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Maitreya: Sal-OM and welcome to the Mission of Maitreyas Conversation Room. Usually in this room we gather together and we ask everyone to go to our website and study our teaching. See how all the religions of the world are unified, the last Revelation of God has come to humanity, how He has sent all the religions to man one by one and now we know what is the meaning of each religion on earth, where they stand, and how they not only do not contradict each other but they complement each other.

Today we will have a different format. We will discuss the Last Declaration that I wrote last week. It is the Declaration that it is done! It is written for our guidance in the future and seeing that the Revelation of God is finished, and the Seventh Revelation has come to humanity and it is completed.

The text of this Declaration is in the website and it has been sent to many people who are closely connected to the Mission. Today we are going to read it. Everyone listen to it very carefully. We will discuss it if you have any question about it. We will go through with it and see if you can understand it in the deeper level.

I will turn the mic over to Shirin that she will go ahead and read the Last Declaration and the Revelation that it is done. Then we will come back and we will discuss it. Go ahead Shirin.

The Third and Final Declaration
(It is done!)

Today, the day I have reached the age of sixty (November 8, 2004 or Mary26,011986MC),I declare that I have perfected the religion for all of mankind. The Plan of God and His Last Revelation is Revealed to man and is now complete.

It is a complete Revelation of Creation, History, and the Goal of life of man and the universe. It is a Revelation and a call to action to create Gods Kingdom on earth and beyond. This will accelerate the process to return back to God. Those who hear this Call and rise to the Call will be Saved. Those who resist the Call and will not rise to action will have no excuse and cannot blame God for their demise.

God indeed has warned man again and again of his fate. He has shown man the way out. He has sent His Prophets and Messengers to them with clear Revelations and Signs. He has sent His Last Revelation with Clear Signs and Truth at this end time. They still will not listen. Therefore, the responsibility now rests on mans shoulders. Do not blame God for destructions and what is coming to you. Read His Revelation (THOTH) and look deep within to see that man (darkness) indeed is responsible for what is coming to them.

Those who Truly are chosen: Know the Teaching well and preach it correctly (learn it well). Do not add to it, and do not subtract from it. Do not replace it with your ideas and opinions. Do not create doctrines (dogmas) of your own, and do not split the faith according to your understandings. Love one another and learn to work with each other to establish Communities Of Light (which are based on the Eternal Divine Path), reach out to humanity, create helpful organizations (environments) to help humanity in all levels. Charity starts from individuals helping individuals, the immediate environment, community, earth, and universe (All are One)!

Attend the Spiritual Services of the Mission. Create opportunities for others to join you in these Services (at least the Reminder twice a day), and set up meetings to propagate and spread the Teachings further and deeper. Build the Critical Mass in every situation by all the Peaceful Means possible. Use force only as the last resort, when it is Just and unavoidable. Mostly use it to defend yourself and the Communities Of Light. Resist evil and evil doers with all your Might. Justice is Closest to the Heart of God!

The Prime directive, in all situations is: Create an environment that promotes Godliness (egolessness), an environment that brings the focus of man back to Spirit and the Goal of Life [To be(come) Divine, or be Godly, Pure, etc.]! The whole life and society should be built and based on this Prime Directive. All other activities and anything that opposes this Prime Directive must be discouraged and shunned.

All humanity has to learn that they have the right to be treated with decency, respect, and justness. All humanity has to learn their rights and demand them from the government and their leaders (and the world). Observe those in the Communities Of Light and only choose those who Truly are incorruptible, those who respect others rights and do have the wisdom of Spirit (God) with them.

Leaders should be chosen from the Incorruptible Ones, leaders who are connected to God and will implement our Teachings to their Fullest. When such leaders are found, give to them generously in all levels (physically includes financially, at least tithes; mentally; and Spiritually) so they can manifest The Plan. If they are corrupt, however, withdraw your support from them in all levels.

If the leaders are fallen ones, that society indeed has fallen! Never let the government and leaders take away your rights and make you feel that you owe them instead of they owing you the proper environment to grow and become Divines. This giving up of ones rights to the leaders and governments is one of the problems in many nations, at this time. Hopefully this will be cured soon. Indeed almost any system will work if this Truth is understood by people and it is implemented in that system. It will work best, however, in Gods (our) system!

