Maitreya, Conversations with

Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone, welcome to the Conversation Room of the Mission of Maitreya.

As usual we are going to be here for one hour or more. It depends on how many questions you might have together. You had two weeks to go to the website, study, and realize the Mission in a greater degree.

This Conversation Room is not a regular church program that we come here every week, stay in it, listen to this Conversation, the rest of the week do whatever we want, and then come back next week again and just be with God for one hour or so. It is to call the Elects to come together. They become a source of strength and a channel for spreading the Mission and God to humanity.

Therefore, my not being here once in a while means that you have to realize that everything is temporary. This room might not continue to be, or I might not continue to be. It is a call to you to see this Vision and spread it yourself by being connected with the Mission and working with me at the same time.

It is your Mission. When the Message is given to you, you are the person who carries the Mission to other people. So you are called here to really understand the teaching in a greater degree.

That is why it is an awareness that this is a great opportunity to be with the Revealer here, to ask your questions, to learn, to reach out in a greater degree, and to realize that you are fortunate that God has revealed this Mission to you, and at the same time realize that everything is temporary and you are called to work with the Mission.

Also, sometimes the Spirit has to be with me so I can come to you and bring it to you. If the Spirit is not there and I do not feel like I can really reach out to you with the Spirit of God, then I will hesitate to come to the room. It was not that I was sick or anything like that. It is just another awareness of all of us to recognize and realize that there is urgency in this Mission, in this Revelation, and each of us has to realize that we are a part of God's Work. Therefore, we should not just rely on coming here one hour a week and that is it, we have done our duty, or if there is not a Conversation we become upset about it. We should not.

You should know the teachings and you have to seek Satsang. Actually that is a good opportunity. If there is no room, go to the website, or read THOTH in a greater degree, and understand the teaching more.

My not coming to the room might happen once in a while. Just be aware that there is a reason for it.

In the last two weeks, I hope many things happened to you. A lot of things happened in the Mission. Two of our brothers received their spiritual names, wonderful names. Spiritual names are like being born again and starting a new phase of life.

Your new name is a fresh name; it has nothing connected to it. It is a spiritual name that you have to become. Anything connected to your name, and your previous names, can be completely dropped, and you become a fresh person like a child that is coming back with a fresh life. You can start all over, learn your lessons from previous lifetimes, and become a better person, a more Godly person, a more connected person.

Also we had a beautiful child that was born to one of our members. That is a welcome sign. The children indeed are connected to God, and they have a lot of Grace. That is why when they are born there is so much Grace that comes with them. As Christ said, you cannot enter the Kingdom unless you become like children.

That is why we see that when a child is born, everyone rallies around him. Everyone loves what is happening. They become emotional. Some people even cry and they become very happy because that child brings so much Grace with him or her. We have to become like them so everyone would be happy seeing us. Everyone would be happy being with us.

Everyone is happy that he is a person like a child, not childish, but like little children. So we welcome the new comer. We hope that one day we will have hundreds, and thousands, and millions of little children that are born into this Revelation and that learn about the Eternal Divine Path: Awakening of the spiritual forces; creation of the Communities of Light; learn how to sacrifice (not to teach them to be #1 but to teach them to share and create an environment that everyone can progress physically, mentally, and spiritually); they learn how to become surrendered and submissive ones to God and His Will, why they are here, why they have been created; strip all the prejudices from their consciousnesses, things that separate people from one another; and create in humanity a new man, the Paravipras, the people who truly have understood the Eternal Divine Path and follow It.

Of course we will have then a beautiful earth, there will be peace in it, and the children can play with each other no matter what cultures they are from. We can have schools all over the world that have all the people working with each other and learning how to understand each other's cultures instead of trying to change them to ours or theirs, and bring God's Culture to humanity. Children indeed bring a lot of emotions and beauty to humanity.

This room is for Conversation with me about the Mission. The Mission of Maitreya is the latest Revelation of God. Actually it is the last Revelation of God that reveals the whole truth to humanity. It reveals that there is only One God, there is only one humanity, there is only one earth, and there is only one Messiah, or Revealer of the truth.

This Revealer has been coming, he is the Spirit of God come to earth, and brings a Revelation to man to unify them, or to reveal a new Revelation, or to correct what revelation has come before him. The things that have been changed in the Scriptures are corrected in a way that they are according to the words of God.

Now in this Revelation, if you become familiar with it, you will see that it has stripped all the dogmas from all the religions, brought the Essence of each religion to humanity, and reveals to man that indeed God is One. There are not many gods that one of them belongs to Moslems, one of them belongs to Christians, one of them belongs to Jews, one of them belongs to Hindus and Buddhists, and Baha'is, etc. It is all One Spirit. And it makes sense. It is logical.

If there is One God, how can we have so many revelations and so many religions? By understanding this, by understanding our teachings, we realize that indeed God is One. There are not many of them. It is the Spirit of God that revealed all the major religions in earth, like the Mystical Paths, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Baha'i, and all the other religions that have come from them or are related to these major religions.

With this understanding we have no excuse anymore to tell ourselves or our children, or our society, that we are different than them. They are having another Prophet, our Prophet is the best, or our Prophet is the last, or we are the only people who can connect to God, and this and that. Although there is some truth in each of them, it is not black and white. By this understanding humanity has no choice but to realize that they have to come together. All the signs are there.

There are upheavals, destruction, and wars on earth. These wars no longer are like the old ones that people could kill each other, a couple of thousand by sword. We can kill millions and billions with the weapons of mass destruction. We have to see the signs of the time and realize that each revelation is very timely, and it is time for humanity to realize that there is only one God. There are not many of them.

