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Maitreya: Sal-OM everyone. Welcome to the Conversation Room. You might have noticed that we have added a new part to our introduction to these sessions. The whole purpose of this room is to go to our website, study our teachings, and see the new Revelation of God. Then come here and we can discuss different aspects of the Mission and how all the religions of the world are unified.

That is the most important requirement to come to this room and discuss the teachings. We would like everyone to at least have gone to the website, studied, and know the basic teachings before we can give them the microphone. Otherwise, there is no reason for this room if we do not follow that request.

So from now on, the people who we do not know and are here for the first time will be asked a few questions about the teachings before they can have the microphone privileges. I hope that is agreeable with everyone. If someone does not agree with this new set-up, you can raise your hand and we can discuss it and see why it is necessary to have it this way, or if we should change it to something else.

We will go ahead with the teachings today again. This is the room for the Mission of Maitreyas Revelation that claims that all of the religions are unified based on the Word of God, and that God clearly said that no one knows the truth until the Seventh Revelation will come.

The people who come to this room still have text privileges. They can type the things they like and ask questions. That rule about knowing the base of our teachings, is only for access to the microphone.

Zigs1 is asking:

Zigs1: What is after life?

Maitreya: After life is what was before life. You have been here before, and you will be here after life. The only difference is that you have been disconnected from the Essence, or God, when you were disconnected from the Essence from the very beginning.

After life, if you have reached Pure Consciousness, you go to the bosom of God and you will be One with the Essence of God. If you have not progressed and are still in amnesia, and you do not know that indeed you and God are One, then you will go to a place that you will learn your lessons of this life that you did not listen to and meditate on in a greater degree. Then you will come back again if you are willing to progress.

Otherwise, other Souls that are more willing to progress will be incarnated and you will lose the privilege that has been given to you to come to this existence to progress to higher levels. You are here this lifetime, or any lifetime, to meditate, to awaken your spiritual forces, to remember that you were a part of God once, and to progress, and you take care of the amnesia that has come to you. Therefore you remember God and you follow His Will, which is the Eternal Divine Path, creation of the Communities of Light, and accelerating everyones progress toward a greater degree.

If all humans would realize this then they would know that they have a reason to be here in this lifetime. The reason of having this life and this creation is to return to the part of the creation that was One before this part (darkness) was separated from God.

This creation has a purpose, a reason. The life has a purpose, a reason for it. It just does not happen by chance. It happened because something went wrong. As the beginning of the Bible clearly said, There was darkness.

Your next question is:

Zigs1: Does ignorance have a place in heaven?

Maitreya: Ignorance is being separated from God. Ignorance is not knowing that indeed you and God are one already. It is not an intellectual understanding. It is not something to make your ego even bigger and you say, God and I are one, or I am God. It is an experience that you know that God exists, and you are the illusion. Then the ignorance will no longer exist. We will not be ignorant when we go to God, which is heaven, which is Pure Consciousness. There is no ignorance in heaven.

You have to realize what heaven is. If your understanding of heaven is a place, as many religions teach, then that is a heaven that has a manifestation, has a touch, has a smell, has a sight, and it is not the ultimate. Anything that has touch, sight, smell, and appears to our senses still is a manifestation, and Pure Consciousness is beyond all of these. It is where you are even beyond mind. You just are.

In that state the question of being ignorant does not even arise because there is no mind. These are all questions that the analytical mind and intellect want to know. They are the questions that come to the human mind all the time. They want to explain something that cannot be explained.

The only way you can really know God is to experience It and that comes with meditation, prayer, fasting, and a lot of spiritual endeavors to become one with the Essence. When you experience God, then you cannot intellectualize It and It is not something explainable.

So, does ignorance exist in heaven? Actually heaven is where ignorance does not exist at all. We can see that with this realization instead of our being confused we can close our eyes, we can meditate, and we can go deeper.

The whole idea is to create a new man, a new man who does not follow tradition, who does not follow mans ways, but it is a man that deeply meditates and follows the nature and natural way of life, the Godly way of life. This new man is the goal of creating and being created by this new Revelation and the coming of the Kingdom, a man that accepts only the natural way instead of being smothered with ideas of where he/she has been born. He or she seeks the truth. He or she seeks the nature of things instead of accepting things that have been imposed on them.

Therefore, it is a new era; it is a new time for humanity to become that new man. It is the creation of something that is beyond all the narrowness, the separative ideas, the cultural biases, and all the vices that humans still live with and they cannot get over them, go beyond them, and become one.

Sponsored has a question. Go ahead.

Sponsored: Thank you, Maitreya. I wrote it down. I will press enter and you will see it. This is my question: Revelation 3:15 is about being spued out of His Mouth. Who is the one that it will happen to, and what will happen to them?

Maitreya: That is a very good question, Sponsored. It is about the people who think they are great. They have progressed spiritually to a higher level. They have overcome the affects of the external world, being hot or cold. They think they are in the higher level of consciousness.