Do not, however, demand that government, society, and/or your leaders provide for you, with no efforts from you. Become a productive member of the society and create more wealth on earth than you take. Choose a respectful work that you have an aptitude for, do it well, honestly, and efficiently (work hard). Be professional in what you do. Treat others justly and honestly. Encourage others also to have these qualities.

Indeed in the Communities Of Light, un-Godly and unethical behaviors should be discouraged. The educational process should help a person in this regard and teach children the values of integrity, honesty, justness, and aversion from un-Godliness and unethical behaviors. Children should be taught and encouraged to uphold the Good (God) ways and have distaste for opposite behaviors of what is Godly, in all levels of society.

Education, based on the Words of God (THOTH) is paramount in establishing the environment and the Kingdom of God. Humans should realize from childhood the reason they have come to this universe. They should be taught the Goal of Life and their rights at an early age. They should all have the Goal of becoming Divine (let the Spirit of God come through them) in whatever work they are inspired to do in life.

Humanity should learn about the Cyclical Movements of society in depth and the progress they bring to humanity at the end of each cycle. By understanding and implementing these teachings, they will come ever closer to the perfection of a balanced and just society. With the implementation of True Leaders (Paravipras) and an understanding of these Cyclical Movements, man can come as close as possible to a perfect society in this external world (the manifested world is a relative state; true Perfection is only possible in God Pure Consciousness!)

Understanding these movements, seeing how the Cyclical Movements explain the cycles in society that have occurred in the past, and realizing how this understanding will guide humanity in the future, will help man to create the Kingdom of God on earth. Those who do not learn the lessons from history (as it is explained in our Teachings) will repeat those mistakes again. Learn the Cyclical Movements and realize how they work. See how by Paravipras Guiding each cycle to the next cycle, before the undesirable part of each cycle is aroused, they will bring greater progress in all levels of humanity's existence.

Humanity has to reach to space. The earth has limited resources. There are infinite resources in the universe (space). By reaching to space, man will be able to use these infinite resources. This will take away one of the causes of war and destruction (limited resources on earth). This will accelerate peace on earth. Since the entire human race has to be engaged in the exploration and conquering of the space, greater cooperation will be created among all people. With this approach and our teaching, men eventually will accelerate peace among themselves and will bring unity to the earth.

Of course, none of these will lead to Gods Kingdom without the Communities Of Light (our Teachings). Therefore ceaselessly work in creation of such Communities. This will accelerate the process of cooperation among humans and will bring Godliness to them. Man has much to learn about how to live together, share, and be Unified. Humans indeed are not equipped with these abilities. The essence of the external world is chaotic and is full of darkness, self-centeredness, and selfishness (remember there was chaos and darkness from the very beginning; Genesis, chapter 1). The qualities needed in the Communities Of Light have to be learned through education and following the Eternal Divine Path.

Indeed with this Last Declaration, the Revelation of The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament and all the lectures and supplemental efforts added to our work, and will be added (as long as life is in my veins), the Work of God and His Last Revelation has been Perfected. God Has Revealed His Ultimate Will to man. If I die tonight, I will die in peace that I have indeed Perfected Gods Message to humanity. Now it is between them and God.

It is Done.

Maitreya: That is the Last Declaration of the Mission for everyone to study and to look at. I was going to call it the Mission Manifesto but because it has a connotation of some other movements that might not go well with some people, we did not call it that. It is the Essence and Guiding Light and what this Mission is all about. It has now been revealed completely to humanity, and it is perfected and completed.

I hope all of you go and read it more in detail and in depth and answer the Call. If you have any questions about it, those who have read it already probably can have questions because they know better what is in this Final Declaration. Or, you now know more about it if you have read it or heard it for the first time.

We can go ahead to discuss to see what is in your mind and what you want to know about it. It is a Declaration that the Revelation of God, the Seven Seals are completed and revealed to humanity in full. Now it is the responsibility of man to take It, realize that It is from God, and then come together and manifest It.

We have a question from Hannibal:

Hannibal024: Maitreya, when you say, know the teaching well, do not add to it and do not subtract from it, I hope that this does not discourage others and me from using your teachings to create a spiritual blueprint for mental illness in our studies. In this way, others may add to your teachings, but it will not corrupt or contradict what you have said and written. It will complement them, I think. Any thoughts?