Of course, the Revelation and the teachings have been written down. It is perfected. It is finished. It has been put in the website. It is published. It was sent to people. Those who have received the Revelation, read it, and know it, understand that this is the only Revelation that has been perfected, completed, and published at the time of the Revealer.

Still, of course, as you can see, we come to this room and ask you if you have any questions. Have you read the teachings and received the Book? You have gone to our website, you have examined and tested the Spirit, and most of you believed in it. Now if you believed in it, if you have further questions, come here and let us discuss it.

If you have not believed in it yet, go, see, test the Spirit, understand, and realize the teachings. Again if you have a question, there are many ways to ask your questions. You can send an e-mail to the Mission, you can go to our discussion group in the Mission website there, or come to this room, and many, many other ways.

Go ahead Ed.

ED 38277 [Karl]: These are nice ideas, unification of humanity. But we have four or five major religions with approximately one billion followers apiece. Do you expect these people to convert overnight to something else? These are ancient cultures and ancient religions, with billions of follows. Or, are they going to convert overnight? What is the plan of action here? How do we create this happy planet?

Maitreya: Not overnight. Very, very good question Karl. Indeed there are religions, and if you see they are still fighting with us, coming to our room. So far we have not reached the critical mass.

We are a very new and young religion. We are trying to reach humanity. The course of action has been given in a section called Kingdom. If you have gone to our website and studied our Scripture called The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament, there is a section called Kingdom that gives a clear system of how to create the Kingdom of God on earth.

As you said, suddenly we wake up tomorrow morning and everyone follows this new teaching and Mission? Of course not. We are not nave. We understand the human nature very well. Also we know cultures. We know history. We know that there is going to be resistance. There are going to be a lot of people who will be very unhappy that a new Revelation has come from God, and they will not relent.

We are looking for the people who will see this Vision and will come together and create the facilitating body. The facilitating body is a body that will become an efficient and working organization that is filled with people who know these teachings and follow It. They will disseminate these teachings all through earth and educate people on how this Revelation has come with the clear signs, with the fulfillment of the prophecies, and that everything that God said would happen has happened. Little by little people can see the Vision and our number will increase to a point of the critical mass.

Not only that, humanity will realize that none of the religions on earth at this time will bring peace to humanity. It is not Scriptural, it is not based on the Word of God. None of them have even that permission by God to become the world religion or have a universal point of view as this Mission has.

We know that we have a long work ahead of us but the Word of God or Scriptures that prophesied this Revelation clearly have said that His Kingdom comes after the Seventh Angel and the opening of the Seven Seals.

Also, there is the prophecy about the Kalki Avatar. I do not know if you know or not. That is also a part of our teachings that he will be incarnated three consecutive lifetimes. Each lifetime will further this teaching. In the third incarnation he will establish the Kingdom of God on earth.

We are not really expecting to establish the Kingdom of God on earth in this lifetime but to disseminate, to publish, to reach out to as many people as possible so eventually by the year 2017 or 18 we will reach a point that this Mission cannot be stopped anymore. It cannot even be stopped now. But that is it, by then it will reach a point that many people will know about it, will have read about it, will have seen the Vision, will have realized the Word of God. They will see, "Yes, indeed, God said this Revelation will come," and therefore they are going to join us.

As the number increases it will reach the point of the critical mass. Also the events on earth eventually will convince many that their Messiahs, their ideas, their dogmas (that is what they are) are just dogmas and their own human understandings. Eventually they will relent to God's Idea.

By then our organization will have many Communities of Light created all over the earth. The hierarchy in that organization will come from these communities, and humanity will little by little see that is the only way to peace: Come together, create the Communities of Light, and choose the leaders from these communities. Therefore it will become a system of the benevolent, spiritual, high ideal people who will bring the peace and unity to humanity and justice on earth. They will reach to space for the limited resources on earth, and we will not fight for the limited resources. We will not fight for cultural differences. We will not fight for religious misunderstandings and dogmas. Eventually humans will grow up.

Those are the growing pains that we are going through at this time. Humanity is growing up but they have not really grown up completely. They are teenagers that their ideas and hormones are going faster than their brains. That is where we are. Eventually they will mature to adults and will see how logical these teachings are. And they are based on the Word of God.

The Revelation is logical. It makes sense. It explains the science. It explains the universe. It explains history. It explains everything you want to know. Little by little the logical and adult people will come together, and we can then bring the peace on earth. It is a process. It is a work that has to be done.

Those who have been called for it realize that they have no choice. They are a part of this process, and they are a part of God's Work. Therefore they will come, and they will start the process.

Everything has to start somewhere. This teaching started by being revealed to me. Then I reached out. It was not an easy job. It was a lot of work.

Now many people know about it. They reach out eventually. It is not going to be easy for them because we really are swimming against the current.

The current is, being selfish. The current is, not being Godly. The current is, every culture for itself. A lot of ego and selfishness is on earth. But we want to create an environment based on the Eternal Divine Path, which is not based on human nature.

We understand it is difficult. At the same time those who have been called for it have no choice.

This is the plan of action: Creation of the facilitating body, dissemination of the teachings, reaching out to humanity, creation of the Communities of Light, and eventually waiting for humanity to reach a point that they realize, "Yes indeed, this is the way out and to peace," and they will come together and create the Kingdom of God on earth.

You can see that it is not just a theory we are presenting here to humanity. There is a precise system, and the way of creating it also has been given. It is a perfect religion, a perfect Revelation, in every aspect that you look at it.

