, and always thinking about themselves instead of community, God, and His Ways. 

That was brought by Christ.  Christ sacrificed himself as the Lamb of God.  Therefore the New Testament is also included in our teaching.  You cannot say that only the New Testament is correct.  No other religions are correct because God said, “I will be a Mystery until the end time.”  At the end time, when the Seventh Revelation comes, it puts everything in their place and shows all the revelations are from God and they have a place in His revelations.

We can see that the Third Seal is the sacrifice in the Eternal Divine Path.  Everyone in the community should give of themselves into the community.  They should give more to the community than they take.

It is just like a barrel of water.  If you take more water than you put in the barrel, after a while the barrel is going to be empty.  It will not have enough water for everyone to drink from.  The third step is, you sacrifice in the community, which is the New Testament.

The fourth one is surrendering and submission to the Will of God.  Of course, we know what the Will of God is.  The Will of God is to follow the Eternal Divine Path, create Communities of Light, and bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

Now, what is the Will of God for me in these communities?  What did God create me for, to manifest in this community?  Then surrender and submit to that Will and accept that Will for you, and say, “God has created me for this purpose.  I have this ability.  I can do these things.  This is the way I can help.  Therefore God created me to be at this end time, at the time of the Revelation of the Seventh Seal, to do what I am created to do.”  There is an umbrella of the Will of God, which is this Revelation, and it is the individual Will of God for each of us where we fall into this Revelation, the Will of God, and the Work of God.

Islam comes from surrendering and submission to God.  Surrendering means not only knowing the Will of God for you but you do the job, you do the work but you are not attached to the result.  You say, “God, I tried to do my best but I am not attached to the result.”  Therefore, you do not create any Karma.  You do not create any attachment.  You are free to go to do other things.

Greater than surrendering is submission.  You let God come through.  As Christ said, Do a good job but glorify God.  That is why we say, “All thanks go to God.”  It is because the moment we accept the thanks toward ourselves we create ego that accepts that thanks.  According to our teaching, ego is the culprit. 

Ego is the problem.  Ego separates.  Ego attaches itself to things.  Ego is like an umbrella at the top of our heads and does not let us connect to God.  The less ego we have, the more connected to God we are and the less frustrated we will become. 

The more we see what is our job and Will for us, and we dance and do our work with the Will of God without being attached to the result, we free ourselves.  However, if we let God come through all the time, God is perfect, therefore He does a perfect job.  Whatever we do and we let God come through, will be perfect.

The Fourth Seal is going to be Islam.  It means surrendering and submission to God.  That is the highest spiritual realization you can have.  If you are surrendered and submissive to God really and let God come through, you and the Father are one.  That is the goal for everyone, to become a son of God.

You be(come) in a state that God comes through you and you are a pure way, or channel – I do not want to use channel because it has been misused, but – you become a pure revealer or a pure person that you let the Spirit of God come through.  Of course you are free of any Karma because God does not create Karma. 

God acts according to the Laws of the universe.  When you act according to the Laws of the universe there is no sin, there is no reaction, there is no Karma, there is nothing that will slow you down, or make you heavy.  Your heaviness will be away.


Knowledgeable:  Do you know about the devils?

Maitreya:  Well, the devil is really the fallen spirits or the beings that have listened to the voices that are not from God.  Many religions and people have concentrated on the devil more than they concentrate on God.

If you have the Spirit of God, the devil has no place in you.  If you are concentrating on your ego, your separation from God, your attachments, and desires, indeed the devil has already taken over you.  If you are not listening to the Word of God and are afraid of the devil, then you are afraid of the devil more than you are afraid of God.

Concentrate on God, concentrate on this Revelation and His Words, then the devil has no power over you.  Those unclean spirits cannot do too much to you.  Do not be afraid of devils and the unclean spirits but be concentrated on God, which those spirits are very afraid of. 