Maitreya: As long as you can complement It, as long as you can use It in your work and implement It, that is fine. There has been in history that people have come and added to the teachings of the founder, and they have corrupted the teachings to a point that no other Prophet or Revealer can come to man because they have made it so difficult, unreasonable, and untrue what that Revealer has brought to humanity that not everyone is waiting for someone to come from the sky and say, The Kingdom be, and it will be.

It has never happened in the whole history of humanity. Never has a revelation of God come that way. Therefore they have made it impossible for God to send His Revelation to man.

That is what it meant, know the teaching well. Even if you want to implement It in your studies and your psychological implementation, that would be fine but know the teaching well before you do that, not just know a little of it and then try to implement it. Then at the end it is not going to work because it is the whole Vision that has to be realized.

As long as you know the teaching well and then you use it for different purposes in life and make it creatively useful, great. Actually that is the idea. The whole Mission is the base, the springboard for the coming civilization and human progress.

There is no problem with implementation of the Mission and our teaching, bringing creative ideas, and expanding it based on the truth that has been revealed through the Mission. There is no objection about that at all.

But know the teaching first.

Hannibal024: Implementing - that is what I meant.

Maitreya: Sure. No problem with implementation. You can use the teaching in any way that can help humanity. And it can in many, many ways from an individual to community, etc.

OK Karl. I am glad you are here today. Now you are called Radical Conspiracy, Karl. I was worried about you, last week you did not show up. I hope you are OK. If you have something to say you can take the microphone and say your piece. But be rational. Let us talk in a very nice way together and see why you are so angry and unhappy about the Mission. But dont just yell, and call us Guru, and this and that. See what is your problem and let us talk about it. Go ahead.

Radical_Conspiracy: Well I can be rational, but I get red-dotted, banned, and bounced when I ask real questions. You may not like the way I pose the questions. And I may not like your answers. But I have my own way of doing things. So I ask my question: Why do we need a guru like you? Not to insult you but you are a guru. Why do we need a guru?

Maitreya: Karl, have you been in our website? Have you seen the teachings? Have you seen the prophecies, the genealogy, the Word of God based on the Bible and other Scriptures? And still you call this Revelation and teaching the teaching of a guru?

A guru is a teacher who teaches the Hindu religion. He is from India that teaches a very specific teaching based on a tradition. Christ was not a guru. Prophet Muhammad was not a guru. Your very assumption that this teaching has come from a guru is incorrect.

That is why we are asking you to expand yourself, see the truth, and look at this as exactly what it is. Also we want to know, what is your background? Where have you come from? Why are you so angry about what we do?

Let us come to some conclusion that we can get along fine. If we do not get along, then you go your way, and we will go ours.

Go ahead.

Radical_Conspiracy: Well, I am impressed, Maitreya, that you asked a personal question about me instead of rambling on in your typical guru speech.

I am Karl. I am an atheist. I am well read in many religions. I read your website, very nice. Its only a website, so fine. But I have my way of thinking. I do not need a teacher, a Messiah, a Buddha, or a Christ. I do not need these things.

There have been many Prophets and many prophecies. We do not need these in the modern world. What we need is peace. What we need is humanity, not more words.

Maitreya: OK, that is your idea and opinion. I respect that in the sense that that is your conclusion. But if you have read our teaching and you have studied what we have in the website, as you said, you would see that there is an Intelligence in the universe, the Consciousness. Even you have it. You have Consciousness. There are the creative forces. There are the prophecies and promises that have been given to Abram/Abraham, His Prophets, and all that has been fulfilled.

I know you are an atheist; you do not believe in God. I was atheist myself before I received this Revelation. That is because they could not show me God. What they said was not logical. Therefore, Yes, religions are changed. Religions have been created by man and they have been corrupted from the original teachings. Now we look at them, and we see that they are not logical.

But this teaching is logical. It is based on the promises that have been given and fulfilled. If there are promises and there is the fulfillment of them, even an atheist, a logical person says, There are promises and the fulfillment have come by them, therefore, there is someone who promises and He fulfills them.