They want to go to God selfishly by themselves. They want to reach Pure Consciousness only by being concerned for their own spiritual progress. That relates to many Mystical Paths, like Hinduism, Buddhism, Cabbala, saints in Christianity, Sufis, and many older religions that teach, Be concerned only for your spiritual progress. Do not worry about society or community. Your goal is to reach Nirvana, to reach Godhead, to reach Pure Consciousness. Like a drop that falls into the ocean and therefore, that is your goal. If you are concerned for society, society will pull you down and will not let you go to higher consciousness.

That is why in those verses, if you read the whole part about these people, they are those who say, I am neither cold nor hot. I am at the level that I am very high in Consciousness. But God said, I will spue you out of My Mouth.

It clearly says that they made it to Gods Mouth. They are pretty close to reaching Pure Consciousness. They are pretty close to achieving their goal.

God does not want that approach. That is why in The Greatest Sign if you look at the First Seal, it also expands to the Seventh Seal. You can see the First Seal and the Seventh Seal are at the same place. It is in the same sign. That means that by meditation and overcoming you might be able to go to Pure Consciousness.

God said do not do it because even if you come and reach close to that Goal, I will spue you out of My Mouth. They will be spued out of His Mouth. In the next reincarnation, they will be born in a situation that they have no choice but to struggle, to become involved with the community, to do things for the community, and to help humanity to progress all together.

That is why God has revealed the Eternal Divine Path. God said, Yes you can reach Pure Consciousness by overcoming, meditation, and all of that. But I do not want you to do that. Then you want the next step. You direct all your energy towards creation of the Communities of Light. God is saying, You are not going to come to Me. You are not going to come to Pure Consciousness because you are still selfish and you want to reach Pure Consciousness all by yourself. So, I am going to spue you out of My Mouth.

If you follow the Eternal Divine Path, direct the energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light, create communities based on God, sacrifice for them (Christianity), surrender and submit to the Will of God for you (Islam), become a universalist (Bahai), then you become an Elect. You become a leader of mankind to create an environment, a new man. That is the Paravipra that we were talking about who will concentrate on Godly things and natural ways.

You eventually will help many reach Pure Consciousness and will teach them this teaching instead of just the Mystical Paths. Eventually, not only will they reach Pure Consciousness, but you will also reach Pure Consciousness. That is the Path that when you reach Pure Consciousness, you will not be spued out of My Mouth.

You might decide to come back as an Avatar, as a great spiritual teacher, a great example for everyone else, to also become Godly, great, and create the Kingdom of God on earth but you will not try to go to God selfishly. It will not work.

That is what God is saying to those who want to go to God only by meditation and overcoming. That covers a lot of people at this time, or before this time, which tried to go to God only by Mystical Paths, meditation, and overcoming. He said, No, that is not acceptable.

That is what the Mystical Paths have to understand. Even the spiritual people have to become involved in the society, with the community, create the Communities of Light, bring the Kingdom of God on earth, and eventually all will go to God together.

That is what those verses mean in The Revelation.

I hope that makes sense to you. If it does not, go ahead and follow up on that question.

Zigs1: What is an important realization within religion?

Maitreya: Hum. You have to elaborate on that, Zigs1. What is an important realization within religion? What do you mean by that? You need to elaborate a little bit.

Sponsored: Back to earth to help other people?

Maitreya: Yes, exactly. You got that part correct. That is exactly what happens. You come back to humanity and try to help them to reach Pure Consciousness.

Zigs1: The most meaningful realization between the religions?

Maitreya: Well, first of all you have to tell me what you mean by religion. If you mean by religion, the religions that exist on earth at this time, your religion, or the Eternal Divine Path?

Since this is our room and the Mission, I take it that you mean what is the most important and meaningful realization in the Mission and the Eternal Divine Path. There is your answer: Eternal Divine Path. Not only the realization of the Eternal Divine Path, but also following the Eternal Divine Path.

Zigs1, you have to specify what you mean by religions of God. Do you mean all revelations? That is what the religions of God are to us. There is no other religion really as perfect and complete as this one, and it is from God. Therefore that is the religion of God. If you mean that, go ahead and type yes.

Zigs1: Is the religion of God, a unified religion as spoken in the Eternal Divine Path?

Maitreya: Unified religion. What is it called? Do you mean the Mission? Well, I will take it that you mean the Mission.

Yes, the most important part of the Mission of Maitreya is to understand, to see, the Vision of the Eternal Divine Path, how it is the fastest Path to create the Communities of Light and bring the Kingdom of God on earth. Also it is the fastest way to meditate, to overcome your selfishness, your willfulness, by being surrendered and submitted to God, by shattering all narrowness of the mind, by becoming a universalist. Therefore, you become an Elect, Gods Elects, the ones that God has been talking about in all religions.

The most important part of the Mission is the Eternal Divine Path. That is why it is called the Mission of Maitreya. It means it was brought by Maitreya, and it is the Eternal Divine Path. It is a Path. It is not a dogma. It is not really a religion in the sense that you believe in a couple of dogmas and you will be saved. It is a way that you have to follow.