Madun is asking:

Madun_1: I think we can begin to discover ourselves, because the house of the God is the person's heart. How can we clean our hearts? And there are a lot of children in the dark streets, what can we do for them?

Maitreya: The first question, apparently Madun is asking that the Kingdom is within and we have to cleanse ourselves and start with the self. Exactly, you are absolutely correct.

If you go to our website and read our teachings, you will see God has revealed that it is more than "knowing thyselves." That is the beginning. That is what is called the Mystical Paths. That covers Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Christian Saints, Sufis, and everyone else that teaches, "Know thyself to know God," or "Awaken your spiritual forces," or "Realize yourself," or "Overcome your psychological hang-ups," and all the things that the human is trying to overcome and "Know thyself." That is the beginning of it. That is the first step.

The second question you are asking actually goes very well with The Greatest Sign, "And there are a lot of children in the dark streets, what can we do for them?" That is when the Communities of Light, the second step, comes in to play. That is the teaching of the Old Testament. In the Old Testament, God is trying to choose a people who are called the Elects, the Hebrews, the Children of Israel, the Children of Light. These people created the twelve tribes of Israel. Of course tribe means community.

In these communities, God and His Laws will be followed, God will become the center of reference in our lives, and people will become Godly. In those communities selfishness is not prevalent, therefore, the resources in the community will trickle down to those children that are in the dark streets and do not have anyone to help them because the human is so selfish and the big cities and people are so disconnected from their hearts that they do not see this calamity that is happening to the children, and they are ignored.

I do not know where you are from, but wherever you are from, it is in all the large cities. Also in some of the third world countries they do not even have enough to eat. They have probably seventy, eighty cents a day income. With that they cannot do anything. So the suffering is great.

The number of humans is increasing. It is well known that the poorer you are, the more children you will have because the nutritional effect on the body is that when your body is not receiving enough nutrition, it is kind of a warning to the body, "Make more children," because this body is not going to last long. So the poor people have more children and their situation becomes more miserable every day.

With this teaching eventually one of the outreaches we will have in our organization is helping the poor and providing places for these children, curing their diseases, and teaching them how to learn how to earn some income for themselves. We are trying to create self-sufficient people.

That is why we recommend for everyone in the Mission, those who are not full time workers for the Mission, to get a job, have an income, help us to create an environment that we can help other people. So that one also has been considered.

This is a great organizational Vision, which eventually will have many departments, many sections that can handle many different problems that exist on earth. There is going to be a system also that has the ability to help those in need.

There are organizations on earth right now that claim they are doing the same thing. But 70 to 75% of the money they gather goes for their own expenses. The poor and the needy get only 25%. The head of that organization gets millions of dollars a year. You can see the original purpose and reason for those organizations is lost and no longer functional.

In our organization, most of the workers will accept a minimum lifestyle. They will direct the rest to help the needy. As we reach to space, we will be able to have unlimited resources. Then we can even help the poor and needy in a greater degree.

At this time those children cannot be helped much with the Mission. I wish we could have helped them in a greater degree. At this time we do not have the resources to do that. But they are not forgotten.

Nothing, no one, and no religion are forgotten in this Mission. The whole idea is geared toward the creation of physiological and safety needs of everyone, and then directing them to become self-actualized, or God-actualized, or ego-actualized. That is the goal of life, to be(come) Divine, to become Pure Consciousness, to become One with the Essence of our Self, which is God. When we do that, the more people that become like that, the less material things they will need.

The reason that the people are so materialistic is because they have not touched their Essence. They want to fulfill the longing for the infinite with finite things. So they work hard. They buy one car. They say, "If I have a car, I will be satisfied.

When you are a teenager, you want a car. Then you get a job. You get more money as you become more adult. You want two cars. Then it becomes three. Then you want a house and then a bigger house. You want to have a vacation house. Then you want to have an airplane. Then you want a yacht, and on, and on. And almost everyone wants those things. The reason is that they want to fulfill that emptiness, which is Godliness, in them, with many material things. And it does not satisfy them.

Actually I have seen the happiest people in the village in Iran. They were happier than the people who have yachts and many billions of dollars.

Money, to a point, probably is needed to take care of the physiological and safety needs of the person. But after that, it actually becomes a burden because you have to invest it, you have to worry about the rate going up or down, the market going up or down, Where should I invest, where should I not invest, etc. After, it becomes a drag in your life and happiness.

The more you have, the more you want. That is absolutely the sign of the unrealized Soul. It is the sign that this external world is the reality for them.

With creating more people with their Essence realized by them, the less material things they will need. They will create Communities of Light that take care of their physiological and safety needs.

When a child is born in the Communities of Light, he has a lot of people to take care of him; he will experience many energies in the Communities of Light. And because it is a community, everyone is going to feel safe. There are not going to be buglers. There is not going to be destruction and fear in the neighborhood.

We do not need a neighborhood watch because in the neighborhood everyone knows each other. If there is a stranger that comes, there will be some people in the neighborhood who easily can recognize that person and say, "Hey, this person is not from here. Who are you?" They will not have the ability to do any damage.

You can see there is no question; there is nothing on earth that is not resolved with this teaching and the Communities of Light.

DiracSea, go ahead.

DiracSea: Hello Mr. Maitreya. How are you doing today? That is very interesting what you just said. Let me ask you a question. Over in the places, such as India, OK let's go to India, where they believe mostly in Hinduism. They believe in reincarnation and everything. Why is it that that place, which should be the jewel of Hinduism, why is it that there is such rampant poverty, and why is it that they hold to this caste system, which as you yourself must know, is very, very unfair because it treats many of the people as untouchables, and as inferior?