Even you should be thinking logically and realizing that there is a possibility that there is an Intelligence in the universe. You have to go beyond that block of all religions, and this and that. You have to know what we teach.

I agree with you that all religions have been corrupted. They have been changed. They have created a lot of dogmas and have now reached the point that they have become illogical.

We are asking you to see the Logic behind our teaching and realize that our teaching is not based on dogma but is based on logic and the reality. If you can see that, that is fine, and if you cannot, that would be fine too.

The only thing is that you are incorrect if you think our teaching is the same as other religions. It is not. You have to put a little more effort. Go, study, and see that it is logical, and there is an Intelligence in the universe. You can call It anything. You can say quantum physics. Still quantum physics has logic behind it.

Go ahead.

Radical_Conspiracy: Well, logic is fine. Religion is fine. Philosophy is fine. Science is fine. But these are only mankinds attempt to explain the infinite complexities of the universe.

I disagree. Your website and your religion is the same thing. You claim to be the Messiah, the Christ, the Buddha, and the Bab. You claim to be even the next Prophet. Well, this has been going on for thousands of years. You are just the next Prophet, the next Buddha, the next Bab, the next whatever. It is the same dogma over and over again. There is nothing new. You just blend other religions together. You blend Christianity with Hinduism and Buddhism. You blend it all together and call it new. It is not new. It is old.

Maitreya: That shows me that you do not know our teaching and you are stuck in the prophecies and claims. It is just like a professor in a university who claims to have a doctorate and shows his diploma that he went through the education, that he received his degrees, and that he is qualified to claim he is a doctor as a professor in the university.

For me to claim what you say I claim to be, without having any backing of the prophecies, genealogy, the Revelation based on the Words of the other Scriptures, the main Scripture is the Bible, you are correct that is a claim. When the claim is backed up with the prophecies and other things, is based on the Word of God, is logical and explains everything from the creation, history, science, psychology, quantum physics, to everything to the unified theory, and everything that humanity is struggling now to understand, then you have to stop and say, Hey, maybe it is more than I think it is, and it is something new. You are just stuck in that part that I claim to be this and that, and therefore you judge from that point without going further, going deeper into our teachings and seeing the truth in It.

The only thing we ask you is to study a little more, go a little deeper. Just go beyond this shallow conclusion that because I claim this, it is not correct, it is the same thing.

It is absolutely incorrect. It is not the same thing. There has never been a Revelation like this on earth that is so logical and explains so much.

Go ahead.

Radical_Conspiracy: Well, I disagree again. It is the same thing. You are mixing Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and the Bahai Faith. You mix it all together in a blender, and you call it new. It is not new. You quote Christian text. You quote Hindu Philosophies. You mix it all together and you say, Hey, look, it is new. But it is not new.

The Bahai Faith has been around for several hundred years, Christianity for several thousand years, same as Hinduism and Buddhism. Tell me something new, my friend. Tell me something new.

Maitreya: Let me ask you a question. What is the Eternal Divine Path, if you know our teaching?

Radical_Conspiracy: The Eternal Divine Path. Well gee, this sounds like a wonderful expression.

Eternal: Well, gee, that is a nice concept. I do not know about the afterlife. When I am dead, I am dead. Until the afterlife hits me, I will not know.

Divine: Well we all have a spiritual nature. We are all spiritual in different ways.

Path: Yes. We all must choose our own path in this life. Not follow someone elses path.

So combine them together and you get the same old stuff with a new phrase made up in guru speech.

Maitreya: That shows completely that you know nothing about our teaching. You have not studied it. You have not realized what it is talking about. You just have an agenda to make yourself feel good that you are right. But you are wrong, incorrect, and what you just said is not the Eternal Divine Path.

The Eternal Divine Path is an explanation of how each of the religions of the world has a part of a greater truth that when you combine them together you will realize the Eternal Divine Path.

Why dont you go and study a little more about our teaching and recognize and realize that there is a greater truth that has been prophesied to come and now is here? I am just trying to understand you a little more and give you an opportunity to discuss something that you claim you know about and you call not good, when you do not know anything about it, Karl.

If you are logical and you are a person of substance and logic at least you have to put some effort and research something that you oppose. Go ahead.