Of course, “the devil” is the creatures that we have talked about many times in our teachings.  They are in the crevices of our Souls and minds and spirits.  We have been taught, we have been brought up to believe in specific and special ways.  We are attached to things in the external world.  We are bombarded by the devilish thoughts and the ways of the world.  We can say the devil is the ways of the world not of God.

This Revelation and the Eternal Divine Path indeed release you from these creatures and these devils.  We teach you how to put the Light on these creatures and bring the Light of God that will eventually destroy them.

Therefore, you are not afraid of the devil, and the devil has no place in our spirit or teaching and this Revelation.  It is all God.

If God is everything and all is God, where is the devil?  There is no place for the devil.  The only devil is the illusion of the separation from God that creates ego.  Therefore we fall to our lower nature, and we follow the ungodly ways.  The Godly way is the freedom and oneness with God and His Spirit.

 Those religions that concentrate on the devil indeed fall in the hands of the devil.  Those who concentrate on God, just like this Mission, the devil has no power over them.

The unclean spirits indeed are there.  There are beings or spirits that take over some people because their egos become so warped, just like a warped star, it falls on itself.  Of course those creatures can come and take them over.

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Sponsored:  In Matthew 10:34 it says, “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth.  I came not to send peace but a sword.”  I want you to explain that please.

Maitreya:  Yes, indeed, many people say that Christ came as the Prince of Peace.  From that sentence we clearly see that he did not come as the Prince of Peace but to send war, destruction, and create upheaval that has been here since the last 2,000 years.  There has not been any peace. 

The prophecy for the Prince of Peace was not for Christ in that incarnation.  That is what it is referring to.  We see it has been fulfilled, as there have been wars and destruction for the last 2,000 years. 

But the revelation for the Prince of Peace and the revealer of Peace is this Revelation.  This is the only Revelation, the only religion, the only teaching that includes other revelations and other teachings.  Before that, all the Revealers came and said, “This is the only way.”  Therefore they excluded other religions, and the wars, destruction, and upheaval came to man in a greater degree.

The Mystical Paths, Hindus, Buddhists, etc., say, “No, we do not need any Prophet.  We do not need any Messiah.  Just meditate and you are going to fall into the ocean of God and become one with God.  This is the only way.” 

The Jews say, “No, we are the Chosen People.  We are the only people God chose.  No one goes to God but through us and what we say.”

Christians say, “No, we are the only way.  No one goes to the Father but through Christ.  Therefore, all of you are wrong.”

Moslems say, “No, we have the last word.  We are the only way and everyone is wrong.”

So do the Baha’is that say, “We have the last Major Manifestation for the next 1,000 years.”

All of them have been separating because they had only a part of the truth.  It is just like many times we explained the five blind men and the elephant.  Each of them took a part of the elephant and said, “Oh, that is what the elephant looks like.” 

Then this Revelation is like the man with the sight who came and said, “No, all of you are correct.  You all have a part of the elephant, and that is the reason that you are fighting with each other because each of you thinks that the elephant looks like a leaf (the one who had the ear), or that it is smooth like a bone (the one who had the tusk) or that it looks like a broom (the one who had the tail).  You are fighting with each other, but really all of you are correct.”

That is exactly what this Revelation is telling humanity, “All of you are correct; you each have a part of a greater truth.  We accept your religion.  We accept your Revealer.  We accept your Prophet.  We accept what God sent to you.”  But at the same time God said, “It is going to be a Mystery until the Seventh Revelation comes.” 

This Revelation is the Revelation of Peace.  It is the Revelation of unity.  It is the Revelation that has come to bring Peace and the Kingdom on earth.  No one can do it, neither Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, nor Moslems.  Even the Moslems, clearly in the Bible it says they only will cover one fourth of the earth and they already have.  Therefore they cannot do much more.  That is why they are trying to create the Kingdom according to them, but it is not the Will of God.  It is not going to happen.