The first step is to awaken your spiritual forces by meditation and all of that, then direct that energy to create the Communities of Light. In order to create Communities of Light, which is the teaching of the Old Testament, you have to sacrifice. If you do not sacrifice there is no community, and no community can be created. Give of yourself. Put into the community more than you take from the community. Therefore the community becomes filled up with the goodness and the ability to reach out in a greater degree.

Then surrender and submit to what is the Will of God. The Will of God in general we know is the Eternal Divine Path, the unification of all religions. But what is my place in this umbrella of unified religions? Where do I fall? What is the Will of God for me?

Am I a person that can become a Sannyasin or a Renunciate and dedicate myself to God and His Work? Am I a family man and I will have a wife and children, I will have to get a job, support my family, support the Mission, and all that?

So that decision is made. Then you dedicate yourself either way. If you are a family man, then that is the way you go. If you are not a family man, you were created to live by yourself and dedicate yourself to God, then of course, you dedicate yourself to God and follow the Will of God.

Either way, you become a universalist. You expand your mind and shatter all narrowness of the mind. That is one of the most important things that this new man has to do, to overcome any cultural biases, any traditions, any narrowness that comes to them, shatter them, and mercilessly get rid of them. Replace them with Gods Culture, Gods Tradition, Gods Truth, and natural ways.

If you do that you have indeed become a universal man, a pure in heart, a person who has followed the Eternal Divine Path. You become a shining star for everyone around you and humanity, and will help them little by little to recognize and realize this teaching in a greater degree.

That is why knowing the Eternal Divine Path is the most important part of the Mission.

Go ahead Sponsored.

Sponsored: My question is, I do not know if you answered my question, maybe. But what I want to know is, if I am spued out of His Mouth, it means that I have not reached Pure Consciousness, and I will be sent back to earth! If you already answered it, then I will read it in text later when it will be in text, to understand it well. But that is my question.

I know you talk a lot about being spued out of His Mouth but my main question is, being spued out of His Mouth is not having reached Pure Consciousness and I will be sent back to earth to help others to reach Pure Consciousness? Do you see what I mean?

Maitreya: Well, have you reached Pure Consciousness and been spued out? Only God knows. If you have been, you have been meditating and you have reached a very high consciousness. We know with your actions and with your manifestation if you are a Great Soul.

As we have said many times, you know me by the Revelation, the fulfillment of the prophecies, the genealogy, and the teachings that are based on the Word of God. And I know you by your fruit. Therefore, the way is given to both of us how you recognize me, and the way has been given to me, how I recognize you. It is a two-way street.

You recognize me as the Expected Prophesied Coming as the last Revealer. And I recognize you by your fruit as a person who has been meditating and progressing for many life times and even might have reached pretty close to Pure Consciousness but God has told you to go back and help other people. We both have been given the way to recognize each other, and we have to manifest our part in order to be able to work together in this endeavor.

Therefore, have you been spued out of His Mouth? As I said, you will show us by your actions. If your actions are different than your words, then you are just saying things that do not make sense and you are not manifesting. But if you do not say anything and do many things that manifest the Mission and Gods Will, we say, Indeed he is one of the Chosen.

The question is not really if you have been there or not, but how much you can manifest Gods Will. I hope that answered your question. Your answer has been given before. That follow-up, I am going to answer that.

Sponsored: Even if I have reached Pure Consciousness, I will have to help others to reach It too by being sent back to earth?

Maitreya: Exactly! As He said, The first will be the last, and the last will be the first. As we can see, the First Begotten Son of God reached Pure Consciousness, but he did not stay there.

God sent him as Adam. He sent him as Noah. He sent him as Abraham. He sent him as Christ. He sent him as Moses. He sent him over and over and over. He came and brought the Revelations to man. Therefore, he did not stay there and say, Oh, I made it. He was the first, and he will be the last.

Go ahead Karl.

Karl: Well, if we are looking for this new way to have higher consciousness, to be one with the universe, why do you keep referring back to the ancient texts, Christian text, and Hindu concepts? If we are looking for a new way, why dont we just throw the old Scriptures, throw the Bible, out? Why do we need to keep referring back to old religious textbooks? It is irrelevant. It is meaningless. It is not useful, at least to me. So why do you keep referring back to these old writings?

Maitreya: Well, Karl, if that is your way that is fine. If you do not need to refer to the old texts and you want to get on with the work and create the Communities of Light, and bring the Kingdom of God on earth, that would be fine. That is one way to go. It is a very intellectual way to go, which is fine. That is one way to go.

But also the whole Revelation and the texts from the past are referring to the same thing that we are teaching here, and now humanity can see that each religion has come with a specific message. Your way is the way that was before 12,000 years ago. The whole idea was to create a new man, to create a new environment, to create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, or bring the unity and all of that.

The human did not follow. They fell. They became self-centered and selfish. They wanted to use the power they had for selfish things. As we say, many people who even have a little power get an 800 number and start making money. They use their power for selfish things instead of helping other people.