Radical_Conspiracy: Well, you quote Christian prophetic text, which is nice but irrelevant. They are 2,000-year-old dogmas. You quote Buddhist philosophy and Hindu philosophy and call it new. Mixing old religions together does not make it new. It makes it old mixed up religions. It is still dogma. You still have not made anything new. You have combined things together and you call it new. It is not.

The Bahai Faith, which is nice, accepts all religions. Still they attempt to combine other religions together. Just combining other religions together does not make it new. And calling yourself the fulfiller of prophecies, this does not make you a Prophet. It makes you another guru.

Maitreya: Again, you are repeating the same thing, Karl. You say it is mixing up all religions together like other people, but it is not correct. You do not know the teaching. You have not studied. There has never been a Revelation or a teaching like this on earth.

You keep saying it is the same thing as the Bahai and other teachings, and we quote this religion and that religion and we just combine things together. And that is not correct. Those are incorrect assumptions.

You have to go and study our teaching and see the Vision before you judge. Actually I am very disappointed that you have not searched before accusing us of something that you do not know anything about. That is really sad because I thought you are more intelligent and more intellectual than opposing something without completely knowing what this is all about.

I will give you one more chance to make your case, and then we will go and continue with our discussion.

Go ahead.

Radical_Conspiracy: Lets try this one more time. Maitreya, tell me something completely new. Tell me something that I have never heard before in any other religion. Tell me something totally new.


The Eternal Divine Path is new. No other religion has come and said that each religion has a specific message for humanity and when you put these specific messages from all religions together you will find there is a Path revealed that if man follows will bring the Kingdom of God on earth, will bring peace and unity, and a greater degree of progress for humanity.

That is what you want. You want humanity to have peace, progress, and have a wonderful leap of evolution. And that is new. It has never been on earth. Nothing came with this idea. No one could come with this understanding. This is absolutely new.

You have to go to see what the Eternal Divine Path is and then you will see that it is new. It is absolutely unique. You have to go and do more search and research, and see what we are talking about here.

Now it is completed. It is perfected. It has come to humanity in perfection, and it cannot be stopped because it is done. It is finished.

Whatever has come from the higher level is now manifested on earth. It is something that humanity cannot stop but they can little by little see the truth in It more and more. We invite you, as we invite everyone, to go and see this Truth and realize that indeed there is an Intelligence in the universe; it is created with an Intelligence.

I was like you. I rejected God. I rejected religions because they did not make sense to me, and they were all dogmas. Why do I want to bring a religion or philosophy that is already opposed and I concluded that they are all wrong and they do not make sense? If it did not make sense to me I would not have preached it. I would not have brought it to humanity. I would not have started this Mission in the first place.

I was at the place you are. It is not surprising for me that you are an atheist. Fine. I was an atheist myself but I saw that there is an Intelligence because in history He promised Abraham and others that He would do things for them, and He did them. How can you not conclude that an Intelligence exists when He can promise and fulfill them?

Then, of course, the rest of the Revelation came little by little. All of It makes sense. It is just hand and glove. They fit each other.

I am not a guru. It is not a bad word. But a guru is a very specific, narrow explanation. It is just like, I am a Rabbi, or I am a Mullah. I am a Father. It just does not make sense because this teaching is not just Hinduism that I can be a guru. It is not only Islam that I can be a Mullah, or, Christianity that I can be a Father.

Anyway it is just that you have to really meditate on what you are pursuing and objecting to, and maybe God will guide you to see the Light. If He did not, fine. It is OK. We leave you to God, but at least study. Accusing us of something when It makes sense and is logical, just being angry about the things without knowing too much about what you are angry about, is not logical [Karl left the room].

Hopefully he will go and study our teaching in a greater degree and realize that God exists. Indeed, He is Intelligent and Awareness, and Intelligence is God.

It is a Calling for everyone. Actually atheists, if they really study our teaching, could have a greater degree of understanding how logical these teachings are.

Let us go back to our discussion here in the room again. We just read the Last Declaration and the place of it is for humanity to create the Communities of Light, cooperate, become brothers and sisters, and eventually create the peaceful world that is based on the Truth and reality of God [Karl returned and typed, Thanks].

You are welcome, Karl. I hope you go to our website. Gods Blessing, or whatever you believe, be with you. I hope you eventually see the Light and realize God has sent this as a Revelation from God, not just a teaching of Hinduism.