This is the only one that can bring the Kingdom by people seeing more and more the Word of God.  God said, “I will be a Mystery until the Seventh Angel comes.”  If they see that clearly, they will relent and they will realize that their religion is just a part of God.  Whatever they have been taught and believe is not the ultimate because God said, “I am going to be a Mystery, and no one knows the truth until this Revelation comes.”  If that is true then everyone else on earth is wrong.  Everyone else is only hanging onto one part of God’s Revelation.  Therefore, Christ was correct.

Another part of that Revelation is that any time a Revealer comes to earth there is going to be a leap of human consciousness, and especially in this one, which is the greatest Revelation that has been on earth for the last 12,000 years.

When this book, the Book with the Seven Seals, is opened, that is the only time that the whole universe rejoices.  We can see at this time a great leap of consciousness is coming to humanity.  That is why we see such an upheaval. 

The sooner humanity listens to this Revelation, the sooner humanity realizes that each of them have only a part of the truth, the sooner the many people who believe they are the Messiah or they have the knowledge or they are knowledgeable, etc., the sooner they will realize that God’s Way is to prophesy for thousands of years, and only the person who fulfills those prophecies is the Mouthpiece of God.  Then they will give up their understanding and realize that they might be very high Souls indeed.

They might even be Elects but they can realize and recognize it through the Revelation of the Seventh Angel, and they can become a part of this Revelation, join, and realize that they are not the one that God sent to reveal to humanity the Revelation of God but they are here to help the Light, and to help the Revealer.

It is just like John the Baptist said, “I am not the Light but I am here to help the Light.  I am here to help Christ.”  He was right.  He was the harbinger of Christ.  He came.  John the Baptist realized that he was a Great Soul but at the same time he was not the Revealer of the Revelation of God.

That is one of the things that humanity really has to recognize and realize that they might be Great Souls, they might realize God greatly, and they have found a lot of truth, but they are not the Revealer of God’s Revelation.  Of course, they will become humbled. 

They will go to our website, come to our rooms, come here and ask questions, and little by little they will see how perfect this Revelation is.  It almost covers everything in human life, and it brings Peace and perfection into their lives.  If they really understand it and follow it, they will see that this is the salvation of man.

Another way of Peace is that we will create the Communities of Light everywhere on earth.  Little by little when humanity eventually reaches a point that they see that their way is not working and will not work, they will come and join the communities more and more.  When the critical mass is reached, they will create God’s Kingdom on earth.

Eventually God will become the King of the earth, His Laws will become the Laws of the earth, and humanity will have Peace and unity and not the destruction that we have at this time.  We can see that God has fulfilled what He has prophesied and foretold to come and now is here.

One implication is, God exists.  God is not dead.  God is indeed in control.  He prophesies, He promises, and He fulfills them, therefore He is indeed here with us.

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Sponsored:  It is a question about, back in 1991 I was reading the Bible and when I read, just before Esa was going to the cross, I felt in myself the same thing as if it was myself that was going on the cross.  I felt so scared and I was afraid to go to the cross.  I was sure that it was myself.  Then I closed the book.  I opened it back only one or two years later. 

My question is, do I have to understand that by myself or someone can help me with what that means?  Am I right or wrong about that thought?

Maitreya:  You are not wrong.  It is actually the very idea of the crucifixion of Christ.  Many people have experienced it.  They have taken that it means that they were the Christ themselves.  Therefore your experience is not unique.  Many people do feel like that.  The very symbolic meaning of the crucifixion is the crucifixion of the lower nature. 

As we teach, the first three levels of consciousness of the human are the lower nature of man.  Christianity, or the teaching of Christ, was the Third Seal.  Such people reach that point.  They overcome their lower natures.  They crucify their earthly desires and earthly longings for a greater, higher level of understanding and reaching to the higher self.   

That is why the experience of crucifixion is very common because we all desire to crucify our lower natures and our earthly longings and like Christ, become pure and absolutely one-pointed toward God.   That is why Christ is so celebrated as a Prophet who overcame the lower nature, went to the higher self, and was living to sacrifice himself for the rest of humanity. 