It is interesting because Mahatma Gandhi said that the Christian missionaries that came to India did more to help the poor people of India than thousands of years of Hinduism. I would like to know, what is your view on this, my friend?

Maitreya: Very, very good question, DiracSea. Indeed, if you study our teachings you can see why India is in the shape it is. The reason for it is the Mystical Paths. The Hindu religion teaches that the goal of the life is to go back to the Godhead, and like a drop of water fall into the ocean and become the ocean.

Therefore social aspects are not emphasized and it is a very selfish way of, "I want to go to God by myself, and I do not care what is going on around me and my community." The social work, sharing with each other, and creating an environment that everyone will be taken care of physiologically and for their safety needs is not present in that system and teaching. That is where Hinduism, Buddhism, and many Mystical Paths fall. This is a selfish path that says, "I am selfish enough to forget everyone else and go to God directly. I am better than these untouchables that are so miserable that I do not even want to touch them. I can push them down in the society and absolutely go to God." That is the dogma and the wrong thing with the Mystical Paths.

That is why if you study in our teaching, the next step is the creation of the Communities of Light. The creation of Communities of Light means that you create an environment where everyone has their physiological and safety needs taken care of and there is an action that should be taken by everyone in the community to improve everyone's life. Of course, everyone has to sacrifice to create such an environment, surrender and submit to God, and become a universalist. Those are the five steps of the Eternal Divine Path.

Therefore, your question has been answered in our teaching clearly. It shows why India is in such bad shape and why the Christian Missionaries did more for the Indians than the Indians themselves.

Go ahead.

DiracSea: Interesting. I see. In a much wider way, Maitreya, I want to know from you, is it correct to say that all religions and all beliefs, and all forms of spiritualism are correct, are right? Or are many of them wrong? What is the right way? I am curious.

Maitreya: Apparently you have come to the right place. That is exactly the answer that has been given in this Mission and this Revelation: that each religion on earth has a specific message for humanity. The message of Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, Christian Saints, Sufis, and any other path that says, "Know thyself to know God," is the first step. It is the beginning of the Path. It is not the end. It is just awakening you to realize that your Essence and God is One.

Then the second step is the Old Testament. If you read the Old Testament in the Bible, the whole Old Testament is explaining how God is trying to find a people who are called the Elects, or the Children of Israel, that will create the community based on God, His Revelation and Laws. He creates that environment that the people in that community can progress in a greater degree.

The very teaching of the Old Testament has come from the teaching of India and the Far East. There are names like Shiva, and Brahm, and all those names have come from Sanskrit names. Of course Sanskrit is of the Hindu-European language that they are all connected. In the next step, God created this idea of the communities, or the Children of Israel, or the Twelve Tribes.

The next step is to create the Communities of Light. The Hindu religion, or the Mystical Paths, is not the ultimate. After you start meditating, you create an environment that other people can also join you and create a place that their physiological and safety needs are taken care of.

To create such communities, you have to sacrifice. If everyone in the community says, "What is in it for me, what is in it for me only?" you create a selfish environment that those who can make it, make it. The poor become poorer. The rich become richer. The gap increases to a point that the poor become untouchables.

Sacrifice is the message of the New Testament. Christ went to the cross for his belief. He sacrificed himself and released The Grace to humanity. The third step is Christianity or sacrifice.

The fourth step is Islam. Islam comes from the word tasleim which means to be surrendered and submissive to God.

In the second step you sacrifice a lot. If you do not succeed you become depressed, you become unhappy. You think you are the doer; therefore, you become attached to the result. That creates depression and unhappiness. Or you do succeed and create a big ego and say, "It is I doing all these things. I am great." That again cuts you from God because your ego becomes so huge. What cuts humanity from God is our ego. The bigger ego we have, the more away from God we will be.

By realizing that you should not be attached to the result of your action, and you realize that you have to surrender and submit the result to God. Eventually you realize what God has for you in this lifetime to bring to humanity. That is surrendering to God.

Greater than all of that is to let God come through and do His Work, to realize that God is doing it through you because you know yourself. That is the message of Islam. Islam comes from surrendering and submission to God. If you surrender the result to God or let God come through, then absolutely your spirit and Gods are one.

When that happens you become a universalist because you see that Spirit in everyone. There is not such a thing as, "Our spirit and their spirit," and to separate ourselves.

The next step is to become a universalist. That is the message of the Baha'is. Bab and Baha'u'llah brought the message of universalism. Then you shatter all narrowness of the mind, and you expand yourself as a part of the universe. Everything is a part of It.

With these five steps, you become an Elect. If you study any religion, any Scripture of God, it talks about the Chosen Ones, the Believers, the Elects. The Elects are those who follow these five steps.

At the same time the Eternal Divine Path unifies and gives the Essence of the message of each religion. Therefore, this is the greatest Path. This is the way out. This is the way of understanding. And this is what we have brought to humanity to realize that they have to follow the Eternal Divine Path: see the Essence of each religion and if anything is not in that Essence, it is dogma and misunderstanding of that religion and man-made.

This Revelation absolutely clears and clarifies all religions, puts away everything that is not good in each religion, and puts in the Essence of that religion. Therefore, it becomes the purest Revelation and religion for humanity.

It comes to the whole of humanity because it covers all religions. Actually it has come in a language that has been influenced with a lot of other languages. It has been influenced with Arabic. It has been influenced with Sanskrit. It has been influenced with Latin. It is a language that is more universal than any other language.

Go ahead, Dirac.

DiracSea: This is very, very interesting Mr. Maitreya.