This Last Declaration is on the website. You can study and bring the questions about it. It has been some time that I have felt that the Mission really has finished. Everything has been revealed to humanity. I have said it many times in this Conversation Room and other rooms that we are really done with this Revelation.

Now that I have reached the age of sixty it seemed that it is appropriate. It was impressed on me that, let humanity know the base of our teaching, our desire for humanity, and what this Revelation is for, that we have to come together, become brothers and sisters, learn how to work with one another, create great organizations and an environment that we can help other people at the same time, not only help ourselves.

Also we have to choose the leaders who are incorruptible in the Communities of Light and eventually create the hierarchy in the Mission. As the Mission expands and other systems fall, because they will, we will have a viable alternative for them and eventually create an earth that they can live in peace and they can come together, study, and progress in science to a point that they can reach to space, go there and find infinite resources so everyone has a higher standard of living.

But they will know at the same time that they are here to reach higher consciousness. They are not here to use prosperity for sensual enjoyment but to use it for a greater degree of progress physically, mentally, and spiritually. Therefore we will eventually create a great human and Kingdom on earth.

Of course, perfection is only in the Spirit. This creation is a relative truth. The perfection never can come to relative truth. But with our system and with our teachings, we can come to it as close as possible.

The utopian society really is an idea that is incorrect because in the manifested world never can perfection be reached in a sense that there is no flaw in it at all. We have to strive for it and eventually achieve it in the Spirit.

In the physical world we should come as close as possible with the understanding of the cyclical movements that are explained in THOTH, with realizing how the human problems are based on ego, our psychological problems are the reason for us to fall, we have desires, our subconscious minds run our lives and we have to overcome the subconscious mind so we can be connected to the Unconscious Mind or Gods Consciousness, or we can overcome also the temptation and all the things that they accuse the devil of making us do. Therefore we do not take any responsibility, because, The devil made me do it. I have no responsibility. I do not have to worry about it. I was just misguided.

If we know these are psychological problems, we can meditate, overcome the subconscious, and the devil has no power over us. Filling ourselves with God and intelligently realizing why we are affected and why we do the things we do, we can, little by little, overcome, and the evil, or the devil, does not exist for us. Where there is Light, darkness cannot exist.

The whole idea is to create a new man, a new intelligent human that does not blame another being for their own failing and say, The devil made me do it. Therefore I do not have to improve. I cannot because the devil is very powerful, and I do not have any powers.

God says, No. You can overcome. Be perfect as your Father in heaven, as God. God has revealed that we can be pretty perfect and close to Godliness in this manifested world. We might not become completely perfect but we can come close to perfection.

This manifesto, or this Last Declaration is to let humanity know what it is that this Mission wants humanity to do. I am hoping that all of you will read it again carefully and consider the things that have been revealed to you. It hopefully will be a guiding Light after I left my body.

I am not planning to leave it soon. I will be here with you. As long as I have life in my veins I will continue to spread this Message, repeat it, and reach out any way possible to humanity. Eventually we will attract people who are intelligent, who understand this Vision, see it clearly, and are dedicated to it. It will become the first priority in their lives, and they will come to the Mission and close to me so we can work together to manifest this Mission in all levels possible. Of course, I am waiting for such people to step forward and manifest themselves and manifest great things.

As God said, You know them by their fruit. I know the Elects, the Godly people, by the fruit they give, and you know me by the Revelation, by the Words that are based on the Scriptures, by the prophecies, by the genealogy, by everything that God made it so unique that you realize that you indeed have found the person who has been prophesied to come. Now it is here, it is revealed to you, and it has perfected the religions for mankind.

Mankind now has a perfected Revelation on earth, and they can read and understand that the Kingdom will come by following the Eternal Divine Path and by realizing that they are all the children of the same God. They can realize that the same Spirit brought their religion that brought other religions. Therefore there is no separation between religions. Not only are they not contradictory, they are complimentary, and they can be unified as one.

Again the waiting is over for those who see this Vision clearly and realize that they have been called for a great purpose, for a great Revelation, for a great Truth. They step forward and say, Yes, I am ready. I am willing. I am with you. Let us do it together.