And because of that he became the unblemished Lamb who released The Grace to humanity.  The Grace was with the Christians and Christianity to this point.  That is why we can see they prospered; amazingly God Blessed them with the fattest part of the earth. 

With this Revelation we can see that The Grace is released to the whole of humanity.  It no longer belongs to a specific people.  That is why we see that more equity has come on earth now. That is one of things also that humans have to understand that now they are much more equal than before.  The Grace belongs to everyone.

This is the time for the earth to be ripe for this Revelation, the coming of the Kingdom, equity, and justice for all.  That is why Christ is the symbol of the crucifixion of the lower nature.  And the experience of being crucified is the longing of every man, woman, and child, to overcome their lower natures.

We really do not want our lower nature although it is powerful and running us, and we are following all the little desires and wants that we have, and then become attached to the things on earth.  We really hate that part of us.  We do not want to have it.  We want to crucify it, therefore being crucified.  

Your experience is valid.  You should just take it as the experience that every man and woman probably would experience if they meditate.  Actually those people who start meditating and overcoming their lower natures, sometimes feel very sad.  They become very sad because they really want to go to their higher self but the lower nature pulls them down.  They are sad that these creatures are going away, and they are changing their lifestyle.  They are no longer interested in the things they were.  But as they progress, one day the Joy will come to them and they will realize that what they lost is replaced with the greater realization.

Therefore your experience is fine but do not worry about it.  Accept it as something that many, many people experience.  It is valid.  And that is what it means.

Again this is the Conversation Room of the Mission of Maitreya.  We encourage everyone to go to our website to study our teachings.  Go to our rooms during the week and talk with the people in those rooms and learn about this Revelation, how this has been prophesied to come.

This is the Revelation of the Seven Seals, opened.  Now humanity can realize what the Plan of God was and what the Revelations have been to this point.  They can now understand the whole truth of God, and they can come together as One Humanity, One God, One Savior, and One World.  

If they realize that, there is nothing left for them to fight about.  The only thing left for them is to come together, create Communities of Light, and let the hierarchy manifest from the Communities of Light.  Eventually when humanity is ready for it, we will see that the Kingdom will come on earth.

We are not opposing any system on earth at this time.  We will create our own organization based on God’s Way.  We will wait until humanity reaches a point that they realize that God’s Way is better than man’s way.  Any system on earth is made by man.  The only system made by God is based on the Communities of Light, based on the Words of God, based on the Spirit of God.  Eventually the Elects will come together and create that community.

We were talking about, these communities are based on the Eternal Divine Path.  We were explaining how the Eternal Divine Path covers the Mystical Paths, like Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Mystical Christianity, Sufis, and many other disciplines that teach, “Know thyself to know God,” “Be still and know that I am God.”

Then the Old Testament, which is the communities that accept God as their leader, as King, and His Laws as their Laws; Communities of Light are related to the Old Testament, the Hebrews.

The New Testament teaches us that sacrifice is necessary to create the Communities of Light.  When we sacrifice we become attached to the result of our actions, we create Karma, Karma creates ego, and ego is the reason for separation of man from God. 

The next step is surrendering and submission, which is the revelation that came by Prophet Muhammad.  Some people say that Prophet Muhammad was not really a Prophet or from God, but if you study our teaching God promised both Abram and Abraham that from his two sons would come the spiritual kingly stature with the scepter, or Prophets, and birthright.  If Christians, Jews, and Moslems realize this has been prophesied to come, we have probably unified three-fourths of the population on earth by recognizing and realizing indeed God promised to both Abram and Abraham and his sons that a Prophet would come from them. 

The message of Islam and Prophet Muhammad was surrendering and submission to God.  Surrendering means that, “I do my work.  I meditate.  I try to create the Communities of Light.  I sacrifice.  Then I surrender the result to God.  I am not attached to the result.  I say, ‘God, I did my best.  Of course I am going to improve myself.  I am going to meditate.  If it was not perfect, the result is Yours.  I am not going to be attached to it.’  So I am free of that.  But greater is the submission to let God come through.”