Therefore, the last 12,000 years is the Revelation that came one by one, that included all the Revelations in this teaching now. Also it shows a Path. At the same time in the last 12,000 years, there were humans that progressed little by little to a greater degree. Now they are in a place that we can choose them, or you have already been chosen, or they have progressed. When they see these teachings it makes sense to them. It is based on the Spirit. It creates the communities based on Spirit and nature. It brings the Kingdom of God on earth. It makes humanity unify and brings unity.

There is a God. Even if you are an atheist, if we tell you that God said He was going to do all these things and He did them, you can say, Hey, that is logical. It makes sense. He said He was going to do these things, and He did them. Therefore, He exists. Of course, after that, if you meditate for a while, you will eventually have an experience and say, Oh, He really exists!

So you can see that it is more than just intellectually analyzing it, which is OK. If that is your way and you do not need the rest of them, if you can understand the teachings and the affects that they will have on human existence, that is one way to go. But if you understand in a deeper level and go a little beyond just the intellectual way of explaining it, you will see indeed this is more expanded than anything on earth.

You seem to like the practical part of this Revelation, so just go with that. But expand yourself, read the other parts, and see, Yes, indeed, there is a God.

So there was a plan 12,000 years ago. There was a reason for history. Why doesnt the human have the connection with the Spirit, why have they became intellectual, what were the cyclical movements to reach to this point? All these things have been answered.

Is the free economy better or the Communist Ideology is better? What is the relationship between them? All those things are answered here. If you read them you would understand it is much more expanded and explains everything for humanity.

There are some questions here that have been sent to me. Let me see what is there.

Sound-of-truth is asking:

Sound-of-truth: Why have you given the Last Declaration now? Are you going to leave us?

Maitreya: [laughing] The end of Revelation has been coming for a long time. I have been giving Satsangs for twenty-three years, and there was not much really to reveal anymore. It was becoming very clear that the number of questions have dwindled. The questions are almost a repetition of the same questions as before. Therefore the Satsangs are only once a month now.

Then I said, Well, maybe a lot of people already know about the teachings but they might like to come and discuss them with me in a greater degree. Therefore we started this Conversation Room. Even in this Conversation Room some days there are not many questions. Also the questions still are repetitive. All these questions have been answered before. If you go to our website, really, you already have the answers for the questions that have been answered. There are new people. They do not know the depths of these teachings yet. They have questions. We will stay here and continue answering their questions.

It sounds like the Revelation is finished. It is done. The genealogy came for the last couple of years. The explanation of the three reincarnations was perfected.

If you understand our teachings and what we have revealed, all other revelations now can be understood. If you see their place in this Revelation, they now make sense and it will be revealed where they fall in this Revelation.

Also, I am 60 years old. I am not planning to leave my body but you never know. Maybe God will call me soon, or maybe not. If I am not called, I will be here. We will continue this, reach out, and I will work with you all to create the facilitating body.

This is the time of the implementation. The time of explanation sounds like it is finished. I am looking now for the people who want to implement it. They want to work with me. They want to become contacts wherever they are. They want to come here, become teachers of the Mission, give lectures, and reach out. Therefore, I can work with them, and they work with me so we can create the viable system that eventually manifests the Communities of Light and creates the hierarchy on earth from these communities.

Of course, when humanity sees the beauty and perfection of Gods Revelation, they will believe in God. They will meditate. They will awaken their spiritual forces. They will create the new man, a new man that is beyond any tradition, is beyond any culture, is beyond any narrowness of the mind, is beyond all these separative ideas that separate man from man, and they will see the Essence of God in every man, woman, and child. Therefore, they will protect themselves from the destruction that is on earth. They will realize that killing a person, no matter how different they are, is still killing God. They will stop this madness, and we will bring peace and unity to humanity, which they have been longing for.

So it is time for the good people to go beyond all the narrowness and narrow things that have created such destructive tendencies in the human, so that they do not even feel bad if they kill someone. They even glorify it and say, This is great that we killed them. We dominated them, and this and that.

But as we said before, he who dominates will be dominated. It is just the Law of the universe. It is the Law of Karma. It is not something where you have to be a scientist or a very highly educated person to see that in history it has been as such.

If you believe in reincarnation you will realize that if you are not a good person, you are going to be born in a bad environment. Therefore, the Law works. And all these things have to make humans become better people, new humans that see these things clearly.

Therefore, Revelation is completed. Our work is done! No one can stop this work any longer. It is here. It is done. It is finished, and we are here to implement it in this time. So do not worry, I am not going to leave. At least I am not planning to leave my body. I am in very good health, and as you can see I am continuing my Mission. Therefore, do not worry about me. Work on yourself to understand the teaching, get involved, and do the things that need to be done. Dedicate yourself to this realization, and reach out to anyone you can.

If I leave my body, I will be back. That is the good thing about reincarnation.