And I say, great. Come. What are your talents? What can you do? How can we help each other? How can we also become an instrument of God so we have two Maitreyas, three Maitreyas, 144,000 Maitreyas on earth and then we can spread this Message to every corner on earth and preach it to every human? Eventually we will reach to the leaders, the churches, the mosques, the synagogues, and the temples and spread it to other nations.

There are many people in India, in the Far East, in places that they will love this Revelation, and they will join it easily. They will easily dedicate their lives to it. But we have not yet reached them. We have reached a very limited window of opportunity, which has been the Internet and mostly has been PalTalk for the last couple of years. Now we have to reach in a greater degree.

Another way to look at it is that God said this Revelation, in this lifetime, is the Revelation of the thief of the night, and it will come quietly. You can see that is why it is sometimes so quiet.

We have only twenty to twenty-five people, whatever is here in this room, and maybe a couple thousand or a hundred thousand, or something like that, out there that know about this Mission. We need more than that. We need dedicated people and supporters who really will help this to spread all over the world.

If that is true that this is the thief of the night, I can see why it was necessary to be so quiet. It took us from around 1977 to now, around twenty-seven years, to give Satsangs, write things down, put them in the website, and perfect them because it was not a Revelation that just had a very small scope for humanity. It is so vast that it took us so long.

That is why some people say our website is huge. It covers so many aspects. Some people even say they become lost in it because they lose their place where they were in the website.

So I stay in a quiet environment so we can write all these things down and create that website and the teaching so everyone now has them. They are all there.

It is just funny that some people go there in the website for a couple of minutes and then come to the room and say, Yes, I know there is nothing new in that website. I already know that. It took us twenty-seven years to perfect it. Now it is perfected as much as it could be.

Now we are here for humanity to see this manifesto. It is done. And the guiding Light has come to it. If you have a question about this Last Declaration, like everything in the website, you can bring it up in this room. I will be here every week, and we can discuss and understand it in a deeper level.

I guess Adel has a question:

AdeLDaharma: You have explained the teachings many times, on many levels, from so many viewpoints - very clear teachings, so vast, so complete. Is it possible to misunderstand it?

Maitreya: Well, that is what we are hoping will not happen. That is why it has been explained so many times; probably more than 1,000 times it has been explained. Still I believe our teaching is like God Himself. It can be experienced, it can be realized, it can be explained, it can be expanded, and even it can be misunderstood, as God has been misunderstood by many people. There is the possibility that some people will misunderstand it and will not realize it.

It is just like Karl came here. He is angry. He calls us guru, and everything. But when you ask him the question, you can see that he does not know the teachings. And he already decided that he knows. But he does not. You can see that the possibility is there.

That is why we encourage everyone to know our teaching in a very deep level very well, so they would not make mistakes. We had some spiritual teachers in the Mission that we trusted that they understood the teaching and they would present it in a correct way. Then we found out that they also made some mistakes, and they could not present it in its completeness.

Knowing the teaching in depth and in a deeper level is very important for those who want to teach it. It does not mean that you should not start teaching or encouraging other people to go to the website and study it. But at least be aware of what part of the teaching you do not know. If you do not know, study it, and come to me and discuss it with me.

That is why I am here. I want to make sure that this teaching is very clear to everyone so they do not misunderstand it and they do not create any dogmas.

The most important thing in this and any revelation is the Message that the Prophet brought. Unfortunately the Prophet has become more important in many religions. Even in Islam, in Christianity, in Hinduism, in Buddhism, the message has been replaced with the personality.

That is when the cult actually is created. When the messenger becomes more important than the message, then you have the cult personality and the message is misinterpreted, misunderstood, and not used. The eventually conclusion is if you put some incense in front of Buddha, you will receive his blessing. And that is all he does. That is not what the Buddha taught. Buddha taught more than that. So you have to understand.

Also implement it in our lives. We have to create a Godly lifestyle. We have to go to the services for the Mission, wrap ourselves into this Revelation and teaching, and bring it to our everyday lives so that eventually it becomes a part of us. It is not just that we come here every Saturday, we listen to Maitreya, and then go the rest of the week. It is not like a church that you go one day in a week and that is it, you are saved. It is to bring God to all levels of your life.