You see, in my studies of the world religions, you are correct in that there is always this idea, this concept of a Coming One who will deliver the people of the world. Almost every religion has something of this sort.

Maitreya: That is right.

DiracSea: Now, who is the Final Coming One, the Final Prophet. Who is the Final Messiah? Are you he, Maitreya? Are you God and the Messiah? Are you the Final One?

Maitreya: Well, I have to answer what Christ said, If I say I am, probably you will hesitate, and you are going to have a hard time to believe in it. If I say I am not, I am lying.

It is really up to you to prove to yourself that indeed this Revelation has come from God. This is the last Revelation. This is the unification. This is the fulfillment of all prophecies. This is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah that has been prophesied to come and open the Seven Seals for humanity.

The only thing I can tell you is, go to our website, read our teachings, look at the prophecies, look at the genealogy, look at the opening of the Seven Seals that when they are open that is the only Revelation that made the whole universe to rejoice. Then come to your own conclusion.

If you come to your conclusion, it is your understanding. If I tell you, it is my understanding.

Go ahead.

DiracSea: Well, that is an interesting answer to say the least. However, in my studies I have come to the firm conclusion, Maitreya, that the promised Messiah, the Revealer, is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ. And while the things you are saying contain many grains of truth, overall you are a liar because Jesus said he is the way, the truth, and the light. No one, that is no one, not you or me, comes to the Father, God the Father, except through him. He died on the cross for our sins. And this includes you, Maitreya; you must either come to him or be eternally separated. I am simply telling you the truth. You can accept it or deny it. I do not hate you. I feel very sad for you. I believe that Maitreya himself is deceiving you and Satan is behind him. That is really all I want to say about that. Have a nice day. Yes, he is a wolf in sheep clothing. And there is a real hell. Come to Jesus, not Maitreya. OK? Jesus Christ loves you and he died for our sins. And Maitreya, please take what I am saying to heart before it is too late. I am now releasing the mic. Good day.

Maitreya: Well, I hope you stay and learn the answers to your accusations. Indeed, it is the same Spirit that came as Christ. I say the same thing, "You will not go to the Father but through me."

If you reject this Revelation, the last Revelation of God, I am sorry for your Soul as well, and I pray that you will understand that you are wrong.

Well he left the room. Apparently coming to someone's room and saying whatever you want and leaving, makes the ego to feel good. But they do not stay to learn the answer to their question, which is sad.

Anyway, this is the way of the world. We will have to deal with them. The way that humanity will hang onto their beliefs, let them hang into what they have. Let the Christians kill the Moslems, the Moslems kill the Jews, the Jews kill the Moslems, oppose the Christians, and this and that. We will see who is the truthful one.

It is sad that they do not want to even consider to at least study, see the truth, and realize that this is God who has sent all the religions. Now their dogma is more important than the truth and the Word of God. That is regretful.

We all have to pray for these people that their eyes might be opened and that they might come out of this absolute ignorance that has been imposed on them, when their religions are full of dogmas and pagan influences. That is indeed sad. We have to realize where they are, pray for them, and guide them as much as we can.

Well I hope the rest of the people here in the room have gone to the website and have studied our teachings with an open mind, an open heart, deciphered the truth of this realization and Revelation, and have seen the Vision that indeed humanity has no choice but to eventually recognize and realize it.

Maybe this person will come next lifetime. Or maybe he or she will come as a child of a person who is in the Mission, and they will be cleansed from their dogmas and will understand God in a greater degree. The good thing about our Mission is we believe in reincarnation. It can take many lifetimes for some people to continue and eventually overcome all these dogmas that have been given to them. We understand them.

We have Moslems coming to our room saying that we are the dajjal. The Christians come and say we are the anti-Christ. The Jews say, "No. The Messiah has not yet come," etc. It is not surprising for us.

What should we do with these people? Should we let them talk and say whatever they want to say or should we red dot them? I would like to get a vote from everyone. [Maitreya is now reading the responses from the text]

We should step up and say the Truth!!!

We KNOW who Maitreya is!


Maitreya: Someone wrote, Interaction. How?

At the point that all they are doing is just saying you are a liar, just red dot.

Maitreya: All right.

I think it depends on each situation.

Maitreya: All right

Let them speak and learn.

Maitreya: OK

Maybe those who know this is the truth could just give testimony at those times, as some did today.

Maitreya: All right. I like the suggestions. It is a very interesting topic. One thing is that when they do something like that, I feel they bring the energy of the room down. That is because I am in the middle of explaining the Mission and high in connecting everyone to God, suddenly someone comes and just puts dirt on what we are doing. But I can handle it. It does not matter to me.

In another sense, if we cut them off all the time then they might have something interesting to say that helps everyone. So it is a very interesting idea.

Go ahead, Brahmamurti.

Brahmamurti: Thank you. I just wanted to comment that if they come to the microphone and they say those things, I do not really think that they are open to the truth. I am not excluding the possibility that they are open but what he was saying was just his ego speaking. So he did not want to open himself up to the truth.

Anyway I had a question. I was reading Revelation Of The Revelation the other day. I was kind of wondering if it was written in a chronological sense, so that you could read now this happens and now this happens, and so on, like in a scale of time. Thank you.

Maitreya: Brahmamurti, can you state just the question again?

Brahmamurti: I was reading about The Revelation, the last book in the Bible. It shows things that have been and things to come. So my question is: Was it written in a chronological way so that you can pinpoint, "Now this happens, now that happens," or, does it jump around so that you have to know to put together the parts like a puzzle? I hope that question makes sense.