You know they killed Christ. Did they stop his mission? They stoned Prophet Muhammad. Did they stop him? They might even throw cyber stones at me, but will they stop this Truth? I doubt that.

Zigs1 is asking:

Zigs1: Are you, or arent you, the Messiah?

Maitreya: Again, Zigs1, this has been answered many times. If I tell you I am, you probably will have a hard time believing it. If I say I am not, then I am lying. Therefore, it is really up to you to prove it to yourself.

Those who have proved it to themselves know the truth. They have studied the teaching. They have seen that it is based on the Revelation and the Word of God. They have realized that it has fulfilled all the prophecies of its coming and all the things that you need to make up your mind.

If you realize, Yes, indeed this is truth. This truth has come from God and this realization is the fulfillment of the prophecies, the unification of the religions and the Seven Angels, the end time, and all of that, you realize the end time is coming soon. So you get on with it. It is an urgency that is coming to humanity.

Those who do not see that this is from God, still resist it, and will not understand the significance of this Revelation, will not be reincarnated for the next thousand years. They will not progress toward oneness with God.

Therefore you have to go to our website. You have to come to our rooms. You have to prove to yourself if that is true what we claim, or if it is not. If it is true then you have the responsibility and it is your obligation to come, to join, and to help in establishing the Mission.

We are not really joking here. It is a very serious thing that is happening here on earth, and it does not happen very often.

Actually it is the fulfillment of 12,000 years of prophecies of the foretelling of the coming of this Revelation. You have to recognize and realize these things, and then you have to dedicate your life to it. There is really nothing that I will push on you, or I will keep you as a cult, or anything like that. It has to come from within and from your own self. Then you are self-motivated. You are not going to come to the Mission because I told you to, and you are not going to fall off because I did not give you enough attention or whatever you crave as an ego craving. Your Essence will be one with this understanding, and we can then become brothers who work to create the Communities of Light.

Zigs1: What is the answer to the DaVinci code?

Maitreya: You have to tell us what the DaVinci code is first, and then probably we can discuss to see what is the answer to that question. What is the code of DaVinci? Can you explain it to us, or do you want to take the microphone and tell us what it is? Or, if it is easier to type, just go ahead and do that.

Does anyone know what the DaVinci code is? There are so many intellectual books and understandings out there that if we become attached to all of them then we become confused. Whatever the DaVinci code is, it surely is not the Revelation of the Seventh Angel, or the Revelation that God said would come at the end time and reveal the whole truth.

Whatever it is, I am sure it is an intellectual understanding and probably it has confused more people than guided them.

Zigs1: It is a fictional novel on the market now.

Maitreya: Well, those things are fads. They come and go, but the Revelation of God is forever. A lot of people love those kinds of things. They are not going to be helping them, neither in this lifetime nor in the life to come. So whatever is a fad we will not become involved with.

We will become involved with God, with the things that are truth, are based on the Word of God, not based on human understanding. Human understanding is tainted with ego. Wherever there is ego you cannot find the whole truth. And wherever there is no ego, you will find the truth.

Sponsored: Are there two Maitreyas on Earth now or is someone else taking this name on the web too?

Maitreya: There are more than two. There are many, many Maitreyas who claim to be the Messiah, the Christ. But any person who claims to be Maitreya, to be the Messiah, to be a Prophet of God, the first question you have to ask them is, How many prophecies have you fulfilled?

Have they fulfilled the prophecies of God of their coming? If they have then ask, What is your genealogy? Does your genealogy go to King David and/or the Lion of the Tribe of Judah?

Then, of course, you can read their teaching to see if it is based on the Word of God. Have they opened the Seven Seals and revealed the whole truth at this end time? Do not accept anyones words and their claims.

Do not even accept my words for what I claim. Prove it to yourself. If you cannot prove that what I say is correct, that is fine. Then do not believe me. If you prove it to yourself, then it is your proof and it is your understanding and realization.

Therefore, there is no other Maitreya because there is only one Revealer, there is only one Messiah, and there is only one Prophet who will come at the end time. Anyone else that is not that one is a false prophet.

You have to prove it first to yourself if it is true or not. Then the other ones will fall away from you, and you will realize that they are confused or they are false prophets.

Even some of the Elects who have been progressing in previous lifetimes are so high in God and God-realization that they mistake themselves to be the Messiah when they just are an Elect. And that is when the confusion starts. Therefore, prove to yourself who is the Correct One and then follow Him.

Lou is asking:

Lou245_1_1: Do you intend to write an autobiography?

Maitreya: An autobiography of what, of myself? I am not planning to write any biography of anyone or myself. The people who know me could do that if they want to.

What kind of autobiography do you think I should write? Do you have any idea?

I feel that I have already done too much. I have already given everything that has to be done. Actually I even become involved in a lot of mundane things in order to be able to give this to humanity in a perfect way. That is why I feel the rest of the Mission is really up to the people who love this Mission and who have seen the Vision. Of course, I will be here as long as I am alive in this lifetime. I will help them, I will be with them, I will work with them, and we can get the Mission done together. If I am not here, then I will come back again.