We all have to meditate and realize that it is something that covers from the basics in your life to government, bringing children up, family, environment, community, and everything. It is not just a one-day affair. It is a complete permeation in all levels of human existence.

All right I think our hour is over, and we are after 11:00. I do not see that there are any more questions. Again go to the website. Read this Last Declaration.

Now Sponsored has a question. OK. Sure. We can stay another half an hour actually.

Sponsored: Can you talk about James 4:7 please? How can you explain that in another manner? What can you say about the verse?

Maitreya: Can you say what the verse is? Can you put it in the text, or at least come to the mic and read it for us to see what it is?

Verse typed in text: James 4:7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

Maitreya: Exactly. That is what we just were saying. If you fill yourself with God and the Light, where can the devil come to? If God is everything, where is the devil?

The devil is the illusion of separation from God. Therefore do not listen to preachers who preach the devil more than they preach God. It sounds like they like the devil, and they make their followers absolutely full of fear of the devil instead of filling them with the Light of God and freedom. They bind them in a greater degree by preaching that the devil is so terrible. When you listen to them, after a while, you feel the devil is more powerful than God is. You become so afraid of the devil that you forget to fill yourself with God.

The fear brings greater submission of the followers to the churches, and they will do anything to get rid of the devil by the grace of the preacher. That is why it is easier to get people to submit to you by fear. And that is the technique many preachers use.

That is the technique the politicians and actually dictators use to make humans submit to them by making them fearful of the bad things that are going to happen to them instead of teaching them how good God is and what rights every man, woman, and child have.

This teaching again here frees you from the devil and evil, and makes you realize by concentrating on God that the devil has no power over you. The devil is an illusion of the separation from God. The more you are connected to God, the less the devil has power over you. That is the meaning of that verse, and that is exactly what we teach here. And that is what we want you to concentrate on, God, not the devil. The devil has no power over those who have God with them.

Therefore the devil is in trouble. By the coming of this Revelation he cannot be the king of this world any longer. He has absolutely been destroyed by understanding God, bringing God in all levels in our lives, in understanding our teaching, and bringing the Kingdom. Eventually the joy and freedom will come to man by not being afraid of the fears that these leaders, preachers, and teachers have put on man. We are here to free you from all those bondages and make you an instrument for the Light of God.

That verse absolutely agrees with us. And we absolutely agree with that verse.

Are there any other questions? Lou has a question.

Lou245_1_1: Can a fallen one reach Pure Consciousness?

Maitreya: Absolutely! A fallen one is the whole universe. There is no one in the universe that has not fallen. If they had not fallen, they would be in Pure Consciousness. That is the reason that the whole creation has been created and this whole manifested world is devised, to help the fallen part of the universe to go back to the Godhead.

That is why the Christians are correct that all have sinned. There is no one who is sinless. The only one who is sinless is God who is in Pure Consciousness. Therefore by this realization we all have hope to repent.

For the fallen ones, the starting of going back to God starts with repentance, by meditation, by concentration, by contemplation, by realizing what we have done wrong, by confessing it to God and promising not to do that again, or whatever we do that is not Godly, and little by little purify ourselves and become more and more Godly.

Therefore there is hope for every person in the universe to reach Pure Consciousness. But there is a time limit, and that time limit is fast approaching because the Seventh Revelation has come to humanity and it is the end time.

If you know someone, or if you feel yourself or whatever that you have no chance, that is not correct. You have a chance. The only thing required is to recognize why you are fallen or why they are fallen, and repent.

You do not need to go to the church or to the preacher to repent. You can repent directly to God, meditate on that, and purify yourself. You do not need a mediator.

God is always with you, and you do not need anyone to go to and confess. Indeed confession means that you will repent and you will not do it again. It is not something that you confess now, and a week later you do it again and again and again and again. That is compassion from ignorance and or passion. But the true compassion is when you repent and you work more and more not to repeat the thing that has made you fall.

All right. I hope that answered your question, Lou. If there is any other question, this is the time for you to either type it, or raise your hand. Of course, Lou, if you have a follow-up, you can go ahead. If you do not then I hope that answered your question. [Lou typed, No, thanks a lot.]


Have a good week. Be with God and know that you have been called for a great Mission, a great realization, and a wonderful work ahead of you.

Sal-OM everyone. See you next week.

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