Maitreya: Yes, it does make sense now. You are asking if the explanation in The Revelation is chronological or does it jump all over the place, instead of saying that is what is going to happen?

It is chronological. As you can read The Revelation, it talks about the Seven Steps, Seven Seals, Seven Candlesticks, and all those are repeated two, or three, or four times. They are the same things repeated over and over. But always at the Seventh Angel, Seventh Candlestick, in the Seventh level, it talks about it is finished, it is done, it is the end.

After those periods are explained, then it explains at the end time that the woman with the scarlet and all the vile things that she did, will appear in a greater degree. It is sitting on the beast. It is then that eventually, suddenly, the whole world will fall, and the Kingdom will come.

We are at the end of the Seven Revelations, Seven Candlesticks, and Seven Angels. We are at the beginning of the destruction and the end. It is the beginning of the end of that period. After this Revelation, the earth is going to become even more fallen into Maya and destruction. Therefore, they will bring greater unhappiness and falling away from God; we can observe that is happening right now on earth.

There is no religion that is not affected with dogmas and misunderstanding. There is no nation that has not fallen into Maya and destruction. There are no people who are completely Godly.

Even those who are Godly are having a hard time because they turn on the television and the television says, "Buy this, and buy that. Do this, and do that." If you watch most of the TV programs, for hours there is not one Word of God in them. If you even listen to the preaching channels, they are all talking about their dogmas. They separate themselves from each other, and bring more destruction to humanity. We can see all the signs are there that indeed Maya and the worldly things are affecting humanity even in a greater degree.

We are at the time after the Revelation of the Seven Seals, and it is done.

Go ahead, Brahmamurti.

Brahmamurti: Thank you very much. The reason I was asking the question was because I remember that you have said that this is the time after chapter 5. But yet, you are already here. You are mentioned in chapter 10:7 that the Seventh Angel raises his voice and blows the trumpet. Maybe you could explain that?

Maitreya: I understand what you are saying now.

In the fifth chapter, it talks about the opening of the Book sealed with the Seven Seals. No one could open it. Eventually the Lion of the Tribe of Judah comes and opens it, and the whole universe rejoices.

That corresponds to the Seventh Angel, that corresponds to the Seven Seals, that corresponds to the Seven Candlesticks and Seven, every Seven, that is done. In that sense you have to see chapter 5, when the Seven Seals are opened and the Book sealed with the Seven Seals is revealed, is the same thing as those periods that the Seventh level reaches and it is done, has been given. Or God will be a mystery, in 10:7 in The Revelation, until the Seventh Angel comes. That corresponds to chapter 5, and that Christ will open the Book with the Seven Seals.

Also that chapter 7 means that there is only one Spirit that reveals all the seals to humanity, and that is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. He opens the First Seal, the Second Seal, the Third Seal, the Fourth Seal, the Fifth Seal, the Sixth Seal, and the Seventh Seal. But everything is a mystery until that Seventh Seal, Seventh Angel comes, the Seven Seals are opened, and the Seven Candlesticks are brought to humanity.

Therefore chapter 5 confirms only one Messiah for the whole of humanity. He is the Spirit of God that comes to man. There is only one. That no other man can open the Seven Seals but him and if he was not permitted by God to do that, or could not do that, the whole mystery of God never would have been revealed to humanity.

In the rest of The Revelation, the Seven Periods are repeated over and over. After every Seven Steps, is when the Mystery is finished and it is done. Then after it is finished explaining that, that is the beginning of the Great Tribulation.

Actually in The Revelation it clearly says that if it were not because of God's intervention, they would even kill Christ himself and destroy him (because after the woman was the flood, and the child was almost overtaken and destroyed). But God will intervene and eventually we will win, and the Kingdom of God will come to earth. That is the chronological way it happens.

That chapter 5, although it talks about the Seven Seals and when all the Seven Seals are opened it is done, it also confirms that only one Spirit, the Christ only, can open all the Seven Seals. Therefore there will be Seven Revelations, Seven religions, and our teaching clearly explains what those Seven Revelations and religions are because this Revelation is the Revelation of the Seventh Angel, and it is done.

That is why it is so perfect. This Revelation is absolutely perfect, and it is for the whole of humanity.

I hope that answered your question. If it did not answer your question, just raise your hand and follow up so we can completely explain any question left.

In summary, chapter 5 is the explanation of the opening of the Book sealed with Seven Seals by Christ. Although the Seven Seals had been opened all through history, no one understood how they related to each other as explained in the book THOTH, the Book sealed with the Seven Seals.

Then three or four times it repeats itself that there were Seven Seals, Seven Angels, Seven Candlesticks, or all those Sevens. Then after each Seven, of course, is the mystery finished.

Open Eye: Yes, I would like to pick up on following the chronological order of the book of The Revelation. My question is, the three incarnations of the Hindu prophecy, the Avatar, where do they fall, in which chapters, does that come into place?

Maitreya: I suppose your question is where that comes in the Bible. Where in the Bible does it talk about the three incarnations?

If you study the Bible, it talks about that Christ comes as the thief of the night. Then he comes also as a conqueror, and the king of the kings, and will have the last war, or Armageddon, the last war between the good and the evil. Eventually Christ will overcome the evil and establish the Kingdom of God on earth.

There is conflict between being a thief of the night, being a conqueror, and establishing the Kingdom. It was a mystery that eventually was resolved by understanding that it makes sense if there are three incarnations. One incarnation he comes as the thief of the night. He comes very quietly. He reaches out. He preaches to a few people. He completes his Revelation, as has been done already.