The next step is expansion of the mind, realizing that the whole universe is God and there is nothing out of it.  Therefore you are free from any bondage and narrowness of the mind like:  Nationality, gender, and all the things that narrow the human to fight with each other and kill one another.  The whole universe becomes our home.  God becomes our Father and Mother, and we are free from any narrowness of the mind.  That was the message of Bab who came and brought the universal point of view.  Now we know them as the Baha’is. 

There are also the people who still follow Bab, the original founder, in Iran.  They are called Babis.  Some of them follow his chosen successor as Sub’I’Azal.  They call them Azalies.  Those who follow Baha’u’llah are called the Baha’is. 

The Baha'i teaching itself has split into seven branches at this time.  We can see that even the Baha'i teaching is not the last.  God said, very shortly after this fifth revelation, that the Seventh Revelation, the ultimate Revelation, will come.

We can see that everything just falls in their place, and this Revelation indeed is from God, it is a call for the whole of humanity and you to see this clearly and see that it is God’s Revelation to you.  God provided the Internet for us so you do not have to go anywhere.  That is why Christ said, “If they tell you go here or go there, do not go.”  That is because you do not need to.  You can receive this Revelation where you are.  When you receive the Revelation, you have the Truth of God.


Lou is asking:

Lou245_1_1:  What is the meaning of the number 40?  Noah opened the windows of the ark after 40 days.  David ruled Israel for 40 years.  Esa spent 40 days in the desert, etc.

Maitreya:  Forty means a long time.  It is a period, as a long period of time to show that it took a long time for that thing to happen.

When there was a flood for forty days, was it exactly forty days, or thirty, or fifty?  The most important point that is made here is that it was a long period of time. 

Or he ruled Israel for forty years.  It could have been exactly forty or forty-five years.  But the most important thing is that it was a long time.

Fasting for forty days in the desert, or being in the desert for forty days, means that it was a long time that he spent in the desert by himself meditating and progressing in his spiritual progress.

It means a long time.  That is all it means.

Four is the number of manifestation also.  The most stable structure on earth has four corners.  That is why we have our homes mostly made with four corners.  It is the most stable structure.  Also four is the symbol of struggle because when you want to manifest something you have to struggle to manifest. 

The forty also might mean that there is a four and a zero.  Zero is the beginning of the next level.  When you go to nine, you put the one in front of the zero.  A new period starts, a new manifestation, a new way to manifest itself.  So it probably can mean:  Four as a struggle, and zero as manifesting something that you have been born for.

Those have a lot of meaning that the most important thing is that there was a struggle by those people to manifest something and overcome so they could come with a greater ideal for humanity.

Going back to our explanation of the Eternal Divine Path, when you go through these five steps:  Awakening of your spiritual forces (Mystical Paths), creation of the Communities of Light (Old Testament), sacrifice (New Testament), surrendering and submission (Koran), and universalism (the Baha’i Teaching), if you follow these five steps you are an Elect.  You become what God has been talking about in all the Scriptures:  My Elects, My Chosen People.

The Chosen People are neither Hindu, nor Buddhist, nor Mystical people, nor Judaism, nor Jewish, nor Christian, nor Moslem, nor Baha’i.  It is a quality.  It is a manifestation of a person:  He who meditates, awakens his spiritual forces, creates Communities of Light, sacrifices for them, surrenders and submits to God, and becomes a universalist.  This is an Elect that God has been talking about all along in all the Scriptures.

It is not a race.  It is not a people.  It is a quality.  That is the Sixth Seal, which we call Paravipra.  “Para” means beyond.  “Vipra” means intellect.  These are the Elected people.  Those are the ones that God has been talking about all along.

These are the people that we are looking for.  That is what this Mission is all about, what this Conversation is for, this room, the website, the Book, the Revelation, everything is to find the Elects on earth, those who are willing to go through this Eternal Divine Path.