Lou245_1_1: To clear up some misconceptions about your past lives?

Maitreya: Like what? It has already been cleared in THOTH, hasnt it? I thought we cleared up everything in THOTH, the misconceptions that were in the previous lifetimes, that all the Revealers are the same Spirit, that the dogmas that humanity follows have created this separation and destructive tendencies. What other misconceptions do you see? If you can mention any maybe we could clear them right now because I thought everything had been cleared up.

For those who just came to this room: This is the room of the Conversation of the Mission of Maitreya. This is the Revelation that unifies all humanity and their teachings and religions. Therefore, we can now come together and create the Kingdom of God on earth.

The last question was if I am going to write any autobiography. We were explaining that really if someone else wants to write something and they need my help, I will help them out about it. But really it is not necessary. That How I Became Maitreya, pretty much covers who I was and how I became Maitreya. Our teaching explains the difference between our teaching and others, and why those beliefs that are in many religions are dogmas. Therefore they have to overcome the dogmas and understand the teaching and the truth of their religion, and the Essence of each religion that has been given in this Revelation. Now this clears it for them, and they can come together as One.

All right. It is one hour that we have been together. If there is any other question, please type or raise your hand. Again for those who have not studied our teachings, go to our website and see the truth that has been revealed to humanity.

Lou245_1_1: The book called The Aquarian Gospel wrote many things concerning Christ?

Maitreya: Right. That is a very good book. It reveals what happened to Christ between the ages of 12 to 30, or more. No one knows what happened to him during this period of time, at least in the Bible. He suddenly vanished from the scene. The last time they saw him, he was talking to the lawyers in front of the temple. Then we do not hear anything about him. Suddenly he showed up and became baptized by John and started his mission. What happened during those 18 years?

We can see that book gives us some idea of where he went. He went to Egypt. He went to the Far East. He went to the Middle East. He went to Persia. He went to India. He went to Tibet.

There is a monastery in India that has the record of Christ being there, living there, being with them, and eventually some news of how he was crucified in Jerusalem. Of course, it has to be studied and verified that it is legitimate. But there are some indications that he went all the way to India and learned a lot about the Mystical Paths.

That is why it was easy for him to say, The Father and I are one, because he knew that the Atman and atman are one. But for the Jewish people, being one with God was blasphemy.

That is what we can even see in Islam these days. They come to our room and say, No, you cannot be one with God. God is God, and you have been created by Him. That is absolutely being the illusion of separation from God. As you can see, that religion cannot be the last revelation of God that does not realize that God and you are one.

Christ came back to the Jews and told them, The Father and I are one. They were petrified. They said, What are you talking about? No, God is God, and you are separated from God. They could not understand him.

He also learned about Magis, Lamas, and all of that. It is well known that the three wise men could have been the Magis that came from Persia and gave him those gifts.

We can see, indeed, Christ and his family were very connected to other religions. Christ learned a lot from other religions before he came back to the Jewish people and started teaching them greater truth that they could not handle. Therefore they killed him.

It is the same thing for all the Prophets. You usually see that they have traveled extensively. Prophet Muhammad was a caravan master that went to Syria and became familiar with Christianity, Judaism, and other religions. Even Buddhism and Hinduism were taught in that time in those areas. So Prophet Muhammad became familiar with them.

Moses had to go through that desert, was tempted, etc. We can see always the Prophets traveled extensively and they lived by themselves for a period of time. We can see that indeed Christ was very familiar with other teachings. It is not that he just knew Jewish traditions but he was very well versed with many cultures and their teachings.

So indeed that is a very good book to read and to understand what happened in those 18 years. Of course, sometimes it goes a little too far to some explanation that does not make sense, but overall it has a lot of truth in it.

Pathfinder is asking:

Pathfinder11962: Is that book true?

Maitreya: Well, as I said, there is some truth in it. Just like everything you read, you have to take it with a grain of salt. You have to accept the things that make sense and reject the things that do not make sense.

It gives some explanation of what happened between the ages of 12 to 30. The Bible is absolutely silent about that. What happened to Christ? He was 12 and suddenly he was baptized and started his mission. What happened between the ages of 12 and 30?

We know that he went to Egypt with his parents when he was a little child. He grew up there. He became familiar with the Egyptian philosophies and teachings. Then when he grew up, a little older after 12, he decided to return to Egypt. He went to Egypt to pursue what he already knew a little bit about. Then from there he realized that he had to go to Persia, then India, Tibet, and study further the Mystical Paths.

He knew the Jewish philosophy pretty well. So he mixed them, understood them, and eventually Gods Revelation came through him. He realized that the Jewish people do not believe that their Essence is God. Therefore he said, The Father and I are one, and the Jewish people were very afraid of what he said and crucified him because they could not understand the truth that he was revealing.

MatthewClarke is asking:

MatthewClarke: Jesus said every eye would see the Seventh Angel. This is how I have planned to see if the Seventh Angel is the true one. Will every eye see you?