Then these Elects will respond to him and their numbers will increase. Little by little, they will create the facilitating body. Eventually they will implement the work of God on earth. When their numbers reach a point of the critical mass, they can take over, or, eventually humanity will realize that this is the way out and they will join them, and the Kingdom of God will come.

A great attempt has been made to take all the references to reincarnation out of the Bible. They did not succeed because we know that John the Baptist was the reincarnation of Elijah. Therefore in the Bible it is very hard to find the reference to reincarnation. But we know it is there.

By understanding the thief of the night and the Conqueror of Conquerors, we realized that they were conflicting with each other. The only way to explain it is that there is more than one incarnation.

Go ahead, Open Eye.

Open Eye: Thanks for that. I am aware of the standpoint that you are saying: Yes, it is very hard to find any references about the reincarnation, and the point that the thief in the night, the Conqueror, and the King of Kings, in the book of Isaiah. That is the reason why I put this out is because of the previous question about the chronology in the book of The Revelation. That is the only way I will find out in that particular book because you are the thief of the night, and there are still two other people to come.

I was wondering only in the book of The Revelation where it fits in. Although as you said, it is very hard to find because it has already been taken out - all the references of reincarnation. Maybe it is difficult. Although John, the apostle, was in a trance when this was given to him. Hopefully, that was all complete without being distorted. As everyone knows, in the last chapter of The Revelation, it says that anyone who adds or deletes to it will suffer consequences.

Throughout history I am hoping men have not tried to take anything out. But the book of The Revelation that we have in our hands today, can we be certain it has not been changed? Thanks.

Maitreya: Actually if you study in the book of The Revelation you might even see in that book the three incarnations. That is because I think it is at in chapter 15, when the dragon goes after the woman and sends the flood to destroy her, at that time it seems that Christ and The Holy Ghost are not strong enough to stand against the Maya or the dragon, and the dragon almost wins over and destroys the woman, The Holy Ghost, The Truth, and the Child. But, of course, God will not let that happen.

You can say that is the reincarnation of the coming as the thief of the night. Then later on, he is the Conqueror, and conquers. He is the Lord of Lords, and eventually he will bring the Kingdom of God on earth. Maybe in the next incarnation, or the incarnation after, he eventually reaches a point that indeed he is able to overcome that problem. You can see that, even in The Revelation you might see the three incarnations right there by understanding that part.

I hope that answered your question.

YugalKishoreDas is asking:

YugalKishoreDas: You are very generous to give your association to lost souls like me.

Maitreya: Well, thanks very much. I do not know what the question is there, but God is humble. God is reachable. God is available to humanity. Actually, God is always with you. There is no time that God is not with you.

It is us that we disconnect ourselves from God. Sometimes even people do not want to go to God because they are afraid that they are not worthy. But God is not like that at all, God does not think like that at all, and He is always waiting for you to go to Him. He is always available for you to go to God.

Therefore, God is humble. God is available. God is reachable. God is not something that sinners, or if you think you are a sinner, you think you cannot reach. You should just stop sinning and purify yourself. And believe me, God is there for all of you to reach.

YugalKishoreDas: What is your destination of meditation?

Maitreya: The destination of meditation is to create the Communities of Light, sacrifice, surrendering and submission, to be a universalist, and to become an Elect. Therefore we can create the Kingdom of God on earth and accelerate the process of reaching back to the Godhood for the whole earth and humanity.

That is the goal of our meditation and the goal of life. That is the Revelation of God and the Will of God for humanity to see and follow.

Michaelslight is asking:

Michaelslight: Can you give us examples of excess comfort versus comfort that is acceptable to God?

Maitreya: Excess comfort can be explained in different cultures and different situations on earth differently. In general, first everyone on earth should have their physiological and safety needs taken care of. If you have two coats and your brother does not have any, give one to him or her.

If you have extra that seems excessive in comparison to those who are dying of starvation, it is better to not increase your comfort but decrease their suffering. Therefore, give of your excess to them.

Even better than giving to them what you have, teach them how to support themselves and be fair and just to them so that they also can progress in their situation, so that they will have their physiological and safety needs taken care of. At this time, we can only give suggestions for how to bring justice and a more acceptable situation for humanity.

In our organization, when the Kingdom comes, Paravipras have the ability to distribute the wealth in such a way that the minimum has been created for everyone. Until that time, each person has to recognize their situation and see if they are too comfortable, if they have excess comfort, and they can bring that to a smaller comfort and give some to those that have no comfort. At this time it is an individual decision.

In the Communities of Light, of course, everyone contributes into the community, and the leaders in the community will take care of those who are less fortunate. They will encourage those who are more fortunate to give more so they can distribute it and bring greater equity to those in the community.

Also God said, do not take the wine and the wheat, and do not destroy those who have more. Those who have the ability to have more and contribute more to human existence, God also gives them the ability to have a little more.

If their excesses are affecting everyone else in their lives, they should relent and not go to more luxury and more luxury, but fill themselves with the Spirit of God. Therefore, their longing for limitlessness will be quenched with the Spirit of God, and they can give of their wealth to those that are less fortunate.

We do not preach to give a man a fish. We preach to teach them how to fish.

We teach them how to make other people more educated, more effective, create communities everywhere on earth, create a system that everyone is helpful and is working wherever they are. They will create more wealth than they take. That is the goal: Everyone should create more wealth than they take.

If we do that, we will have less and less unfortunate and the poor. Then we can increase the standard of living of everyone to as high as it could go. God is not against comfort. God is against excesses and the effect it will have on other people.

I hope that answers your question. If you have a follow-up, go ahead.