If you are not willing to go through the Eternal Divine Path, you might be a helper, you might be a supporter, you might be a good and wonderful person, but an Elect is the person who follows the Eternal Divine Path. 

These are the ones who will come together, create the facilitating body, create the Communities of Light, bring the Kingdom of God on earth, and help everyone to go to God at the end time, which is approaching fast.

Cloud is asking:

Cloud_000:  I have been taught that 4 is the number of foundation.  0 is spiritual.  So 40 seems to be this symbol of spiritual foundation.

Maitreya:  That is a good explanation.  Numerology has many meanings in it.  Many people have understood it many different ways.  But you are correct that four is the number of foundation.  It also means it is the number of struggle, like 444.  And when it is repeated three times it emphasizes the strength of that number in numerology. 

It is just like 777 is the number of God.  Seven is the number of Mystics.  777 (three times) is the number of God.

Six is the number of the attraction of the external world.  So 666 is the number of the devil, the attraction of Maya.

Zero, of course, is numerology based on ten.  When you go to nine, the ten is 10, a new beginning, a new period of struggle.

We can see that all those numbers have some meaning for humanity.

Zigs is asking:

Zigs1:  An Elect is a univeralist?

Maitreya:  Well, the Elect is more than a universalist.  An Elect is the one who follows the Eternal Divine Path as we just explained:  Awaken your spiritual forces, meditate, concentrate, contemplate, they engage themselves in the creation of the Communities of Light, they sacrifice, and they surrender and submit to God, and they become universalists. 

A universalist is a person who shatters all the narrowness of the mind and frees himself from all the bondages.  So indeed an Elect is a universalist.  If you say, “I am an Elect but I am still attached to my culture, my nationality, my family, my anything” that narrows you to a small part of the universe, you have still not become a universalist.

It does not mean that you do not love your countrymen or your culture, or your family but at the same time you expand yourself to include everyone else.  And your love for them will include everyone and every human because you are the child of God.  Your country is the universe not just a special place.

That is why when they ask, “Where are you from?” you no longer say that “I am from this part or that part.”  You say, “I am from God.   Where are you from?”  Usually they say, “Well, if you are from God, I am from God too.”

See, you are from the same place.  We are not separated.  We are not bound with the boundaries that are artificially made on earth, and we say, “This line belongs to this country.  If you come this way you have to have a visa.”

You have to completely shatter all that and become a universalist. 

Apparently Silver has a question on Mark.


Silver2-4:  Sal-Om Maitreya.  Please elaborate on Mark 13:20, “And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect's sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days.”

Maitreya:  Indeed that goes very well with The Revelation, when God talks about the dragon and the woman.  The woman flees from the dragon and the dragon sends a flood to destroy her, the son, and the Elects.  It says that if it were not because of God, the dragon would have succeeded to destroy her. 

We can see that there is so much negativity that has been sent toward this Mission, toward this Revelation, and there is so much resistance.  The children of the darkness that do not have the Light of the Seventh Revelation still resist us, still are not accepting this wholeheartedly, and are not joining to bring God’s Kingdom.

If they had their way they would like to destroy it, if they could.  But our salvation is that we rely on God, His Grace, and the way He will protect this Revelation.  You can see already He has protected It more than any other Revelation or Prophet before it.  I can sit here and talk about this Revelation and God and not be crucified, not be stoned, or not be shot at because God created this system, this way. 

Not only can I talk to people in my neighborhood but also I can talk to people in South America, in Europe, in Asia, in Africa.  No matter where you are, if you have a cheap computer and a little connection to Internet, … there is no place on earth that they do not have Internet.  You can be in the Himalayas and access the Internet through satellites.  Those who have Internet will receive the Blessing of this Revelation.  Of course, they are obligated to reach, to peach, and to give this Revelation to those who are not connected to the Internet, and become contacts for the Mission.  Therefore they can spread the Mission wherever they are.