Maitreya: Yes. Just click a couple of links, and you will see my picture. You will see me in the website. The belief is that he will be seen by everyone through some magical way.

If you had told someone that there was going to be the Internet, where everyone can see everyone and they can talk and see each other, that would have been very magical for the people who did not have this tool that we have. Therefore that is the magic of this time. You can see me, and everyone can see me everywhere.

Also that means, if your third eye is open. If your spiritual eye is open, you will see my teaching. You will understand these Revelations. You will see this Vision. You will understand that indeed it is from God. You will be guided to find the One that you have been waiting for.

Like everything else, Gods Words have many meanings. One meaning usually is mundane and in a lower level; another meaning, or many other meanings, are in higher levels of understanding. Therefore you indeed see this prophecy is already fulfilled in all ways.

Sponsored: See Him this way written in Ephesians 1:18, will it be correct?

Brahmamurti: Ephesians 1:18: The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints,

Maitreya: Indeed. Indeed we are looking for the saints. We are calling the saints. And the saints can see this teaching clearly. They are the people that are the new man, the new human that is coming to humanity at this time. We call them Elects. We call them Paravipras. But also you can call them saints.

Sponsored: In the French version it is, The eyes of my heart.

Maitreya: Exactly! Very good. That is the higher meaning of, They will see him. That is the recognition that people who have been with this Spirit for many lifetimes and progressed, when they see this Revelation, the truth that God has revealed to them, their hearts will jump of Joy and their Spirit will recognize it for sure. They will see the truth that has come to humanity.

So you are correct in that. Those who have their eyes open and their ears are hearing will know this is the Truth. There is no other way to bring Gods Kingdom and unity to humanity but by the Revelation that has been prophesied to come by God.

MatthewClarke is asking,

MatthewClarke: Will "everyone" see you? No matter by what means?

Maitreya: Well, I am even ready if someone wants to bring some media for interview, for anything that helps to spread this Mission. I am open to it. Sure if there are televisions that are connected all over the world and they will come and talk to me about this Revelation and this teaching, fine, sure. The teaching is finished, is done, is on earth.

It does not matter, whatever happens to me, it does not make any difference anymore because it is done. But if you have someone who wants to come and interview me, put me on television, and see me that way too, that would be another fulfillment of the prophecies. I am open to being seen in any way possible. But the meaning of it is already fulfilled. Everyone can see me physically on the Internet. Those who understand this teaching can see me with their hearts and their minds and the eye of their minds.

Go ahead Shirin.

Shirin: Sal-OM Maitreya and everyone. This question has come up during this time of year, and I would like to get the answer so that anyone can hear it on tape later. It is, of course, about the Christmas holidays and how people are so stressed, they are torn by their culture and their habits, We have been doing this for thousands of years, etc., that they think they have to follow it. However, we know that there are the Holy Days of God that have been commanded to be kept forever and ever.

In doing some research on the Internet, there is a lot of great information about why and how the church changed the pagan ideas and festivals and Christianized them, so that goes right along with our teaching.

But then there was a twist on it from a Christian point of view that said, Christs death was ordered to be celebrated. And they are basing that on the verse, This do in remembrance of me.

I would just really like to have it on record so that that is even straightened out too. We do not celebrate the crucifixion either. We only go by the Holy Days of God.

Maitreya: In truth, Christmas and the holidays that many follow now, started not long ago. It was a tradition in Northern Europe. It became a tradition in the United States after the Europeans came to the US. So actually it has not been a Christian tradition at all. There is a lot of information that the Bible very clearly said that cutting the trees, putting them up there, and decorating them, is not acceptable to God. It is just right in the Bible. It has been written right there, the tradition of man is foolish and they should not follow the tradition.

That is what we were talking about. We were talking about the new man that does not fall for the tradition but falls for the Word of God. Of course, tradition is strong and powerful. It is something that a lot of people feel that they have to follow because everyone else does it.

The new man does not follow, Everyone does it. The new man follows what God says and what is His Tradition to follow.

Christ said, in my remembrance. He was still alive when he said bring this and eat that in my remembrance. Not in the remembrance of his death but the remembrance of his teaching, his message, his revelation, and remembering that he was a Prophet, he was a Messiah, he was from God. God exists. God sends the Prophets. God sends the Revelations to man.

Therefore, he was not talking about remembering Christ in his death but remembering his message, teaching, who he was, and how he brought a great truth to humanity. That is the most important part of every Prophet and every Revealer.

The human loves to become attached to the physical body of the Prophet and glorify their body. They forget about their message because the message is hard to follow. Believing in some few dogmas and believing that you are saved is easier for the human ego to tolerate and accept and follow. But unfortunately it is not the truth. It will not get you to God. It makes you feel good. It makes you come back to your family, have a big turkey dinner, watch television, games, and have fun. But going to God is different, and He wants you to go to God.