Brahmamurti, go ahead.

Brahmamurti: Thank you very much. I have been contemplating on Adam and Eve and the serpent for some time. I am not actually sure how to formulate the question. Maybe the question can become, Did the serpent really lie? That is because in a sense what he said is that, "We are not going to die." In a sense that is true. The Soul cannot die. We cannot really die. Our flesh can die but our Souls are eternal. In that sense, they were not going to die. But in the other sense they were going back to ignorance, and that is also what you explained that death means.

The other part of the question might be that, if they had not eaten from the tree of good and evil, weren't they ignorant to begin with? I hope you understand what I am getting at. Thank you very much.

Maitreya: He was saying, you are not going to die. At the same time he was encouraging them to do an action that God said, "Do not do."

That is when the lie comes that someone says, "You are God. You can do whatever you want. Go against God and do not follow the Laws of God." At the same time, you are going to be immortal; you are going to live forever. God never promised that.

God said that you will become immortal and live forever if you follow Gods Laws. Although your Soul lives forever, but you die. And after that, the lifetime you die and your Soul goes not to God but to places that are not quite higher consciousness or Pure Consciousness.

Like Christ said, "There is going to be gnashing of the teeth," and it is a terrible place. Some people made it to hell, with the fire and all those very strong images of what happens to those Souls who do not reach Pure Consciousness.

The lie comes when the lower nature or the serpent says, "Oh, do not worry about it, you are going to go to heaven. You are going to live forever. You do not have to follow God, His Words, and the Scriptures." That is when the lower nature is present and you will fall because you were taught being God, or in the image of God, in the wrong way. You are not following the Scriptures. You are not following the Words of God. You are not following and avoiding the things that God said, "Do not do." At the same time you are believing you are God.

That is ignorance. That is destruction. That is where Adam and Eve fell. They fell because they believed that they are God, when they really did not follow and were not Godly.

I hope that answered your question. If you have follow-up, go ahead.

We have a question from Michaelslight.

Michaelslight: Thank you. Your answers are excellent. The United States consumes 25% of the worlds resources with only 5% of the population. I realize this needs to be corrected and wish to do my part in correcting this.

Maitreya: Actually the correct numbers are more than 25%. The consumption in the U.S. is 38%. Anyway that is not the point.

This nation has been Graced greatly with God and the great purpose that it has been chosen to fulfill. Hopefully they will realize this more and more, and become Godly. As it has been prophesied, there is a great flood of higher consciousness, and the truth will emanate from this nation at the end time.

As we can see, it is true. This Revelation came here. It did not come to me when I was in Iran. It came to me when I came to the United States, which, "He comes from the East and shines in the West." God said there that He would send His last Revelation in the West.

So the United States has a lot to learn. It is a young country. It is very youthful, and they have to realize that if they do not become Godly and Spiritual as Christ said, they can gain the world but lose their Souls, and that is not a good bargain.

Who are the richest people? They are the people in the United States. What happens to the rich? As Christ said, it is harder for the camel to go through the eye of the needle than a rich person.

Also the United States gained the world. Hopefully they will not lose their Souls, which is not going to be a good bargain for them. That is a great truth that you just brought up.

The people in the United States have to understand God's Word and Revelation. This Revelation for them is closer than to anyone else. Of course, with the Internet, everyone is close to it.

All the rich people, and the rich nations, have to share with those who are not as prosperous as they are. That is why we have the resistance and we have those people who fight the rich people, because they do not have anything to lose. They do not have anything. That is a way to stop the terrorism, to stop the class wars, by realizing that you have to share and create more equity on earth. Of course, our teachings will accelerate this process, and there will be one humanity under God's Culture.

Indeed people in the United States have a lot to learn and a lot to give. At the same time, God Blessed them with this Revelation.

The Revelation is a Blessing and at the same time it is a curse. Nearly any time it comes to a people, we can see always this Revelation comes to the people who are the richest in the world. If they do not listen to the Revelation, that Grace will be taken away from them. So it is a warning for them. The sooner they realize this, the sooner they will be spared for the suffering that is coming to everyone.

All right. Are there any other questions?

You want to do your part; that is great. That is wonderful. Of course the best help you can give is helping the Mission, helping this Revelation, helping us to spread this Mission and bring greater awareness to not only Americans, but also to Europeans, to Asians, to Africans, to Australians, to every continent that they should start creating Communities of Light wherever they are and create resources that they can distribute, teach, and educate children to become self-sufficient.

At the same time Americans are the best workers. I have never seen anyone work like them. They really work hard. It is a thing that other people can learn from Americans, or Westerners, that they create wealth. They put hard work in what they earn. Of course, they think it is theirs so they do not have to share it with everyone. At the same time they also have to realize that he who has more, he or she has to give more.

All right. I think we are at the end of our session today. I hope the session was good for you and you learned again our teachings. As I said, these are sessions to create a great people and more Elects.

These teachings are perfect. It is amazing how perfect It is. It pains me when I see someone who comes and does not see this amazing Vision, and they accuse such a beautiful work, the Spirit of God, and The Holy Ghost. They accuse and blaspheme The Holy Ghost. You know what Christ said about those who blaspheme The Holy Ghost.

At least you will reach out, I hope, and see this teaching. Not only reach out, but come and work with me. I am open, willing, and available to all those who want to work for the Mission and spread this in any way. I want you to go and teach the Mission, but at the same time confirm with me so that the teachings stay as pure as possible.

I leave you all to God. Have a wonderful week. Maybe we will see you next Saturday.

Sal-OM everyone.

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