We can see that God is very protective of this Revelation and that this is the greatest Light that has come to humanity.  The darkness  becomes stronger too.  They are trying to bring destruction to this, but they cannot because God said He would manifest His Kingdom on earth.

Therefore our salvation should be in God and realizing God promised and He fulfills.  He promised His Kingdom would come, and He will fulfill it no matter what happens around us or in the Mission or to anyone. 

We have to resist those who want to change these teachings.   We have to resist, no matter how wonderful they look, and how wonderful they claim to be a part of this Mission but if they do not want to preach it and spread it according to the Word of God, we have to resist them. 

That is one of the things that happened to many religions.  Humans have changed the meaning of the revelation.  They did not understand it.  They misunderstood it.  Of course they did not have the whole truth.  They did not have the whole picture.  So they made mistakes, and they revealed it in a way that it became dogma now. 

Most religions are dead.  They do not have the spirit of the original revelation. 

We can see that God is very protective.  If it was not because of Him, everyone would have perished.

We know that we can destroy this earth fifty times over with the atomic bombs they have.  It is not that far-fetched an idea, the destruction of every man, woman, and child on earth can occur. 

We are going toward it.  There is so much struggle going on between countries and nations.  Everyone wants to change everyone according to their own understanding and culture.  And of course it is not going to happen.

The only culture that is acceptable to everyone is the culture of God.  That is what we are preaching to humanity, the culture of God, the way of God, and seeing that there is only one God and we can come together.

We have to preach the truth to everyone.  But then it is up to you and those who realize this Revelation and this teaching to see the truth, to come together, to dedicate their lives to manifest it, and to have the trust in God.

The more we come together and create the Communities of Light, the more God will manifest through you and the sooner we all will be saved by Him.

It is 11:15 AM and there are no questions.  We have come to a point that we can close the room.  Of course the Eternal Divine Path is explained.  As I said, the Fifth Seal is universalism, and the Sixth Seal is the Elects. 

The Elects are those we are waiting for.  When we find them we will create the Facilitating Body, we will manifest the Communities of Light and eventually the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

Therefore read this teaching.  Understand this Revelation.  See the truth of it.  Realize that it is from God. 

If it was not from God I would not be preaching it and promoting it everywhere the way I can and the way it has been provided for me to peach it.  Now it is up to you to take it, to realize it. 

Do not let the world get to you.  Do not let Maya take you away from the Mission.  And do not let your understanding, your culture, your religion, your realizations cloud this Revelation for you.  Free yourself from anything that would take you away from becoming an instrument for God.  Come and join me, and let us become a great body of truth and light, and eventually together manifest God on earth.

One quality of the Elects is:  Those who can work with me.  We can create a rapport and close relationship together.  We can become brothers, co-workers, and Elects that can bring about the twenty-four elders and the creation of the Facilitating Body together.

Learn to understand the teaching, and then learn how to work with me and come closer.  Do not be afraid and say I am not worthy of it and put me on a pedestal up there somewhere that I am unreachable to you.

No, I am a man that God chose to bring this Revelation to you.  If we are respectful and respected and we mutually respect one another, are able to talk and resolve any difference we might have, so we can manifest the Mission on earth.  Even if we have a problem with each other, we can resolve it by communication and respect and eventually see who is the truthful one and accept that situation so we can work to create the Kingdom of God on earth.

Meditate on this.  Prepare yourself.  Learn indeed God is very accepting so do not be afraid to come close.

I will close the room at this time.  I do not see any questions.  Again I encourage everyone to reach out to other people, bring them to the room, send them to the website, bring them to the other rooms that we have.  Let them know that this Revelation is for them also.  It is for every man and woman on earth, and child.  Therefore everyone is invited.

It is not for a specific people or a group of people but is for the whole earth and humanity.

Be with God and contemplate, meditate on these words and Revelation, and realize that the Spirit of God indeed has returned to humanity.

Sal-OM everyone.

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