We can stay in delusion and illusion of being Godly or be one to God at the time of death. That is the decision that each person has to make for themselves and recognize that they should just drop anything that is not Godly, is not from God, no matter what the tradition, or culture, or the place we live in the world, says.

The practical application is that if we want to create a unified world and we also bring all the cultures that have different holidays and things like that, then we will have 365 days of holidays.

God clearly shows that his Holy Days are seven. He has revealed them in Chapter 23 of Leviticus. He said to keep them forever. He did not say, just keep them while Moses is here, or while the Christ is here. He said, Follow them forever.

When Christianity came to the West, the West already had a lot of pagan traditions. We know even as you just mentioned it, that although this truth has come to a lot of our members, even some of our members are having a hard time to overcome their tradition because they feel they will be chastised, or left out, or whatever.

We can see that it is very hard for the human to overcome tradition and culture. Therefore, eventually the teaching of the Prophet becomes a few dogmas, and that is it.

But you can see that our teaching is very clear. It is just a Path. You have to follow the Eternal Divine Path. As you follow It, you become more and more Godly. Whatever is not Godly, you put out of your life. It becomes as easy as it is for people who are Godly to not follow the tradition of man. Also, read the Bible: it very clearly says about cutting and decorating trees.

Christs disciples went through some Greek cities. They opposed the figurines, or the small little gods, or things they made and the disciples said, You should not make those things. They were making them to decorate the trees, as they are doing these days. And they chased the disciples out of the city. So even the followers of Christ were not very in favor of these things being done.

This is not only Christianity. This is not something that we are bringing against Christians. They are doing the same things in other religions differently.

The people who are Elects see these things clearly. They can drop these things easily, and they are not attached to them at all. If they are attached to it, well, we can just leave them to God until their understanding increases and one day they will say, No. I am not going to follow the tradition of man. I am going to follow the tradition of God.

I hope that answered your question. If you have a follow up go ahead.

Matthew is asking,

MatthewClarke: Will "everyone" see you? No matter by what means?

Maitreya: Well, if they have the connection to God and this Revelation, they already believe that if there is one God why are there so many religions? Actually they have seen the Vision somehow and they are already ready to accept this teaching readily. So they have already seen some Vision. You can say that is a way of seeing me because I stand for this Revelation. I stand for these teachings and therefore they are also a part of this Revelation. You can put it that way.

I do not know if that makes sense to you or not. It makes a little bit of sense to me because, yes, indeed they have seen me already, because what am I? I am this Revelation. I am presenting this Revelation, and therefore with having a little of this Vision, you already have seen my teachings and me in your heart.

That is why when you read this teaching it makes sense to you. It does not make sense to a lot of people. You can see other people from other religions and with their dogmas come to our rooms, and they do not understand it. They say, No. It cannot be done. It is not the last revelation. We have the last revelation. No. Christ is the only way. No. We are the only chosen people.

Those who already know this teaching, they read it, understand it, it hits their hearts and their Souls, and they say, Yes. This is the only thing that makes sense. So they have already seen it to some degree.

I hope that also makes sense.

If there are no other questions I guess we can conclude this session.

Pathfinder11962: Jeremiah 10, is that what you are referring to?

Maitreya: Great! And Brahmamurti is saying,

Brahmamurti: Hear the word which the lord speaks unto you Oh House of Israel.

Maitreya: Indeed. The House of Israel is the Elects. The Elects are those that have been progressing for the last 12,000 years to this point. Therefore, those who have progressed and are the Elects will hear this Word and say, Indeed this is the Word of God that has come to them. They recognize it, realize it, and accept it.

Brahmamurti: Thus saith the Lord, learn not the way of the heathen and be not dismayed at the sign of heaven for the heathen are dismayed at them. [Jeremiah 10:2]

Maitreya: OK great. This is the part that the people who follow Christmas, cut the trees, and decorate, should see, exactly what Brahmamurti is posting right now. That is the part in the Bible that clearly says the tradition of men should not be followed, and that is not Gods Way.

If you really want to follow God, follow His Words. It is not that we are opposing the culture. We are not opposing the tradition. We are just saying, Follow God. Follow His Words. Follow His Revelation. Our teaching is based on His Words and His Revelation. Do not change it. Do not rationalize it.

That is exactly what Adam and Eve did in the garden. They rationalized their actions. It looks good to us. It is glowing. It is beautiful. It is blinking and all that, therefore it is OK to do it. God said, No. It is not OK to do it.

That is all we say to everyone, Listen to God. Listen to His Words. Follow Him, not rationalize it to what we think is correct.

All right. I hope you have benefited from this session. Again become the new man, the Elects, shatter all narrowness of the mind, and come to God and His Words. As you can see it is not an easy transition for humanity but it will happen because God said it would. That is our salvation. We will continue our work and call the Elects (the new man), the new outreach to humanity, to come to God and realize they are a part of God. The Godly Way and the natural way is the best way.

Have a wonderful week. Meditate on these words. Become one with them. Come back and become a part of this Mission in a greater degree.

Sal-OM everyone.

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